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Live now! !

Jennifer Brown

an hour ago

1 MISCer is spotted

Drizzy X Mdlovu

an hour ago

This is awesome. I’m watching this streamed to my 50”! I couldn’t make the Florida concert 😞 👻

Live now on | good audio tonight!

Trey Collard

a day ago

Was at this show, was amazing!!

Photos of our set at Rock On The Range by Fortycalproductions.

Elizabeth Suarez

a day ago

Matt’s jeans are almost as tight as Paolo’s bass playing 😎

Patty Ochs

2 days ago

Thanks for the good time!!

Bushwick Boogie

2 days ago

Its time for Balkan tour guys 😍😍

TRIVIUM REVISED #ROTR SETTIME! 9:15PM ET | also live streaming from the barricade on | do not miss this.

Anthony Insani

4 days ago

Trivium is the shit!

Jerry D'Ambra Jr

4 days ago

I love you Matt!

Anahi Guerrero

4 days ago

You rocked it

Rock On The Range - come hang
with us at the Zippo Encore stage today at 5:45.

Nat Bel

3 days ago

i missed it

Karina Barroga

4 days ago

Please, don't go.

Susie Walker Dickerson

4 days ago

Any word if your set will be pushed back or cancelled due to this evacuation?

Live Trivium show now at | good audio tonight!

Carl Lopez

4 days ago

I was there. You guys killed it but that crowd fucking sucked.

Amber Harris

5 days ago

You guys killed it Montclair NJ 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Salvador De Luna

5 days ago

Marcus Antwan crowd sucks

Tickets and VIP for our July shows with Fit For An Autopsy and Bad Omens are on sale NOW at Let’s go!

Lizeth Flores

5 days ago

Why are you guys avoiding Seattle so fucking much?

Paula Bryant

5 days ago

Hanging to hear some Australian dates announced in the near future 😁

Macha Julie

5 days ago

So your website moderator forgot to post the Utah date so if you could have them fix that so i can get the time off work that would be awesome

24 hours left to vote for in the Kerrang! Awards!

Andy-Carol Kowalski

7 days ago

I voted for you guys in all 4 categories where possible

We’re stoked to play some shows this July with Fit For An Autopsy and Bad Omens. Tickets go on sale Friday 5/18 at 10am here:

Jason Gatica

8 days ago

My friends and i cought your set at Carolina Rebellion.

Krystal Martinez Guzman

8 days ago

Just saw you guys tonight in NJ. Holy shit what a good show! I still don’t understand why you didn’t headline the show. Fuck Bullet For My Valentine! You were phenomenal!

Cristian David Navarro

8 days ago

go glad your coming to lawrence!

Don't forget to grab VIP upgrades for our shows this month! Each package comes with a meet and greet with us, early entry, signed copy of The Sin And The Sentence, poster, and more:

Jackie MacLeod

10 days ago

Just saw you last night! We didn’t know there was meet and greets for you guys too, so we bought them for BFMV instead. 😕

Delany Bechard

11 days ago

Nice shirt dude.

David Catalfino

11 days ago

Come to Adelaide 😁🤘

We’re taking up to 75% off of select merch during our spring sale. Go pick something up this weekend at

Irina Paka

12 days ago

Everything under $20 is small only :(

Larry Green

12 days ago

Where’s the Shogun cover art?
Sort your shit out that is the best album ever

Suzy Matsuda

12 days ago

Sounds great....but every shirt size is out of

Stoked to play some shows with Bullet for My Valentine, TOOTHGRINDER and 68 this month (see for specific show lineup info). Get ready with our playlist:

You should come back to Seattle. I'd kill to see BFMV and Trivium play a show together

Mike LeValley

12 days ago

See you in Hampton Beach tonight!!!

John-Paul Hunt

12 days ago

Can't wait till tonight's show!!!

Holy. Heck. Carolina Rebellion was a monster! Best USA show of our career. Photos: Bryce Hall

Alina Luchinskaya

15 days ago

Awesome show in niagara falls😝🎵🎵

Nathan Burnham

15 days ago

I was there you guys we're awesome!!!

