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10 days, LATIN AMERICA. Are you ready?

27.09 // São Paulo
29.09 // Porto Alegre
30.09 // Curitiba
02.10 // Santiago
04.10 // Montevideo
06.10 // Buenos Aires
09.10 // Guatemala City
11.10 // Mexico City
13.10 // Guadalajara

Dean Stuart

2 days ago

Jesus and Aragorn had a child?

Cintia Lorena Perez

2 days ago

I won't... 😔😢😭

Debbie Brown

2 days ago

Next Year Schaffhouse (SWITZERLAND)!!! 😉

#FBF // A BEAUTIFUL LIE. What's your favorite shot from the music video?

Lou Huerta

5 days ago

¡¡adoro está canción!!

Sam Brooks

5 days ago

Come to salt Africa

Toni Tquestzone

5 days ago

Bring it back to Live shows.

#MonolithTour Memories // Bratislava, SK.

Mohamed Saoudi

5 days ago

Ya no puedo esperar para verlos en Chile!!!

Pierre Blas

5 days ago

Photos look incredible too😁 It's been fun to watch what has been happening around and sounds like yas enjoy a break.You have been my Daily Rainbow without in the pics are great..I'm going too miss your shared views for us😊😍👍🇦🇺
Love yas!

Dale Powell

5 days ago

Best experience in my life ❤️

I'm in love with the shape of you - #RescueMe. MARS meets Ed Sheeran in our latest BBC Radio 1 #LiveLounge.

Ariel M. Martinez

8 days ago

Te amo, bye.

Sergio Quintana

8 days ago

Andrea Stecco Salvi sarebbe bello vedere un concerto tutto così 😍😍

Pizy Wizy Pachiz

8 days ago

Stine har du hørt den her? Han er dygtig!

#MonolithTour Memories // Zamardi, HU. #StrandFestival

Renata De Liberali Cavalcanti

10 days ago

Sand Ranicouv .... pfffr pour notre concert il était pas aussi vie habillé et on a pas vu ses yeux de la soirée derrière ses lunettes de soleil .... grrr 😢😡

Larisa Blaj

10 days ago

Gordana Šolta, ne sjećam se da se ovdje nalazimo 😎🙈 još jedno mjesto za pobjeći, inkognito 😂

Patrick Mihan

10 days ago

Dó Ri de jó is volt! 😍❣️

Land of a billion lights. Will you be joining us on the #MonolithTour, Europe? Not many dates left:

06.09 // Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
08.09 // Milan, Italy*
11.09 // Braga, Portugal*
12.09 // Lisbon, Portugal*

*Soundcheck Party access available for these shows!!

Joiss Bolço Gago

13 days ago

I want to turn back time 😭

Tim Kilby

13 days ago

Jared Leto Thirty Seconds to Mars
hi Jared a very good and dear friend named Manja has his birthday tomorrow. She's having such a hard time !! Please can you congratulate her on her birthday tomorrow? I try to reach the whole week that you congratulate her and I hope it works! Thank you very much🙏🏻

Timmy Kings

13 days ago

See you next tuesday in Braga!!!

Heading back to the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge next week!! Tune in MONDAY, SEPT 10 from 12PM for a surprise or two.. See ya then. 😎

Tim Crissman Jr

14 days ago

Do you fu*k for blow?

Toni Joiner

14 days ago

Already know it and can't wait.

Lindsey Welz

14 days ago

What time you going to be there would love to see you

MARS + bigFM making dreams come true. Congratulations again, LEENA!

Anyone from the Freiburg show coming out to join us in Hannover tomorrow?

