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Kačík Havrlantová

17 hours ago

Food Mans. Prodigy.. Up In De lab. Is a small ting

Tara Allen

17 hours ago

U should call mi for ride

Claudio Umesh

17 hours ago

The Ride Mmmmm

Been coming out to Chicago for a few years now and met some of the realist most genuine people I know . I miss my dog Fredo ! Blood was a solid guy who’s memory will never be forgotten 🙏🏾

Kelly Ratsima

2 days ago

Boolin with the homiez?

Stephen Kun

2 days ago

Dolla got a brand new Porsche!!🤗🌼.Luv ur music broh!!🔥

Tarep Chang

2 days ago

True it's cool when u go back to u root's

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Stephen Kun

2 days ago

Waz Up And How U Dooowin Ty Dolla $ign? Love That Hot New World Premiere Video "The Light" With Jeremih, OMG That Video And Song Is The Jam Baby, Your The Greatest Ever!!!

Bruno Smart

2 days ago

Waz Up And How U Dooowin Mr. Rockstar Ty Dolla $ign? Love Love Love That Hot New Joint Of The Day "Hey Up There" With Buddy, OMG That Video And Song Is On Fire And So Hot, Your The # 1 Rap Artist Alive!!!

Aya Okamoto

2 days ago

Dolla am really on set Bro I need that it's a dream come true 👆👆👆

I love da fuck out of u Dallas ❤️

Lisandra Costa

5 days ago

Go dollar $ign

Kyer'o Gang

6 days ago

By the look of it ,it was #Lit💃🙌

Gerald R Root

6 days ago

Like yuh self ....😂😜🤩

New ink by my brother Tat2nene 🔥👼

Stacey Mitchell

8 days ago

That's Robert Powell , hope I got the name right the guy who played the role of Jesus ..

Lachell Austin

8 days ago

We want more music man its summer bro...

Murilo De Oliveira

8 days ago

#Sad #Ignorant , you pore conflicted little Black boy.... you got all the money in the WORLD, and you Still broke&broken #Shallow😏😒😩 tattoo of A white Devil

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Cosmin Deac

8 days ago

Jessica Kiki B Beyer- back stageeeeeeee.....

Logan Burkart

8 days ago

Summertime sadness :( ... #I wanna go so bad buh can't! !

Muhammad Rasya

8 days ago

Gonna be awesome! ❤

Danny Brock

10 days ago

"BEACH HOUSE 3"👌👌👌Boss up yyyeee

Naomi Hartield

10 days ago

Love u always

Marcel Sroczkowski

11 days ago

Your photos so so so so so so so beautiful🤑🤘🏻❤🖤

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Thamladon Choorat

10 days ago

Ty dollar i love you


11 days ago


Luis Francisco Rodriguez Lugo

11 days ago


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Martin Hoeksema

11 days ago

Marijuana is really going high. I want to invest in some company and thinking to open up a cafe at PRG space in LA.

I think the project is really good if you wanna work in Cannabis industry.

Sarah Violet

11 days ago

Chelsea Johnson doing this one too lol

Come tour Australia bro! 😍

Sd a few nights ago 🤘🏾❤️🤘🏿

Stephanie Dehler

11 days ago

Going for Cannabis this time to invest. I think this industry is taking a good turn. I have to say there's a big traffic in Cannabis industry, the reality is people want a change. So I'm planning to invest in Cannabis industry and I chose PRG space for it.

You can Sign up for PRG co working space on their official page.

Flaca Pereda

12 days ago

ty dolla sign big rapper

Angeli Guiamoy

12 days ago

🤘🏿Ty Dolla $ign I Love you😍😍😎🤘🤘🏿😄🔚

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Shania Neila

13 days ago

Jashan BV Nicholas Brasier Louise Collins Edwin Bryant Rosie Murphy can you imagine 😍

Kenzie James

13 days ago

Ohh bra, how I wish to....

