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Beatrice Voltz

14 hours ago

This is a dope logo. Creative inspiration from our roots.

Katherine Kesalopa

14 hours ago

It's the only way bro

Pablo Luna

14 hours ago

Hey my handsome godson I’m up praise god for our family I love you really I do it’s not about no money which if one day I might would receive a blessed helping my 2 sons on dailysis they need kindney that’s the only thing I’m sad about one 29 the other one. 30 th I have 7 sons you makes 8 and 4 beautiful daughters tiny makes 5 amen 🙏 love other mother amen love you all hustle gang family it’s on tonight vh1 hey theirs back lol 😂

Can’t Tell me this don’t look like a old
New Edition album cover 😂😂😂
#IdBeMike #InternationalDrip #DimeTrap
Officially off the grid... On some whole other sh*t!!! #InternationalDrip #DimeTrap
Diversified Vibes... #DimeTrap

Stephen Prosper Dadzie

a day ago







Brittany Renae Robinson

2 days ago

Hunting season with the that realest Gees

Kimberly Megan Grasham

3 days ago

I wish this was your real page and I get a real response but TI u are my favorite rapper and yes I’m in my 50’swish you could come to Chattahoochee Valley boys and girls club in Columbus Georgia and just talk to our teens my name is Robbin reed teen director Would mean a lot to the teens

Ivett Galambos

3 days ago

Lookin good my nigga"s!!sooo
TI so tasteful lookin emmmm/good

Basil Moskva

3 days ago


Kari Miranda

3 days ago

T.I. gets results from his DNA test and does not like it

Francisco Melquiades

7 days ago

Trump is winning! Nice try at trying to stay relevant.

Ubi Mendoza

7 days ago

That is the stupidest quote I have ever heard.
What exactly does it mean. Think about it. This is the United States of America. When is winning “illogical“?? Are you calling Americans and logical? Maybe the “illogical” people don’t want to buy your crap. Hopefully you realize you’re insulting millions of people in this country.

Lookman Ayinde Folarin

7 days ago

And yet he somehow managed to.

Witness the unveiling of the “Art of the S.W.A.T.S. House” featuring images curated by yours truly and murals by Austin Blue Art

Afterward, watch a screening of my new documentary “Beyond the Hustle: The Transformation of T.I.” by Courtney Kueppers.

Joanne Tartanus

9 days ago

Yoo bitch ASS IS NOT A GANGSTA STOP ACTING LIKE ONE.. Michelle Obama got a DICK U DIDNT KNOW? Of course not to sorry ass rap..😂😂😂🤣🤣

Erion Greene

9 days ago

Congratulations. Blessings forever.

Beau Raines

10 days ago

I wish I could be there. Have a great time and lots of fun.

Michael Wixom

10 days ago

Dear ti here in sudan we are hustling and hustling and never git good thing we get shit every time 💔 🌚😂😂😂😂

Bernd Hollwitz

10 days ago

I don't know about that. But i no about working

Evan Paynter

10 days ago

The Bronx will not agree on this.. just sayin 🤣🤣🤣

7 yrs ago... This Happened👑

Girl thats my man hahaha im joking i know i love this 1 to

Shavasha Smith

13 days ago

Love the music i really can here the. Words to the song other rapper sing run on sentences lol but your words are clear this one you say miss me eith it lol

Frankie Loredo

13 days ago

It's not him running this site so y'all need to calm the fuck down

Dime Trapping in Times Square
Out Now!!!!

Nicola Conroy

13 days ago

Beloved God Bless you and Tiny inspiration to us all Blessings to your Family

Gunner Tracy

13 days ago

This album is something my brain can definitely relate to, great job, well done brother!

Rowenalyn Marzo

13 days ago

Bye 👋🏻 Yankees lol 😂

Pay attention to the signs...

Stéphane Ram'

13 days ago

Thats what we got with Trump. Hustled

Mikhel Tevathiya

13 days ago

You should. #KhanKometh

Geneva Moreno

13 days ago

Can't knock the hustle

Siri play “Damn it feels good to be a gangster” by Scarface
Attention people of Georgia. This is the most honest, dependable, fair,& decent candidate FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL!!! Vote Stacey Abrams on Nov6th!!! Because Georgia deserves it!!!

