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The day that, Lou Dog, went to the moon…

R.I.P. Nov. 25, 1989 - Sept. 17, 2001

Joseph Hamilton

7 hours ago

All dogs should live forever. Lou, in a way will get to through Brad's music. So at least there's that.

Fwangmun Dafir

7 hours ago

You are the reason I took on the amazing responsibility of two brother Dalmations. RIP, Lou Dog. Love you, Zephyr and Tiki!

Yann Bicking

7 hours ago

Fetching his friend hongkong phooey.

psychedelic mess

IG: @mam__art

Debbie Krohn

7 hours ago

My man Lou!!

Joseph Hamilton

7 hours ago

Curtis-Lake Cloudt thought you might like this 🤷🏽‍♀️

Kb Brown Saho

7 hours ago

Oh look at the badfish

Well qualified to represent the LBC

ÜTtâm Chøùðhãrý

2 days ago

Ally Yost our future babes

Delia Cárdenas

2 days ago

Travis Gowins I can’t wait to put our baby in band tees

Mark Jr Sinasac

2 days ago

This was almost 9 years ago.

RSVP list is filled, but you can still join the waitlist. Don't be a slacker!

UPDATE - Opie is going to be touring with @Long Beach Dub Allstars so not able to make it. We'll still be showcasing his new #Sublime30th art at the event
Bud & Eric are the Sly & Robbie of Long Beach and one of the heaviest hitting rhythm sections ever.
~ Brett Gurewitz Bad Religion

Kira Fisher

3 days ago

My favorite T-shirt and band

Johannes Pönisch

4 days ago

Keep it spinning

Jennifer Caskie

4 days ago

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Robyn Miller

3 days ago

Demasiado surrealismo, pero lo tenía bien en secreto

Paty Álvarez

3 days ago

Who is gonna drive me home ?

Glennandrebecca Guerra

4 days ago

Loves what I got...mmkay

“But I can't afford to hit the ground like I fell off my skateboard"

IG: @chad_fenlon

Alejandro Flores Pantoja

5 days ago

You stay safe! We can’t wait to see you. Aunt Dona

Christian Rey

5 days ago

Proper attire for this. ✌️

Noble Conquer

5 days ago

Jessica Garcia my shirt 😍😍

Miguel and Lou looking super rad!

Marisol Ponce

5 days ago

Nick, is that u?

Kristin Julian Hultgren

6 days ago

make sure you tell you mom and dad

Reagan Winn

6 days ago

Coolest dog ever

I'd hang on that...

Júlia Barragam

6 days ago

This is SO incrediblely amazing🎶♥️

Cathy Lamm

7 days ago

Fuck yea, brad love all day, every day.

Jacob Masila

7 days ago

Sally Brainard uncle bills next project

Sublime style! Whatchu got?

Melánia Magyar

9 days ago

lovin'. is what i got

Suzana Begović

9 days ago

Travis Fallon you should wear this to Florida...I can’t 🤣

Margaret Sheehan

9 days ago

That's a badass swimsuit!!

Boss D.J.

Art by Christopher Morphis

Elveez Franchize NG

9 days ago

I want this

Rakell Deann Totto

9 days ago

That's dope!!!

Qveen Nanc

9 days ago

You should post mine

Original lyrics to "Caress Me Down"

Andrea Steiber

13 days ago

Sebastian Ballester awesome!

Judy Wright Webb

13 days ago

Wow I would love to own this. I’d buy that for a dollar

Maaría Gaarcía Muñozz

13 days ago

Is this Brad’s handwriting??? Love

“It feels like I musta had some fun…”

Christian Couëffin

14 days ago

Uh what happened?..

Mimmo Cheip

15 days ago

Uhhh what happened 🌞

Barry Hoffman

15 days ago

Look at that hair on brad lol.

New Opie Ortiz piece in celebration of #Sublime30th

Ivi Ivanovic

15 days ago

put this on a t-shirt, that would be sick

Aditya Singh

15 days ago

Mindy McMullen this looks like hawkins😂

Ruben Ramirez Ayala

15 days ago

40oz to Freedom

It smelled like Lou Dog inside the CAN

Caption cred: Trey Eubanks

Ryan Coomer

16 days ago

Living w Louie dogs the only way to stay sane

Blanca Flores

16 days ago

🤦🏻‍♀️ not the best marketing.... better caption would be “Lou Dog approved”. You still have time to change it!