Shannon Starr

14 days ago

Cat A Pilla

My boy Yung Pinch

Andy Dale Cole

14 days ago

Holy ghost man

Oleg Shlomskiy

15 days ago

Stay blessed love your music 💯

Shelly Cain Byers

15 days ago

love u dolla

The #endlesssummer Boyz ! We love u Sacramento! 📸: @gabeshaddow

Kylee Jo Cline

18 days ago

I Ma Nigga for life Ty

Damien Roussas

19 days ago

Bro Ty we are waiting for "MihTy"

Leonard C Ndubuisi

19 days ago

Workin dis tour 👅👅✌✌✌💋💋💋💗💗💗💗

Bob Van Ornum

20 days ago

I love both ...but more Ty Dolla !!! 🙈😭😭😭😘

Kaye Victoriann May Das

20 days ago

Marielle Satorre why Siana and where here during alone

Zoltán Szabó

20 days ago

SE ILUDE NAO GENTE, NÃO FOI EM PORTUGUÊS. Pra ele a intenção foi escrever em espanhol, ela msm escreve (ou fala tbm) em espanhol as vezes

2 $exy for my $hirt!

Patryk Baran

21 days ago

I like the nail polish and the tattoos and the fit body and them eyes are amazing

Latia Allen

21 days ago

Ty, Too sexy for your shirt and pants but I see you still have your pants on...hmmm.

Tina Kudelova

21 days ago

Stevie N Ziba Toy Cause uve been a good girl

Drai's Beachclub Nightclub in Vegas tonight!

March last time at Drai’s was lit!🔥
“$ you know you the $hit!” ❤️Aug 16th...

Suprith Raj

20 days ago

Damn your really lit boo..

Yoandra Vazquez

21 days ago

Ya we turn up

Don’t underestimate me when I’m wearing my Air Nazareth’s

Cheri Martin

21 days ago

That asswhooping position tho 😂

Michael Branch

21 days ago

I see you homie


21 days ago

Laitoin koodii jäbälle, TyDolla tulee huomen messii talmaa ⛳🏌️‍♂️

Boise I ❤️ u!

Maria DeCaro

22 days ago

One love Bro TY👌👌👌

Djalil Guerfi

22 days ago

Get money and boss up yyyeeee

Ashlyn Major

22 days ago

24dollars LIT is dope man thanks Ty.

❤️ u Oregon!

Clarissa Landucci

25 days ago

Luv you bro, I'm just listening to my favorite song "Horses in the stable" from the Free TC album, it rocks,

Nyerges Orsolya

25 days ago

My goodness I am so freaking mesmerized by him 💗💗💗👅👅🎵🎵🎶🎶✌✌✌✌✌

Elvira Duana

25 days ago

We need in Africa...
Cap town 😍✌

Love u Washington ❤️

Donna Bell

a month ago

Love u 2 in amsterdam😍💕

Topollo Mabaleka

a month ago

Just left DC mmm if I had known wow you're so freaking beautiful

Carol Hinds

a month ago

Dolla $ign...... In in fact your voice.... I love it 😊

GabyandJose Carrasco

a month ago

Sing baby 😍😍💕 lit

Randy Wilson

a month ago


Marcel Surdel

a month ago

Mert Cihan er ist ready kocum

Ready for the #endlesssummertour tonight!

Corrina Brunt Peters

a month ago

Aye y'all turn up 🎤🎸🔥🤘🏾💖💙

Marta Wolter

a month ago

Keep pushing big hommie we gaht u covered 100% from africa #Prince6ix #LITBM

James Bennett

a month ago

Beautiful man incredibly talented 💋💗👅💯✌

#endlesssummer tour starts tomorrow ! We ready !

