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Brandon Klassen

2 days ago

Anmol Bogati damn

Wow! That’s amazing! 😉

Nicky Pedlar

3 days ago

This song brings back so many memories!

Greatest Hits bundles lookin' good in the webstore! Anyone that pre-orders the big one will get their hands on a signed poster 😍

Gianfranco Ardau

5 days ago

I need the poster! 😁

Richard Pang

5 days ago

Can’t wait to receive it!

Serdar Gürel

6 days ago

Nate Spencer Shannon Lock......if youre looking for Christmas presents

We had 15 strangers sit down for a "secret song listening experience" and here's how it went down

Train "Greatest Hits" coming November 9th. Sixteen of your favorite songs along with our cover of Careless Whisper (featuring the one & only, Kenny G! 🎷), ➡️➡️ pre-order your copy + we also have a couple of bundles available for pre-order in the webstore

I have avoided a “greatest hits” record for a long time. I’ve always thought of those records as a way of saying, “Welp, it was fun while it lasted” and that stressed me out. We live in a new music world now though and having people be able to find songs they love faster and easier seems like a great idea. We’re proud & excited that this is the list of songs that built the band for 25 years. Hope they take you to as many great memories as they take us.

Love, Pat and your Train family

P.S. See you back here in a few weeks for more exciting news 😉
We had 15 strangers sit down for a "secret song listening experience" and here's how it went down

Train "Greatest Hits" coming November 9th. Sixteen of your favorite songs along with our cover of Careless Whisper (featuring the one & only, Kenny G! 🎷),➡️➡️ pre-order your copy + we also have a couple of bundles available for pre-order in the webstore

I have avoided a “greatest hits” record for a long time. I’ve always thought of those records as a way of saying, “Welp, it was fun while it lasted” and that stressed me out. We live in a new music world now though and having people be able to find songs they love faster and easier seems like a great idea. We’re proud & excited that this is the list of songs that built the band for 25 years. Hope they take you to as many great memories as they take us.

Love, Pat and your Train family

P.S. See you back here in a few weeks for more exciting news 😉

Ghostrider GR

7 days ago

hey soul sister is the best music I've ever heard!

Jason Shillingford

8 days ago

I love Train! I would have known every one of those songs and would have sang every word! ❤️🎤🎸🎧🎼

Jessica Gabillot

8 days ago

Already ordered mine. Can’t wait to get it.

The making of something great...

Big announcement coming tonight at 12am ET/9pm PT. See you then 👋 👋

📸Banner Art Studio

Gamze Gürel

8 days ago

Yes! "Hit" us with it now! Dying of anticipation! Lol....

Luzviminda Robinol

8 days ago

Meet everyone back here at midnight 😜

Sara Huey

8 days ago

Can you wake me up 5 minutes beforehand buddy ‘ol pal?!

The Bay Area knows what’s up #CarelessWhisper

Russel Rondilla

9 days ago

We've been missing Reddick in the bay area since 2016! He was fun.

Христина Христова

9 days ago

Elise Knight
Scott Noel

Austin Murphy

9 days ago

Can’t wait to hear this!!!

Our favorite Soul Sister Matt Nathanson has a new album + video out today! Do yourself a favor & pick up Sings His Sad Heart + watch Used To Be

Noemie Carrier

14 days ago

Such a great album. Would love to see him on tour with you guys again!!

Herbert Helton

14 days ago

Did he only do that for the Gorge show? I think it was the last night of the tour. Made us instant Matt fans.

Céline Sumara Tchinda

14 days ago

I just had on my Train concert tee yesterday and was listening to them. Woo hoo love Train.

Turn on the vid for Call Me Sir ft. Cam & Travie McCoy, you know, as your little pick-me-up to get through the day 😉

Michael Tesdahl

2 months ago

pat monahan i like you very much i need you one big and one big kiss from zuleika marques 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍pat monahan i like to want this video if its love reprodusition in computer in portugal

Faiz Mhmmd

2 months ago

Cool video! You guys are awesome!!! Can’t wait until you come back to Denver.

Mixteko Navarrete

2 months ago

Huge train fan here but not this song. ☹️

These two have been tearing it up all summer!📸 : Mike Kline

Veronika Sliacka

2 months ago

So amazing at what they do!

Denise Morris

2 months ago

So much talent right there! Shows were a blast!

