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Looking forward to raising the roof here in Salina, KS tonight!!!

Qrcia Qra

8 hours ago

My daughter-in-law Shannon bumping into Pat Simmons Jr who had just opened up for the Doobie Brothers at Stiefel Theatre Salina Kansas. I'm so thankful my son and his wife had a great time, seeing my favorite band of all time.

Arianna Rezzonico

8 hours ago

Thank you long-time DB Road manager Tyler for taking the time to jump in the photo with my son Bryan and his wife Shannon at the Stiefel Theatre Salina Kansas concert. #crewbiebrothers

Shreya Singh

17 hours ago

Cool looking venue. How are the inside acoustics?

We’re getting ready for our show down here in San Antonio!!We passed a sleepy little town on our way here!😉

Forrest Scotland

4 days ago

I live just a few miles outside of China Grove. The speed limit is 50mph and you better do 50 mph. There is always a cop awaitin' to give you a ticket!

Richard Chiaramonte

4 days ago

Looking forward to catching you guys and your great music in Madison, WI come June!!!! The concert of a lifetime to be sure!

Lorraine Rebman

4 days ago

I'm delighted to tell you fellas I'm a seventy year young long, long time fan and I can recite those lyrics by heart! Nothing wrong with this chic's memory. love to one and all. Safe travels! Namaste...

Thank you, Albuquerque, NM and Midland, TX!
Great to see you all again. It’s been way too long!

Jason Mair

5 days ago

Thank you for coming to Albuquerque. It is always a joy listening to your music. Come back soon ❤️

Ysaúl Gregory Guzmán Espejo

5 days ago

Got in a car accident one minute from Route 66 and even that didn’t dull my excitement. Had to get the white rose (respect) to Pat for “South City Midnight Lady.” Everything I hoped for. Thank you so.......

Michael Ballard

5 days ago

We were there in Midland. Had an awesome time!! Thanks for coming to our town!

Thank you for TWO amazing nights, Arizona! We had a blast!!
Looking forward to rocking New Mexico tomorrow night!!

John Philip Panoy Morales

9 days ago

I talked to John said" going to be another exciting night of musical hits." A Great Time is Guaranteed for All.

Lavonzella Redmond

9 days ago


Emmanuel Arthur

9 days ago

Another pic from Weds night! These guys were having a ball ! The crowd was great!👍🏼🎼🎸🎤

Thanks to everyone in Rancho Mirage, Las Vegas, and Thousand Oaks for getting this tour off on the right foot!!You guys sure know how to have a good time!! Tucson & Phoenix - You're next!!!

Hamza Khurram

13 days ago

Thanks for coming to Thousand Oaks, such a great night!!

Beth Harper O'Brien

13 days ago

The best show I've ever seen. What an evening! Only was too short. What pros!

Cherie Nowak Ignatowski

13 days ago

I'm waiting for you in Phoenix!💖🎸🎤🎶

We’re heading your way on Saturday April 7th to play The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. You don’t want to miss this one, get your tickets now!

Masahiro Koyama

18 days ago

I always like the Dobie Brothers

Rana Afzal

18 days ago

I’m going to be at Michael Jackson One show that night

Kidus Wiz Habl

18 days ago

Whoa-oh-oh, listen to the music!

'Takin' it to the Streets' turns 42 years young today! Which of the following is your favorite?? 1. Wheels Of Fortune 2. Takin’ It To The Streets 3. 8th Avenue Shuffle 4. Losin’ End 5. Rio 6. For Someone Special 7. It Keeps You Runnin’ 8. Turn It Loose 9. Carry Me Away #doobiebrothers #happy42 #otd #takinittothestreets #1976

'Takin' it to the Streets' turns 42 years young today!
Which of the following is your favorite??

1. Wheels Of Fortune
2. Takin’ It To The Streets
3. 8th Avenue Shuffle
4. Losin’ End
5. Rio
6. For Someone Special
7. It Keeps You Runnin’
8. Turn It Loose
9. Carry Me Away

Avishek Roy

a month ago

It's good with MM for those years but it's great with Tom Johnston before and those Doobies music in all phases....but they are incredible to this day....keep on "rocking down the highway" guys!!

Greg Klepper

a month ago

I didn't like it. It wasn't the Doobie Brothers I know. My favorite band and I quit buying albums until Tom came back. I actually have his 1st album. MM just wasn't right for the Doobie Brothers.

