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Marcos Terra

2 hours ago

Can i get a chain thats not 500-1000?? That would be great

Septina Willis

4 hours ago

Wondering how long this sale going on for need some gear!!

Tech N9ne - Godspeed

Kaeko Kato

4 hours ago

Tech n9ne - Hellbound

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Connie Lunsford

4 hours ago

I got the items in the picture in the v.i.p package for a show I went to months ago lol

Martha Elena Aguilar Villanueva

4 hours ago

The ring is bad ass

Mago Castillo

4 hours ago

Julia Adams shiiit eh lol

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Αριστειδης Κατσανας

13 hours ago

Anybody else think the girl on top looks like Ron Jeremy?

Afrin Sabrina

13 hours ago

Lol strange what are you doing with all dat $$$? Gives us some new girls to look at wtf

Jihan Sghier von Mez

21 hours ago

I didn't see that tech n9ne shirt in the products available. None of them seem geared to women either. I like that tank & wud buy it.

Tech N9ne - Alone (ft. Krizz Kaliko & Eric "Ezikuhl" Boone) - Official Music Video

José Carlos Jancovic

4 hours ago

One of my favorite songs and u will never be alone man

Martha Vazquez

13 hours ago

Ain't no phone ringing, ain't no words speaking, when you you alone, seems like there's no reason for you to keep breathing if u gon be Alone...

Aga Myguy

13 hours ago

I hope you dont feel as alone now Tech as you did when u wrote this song. I love this song but dont feel alone now. We are all one. The life of a star is much more lonely because u must shine at a higher level to illuminate others <3

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Peter Holtz

4 hours ago

Got em all

Leslie Dunning

a day ago

Brandon Shaggy Monster Lincoln Jason Dodge

Tech N9ne - Hood Go Crazy (feat. 2 Chainz & B.o.B) - Official Music Video

Rainer Wohlfahrt

a day ago

I played it last night at a wedding!

Juam Lopo

a day ago

My jam!!! Mikayla Cable 🤣😯🤣😯🤣

Aaron Ó Conaill

a day ago

"yeah I listen to tech n9ne" starter pack

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Rosalina Solomona-Kali

2 days ago

Bring it to the shelves!!! Im serious I loved it and I would like to have more

Nate Grefe

2 days ago

Send some of the bou Lou to daygo I’ll buy a case ah dat

Emmanuel Allotei Allotey

2 days ago

Congrats !! 😁😁 Whoop Whoop !!

Kansas City! Meet me at 4901 Town Center Dr, Leawood, KS tomorrow at 1PM with @TIDAL #TIDALXSprint

Trey Tristain

3 days ago

Tim Schmeltz dude you should be 3 hours away this weekend !!!!!

Asha Adit

3 days ago

😭 I'll be working

Moses Nsabiyumva

3 days ago

Shelsea Devonna fuuuuuuuuuck😭

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Lenette Tucker

3 days ago

When does the sale end?

Mamas Weekend

4 days ago

Bring back the strange music por vida shirt ☺️

Kishan Lal

4 days ago

Jay Varnes that new shirt tho 😍 think I'll be adding that to my collection soon

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Falissa Lucas

5 days ago

I agree with Sean Alexander McReynolds. The photographer needs to go

Amanda Grace

5 days ago

I know it's supposed to be about the merchandise, but yall need to hire a new photographer. The photos themselves make it hard to look at the merch.

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ElShiny Shunxito

5 days ago

Everyone bitching bitching about the models got what they asked for lol

Tonya Mitchell

5 days ago

Damn the bottom suit is past the belly button.check some hot rod mags out to see better models lmao.😂

Susana Bonifacio Anahue

5 days ago

Its about the shirt guys. Dont be so rude.

