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@steart_ That is HILARIOUS!!Hahaha

Criz Acung

5 days ago

Not the most flattering faces but I love it lol.

Martin Roy

3 days ago

Amazing adventure day, Congrats. . The best for you and your son. I hoping succeed sir. And your son for yet. GOD BLESS for you and your family. Thanks Will Smith always is legendary. At world

Simeon P. Manalili III

5 days ago

It would be nice to do a series like The Simpsons, but titled the Family Smit 😁

They say, “If you wanna know what your wife is gonna look like when she gets older... Just Look at her Mother.”


Krutohuzov Mykola

5 days ago

Thats what money will do. Less stress hey lets throw money at it

Aristides Ayala

6 days ago

Why does it matter what she looks like when she gets older? What’s with this obsession with eternal youth? Why is it so wrong for a woman to look her actual age? Getting older is a natural part of life, and not everyone is lucky enough to reach the age of wrinkles & white hair, so why not celebrate both?

Anelize Campos

6 days ago

Gam is killing the game!!

Epic day at @F1 Abu Dhabi! I got to roll the checkered flag and my boy @lewishamilton walked away with the W. 🏁 @ Yas Marina Circuit

Kheuss Niass

18 days ago

#WillSmith vs #PatCroce In a Race Car Race 20 Laps Around A Track Who Wins ?

Chantel Malin

19 days ago

It certainly was a great day. Really glad you were there for Lewis!

Kristian Hernandez

19 days ago

We got the F1 in AUSTIN, TX USA .... why you got to go to Dubai???

Hangin’ wit’ my boy @lewishamilton for the last race of the F1 season!! Yo Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, this suit is hot, now I just need the car to match— put me on the grid!!

📷: @paulripke + @alansilfen @ Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Catherine M Macinnes

19 days ago

Congrats to Lewis Hamilton🥇🎉 Amazing race it was🏎

Paola Baunin Mouat

18 days ago

Don’t use his toilet that’s a big no no

CijiPaul Martinez

19 days ago

That's awesome have fun and enjoy

Throwback Thanksgiving Thursday #Thankful

Chris Brown Ziglar

22 days ago

Aww so perfect I love y'all .. Happy Thanksgiving

Riv Sethi

22 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving Will, Jada and family💗

Kasey D'anna

22 days ago

For your warm family HAPPY THANKSGIVING & cute photo LOVE ❤️

¡El Príncipe de Bel-Air! Found my ride in Cuba

McKaileah Lykes

23 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving Will.

Bob Larson

23 days ago

hey Will happy you visited my homeland. Don't forget to go to Tropicana! It's the best place in Cuba for shows. Also there's Casa De La Musica en Galiano for live concerts!

Cathy Higgins

24 days ago

Yo Holmes, the Bel-Air!!!!

Corrí medio maratón en La Habana esta mañana. Gracias Cuba! Me encantó!

Raeshundra Jones

a month ago

hello, I'm a photographer and I took photos of the marathon, I've only uploaded one of my pages, A Place for Pics, everybody could see it there. I have three more, but I'll just give it to Will, free of course, I put this here in case he reads this he knows. Thank you

Jurven Fernandez

a month ago

Qué bueno que pudo venir a Cuba. Espero que en la noche se vaya de Rumba por algún barrio habanero......

Jocelyn Casiano

a month ago

Orgullosa de tu visita a mi bella Cuba. YOU ARE THE BEST.

Happy Bday, @shereezampino.
:-)I Love You, Ree-Ree

Ginny Best

a month ago

Happy birthday and many happy returns.

Amanda L. Walsh

a month ago

The legend will Smith, you need to know you inspired and had powerful impacts on some people lives including me

Alicja Szwejda

a month ago

Can he please give a class for baby fathers!!!!! He’s showing how its done right. All MEN ON CHILD SUPPORT should be required to go to the Will Smith class on being a baby father.

Esta fue la primera vez compartiendo el escenario juntos...pero definitivamente no será la última!¡ME ENCANTO!Gracias, #LatinGrammy! @ MGM Grand Garden Arena

Lisa Allday Ainsworth

a month ago

Qué chévere Will!!! Lo Disfrutaste, me encanta!!! Como nos encanta a nosotros que te estés acercando a nuestra cultura Latina!!! Estuviste Genial en los LatinGrammys!!!

David Santos

a month ago

Tú y Marck Anthony bien ! Pero ese engendro que pinta allí ?

Jalil Antonio

a month ago

It was a great performance Latin Grammy I love the whole thing last night was a great performance God bless You guys

Coulrophobia (noun) an irrational fear of clowns.

Happy Bday Diddy! Hahahaha

Aswathy Haridas

a month ago

Hahahaha cool pic Will!! But I'd be a thinking wisely about moving away from the extra company Diddy has in the back there!! Argh!!!! IT Scary!! Definitely not for the faint hearted or clearly just want to make ya faint hahahahaha lol😂

Lissy Johnson

a month ago

Happy birthday from a fan my name is Jimmie Yvonne Ezell I stay in Muskegon mich

Juanita E Darby

a month ago

"Diddy, meet Pennywise. Pennywise, meet Diddy." 😂😂😂

AMA’s 1991:I just wanna apologize to Céline Dion... cuz I look like a Hip Hop Bumble-Bee #tbt

Pedro Solis

2 months ago

Thought you were hot back then and it was the style of the time. But now,. With those muscles and firm body tone. Mm Mm Mm.

