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Jacob D Joyner

14 hours ago

As humans this is sometimes difficult, but God does have the master plan and I know His plans are better than ours!

Lucy Lou

16 hours ago

So very true we tend to get in his way

Rabail J. Kennedy

16 hours ago

Exactly what I needed tonight.

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Xitlali Limon

a day ago

I'm sick with a horrible cold so when I saw this looking like a CD...I thought it was on CD for a second...:(

Martínez Alejjo

a day ago

Its one of my favorite Spotify playlist

Sarah Lieder Schmidt

2 days ago

I was listening to this one today

We invite you to pray for each other ... post your request in the comments below and like someone's else comment to show you're praying for their need. #cityonourknees #fighttheelements

Jackie Sanders

2 days ago

My family and I are trying to navigate our way through this new life. We suffered a tragic loss of my 17 year old daughter on Nov 12th in a car wreck. It's very hard to say the least. 💔 🙏

Anthony Evans

2 days ago

My husband was just recovering from bacterial pneumonia and now has strep. He's very sick. Asking for prayers for him and for me to not contract it. I have been coughing and hoarse for a week. Thank you. 😷🤒🤮

Joshua Leitch

2 days ago

Please pray for my mother and for my relationship with her. She is in a very bad place emotionally and financially and it has caused her to take advantage of the ones who love and care about her. Please pray for understanding and empathy for myself and for wisdom and financial peace for her.

Melissa Spaulding-Dowless

2 days ago

That’s not spiritual death...we were spiritually dead BEFORE Christ. Compromise, or sin, or whatever this is in reference to, does lead to spiritual ineffectiveness or lack of spiritual growth. But if you truly believe in Christ, you are born again and made alive and cannot become dead again (unless you forsake Christ completely, or never truly believed).

Debra Hoefling

2 days ago

Big happen with the house of god something beanth me can till

Jose Rueda Zamora

2 days ago

Take every thought captive.

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Amir Nosrat Abadi

3 days ago

I will definitely be checking them out

Arles Shipley

3 days ago

You need more larger sizes everything is sold out. 😥

Zeynab Ostad

3 days ago

Marked down? You have got to be kidding.

Chuck Mccoy

5 days ago

Hann Ladrido maybe this was the reason all along? Brokeness to Blessedness! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😌😌😌
But it should've said that God allows our hearts to be broken. But either way, I get the point. Lol. 💕💕💕

The Lo/Jo Jive Fest

5 days ago

God doesn’t break a heart. It’s that we choose to not listen. That’s how we get hurt.

Cindy Tucker FitzPatrick

4 days ago

Why does everything or everybody have to be debated these days. God is the Creator of Everything. So I guess that includes broke hearts.☝️🙏❤️

Yes amen... It shocks me to see folks that call themselves Christians, putting ugly words on face book... People if u gonna talk the talk, please let your light shine for Jesus!!!

Sadiq Munir

5 days ago

Some people need to hear the truth, they can’t handle it then they shouldn’t be around honest people that will tell them the truth.

Josh Gunstone

5 days ago

Oh so true..y fifth grade teacher mentioned to me that my teeth looked crooked and said I looked a lil chubby. I still have an issue with weight and I hated to smile until I had braces put on at age 26. I was so proud of those braces 😄

#seasonofgiving #redkettlechallenge #speaklife

Vicente Airishi

6 days ago

Amen! I'll go to the mall ASAP!

Anne Motejus

6 days ago

Always put money aside for the red kettle! So far I’m good!

Aubree Gearhart

6 days ago

I have been putting in a little each time I pass one.

Ayka Ism

6 days ago

Amen. Nothing can separate me from God’s love. I am thankful that in all things, whether I make a mistake or do something that is wrong, God loves me. God’s love is steadfast and amazing, and as a Child of God, I’m thankful for that.

Each day, we will go through things in our lives. Through all of these things, we need to trust God at all times. And, we need to trust Him in the little things too.

I am amazed that God has been doing great things in my life and I look forward to experiencing what God has in store for me in the days ahead. And because God has great things in store for all of us each day, it does not mean that we can walk away from God, and let it be sunshine and roses from here on out. It means that we continue to trust God and let Him have His way in our lives. And there’s another part to all of this, we must pray without ceasing too. When you love God, you are going to do things for Him that will cause you to encourage yourself and other people.

