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Fan art 👍

EF Fraley

an hour ago

Derek Thornley has some great fan art too

Weston Martin

an hour ago

Wonder if they're selling these?

Tiina Siltala

an hour ago

When my friends were on meth I used to make them take vitamins, brush their teeth n would cook a huge ham n tell them to just carv off a bite every time u get near the kitchen 🤷🏻‍♀️rules if U use drugs around me bruh.

"Just open your eyes, Just smile your smile, I'm talkin' to you…" CHICAGO II: LIVE ON SOUNDSTAGE is back in stock on Amazon, order here or listen on Spotify.

Yoselin Galleguillos Angel

29 minutes ago

That was such a wonderful night!!

One of my all time favorites

Pamela Secord

29 minutes ago

Loved that song with Peter and Robert singing it. ❤️🎶🎼❤️

The ‘Live & Rare’ EP, released only in Europe in 2003, features four live tracks from two vintage shows: two performances not included on the ‘In Concert/MTV Plugged’ album, and two solo acoustic cuts from Philadelphia’s Tower Theater in 1995. Did you see either of these shows? Relive the moment here:

Mostafa Gomaa

an hour ago

Obviously living in R.I. I didn't see the Europe show. I did see an acoustic show with my son, Tom. I don't remember the year. Who didn't see the MTV UNPLUGGED SHOW if you were a fan. I have 3 kids. My only son is a big fan. I taught him well. I've had 3 botched neck surgeries. I have gone to see you a dozen times. The last time I took my oldest daughter & son to Foxboro. That was after my surgeries. It was pouring. I have always loved your long concerts. But that one I had no range of motion & was in alot of pain. I didn't tell my kids as they were really enjoying it. But I knew that , that would be my last concert& it was. I used to make a career out of going to see everyone from Jeff Beck to Led Zepplin. But my son & nephews still go to your concerts. Thanks for the Memories.

Blanca Romero

an hour ago

I've got mine !!😎😍

Joe Cander

an hour ago

When we’ll have São Paulo 2013 ?

Con la nena @karolg que me la encontré por ahí en las calles de #Bogota un alma muy linda éxitos y bendiciones👸#MiCama

Luigi Tolgetto

29 minutes ago

Te amo estas en bogota!

Justin Quiles por siempre carpediem!!! Genio!!

Rosalinda Magbanua

29 minutes ago

Cuando vendrás a México Justin Quiles 🤗🤔🇲🇽

This is going to be one hell of a weekend!

Paige Beverly

an hour ago

I’m not knocking anyone, but Fear, TSOL , and Suicidal Tendencies should be the Day 1 headliners. Day 2 knows what’s up! Respect ✊ 😘⚡️♥️

Rafael Da Silva Faria

an hour ago

Scott Mundell if your off those days your should find your way down there. I feel like you’d have the best time of your life

Lucas Costa

an hour ago

Wait is this from 1992 😂😂 love it still going strong!

This week's shows. Who's coming out?

Sandra Isabel Ferreira

3 hours ago

Show in Vegas was amazing

Bless Ntshangase

3 hours ago

Too far for me 😭I live in Sinton,TX.....

Duda Calegari

3 hours ago

I wish! See you in August!!!

What’s your all-time favorite Twisted Sister song?!?

Luisa Valentina Espinosa

4 hours ago

The Beast and You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll

Marya Nanuka

4 hours ago

Probably "Burn in Hell", but my favorite album is "You can't stop Rock 'n' Roll". :)

June Shima

4 hours ago

Ask my 9yr daughter, she'll tell you... The Price. Such a proud moment when she says Dad can you put that song on my Ipad. Sure glad she has my taste in music lol

Amazing final!! Bravo Les Bleus!!!

Rickki Ricci

3 hours ago

The picture is amazing 😉 but I didn’t see the game

Darrell BaBer

3 hours ago

Vive La France! 🇫🇷

Cole Murray

3 hours ago

I watched Oceans 8 the other day, it was good and I loved you in it.

One of Em’s crazy selfies, damn I love you Em 🧐but you be fucking up some perfectly good picture moments smh 🤦‍♂️🤨get the strap #lecheminduroi

Nick Krohn

3 hours ago

I'm in love with the shape of you😜😜

Kevin Wilson

3 hours ago

Tom Pogson this is what you would do

Dominique Lodewyk

3 hours ago

If this is a future collab shit would be 🔥🔥🔥

In memory of John Panozzo, co-founder and drummer of Styx.
September 20, 1948 ~
July 16, 1996
We love you, brother...