Natalie Padilla

a month ago

I’ve loved all the versions/styles of the DBs over the past 45+ years. Change is what’s kept them relevant in music for all this time, and allowed them to become classic.

Please join us in raising a green beer to wish the incredible Marc Russo a very Happy Birthday!! :) #happystpatricksday #happybirthday #marcrusso #saxophone #greenbeer

Please join us in raising a green beer to wish the incredible Marc Russo a very Happy Birthday!!:)

Paulina Q Cuevas

a month ago

Happy Birthday Mr. Marc Russo. May you be blessed with many birthday’s to come. 🎂🎈

Rochadie from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Willy Baker

a month ago

Happy B-Day indeed! Such a talent. Remember seeing him play with the Sons of Champlin.

Luara Machado

a month ago

Happy Birthday Marc - such an amazing talent!

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #4
Blackwater River. Virginia.

Do you remember? 43 years ago today, March 15, 1975, “Black Water” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The southern-flavored ode had been released the previous fall as the B-side to “Another Park, Another Sunday,” but Chuck Holloway, a disc jockey/music director at WROV-AM in Roanoke, Virginia was inspired to flip the single and play the B-side partly in honor of a local tributary called… the Blackwater River. Listeners lit up the request lines instantly and soon, nearby WQRK-FM in Hampton Roads picked up the tune. From there, there was no stopping it. “Black Water” became the Doobies first ever #1 hit, thanks in part to WROV-AM music director Chuck Holloway, who first spun the record on the air.

Pat Simmons described for me how he became inspired one day off in New Orleans while the band was on tour. “I always carried a little pad with me to capture song ideas. I was on a streetcar, trying to find a place to do my laundry, which is what you often do on a day off on the road. It was one of those classic New Orleans days where it pours rain and then almost instantly the sun beats down and just creates that magical mood.” So he jotted down the words, “Well if it rains, I don't care/ Don't make no difference to me/ Just take that street car that's goin' uptown.”

Simmons didn’t know about the Blackwater River back then. Instead he was inspired by evocative, literary images of Mark Twain and Huck Finn, floating lazily down a river, nothing but time to spend in the summer sun. But it’s a real place, and it’s forever connected to one of the most important songs in Doobie Brothers history. #KeepOnRollin’

(Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.)

Farshad Tayyebzadeh

a month ago

I was in Navy Boot Camp at the time and "Black Water" still today reminds me of it and I love the song.

Amanda Dianne

a month ago

That may be a Blackwater River, but not the one near Roanoke

Simone Samuels

a month ago

WROV in those days was the station to listen to. This was 2 years after you guys performed here in Roanoke with Rod Stuart. Wish you were coming here for another concert this year. Was at the Nashville this past year and got to meet you all. Had a great time!! Keep on rock'n down the highway.

Happy Birthday to the one and only, Mr. Billy Payne! #happybirthday #billypayne #doobiebrothers

Ricardo Boon

a month ago

Happy Birthday Billy.

Gay Jackson

a month ago

Happy Birthday Billy!!! 🎂 💘

Brooke Johnson

a month ago

Happy Birthday from the Great White North Bill.

It's Saturday night!
What's YOUR favorite Doobie Brothers song to sing along to???

Steve Price

a month ago

South city midnight lady! That guitar riff in the middle just melts me! But I also agree that whatever is playing now will do!

Kristi Nedrow Richards

a month ago

Another Park, Another Sunday! But who can choose just one! They're all great songs to sing along to!!

Gabby Lau Terekia

a month ago

1st song came to my mind was Listen To The Music, Long Train Running and Jesus Is Alright(I love the STRYPER version as well).

Just ONE month until our first run of the year!
Are we coming your way?
4/06 - Rancho Mirage, CA
4/07 - Las Vegas, NV
4/08 - Thousand Oaks, CA
4/11 - Tucson, AZ
4/12- Phoenix, AZ
4/14 - Albuquerque, NM
4/15 - Midland, TX
4/18 - San Antonio, TX
4/20 - Bossier City, LA
4/21 - Tulsa, OK
4/22 - Salina, KS
More dates:

Cristina Bertossio

a month ago

That's the day after Alix's Wedding

George Raygoza

a month ago

Are the Doobie Brother tickets available at the door I usually attend outdoor concerts I like the feeling of outdoor concerts Freedom Hill and DTE they are great venues.. always a good time.. I'm searching for a new home so hopefully I catch this show.