Debbie Garrison Spidel

a month ago

Really feeling this photo 🙋

Paulina Masternak

a month ago

Here is my #PRIVATEPAGE for Fans and All

Lusanda Nicole Mkhwanazi

a month ago

I am ready ty $🤩

LA - Performing at Budweiser's 5x5 Tournament on July 27th! 🏀 RSVP: #thisbudsforyou

Fabio Hkm

a month ago

⛅🗽I just wanna see the sun shine tomorrow diamond label vision of before life the source of success is illuminati face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life Dream Chases DC United States of AMERICA is Loyalty illuminaty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. We bless être dad God #Baphomet Shemhamforash! 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

Lomiebons delos Reyes

a month ago

#PRIVATEPAGE for Fans & Lovers ❣️

Lee Sang Lim

a month ago

LA turn up the fireworks

Happy B day to my brother Jeremih 🙌🏾!

Lula Delafuente

a month ago

Happy b Day to him

Lawrence Evera

a month ago

Dolla always lovely!! Happy birthday Jeremih

Ελενη Αν. Βλαχακη

a month ago

HE gat nice vocals big ups 👌👌👌HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO

Cuddle my wrist ❄️💧

Pagina Demi

a month ago

💚💱💵💲even tho I've been blocked 🤦😂😍😘🤑

Dixita Patel

a month ago

Nice. Have a beautiful day!

Fird OK Chaanoucknard Gerapakkhaphon

a month ago

Love u 😘bro

Tonight Wiz Khalifa 🤘🏾🤘🏾

Camilo Vasquez

a month ago

His mixtape was trash

Ashley Marie Ray

a month ago

No nicki Minaj feature

André Stella

a month ago

Love you baby

Mans in the 6 tonight

Michael Barria

a month ago

Damn you so fine 🤤😘😘😘💋

Alondra Isabell

a month ago

heluuu , from pihilippines <3 😊

João Dias

a month ago

I'm Your Fun: From Germany come Back

Robert Lopez

a month ago

Believe him...It's the motherfuckin Champ# Drizzy Drake 👑

Angélique Guillaume

a month ago

selling 1billion album by drake wont costarrin $sign

Natalie Sonalia

a month ago

🎶🎤Do I sense a collaboration. 😎👌

Croatia one of my favorite places in Europe! Good luck in the semi finals 🇭🇷! ❤️

Lesley Anne McDonald

a month ago

Thank you~ Ty dolla $ign!!!
🇭🇷!!!🎉 win 💵

Colleen Doherty

a month ago

Jordan hvalaaaaa haha thats why hes coming back to fresh island haha

András Szabó

a month ago

Good one dolla

Wow there’s no fuckin jet ski emoji ?

Elsa Silva

a month ago

I know, Jay Z needed 1 too.. damn..

Frederick Lee

a month ago

Just made my whole day.

Hm Sicka

a month ago


Open air was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Yoselin Hernandez Gonzalez

a month ago

🔥❤️💋😎😍 baby you are on fire

Vernie Morris

a month ago

You made a great Show, thank you

Derek Zahnle

a month ago

Rock on heat 🔥😍

Thank u Norway 🇳🇴

Yasumi Chida

a month ago

Nice view from behind dear xxx...

David Usibe

a month ago

Happy 4th of July!

Jonas Jönsson

a month ago

Ven a México 😭😭😭😭😭

AP Going Psycho 👹

Jill Marie Bollozos

a month ago

ilov you ty dolla

Robin Belmonte

a month ago

🕗AP loco fully in💉🎥 rolling🎬💎diamonds👻 dancing... thriller M.j ...Psycho aka bad like Michael 💎bullets tap-dancing from hopscotch no pain no game 10% Champaign

Mads Langeland Tvedebrink

a month ago

You are amazing #1 for me
i LOVE YOU Ty-ty😍🔥

🦂 tonight! 🔥 Drake

Luis Rivera Ramos

2 months ago

⛅🗽I of success is illuminaty face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life DreamChases DC United States of AMERICA is Loyalty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. My Dad God is Sun 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

Faysal Salaheddine

2 months ago

What time does this drop tonight I already got Spotify loaded up ready to go

Hayley Schumacher

2 months ago

So you featured on this :o ?