Christina Murray

an hour ago

the original group members had something very special! I do miss John and the chemistry the original group had was something I'll never forget!

Diego Robles

an hour ago

I was waiting for friends to come get me for a concert when my grandmother said she'd heard the show was cancelled. When I found out why I was stunned. But the show must go on, and we saw them a month later.

Scott Servello

an hour ago

John is a very unlucky name in Styx. To this day, only 2 people ever in Styx have died and they were both named John

Just Announced! The Doobie Brothers will play their first ever full-album performances, on two historic nights in New York City at The Beacon Theatre, November 15 and 16, 2018. The band will perform Toulouse Street plus select hits on Thursday, November 15, and The Captain and Me plus select hits on Friday, November 16.

Tickets for both shows go on sale Mon, July 23 at 10A local. Fans will have first access to tickets for both nights starting tomorrow, July 17th at 10am local. Use code DOOBIESNYC. American Express card members will have pre-sale access Wed, July 18 at 10a local.

A limited number of special VIP packages will also be available, including premium seating, pre-show meet & greet with the band, exclusive commemorative merchandise & more!

Visit for details.

Irene Ford

2 hours ago

You Bros need to have a FAN CONTEST like the one in Laughlin in 96, so some of us poor folk can make it

Loïc Dekeyser

2 hours ago

Hey Steven Long wouldn't this be awesome to see live! Maybe they'll make a DVD of both nights. I'd buy it for sure.

Shondrea Woods

2 hours ago

The Captain and Me, greatest Doobie Bros. album!

Down in the crowd in Chicago with 17,000 sweaty maniacs.

Genella Brown

6 hours ago

Christy Hughey Brown

Micah Laducer

6 hours ago

Yep, was an awesome show!

Nikyah Fields

6 hours ago

Was a great show! Rock on! 🤟🤟

Alberto Campus

3 hours ago

I need one of those

Ronnie Christian

3 hours ago

Still have this from Manchester 2014

Janine and I are headed to the Philippines!

We’re going with Food for the Hungry in preparation for our “Girls Night Live Tour” this fall. I feel like God has been showing me the connection between women recognizing our identities in Christ and how that affects people all over the world...including the Philippines where trafficking is so prevalent. I want to see first-hand the impact this has on communities.

I don’t really have a lot of specifics for what we will do there. I know we will visit schools and communities, and that we’ll film our trip to share with the ladies who attend the Girls Night Live. Ultimately, my prayer for this trip is for God to break my heart for what breaks His. We appreciate your prayers! Salamat 🇵🇭 (Thank you)! #Philippines #Manila #Filipino #Tagalog #FoodForTheHungry #GNLtour #Trafficking #HumanTrafficking #SexTrafficking

Lisha Kezar

3 hours ago

Prayers being sent for God to move in a BIG way.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Tidiane Traore

3 hours ago

Safe travels, God bless you and give all that you both may need! Thank you for helping so many in need!!

Friderika Schäffer

3 hours ago

Safe travels and may you touch lives and bring smiles!

Hey Finland !!!

We will be playing the Sekasin concert as part of the Tubecon event on Friday 17th August at the Tubecity Stadium

We can't wait to come back to Finland!

#tubecon #tubecity #sekasin

בני ויינרמן

2 hours ago

When you will upload anew vlouge💞💓💓💓💞

Mason Paco Sayama

2 hours ago

Amazing Bars and Melody

Elena Păduraru

2 hours ago

see you there!!

RIDGEFIELD! ❤️ #PTXSummerTourWAS #PTXSummerTour2018

Iris Huerta

7 hours ago

Aphryll Zhane Villarasco

Well that was a nice lazy Sunday 😘

Nändö Chaketa

an hour ago

Am saving this photo.........

Ceci Lambruschini

an hour ago

Who doesn't love a fluffy robe. 😎

Ariel Pedrano III

an hour ago

Hi Nikki how you good morning end have beautiful day end God bleess you

#teamwill is half full already. Who is your favorite?

They're all so brilliant and unique, hard to choose, can't wait to see them perform again ❤️

Cindy Watts

7 hours ago

Yaraslov was amazing winner

Miguel Mtz

7 hours ago

Jude and Yaroslav! Epic performances from both 😀

Shout it out loud I’m an American Rock-N-Roll freedom lovin shitkcker animal and I’m proud!