I am thankful for God’s love, because His love is so powerful. And, His love has no limits. It doesn’t matter if you are going through something and it is so hard to bear, God loves you and you are loved.

I encourage all of you to stay with God and trust His love at all times. When you do, His love will stay with you, no matter what will happen in your life.

May God bless you and may God’s love do great things in your life.

Alec Taylor Knope

5 days ago

I don’t remember Jesus ever saying that. Is that a bible verse?

Jhon Buenaventura

7 days ago

Wow!! What a merciful God!!!

Franklin, Tennessee… A rainy Dickens of a Christmas!!
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Samira Faria Luiz

7 days ago

Thank you for your music!!!... it is life saving!!!
God Bless you and your beautiful family♥️

Fernanda Navarro

7 days ago

God bless you Brother. Love the Elements cd. Bought many.

Shayla Shay

7 days ago

Was raining cats n dogs here in north Texas, too.

It’s that time of year!!! Picking out that Christmas tree with my love!!! Nuggets bailed so they don’t get a vote 😏

Gabriel Solis

7 days ago

Now is that your daughter or your wife!😂 Nice Picture. Hang that one on the wall at home. HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Victoria Ramos

8 days ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family. God bless all.

Louise Malcolmson

8 days ago

Merry Christmas to your family!!

Kelly Ann Everts Breslin

8 days ago

I have no other choice but to trust Him! 💙🙏🏻💙

Oscar Alberto Cortés

8 days ago

This is categorically not true. We are holding God responsible for a lot of the bad-place the proper blame on the devil. God can use everything, yes, but He does not place us in every circumstance-yet we can choose to honor Him in spite of our circumstances.

Joe Dilo

8 days ago

My whole adult life has been full of nothing but failures and screwups. But I think it all led me to my purpose. I think my purpose is to visit the elderly at a nursing home.
If visiting the elderly is truly my purpose in life, then my whole adult life makes perfect sense.

If I hadn't have joined the Marines, I wouldn't have developed schizophrenia.

If I hadn't tried to go to college, I wouldn't have needed to join the Navy to pay off my student loans.

If I hadn't joined the Navy, it wouldn't have exasperated my schizophrenia to the point where I could no longer work without going completely insane. And if I hadn't been diagnosed with schizophrenia after my first psychotic break in the Navy, I wouldn't be on disability and I wouldn't have the time to devote to visiting the elderly

If I wasn't so bad with money, I wouldn't have gotten the job at Petsmart to supplement my disability income.

If I hadn't worked at Petsmart, I wouldn't have gone psychotic and shot myself.

If I hadn't shot myself, I wouldn't have spent the entire summer in the hospital and learned how lonely it is to be stuck there indefinitely.

If I didn't know how lonely that was, I wouldn't have gotten the idea to visit with the elderly and I wouldn't have realized my purpose.

Finally it all makes sense.

Thanks for being a community that prays! Add your prayer request as a comment and like another to show you're praying for them. #fighttheelements #wearefamily

Hugo Tortugo

9 days ago

Please Pray for my husband and my family, he moved out a week after Thanksgiving and has decided to end our marriage of 16 years

Ma Guadalupe Orozco Gonzalez

8 days ago

I am doing an update on my prayer health is returning and I have been able to gain weight and not pass out. Thanks to all who prayed ❤️

Sara Jones

9 days ago

A 20 year old with a new baby is on life support. They will harvest her organs tomorrow. Pray for strength and peace for her loved ones.

Geovany Sánchez

8 days ago

Even when your not in a crisis

Eduardo Girardi

9 days ago

TobyMac always has wisdom. I love him!

Zsikai Antal

9 days ago

The reality applies when not in crisis as well, and I lying to myself if I begin to think otherwise.

Christmas music!! 🎄👼☃️🎀
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9 days ago

I love this album

Cyrielle Ravaut

9 days ago

Where can I buy a CD?? I can't download

Renee Martinez

9 days ago

Can anyone tell me if this is for real or a phishing game?

Luisa Lawrence

10 days ago

No matter what people will hurt and abandon you. Had that happen my whole life. I'm done with people. Time to become a hermit.