Queenie Ryah Danial

2 months ago

Well in this photo she doesn't look much better. But you were both victims of 1991 fashion frivolity.

Jackie Brady

2 months ago

Lol. I miss when you wore these silly and over the top, goofy 80s styled outfits. Lol miss fresh prince so bad. Was 1 of your most endearing charms. Your goofiness and silliness is what makes you so entertaining and awesome.

A thousand years from now, humans are gonna look at the Burj Khalifa the Same way we look at the Pyramids... like “How the hell did they build that?”. But then they’ll just look it up on YouTube. This #Pixel3 group selfie mode is Crazy!!

Maria Carolina Laureano

2 months ago

Dear Will u cannot compare a baby concrete building with the giant historic phenomenal world wonder like the pyramids...ur the one who needs to google or youtube the difference...luv u still xx

Monica Dimitrovska

2 months ago

R u crazy, how many buildings same or stronger than burj khalifa, became dust over time and the pyramids still surviving

Lorena Castro

2 months ago

Y'all are here arguing and making comparisons between the Burj Khalifa and the Pyramids and a thousand distant years and all, while I'm just here hating on #WillSmith's selfie game!👍👌

This is the Highest Toilet ON EARTH!!Burj Khalifa, Dubai.154th Floor.Sittin’ on top of the world!(The Joke was too Easy:-)

Tywanna Clay

2 months ago

Left of you (behind your head on this picture, JW Marriott Marquis) is the place where I am currently sitting. 👋 hello Will Smith :)

Erne Villa

2 months ago

This is how Burj Khalifa looks outside the building & for New Years they would do fireworks that came out the building just like this until 1 of those floors got on fire they decided not to do it like that again..

Oscar Eduardo Bermudez

2 months ago

Yo, you here in the UAE now? Are you having an event or something? Would love to come see you. I live in Abu dhabi.

LEMME OUT!!:-) Can’t wait for y’all to see Me BLUE! 🧞 #aladdin

Lina Girón

2 months ago

iiiinnnn west Agrabah
I was born and raised,
In the genie lamp is where I spent most of my days
chillin out, maxing, relaxing, all blue, and throwing some wishes at some weird dude,
when a tall freaky guy who was up to no good, started making trouble in the neighbourhood!
Al got in one little fight and Jazzy got scared and said your flying far away on that carpet in the air...

Sheila Williams

2 months ago

iiiiiiiin west agrabah born and raised
In the streets where I spent most of my days
Sneakin round, stealing, looking for food
Eatin some bread I took from a dude
When a couple a guards who where up to no good
Started chasing me around the neighborhood
They threw me in a dungeon where some guy seemed to camp
And he told me of a cave where I found a lamp

Heather Nickell

2 months ago

Ok seriously y'all. The lack of support is effing ridiculous. I understand that we were all completely shook with the passing of Robin Williams, but this is WILL SMITH. He is amazing, not only as an actor, but as a human being. He is going to rock this role 100% and I am so proud of him for it. He is making it possible for people in my generation to be taken back in time to remember the magic of our childhood. I am so excited!!! Thank you Will!! ❤️

On Set in Bollywood!! Shout out to the Cast & Crew of Student Of The Year 2. Thanx for Letting Me Play. :-)

Chinedu Celestine

2 months ago

Wow, great. Bollywood have great actors, but some of them are GREAT dancers too. And i LOVE to see them dancing and singing. Thats so good ❤️❤️❤️

Andrea Nelson

2 months ago

Will Smith Congratulations, you will not only have a great time but will give it your all like you do every project youtake on..I cant wait to see it...all.of your fans cant wait lol

Alexis Mayotte

2 months ago

Its all about FREEDOM, just enjoy it. An actor should not have boundaries... its fun for him and a dream too. But also a dream coming true for those willing to see Will.. !!

Learning the ropes of Bollywood from two of the best in the game! @karanjohar & @ranveersingh.

📷: @alansilfen@ Mumbai, Maharashtra

Iza Dakowicz

2 months ago

Why so much hatred? Don't forget that kjo gave Bollywood movies like hasee toh phase, kabhi alvida na kehna, k3g, aye dil hai mushkil, my name is khan, list stories, kal ho na ho and more.

Ralph Lobato

2 months ago

welcome to india will smith!!!! you should do a bollywood film with karan johar i would love to see that our country is known for making amazing films and for collaborating with talents all across the globe!!!!

Chris Wolford

2 months ago

We Welcome To 🇮🇳India🙏Mr. Will Smith.when you are meet with Mr. A.R Rahman, I think that one day mr.smith come in india & it's happen. Finally you came in india, i would like to meet you HEARTILY,, My God Is great, he not plan today but one Day i meet you.. My Love & Good wishes for you & God's Blessing,,🙏Ty.

