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#MihTy album drops on Friday !! 🍹🍹🍹🍹

Vanilton Correia Santana Santana

15 hours ago

Cant wait for the album

Robbie McNail

15 hours ago

#MihTy, sounds good ! Amma call it #Mighty ,Lol ♡♡
You always deliver, bro and I hope that one day I can work with you !!
#Can't wait ♡♡

Daniela Klosi

15 hours ago

Wary lzeby 9ohbk ..

“This the one ! ! ” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Blythe Bernhard

19 hours ago

🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 thank you 🤫🤫🤫🤫 can’t wait for the album 🐷 pork squad for life.

Ronald Phillips

19 hours ago

Please don't forget wizkid no favors and please do one with desiigner man...

Samir Benamar

a day ago

Ty Dolla $ing you are the best

Ivan De Lucia

2 days ago

Yes can’t wait I listen to everything you put your blood sweat and tears into #Tydollasign #bigfan

Mandisa Yoliswa Simelane

3 days ago

juss release the album , i think im done waiting for you

Marina Bukelić

3 days ago

Your eyes are so beautiful

LA! #RollingLoud Festival on December 14th 🎥
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Yasmin Santos

5 days ago

Fabian Geisler pack deine Sachen wir ziehen um

Claudia Diaz

5 days ago

Ashley Derouchie Victoria Tesolinv we need to go

Seth Lorezohath

5 days ago

Natalie Alaoui Falls du noch kein Geburtstagsgeschenk für mich hast 😉😂

Goin thru some thangs

Shirley Phillips Lambert

9 days ago

I can't wait for this new project mihty its gonna be lit a.f... team dolla

Paul Bilecki

9 days ago

Be still and kno!

Justin Miller

9 days ago

Just pass it. 💨 seriously. Lol. Everything Is gonna be ok. Love yourself and god first. There is a plan for you smile your beautiful.

Caroline Haas Bradley

11 days ago

Perfection at its finest. I hope you two are still like this in 80 years in wheelchairs. Still smoking blunts. It’s hard to find this type of connection. I’m truly happy and inspired by you two. Thank you 🙏

Suleymane Guebre

11 days ago

u got the right idea 👌

Cale Olson

12 days ago

This Barbie is going to be turned into Annabelle soon if she spent a weekend with this guy 😏 ✌️

#TheOtherSide with MAX from The Greatest Showman: Reimagined drops Nov. 16!✨🎪

Nicolette Talman

13 days ago

Whatsapp at
If u wanna hear my ep

cutest pup on earth

Martine Franchi

13 days ago

Que linda. I always say I pray for grace. Because if I pray for patients. God is going to give you obstacles to learn patients. So grace it is. She is super dope. Xoxoxoxo

Roswitha Bode

13 days ago

No Ty$ my puppy it is more cute.

Dhruv Pandya

14 days ago

Cute but I love my kitten x

Psycho Boyz #AMAs

Oban Orbs

15 days ago

#indeed #psycho boyz

Fred Yan

15 days ago

Fucking dope...: that is all lol.

Joshua Lepretre

15 days ago

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PretaMaria Pretinha Dcp

16 days ago

Killu Minati Benni Gilbers

Ardis B. Qiri

17 days ago

Bronson Bennett Wojtek Michalik

Daniel Blažíček

17 days ago

Lol I’m in love with this man. It’s crazy 😍😍😂 it’s probably not even healthy but I wish I could make it. This is one lit lineup. Mac would be proud for sure.

LA! Celebrating my bro Mac Miller on October 31st at Greek Theatre 🙌🏾 Tickets on sale Friday at 10am at .

Taylor Cox New

19 days ago

Yes let go going 💖😘💖💖💖 Rip Mac 🙏🏾🙌🏾

Justin McNab

20 days ago

R.I.P Mac Miller

Karen Williams

20 days ago

Dolla sign,always coming through.

I’ve decided what I’m calling my new album ...

Roberto J Santiago

20 days ago

I think You must make a diss Track too the Police Ty

Keitty Ramos

21 days ago

The suspense is killing meeeeeeee!!!! What is it already and when? Hope you will tour in florida again!

Madison Soden

21 days ago

What is the release date of your album can't wait for it

Vicky Rambo

23 days ago

Nice I see kid cuddy keep go bor

Katerine Bueno Marín

23 days ago

I'm sure that whatever you put on the new album with be amazing just like you. You are a very talented artist and I'm looking forward to hearing what's next. #thevoicethatsoothsmysoul #amazing
From miracle/wherever to horses in the stable to 4ayoung to little favorite I'm so excited to see what's next!💖💖

Daniel Anderson

23 days ago

awesome but were is Wiz???