Chauine Thompson

10 days ago

You can’t go in debt if you’re already broke.

Sam Rhoden

9 days ago

There are great ways to show love besides using plastic. Baking, time spent, music, homemade things.. Goes on

Joao Dias

10 days ago

I don’t believe God “gives us” bad things to teach us anything... bad things happen. For instance... I’ve had 7 miscarriages in 3 years. I don’t believe that God killed those precious babies in order to teach me anything. It broke my heart to be told each time by someone... “This is part of Gods plan!”

Elen Thang

11 days ago

I don’t believe God plans to do bad things to us I believe he helps us get through those hard time. God is Love

Mark Clinton Kevin Origenes

11 days ago

Perspective is such a powerful lesson. It’s never about us or our circumstances. It’s ALWAYS about Gods path, plan, preparation, potential for us.

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Sascha Rojan

12 days ago

Cathy Reese Douglas, would you want to do a 5K with me?

Louis Scott

12 days ago

this has always been on my bucket list. I was hoping that 2019 could finally be the year and I could check it off. But it's not going to happen as my oldest son is getting married that weekend. bummers.

Elena Sperandeo

12 days ago

Alexis Kristine Vaughn-Ormsby🙄🤔

Beki Robertson

12 days ago

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 😏

Pérry Deni

13 days ago

I can really relate to some of you. My new beginning I hope to start soon. Just remember God is all we need and He is the only one who completely satisfies.

Dannick Loubert

14 days ago

So true. My new beginning started 6 years ago and I never looked back on my past. I thank God every day for where I am in my life. And know how it's going to end. 💜

Filmed amidst the scenic environment of Iceland, the official music video for #TheElements visually represents the meaning of the song.

“When somebody has to walk through a desert or a storm, they are fighting the elements, fighting things that aren’t natural to themselves. Our lives are much the same. We’re fighting against these things everyday trying to remain true to who we are called to be.”

Aye Aye Win

14 days ago

Your video speaks volumes for many of us who have been fighting the elements. I like the way you surrender to God and won’t stop fighting because these are the important things in life. God is already won but this world is a battle ground and I am fighting too not just for me but for others as well.

Jamaliante Emerson

14 days ago

What a powerful statement with a beautiful backdrop! Encourages my daily fight against the powers of evil trying to come against us.

Rouxanne Austin

14 days ago

Toby Mac The view was amazing, thank you.

Med Otmani

14 days ago

Amen, Amen and Amen 🙏❤ good morning blessings to all.

Kathy Whiteway Rhoads

14 days ago

And question! I ask Him questions ALL the time! What does this mean? What was the original Greek or Herbew word? What am I missing? How can this be? He almost always answers. 🙂

Nguyễn Huỳnh Như

14 days ago

There is only one interpretation to the Word of God and it belongs to the Author. I found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Keep this in mind when you are out and about this weekend ... 💝

Vishal Magar

14 days ago

Sorry. No. Pick a better charity to support. #sorrynotsorry Until they change their stance on such things as abortion and helping all peoples, being blind to their sexual orientation. Absolutely no!!

Ditshabe Nathaniel Ramabu

14 days ago

We use to pass them by but we no longer will. We live in Panama City where hurricane Michael came through. Let me tell you of all the “help” that showed up here the Salvation Army was here quick, strong, and one of the only few that stayed in my home town to still help after everyone else else packed up and left. It was amazing to see that they truly cared and wanted to make a difference in people’s lives here, not just show up for a week or two and leave.

Juan Paredes

14 days ago

Don’t give to organizations like Salvation Army which will refuse to help trans people and will leave them to die on the streets. I don’t care if you give me this (quasi) religious excuse of not accepting their lifestyle. You try to explain to me that Jesus would leave them there.

Never give or support Salvation Army. They don’t have the sacred heart of Jesus as the reason they help. They don’t have helping for the sake of helping at the centre.

They were founded to combat trade unionism and socialism amongst the poor. They are meant to distract from improving the world.

I don’t see Jesus in them.

Every one of us is facing the elements...