Giorgio Della Valle

14 days ago

Has nobody turned his story into a film??? Sounds like if done right it could really be quite powerful

Christine Mendoza

14 days ago

Why isn't this a movie???

Albin Carpentier

14 days ago

Interesting info on this meme. (Needs to be re-done to change typo pass to past.)

👑👑💧💧The Royal Drips💧💧👑👑
💧Big💧💧Ole💧💧Drips 💧 R💧US💧💧💧

My grandma has a plastic covered living-room set with the exact same pattern at those pants. I'm checking for a pants shaped cut out in the back of the couch when I visit next...

Joram Joshua

15 days ago

Why do broke ass people talk bout money you need to be getting the bag that getting so for that you should saying tip put me on instead of finding what wrong with them shit they good.

Blažen Perković

16 days ago

Sorry I’m old school but T. I. , still shows her much love financially and takes care of his business like a man should. Women are supposed to be the backbone of the family but she’s different, can’t explain it but different. 😉

Couldn’t be more proud ✊🏽
#Messiah favorite song on

Rian Jayson Flores

16 days ago

My best on the album light day and the weeknd ft young thug jefe ft meek mill the amazing Mr fuck up and all so at least I know be there

Lakruwan Chamara

16 days ago

They didn't report the suspected child abuse /child abuse and more to Alex Delance Antwain Harris along with the Aggravated Assault / Assault and more to Virginia Harris meaning Macon Georgia Duty to report suspected child abuse covered professionals and more /others will be prosecuted !It's more to tell! You and your son do look alike!

Diana Austin

16 days ago

Handsome young man, yes sir!!! Great job....👑

Y’all get this?!?!

Mille Nobel

16 days ago

I anit thinking about that dam trump

Наталья Пахомова

17 days ago

Shared to Dallas TX- Nikia Nichol Radio TV Personality DFW

Meengma Golay

17 days ago

A must have. If you been rocking with him since I’m serious, you can really appreciate it.

Breakfast Club... now...
#DimeTrapOTW Midnight!!!!

Suzanne Hawkins Seals

18 days ago

Charlemagne doesn't know shit about hip-hop/rap 😂💯

Marissa Rivera

18 days ago

Charlemagne is still mad cause Eminem destroyed him in like 5 songs on the new album!! What’s your talent... oh critiquing my talent!!! 🔥😭😭😭

Phillip Jan Duka Calpito

18 days ago

Great way ta Start tha Day😀💙

Blue Streak 🌀
iHeartRadio album release party
Was LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥
#DimeTrapOTW Friday!!!!!

Leidys Colina

19 days ago

The city gonna be lit this weekend mane Freddy D. Cárdenas🤔

Ijon Bagnol

19 days ago

Big things poppin, little things stoppin! ✍🏽

Jason Peter

19 days ago

People get out and vote.thanks

Don’t miss it. Tonight at 8pm ET I’m celebrating my Album Release Party with iHeartRadio Exclusively on #iHeartTI #DimeTrap iHeartRadio Theater

Sean Dowers

19 days ago

I Halla To The King!

Rose Gagne

20 days ago

We are going to Party like is 1999.!!!

Amy Sackett

20 days ago

My surprise gift for Ti is this: One of these days you and birdman and little Wayne and meek mills and Drake and Nicki and tiny will all have the week off from work because you all will have to find me A ride and A house and sign me to A famous rap label and NBA team and NFL team in my life forever in the future.

I’m dropping my new song “The Amazing Mr. Fuck Up” today with Zane Lowe and Beats 1 Listen now:

Jorge Cardenas

21 days ago

Tiny and T.I for life .take care or yourself

Carlos Anjos

21 days ago

🐎yU roLLiNg liKe A steAm rOlleR♨ tHuS yU aiN't gOn stOp🎶

Nyambura Wanjiru

21 days ago

How did you come up with the artwork?

Drips Dropping all week!!! #DimeTrapOTW
“Moving wit da Money at da speed of opportunity.”- Tip
#DimeTrapOTW Friday!!!!
Brothers Forever
Multi Faceted Drip💧

Biffiny Casto-Boozer

20 days ago

You surprise me every time I want to try your menu out what’s your favorite

Jorge Jefferson Cayetano Vergara

20 days ago

The 👑 of the South all the way 💪💪💪

Aimee Birrell

20 days ago

Very different image..........

