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“The Doors perfected a mixture of sinister and sultry that has inspired musicians ever since.” - Apple Music

From Iggy Pop to Patti Smith, The Doors paved the way for rock legends to come. Listen to some of the greats on THE DOORS: INSPIRED on Apple Music →

Maria Alejandra Rosselli

10 hours ago

"The Doors Of Perception"

Rossana Rivera

10 hours ago

I think Jim Morrison

Annie Ann Henry

10 hours ago

great early photo of the band

Happy Birthday to Jac Holzman, who signed The Doors to Elektra back in 1966!

Jac was determined to get The Doors on his label after seeing one of their infamous sets at the Whisky A Go-Go: “I just pursued them all summer long...I just went after them like a dog with somebody's trouser cuff in its teeth. I just don't give up when I decide I'm going to do something.”

📷: Jac (left) with John Densmore at Jac’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, 2011.

Joey Chavarría

a day ago

Jac, you are brillant. Densmore, yea, you are drapper, however, you and Robbie are the last to acknowledge Morrison. Analyze him on your own time.Love to The Doors.

Happy Birthday Jac! And thank you for what you did.

Christine Grace

2 days ago

my salute to the man behind the scene that made the difference..'from a historical vantage point it will probably look like the troubadour period of France. I'm sure it will seem incredibly romantic. I think we're going to look very good to future people' -Jim Morrison

“What a great opener, ‘Hello, I love you, tell me your name'...whoa, OK. That’s aggressive. You’re in love with me but you don’t know my credentials?” - John Densmore​ on Jim Morrison’s lyrics for “Hello, I Love You”

Watch The Doors perform their #1 smash hit on 'Musik fúr Junge Leute: 4-3-2-1 Hot and Sweet,’ which aired 50 years ago today.

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Henri le Galliard

4 days ago

50 years ago, I'm so old.

Penne Engel Fahmie

4 days ago

"Please, allow me to introduce myself..."

Yolanda Cade

4 days ago

That girl tho 😂😂😂

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Brooke Seevers

10 days ago

René Arias compramelo 😊😊

Victoria Denisse Parra

10 days ago

Anna Jennings we need this shirt

Ramassamy TãShã

10 days ago

L.A. Woman Blues.

#TheDoorsHistory: 50 years ago this month, The Doors jumped across the pond to play their first UK show at The Roundhouse in London with Jefferson Airplane, which one local reporter cited as “the biggest freak-out since Babylon.”

Prepare to have your mind blown by this performance of “Five To One,” LIVE from The Roundhouse in 1968 →

G-lo Contreras

11 days ago

i was to youg just 14

Cesar Ldu

11 days ago

five to one bb one in fiiive! yeeeah!

Susana Garcia Romero

11 days ago

Julita Pawłowska Shall we go?

“When I think about the beginning of The Doors, it feels like a strange, beautiful psychedelic dream that happened.” -John Densmore

What do you think makes The Doors the rockstar group that they are?

📷: The Doors performing at London Fog, 1966.

Sandy Owens

11 days ago

They will forever be my favourite band. Simply mesmerising. I love it when my teenage daughter tells me some of her friends like them. In one word......timeless

Eduardo Júnio

12 days ago

The Doors are a Religion.The Gurus of psychedelic them.....When music is your special friend ,until the end......

Sam De Deyn

12 days ago

Their singular element that made them so unique is Ray’s keyboards ! Great songwriting by Jim and Robbie but wouldn’t have been the same without Ray’s playing !

“The music was all he lived for. A lot of times he was at the office when we weren’t. He’d even live there sometimes, because that was his whole life.” - Robby Krieger on Jim Morrison’s dedication to The Doors

📷: The Doors in Germany, September 1968.

Arief Wibis

12 days ago

I did not hear that exactly , however I wouldn't put it passed her to do it. I heard that she was getting heavy dope from a French /boyfriend off circuit. So what you say is possible. @ zac loret

Ademo Vitalis

13 days ago

If anybody is interested: The photo is from Copenhagen, TV byen Gladsaxe,18 september 1968, outside the TV studie, when they recorded 6 songs on the deconstructed American flag. There where no audience at all - 10 o'clock in the morning, only the technicians, producers and a journalist where present.