Joe Milicich

2 months ago

They did a great job on the tour.

Just like that, the summer tour is over! Had the time of our lives🙌🍷 🙏🎶 thanks to those of you who came out to a show. Love & appreciate all of you ❤️

📸 Mike Kline
Selfie time is the best time 📸 : Mike Kline
#sponsored Thank you Chase & IHG Rewards Club 🙏 Had a great time in San Francisco tasting Drops Of Jupiter wine with credit cardmembers & playing at Oracle Arena 🎤 🎶#IHGBehindTheScenes #IHGPremierCard

Yash Prince Kushwaha

2 months ago

Really enjoyed the MSG show! We were further away from the stage than we’ve ever been but it was still fun! Hoping for a great summer tour again next year, maybe some holiday shows, and a big party for Pat’s Birthday!

Leo King

2 months ago

We saw you in Portland, my 5th time, I first saw you at the Crystal Ballroom over 10 years ago, you opened for local favorite Kerosene Dream, I was hooked immediately, you’re better than ever! Come back soon!

DonaFely Leon

2 months ago

This is NOT Train! Only Pat Monahan with another band. Being back the original Train and play the old great stuff ....pahleeze

Getting all caught up in the moment 🎤🎤 📸 : Mike Kline

Obiorah Blessing

2 months ago

Portland was so much fun! ❤️

Julia Wiener

2 months ago

Great concert in Dallas! I love Train.

Sin Shin

2 months ago

Just heard “Finish Line” for the first time today! You guys are way too talented! ❤️

Love visiting with our friends at Family House SanFrancisco 💙🙏

Eric Tsai

2 months ago

Love these guys even more! ❤️🙏

Lehlogonolo Kgomoeswana

2 months ago

Train i love your music

Maria Fernanda Benitez Alean

2 months ago

What a beautiful bunch! 💗

#sponsored Had the best time with IHG Rewards Club Credit Cardmembers last night tasting some Drops Of Jupiter wine at Concannon Vineyard in Livermore, CA 🍷 Can't wait to keep the fun going tonight at Oracle Arena! #IHGBehindTheScenes #IHGPremierCard

Beverly Villanueva Lagasca

2 months ago

Nothing like wine country. Boy do I miss living in the Bay Area.

Laura Rojas

2 months ago

Looks like a wonderful event.

Elaine Vance

2 months ago

Can’t wait to get to California!!

The whole Train fam backstage at The Forum last night! 🙏❤️

Bryan Vazquez

3 months ago

Love this pic of you all! Was a great nice at The Forum. See you in Vegas! 🎶❤️

Bat-Erdene Amartaivan

3 months ago

Thanks for the most amazing night! Had a blast!

Daniel Trujillo

3 months ago

If you knew me from the very start or met last week at the grocery mart... Great family portrait. Keep it up.

Struck gold last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live - watch our performance of Call Me Sir with Cam & Travie McCoy!

Cosmos Nana Duah

3 months ago

Can't stop watching. ❤️

Rohit Hedaoo

3 months ago

Please come back to OZ!!!!!

Raul Salinas

3 months ago

'GOOD JOB' CAM & Travie McCoy ❤️💕xx -CALL ME SIR.
Mary Wescott

Tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight for some Call Me Sir with Cam & Travie McCoy! 🎤🎤
Hope you're all loving BeHuman App, and a big thank you to everyone who's joined the We Are Train movement so far 🙏 🙌 Now's the time to make your mark! We just started a new Karma Cause within the app to support our friends at Family House SanFrancisco, and are challenging all of you to raise 4,000 tokens. Don't forget to share your intention posts to gain inspirations (100 inspirations gets you a token). Once we hit our goal us & beHuman will donate a total of $10,000 to Family House to help the families of children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses ❤️

If you don't have the app yet, use TRAIN & download it now

I liked the song until the rap part, when we saw you live in Nashville. Thanks for opening the show there with Parachute, one of my all time fave Train songs. ❤️

Yaaaaas can't wait for the video and the album❤❤❤

Susanna Quinsey

3 months ago

Enjoyed your performance!

See you all on Jimmy Kimmel Livetonight! Just shot the #callmesir video. 🙏🏼❤️to Cam and Travie McCoy Gym Class Heroes

Deano Cooper

3 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel is a tool.

Sebabatso Neo Majoro

3 months ago

Looking forward to it.

