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Pruntus Tuntus

3 days ago

OHMYGOD NEW MUSIC?!! ❤️ Looks like you might be getting me Killers tickets next Christmas then! 🤣❤️❤️🙏🏼 Di Dudden xxx

Hansel Rocke

4 days ago

Yeah no clue whats going on here. But i like that ceiling fan. 👀

Eliane Oliveira Costa

4 days ago

Give it up already you’re a great band but you can’t sell records anymore

Noelle Norman

4 days ago

Yeah no clue whats going on here. But i like that ceiling fan. 👀

Graziella Regillo Greco

4 days ago

7 shows in 2018...the thought of nothing on the calendar for 2019 is enough to drive anyone into a deep depression..I need you in my life...praying 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Jason Wang

4 days ago

Oh wow wow wow!!!!
That’s a big Christmas gift there.
The promise of new Killers music! ❤️

Because vinyl sounds so superior and everybody wants it, production estimates mid-January delivery (with an immediate digital download). All profits go to (RED).

Ioana Paven

22 days ago

Not everybody! And I only buy SIGNED stuff!

Dorothy Walker

23 days ago

I want Albert Hall vinyl pleasee!!!!!

Nancy Froese Molnar

23 days ago

Please let us order this from the UK store, shipping is way too expensive, then we get hit by import taxes too 😔

Wishing everyone a fantastical Thanksgiving. Stop looking at your phone. EAT!

Katharina Arnold

24 days ago

Happy thanksgiving to all American killers fans from an ardent Brit fan xx

Andi Paun

24 days ago

Thankful for The Killers, and their pets. Xx happy Thanksgiving.

Cor van Appeldoorn

24 days ago

Smart people are vegetarians.

Vinyl? In this day and age? #10thAnniversary

Тодор Ангелов

a month ago

Let's get some high dynamic range master's and stop putting so much dynamic range compression on things!

The loudness war does those who care most about music a disservice, and I'd happily buy all of your albums again if they were released with ~16dB of dynamic range rather than the 8-10 they currently have.

Susan Milligan

a month ago

why isn't this available in the UK? keeps taking me to spotify/apple music and the normal edition vinyl?

Nana Qwesi Larbi Samuel

a month ago

I’ve had 3 record players. I still love vinyls!

Nancy Isauris Lopez Ramirez

a month ago

we might need Ben Gates to decipher this one...

Emmanuel Josh

a month ago

My dyslexia read that as penisvagina not Pennsylvania.

Anderson Medina Rodriguez

a month ago

Can’t wait to see you at Inglewood 🇺🇸
We are coming from 🇬🇧 just to be willing victims 😜

Flores de los muertos

Lucius Transor

a month ago

Love love this picture!!!

John Ong

a month ago

i will be forever thankful to brandon flowers for inspiring my boy Tyler Joseph |-/ 👽💀

Taufiq Hotspur

a month ago

Mi Jazz mira el brandon flores recordando nuestro folklore :3 jaja

Break for nature.

Sam Gomez

2 months ago

Ronnie drumming live blew my mind. One of the best nights of my life at Mohegan Sun 2016. Amazingggg show, I laughed I cried but mostly cried.

Michael Murillo

2 months ago

Brandon Flowers are you free for lunch in Australia sometime?

Nwe Nwe Yee

2 months ago

Need a rifle

The Killers - Zombie Hands

Cecille Carreon Capala

2 months ago

Zoe. Lol you haven’t spoken to this about me for 10 hours so idk if you’ve heard it

Миро Хамитев

2 months ago

Alejandra Matus, the party band for next year’s party?

Ernestine Ramsey

2 months ago

Emma like joel the lump of coal but weird and different

Luminous beings

Edith Martinez

2 months ago

Why join the Dark Side when you can join the Brightside?

Grace Elizabeth

2 months ago

Star Wars and the killers...👍😎

Paulo Henrique

2 months ago

i've been coming out of the dark side, and everything seems to be fine...ha

Crys Kula

2 months ago

Well aren’t those two handsome devils!❤️

Kyle Rivera

2 months ago

i'm talkin tater tots- talkin sloppy joes n' fries, burger-town, talkin' pizza and ice-cream, choclate waffle and bean

Debbie Flatt

2 months ago

Like Ryan Reynolds and My name is earl smashed together.