Things that are trying to keep us from being who we want to be or who we are called to be… the friend we want to be, the sibling we want to be, the spouse we want to be, the parent we want to be, the person of community we want to be, and ultimately even the believer we want to be....Facing these elements that are trying to stumble us or change our course is what we must be aware of, what we must fight daily. This crazy world comes hard against us, it makes us want to look after ourselves, not others. It makes us want to retreat, not step into calling. We have to wake up every morning with a steadfast resolve to fight the elements.

Steve Mwangi

14 days ago

Thanks to be the best christian singer and the best example to follow.😍

Sonja Offergeld

14 days ago

For we wrestle not against flesh and bone!!! I love this song so much!!! When you did this live in Shreveport, I felt the Spirit so mighty coming alive to call so many to be warriors against these elements! 💪🏻

Carol Alejandra Bolaños

14 days ago

We have to dunk ourselves in God's grace and truth EVERY day. Without the continual grace and truth of Jesus... our fight against the elements of the world is hopeless

Let's come together and pray for each other ... add your prayer request in the comments and like someone else's comment to show you're praying for them. #CityOnOurKnees #FightTheElements

Leland McCarthy

14 days ago

Heehee. All of the “yes...but...” and Jesus is like “Did I Stutter?”

Johan Van Goethem

15 days ago

Truth and without the other is a delusion

Lyka Rellon

15 days ago


Steven Lawson

16 days ago

Amen 🙏❤ good morning blessings to all

Jolezya Habasimbi

16 days ago

You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing
You say I am strong when I think I am weak
You say I am held when I am falling short
When I don’t belong, oh You say that I am Yours… and I believe ❤️

Izeta Bejtic

16 days ago

Some actual proof that we were created by this supposed God character would be a good start.

Anyone have any that doesn’t require faith or a two thousand year old book of stories? Anyone?

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Daniel Parra Montoya

16 days ago

Wondered where I could find these after seeing them popping up on my feed!

Katrin La

17 days ago

I love all your sayings!

Ballack Vicky Macwili

17 days ago

Still no tweets though when I'd RT almost every single one..:( Even use the @TobymacInsider Twitter to tweet them. :D

Krystle McKay

18 days ago

It is actually the gateway.

Nora Tovarmarcelo

18 days ago

Amen! Good morning blessings to all 🙏❤

Flávio Bach

18 days ago

Truly words to encourage me

Have you heard the new Hollyn???? You need to.

Larry Flagg

18 days ago

Nice voice but picture was too dark to actually see.

Amazing testimony of what God can do in brokenness. Hollyn will do well as Tobymac has the daddy image going on.😉 As a music manager he was "no doubt" an inspiration and "there for her". I saw them perform in 2016 in Baton Rouge...."the gurrrrllll can sing"....Her voice is amazing and dynamic..... Blessings to both artist!! "Keep walking....soldier keep moving on"!!

Ray Morris

19 days ago

Wow-Some y’all need to have a talk with Jesus! You know who you are! ❤️ Hollyn-alone is my jam! Cuz I can be a little punk sometimes too 😉

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Kylara Stanbro

19 days ago

Its not being shown here in Cali that means well have to watch it live!

Prehen Chetty

19 days ago

Elizabeth Armbrester tell your mom

Ashley Mcmahon

19 days ago

Any idea how to get it in Minnesota?

The new CD #TheElements is on sale for $7.99 atLifeWay for a limited time! Available in stores, or online here at

Jomai Villegas

19 days ago

Just bought it!

Wladimir Ramiz Mendes

19 days ago

And I paid the $11 plus shipping...🤦‍♂️

Christian Mendiola

20 days ago

Your music is so incredible and Your Love for God and sharing Him through your Music is such a Great Inspiration.

Thank you for your hard work and Great Love for God and others to share your talent to build up God’s Kingdom.

Katrina Bates
Birmingham, Alabama

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Ross Morgan

21 days ago

stuff like this is why christian music is a buch of crap. selling overpriced merch to push your own self-serving "brand" in the name of jesus. pathetic...

Paul Shapland

21 days ago

As in great make up, right. Heh and great Music. NOW iF we could get him TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!

Nalunkuumartha Christlove Kiyingi

21 days ago

Hi and😊 Good Evening Tobymac!!
I sure like this.
Thankyou Tobymac!!😊🙏🙏

"We're trying to maintain this faith walk in the middle of this bananas world..."