Omar Martinez

15 days ago

Saw you the night before in Lexington!!! Such a bad ass show!!!! 🤘🏻

We updated our mixtape, of what we play before we hit the stage each night. Listen here 🤘:

Sara Warth

19 days ago

Black Peaks gained a new fan here. I never heard about them and now I'm in love! Nice Playlist indeed.

Martina Iraci

19 days ago

Lol at pennywise in amongst all that doom! That's a pretty fucking beastly compliation to be fair!

Alexis Hudson SE

19 days ago

[[100002720915245]] 👈💖👉 Corbin Met rehat 💤💤 Corbin Vernon Karl 🌺 🌷 🌸 💐 🌻 🌻 🌸 🌹 🌷 👈💖👉 Corbin :D ......

From Metallica to Harm's Way...listen to Paolo Francesco Gregoletto's tour bus playlist on Bandsintown and get out to a show this spring.

Kathy Kirchmayer

19 days ago

Repping Harm’s Way 👍🏽

KILLER show in Lexington tonight!

Jamie Guista

20 days ago

Can't wait to see you guys again at Rock USA Oshkosh

Juani Moyano

20 days ago

Come back to Dallas TX

If you’re coming out to any of our shows this spring, check out our new merch.

Vidal Olmos

22 days ago

me and my son plan on buying some this Sunday at the fillmore..we are fired up for this..!!!

Susana Flores

23 days ago

That baseball shirt is badass!! Can't wait to buy it on May 8th in Niagara falls!

Desa Borojevic

23 days ago

yea, checked it out, T-shirt was the same price as the ticket ...

The shows this week are gonna be 🔥! Tickets/VIP:

4/30 Lynchburg, VA - Phase 2
5/1 Knoxville, TN - The International
5/2 Birmingham, AL - Iron City
5/4 Lexington, KY - Manchester Music Hall
5/5 Charlotte, NC - Carolina Rebellion
5/6 Silver Spring, MD - The Fillmore
Coming tomorrow...catch Paolo Francesco Gregoletto on a new episode of Atlantic Podcasts' 'What'd I Say':

Inmagine Daftpunk

22 days ago

Come to cleveland

Pamela Jones

22 days ago

Seeing y'all on Sunday with Bullet...any clue as to the set y'all are going to play....we're super psyched getting a kick ass show with that line up

Kristina Wu

22 days ago

May 11 can’t come fast enough

Photos from our set at Welcome To Rockville by Todd Moffses

Faton Mehmeti

25 days ago

Watch your tits Matt

Ndanatseyi Kaseke

25 days ago

saw you guys at WTR2016.

sorry i missed WTR2018
But being a 21st century slave is all i qualify for in this country, which gets you nowhere.

i love music.
i love traveling.
im a damn hard worker.

wish i could be a roadie, or work for traveling rock fesitvals.

Rachel Jones

25 days ago

What’s up with the double guitar strap nowadays? 🤔

Grab VIP packages to our spring shows before they’re all gone!

Magali Domenge

a month ago

This looks like a high school picture and I love it.

Ana Paiz

a month ago

Grow some fuckin hair

Holly Lund Hill

a month ago

One of the best live fucking bands ever. FACT...\m/...

Warm up stream for tour now at | tour starts tomorrow USA! | Photo by @tomrussellphoto

Harold Mcleod Jr.

a month ago

See yall at Rockville!!!

Dame Gnakalé

a month ago

See you monday!

Lucky Lucky

a month ago

You the best bro. Come to India too!!

We're excited to be nominated for Best International Band at the Heavy Music Awards! Vote for us, now through June 27th at: 🤘

Andrea Carmona

a month ago

Voted!! You guys are truly the best! Hey, Marluce, I count on you to vote as well \m/(-_-)\m/

Flacko Joyde

a month ago

Voted! Always Trivium!!

Alessandro Divarci

a month ago

You got my vote 😎

Photos from our show at Bataclan by Matthis Van der Meulen

Christine Nguyen

a month ago

What a fuckin' great show ! Metal was in the place the 13h April ans Bataclan remembers it !🤘🤘🤘

Laura Elizabeth Quelch

a month ago

Ika M. Aryanti

Jamie Miller

a month ago

4/13/18 ?? ;)

Photos from our show at Manchester Academy by Jake Owens Photography

Eileen Henagan

a month ago

Still nothing about Glasgow though? Photos and videos from every other show, feeling left out guys!