I saw this Father in @Target with his Child on his shoulders... I got Jealous.
Fathers out there... Y’all ready for the #PiggyBackChallenge?
📸: @tonypillow

Carolyn Price

2 months ago

So it’s true that everyone has a twin!! My nephew Nick Jr. is your son Jaden’s!! Everyone constantly says he looks just like Jaden Smith!! Just wanted to share!! I am unable to post his picture here due to privacy settings but you’d be blown away by the resemblance!!~Blessings

Tekira Simon

2 months ago

Hi, Mr Smith ! Thank you for not letting fear be a factor in your life. I know that it can hold you back from being who you are meant to dies one messenger you ?

Caleb Emea-nwoke

2 months ago

Don't every change Will Smith been following you for years....stay as you are or if possible get better xxx

¡HACIENDO HISTORIA! Thank u Marc Anthony & Bad Bunny #EstaRico is out everywhere! :)

Toderascu Ioan Toderascu

2 months ago

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Matthew 25:41 - Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

Matthew 25:46 - And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Romans 2:6-8 - Who will render to every man according to his deeds: (Read More...)

Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Revelation 20:15 - And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Huw Profitt

3 months ago

I have so much respect for you but this collaboration with bad bunny was very disappointing. Denigrating woman like that!! You would not like your daughter to be in a video like this. You and Marc Anthony do not need to do this. Is very disappointing and such a bad role model for young women.

Ashley Scott

3 months ago

I love you and Marc Anthony soo much!! ..But you both, great artists, full of talent guys working with that man.. Big disappointment 😢😢

My Squad holding me down for my big 5-0. We’re gonna start live streaming on my YouTube soon, link in bio #willsmiththejump

Amy Stephens

3 months ago

Hello will happy 5-0 don't think of that 5-0 is bigger number na I think kind na I like it. I feel like something power full . Because you can say anything because oh they 're 50 :( . This words can use to us . Who's care at least we like to say somethings. Had done so . Big 5-0 yeahhh congratulation. Many more years to come. I do love your wife and children too Cya.

Βασιλική Τραμπούκη

3 months ago

So very inspirational!!! I loved seeing your smile as you fell backwards, pure joy and you could feel and see your release of so much. Ive been facing some things and have began down my awakening journey, man it feels good! God bless you here from Philly and happy birthday 😊🎂

Mary Ellen Casey

3 months ago

You are just completely amazing...with all due respect...I think you could have increased the fund raising for your cause with a little product placement...I bet Depends would have cashed in on this!! Not to mention more comedic relief for us! Love you whatever you do...I'll be watching!

6 months in the making... #willsmiththejump

Severita Trujillo

3 months ago

Happy bithday sir. Today on your birthday my daughter has just arrived in tananizia to volunteer as a nurse .. if you ever say anything mention the nurses every where in the world because they are so special

Noelia Cora

3 months ago

Happy Birthday Will and more to come for you. Take that jump off your bucket list. I am sure your insurance company were pissing there pants off on that one !! But you looked beautiful ...God Bless you !!!

Shekita Carter

3 months ago

Hope u had a splendid 50th birthday Will, you're one of my favorite actors. Best wishes from a swedish Will Smith fan.

I think I have chosen my Helmet... And My Face for the Jump! It’s going down tomorrow 9/25 at 3pm PT / 6pm ET on YouTube! #willsmiththejump

James Tartter

3 months ago

Happy birthday to us. I'm 51 today what a great way for you to spend your 50th. fly high for all the September 25th kids. I always liked you with the same kind of silly. Either you like it so you can't stand us we're not everyone's cup of tea

Okechukwu Nelson

3 months ago

Happy birthday to my favorite black american actor of all time. I hope an invention makes him never age or die because will smith has so many memorable movies and i hope he continues to make sad that he’s Never won an oscar but Forget an oscar, anyone can win that these days.

Brianna Saucedo

3 months ago

You celebrate 50y today and I have the feeling that I "know" you for at least 25! My God we're getting old... 😁 But what a fantastic journey you had until today! I wish you have at least 50 more of the same! Keep being the fantastic human being that you are and always be true to yourself!
I wish I could congratulate you in person but, unless you come to visit me in Portugal, it will never happen 😂
Happy Bd Will!!! 🎂🎉🍾 Have a blast!!

Happy 21st Jordy! I am proud of All that you Are, and excited by the prospects of what you will Become!
Enjoy your next trip around the’s a special one :)

Jakub Janowski

3 months ago

From sister to brother in an coexisting meaning.. HEAVENS BLESS YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN.."Happy Blessings your way." Sincerely Blosom Fighter.

Oluwakemi Babatunde

3 months ago

Just missed you when we took the Power 99 morning show to your place in '86, and many years later at the filming of After Earth in '12 in Philly. A fan here since the start of your professional journey, and always appreciate the wisdom you impart. Early 20s son, Matt Kohn (or @officialkohn on the cloud and elsewhere) is now putting in work and making his mark with uplifting rhymes, collaborations and performances here in Philly. I'm hopeful this top chopper attracts your attention in the process. Congrats and keep celebrating life as you do! You gotta' dare to be different to make a difference.