Jerome Mangulabnan

5 hours ago

I love it!! My First Concert was KISS ALIVE ll TOUR 1977 Greensboro, NC. I was 11 years old!!!! OMG!!! Me and my cousin made it down to the front. Fucking Awesome!!!! My Mom took me! She was 26yrs old.My Mom was Smoking Hot!!! Damn I love her!! Wish I had those Ticket Stubbs!

Lino Tirado

5 hours ago

Brother I don't know how you do it ! How many shows do you do a week , when your on tour ? Don't get me wrong , I think its fantastic! But all the work that you guys put in to do a show and the traveling , must wear you all out. God bless ya for all you do for us. I hope you have a great show here in Nashville! But all your shows are great ! Your a fantastic performer. THANK YOU !

Eselina Chibwe Zulu

5 hours ago

All of us deplorable Americans who live by the Constitution and what it means and stands for are Proud to have you to represent us! Rock on Brother...

Expect God to work in your life this week! Have FAITH.

Cornelio Aguirre Ramirez

5 hours ago

He has started working in my life already

Claudia Berg

5 hours ago

Amen I recieve it in Jesus name❤☝Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart❤ God bless you Pastor.. thank you.. ❤✌🙏🎼

Adam Marles

5 hours ago

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I had to #repost this photo of #Daphne 🔥 her and my bro D.Salas @thesalasstudios have done so much for me & my music and they’re doing something amazing for ya’ll, for US , for a great cause.. PLUS it’s a beautiful shot 💚⚪️❤️ #Repost @instadaph_
Today shooting video "Dont put me Down cause I'm brown"At Mariachi square .. now headed to the studio to shoot with the entire band ! Thank you @pasadena_classiccar for letting us use your beautiful gold #impalafor this video!!! #brownandproud#chicana #mexicanamerican #mariachisquare #virgencitadeguadalupe #blessusall #chicanosunidos

Yailenis Semanat Castaneda

11 hours ago

Love her skirt! !!!

A donde Vamos .??
No yo lo se Solo que Que Vamos Juntos... #elhijodeldesierto @benitoelperrolopez DISPONIBLE en todas las Plataformas @spotify @spotifymx #Inigualable #eldasa Próximamente Julio 27 En #ElDasaVevo.. @youtube .! #animooo ✌🏻🤠🎙🌵🌎🙏🏻🐶

Natasha Shavrikova

an hour ago

Que lindo Dasita compre con Benito tu fiel amigo ,un beso a los dos 😙😙😙😙

Zahraa Nfs

an hour ago

A donde vayas hoy. Que la Virgen los acompañe. Mi niño hermoso.

Zora Böhmová

an hour ago

Si no sabes a dónde, vente a Querétaro acá los espero! 😘

Noblesville, you are amazing!

Justin Brooks

5 hours ago

You guys made the 3 hour drive well worth it!! Loved every minute of it!!

Justin Brooks

5 hours ago

Synthesis was perfect era for ev fans! Saw you you in Chicago and noblesville. NOW YOU GOT ME READY FOR A NEW ALBUM. LOVE U ALWAYS.

Thêmßå Gújwã

5 hours ago

Please, come to Belo Horizonte Brazil! <3


Musa Eben Bari

an hour ago

Missing the blunt in the right hand

Jess Atkinson

an hour ago

You know when you that huhhhh.montana# america montana

Caryn Walters

an hour ago

Really congratulations for france and for great job , and nice play , we are congratulation they with my pleasure because their have was deserve the victoire , and bravo for croatia on nice tournament and cute fight spirit , Good luck for both team .

I swear my fans are the most loyal/unbelievable people on the planet....Thanks for the love Bethel woods New York!!!!! #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #makingtheworldlaugh #dopepic ....Shot by @kevinkwan327
My brother pulled up on me in Camden for last night's show. Always love & non stop laughter!!!! #irresponsibletour #DopePic #StandUpPhiladelphia

Dero Cuadrado

11 hours ago

I was fucking night i had in a long time....thanks for the laughs and inspirational words of wisdom lol

Scott Forsyth Edwards

11 hours ago

We loved you tonight !! And the opening crew!! ❤️

Nicole Boyer

11 hours ago

Tu l'as dis ♠

Me and my boy @2chainz in the back like that’s a Vibe. #lecheminduroi

Erasmia Geka

3 hours ago

All he wants for his birthday is a big booty heaux

Abdelrahman Ahmed Mohamed

3 hours ago

Just go get the strap on boss..

