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Just Announced! The Doobie Brothers will play their first ever full-album performances, on two historic nights in New York City at The Beacon Theatre, November 15 and 16, 2018. The band will perform Toulouse Street plus select hits on Thursday, November 15, and The Captain and Me plus select hits on Friday, November 16.

Tickets for both shows go on sale Mon, July 23 at 10A local. Fans will have first access to tickets for both nights starting tomorrow, July 17th at 10am local. Use code DOOBIESNYC. American Express card members will have pre-sale access Wed, July 18 at 10a local.

A limited number of special VIP packages will also be available, including premium seating, pre-show meet & greet with the band, exclusive commemorative merchandise & more!

Visit for details.

Irene Ford

2 hours ago

You Bros need to have a FAN CONTEST like the one in Laughlin in 96, so some of us poor folk can make it

Loïc Dekeyser

2 hours ago

Hey Steven Long wouldn't this be awesome to see live! Maybe they'll make a DVD of both nights. I'd buy it for sure.

Shondrea Woods

2 hours ago

The Captain and Me, greatest Doobie Bros. album!

We're getting ready to rock Bethel, NY near the original site of Woodstock.... If only this ground could talk!!;)
It's been a beautiful afternoon.Hoping the rain holds off!!!

Monday Azeez

9 hours ago

Best of luck in Bethel....I have been there twice and it is a magical place.

John Fuller

9 hours ago

The rain held off for the Doobies but we got our Woodstock rain during the Steely Dan set. Loved it.

Tracie Sharrow Smith

a day ago

My first college roommate was in attendance with her (now deceased)husband. And the Rolling Stones played at Moby Gym on the campus of Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Great and fun memories!

Here’s a throwback to a video released this month 22 years ago!
"Rockin' Down The Highway: The Wildlife Concert"
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Nuno Gonçalo Pinto

3 days ago

love the Doobies!! I remember the late 70's, my best friends family took me along on their family reunion in Nebraska from Va. Beach. Around Missouri a dude on an old H_D dresser type bike jammed by us in the 1 ton van. I think the next song I heard was "Rocking Down The Highway". Everytime I hear that song I think about that dude on his Harley jammin down the road wide open and smile. Spent many a mile in the saddle myself as an adult. still wonder about that guy...

Jonathan Forney

3 days ago

Still listen to this often. The ultimate collection of all Doobie Brothers eras.

Connie Johnson Ingle

3 days ago

Great concert and never tire of watching the video version! Hard to believe it was that long ago!

Behind the scenes at Bristow, VA!
Thank you to everyone who came out and rocked the night away!

Chad J Welton

4 days ago

I kinda love this. How much fun would that job be?

Vijyasingh Vizroy

4 days ago

Saw your show at SPAC last Saturday. Best show I have ever seen and I converted my kids and their friends into super fans! Even the mid 20's crowd appreciates your music

Donna Taylor

4 days ago

Awesome concert...Wish you guys could have played all night! You haven’t lost your touch! Keep Rockin’ and we’ll keep coming!

The East Coast sure has been bringin' the party!!!
Night after night, you guys just keep getting hotter!!!
Thank you, Connecticut and Massachusetts for an amazing weekend!

Baba Sina

5 days ago

last night in VA was incredible. I drove from Maryland with my kids. i saw you all at this venue the first year it opened the first time you all played there, 23 years ago when i was 17. what an amazing show. thank you for doing South Cith Midnight Lady, its my favorite if I could pick.

Kristy T A Swartzentruber

5 days ago

Great show last night at Jiffy Lube Live, in the DC area. Keep up playing great music.

Eric Chasen

5 days ago

Does anyone know why Friday in NJ was postponed ? Just curious ...

What a beautiful day off in Saratoga Springs, NY!
I always forget what a cool old town this is. Old timey which is nice in this crazy ass world! -TJ

Ana Carolina

16 days ago

Hey Tom, it IS a crazy ass world, but it IS much better thanks to the decades of great "Doobie Bros. Music!" Thank you 😊

Santiago Terriquez

16 days ago

Just curious if you remember Red...the guy with the van that used to carry the drum sets for you...

Susan Chilson McCarty

16 days ago

Can not wait to see you July 11 th/ with steely Dan.

What a week it's been!!Indy on Sunday, Detroit Tuesday, and Cincy tonight!!!Michigan, Indiana and Ohio are blowing us away!!!

Daniella Cortez

18 days ago

Bunch of old geezers acting like teenageres... I love it!!! LOL

Edson Ramalho

18 days ago

Still counting the days until BB&T Camden, so excited and can hardly wait!

