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Happy Birthday, Pat!!
You make 70 look easy!!
Looks like music may be the fountain of youth!!!!

Kelli Walker

4 hours ago

If I can be as active and as fit as you when I reach 70....are with all the touring and hard work you guy's put in.....I will surely be a happy man......Come back over to the U.K. and perform again and make a venue available with V.I.P. meet & greet passes....and I will leave this earth feeling truly elated and feel my life was guy's have been my inspiration since I was 14 yrs old and absolutely LOVE your music...….Pat......I doff my cap to you and wish you on your special day...and to all your family, the rest of the band crew and management all the very best from Green pastures here in North Wales U.K.

Andrés Quiroz Muñoz

4 hours ago

Happy Birthday, Pat!! You are a very special guy and a great musician. God uses you to bring encouragement and joy to millions of people across our nation and the world. May He keep you under His protection and continue to make you a blessing to all who love your music. Remember, "Jesus is Just Alright!!"

Katie Rose

15 hours ago

Happy Birthday Pat!
You are a great song writer and musician!!
In 1976, I met you at Record Theater in Buffalo NY, I bought your album and you signed it, then gave us two VIP tx for the Niagara Falls concert! We loved that show and been loving your shows ever since! Have a rocking night and would love to play a song on sax one day with all the Doobies!!!

Greensboro!! Thanks for rockin’ through the rain with us last night!!! You guys were amazing!
The stage is all set here in Simpsonville and it’s looking like a beautiful evening!!!

Leonardo Alba

a day ago

Simpsonville SC show was amazing show. Great sound and energy on stage by all.

Kiran Ravindran

a day ago

Great show in Greensboro, even in the rain! Sounded awesome!

Danielle Constantino

a day ago

heard you all at petco park .san diego ca...we sat out on party deck of condo highrise all rock... saw you couple times in 70-80's in cleveland area .. blossom center

What a great week!Milwaukee, Champaign, and Cleveland have set the bar high!!
We’re finishing up the Midwest tonight in Battle Creek, MI and then heading to the Carolinas!
Doobie Fans ROCK!!!!

Cheyne López Ramos

6 days ago

Is Michael Macdonald still with them?

Cathy Knight Gietzen

6 days ago

You're on my flight to Charlotte!!!! #freakingout

Yves Depierreux

6 days ago

Ima saving up for a big ticket!

As a result of the overwhelmingly positive fan response to The Doobie Brothers announcement of their full-album shows at the Beacon Theatre, the band has decided to double down and will now perform both Toulouse Street and The Captain and Me on both evenings, November 15 and 16, 2018.

The news follows the original announcement that the band would be returning to The Beacon Theatre for the first time in 25 years, performing single album shows. These historic concerts offer an opportunity for Doobie fans to hear deep cuts and songs never before performed live by the band.A limited number of VIP packages are available with some of the packages including an opportunity to meet the band.Tickets for both shows are on sale now and are available at

Carlos H Alves

10 days ago

please , please, please, release a cd of these concerts. I saw you guys this summer and if you come back to new england next summer ill see you again

David Rahub

10 days ago

I didn’t realize that the Doobies are just a three-piece band now. Why only three people being billed as the Group ? Aren’t there more players in the group than the three of them ?

Dani Zelarayan

10 days ago

If I had only ONE concert to see for the rest of my life, hearing you perform those two albums would be it! Please add Fort Worth or Dallas to your 1,000s of venue requests.
Ditto on the DVD!

Just got out of rehearsing for this upcoming run! We’re changin’ up the set a bit and pulling out a few deep cuts.
Check this link to see if we’re coming your way!!
Midwest is up first!!!

Rubenn Laraa

11 days ago

God be with you fellas stay aware of your surroundings be safe on the road keep us posted forever and always a fan.
Virgil Lee

Brandon Cunningham

11 days ago

The Doobie Brothers this girl will be there Front Row center stage Right!!!!! Dancing the whole set! Sorry to those behind me . No worries I'm tiny ;)

Salben Cantillana

11 days ago

Doobies were great opening for Eagles and Zac Brown, They put out a headlining set, played great facing the sun. Still a great band.

