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YO MEMPHIS! I am coming to the New Daisy Theatre on June 17th!

The 2018 Planet Tour (with special guests Krizz Kaliko, Just Juice, Joey Cool and KING ISO) has a VIP package that includes a ticket t the show, several merch items, and a 1-hour artist meet & greet.

*Planet Tour is presented by SiriusXM Shade 45

Christy Cochran Blakemore

3 hours ago

Can't wait for ATL show. really hope hold on me is in the set 😬 ^S^

Carla Maria

3 hours ago

Hell yeah Tech good to see you coming back through to the M-town! Us F.A.N.S. been holding it down/"Keeping it STRaNGe!!! ^S^" round here since you came through last time! You should have @DJPaulKOMofficial or @LilWyteofficial or both come through do an appearance or a set or something brother, that would for sure crank this show up to astronomically legendary live as fuck status!!!!! P.S. #planet is dope AF!!

Derek Oxford

10 hours ago

Wild Bill Beasley

The Planet Tour VIP packages are more limited than ever now! Get yours while you're still able to!

Available on

Photo cred: strangeland101 on IG
They say I lost the inner city cause I chose the crazy route! So I guess I'm the only crazy nigga in the hood? Psssh! They just hide it right? Riiiight! Photo by @wisdom595 on IG

Milena Banajska

a day ago

Tesla Hawkins that flag is doooope!!

Saad Khan

a day ago

Already rolling with the steering wheel cover like BLAM!!!

Yasmin Bendine

2 days ago

Put the flag up for regular sales Tech!!!

NEW AUSTRALIA DATES!!! I will be coming to Australia with my brother Krizz Kaliko!

The pre-sale begins this Friday (the 23rd)!
Whatchu know about Tech N9ne?

Andrew Barcelar

a day ago

Troyy Gareth Andrew Ben yeah boi save the dates and cash. Lets all go v.i.p this time

Bryant Boo-yaa Rice

a day ago

Emily Probert if i wasnt going to be heavily pregnant and somehow had a bunch of money id be flying over and we'd be going to this 😂

BrYn Gwawawa

2 days ago

Hopefully we're allowed to mosh this time! I was pretty guttered we couldnt last time. Like whats a Tech concert without a mosh pit?

If your darkness is inactive, it will find its way out, to seep! Don't let it get so thick with evil that you can't shake it! It will work against you and destroy things beyond your control! Its real! I'm a living witness! Photo by ReelRage Entertainment BRIGHTFALL BEGINS!

Aireen Aziz

3 days ago

Is that seepage I see?

September Sky

3 days ago

That's my favorite song on the new album, excited!

Toni Starling-Nabinett

3 days ago

You just cant hack it. The darkness will always be my fortress of solitude. If you let it take control yeah it destroys shit. Toxic shit that was holdin you back. Kindness is weakness. Let the darkness kill the weakest.

KANSAS CITY! Catch me at Boulevardia in June! Mackenzie Nicole will also be performing! LET'S GO!


John Antoniadis

4 days ago

I love Tech and Makenzie! It goes up! This comment below hurts my heart because Tech, Makenzie and all of Strange Music I feel are a part of my heart and have helped me get through much of this weird fucked up thing we call life.

Marcie Behrens

4 days ago

Habenaro is the worst song you've ever been part of, and did she make her own music video , holy crap where is the come back, I know people like that, but you aren't my people I am guessing .

Ariane Jennya Varner

4 days ago

Landon Stroup brooooo

Congrats to Murs for his latest album release! He put his heart and soul into this one!!

"A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable" produced by Michael "Seven" Summers is available at record stores, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify!


Kushall Tajpuriya

3 days ago

MURS is dope, honestly better than Kendrick dots

Vivian Liseth Barja Oropeza

4 days ago

Murs suck slick Ricks dick

Narissa Gooman

4 days ago

Gave it 1 try so far. Gonna give it another chance or 2 to see if it grabs me

Sat down with Pigeons and Planes a couple weeks ago! Talked about PLANET, Tekashi 6ix9ine, BROCKHAMPTON, and GOOD Music!

Watch below!