Melissa Parks

16 days ago

we love lou dog but can u leave him outside of the can? hes an angel and doesnt deserve this:'(

What do you think is in that jug?

Vanessa Recalde

17 days ago

I have seen Brad with jugs, bags, AMPS, and clothes that I have had long before I ever knew who Sublime was.. I am more of a Gibson fan though... HOWEVER, the Fender on my Mesa does sound a lot more like Brad's style.. especially for melodic

Trinity Dove

17 days ago

It was beer. We didn’t have enough keg cups. Maybe a little Electric Coolaid.

Marija Nikolić

17 days ago

Wendy Leonard i guess your photos are set to public 😂 goood times good times 😘

Jazmin Chaparro

16 days ago

Chris Carleton LOL my fish with bread crumbs!

Anoel Enerfud

16 days ago

I laughed way too hard at this 😂 Jazlin Flores

John Vigil

17 days ago

Tell me are you a bad fish too?

Paddle out

Rene Coffa

18 days ago

But but but.... That's only one dude?

Brittney Jean-Baptiste

18 days ago

Very cool pic!!

Shulamite Joey Oliveros Logronio

19 days ago

Big steamer lane, it makes you wish you were a trout, when it's smacking so hard, only two dudes paddle out.

The crew
Can't fight against the youth
IG: @moniquerperez

Kevin Neff

19 days ago

Miss u guys, RIP Bradley !

Aashutosh Sharma

19 days ago

Bradley’s smile is infectious

Dillon Cottrell

19 days ago

Eric Wilson will be bangin up there, and we’ll be all singing, with versions, I had to be there

All you need!

Brittany Atkins

20 days ago

It's a good beer, it's not worth going out of your way for.

Angelica Bare

20 days ago

Lori Hare Herbert Hare Jr. There it is.

Larry Molina Hernandez

20 days ago

I don't even drink but I have myself a can of this

40oz. to freedom

New Opie art!
The Sublime syllabus

Impressive work from Brian Payne

Lyan Nguyen

20 days ago

What is that magical potion?

Junior Tii Enn

20 days ago

Ya encontre el sig Diego Dguez

Mary Caitlin

21 days ago

In Florida we dont know what 40oz to freedom is, we only get 32s

Let's see!

IG: @tugceturksoytattooer

Agnes Yin

21 days ago

A lot of people freak out when I tell them there is a devil in the Sun's right cheek

Krista Davis Blackburn

21 days ago

Don’t got a tat but I re-drew another fans photo. Not sure where it came from...

Alexander Kyle Moyer

21 days ago

It's super faded cuz it's like 10 years old but there ya go

Nothing but love... HBD Opie!

How many of you own something with that sun?

Drew the sun for art class my junior year. Won the art show that yr.. dont know what happened to it but i got first place. Rip brad

Laru Schmidt

22 days ago

Somewhere in a box in the basement, I have an Opie autograph on the t-shirt that came with the special edition of the Secondhand Smoke compilation.

Maritza Torres

22 days ago

I have one and I love my blue dog shirt as well!

"My brand new car is parked right outside
How'd ya like to go for a ride?"

IG: @ashley_alanis

AiRa Lopez

22 days ago

Sublime has always been part of my inner "circle". But as a feminist, I see why he is dead.

Nick Croci

22 days ago

Humantler VI Is released tomorrow

Mifumi Ooji

22 days ago

Picked up a rock threw it at the car

Badfish fan art by Francisco Javier Ramos

Marlene Negrin

23 days ago

Jesus Mesta de Alba tu bro jajaj

Rachel Pedraza

23 days ago

Taylor John Schultz

Laëtitia Devivier

24 days ago

Sublime thank you for sharing!!!

Alright, alright, alright….

Yoshimi Tezuka

24 days ago

Sara Walsh....... should read...
Don't play Sublime? Well we will just keep screaming for you to play them anyway...

Wendy Kerry

25 days ago

Love that movie.... ( Dazed and Confused)

The Dat Nguyen

25 days ago

Anyone who doesn't like sublime hasn't listened to Robin tha Hood

MUD FIGHT 23 years ago during Warped Tour!

Yunus Taşdemir

a month ago

Looks like someone caught the mud in mid-flight 🤣 good photo skills for a 90s camera! 😂

Wilian Melo

a month ago

Aww man the mudfights ruined it for us at warped tour in jax fl years and years ago. They would kick u out no questions asked...