La Toria Marshall

18 days ago

Getting really excited to see you guys this Monday July 2nd in Toronto !!!!! Bring lot's of sunscreen with you boy's. It's going to be the HOTTEST recorded temperature in over 50 year's in Toronto 98 + degrees with humidity. Hotter than Dubai !!!! Cheers. Welcome to Canada !!!!🎷🎸🇨🇦️

Denver fans are BADASS!Thank you, Colorado!!
You guys blew the roof off the joint! ;)

Akayah Ngaira

a month ago

Thank You So Much for entertaining us!!! You guys Rocked the House!!!!!!!

Dana Hailey

a month ago

The day off you guys had in Denver must have been good to you because you guys were so good to us! It was a great show as always, but the energy was palpable! Can't wait till the next time. #Bestbandever

Esteban Casas

a month ago

My FAVORITE band. They always blow the roof off.

We had a beautiful day off in Denver yesterday and are now 15 minutes from starting the show!!
Thank you to Salt Lake City for finishing the weekend right! You guys were groovin’!!

Johann Miller

a month ago

Love you guys!

Nunes Anacleto

a month ago

Love you see you again. Tom Johnston class of 66 MWHS.

Doris Coats

a month ago

We're 5th row and loving the show, you guys are awesome !!!!!

Thank you, Doobie Fans!!
Your love and energy feed our souls EVERY night.
Boise and Missoula were breathtaking!!And the audiences left us speechless.You guys are truly the best.

Kauê Renan

a month ago

You were our favorite recently in Seattle! You sound greattttt and we loved that saxophone so much!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Luís Fernandes

a month ago them. I told my sons I was going to go find a Commodores CD. one said who's that they're probably all dead now and in eight track only. 😀

Sergio Alves

a month ago

Hello -- Tom, Pat, John and the rest of the guys, sounds like you are on tour -- I'm writing from South Australia, unable to attend. I really like your music. I need to ask if something is okay -- If you have a chance could you plz check the messages? Cool. I'm a mature-age uni student.

Well, we escaped the rain for a few beautiful days in Portland & Seattle but it looks like it may have caught up to us here in Missoula, Montana.Fingers crossed it clears up for the show!
Thank you to everyone who has come out this week and to everyone who's coming out tonight... "Well, if it rains, I don't care... Don't make no difference to me!";)

Brenda Schmitz

a month ago

I’ve been to the two last shows in Vancouver and they were amazing and was supposed to go to Boise tomorrow night... but stuff happened and now I can’t go 😢
Hopefully there will be another show in Vancouver/Abbotsford sometime 🙂

Carlos Vinícius

a month ago

Thanks for the wonderful show in Seattle! You guys were fantastic 🎶🎸🎹 🥁

Shah Md Mahir

a month ago

You guys killed it in Missoula. Your great energy and awesome talent swept us away. Thanks for a wonderful time! Hope you felt the love we were sending your way. And it didn't rain either! Peace.

Thank you Reno, L.A. and San Francisco for truly blowing us away. Such energy!!!

Latasha Quill

a month ago

Gentlemen...thank you for a wonderful show. Safe travels!

Sarai Hernandez

a month ago

Hall of fame-Hall of fame-Hall of game

Mitzi Callahan

a month ago

Saw them in Sacramento in 1983. Most of the audience was “sleeping.”
But I loved them! They closed with “Listen to the Music.” I think I was the only one who was straight and dancing.

Thank you, Dallas & Austin! Texas moon sure was shinin'!
Time for us to get #OnTheRoadAgain!!! 😉
Los Angeles, here we come!

Brittany Maree Hannah

2 months ago

Glad to see PRSs are taking off with the classic rockers

Mark Kassimer

2 months ago

Cant wait to see you guys in CINCINNATI!!

Elizabeth Keener

2 months ago

Dudes, you guys really rocked the town last Sunday😎

Remembering those who gave all...
And sending our love to the families of our fallen heroes.
We honor you today and always.

Massy Muchina

2 months ago

Thank You Guy's

Boitumelo Mathiba

2 months ago

Thanks guys. Have fun and stay safe.

Us offers

2 months ago

Thank you Doobie Brotherhood for lifting the hearts and serving the U.S.O. soldiers all around the world over the years.
You guys are true Patriots!

New Orleans and Houston!!! You raised the ROOF!!!!!

Lyn Merrill Johnson

2 months ago

Yall were awesome in Sugarland

Laws Sithole

2 months ago

Doobies so very good in person, just like their record versions !!!

Niko Bruder

2 months ago

Welcome to Germany - we are waiting so long

"My heart, it is pounding, my ears they ring
The spell has been cast down in New Orleans again...
I just might pass this way
I just might pass this way again..."
Pat considers New Orleans a home away from home.
Check out this interview with Pat in anticipation of tonight's show in the big easy!!!

Tina Samoelina

2 months ago

I guess Pat needed some more funky Dixieland or, what the locals (the Neville Bros) call New Orleans music. Pat, did you call on Dr. John?