Linda Ramon

3 months ago

Who plays first? Train or H&O?

Taking the stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday to perform Call Me Sir with Cam & Travie McCoy! Don't miss it 😉

April Hight

3 months ago

Kimmel is a sexist animal. As much as I like Train will not watch this pig for one song.

Jennifer Anita Stearns

3 months ago

I'm there! I will always be there for Train!❤. I'll fast forward through the garbage.

Fauzto Ballesteros

3 months ago


Some of the best humans around (📸 : Mike Kline)

LeaAnn Johnson

3 months ago

Y’all were awesome Tuesday night in Dallas! Can’t wait until you come back!

David Lazo

3 months ago

My daughter and I loved the Mermaids of Alcatraz Tour🧜‍♀️ in Phoenix We dressed as Mermaids and got to go on stage and sing with the band! It was my daughter’s first concert. A really great memory! Thanks Pat! Hope Jimmy and Scott are doing well

Zayion Lionoil

3 months ago

Keep coming to Dallas. We see you every time!!

Teresa Martinez

3 months ago

Amazing show last night in KCMO! It was so much fun!

Lenys Cabrera

3 months ago

👑...right on track!!!
It’s the train I always want to be on!!!

Zeppelin time!

📸 : @aubmarley -

Jakub Zvejška

3 months ago

I came with my wife Sonja because she's a huge fan. I left feeling the love and am now also a huge fan! You all were amazing!! Keep on spreading the love!

Danette Drennen

3 months ago

Absolutely incredible show in a omaha last night!! Thank you. I will definitely some again!! 🤘🏼🎶🎸

Andres C. Zegarra

3 months ago

I remember hearing you do Ramble On for the first time on an oz tour ... amazing x

Finally someone who understands me🦁

Amanda Moore

3 months ago

If he understands then I need one of those.

Garry Driver

3 months ago


Cathy Vasquez

3 months ago

When are you coming back to uk

Nothing but love ❤️

Kev Walker

3 months ago

Saw them in Orlando in June. Awesome show as always!!!

Fer Cruz

3 months ago

Had Tickets for TRAIN and Hall and Oats in Montreal - Show cancelled on short notice - No reason. Missed them again ;-(

Sam Trenery

3 months ago

So disappointed that montreal got cancelled when i finally got tickets ive been waiting for years 😢

Let’s get the Fourth Of July kicked off right! 🎆🙌 Use FIREWORKS for 20% off now on

Mehrdad Ran

4 months ago

Jaci Scalisi Holland just in time to have gear for the concert and cheaper

Yollette Saintvil

4 months ago

Jill Pickering Harrington

Sandra Reyes

4 months ago

Joniel De Guzman, gnahan ka ani ilang Merch?

Our first time playing Madison Square Garden last night 💙 Thanks for making it a memorable one, NYC 🙌

Took the twins for their 15th birthday. Had an awesome time! Great show!

Sophie le Guillou

4 months ago


Nathan Gagne

4 months ago

I guess that the creative juices died, so Pat fired the co-writers in Train and tours with guys probably making union scale as hired guns.

Golden pipes and a hard heart bro.

Happy hearts 💙💙

📷Druscilla Lam

Dariel Cadette

4 months ago

what happen to steve the guitar player, and mr underwood the drummer?

Joaquin Rosario

4 months ago

Pat Monahan Love Your Music and It is great music to me and you will always be my idal pat Monahan Your biggest Fan Julie Valdez 💗💗💗💗

Mike Scheerer

4 months ago

Stuck in traffic after the DC concert! Sooooo good ❤️

Each night just keeps getting better!

📷Druscilla Lam

Andy Whorton

4 months ago

One of the best shows I've ever seen!!

Jevon Taylor

4 months ago

Cool Pat Monahan Love Your Music and Maybe Someday I Can Sing Next to you On Stage next year with you pat Monahan Your biggest Fan Julie Valdez 💗💗💗

Richard Wiggle

4 months ago

Had a great time last night! Thanks Pat and Train!!

Looking good Toronto 🙌

📷Dru Lam -

Melissa Molina Salinas

4 months ago

Love Train. Come to Mcallen tx

Jasib Mosso

4 months ago

Can't wait to see you tomorrow night in Pittsburgh!!

Talya Sousa

4 months ago

Ally Mahoney, if you lived in Toronto he would be talking about you!

