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Fans shared about Willow Smith

Rothschild Kgafela

4 hours ago

Whatever darkness is forcing itself into your life. I command it to leave you in Jesus Christ mighty. Be safe and experience the peace of the Lordship Jesus Christ. Let evil lose control and influence in your life. Let Christ be your Lord now and forever. Amen

Jones Boogaloo Ellzy

also shared about Willow Smith

i still need guitar lesson Willow Smith and it would be nice if you surprise our city at Capital One Arena with a Halloween Celebration Georgetown be the loveliest

Autumn's Grey Solace <>

The amount of determination and skill that this man has showed me over the years is unprecedented // Being able to play with him has been a dream that I've had since a very young age // Thank you for being AWESOME ! <@camonpiano> // #afropunkatlanta

At the end of the day nothing else matters except connection and communication in all forms // Every single one of us is infinitely deserving of all the love in this world // The logistical aspects of expressing yourself are only tools to help the connection and communication be more potent // I have realized that I have to get out of my head and shed this idea that the only way I can be deserving of so many blessings and resources to inspire others is through the acquisition of virtuosic skill and intellect in order to reach a certain level of inner peace that only begets the reformation of toxic paradigms // Therefore giving back the blessing to the world // Thank you to all the human souls holding space to just relish in the beauty of EXISTENCE // photo by <@adiadinayev>


✨🤘🏿SEE YOU AT 6:45 ✨🤘🏿

Fans shared about Willow Smith

Богомил Милушев

3 days ago

i dont know if we will ever meet in person Willow Smith but from what i see, is that you are a very talented person. You have what many people want. i believe if you just continue to walk your path in life, and its a bumpy one in times, everything will be alright

Scott Lynch

also shared about Willow Smith

Always turn to music... Always turn to the great out doors... And always return to what is yours! Wishin you a day that is awesome filled!

Centro Psicoterapéutico Renacer

also shared about Willow Smith

Probablemente nadie lea esto, pero voy a escribirlo de todas formas porque sé que al menos una persona lo hará. Hola tengo una página de equilibrio emocional, sé que hay muchas de ellas, pero la mía es algo diferente. Si tú pasas por mi página y no te gusta, está bien, pero si te gusta eso sería asombroso. Si lees esto ¿Podrías presionar el pulgar arriba?. Así otras personas podrían leerlo Gracias.

A TRUE relationship teaches both parties about how their traumas influence their actions // The arguments and misunderstandings all stemming from individual insecurities and specific traumas that both parties are completely ignoring and in some cases unaware of // This is the crux of misunderstanding // When you can truly understand your own trauma and don't shy away from it, helping and supporting someone else while they figure out their own isn't as tumultuous // You are secure in knowing that they will one day remember all of their joy and pain is born from within them and can purely give them all your love, devoid of egotistic games. If not, you're two walls of confusion bashing up against each other, hurting each other for no reason, relationships are bruised very badly when one (or both) of the parties trauma is ignored and met with anger or negative misunderstanding. Everyone just wants to be understood, everyone just wants to be loved, the loophole is that this desire is never going to be satiated by someone else. You have got to accept yourself completely.

Fans shared about Willow Smith

Carol Pinard

5 days ago

More than likely you will never know true pain kiddo and pretending you are qualified to advise on it is offensive as hell. Go back to your mansion. The rest of us have real lives to suffer through.

Jada Naomi Cooper

also shared about Willow Smith

Carol she can post and say whatever she wants on her platform u don't get to sensor her and just bc she has $ you think she has no clue what it's like to suffer ? How ignorant

Fans shared about Willow Smith

Joye Long

7 days ago

That's my mood too Doll face...let hang out Tom .and com e up with some fun ideas about that master School we taught about hmm was it all Geniuses or just discernment an Spirituality. Deal ot no deal

Stephanie Davis

also shared about Willow Smith

🥜🥜🥜fun🎸🎸🎸 My daughter boyfriend has a few >> I play when I go to their house 🏡 >> it fun @Truth He has a 🎹too!

// ¡Drops on FRIDAY!
Rehersals with the REALEST <@camonpiano>

Fans shared about Willow Smith

Harjeet Kaur Mann

8 days ago

The best way to a man's heart
Is to see eye to eye
Point to the sky
Tell him to fly

Fans shared about Willow Smith

Bj Bobbiejo

8 days ago

I don't understand how they can take away family planning for women and men! I thought you were trying to cut back on abortions not increase the need for them. This makes no sense at all.

Sibonelo Mncedisi

also shared about Willow Smith

you an adult. i just fell in love with your way of thinking. You too are a creative someone, i just love your album. You should make more albums like all over. You and your producer are swank. Your songs just keep on beating on your producers face.

// @clubclitoris
is good // It leads you down new roadz

<¡STRAIGHT UP!> Women's rights are human rights 🤘🏿It's so excruciatingly sad and idiotic that this struggle is STILL happening // When did we forget to see each other as human? This is so unnecessary. When are we going to stop being evil to each other? #respectthefeminine // Written by - @sophiaziskin

Fans shared about Willow Smith

Aditi Gajula

10 days ago

This is really wrong. Imagine switching the genders in this artwork and the reaction it would get. All genders are equal. Please stop this madness

The IGNORANCE is beyond unnecessary // #istandwithplannedparenthood <>

❤️ @saintrecords <>

Up on AppleMusic ✨
Music Video and Merch ✨ ✨#UNODOS // @teoriah / @msftsrep

Fans shared about Willow Smith

Tobin Soyck

13 days ago

Willow, more human lives are destroyed in one year by abortion than all the lives in the last twenty years by guns. Think about that. More death from abortion than any other cause.

Tara Firman

also shared about Willow Smith

To each their own I am Pro Life & Pro Choices the choices U choose is what U have to live with.I'm for abortion to a degree just to have it done b/c a condom didn't work isn't right.U choose to have sex U get pregnant as a result so again its Ur responsibility in taking care of Urself & the life growing inside U.U shouldn't be self fish U should involve the father of the child if U know who it belongs to.We all belong to God/Christ & to ourselves.To have a child & U don't want it could result in abuse b/c U resent it.Which is wrong.I suggested that since guns have to be around maybe the makers should trick us.I don't know about U but if I hear gun shots I'm going to try & get away.I feel the makers of guns should give ONLY blank bullets.When going to gun ranges allow U to have real bullets shot.I feel Mace is the safest thing out there in self defense.If the cop in the Philandor Castille case would have used this instead of his gun maybe issues could have been resolved & lives would have been saved.Even after he was shot at & GOD there was a child in the back seat of his car his girl friend didn't even try shooting him.The other cop made the right choice by running away & NOT drawing his why didn't his partner do the same thing?Sad & horrible.Now not only is Columbine shooting being a tradition b/c it making others do the same thing but NOW the Las Vegas shooting could result to other tragedies happening.We can end the cycle of abuse & killings if we all choose to by NOT owning a gun,& being a baby/infant in this world.I feel school teachers should have mace on hand incase an intruder with a gun/kid comes to school with one.People who own guns think their keeping safe & their loved ones but their being misguided & mislead.Same as a condom or other contraceptives.We have to share this planet with others & we should be respecting to each other & be entitled to our own ideas/values,ethics/morals & values.

Congratulations Kip! You are such a special human being and inspire me to reach new levels of grit on my journey towards virtuosity every single day. Thank you. #nobelprize2017