Joshua Cortez

13 days ago

Are you sure he wasn’t just to drunk to leave?

Hello, Team Doors loves this portrait of Jim Morrison by IG user @katewaters_wayout!

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Isabel Ribeiro

15 days ago

Where can I Buy One ??

Edilea Aguiar

16 days ago

Break on through!!! the other side!!!

Abel Abel

16 days ago

A Poet First. then singer songwriter performer. But he always thought of himself as a poet first. You Only Get One Of Him.

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Marshall Wright

21 days ago

Snoop Doog with The Doors awesome

Karan Rajbhar

21 days ago

Newsletter? What "news" could there possibly be, apart from advertising re-releases and merchandise? You can take your newsletter and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

June Simmons

21 days ago

Love the doors 😘😘😘

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DeAndre Alberts

24 days ago

Like I totally love the doors like sooooa muchaa. I heard that song a whole lot of love an went out an got there dark side of the moon album. I soooa lovea like the doorsa!!

Jess Hangsing

24 days ago

Acol tike mastula

Gustavo Miranda

24 days ago

along w/ Cream the greatest band of all time

Team Doors would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to blues master John Lee Hooker!

The Doors covered Hooker’s song, “Crawling King Snake,” on L.A. WOMAN. Celebrate John & watch The Doors perform “Crawling King Snake” live:

Dorinda V Marshall

a month ago

I love Jim 😍

Rich Oniuqa

a month ago

Tia Boddy you might have to rewind the video but it's pretty cool

Sylviane Lefin

a month ago

Favorite "Crawling King Snake" performance was from 1968 European tour in the Granada film production of The Doors Are Open.

Get up and dance. The Doors’ eighth studio album FULL CIRCLE was released on this day in1972!

“Ray Manzarek's impassioned electric organ, John Densmore's tricky timekeeping, and Robby Krieger's transcendent string work are all worth mentioning as the intensity of their interplay hearkens back to former glories." - AllMusic

Order your copy of FULL CIRCLE on 180g vinyl, reissued in 2015 for the first time in over 40 years →

Jim Morrison nel 1972 era già a conoscenza della reincarnazione e ha inserita l'immagine nella copertina dell'album dei The Doors..

Nazrul Nizam

a month ago

It seems everyone (almost)is agreed upon one hard truth that without James Douglas Morrison there's no doors. Wonder what Jim woulda made of this thought,is it true that he at first thought that if he sang people would kill them(I read this somewhere)? After all these years I think Jim was joking or maybe he was a bit playfully apprehensive. I haven't heard any of these albums, that's the hard truth, honestly I can't or my brain can't accept any doors tune without that raspily beautiful, strangely attractive voice. No offense to the others.

Heather Schwenk

a month ago

It’s a good album and a great band thing they were lacking a great singer. They needed to wait until 78/79 for their critical reappraisal and commercial comeback . Apocalypse Now and American Prayer both showed what a great band the Doors were/are and that’s with MrMojoRisin

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📷(left to right): John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, & friends at The Hard Rock Cafe Los Angeles, 1969. © Henry Diltz Photography

Melanie Brittany Suzy

a month ago

why do the dead need anything?

Margaret Wallace

a month ago

You’re too greedy, my friends!

Francis Federigan

a month ago

Campbell White sleepin joe donnelly at it again

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Sanjeeva Prasad

a month ago

Jo Pop Sugar Davies this made me think of you!💗

Lucy Reyes

a month ago

Love The Doors!❤️

Victoria Dubbelde

a month ago

A true talent,but also a huge drug-addict and conceited jerk. I still believe Ed Sullivan had him killed,for singing the original lyrics to "Higher" on-air. Ed was very powerful and a vindictive man,a bad combination to cross,...

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Rebecca Blaganò

a month ago

No, don't send me a frfiend request.... just sayin'.