Steadfast 🙌🏾

Alexis Fcv

a month ago

Ty, you are looking very sexy in this picture!!! Your body looks very nice!!!

Yomera Soy

a month ago

Come to South Africa man❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌷💯

Chekelea B. Hammer

a month ago

Stay blessed love your music

🤵🏾 NYFW 👸🏻

Yevette Tapia

a month ago

Hello everyone, First of all I am a Venezuelan student of sports training and I dream of being the technician of a team because in my country there is a lot of poverty and I am looking for monetary help, advice and sponsorships to be able to leave my country and be able to represent some team. with honesty, values, respect, humility and Much Discipline ... ⚽🇻🇪
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Neilos Baker

a month ago

King and queen


a month ago

Na na hey du bist die Spaß warum einem Medium weiß zusammen selbst du bist so heirate eine Frau weiß nee ich glaube nicht hey ich bin schwarz und ich mag nur ich weiß nicht weiß und du auch jetzt verheiratet eine Frau Schwarz nicht weiß okay ok

Love of my life ❤️❤️

Dani Rose

a month ago

It’s truely a blessing when you find a soul mate. Or love of your life. Just truely treasure her and love her 1 day at a time. I’m super happy for you. Xoxoxoxo wife her up. Stayed blessed. Your beautiful.

Amanda Edwards Davies

a month ago

this woman has a crush on me

Carlos Rodriguez

a month ago

Lmao you free?? Nigga better keep his nose clean❄👃😂😂

Mihaela Mihaela

a month ago

Beautiful family, and that young lady of yours looks just like her daddy! Smile and all.

Jennifer Diesel Gratz

a month ago

Nykia Heisser I’m fr her name is Jaylin and she’s 13 watch I’ll tell you next time she comes out here

Rubens Rocha

a month ago

and I'm like 16😏I was just saying Ty has a gorgeous daughter y'all don't have to eat my head off

Had so much fun with my brothers this summer! Thanks to everyone that came out ! Love forever ❤️

Marie Rose Grondin

a month ago

Jajajaja xd no tienes tantos comentarios v: como saliste de la cárcel? Igual tendrás tu juicio y espero que te quedes ahí xd pero sabes tú relación PR con la loren se acabará ya verás v:

Jose Alonzo Aguilar

a month ago

We love you, Dolla $ign!!! I would have loved to see you in the ATL for your concert!!!

Dorian Rodriguez Betancourt

a month ago

Angola ta sempre em guerra

We were just about to link up finish our tape and buy Harley’s! I feel like a asshole because I know u we’re goin thru some shit and I’m out here on tour smfh. You were one of the nicest most genuine people u can find on the planet bruh. I haven’t had a bad day in a long time usually because you’d be the one to make my snap out of it if something was ever bothering me . You kept real music alive and kept some of the Illest musicians around u. Hate to see u go but I know you’ll be watching over us 🙌🏾 first time I cried in a long time bro . Tried to hold every tear back on stage last night but u know what?I love u and I’m crushed your gone 💔😪

Kristen Webel

a month ago

💔sorry for your loss prayers for the family 💚💱💵💲

Cho Cho Htet Lwin

a month ago

What was he going threw ?

Daniel Selva

a month ago

#ripmac He was a great artist. Stay strong Ty Dolla $ign! He will be missed.

Made in Philly 🤟🏾
Tonight in Philly After Made in America with @dresinatra 🤟🏻

Amol Gopal Vast

2 months ago

But dem shoes....🤨🤨 😂😂😂 (joking)

Elric Jacob Saint Hatten

2 months ago

That jacket fresh

Andrés Antonio Uribe Silva

2 months ago

Yo ..I'm suspicious ..
R u Ty for realz or ya just using his name

Nuni Reyes

2 months ago

Don't judge me

I love that track
keep it up nigga im ur biggest fan homie

Kevin Jones

2 months ago

You are looking good, handsome!!! I cannot wait to see you in Atlanta!!!

Lecia Trevino

2 months ago

Zip it 🤐 mike wingard. You problaby a butt junky fan. You just mad cause you didn’t get noticed for it. Appreciate the music not wtf he do on his own time. Let that man shine. Y you mad bro

Luke Meneok

2 months ago

When the sun go down, and the J go round!!!

Ashley Coleman

2 months ago

Vic Mensa Ghana Loves you bro.

Adrian Arciniega

2 months ago

vic Mensa I see you hommie

Zad in Long Island 🌴 tonight

Marlyn D. dela Torre

2 months ago

Maximum respect I love yo music an video very unique

Tommy Bisson

2 months ago

Smoke, skate n f**k do ur thizooh nigga be da best

Shine Co

2 months ago

A não mano para Heloisa

I love you Boston ❤️🙏🏾 , it’s still Lakers tho 🤣 #23

Alison Northrop

2 months ago

See you next week Tampa!

