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this is crazy

Guenter Theurer

14 days ago

I’m confused

Debra Nelson

14 days ago

What is crazy?

Ryszard Lenartowicz

14 days ago

Love these two❤️

Performing live at the first ever #AdultSwimFestival in LA October 5-7! Get tickets at

Christina Leigh Gonzales

21 days ago

Reuben Strong lol

Julie Allan

21 days ago

Meg Etzel Flying Lotus in 3D!

Mollie Millott

21 days ago

Wayne Briggs say what?!

NoTime Blessed

22 days ago

WTH they spinning where the new instrumentals at trynna put in this work?

Barbara Fox

22 days ago

Yes I listen to you on Pandora! I deleted spotify when they took R Kelly off

Marisa Malinao Gonzales

22 days ago

Chát đêm nay với bé hok

Shoutout 3MG MEDIA for the reaction!

Gabby Bluez

23 days ago

Chát gọi video với bé hem

EscapeTracks <3

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Shirley Menezes

a month ago

Old school Cartoon Network 👐

Ajith Sooriyaarachchi

a month ago

Love all the work u do for the network

Ghyslain Meg

a month ago

Sponsored by cartoon network

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Tf is you doing? haha

Bo Dullaert

2 months ago

I'll be honest, they usually take the wrong turn, after they've left me a d once I realise I gave them the wrong directions 😂😂

Tetè Tekiuatsin Santiago Melchor

2 months ago

Tayla Farquharson anyone we try to direct anywhere 😂😂

Sergio B. Nunes

2 months ago

Aoife Doona giving them the wrong ones 😂

We just bored lmao!
Haha who can relate?

Matthew Comeau

2 months ago

Karen Ugalde me to myself all the fucking time

Adele Mangenot

2 months ago

Iesha Madison RetiGarry JonesTarni Tribe i get hungry just looking in the mirror cause im a shhhhhhhhnack

Barbara Wilson

2 months ago

Daniella ure not angry, ure hungry HAHAHAHAHA ILY BEEEE😝

Joe Budden Pull Up

Thomas Puckett Sr.

2 months ago

Roman sounds like you everytime you talk about your manager 😂😂

Melissa Anderson Jones

2 months ago

Isaac McQueen there is no other meme that could better describe you than this!

Chris Deuchar

2 months ago

Alma always showing up 15mins late 🤣😂

Performing in Brooklyn this Saturday

The worse feeling ever!

Roberto Ortiz

2 months ago

Stephanie Alcock I feel like this is how you feel when you wake up...

Dallas Smithart

2 months ago

Jye Arbon me the other day 😂

Brandon Mac

2 months ago

Camryn Brenda this is why I wake up late to school 😂 gotta take that extra nap

Headliners announced for the Adult Swim Festival. Weekend and single day passes available now

Roland Oláh

2 months ago

Shut up t pain

Krystal Mcchristian

2 months ago

smoke for all dont missed this browse 👉 fresh quality 💯green

Kaylee Johnston

2 months ago

<3 Ai yêu em không

This is the most accurate shit ever lmao

Ronald Jones

2 months ago

Grace Hallinan me every day this week

Ненад Митевски

2 months ago

That's definitely me in bobo land

Kelsey Orpin

2 months ago

Benjamin Wilson how did they get this pic of me ?

Stopped by Cinematic TV to talk my tightest strip club ever 😂

Cath Friday Ng

2 months ago

Love u T-pain yes

Anadelia Gonzalez

2 months ago

A nào chát video không

Robert Snearly

2 months ago

Kenza Attaoui moi jai 13 ans on dit jai 7 ans , Salah avait 16 ans à l’hôtel il a 12 ans jpp😂

Nikki Love

2 months ago

Morgane Courtin je te voyais bien faire ça quand t’étais petite 😂

Alan Bonami

2 months ago

Kristy Patrikis 🙄🙄🙄 why do they sell us out every time

"Do you need anything else?" 😂
Performing in Brooklyn later this month with Smoke DZA, Abby Jasmine, LevyGrey, LOWFi The Movement, & CRUCH Calhoun...tix at

Come out for a good cause

Janete Brum

2 months ago

Tara T.Wms its you boo boo!!