Olasunkanmi Rabiu

a month ago

Been following you guys for almost 50 years, am from Visalia, Mt. Whitney High School- ting a bell Tommy? Seen you guys probably 20-30 times all my grown children grew up on and also love your music. Come to Fresno !! Metro area over 1 million, please🙏😎

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #3
Newhall Pass, where Interstates 5 and 14 meet
Los Angeles County, CA

45 years ago TODAY saw the release of the album that led many to fall in love with the Doobie Brothers: 1973’s The Captain and Me. Do you remember? This is the LP that delivered such soon-to-standards as “Long Train Runnin’,” “China Grove,” “South City Midnight Lady”. and “Without You.” And talk about a classic album cover. I asked Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston to break it down.

Pat explained, “Our producer, Ted Templeman’s assistant Benita Brassiere put the shoot together. Our drummer, John Hartman, was the the one who got the idea going. We all sat around brainstorming, and as the concept began to take shape, we all started throwing in ideas, coach, horses, top hats, vampires, gothic, banquet table, creepy stuff. It was a complete surprise to me when I got there. All the costumes, props, coach, and horses, and a couple of wranglers to handle the animals, and harness them to the coach, came from the Warner Brothers movie studios in Burbank. Somebody from the record label pulled some strings, and helped us to make it happen. Arguably our most interesting album cover."

Tom told me, “The Sylmar earthquake of ’71 is what caused the freeway to collapse. It was definitely a wild place to do the shoot. Warner Bros Studio lot was where the costumes, the carriage/stagecoach and horses, and the large table everyone is sitting around in the centerfold of the album came from. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot and not a few peeks over the end of the freeway overpass. Oddly enough this overpass was repaired only to collapse again in pretty much the same place in the Northridge quake in 1994.”

Every day, thousands of motorists pass this location in and out of Los Angeles. But how many of them know they are passing under a classic rock and roll landmark?

(Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.)

Cliff Bishop

2 months ago

Without You . . .
Cranked to 11
That song still fires me up just like it did the 1st time I flipped the album over to listen to Side Two
As a Drummer I always wanted to jam this song with another Drummer

Pamela Sullivan-Prendergast

2 months ago

Very cool ! Can’t wait to see you all in Tampa and while we are at it, please consider coming back to RLCVII.....everyone is talking about wanting you back on board and we started coming year after you were there so we missed you...... 😘👍🎶🙏we all want you back !! see you in front row 😘

Veronica Saunders

2 months ago

I fell in love in Oct. of 1972 when I woke up early one morning turned on the radio heard listen to the music and knew I had to see this band who’s music blew me away. And it was thanksgiving week that I saw them and met them in Detroit (Masonic Temple) with a turkey in the dressing room. A 100+ concerts later I am still Listening To The great Music of the Doobie Brothers 🤩

On this day in 1980, The Doobie Brothers took home four Grammy Awards including Record of the Year for "What a Fool Believes" and Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Group for “Minute By Minute!" Can you spot the artist who co-wrote "What a Fool Believes"?? :) #OnThisDay #doobiebrothers #22ndgrammyawards #whatafoolbelieves #minutebyminute #1980 #grammys

On this day in 1980, The Doobie Brothers took home four Grammy Awards including Record of the Year for "What a Fool Believes" and Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Group for “Minute By Minute!"
Can you spot the artist who co-wrote "What a Fool Believes"?? :)

Gary Eaton

2 months ago

Since I came up with the original lineup and sound I never looked at it like Michael was a Doobie. Professional musicians do a lot of sitting in and it does stimulate different flavors of creativity, eras if you like. And we get that some don't care for the collaborations, which is what it always was. It was and still is The Doobie Brothers with Michael featured. Their ongoing independent identities have never been in question.

Chris Goodayle

2 months ago

All the variations of the Doobies, and all the hits, yet STILL not in the Rock n Roll Hall of fame? I call bs! This entire Band of Brothers deserve to be recognized!!! We've lost many of them..Cornelius, Keith Knudsen, Michael Hossack to name a few.. They have kept on rocking for me since the beginning.. Love seeing then perform live! They deserve it!

Andy Ward

2 months ago

I truly wish that the Doobies would separate the McD era to another page so all the people that like McD can go to that page. Just think, a rock page and a sappy jazz pop page, lol The Who said it best" Long Live Rock". Umm, that leaves Mcd out of the mix.