Leonardo Serrano

a month ago

I have worn many of Morrison's t shirts I wear to bed , cut here & there, just to say , I slept with Morrison,.

Karina Chiritescu

a month ago

Soy de mexico😢😢😢😢😢😢

“You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It’s all in how you carry it. That’s what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality.” - Jim Morrison

Go to the next level with THE DOORS: DEEP CUTS playlist on Apple Music →

Jim Morrison was a legend despite all the drugs he had, after all it was the 60s.

Alicia Burn

a month ago

Wisdom from a long dead "poet" who wasn't smart enough to keep himself alive. Sorry goes on within you or without you. Without you is where we are. RIP

Basically, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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Lisa Lamb Ellison

a month ago

all day and another nigth

Julie Cyr

a month ago

The best #1

Judith Hernandez

a month ago

Won't your tell me your name Julita Pawłowska ?

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You can also pre-order the 50th anniversary 7” before it drops on Friday! The 7" features the mono radio mixes of both "Hello, I Love You” and “Love Street,” which were originally given exclusively to radio stations for airplay in 1968.

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Aniket Yadav

2 months ago

I love the number. the work in down the street☺︎

Endrina Pavlić

2 months ago

Thomas J Walczewski

The Doors had to pay a portion of the royalties for this song to the kinks because the judge thought it sounded a little too much like all day(and all of the night)

This week’s #FanArtFriday goes to superfan and deviantart user, Leonardo Miguel Rocha Alarcon of Santiago, Chile, for this wild drawing of the crew.

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Joe Levy

2 months ago

Just waiting for the sun

Ladymillionairjess Jones

2 months ago

Los Héroes del Silencio! 🙃

Lyle De Monk

2 months ago

Great CaricatureLONG LIVE THE DOORS 💗

#DoorsHistory: The Doors played a legendary show at the Masonic Temple in Portland, Oregon 51 years ago today!

Thank you to Doors fan Jim Southwick for submitting.

Eagles Nana Poku Obediah

2 months ago

Gawd I feel old....cant believe Doors concert 51 years ago. . And Mick Jagger is 75!!!! 😨😨😨

Douglas Urizzo

2 months ago

I live in Portland now, but I saw the band that same summer at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in NYC; as the opening act for Simon & Garfunkel.

Dizon Maria Lourdes

2 months ago

As a member of the Mason's and my love for The Doors music this is awesome. Too bad alcoholism killed Jim Morrison at 27 years of age.

On July 22, The Doors became the first band to be honored by the city of Los Angeles with a cultural marker recognizing one of their songs. “Love Street” was celebrated this weekend with the installation of the marker, as well as with a plaque that will be installed at the Canyon Country Store, “where the creatures meet.” In another first, this is the first time ever a city sign has been enhanced with a Shazam logo, which, when scanned using the Shazam app, will bring visitors to additional information about the song, its cultural impact, and The Doors.

Maria Habiyambere

2 months ago

So many brilliant muso's I grew up with & so many gone too soon . Jim Morrison of course, Sam Cooke, Jim Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the list just goes on. What great talent lost to the world. There's one hell of a band in Heaven 🎶🎶😇😇😇

Myrto Skentou

2 months ago

Yeah yeah..Shazam logos...yadda yadda...but we all wanna know if 'she still lives there; or where she's moved to.

Line Camille Kingue

2 months ago

I love them all but I get a kick out of "Ship of fools" many out there and "people are strange". A lot out there also.

"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are The Doors." - Jim Morrison

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Francine Bourque

2 months ago

Woke up this morning and I grabbed myself a beer. Great line

Ian Shank

2 months ago

HELL YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Long Live the DOORS ✌💗✌💗

Fatima Guadalupe Burgara Rosas

2 months ago

Definitely the best group from LA ever

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Glenn Garwood

2 months ago

Still got my copy of Absolutely Live in mint condition

Nadia Scarlet

2 months ago

Alexandra no sabía que te gustaba the doors

Brittany Stimpson

2 months ago

I had almost the entire doors record collection when I was 12 after seeing the movie.
Then I ended up selling my whole collection for an iguana who was mean and I ended up giving away...