Sibling Rivalry was released on this day in 2000!!!
“We gotta change the times
The world is watchin', just look at the shape we're in
There ain't no doubt about it, people gotta love again...”

R Johanita Camfa

15 days ago

A truly killer CDa actually my favorite of all time. I see them every time they are around SoCal. but I wish they would play a lot more from the later albums, S.R., Brotherhood, Cycles, It has become too much of a 1970's oldies show although they rock your sox off every time.

Caitlyn Conrad

15 days ago

The choreography of ''Don't Be Afraid'' is one of the very best of the Doobies ! I'm surprised it's not played often on the stations aimed and secretaries and offices !

Fernando Martinez

16 days ago

Those are awesome lyrics for this day we live in .. that song needs to be played on the radio daily ..

San Diego, you are absolutely beautiful!
Thank you for an amazing evening!!!

Thabit Salum

25 days ago

Yes and I have gone to see them many times, I just thought as a now senior they extend the same courtesy and trave to my area. We as seniors cannot afford to follow them everywhete..."just saying!

Gemini KB Red

a month ago

Thank you, beautiful California, for giving us The Doobie Brothers! ❤️

José Carlos Arenas Pérez

a month ago

Wish the BB would come to Budapest - Hungary !

San Diego!! We can’t wait to see you fill this place up!!We take the stage at 5:15 sharp!

Catina Coleman Ford

a month ago

Guys, I was at the concert at Petco last night. I am sorry to say your sound engineer screwed up your show. Sound was really bad and muffled going in and out of different channels. The audience could hardly hear the vocals. Please fire the sound engineer ASAP. Sad that my first Doobie experience was messed up. I am sure San Diegans are very disappointed! 😡

Chongo Shawngo

a month ago

Hopefully we'll see you in Denver again 2019!!! Red Rocks again would be perfect!!!

Brea Taylor Galbreath

a month ago

Get ready, San Diego!

Thank you, San Francisco!!!!
You truly blew us away!!!

Carolina Homez Linares

a month ago

You need to do another Australian concert before you hang up the guitars sticks horns. I've been to last 4.

Anayeli Vergara

a month ago

Saw Joe Walsh with the Doobies in 1991 right after Desert Storm on Camp Pendleton. Fantastic, awesome, incredible, and outstanding show.

Cindy Campos

a month ago

There was probably room for one more, would have made room for their number one fan.
Win lotto and organise a concert for one plus an exclusive group of groupies.
What do you reckon??

Lookin’ forward to rockin’ San Francisco with The Eagles and Zac Brown Band tonight!!!
We take the stage a little before 5! Don’t be late!

Marc Mackenzie Frantzen

a month ago

Please tell me that that top picture with all of the empty seats was taken during the sound check prior to the show.

Akshay Aravkar

a month ago

I am sorry to miss this!!! But CA is far away from MI! 😕😞

Tonmoy Nondi Jit

a month ago

Great show, great sound and vocals. One hit after another. Doobies, Zac Brown, Eagles what a show.

One Step Closer was released #OnThisDay in 1980!!Seems like only yesterday!

Kate Myers

a month ago

I like the best of doobies' albums.
Album jacket and songs are also coolest at best.
I think this member (plus Willie Weeks and Bobby Lakind) is the most powerful member of the past and I wanted more studio recording albums to be announced.
My favorite song is South Bay Strut.

Angelicia MJ A

a month ago

Even though Michael McDonald is a talented musician, he does not have the true Doobie sound that we all loved through the years. Minute by Minute is great but give me Long Train Running or Jesus is Just Alright. THAT is the real Doobie sound.

Claire Clarisse

a month ago

Enjoyed Tom Johnston's candid interview via podcasting the other night. This band has certainly had changes in personnel -- everyone of the guys first class.

Michał Zieliński

a month ago

One of the most humble Superstars ever !!

Valentina Lautrec

a month ago

I've been a fan of TJ & the band for 40 years, and this is, by far, the best interview with Tom I've ever heard. A bit long for the non-fan, but for us die-hards, it's incredible. From his days growing up in Visalia to their upcoming EP. He even talks about the backwards solo on "Music Man" (so that's how that was done). Thanks Tom!!!!!

