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New music! Set your calendar! Kelsea Ballerini

Afix Swift

2 months ago

I hope it won't be worse than 9/11

Tatianah Tash

2 months ago

Hoping it's more on EDM . And a song to relate on .

Dasha Bondareva

2 months ago

Wish it's TCS X ILLENIUM - TAKE AWAY ft. Kelsea Ballerini😍😍😍

Simon Schorp

4 months ago

The most handsome guys of the galaxy ❤

Kristen Lee

4 months ago

drew how are you i havent heard from you sense the grammys

Jenny Sky

4 months ago

BEST concert I have ever been to!!! PLEASE come back to Miami!!!


Ronald Charles Jackson-Hamer

4 months ago

I'm in hype, the others songs was so cool 👌

Alberto Palma

4 months ago

Until You Were Gone is one of my favorites!!

Ginger Hester Young

4 months ago

Awesome show Friday in Vegas at XS loved it!

Andreas Felsch

4 months ago

So excited!! Just in time for Atlantic City!!! CAN.NOT.WAIT.
The Chainsmokers ❤️

Shinichi Tatsumi

4 months ago

Katrina Chan may be their new song is coming

Gloria Lopez Calderon

4 months ago

This music will be a great hit - if you satisfy a one condition - although your voice is good taggart, please NEVER sing alone

Ready for some new music 🐅

Toar Sulangi

4 months ago

New church band .. Christ the savior .. come out for free pizza and worship with us!

Harold Baker

4 months ago

Alam ko namang wala ni isa sa inyo ang papansin sa comment ko, kaya madalas pag bored ako, pumupunta ako sa bakuran namin, tinatabunan ko ng lupa ang sarili ko at iniisip ko na isa akong kamote..

Jelexia Limbrick

4 months ago

Aquí vemos claramente una imagen en donde si la analizamos con detenimiento y a profundidad, podemos observar que a partir de los distintos puntos de discrepancia y comparación se puede llegar a la idea central que se aleja del argumento principal, de lo cual concluimos que este comentario no tiene sentido alguno. Pero quizás no sea importante para muchos de ustedes y se pierda entre los demás comentarios, la mayoría ni lo leerá, tal vez sea criticado y con el tiempo sea olvidado, pero en fin, sólo quería decirles que vendo empanadas

LA and PHILLY! Chill up close at two special shows we’re playing just for American Airlines #AAdvantage Mastercard cardholders... 6/14 at The Wiltern in LA and on 6/20 at The Fillmore Philadelphia! #MilesMakeMemories

Get your tickets now!

Yako Van Bergen

6 months ago

What about TML 2018 ?

Carla Lares

6 months ago

bestt oneee.. after avicii 😟😟😟

Dev Pratap Singh

6 months ago

When you thought it was Philippines.

LA and PHILLY! Chill up close at two special shows we’re playing just for American Airlines #AAdvantage Mastercard cardholders... 6/14 at The Wiltern in LA and on 6/20 at The Fillmore Philadelphia! #MilesMakeMemories

Get your tickets now!

Lorena Gonzalez

6 months ago

We have this card, we didn’t get an invitation or email code... help!!

S Sánchez C Maria

6 months ago

I have 2 of the LA tickets. Selling both at FACE value - $35 each.

Amparo Gallardo

6 months ago

He wants to become President of my State. Where does he go with the ice cream? Do you like my video? The audio is not of the best, I can make the video twice (a little bit better in a second moment). I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO ENJOY WITH YOU THIS SONG WHEN YOU COME IN THE CONCERT IN ITALY, CAN'T WAIT! 😛

Anne Niekamp

7 months ago

Omgggggg i love this guys i'm a fan since 2014

Hiroyuki Masuda

7 months ago

Only thing that I can't afford is losing my self tryna be somebody 🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🎶

Todd Ingram

7 months ago



Amanda E Hunter

7 months ago

Tbh the only good music in ur set is Roses, I'm chewed up to all the singles you guys released. Wake up your fame is gone ./. Even David Guetta admitted edm is boring XD

Gonzalez Ursula

7 months ago

January 'Sick Boy', February 'You Owe Me', March 'Everybody Hates Me', April 'Somebody'. Every Month a new song. This guys are insane.

Yardiel Lopez Luna

7 months ago

Yey, a real singer this time... i hope 😞...

Im sick with drews vocals, just being honest

The first 6 chapters of #memories are live! This is our documentary that we shot that goes in depth into our lives and tour! You’re gonna see some crazy and weird Shit! We also look super young and someone shoulda told me to cut my hair (alex) !! If you’re a fan you’re gonna love this series! If you hate us, you’ll prolly get a kick out of it also! Watch the exclusive video playlist only on @applemusic.


Last show of the tour! Excited to be in Jakarta Tonight! | @bryant

When you drink too Much tequila with your friends...