Gigi Gonzalez

a month ago

Ben Wheeler Sean Morgan

Dean Plummer

a month ago

Y'all skipping Seattle 😕

Have you picked up this month’s issue of Bass Guitar Magazine yet, featuring Paolo Francesco Gregoletto?!

Jariel Powell-Outlaw

a month ago

Best Bass-Man!

Angie Bennett Hickman

a month ago

Thomas He: Paolo, Du Sau 😎

Rondalyn Shelby

a month ago

Angelo, ancora lui, in un'altra posa, ma è ancora Paolo Gregoletto! 🗿🗿🗿

Photos from our show at O2 Academy Brixton by Tom Russell Photography

Atote Homer

a month ago

Amazing ! But it was better in Paris, Friday 13th April ;)

Luis Ramirez Hernandez

a month ago

If you guys aren’t headlining a night at download in the near future, there is something seriously wrong!!

Omkar Urankar

a month ago

Really enjoyed Saturday night at Brixton.So much energy from you guys,and there was me thinking I was tired

This is from #Manchester last night. #London is happening in 20 minutes in real life and at ! 920pm!

Laiana Aguiar

a month ago

Awesome night thanks so much 😀

Andrew Wright

a month ago

Alistair Towler Edd Verity

Dina Levario

a month ago

Liam Bond Jack Wildman I've found me but can't find you guys

Sold out Manchester stream in 10 on !
Photos from our show at O2 Academy Birmingham by Jake Owens Photography

Oswaldo Torres Uribe

a month ago

It was such a good concert 😀🤘

Ruben Valdez

a month ago

Could of watched the show here. Jayde Cherry Pie Whitney

Leslie Harley

a month ago

Adnan Jabbado the first concert we miss since 2008 💔

Photos from our show at O2 Academy Bristol by Jake Owens Photography

Janyis Almenarez

a month ago

El mejor concierto de mi vida trivium en Barcelona espectacular

Olivia Hernandez

a month ago

See you may 6

Lorraine Hernandez

a month ago

Can't wait til y'all come back to Atlanta GA. 🤘😈🤘

#birmingham live stream is live now at ! Photo by @jakeowensphoto

Debra Bauer Hanna

a month ago

Gavin Swan haha

Shannøn Everett

a month ago

Every show gets better...if that's possible! Still can't hear properly!! :)

Soldout live #paris stream coming up in 30 minutes at (850pm Paris time)

Giovanni Bobadilla

a month ago

It was cool

Martin Martinez

a month ago

It was an incredible show !

Archit Goyal

a month ago

Mother fuckers, go to the Serena, in the country of Chile.

Soldout #stuttgart stream starts in 30 mins at - come join in!!

Sofia Albrite

a month ago

It was a great show 🤘🤘

Hesam Es'hzd

a month ago

You are fucking close to be the best band in the world ;-)
Best show since 2006. Now start the battle cry for our metal tribe musicians:
Olé - OléOlé - Olé - Trivium --- Trivium....

Bjorn S. Bay

a month ago

Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé! Trivium, Trivium!

U.K. - Our Bristol and Manchester shows with Code Orange, Power Trip and Venom Prison are now SOLD OUT! Birmingham, Glasgow, and London - don’t miss out. Tickets + VIP:

Cindy Nelson Bordes

a month ago

How much are the shirts gonna be? I need to know how much to save!

Sandy Ghodgaonkar Maruyama

a month ago

So excited! Can't wait! Hurry up 21st April!

Mitchell O'Connell

a month ago

Timing. Just bought mine for Mancs last week😂😂

Check out Paolo on the cover of this month's issue of Bass Guitar Magazine! Pick up your copy at

Fiky Castillo

2 months ago

Dany Chavez that’s daddy 👅👅👅👅

Al Lian Parker

2 months ago

Marcela Morales for Adrian

Clint Holik

2 months ago

Not a fan bit trivium is one of my favorites

#Zurich 🇨🇭 stream coming up in 45 mins (930pm Zurich time) on #Repost @matteomusazziphotography with @get_repost
@triviumband live at @phenomenonlive. Pic for #concertphotography #concert #onstage #livemusicphotographybandpic #livemusic #livephoto #concertphotographer #photoftheday #picoftheday #instamusic#nikon #nikonitalia #instametal #d750 #metalband #photographer #livephotography #htbarp#matteomusazziphotography #trivium #triviumitalia