50 years after "Hello, I Love You” became The Doors’ second #1 hit, you can get a new 7” version of the single with its b-side, “Love Street.” This anniversary 7” single features mono radio mixes of the songs that were given exclusively to radio stations for airplay in 1968.

This version of “Hello, I Love You” was first available last year as part of The Singles CD collection and is making its vinyl debut here, while the “Love Street” mix is being released commercially for the first time. Preorder your copy now:

Laverne Harris

2 months ago

Jim was a.legon hes1one in my book

Janek Kustra

2 months ago

I have my 45 too. from back in the day.

Shimanto Sarker Pranto

2 months ago

Love Street is so good !!!

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Daniel Carrillo

2 months ago

Take a long holiday let your children play

Matheus Thorne

2 months ago

Digger.. Ihr seid tot die Musik unsterblich aber you are dead

Evgeniyy Naivniyy

2 months ago

Minha banda de música preferida

Happy Birthday to American blues icon, Willie Dixon! 🎉

The Doors covered Dixon’s song “Back Door Man” LIVE at The Isle of Wight Festival in 1970.John Densmore raved, "[that song is] deeply sexual and got everyone moving."

Do you agree? Check out the cover off of LIVE AT THE ISLE OF WIGHT to hear for yourself →

Diallo Tounchy L'homm Sįmplę

3 months ago

I thought willie has been dead for years .

Karin Wood-Bradley

3 months ago

the song was on their first album in 1967. 3 years before the Isle of Wight festival so not sure why that is listed except to push product. It was also on the Absolutely Live album which also predates the festival.

Asim Siddiqui

3 months ago

Great poet and historian, songs about the Facts of Life.

#FanArtFriday: We always love to see your artistic creations of the band from Venice!

If you have a drawing of Jim, Ray, Robby, & John that you’re proud of, we want to see it! Post them on Instagram or Twitter—with the hashtag #TheDoorsArt + tag @TheDoors—to be featured.

Sharon Lewis

3 months ago

Have poster and concert tickets and every book every written

Jannu Rajput

3 months ago

Got the meth grind going.

Michele Shilhanek

3 months ago

Looks good, but it looks more like Val Kilmer than JM.

Such an incredible #TheDoorsCover of “Riders On The Storm” by Luna Lee on the gayageum—a traditional Korean stringed instrument.

What’s your favorite song by The Doors to play? Share a video of it with us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #TheDoorsCover + tagging @TheDoors, to be featured.

Yolanda Bell

3 months ago

Marc-olivier, ça tellement un son oriental nice du Gayageum!👌🏻

Αλεξανδρος Μπιλικας

3 months ago

Ray and Jim would've loved it. Have Robbie and John seen it?

Katie Hall

3 months ago

Philip Armendarez Galib Mirza

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Joy Ana King

3 months ago

"Si les portes de la perception étaient nettoyées toute chose/apparaîtrait à l'homme telle qu'elle est - infinie. » tiré de The Marriage of Heaven and Hell).

Komori Takashi

3 months ago

"Alors Jim, toujours au père LACHAISE, pas sûr ? "

Adéla Kořánová

3 months ago

Scott Kleinknecht.......funny, I've seen that same expression on YOUR FACE......😎😎

A huge Happy Birthday to blues pioneer, Chester Arthur Burnett a.k.a. Howlin’ Wolf.

On The Doors’ influences, Ray Manzarek told NPR: “We were aware of Howlin’ Wolf and John Coltrane and Miles Davis.” Armed with the combination of blues—from Ray’s hometown of Chicago—beat poetry, & surf rock, “we stood there inventing a new world on psychedelics.”

The Doors would record a cover of the 1960 Howlin’ Wolf single “Back Door Man” (written by Willie Dixon) for their debut, self-titled album. Give it a spin:

Sean McLoughlin

3 months ago

One of the greats.

