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So...we kind of have a big announcement. We’ve started a new label with Sony called ReMade Records. We’ve had a dream for a while now to be able to introduce the world to some of the incredible new artists we meet. It’s an honor to tell you about@landofcolormusic
These two gentlemen are world class musicians, artists, and friends. We cannot wait to share the new music we’ve been creating together for the last year. (It will release sometime this fall.) Until then, jump over to their page and show them some love. Thomas and Gary, welcome to the family!

Phenyo Quincy Balekile

2 days ago

Congratulations guys! I'm so excited for all of you!

Suzuki Masaru

2 days ago

Yeah! Love Gary Rea and Thomas! Holy Mountain, now called Land of Color Music. God has and is continuing to bless them!

Ankit Agarawal

2 days ago

We love Gary and Thomas and the band they’ve created!! So excited for this next chapter of life for you guys! Way to go after your dreams!! 👊🏻🙏🏻👏🏻

If we said the I Have This Hope gold foil tee was making a comeback...what would your response be?! #TANmerch

Talia Adelsohn

3 days ago

I'd buy a new one!

Tina Marie Nicpon

4 days ago

Would buy this tee in a second if you make more. By the time I saw the shirt is was sold out in my size. (Make sure you make plus sizes.) 😀

Allan Rovelo

4 days ago

I want one!

Throwback to this past weekend when @jasonjamison’s dad jumped up on the kit during Love is Here. It was just as epic as you’re imagining it to be right now. #EPIC

Whoa! @hannahmarie.letters, this is amazing! Should this be a poster!?

Vivien Karsai

10 days ago

"I give you control" is WRONG. YHUH already has the control. We either submit to His control or we rebel against it, but just like Iudas, anything we do, whether pro- or con-, was already in His Plan. You can say "Oh well, this is just a figure of speech", but remember that words are powerful (scientific studies have proven that A: People are highly suggestible, and B: People believe what they themselves say, by the actual meaning of the words) and speech is a sacred ability; so much so that YHUH is going to require an account from each of us one day of every idle thing we have ever spoken.

Vikaran Singh

10 days ago

Keren you might like this article

#tbt to when Mike was for sure considering riding his bike onto the stage to play the show.

Matthew Spitz

10 days ago

Was Mike jacked up on Dew ? He seems to have excess energy. 😂😂

Andrew Pacheco

11 days ago

they do not respect God when they worship they are converting the altar as garbage..!

Chanmary Thlang

11 days ago

Gina Marie Bailey 🤣

// You have plans
To redeem and restore me
You're behind and before me
Oh, help me believe //
📸: @justinwillet

LaTasha Slaughter

12 days ago

Try restream to stream to multiple places when you want your music to be seen. You can do more online now! Also Patreon. People will support you! Things can be done differently when it comes to getting your music out.

Viliam Oračko

12 days ago

I love the “Control” song. Life changing for me and hopefully for my sister too who just lost her job.

Rich Ramsay

12 days ago

Absolutely love this song!

Hey, friends! Here are some wallpapers for your communication devices. (Your phones.)

SAVE/SCREENSHOT and tell us your favorite one!

Ray Weaver

14 days ago

I also like the last one that talks about God being there for us through the storm.

Stefania Manea

14 days ago

Beloved and worn by tenth avenue north

Pat Ostertag Phillips

14 days ago

I also cannot pick a favorite. I need them all at different times. 😀 God bless you for your music and please don’t stop any time soon. My daughter and I go to all the concerts we can when you play in and around upstate NY. We got to meet you all in Syracuse a couple years ago. She even brought two friends (not christians and first christian concert) from school with us to your concert in Johnson City a few weeks ago and we will see you in Utica in November.
Funny thing; when we were standing in line in Johnson City for your concert, my daughter ‘forgot’ to mention it was going to be at a church and her friend, Nick, says, “does this mean I can’t swear?” Well, he enjoyed the concert and asked me questions the entire 2 1/2 hour drive home that night and now says he doesn’t swear as much (it’s a start and we all started somewhere) as when he was “pre-christian”. Thank you for being awesome and for being real. See you soon.

Melissa Mmk

15 days ago

your best song.