Mackenzie Thweatt

2 months ago

Love me some Doobie Brothers and Pat Simmons...but don't go to New Orleans anymore. Taking down Confederate statues was wrong! Sorry...but good luck with your show!

Gina Polan

2 months ago

Gunna get too loose on Toulouse Street...

Playing in the heart of Nashville last night was OUTSTANDING despite the rain delay!!!Your energy fueled our show!!
And thank you to Alpharetta/Atlanta, GA for blowing the roof off the joint!!

Jon Athan Hubert

2 months ago

Drove over from Knoxville to see you guys in Nashville. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for doing the show. You guys were my first concert in I think 1973, in Knoxville. Jim Croce and Loggins and Messina and you guys were the performers. Keep playing.

Juan C Macias Hernandez

2 months ago

wish you were playing a smaller chinook winds in lincoln city....oregon

Craig Washington

2 months ago

We loved your concert in Alpharetta, Georgia! We saw you before in Columbus, GA and hope that you can come back! 🎼🎤🎹🥁🎷🎸

Thank you Jacksonville, Tampa, and West Palm Beach!!
Florida was rockin' all week despite all the rain!!
We hit the stage in a half hour here in Alpharetta, GA!

Robin Chang

2 months ago

FYI - future "Meet and Greet" fans … Alpharetta, GA activity was pretty disorganized. Hopefully other concert venue sites run much smoother for all Doobie Bros fans. Here is our Meet /Greet experience. It was a sunny, hot and humid afternoon in the Atlanta area but we were excited for the concert and Meet /Greet. We received an e-mail a few days earlier from Live Nation to check in at a certain gate location at 5:45pm. We arrived at this meeting location at 5:40pm and no Live Nation check in table in sight. Inquired to a security guard there and he stated that Live nation had set up at the other gate on the other side of the Amphitheatre. Security guard walked us over to the new check in site. No worries right? About 8 -10 folks who had received wrong meeting gate info now followed him over with us. Got to the new location and checked in. Noticed over the next several minutes other group of folks were being walked over to this new gate meeting site as well. We stood at this gate area from about 5:55pm until 6:20pm. I now noticed a total of about 60+ folks in this area who had signed up for the meet and greet package. The Live nation rep stated about 6:15pm they are waiting on the band to get ready - that is the reason for the delay. Sooo … apparently we get the go ahead and at 6:20pm the group is escorted completely back across Amphitheatre site to the other side once again to cue up outside of a back stage door. Live nation rep mentioned we are just waiting for the Doobie bros to get ready - that is the reason for the delay. Well - We all stood there in hot and humid conditions about another 15 minutes and at 6:45pm the Live Nation rep explains the band is finally ready but the rules are when we meet with the Doobie Bros for our photo op … no autographs, no cell phone selfies, etc. The Live nation rep would take the only photos of each fan group. Makes sense - we all seemed to understood that. She also mentioned you can talk with the band members just do not take 5 minutes. A few of us in line chuckled because with a likely 30+ group photos to be taken at this point we would be doing well with no conversation to even finish the photos before the scheduled start of the concert at 7:30pm and the Doobie Bros were playing first. Well after all of this hot and humid wait we are all getting ready to finally meet the band. At 6:50pm - the door opens and we start the photo/meet and greet. As folks exited after their meet/greet/photo op … we heard a few comments as folks walked by the line … "that was really quick"... "Talk about short and sweet"... "can't believe I waited well over an hour in 90 degree temps for this". Bottom line - we spent maybe 30 seconds with the Doobie Brothers … said hello …. shook Tom, Pat and John's hand and got a real nice photo of two sweaty fans with our favorite bands of all time - the Doobie Brothers. Perhaps all "Meet and Greet' events execute like this one in Alpharetta last night? I hope for the fans of the Doobie Brothers and any other group that this was the exception - not the rule. Best of luck with your Meet and Greet package if you choose to pursue it! Hope you find this info helpful.

Becca Peterson

2 months ago

Even with a hot and humid night the Doobies provided a good show in Alpharetta, GA last night. Played 15 classic hit songs we all know and enjoy. Good stuff!

Tracy Jennings

2 months ago

Doesn't surprise me that they had to reach back to my time for music )))

#Throwback to the release of 'Cycles' on this day in 1989!!!
"Music is the doctor
Makes you feel like you want to
Listen to the doctor
Just like you ought to
Music is the doctor... of my soul!!"

Zorayda Yepes

2 months ago

Too high a price that everyone's paying
The world ain't so nice, trying to survive
Spending your life, takin' chances you're given
That's always enough to keep the dream alive

Tasso Tsiakiridis

2 months ago

This is awesome. I won a prize from KOME and saw you guys at a private rehearsal in Oakland, then flew down to see you in Red Rocks. So fun!