Watching da Clock!!!
Da Countdown is ON!!!
#DimeTrapOTW Friday!!!!

Letyy Laraa

21 days ago

There's a scam going on in your name telling them to down load your movie for a chance to receive alot of 💰

Ekshita Arora

21 days ago


Mithun Khan

21 days ago

Hey babe, I love u daddy 😘😘😘 yu looking sexy as always!! Call me later 💜

Rose 🌹 colored 🕶 lenses👑
#DimeTrapOTW This Friday!!!!

Donald Breitbach

21 days ago

Waiting on my shot to be acknowledged into Grand Hustle Supreme

Conor Todd

21 days ago

Missing you more than ever!

Norman Gregorio Patiño

21 days ago

I fucking love you! day the student shall become the teacher. #ProudPops

Jovanny Valladares Almazán

21 days ago

Tis is wat R Young Kings need a Strong Inspiring King thts ther 4 ther kids no matter wat Teachin n Guidin them n the Right Direction wit morales n values in Life ... So mad Props 2 u T.I.... Keep up the Awesom Work....

Sophie Bra

21 days ago

T.I., Goat Lucy is waiting for you.

Lucio Martinez

21 days ago


2-10pm Today!!!
Come celebrate the culture we all
Know, love & appreciate!!! Trap Muzik!!!

Brandy Robert Sullivan

21 days ago

Fuck trap and trappers

Uttam Gurung

21 days ago

love black kings

John Napier

21 days ago

I do a 12am to 8am every day express on social Media. Who's behind these un believable trackings. O they gone be surrounded with thousands taking heed to Wsales millage of gas. Seen the top 10 Duval hip hop videos last night Copyright this message cause they forgot one. New York City Black boy ....Dikeman street. These may be the 20,000 legally due to wages. If I couldn't make through man thats what favor is for to understand it don't need attachments. I'll be on same time regardless. Non profit organizations will even laugh at this. Lol I ain't pist just imagining the women u keep bent off this juice. Stay cute rebuked. N just do what u new was coming. N God we trust is money. So I chase scriptures. Blessed b this picture frame fame n even political things if it's involved with the #Police Wsales Copyright all rights reserved 9/18

Gabriel Claudio Molina

23 days ago

Ti trash, I used to listen to his music all the time up until he started rapping about nothing

Ruth Eads

23 days ago

The King of the South, the best that ever took over the rap game and invented Trap Musik

Zayyad Idris Ikara

23 days ago

Awesome, Happy Belated Birthday TIP

Big sh!t poppin 💥💥💥

Buta Epamba

23 days ago

That is so right as as long as you stay the man you are shit always going to pop.And nonthing stopping

Amanda Newall

24 days ago

Are you still enjoying your birthday 🎁 month you deserve all the blessing on all levels because you have open the door 🚪 for lots of people and still is I look up to you real talk I love your style keep smiling my friend

Amiran Kajaia

24 days ago

Made dn-zal say I ain't no it's like that nigga yea

Sparkling drip ❇️💧

Sylvia Slevin

24 days ago

Love you show and I usually don’t like REALITY SHOWS 👄

Dwane Dickson

24 days ago

Perrier is just French sparkling water. The only thing you know about the French is French fries and the Statue of Liberty. You’ll do anything for a dollar. Fake ass.

Nimish Waghaye

24 days ago

Boa tarde T.i.p Deus abençoe paz de Deus pensamento positivo ótima sexta-feira Deus ilumine

Scales 925ers!!! Happy Gday Big Bro Will Smith
Thanx for the invite to jump out that helicopter with you over the Grand Canyon. Hate I couldn’t make it (Full disclosure I don’t really hate it that much...😉). But I’ll always value your contributions to the culture and your poignant insight and perspectives on life and the world as we “think” we know it. Thanx for standing up for me and telling WB pictures that you wouldn’t shoot ATL without me as the star!!! Back when I was just a arrogant Lil hot headed kid from Bankhead who didn’t even know if He wanted to act for real... U kinda forced my hand and made me take it seriously. I Thank You for that. Well... enjoy your plunge into the canyon Big Bro... I’ll enjoy living through you vicariously. Hit me when u “bounce back”😂😂😂get it , when u “bounce”...”back”...cause u going bungee jumping and—-maaan nvm Happy Birthday Big Bro. With love and respect,from my family to yours.

