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OsOo Alhabeeb

14 hours ago

Listening to (any) of The Jacksons music is equivalent to seeing the sunrise, or a beautiful summer day walking on the beach....ijs

Anna Secchi

2 days ago

Ok his

Tomáš Vašťatka

2 days ago

Pity you won’t be able to promote in Britain with your brother nsa terrorist wanted for missing dead children

We’ve gotta take a moment to wish our brother Jermaine Jackson a very happy birthday today‼️🙏

Check out this July, 1980 cover feature from Right On! Magazine.📚

Max Crowley

3 days ago

Happy Birthday Jermaine ! Love the way you sing seen you a couple of months ago !

Ricardo Rios

3 days ago

Happy Birthday Jermaine. I remember this cover.

Jones Sanders Davis

3 days ago

Happy Birthday!🎉🎂. I have this cover in my scrapbook

Check out all ‼️9️⃣‼️ of us on the September 1975 cover of “Black Stars” magazine.📚

Iveth Hernandez

5 days ago

Love seeing you all together. Much love to all of you. ❤️

Jeff R Smith

5 days ago

All of the young Men are so fine I love Jackie he's so fine

Nasrah Aleh Ahli

6 days ago

❤️ Beauty thanks you topic the Jackson ❤️💔mis Michael Jackson king of pop Artist 💔❤️🎤👍 thanks thanks ❤️❤️🎤👍

2018 was another amazing year that was moved by the sounds of the Jacksons💥 Thank you to our fans for streaming us via Spotify! #SpotifyWrapped2018 🙏

Annine Hernández

7 days ago

One of my first concerts ever! Triumph tour!

Mary Deering

7 days ago

I like that and I love you so much m j and you live in my heart 💖

Iram Saleem Elahi

7 days ago

Would like to hear the song sung together by little Michael and company.

⁉️Can You Feel It⁉️
What’s your current mood? 1, 2, 3 or 4? Comment below!👇

Francesco Deimos Bargagni

9 days ago

Yeeees, I can feel it!!! Of course, guys! My current mood is 4 because I'll see you again next year! While you keep singing, my mood will always be 4. Thank you for staying there and for your great music!
Love you all very much! 💖💖💖

Klaudia Król Michalak

9 days ago

I can feel it my Jackson brothers. Blessings gentlemen

Maicon Felipe

10 days ago

#1 is #1 in my heart always, but love you all 💕❤️

London, we’re back!🇬🇧 Join is on June 7, 2019 at the Hampton Court Palace Festival in London, UK. Tickets on sale now👉

Garcia Miimii

12 days ago


Terry Childers Cusson

12 days ago

I remember when I left 2300 Jackson Street after Michael sung his first solo at the Elementary School Talent Show. Looking at this video yes I was quit the football player in my youth as a child and Billards for a better word Playing Pool which is one of a many talents I had mastered as a child growing up half my life in Cleveland,Ohio. I also remember being there when this song and Video was shot. what always comes to mind back then is that Bedroom where all of my brothers and I slept that was right next to the kitchen from the front living room in that house. From a Jackson once removed...

Rajiv KR Ghosh

12 days ago

I will be there.

It’s December 1st... meaning the holidays are in full-swing.🎄
How are you ringing in the season⁉️
📸 @nasadea

Ferabi Abi

12 days ago

Do the Jacksons ever sit around their own homes and listen to their own records?

Gediminas Matiukas

12 days ago

I'm ringing in the season. Putting Christ in my Christmas. Playing all my Christmas Carol's and being Merry and bright. How about you my Lovely Jackson brothers and your family. God bless you. See you in London in June Gods willing. Ho ho ho

Lola Richardson

12 days ago

❤️💙 that's very beautiful

Paris is always a good idea💭
#ThrowbackThursday to a little sight seeing in one of our favorite cities, Paris, France, before performing at the Olympia in 1972.🇫🇷
Can you spot the Eiffel Tower in Gold Lemonade’s “Count On Me” music video? Stream it now👉

Kyaw Win Htay

13 days ago

❤️❤️🎤 Beauty thanks the Jackson topic Dancers and Beauty mucic schow 🎤👍🎤👍🎤👍🎤❤️🎤👍🎤

James Pringle

13 days ago

The Jackson 6 always in the highest level!

