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This pic warms my heart in so many ways. Wait till you guys see what we been workin on 🐉

Elizabeth Russell

13 hours ago

Alright wiz don't let us down..yo can I say something. Alright thanks make the sounds unique like no other

Sol Liz Buitre

13 hours ago

Did he play in da movie..Rundown😱

Anoy Sonjon

13 hours ago

Ernie Reyes Jr will fucc EVERYBODY on this post ass UP!!😂😂😂

It’s not as bad as people think 🐉

Tea Martin

10 hours ago

You mustn't come to turkey you may arrested

Itumeleng Ntumi Letlhake

17 hours ago

I tink I cld out smoke wiz khalifa fosure

Cassi Goddard Eggert

21 hours ago

Do you want to back your body like before oky do like you want ,but you must think about family, before when you smok weed your body like skeleton

Allyson Kirkland

a day ago

I thought you were just doing Festivals now??

Rhonda Williams

a day ago

Connor Hoffman and of course no Denver

Allison Brown

a day ago

Nick Padilla Antonio Padilla let’s do it. Let’s go to the one in Chicago. Would be a hella good time.

Never said I was gonna be easy to deal wit 🐉 7/13

Markus Fjørtoft

a day ago

Oh creat mean im choz you evereeday2 continus but good

Phoebe Hyacinth Gorres Tabanao

2 days ago

TGOD Baby boy is the easy never much drugs yes the little understood but never want more

Lorena de Paz

2 days ago

Wiz the best 🍁💨☘️

Wiz & the Wizop 🐉

Esli A. Flores

2 days ago

Keep on pushing and doing your thing homies. Where's all the bomb ass KK???

Pranjal Asthana

3 days ago


Sarita Whitlatch

3 days ago

Who is the 3rd guy behind Wizop??😂😂😂

Khalifa the boss 🐉

Alex Gonzalez

3 days ago

You're now the strongest mofucker I've ever known

Otto Jucup

3 days ago

We should smoke together some day Wiz

Michelle Pearce

3 days ago

Always and forever will be the boss.

When i grow up, I wanna be like Wiz Khalifa 🐉

Adriana Centeno

5 days ago

Dimitri vegas & like mike - when i grow up (ft. Wiz khalifa)

Davi Carvalhido

6 days ago

OHHHH Why who are you
I know you are not wiz khalifa

Angela Hampton

6 days ago

Next year i wanna be like wiz khalifa

Tickets on sale now. #DazedandBlazedTour
Tickets on sale now. Link in bio. #DazedAndBlazedTour 💪🏽💨💨

Brandy Superb Rhodes-Thompson

6 days ago

Ey no Cali date what it do wiz.? It's all good keep.up the work you a GOAT 4 sure

Monika Staszczak

6 days ago

Taylor Gerner Fred VePe let go to this, same venue I went to before super dank

Vince D'Antuono

7 days ago

How are you going to have a dazed and blazed tour and not stop off in Colorado or Washington?

Tickets on sale tomorrow. Who’s coming? #BlazedandDazedTour

Trevis Siu

8 days ago

Can’t wait to see ya in Cleveland big Dogg

Doc Joyce

8 days ago

I would if the closest show wasnt in Arizona

Choko Diarra

8 days ago

I got moonrocks Wiz Khalifa if u wanna blaze with me

Garrett Low

8 days ago

beda romzan mash ta toh off ja...! sara bosor toh ganja khas..!