Karli Palos

3 months ago

Wanted to give a early Happy birthday shout-out to will Smith, hope you have a blessed day, and many more will,we love you in Kentucky..

I did Stand Up last night... FIRST TIME EVER!I opened for Dave Chappelle.I AM HOOKED.

Larry L. Detlefsen

3 months ago

A top legs up MRI is necessary for celebs to make sure biohackers and gov. Fanatics don't stalk them. I was stalked. I am not even famous, the celebs are even more focused on. MRI results look like a RFID chip. Be safe will.

Sly Cantu

3 months ago

That’s awesome Will! I’d love to see your tape. I’ve been following you since I was a youngster and had no idea you never did stand up. You are funny period and it only makes sense that you would be great at stand up also. Great job Will, get that money!!!! 👍👍👊🏾💪🏾🤙🏾👌🏾

Courtney Green

3 months ago

It's crazy how Will is known for being a funny guy for most of his career and that was his first time doing stand up.

Wow... 24 Birthdays together! Happy Bday, My Queen. Let’s Go Get 24 more.

Czesław Świerad

3 months ago

Happy bday jada from Canada. I love to see a couple that stays strong together and that your both rocking your looks to. Beautiful couple.

I used to say that I didn't know which one of you I was more jealous of because you guys are amazing individually and together! But now I have my own amazing wife of 4 wonderful, exciting years. Marriage can be such an incredible improvement to one's life. Thank you for showing the world how to appreciate your spouse and of course, happy birthday, Jada!

Norma Buri

3 months ago

Happy birthday Jada! God bless you with many more. Congratulations to both for 24 years together.All the you both :)

Feliz Cumpleaños, mi Hermano!

Marie Yannick

3 months ago

Lovely pic.... Happy birthday to him... And soon will be yours...😉😊 are you ready for The Grand Canyon?

Hector Cruz

3 months ago

Brazil needs your help stopping a fascist,homophobic, racist and misogynistic candidate who's running for the presidency and is currently ahead in the polls. Please support us by spreading the hashtag #Elenunca

Karen Massingill

3 months ago

Happy birthday Marc Anthony and I love your songs/music especially your song mi vida ejoy your birthday best wishes and regards to you yours and truly Roman Castro

Fight Night in Vegas!

Andy Welch

3 months ago

hello Will Smith I love fresh prince of bel air episodes what a memories of my childhood when i was a kids I'm watching those season . and I love Suiside squad

Sabrina Spitaleri

3 months ago

Over paid athletes, and comedians, no human deserves that much attention, when the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. Humans glorify and give praise to these fake opinionated garbage. We need to get our priorities straight, NO HUNAN DESERVES THIS GLORIFICATION. I work for a living. And served this great nation.

Aida Altamirano

3 months ago

I love how Will is just to the left like "Heyyy Good Times!" and the other 2 are like "Yeah, we here, we gangsta. Top this". Will is too chill for words, just enjoying the energy.

Thanx, @pieksart!!Where is this wall?

Jessica Conrad

3 months ago

Ha. Love it. hey, ive been eating garlic and onions all day-- so dont get to close to me-- the way you did with kevin james in HITCH. HA. one of best anti-kisses on film. For why I enjoy the comedies of Buster Keaton and the director Ernst Lubitsch of Ninotchka see the thinkers at Ayn Rand Institute PS you did nice dramatic work in I ROBOT. maybe an academy award is on the way Thanks man.

Mila Honda

3 months ago

Hi Will, look unless someone In your entourage reads this, you'll never answer this I'm sure... My name is Tim Ingram, I'm 52, and grew up with you as millions have. Sob story have Hard core Nueropathy all over with this stage 1 brittle diabetes... 2 neck surgeries.. Just one question, how did you Really Bulk up? Not a stalker, just a guy who worked his butt off his whole life and now at 6'1 weighs 149 pounds. Just would love to have a life again...

Sam Lanyon

3 months ago

Funny story. A friends husband had a guy in for an interview for a job. The man's name was Will Smith. (I kid you not). Boss: So are you from West Philadelphia? - WS: Born and raised. He got the job :) Clearly a good man with a great sense of humor

One of my favorite people on this Whole Damn Rock!!