Cojanu Ionut

4 days ago

Where did he give props to 69 or did I miss something? Sounded more like a diss or maybe calling him fake or “loud”. Only thing he said was he’s the most outspoken individual right now regarding his image. Never once did he say he can spit

Stacy Love Sneed

4 days ago

Fuck 69! Dont do that

Brian Kelly

4 days ago

Antonio Turner yo isnt this the dude 69 whatever who was charged for having a 13yr old girls nude pictures on his phone

The PLANET TOUR featuring Krizz Kaliko, Just Juice, Joey Cool, and KING ISO kicks off in April!

Purchase your VIP packages on to get the merch in the photos and more! Presented by SiriusXM Shade 45.

Maurice Cummings

4 days ago

Joseph Lisa Trenton this is the vip shit 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Leslie Franz

4 days ago

Someone who has done a meet and greet should tell me how it was. ? I’m so tempted on this.

Ariane Jennya Varner

4 days ago

See ya in Evansville Indiana June 11th VIP. It goes up

Caption this!
Hell YEAH! My brother Murs just dropped an AMAZING album produced by Michael "Seven" Summers!

Available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify!!!

Chika Ewere Nwagbogwu

6 days ago

"....and it was indeed, a good night on set. I'm Kent brochman, signing off with another done in 60 seconds. Goodnight."

Roc Jackson

6 days ago

"And i jizzed in my pants!" (Andy Sandberg voice)

Yolanda Ruiz Mas

6 days ago

This is what selling out look like

Walked into HQ and saw Seven trying to sign some pre-orders ofASJITU. Been on the signing grind and I had to had to show seven the ropes...ended up signing a few copies myself.

It's the LAST DAY to pre-order this wonderful may end up with one signed by Murs, Michael "Seven" Summers and Tech N9ne!!!

Pre-order here >

Jåbůlåni Khõżå

6 days ago

I know you sign a shit ton but you cant tell it says tech so I prefer seven and murs bro sorry n shit.

Millicent Zigah

7 days ago

Hey tech I just wanna say I've been a fan for more than 10 years, I've been to 8 concerts from chico Cali to red rocks Colorado. I'm like 3 songs into your new album and I appreciate you rippin it up again vintage shit. Fuck yes. Love you man you're one of the goats!

Shannon Frazier

8 days ago

are the people that got put on hold for your graph for planet still getting theres from you? been watching the mail on the daily for mine lol

Performance scene for BRIGHTFALL day1 outta 3! All I want is Heaven but evil forces they follow me, plottin on my body to attempt to torch it or hollow me, I cannot let the depths of Hell to rise up and swallow me, I'm tryna make it where the other Angels and God'll be! You guys dig Brightfall as much as I?

Jack Short

8 days ago

I feel this song is foreshadowing a return of the K.O.D 😈

Marilene Miranda

8 days ago

I'm digging the whole CD honestly

Jr Gillard

9 days ago

In Jesus name I pray that we have a good day today no matter what and if it gets ugly let's make it beautiful AMEN

AUSTRALIA! Stream Planet right now on Spotify!

Sherman Golden

9 days ago

Put it on Google Play!!

Daniel Culhane

9 days ago

Such a sick album.

Philip Jimenez

9 days ago

Strange Music needs to tour Australia! PLANET is fire!

GET READY!! I WILL be performing at Boulevardia this summer!!

Head over to for tickets!

Marco Abate

9 days ago

Why does The hometown get fucked on the planet tour??? 🤬🤬

Natalie Vale

9 days ago

Yeah, you fit right it with those line ups.. 😂

Siphosethu Sphosande Gomba

10 days ago

What day are you preforming?

Have you ordered your PLANET TOUR VIP package?

Order now to receive to receive these items + more on!