Cody Wilder

16 days ago

And that's why I gave JESUS control

Amy Limpach

16 days ago

This song, and Mirrors, have gotten me through some of the worst of my anxiety spells. <3 If this design was a shirt, decal, mug, etc., I'd definitely buy it.

TODAY ONLY! We’re throwin’ in a #FREE Cathedrals Devotional for every purchase made on the webstore! (Already have one? Give it to your dad on Father’s Day. But don’t tell him we gave you the idea. Shh, you’re welcome.)

Racquel Barrett-Wallace

17 days ago

How much the price this book?

I love this

Bastian Gomez Figueroa

17 days ago

Why can't this be when I bought the album online? Smh cmon Mike!

Carisz Gorsal

17 days ago

Why can’t this be tomorrow!!! #struggleisreal #broke

Uh, @efry_designed, this is super cool. NAME THAT SONG.

Slyvia Garcia

24 days ago

God, you don’t need me, but somehow you want me! Love this song!

Angie Hernandez

24 days ago

"Control (Somehow You Want Me)"--my LIFE song!

Myr Gozumy

25 days ago

Control. Such a great song

Festival season is a GO. What song do you guys wanna hear in our set this summer!?

Jan Sayers

25 days ago

Times!! Can you please bring that song back... I'll be at HillFest in NH!!!

Melissa Barchard

a month ago

Hear Him Sing or Devotion.

Go old old school.

Lil-b Bagado

a month ago

Fighting for you, which should be the next single...?....Please come back to Cadillac MI....we love you guys!

//The One who calms the seas
And every part of me
With just a word You speak
You are//

Imelda Maya

a month ago

One of my fav songs

Stick Bttb

a month ago

... here I am take me apart... take me apart. I’ve always loved that song. I love all of you. ✝️

Buhle Goodness Mhlongo

a month ago

Thank You! Jesus! Amen! Thank You! God Bless Everyone in the World!

// The One who calms the seas
And every part of me
With just a word You speak
You are //

David Hill

a month ago

Luv the song!!❤❤

David Bales

a month ago

One of my favorites y'all sing. So beautiful.

Going into the weekend like...

Atif Shakeel Qureshi

a month ago

You guys are making great music, keep doing it don't ever stop and thanks for the inspiration.😀😀

Susan Carr

a month ago

The King of Heaven wants me so this world has lost its grip on me

Leopoldo Ezio Milanesio

a month ago

Love this!! Wish you were coming to Georgia soon...Brock and I miss our favorite group..

Today we honor Jason not only because it’s his birthday (HBD!!!) but because of the role played in Tenth Avenue North. With bittersweet excitement, we’re stoked to announce that Jason will be joining our friends at Compassion International full time. Here’s what he had to say!

So thankful for these guys and the past 18.5 years on the road with Tenth Avenue North. This community is so special to me. Today is an emotional day because it marks the last Tenth Ave Tour date that I will be behind the kit. It has been an honor to be a small part of something that has had such a huge impact. God has done incredible things through this music and I have been humbled over and over again by hearing those crazy stories of how a simple song can be used for grand things.

In February I made a decision to come off the road and spend more time at home with my family.We just had our fourth child, my oldest child is hitting middle school, my wife and I have known nothing but tour life since we started dating and it was just time to be home.I did not have any plans for work, but knew that God was bringing me to a new place in life. Just as it was when we begun this band, it seemed as if God was asking me to obey and trust he was in control. After about 6 weeks of digesting this decision and praying for wisdom I was presented with an opportunity to interview for a job that has had my attention for years. In fact, my wife would always tell me that if I wasn’t in the band this was a job I should consider. I am so excited to announce that 2 days ago I accepted a job with an organization I have loved and supported for 16 years. Beginning in July I will be working with Compassion to help artists just like Tenth Avenue North get impoverished children all over the world sponsored and release them from poverty in Jesus name.

So today is a mixed bag of emotions. Change is typically very hard, but also very good. I am sad to say goodbye to the stage. I am glad that I don’t have to say goodbye to the family I have made on the road. I am so excited to be home with my wife and four kids. And I am more than honored to be part of the Compassion team and I look forward to the new adventure God has for me.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and prayed for me over the years. On to the next chapter of life friends!”