I have a new album coming out Jan. 25th, and a new song out now. Please check out or

- Dave

Željka Stanić

2 months ago

I’ll never forget that time you took my phone and took chin selfies.

Brilliant guitarist, and all around great guy. Congrats! Can’t wait to hear the album

Belkess Abdallah

2 months ago

Gorgeous talented man, wish you luck

Alexandrea Perez

2 months ago

I love Restless Legs--an awesome lead-off single. I'm looking forward to hearing more!

Husband and wife. Quality time.

Ken Hyuga

2 months ago

Quality time on her phone by looks of things!

Martin Pescheck

2 months ago

ATTENTION VICTIMS!!⚡️Lmao follow my Killers meme page on Instagram: missatomicbomb.comm ( for juicy Brandon and Ronnie content)

Nixon Nyaga

2 months ago

Ronnie, you're in my top 5 all-time favorite drummers of all time!

Come see a plethora of bands in LA at ALTer Ego. A plethora is a lot of bands. We're one of them. Enjoy!

Joe Belden

2 months ago

Raffaele Laino told you the bloke in the back is an original member

Leigh Hancock

2 months ago

The good old days, the honest man
The restless heart, the Promised Land
A subtle kiss that no one sees
A broken wrist and a big trapeze
Oh well, I don't mind, you don't mind
Cause I don't shine if you don't shine
Before you go, can you read my mind?~

Soni Castro

2 months ago

aging process make them look more cool than before


Jorge Weatherford

2 months ago

Classic album! Would love to hear new music from the Killers that goes back to this and the Hot Fuss sound.

Marie Lirette

2 months ago

Please revisit the style, and sound of SAMS TOWN!!
The glitz of Vegas has been fun, but in the Desert (Slot Canyons vs slot machines.) One can find themselves.
Why not produce new tunes in that environment?

Eric Johnson

2 months ago

Read My Mind. Don’t know what it is about that song but it’s still my absolute favourite.

Eliza Perez Arango

3 months ago

I'll keep my ear to the shell till we hear from you again.. THANK YOU for the amazing tour and the Wonderful Wonderful album!❤️Come back soon! Love you always.❤️

Lara Maria

3 months ago

My 14 year old and I caught you guys twice. Just amazing. You are inspiring another generation of musicians too!! Counting the days until you come back.

Sara Shah

3 months ago

Thank you The Killers and this album, saw you in London and at Latitude always give 100% to your fans, have a well deserved rest!

Brandon Incognito Shinjuku

Matt Stanley

3 months ago

Love that jacket. Hope he will give it to me in Bangkok 😁😁😁

William Hernandez

3 months ago

I'm so sad the Osaka concert was cancelled! I was so looking forward to seeing you live for the first time. 😭

Tevin Wiz James

3 months ago


Hi I’m John quinones, and we wanted to see what ordinary people would do if Brandon Flowers walk right by them.

Pedro Miguel Reyes Rivas

3 months ago

Love love live The Killers... drove 7 hours to see this concert...did not disappoint! All the band members!! Shout out to Brandon being soooooo cool to Violent Femmes..and just being an amazing human being..husband ..Dad..musician ..performer... xxx.

Karen Renell

3 months ago

Laura Mitch Phwoar 😍 Could be visiting their hometown. It’s gonna be Sams Town and Elvis the whole trip xx

Moe Hsan Ko

3 months ago

My oh my, what a treat this must've been! 😉

Dear Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. You are invited. ありがとう. Terima kasih. ขอบคุณ. 祝好.


Nancy Machuca

5 months ago

I’m from Taiwan. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Hong Kong!

Htike Yanae Hlaing

5 months ago

See you Soon on the Little Red Dot 🇸🇬

Alissa Canchola

5 months ago

Will be there in Singapore

Stream here:


US and Canada:

Brian Henderson

5 months ago

My favourite album by The Cars! Every track is fabulous! 😊😍

Ken Kelley

5 months ago

Just when I thought I couldn't love you more Brandon 😍

Eddie Mays

5 months ago

Please adopt me, Brandon Flowers.

Peekaboo Paris. Good one.