Felipe Sanchez

3 months ago

Mr howlin wolf

Génesis Nathaly Miranda

3 months ago

He is still alive? One of the great bluesman by far.

#TheDoorsHistory: On June 6, 1970, The Doors performed live at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC. Audio from this concert would be released in 2010 as the album, ‘Live in Vancouver 1970’—featuring blues legend Albert King sitting in on guitar for four songs: “Little Red Rooster,” “Money,” “Rock Me,” & “Who Do You Love?”

What are your favorite renditions of The Doors songs from this show? Order a copy of The Doors ‘Live in Vancouver, 1970’ on CD & relive the magic:

Francesca Miccolis

3 months ago

sorry wasn't a big fan of the doors for some reason :(

Kathy Daly

3 months ago

June 06, 2018 - #210 Jayson Heyward Grand Slam! 🧤

Cherie Kaulaity

3 months ago

The Doors the best

Bring Jim, Ray, Robby, & John home with you—grab this print of Paul Ferrara’s photograph, “The Doors of Perception,” from The Doors’ store, today.

Paul was a close friend of the band, who attended film school with Jim & Ray, & photographed the album cover for ‘Waiting for the Sun’ and filmed much of the behind-the-scenes footage later used in the 2009 documentary, “When You’re Strange.”

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Valeria Watson

3 months ago

He went to the school for this?.. he needs to go back and learn more

Ryzal James

3 months ago

They are forever

Salma Mohamed

3 months ago

Chigona imajen de mi jim

#TheDoorsHistory: “Hello, I Love You”—the second single from The Doors’ third studio album, ‘Waiting for the Sun’—was released, 50 years ago, today! Featuring “Love Street” as the B-side, “Hello, I Love You” reached #1 on the US Billboard charts & was the band’s first major hit in the UK.

Did you know that the final verse of “Hello, I Love You” was written by Jim, 3 years before the song was recorded, while he was living on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA? Head to Spotify & jump in the game:

📸: The “Hello, I Love You” album cover from the France release.

Torben Larsen

3 months ago

Still love this song.

Hanna Gerlica

3 months ago

Yes I do

Brandom SQ Hardesty

3 months ago

I read somewhere that this single was released in stereo, which was still a rare thing in 1968. This was seen as a leader away from mono singles toward stereo instead. That’s quite a fact, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday to the Beat poet, Allen Ginsberg—a major influence on both Jim Morrison & Ray Manzarek.

On the right, Jim is reading a copy of Ginsberg’s poetry collection, ‘Planet News,’ in a photograph by Art Kane.

“Jim considered himself a poet. Jim admired the Beats and wanted his poetry recognized along with that of [Michael] McClure and Allen Ginsberg.” - Rock journalist, Al Aronowitz

Lauren Grovner

3 months ago

considered or not he is poet.for sure biger than dylan-who frauded 4-5 generations and became.capitalist.I knew it that is something wrong about him,,,,(female chromosomes suppose)

Kristen Valdez

3 months ago

You sure thats Jim not Ian? The very first time i saw The Cult i was like, “wow” that guy really wants to be Jim Morrison! Little did i know lol

Philippe Gautier D'aulnay

3 months ago

Jim before he came out of the closet?

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Mary Jane Pasion Gardaya

4 months ago

Cool. Listened to them in the sixties and now

ColinSandrine Thomas

4 months ago

Live in New York is over $200 Australian . That's absurd . I'll stick with my old bootlegs .

April White

4 months ago

Susan Rae Henry

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Ydiemni Stephanie Villa

4 months ago

There's only one Jim. I miss him

Korim Khan

4 months ago

They are forever

Moisés Martins

4 months ago

Band news? :D :D CANT WAIT

“Occupation?” “Umm….” 😏 — Is there a more existential question?

Relive the Band from Venice with “The Doors: The Best Of” playlist on Spotify:

Anjela Pertusatti

4 months ago

#20 hit a homerun in the fourth inning - Ray's Day!

Allison John Lovell

4 months ago

Ariel Reyes Rojas clasico !