Come on Philly don't forget us 💙 HoagieNation

Heidi Paquette

5 months ago

Wow. Just wow.

Indianapolis Angels. #carbday #indy500

Vojta Pošvář

5 months ago

Best Male voice in modern music.

James Izi Karter

5 months ago

Can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh for my birthday!

Jason Kolkin

5 months ago

The incredible gift Pat has is that every one of those people feel that he is singing to grateful!!

There's a lot to celebrate today... including National Wine Day! Turn up Call Me Sir & treat yourself to a bottle (or two 😉) of Drops of Jupiter Winery 🍷

Wesley Gilmore

5 months ago

Do like 21 Crimes and link the song to the label

Derrick Yannayon

5 months ago

Not sold in stores in GA and can’t get it shipped here so I guess I’m just screwed

Tra My Hoang Pham

5 months ago

Fuck now I have to try it Gary Belsterli lol

Home of the Cavs!
The results are in... looks like we're releasing Call Me Sir ft. Cam & Travie McCoy this week! North America, look for the song tonight at 12am ET. Everyone else, you'll get it Friday!

László Borza

5 months ago

Ill take one of those jackets, too

Thomas Testa

5 months ago

the show at "The Q" was awesome !

Arerel Allen

5 months ago

I need that jacket 😍😍

Dreams coming true in Detroit!

Cool Pat Monahan Love Your Music and It is great pay Monahan

Virginia Guzman

5 months ago

Hey soul sister.!

Joshi Nato

5 months ago

Myra Helder is that the guy...???

Hearing everyone sing along with us never gets old 💙

Bilal Saad

5 months ago

Anyone who went to the show. Which group went on first???? Going tonight in Detroit

Gchocolate MyWayy

5 months ago

Terrific show! Thanks fir the Chicago shoutouts!

George Betts IV

5 months ago

Whatever happened to the DVD you mentioned in your show for AXS tv several years ago?

A taste of that Midwestern charm

📷 Joe Lemke Photography

Maleren Weinrich

5 months ago

Can’t wait to see you guys again in Orlando June 26

Julio Maduro

5 months ago

Cool Pat Monahan Love Your Music

Ryan McDonald

5 months ago

Awesome show! Hall & Oates brought back so many memories, Train was Fantastic and we are so happy we went!!

On top of the world!


Matthew Roberts

5 months ago

No stop in Cincinnati this year but we will see you in Nashville !

Emily Wiessner

5 months ago

Sarah why does this look like Chris Traeger trying to sing take me out to the ball game?

Leah Geis

5 months ago

I saw you with your band Train in concert with Hall and Oates. You're a great singer.

Rocky mountain high 🎶⛰️

(📷 @amackhairdesign)

Sue McCoy

5 months ago

It was an awesome show guys!

Raoul Izzy

5 months ago

You ROCKED the house @ Pepsi Center - thanks!

James Dewar

5 months ago

Excellent show! Pat Monahan has one of the greatest voices in the music industry!

Memories on tap in SLC

Og Bizzy Johnson

5 months ago

Cool Pat Monahan Love Your Music and Maybe Someday I Can Sing with you on stage next year pat Monahan to the song hey soul sister pay Monahan your biggest Fan Julie Valdez

Toni Joiner

5 months ago

Looking forward to seeing you "back home again" in Indiana for Carb Day. My wife and I have seen you 6 times, can't wait for May 25th

Patricia Gann

5 months ago

I’d go see them again!! They great

Seeing stars in Anaheim (📷@isipanini)

Cara Bernieri

5 months ago

I was there!! Great Show!!! Calling all Angels!!!!

Catherine Gomez

5 months ago

Awesome concert! Choo choo!

Alyssa Greco Leach

5 months ago

Saw them they great!!!

Pulling out some Zeppelin 🎸(📷 @midniteeye)

Jacob Wright

5 months ago

Saw Train at KaBooom in SF in 2004, they did a Zep medley that was incredible!

Lindsay Kay DeWinter

5 months ago

Definitely play some Zeppelin in Chicago!! Love it 😍

Princess Jen

5 months ago

Come back to the UK!!!!

First show of the summer tour in Sacramento 💙🙏

Samuel Serrano

6 months ago

I loved it!! You all were amazing and rocked it!