Pavel Řídký

14 days ago

Wow..was it cold there? Some of u are waering heavy coats. Nice picture

#TakeMeBackTuesday 🔙⏮ Scenes from a Michael Montfort Photoshoot that took place in 1973.📸

Ebony Love

17 days ago

Great picture love and miss Michael rip king of pop

Kimberlee Royea

17 days ago

Pic no. 2, everyone giving the duck lips except Michael and Jackie! Even Tito has a little pout going on! 🤣

Jackies face says it all though.... "what ARE you fellas DOING?!" 🤣🤣🤣

Randy French

17 days ago

way back when...nice historic pics..i miss those days the J5 Craze...

Stream the official music video on Vevo YouTube for Gold Lemonade's "Count On Me", executive produced by our brother Jackie Jackson on his new record label, Critically Amused.🍋

Kerrie Harrison

21 days ago

♥️🎤 thanks friend thanks

Stanyoleka Horn

22 days ago

💛🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 Lemonade..... Can You Feel It?! Taste The Lemonade!🙋.

Best not see any of your clones under bases

💭 When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.💭 - Dr. Maya Angelou.🦃
Happy #Thanksgiving from the Jackson family! What are you thankful for this year? Comment below!👇

Abbos Usmanov

21 days ago


Jean Carlo Pereira

21 days ago

Australia don't celebrate Thanksgiving but hope it was fun

Cathy Timmons

22 days ago

Have a peaceful and blessed holiday season Jackson Family.

The holidays are in full-swing with the Jacksons!🦃
TAG someone that you’re thankful for below‼️👇
🎨 @nasadea

Patiitoo Lira

24 days ago

Donna Quirke my dancing partner! ❤️xx

Isko Iska

24 days ago

I'm a very big fan of the j5

Joey Pereira

24 days ago

I want to tag some of my favorite artist of the week... #TheJacksons and #GoldLemonade produced by Jackie, I love their new single Count On Me, and of course I'm really thankful for having The Jackson 5! 💖

Gold Lemonade just curated a brand new sound with their new single “Count On Me”, executive produced by Jackie Jackson under his record label, Critically Amused. Stream now👉

Riya Parab

a month ago

Yeah the best one and the King of the Kings in the World 🌍

Martha Kennelly

a month ago

parassiti i fratelli e la famiglia, avvoltoi sia prima che dopo la morte dell'unico vero genio della musica pop. MJ <3

Graham Coombes

a month ago

I miss the chicago fan club it was fun back in the day

It’s a Motown Records party!🕺
Join us on Wednesday, January 16 as we boogie on down to the Arts Centre Melbourne . Tickets are now on sale, 🎟👉

William Rhodes

a month ago

What a pity! It´s too far away! It´s a long way from Spain 😞😞😞

Jill Chang

a month ago

Are you EVER coming to Chicago or Gary,...if so,.."I'll Be There".

Jackie Keane

a month ago

We need a party like this in Las Vegas NV.

We have nothing to lose and a world to see✨
📍 Heathrow Airport
🎟 British Tour
⏰ 1979

Maggie Mumbi

a month ago

And the fans a lot to win. I love you all, my dear Jacksons! Love you very much 💖💖💖

Andrea Mazurok

a month ago

Thats the airport freddie mercury used to work at

Trish Wilson

a month ago

Hey Jacksons, I saw a video of you guys from back-in-the-day, that somebody I don't know had posted, on a TV show with was a very nice video...why don't yall show THAT video (if you haven't already) cause I can't remem-
ber whose post it was to see it again lol.

Gold Lemonade has released yet another enticing (and hilarious) music video under our brother, Jackie Jackson's record label Critically Amused. Click the link to check out their music video for their single "Older", from their four-part EP titled "Summer Lime".🍋

Can you spot the Land Rover in the video?💨

Stephan Padilla

a month ago

I like it. It has a smooth touch to it.

Kristina Dirado

a month ago

That song is beautiful I love it

Josh McKay

a month ago

this is not enticing or hilarious and neither are the other songs by Gold Lemonade!!...stupid/mindless lyrics compared to Jacksons songs

Catch us at Chris Evans’ CarFest on July 26 and August 23, 2019 in the UK!🇬🇧 Come get down with us for a cause as we benefit multiple local children’s charities.🙏
Tickets on sale now🎟👉

Cecilia M Holmes

a month ago

Gotta love these guys. Brilliant headline act at Proms in Hyde Park, London in September 2015!