Filipa Themudo Ferreira

4 months ago

Denmark: China's Organ Harvesting Crimes Condemned at Doctor's Fair
November 23, 2017 | By Minghui correspondent Shu Hui

g) Volunteers for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) in Denmark participated in Lægedage 2017 (Doctor's Fair) between November 13 and 17, to inform attendees about the forced organ harvesting in China.

Sponsored by the Organisation of General Practitioners in Denmark (PLO), this event at Bella Center in Copenhagen drew over 4,000 physicians and medical professionals. For the third time, Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) set up a booth at this event and exposed organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Medical professionals learn about forced organ harvesting in China during Lægedage 2017 (Doctor's Fair) in Copenhagen between 13 and 17, 2017.

Heart Surgeon: This Is Shocking
Because forced organ harvesting is covered up in China, even those who have been there may not know of its existence. One doctor interested in traditional Chinese medicine said she had just come back from China. Surprised to learn about forced organ harvesting in China, she spent a long time reading related materials including graphs and statistics. She said she didn't know before that this is a state-sanctioned crime that has been carried out on a mass scale.

When reading information obtained from phone interviews and independent investigations, she saw a list of hospitals with unidentified organ sources. Pointing at the Armed Police General Hospital, she said, “I met some doctors from this hospital during meetings in China. I can't believe something so vicious went on there.”

David, a doctor who signed a petition calling for an end to the atrocity, said that one of his colleagues was a heart surgeon. “During an international medical conference, my friend met a doctor from China. That doctor said many organ transplants took place in China and surgeries could easily be arranged whenever needed by patients.” David said his colleague found this shocking, since need-based organ transplant could only mean one thing, that is, need-based killing. Based on this, he said he would avoid going to China for medical conferences.

Ray Manzarek: February 12, 1939 - May 20, 2013.

Today, we remember The Doors co-founder & keyboardist, Ray Manzarek.

"No other keyboard player in the world could fill Ray's shoes!" - John Densmore

Shqipe Shala Peja

4 months ago

ademas de teclista, también ejercía de bajista con el otro teclado (siempre utilizaba dos teclados simultaneamente). Un fiera, el Manzarek.

Nathan Philippe

4 months ago

anyone who can create a memorable opening rift for a song in less than 5 minutes is a genius in my books

Aaron Nazareth

4 months ago

Ray's fuse of jazz (Fatha Hines), blues and rock was exhilarating and inspiring. Ray cast the spell for The Lizard King and sang in Morrison's absence without a let-up in his driving rhythms.A most fascinating, learned mind. The Universal Mind of the band.

Show us your ink! 💉 We love this portrait of Jim, submitted by Dal Nolan (IG: @djnolan84)!

Do you have any tattoos of The Doors? Post with the hashtag #TheDoorsTattoo on Instagram or Twitter, & tag @TheDoors, for a chance to be featured.

Ianeile Austeb

4 months ago

That's the best tattoo of Jim I've ever seen! The details is AMAZING! !!!

Selma Altumbabic

4 months ago

Only an idiot gets this tattooed on his chest

Jonas Mahmood

4 months ago

Best tattoo I ever saw was at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. This guy had the faces of the crash victims on his back via Mount Rushmore with a skyline of the Confederate Battle Flag.

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Cliff Segars

4 months ago

What's with the photo? Were they on Gilligan's Island?

Angele Mboughe

4 months ago

I don’t think that’s a forest of azure.

Jeorgen Monster Tusk

4 months ago

Looks like a Rousseau painting.

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Constantin Fokin

4 months ago

That Wall was Blue before?!

Eduardo Cifuentes

4 months ago

joplinMorrison. I love you😍

Augusto Parente

4 months ago

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#TheDoorsHistory: In 1970, The Doors performed at Cobo Arena in Detroit with John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful. Can you imagine paying $3.50 to see them? 🙀

The version of “Been Down So Long” that is featured on the live compilation “The Bright Midnight Sampler” was recorded during this show. Stream it now on Spotify:
This limited-edition “Light My Fire” 50th Anniversary Japanese 7" vinyl is worth adding to your collection for the artwork alone! 🇯🇵

Grab your copy of this reproduction of the very rare Japanese Elektra Doors single that came out in 1967 – containing the original mono A & B sides: the single edit of “Light My Fire” and the album version of “The Crystal Ship."