Jordi Cinefilo

9 days ago

Yes I did and I wear that chain like crazy! I have all my stuff hung up on the wall and the pillow is comfortable as hell Tech N9ne

Daniela Guerrero Cubillos

9 days ago

Damn that pendant though

Alfred Caspero

9 days ago

4 to take my girls and their boyfriends. The family thats strange together stays together 😂😂💯

I remember when I lost control of the wheel in life and I had thoughts of suicide! You remember the songs, Suicide Letters, My own Hell, Happy Ending, Low, Alone, Hello walls etc. But when I got so low that I was crying out to God by getting the message inked on my arms (LIBERATE ME) it was time for me to REDISCOVER THE PURPOSE The purpose is to LIVE! Since then, I've become the #1 Independent rapper in the world! I rediscovered that, I AM A KING! I made my mark on this planet I am CHA CHING! That's my Asian name I get Dough for rhymin Supreme I was po now I am a thing I was LOW as slime in latrines, THAT'S AMAZIN MANE! Its not too late for you to # REDISCOVER THE PURPOSE Thank you @alycia_mae on IG for the shirts and the wonderful letter. Love, T9!

Albion Gin

8 days ago

Tech, listening to your music on the way to work and on the way home from work make my day go by much smoother and relaxing. You are without any doubt in the world, an extraordinary and awesome guy. I'll be driving back to our hometown Kansas City to visit my family here in a few months and the long drive will be made much better by listening to all your music I've got downloaded. Simply put, your music has made my life easier to deal with on a daily basis, so thank you so much for everything you are and everything you do😎.

Alil Abduloski

9 days ago

Happy ending got me through some shit in my own life. It sucks humans have to go through such trying times but we still found a way to keep our minds right

Aimilia Xrt

10 days ago

That's some deep shit tech, i was there a few years ago, i almost succeeded, but your music has helped me alot. Thank you for your music and everything you do to give back.


Xheunleen Debby Oniyitan

8 days ago

Tech N9NE is one of the best music artists, rapper, etc. He's got skills and the others that are involved with StrangeMusic do too and what not... I still want to get ahold of this album and the others as well

Som Punsri

10 days ago

Anyone else here seeing this and bumping anghellic?

Frances Barraza

10 days ago

Love every single track on this album.. Got mine the day after release and it was just amazing to listen to the whole album. No track was given any less effort than the next. This album deserves to be #1

Does the PYUNEGUISTICS help on your journey thru PLANET PYUNE ? Let's SPEAK ON IT!

Album available at Best Buy!!

Lena Kardas Jeronimo

10 days ago

Proudly brought to you by MONSTER tm

Lyndell Nichols

11 days ago

cleaner copy of that image..

Julia Covelli

11 days ago

Hell yeah it did

THE TIME IS ALMOST HERE!! Strange Main's first artist, Mackenzie Nicole, is dropping her debut album on April 13th!

Pre-order at!

Maghla Afroj Shefa

10 days ago

Why Does This Resemble Miley Cyrus Bangerz Wheres Your Own Ideas?

Sam Douch

11 days ago

Mic Allen Homer
Strange music's first mainstream artist. Who would have that it'd be a teenage blonde girl?

Ari Garay Sandoval

11 days ago

Doesn't she do nationwide commercials....

I FEEL LIKE BREAK DANCIN! From what movie did I get that quote?

Suzanne Christina

10 days ago

Where is the MONSTER tm?

Edd Brown

11 days ago

still at your age! eye can't see why not.

Rita Starr

11 days ago

Yeah we FAMILY n that came from his older sister, NINA , from another mother breakin bad, breakin good, break some bread fo the hood Houston, New Orleans, Puerto Rico. Break some love... Like you did Dante for troops. 👍💪☝😎💋🎶💕

I WILL be performing songs from PLANET on tour! What songs do yawl want to hear?

Tickets are available at VIP package includes merch and 1-hour artist meet & greet.
Anyone spot me in any stores??

Photo from Zia Records. PLANET is also available at Best Buy!

Mick Monahan

11 days ago

already got my tickets, the whole albums sick tech. But i wanna hear Habanero first song I've liked with Mackenzie Nicole on since fear. defiantly ready for you to be here in Michigan it'll be awhile tho

Reshell Peak Darity

11 days ago

How I'm feeling. Most Def!! Can't for ya to get here to Albuquerque, New Mexico AKA DA 505. Show is going to be Dope AF!! Can't wait to see ya! Peace 1.

Cristopher Domingo Villafuerte

11 days ago

Bad juju. Sho nuff, comfortable, never stray, dont nobody want none. I can go on and on. All of them!

This is fuckin' DOPE! This photo represents the merch you receive when you order a Planet Tour VIP package!

Head over to to get yours!