Patryk Pyrzyk

a month ago

He’s talking about Bakersfield & Visalia..come back here & jam Tom🤘

Hey guys!Tom here. I just wanted to share with you an interview I did recently for The Bob Lefsetz Podcast.He took it back to the very beginning!!!Check it out!!!
Full Podcast:
Bob's Letter:

Arelhi Mendez

a month ago

Thanks for all the great memories! I have all the albums over the years and every time I listen to them, I remember what I was doing the first time I heard them.

Valerie Hasan

a month ago

Bob has a new show on siriusxm's volume 106

Femke Vantomme

a month ago

Can't wait for you all to come back to Dallas/Ft.Worth,, TX

Wishing Pat and Cris the best of luck on their Motorcycle Cannonballl!! They got rained out today, so hopefully they’ve got clear skies ahead!!
They are riding their antique Harleys on the endurance challenge from COAST TO COAST - Portland, ME
to Portland, OR - almost 3,700 miles!!
Be safe out there and keep on Rockin’ down the highway!

Terri DeFoe

a month ago

good luck missed you guy as the rain came and the stop @ Arkport Cycles near Hornell NY was cancelled and you went on to Jamestown . wish you stopped . there were 100 people waiting . oh and food alot of food + hot coffee

Leah Mjl

a month ago

Safe journey. Hurry up and bring the band back over to the U.k.Good 'ol Boy as we Doobie Brits say.Glastonbury awaits.The festival.

Steve Ainscough

a month ago

I have listened to the Doobies since the early 70's. I never miss of show, hope you play for many more year to come. Make sure you visit Jiffy Lube Live in northern VA next year.

Happy Birthday, John McFee!!!
Here's to another year doing what we love!
It's gonna be great!!:)

Amber Romine

a month ago

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN McFEE!! Many, many more! Thanks for all the amazing music! Hope you have all you wish for in the coming year. (I have to add: Jeremy Denton, you have outdone yourself love this photo! You do have my dream job...)🎂🖖🕶️🎉🎸🎶🎻

Aaron Ward

a month ago

Happy Birthday Master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Chihuahua, Mexico!!!!!

Orange Miles Darvish Yadier

a month ago

Happy Birthday John, great playing. Thanks for what you do to make the Doobies my favorite minstrels

Caught in the act… ;)
I’ve been busy during this break!
Lots of writing and working on new tunes.
Can’t wait to hit the road again!
Hope you’re having a rockin’ weekend!!
- TJ

Iki Ichi

a month ago

Still enjoying your marvellous performance in Brussels (Belgium) in November last year. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music.

Takoda Bostwick

a month ago

Your extraordinary talent and nonstop creativity (even on break!) is a such a gift to all of us, TJ. We can’t wait for you to be back on the road, too! ❤️

Prawijaya Kusuma Slalu Chyank

a month ago

Sure hope you will return to Harrah's Cherokee!! Was there with my kids and we had a great time!! Thank you all for putting on such a great show!!

San Francisco!
We can’t wait for our hometown gig with our good friends The Eagles & Zac Brown Band!
Hope you’re ready to Listen to the Music in just 2 short weeks! :)

Ofosu Gershon

a month ago

Any new Doobie Brothers songs in the near future?

Frank Ethie Gines

a month ago

I remember The Eagles final tour in 2004 had eye watering prices nice to see they have come out of that retirement to help Zac Brown whoever she is.

Melissa Amy

a month ago

Man I’d love to see that. Even with the strange lineup. Doobies opening? Oh well. It’s all good.

Just announced! The Doobie Brothers have added a new tour date at State Farm Center in Champaign, IL on Oct 10.

Tickets go on sale starting Fri, Sep 7. Fans will have the first access to tickets starting September 5th using code DOOBIES18.

Lorena Francisco

2 months ago

We need you at The Gorge at George!

Shonna Smock

2 months ago

And Vancouver BC?????? ;)

Sharon White

2 months ago

They rocked the Rose

Please help us wish the incredible John Cowan a very Happy Birthday!!

John Durbin

2 months ago

Love John Cowan. All the way from his New Grass Revival days.