William Westlake

a month ago

Jason, you will be truly missed. Change is very hard, but God is in control and will lead of every step of the way, just like he did this whole time when you were touring. I know that God has big plans for your life and may he continue to richly bless you. Congrats to the new addition to the family!

Rob Bangs

a month ago

Selfishly, I am sad. Unselfishly, I am so happy for Jason and praise God that he was able to see clearly, what God had in store for him. Thank you Jason, you were a part of something wonderful in TAN, I have no doubt your next chapter will be just as great. Jennifer

Theresia Mofokeng

a month ago

God bless you and your family on the next stage of you missions. I can only pray one day to have the heart you have. Amen brother..well done servant of Christ.

Man. The #oandutour was one for the books. Thank you to all who joined us in celebrating 10 years of the album. Grateful.

Kartik Singh

a month ago

I like these guys though...

Max Guinness

a month ago

So glad you were able to make it to Sioux Falls after our April blizzard. Have to say it was the best concert I have ever been to. God Bless you guys as you continue to sing praises to our Lord!

Zal Speyer

a month ago

Absolute pleasure, thank you so much!! - Corbin KY show

Hey, Kentucky. We’re here and ready to party. What’s a random fact we don’t know about you!? #OandUTour


a month ago

During ww2 in Southeastern KY you could hear the mountains cry for the troops

Paul Link

a month ago

NKY is actually Cincinnati :-D

Tracey O Donoghue

a month ago

In the spring, bluegrass produces bluish-purple buds that when seen in large fields give a bluish tinge to the grass. Early traders began asking the seed of the “blue grass from Kentucky.” The name stuck and today Kentucky is known as the “Bluegrass State”

Feeling like we’re long overdo for a giveaway. SO LET’S DO IT. Here’s how to win the Tenth Avenue North Sunrise tee as well as a $50 gift card to the online store!

1.) Comment below with your 3rd MOST USED emoji.

2.) Tag (1) friend.

*Winner will be chosen in 24 hours!

Renata Hernandez

a month ago

😉 Ben Ingland - remember when we saw them live (Spirit Song) and it changed my life? I apologized to someone who I needed to forgive, and it changed the way I interact with them.

Nessi Steinert

a month ago

😜 Sarah Chipps you know I Have This Hope that i'll win because lately i'm Worn! Guys we love your music and You Are More than just a band, you are awesome messengers! No Man Is An Island because we all need the word you share from God!

Justin Timothy Anglin

a month ago

😁 is my 3rd most used emoji and I'm going to tag my husband Ricky Cooper because we seen 10th avenue north at winter jam and loved seeing them in concert.

So good having our friends @landofcolormusic out with us on the #OandUTour. Has anyone been able to catch them at a show!?

Carla Black

a month ago

You were all awesome Sunday!! Great signing! Best of luck. #wchamburg

Gisella Grauso

a month ago

Land of color had catchy tunes. I truly enjoyed We Are Messengers and of course, Tenth Avenue North! It's my 2nd time seeing you both. I especially loved the 2nd set. Mike, your enthusiasm, passion, and energy is contagious.
Oh, as an added bonus, I took home this! And I got to meet and hug Darren before the show, lol.

Sarah Tello

a month ago

Loved your show in Buffalo! Not only fantastic music and fun stories, but it lead to theological discussions at home. And we are going to sponsor a child through Compassion!

ALRIGHT BUFFALO. Last night of the weekend. Let’s GO. (Best emoji to describe this photo?) #OandUTour 📸:@rycoxofficial

Christian Villazhanay

a month ago

Gina Marie Bailey 🤣🤣

Jen Miller

a month ago

What great music. Thank you.

Debra Turner

a month ago

Can't wait to see y'all in Tx later this year!!!

TONIGHT: Suffolk, VA
📸: @lealahh

Sherri Belanger Bourgoin

a month ago

It was such a blessing to attend this concert and to also find out about Compassion. You guys are so encouraging, and that’s why y’all are my favorit

Luiz Carlos Antonio

a month ago

This was a great show!