Jess Willoughby

a month ago

Thats the one right there

Charlene Heafner

a month ago

Stop the rape culture, stop Kavanaugh

Lasalle Williams

a month ago

I love that quote so true and powerful

Kadrin D. Rossi Kurniawan

a month ago

Hey...I know this might be inappropriately incorrect...but I just caught the falcons game and much to my surprise...the seats were maybe 70% filled....just want to say... #energy is all..#💯

Robert Crum

a month ago

Happy Birthday, TI. You are so wise beyond your years. You said something that I will hold on too. Thanks for being U.

Elena Chera

a month ago

Happy birthday mr T.I. ,u r one of my fewest favorite rappers

Marysa Akweyu

a month ago

outta fucks that never existed haha oldschool sexy talk from Tiny just a minor problem for those frauds is all!!!

Lorinda Weaver

a month ago

That’s the only way

Dimitri Girard

a month ago

I intend to

Andrea Palermo

a month ago

struggling blows find an easier way and sail on without the hardship!!! thats for talentless peoples

Phil Thipthorp

a month ago

Get outta here with that game and struggle BS. No one forced you to live the life you did.

Michelle Garland

a month ago

Mr Ti come make it happen come to charlotte and meet your auntie bring your family and please bring baby boy your little professor.

This is America...Where u get what you didn’t pay for sometimes. Stay awake. #USorELSE✊🏽 #FuqaFluShot

Laurent Attenot

a month ago

It amazes me how people in the field try to promote these injections. You aren't profiting off of me. Then years later you see tv advertisment. "It has been determined that flu shots" cause what? Oh hell naw! You ain't experimenting on me.

Debbie Glascock Kern

a month ago

This has nothing to do with free health care , this was corruption under a cruel system for the benefit of medical research in which the Belmont report was created to prevent this in the future!

Tazz Taylor

a month ago

If our healthcare and medicine are so great here then why are hospitals being build like crazy. 3 more in just my area. If it was so great like all these magic shots like the flu and vaccine shots.... We should have fewer hospitals cause we wouldn't need them...

Sharon Spence Matthews

a month ago

Too true. Until it does, I can't listen.

Mary Alexander

a month ago

Fuck u Stay back and get the fuck on Goofy's 🤣😜😘🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Hickory Loudermilk

a month ago

Nor get me in or keep me out of heaven,so the reason for your opinion again. 😉😉😉😉😉😉

Clyde Harding

a month ago

patients without hustle is procrastination hustle without patients just masturbation

Alexander Gonzalez

a month ago

I be up in that body shop painting tjem cars. Buying music building boxes. And you already know got that medical fir right donation.. Ya heard any thing for my kids

Catalin Kta

a month ago

Gotta get up and get something!

Is is Thursday yet?
@douggrandhustle @macboneyfool
#AK #PSCorigins circa 96’

Andrew Murphy

a month ago

some people are blessed with spiritual gifts its way deeper then just music brother we are meant to do things with one of another god is never wrong

Bamidele Fred Brown

a month ago

Got to love the old school photos

Anastasia Bennett

a month ago

Please Follow back

Me and the deal maker MavCarter
Connecting the dots.... Getting it together.
Drip or Drown Clown!!! 💧💦— 🏊🏽‍♂️🤡
Designer all da wayDown!!!! S/O to lil cuzz Gunna

Michael Anthony Zompa

a month ago

Let's make Grand Hustle the new Motown I'm willing ready and able to grind with u

Łukasz Walczak

a month ago

Are you looking for any song writers

Saddam Hossain

a month ago

I wish I really know this you responding back to my comments. They have a clowns on here imitating you.. so very sad. Asking for money and favor. I block HIM.


Jordan Skipper

a month ago

Messgee me I had too get other phone

Abel Solorzano

a month ago

TIP u truly are the King of the South..... happy to hear new music......

