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Looking forward to doing this one more time tonight. Thank you to everyone who has come out to a show this year. Can't wait to see you again soon! (📹: Lyn Sengupta)

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Roderick Farr

5 days ago

Hi Tyler, love your music. Did you
know there's a pop festival over the
pond, here in the UK, called the
FARR Fest,tens of thousands attend.

Ricky Seery

also shared about Tyler Farr

Hey Tyler love your music and I use to be friends with a relative of your but some things happen and we are no longer speaking to each other

One of my favorite guys “a stylist” / badass... Gary Allan Great dude!

Christmas shopping has started... or sharted.....

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Shannon Nicole

14 days ago

We would love for you to make an appearance at my daughters benefit. I know its far fetched but you never know unless you try

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! So very thankful for each and every one of you. And for turkey.

Ya know... just “Killin Time”

Sang some songs. Ate some HOT Springer Mountain Farms chicken. Drank some milk. Ok, drank a lot of milk! #SMFCountryCookin

Watch the full video here:

#TBT to a casual pre-show warm-up with Dan Henderson

Halloween... I’m a fan.

You can never be too prepared...

Preshow warm up? ☑

One year. Happy Anniversary, Hannah.

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Debbie Acklin

2 months ago

Today is my birthday. I'm no spring chicken. I grew up on music that touched you and made you be there and feel it and laugh and cry and get pumped up.... that's what artists can do with their music... as long as guys like you keep that up, good music will always play somewhere ....

Jocelyn Jonas

also shared about Tyler Farr

Cannot wait to see the show in the U.P. We are newly weds! Just married on 8/26/17 and are huge fans of Tyler Farr! Needless to saw we are very excited to have a little honeymoon get away to the Island Resort & Casino to rock out with this awesome country band!! Wish us luck, we want to party with Tyler! :)

Shaun Jennings

also shared about Tyler Farr

Saw you in Cincy with Brantley - great show ! I didnt know you did meet and Greets - would have enjoyed shaking your hand - love your music man

What’s better than joining some amazing friends at the Grand Ole Opry? Joining together to #BandAgainstCancer. See y’all on Sunday!

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Glenda Malpass

3 months ago

Just met you courtesy of The guy with the beard and a Brantley Gilbert shirt with a bandana in his back pocket!! :) you are AWESOME!!!

Did someone say it was the first day of fall?

Caption this… (📷 : Brittany Lemire Photography)

I second that. Thanks Lee Brice and Folds of Honor for allowing me to take part in this special event.

Happy Fall Y'all

When you have a bus to catch and your wife is at home.... #essentials

This is my chill place... feedin' my catfish and just enjoying God's creation. #home

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Jane Hulburt

3 months ago

You should release the CD it's on so I can buy it to help pay for your kids future. I bought the single on iTunes for you kids future I go to all the shows I can for your kids future now I just need the third CD for your kids future.

Anne Urban Vaz

also shared about Tyler Farr

This is great!
I'll also be helping to give your children a future on 9-9 when I see you in Hartford!

Lisa Blair

also shared about Tyler Farr

Aw Tyler, I don't have Spotify. But I bought the tune on iTunes. Does that make up for it? PS--love the tune, but can ya just release the CD already?

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Donna Ward Frenton

4 months ago

Ha he can be hard! And sometimes you experience things in your life that makes you lose faith! But boy do I love this song! I cry every time I hear your strong amazing voice sing it and it gives me chills! I know I should go to church sometime! 😘

Tyler Farr - I Should Go to Church Sometime (Story Behind the Song)

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Kristi Huenink

4 months ago

I know the feeling. Sad part is I actually have a fracture in my foot from running. I always knew working out was bad for you!😜😜😜

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Miranda Parker Gross

4 months ago

I seen u in Shreveport la and I put on a hell of a show just wish I could have got a vip tickets lol that was my late 23rd birthday present. And I was bout 10ft from the stage too.. <3

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Britney Irvin

4 months ago

Lol I'm with you on that one, I didn't know you couldn't see it without it :P I'll try to be more prepared next time

Back to school stylin' #TBT

I can hear you singing along. Keep it coming:

(📷: Lyn Sengupta)

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Lisa Gee

4 months ago

This is an Awesome song.
I would love for you to join me at my church which is Elevation you can go to a campus near you or watch online at

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Nicole Gray

4 months ago

I'm going to see you this Sunday in Clarkston Michigan with Brantley Gilbert, the only reason I bought the tickets was to see you I have already seen Brantley a meet and greet would be amazing!!

Kaitlin Green

also shared about Tyler Farr

I'm taking my 4 year old daughter to her first concert ever, to see you September 8th in Jim Thorpe!!! I would love to have her meet you!!!

Jennifer Painter

also shared about Tyler Farr

Clarkston Michigan this Sunday 8/13 !!!! Hopin you'll add "Dirty" to the setlist 🙏🏻. We can discuss it at the meet n greet 😉 if I win.

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Sue Fleming

4 months ago

unless u have a cat u have no idea what smart animals they are. they are also like to cuddle. I have had both dogs and cats. I just love animals so there ya go

This is America.

The Devil Don't Sleep Tour. Let's go!
📷 : Ms. Hailey

Day off what do you do?..... tear some shit up with your tractor

Fans shared about Tyler Farr

Derek Jason Farmer

4 months ago

Just don't show up at my house at 3am. Trying to shine your lights in my bedroom window. Imma yell go home Tyler your drunk!!!!!!

Tara Decker

also shared about Tyler Farr

You are so crafty! I think you should take out my central air and put your version in. It's save me money probably. Lol