Happy b day my heart !!!! ❤️

Billinton Billinton

2 months ago

Solo porque esta Lauren le doy like y nada mas... Ahhh.. Happy Birthay Lauren.

Şevval Denizkaya

2 months ago

Ok, so are we gonna ignore that she looks a mess!!! And did she spill something on the front of her dress 😂👎

Mohammed Ali

2 months ago

she a boss too, she get her own money slim thick with that booty..

Omg it’s Jailynn 🤩

Wakhile Eric

2 months ago

Daddy girls rule the world🌎 love this pic 💲🤑💚💱

How’s your dog allergies going?

Shawn P. Sherman

2 months ago

Can't wait Ty Dolla $ign Boss new jam coming out soon.

Here we say you broke if everybody is broke except for u ! - j

Oliva Dwayne

2 months ago

Hi gorgeous love you

Solo Miguelito

2 months ago

Lori Fetty...look at this one

Yoichi Shimizu

2 months ago

Rain-Bo Thompson can’t wait to see him in a month!!

Thank u Ottawa 🙏🏽

Isabelle Dubord

2 months ago

⛅🗽I EMEN! Mafia Life DreamChases RG United States is Loyalty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. My Dad God is Sun 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

Erika Moreno

2 months ago

Man I love your sh*T straight from Ghana 🔥🔥🔥

Míša Kadlecová

2 months ago

Free TC, The movement!

guess what babe? I feel freeee!

Callum Candler

2 months ago

I"m happy for you love nice photo also.

Griz RodrIguez

2 months ago

After weed everyone feels free

Fatima Ribeiro

2 months ago

But you're not, your life is stuck in a contract with the Devil, yass your handsome with a nice voice but your music is filled with ungodly hidden messages. Ijs
Change your spirit love

From the back room at Goggie’s House to #1 ! God is greaaaat! Post Malone, congratulations (your voice ) when u get off tour let’s celebrate!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Proud of me Joe Moses?

Frauke Pagel

2 months ago

Congrats sir as I'm Indian fan to you Ty Dolla $ign sir and post Malone sir to respect as music to through our ears and minds thank you #Psycho
#Tydollasign #postmalone

Jalal Bean'Ussef

2 months ago

My Wish List..
(1) Ty Dolla $ign ft Wrabel and Cardi B Pro
By kygo
(2) Ty Dolla $ign ft Young M.A, lil Pump Pro
by skrillex and Diplo
(3) Ty Dolla $ign Ft Giggs Pro by Dj Snake
(4 Ty Dolla $ign Solo with Yellow claw..
(5) Ty Dolla $ign ft Nasty c and Wizkid Pro by
(6) Ty Dolla $ign Ft Desiigner and Charli XCX
Pro By Metro booming.
(7) Ty Dolla Sign Ft Cardi B and Nicki Minaj
Pro by Huncho
(8) Ty Dolla $ign ft Mr Eazi Pro by Dj
(9) Ty Dolla $ign ft Eminem Pro by Mura Masa
(10) Ty Dolla Sign Ft Drake Pro by Hitmaka
( 11) Ty Dolla $ign ft Anth and Conor Maynard
Pro by Diplo
(12) Ty Dolla $ign 3 Songs Solo but Pro By
(14) Ty Dolla $ign ft Tech N9ne and Desiigner
Pro By Hitmaka
(15) Ty Dolla $ign Ft Corey Taylor and Trippie
Redd a hard rock song...
(16) Ty Dolla $ign Ft Maitre Gims and Nicki
Minaj Pro By Dj Esco
(17) Ty Dolla $ign Ft Krept &Konan Pro by
Metro Booming.
(18) Ty Dolla $ign ft Rich Chigga and 21
Savage Pro By Metro Booming And Dj Esco
(19) Ty Dolla $ign Ft Stromzy Pro By Dj Esco
(20) Ty Dolla $Ign Ft Lil Xan,Bad Bunny,&
Rvssian Pro by Hitmaka and Dj Esco
(21) Ty Dolla $ign ft Ayo & Teo Pro by Major
(22) Ty Dolla $ign ft Xxxtentacion and Russ
Pro by Hitmaka
(23) Ty Dolla $ign Ft Cheat codes and Khalid
Pro by Marshmello

