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I’m on Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco tonight!
wearing a #peterdundas top & skirt, #beabongiasca jewelry, and #louboutin pumps #blackish

Bailey Enns

14 days ago

She is so beautiful in physique, and if she is A Godly woman... this is who I want to be my wife...#real spill

Karsten Porsch

15 days ago

Hi! Good evening. I'm an artist, Please check out my painting of you on Instagram @cyreelonart it Will be an honor

Charlotte Robinson

15 days ago

beautiful woman. absolutely wonderful and thought worthy morals she upholds. black ish is my favourite programme at the moment. junior has just had his chain stolen xx

"Thank you to all the elements that converged and brought you into our lives. you continue to actively hold a space of power, humanity and womanhood through the beingness of a black woman. it has been life changing and culture shifting, and we are so grateful."
Here is the link to my full interview with the one and only Michelle Obama at The United State of Women Summit 2018 yesterday! #USOW2018

Reezy Bekaboy

18 days ago

As a very successful woman in business I was offended that a “famous” woman still believes we are oppressed or underpaid! I wasn’t given a silver spoon and worked my a$$ off to prove myself, develop a savings plan and recently retire. Quit giving an excuse to those who aren’t willing to work for it!

Khutso Moremi

19 days ago

TER. You are AWESOME. Thank you for Sharing your Heart. Great interview. God bless you Both.

Nikyah Fields

19 days ago

in fact wich is the talents of this women ? only be the wife of a former president ? in wich position does she speak ?

I had the best time hanging with #DesusAndMero yesterday chatting #blackish, #beards, and my #sneaker game! Here's the extended cut of my interview...

Ricardo Garcia

21 days ago

Thanks for sharing Trace! Loved it!! (Bestie in my head ... LOL!!!)

Lebo Liefie Molefe

21 days ago

I love Tracee's work.

Marilyn Espinosa

21 days ago

Congratulations on your Directorial debut.

MLK ~ 50 years ago today we lost a leader. an icon. a visionary. even in his absence, the impact he continues to have on our lives (and our value of our lives) is indelible. when I stood in the spot where he was taken away from us with @oprah, #rubydee, and @im.angelabassett in 2006, and even today, i am so thankful for him and more determined for us to continue his work and uplift his legacy. #MLK50

MAYA ANGELOU ~ the iconic poet, author, actress, singer, civil rights leader, and original #phenomenalwoman would’ve been 90 today. “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” may we all live with such purpose. #wewillrise #mayaangelou

WINNIE ~ a woman of strength, intelligence, and love. an icon of the fight for equality and freedom. rest easy 🖤

BOW & BAMBOOS ~ all new episode of @blackishabc at 9/8c! #blackish


GOD BABIES ~ Luca, Massi, Lex

TREES ~ taking a wander on the grounds of our home. See more in my Instagram Story. #noplacelikehome

What about 🖤 ~ repost from @thandieandkay via @johnfugelsang


WCW ~ @tiffanydloftin “Repping hard for my students! Honored to be the new National Director of Youth and College at the @NAACP. My students told us the truth about their experience it’s our job to talk about all student not just the ones that had permission to speak on stage. Shout out to @thecrisismag founded by the great W.E.B DuBois for this great video.”

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER ~ all new @blackishabc tonight at 9/8c! #blackish

👟 ~ I really love my sneakers. Like, I'm obsessed with them. But it turns out that some of you don't feel the same way, and the names you had for them made me giggle!! Orthopedics Civil Rights 11s Granny Smiths Senior Center 3s Diabetes Strapovers Nursery Home Bully 11s Air Dads Air Ester 27s "Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up" Yeezys

I LOVE YOU MAMMA ~ happy birthday 📷 by @herbritts
THE BOSS ~ happy birthday to my legendary mama @dianaross!

THE BOSS ~ happy birthday to my legendary mama @dianaross!

WHEN A GUN HAS MORE RIGHTS THAN YOU ~ repost from @yarashahidi #naomiwadler repost from @kamalaharris #marchforourlives #swipe

WE SEE YOU, WE THANK YOU, & WE STAND WITH YOU ~ this generation utilizing their voice and exercising their power today and every day. the children aren't only our future: they are our NOW. #marchforourlives rp @sarahsophief

🍷~ @seenbysharkey

#Repost @refinery29 ・・・ #Flint may not be the latest or "trendiest" crisis atm, but these people are still going without resources, and we WILL keep talking about it. _ Here are some IG accounts where you can learn more about the #FlintWaterCrisis and ways to help: 🤲 Community Foundation Greater Flint 🤲 @convoyofhope 🤲 @uwgeneseeco 🤲 @savethechildren #NoMoreKnowMore #WorldWaterDay

YAAASSSS LENA ~ @lenawaithe @vanityfair

the face you make when the nor’easter f*cks up your east coast plans // ummmm ok *full look (including the latest sneakers of my dreams) by @louisvuitton

AHOY MATEYS ~ all new @blackishabc tonight at 9/8c! #blackish

When you are feelin' yourself you go with it and you selfie it up...even if you are in the bathroom at a restaurant.