TinaNewme Mack

11 days ago

That's what's up. Above and beyond type of shit

Simone Johnson

13 days ago

How do I get the red pendants wtf come to Calgary again with that in the VIP package :(

Diana Yeung

13 days ago

Makes me wonder if he actually owns a car

Favorite song on PLANET?

Stream it on Apple Music >
Whether you're new to Strangeland or you've been around, Spotify has what you need with this KILLER playlist curated by their team...what do y'all think?! Did they get the picks right?

Armand Dutfoy

13 days ago

Dude fresh out is one of the best tech songs I've ever herd. The dynamic between tech and swisher sleep is spot on. Takes me back to like "now it's on" with lee jo. They pass the flow so nicely.

But it's so hard to pick. I seriously love this album. So so much.

Michel García Morales

13 days ago

Never stray, levitation, bad juju, red Byers, comfortable. I also gotta add my fault. Cuz I'm from Milwaukee and I know how that shit be out here. He wasn't lyin...

Jon Berry

14 days ago

Still havnt decided yet... But im sure by the time you come to the mile high city i will have come to a conclusion. Finally going vip with Tara Solaas Nick Wynne and Shannon Mcdonald! Yup its goin down!

S/O to PlayStation Music for letting me takeover the HIP HOP and PLAY playlist!

Stream here:

Patrivia James

16 days ago

🎶we won't go, quietly 🎶

Ralph Romero

16 days ago

Playstation huh ? I wouldn't be say that that name too loud 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #Microsoft4life

Killua Ortiz

16 days ago

My playlist is probably about 85% Strange already😂

Tune into Independent Grind powered by Tech N9ne at 11am C/12pm E for a live interview with Denaun and myself!


Emerson Rodrigues Aquino

15 days ago

Hope you do another track w Corey

Paul Milliner

16 days ago

I'm trying to see how I get me one of those chains tech wearing

Malveen Bosman

16 days ago

I hope they make a nother D12 CD again.

So don't ya make a mistake wit the Yates get some plan of escape you betta BREAK! Me in motion STILL Breakdancin! B-Boy forever! DON'T NOBODY WANT NONE Oakley Space Goggles, Pyune street wear and Maison Margiela kicks.

Bud Cass Powell

16 days ago

Boo you, screw you too
Fool, you through
This how we do in the 'Zzou

Angelita Coleman

16 days ago

I rapped this in my head in tech's voice and it was fire

Saúl Diaz

16 days ago

Tech the greatest he ain't ever going to the mainstream. The mainstream going to go tech for real.

KING ISO sits down with Independent Grind powered by Tech N9ne to talk about his upcoming project and The Planet Tour.


Nicole Ann Laraby

16 days ago

Let’s be honest, Twisted Insane is greedy as fuck. He’s living in a 5+ bedroom house while Woodrow is barely scraping by living in a shitty ass apartment. Let King make his money, man

Charles Adams

17 days ago

All the haters from Brain in here👀👀👀 I love me some Brainsick but I definitely still fuck with iso

Malveen Bosman

17 days ago

Hey Tech real creative album title and concept wonder where that came from. #soldyasoul

YOU, are the director of YOUR universe! YOU, can do whatever YOU push for! Visualize IT, share IT with your team then go for IT! IT'S, out there for the taking! Have IT! But most importantly, enjoy IT!

Photo by Dennys Ilic Photography.

D.j. Smith

16 days ago

dude im applying to the position for you guys as an intern. without the advice earlier i may not have but do what you love first they say man

Tyler Hammons

16 days ago

Tech has went from the K.O.D. to the Angel of Light ... I love it

Joey Avery

17 days ago

Hey nice staircase in the background...#soldyasoul

Thank you Technicians for your continuous support! Had a successful signing in Denver on Friday! Much LOVE!

Christopher Ramos

18 days ago

That was worth the 7 hour drive.

Alisha Bilagody

18 days ago

He was so excited to get this ❤
I've had habanero stuck in my head for days!!!

Elijah Johnson

18 days ago

Love seeing you with the tiny technicians ❤ one day it'll be my tiny technician meeting him 😍❤

So much more is explained in the booklet for PLANET! I hope y'all get a chance to see what's inside this mind of N9ne!