Jaimee Reyes

2 months ago

seeing them in a few weeks with 5000 other nutters at Brixton Academy 🤘😈🤘

Ika M. Aryanti

Ferdie Nolasco Villanueva

2 months ago

Lorène mon dieu ça approche je vais certainement faire une syncope le jour J je suis pas prête

Live Italian Trivium show stream in 69 mins! (930pm Milan time)

MecKesha Dones

2 months ago

See you in Munich ..... 👍😁🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Portia Haynes-Royalty

2 months ago

Luis Angel <3

Monique Robinson

2 months ago

see you at Brixton 🤘😈🤘

Thank you, Vienna! Another SOLD OUT show!

#Vienna sold out show stream happening in 30 mins at #Repost @fotobroda with @get_repost ・・・ Matt Heafy, Trivium, 25.03.2018, Progresja, Warsaw @triviumband #mattheafy #trivium #triviumband #metalcore #trashmetal #heavymetal #metalhead #metalheads #metalhammer #concertphotography #concerts #gig #concert #progresja #warsaw #music #musicphotography #epiphone #epiphoneguitars #guitarist #vocal #fotobroda #pawelmielko #nikon

#Vienna sold out show stream happening in 30 mins at #Repost @fotobroda with @get_repost
Matt Heafy, Trivium, 25.03.2018, Progresja, Warsaw @triviumband #mattheafy #trivium #triviumband #metalcore #trashmetal #heavymetal #metalhead #metalheads #metalhammer #concertphotography #concerts #gig #concert #progresja #warsaw #music #musicphotography #epiphone #epiphoneguitars #guitarist #vocal #fotobroda #pawelmielko #nikon
We've been nominated for 'Best International Band' at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods! Vote here:

Patricia Pevoto

2 months ago

Oh wow, that's a really small mic you're singing into! 😂

Carolyn Baker

2 months ago

You need not to be nominated, you are already the Best 🤘

Shigeki Kawachi

2 months ago

Henry Copeland get voting' boyo

Thank you, Budapest!!

Live show stream of our sold out #Budapest show coming up at 930pm on twitch!

Rufus White

2 months ago

It was an awesome show! Thank you <3

Edith Chang

2 months ago

So when will u come next? :D

Cheyenne Ogle

2 months ago

some photo from Majestic Music Club, Bratislava ?

We teamed up with @metalhammeruk to release an exclusive bundle - featuring our limited edition cover issue, signed and numbered lyric sheet, poster, and patch (limited to 250)! Order your copy NOW at the link in our bio.

Photos from Gothenburg by @gothenburg_photographer_. Bratislava you’re up next!

⚠️ Did we mention low ticket warnings!!? ⚠️ Be sure to grab your tickets for our EU-UK tour at !!

We spent some time exploring beautiful Prague before tonight’s show at Roxy. Limited tickets left - see you there 🤘 🇨🇿

Thank you Warsaw! You were absolutely incredible tonight! 🇵🇱 🤘

SOLD OUT tonight in Warsaw! The crowd is already rowdy out there for @powertriptx. Low tickets for many of the upcoming shows on this European run 👉

Getting ready for our sold out show in Warsaw! 🇵🇱 🤘

Live now on

Felix Amadeus Flick

2 months ago

Be at concerts with your favorite band on twitch

Richard Miller

2 months ago

and about Brasil? :D

April Michelle Jones

2 months ago

Tonight's live concert in Leipzig was one of the worst I've ever been to. They played awesomely but the mixing was awful. We could only hear whispers from Matt. Sad. This concert had big potential.

Live now on
Berlin crushed last night! Tonight, we’re in Leipzig playing to another sold out crowd in Germany. Low ticket alert for Munich. Don’t miss out 👉 🇩🇪 🤘 .... 📷 @ginawetzler

Incredible sold out show in Berlin! 🇩🇪 Ready for our sold out show tomorrow in Leipzig 🤘