Ива Георгиева

a month ago

Da Kang....and The King....

Black lives mattered Waaay before
Black lives matter.
But y’all don’t hear me tho!!!!

Lindsay Allen

a month ago

There’s only one way to end racism. END OF THE WORLD! No way this shit stops! As long as there is white people there’s always gonna be racism! Believe me!

Pyetra Aparecida Flor da Silva

a month ago

Theres this book (its fiction) but its written from a childs perspective on this day. Its called "The Watsons Go to Birmingham" and its seriously stuck with me since I read it for the first time in like 5th grade.

Sancia Toledo

a month ago

Now they are shifting their inventions on to T.I saying that he is creating what their ancestors long created.

Let the good times roll...
Too many to @...
Tag the people you recognize.
#KeepGreatCompany The rest will handle itself.

Diana Pereira

a month ago

Boa noite Deus abençoe paz de Deus

Abel Solorzano

a month ago

Love you TIP

Ken Hill

a month ago

Hi Steve loyns

A toast to success with the generations most successful ..... Priceless #KeepGreatCompany➡️HaveGreatTimes

Lucien Van Der Lans

a month ago

Now who paid the bill ? Or everybody pay their own meal ?

Sai Ganesh Sriraman

a month ago

I absolutely have to meet this whole picture..! Fav rapper fav actor and one of my fav comedians!

Guadalupe Angelica Lopez Gonzalez

a month ago

Who all at the same table?

Big things on the horizon!!!
Watch #LilRelShow on FOX Lil Rel Howery & #JerrodCarmichael assured me &
Terrence J Dey got more tricks up dey sleeves & GotDamnit WE BELIEVE EM!!!! Brian Sher Connecting the dots as usual. This should be interesting.

Chera Lamar

a month ago

Hey Ti love u💯💯💯💯💯

Tommie J Gragg

a month ago

hey big TI is very cool and perfect your teuff

Glaiza Mae Mabale

a month ago

pledge allegiance too the swag!

I’ll just sit this here....

Willi Septcinq Neufkaat

a month ago

Johnny Wiltsch you must be thinking about Bush when you said failed us every year he was in office.

Jorge A. Colón Ortiz

a month ago

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Obama’s top campaign donor was BP, had record deportations, continued these perpetual regime change wars, etc etc etc.... maybe we could vote for an actual progressive this time and, idk.... win

Scotty Lowe

a month ago

Much respect to both of them and thank them both for there service. But i at least would not vote for them. Been there done that type of thing.

Hmmm🤔when should I drop this shit🤔

Gheetha Anjaly Kathiresan

a month ago

I did horrible last night@ apache Cafe I think I was lil too drunk and the DJ said my flash drive was f***** up I really was trying to hit another song. Man i got to get it right, and I will ❗

Jamie Curtis-Avenatti

a month ago

You got this, not making a decision is a decision, you have favor on your life T.I. I pray you bye the rights to Marvin Gay and the turn his story into a movie.

Bert Madden

a month ago

King tip I believe you and you know the right time for dat decision...God bless

🗣My Endless Loves!!!🎶

Maxime SuperMax Raymond-Aucoin

a month ago

Deja has grown up so beautiful. I see she’s not hiding from the camera anymore

Mert Güngör

a month ago

I'm just saying ! I know these kid's grow up and everything become grown.They still get advice from their parents about who they dating.Because we love them.Whether they want it or not! Keep God first !

Théo Delbeck

a month ago

I almost didn't recognize them they are Beautiful!!😍😍

That’s on Meee Baby!!! That’s on Meee Baby!!! Yella Beezy
Thats my favorite song out right now!!!!
🚫🧢 #ExactlyHowIbeLookinWhenHerMamaAskMeboutSomn

Evelyn Poon

a month ago

when i first heard this song and TIP wasnt on the beat, I was disappointed b/c I knew that shit woulda been HARD AS F**k if he was! I STILL love the song though! Consider a remix :-)

Luis Lange

a month ago

Nah she look like would u Please Tell my momma the TRUTH 😂

Ryan Gurley

a month ago

Its all about our KIDS CHUCH BUT the care takers Job is hard and real

That’s MY Baby... Lookin like A natural.... look at her kicking it off to da side like a real rider!!! #DaddysBaby
“A midget standing on the shoulders of a giant can see much further than the giant” - Hov

Britney Alyse

a month ago

She is adorable, Blessed baby girl. You have a blessed and wonderful Family.