Annabelle Garcia

2 months ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN...."🎶 keep Rock in down the highway bub...🎶 ".... 👏

Kennedy Michele

2 months ago

Happy Birthday, John!! Hope it was filled with love and laughter. ❤

This one takes us back to this week in 1977!!
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT


2 months ago

I was 16 years old when this came out; I loved it then and still do. I call it the "misunderstood"

David Puma Cortés

2 months ago

Living on the Fault Line did not sell as many copies as most of the Doobi Brothers albums, but it is a great album, and every song is really good! Michael McDonald was really soulful, while Pat kept the group going and still sounding like the Doobie!

Trisha Mitchell Davis

2 months ago

Although I missed Tommy , I loved the album. Michael McDonald brought a change of pace which kept the band challenged and more importantly kept the band together.

Happy Birthday to the one and only Ed Toth!!!

Lucila De Luna

2 months ago

A big happy birthday to you Ed!!!

Rodrigo Matos

2 months ago

Still have your drum stick from House of Blues Myrtle Beach. Happy birthday!

Brett Eulitt

2 months ago

Beat the drum Ed...happy birthday Ed Toth from Bonnie Scotland.

We are without words... she was an inspiration to so many.
Aretha will forever be the Queen of Soul. Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones.

Real K. Jane

2 months ago

If there is a heaven, she was sent from there....RIP.

Tad McGonigle

2 months ago

Beautiful Lady !!! She is definitely the Queen of Soul !!!!! Thank U so much for Sharing ur incredible Talent with the World !!!

Abdul Rahim

2 months ago

Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin thank you for the great music you gave all of us your music will not be forgotten that’s how good it is

Happy Birthday to our very good friend and brother in music, Tom Johnston!!!
Here’s to many more years of keeping this long train runnin’!!!

Mike Bendele

2 months ago

Thank you for some of the best tunes and talent I've ever heard. #1 group to me since 1972 and still are!

Amaya Henderson

2 months ago

Though I don't know you personally Tom, happy birthday, and thanks for allowing me to ride the long train musical journey with you guys since 1972 !!! Can't wait to see ya again SOON!

GeneLyn T Tarrago

2 months ago

Happy birthday from all your fans in Australia!

We want to know...
What's your favorite Doobie Brothers song to hear live???
Or is there a song you'd love to hear played live but haven't yet???

Angela Cooper

2 months ago

World Gone Crazy version of Nobody and Dangerous from the Wolf Trap are favorites but Listen to the Music is it. That what the Doobie Brothers are about. Listen to their music. I didn't initially like World Gone Crazy but after a few times through I realized that is a good album. There is everything thing there. Rock, ballads, latin, jazz/blues. You do it all. Listen to the Music.

Adi Tyâ

2 months ago

So many to choose from!! I guess I’m a bit nostalgic but China Grove is definitely one. Our high school played this as our “get the crowd pumped up song”. The other would be Long Train Running, well because I went to Ohio University! Hey but my son got a A for his Doobie Brothers project for History of Rock n’ Roll 1 class at OU. I gave him a recording of our high school bands rendition of China Grove for the back ground music of his power point presentation. I didn’t tell him I was well aware the professor was the band director responsible for that very rendition. 😊

Doug Ashley

2 months ago

South City Midnight of the greatest songs ever written....keep on doing your thing Doobies.....long may you run.

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #7
San Jose, CA

Perhaps the ultimate Doobie Brothers landmark – the birthplace of the band. Tom Johnston moved into this house while attending San Jose State, and lived here through the first three albums. It’s where Pat Simmons and Tom first hung out and jammed. It’s where the band was given their name by a friend. It’s where many of the songs being featured in this fall’s monumental album shows at the Beacon Theater in NY were written. What else can you say? What happened here is why we are still listening to the music today. (Private residence, please do not disturb occupants).

(Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.)

Robert Hernandez

2 months ago

So what do you guys think? I'm kinda thinking its the same house. Can anyone confirm.....can anyone remember?

Jennifer Oyama

2 months ago

When I first listened to there music , I thought of some guys , similar to myself & our friends & I actually thought of them sitting around jamming & writing tunes in a house just like the picture ...... I know it sounds weird but it’s true ..,, The 70,s was a very special time & the music reflected that ,there are lot of houses / homes like the one in the picture in Sydney,s Eastern & Southern Suburbs I visited many & lived in one around the same time ....