Yes we do. :) #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #1971 #debutalbum #thedoobiebrothers #doobiebrothers #tomjohnston #patricksimmons #daveshogren #johnhartman

Yes we do.
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT #1971

Martin Margules

2 months ago

Hi Denny--Is my favorite group-Steppenwolf is a close second-I think the Doobies qualify for Super Bowl halftime entertainment🤔😍

Paul McGowan

2 months ago

" Neal's Fandango" " Tell Me What You Want ( and I'll give you what you need)" and " South City Midnight Lady" are songs that Pat sang perfect lead on that should and would have been Billboard top ten hits if it were not for the average marketing the band had back in its early beginnings, mostly relying on the radio disc jockeys to promote the songs.

Listening to these three songs proves clearly that it wasn't just Tommy who wrote all the best songs. Many of the B-side songs are as good as the hits.

" This train I'm on " from the Brotherhood album, with Pat singing lead is a song they should bring back into the concert tour. Great lead vocal by Pat, amazing harmony, excellent guitar licks, and Billy Payne on the piano The Perfect Storm!

Pat has an amazing voice also blessed with superb songwriting skills. And let's not forget that Pat had the only number one chart hit " Black Water" way before Michael McDonald arrived.

Inside the Doobie Brothers closest fans circle, those who know the whole truth of the matter, we've known for 50 years that Pat Smmons is the greatest hidden treasure in the music industry.

Johannetje Markerink

2 months ago

Please play in concert ' THIS TRAIN I'M ON" from the Brotherhood album. Pat's vocals are outstanding and so is the classic Doobie Brother's harmony, and you can feature Billy Payne on keyboards on this great uplifting concert song!

Today would have been Keith Knudsen's 70th birthday.
Remembering him today with a little drum solo at Farm Aid in 2001.Happy Birthday, Keith!!We miss you, Brother!

Kenneth Shobe

2 months ago

I remember driving Keith and Tom to the city for a radio interview they let me join them it was fun cheers rip Keith

Chris Sapp

2 months ago

My all time favorite Doobie Brothers song!

Andy Ward

2 months ago

I'm happy this band is still touring! How amazing is that! I'm looking forward to seeing them again in May...

Without LOVE, where would you be now??? :) #HappyValentinesDay! ❤️#valentinesday #doobiebrothers #longtrainrunning #withoutlovewherewouldyoubenow
Without LOVE, where would you be now??? :)

David Wehunt

2 months ago

Love to you guys❣💋❣

Cate Murray

2 months ago

“Only love can break a heart-Only love can mend it again”

Donna Jones

2 months ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best band ever ‼️❤️🚂🎸

And the crowd is growing bigger... :) #doobiebrothers #listentothemusic #crowd #onstage #singalong

And the crowd is growing bigger... :)

Derek Ott

2 months ago

Doobies will always attract a crowd.

Ron O'Brian

2 months ago

April 1976 Easter Sunday. Miami With Bob Seager

Bill Toth

2 months ago

Because you guys just keep getting better 'n better! Love You! Always remember MUSIC IS THE DOCTOR!!!

We want to know!What songs would YOU add to our setlist this year?

Debra Clack

2 months ago

"The Captain & me is my fav album so any track from this album, was @ your recent concert in Dublin , disappointed not to hear "South city midnight Lady"

Chiyo Vibgyor

2 months ago

Play the songs that YOU enjoy the most so that touring remains palpable for you! Mix it up... Keep it fun. I'm always afraid that each tour is going to be the Farewell tour. I don't know how you guys keep going at the rate you do, but I'm always ecstatic to see my favorite band.

Satoshi Yamada

2 months ago

When I heard "Old Juarez" on the last "new" CD, I thought this really sounded like classic Tom stuff, but it seems it's never worked its way into the set. Missing an obvious choice, I think...

Our 4th studio album What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits was released on this day in 1974!!! #doobiebrothers #whatwereoncevicesarenowhabits #classic #otd #onthisday #1974

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #2

Tour stop #2 takes us back to the classic album, What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits, released on this day in 1974!

Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky

This was the heyday of classic vinyl and who can forget the packaging of this classic album? The totally 1970s lettering, the cool poster that came inside and of course, the iconic photo on the cover, looking down on the band, shrouded in dry ice fog with the crowd going nuts. (The original cover image was to have been a large painting that hung in the San Jose State student-union building entitled “What Were One Vices Are Now Habits” but when shrunk down to album-cover size, too much was lost visually).

The concert cover image that was used was taken on the night of December 4, 1973 during the last week of the fall/winter US tour at Western Kentucky University’s E.A. Diddle Arena at (named after the legendary WKU basketball coach).