Kathiia Torres

15 days ago

That made me cry. I am so happy for her! 😍

Brenda Paiz de Aguilar

15 days ago

❗CUTEST VIDEO EVER CREATED❗ it's PRICELESS 🍀 .. a sweet tribute to his fans Jared Leto #monolithtour #GRAZ #AUSTRIANS

Jonathan Domingues

15 days ago

See you tomorrow 💖

Gotta lose it all if you want to take control. #RescueMe

Minn Nyunt

17 days ago

Sell yourself to save your soul 🤘🏼

Thanks for an amazing 2 nights this weekend!! Was amazing to sing along with pride both nights... thanks for rescuing me 6 years ago! 🔺

Wadbuma Mary

17 days ago

Noëmie Grgs bientôt !!!!

Mitch Poe

17 days ago

‚Sell yourself to save your soul.’👌❤️

Ready Bratislava? Graz, you're up next.. Hannover + Luxembourg, see you next week. 😎

Jocelyn Beyea

19 days ago

No more places for luxembourg ... 😭😭😭

Lorinda Bennett

19 days ago

Hope the tour is going well and you guys are getting great turnout. Feel free to let me know how the matte white drum wraps are working out for you! Rock on!

Sandra Lancy

19 days ago

Wish you could come to the UK!

Today in MARS History, 2005 // The band's breakthrough album #ABeautifulLie was released! When did you first discover MARS?

Listen + own:

Homero Crisostomo Aquino

20 days ago

2008 ❤❤❤ Heard the Kill and was hooked. 😊

Jennifer Benedict Lorenz

20 days ago

Brooke McMillan we old

Lorraine Odger

20 days ago

1.27.2007 when I listened “The Kill” for the first time!!! 😍❤️


Ricarda Shepherd

24 days ago

Wish you were here, Love Australia. <3 :*

Десислава Милушева

24 days ago

See you tomorrow 😍😘😍

Taylor Crain

24 days ago

See you in Bratislava&Graz 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Incredible time in Europe so far, but we've just begun.. #StrandFestival in Zamárdi tonight, Paris this weekend for #RockEnSeine!! Who still needs tix for their show? 🤔

Anderson Oliveira

a month ago

Cant wait to see you in Bratislava&Graz!! Would love tickets to Milan though to cheer me and my Echelon Besties up as we are all going through a hard time atm... x

Murthy RN

a month ago

Jared Leto your awesome

Coltin Morrison

a month ago

Upgrade for Krakow?!? Please?! Travelling from Newcastle!🤘😎😍

So good to be back on the road again. Anyone spending the last bit of summer with us?

Lucio Nieto

a month ago

I wish!! At least there was Tampa 😎💙💜

Rosella D'Andrea

a month ago

🎧 Listening Beautiful Lie ❔

Ivi Ivanovic

a month ago

Come to Brasília BRA 🇧🇷️😥💔

Finish the Lyric 🎵 All of a sudden it was midnight..

Marcus Angel

a month ago

Your singing my favorite song.

Britt Gambell

a month ago

Pleaae drop it as single. It s CTTE and DOD s little sister

Alomgir Hossain

a month ago

Shanni in Action 😍

#MonolithTour Memories // Stockholm, SE. See you again TONIGHT at Gröna Lund!

Miguel Angel Barajas Ortega

a month ago

I’m there! 💜

Radu Camelia

a month ago

Shannon lindo desde niño perfecto ahora 🤗🤗😉😃☺😁💖💥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Nguyễn Khánh Huyền

a month ago

Shannon para vos mi 💖

Have you seen this!? Huge thx to ECHELON OF UKRAINE for this incredible Rescue Me inspired mural!!

David Buys

a month ago

That's pretty amazing. Lot of work from a true talent ❤️

Azteka Campos Campos

a month ago

Wow! People are amazing!!!!!

TheDreamer KoRe

a month ago

Теперь LETO , обязательно должны приехать и сфотографироваться на этом фоне!)

Ready to get back in the game. What song do YOU want to hear most on the #MonolithTour Europe + Latin America?

Can't wait to see you TONIGHT, SWITZERLAND! Belgium + Sweden.. hope you're ready, too. Comin' up fast.