Sándor Borbély

2 months ago

I bet it looked nothing like this, but would be so cool to live there esp with it's revamped exterior and most likely a lot of interior upgrades but the BONES are the same, house has to have good VIBES and MOJO!

Can you believe its been 14 years already????
On this day in 2004, we performed and recorded our show at Wolf Trap National Park that would become our "Live at Wolf Trap" DVD/CD!!

Emma Bohuon

3 months ago

O love this DVD. The concert att Cape Cod Melody tent was superb.

Fjnr Nolasco

3 months ago

When you watch this you can understand why they are so good and have persevered. How many 1000’s of times have they played this song yet look at the smiles and energy as they perform

Camille Galman Bugarin

3 months ago

Thank God you didn't ask us to pick a favorite song-the selection process could have gone on for weeks! This album is everything a live album was meant to be-full tilt,spontaneous, innovative. and inspired ❤️The band was on FIRE! 2 hours of musical deliciousness. BTW-whoever came up with the concept of live recordings- We're not worthy!

The Doobie Brothers have announced 13 additional headline tour dates for 2018. The shows kick off October 9 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and run through November 13 in Stamford, Connecticut.

Tickets for the headline tour go on sale starting Friday, July 27. Fans will have the first access to tickets starting July 25th using code DOOBIES18.

A limited number of VIP packages will also be available, including premium seating, pre-show meet & greet with the band, exclusive merchandise and more.

Visit for a full list of dates and on sale details.

Goldsmith Donna

3 months ago

Michael McDonald would round this out perfectly. PERFECTLY.

Leona Brown

3 months ago

Seen the Doobies 3 times in my life. Once while on holiday in Orlando when they'd just released Cycles, once in Wembley Arena when they supported? Foreigner. and at Hammersmith Apollo approx six years ago. I wish it was more but not living in USA doesn't help. I'm 67 now, do you think I'll get anymore concerts in, I really hope so. Keep on rockin guys.

Izzy Maisonet

3 months ago

They want to be paid in US dollars, not Canadian pesos!

Tickets are on sale now to see The Doobie Brothers two-night residency at The Beacon Theatre in NYC featuring their first ever full-album performances with Toulouse Street on Thu, Nov 15, & The Captain and Me on Fri, Nov 16. Grab yours now:

Darek Oczadly

3 months ago

Jeg har set den og mener faktisk er sendte den til dig Ole Dalsgaard Thomsen for nogen tid siden..skal vi til New York?

Wendy Artis

3 months ago

I saw them at an outdoor concert, fond memories

Yaniita Guerrero

3 months ago

Prøv at se den her Lars Dalsgaard Thomsen

Konstantinos Chatziantoniou

3 months ago

one of my FAVE 'deep cuts'... Love the 'dueling drums solo' towards the end...

Anie Khalifa Lam

3 months ago

If y’all like Road Angel, go on you tube and search Road Angel live Japan. There you will see the most incredible jam of this song ever. It is a masterpiece. Trust me

Mickael Rivest

3 months ago

They should come back to binghamton ny some time.

"People rushin' everywhere
If they'd only slow down once
They might find something there..."
#TBT 1973

Pauline Rumpelt

3 months ago

The best Doobies album, at least in my opinion. Every song is perfect. My favorite, though, is Clear as the Driven Snow.

Mariah Page

3 months ago

"Deep as a river, wide as the sea...changin' the ways of a captain and me..." GREAT album; in terms of variety of material and production of same, quite possibly their best effort. Gotta like the cover art and the centerfold didn't freak my mother out like the one for "Toulouse Street" did.

Huszár Noémi

3 months ago

one of the first albums I ever bought...they initiated the 2 drummer setup in music..Knudsen and McCracken..

American Express Card Members can get #AmexPresale tickets for our two-night residency at the The Beacon Theatre in NYC now through 7/22/18!

General on sales begin Mon, July 23 at 10 AM local time.

Mara Meersman

3 months ago

35 minute train ride, and i'm there ....