Lori Loehr

8 days ago

First one was 🗑

Sharon Gunderson-Likely

8 days ago

Billy Johncel HAHA

Join me on stage at Life is Beautiful Festival on Melody VR. #CloserToTheMusic

Josey Marie Collums

9 days ago


Hugo Gomes

9 days ago

Live You wiz

Donna Mendez Lewis

9 days ago

you a the best

Doin what grown people do 🐉

Barbaros Özgür

8 days ago


Tamara Diensthuber

9 days ago

Wiz ma men KK is the best medically effective be muscular or to be stoned...either way i love it....!@

Morris Davis

9 days ago

Yo my friend Wiz I am your best friend Snoop Dogg yo how are you nowadays I am in Arunachal Pradesh India please come here and let's perform together yo good night have weed fun our song young wild and free

Tickets on sale this Friday. See y’all there @raesremmurd @lilskies @otgenasis #blazedanddazed

Jamez Demayo

10 days ago

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Carlos Eduardo De Oliveira Oliveira

10 days ago

Everyone's complaining about no dates for Cali or Colorado but Wiz been performing there this whole year. Idiots

Cora Ross

11 days ago

Jordan Durham saw her tag you but ...Daniel Millan Jason Smith Christian Sullinger should we try to go to cedar point that day or what?? 😂😂😂

I just want it all 🐉

Lawrense Cuba

13 days ago

This dude has got to be on steroids. That's a huge transformation in a very short amount of time. I really hope it ain't though dude looks jacked

David Zegelaar

13 days ago

Just be careful in the ring. You don't wanna end up getting punch drunk and not be able to rap anymore. Plenty of guys I boxed with have problems with speech and memeory retention and we're only in our 20's. Brain damage is real

Craig Gunther

13 days ago

Well damn I can't be skinny and proud.
Everytime people make fun of how skinny I am I say, "but y'all love Wiz though!!" Haha
Good on you bros, get them gains, and keep putting out that fire smokin tunes.

What songs should I perform tonight 🤔 #rollingloud

Young Chedy

13 days ago

then you say that a disciple of the snoop dog sends a salve to him from a Brazilian who is a snoop rap fan make that grace that you will have prosperity.

Young Chedy

13 days ago

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Illıllı Rk Illıllı Møñkäšìr

13 days ago

Medicated. On a plane. The Last. Houses in the hills. The Race.

If your made for the top, then u gon make it to the top 🐉

Melissa Parks

13 days ago

If the top is high..

Then you made it mang

Carissa Pastrano

14 days ago

Everytime I see that it makes me some what happy in a way because most people my age nowadays think illuminati is a joke!! Like look at Wiz's face in every picture within the last couple a years doesn't look happy in not one. Same goes for most mainstream wanna be rappers basically there entertainers, Eminem is more of a rapper than anyone I know In the game right now.

Philip Graf

14 days ago

Must’ve had an accident in bed and pulled a big daddy 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

U gon need an umbrella ☔️

Andi Hemmer

15 days ago

It's my only one, Wiz khalifa ma'am!

Jackie N Robin Martin

15 days ago

Overall they look great bru muffin

Karen Meyer

15 days ago

Dem Boyz

Grind & it’s all urs 🐉

Andrea Wille

15 days ago

Really rocken the brown
Slept on color

Theresa Baughman

15 days ago

You looking good brother can wait to see wizkalifa

Ana Carollina

15 days ago

I've worked a million times harder than you don't act like you work

“Real Rich” video coming soon 🐉

Vanessa Pereira

15 days ago

can you pls come and make a music video in south africa

Kim Whyde Chambers

15 days ago

I love ur blunts.......seeing it alone I go to moon

PA RI S Wapsin

16 days ago

No body good is here I tell ya. I really don't care I am king not under my roofings do you Kings.

Taught her how to Roll Papers 2 🐉

Steve Stefanik

16 days ago

Fuck🙆 that joint looks heavy 😅😅

Dagmar Crmanova

16 days ago

What about ya baby boy has he started Rolling papers too ?

Ana Ramos

16 days ago

He really did tho lol Sierra Birdow

Harshit Kumar

16 days ago

Video donde un colombiano estaba agrediendo le un cuencano diciendo que él estaba el empezar Ya viene Realmente si no le gusta como es el transporte aquí en Quito Ecuador que se regresa a su país

Salvador Saldaña

17 days ago

Looking good Wiz!! You have gained some weight! Looks good on you keep doing you!!