Darvs Laudit

3 months ago

You blew my mind sorry again it's not you it was me I'm in a funny place at the minute with my life many are maybe one day when I'm up to it but need to be near family ATM lots going on my nephew and girlfriend have a baby girl on the way plus dad isn't well all the best to you and family you the man

Candice Petronio

3 months ago

My 11 yr old son has just discovered Fresh Prince & watched ‘The Episode’ yesterday of Carlton dancing. He absolutely loves the show & I keep hearing laughter coming out of the living room. So pleased he’s experiencing this great part of my teenage years 😂😂😂

Christine Bowen-Dunston

3 months ago

You guys are still that good!
I still love watching your show
Funny how i use to watch your show back in the days way before i had my kids
Now my kids watched the same fresh Prince i use to watch lol 😂

Happy Bday, @HalleBerry. I was googling for pictures of us together and this is all I could come up with 🤷🏾‍♂️

Maria Flowwithme Hammie

4 months ago

WOW LOOKS LIKE PRINCE AND HALLIE HAD A SON. Look he's just like his daddy!! Hahaha... You're crazy for this one Will.
Happy birthday Hallie. <3

Sara Glory

4 months ago

Im not going to see Halle Berry the same anymore, my dream has become my nightmare!!! Thanks Will 😱😱😵😬😲😂😂😂😂

Barry Yang

4 months ago

One credit I give to Mr. Smith is he is ambious he donot have a lot scanners or crone icons within the Worldwide net and thats good it shows he have control of his technology of input of data which is awsome and Great! Keep up good work Mr. Smith.

Very Hot, @byjoeymac @mikeshirdan!

Richard Briones

4 months ago

Too many memories here i love it

Justin Luchs

4 months ago

Reboot of Fresh Prince please!! From Fresh Prince to Fresh King. Will married with kids.

Schwaemmle Holger

4 months ago

Will you and your family have been a blessing for our race thanks for keeping it real all these years...Now you all can do whatever you want we willI love it!

A little Father & Son Time in Miami! 📷: @tonypillow
Opening Night of the #KODtour. Here supporting @syresmith. @LizaKoshy in the building!
Thanx @realcoleworld for havin’ us.

Eres increíble el mejor padre ovio que después del mio😊eres una maravillosa persona el disfrutar con los hijos a lo mejor y aprovecharlo a lo máximo Saludos ten más exitos👏👏❤

Edwin Yagual Saldarreaga

4 months ago

El tesoro más grande q Dios nos dio fueron los hijos es la razón de nuestra existencia hay q apoyarlos al máximo Dios bendiga tu familia will

Adam Major

4 months ago

Que bonito Will los hijos crecen muy rápido.... Disfrútalo al máximo......te e nvio un fuerte abrazo desde Perú......por otro lado que bueno que te guste el idioma español veo que poco a poco vas mejor con el español.... éxitos...

Happy Bday, Chuck. Mmmmmmmmuwah! :-)
Okay... So... A Japanese Footballer... An Indian Composer... And a West Philadelphian Rapper / Actor walk into a bar...

Sälâh Éddįnę

4 months ago

WILL I AM IN THE BAHAMAS TOO! I got the Mavic Pro with me, would love to help Aidan in filming some sick content for you and Ulisses.

Miran Dalvi

4 months ago

Happy birthday Dios te bendiga
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Mica Remoquillo

4 months ago

Need help in the worst way. I have over 13000 followers and im trying to bring to light the need for coverage in the MMJ program. Please, I'm doing this totally alone and I'm afraid I wont be able to deliver. Panicked.. Check out my page here it leads to my movement..

Kenneth Simmons

4 months ago

Thanks for sharing all stuf of vacations Will God bless you and your lovely family 🤗

Kerekesné Kovács Judit

4 months ago

Beautiful family! Thank you for sharing!

Joanne Hashim

4 months ago

nice family ..continue together Will..❤

I just realized... This year we’ve been together more than half our Lives! @jadapinkettsmith

Katie Monday Patterson

4 months ago

If 2pac was alive; jada pinket would have marry him.. R.I.P 2pac the legendary. And for you will smith may almighty continue to bless your family. I did for jada pinket, and I did it for her because of ma mentor the legendary 2pac shakur.

S'lim B'ujwa M'onk S'aint

4 months ago

People can say what they want about Will and Jada. They can judge them on how they run their marriage and how they raise their kids. But the bottom line is, these two are a dynamic pair. They make it work regardless of any obstacle that come towards them. They built a foundation that will last forever. You don't see this very commonly in Celebrity marriages. Let alone marriages period. As a married man myself, I wish them nothing but happiness and longevity. Let love win.

Christina Raiderette Princess Martinez

4 months ago

y'all are an inspiration make the most of everyday I recently lost the love of my life too soon and I will never be the same. Thank you for being so positive and motivating those of us who really need it.

I’ve been wanting to meet Casey Neistat for YEARS!!We hung out today.Yo, Man... LET’S GET TO CREATIN’

Herb Davis

5 months ago

Is this really will omg hi hope you family have a great time on your adventures the jasmin family you guys are too cool

Natalie Hal

5 months ago

Hey Will Smith I am a grown man and you responding to my comment just made a big difference in my day. I could imagine what it does for children and younger people so I just want to thank you for your efforts in communicating through social media. You are the best. You always have been and you always will be.

Timo Skiba

5 months ago

Well let's see 612 comments so far multiplied Buy everything you can be doing other than reading these comments divided by every American that loves you and your family.hmmm..let's see...?

Just finished shooting @GeminiManMovie for 5 Months... Knocked Out the #WorldCup... Family Vacation Begins TODAY!

