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The Sin And The Sentence just turned one year old. Thank you to everyone who’s picked up a copy, streamed the album, and came out to a show on this album cycle. We love you!

Brÿan Atkinsøn

8 hours ago

This is the album that got me into Trivium. A year later I bought all the albums and saw them live three times. Great band, great album.

Karen Lewis

8 hours ago

Best Trivium albums (In my opinion):
1) (Three-way tie) The Sin and the Sentence, Shogun, The Crusade
2) Ascendancy
3) In Waves
4) Ember to Inferno
5) Silence in the Snow
6) Vengeance Falls

What are everyone else's favorite albums, in descending order?

Logan Mcclendon

8 hours ago

I don’t like much the new sound since the In Waves release, but you guys keep the rocking going so, just keep it up and enjoy yourselves, and have as much people as possible enjoy it with you 🤙

See you tonight, Chicago!

Marta Sanchez Calvo

19 hours ago

What does DVDTDR stand for?

Franyelis Quintero

a day ago

If you need tickets or have inquires please notify me soon. Name is Erin thrasher

Claudia Pennisi

a day ago

Avatar are fucking awesome, caught them supporting Avenged in Belfast

Who’s coming to see us at RESURRECTION FEST next year?! Http://

Martina Greguoldo

3 days ago

Eric Proctor how's this for epic lineup: As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Parkway Drive??

OGbonna Son

3 days ago

Only bands worth seeing are Trivium, parkway drive, power trip and testament and how are cradle of pish still a band

Pan Premdilokrat

4 days ago

Felix Laura Chris schon mal in Spanien gewesen?

What’s been your favorite track off The Sin And The Sentence to hear live on this tour?

Kim Kaiser

5 days ago

I saw trivium for the first time last night when they played in Cleveland. They were absolutely amazing live. They played for over 2 hours and played every single song I wanted to hear even from their older stuff. It was incredible!!!

Maria Caprio

5 days ago

The entire album is a masterpiece 🔥

Tammy Lehew Coogan

5 days ago

Havn't seen you guys play live, even though you did come to Perth. Regardless Thrown Into The Fire is a BEAST of a song

The Sin And The Sentence Tour has been INCREDIBLE so far!! Grab tickets to the remaining shows before they sell out:
Photo: Kevin Wilson

LeeAnne Boot

9 days ago

Aaron Tanner Brothers and sisters.

Chris Christenbury

10 days ago

The Sin And The Sentence has been an amazing album. Hardly I day I haven’t listened to it since it came out.

Pam Best

10 days ago

It is the same strap wait!!you are right,he put 2 straps,only he knows why!!

Coming this upcoming Record Store Day...."I Don't Wanna Be Me" split vinyl with Type O Negative.

Valentina Rairan Rincon

11 days ago

Double header!!!

Allison Upchurch

11 days ago

Only USA? No mention on German RSD website. :(

Luann Pettis

12 days ago

Matthew Croucher Janelle Kemp I assume you guys are fans of type o??

Only a couple shows have meet and greets left on this tour! Come hang with us:

Taavy Le

13 days ago

Omg I would die

Jackie Rowe

13 days ago

you guys were awesome in tampa florida!!!!!! great show hope you guys enjoyed the pizza!

Lumin Essence

13 days ago

Amber wanna meet Trivium again?

Thank you, Cincinnati!

Mounier Naciri

13 days ago

Tour with BEHEMOTH!

Gabriel Comanroni

13 days ago

Tampa at the RITZ 10/3/18

Serge Garneau

13 days ago

Please come to munic!! Avatar and Trivium!! Two of my favourite Bands!! 😍

The Sin And The Sentence tour kicks off TONIGHT in Tampa! Check out some of the merch items we’re bringing with us.

Dee Sshiznit

18 days ago

That tour t shirt looks very cool ima buy that shirt on the Chicago date 🤘

Line Andersen

19 days ago

Kelly Traska this is some SICK merch

Augustine Yasin Taylor

19 days ago

Anyone looking for tickets to tonight's show i have two for sale pm

Shogun turns 10 today. Thanks to everyone for still listening.

Jonathan Barnes

21 days ago

I still remember the exact moment when I discovered the album and my reaction to hearing every song - especially the title track. I also remember not sleeping that night because I was blasting out my ear drums.

I wrote most of my dissertation listening to Shogun, but my committee wouldn't approve of me putting a band in my acknowledgements page. *sigh* To this day still I listen to that album when I need to focus on some task and get that shit done right.