Yogesh Gola

a month ago

Awesome show guys!

For those who have been asking for the REDEMPTION tee to be available online...your wish is our command. ✨

Go to and use promo code: REDEMPTION for 20% off this new tee! (Valid until 05/03/18)

Marla D. Strother

2 months ago

Probably my all time favorite line of a song.

Sophia Mellymel

2 months ago

I buy a shirt but to small

Shirley Bales Barker

2 months ago

Love it. For those who can't speak. <3

First weekend of the #OandUTour is in the books. Sold out shows, Compassion International sponsorships, Darren from We Are Messengers cut his hand on a glass table (he’s fine), great weather and great vibes. // WHO WE SEEIN’ THIS WEEKEND!? 📸:@troywl

Kathy Blevins

2 months ago

Gonna c u Sunday in Ny. Driving from Ohio😀

Goran Suman

2 months ago

See you guys Friday in Suffolk!

Gino Hernandez

2 months ago

See you in MD!

The #OandUTour starts TODAY. Don’t worry, there are still some tickets for tonight, Wisconsin Dells! Let’s PARTY.

William Dye

2 months ago

So happy for you guys. Wanted to go to the one in Green Bay but sold out. :(

Charlene Maniable Baguinbin

2 months ago

She won tickets, ...came, saw, & partied so hard that the last 15 mins she slept through the best parts lol...

Sashka Todorova

2 months ago

Awesome show tonight!

The day is finally here, friends. The Over and Underneath tour starts on Friday. Are we gonna see you?! #OUTour

Arnold Dobó

2 months ago

That's not really a question you have to ask me.. you already know the answer :).. and yes I realize that when I see you on Friday it will only be 13 days since I saw you prior lol 💜💜🖤🖤

Gladis Roundy

2 months ago

See you in Macomb! Can't wait!!

Edima Tombere

2 months ago

Coming to Marriotsville!!

Jason Manlove Jamison in his natural habitat. 📸:@shotbyrobbie

Geroise Lott

2 months ago

One of my favorite drummers! Thanks Jason, and all the TAN guys for your sacrifice in ministering by being on the road, away from families!

Mike D in his natural habitat. Dressing room/pre-show. 📸:@shotbyrobbie

Jody Remmers-Lyons

2 months ago

Do not forget your suitcase. #minneapolis2018

Natalia Rubio Rostom

2 months ago

Still in his slippers?

THE OVER AND UNDERNEATH TOUR STARTS 1 WEEK FROM TOMORROW. What song are you most stoked to hear from the album!? 📸:@shotbyrobbie

Andrea Mooney

2 months ago

Hold My Heart, You Are, Beloved.......

Mustafa Öncü

2 months ago

If I were seeing you guys, definitely Beloved. That song allowed me to feel a greater closeness with the Lord. I just imagined myself dancing with Jesus. :'(

Luke Cooke

2 months ago

Was hoping to hear "Times" at Purdue but it was a great concert.’s taken longer than we thought but the roads finally opened and we will be playing in Sioux Falls tonight after all! If you’re coming out, please be careful! It’s real slick out there! The show is good, but not that good.
📷 @danielcantread

Denny Ponte

2 months ago careful as you travel from place to place bringing Gods word and music. Im sure the snow and cabin fever will make people all the more ready to listen n worship together with you. Blessings....looking forward to your coming to WI...we should be melted by then...i hope!

Susanne Hansen

2 months ago

Shoulda been in ND instead, the storm missed us and went for MN and SD. Oh wait, only skillet and casting crowns come to north dakota. I forgot.

Brayan Tulcanaz

2 months ago

Great show last night! Glad you all made it safely to Sioux Falls and hope you had/are having a safe trip home. Thanks for What you guys do <3

Wow. This tour. We’re continually grateful.
📸: Robbie Larsen

Kurt Newman

2 months ago

Great concert in Duluth, MN last night.

Ghorghi Bascuñan

2 months ago

Robbie must be real good at what he does. Love these shots!

Jackie Webber

2 months ago

Safe travels to Sioux Falls tonight! God Bless you and your crew!!