Trish Shumaker

2 months ago

congratulations Ty Dolla $ign/malone

🇦🇷 Argentina vibes with my queen 👑 the new songs aren’t even out yet and the people already know the words 🙌🏾 LEGENDARY Lauren Jauregui! Proud of u baby love ❤️

Wisdom Ukoh

2 months ago

My favorite song is South beach, I love that song brah, the part that says "South beach cancù"👏👏👏

Juan Carlos Tovar Huicochea

2 months ago

Ur Blessed Niger

LeeAnn Evans

2 months ago

Beautiful couple up

50 on the panky

Mery Milena Diaz Jimenez

2 months ago

Just one swagg

Mariah Van Reenen

2 months ago

Chain So Stanky..😝🤘🤘🤘

Tim Surber

2 months ago

Chain so stanky 😁😁

Fuck it up fuck it up

Sasha Marshall Putnam

2 months ago

You said you left your ex, that dude was always gassy
You said before me, you ain't never been this happy
You took an L with him and winning ever since (ever since)
You hit my phone, I'm on my way, I cancel plans,

Toya Singleton

2 months ago


Vincent Foster

2 months ago

Baby do it up do it up Alvi Hasan

Just dropped the first single off our new project #mihty! #thelight 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹

Trina Priquet

2 months ago

⛅🗽 EMEN! Mafia Life DreamChases RG United States is Loyalty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. My Dad God is Sun 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

Karla Cox

2 months ago

This is hot ! 😍😍😍

Alejaandra Fide Becerril

2 months ago

I'm still listening to the Beach House 3 album and its super dope...

Lorenzo Razza

2 months ago

Absolutely!!!👌👌 zaddy I love you but that black nail polish thingo needs to go ☝ 😍😘

Grayson Wolfe

2 months ago

I am too you are really putting it down you are Killing the game triple threat honestly blessings to you and I know there's more to come 😘

Roland Oláh

2 months ago

Ty Dolla $ig 🎵

I love you 😘

Thomas Brösicke

3 months ago

Ey ty dolla creo que ni as tocado a lauren bb por que ella es lencha y ama a camila y si esta embarazada no es tuyo si no que camila la ensemino artificialmente a escondidas ... CAMREN ES REAL

Yinafiku Gizaw

3 months ago


Jill Jackson

3 months ago

Wow wow y'all ever notice ty has one of the cutest eyes..? And now gorgeous Lauren gon' have them all to wow congs ty n lau..

Happy bday baby sis I love u ❤️

Maria Mumin Rosvall

3 months ago

Happy birthday angel .. Dolla FAM 🌷🌴💟👈

Jubayer Ahmed

3 months ago

Hbd to her be blessed with family and friends

Димитър Бръчков

3 months ago

Happy Born Day Ty's Sister 💯✌

When u living like this they supposed to hate

Kimberly Duvall

3 months ago

Who's hating on you Ty, not my ass today, I'm all hated out hey 👋

Kaleb Tipton

3 months ago

Your music sucks. Honesty is the best policy. Polish up those raps mumble rapper

Dwi DorkeMoparty Next On

3 months ago

Aye ty. You ever think about coming through to montana?

❤️❤️ happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the moms in the world! Y’all gave us life and we are for ever thankful and grateful for u !

Pravesh Kumar

3 months ago

hello . . I know you've heard of the great illuminate. it will help you grow. so the world would appreciate you. shine your light. get fame and money make your haters cry and make your family proud...

Sorin Gherlan

3 months ago

Happy Mother's Day

Awilda Alexandra

3 months ago