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He really did bring them back! Big congratulations to Zannah Mustapha, winner of UNHCR’s #NansenAward 2017.He helped gain the release of Chibok girls and opened schools to ensure education was still available in conflict torn north-eastern Nigeria, providing a vital lifeline to children displaced by Boko Haram violence. This is true heroism & humanitarian dedication Read more here:

Randy Neb

10 months ago

Hiya Will. Agreed. Furthermore, I've enjoyed all, I mean all, of you're parts in every movie you've been involved withand going back to SNL. What I like about you is you're humor is natural, not forced. (y)

Ana Obeats

10 months ago

Yo, you live in Santa Barbara?

Chris Hurley

10 months ago

Now say it like Harry Carey pls.