Deluxe Editions out now at Best Buy

Lashawn Martinez

18 days ago

Bout to have my first listen. Looking forward to it. Saw him in Melbourne 2016. What a showman.
I was a late comer to Tech. First heard him on a (Hed)p.e. track a long time ago (you should work with those boyz again, man). Then reintroduced to him with K.O.D... Fucking love that album. Anyone know why it isn't on Spotify??? 🤔

Michael Chrissos

18 days ago

I'm happy I waited to hear the album before I bought it . And I'm glad I didn't buy it. Sorry Tech but I think it's time to hang it up

Joseph Wilson

18 days ago

Love the beats tech but damn..... Either the guys your collaborating with or you your self has started slipping into the river with the rest. There's still good quality to this CD but I'm not impressed. Technician till the end but I can't listen to this one on repeat like everything before. Hope the best for you but please don't sell out to the mainstream. Mainstream go me, remember?


Hope yawl love Planet PYUNE as much as I do!
I appreciate everyone that has been supporting PLANET!!!

Come join us on Planet PYUNE! Cop yours at Best Buy!

Charles Bailey

19 days ago

This album is phenominal!!! Love the different vibes and sounds. Need to listen for a couple months to see how it stacks up but for me personally, it could be in my top 5 all time hip hop albums. It is a very motivational album and it released at a very pivital time in my life, perfect timimg!!! Thank you Tech for always being real!!!

Eric Washington

19 days ago

Do your advertising in the Midwest' only, focus on MN, and Mainly Wisconsin. A little Illinois'.

Doug Hawkins

19 days ago

Like' the crystal meth drug house we like to call Prison along with the Drug Warlord Judges.

Tech N9ne has left the building Denver! Thanx again! I AM A KING, I MADE MY MARK ON THIS PLANET I AM ?????

Josh Anderson

19 days ago

A jack of all trades and a master of all in the rap game! Ahoo ahoo ahoo!!

Aleksey Varlamkin

19 days ago

Been listening to Crizz Calico and Tech Nine since I was a child . Absolute Powers still a top Album

Jamie Kurt Hammond

20 days ago

Cha Ching that is my Asian name

On release day, I just go in with a smile! I'm here for the love from the fans which comes from the love I've given in the gift of music - like Planet!

I'm in Denver now - a wonderful, beautiful market for Strange Music and Tech N9ne, doing a meet and greet later today at Angelo's Records for the people that appreciate my music. That's a blessing.

And! To think our new BANGER No Reason ft Machine Gun Kelly and Y2 is sitting on Rap Caviar right now from Spotify?!

What would you say if I went ahead and performed it on my hashtag Planet Tour 2018?! Who would be ready to MOSH PIT?! Ha ha ha!

Flynn Martin

19 days ago

So satisfied that after MGK really blew up, he can still rip a beat to shreds with the underrated (generally speaking)

Scott West

21 days ago

I've been a loyal, die hard fan of Tech for about 14 years, have all the albums.Strange Music was not too popular in Idaho. But these past couple albums have been a bummer. I love the old Tech. KOD album being my all time favorite, that was the real shit. Words and beats meant something, this electronic shit is insanely overrated.
I'll just stick with the old N9ne.

Devon Raymond

21 days ago

Michelle think I might have to mosh with you


Pre-order the deluxe version now to receive an autographed copy, XL Planet T-shirt, a limited edition Planet pendant, a Strange Music sticker and 3 bonus tracks.

Order now:

David Kennedy

20 days ago

That corny arse track “Not A Damn Thing” is the stupidest shit ever!!! lastly Techs lyrics on this album sound half arse like he’s just spitting the same shit & making up words, he’s losing his creativity I think cause he’s always rushing his albums... #SlowlyLosingRespectForTech 💯

Wade Gillson

21 days ago

Is tech n9ne on this instead of other people while he occasionally shouts cha and kalico shouting Kali baby?

Rick Bucnpacker Day

21 days ago

Can i still buy a signed copy today?? I’ve been working overtime like a madman and can’t believe i missed this!! I’d love to have it signed and to have the bonus tracks. Can never have too much Tech N9ne music

Just Juice (a special guest in the Planet Tour) is takin over my Storm Watch Playlist! Stream it on my profile on Spotify! Let’s Go!

