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Tickets for the No Fix tour are on sale now! Every ticket comes with a digital download of our new album, Erase Me, out April 6. Link for tickets in bio

Warped Tour played such an important part of our early career, how could we NOT return to play a few shows of the final year? It’ll be an honor to be back, let’s do this!

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Canada! We're coming back for HEAVY MONTRÉAL this summer. Tickets go on sale Friday at Noon

Mark Wong

8 months ago

Corey Westwell I'd go only for Underoath 👌💗

Chad Jones

8 months ago

Emily Brouwer remember how we wanted to leave to Canada?😂

Melody Brown

8 months ago

Yikes. 99% of these bands are terrible 🤢

It’s a legit honor to finally announce we are playing Reading Festival and Leeds Festival this year. Be ready.

Tickets are on sale now.

Yuan Akie Rombaoa

8 months ago

Please tell me you'll be playing some other shows while you're over here!

Phil Fillinger

8 months ago

Reading gets more shite every year

Jakub Švehla

8 months ago

Sam they are fantastic live.Go and see them.I saw them In Bristol last year.

It’s a legit honor to finally announce we are playing Reading and Leeds Festival this year. Be ready.

A guy on Instagram said our last Wisconsin show announcement wasn’t close enough to his house so we booked another one. Tickets for Rock Fest are on sale now.

Maria Leah Criscione

8 months ago

Is that all it took? Well then, please be so kind as to book a show in Idaho. Wisconsin is too far from my house.

Ismael Henrique

8 months ago

Underoath is my favorite metal band of all time. The X wife stole my tickets for the rebirth show In Houston texas.. now that I live in norcal I hope I can see them in Chico or sacramento!

Syldia Lutje

8 months ago

there are like 2 bands that I would even consider going to see here...

Netherlands! We're coming back for Jera On Air. Let’s do it.

Mike McNulty

8 months ago

This looks awesome

Terry A. Gudde

8 months ago

Please come back to the last warped tour we need you guys.

Maria Leah Criscione

8 months ago

Why are all these kind of showed out of there states or on the east coast or California now? No love for Seattle? Warped tour blows now the northwest needs something like this.

This is insanity. Wisconsin isn’t ready for Rock USA.

Tickets go on sale during the 72-Hour sale on 1/31.

Jonas Alves

8 months ago

All the headliners at festivals are frat guy butt rock. It's the undercard thats usually the best part.

Angela Pisciotta

8 months ago

You all know that underoath has somehow transformed into an underoath cover band considering everyone but Aaron left the band right? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dana Chevelle

8 months ago

omg i cannot fucking believe how many years later i’m finally gonna be able to see you guys YOU HELPED ME SURVIVE THRU LATE MIDDLE SCHOOL / EARLY HIGH SCHOOL AND I CANNOT THANK YOU FOR THAT SHIT ENOUGH ! 🤟🏼

These amazing festivals just keep coming, and we're freaking ready. Prague, see you soon at AERODROME FESTIVAL CZ.

Eli Garcia

8 months ago

Hey guys, I made a purchase on your website on november and I still didn't receive my order. The problem is that the store isn't available anymore. Could you update me about it? Thanks

Ramboo Diamante Banaban

8 months ago

Put disambiguation back on Spotify pleease

Mikey Anderson

8 months ago

So, Aaron will be performing here in Santa Fe, NM next month and I'm definitely asking him so many questions. Haha.

YO!! so Tim is playing a show this Friday with his other band Carrollhood. They dropped some new music on their site and will be playing at Crowbar Ybor in Tampa FL on 1-12-18! A bunch of rad friends and bands are playing so come party with us! See you there! TICKET LINK -

Sarah Adams

8 months ago

Griffin D Shults

Jonathan Neal Brimhall

8 months ago

Sounds awesome. Didn’t even know this was a thing

Mark Stutzman

9 months ago

I’ll be there!

Literally couldn’t ask for a better first show in Spain. Holy cow.

Tickets for Download Festival Madrid are on sale now:
Literally couldn’t ask for a better first show in Spain. Holy cow.

Adrian Pama

8 months ago

Why is the Ø disambugation album removed from spotify?? hello??? i’d like to listen to catch myself catching myself, driftwood, paper lung and the rest of the album offline?? pls??

Sujan Basnet

8 months ago

Abby Bracken lets go to spain tbis is literally a dream lineup

Leandro Marchan Sudario

8 months ago

Nick Smuts I think this one is actually my favourite so far.

Many new items re-added to the store. All under $10 https://underoath.sto re/

Nicole Kotts

10 months ago

Dominique Kotts I need this 😍🙌🏻❤️

Matt Davis

10 months ago

I wanna buy it but black on black is pretty dumb

Anthony Sahlender

10 months ago

Juliana Atienza the hat:)

We’re ready for this one. Tickets for Rocklahoma are on sale now.

Joshua Brandt

8 months ago

I'll go but some body else is buying the tickets and driving

Yuan Akie Rombaoa

8 months ago


Ramon Batera

8 months ago

Stevo Petar Bubalo this ones more stacked, APC, GS, Underoath, trivium, stone temple pilots, and of course machine gun kelly

Last tee with all sizes available. Order now to arrive in time for Christmas 🎄 🎁 https://underoath.sto re/

Jesse Webster

10 months ago

That was quick lol

Matt Wilburn

10 months ago

Jasmine Kelley Wilburn

Last tee with all sizes available. Order now to arrive in time for Christmas 🎄 🎁 store link in bio!

South Florida, don’t think we’re forgetting you! Tickets are now on sale for Monster Energy Fort Rock.

Phil Fillinger

8 months ago

Alec de Freitas look at this line up😱

Christina Der Nacht

8 months ago

Portland Oregon misses you guys. Just sayin.....

Ryan Fears

8 months ago

Come to El Paso Texas!!!!

All merch now $10. Order now to get it in time for Christmas. https://underoath.sto re/

Rafael Alejandro

a year ago

Quiero la gorra Elle Olguin es new era😢😢😢