Monica L Nichols

a month ago

Wheres the ne album??

Robin Speck Persson

a month ago

You guys are so blessed you are loved around the world and do not have to rely on the meager popularity you have in the USA. Continue to bless the world with your talents.

It’s Election Day and we want YOU to Rock the Vote!🇺🇸 There’s still time left to hit the polls! Visit👉 to find a voting location nearest you.
Drop us an American flag emoji in the comments below to let us know that you voted.🙌🇺🇸👇

Melody Sue

a month ago

Yes i Voted

Dejhon Baskerville

a month ago

Is this for real??? A party political broadcast by the bloody Jacksons?

Michael Arens

a month ago

I voted on October 15th!!

#SoulfulSunday is best spent among family.🙏
⏰ 1978
📸 Gregg Cobarr

Julia Molnar

a month ago

Let be honest , michael is the coolest there❤️

Paz Pizarro

a month ago

The Jackson five music was the soundtrack of my childhood" I'd give anything to go back and do it all over again" they might have gave up their childhood but it's millions of fans that will tell you being a kid in the late 60' and 70's that the Jackson five gave us hope we had pride in ourselves being black we had dreams and that Jackie was every kid big brother along with Jermaine and Tito they was roll models for us and that's why we love those guys"!!

Alan Mathers

a month ago

Everyone is all, “oh look, a camera,” and Michael is all, “did I leave the oven on?”

Photoshoot in NYC circa 1977 with photographer Richard E. Aaron.📸

Yerilin Sánchez Alpízar

a month ago

Looking for our brother Jermaine😎

Ryan Mulvey

a month ago

My very first album i saved up my allowance for was "The Third Album" by the Jackson 5. It was $2.49 at Harleys Records in downtown Modesto.

J.t. McCoy

a month ago


H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N!🎃

Mateusz Jarmusz

a month ago

Sane to u guys...

Cheryl Collier

a month ago

Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🎃Jackson's ,I love everyone of you forevermore❤❤❤❤

Shaylyn Powers

a month ago

Happy Halloween to you too guys!!!! That's a lovely picture of all the brothers together! You guys are all so handsome! Enjoy your Halloween and have lots of fun! Love you all so much! 👻🎃

No ghoulish festivities are complete without theofficial Michael Jackson #Halloween Spotify playlist! Tap the link to ensure your spooky bash is a “Thriller”👉👻

Susan Morin

a month ago

Celebrating Michael's legacy of love, excellence, and his humanitarian charity by dancing "Thriller" whenever I can with Thrill the World Los Angeles. "We are the World."🎶

Manu Capelluto

a month ago

Being a zombie and dancing Thriller of course, with TTWLA! ☣💀

Andrew Glass

2 months ago

The resurrection of the Thriller, has a nice ring to it! Without a doubt, 100 years from now, they'll still be playing the music of Michael and the Jacksons.

Our “Third Album” was released on Motown Records in 1970 and sold over 6 million copies worldwide.📀

Natalie Snider

2 months ago

Being 33 now I remember in junior high all I listened to was the Jackson 5.. I remember walking to the COOP record store and i had to special order that album because it was no longer in print or something the record store said.. But “Ready or not” was my favorite song!

Thisis Mikel

2 months ago

There all great, but my two best friends and I would gather in the park and sing, "I'll be there" what great memories💜

Hanna Silva

2 months ago

Daddy's home Jermaine lead. Michael on. Who's loving you and I want you back...oh well all of them were favs..

Vinyl vibes✨ What’s your favorite #Jacksons weekend soundtrack?🎶

Nicolas Ignacio Rodríguez Bravo

2 months ago

Triumph album favorite track can you feel it.📻🎶🙌🏿

Den's Dedi

2 months ago

I have "Wait" as an earworm right now! "I just can't wait" #newzealand #longweekend #summerscoming

Raul Perez Jr.

2 months ago

All of them but one more chance keeps going around my head for all times. Why.