Matthias Enke

3 hours ago

I Wanda does 50 Cent have some good loving

Love being home in Nashville!! Thank you guys for an amazing night! Honored to get to do this for a living! Thank you to all my friends I have the privilege to work with for coming out tonight!

Sneha Rajput

19 minutes ago

2:3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Habakkuk

Shun Maruta

19 minutes ago

Jeremy, you should really stop wearing skinny jeans, it looks like your pants are trying to choke your ankles.

Jerry Brown

19 minutes ago

Seen you Friday night at olivet Nazarene College. What an awesome time!!Took my Nephew that lost his mom to Breast Cancer & now lives with me , you are amazing! ( you are his favorite) Thank you for what you do. You help bring healing to the heart ❤️ through Jesus Christ! Please keep it up , what a blessing you are to others!!!! 😘

THANK U Cincinnati 💜✨

Elizabeth Moran Polio Bonilla

7 hours ago

That was an awesome show. Thank you. We drove over 3 hours from Charleston, WV to see you and it was well worth it

Me and my daughter was there in 4th row center as we walked in v.i.p about 4 ppl came up to her and told her she looked just like u when u was a little girl.we love u Janet thank you for coming to our town

Adriana Ojeda Valdivia

7 hours ago

Thank you I’ve been blessed to see you twice in my home town the first time was Rhythm Nation...
Been a fan still a fan!

we bite. 🐍
our stage always looks like a date nite, thank u loves for all my roses 😊🥀🌹very very happy we made the “bloom” album ... xx
the only signs i obey are from the universe. 🖕🏽🍺🤮📷 @j_wozy

Haruhisa Funato

7 hours ago

Love bites ... love bleeds ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gbrl Venturina

10 hours ago

I loved your style 💜

Stacia Pfautz

10 hours ago

Can't wait for you to hopefully come to germany some day to see you live! ♥

Renamed the tree Michael Douglas Fir.

Neal Storme

9 hours ago

Chris, meet the Elaho Giant. A Douglas Fir lost to us now. Third largest on the continent. Two months after this photo a forest fire took her out. For reference, I'm the same size as you. I was in school for cabinetmaking at the time, had a weekend to myself, a full tank, and thought it proper to take my Rubicon on the back roads north of Vancouver. I was missing home in Northwestern Ontario. I wanted to pay respect to the woods, and thought it proper to see the mother.

Lucie Šindy Šindelářová

9 hours ago

Lol can he not be anymore down to earth?!? Farms? football? Ugh definitely my favorite celebrity along side Reba.

Robert Burkett

9 hours ago

I saw that tree go all Silverback on Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.. I'm not going to lie. He hasn't aged well.

Get you a tomato. #farmlife

Joyce VanderBaan

9 hours ago

Mine are just starting to come on, one lonely grape tomato and one cucumber plant is all I got in this year.

Kyoko Narita

9 hours ago

I see your posts and I think I'd love the farm life. I love everything about it, however,
I spent an evening out by the farms and yea them bugs I can't deal with. So I'll just sit here and admire your adventures and awesome life from the comforts of my apt. : p

Amanda Harris

9 hours ago

Those and potatoes grow in such abundance, almost took over our whole garden last year lol grow fresh basil, nothing like fresh basil when cooking!

Came thru the Essance Festival like...@theblondsny Fit @angelbrinks custom boots & body suit styling @wilfordlenov mk up @paintedbyjeremy hair @iamomarweaver@ Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Vincent Modert

14 hours ago

The most beautiful creature @ the Essence Fest.

Jeanny Nava

14 hours ago

◇♡{☆♡◇♡Glamourous Superstar♡◇♡☆}♡◇ ◇{◇Trendy◇}◇

Aveen Magar

2 hours ago

Debby Ryan I Am A Fan

Cheryl Fair

2 hours ago

Love beautiful love love love love love ✌💯😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗💘💘💘💘🎈💜🌹💛🤗😍

Sheila Campbell Fitzpatrick

2 hours ago

You are beautiful girl


Letitia Coates

15 hours ago

Hell yeah you are rock

Mc-du RJ NG

3 hours ago

Be a member of the Illuminati today and be rich forever. Benefits are given to all new members, Cash rewards of $10,356,000.00, You will be given a brand new car of your choices. Inbox me

Elizabeth Rodriguez

3 hours ago

Diploe what a douche Hunter Neuens 😂

"I'm continually wrestling with the idea that there are certain things in this world that simply don't fit. The idea that I have this longing for beauty and truth, and yet I'm also attracted to things that are very dark... the lies that exist within me and outside of me." - Jon
Photo by: Erick Frost

Shahibul Alam Chowdhury

10 hours ago

I get it, Jon. God bless.