Adrianna Ruth

a month ago

From Yesterday and Savior

My best World Drummer

Nicola Vasile

a month ago

Would love to hear conquistador or from yesterday xxxx

#TBT // Zurich, CH. Were you at the show? Hope to see you TOMORROW in Bratsch for #OpenAirGampel!

Ali Ansari

a month ago

Por favor rindanle el merecido homenaje a la reina del soul Aretha Franklin que hoy nos dejo fisicamente pero sus canciones su arte siempren estaran en nosotros que la amamos y respetamos tanto !!!!!q.e.p.d.

Jessica Palisoc

a month ago

You know what would be awesome? If you went back to doing these at shows.

Stephanie Ashford

a month ago

Was in Basel this year and it was amazing ✌🤗🎵🎤🎸🥁🎶👍!!!

Bratsch. Brussels. Stockholm. Dresden. Zamardi. Paris. Freiburg. Krakow. Bratislava.. Will we see you this month? #MonolithTour

Paulina Masternak

a month ago

Krakow for Polish pierogies 😃

Nicole Squires

a month ago

Hope in Bruxelles... definitely in Milan 😍😃

Eloise Dmy

a month ago

See you in Bratislava!! And then in Graz the next day!! 💃🏼🕺🏼

Sooo excited! Deffo worth leaving the hubby at home for on our first wedding anniversary for!! 😍😍

‪Thx for an incredible #CampMars weekend. Year 4!! Back to Europe we go. Who's ready for the rest of the #MonolithTour?‬


Rutitita Juarez

a month ago

Jared ti aspetto a Milano 💋💋💋💋

Víctor Manuel Cuenca Asencio

a month ago

What a great photo.. I'll be there next year from Oz😁👍😍🇦🇺

Kiyoko Koizumi

a month ago


Incredible time at #CampMars so far! Day 2 is officially here + who knows what surprises await.. Anyone coming out to the show tonight? Show Tix + Day Passes available:

Ben Stacey

a month ago

Omg how wonderful...Jared!!! . I LOVE YOU, you are a great person and artist...i love you so much, you have all my admiration, few artists are sweet as you are especially with fans

Lauren Elliott

a month ago

Wish I was There! Love you 30STM. What a Great Weekend! I’m So Happy for the Echelon that were able to go. Enjoy! Love you Jared❤️

Thayan Perera

a month ago


Tonight's the night!! Anyone joining us for the first of TWO NIGHTS in Malibu?! Comment + you could score 2 tix for the show at #CampMars!

Jan Carlo Navarro

a month ago

Wish i was there with you guys, have fun. PARTY 🎉❤💕👅💋

Sulaksha PS

a month ago

Please tell us you’re selling those shirts!

Keith Gascho Jr

a month ago

I need the shirt. Please get it in the shop ASAP 🙂

Can't wait to see you in LUXEMBOURG with our special guests, TUYS! Do you have your tickets + VIP yet?

Ciera Welch

a month ago

Guys, I can‘t wait for it, the last time was in Mannheim a few years ago 😍

Emily Robson

a month ago

Who is TUYS?? '-'

Soon back in Stockholm🙌🏼

#MonolithTour Memories // Prague, CZ.

James E Jim Smith

a month ago

Love you so much💙💜💖💚💛❤

Mango Mango

a month ago

Martin Drenčák Gabriela Belejová 😍😍

Gabriel LilboyGrv

a month ago

Jared, be sure to sing "Attack", "A Beautiful Lie" and "From Yesterday" on São Paulo show, please...


Add the 3 songs, please!!!

Please, please, please!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Can't join us for the entire #CampMars weekend? Concert-only tix ARE available! Hope to see you soon..

SAT //
SUN //

P.S. Saturday's a SUNSET Theme Night - bring out those magic hour colors!