Davi Souza

2 months ago

Great album - every song is really good! Cycles was a welcome return to the Doobie Brothers sound that many of us older fans had longed for. It was so refreshing to hear Tom back with Pat on this release. I recently asked my husband Kirk what is his favorite Doobie Brothers song that he would like to hear once again in concert. He said he can only narrow it down to maybe 12 songs at best … and there are a few off of this album.:) We'll see you tomorrow night before the show at the meet and greet in Atlanta. The Atlanta crowd should be ready to rock with the Doobie Brothers once again. Can't wait!!!

Please help us welcome Marc Quiñones to the Doobie Family!!!This incredibly talented percussionist played previously with the Gregg Allman Band as well as the Allman Brothers and we are so happy to have him join us on tour!!

Iosif Toth

2 months ago

I remember seeing him with the Allman Brothers and with the Gregg Allman Band in Cary, NC...where the Doobies opened. Glad to see you picked him up for your band.

Mhamd Shkof

2 months ago

1st Bill Payne in the mix on keyboards last year and now Marc....what an incredible band that just keeps getting better each year !!!!

Loredana Ferrari

2 months ago

Welcome to an historic group! My husband used to play softball with the crew in Santa Cruz in the early 70s. Good times.

Let's celebrate the REAL rockstars in our lives!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there!!!
You truly ROCK!:)
#HappyMothersDay #MothersDay

Karen Hall Lee

2 months ago

Waited 40 years to see you guys. Last night in Jax was fantastic!

Kanis Wongkhanti

2 months ago

Thank you very much!!! You all are amazing!!!

Visu Gajjar

2 months ago

Thank you guys this is why u my favorite band always keeping it real and caring an also being from the Bay Area too lol😘😍

Lovin' every minute of it!!
Thank you North Carolina for helping us kick off our Summer of #LivingDangerously!!
Jacksonville, FL tomorrow!!

Amaya Rodriguez

2 months ago

We've see y'all so many times, and will continue going to your concerts until one of us bites the dust or y'all quit performing! Love you all!!!❤️

Veronica Ray

2 months ago

These boys put on a show.. #ListenToTheMusic

Eliane Neves

2 months ago

I spent about 5 years of my Navy career in Jacksonville. 1995 or 96, I can't remember exactly which, the Doobie Brothers played Jacksonville on a Friday night and my ship (USS John F Kennedy CV-67) had been doing some training ops just off the coast that week and didn't pull back in to Mayport until Saturday morning. We tied up and got the brow down in time to take my son to his little league baseball game where I enviously listened to a number of the other dads talking about what a great concert I had missed. Well, next month will be my 38th Doobie Brothers concert so I guess I can't frown about it any more.

We're happy to share this live performance of "Black Water" where we joined the PFC Band along with Lee Oskar and Ellis Hall to perform a few songs during a recent WE ARE ONE Benefit concert in Los Angeles. Let the music play and sing along!!

Allícia Rocha

2 months ago

I can listen to the Doobies any time, if you have a crappy day just listen to the music! Luv you guys

Edwin Perez

2 months ago

Pat Simons the best!!! Great Black Water and great musicien!!!

Eddie Chen

2 months ago

I bought this 45 record while in Thailand in the military. I quickly found out there was just as good of a song on the flip side of the record... Another Park, Another Sunday. Very cool.

Ready to kick this off in Charlotte tonight!!#TheSummerOfLivingDangerously

Alfred Caspero

2 months ago

I saw the Doobies for the 23rd time in my life in Raleigh this evening. First time at WVU in 73. They were great! Tommy Johnston and Pat Simmons voices are still strong! They were super, played songs I can’t remember them doing. Led off with Natural Thing along with Road Angel, Disciple, Eyes of Silver and the Doctor plus all there hits and ended up w my fav Listen to the Music! They were better than Steely Dan! I love SD but the Doobs should have been the headliner. Doobies need to drop Michael McDonald tunes and stick w PS and TJ tunes. Sounds like the great Donald Fagan is losing his voice but Steely Dan was awesome as well! Great job w My Old School!

Aurora Hinojosa

2 months ago

Wish I was going! Saw the Doobies in Vegas in 2001 and The Dan in Greensboro not too long ago.

Amber Ibarra

2 months ago

Still remember you all coming to my wedding reception at the (then) Sheraton New Carrollton MD September 29 1979 after your awesome performance @ the Capitle Centre... Landover MD...

Who's ready to ROCK?!?!
We're excited to kick off our Summer tour with Steely Dan this week in Charlotte, NC!!!Are we coming to your neck of the woods??Find out here:

Borka Medic

2 months ago

Steely and the Doobies🙆

Eric Martin

2 months ago

Will see you guys this coming Thursday at the PNC Pavilion in Charlotte, NC!! Looking forward to hearing Steely Dan too!!