Jason Jury

10 hours ago

This pic's method is a brilliant idea though.

Ben McGunigle

10 hours ago

The things that are dark are my truth. I've lost so much faith... in everything.

Of for Godsake what kind of music is this! Whatta damn phenom rockNroll musicOrgy we had with the great Shiley tribe & crazy WV shitkickers tonight! Simply the quintessential quintultimate rockout available to mankind thats all!!! ThankU thankU thankU thankU all!!!

Amin Firdaus

10 hours ago

I wanted to go they changed shifts on me at work. Was working hard keeping the data centers up so everybody has internet.

Quentin Hbt

10 hours ago

Uncle ted you are one of our best mouth pieces for the second amendment and our God given freedoms keep up the good work and best of luck on your tour rock on brother

Celena Bain

10 hours ago

Uncle Ted will be playing in Effingham July 26. I would go again but I’ll be in Canada fishing. He’s playing at the performance center

The boys were out today! Alok Tiësto

Debby Deleidi

2 hours ago

I love marshmallow despite who likes it if you love it

Eileen Kearney

2 hours ago

Só eu q axo o tiesto parecido com the rock???

John Eaton

9 hours ago

I'm only assuming your suppose to be saying something

@tyrese u took me back to this one #shame what yal know about that ?! I@think@that song need a Jhud response ... what yal think?
What artist do u know that flies in and shows up to a soundcheck one ...and then at 1 am in the morning ..... ahhh ....@iamjhud Bosslady got work to do! Who got time to sleep , when u busy living your dream

Melanie Colvard

5 hours ago

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Enrique Hector

5 hours ago

girl you know you gonna kill it like you killed purple rain on the bet's

Marilyn Bolus

5 hours ago

I say go get your sing on bbes, We gon love it regardless

DOPE 🙏🏽😁 #repost @__genesismommy #Classic #MCMagic
Here’s a few pretty Fans from last night at the Greek Theatre 🙏🏽♥️😁 #MCMagic

Cole DeHaven

11 hours ago

It's not even the same car😂😂😂

Bobby Martin

11 hours ago

Nicolas Cuarao Campoverde tu troca

Nina Mcginnis

11 hours ago

Miranda Viera Gonna be us in front of my truck 😌

Ladies T-shirts, tanks and shorts half-off for the Summer Of Strange special!

Hit up!🌴

Jihan Sghier von Mez

7 hours ago

I didn't see that tech n9ne shirt in the products available. None of them seem geared to women either. I like that tank & wud buy it.

Noémi Varga

15 hours ago

You guys either need new models or new photographers lmao

Jason Martin

7 hours ago

Lieve Kenny bedankt voor de geweldige foto hou van die mooie glimlach en deze knappe lieve man en zeker van zijn mooie stem zal er ook altijd van blijven houden en ook van zijn familie bedankt voor alles en wens u en uw familie nog een fijne dag liefs en xxxxx ant God bless your all

Carletta Brown

7 hours ago

Great picture sweet music man. I have tons of picture of you.

Wim de Wit

7 hours ago

One handsome man and always will handsome man in my eyes and heart 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

Bret Michaels’ daughter has made the top 16 in #siswimsearch and walked in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fashion show today in Miami. We would love it if you would pop over to @si_swimsuit on Instagram and leave a comment for her under their Sweet16 post! Be sure to tag her IG account (@rainee_m) and @mj_day with your comments.

Joan Fair

8 hours ago

Can’t believe he bought her a boob job. Way to exploit your daughter. She will be the next generation of kartrashians. And dating black guys.

Stephen Messi

8 hours ago

Wishing you the best! You got this! 😁🔥

Kent Keyes

8 hours ago

Praying for you!

#KISSisEverywhere! #GeneSimmons on cover of the Czech Republic magazine, Rock 'N' All.

Darin Krum

8 hours ago

I hate it it's to damn skinny

Eve Seferis

8 hours ago

Kiss frontman ? Paul will be having hissy fits if he sees this cover !!