Enjoy lucky winners are grinners from us in Oz🇦🇺👍😁✌

Arturo Wong

a month ago


Katie Green

a month ago

Saturday or Sunday plus a flight from the UK and a couple of days in a hotel would be great!!! Haha!! A girl can all but dream

Just 9️⃣ days 'til we bring #AMERICA back to you, EUROPE! Bratsch, Brussels, Stockholm, Dresden, Zamardi.. Who's ready? 😎🔥


Naoe Portilla Luis Lucho

a month ago

Eva Lukas i freu mi so sehr

Jerome Terrell Kindell

a month ago

Sanne Tägtström glöm inte priolistan ;)

Carolyn M. Campbell

a month ago

Luxembourg!! Woop Woop!! Can't wait!! ♥️😘😘😘

#MonolithTour Memories // Basel, CH. Will we see any of you in Bratsch at Open Air Gampel?

Alexandria Bass

a month ago

Have a lovely weekend Mars!

Yanni Perez Chavez

a month ago

I want you to make it incredible one more time in Mexico. We want you to make us happy. Nice photos.

Kendal Kendoz George

a month ago

Christina Parker check out his epic cape! 🔥😍🎶🎤❤ 👍

1 WEEK 'til #CampMars Malibu!! Anyone coming out to spend a weekend with us? Get ready to swim, sing + spend summer days with MARS! 🌅

Limited Day, Weekend + Overnight Packages available -- Visit

Rachael Shepherd

a month ago

Ich möchte da soooo gerne hin, aber leider ist das für mich unmöglich und wird wohl für immer ein traum sein 😔

Tramel Davenport

2 months ago

I am! Multi Day pass! First time ! Cant wait to fly back to Cali and experience this.

Cate Amos

2 months ago

OH YEAH!, sure, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm poor and have no chance to even go to anywhere inside or outside my country, hahaha...

Far from over. #MonolithTour Latin America tix now available (Guatemala on sale Aug 7!!) + heading back to Europe Aug 17! Anyone comin' to a show, or better yet.. Camp Mars next week?

Allan Paglinawan

2 months ago

Vem pro Rio de janeiro crl

Dadi Bok

2 months ago

In Lisbon in September

Rizky Kurniawan

2 months ago

See you in Dresden 🙌

#MonolithTour Latin America.
#CampMars 2018.
#WalkOnWater in the #VMAs -

This is the life on MARS – what are you most excited for right now?

Franciis Bunitinho Montrond

2 months ago

Having lost 120 pounds on my own ✌️😎

Nicky Luya

2 months ago

Please reduce the price on your Thirty Seconds to Mars tie dye Gildan sweatshirt, Jared!!
$85 is waaaay beyond insane.

Haley Naumann

2 months ago

Take off the dress and I will tell you. You look ridiculous!

Less than 2 WEEKS to go.. Get those drumming hands ready, campers. It's almost time for #CampMars!

Don't wait a second longer—Lock in your Pass with Adventures In Wonderland:

Ariel Marie

2 months ago

Melissa Doyle i see us on the edge of the photo right hand side haha

Yoana Hoil Pech

2 months ago

What’s the theme for Sunday night?

Mason Ward

2 months ago

Said it before; thanks for giving western Canada NOTHING

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Pooja Kushwaha

2 months ago

Can we get a video of this amazing artist?

Stefany Moura

2 months ago

Lovely photo of Shan Shan! ❤

Emptiness Kawal Khalifa

2 months ago

Email, today to rspv to Campmars not this year, sadly. Hope you guys have it next year I will definantly go. Lover of Mars. 😍

Listen up - hear the patriot shout. Have you voted for #WalkOnWater in the MTV #VMAs today? 👉🏼

Ummi Suprihanti

2 months ago

Germany is not allowed to vote 😒

Maurice Adams

2 months ago

Shannon is my Favorite Coffee Lover 😍💘

Štōñ Hąřț

2 months ago

I can't vote from Brazil :(

Thx to Spotify for featuring #RescueMe on the #PopUp Playlist! Have you listened to or subscribed to the mix?

Ebe G. Manini Bueno

2 months ago

Love it... great song that is relatable and relevant to the masses; so empowering!!