Name that tune!👇👇👇

Kipp Perini

2 months ago

Let me think:-/:-,Killing Me Softly

Chimi Torres

2 months ago

Blame It On The Boogie
From; Destiny!
It should have been on the Live CD/Album

Christina Molina

2 months ago

💖I just love the Jackson brothers and their music. On the double . I can feel it.

We’re coming for you, #NewZealand!✈️ We’ll be headlining A Summer’s Day Disco at Mt. Maunganui’s ASB Baypark Arena on Jan. 10, 2019! For tickets➡️🎟

Andy Ariaso

2 months ago

Missing the "Fifth" element Lah!

Ronnie Pascual

2 months ago

Let me show you the way to go, ( Manchester Uk 🇬🇧) soon as poss !!!!

Natasha Howorth

2 months ago

Can you feel it

Happy birthday to our bro, Tito! Everyone go wish👉 Tito Jackson a very happy birthday.🎉

Mike Zig

2 months ago

Happy birthday blessings my brother Tito. Keep on keeping on with God leading guiding and protecting you. 💖🙏🎂🍷👏

Saskia Jankowski

2 months ago

Happy birthday,Tito!the original J5,the one who had the nerve to pick up Big Daddy's guitar from the closet and dust it off!

Henrique Lima

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Tito,..many, many more blessings to you

✨W E E K E N D V I B E S✨circa 1976.⏮

Jose Martin Molina

2 months ago

One happy family, good times

Delphine le Goadec

2 months ago

Your vibes are so special especially Michael's

Gabe Nowell

2 months ago

I will always love these guys💜💚❤💛💙

Paris, France circa 1972 during our #Jackson5 European Tour. Which tour of ours was most memorable to you? Comment below.👇👇👇

Bee Williams

2 months ago

Hey guys see you in Adelade on the 18th of Jan next year man i can feel it!

Patrick Magnet

2 months ago

Their first visit to the mid South Coliseum Memphis TN Oct 1970 my ears rang for 2 days from all the girls scream

Rosita Rosales

2 months ago

My favorite was the Triumph tour. I remember all the girls screaming during She's Out Of My Life and my telling the to be quiet and shut up which got captured on the live Album.

Nothin’ but smiles this weekend😎 what are your #weekend plans? Comment below and let us know!👇👇👇

Helton Henrique

2 months ago

It’s a special moment when you share a photo of Michael and Marlon laughing together on the day we celebrated the life of Elizabeth Olney. She introduced me to Marlon at the National Museum of Dance in 2010. She would want to be remembered with smiles and laughter. Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of my husband proposing to me. I am sitting here thinking of how Blessed I am. Thanks for everything.

Elen Santos

2 months ago

Well, I am in hospital because of a depression, so I have been listening to Janets new single "made for now" on YouTube.

Andrea Yelena

2 months ago

Going to church work and watch Michael Jackson 30 Anniversary DVD with his brothers and other performers. I love this DVD. Come guys I need new from your recent shows

🎶You’re a whole new generation, you’re dancin’ through the day🎶 Jacksons for Pepsi via 1984 #VictoryTour. Who still has one? Comment below!👇👇👇

Ray Vasquez

2 months ago

I have one also the Victory Tour Jacket.

Keke Hudson

2 months ago

I had 6, 1 for each of you...when I moved from my parents house, they threw them away thinking they were garbage before I go back and get them 😔

Аня Колесниченко

2 months ago

I have one !

Check out Gold Lemonade's music video for their latest single "Hippie" that is out now! We're proud of Jackie Jackson who executive produced this video on his new record label, Critically Amused.🍋 *content not suitable for all audiences*

Canla Gancia

2 months ago

We the fans are also very proud of Jackie and love him very much. Good luck to Jackie! 👍👍👍

Krs Dolmeth

2 months ago

no it's not good music and inaccurate since hippies enjoyed raping their kids

Dancin’ our way into #Monday like it’s 1979.🕺

Andreas Borsdorf

2 months ago

am going back to indiana

Igor Garcon Posey Fanou

2 months ago

Always loved these outfits that you wore on Soul Train and Bandstand in 1979.