Karen Maybury

2 months ago

Alexander Schwab Florian Timm oh schon 5 Zeit für nen Early leave, wie immer 😘

Liv Bern

2 months ago

Alicia Bentley lol only way we talk anymore is through memes or you saying no to hanging out! 🙄

It's too damn hot

Mary Fox

2 months ago

When you gotta use gloves in summer because you can't touch the steering wheel lol

Valerie Hall Stopher

2 months ago

Cat Hudson god this is so accurate 😂

Leticia Turner

2 months ago

Dawn Lajune Sapp I thought it was our gang sign 🤣

Y'all ladies get big mad! 💀

Chrishawn Miller

3 months ago

Ryan Hang when I dont get the attention that I didnt tell you I wanted but mentally expected you to give me😗

Diana da Silva

3 months ago

Vince Crowley 😂

Side note: why does every meme with this picture describe me?! 😂

Rick Thomas

3 months ago

Karl. Just cause I know you deleted it.

Real talk!!
This is deep but true..

Irving Ortega

3 months ago

The umpa lumpa would suck dude's off for a 20 lol

Gracias Batundi

3 months ago

Caroline Judith White

Sarah Lou Youngdale

3 months ago

And when I have five of my adult dollars I go straight to the candy store😂😂😂😂

Big facts!

AJinkya Shinde

3 months ago

Jonas Byman or when your 20 hahaha

Jamby Penino Geronimo

3 months ago

Tom Smith Penfold Oscar already does this 😂

Caro Perez

3 months ago

Nosh Nosheen I am sure you also do this

7/21 in Brooklyn

Lacey Katelyn Kost

3 months ago

Neelam Purohit can only imagine you and your binge watching scenes

Jacky Hernandez

3 months ago

Candace Simmons this how i used to have Dacari when he used to come over when he was a baby 😭😂😂😂

Nati Lopez

3 months ago

Celina Attal he ente iza lyom 3a ekhr lahza battalte nezle🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Bumbershoot. September 1st. Let's get it!!!

Jason Navarro

3 months ago

u look like my fat auntie lmao

Angel de la Guarda

3 months ago

Alberto Look, they made yew into a meme

Erlando Castillo

3 months ago

Evie Graham just pretend it doesnt say he

Mateusz Ratajewski

3 months ago

Cassandra Thompson I ain’t going two days but this shit funny.

Kim Yoongi

3 months ago


Drawde Edward Ognira

3 months ago

Jenny Esmer Vizcarra “so I have a question”(straightens menu) 😂😂

Maria Cunha

3 months ago

Jake Maness I’m hungry

LOWFi The Movement goes hard

Daniel Stott

3 months ago

Keep on as is and you could actually have me shelling out attention in the future as well. 😓

Aurelien Blanluet

3 months ago

This is you, but all on your own 😂 Oscar Leo Bezzant

Brenda K. Evans

3 months ago

Claudia Kendrick this song reminds me of all the times we sat at the bar and sang at the porch 😂😂😂😂

Nakari Fereira

3 months ago

Teddy pain aka nappy boy aka tpain says and then not ooooweeeee

“After 'Lollipop' dropped, it was my mission to work with Wayne. Then I finally saw him pass by me when I was at the same studio he was at while he was still recording Tha Carter III. I said “what’s up,” he didn’t hear me. I went back to my studio and bounced a hook I had just did, told my ppl to send it to Wayne’s room. He heard me then. 'Got Money' was born and I will be forever grateful for the long friendship that followed. Wayne’s influences on the rap game are still very much apparent in today’s music and, I’m sure, for many generations in the future.” #ThaCarterIIIAnniversary for Spotify #RapCaviar

Eros Bianchi

3 months ago

Rest in peace, lil wayne

Marsha Zeigler

3 months ago

More Respect Wayne

Mario Romero

3 months ago

Mf that still think Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive is probably a coke head🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Clusterfest was a movie, shout out to The Lonely Island for bringing me out! Full recap out now on Cinematic Music Group Cinematic TV

And so it begins...... #NappyBoy

Leta Lopez

3 months ago

Yeah, not necessarily too poor. Have thought about this exact topic to some degree. 😖😓

Manuel Galindo

3 months ago

Where do I buy them from pain?

London next Friday! I'm back for the first time in a few years, let's get it

Evelyn Gefen

3 months ago

bout damn time

Karina Ziriki

3 months ago

Still No Plans For South Africa?

Hsinfang Lin

3 months ago

Come back to OZ !!!
R&B fridays live needs a headline!!!!

Haters will say it's photoshop

Benjamin Csótár

3 months ago

Ra nappy boy 😄😄😃😉

Victoria Carmen Manzo

4 months ago

No it’s Photobuy!..😂

Mario Jesus Astorga Becerra

4 months ago

I believe you, big bro

Doug The Pug great meeting u yesterday sir

Lisa Shackelford Clerkin

4 months ago

Hope he’s fasting for Ramadan too akhii...