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Mary Canty

4 months ago

I saw the Doors in 1968. Don't remember the price of the tickets, but $3.50 sounds about right.

Larry Bowling

4 months ago

But you do know what inflation is, and that it´s kind of senseless to compare prices in such a simple way, don´t you? ;-)

Cameron Hood

4 months ago

As hard to imagine Morrison singing Daydream as to imagine Sebastian singing The End.

#TheDoorsHistory: On May 5, 1966, a brand-new band from Venice called The Doors was only a few months into their first series of live concerts (ever!), when a UCLA student named Nettie Pena decided to record them on a reel-to-reel.

These recordings—taken during the band’s debut run as the house band at the London Fog club in Hollywood, CA—would be released as the ‘London Fog 1966’ live album in 2017 as part of the 50 years of The Doors celebration. Get your copy today:

Benytzel Delgado

4 months ago

They look so young in this pic but in just one more year they had a number one hit "Light My Fire "and were world famous. I was fortunate enough to have seen them in 68. The
They were only around for just a few years. After all these years, they are still world famous. 😎

Kapona Goedel

4 months ago

Light my fire is forever never Died
Javier dragon

Sierra Nicole Elfstrom

4 months ago

Time is cruel. Here and gone so fast. Like water on a hot roof. Pause often and take in what feels good. Love ya Jim. I sing in a Doors Tribute band in New Jersey because of the power the Doors music gave me. Massive Thanks. Mojo

On this day in #TheDoorsHistory, “The Unknown Soldier”—the first single off the album ‘Waiting for the Sun’—peaked at #39 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1968. The single featured “We Could Be So Good Together” as the B-side.

Did you know that the single-version of “The Unknown Soldier” differed from the album, as it actually featured the sound of a different gunshot, and neither the sounds of the cheering crowd or tolling bell were included?

Stream the finished product on Spotify:

Keith Roberts

4 months ago

"Hey Man, you want girls, grass, pills? This place has everything, C'mon, I'll show you.......

Kiran Sable

4 months ago

I took a trip and listened to the doors

Sharad Patel

4 months ago

Wonderful group the Doors Forever

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Carolyn Disbro

4 months ago

Heather Hanshaw Bond you need to do a Jim Morrison!

Dawn Kero

4 months ago

Fantastic group the Doors

Wanda Thompson

5 months ago

So talented! All of these submissions!

#TheDoorsHistory - On this day in 1970, The Doors’ performance at The Spectrum in Philadelphia was recorded & archived, then released in 2005 as the “Live in Philadelphia ‘70” album.

What’s your favorite song from this rare release?

Stream the live version of “Light My Fire” from this concert on Spotify:

Vida Mensah Ama

5 months ago

Wish i was born by that time!

Kayla Green

5 months ago

Fantastic crowd and show!

Ruth Downie

5 months ago

Light my fire

Jim & Ray: Artists and brothers.

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Per-Olof Mellgren

5 months ago

Get Robbie in there and I MIGHT get aroused

Victor Siemons

5 months ago

Latest band news?

Martin Wimmer

5 months ago

My friend plugged a guitar into a Vox tube amp once and I found when I shut it off and the tubes would cool, I could play with one hand and ripped a solo day that made me see Jimmy. Totally by accident dropped both our jaws. He had the bright idea to get a variable power supply and, 💥, caught the curtain and almost his house on fire. Luckily he tore it down and threw it out the front door much to his pain.

Love these drawings of the fellas!

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Lala Mtz

5 months ago

Australia: Catholic Weekly Reports on China's Forced Live Organ Harvesting from Imprisoned Falun Gong Practitioners
July 25, 2017 |
( Catholic Weekly of Australia carried an article online titled “China’s harvest of blood, built upon Falun Dafa prisoners of conscience” by Catherine Sheehan on July 19, 2017.