Cee Ace Lenny

3 months ago

Saw them there about 12 years ago. Also those records are from the 70's, much older than 25 years. This is confusing.

Brandi Manna

3 months ago

Its gonna be a rock and roll evening.

Well that's a wrap!!What a great way to end our Summer tour!New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey made for one hell of a weekend!Thank you to ALL who came to our shows this Summer!We love you guys!!

Sherry Harris

3 months ago

We love you!!! NH was awesome! It was amazing and crossed off my bucket list! Thanks to my mom who showed me what great music is!!

Žaneta Viola Hošková

3 months ago

Thanks for the the Incredible Concert at Bethel Woods July 14th !! Since the 70's I've been listening to your Music... danced the whole time!!! Can't wait to see you again...You Guys Rock!!

Mika Hsu

3 months ago

Was privileged to witness an outstanding performance in New Hampshire. Thank you for giving it your all (as you always do). Now it's time to put the kickstand down and enjoy. Rest up for next year where I hope to see you again.

Fan pre-sale tickets are available now to see The Doobie Brothers two-night residency at The Beacon Theatre in NYC featuring their first ever full-album performances with Toulouse Street on Thu, Nov 15, & The Captain and Me on Fri, Nov 16. Use code DOOBIESNYC to grab yours now:

Marko Kekic

3 months ago

Been to hundreds of concerts and the one thing that stands out to me, of all the bands i’ve seen only one band thanks the crowd for spending their hard earned money to watch them and thats the brothers. They ALWAYS thank the crowd, and that should tell you something about their character!

Torra Patrice

3 months ago

Saw them In Glasgow they were brilliant

Martin Marinelli

3 months ago

How many bands can do this - 45 years later? Not many...

Just Announced! The Doobie Brothers will play their first ever full-album performances, on two historic nights in New York City at The Beacon Theatre, November 15 and 16, 2018. The band will perform Toulouse Street plus select hits on Thursday, November 15, and The Captain and Me plus select hits on Friday, November 16.

Tickets for both shows go on sale Mon, July 23 at 10A local. Fans will have first access to tickets for both nights starting tomorrow, July 17th at 10am local. Use code DOOBIESNYC. American Express card members will have pre-sale access Wed, July 18 at 10a local.

A limited number of special VIP packages will also be available, including premium seating, pre-show meet & greet with the band, exclusive commemorative merchandise & more!

Visit for details.

Adriana Kasth

3 months ago

The Beacon would have to be a bucket list look at all the bands that have played and the # of times they play the venue

Erika Lovas

3 months ago

Saw you guys in Perth, Western Australia last year.....could have sworn you played the Captain and Me you guys.....1st concert was 1975, Auckland, New Zealand........Doobies for life!

Erutere Samuel Emerald

3 months ago

When that’s done you’ll have to do Stampede Tommy. Then the boys won’t be able to stop you playing Texas Lullaby. 😂😂👍

We're getting ready to rock Bethel, NY near the original site of Woodstock.... If only this ground could talk!!;)
It's been a beautiful afternoon.Hoping the rain holds off!!!

Monday Azeez

3 months ago

Best of luck in Bethel....I have been there twice and it is a magical place.

John Fuller

3 months ago

The rain held off for the Doobies but we got our Woodstock rain during the Steely Dan set. Loved it.

Tracie Sharrow Smith

3 months ago

My first college roommate was in attendance with her (now deceased)husband. And the Rolling Stones played at Moby Gym on the campus of Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Great and fun memories!

Here’s a throwback to a video released this month 22 years ago!
"Rockin' Down The Highway: The Wildlife Concert"
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Nuno Gonçalo Pinto

3 months ago

love the Doobies!! I remember the late 70's, my best friends family took me along on their family reunion in Nebraska from Va. Beach. Around Missouri a dude on an old H_D dresser type bike jammed by us in the 1 ton van. I think the next song I heard was "Rocking Down The Highway". Everytime I hear that song I think about that dude on his Harley jammin down the road wide open and smile. Spent many a mile in the saddle myself as an adult. still wonder about that guy...

Jonathan Forney

3 months ago

Still listen to this often. The ultimate collection of all Doobie Brothers eras.