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Kalusingbhai Padvi

6 days ago

Nyna Dinè look my bigg baby I what them

Abdennour Hmd

6 days ago

Christen Wilkes you need that shirt

Vetoinette Jackson

6 days ago

Should change the name from Strange Music to Lame Music

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Jessiane Higino Dos Santos

7 days ago

My six just arrived!! Awesome

Ernie Lemas

7 days ago

Does anyone know where the rest of the pic is? Wanna see datass 😂😂😂

Daniel Esteban Rodríguez

7 days ago

Does anyone know how long the sale is

Tech N9ne - Night & Day | OFFICIAL AUDIO

Viviana Beatriz Ensiso

7 days ago

LOVE it🎧🎼All Day👙👒🎧

Julia Fortes

7 days ago

Tech N9ne I watched your 'party the pain away' video and it was as boring as the girls look, I mean the girls look very bored . You should hire me for a few videos, I know I don't have their looks ( not all your viewers do ) but I am sure I could afford them after a few pay cheques you know what I am saying I work as hard as you help me get as sexy too 😮😍😂💃

Carmen Feuling

7 days ago

Dang!! Haven’t heard this in a minute 🔥

Something is in the works!

John DosBicycles

7 days ago

Snow... Talking about being Mexican every. Single. Time.
Goes to social media and cries about being reduced to her Mexican roots. Wtf...
She's talented, no question, but come on.

Debbie Finnell

8 days ago

I'm so excited right now I can barely STAND IT!!!!

Julia Shuler Rose

8 days ago

Snow the Product is way to fucking overrated plain and simple.

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Natalie DiDomenico

8 days ago

i wouldn't cop this cheap ass shit for free.

Koiee Hung

8 days ago

Over priced China made junk

Troy Dean

8 days ago

Omg Hailee I need this one and it’s all 50% off

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Julian Villa

8 days ago


Michael E C Paschall

8 days ago

Hell ya I did!

Nuff said!

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Tierra Haynes

8 days ago

That’s dope!!

Loany Moncada

8 days ago

I might have to get one of them

Rodrigo Sanchez Jaime

8 days ago


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Yadira Gutierrez Vargas

14 days ago

I would ..if the s&h to canada wasnt 80$

Tech N9ne - We Won't Go Quietly | OFFICIAL AUDIO

Helle Madsen

14 days ago

Insane song , sir :D !

Barbara Fizel

14 days ago

the most underrated in the game

Martín Andrade

14 days ago

Im sorry but not the best song on planet... one of my fav's and the one with the truest message yes! But not the best.

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Jernej Melinc

14 days ago

Jeremy Sanchez well it will be almost everything. The real jewelry won't be on sale and I think the big posters (300$) won't be and the VIP packages won't be but everything's clothing related and accessory related will be and the physical cds

Jennifer Nichols

14 days ago

it went from everything to some things lol!

Lorena Lazarin

14 days ago

We better see krazy krizz kaiko!

Tech N9ne - Demons (feat. Three 6 Mafia)

Tommy Goff

14 days ago

Im all the way from South Africa and the last time i heard about 3 Six Mafia was back in 2008. Ten years later they still hear, honestly, I didnt think they still existed.

Nick Krohn

14 days ago

I’m hearing the SWAT theme. I think that would be a dope ass background

Mahamadou Goni Malam Goni

14 days ago

pussy juice still on my shit from this hoe I just rapped. wow. DJ Paul wild for that shit. anyways great album.

Just KILLED tiny desk in DC just now! Now to find food! Happy it went without a hitch!

Nancy Wallace Gaines

17 days ago

This is amazing thank you for doing this!!! When will it be available to listen/watch? I've been wanting this for along time and it happened! ^S^ it goes up

Lysanda J Davis

17 days ago

When's this come out?! The tiny desk sessions are great!

Samantha Velez

17 days ago

You guys are exactly the same height lol.

Technicians!! We have 50% off sale coming up on! Y'all ready?

Michele Rowlette Debra Dale

Kelly O'Donnell

17 days ago

Nick Walton there it is

Aidecita Matus

17 days ago

Rick Barraza In case you're wanting and Tech shirts only like 12$

Ok I'm officially STUNTIN! COSTCO STYLE! BOU LOU Boulevard Brewing Company captured by Kali Strange

Daniel Clark

17 days ago

If I ever see this product in the store I will go out of my way to buy it, I hope it's as good as everything else you put your heart into!

Karissa Smith

17 days ago

Will all US ( I live in Washington state) Costco's be selling this I need BOU LOU in my life right now....

Man I’m so pissed, all I keep seeing is Bou Lou blowing up and can’t find a single way to get my hands on some short of flying to KC 😞
Technician for life and in death, keep doing you!