I asked Pat and Tom for the inside story on the cover shot. Pat shared, “The picture was taken by Danny Fong, who was on the road with us, shooting video, pictures, and helping with after show meals. Danny was a great chef, on top of all his other talents!He climbed up on the scaffolding that held the lights, over the stage, and took the shot at the climax of our show, where we used explosions, dry ice, and other effects. Probably the most intense, loudest moment of the night. I think he climbed up there before the audience even got into the room and stayed up there through our whole set until the end, just to get the shot. He was intrepid!”

Tom told me, “That album is a good snap shot Danny Fong took from the rafters or cat walk overhead. It shows the dry ice fog and the kind of crowds we were seeing every night. Things were ramping up for us success-wise with the popularity of The Captain and Me, and we were touring constantly. That time period was when we had started using dry ice ‘smoke’ onstage and it was pretty thick when used, usually towards the end of the show. And enhanced by explosions (1/4 stick of dynamite per side, so pretty LOUD) for the start of “China Grove” and sometimes the end as well. We may have used it on another song as well, but that’s the one I remember. Traveling in the Doobie-liner plane and always on the road, this shot really captures that era.”

Does this image take you back or what? What are YOUR memories of this classic Doobies album? (and who also had the 8-track? ;)

Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.

Shuichi Ono

2 months ago

this is definitely one of the few albums i owned and the poster was on my wall the first captain and me and toulouse were cassettes the later albums were eight tracks. i believe just can't stop it is the first song on the b side and until the days of spotify had never heard the proper intro caused from day one my album had a skip on the intro. big doobies brothers fan saw them so many times lives. my favorite was at carowinds paladium in charlotte nc outdoors when they were suppose to opened by two other bands who were brothers and they got on the wrong flight and landed a state away so the doobies brothers came on and rocked the house all night. patrick never left the stage for over 3 and half hours. i remember a big motor cycle looking biker guy sitting up in front of the stage and they open the concert with china grove soon as the first down beat he fell over and news the next day as they took him off in a stretcher that his ear drums were blown out from the down beat. i am sure the wasn't the same ever. It was one of those stand on the top of your seat all night long. I am a guitar player now and one day I was listening to this album I realized that the tone I use even today it pattern after some of the sweet tones of this rocking guitar band brothers album. Stampede was quite a transition and then the michael world happened with the loss of Tom. I used to be the biggest fan of Skunk in my young days but the more I find out he was one of the ones that did not really take the time to play authentic doobie brothers music he was throwing the steelydan improv over these classics songsl

Rene' Febo-Havens

2 months ago

This album was the topping on the cake following The Captain and Me. Most importantly, every song on this album (and most other Doobie albums) is a classic in its own way. How can you not love "Song to See You Through" enhanced thoroughy by the Memphis Horns? Another deep track that blows me away is "Daughter's of the Sea". Pat was in his early 20s when he wrote that. How many modern day artists in their mid-20s can put out gems like that? The speed changes and interplay between Pat and Tommy with excellent percussion, is just a sugary medley of brilliance that to this day, leaves me in awe. "Down in the Track" is a song they pulled out recently on tour and what a track it is. It speaks of those hardscrabble days and Tommy is a tour de force on vocals and guitars. But the apotheosis of this album is of course "Road Angel," a paean to the days of motorcycles and the road--where there was just a journey and no destination and where life was more simple, and down to earth, without the modern day distractions most are all consumed with now. With Road Angel and some of Tommy's other tracks on the album, you see the dichotomy between Tommy's artistry and his ease of going from beautiful ballads like Another Park, to hard driving rock and roll like Down in the Track. Few artists can do that and with Pat as the second, equal pillar, you had an assemblage of talent and diversity without peer.

Joshua Brooker

2 months ago

December 1974, my first Doobies concert, the old ACC building at Notre Dame ! Opening act was Styx, when 'Lady' was hitting the charts !

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David Wehunt

2 months ago

Will be seeing you in WA the first of June, then Indiana/Ohio/Michigan the end of June.

Frank Pedroza

2 months ago


Aimee Carlen

2 months ago

Cool, heard they were coming 👍

It's NAMM week! Here's a throwback to Pat's performance of South City Midnight Lady from NAMM 2013!
#TBT #throwbackthursday

Michael Scott Heard

2 months ago

That is an awesome song. Under rated i never think of it with all their other songs.