Connie Johnson Ingle

3 months ago

Great concert and never tire of watching the video version! Hard to believe it was that long ago!

Behind the scenes at Bristow, VA!
Thank you to everyone who came out and rocked the night away!

Chad J Welton

3 months ago

I kinda love this. How much fun would that job be?

Vijyasingh Vizroy

3 months ago

Saw your show at SPAC last Saturday. Best show I have ever seen and I converted my kids and their friends into super fans! Even the mid 20's crowd appreciates your music

Donna Taylor

3 months ago

Awesome concert...Wish you guys could have played all night! You haven’t lost your touch! Keep Rockin’ and we’ll keep coming!

The East Coast sure has been bringin' the party!!!
Night after night, you guys just keep getting hotter!!!
Thank you, Connecticut and Massachusetts for an amazing weekend!

Baba Sina

3 months ago

last night in VA was incredible. I drove from Maryland with my kids. i saw you all at this venue the first year it opened the first time you all played there, 23 years ago when i was 17. what an amazing show. thank you for doing South Cith Midnight Lady, its my favorite if I could pick.

Kristy T A Swartzentruber

3 months ago

Great show last night at Jiffy Lube Live, in the DC area. Keep up playing great music.

Eric Chasen

3 months ago

Does anyone know why Friday in NJ was postponed ? Just curious ...

What a beautiful day off in Saratoga Springs, NY!
I always forget what a cool old town this is. Old timey which is nice in this crazy ass world! -TJ

Ana Carolina

4 months ago

Hey Tom, it IS a crazy ass world, but it IS much better thanks to the decades of great "Doobie Bros. Music!" Thank you 😊

Santiago Terriquez

4 months ago

Just curious if you remember Red...the guy with the van that used to carry the drum sets for you...

Susan Chilson McCarty

4 months ago

Can not wait to see you July 11 th/ with steely Dan.

What a week it's been!!Indy on Sunday, Detroit Tuesday, and Cincy tonight!!!Michigan, Indiana and Ohio are blowing us away!!!

Daniella Cortez

4 months ago

Bunch of old geezers acting like teenageres... I love it!!! LOL

Edson Ramalho

4 months ago

Still counting the days until BB&T Camden, so excited and can hardly wait!

La Toria Marshall

4 months ago

Getting really excited to see you guys this Monday July 2nd in Toronto !!!!! Bring lot's of sunscreen with you boy's. It's going to be the HOTTEST recorded temperature in over 50 year's in Toronto 98 + degrees with humidity. Hotter than Dubai !!!! Cheers. Welcome to Canada !!!!🎷🎸🇨🇦️

Denver fans are BADASS!Thank you, Colorado!!
You guys blew the roof off the joint! ;)

Akayah Ngaira

4 months ago

Thank You So Much for entertaining us!!! You guys Rocked the House!!!!!!!

Dana Hailey

4 months ago

The day off you guys had in Denver must have been good to you because you guys were so good to us! It was a great show as always, but the energy was palpable! Can't wait till the next time. #Bestbandever

Esteban Casas

4 months ago

My FAVORITE band. They always blow the roof off.

We had a beautiful day off in Denver yesterday and are now 15 minutes from starting the show!!
Thank you to Salt Lake City for finishing the weekend right! You guys were groovin’!!

Johann Miller

4 months ago

Love you guys!

Nunes Anacleto

4 months ago

Love you see you again. Tom Johnston class of 66 MWHS.

Doris Coats

4 months ago

We're 5th row and loving the show, you guys are awesome !!!!!

Thank you, Doobie Fans!!
Your love and energy feed our souls EVERY night.
Boise and Missoula were breathtaking!!And the audiences left us speechless.You guys are truly the best.

Kauê Renan

4 months ago

You were our favorite recently in Seattle! You sound greattttt and we loved that saxophone so much!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Luís Fernandes

4 months ago them. I told my sons I was going to go find a Commodores CD. one said who's that they're probably all dead now and in eight track only. 😀

Sergio Alves

4 months ago

Hello -- Tom, Pat, John and the rest of the guys, sounds like you are on tour -- I'm writing from South Australia, unable to attend. I really like your music. I need to ask if something is okay -- If you have a chance could you plz check the messages? Cool. I'm a mature-age uni student.