Lil'Owen Joseph

5 months ago

I only know you Will through your movies, your sitcom, and of course your music which i rocked in my pinto back in the day! But i feel as if your my family as well, simply because I've watched you grow up through TV! And i have to say that I'm very proud of the brother you've become, positive in every way. Much luv to you and your family bro

Sandra Jefferson

5 months ago

You are blessed to have your family with you. I'm so happy to watch your wife program the red table . I so look forward to it. Now I'm a fan of both of you. Love her red table talk. My regards to the family . South Philly born and raised here. Live in California for over 30 years . God Bless

Laura Louise

5 months ago

No idea what are you waiting for, jump on that plane and come to Croatia, we are celebrating like mad with our team here though we didn't winn that World Cup

It’s @just a family affair


Heran Mimi

5 months ago

Para todos aquellos que ven como una burla esta fotografía porque el hijo de will se muy diferente🙁déjenme decirle que esa burla dice más de usted que del propio artista, will es un ejemplo de un padre espectacular honra a su familia y a pesar de los problemas de su hijo nunca lo deja solo y se siente orgulloso de tomar su mano y exhibirlo pese a sus adicciones por encima de las críticas y burlas la gente ignorante. Eso hace un padre lucha, persevera y nunca abandona, absténgase de dar su punto de vista si no es lo suficiente humano para entender que al menos will es un padre de admirar y ese muchacho es muy afortunado👍🏻eres genial will smith 😘

Rene Z Hernandez

5 months ago

It is real, that Will looks better then his son? I mean in better shape and all that. I miss young Jaden from Karate Kid lol

Angie Little

5 months ago

Yo will Smith get your son a sandwich 🥪 bro, he looks like your childhood friend that never made it 🤣

Thanx, @nickyjampr for inviting me to the World’s Biggest Show.Un Gran Abazo, Hermano!

@eraistrefi, You are a Beautiful, Delicate Soul.I Appreciate U.Keep Smiling!:-) @ Moscow, Russia
This is me ‘bout to Hit the Bloc Boy on stage at the #WorldCup.Thank You, RUSSIA!

Gail Hobson

5 months ago

Thank you, Will! It was the perfect performance! WordCup is people who love football. It's not place for political rhetoric. We are just people, we love football, we are openheart, we are happy to see you! Thank you!

Ivy Rendon

5 months ago

hi Willl, worked unfortunately yesterday, but I has seen the video of your performance to the world ones today. You are a great compliments. !!!

महा काल

5 months ago

One song, only one song... and you are using playback....?! A especially Era Istrefi... Maybe it's lack of experience, but that's was so sad... Like I like most of your acting roles, that this was weak... But at least you had a good fun and I hope that the cash at the end is correct... 🙄😒

FIFA #WorldCup Trophy - WOW!

They told us we could “LOOK, but don’t Touch”...

So I just licked it.

JOKE!:-)I’m not tryna cause an international incident... Not on my first day, at least.

Maybe Ramón

5 months ago

Era you got closer to the FIFA #WorldCup Trophy than Xhaka or Shaqiri!! Too bad they didn't get to go further, but maybe they will in the next world cup.

Nicole Barton

5 months ago

Will, you are my favorite celebrity I hope to meet you and Rap one of your 80s oldies with you some day. You’re the best! Keep on making us smile! Your fan for life Rapping Rob G

Рафаела Паскалева

5 months ago

O please do. I think the idea of the news headlines being dominated by you licking the World Cup trophy, being banished from Russia and being escorted onto a plane would make a very refreshing change to the utter tosh we have to endure at the moment!! It was be a legendary and history making act!!

Happy Bday, Jaden Smith.20 Years Old ~ WHOA!

And Wait... I don’t know what the big deal was when you wore a White Batman Suit to Prom?

You have ALWAYS worn superhero suits on your dates!

Moussa Camara

5 months ago

Happy Birthday Jaden- Spiderman!!! Que Dios te colme de mucha Salud, mucho Amor y muchas Bendiciones!!!! Disfruta tu dia Especial y de todo tu Mes al lado de tu Familia y Seres Queridos. Felicidades desde mi Querida Venezuela!!!! Un abrazo.

Susan Taylor

5 months ago

Hermano Will tu familia muy bella!!! Feliz cumpleaños a Jaden 20 años pasan rápido so enjoy your family to the fullest... My mom suffers of dementia I saw her yesterday and let me tell ever time I see her is harder what advice can you give me Will......

Joy Curtis

5 months ago

Happy Birthday Jaden, always stay positive even when people is being negative towards you. That is half the battle. You must always believe in yourself when others dont. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!

Big ups Jaden Smith and the JUST team, celebrating #WorldOceansDay this weekend cleaning the beaches and talking sustainability in Montauk, NY.

Nicole Mccullough

6 months ago

Sustainable development is a big shoe must certainly,but from a business perspective it is the it's for every the business of ethics that's the good,and good always prevails.A character of business men and women of future is no more for the crude ride and greedy,but we buy what's right.where can I get this green bottle of water,in Sydney Australia.nice one Jaden.Hope you up for tackling the oil industry,even deeper.