Liana Sonkwala

2 months ago

I have been to every show in Colorado and have traveled coast to coast to see my favorite band since 1973...can't wait for June 12th in Denver!!

Celebrate Summer Concert Season with a special $20 ticket offer to our summer tour with Steely Dan now through May 8 #tixfor20 #NationalConcertWeek

Jeff Fante

2 months ago

Would love it if you came back to the UK fingers crossed xx

Mary Foye

2 months ago

Incredible !!! Two of My Favorite Groups !!! Still Rock and Roll in my Soul :)

Yuri Alves Zolanski

2 months ago

Yes all the 70s bands need to do this .. would be great

Throwin' it back 43 years to the release of Stampede!!
Here's a little number from that album.
C'mon rock me, rock me a little while!!:)
#TBT #ThrowbackThursday

Rosa Baranja

3 months ago

I love my doobie Brothers!!!! cannot wait to see you again in STL!!!!

Jonah Partida

3 months ago

Doobie Brothers was the first concert I ever went to. I remember how great it was & how impressed I was. I still love their music!

Kayla Arnold

3 months ago

See you in Nashville soon, we got our tickets...🍻🎙🎸🎹💙

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #5: Mount Tamalpais, Marin County CA

43 years ago, April 25 1975, the Doobies' classic album “Stampede” was released. To get the inside story on how that cool cowboy cover came to be, and where it was shot, I tracked down Michael Maggid, the talented photographer who crafted the images for the album (among other legendary Doobie covers).

He told me, “The concept for the album title and cover sort of evolved from collective discussions with the band while they were recording. We set up to shoot the principal photos in Marin County, since I think most of the band lived up here. (I later photographed Skunk Baxter in a park in San Francisco, as he had not yet joined the band at the time of the cover shoot.) So on the day of the album shoot, we had arranged for an early morning meet-up at the bus station in downtown Mill Valley, CA. There were the band members, various wives and girlfriends, several Warner Record production and art folks, myself and my wife Jill, horse wranglers, a substantial group.

We all caravanned up to Mount Tamalpais, where we had arranged to have permission to shoot on a little dirt road. We had costumes and six-guns, etc. from the Warner prop department. So, all set up, the band goes back up the dirt road and charges, as best they can, toward the camera. Looks OK. Let's do that a couple more times. But... Pat Simmons has vanished. Gone. He turned up two miles away several hours later, and missed the entire rest of the shoot. He said he got lost.” (Note: Pat confirmed for me that the horse “had a mind of its own” and indeed took him on an unplanned side trip through the mountains.)

By the way, Michael also shared that the cover art was shot in black and white, and hand tinted in the antique style by Jill andhe to try to get a 19th century feel to the images.

(Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.)

Evelina Muric

3 months ago

Such a great classic! Not a day goes by without the Doobie's playing in my studio. Stampede is tops on the list!

John Moore

3 months ago

Neal’s Fandango is the best song and rarely played on the radio. People don’t know what they are missing.

Érdna Fast

3 months ago

To this day, I still love listening to Rainy Day Crossroad Blues. I was living in LA (lower Alabama) when this album was released. Hoping to hear it live one day (Mitch)

Looking forward to raising the roof here in Salina, KS tonight!!!

Qrcia Qra

3 months ago

My daughter-in-law Shannon bumping into Pat Simmons Jr who had just opened up for the Doobie Brothers at Stiefel Theatre Salina Kansas. I'm so thankful my son and his wife had a great time, seeing my favorite band of all time.

Arianna Rezzonico

3 months ago

Thank you long-time DB Road manager Tyler for taking the time to jump in the photo with my son Bryan and his wife Shannon at the Stiefel Theatre Salina Kansas concert. #crewbiebrothers

Shreya Singh

3 months ago

Cool looking venue. How are the inside acoustics?

We’re getting ready for our show down here in San Antonio!!We passed a sleepy little town on our way here!😉

Forrest Scotland

3 months ago

I live just a few miles outside of China Grove. The speed limit is 50mph and you better do 50 mph. There is always a cop awaitin' to give you a ticket!

Richard Chiaramonte

3 months ago

Looking forward to catching you guys and your great music in Madison, WI come June!!!! The concert of a lifetime to be sure!

Lorraine Rebman

3 months ago

I'm delighted to tell you fellas I'm a seventy year young long, long time fan and I can recite those lyrics by heart! Nothing wrong with this chic's memory. love to one and all. Safe travels! Namaste...

Thank you, Albuquerque, NM and Midland, TX!
Great to see you all again. It’s been way too long!