Debora Mendes

2 months ago

Awesome dollar $ign

Peter Muhirwa

2 months ago

Boston day in day out ☘️☘️☘️

Julia Perkins

2 months ago

Your soul is pure and your heart is clean. I don’t really focus to much on artist. But I’ve been peeping you for about 5 days. I appreciate and respect you. I am not sure if your ever going to come back to Boston. I will def Just have to smoke like 5 blunts and eat a edible to push the anxiety down and come to what will be my first concert ever. Stay blessed.

Rafael Augusto

2 months ago

Your brother tc is proud of you ? Stop to be with the devil and follow your brother religion give your life to Allah and not Satan tyty

Tracy Buhr

2 months ago

Omg love u trying to drive us crazy 😍😍😍😍😍❤

Yessica Galdamez

2 months ago

Dolla $ign you are looking very nice!!!

Sabrina Gueffier

2 months ago

Ty when you coming over to Nigeria 🎼🎶❤💪

Burgess Lin

2 months ago

Mmmm the body on him fire

Summer ain’t over yet, back on the road Friday!

Amy Taylor-Calder

2 months ago


Rebeca Larissa

2 months ago


Rahul Shiva Shankar

2 months ago

ye madarchod pagol ho gaya hai bhang fukta fukta......isko lawda khilao koi.....


Micheal Arrington

2 months ago

There's nothing like a "Lambretta"

Damn I missed shit😍😍

Kačík Havrlantová

2 months ago

Food Mans. Prodigy.. Up In De lab. Is a small ting

Been coming out to Chicago for a few years now and met some of the realist most genuine people I know . I miss my dog Fredo ! Blood was a solid guy who’s memory will never be forgotten 🙏🏾

Kelly Ratsima

2 months ago

Boolin with the homiez?

Stephen Kun

2 months ago

Dolla got a brand new Porsche!!🤗🌼.Luv ur music broh!!🔥

Tarep Chang

2 months ago

True it's cool when u go back to u root's

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Stephen Kun

2 months ago

Waz Up And How U Dooowin Ty Dolla $ign? Love That Hot New World Premiere Video "The Light" With Jeremih, OMG That Video And Song Is The Jam Baby, Your The Greatest Ever!!!

Bruno Smart

2 months ago

Waz Up And How U Dooowin Mr. Rockstar Ty Dolla $ign? Love Love Love That Hot New Joint Of The Day "Hey Up There" With Buddy, OMG That Video And Song Is On Fire And So Hot, Your The # 1 Rap Artist Alive!!!

Aya Okamoto

2 months ago

Dolla am really on set Bro I need that it's a dream come true 👆👆👆

I love da fuck out of u Dallas ❤️

Lisandra Costa

2 months ago

Go dollar $ign

Kyer'o Gang

2 months ago

By the look of it ,it was #Lit💃🙌

Gerald R Root

2 months ago

Like yuh self ....😂😜🤩

New ink by my brother Tat2nene 🔥👼

Stacey Mitchell

2 months ago

That's Robert Powell , hope I got the name right the guy who played the role of Jesus ..

Lachell Austin

2 months ago

We want more music man its summer bro...

Murilo De Oliveira

2 months ago

#Sad #Ignorant , you pore conflicted little Black boy.... you got all the money in the WORLD, and you Still broke&broken #Shallow😏😒😩 tattoo of A white Devil

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Cosmin Deac

2 months ago

Jessica Kiki B Beyer- back stageeeeeeee.....

Logan Burkart

2 months ago

Summertime sadness :( ... #I wanna go so bad buh can't! !

Muhammad Rasya

2 months ago

Gonna be awesome! ❤

Danny Brock

2 months ago

"BEACH HOUSE 3"👌👌👌Boss up yyyeee

Naomi Hartield

3 months ago

Love u always

Marcel Sroczkowski

3 months ago

Your photos so so so so so so so beautiful🤑🤘🏻❤🖤

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Thamladon Choorat

2 months ago

Ty dollar i love you


3 months ago


Luis Francisco Rodriguez Lugo

3 months ago


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Martin Hoeksema

3 months ago

Marijuana is really going high. I want to invest in some company and thinking to open up a cafe at PRG space in LA.

I think the project is really good if you wanna work in Cannabis industry.

Sarah Violet

3 months ago

Chelsea Johnson doing this one too lol

Come tour Australia bro! 😍

Sd a few nights ago 🤘🏾❤️🤘🏿

Stephanie Dehler

3 months ago

Going for Cannabis this time to invest. I think this industry is taking a good turn. I have to say there's a big traffic in Cannabis industry, the reality is people want a change. So I'm planning to invest in Cannabis industry and I chose PRG space for it.