Claudia De Souza Lima

6 months ago

So I don't know if this will work but I really like Will Smith and jada could come that would be awesome sauce if he and had a could come to my wedding in Jacksonville/ St Augustine July 7 not sure of local just yet but I'm trying.

Abygail Paige

6 months ago

the world is exhausted, the heat has already appeared, the earthquakes now come the floods, it is necessary to return to nature what we have all taken away from it. plant trees cite them recycle water garbage educate our children the love of our planet

I was jugglin’ with @ronaldinho!#Bucketlist - Was an honor to meet the LEGEND as Me & @nickyjampr get right for #WorldCup!!

Rajput Boy Biswajit

6 months ago

Someone is trying to pretend to be will smith and get money from his fans sending messages thru messenger , please Be careful , I'm not the only one I have contacted several people here asking them this question and they all confirm that in a different way he has ask them for money ... Not cool 😠

Uka Cornelia

6 months ago

Me gusta la foto solo por will los otros dos nada que ver....te amo will eres mi amor platonico

Orathai Phetthong

6 months ago

Ronaldinho, gangster Jonah Hill and Will Smith😂

That chain was the SAUCE!I might have to start rockin’ I‎t again #tbt

Thulani M Dlamini

7 months ago

Jajajaja why not! start rockin again.Nice Will! The more u dream ,the farther u do or get, so why put a limit on anything¿?jajajajaja u just continue look ur mirror,okay! because inside,u will see strength, learned,lessons,nd pride in urself, don't look back with all thoses mistakes ,okay!! Just put the Whole World in ur eyes,2018 is yours in Jesus name. Jajajaja showtime indeed nice Will, Rock, Roll nd Warm the Whole World jajajajajaja Enjoy a latitude nd longitude without forget ur limits. Jajajaja all is yours.u have it in ur blood !don't surprised!!jajajaja is in ur blood Nice Will Smith jajajajaj Give us ur best fresh Prince of Bel Air nd ur the fresh princess of Bel Air Waouuu keep calm,Love is in the Air. Live ,love, be careful , take your brain with u always.nd never forget this;responsability is the price of freedom. Love both of u.bisouuuu et gros bisouuuu💓💓💓💓💓💋💋💋💛💛💛💛👌👌👌👌

Othman Jaha

7 months ago

will smith could go back to pass the crazy program on the piece pofavor valta now passes with the characters with their families

Rita Cowan

7 months ago

will Smith I am so fond of you you are one of the greatest star I dream to meet during my existence on earth. if there is something I can ask you is to take me close to you to work for you. I would be the happiest man on earth to work foryou. the Lord protects you and gives you a long life and changes my life dady.+237694722560

Nicky Jam ✖️ Diplo ✖️ Era Istrefi ✖️ Will Smith

One Life to Live. Live it Up #WorldCup

Re Forbes

7 months ago

Marionette strings are dangerous things
I thought of all the trouble they bring..memory bliss..stop thinkin' about it..

Raphael Coutinho

7 months ago

My God I can’t wait😍💕. I so love you and your work🤗💕. Nicky is equally humble and very talented as well💕💕. You guys rock😎💕. Love you both💕

Amor Garcia

7 months ago

Are you aware that here in the United Kindom when summertime is played , the sun actually shines ! Btw I could had taken care of your pool at at Caesars cottage ...I dropped a card .
Next time maybe !

If there’s one photo that sums up my trip to Colombia... This is it!Muchas gracias por todo 🇨🇴

Rita Monsour-Houayek

7 months ago

Bello Will, gracias por atreverte a vivir la experiencia en Colombia y mostrar que hay cosas buenas en este grandioso país... Dios te bendiga!!!! Ojalá y puedas visitar mucho mas de Colombia, que sea tu destino de vacaciones.....🇨🇴️🇨🇴️🇨🇴️

Kuame Kidi

7 months ago

I’ve done close protection work for VIPs in Colombia 🇨🇴 on numerous occasions and there is so much beauty in this country! The people are so warm and welcoming too.

Debbie Russell

7 months ago

Que bonito es que una celebridad como tú visite un país tan hermoso como Colombia. Me gustaría invitarte al mío, es tan hermoso como Colombia, fue descubierto y colonizado por España, ha dado las mujeres más bellas del mundo, ha provisto de petróleo y otros rubros a muchos países. Pero lastimosamente ahora está destrozado por un régimen que casi lo está llevando al abismo. Se llama Venezuela, aquí podrías bailar un joropo, un tamunangue, un tambor, un vals.... y te aseguro que quedarías prendado de su belleza natural y del cariño de su gente. Ojalá tomes tiempo para leer este mensaje. Brindarle un apoyo a Venezuela. Lo necesitamos bastante

This is my Mother & Grandmother.They defined Love, God & Wisdom in My Life.I have become who I am & built my Wildest Dreams on the backs of their Sacrifices.