Sheehan interviewed two Falun Gong practitioners, Eric Jia and his aunt Lorrita Liu, whose family suffer the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) brutal persecution. Jia worries most that his father, a Falun Gong practitioner who has suffered torture in incarceration due to his belief, might be a victim of the CCP's state-sanctioned live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners for lucrative profit.

Falun Gong practitioner Eric Jia and his aunt Lorrita Liu holding her family photo.

In the photo is Lorrita Liu, 38 years old, from Xi’an City in Shaanxi Province, and her two sisters, her two young nephews and her mother.

“There are no fathers, no husbands,” the article points out. “They are smiling in the photo, but underneath the smiles the members of this family carry a terrible suffering.

“Lorrita’s father, Jialu Liu, passed away from a sudden heart-attack, brought on by intense persecution from Chinese authorities. 'He suffered under pressure,' Lorrita says.

“In the center of the photo is the kindly face of Lorrita’s 72 year-old mother Yuhua Li, who had just been released from a brainwashing center in Xi’an City the day before our interview. That was the fifth time the elderly woman has been arrested. She has been tortured, repeatedly beaten, shocked with electric batons, deprived of sleep for three days in a row and sent to a forced labor camp for one year.”

Lorrita's sister, Chunxia Liu, is currently detained in Xincheng District Detention Center in Xi’an City. She was arrested along with her mother on March 22 this year.

Lorrita’s 19-year-old nephew Eric Jia worries about whether his dad—Ye Jia—who is still in China, will escape the brutal persecution. He hasn't known his father whereabouts since his release from detention last year. “Eric said, 'He was tortured. He was locked-up on a bunk-bed and the police put chemicals in his mouth and he was vomiting blood. He was beaten by the prison guards.'”

The article continued, “What has this very normal-looking Chinese family done to cause the Chinese government to persecute them so ferociously?

“They are practitioners of a form of spiritual meditation based on ancient Chinese culture called Falun Gong, or Falun Dafa. The practice is based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance and promotes physical and mental health.”

Lorrita’s mother Yuhua Li was the first in the family to start practicing Falun Gong. Soon after, she recovered from a serious illness, and the rest of her family were inspired to join her.

The article stated, “Following its introduction to China in 1992 by founder Li Hongzhi, the Chinese government actually promoted the practice as they could see the health benefits to the population translating into savings for the country’s healthcare system. However, when the number of practitioners became more numerous than members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the government changed its tune drastically, instead seeing the meditation practice as a threat to the Party’s authority. Falun Gong was also considered a reversion to ancient Chinese culture, something the CCP had tried to wipe-out during the years of the Cultural Revolution.

“And so in 1999 the brutal persecution of Falun Gong began at the behest of Jiang Zemin, then President of the CCP. This persecution, which continues unabated today, involves labor camps, brainwashing classes, and all forms of torture including sleep deprivation and sexual abuse.

“After the persecution began, Eric’s father went to Beijing to petition for Falun Gong.

“Eric said, 'He was the first one in my family to be arrested. If you’ve been to Beijing you get more punishment. He is the main target of the persecution in our family, plus he is a man. The third and fourth time he was arrested in 2002, when I was three or four, the police came to the house.'”

Eric's grandmother and aunt were deprived of sleep, beaten with electric batons, and subjected to forced labor. His grandmother was tortured with the “Tiger Chair,” in which she had to sit upright for several days without food or water.

The report went on, “This persecution is being carried out despite the fact that there is no law in China making Falun Gong illegal. Eric explained that people are detained in houses referred to as 'black jails,' meaning illegal prisons. At the brainwashing classes detainees are forced to watch propaganda videos demonizing Falun Gong 24 hours a day.”

Christina LK

5 months ago

Wonderful group The Doors Forever .

Patty Lietz Forsline

5 months ago

Sarah proudman great pictures