Erwin Hickman

21 days ago

I like all your records, I will be a lifer fan. However,Shogun is definitely my favorite. The heaviness, complexity of the music and stories in lyrics, make it the perfect album for me. It's one of those records that every time I listen to it, I end up listening to the full album, front to back. I would love to hear a bunch of Shogun (or all of it since it's the anniversary) on this tour/future tours.

Nany James Peter Payne

21 days ago

Can we just hear Shogun the song in its entirety for the encore this tour. Considering it is, you know, the ten year anniversary of the album.

Celebrate 10 years of Shogun with our new limited edition collection featuring silk-screen poster + commemorative

Nurhalimah Nurhalimah

24 days ago

Great album, unfortunately they admitted the songs are too technically difficult to play live, so you’ll never hear trivium release another album that is similar.

Humza Ayub

24 days ago

Ran out of stock but somehow got more in and I was able to get one. Fuck yes

Vintani Horácio

24 days ago

I wish they had that poster design on a shirt

Who's repping our Haunting You shirt for National Comic Book Day?!

Angeljhamgian Reniva

a month ago

One of the coolest bandshirts I have! 🙂

Jo Anne Long

a month ago

K that's a pretty bad ass shirt I must say.

Jo Anne Long

a month ago

Got mine from the Dallas show at gas monkey!!!! Love it!

Who's repping our Haunting You shirt for National Comic Book Day?

Khami Cooper

a month ago

Katie Chelecki I like this!😂

Wayne Harvey

a month ago

I have that shirt 😃❤️❤️

Kunthea Love

a month ago

I don't have the shirt, but I did frame the poster I bought when you guys came to Iowa City last year.

... Yeah, the frame is a cheap shitty one, but it works.

Our Retribution hoodie is on sale now:

AzUul Castillo

a month ago

I have this hoodie. Should buy a new one though.

Cynthia Copes Cooper

a month ago

I had one like this, a friend printed it for me in high school when you guys were still touring Ascendancy. Bringin' back the best aesthetic :)

Julie Hadala

a month ago

That’s sick! Underrated album. #Repost @swerdnerd with @get_repost
Episode 4 of Houtz N Swerd is live on SoundCloud now(link in bio)! This week we finally got ahold of the one and only @matthewkheafy to talk @twitch , music taking twitch by storm, & our video game histories. All this while being toxic to one another in playground mode on @fortnite ! As always thank you to my amazing partner @houtz39 for working with me and editing this amazing episode! (Side shout out to @koenns_ for being our 4th man and providing a good ole’ TOS in today’s episode! See if you can find it haha!)

VIPs are sold out in 10+ markets. Don’t sleep on them. Every package comes with a meet and greet, early entry, guitar pick set, and more:

Dinah Castillo

a month ago

Got VIP for St Louis. Can’t wait!! 🤘🤘

Jorell Hammond

a month ago

I already had MY meet & greet!

Schoolboy Abuchok

a month ago

Rock on gentlemen

Happy birthday, Paolo!

Mavado Júnior Mj

a month ago

Happy birthday!! Keep pushing!!🤘🤘

Veronica Beccabunga

a month ago

You had birthday a year ago, man!
Best wishes!

Mégan Richard

a month ago

Phil Labonte wishes you a very happy birthday

Our good friend and long-time supporter of Trivium, @djari328 - as our mascot: #ibaraki! Make sure you follow @ djarii on twitch: 🤘

Pamela Procopio

a month ago

Gotta get likes somehow. Cant do it through your music anymore, might as well get some clickbait tits.

Liz Burns

a month ago

Even when I tip my laptop over there's no titty shot!

Joshua Schletzbaum

a month ago

Miyuki best mascot

Matt will be a guest on the Full Metal Jackie radio show this weekend! Make sure to tune in.

Dhiraj Rai

a month ago

When are you coming back to Australia?

Bamba Rassol Diop

a month ago

Stop hitting yourself. Stop Hitting yourself.

New mountain flame socks available now at 🔥

Carley Gonzalez

2 months ago

Davide Viel immancabili per ogni escursione 😂😂

Emily Mullen

2 months ago

Im okay with my high quality timberlands thanks

Maryte Balandiene

2 months ago

Alexis Manent quand je te disais que Trivium c'est le pied ! 😂

Live tournament now!

Esther Canche

2 months ago

Amalgamation .. constituents .. an army of MINIME'S . A W E S O M E PIC !! I LOVE IT !!

Patrycja Walo

2 months ago

I’d respect you guys a lot more if you played rainbow six siege.