KANSAS CITY! Catch my brothers Wrekonize & Joey Cool this weekend!

June 29th: Wrekonize at The 10 Spot
June 30th: Joey Cool The Riot Room

Samantha Velez

17 days ago

Melissa Granger so go

Madison Bell

17 days ago

Brian two shows that’s tempting

Aidecita Matus

17 days ago

Joey Cool was friggen amazing in Wichita, KS.

Been hooked on him since the first song he played!

BOU LOU merch IS available on! Visit now for some wonderful merchandise!

Ahmed SalahEldin

19 days ago

Too bad we cant order the beer on here lol 😫

Kamil Stankiewicz

19 days ago

You do know Michigan has like the best craft beer, get them to ship that shit to our HopCat locations 😂😂

Duchess Evelyn Pie

19 days ago

Bou Lou needs to come to Aussie man

Tech N9ne - The Beast

Kathy Rayer

19 days ago

Whole album is so good, I'll work out to it and never have to skip a song

Bryan Brizzy Carter

19 days ago

Favorite song to listen to in highschool before a football game

Kari Kellett Abdoudou

19 days ago

Behold the flow of the century

I was smiling from ear to ear seeing my brothaJay Rock open the BET Awards! Sooooo proud! Keep goin up bro! Win, Win Win WIN WIN! You deserve it!

Luis Andres Diaz Alarcon

19 days ago

Deep down inside tech is hating

Vutomi Manganyi

20 days ago

Derek O'Rourke

Christopher Trujillo

20 days ago

Rock got it! Rock came from rock bottom now I’m on top! Pocket full of guacamole and it no lie!!!

Thank You everybody that came out to The Planet Tour!! Which city did YOU come out to?
Catch "Don't Nobody Want None" during So You Think You Can Dance TONIGHT on FOX 8PM/7PM CST!

When you dedicate a song to dance crews all around the world and the universe shows you the message was received! Grateful! #DNWN

📷: Jay Evans
I need this doohickey in my home! Boulevard Brewing Company
Looks like they got Bou Lou stocked at Prairie Liquors👀

Teba Elias

20 days ago

4 hours to ATLLLLLL. Hope you got that good ATL weed lol ^S^ the king the clown and the G is always welcome here

Jérémie Geoffre

20 days ago

Minneapolis at The Amory. The show was fucking insane!!! Can't wait to see you this Saturday at the Cabooze

Eddy Pichardo

20 days ago

Was supposed to see you in Sioux Falls, but my pop died and it was his birthday present. I’ll see you next time though tech💕

NEW dope Caribou Lou and Murs merch added on!!

Zach Baker

a month ago

When’s the boulou merch coming out on the website?

Come kick it with The Planet Tour artists before a show! VIP packages are available on!

Upcoming dates:

6/14: St. Louis, MO The Pageant
6/15: KCMOBoulevardia (No VIP)
6/16: Tulsa, OK Cain's Ballroom
6/17: Memphis, TN New Daisy Theatre
6/18: Springfield, MO The Complex Springfield

📷:undergroundaj, sandramary5, karirobbins13

Kimberley Hankins-Kujawa

a month ago

That's my boy! Jackie Varela! Thank you Tech N9ne!

Malek Aban

a month ago

Nice cloud today hey guys 😊

Felicia Vmoody

a month ago

These fucks better hit up Canada one last time so I can get the VIP


Proud to show off the line up of EXCLUSIVE Bou Lou items available in KCMO tomorrow as part of Boulevardia! Thx to Boulevard Brewing Company for collaborating with us on such a wonderful brew!

If you're at Boulevardia, make sure to visit us at the merch tent! STRANGE MUSIC INC

Samika Jones

a month ago

Johnny Lehr Sr.want

Where is it?

Jean Monroe

a month ago

We need some in Cleveland!!

Did someone say "BOU LOU?!" Boulevardia is THIS Friday in KC and we just might have to bring y'all a whole new line of merch with Boulevard Brewing Company- stay tuned for the full reveal of items!

Teriek Barnes

a month ago

You need some meat bro you looking kinda small in that pic beef up fam

Krishanu Vishwas

a month ago

Got my hospitality tickets!! So pumped!!!!