Nicholas Chefalo

6 months ago

Anybody who was there.....who appears first, Train or H & O? Want to take my daughter but we'll be a little late due to her job

Nixion Sahota

6 months ago

Always enjoy your show. It always amazes me how Pat M's voice just fill the space...always connects with the the train-ride...Have a fabulous tour

It's #NationalConcertWeek! 🎉🎤Celebrate with $20 all-in tickets to our summer tour with Daryl Hall & John Oates today through May 8th 🎫

Debbie Elston Ewing

6 months ago

Sold out of cheap tickets in Denver 😂

Rick Robinson

6 months ago

No Az shows this time 😐

Rick Robinson

6 months ago

Train was awesome at Jones Beach

Summer tour merch has arrived 🎶🙏 pick yours up if you're not able to make it out this time around, or if you want to show off your fave merch at your stop of the tour!

Johnson Alli

6 months ago

Big question, do you ship to Australia, I would LOVE to add to my collection.

Larissa Cox

6 months ago

Not saying they used my shirt as an option, but I'd be honored if they did!😂😂😂

Emmanuel Arthur

6 months ago

On the ship I so wanted a hoodie, but went to late, so I just ordered me one!!

We're almost there! Only one more week until our co-headline tour with Daryl Hall & John Oates begins - see you in your city soon 🙌🎶

Cole Walliser

6 months ago

See you in Sacramento next week!!

Gulzhan Aldan

6 months ago

can't wait...been on my bucket list for a while!

Karo Espinoza

6 months ago

This is one of my favorite pictures Pat.. 👏❤️🙌

It’s getting close! May 1 in Sacramento to start this awesome tour. Look how happy we are! See you soon Hall & Oates

Joshua Cary

6 months ago

I’m so excited to see Train & Hall & Oates this summer in Dallas!! Pat M. I saw you on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” & WON!! 💵💰❤️

Divine Claire Lico Fernandez

6 months ago

I got to see Hall and Oates with Tears for Fears last May while on holiday in Nashville amazing gig. Have a great tour. X

Masechaba Tekana

6 months ago

Flying to Seattle for their final concert.

You can catch Pat mentoring Michael & Kay Kay during the American Idol all-star duets this coming Monday! 🎤 Turn your TV to ABC Television Network at 8/7c then 📺

Adelita Murillo

6 months ago

I’m going to DVR it!

Sweetless Hoffman

6 months ago

How do I say this is private publicly


Patrickeats 🐱on the side with his eggs in the morning while his wife has 🍓’s for fun under the table? Idk that is what dining table removable cushions are for. (No bruised knees) pst (I was never here😬🍓🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🥧🍭🍦🍰🌭🥚)

Jeferson Ramos

6 months ago

Cool Pat Monahan i Love Your Music and Maybe Someday I Can Sing Next to you On Stage To Hey Soul Sister Pat Monahan Your biggest Fan Julie Valdez 💗💗💗💗

Dancing all the way into the weekend with our new song "Philly Forget Me Not" with Daryl Hall & @JohnOatesOfficial (link in bio to stream/download) so excited for this summer ☀☀ - @iHeartRadio is giving you a sneak peek of the tour at Live from Daryl's House this coming Tuesday at 4pm EST/1pm PST on their FB Live! Watch as Pat joins Daryl & John on stage to play "Philly Forget Me Not" live for the first time, along with a glimpse of what you’ll see on tour every night this summer!

We wanted to do something special before our summer tour with Daryl Hall & @JohnOatesOfficial kicks off, so we hopped in the studio to record "Philly Forget Me Not" together! Can't wait to play this one for you all summer (and better hear you singing along!) 😉🎤 Stream/download the song now (link in bio) + grab tickets to a show near you - get dates & tickets: - You might be getting a sneak preview of the tour & what you'll see every night this summer on Tuesday. Stay tuned for more details!

Making your dreams come true tomorrow 😉🎶 check back then for a little surprise!

Sail Across the Sun 2018, you were one for the books! Thanks to everyone who joined us for fun, laughs & music 🎶 oh, and you all NAILED the theme nights 😉​ let's keep the good times going this summer

📷​: Will Byington ​

J Enzo Torre

7 months ago

Next years date???

Zainab Abdul

7 months ago

2020! I’m so excited that I cant sleep, it’s 0130 am and the children will be awake in only a few hours! Can’t wait for SATS6, delighted 🎼🛳💕🎉❤️

Shaundy Pou

7 months ago

Wtf is that edit?