Tianna Salvatore

2 months ago

Love rescue me!!!!

Celine Ninou Ninou

2 months ago

Great show last night in Phoenix! It was hot as hell but well worth it!

‪Last but not least.. PHOENIX! Who's joining us tonight for the final North America #MonolithTour stop at Ak-Chin Pavilion?‬

‪✔️ Take a Lyft to the venue + score 2 free tix at the box office with receipt‬
‪✔️ Upgrade to VIP with Adventures In Wonderland:‬

Matty Kelley

2 months ago

Will be there with My daughter for her first concert.

Ed Tolson

2 months ago

Entered a couple contests to win tickets, didn’t win, but I’ll live vicariously through my fellow Echelon. 😎 I’ve loved y’all since the 90s but it is too hot for an outdoor gig! You deserve an indoors venue with air conditioning! I’m looking forward to experiencing your music live some day soon, when the weather is cooler or/and when you’re indoors! 😘

JG Badesha

2 months ago

My husband and I are going to be there and CAN'T WAIT!!! ✌🖤🇺🇸

‪Don't miss the final nights of the #MonolithTour, including our hometown show at The Forum TOMORROW NIGHT! Who's comin'?‬

Souleater Under

2 months ago

I do hope not many will get sucked into a duo, doing karaoke!!!!!!

Stephanie Sams

2 months ago

We are coming!! Show at Mountain View was INCREDIBLE!!!! Following the band. Roadies for a day!!!

Gloria E Quintero Rueda

2 months ago

se voces marcarem para "africa do sul" eu juro que vou ficar furiosa. cansei de ver outros paises africanos invisiveis perante o mundo. Vocês só têm olhos para africa do sul !!! Nós não existimos.

Thx to the MTV #VMAs for nominating #WalkOnWater for BEST ROCK VIDEO!! Voting has already begun, ECHELON – VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

William Nicholas

2 months ago

😞😞😞. “Voting is not available in your location”. (Portugal can’t vote in 30 STM for best rock nominee 😢😢😢)

Jennifer Symens St George

2 months ago

Imaginary votes from Denmark 🇩🇰

Haris Ansari

2 months ago

can’t vote from Germany😞

Can't wait to head back overseas to our International Family. What songs from #AMERICA do you want to hear live?

Wajeed Saeed

2 months ago

"Remedy" for sure, and "Great wide open"

Georgi Stoilov

2 months ago

What a question , ALL Songs 🤘😊 ... we love all your songs 😘😘😘 ... we love you ❤️ ... greetings from germany ... see you in Dresden 🤘😎😍😘❤️❤️

Olivia Parada

2 months ago

Remedy, great wide open aaaaaaaand some oldschool! Was it a dream, Capricorn, From Yesterday... :D

Don't miss YOUR chance to score a pair of tix for the #MonolithTour, PLUS a flyaway to #CampMars:

Marcia Cumaio

2 months ago

Austin show was a let down. Drummer and singer only with recorded music. And what was up with the constant “power going off”. Felt staged. Barely played any of their songs. Think he spent more time dicking around with the crowd. I still love these guys and will go to the next one regardless.

Abdalrhman Atoli

2 months ago

Monolith-CHECK. Camp Mars-CHECK :D See ya'll again in 4 weeks!

Bruce Pitts

2 months ago

Pay for a concert and get a duo karaoke piece of crap???? I don't think so! And stop with the dress.

Backstage with our special guests WALK THE MOON. Who’s coming to see us along with Welshly Arms + K.Flay this month?


Ellen Leiby

2 months ago

Wanted to say last night's show in OKC kicked ass can't wait to see you guys again.

Vicky Guinoo

2 months ago

They were awesome. Thanks for a great show both of you.

Îčë Qůėęņ Åķã Fŕøżĕñ

2 months ago

Coming to see you tomorrow, going to die in the SLC sun, and a kid with a badly sprained ankle but it will be a blast as always!