Heidi Lynn Rieck

22 days ago

Atta boy juice! Vine to label

Takota Medina

22 days ago

The LORD says, “The women of Zion are haughty, walking along with outstretched necks, flirting with their eyes, strutting along with swaying hips,

Steph Carlson

22 days ago


Only 2 days left to pre-order PLANET!

The deluxe version (includes an autographed copy, limited edition pendant, XL T-shirt, 2 bonus tracks, and a Strange Music sticker) is available at

Bman Mando

22 days ago

Received mine this morning🔥 (2 days before release)🔥

Michael Chrissos

22 days ago

I'm broke as fuck, xbeing spent on tix to the next grand rapids show

Jon Pfeister

22 days ago

Got my preorder in a long time ago.

I will be spending my album release day in Denver at Angelo's Records!!

*Pre-order Planet or purchase on street date at one of Angelo’s 3 locations and receive a wristband that gives access to priority line for Tech N9ne meet and greet.

Becca McInnerney

22 days ago

I got chu

Lyric Lee Hunter

22 days ago

Josue Sandoval let's go

Kevlar Hughes

22 days ago

PreOrdered from germany. Lookin forward to great music

3 MORE DAYS until the release of PLANET!!

Pre-order the deluxe version to receive an autographed copy, XL Planet T-Shirt, Strange Music sticker, 3 bonus tracks, a limited edition Planet pendant and a free download!

Mary Beloo

22 days ago

Jeremy Cowan this is what I was telling you about.

Dana Lopez

22 days ago

I'm still waiting for my CD. Ordered in Jan

Mac Lethalz

22 days ago

By the pendant do you mean the sticker?

Crazy to be the first guest on the first episode of Microphone Check by Spotify!

Listen here:

Jonathan Anderson

23 days ago

I thought that finger rub means MONEY, like rolling the dough. :-)

Andrew Koutecky

24 days ago

The interview was awesome

Lejuan Chism

24 days ago

You ARE numbah 1 Tech!

Catch me on Reprezent Radio at 11 pm GMT/ 5pm CST!! On the radio or

Gio Hutton

24 days ago

I wont rap at you tech, ill protect you with my life

Jason Cypher

24 days ago

I fuse to laugh

Trent Booker Lynn

24 days ago

Bring Mackenzie to Louisiana!!

So I run into YG and Mustard somewhere poppin in INGLEWOOD Krizz Kaliko and Inglewood Mugs in this muh fucka on 3!!

Tesela Whitaker

24 days ago

Omfg a track with Tech and YG get MUSTARD ON DA BEAT HOE shit would be straight flame

Frits Slagwater

24 days ago

Damn tech on dat zebra shisa, took me a minute to see witch one was teck!! Haha!! #proudtobewhite

Randall Ware

25 days ago

Come back to Albuquerque

BTS throwback to Big Scoob's "B*tch Please" music video! Ha Ha Ha! Good times!

Jarrod Te Kiriwera Wi

a month ago

Thought that was e40 for a sec haha

Patrick Gillick

a month ago

My other fav e40

Minnie Nava

a month ago

were these scenes filmed at your house Tech N9ne?

Love to stop by Breakfast Club while in NY!

Cecil Van Veckhoven III

24 days ago

Man I don't really do the whole comment thing ..but uuhhhh damn man ..when you said you think that explosive ending is coming man it really got me in this weird feeling not wishing this on you or anything but man I just don't want that explosive ending to be ya know like the end of your being ..damn cuz like I said before I'm not one to do the comment thing ..and I truly am not a dick riding kind of person in just not but my uncle and mom used to play your albums like absolute power and anghellic when I was like five and I loved it ..but then I was about is say 13 and k.o.d came out and I fell in love man ..but it really changed something in me because I was always into the art form of hip hop period and started writing when I was about 7 years old ..but I really became infatuated with your artistry and the point that when k.o.d came out It really drove me to push myself further and actually become a artist know so you really have molded me as a person and artist period ...and there is lots of amazing and talented artists out there ..but I don't know you really helped me realize that hip hop was my calling ..and I was 7 when I started now I'm almost 23 ..have two kids and I am finally getting to the point of getting music out here soon and basically I just want to thank you man know so fuck the bullshit brother even if I can't meet you and chop it up ..i just want you to know that tech foreal shit man ..sorry to give you a life story and shit but like I said I don't comment ..or dick ride haha so my bad for the long ass story ...but thanks brother on some real shit

Blair Richard

a month ago

Jenny Lynn Patterson

Jose Reyes

a month ago

Have you ever worked with Andre nicatina?