Orlando C. Diaz

2 months ago

Love this song, had the privilege of hearing the band play it in Glasgow last October, what an amazing gig ❤

Cheri Brassard Lontrato

2 months ago

This is one of my favorite songs of all time love it Pat

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Vatche Yozgatlian

2 months ago

Paola Sardo andiamo ??

Karen Barr

2 months ago

Bought my tickets ❤️ Albuquerque 66 Casino,April I’m there. The greatest music 🎶 🎼 🎵 ever.

Deborah Cogdill

2 months ago

Thanks for coming to Phoenix again. See ya then !

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Aldo Cosner

2 months ago

Yea , Phil and I ...
Played with a Doobie Brother

Kevin Owens

2 months ago

Watched the Doobie Brothers special last night on AXS TV , I grew up in the east bay in San Francisco, early 70's , great music, I was very fortunate to Jam with Keith Knudsen in the mid 90's, very special guy. Lots of charity for veterans , he organized getting the band back together. Fortunate to get this very special item from him , RIP.

Molly Casas

2 months ago

Anyone know password for Tulsa date 2018

How's THIS for a throwback??
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Masaharu Ashikaga

2 months ago

All great musicians and great music produced. But the original band members were a cut above most bands of the time. The first 5 albums were the best in my opinion. 1971 thru 1975. But then those were the days, my friends. Peace....

Mark Bill

2 months ago

One of my favorite groups! One of the reasons I learned to play the keyboard and piano! Was listening to them, Stevie Wonder and Carly Simon!

Bob Van Ornum

2 months ago

Going to be playing Another Park another Sunday and South City Midnight Lady tonight at our gig ,,, cant wait to spread the DB love some more ,,,

Oklahoma! You guys rocked the roof off the place!!!

Craig Lock

3 months ago

The sax player name is Mark Russo. I agree with the second drummer! I really miss that extra Thunder of Big Mike and Keith :-)

Terry Bangley

3 months ago

Off topic, anyone notice during the "big interview" with dan rather, rather said although the doobies are from California they're known as a "southern rock band" im 58 and maybe it's because I've known them from the beginning, but I never thought of them as a southern rock band, anyone ever think of them that way?

Darrell Gaylor

3 months ago

Great show! Sound was good! Love that Bill Payne of Little Feat fame on keys was playing with you guys.John Cowen is playing and singing well also! Didn't catch the sax players name but he rocked too. Do miss the two drummer attack though! One of three bands back then, Grateful Dead, Allman Bros also! Tom, your playing and singing is still spot on! When you guys played Road Angel, you really tore it up! Love the sound of Tom's PRS guitars!

Had a great time in Tyler, TX last night!
Can't wait to rock the sold out show in Thackerville, OK tonight!!
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Patti Withey Hussey

3 months ago

Got my tickets...see you in Madison, WI in June..Can't wait!! 😎

Julie Elke

3 months ago

See you in Cincinnati!!

Andy Leahy

3 months ago

Yes. Brutal. My two all-time favorite bands as well. I damn near remortgaged the house to get semi-close in NH July 13. I miss the old days: Doobies headlined. Full set. After show passes (with my kids!!). No mortgages. The BR Cohn days. The DB Fan Club remains and has towed the line for 2+ decades. A tight group of loyal listeners that helped the band get to and stay in front of fans worldwide in advance of a second renaissance. I realize that time$$ have changed. But I also believe that a band can -if it wishes - customize its relationship with its deepest base. The base doesn’t need much - just a handshake and a high five. Lest they forget... Keep rockin!!

Ready to kick off our first show of 2018 in Tyler, TX! #doobiebrothers #tylertexas
Ready to kick off our first show of 2018 in Tyler, TX!

Michael McCarthy

3 months ago

Mike Sullivan - You would be missing a great show then.

William C. Davison

3 months ago

Can't wait to see you guys in Charlotte, NC in May! Rock on Doobies!

Debbie Axtell Rivas

3 months ago

Have a 5 month wait, but sooo ready!! Be safe

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Bob Smith

4 months ago

Would love to see Jeff “Skunk”Baxter show up and play guitar with both bands as he was a member of both back in the day.
Would also like to see Larry Carlton show up on guitar as well.
Forget Michael McDonald.

Keith Rodgers

4 months ago

So you prefer the mellow Doobies over the rockin' Doobies

Ian Roberts

4 months ago

Not fair... Did The Doobies and Carlos Santana.

Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting will be presenting the “Doobie Brothers Rockin Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history! The first stop takes us back to the beginning.

Gaslighter Theater
400 E. Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA

On a fateful night in 1969, Tom Johnston, then a budding musician (and graphic design student at nearby San Jose State) saw another local player, Pat Simmons (playing with his then-musical partner, banjo player Peter Grant) at this former theater. Originally, Simmons & Grant were to have been opening for Hot Tuna who had to cancel at the last minute – replaced by the legendary Skip Spence of Moby Grape, whose group featured Johnston and drummer John Hartman.

As Tom recalls from that night, “I remember watching Pat and Peter Grant play and being pretty wowed by their skill. I didn’t get around what has become “Americana" much back then, and both Pat and Peter were very accomplished players. Plus, Pat was a very good singer and had a lot of experience playing the local clubs like the Wine Cellar in Los Gatos and others in the San Jose/Los Gatos area. Finger-picking is an art form I have always admired but never got the hang of, and Pat is extremely good at it. This led to our getting together and heading in a quasi-Moby Grape direction.”

Johnston, Simmons and Hartman hung out after the show and then wound up back at Johnston’s house in San Jose where they jammed into the night – the first of many nights that would be spent that way. Today, the building is still there, but it’s no longer a theater, it’s a bank. 400 E. Campbell Avenue is a special site for Doobie Brothers fans. It's where a couple of musical brothers-to-be first made a serious connection; in many ways it’s like a birthplace of the band.

Cathy Mathis

4 months ago

Remember those days. Walk down memory lane . Right Gregory H Campbell. Yayyyy class of 66.

Anthony Bruno

4 months ago

Love the story, I'll be looking forward to reading the rest of them :)

Tammy Wood

4 months ago

Love this story. Started listening to them when I was very young living in San Jose. Loved that they were from the town I lived in !! So cool !! Rock on Doobie Brothers !!! 🎸🎶

Toulouse Street promo in Rolling Stone, Nov. 1972.
A gentle reminder to Listen to the Music.:)
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Lou Rose

4 months ago

Got that one in my scrapbook from 70's

Greg Cooper

4 months ago

On vinyl! When released and our kids said 'Dad !~ you haven't played that CD for a while...' Not a CD Kiddos... the real stuff :)

Chris Engel

4 months ago

Mil Waukee Summer Fest 1973

Happy New Year to all our amazing fans and friends!!
We wish you a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2018.
Thank you for an incredible 2017!!

Mark Anthony Spellman

4 months ago

Happy New Years Doobie Brothers! Hope yall come to New Orleans one day soon! :)

William C. Davison

4 months ago

Happy New Years to Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, John McFee and the rest of the incredible band and support crew! Looking very forward to seeing you all again in 2018! Rock it out Doobies!!!

Annie McClure

4 months ago

Adored them from the begining .saw them at parties in Santa Cruz mtns in 70's, Crows Nest & Days on the Green in San Jose, love forever !!!!!

Merry Christmas from Maui! The whole Simmons family wishes you a happy and healthy 2018!
Merry Christmas from the Johnstons!Wishing you peace, love, and joy this holiday season and throughout the New Year!!!

Cale Jackson

4 months ago

Merry Christmas, enjoy the season with your family, love your music forever!! Rock on!

Paul Wysocki

4 months ago

Merry Christmas! Hope to see you and the Brothers again soon. Thank you for the great songs we all grew up with. Many great memories.

Suzy-Ron Miller

4 months ago

Tom you & your family & band, hope all of you had a wonderful & blessed Merry Christmas. Hope you play in the SF Bay Area again soon. Would look forward to see you playing. The Doobie Brothers rock 🎸

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!
We hope you have a wonderful, peaceful holiday filled with love, music, and good company!!

Angi Peck

4 months ago

I didn't want this GIF! And it won't delete

Bob Angarola

4 months ago

Merry Christmas, guys! Next year the R&R HOF!

Frank Tullar

4 months ago

Merry Christmas doobie brothers how about playing wolf trap park northern va again this summer or ocean city md

We're working on our schedule for next year!
Where would YOU like to see us play??

Steve Willard

4 months ago

Central Ohio

You all played in Cincinnati with Dave Mason and JOURNEY last year but we would love to see the Doobies in CBUS

Marina Payton

4 months ago

You old guys keep rockin'! You're an inspiration, love you all. I'll be buying your great music and listening at home.♥

Simon Marsiglia

4 months ago

Little Caesar's Arena in Detriot. When you played on the riverfront a couple of years ago you had it packed. You even had people up in the RenCen looking down and about 50 boats in the water watching you guys on that beautiful Summer night in downtown Detroit.