Excited to play Dos Equis Pavilion in DALLAS tonight! Don't forget: First 50 to arrive in a Lyft score 2 free tix at the box office with receipt. 😉

Finish this lyric: We were the...

Adriana Bravo

2 months ago

🎶Kings and Queens of promise🎶 ...🚀✌💋

Jerry Feld

2 months ago

We were the victims of ourselves 🤗

Jay Toland

2 months ago

Those outfits tho Amy Groff but for real though if you hurry we can still make it.. 🤣😂 maybe they found my raybans

Ready to hit Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake City! Who’s excited for the rest of the #MonolithTour in North America?

Tix, Soundcheck Acces + VIP all available at 😎

Duda Orcelio

2 months ago

I am going to see you next week in Inglewood 😁

Pérez Marvin

2 months ago

Wish I could be there 😢

Madison Hastings Cripe

2 months ago

You made my 65th birthday unforgettable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart...when you brought me on stage it was like a dream come true...y'all rocked it and if your ever here in NW Ark again. I will be there celebrating my 66th! Love love your music and Jared...ur an exceptional actor...THANKS AGAIN FOR A NIGHT ILL NEVER FORGET....or wash my T-shirt that has ur smell and sweat on.....just saying....old but not dead...yet .

38 days, EUROPE! Who's spending the last bit of summer with us?

Aug 17 // Open Air Gampel
Aug 18 // Brussels Summer Festival
Aug 20 // Gröna Lund
Aug 22 // Dresden, GER
Aug 23 // Strand Fesztivál Official


Hanne Aspås

2 months ago

See you in Dresden😍😍🤟🏻

YHong Liz

2 months ago

Gröna Lund, Stockholm!!! 🕺💃🎶

Natasha Postiglione

2 months ago

Wow! You will be so busy!!!

Arrive in style with Lyft! Show up to select venues on the #MonolithTour via Lyft night of the show + score 2 FREE TIX for you and a guest, redeemable at the box office with valid receipt.

Act fast + plan ahead.. Limited to the for FIRST 50 at each date listed! See you soon.

Tanel ... te tulete nii valel ajal ära :)))

Nikhil Lov

2 months ago

Looking forward to see you again in Switzerland! The 2nd time this year (Basel and Open Air Gampel). So happy!!!

Serenity Love

2 months ago

26, my bday! Come to Brazil! 😃😍

Incredible time last night at PNC Music Pavilion! Give a ❤️ if you came last night. Florida, you're up next. Ready?


Brahim El Ansari

3 months ago

My daughters and I were in the back on the lawn. Their first concert and loved it!

Alexandros Thomas

3 months ago

Jared Leto I will be there. So Ready! Tampa FL here I come 13 hour drive tomorrow from NC to see you in FL!

Peter Reed

3 months ago

Great show as usual !! 3rd time ❤️

🏕 Summer is coming. Lock in your Pass for #CampMars 2018, or upgrade + come a day early with Adventures In Wonderland!

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Austin, TX •

Clifford James

3 months ago

Catherine Barrett let’s go!!!! 😬

Andrea Mancilla

3 months ago

I live to far away😢

Linda Rokusek

3 months ago

one day... maybe 😕

Machaca Fest was amazing! Washington D.C.. are you ready? See you TOMORROW at Jiffy Lube Live.


Marcelo Lemos

3 months ago

See you there!!

Dawn How

3 months ago

love you baby💙💜💖💚💛❤

Txema Grantotem

3 months ago

Countdown to MARS!

Who's ready to see the #MonolithTour? Next stop, Chicago!
It's time, Atlanta. Tix for Music Midtown are officially ON SALE. Good luck + hope to see you this SEPT!

Jeff Weaver

3 months ago

15 days Tampa 😱😱😱

Andrea Jenny

3 months ago

👎🖕 is all western Canada gets

Jenny Orth

3 months ago

Just saw you in CT and miss you already!! I wanted more hours of your performance