Hear the story behind the song "The Elements" 👇

Ina Scheepers

21 days ago

Haven't listened yet, but his music just gets better with each new album!!!

Paco Molina

21 days ago

I love ❤️ this song!!! I love I’m gonna go down swinging if I go down. Such a motivator

Grateful Won

21 days ago

The Elements is your best album! 💖🎤🎶

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Barb Briggs

21 days ago

Need to get something.

Darlene Jonasen

22 days ago

Got the cropped sweatshirt for my daughter for Christmas...that’s how we’re telling her she’s going to her first TobyMac concert next year!!

Angelisse Karol

22 days ago

Mariah Mariannah Thompson!

Leanne Smith

21 days ago

Amen 🙏❤ good morning blessings to all.

Juan Francisco Alfaro Quijano

22 days ago

Amen praise God TYJ hallelujah to the Lamb of God, rejoice in the Lord hallelujah!!!

Gaby Leni

22 days ago

I often thank God for the foundational and invisible things that we take for granted.

Let's pray for each other ... add your prayer request in the comments and like someone else's comment to show you're praying for them. #wearefamily #fighttheelements
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Camila Cabello

21 days ago

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the number of personnel to man the kettles. I grew up in The Salvation Army. Every Christmas for me was helping distribute gifts, ringing the bell or playing my horn at the kettles. It's a great thing that The SA does to help so many at Christmas and throughout the year.

Joseph Delfin

23 days ago


Princess Renitta

22 days ago

I love the bell ringers for the red kettle.

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Ashley Barnes

25 days ago

I love his songs

Elias Cabral

25 days ago

Too bad Capital Kings aren't doing anything anymore... :(

Maria Magdalene

25 days ago

Love all your music #Tobymac

Anita Belkowska

a month ago

Healing can take a life time even after you have let it go.....

Laura Souza

a month ago

The steps to peace ❤️ Amen

Fred Gangel

a month ago

Oh that obnoxious Bansky image...

Not a bad “office” for the day 😏
First place the phrase “Elvis has left the building” was used after fans pleaded for an encore.
Looking forward to tonight at Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

Marcelo Jesus Aumente Amo

a month ago

As ALWAYS, great show!

Monica Sanchez

a month ago

As ALWAYS, great show!

Lori Parker

a month ago

As ALWAYS, great show!!!!

This is a new artist that I have the privilege of working with… he has a heart for the church that I love and admire and a soulful voice that is rare. A crazy sweet combination. Listen and remember what the church could/should be to all of us. I needed medicine to my soul. Cochren & Co.

Velma Garcia

a month ago

He is absolutely brilliant! #blessed
Love him!

Christian Schäfer

a month ago

Wow, I really like his style and this song, also love the song Grave!

Alix Abood

a month ago

Awesome!! Purchased both songs on Apple just now!! Beautiful voice❤️

Dikla Bar-On

a month ago

The Light was made for us to see.

Rogelio Calihua

a month ago

If you never find God's love you will never be complete!

Mandeep Kaur

a month ago

Amen 🙏❤ good morning blessings to all.

I set my eyes to the west...
Aaaaaaaye. This theatre tour.
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Ming Cooper

a month ago

Psalm 103:12 ESV / 29 helpful votesHelpful Not Helpful

As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.

Allison Johnson

a month ago

Walkin’ away from it all
Reachin’ for what lies ahead
I got my Eye On It

Jessica Rae

a month ago

That’s me standing under Toby’s armpit lol!

Ferenc Erdei

a month ago

Amen 🙏 my Tennessee inspired brother. God bless you

Donna Austin

a month ago

Huge truth and Amen 🙏❤ good morning blessings to all.

Cindy Knight Wills

a month ago

Time to stop reading the last chapter and read the final one, missing those in the previous chapters...oh well...their choice, not ours

Let's pray for each other ... add your prayer request in the comments and like someone else's comment to show you're praying for their need. #wearefamily #fighttheelements

Satish Gholap

a month ago

Prayers for my son with depression and anxiety. Also, the struggling addict.

Mony Parra

a month ago

I pray my nephew, struggling w mental health and drug/alcohol addiction.