Zelideth Mariñez

a month ago

Vince Ramirez imma spend way too much money on this 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

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Wendy de Jong

a month ago

lol with every new album a member of mayday leaves....

Tereza Pěchoučková

a month ago

So much yes

Karl W. Graf Martin

a month ago

Oh shit! Gonna pre order this one on my next check. Fuck yeah!

YOU! Have you been to The Planet Tour?! Remaining dates at STRANGEVIP.COM

6/12 - Cincinnati, OH
6/13 - Indianapolis, IN
6/14 - St. Louis, MO
6/15 - Kansas City, MO Boulevardia
6/16 - Tulsa, OK
6/17 - Memphis, TN
6/18 - Springfield, MO
6/19 - Wichita, KS
6/21 - Colorado Springs, CO
6/22 - Grand Junction, CO
6/23 - Denver, CO

(📸 @supa_jaysian)

Alexandra Capriles

a month ago

I would love to go again! Great show!

Nesto Carranza

a month ago

I like your song demons with three 6 mafia it was dope. Im kinda working on some lyrics here and there kn something to do with demons and im not even expecting to get famous from any of my lyrics im not trying to really impress anybody except myself but if you like this here you go i think its kinda your style tech

Alex Reyes

a month ago

i was there last night baby!!! such an incredible show and krizz gives the best hugs! TECH N9NE!!!!

Aww shit! The homieWrekonize is kickin off his "Whiskey In The West" Tour tomorrow! Y'all got y'all tickets?

Dates and tix available at!

Brad Oconnor

a month ago

Sunday night In The Bay!! New Venue for a Wrek show (Mayday/Strange) Definitely come out and check it out!!!

Andreas Kyriacou

a month ago

On that jack again

Bruce Lebastard

a month ago

After finding out how impersonal most of the artists I listen to are? Im done with concerts. There's no connection to the fans once you get a few albums in.

Only because whenever I would rap in the lunch room, afterwards the girls would say, Aaron is soooo cute! Not Aaron is soooo dope! So when I did this to myself, I had to uncute myself to be heard! To get use to the look, at the time I lived in French Village apartments so I walked to 63rd and Troost where the Metro bus stop was and just posted up like I was waiting on the bus but really I was just trying to condition myself to get laughed at! That's just what happened too! People on the Metro were pointing and laughing like, look at Bozo! It was hard cause I've always been looked at like a handsome young man PLUS I could dance and shit! I did that for bout an hr then went to school the next day where my principal told me I was creating a stir so don't come back with that hair style! I didn't listen! Little did I know, people would laugh at me for being different for years to come but I was already conditioned so it didn't bother me! It worked! It's still working! I'm a KLUSTERFUK! DO YOU!

Sive Sontsele

a month ago

Definitely younger than you but I know I can relate alot to that story. Lol I can't rap or dance though

Alexandra Silva

a month ago

Im not going to lie its hard for a nerd like me ( i still break your necks so don't try me ) to rap because im soft and didn't look a sudden way. So i had to battle rap in the streets. Got alitte respect because its a win or lose thing for me

Orlando Sanchez

a month ago

I got kicked outta few classes for my hair also...loved making a stir...being one of a kind...standing out from the rest

Tech N9ne - Over It (ft. Ryan Bradley) - Official Music Video

Elenice de Moura

a month ago

William Burkes lucky guy. Have a good time.

Jennifer R Krell

a month ago

Went to see you in Milwaukee!

Joseph Cortez

a month ago

Times up I'm juuust gonna make it difficult for other rappers to get they're Rhymes up

Milwaukee Technicians: TONIGHT The Planet Tour is at The Rave / Eagles Club! I'm bringing Krizz Kaliko, Just Juice, Joey Cool and KING ISO with me! LET'S GO!

Get your tix at the door!
Photo cred: @macks.well

Charlotte Clm

a month ago

You need different openers tech. I know it's such an amazing thing you helping them out but damn. And what was up with krizz.

Yul Wiilmer Vargas Guisaö

a month ago

It was am epic show!!