Melanie Kubalski

7 months ago

What's up mr.smith I just wanted to start off by saying I think there you are a great role model and a great influence I wanted to ask you for a big favor I am graduating from the Miami dade police department and your movie bad boys was such a big reason on why I wanted to be a cop and not just me but all of my other class mates and It would be a great honor if you would be are guest speaker i know that your a busy man but this would mean a lot to us any question

Krishna Eliza Brenes Sierra

7 months ago

That’s a great photo Will! Thanks for sharing.

I think it matters to mention, I can’t tell which is the elder ... so they were both surely very young at heart, which i’m certain they passed along to you 😊

Carmen Benitez

7 months ago

I'm in south Africa and my mom was the best mother and my best freind this mother's day was the first one that I missed spending time with she past away on the 27th of May 2018 from a stroke but I know she is with Jesus and at peace and rocking on with all the Angels.I always tell people you can have 10 father's but you only have one mother.God bless to all

Yo... The Single Earring was the TRUTH! #oldheadshotday

Roberto Samano

7 months ago

Hey will can you do me a massive favour let my man know that I am following you here for real.He doesn't believe it's you 😧his name is Mark Sutherland,he knows I'm 1 big fan of yours but he doesn't believe that this is your page and you talking if you know what I mean .can you prove to ya Will xxx

Rakeem Franco

7 months ago

The old "Left is right and the right is wrong" issue.
Nothing says 80-90's homophobia like one earring.

I am sure this is not still your belief, but I don't think this is a thing to be proud of.

Jessi Bean

7 months ago

Buen dia mi amigo le digo asi porque lo siento, aunque no lo conozca se decirle que eres una gran persona, Dios me lo siga benciendo en su vida llenandolo de mucha salud, vida, exitos, amor. Ojala algun dia tenga la oportunidad de conocerlo y mucho me hubiese colocado un jefe o un patron asi, eres esa persona que aca en colombia hacen falta, grande eres y tu humildad es insuperable, soy de palmar de varela, cerca a malambo donde vas a grabar las escenas. Te deseo lo mejor en tu carrera. Feliz dia de lunes 30 de abril

Worlds collide!! yamap, @NickyJamPR, @c.syresmith. Icons livin

Joylyn Daganio

8 months ago

really i'm very suprise that you and your son are in my country thanks for belive that in colombia is very much than other people say.. thanks for you visit our country God bless you..

Kay Fernandez

8 months ago

Hi, I mean there's someone pretending to be Will Smith, if I try to write him in private, block him, because he's not the real Will Smith, he's been writing to me for a couple of weeks, and he tries to speak ill of his wife Jada Pincket, try always to make believe that it is will smith ... a little while ago I asked you, Will where are you now? He answered me, oh I'm working ... I asked him where? and Pennsylvania told me ... and now will smith be in Colombia ... !! be very careful with this scammer

Scott Schamberger

8 months ago

Hermoso ser humano, la alegría de la vida no esta en el dinero, está en la sencillez y el disfrute de las personas que se cruzan en nuestra ruta. Dios te bendiga hombre de chocolate.

Enjoy her wonders, protect her legacy, and leave her just a little better than you found her. Happy Earth Day.
Thanx to the whole team at @JUST and everyone supporting us for pursuing this mission everyday!!

Harvey Heath

8 months ago

Eeyyy Parcero cuando vienés alos llanos orientales a Castilla la nueva donde extraemos el petroleo y para q conozca y montes a caballo me contactas y se te invita Parcero 👍👍🐎🐄👒

Taylor Taylor

8 months ago

Gracias por todos los años en las pantallas, eres el primer actor que admiré en mi infancia con tu serie el Principe del Rap y hoy mis hijas se divierten con esta serie. Las peliculas son graciosas y mi familia se rie con tus peliculas. Mucha suerte.

Urszula Krzyzowska

8 months ago

Will smith You are my greatest inspiration. Thank you for taking a message to the whole world through your inspirational films. Sometimes I feel like I can not anymore, I do not want to keep fighting. and just to revive me I see your movies. I am from the Dominican Republic and from here I send you many blessings for you and your family. May God always be with you ..

Happy Birthday to the Best Damn partner EVER!!!What you think Marty-Mar?One more time? @martinlawrence

G Lamour Mor

8 months ago

Mr. Martin Lawrence I first seen your work on " What Happening Now" and Mr. Will Smith I first seen you on MTV "parents just don't understand" you two brothers deserve everything good in your life. Thanks for the memories

Mauricio Pulido

8 months ago

Happy Birthday Martín Lawrence!!!!! Millones de Bendiciones hoy y siempre en su Cumpleaños!!!! Páselo bonito, páselo genial al lado de sus Familiares y Amigos!!! En Bad Boys junto a Will un dúo de comedia. perfecto y maravilloso!!! Nos gozamos y. disfrutamos Bad Boys I, II y vamos por la III!!!

Amy Samantha Johnson

8 months ago

Por favor de hecho tienen que hacer la tercera parte plissssssss la vuelvo a ver y me emociona como si fuera la primera vez 😍🤩. A y otro balazo en las nalgas de @martinlawrence es emocionante y super divertida tiene su toque de humor acción y suspenso la mejor película que he visto