Anderson Pedra

17 days ago

I like how much pain/passion how deep your eyes are

Go to sleep stoned wakin up days later 🐉
Thanks @ogmarlynmonrollup for whippin my loccs 🙏🏽♿️💆🏽‍♂️
Leave drunk lookin better than those who came sober 7/13 🐉

Molly Liegel

17 days ago

Weed khalifa.more chimneys to you😁😁😂✌

Eve Jeffrey

17 days ago


Lokman Sherlock

17 days ago

This is really you? I'm a huge fan of yours.. Love all your music and what you stand for.... You have one of the greatest happiest natural smiles... If we could see more of that.. Be great!

Wiz Khalifa - Real Rich feat. Gucci Mane [Official Audio]

Robert Siler

17 days ago

For you wzi

Tooki Raf'

17 days ago

Keep on as is and you could possibly get me paying attention in the long run as well. 🐧

John n'Jennifer Morgan

17 days ago

It's the Wiz and the Wizop

Lil Met Gala Cuhz 😎
Met went smooth 🐉

Ekwutosi Jean Nkebakwu - Okoye

17 days ago

It don't matter what y'all day bout Wiz but the fact remains.
He hot.

Piotr Pater

17 days ago

Looking sharp..healthy gaining weight..

Alejandra Rodriguez

17 days ago

Patricia Gamboa see why can’t every one just come fly like this lol

Got U Rollin Papers 🐉

Elenice de Moura

18 days ago

That’s why yo ass skinny need to eat instead of smoke 💨 😂😂😂

Rae-Keba N Harmon

19 days ago


Verlena Turner

19 days ago

Grind It, Wiz! the only way i have ever seen it done..😎before I left the room...

7/13 🐉
Seven thirteen 🐉

Jennifer Barragan

21 days ago

Who are you fighting and where?! I wonder how you were matched up. It would be so cool to make a movie about your muay thai journey!! Get americans to see muay thai maybe? I know it helped my life SO much, maybe its helping urs too and u could share about it? 🤙🏻 Oooi!!!

Quinlan Silk

21 days ago

i love you so much mentor💨💨

Juliana Gonçalves

21 days ago

This is behind the scenes of one of the new UFC Embedded series coming out this Thursday on FS1 7pm.

New Wiz ft. @laflare1017 drops at midnight. #RollingPapers2 🐉

Renato Bertoni

22 days ago

We re wating u on Fresh Island again, se ya there :D

Lani Calhoun

22 days ago

Infinity stones .tym to contact thanos

Luis Eduardo Vg

22 days ago

Theo Deinlein wiz und Gucci alter!!!!

Wiz Khalifa - 420 Freestyle [Official Audio]

Chance McClure

24 days ago

Have seriously considered this exact topic considerably. 😖

Vincent Valadez

24 days ago

Can you come to Canada to make a music video for this song? I'd love to produce this.

Gabriel Fernando Salgado

24 days ago

🎥💯Look my latest naked video, you can be yourself be as dirty wild and fun 🤔

It’s my choice to smoke pot and do what i want. It could be yours too. #gang #rp2
Hope your summer body is ready cause mine is. #gang #shonuff
Selfie from the kid and I. No filter needed. We just that poppin.😝

Da-Any Shre-stha

23 days ago

if i tryna remember back on one song of you and logic, i realize that u exactly said what is your hobby... go for it Wiz, i like the way you smoke, if i were a gang i could've done smoke like u... You the best

Cindy Wheatley

24 days ago

Tho my dad is a pastor, but i wil do wat my heart told me, 420 thats dope, top of de top men

Dominic Okoli

24 days ago

Lumilipad nanaman ang isip ko para bang akoy nasa kalangitan tuwing si momay ay aking natitikaman.2x
Ang simoy ng hangin sa akin ay lumalamig na.2x
Ganja ganja
Shotgun shotgun
Budah budah

G Pen

Jason Gatica

25 days ago


Lorenzo Pinamonte

25 days ago

It most supra narleist

Christine Nicole Vargas

25 days ago

Love u wizz khalifa u are ma nigga

Might go live later and show y’all which song comes out this week 😵😵 #gang
Wake. Bake. It’s not a mistake.