Devan Northcutt

2 months ago

Unbelievable The Jacksons is still going strong until today

Weekends at our Hayvenhurst family home in Encino California hold some of the best memories of our lives.🙏

Ike Sours

2 months ago

Tutti Favolosi ! Michael per sempre il mio Eterno Imperatore(e non Re)del Pop,Rock & Soul :)

Gounter Tapsoba

2 months ago

I know the Jacksons did, that's where the family lived for a long time.
I worked private duty cases off of Balboa & Venture and Louise & Venture. I love that area

Chris Miles

2 months ago

I'm sure you all miss him so very much!!! I will always keep you all uplifted in prayer!!!🙏🙏🙏

‪At the historic Abbey Road Studios in London, the very place that The Beatles named their 11th studio album after in 1969.🇬🇧‬

Sandra Niedzielak

3 months ago

U guys look great, am I to think new music on the way? How great would that be. And I am very emotionally happy for u guys!😍

Joshua Miranda

3 months ago

I wonder who is reflected in their glasses?

Jesse Svigos

3 months ago

The real Paul is dead and replaced with a clone because he has bare feet on the album cover! LOL just kidding ... but the myth still persists to this day. Oh well, even if there are two Paul McCartney's, there is only one Jacksons :-) :-) :-) Lolz

🎶Forget your worries and let’s dance and shout!🎶 #MondayMotivation

🎨: @awkwardlyblinking

Lawrence Bailey

3 months ago

Over 9,000 songs on my iPod, and coincidentally, I was listening to this song this morning. Triumph was a fabulous album, along with Destiny.

Nicole McIntosh

3 months ago

Muy linda la foto The Jacksons❤

Yeri Kendy H

3 months ago

Thanks God Bless you Guys

We want to thank our loyal friends, fans and followers as we hit 100K followers on Instagram today! We are truly grateful for your continued love and support, we can feel it! Can you?😎

Ampere Nitchakarn

3 months ago

So deserved! 😎😎😎😎 Thanks so much for continuing to share your amazing talent with us! ❤️🎶❤️🎶

Yasmeen Elsayed

3 months ago

Yeeeees, I can!!! Congratulations, guys! You deserve it! Thanks for being in our lives. Love you so much 💖

Víctor Zaun

3 months ago

Guy you all gentlemen 🤗😍😘

We’re feelin’ the retro vibes on this #ThrowbackThursday with this edit by @art.with.jackson.🕺🎨 ✨

Jasmaine Belvin

3 months ago

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THE JACKSONS!!!#Theyrokkedfromday1... Rejoice in Heaven Joseph and Michael.

Yolaine Thiery

3 months ago

Sharp. Very artistic. Very interesting picture. They had very nice songs. Much talent.

Kim Sullivan

3 months ago

i love u jackson 5

Jacksons X Kellogg's.🥣

Maya Fairfield

3 months ago

L'édition Kellogg's de l'album VICTORY est un de mes derniers achats Jacksoniens, il y a quelques mois. J'adore tellement l'ambiance de cette époque futuriste 🍫

Rosalinda Gonzalez

3 months ago

Hey man y'all got me hooked on Sugar Bear Super Sugar Crisp!!!!

Kushall Tajpuriya

3 months ago

I still have the Jacksons (Pepsi can) from 1984. What a treasure!

🎶Just gimme some kind of sign, baby.
I can't wait, wait for a hundred years.
Can't hold back my tears any longer.🎶

📀: Victory

🔊: Wait

⏰: 1984

Mimi Engel

3 months ago

My absolute favourite Jacksons album. I'm hoping next time you guys tour down under we get some tracks from this album. Also, come back down under soon.

Sandra Valero

3 months ago

OOOO weeee,love this song for dear life!!l love the waaaay you all sing it, especially when Michael says "ANY LONGER". I melt Everytime **like hot candle wax**,. "I can't help it (if I wanted to,. I can't help it,....,Noooo)....ijs. #Jacksonsfanatic

Kris Marsh

3 months ago

I didn't like this album
Because to me the Jackson's
Are family and it was a sorta
Of goodbye, Mike only sang
On one song, and unless I'm
Wrong they never recorded
Together again, 2300 Jackson
Street maybe, but I have this
Album and I'll always be in
A state of shock!

Now that it’s officially awards season, we’ve been doing a little reminiscing💭 #FlashbackFriday

Alper Yurtesen

3 months ago

who painted that?