Mogens Kær

8 hours ago

Gene is a Vampire lol


Jessie Franklin

7 hours ago

I watched you at Twickenham Saturday night, best concert of my life!! I loved you before but now I've seen you in the flesh I am totally obsessed!!!! 😍

Krasi Shtereva

7 hours ago

I went Saturday and had the time of my life never thought I'd get to see Eminem but was amazing dream come true rapgod

Shana Briggs

7 hours ago

Waited 20 years and it was the best concert of my life...I have no voice this morning...I will adore you forever...haters aren't true fans

The concert will be flames but....Eschatology, Substitutionary Penal Atonement, Theological implications of Angels and a debate on if birds are really dinosaurs with feathers will be discussed in VIP. Tickets on sale now.Link in bio.

Román Ðarío

an hour ago

Why the skeletons thooooo???

Sara Hack

an hour ago

OKC isn’t listed on the site. Are tix sold out for that show?

Sean Fretthold

an hour ago

Theologically speaking I would say the Bible does not answer that question xd. They look like little winged two legged lizards sometimes though xd.

Genesis gives two separate accounts on creation back to back. It does change the order in which some things are created. There are a few different interpretations of the facts and mine is that it’s poetic. It has nothing to actually do with the orders or how long it took. The flood they covered the earth I don’t think it actually covered the whole earth because Paul used sinilar words calling the Roman Empire the whole world. The Bible also says that the sun stood still for three days. Well the sun is also up there it’s earth that rotates and earth did not just stop spinning suddenly for three days and then pick back up. The Bible is full of metaphorical statements. Isaiah says God came down and went to war with a giant sea dragon and killed it then ripped it up into a bunch of pieces and fed the animals of earth with it.

I definitely think that the theory of natural selection has a bunch of flaws and leaps in it. It’s purpose is to always find a answer that denies God even if it’s easier to come to than nothing created something out of nothing by random chance because of the multiverses all failing and in the infinite amount of those failings one worked and resulted in us. But taking genesis , and much of the Bible as literal, instead of just being the truth results in failures as well.

Someonenonfe said that three men could all sit down and present art for the skies. One took a picture of the stars at night and the clouds. Another was the Starry night by Van Gogh and the last was a man who used a plastic ball with the constellations cut into it and a light on the inside casting that design on the wall. All of those examples showed a real interpretation of the sky. Each one serves its own purpose. I think the same for scriptures. 100% truth. Not 100% literal. A lot of it was written to show that God loves us. To show us what our purpose is and how heaven and earth overlapped in the beginning prior to sin entering the world and spiritual death. It shows how God has repeatedly and always kept his word and showed grace and mercy to his people and not just justice. All of that points towards the heavens and earth being reunited with one Lord, Jesus Christ, as the king and savior of mankind.

DENVER, CO • #GraffitiUWorldTour

Guadalupe Avalos

23 minutes ago

As always; it was an amazing show! One of these days I'll get front row seats! You're such a gracious entertainer; always thanking the crowd and going the extra mile for your fans!

First time I’ve seen you in concert and was not disappointed!!! Can’t wait to see you again!! You’re so incredibly talented!!!

Amazing concert last night!! Love you and thank you for signing my phone❤❤

‪#DESERTSONDAY | Flag & Anthem‬


Richard Walusimbi

14 hours ago

Dierks! Nice stuff!

Maricarmen Reyes

14 hours ago

~ Very nice products

Fadhili Haji

14 hours ago

What's a lady gotta do to get you to sign your print from release party at the Ryman when you're in Austin in Sept?? ❤

What a gift to get some rest... if you wondering .....I ain’t doing nothing
My girl inside at a shop so They have a nice garden outside so I’m just I’m loving it though .... cause I ain’t working

Alan DeLelles

3 hours ago

I watching everything talk show,
family feud , little big shots, and listen to radio show, my husband say to me every time I turn around, you watching Steve Harvey on the TV. He ask me do you Even look at anything else sizes, S.H.:::::::I told No

Terence Anderson

3 hours ago

Steve, I can't wait until my hubby and I can do what you and Marjorie do, take a well deserved vacation, just the two of us! I'm holding on! This is a beautiful picture of rest and relaxation! Keep them coming!

Claire Herdina

3 hours ago

Steve Harvey have a nice blessed morning and everything I see you watching you and your wife watching the sun go down you deserve all that long time coming you alleged have a nice blessed night enjoy yourself in a nice

Oscar Aden

5 hours ago

90% of what you do to be successful no one will ever see.....a quote from Matt Damon

Allison Annette

7 hours ago

Lieve Kenny bedankt voor de mooie woorden het is waar en bedankt voor het advies en hoop dat ik het goed doe lieve Kenny en wens u en uw familie nog een fijne dag liefs en xxxxx ant God bless your all

Pauline Mabire

7 hours ago

How good is that? ?!