Thank you, Grand Rapids. You have amazing people AND incredible (!!!) coffee. 📸:@danielcantread #tenthontour #mmlive18

Markus Adam

2 months ago

Our coffee here is yummy 😋!

Sékou Diarra

2 months ago

Awesome music! Thank you for touring in GR!

Latonya Marshall

2 months ago

I want to thank you guys so much for sharing your story with us through your music. Last night my husband finally got to see the band that sang the song (I have this hope) that saved his life and gave him the strength to keep going as he went through the worst depression/anxiety/spirtual attack. Your song was his lifeline. So Thankyou again Tenth Avenue North for being with my husband in his darkest of days. So seeing your concert last night was so amazing!

St. Charles, MO!
Family Arena.
#nomanisanisland #werenotmeanttolivethislifealone #longhashtags 📸:@reaganrenfroephotography

Paolo Di Tullio

2 months ago

Really enjoyed your show in St. Charles! Wish you could have played longer! 💕

Amelita Ligtas Ignacio

2 months ago

I saw you guys last night. You were amazing. You looked like you were having fun. You make Christian music rock!

Nevie Bat

2 months ago

Great concert! Confession... wish you guys were on stage longer....😍

04/05 - Omaha, NE
04/06 - Tulsa, OK
04/07 - St. Charles, MO
04/08 - Grand Rapids, MI

Are we gonna see anybody this weekend!? 📸:@petrus.meyer

Stella Bella Wong

2 months ago

Come back to Houston for longer concert performance!

Luis Fresno Sanchez

2 months ago

Guys, please come to Cadillac MI again! we had a great time at the Decades The Halls Tour! We want MORE!

Lindsey Herd

2 months ago

See you Sunday!!! Can't wait for an amazing night of worship with my daughters 💙💙


Can't wait to play this more on our upcoming Over and Underneath The Tenth Anniversary Tour

Lance Manon

2 months ago

One of my favorite songs of all time! Wish I could see you but you aren’t coming near me! Oh well😞 I’ll see you another time! I hope the tour is good!

Patric Morand

3 months ago

Do you have that song Jeremy????????

Mathew Steven Wallace

3 months ago

Still waiting to see you in west palm beach, Florida. How can you have an anniversary without visiting where you started? 😋

Sometimes Easter looks like staying home with sick kids and taking turns going to church, and potlucks, and all the other pastel partying we got going on.

Fitting though.

The first worship chorus I ever wrote carried the words, “Yeshua, God of love, Emmanuel, God With Us.” God is with us. That’s the point of all of it isn’t it? Jesus came in the flesh, and bled our blood, took our place, died our death, to give us His life, so that we could just be His and He could be ours. He broke down every conceivable wall to get to us. He even broke us out of hell just so we could be together.
You know We usually think of the name Emmanuel as an exclusively Christmas Jesus name.But it’s not. In fact, Easter might even be a more vivid picture of the name’s meaning.

On Friday, God is with us in our suffering.
On Saturday, He is with us in the silence.
On Sunday, He is with us in victory; life everlasting.

So all that to say, staying home, missing out on certain festivities today is actually beautifully ironic. Since Easter proves to me, God will even throw himself headlong into the jaws of death to be with me, then it’s my privilege to take on whatever is demanded of me to be with them.Happy Easter Everybody. Cheers. -Mike


Darin Bernardi

3 months ago

Mike, your always a good gift in the Lord!! I hope you had a great and wonderful Easter with your family yesterday!!

So cute with little dyed finger tips!

Churro McNevan

3 months ago

Mike, you always gift us with such insight!! So thankful you felt God's touch on your life and answered Him when He called. We are the better for it. Your family is beautiful!!

TGIF. #drinkallthecoffee #itsalmosttheweekend!!!! (Mugs available at the TAN merch table!)

Per Øyvind Unumb

3 months ago

Well since I collect mugs, I'll Definitely need to add this one to my collection! ☕️ all I need is Jesus, coffee & TAN! Have a blessed Easter! 💕🙏🏻🙌🏼💐

Jessica Sanabria

3 months ago

Love that mug

Kübra Çelik

3 months ago

Just got the new $5.99 album last night. It's awesome. You guys have grown musically twice as much than most xtian bands

GUYS. Our album “Followers” is on sale on @itunes for only $5.99! #DEALS #YEAH

Lissette Morales-Brown

3 months ago

Love that album ❤

Diana Batista

3 months ago

Great album, great price. If I didn’t already have a copy, I would buy another.