Kelly S Kindred

5 months ago

Can't wait for this evening in Helsinki. My friend and I drove two hours to find an empty stadium last February, we didn't get any notification from Ticketmaster that the concert was moved since they only published it on their facebook page. But, here we go again all pumped up for a great evening, it has been a long wait since then. And since it is summer, we don't have to carry all our winter clothes. ;)

Stephanie Sutton Massey

5 months ago

Discovered you 13 years ago and still fan! Thanks for your great energy on stage🎊🎊🎊💕💕 and thanks françois the french drummer!! Amazing moment for this bold lucky one

Tyrone Jones

5 months ago

I was there, one of the best moment of my life ❤️ So proud to finally see them live ❤️❤️❤️
And big shoutout to Francois !!

Adriana Moccia

5 months ago

Looking as gorgeous as ever Mr flowers. Bolton was amazing, brilliant job. Didn't expect anything less from the best band ever!!!!!!! Eagerly awaiting the next one! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Siobhan Ross MacDonald

5 months ago

Thankyou for such an amazing set at Latitude it was awesome and my husband and I have had a really hard winter as our son fought cancer and you are his favourite band bought the tickets for Valentine’s Day and we watched you with our son who is now clear and it was a fantastic moment xx super talented Thankyou for sharing it x And no doubt Henry had a great time to lol 😂

Nathali Hdez Gomez

5 months ago

Bought tickets for my husband's 65th birthday he's disabled but I have never seen him so excited and animated as at the concert. It made his day and he's still talking about it 4 days later. So many thank yous xx

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

Angie Chan

6 months ago

Saw you in Indy . By far the best concert I have been too.

Andrei Ungur

6 months ago

GOT PRESALE TICKETS FOR YOUR TOKYO GIG!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 friggin love you guys its gonna be my first time seeing you CANT WAIT ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Elina Härginen

6 months ago

How did I not know you guys were coming to Japan?!?!? 😭😭😭 I missed out on pre-sale tickets but I’m definitely getting them on general sale

My best Sunday self.

Muhd Nazim

6 months ago

I loved the show in Köln. I am so happy I got to go and your set was amazing. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Simone Correa

6 months ago

Love this pic!!! You are such a beautiful and talented man! 😍😍 I saw you 8 times in the Philly/ NJ area.. never get tired of your music!!!! Rest up some!

David Carrasqueira

6 months ago

As long as you’re at Glastonbury 2019 you can wander the mountains for as long as you desire.

Watched our 10th gig in Brisbane last month. 💜💜

Glynda Francis

7 months ago

At bottlerock!!! Killing it!!!!! BottleRock Napa Valley come to the pop up downtown napa!

Marquis Carter

7 months ago

Liam Reilly these are sick

Юрій Каспер

7 months ago

See you in 2 weeks in Indy! Can’t wait!

Look at those colors...Thank You Mexico...Te amo

Jim N Cindy Ross

8 months ago

#WeLoveU2 🇲🇽🇲🇽 love the concert! almost perfect I just missed "Shot at night" (I love that song) Brandon You looked very handsome❤️ please, come back soon to Guadalajara 🙏🏻

Pat Berthelet

8 months ago

Green/White/Red means Italy now :-D (sorry Mexico, you've got yours :-D) !!! 2 months and 10 days left to wait, before Rome and Milan :-) !!

Nadia Smith

8 months ago

Preciosos que son 💓 ustedes han sido mi primer concierto en Guadalajara e hicieron que me enamorara de ustedes muchísimo más. Gracias por presentarse y, aunque se veían cansados, dieron lo mejor de ustedes. Son fenomenales en lo que hacen. Todas las canciones fueron perfectas ✨

Mexico City ❤️

Hernan Rienda

8 months ago

Fue todo un viaje para poder llegar a ellos,seis estaciones del metro, seis accesos para entrar a mi lugarcito, el corazón se me salía cuando iba avanzando la letra A,B,C,D,E y AL FIN LLEGUÉ, es indescriptible el sentimiento que provoco en mí el ver a Brandon Flowers y su banda 🌌
Miss Atomic Bomb y Just Another Girl 😢😭😭😭😭 suenan tan hermosas en vivo.
Tyson vs Douglas es grandiosa <3
Y es que sino te desgarras la garganta cantando, sino se te sale el chamuco en cada grito,sino sientes la adrenalina al brincar,levantar el puño y vivirlo cómo si fuera el último concierto de tu vida,entonces la aventura no vale la pena.
Si pudiera regresar el tiempo volvería a esa mágica noche en la que todo por llegar a esa fecha, hizo que valiera la pena lo que pase para llegar.
<3 Gracias The Killers y vuelvan pronto a México.