Jason Mair

3 months ago

Thank you for coming to Albuquerque. It is always a joy listening to your music. Come back soon ❤️

Ysaúl Gregory Guzmán Espejo

3 months ago

Got in a car accident one minute from Route 66 and even that didn’t dull my excitement. Had to get the white rose (respect) to Pat for “South City Midnight Lady.” Everything I hoped for. Thank you so.......

Michael Ballard

3 months ago

We were there in Midland. Had an awesome time!! Thanks for coming to our town!

Thank you for TWO amazing nights, Arizona! We had a blast!!
Looking forward to rocking New Mexico tomorrow night!!

John Philip Panoy Morales

3 months ago

I talked to John said" going to be another exciting night of musical hits." A Great Time is Guaranteed for All.

Lavonzella Redmond

3 months ago


Emmanuel Arthur

3 months ago

Another pic from Weds night! These guys were having a ball ! The crowd was great!👍🏼🎼🎸🎤

Thanks to everyone in Rancho Mirage, Las Vegas, and Thousand Oaks for getting this tour off on the right foot!!You guys sure know how to have a good time!! Tucson & Phoenix - You're next!!!

Hamza Khurram

3 months ago

Thanks for coming to Thousand Oaks, such a great night!!

Beth Harper O'Brien

3 months ago

The best show I've ever seen. What an evening! Only was too short. What pros!

Cherie Nowak Ignatowski

3 months ago

I'm waiting for you in Phoenix!💖🎸🎤🎶

We’re heading your way on Saturday April 7th to play The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. You don’t want to miss this one, get your tickets now!

Masahiro Koyama

3 months ago

I always like the Dobie Brothers

Rana Afzal

3 months ago

I’m going to be at Michael Jackson One show that night

Kidus Wiz Habl

3 months ago

Whoa-oh-oh, listen to the music!

'Takin' it to the Streets' turns 42 years young today! Which of the following is your favorite?? 1. Wheels Of Fortune 2. Takin’ It To The Streets 3. 8th Avenue Shuffle 4. Losin’ End 5. Rio 6. For Someone Special 7. It Keeps You Runnin’ 8. Turn It Loose 9. Carry Me Away #doobiebrothers #happy42 #otd #takinittothestreets #1976

'Takin' it to the Streets' turns 42 years young today!
Which of the following is your favorite??

1. Wheels Of Fortune
2. Takin’ It To The Streets
3. 8th Avenue Shuffle
4. Losin’ End
5. Rio
6. For Someone Special
7. It Keeps You Runnin’
8. Turn It Loose
9. Carry Me Away

Avishek Roy

4 months ago

It's good with MM for those years but it's great with Tom Johnston before and those Doobies music in all phases....but they are incredible to this day....keep on "rocking down the highway" guys!!

Greg Klepper

4 months ago

I didn't like it. It wasn't the Doobie Brothers I know. My favorite band and I quit buying albums until Tom came back. I actually have his 1st album. MM just wasn't right for the Doobie Brothers.

Natalie Padilla

4 months ago

I’ve loved all the versions/styles of the DBs over the past 45+ years. Change is what’s kept them relevant in music for all this time, and allowed them to become classic.

Please join us in raising a green beer to wish the incredible Marc Russo a very Happy Birthday!! :) #happystpatricksday #happybirthday #marcrusso #saxophone #greenbeer

Please join us in raising a green beer to wish the incredible Marc Russo a very Happy Birthday!!:)

Paulina Q Cuevas

4 months ago

Happy Birthday Mr. Marc Russo. May you be blessed with many birthday’s to come. 🎂🎈

Rochadie from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Willy Baker

4 months ago

Happy B-Day indeed! Such a talent. Remember seeing him play with the Sons of Champlin.

Luara Machado

4 months ago

Happy Birthday Marc - such an amazing talent!

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #4
Blackwater River. Virginia.

Do you remember? 43 years ago today, March 15, 1975, “Black Water” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The southern-flavored ode had been released the previous fall as the B-side to “Another Park, Another Sunday,” but Chuck Holloway, a disc jockey/music director at WROV-AM in Roanoke, Virginia was inspired to flip the single and play the B-side partly in honor of a local tributary called… the Blackwater River. Listeners lit up the request lines instantly and soon, nearby WQRK-FM in Hampton Roads picked up the tune. From there, there was no stopping it. “Black Water” became the Doobies first ever #1 hit, thanks in part to WROV-AM music director Chuck Holloway, who first spun the record on the air.

Pat Simmons described for me how he became inspired one day off in New Orleans while the band was on tour. “I always carried a little pad with me to capture song ideas. I was on a streetcar, trying to find a place to do my laundry, which is what you often do on a day off on the road. It was one of those classic New Orleans days where it pours rain and then almost instantly the sun beats down and just creates that magical mood.” So he jotted down the words, “Well if it rains, I don't care/ Don't make no difference to me/ Just take that street car that's goin' uptown.”