What the people need, is a way to make 'em smile!

Michiru Ogino

4 months ago

Thank you for Keep Rocking great music 🎶 much love to the Doobie Brothers we are everyday listening to your music 🎶 ❤️🎼🎸🎻🎷🥁🎹

Elaine Townsend

4 months ago

Always an all time favourite :-)

Julie Elke

4 months ago

Always so great to hear! Lifts your spirit!

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Flashback to 1980!
#FlashbackFriday #Retro

Will Dunlop

4 months ago

Seen the Doobies 3 times; saw Ambrosia at CasinoRama. Magic and one big

Paul Johnstone

4 months ago

What a show that must have been!

Vic Monaco

4 months ago

Any chance of buying that poster??

Flashback Friday!!"Minute by Minute" was released today in 1978!Which one of these is your favorite??
1. Here To Love You
2. What A Fool Believes
3. Minute By Minute
4. Dependin’ On You
5. Don’t Stop To Watch The Wheels
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Sweet Feelin’
8. Steamer Lane Breakdown (Instrumental)
9. You Never Change
10. How Do The Fools Survive

#flashbackfriday #FBF #onthisday

Carol Davidson

5 months ago

Minute by Minute, and Here to Love You. Love, love, love this album.

Kelvin Benson

5 months ago

Saw you guys in Syracuse, NY at the War Memorial while you were touring to support this album. What a Fool Believes and Minute By Minute are the best.

Rich Cain

5 months ago

I liked "Takin' it to the Streets" a lot better.

And the crowd is growing bigger… Listenin’ for the happy sounds and I got to let them fly! Whoa oh whoa listen to the music!! #listentothemusic #singalong #doobiebrothers #crowd #thankful #tourlife #classicrock

Richard Worsnop

5 months ago

My favorite rock band as well. Seen them 12 times in Australia & New Zealand. We don't get them down this way as much so enjoy it when they do make the long trek.

Sarah Hull

5 months ago

Right where you belong!

Larry Goble

5 months ago

Hey Tommy, Pat John & the Brotherhood I went to POCO a week ago here in Denver. Rusty Young had Richie Furay come on stage and perform. After Richie retired from POCO he pastors a church here in Denver. What a great show!

I got my Eagles with Vince Gill & Jimmy Buffet tickets today for June 28th Denver I'm so stoked!

Are you guys comin' down around the corner back to Denver with the new album 2018? You have always been my favorite band since like forever..
BryanShannon Goble Debi Wallace Randy Goble

Happy Thanksgiving from the Johnston family!!We are eternally grateful for Family, Friends, and Doobie Fans!!!
Aloha and Happy Thanksgiving from Maui!
So thankful to be spending this time with our family. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our fans for all your love and support this year. You guys keep us going!
Love, The Simmons Family

Ken Eccles

5 months ago

Happy American Thanksgiving Patrick and Family. I'm elated that I had the opportunity to meet you in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Alain Chhoeun

5 months ago

Hello pat , happy thanksgiving . Im Alain , a french fan. I was in Brussels concert , i have the chance to Shake your hand at the end, and now i dont wash mine. Lol. Your music enjoy m'y Life since 45 years. Love to all your family. Alain CHHOEUN

Willie Montgomery

5 months ago

And from all of your fans Happy Thanksgiving

What an amazing year it's been!We started the year in Australia and ended it in Europe!We are truly thankful for our incredible fans all around the world!!

Kevin Curtis

5 months ago

Seen them in concert , still awesome.

Suzanne Hollingsworth

5 months ago

It's always been a dream of mine to see you in concert.

Tracy Lynn Martin

5 months ago

Just listened to you on my old No Nukes Album - you just get better with age dear brothers...thanks for all the music <3

Thank you!Dank je!Tak!Merci!Danke!
You made us feel so welcome and your energy was amazing.We can't wait to do it again!!

Randy DeBause

5 months ago

The Doobie Brothers are Awesome .Love all their songs ..Love the Doobie Brothers ...Malinda DeBause

Alain Chhoeun

5 months ago

I was in Brussels. What a gréât concert. Thank you for this wonderful moment of music. I m fan since 45 years. Love you .

Twila Zepeda

5 months ago

This is worth buying for yourself or someone you love.