Well, we escaped the rain for a few beautiful days in Portland & Seattle but it looks like it may have caught up to us here in Missoula, Montana.Fingers crossed it clears up for the show!
Thank you to everyone who has come out this week and to everyone who's coming out tonight... "Well, if it rains, I don't care... Don't make no difference to me!";)

Brenda Schmitz

4 months ago

I’ve been to the two last shows in Vancouver and they were amazing and was supposed to go to Boise tomorrow night... but stuff happened and now I can’t go 😢
Hopefully there will be another show in Vancouver/Abbotsford sometime 🙂

Carlos Vinícius

4 months ago

Thanks for the wonderful show in Seattle! You guys were fantastic 🎶🎸🎹 🥁

Shah Md Mahir

4 months ago

You guys killed it in Missoula. Your great energy and awesome talent swept us away. Thanks for a wonderful time! Hope you felt the love we were sending your way. And it didn't rain either! Peace.

Thank you Reno, L.A. and San Francisco for truly blowing us away. Such energy!!!

Latasha Quill

5 months ago

Gentlemen...thank you for a wonderful show. Safe travels!

Sarai Hernandez

5 months ago

Hall of fame-Hall of fame-Hall of game

Mitzi Callahan

5 months ago

Saw them in Sacramento in 1983. Most of the audience was “sleeping.”
But I loved them! They closed with “Listen to the Music.” I think I was the only one who was straight and dancing.

Thank you, Dallas & Austin! Texas moon sure was shinin'!
Time for us to get #OnTheRoadAgain!!! 😉
Los Angeles, here we come!

Brittany Maree Hannah

5 months ago

Glad to see PRSs are taking off with the classic rockers

Mark Kassimer

5 months ago

Cant wait to see you guys in CINCINNATI!!

Elizabeth Keener

5 months ago

Dudes, you guys really rocked the town last Sunday😎

Remembering those who gave all...
And sending our love to the families of our fallen heroes.
We honor you today and always.

Massy Muchina

5 months ago

Thank You Guy's

Boitumelo Mathiba

5 months ago

Thanks guys. Have fun and stay safe.

Us offers

5 months ago

Thank you Doobie Brotherhood for lifting the hearts and serving the U.S.O. soldiers all around the world over the years.
You guys are true Patriots!

New Orleans and Houston!!! You raised the ROOF!!!!!

Lyn Merrill Johnson

5 months ago

Yall were awesome in Sugarland

Laws Sithole

5 months ago

Doobies so very good in person, just like their record versions !!!

Niko Bruder

5 months ago

Welcome to Germany - we are waiting so long

"My heart, it is pounding, my ears they ring
The spell has been cast down in New Orleans again...
I just might pass this way
I just might pass this way again..."
Pat considers New Orleans a home away from home.
Check out this interview with Pat in anticipation of tonight's show in the big easy!!!

Tina Samoelina

5 months ago

I guess Pat needed some more funky Dixieland or, what the locals (the Neville Bros) call New Orleans music. Pat, did you call on Dr. John?

Mackenzie Thweatt

5 months ago

Love me some Doobie Brothers and Pat Simmons...but don't go to New Orleans anymore. Taking down Confederate statues was wrong! Sorry...but good luck with your show!

Gina Polan

5 months ago

Gunna get too loose on Toulouse Street...

Playing in the heart of Nashville last night was OUTSTANDING despite the rain delay!!!Your energy fueled our show!!
And thank you to Alpharetta/Atlanta, GA for blowing the roof off the joint!!

Jon Athan Hubert

5 months ago

Drove over from Knoxville to see you guys in Nashville. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for doing the show. You guys were my first concert in I think 1973, in Knoxville. Jim Croce and Loggins and Messina and you guys were the performers. Keep playing.

Juan C Macias Hernandez

5 months ago

wish you were playing a smaller chinook winds in lincoln city....oregon

Craig Washington

5 months ago

We loved your concert in Alpharetta, Georgia! We saw you before in Columbus, GA and hope that you can come back! 🎼🎤🎹🥁🎷🎸