Zoe Lindquist Gordon

a month ago

1995.. I love that story and seeing the footage of that show. 23 years ago. Brad was only still a kid himself at 28 when he left this world. Love always for Bradley

The Strand on this day back in '94!

Mary Santiago

a month ago

“All fricken ages”

The OG's minus Lou Dog

Martha Moreno

a month ago

“Sitting on the verge of tears does not become my 22 years”

Brittany Church-Overy

a month ago

minus Miguel too, though he was one of th 3 constant members of the band throughout each album, it's nearly impossible to find a picture of him jamming on stage with the other members.

Yamil Switchfans

a month ago

Smells like Lou dog inside the van

Rad mural in progress by IG: @artsyy.ash

Alexis Panimboza

a month ago

Lena Espinosa this is what we gotta do at school

David Wilczynski

a month ago

Nice!.....Painted this years ago in the Venue On Broad, Camden, sc.........Signs by Colt, lugoff sc

Mark McLaughlin

a month ago

My back fence

23 years ago today!

DJ-TheDrummer Williams

a month ago

I would literally kill to be at that show....

David Montoya

a month ago

KRS-One and Garden Grove my faves!

Rachael Rainbolt

a month ago

I was there! My first warped tour show. That show introduced me to the Band and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

In my mind, in my brain...

Art - Eccentric Visuals

Marilyn Clark

a month ago

"You only see what you want to belive"!

Zully Gonzalez

a month ago

pray my itchy rash well go away

Mike Smith

a month ago

Ugh wish i could see the real sublime! But seeing badfish a tribute the 25! Even though sublime with rome is playing id rather see them

“It was almost like freestyle jazz. That was the great thing about Brad. He was always so free with his music, and so was Bud and Eric. I loved that.” - Todd Forman

Stephanie Qwyneth

a month ago

Kid was a natural..

Paida Moe Mpofu

a month ago

Truth! Still don't get that angry reaction 😂

Dany Rodriguez

a month ago

It's what I fell in love with all those years ago. Their diversity with their style. A lesson in there.....

Same In The End

Art by Opie

Valentina Yañez Diiaz

a month ago

This has been my favorite sublime track since the first time i ever got to hear it.

Ayaho Yonezu

a month ago

Excuse me, but did you know down in Mississippi the sun beats down from the sky? 🤣

LaVon Maxwell

a month ago

Got same in the end tattooed across my chest one of the greatest bands ever!!

Feel the break and I gotta live it up...

IG - @eyellyssa

Juliana Cristancho

a month ago

Heres my telephone Number call me.....boom boom. Booombommm into a party à beach partyyyy 🤗

Giorgia Montresor

a month ago

Who is she?

Lynn Thomas McVey

a month ago

That hair is awesome!!

OG lyrics to “All You Need”

Ilaria Grossi

a month ago

He turned those scribbles into magic.

Jessica Matsock

a month ago

I'm even learning how to cook......

Rick Cooper

a month ago

My shiny silver cat

“When you grab a hold of me…” cool art by @hightide.creative
Thanks a lot Lee for gettin' us in out of the heat...

Nélia Greenberg

a month ago

Badfish is my anthem

Yanique Clarke

a month ago

Ben Tindall it’s a Pisces thing, soz boz.

Santiago Martinez

a month ago

Pennywise gave a shout out to sublime in Raleigh tonight was awesome

For those back to school... 4yrs. to freedom

Photo: @audreeeyyy_

Elliott Felix Coleman

a month ago

Nalani ill be making this for your nursing school cap!

Carla Rodriguez

a month ago

"to freedom" HAHA, not for most of you 👹

Mayra Perez

a month ago

Wish I had done this for mine back in the day... listening to Smoke two joints right now!

Working in the shop... what are you creating today?


a month ago

Memories with my son

Nur Fahira

a month ago

Stuck at shitty work 😔

Elizabeth Brown Shimukwaila

a month ago

I removed the old sliding door and installed a French door on our back patio. I had to remove the siding and reinstall it to fit right.

Summertime and the living's easy

New Opie art!

Tony Laux

a month ago

Summertime and the livin's easy
Bradley's on the microphone with Ross MG
All people in the dance will agree that we're all qualified to represent the LBC
Me and Louie run to run to the party and dance the rhythm gets harderr

Alvin Putra

a month ago

I got it good...