You can Sign up for PRG co working space on their official page.

Flaca Pereda

3 months ago

ty dolla sign big rapper

Angeli Guiamoy

3 months ago

🤘🏿Ty Dolla $ign I Love you😍😍😎🤘🤘🏿😄🔚

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Shania Neila

3 months ago

Jashan BV Nicholas Brasier Louise Collins Edwin Bryant Rosie Murphy can you imagine 😍

Kenzie James

3 months ago

Ohh bra, how I wish to....

Shannon Starr

3 months ago

Cat A Pilla

My boy Yung Pinch

Andy Dale Cole

3 months ago

Holy ghost man

Oleg Shlomskiy

3 months ago

Stay blessed love your music 💯

Shelly Cain Byers

3 months ago

love u dolla

The #endlesssummer Boyz ! We love u Sacramento! 📸: @gabeshaddow

Kylee Jo Cline

3 months ago

I Ma Nigga for life Ty

Damien Roussas

3 months ago

Bro Ty we are waiting for "MihTy"

Leonard C Ndubuisi

3 months ago

Workin dis tour 👅👅✌✌✌💋💋💋💗💗💗💗

Bob Van Ornum

3 months ago

I love both ...but more Ty Dolla !!! 🙈😭😭😭😘

Kaye Victoriann May Das

3 months ago

Marielle Satorre why Siana and where here during alone

Zoltán Szabó

3 months ago

SE ILUDE NAO GENTE, NÃO FOI EM PORTUGUÊS. Pra ele a intenção foi escrever em espanhol, ela msm escreve (ou fala tbm) em espanhol as vezes

2 $exy for my $hirt!

Patryk Baran

3 months ago

I like the nail polish and the tattoos and the fit body and them eyes are amazing

Latia Allen

3 months ago

Ty, Too sexy for your shirt and pants but I see you still have your pants on...hmmm.

Tina Kudelova

3 months ago

Stevie N Ziba Toy Cause uve been a good girl

Drai's Beachclub Nightclub in Vegas tonight!

March last time at Drai’s was lit!🔥
“$ you know you the $hit!” ❤️Aug 16th...

Suprith Raj

3 months ago

Damn your really lit boo..

Yoandra Vazquez

3 months ago

Ya we turn up

Don’t underestimate me when I’m wearing my Air Nazareth’s

Cheri Martin

3 months ago

That asswhooping position tho 😂

Michael Branch

3 months ago

I see you homie


3 months ago

Laitoin koodii jäbälle, TyDolla tulee huomen messii talmaa ⛳🏌️‍♂️

Boise I ❤️ u!

Maria DeCaro

3 months ago

One love Bro TY👌👌👌

Djalil Guerfi

3 months ago

Get money and boss up yyyeeee

Ashlyn Major

3 months ago

24dollars LIT is dope man thanks Ty.

❤️ u Oregon!

Clarissa Landucci

3 months ago

Luv you bro, I'm just listening to my favorite song "Horses in the stable" from the Free TC album, it rocks,

Nyerges Orsolya

3 months ago

My goodness I am so freaking mesmerized by him 💗💗💗👅👅🎵🎵🎶🎶✌✌✌✌✌

Elvira Duana

3 months ago

We need in Africa...
Cap town 😍✌

Love u Washington ❤️

Donna Bell

3 months ago

Love u 2 in amsterdam😍💕

Topollo Mabaleka

3 months ago

Just left DC mmm if I had known wow you're so freaking beautiful

Carol Hinds

3 months ago

Dolla $ign...... In in fact your voice.... I love it 😊

GabyandJose Carrasco

3 months ago

Sing baby 😍😍💕 lit

Randy Wilson

3 months ago


Marcel Surdel

3 months ago

Mert Cihan er ist ready kocum

Ready for the #endlesssummertour tonight!

Corrina Brunt Peters

3 months ago

Aye y'all turn up 🎤🎸🔥🤘🏾💖💙

Marta Wolter

3 months ago

Keep pushing big hommie we gaht u covered 100% from africa #Prince6ix #LITBM

James Bennett

3 months ago

Beautiful man incredibly talented 💋💗👅💯✌

#endlesssummer tour starts tomorrow ! We ready !

Debbie Garrison Spidel

3 months ago

Really feeling this photo 🙋

Paulina Masternak

3 months ago

Here is my #PRIVATEPAGE for Fans and All

Lusanda Nicole Mkhwanazi

3 months ago

I am ready ty $🤩