Jules Toukwe

8 months ago

Thanks for give me the best night ever! I can't stop thinking about how sexy you are Brandon, i hope you will come back soon 😍😘😍

Simone Kurzweil

8 months ago

Dear Brandon
We are soooooo sad that we've not been able to contact you till now. We booked tickets for Luxembourg.....we drove in our campervan from the UK with our 2 dogs and two Norwegian Forest Cats. It was for my 50th birthday. So we managed to get to Luxembourg..... through the snow in the UK and then the gig was cancelled. I hope you're better but we can't come on 26th July because we're working. We're so pissed off that we can't have a refund. Really really sad fans, we just loved Wonderful Wonderful soooooo much, Thank you for reading, Susanne Illsley Moffatt

3/27/18, Lima Peru @royalblooduk 📷: @robloud

Jockey Club, por supuesto.

São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷 @lollapaloozabr

Heavenly stage invasion. Hell of a crowd.
São Paulo, Brazil

Oba Brandis

9 months ago

What a special moment for B-Flow. To have royalty grace the stage like that. I’m sure he’ll never forget that. Top 5 for sure.

Xopher Mann

9 months ago

Sally! Can’t wait!!!!

Susie G. Coffman

9 months ago

Con muchas ganas esperando en México por ustedes!!! :D <3

3/23/18, Bogota, Colombia 🇨🇴

3/21/18, Asunción, Paraguay 🇵🇾
Para-Para-Paraguay! 🇵🇾
Asunción, Paraguay 🇵🇾
Join us and hundreds of millions of people around the world for #EarthHour on March 24th at 8:30pm your time by turning off your lights for one hour to show solidarity in the fight against climate change (if you believe that shit ;))

Ben McGunigle

9 months ago

Hey guys. Am I allowed to listen to your music during that hour as my music system has more lights on it than my lamp?

Arunabho Mazumdar

9 months ago

Walter Henderson remember tae turn aff your running headtorch on Saturday night when yer oot running 🏃‍♂️😂 Climate change n aw that 🤣

Chantal Linton-Madray

9 months ago

How about everyone cuts down or preferably stops eating meat! That will reduce your carbon footprint massively!!! Save the planet or put your taste buds first, Hmmmm 🙄

‪Join us and hundreds of millions of people around the world for #EarthHour on March 24th at 8:30pm your time by turning off your lights for one hour to show solidarity in the fight against climate change (if you believe that shit ;)‬

Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱 #lollapalooza

Santiago, Chile #lollapalooza

Santiago...”I don’t believe that anybody, feels the way I do, about you now.”

Lollapalooza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mauro Mora

9 months ago

Brandon, u’re the greatest!!!!

Heather Fatkin

9 months ago

Quiero verlos en vivo 😭 haha la próxima vez Cristian Daniel Herrera

Harley Parkes

9 months ago

It was absolutely fantastic guys! Come back soon 🙏

3/17/18, Buenos Aires, Argentina 📹: @gonzaloaruiz

¿Buenos Aires, nos extrañaron ó que?

American Hustle

06/03/18, Antwerp, Belgium

06/03/18, Antwerp, Belgium

05/03/18, Köln, Germany
05/03/18, Köln, Germany

#Repost @maisonvalentino #BrandonFlowers, frontman of @TheKillers, was a sparkling vision wearing a jacket embroidered with stars designed especially for him by our Creative Director #PierpaoloPiccioli. Pic @robloud
#grazie #Repost @maisonvalentino @TheKillers frontman #BrandonFlowers shines on stage during their concert at the Zenith, Paris, wearing a bespoke jacket embroidered with stars motif exclusively designed for him by Creative Director #PierpaoloPiccioli. Pic @robloud

03/03/18, Paris, France #rontemplations

La Ville Lumiere #ouioui

Nevadans in Paris