Shirt game 👌🏻 | @bryant


Trouble Boys | @whosaazar @rorykramer

We Go Hard.... @ultra @nghtmre

Ultra ☠️ | @thatoneblondkid

Four years ago we opened this stage with dreams of someday closing i‎t. Last night we saw that dream through. Thank you for joining us on this ride 🙏🏻 Dreams do come true @ultra @danilolewis

who knows this song?? thank you @orangeamplifiers & @fender for the hook up!!!

Always hear the phrase, ‘That guy or girl or band came out of no where’ when it comes to musicians finding success with their sound, it seems like they just appeared out of thin air. Shit, even I’ve said it before, but what you don’t see is the years of grinding, hard work, the failures, the let downs, the steps forward and back, the years of self discovery and doubt, the heartbreak and progress, but then sometimes finally that break comes for the artist. Well... | @thatoneblondkid

Woke up to find out we are #1 on @billboarddance 100 list! What an incredible honor! Thanks to all of our fans who voted and to those who streamed our music this year (over 10 billion times😵!) or came out to one of our shows! Last year was one to remember, still working hard to make sure this year is too! Thank you all 🙏🏼

Walk into the club like... 😝 @roypurdy

Lil duet of Everybody Hates Me with @emilywarrennnn & @cheddarsayscheese

Walk up in the club like... | @nickfarrar @xslasvegas


Everybody Hates Me • Tomorrow

Linda Leasure-Maddox

8 months ago


Sherrie Porter

8 months ago

Só comentário em inglês, eu a Br aqui 😂
Amooooo the Chainsmokers!!!!!!!💕💕💕 meu maior sonho é poder ver vcs pessoalmente... one day...

Josh McKinnon

8 months ago

Pedro Perez meu sonho eles lançarem clipe pra musica nova e o clipe for varios deles imagina se eu ja piro com 2 deles imagina varias copias aaa

Friday | 🎨 @jzwadlo

New Music Friday | @thatoneblondkid

MASSIVE thanks to @iheartradio for supporting our records and for the three awards Best Collaboration, Best Dance Artist, Best Dance Album. We dedicate these awards to our fucking incredible fans who stick by us as we change and continue to express ourselves through our music! we love you guys.

So much fun Stockholm! Never seen so many people Going crazy! One last Show Tonight in Copenhagen in the tour! What a blessing 😈 | @olav

So we all know that I’m not the ‘young’ Chainsmokers so When I jump it’s a moment! You can tell right away that @danilolewis missed it. It ain’t right man... drew gets all the glory. I gotta plan my shit hours in advance and stretch and Shit. | @thatoneblondkid

Happy International Women’s day! We were raised by these two amazing women, our brilliant, generous, and compassionate moms! Thank you for all the sunshine you’ve brought into our lives and lessons you’ve taught and continue to teach us! And love and respect to all the other women out there forging their own path and making the world a better more forward thinking place for the next generations! Not pictured our beautiful and awesome sisters who deserve some love Too!


So we saw this little boss downstage during our show in Berlin and he was singing every single word and going crazy! So we asked him and his dad of they wanted to come backstage after the show and hangout! Turns out it was his birthday also! So glad we could make this moment for his special day but also made our night! ❤️ | @olav

1 year ago today this Ozzie badass and Now our brother joined our band! We are so lucky and grateful to have met you and have you as part of our family now! This journey together has just begun and already we have so many amazing adventures! We cannot wait to see what we accomplish together and there is no better feeling than knowing we have another brother! to say you are talented would be a disservice to your passion for our band and Your skills! We love you Matt! And boy are we glad we found you! @mattmcguiredrums | @olav

Stopped fighting our inner demons. We’re on the same side now. | @jzwadlo

the hills have guys

Goes to a Kendrick show once | @thatoneblondkid

Losing our minds on this tour! Europe goes HARD! | 🎥 MM8

S I C K B O Y | @thatoneblondkid

Who wants to have us over for dinner?

Yasmeen Salah

9 months ago's hard when you're young

Claudia Lopez Lopez

9 months ago

Guys if you have change to meet and win tickets concert the Chainsmoker, why they have to choose you?

Drawde Edward Ognira

9 months ago

Easy to say when you don't take the risk boy'

We basically live in Vegas @wynnnightlife

matt’s face 😂 PARIS! finally! thank you for having us in your beautiful city 🇫🇷 photos by @danilolewis

Did any of you see this coming? #YouOweMe

if you’re lonely, don’t you think you’re on your own | 🎨 @jzwadlo

if you’re lonely, don’t you think you’re on your own

Rhianna Ledward

9 months ago

Notice people who got themselves Tagged here.

Erika Monzon Quiroga

9 months ago

New song #YouOweMe and it is Fire!!!!!!!!!! #LoveFromSouthAfrica

Jeremi Gallant Lupien

9 months ago

Mitchell Giampaoli something big is brewing....