Pedro TayloOr Wizzy

2 months ago

I love Trivium and I like that Matts branched out into Twitch streaming too as you can tell he genuinely enjoys it. But seriously dude please don’t become one of these fortnite streamers, I’ve had to unsubscribe from regular streamers like Stonemountain 64 because this is literally all they play now lol

“Tomorrow, I compete in the @twitch rivals @fortnite summer skirmish. I am still pretty new to PC gaming, streaming, battle royales, and fortnite. The competition is versus the best on earth. I’m a white belt fighting black belts. Let’s do this. | 5pm est | (warmups 9am est) | 📷: @jakeowensphoto” - MKH

Nana Afriyie Owusu

2 months ago

Speaking of belts, how far are you from earning your brown belt in Jiu Jitsu?

You inspired me to take up Jiu Jitsu and I can’t thank you enough for it. I’ve loved every minute of it so far. So thank you!

Priscillia Helaine

2 months ago

Good luck bro.

Rafael Muro

2 months ago

On a side note; do I see an evertune on that Les Paul? Are the Les Paul model evertunes available for normal mortals yet?

Summer Breeze - we’re playing the main stage today at 20:10!

Claudia Ferrin Muniz

2 months ago

Will it be streamed? And is that 1:10pm in IL? 🤔🤣

Slindile Promise Sbutubutu

2 months ago

Makes me feel fine...

Renée Michelle

2 months ago

Dan Blazek "I wanna see your heads bangin' your..."

Germany - who’s coming to see us at Summer Breeze this Friday?!

Raj Da Prince

2 months ago

Tino Müller powerwolf😂

Miho Yomoda

2 months ago

Julian Attenberger alter Trivium und papaRoach Shit da sollten wir hin

Debra Gray

2 months ago

See you at SummerBreeze

Our Est. 1999 girls tee is 50% off for a limited time. Go pick one up at

Elle Marshall

2 months ago

Schaut gut aus

Auro Jauregui

2 months ago

Σοφία Ζαχαριά εγώ δεν ξέρω τίποτα ... Απλά σε κάνω tag 😇😂

Stephen Eric Wiggins

2 months ago

I think they will have finished the ideas for making prints ...

VIPs are already SOLD OUT in Atlanta, Cleveland, Oklahoma City, St Paul, Edmonton, and Calgary! Don’t miss out:

Dianne Case

2 months ago

Bobby Schmaltz they be comin!

Paco Martinez Laisequilla

2 months ago

See you in Nashville!

Dianne Case

2 months ago

I want a signed 7 string!!! 🤷🏻‍♂️


Catherine Wills

2 months ago

Yo new outfits?

Thierry Leroy

2 months ago

Even though I wansnt there great job

พี่บิ๊ก วัน

2 months ago

One of the best shows I've ever seen!! You guy were fucking awesone! Please tour canada soon!!😎🤘

Grab our Sever The Hand tee at

Aleysia Nix

3 months ago

Do you guys have a Betrayer Tee? My favorite song off your new album

Шарофат Мустафакулова

3 months ago

How come triviums Facebook page and merch store don't reply to emails or messages?

Rebecca Faye Higgins- Ivy

3 months ago

Los quiero ver de nuevo en el Knotfest😡😡

Wandering around Osaka 4/2016. #TBT

Tracy Gulzow

3 months ago

I've always wanted to go to Japan.

Jaylah Espy

3 months ago

did you bump into the best band from osaka the great SHONEN KNIFE /OSAKA RAMONES ?

Ernesto Medina

3 months ago

Wish I could meet you guys. Been a fan for awhile but never been able to make it to a show. Hopefully time will favor me next time you’re around Grand Rapids.

HEAVY MONTRÉAL - We're playing De L'apocalypse stage today at 6:25. See you there! 🤘

Anthony Justice

3 months ago

Thank you TRIVIUM

Gary Reed

3 months ago

my first time seeing trivium live. So amazing i loved it, i lost my voice lol

Davide Esposito

3 months ago

They never fail to impress me no matter how long they have on stage! Amazing!

Pick up our Silence In The Snow skatedeck at

Kuba Raksimowicz

3 months ago

Keenan Bryant *insert song pun here*

Audrey Bsm

3 months ago

Mike Lehoux est vraiment sick!

Vicky Héroux

3 months ago

Andie Eder I know you dont listen to the band, but it's still a sick deck

Impact Music Festival - catch us on the main stage at 5:10 today.

Lisa Howell

3 months ago

You guy rocked the waterfront yesterday \m/

Jhon Tufiño

3 months ago

You guys killed it last night!

