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Ariel Knight

20 days ago

Anything And Everything for my TYgA!! !!!

Sofia Gomes De Carvalho

20 days ago

Okay sweets nice pic boo....

Christy Williams

20 days ago

Tyga What's up? Don't make a single left for me. I want more.

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Richard Emch

24 days ago

Da 1 N only LK

La Chiky Franco

24 days ago

Maaa man. u da best Bro and is gonna be lit though

Deborah Waller

24 days ago

New hair new rap style
Love the singing

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KaNiya Lowe

a month ago

GOOD life Alrighjt!

Chrissy Deppen

a month ago

Come to Nigeria tyga

Yasir Ali

a month ago

My best rapper ever #King gold chains

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Tina Rix

a month ago

mchat kylie dir 3qlek w thala f king w qleb 6 9 travis rah khaser yqdr ykhrchech l7sk lcarte mémoire

Lydia Kenney

a month ago

Love you bigs♥️👌💃💃💃

Michalina Jaczyńska

a month ago

T_Rawwww ..hhhhhhaaaaahhhh

Roy J. Adams

5 months ago

EyoW Tyga you're still my Dope Hijacking nigga i understand that u no more talked about try give out a new Rad beat music sayin No time for ho'z that u gat homies around the world

Clarence Bagalihog

5 months ago

I've been listening to your new music & checking out all ur new videos. I see you have soooo. Soo many views your fans are loving it and so am i. Thanks tyga for your hard work. It's well appreciated!! Kisses..!

Tyler Dixon

5 months ago

i love u baby. U deserve an great father's day gift!!!

9pm tonight!!!!! #TASTE

Dimitri Vegas

5 months ago

Lis Rodz mira este con k permiso

Jenna Scroggin

5 months ago

F*$#k being in Africa they got some vibe in US...

Amy Jeffries

5 months ago

you look trapped bro, try jesus.

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Tracey-Lee Healey

7 months ago

Enes Mustafić trazi da otpjeva Deuces za mene i homija 😄🤘

Jonathan Ilaua

7 months ago

T.raw sounding like it pappin now peace

Julie Miller Guter

7 months ago

When are you gonna perform in Saudi

Customize it

Times Square #KYOTO 🐉

It be when I sip a lil more...

Sydney tonight #Kyoto

Melbourne ❤️🌡

King Of The Jungle ⛩🐉🦁 #KYOTO

👑🦁🦍 Video Link in bio #Kyoto

“I ruin things before it’s ruins me” Here’s my new video King Of the Jungle 👑🦁 off my new album #Kyoto ❤️ hope you enjoy it. link in bio

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#KyotoTour 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Jiggy #KyotoTour @kingcombs

Paris I Love y’all ❤️🌡 #Temperature #kyototour @kyototour

We Cry Together 💚 Fan Love #KyotoTour @kyototour

U CRY cover in Japanese 🔥❤️🇯🇵⛩⛩ by @kayonthemic @kwiseon #Kyoto Worldwide amazing 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Hard2Look the other way.. #KyotoTour

🇩🇪 🔥🔥🔥 #KyotoTour

Leather In The Rain 🕺🏾 #KyotoTour

Heart to Heart #KyotoTour
Fan love ❤️ #KyotoTour

Fan love ❤️ #KyotoTour

Denmark on tilt 🇩🇰 🔥🐉 #KyotoTour

Boss Up 💪🏾🔥 #KyotoTour

Temperature Temperature on @trl 🌡🌡 #KYOTO

A year ago in KYOTO 🐉🐉What’s ya fav song or lyric off #Kyoto album ⛩

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#KYOTO album out now everywhere. 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️ 🐯🐅🌎🇯🇵@spotify @applemusic @tidal

AUSTRALIA see you next month at Jumanji Festival

Anderson Michael De Aracely Quijije

8 months ago

Aisling Barry why don't we live in Australia 😣😣

Roy Tabongmo

8 months ago

Sarah O'Rourke is this what you were talking about

Marcin Marks

8 months ago

Amber Mathews do you want to go to Sydney in March dead set

Kyoto Album Tonight ❤️🔥

U CRY video out now #KYOTO album drops tomorrow ❤️ link up top

Happy Valentine’s ❤️ Love isn’t easy, but it’s everything. Here’s my new video U CRY out now off my new album #KYOTO dropping this Friday! link in bio

Tell me that the stories all lies now yeh #KYOTO

KYOTO TrackList 2/16 🔥 Temperature Leather in the Rain Come and Ball With Me Boss Up U Cry King Of The Jungle Hard2Look I Need A Girl Pt.3 Train 4 This Hot Soup Sip a lil ft @laflare1017 Faithful ft @torylanez Ja Rule & Ashanti Holdin On ft @24hrs #KYOTO

Am I talkin foreign when I say I miss u #KYOTO

I feel ya

Is this what u need to feel better? #Kyoto Feb 16❤️

I been waitin right here, Still I been everywhere #KYOTO

All I wanted was to talk to u. #Temperature #Kyoto