BACK AT IT ~ was underwater on blackish and workouts were not possible. I took 3 weeks off. this is from yesterday - day 2 in a row. I will be doing 5 in a row, 1 day off and then another 5 in a row. I'm not fucking around!

SUNKEN PLACE? ~ you're not getting out of this conversation, dre! back to back all-new episodes of @blackishabc tomorrow at 9/8c #blackish

LUCKY DIP ~ i chat the shows i just binged on netflix (like @aliasgracenetflix, @netflix_godless, & @dixpourcent), who makes me laugh the most on the set of @blackishabc, & more with @theststyle click link in bio to watch full video

HISTORY MADE ~ #ryancoogler @ava for the 1st time in history, films with black directors (#blackpanther & #wrinkleintime) hold the top 2 spots at the box office. what a time to be alive! congratulations to the two of you!

"My work as an adult has been making friends with the loneliness, and actually coming to terms with the fact that I love it. And I now call it choiceful solitude.”
Sunday Times Style, March 11, 2018

Khrystina Laurin

2 months ago

Yeah, that works.. me too.. Choiceful Solitude! Thanks for naming it! Tracee Ellis Ross!

Eden Nepomuceno Costales

2 months ago

I want some!!! I'm married with three children and work outside the home. I wish I could buy some choiceful least in the restroom...or every once in a while. I love Tracee Ellis Ross!!!!

Joann Matthews

2 months ago

I always say...."I may be alone,but I didn't say I was lonely".....#lovemypeaceofmind

SUNDAY TIMES STYLE ~ click link in bio for full interview "My work as an adult has been making friends with the loneliness, and actually coming to terms with the fact that I love it. And I now call it choiceful solitude.” @theststyle - styling by @karlawelchstylist hair by @larryjarahsims makeup by @lisastoreymakeup

SUNDAY TIMES STYLE ~ click link in bio for full interview “There’s this tectonic shift, and something has galvanised. This is not just my hurt, this is more than my hurt. This is not just my anger, this is all of our anger. And instead of it being just a feeling, it’s becoming an action.” #timesup @theststyle @timesupnow - styling by @karlawelchstylist hair by @larryjarahsims makeup by @lisastoreymakeup

SUNDAY TIMES STYLE ~ click link in bio for full interview “The husband and the babies are the expectation of what’s supposed to happen at a certain point, and people fall back on, ‘Well, that’s the point of the human species, procreation.’ And I’m, like, ‘Some people could be working on the world being a better place, or just being happy.” @theststyle

wearing Givenchy on the cover of this week's Sunday Times Style
photography by Kerry Hallihan
styling by Karla Welch
hair by Larry Sims
makeup by Lisa Storey

Janet Juang

2 months ago

I'm surprised she's poseing like that I mean close the legs a little bit the breast don't bother me they are not that big but the legs wide open does a little

Maria Gilda Nascimento

3 months ago

What happened sweetie, did get a little bored.

Jordan Ezekiel Vergara

3 months ago

I have three words to say....FA-BU-LOUS!

LONDON CALLING ~ @theststyle photography by @kerryhallihan styling by @karlawelchstylist hair by @larryjarahsims makeup by @lisastoreymakeup #teamID

IMAGINE THAT ~ @glamourmag #internationalwomensday for my full #GlamourWOTY speech, click link in bio

WHEN A WOMAN BECOMES HERSELF ~ powerful words by @denicefrohman #internationalwomensday repost from @nathalieemmanuel

YUP ~ #internationalwomensday

SUPER PONY ~ for @chanelofficial by @marciahamilton

ASK MORE OF HIM ~ thank you for this @mattmcgorry @therepproject. please pass it on. #askmoreofhim

🖤 ~ @vanityfair (from left) @morereginahall @childishgambino 🙋🏾 @ava @xosarahjones @rashidajones @lenawaithe Dr. Ivara Esege Marianne Jean Baptiste @im.angelabassett @chimamanda_adichie @shondarhimes Mark Bradford @iamderay @gabunion @chucklightning @janellemonae photo by @markseliger #oscars
EASE ON DOWN! ~ the wiz my mama @dianaross, michael jackson, nipsey russell, and ted ross

FUN WITH MY ONES ~ @vanityfair #oscars
MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD ~ @blackfutureslab has a goal of having 200,000 Black people participate in the Black Census Project by August 1st. By taking part and spreading the word, we can help them get there. Go to

UP LATE LAST NIGHT ~ but didn't drink cause I'm on camera today. Gotta save the face!

FASHION STRIKES AGAIN #ThankYouFashion4WoundingMe

BALMAIN BABY ~ @vanityfair party wearing @balmain couture gown @nikoskoulisjewels earrings @anakhouri ear cuff @judithleiberny clutch @rogervivier shoes styling by @karlawelchstylist hair by @marciahamilton makeup by @lisastoreymakeup #oscars

CONGRATULATIONS ~ we celebrate you. #timesup #oscars

MOM & DAD ~ at the #oscars in the early 70s!
WOMEN FOR WOMEN ~ proud to wear this @stellamccartney for @netaporter T shirt to support #incrediblewomen around the world! All profits go to @womenforwomen for #internationalwomensday