I want to say thank you guys so much for gifting me those tickets and giving me and my bro yet another opportunity to see a brilliant show \m/

See you again soon!

Randy Johnson

3 months ago

You guys blew the roof off the machine shop!!!! Can't wait until October to see you again at Royal Oak!!!!

Backstage moments October 2016. #TBT

Kofi Acquah

3 months ago

I'll remember your rehearsal, smashing down, crashing all. Seen you live a couple of times. The intense of albums like in waves and vengeance falls hope for. Love really intense the working progress of especially built to fall. The Last white Album seems to me more based on the breath taking live Laser Lights. Let all waiting Fans hear what's going on. 🎶🎶🎶

Jean Marretti

3 months ago

I was at the show last night at the Machine Shop.... Seriously fucking awesome!!!

Shane Cramer

3 months ago

Did someone mention Twitch Prime?

Only a couple more shows this month. Which one are you coming out to?
Tonight- Flint, MI
7/27 - Poughkeepsie, NY
7/28 - Bangor, ME
7/29 - Montreal, QC

Alan Gunn

3 months ago

We're waiting for you in MTL

Casey Kimmey

3 months ago

Wish I could be in Flint tonight! 🤟

Jakub Kijak

3 months ago

Montréal!! I hope you will play Beyond Oblivion!🤘😏

Making the best of a bad situation with our impromptu Meet and Greet at The Bakery!! Thanks to all the fans that came out despite our unfortunate circumstance!

Earl Bradford Hoag

3 months ago

Awesome time Im glad I got to meet all of you guys ! I wish I got to watch you guy jam ! I been waiting a long ass time to see you guys kick some ass! Ive been a fan for a long time sense I heard Ascendancy !!!

Lisa Iseeu Parker

3 months ago

I was there, but I'm short lol. You guys are awesome, really cool of u to stick around and talk to everyone. Awesome guys, awesome band! Hope you will come back to WV!

Tunzale Eliyeva

3 months ago

Unfortunate to say the least but the guys were fuckin awesome nonetheless. Ill try again next time they come through.

Metal ladies - grab our Est. 1999 shirt this weekend at

Kimberly Rich Fulmer

3 months ago

You need to bring back the men's basketball tank top..change up the colors,,,

Muhd Ajimi

3 months ago

Sarah I think you’d look good in this 😎

Nichola Lampkin

3 months ago

Favorite sweater!!! Great online buy plus it's the best quality!!

Backstage hangs.

Vanessia Ordaz

3 months ago

You guys are the best. When is the world tour coming down under?

Marie-France Morelli

3 months ago

Ay, that's Arbis!

Joy Ratchanee

3 months ago

El Paso, TX.... amazing!!! My neck is mobile again\m/,

Happy birthday, Chris Cornell.

Bukenya Nicholas

3 months ago

Happy heavenly Birthday, 🎼🎵🎶🎈

Koraima Gonzalez Andrade

3 months ago

Thanks Matt & TRIVIUM for THIS !!! You are kind men!!! Your fan from Ukraine 🤘

Elizabeth Feir Ruelo

3 months ago

Liam Cook and this one

Warming up in Houston!

Page Espino

3 months ago

Can’t wait for your Anaheim show 🤘🏽

Saleh Shame

3 months ago

Amazing! Thanks for the good time! Can’t wait to see y’all again! 💕

Sharif Ham

3 months ago

Ya'll know you have a bad ass drummer he carried ya'll through that show ...

We are SOLD OUT in Johnson City, TN on 7/23! Texas, West Virginia, Michigan and New York - get your tickets now before it’s too late.

Jack Martin

3 months ago

See you in west va. Got a vip ticket so cannot wait!

Monse Medrano

3 months ago

Do you offer VIP packages??

Micaela Garcia

3 months ago

🎶But he's a headed west from the cumberland gap, to Johnson city, Tennessee🎶

Let us know which food spots we should hit up on this run.

Tshokolo Terry

3 months ago

My food truck Burger Monster will be at the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon when you're here on Nov 2nd. Please feel free to come and have the best burger in Orange County on me

William Morales

3 months ago

Horns up for the Death shirt. If you are going to New York visit Double Zero they have a tasty selection of vegan pizza's,(cheese made of cashews), salads, desserts and other entrees. I had a three course meal and didn't feel lethargic afterwards.

Ontario Thompson

3 months ago

I challenge u to take time for an adventure day & just choose whatever a food joint happens to cross your way around the next corner. If u wish to add to the challenge choose your meal eyes closed & point the menu eg.