Lang Heath

a month ago

Please pray for my dad. He has cancer and has been having difficulty with the effects of chemo and radiation.

Here we go....
The Theatre Tour-last week
Lafayette, LA.
Beaumont, TX.
Midland, TX.
Shreveport, LA.

📷 Luke Schoenhals

Lüchy Lobo

a month ago

I've always wanted to see Louisiana 🤩

Bryer Moody

a month ago

How come no Christian artists ever post about hunger poverty Forrest fires shootings and aknowlage these things on there page and pray for people are do concerts raise money to help people in California that is what a Christian should do who has the power to influence people instead all they do is try to sale clothes Cds tickets and tell the world how good there music is but never ever address the real concerns in this world it's like all of these Christian artists are just like the rest of the world chasing money not chasing after God. I guess I'm just let down cuz I put so much trust and hope into Christian artists that I think of them as preachers when they are nothing but entertaining people who are Christian. IDK that's just my outlook on things a true Christian would speak up for what is going on in the world and have post about it not just post about songs and t shirts that's what non Christian artists due

Sadie Watson

a month ago

Another christian concert that sells alchol.. hate venues like that.. cajun dome did it for the praise and worship concert. I heard. Kathy Wimberley👏

Deborah Adams

a month ago

... and sometimes, one doesn’t ignore the red flags, takes action to prevent them from becoming stumbling blocks; and the action brings the red flags to fruition to end it all.
Sometimes, fervent prayer is the only effective action.

Janeth Hernandez

a month ago

I agree about the "red flags," but people are human and I always look for the good in others. It makes it hard to determine when to walk away or keep trying.

Sara Giesler

a month ago

It's true.
Take a snapshot of the person in question. Can you accept then as they are? If the answer is, "Yes, everything but..." then the answer is 'no'.
We must accept or reject people for who they are. Not for who they will be, who we hope they will be, or who we fear they will be. Anything else is unfair and wrong.

Come on Louisiana let’s make it allllllllll sell outs!!!!!!
Feat. Ryan Stevenson & Cochren & Co.
Lookin forward to it TX & LA.

Kriszti Majoros

a month ago

Let's start a Facebook campaign to have Toby Mac do the Super Bowl halftime show 🏈

So wish I could be at the Shreveport concert. Love your music.

Aurora Lewis

a month ago

Please come back to Seattle!!!

Vincent Jeffreys

a month ago

Amen, God knows their heart, we don't!!!

Earnest Robinson

a month ago

Oh yes! We never know what another may be going through.

Alejandro Rodriguez

a month ago

Amen my pain would bring all to tears but God has brought me through

Erie, PA. you made a cold Sunday night sooooo warm. Thank you 😏 #TheTheatreTour #DiverseCity
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Soheil Habibzadeh

a month ago

That’s awesome we had a great time and we are right in the first and second row can’t wait until feb to see you guys again in GA

Anne Chapman

a month ago

Awesome show!!!! Thank you for encouraging Erie with the hope of Jesus Christ! God bless you all! ❤️🙌🙏

Alex Raiders

a month ago

The show was amazing! Here's a throwback to some old school Gotee swag circa early 2000's when I would come down from Erie to the Nash every April to volunteer time to promote Gotee artists and new music - working with Troy Collins. Remember the VW bug, implementing your own Gotee radio station for the week, "The Church" and so many other awesome marketing ideas! Such a trendsetting company! Good times!

Cartagena Vanessa

a month ago

The precise definition of a Perennial

Joun Inge Mamesah

a month ago

Excellent thought - thank you my friend. It was a real blessing catching up with you.

Thank you for the reminder!!

Loving The Theatre Tour. Every theatre is uniquely warm, local and inspiring! Tonight we play Providence, RI. First TobyMac concert here ever that I remember, and thankful we’re sold out!! Let’s go.

John Athan

a month ago

Wow!!!! What an amazing night!!!! Thank you so much, Toby, Diverse City, Michael and was fabulous!!!! God bless you all ♥️

Cynthia Littlejohn

a month ago

Theatre Tickets $30 each
Elements Hoodie $60 each
Watching your kids sing along with Toby like you did over the last 20 years “PRICELESS”

Salim Limbu

a month ago

Was there! My 11 year olds first Tobymac concert! That place was lit!