Cheryl Gallegos

3 months ago

Thank you MIke, Jason, Brendon, Jeff and Rueben for your sacrifice to minister to us in music! We love you!


We often get requests to play this song live, and it's time we do that. The Tenth Anniversary Over and Underneath Tour is just over a month away!

Chris Quin

3 months ago

I walked down the aisle to this song.

Sudee Underdue

3 months ago

Cannot wait to see you guys on the west coast again! Come to Northern California...the sun is out! Keep up the awesome work...we love you guys!

Francy Mokgope

3 months ago

I might drive 5 hours to see this show...

Playing a show or doing taxes?
📸: Erin Taylor

Tiffany Owens

3 months ago

Definitely not looking up the lyrics online to the next song

Rosemary Johnson

3 months ago

he could do both at the same time, wouldn’t miss a beat!

Maria Aragon

3 months ago

...Checking out MercyMe on Facebook!!!!!

We've been having a blast on tour with MercyMe Music, and we're excited that we get to do more shows with them this fall! Tickets are on sale now!
Imagine Nation Tour:
10/4 - Indianapolis, IN
10/5 - Milwaukee, WI
10/7 - Ypsilanti, MI
10/6 - Bourbonnais, IL
10/11 - Jackson, MS
10/12 - New Orleans, LA
10/13 - Tyler, TX
10/14 - San Antonio, TX
10/19 - Salisbury, MD
10/20 - Charlottsville, VA
10/21 - Charleston, WV
10/26 - Independence, MO
10/27 - Wichita, KS*
10/28 - N Little Rock, AR
11/1 - Newark, DE
11/2 - Utica, NY
11/3 - Portland, ME
11/4 - Bangor, ME
11/9 - Greenville, SC
11/10 - Greensboro, NC
11/11 - Johnson City, TN
*Dates subject to change

Katherine Curry

3 months ago

So you know, if you click on tickets for 10-6-18 on mercy me website it sends you to the link for tickets on 10-21-2018. I bought 8 tickets thinking it was for the Illinois show and I actually got West Virginia tickets 😞 and they won’t refund it. Sad day. Was planning this trip for my 30th birthday.

Rodney Vargeson

3 months ago

I was wondering about Florida too???? Somewhere in the Tampa or Sarasota area. I just don’t get it. We Floridians always pack the house!

Andres Gutierrez

3 months ago

What's with the Mysterious Johnson City, TN date? I don't see the option to buy tickets. For my birthday, we're driving to SC to see them... then going to NC the next day... and then TN for the tour finale... but how does one get tickets?

So'll be a tour trifecta!


You’re about to! Head over to to get a mystery shirt and accessory item for $19.99! (Brand new designs are included in this deal.) #fashion #fun #TANmerch

Joe Collins

3 months ago

Chelsea Hugh so tempted 😱

Sam Broughton

3 months ago

Yes Emily Joy Loomis

Macoy Martinez Trujillo

3 months ago

Hey, like what- Annah Zantello.

Stoked to share with you the BRAND NEW acoustic version of our song “Control” - out today! Thanks Apple Music!

Deborah Johns Gowens

3 months ago

This band is so good in Concert. ❤️

Nicole Graham Landon

3 months ago

imo the original studio version is awesome and the sound can't compare to this but is not a bad version being acoustic

Ron Nelson

3 months ago

This is a really cool song especially acoustically

You guys!!!! What on earth is going on!?!?! Thank you so much!

Acmila Acmad

3 months ago

YAY! This is my turn it up and sing it loud song. When I am driving people think I am nuts, and I just don't care! Love it! Love you guys too.