Sign up for our e-mail list to stay up to date on all things Trivium:

Our headlining run with Fit For An Autopsy and Bad Omens kicks off TONIGHT in Lawrence, KS.

Amina Juma

3 months ago

Awesome show guys! I'll be there everytime you come to Lawrence!

Fabian Zionoiz

3 months ago

mate what Cory is this? Its like an imposter cory that ate the original.

Sris Tamang

3 months ago

Heard the live video from tonight and it sounded awesome

Paolo’s custom Richter Straps are available now at:

Catherine Bradley

3 months ago

Kevin Stefan Frank

Gary Ashman

3 months ago

And these Warwick??

Januar Ferdiansyah

3 months ago

im trying to save money dammit!

Listen to our House Music mixtape on Spotify, featuring tracks we play before our set:

Tyler Wood

3 months ago

Bleed From Within 😍

Jānis Kušners

3 months ago

See you July 21 in Dallas can t wait

Shonnie Dignan

3 months ago

AHAAA!! Flucking Behemothhh!!!

“Thrown Into The Fire” keyhole shirt available now at

Gracielle Lazari Acencio

3 months ago

You know where this would sell well...... You guessed it UTAH!!!!!!!!!!! We are waiting sirs

Guy Roberge

3 months ago

Check this out, Sherryn Thompson

Ouzna Drew

3 months ago

Colin Alexander David Berlet

Where + when did you see us live for the first time?

Amar Debbarma

4 months ago

The Black Crusade Tour during Oct 2007 in Perth, Australia. My first metal gig and I had just turned 13. One of the most memorable experiences of my life 😊🤘

Tyiese Bullock

4 months ago

Woodstock Poland 2017 :D so the first one was really big and I really loved it! But what you done on my second concert in Warsaw few months later its something that I can't describe with words. Come back as soon its possible! 🤘

Robben Rawat

4 months ago

Rockefeller Music Hall Oslo last year. I used to live in Oslo but never thought to check out concerts 😅 #Life but it was absolutely awesome and I saw you guys again this year!

What technique do you wanna learn today?? Live at 330pm est | (live now too. All day.)

Joany Gonzalez

4 months ago

Fast palm-muted picking alternating in string gaps please. For example - playing on the low E string then on the G string and back to the E quickly. Adam D of Killswitch does this a lot and it’s difficult for me.

Herd Hishoney Patricia

4 months ago

Make music don’t play over watch

Luis David Morán

4 months ago

Matt Ask him to teach Rain hahahaha

Pick up some merch at a show near you this summer.

Veschamy Toure

4 months ago

They will be available in trivium store for the rest the world?

Gloria Estrada

4 months ago

That baseball tee is pretty slick.
Wish you guys would bring back the hoodie you had many years ago that featured a Large red T on the back and your band name across the front and the inner hood was red with Trivium printed all over inside.
Easily one of the best hoodies I have ever bought at a show.

You guys did another similar one a few years later with a blue T on the back, but the quality overall was much lower than the Red one

Julia Callaghan

4 months ago

Got the baseball tee in Copenhagen. Cool shirt. Too bad it is see-through thou'

North America Tour - Fall 2018
with Avatar & Light The Torch
Tickets & VIP:

10.3 - Tampa, FL - The Ritz Ybor
10.4 - Atlanta, GA - Buckhead Theatre
10.5 - Raleigh, NC - The Ritz
10.6 - Norfolk, VA - The NorVa
10.8 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts
10.9 - Nashville, TN - Cannery Ballroom
10.11 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
10.12 - Huntington, NY - Paramount
10.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
10.14 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
10.16 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
10.17 - Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Music Theatre
10.19 - Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom
10.20 - Sauget, IL - Pop’s Nightclub
10.21 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
10/22 - St Paul, MN - Myth Live
10.23 - Fargo, ND - Sanctuary Events Center
10.25 - Edmonton, AB - The Ranch
10.26 - Calgary, AB - The Palace Theatre
10.28 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore Ballroom
10.29 - Seattle, WA - Showbox Sodo
10.30 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom
10.31 - Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory Concert House
11.2 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
11.3 - Berkeley, CA - UC Theatre

Claire Branson

4 months ago

I'd love to see Trivium live because they're one of my favorites

Arikawa Masaharu

4 months ago

October 13th at the Electric Factory. Tickets bought. Let’s go!!!

Bêstbõi Dêřïchêš

4 months ago

Why does the cincinnati show havta be on a monday🙁🙁🙁😢😢😢