Justene Hatcher

a month ago

I’m an Hvac tech, summer time is never easy for me.

Always spotted on stage

Fan art: @Kenny_spicysol

Bénédicte Bruneau

a month ago

Now it’s cocoa and Stick Figure

Elissa Kay Younglove

a month ago

Esses caras são foda....

Alfonso Zapata

a month ago

There should be a full length feature film on Sublime through the eyes of Lou Dog.

Spreading the love to our friends at Merge4 who are dropping a collaboration with Lucile Packard Children's Hospital - featuring art from the very children in the hospital that they provide socks for!

Sandy Sypnicki

a month ago

Sign me up! Where do I input CC digits?

Sublime 30th!

Trey Bueche

2 months ago

yesterday was my 40th anniversary lol

Altaf Hussin Virkh

2 months ago

Bummed about the show being cancelled this weekend! 😔

Sonia Rodriguez

2 months ago

If this is a t-shirt, I need this in my life!

There's a steel train comin' through

Amir Choudhry

2 months ago

I would take either

Dylan Martyn

2 months ago

Bad Fish socks would be better for your feet!lol

Othman Jaha

2 months ago

But I won't walk up upon the sea like it was dry land,the boss Dj ain't nothing but a man,no trouble, no fuss! I know why...

Some very impressive leather goods from Dave Vegeto. Sublime fans ROCK!

Steven Harris

2 months ago

That's pretty sweet

Victoria S. Huerta

2 months ago

Someone should look into that last name.....

Joan Fuerte Fernandez Inado

2 months ago

Trenton Lauren Richardson whatcha got on this kyle

Sublime's self-titled album was released on this day back in '96!

Ángel Miñarro

2 months ago

Still in rotation. Always remember that 29 Palms shoutout on ‘April 26th, 1992.’

Míša Miška Gröplová

2 months ago

Just bought the album on record use to have the cd but who knows what happened to it guess ill just smoke 2 joints like the bad fish i

Allan Obwoya

2 months ago

Every sublime fan in the world has had to buy this album more than once. 3x for me. Lol

Sublime's self-titled album turns 22 tomorrow! Did you know this piece by Opie was supposed to be the cover?

Samir Sanharib Shibah

2 months ago

Is that Chicago drawing on the wall an homage to Wesley Willis?

Kelvin Reed

2 months ago

I'm trying so fucking hard to focus that magazine on the floor! Bradley Watts

Moises Castillo Carbajal

2 months ago

Happy birthday greatest record ever! I still love you!

When you want belly rubs but pops is playing a gig

Rajmeena Raj Meena

2 months ago

The only way to stay sane.

Derek Archie Piche

2 months ago

Tash Sinclair Nelsy if I was playing! 😂

June Mckee

2 months ago

Kari, vos cuando te dan el pase de prensa para los conciertos. :v

Sublime state of mind
Get Ready

Peter Reinbold

2 months ago

I like dat song black hole sun
Black hole sun won’t u come wash away ur pain black hole sun

Yareli Gonzalez

2 months ago

Neck tattoo is spelled incorrectly, still great art work

El Franco Ta Ttoos

2 months ago

That is crazy... Look at Lou Dog!

Janet Haynes Klock

2 months ago

Both bands are great, you can't compare the two. Sublime are good for relaxing and bumping some bass. 311 rocks harder and have sonic approach. Sucks we couldn't see Sublime evolve with Brad. The new stuff isn't great but I do love Rome hate seeing people shitting on him. Let's keep things civil here, they will play together down the road don't want to go to a show with shitty vibes.

Stephanie Johnson

2 months ago

311 rocks, original sublime rocks. Listen to what you like and have your opinions. Sublime with Rome is drivel, modern pop is better than that.

Heidi L. Jensen

2 months ago

Sublime with Rome is a cover band with the bass player from Sublime 🤷🏻‍♂️ I would rather listen to my sublime catalogue for free, than pay money to go and hear mediocre versions of the originals.

I can play the guitar like a motherfuckin' riot

Juan Antonio Mendez Negrete

2 months ago

He does look like him for a split second. Haha

Krittiya Ouesakul

2 months ago

God only knows what he was up to in there...

Punar Miroslavova

2 months ago

Sounds like some need to leave this page! Sublime is one of the greatest bands. So talented, true artists. I've said it before and I'll say it again everything they've done is gold!