I could hardly get into a car with my tall spiked hair! It was so sharp, I could put your fuckin eye out! All my beautiful Choctaw Native, Creole and Ethiopian hair was damaged by All the Ice gel, extra strength Spritz and continuous dye! Be warned New rappers! Lol Lol Lol

Manny Deluta Bayeta

a month ago

Agreed, but grow? I thought he was the best ever after listening to Anghellic and absolute power. I know he had shit out before those obviously. those were just my first two albums I ever heard by tech Lol

Jono Baker

a month ago

Cool, I have choctaw and comanche? in my heritage 😊

Corwyn Bellavich

a month ago

I dont know man but hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry's, and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust

The CES CRU and G-Mo Skee "Catastrophic Events Specialists" Tour is kicking off TONIGHT!

Head over to for tickets!

Marcio Camargo

a month ago

The Jerome stop is gonna be nuts. No one of note ever comes through.

Austin Chappelear

a month ago

Highlander is my shiiiiiiiiiiit

Ryan Freeman

a month ago

how come Strange never come to UK?!!

Hey DENVER! I am happy to spend my album release day with yawl!

*Pre-order Planet or purchase on street date at one of Angelo's Records 3 locations and receive a wristband that gives access to priority line for Tech N9ne meet and greet.

Alex Steele

a month ago

Jordan Runes Brandon Xiong

Javier Lozano

a month ago

Aaron Hemenway Brett Caisse fuuuuuuck

Alicia David

a month ago

Now that's Luv!!! 100

Have you copped your VIP package for the Planet Tour?

Get all of this merch plus a meet & greet at

Matthew Chick

a month ago

Package came in today! So hype

Shanika Shorey

a month ago

I am curious though does the v.I.p package come with the signed CD or just a copy of it?

Colton Green

a month ago

Hold up..wait a minute..Say whhaaaz-innn-thee-fuuuck!?
Tell me that is what i think it that really a flag reppin the Stranged States of Amusica?!
No seriously that a full sized Strange Music Flag?!

So I'm walking to my hotel and I heard some people yell, TECH N9NE! I turned around and it was the NYPD saying they were fans! Music is a wonderful thing! It unites! #WHODOICATCHNOW ?

Amanda Santistevan

a month ago

I thought about joining the police academy when I was 19 but I didn't wanna deal with assholes all day long. However, the assholes are still something that I gotta deal with anyways and it would be nice to be able to cuff or shoot some. I blew out my voice yelling at them in LosAngeles. So I can't sing for shit. I got type A personality and sure wish I had a badge, club, handcuffs and a gun in trade of my voice right now!

James Bruce William Keegan

a month ago

NYPD actually has a pretty good reputation. They don't have time for the petty shit like so many redneck states.

Suraj Sharma

a month ago

They were profilin' your ass just so happened you was famous so they let it slide. But it wouldnt be a surprise that the police are fans of your chaotic psychotic style thats kind of their style too.

Travis O'Guin and I ran into Jimmy Fallon after our Sway Calloway interview and performance! Had some good words real quick with Jimmy! #ITGOESUP

Nick Farahvash

a month ago

Can someone photoshop jimmys face on everyone :D

Dan Burnside

a month ago

Tech. I'm sorry but I'm gonna unfollow you.

Minnie Nava

a month ago

jimmy fallon is nothing more than a low life anti 2nd amendment piece of human garbage that uses his show to hate on our rights and president.

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Taylor Hampel

a month ago

What’s on the backside of t shirt?

Spencer Lovell

a month ago

Isn't that the moon though? Heh heh

Vaua Enna Teika

a month ago

Bad ass tech. Sucks seating won’t allow kids at your Ohio show so I’m going to miss that, but definitely getting this badass merch