Simmons didn’t know about the Blackwater River back then. Instead he was inspired by evocative, literary images of Mark Twain and Huck Finn, floating lazily down a river, nothing but time to spend in the summer sun. But it’s a real place, and it’s forever connected to one of the most important songs in Doobie Brothers history. #KeepOnRollin’

(Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.)

Farshad Tayyebzadeh

4 months ago

I was in Navy Boot Camp at the time and "Black Water" still today reminds me of it and I love the song.

Amanda Dianne

4 months ago

That may be a Blackwater River, but not the one near Roanoke

Simone Samuels

4 months ago

WROV in those days was the station to listen to. This was 2 years after you guys performed here in Roanoke with Rod Stuart. Wish you were coming here for another concert this year. Was at the Nashville this past year and got to meet you all. Had a great time!! Keep on rock'n down the highway.

Happy Birthday to the one and only, Mr. Billy Payne! #happybirthday #billypayne #doobiebrothers

Ricardo Boon

4 months ago

Happy Birthday Billy.

Gay Jackson

4 months ago

Happy Birthday Billy!!! 🎂 💘

Brooke Johnson

4 months ago

Happy Birthday from the Great White North Bill.

It's Saturday night!
What's YOUR favorite Doobie Brothers song to sing along to???

Steve Price

4 months ago

South city midnight lady! That guitar riff in the middle just melts me! But I also agree that whatever is playing now will do!

Kristi Nedrow Richards

4 months ago

Another Park, Another Sunday! But who can choose just one! They're all great songs to sing along to!!

Gabby Lau Terekia

4 months ago

1st song came to my mind was Listen To The Music, Long Train Running and Jesus Is Alright(I love the STRYPER version as well).

Just ONE month until our first run of the year!
Are we coming your way?
4/06 - Rancho Mirage, CA
4/07 - Las Vegas, NV
4/08 - Thousand Oaks, CA
4/11 - Tucson, AZ
4/12- Phoenix, AZ
4/14 - Albuquerque, NM
4/15 - Midland, TX
4/18 - San Antonio, TX
4/20 - Bossier City, LA
4/21 - Tulsa, OK
4/22 - Salina, KS
More dates:

Cristina Bertossio

4 months ago

That's the day after Alix's Wedding

George Raygoza

4 months ago

Are the Doobie Brother tickets available at the door I usually attend outdoor concerts I like the feeling of outdoor concerts Freedom Hill and DTE they are great venues.. always a good time.. I'm searching for a new home so hopefully I catch this show.

Olasunkanmi Rabiu

4 months ago

Been following you guys for almost 50 years, am from Visalia, Mt. Whitney High School- ting a bell Tommy? Seen you guys probably 20-30 times all my grown children grew up on and also love your music. Come to Fresno !! Metro area over 1 million, please🙏😎

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #3
Newhall Pass, where Interstates 5 and 14 meet
Los Angeles County, CA

45 years ago TODAY saw the release of the album that led many to fall in love with the Doobie Brothers: 1973’s The Captain and Me. Do you remember? This is the LP that delivered such soon-to-standards as “Long Train Runnin’,” “China Grove,” “South City Midnight Lady”. and “Without You.” And talk about a classic album cover. I asked Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston to break it down.

Pat explained, “Our producer, Ted Templeman’s assistant Benita Brassiere put the shoot together. Our drummer, John Hartman, was the the one who got the idea going. We all sat around brainstorming, and as the concept began to take shape, we all started throwing in ideas, coach, horses, top hats, vampires, gothic, banquet table, creepy stuff. It was a complete surprise to me when I got there. All the costumes, props, coach, and horses, and a couple of wranglers to handle the animals, and harness them to the coach, came from the Warner Brothers movie studios in Burbank. Somebody from the record label pulled some strings, and helped us to make it happen. Arguably our most interesting album cover."

Tom told me, “The Sylmar earthquake of ’71 is what caused the freeway to collapse. It was definitely a wild place to do the shoot. Warner Bros Studio lot was where the costumes, the carriage/stagecoach and horses, and the large table everyone is sitting around in the centerfold of the album came from. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot and not a few peeks over the end of the freeway overpass. Oddly enough this overpass was repaired only to collapse again in pretty much the same place in the Northridge quake in 1994.”

Every day, thousands of motorists pass this location in and out of Los Angeles. But how many of them know they are passing under a classic rock and roll landmark?

(Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.)