Tatiana Maccanti

a month ago

Some dude fell off the balcony after the show trying to leave. Never a dull moment

Tech N9ne - We Just Wanna Party (Feat. Rittz & Darrein Safron)

Tom Corey

a month ago

My favorite is track 16 Strangeulation 2 Cypher IV with Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, and Prozak. Krizz’s verse was straight fire! That track, Slow to Me, and the first cypher by Tech are golden. The whole album was incredible...

Caitlin Copeland

a month ago

Tech is a rap predator👐

Amy Damm

a month ago

Tech's 2nd Verse and Rittz's Verse 👏👏👏👏👌


The show tonight at House of Blues is 17 & Over!

See y'all tonight! Tickets available at the door!

Daniel Salcido Martinez

a month ago

Tech do you know what that means.MOSH PIT!!! 💪🏽✊🏽🙌🏽

Oneg Shemesh

a month ago

The Hitler salute

Hazel Solange Tambala

a month ago

I missed out to meet U on ur touur to Brisbane but love ur mind n sad I don't get a pic n hug U r the man Mr tech9ne xo

The Planet Tour is coming to 20 Monroe Live tonight in GRAND RAPIDS, MI!! Get your tickets at the door!

Full list of dates on
Photo cred: @quaveafetti

Cinthia Garcia Luna

a month ago

Yo I got to meet Tech N9ne the same week bou Lou got realesed by Boulevard Brewing Company and the same week Michigan moves forward to vote on recreational cannabis in November his stage show is unexplainable it is definitely strange all I could say is DWAM definitely looking forward to Future shows this was my first show and definitely not my last.#GR Michigan

Faye Mosot Labotoy

a month ago

Straight up the best!! Tech N9ne I don't know how you're going to out due this year but I can't wait to found out. See you next year!! Tell ISO much love from a Technician!

Lee Gallaugher

a month ago

When are you coming to canada?

Tech N9ne - Erbody But Me (Feat. Bizzy & Krizz Kaliko)

Tracy Vanhaun

a month ago

Anthony the song for Chimney Hill😂

Diallo Woury

a month ago

Listened to this shit earlier

Jennie Yoshida

a month ago

My favorite when someone upsets my mood! I think I have posted the YouTube link as least 5 times this year

The Planet Tour heads to House of Blues Cleveland tonight!!

Other upcoming tour dates:

6/8: Grand Rapids, MI 20 Monroe Live
6/9: Chicago, IL House of Blues Chicago (with Mackenzie Nicole)
6/10: Milwaukee, WI The Rave / Eagles Club
6/11: Evansville, IN Old National Events Plaza
6/12: Cincinnati, OH Bogart's

Full list of dates and tickets are on!

Melvin Dinsmore

a month ago

See you tonight in Grand Rapids and tomorrow in Chicago!

Larry Peterson

a month ago

Tekashi SixNine U ALREADY KNO'!!! 💞

Got the nu album ✅ got the merch ready 2 B signed ✅ now I just gotta wait 'til the 9th ⏰

Linda Marsack Flaherty

a month ago

Tech and krizz did an outstanding performance in Cleveland! That was my first time being to a tech concert and it was one of the best concert I’ve been too! Very impressive! I’m sad it’s over

¡MAYDAY! - Last One Standing (feat. Tech N9ne) - Official Music Video

Heidi Poschmann

a month ago

Love this shit. Such a fat ass lick.

Gilbert Rogati

a month ago

That's one of my workout song right there

Tonya Struble

a month ago

One of my favorites

Always a wonderful time meeting new & old Technicians! Who will I see at the upcoming shows ? 👀

VIP packages & full list of dates on

Angelo Resk

a month ago

Alicia Savela I can't fckn wait 😍😍😍😍😍

John Schulte

a month ago

I Can't wait to see if we won the upgrade for Saturday in Chicago ❤❤❤ Billy Shipp

Fabricio Prates

a month ago

Buffalo New York 2018!🔥🔥🔥

Tech N9ne & Excision - Roadkill - Official Music Video

Leticia Gordillo Barrios

a month ago

Loved seeing this Live! 😎🙅🏻‍♀️🔥

Ismail Pasha

a month ago

Songs definitely different but it sounds fuggn sick! Always liked this song

Cesar Augusto Chambi Rojas

a month ago

This is definitely going Platinum😮