Courtina Nichols

3 months ago

Share this with your friends if you believe as I do that this would make for a great Gesture in Mike's memory! in Honor of the entire Jackson Family!

Hadryck Ruiz

3 months ago

OOOOH WEEE,. Hello my Beautiful favorite entertainers in the world,.. PLEASE send me this pic, framed and all so I can have it displayed in my living room.... thanks so much.....Love u guys

Hey our lovely ones... how are you? Did you know this week back in 1971 the entire family gathered around the tv waiting for the broadcast of the J5 cartoon! We hadn’t seen a full episode until it aired, it was a surprise for us too! We remember Janet looking at the screens thinking ‘it’s my brothers’! #J5Legacy

Rafael Skiba

3 months ago

I always wondered why Marlon's hair was brown in the cartoon. Was it dark brown in real life? I could never tell.

Nino Bixi

3 months ago

Oh, my God! I never missed the Jackson Five cartoon! I watched it on Saturday morning, My favorite cartoons. I loved them and still love them 😂

Leslie Euresti

3 months ago

OMG it was all about the Jackson 5 when I was 5 in 1970 - 71

#NeverForget #WeRemember 🇺🇸

Isagus Oren

3 months ago

I will never forget that I saw you guys and Michael at his 30th anniversary concert the night before the terror attacks.

Macoy Martinez Trujillo

3 months ago

Day after your 30th anniversary concert

Billy Cerecedo Dickman

3 months ago

London stands with you x

Nothin’ but smiles in London circa 1977.🇬🇧

🎟: The Jacksons Tour

Candelaria Lobos

3 months ago

❤️Jackson family,God bless you all. ❤️MJ ! ,
❤️Jackson 5 ,
❤️all Jackson family.

Josh Rudd

3 months ago

My favourite Jackson brothers. God bless you all in a special way

Thalita Santos

3 months ago

I love the whole entire Jackson family I wish I was there but I live in Detroit have a good time enjoy yourselves continue to do good work

🚨JUST ANNOUNCED🚨 We can’t wait to headline #RIPTIDEFEST18 in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, November 30 among other classic hit performers. For tickets, VIP and cabanas🎟🙌➡️

Çağlar Çakmak

3 months ago

Let the beat hit em

Jhdksjzdh Hdshs

3 months ago

Spread the love and spread the message 🤗😍

Clint Caneda

3 months ago

Bring this to Atlanta!!!

We’re chasing the Summer to the down under with a live show at Sydney Summer Series on Jan. 12! Kick off the New Year with us in Sydney, Australia! For tickets🎟➡️

Deidre Dei

3 months ago

Great show ... seen it in Atlantic City last week. Its the memories...

Andrea Cano

3 months ago

Grew up with them but getting a little tired of that ABC stuff Bubble gum soul is gone but I am still one of there BIGGEST fan.

Noelia Basile

3 months ago

Janette Boeren... wanna do a weekend in Sydney?? Tito get me some tissues!!

The best way to predict the future is to create it💭 Unseen piece created by The Art of Kadir Nelson.🎨

Mauricio Mo

3 months ago

Awesome :) a true and beautiful art :)

Valdyr Daldon

3 months ago

I love this pic! I also very much agree with these words. Thank you very much for sharing it with all of us 🤗

Joanna Mae Tanio

3 months ago

Piece de resistante

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe, happy and enjoyable #LaborDay holiday today. What are you doing to celebrate the long weekend?🇺🇸
It was on this day back in 1980 we received our star on the walk of fame... #Blessed

Ronnie P. Marquez

3 months ago

Give the Lord praise and thanks always

Madalyn Phillips Sawickey

3 months ago

Handsome men :-) I'm enjoying all week holiday. Keep writing beautiful music :-) thinking about Michael always :-( so sad he is no more with us...

Chip Page

3 months ago

Thank you Jacksons! Same to you and your family.

‪Read more on the #MJDiamondCelebration courtesy of Daily Mail by clicking here➡️‬

Hugo Pacheco Hernández

3 months ago

Meus irmãos na fé

Philip Van Dingenen

3 months ago

Too cool dudes

Petros Brailas

3 months ago

Nice picture of Tito Jackson and Jackie Jackson. LOL@Jackie's white clothes.