Cliff Bishop

4 months ago

Without You . . .
Cranked to 11
That song still fires me up just like it did the 1st time I flipped the album over to listen to Side Two
As a Drummer I always wanted to jam this song with another Drummer

Pamela Sullivan-Prendergast

4 months ago

Very cool ! Can’t wait to see you all in Tampa and while we are at it, please consider coming back to RLCVII.....everyone is talking about wanting you back on board and we started coming year after you were there so we missed you...... 😘👍🎶🙏we all want you back !! see you in front row 😘

Veronica Saunders

4 months ago

I fell in love in Oct. of 1972 when I woke up early one morning turned on the radio heard listen to the music and knew I had to see this band who’s music blew me away. And it was thanksgiving week that I saw them and met them in Detroit (Masonic Temple) with a turkey in the dressing room. A 100+ concerts later I am still Listening To The great Music of the Doobie Brothers 🤩

On this day in 1980, The Doobie Brothers took home four Grammy Awards including Record of the Year for "What a Fool Believes" and Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Group for “Minute By Minute!" Can you spot the artist who co-wrote "What a Fool Believes"?? :) #OnThisDay #doobiebrothers #22ndgrammyawards #whatafoolbelieves #minutebyminute #1980 #grammys

On this day in 1980, The Doobie Brothers took home four Grammy Awards including Record of the Year for "What a Fool Believes" and Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Group for “Minute By Minute!"
Can you spot the artist who co-wrote "What a Fool Believes"?? :)

Gary Eaton

4 months ago

Since I came up with the original lineup and sound I never looked at it like Michael was a Doobie. Professional musicians do a lot of sitting in and it does stimulate different flavors of creativity, eras if you like. And we get that some don't care for the collaborations, which is what it always was. It was and still is The Doobie Brothers with Michael featured. Their ongoing independent identities have never been in question.

Chris Goodayle

5 months ago

All the variations of the Doobies, and all the hits, yet STILL not in the Rock n Roll Hall of fame? I call bs! This entire Band of Brothers deserve to be recognized!!! We've lost many of them..Cornelius, Keith Knudsen, Michael Hossack to name a few.. They have kept on rocking for me since the beginning.. Love seeing then perform live! They deserve it!

Andy Ward

5 months ago

I truly wish that the Doobies would separate the McD era to another page so all the people that like McD can go to that page. Just think, a rock page and a sappy jazz pop page, lol The Who said it best" Long Live Rock". Umm, that leaves Mcd out of the mix.

Yes we do. :) #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #1971 #debutalbum #thedoobiebrothers #doobiebrothers #tomjohnston #patricksimmons #daveshogren #johnhartman

Yes we do.
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT #1971

Martin Margules

5 months ago

Hi Denny--Is my favorite group-Steppenwolf is a close second-I think the Doobies qualify for Super Bowl halftime entertainment🤔😍

Paul McGowan

5 months ago

" Neal's Fandango" " Tell Me What You Want ( and I'll give you what you need)" and " South City Midnight Lady" are songs that Pat sang perfect lead on that should and would have been Billboard top ten hits if it were not for the average marketing the band had back in its early beginnings, mostly relying on the radio disc jockeys to promote the songs.

Listening to these three songs proves clearly that it wasn't just Tommy who wrote all the best songs. Many of the B-side songs are as good as the hits.

" This train I'm on " from the Brotherhood album, with Pat singing lead is a song they should bring back into the concert tour. Great lead vocal by Pat, amazing harmony, excellent guitar licks, and Billy Payne on the piano The Perfect Storm!

Pat has an amazing voice also blessed with superb songwriting skills. And let's not forget that Pat had the only number one chart hit " Black Water" way before Michael McDonald arrived.

Inside the Doobie Brothers closest fans circle, those who know the whole truth of the matter, we've known for 50 years that Pat Smmons is the greatest hidden treasure in the music industry.

Johannetje Markerink

5 months ago

Please play in concert ' THIS TRAIN I'M ON" from the Brotherhood album. Pat's vocals are outstanding and so is the classic Doobie Brother's harmony, and you can feature Billy Payne on keyboards on this great uplifting concert song!

Today would have been Keith Knudsen's 70th birthday.
Remembering him today with a little drum solo at Farm Aid in 2001.Happy Birthday, Keith!!We miss you, Brother!

Kenneth Shobe

5 months ago

I remember driving Keith and Tom to the city for a radio interview they let me join them it was fun cheers rip Keith

Chris Sapp

5 months ago

My all time favorite Doobie Brothers song!

Andy Ward

5 months ago

I'm happy this band is still touring! How amazing is that! I'm looking forward to seeing them again in May...

Without LOVE, where would you be now??? :) #HappyValentinesDay! ❤️#valentinesday #doobiebrothers #longtrainrunning #withoutlovewherewouldyoubenow
Without LOVE, where would you be now??? :)

David Wehunt

5 months ago

Love to you guys❣💋❣

Cate Murray

5 months ago

“Only love can break a heart-Only love can mend it again”

Donna Jones

5 months ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best band ever ‼️❤️🚂🎸

And the crowd is growing bigger... :) #doobiebrothers #listentothemusic #crowd #onstage #singalong