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New hairstyle on @therealdaytime today ... P.S. ITS A WIG!!!!! Gotta Switch up every now and then 😘

Last night on the red carpet at the #NAACPAwards 💋 Just missing @comiclonilove who was inside getting ready for the show. What an amazing weekend! Thanks to @michaelcostello for my awesome custom gown! Huge fan since the Project Runways days.

The love of a family is one of life’s greatest blessings.

#ad The holidays are done, and that means I’m back to focusing on exercise and healthier eating. One way I do that is by choosing @campbellswellyes soup for lunch. It’s a nutritious meal option that I can feel good about, especially when I’m on-the-go. #WellYesSoup

Reminder that sometimes you just need to get out of your own way✌🏽

#TBT to baby Aden💛 Time goes so fast!

Wine tasting in Napa. Not bad for only 10 minutes to get ready. Story of a mommas life.
One of my favorite things about having children is watching their personalities develop. This one right here has an infectious one. Thanks to auntie for her princess dress up clothes for Christmas. We have so much fun with it.
New Year’s Eve crew. Love these gals 😍

The 2017 Housley family Christmas card is here! #MerryChristmas

Cookies for breakfast! In this case, I’m totally fine with it because this is a Pumpkin Spice Breakfast cookie, and is actually very healthy! Up on today, I’m sharing the recipe from @everylastbite1 with you guys! Link in profile.

I love nothing more than watching Miss Ariah ‘discover’ Christmas

Faith. It doesn’t make things easy, it makes them possible. Luke 1:37

Feeling very merry and bright at @therealdaytime yesterday. Make-up @makeupbylusine Hair @raibmason 💋

I make this exact same face. Crazy how genetics work! My firstborn 😍

Aden, showing his guns! Thanks for the shirt @tahj_mowry 👍🏽

Hi guys. Okay you know me. I’m very candid. I mean. I’m a host on @therealdaytime. If you’ve seen the Real you know I’ve talked about my back injury. I don’t know why I was timid to write about my journey regarding my back. But something in me wanted to let other mommas or people know they are not alone. Sorry for the long post. But here it goes. I’ve had a back injury since I was 26 years old. It comes and goes for the most part. Until recently my last c section and lack of stability in my core and SI joint caused a major set back. It’s been a 1 year and half battle. But I refuse to give up. Some days are plain rough. Tears and depression have surfaced. All I want to do is pick up my daughter when she reaches for me or play soccer with my son when he asks. Or even just run or work out. This injury has limited that. Everyday is a fight and I plan to win this battle. Mike my trainer along side my physical therapists are helping me along the way. I wanted to share because I wanted that someone to know they aren’t alone. Even when you are in pain. You can still smile. We can overcome this. We just can’t give up. Who’s with me? 💪🏽

Be yourself and you can be anything✌🏽

The Housley men 💛

Who else is excited for the holidays?! I am feeling ready to tackle the busy month ahead, especially if I know I can always stop and take a me-moment with my Breyers® Delights in Creamy Chocolate. Only 270 calories per pint! In partnership with @Breyers. #BreyersDelights

Mini me + me … Bath time and snuggles with this one are the best

🖤Today’s look on @therealdaytime Hair @raibmason Styling @miskellyjohnson Make-up @makeupbymotoko

Weekend vibes✌🏽

#ad We’re gearing up for lots of family time this holiday season! That usually means some nights away from home, so I always make sure we’re prepared for anything. Aden’s dry at night now but for parents with children experiencing nighttime wetting, make sure you pack some @goodnites so you can all #RestEasyTonight no matter where you’re traveling.

Monday reminder to focus more on loving yourself, than the idea of other people loving you ✌🏽

It doesn’t matter how crazy life gets, I always try to stop and take a moment for myself! Today, that means enjoying Breyers® Delights Cookies and Cream. Only 330 calories per pint! In partnership with @Breyers. #BreyersDelights

Oh hello Wednesday, let’s do this💋

You guys I am SO honored and excited to be number 4 on The Hollywood Reporter TV Personalities Social Media Ranking list! I made the list for two weeks in a row (thanks to you all!) 💛 Check out the link in my profile for the article👆🏽

Yaaaay! I’m going to be an auntie again. Couldn’t wait to share the news!!! So exited for my sister!!
You guys have been asking me lately how I style my curly hair! I wrote all about it on, check out the link in my profile!

I have to admit, I love online shopping! Up on today, I’m sharing with you guys my guide to online shopping for all sorts of fun things! Link in profile👆🏽

🎉YOU GUYS, 5 MILLION FOLLOWERS!!🎉I am so incredibly humbled and appreciative of each and every one of you who takes the time to follow me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!💛
Had so much fun with my family (including my sister, brother and Cree) on Halloween! I love being able to experience days like this through the eyes of my children. Ariah’s costume @littochic

Happiness is an inside job✌🏽

The busier life gets, the more I am reminded of the importance of taking some time for myself each day! In partnership with the new @Breyers delights, one way I take a moment to treat myself is with Breyers®! I get to indulge in something sweet, but without all the guilt! #BreyersDelights

Good vibes only on this beautiful Sunday✌🏽Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend!

#ad I love fall and all the fun activities that come with it. As the seasons are changing, so is Aden. He recently moved past the nighttime wetting phase, but before he was staying fully dry at night, he used @goodnites. I want other parents to #RestEasyTonight knowing that it’s okay to let kids develop at their own pace and that in most cases nighttime wetting DOES go away on its own if you just give it time.

LOVING these beautiful fall colors. This is one of my favorite times of the year 💛

All you need is love … and a little lipstick! Happy Friday everyone 💋

The best feeling in the world is when you embrace your authentic self 💛

I wish I could just freeze time 🙌🏽 I so love Aden’s age right now, we have so much fun together! P.S. He dressed himself 😂

Always remember that faith and doubt can’t exist at the same time ✌🏽Hope you all are having a beautiful Friday!