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It’s never too late for a #SecondAct. Watch the new trailer now and experience it in theaters November 21.

Tiffany Gillespie

2 months ago

I'll watch it.

Wendy Sier

2 months ago

I can't believe that you will be in a movie with the great Jennifer Lopez, with both of you it's gonna be amazing, can't wait watching it ❤❤

Ingrid Macario

2 months ago

💖Hawwww... My Vanessa...I am very excited and happy because at last I can see you in this movie the trailer is beautiful and you look gorgeous ... Zoe wanted to see your character .. I am very proud of you I love you so much you are incredible my love💖

For all you Coachella weekend 2 goers ♥️As always, have fun + be safe ✌️

Enrique Domenech

5 months ago


420 honey i am off in hot space
lets party on Khashoggis ship
away from the great king rat race

all we want is a pretty good trip
420 honey so keep it on the low
we was blitzed oh so stoned
forget about knowing tomorrow

420 cannabis Christmas
the grand goal to be higher than usual
these times in our lives are stress
do your best give it a rest
look towards mainly what is beautiful

high of mind is light of life
everyone should feel this way
mellow out and take it easy
its 420 bro so happy holiday...

Kelly Wood

5 months ago

kiss kiss beautiful

Jhonatan Castillo

5 months ago

you forgot to put cocaine on there

You guys. I’m so proud of my honey Austin Butler ❤️ If you can make it to New York, go see #theicemancometh It’s such a good show and #denzelwashington CRUSHES IT 🎉🎉🎉❤️

Travis Ako Nyobest

5 months ago

I got sidetracked over Iceman and missed In the Heights in DC, so pissed

Errica S. Edwards

5 months ago

The red no girl perfect she's just beauty incarnate

Soyoos Juliana

5 months ago

beautiful love u hi my lovely baby

☀️ Fun day with Sinfulcolors Professional Ulta Beauty #SCVanessa #OmbreAllDay ❤️ #ad

Luke Dinon

5 months ago

look like the set from HSM3. where troy and you were dancing on top of a building.

Goodold Joey

5 months ago

What a beauty!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩👗👗👗👗xo

Renate Panian Burington

5 months ago

Always looking nice ♥

Charles Gonser

5 months ago

A beautiful babe at a not so beautiful red place. I pass it.

Bianca Gomes Generoso

5 months ago

Is Powerless coming back?
I miss it. ♥️ Vanessa Hudgens

Megan Elebert

5 months ago

Smoking hot. I want to make love to you in that car after we cruise around.

When you’ve been stuck in NY winter and finally get some sun ☀️

Frederick Credle

5 months ago

Love you more xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

Natascha Zang

5 months ago

Your Looking Real Hot In this Picture, and you know it, Call Me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kim Payne

5 months ago

Slaying in almost everything. Look ate Nina Jholitz Ninez

So excited to share that I am the new Matrix Professional Haircare & Color #SoColorCult Icon! I’ve had the best time switching up my look with Nick Stenson at Ulta Beauty . What do you all think of my new color?! #UltaPartner #MatrixPartner

Maria Eduarda

5 months ago

i love you vanessa hudgens 💋💋💋 💖💖💖

Khyara Newton

5 months ago

Hi baby tiny kisses girl🚼😘💟

Renee Steve Schoonover

5 months ago

omg thats toooooo hhot

Feelin myself lol Throwback to being on set with @shawn_hook for #remindingme

Ain’t that the truth 💭

Chris Howle

5 months ago

Natalie Pudalov Lauren Puds Reallllllly

Mirko Brekalo

5 months ago

Daisy Avila Sotelo ❤️

Christine Marie Pavillon

5 months ago

Dani Millan baia baia 🤔

Ain’t it the truth. Thanks @_moniquecoleman for the reminder 😊😘

Jennifer Larson

5 months ago

In every way you are beauty inspired. You take the stage with a mighty fire.I don't think you know that you bring down the show.For every tuitus reason bring me the season.I just wanna say I'll hold back my wrath I want an autograph .Can I get a kiss at the bottom of the paper tho?

Theodor Tsiakalos

5 months ago

lucky you !! i would rather have rain than 5" of snow here, but hey stiil nice rain coat !! 😊

Joey Cupcheck

5 months ago

rainy days bring spring flowers

Throwback to good ol coachella

Cherry blossoms 🍒 🌸

Jael Egaña

6 months ago

I love you so much Vanessa Hudgens

Dan Losart

6 months ago

Hey Gabriella..when are you getting back with Troy? I really loved you guys as a couple. :(

Kyereh Richmond

6 months ago

ahhh spring is in the air

‪The iridescent cosmetics collection that I collaborated with Sinfulcolors Professional is now CVS Pharmacy #ad ✨ Also available on #SCVanessa #SinfulColors #FaceForward #Highlighter‬

Ben Kirk

6 months ago

If it is the same Bed Bath & Beyond sells it too

Jose Romero

6 months ago

Kyaaaahh ate Vanessa😀 I just wanna say that I'm your biggest fan ever😊 I hope to see you one day charrr in my wildest dream. And also have you ever visit your mom's hometown (Philippines) grabe hope you'll notice this.