Sierra Hryniewich

25 days ago

Looks like you went from kush ups to push ups.
That should be your next album title. "Kush ups to push ups".

Gabi Moskiewicz

25 days ago

we love and support U,#welcome Tanzania

Waqas Ahmed

25 days ago

I love you so much brother

New music coming soon.

Sonia Berlese

a month ago

Hope this brings a smile to your Monday morning 😉 Jasmine

Magdalena Delgado

a month ago

Hopefully there's more depth this time around.

Maxine Wangari

a month ago

We need different song nigga.. Like a Ragge song.

Dope fan art from @zacdynes 🎨

Germano Silvério

a month ago

Yes wizzz Find me on instagram @carnage416

Buck'zn Moses

a month ago

Anxiety, Chronic pain, Buds, Cannabis oil, Dabs, Mook Rocks
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Sharon Mayhew

a month ago

Wiz khalifa got me to stop smoking blunts since '14..such an inspiration!👍👍

Tomorrow it’s goin down. Bring sum weed cause im performin the whole Kush and orange juice 😵🍊

Jonathan Rincőn

a month ago

Todd Powell
He's performing kush and oj in its entirety lol

Sven Gabriel

a month ago

Anxiety, Chronic pain, Buds, Cannabis oil, Dabs, Mook Rocks
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Radu Balanean

a month ago

Wish this was closer to me like on the east coast

Love of my life. #Bash

Robert Voys

a month ago

I like ur style....hope to see u...
pls come to nigeria...or help to see u ones in us ....#wizkhalipa...much love...sir.kb

Josue Romero

a month ago

Ummm interesting. U have my exact birthday down to the numbers.. I'm 78 ur 87. I'm a huge fan. U should have an exclusive party for every fan who has a bday on September 8th. I'm coming to wherever!! Beautiful child.

Mike Stankoski

a month ago

Oh..what a handsome man ..future chick magnet..♥️♥️♥️

Win a trip to see Wiz perform Kush & OJ live at Smokers Club Fest this SATURDAY 4/28 in Long Beach, CA. Leave a comment below to find out more!

I wish... we could do some Muay Thai after... Im on fight camp, so sparing is always good. Great drill with Saenchai!!

Anna Helene Volpi

a month ago

Missed you in my hometown (São Paulo) cause I was dead broke... I’d love a chance to smoke my lungs out on something like that 🤤

Naphtali Ñoah

a month ago

Never been to a concert in my life...never seen a celebrity in my life....I would love the opportunity to see my favorite rapper live #tgod

Wiz Khalifa - Hunnid Bands (official video) Prod. By Tay Keith

TEih da SmKrew

a month ago

I'll always have some love for khalifia

Kathy Metzinger

a month ago

I like that Wiz

David Lawrence Hessey-Muller

a month ago

Go wiz, I love everything about you. An hug will heal me

Announcing my tour name and who I’m goin wit really soon. #ganggang

Christina Anne Malone

a month ago

Angel Pulido another tour, get ready 🔥 lol

Tiffany Sheffield

a month ago

OMG OMG Mathieu Carrier-savard Mathieu Gagné Gagnon Wiz part en tournée préparer votre cash parce que moi je manque pas ça

Princeling Major

a month ago

Can't wait for Rolling papers 2

Get your swag right.

Gonzalez Rodolfo

a month ago

Nice t -shirt big khalifa

Esther Verma

a month ago

Cry like abby,smoke like marry

Claudinei Guzzi X Iva

a month ago

Wao luks gd ,love that!!!

Sebastian’s Dad.
Had as great time wit y’all this weekend. See y’all next weekend at smokersclub. #taylorgang
Everyday 420.