Woine Gebrehiwot

3 months ago

Soooo Love this song & really enjoyed hearing it song at Prudential concert this past Sunday3/11 in Newark NJ, even my Mom, an unbeliever enjoyed hearing your songs

Herminia Vergara

3 months ago

No, thank you! You have created a wonderful song that so many people, including myself, needed to hear! ❤️

Who are we going to see on our spring tour?! #OUTour

Diana Paola

3 months ago

Saw you in New Jersey with MercyMe. So awesome. Please come back.

Pauli Garcia

3 months ago

Looking forward to May 4th in Suffolk, va. Already have our tickets!!

Andrea Pavlovičová

3 months ago

When will you guys be in the Amarillo or Dallas area?

Newark, NJ! We had so much fun tonight. You are so much fun. FUN. // Where should we get pizza tonight?

Víctor Hdz Hdz

3 months ago

God bless you forever Jesus is the Healer praise God almighty

Catoiu Cristina Nicoleta

3 months ago

You're in North Jersey! There's great pizza on every corner lol!!

Logan Smith

3 months ago

I’ve never heard your music until last night. Simply amazing you have a new fan. Thank you.

YO. GUYS. Go check out the brand new remix of “Control” by AILO on iTunes! #controlcampaign

Mick Mason

3 months ago

Love y'all!!!

Heard this awesome remix on Pandora tonight! Then I went on YouTube and watched your original video where you shared about giving up your ministry for your families. I started crying because I've been sitting here tonight talking to God about that very thing. As a single mom and someone who has a call to ministry and has been to seminary I am in a season of just parenting right now. It's really hard and I am just trying to surrender and trust God that he will use me as he wants when he wants and how he wants. Please keep me in your prayers your story is as inspiration to me, giving me hope for the future for the plans God has for me. Thank You and God Bless You.

Magdalena Białecka

3 months ago

Yes!! Loving this remix!!! ♥♥♥

Reflecting on last weekend’s aftershows and how special it was to have a chance to hang out with you guys. Who we gonna see this weekend!?
03/08 - LOWELL, MA
03/12 - NEWARK, NJ

Erieta Spyratou

3 months ago

We are coming to see you this Sunday at the Prudential Center in Newark..We saw you in Ocean Grove and Lake George..Mike you were so kind to Gabby when she shared that her Dad had died, and she cherishes the pics I took with you (even though I stink at taking pictures)....Recently we lost our home, possessions, dog, and are homeless, but we are safe and warm, and know that our future is in His hands..During a contest in February I called our favorite radio station, Star 99.1(we cherish them) and were blessed with front row tickets to see you, and Mercy Me..SO very excited...God is good!! Counting the days <3

Bethanie Jensen Edmondson

3 months ago

Wish I could get there!!

Wellington Luiz Pereira Do Amparo

3 months ago

Not seeing you guys when you're in town would give my wife grounds for divorce.

What an honor to play the Ryman Auditorium last night. A place full of rich history and incredible stories. Thank you, Nashville. #tenthontour

Brooklynn Weber

3 months ago

I need need need y'all to come to Louisiana!! Me and my fiance are going through a difficult season in our relationship and I was lead to listen to the full album Followers and I know that the whole thing was wrote for what I am going through right now!! Ik y'all probably wouldn't sing the super older songs but I know that it would be a powerful blessing for the both of us!!
I hate to admit this in a public place but idc I know God's will for us and if anyone sees this please send a prayer for us!! 💜💜💜☝️☝️☝️

Kimberly Logan Nash

3 months ago

It was an awesome night! Loved you guys.

Karen Danielle Kelley

3 months ago

It was awesome

In honor of playing the Ryman Auditorium this Sunday in our hometown, ALL Nashville Sweaters are 30% OFF this weekend on our webstore.

Use code “NASHVILLE” at checkout!

Jaime Mann

3 months ago

If anyone has any tickets for tomorrow they need to get rid of let me know 🙂 I waited a bit too long!

Leonora Ann Luce

4 months ago

Lizzie - if you dont mind “Nashville”

Helen Newberry Walker

4 months ago

Have mine already 😊

Emily Tweedy

4 months ago

🎶❤️🎶 I Love ❤️ This Song 🎶❤️🎶

Nick Beaken

4 months ago

My other favourite song from Tenth Avenue North! Awesome!!

Alysha Brigman

4 months ago

Love this song!