Ps: balakayo sa pag-intindi

Craig Burt

6 months ago

OMG i work at CVS and just a while ago i was looking for that collection ! Now im so happy that its finally here : D

The iridescent cosmetics collection that I collaborated with @SinfulColors_Official #ad is now @CVSpharmacy ✨ Also available on @Amazon. Link in bio! #SCVanessa #SinfulColors #FaceForward #Highlighter

‪Today’s desk 😉👌🏼 👠 ‬ So You Think You Can Dance
LEWK for so you think you can dance season 15 😉So You Think You Can Dance

Nicole Goodloe

6 months ago

Follow me Amore Make contact <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Rick Biggs

6 months ago

Follow me Amore Make contact <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Logan Connell

6 months ago

Wow you look stunning nessa how are ya love ya to bits

...staring into the distance lol

LEWK for so you think you can dance season 15 😉 @nataliesaidi @chadwoodhair @allanface

Always stay a kid at heart 💛💛💛
When being a dork turns out surprisingly artistic lol 📸@cgonzalezcuba
Frolicking in dc

Frolicking in dc

#InTheHeights Opening night! Best. Night. EVER!!! #AboutLastNight

Rjb Ceal

6 months ago

Follow me Amore <3 <3 <3 Miss You

Prommizy Kargbo

6 months ago

Vanessa Hudgens you hosting Billboard Music Awards this year ?

Muhammad Luqman

6 months ago

War on Guns same as War on Christmas?
Calling evil good and good evil.
The Bill of Rights- good or evil?
Students being snookered out of their Birthright by Godless liberals.
The march organizers should be investigated
for defrauding and contributing to the delinquency of minors.
George Washington- a free people ought to be armed.
War on Trump?

Opening night baby. What’s upppp 😉😝 #intheheights

Someone say spring???🌹💐🌷🌸🌼🌻🌺

It’s all happening y’all. #intheheights #kennedycenter

When @cgonzalezcuba says find the light.... hahaha I’m sideways 🤦🏻‍♀️😉💁🏻

Hope y’all are out there crushing it. Happy saint Patrick’s day!

Ivo Zinenda

6 months ago

Happy saint Patrick's day

Abban Daniel

6 months ago

Cenia Villasenor you guys look alike to me when your hair is short! I did a double take 👀

Wael Adam

6 months ago

You were awesome on drop the mic

Hope y’all are out there crushing it. Happy saint Patrick’s day!

🎉🎨Best time at #jojoanavim studio 🎨🎉 such a dope artist just crushing it 👩‍🎨

Lauren Fink

6 months ago

🚼😘🌹💟hi baby tiny kisses girl

Robi Gudissa Bikila

6 months ago

Follow me Amore !!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Mildred Pama

6 months ago

nice art work mickey rules lol

Makin a piece with @jojoanavim 🎨👩🏻‍🎨👨🏼‍🎨

🎉🎨Best time at @jojoanavim studio 🎨🎉 such a dope artist just crushing it 👩‍🎨

what can I say, art gets up real hype lol 💁🏻🎉🎨 @jojoanavim

Light 📸📸 @cgonzalezcuba

Rehearsing for in the heights at the Kennedy center!!! 📸 @broadwaycom #vanessaandusnavi

when you get that fresh cut tho 😍😍 @gemini14salon


Mariam Amori Ladipo Ladipo

6 months ago


Sandra Di Blasio

6 months ago

it will be the first girl you meet on the street... that you will cover her with gold for a kiss never given... for a new love...

Literally meeeee. I can’t. @auntycherrychan YESSSS 👑👑👑👑👑👑

When your best friend is the same kind of weird. Tag your bestie!! 😝😍❤️🌹

Comfy but cute 😝😉❤️

Come dance for usssss 😍😍😍

Can it please be summer now #tiredofbeingbundled

Rehearsals vibesss
We be marching 🙌🏼✊🏼
Today we celebrate each other and the incredible strides we have had to being heard. So keep shouting out what you believe and together we are making a change. ✊🏼

Nhlanhleni Striker Nkosi

6 months ago

and when you're done with that you can march right into my room

Anissa Packer Chard

6 months ago

Maria Schmidlin Nadine Hunziker 💖

Carol Hall Welborn

6 months ago

How about supporting a MAN !!!!!!!!!dig that

😝❤️ @flauntmagazine

And then bleached eye brows 😳😝 @flauntmagazine

Fred Barbein

6 months ago

Vanessa she is beautiful looking Nd I love u

Sheron Decker

6 months ago


Juragan Peace

6 months ago

Mami perdón pero no le queda el pelo corto me la acepta ver vieja y guste es un mujerón d joven

Always on the move

The ultimate babe

Kirzia Sofia Reyes

6 months ago

Gracias mi estimada Te amo tu fan bien sabes...

Joyleen Franzen

6 months ago

Is that you?

Marco Collodel

6 months ago

She doesn't even compare to you

@galialahav @nataliesaidi #styledbynat

Valentine Vaccaro

6 months ago

I worked as an extra (Maya) with you in the movie Beastly.
in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Wayne Hummel

6 months ago

I loved your performance in
Mysterious island
Sucker punch
Your a strong and tough smart actress I bet you can do more roles like that your cool

Fanni Tasi

6 months ago

Eres increiblemente bella...

✨Always looking toward the light✨

Liz Penese

7 months ago

And you will see beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🌹🌹🌹

Lovelyn Bundepuun

7 months ago

I do too Vanessa :) You're an inspiration to us all.

Paola Garcia

7 months ago

chaque fille devrait vérifier ce qu'il pense du système