Yousuke Nakahodo

4 months ago

Joe my two faves 🖤

Andréa Fusco

4 months ago

Did you meet near the mansion in Wiscansin?

London! I'm comin through with the The Compozers & FLOHIO in June, tickets available at

Alijuhr Alijuhr

4 months ago

I guess that isn’t too bad Want to see a lot more fresh things 😖

Abeny Chavez

4 months ago

Mechone Marley hint xx

Hajnalka Dudás

4 months ago

<3 add e Với

Clusterfest this Friday! San Fran hope ya'll ready

Peggy Sweatmon Graves

4 months ago

I remember when everyone said you were all auto-tune till you showed them live that your skills can’t be matched! Ya boy was amazed.

Angela Tuson

4 months ago

Keep on as is and you may possibly have me having to pay attention in the long run as well. 😍

One more email and I’m gonna fuckin LOSE IT!!!

Karla Sonnen

4 months ago

Has left me having this hollow sensation, just cant grasp it completely. 😓😏

Manchester! Luv you all, I'm sorry we had to change the date on you. I'll be out there July 3rd. Don't miss it!

Anastasija Stv

4 months ago

Yes yes yes🙌🏼 all booked up Chris 😍😁

Jameel Ahmed

4 months ago

T Pain ur invited to my wedding in key west fl

Dylan Finch

4 months ago

Alex Phredde Menzies

Adekunle Oyinlola

4 months ago

I guess that isn’t totally terrible, but still. Want to see much more fresh things, getting repeating. 🕶

Selina Maya

4 months ago

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Kathleen Halvorson Dory

4 months ago

nice to see you again my fav

NYC’s Number 1 dance studio @expg_studio_nyc is having another star studded concert and legendary dance battle on May 19th at Terminal 5 with Cassie, Ludacris, Teyana Taylor, & more

Matt Boeh

4 months ago

This really is pretty dull next to the most common stuff.Simply leaves me on this mountain of hollow feeling, just may not put a finger on it. 😆😛

Carol Alves

4 months ago



Keep on as is and you may possibly have me paying attention in the long run as well. 🐧

Sander Blekemolen

4 months ago

Let's link mind is a jukebox

Nadia Umbao

4 months ago

I love you tit pain

Back 9ine Fest it's going down this August! Tickets on sale now

Lena Gram

4 months ago

This really is great, humor gold even. Haven’t jeered this hard in forever. Is this critically analysed? 🐧

Slenndy Tapia

4 months ago

Elijah Jones Timothy Smith

सुयोग कर्माचार्य

4 months ago

👈😚👉 Nice :o T-Pain ;)
🦌 CHBOTTERX =》 Sagorbd,TK 🦌

They really gotta stop giving Florida niggas money. I couldn’t decide on a color so the #FloridaBoy in me took over

Darnell Durio

4 months ago

Man send me some of that FL boy money so i can paint my benz bro!

Ashley Ormsby

4 months ago

If in doubt, midnight blue...

Pawan Gangwal

4 months ago

Drey-Au Lfb matte en plus 😱😱😱

Lost Lake Festival tickets on sale tomorrow


Steven Hilyard

5 months ago

You are the number one man!!!!

Anthony Vereecken

5 months ago

Sweet fingers on those tits I see u tit pain.

Playing Clusterfest in June!

Saifies Anderson

5 months ago

Go on boy!

Anneisha Johnson

5 months ago

Yeah, not too poor. Have thought about this exact topic somewhat. 🌶

Rakel Celine

5 months ago

I guess these kinds of posts isn’t too bad Would like to see considerably more fresh things, getting stale, just a bit. 🌶👏

Back in Europe for the first time in a few years

Mary Buttice

5 months ago

Results in me with this hollow experience, just may not put my finger on it. 😍😍

Massimo Grillo

5 months ago

Just got my tickets! See you there!!!

Theo Kung'u

5 months ago

Dęmï Mïłłß Sarah Ward

LAVO NYC it's goin down this Thursday for Andrew Goldberg's birthday

Christopher John Simonovitch

5 months ago

Keep it comeing$$$Yul

Julia Kunze

5 months ago

Are you talking bout Goldberg the wrestler?

Kashmala Rathore

5 months ago

Have contemplated this exact topic honestly. 🐧