Neil Kenes

a month ago

Looking just like her daddy!!! Too cute !!

Mary Ann McGuriman

a month ago

For sure My Nigga TI that's real actually she looks so fun u know it's God's best gift given please just be proud of her am telling ya man I real love that !!! One thing that makes me realise that u love more children it's just when you got pretty angry u when about a child been treated unfairly @ school especially when i knew that u were going to be in a child's 5,years Lunch's @ the cafeteria so thank so much for that man God bless ya my Nigga TI forever stay blessed with all ya family man!!!

Uh-Oh... these muuufuckaz called me “Dad-Body” Fitbyjoc WE BACK ON!!!!😂😂😂🚫🧢

Brooke Ann Smith

a month ago

He looks good In whatever he rocks to me. He's does fashion statements

Krzysztof Siwiak

a month ago

You need bigger pants. You got about 5 or 6 children why in the world are you wearing your pants like that. TI GROW UP AND ANOTHER THING YOU BEEN IN PRISON YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOUR PANTS BEING THAT WAY. ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING

Gris Pimentel

a month ago

Tip! U got abs at da top u forgot the bottom?

Most of da same suckaz who smiled & laughed while Da Beef was live...Gon be in a hurry to pretend to salute da reunion... Moral of the story...Ni66az Ain’t. SHIT!!! I’m sincerely happy to see this tho. It’s Great for the culture ... Salute✊🏽💪🏽👑💩

Tara Pride

a month ago

Alittle beef in the industry is good for rap as long as it doesn't get violent.... Lyrical beef is cool i guess lol

Ali Sana

a month ago

People are so easy to Manipulate. They believe what they want to believe. What’s most convenient for them to believe in...

Tymoteusz Ropiejko

a month ago

I came up in a culture when it was kool to be smart/intelligent.. Bet T.I,Eric B. Rakim, B.Daddy Kane and K.R.S .. 🔥👊🏾💯💯🤙

Luciano Scarano

2 months ago


Eskil Pangratz

2 months ago

We need leggings and sweatpants for the ladies who but the Grand Hustle and the Trap Muzik #TI #HUSTLEGANG

Bryan RodriGuez

2 months ago

I love you bro you have been my lovely man among the world to bro I wish I could be like you

Feel like Going to buy a pair right now!!!
#USorELSE✊🏽 Colin Kaepernick
Ummm-Excuse me, Come again,U say how much???🧐💰🏃🏽‍♂️💨
I’m just gon leave this here....

Peggy Dove

2 months ago

He is just too damned fine

Patti Sutherland

2 months ago

Just want to say... I'm white, and I am not mad at all. I support Kap and anyone who kneels. Use your platform to stand up for the wrong that goes on! Open your eyes people!! #MoreThanAnAthlete

Christine Joyce Bacani

2 months ago

Just walk a way you are a man

Made Man Mafia Drip 💧High Times
High Times

Heather Ney Brier

2 months ago

A you should be happy what you've done w/ music ! We go way back! Straight up OG!

Hector Cruz

2 months ago

"You bout to play Polo wit Dhat?" Fill me in? Yep that Drip very Saucey!!! 💪

Mary Louise

2 months ago

I think you are awesome xx

Shareholder Drip 💧
Daddy’s baby.
Happy Gday to the funniest muuufucka on da planet. #NoIGDaveChapelle The only ni**a I know crazy enough to walk away from 50 Ms like 🖕🏽!!!! That’s a different kinda not givin a F**k!!! Legendary!!!! We Salute you big bro. ✊🏽👑🙏🏽

Brey's Under

2 months ago

there is no god but Allah muhammad is the messenger of Allah

Yasunari Mori

2 months ago

Love you T I. You did a great job last night at the LA Shrine. And I felt you. Glad I went, cause "They Don't Know You Like That"♥️

Remus Candiá

2 months ago