Karen Mitchell

a month ago

“The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.”

Willie Nelson

Hit me up to get some.
Not for kids below 18

Elisabeth M Hauptmann

a month ago

I grew tired of the same, then one night Packed my things, told the one I love I’ll be back one day Through the fight, through the pain Booked a flight, took a plane Told her not to cry I’ll be back one day (Remix) Been dreaming this since I was young So baby girl I’ll be going til I’m gone (gone) Til I’m gone (gone)

Jake Hoffman

a month ago

Khalifa I'Love You Do You Love I'm from Angolano

Heavyweed champion of the world.
Same gang wit me.
No more free Randy.

Emelie Minassian

a month ago

I'l smoke you under the table any day Mr whiz

Isaak Triandou

a month ago

Nobody outsmokes Breal. Even wiz admitted that

Brahim Mouhtakir

a month ago

Maaaan you and snoop let so much smoke fly out of your lungs post a 3g dab rip at the absolute very least video and ghost it. Your music and smoking skills have been lacking

Head over to @shopgld 420 sale all weekend 💪🏽💨💨💨
420 merch is here:
Cop it before it's gone:

Derrick De Freitas

a month ago

That choker joint ain’t you.

Cody McClanahan

a month ago

Happy 4..20 come one come all lets meet and celebrates the DAY Happy 420 to 🍀🍀🍀

Corine Willis

a month ago

Have considered this exact topic relatively often. 🐧

420 freestyle drops at midnight.

Patty Rakes

a month ago

Khalifa THE Goat

Mirco Omar

a month ago

Daytoday wiz we need one should upload tonight for the smokers

Flor Ortiz

a month ago

Hi High Wiz Khalifa I'm down for a rap battle into collabo in the studio

Got my album date 😎. Let y’all know when it comes out in a few #gang

Noppadon Somlok

a month ago

Brûlée Hoskins see that chain he ain't play lol

Samuel Eduardo Corro Arias

a month ago

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Michael Stewart

a month ago

Most call me Wiz, but the hoes call me Cam

Ty Dolla $ign - Don't Judge Me ft. Future & Swae Lee [Music Video]

Estelle Pif

a month ago

Super Wiz Khalifa

David Ellenburg

a month ago

It’s the Best song on beach house

Ashinaga Tenaga

a month ago

Ple don't judge me
U can do more better ( prey)

Droppin this on 4/20 😝#Gang #420Freestyle
Come party wit us this weekend and celebrate!!! #420 #ganggang #bringsumweed

Megan Davis

a month ago

Top shelf medicated marijuana more efficient to health than pills... who need a taste?😎

Luis Herrera

a month ago

When is the album dropping😲😲😲

Jose Alvarez

a month ago

Dennis Jóse hahahah ich habs gesagt dass der 420 was droppt

Aldon Cranford

a month ago

Thought it said whore unit 😂

Gary Olliff

a month ago

run forest run

Kathy Wallace

a month ago

Have pondered this exact topic somewhat, but did not reach any conclusions. 🕶

I hope you find what your looking for.

Jean Allard Eggleton

a month ago

You probably mean "I hope you find what YOU'RE* looking for" :)

Renda Nazzal

a month ago

Thank you.looking for rich gang club.

Yobany Velazquez

a month ago

You got everything I'm looking for. When can I get it? 😍😘❤💋💖😙🤔

4/20 Merch 🔥🔥

Gábor Boros

a month ago

I don't do drugs, drugs do me

Martha Sherek Mirol

a month ago

Im not as think as you drunk i am😎

Ranie Fe Baluyot

a month ago

I love it😀😀😀😀😀

Cesar Ldu

a month ago

Run Forest run 😅

Jonas Lopez Alvarez

a month ago

i like that

Krystal Jepsen

a month ago

This is great, comedic gold even. Haven’t laughed this hard for decade at least. 😏