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Sublime doin' it the Wrong Way since '88 • • • • #Sublime #WrongWay #SublimeLBC

@tattoosbyopie curated the new Sublime X Sullen Collaboration. Check out the wicked bad-ass goods

Opie curated the new Sublime X Sullen Collaboration. Check out the wicked bad-ass goods

Diane Doerr Bosgieter

10 hours ago

Just ordered a shirt. Wish they had the shirt pictured in 2X

Alessandra Mattiuzzo

10 hours ago

No 2x 3x or 4x? No love for the big guys I see how it is

Ana Delfine

10 hours ago

I miss LBDA!!!

Scarlet begonias and a touch of the blues...
Spring has arrived!
Scarlet begonias and a touch of the blues... Spring has arrived!

Rebecca Seay

10 hours ago

Not in the north east it hasnt, but I am still hoping for some scarlet bagonias!

Sezin Esen

a day ago

I love sublime but this cover is awful and you all know it 😊

Aurica Petrovan

a day ago

Crystal Tighe I figured you’d appreciate this as much as I would!

For the love of Lou Dog (link in bio) • • • • #Sublime #LouDog #SublimeSocks #Merge4

For the love of Lou Dog

Аня Аня

4 days ago

Buying a pair of socks won't benefit Louies ghost 👻

Mireya Guzman

4 days ago

Jake Johnson omg these socks

João Henrique Andrade

4 days ago

Jesse Lozano Jeri Danielle Nelson

Christoph Büsching

4 days ago

And the answers always waiting at the liquor store, 40 oz to Freedom..

John Paul Capua

5 days ago

Where can I get this t-shirt?

Solomon Chukwuma

5 days ago

I love the irish people and beer😎

Brad and Jim Nowell back in 1980!

Prachi Arora

6 days ago

back when people were real people

Jemelia Ferguson

6 days ago

This young dad would be so sad to know how Brad finished...

Arlindo Ricardo General

7 days ago

Here's my Bradley. Named after one of the best musicians ever to change the game

89 Vision 10" #RSD18

To help mark the 30th anniversary of the band, Sublime's first cassette on Skunk will be available on vinyl for the first time at your local Record Store Day indie shops on April 21st

Babette Holly

8 days ago

We Must get one! Justin Brown

Brandon Curtin

8 days ago


Carla Ambrosino

8 days ago

I’ll be in Denver for the Red Rocks show, gonna have to find a record store!

Sublime did a show for High Times at SWSW on this day in '96!

Date Rape video was recorded on this day in '95 • • • • #Sublime #DateRape #Zman #SublimeLBC

@postmalone knows what's up! • • • • #Sublime #Santeria #PostMalone

Walk the walk! Check out the fresh new Sublime socks (click the link in the bio) • • • • #Sublime #SublimeSocks #Merge4 #SublimeSun #Loudog

Walk the walk! Check out the fresh new Sublime socks

Boussaada Said

11 days ago

Las quiero Laura Jimenez

Will Horton

13 days ago

Evelyn Paseka you get your Doobie socks when I get these k thx bye

Fares Benteke

13 days ago

Cassidy those green socks are badass!

Sublime state of mind Original Art by Sublmie OG ---> @djproduct1969c

Sublime state of mind

Original Art by Sublmie OG ---> DJ Product 1969

Eric Tött

13 days ago

Had this on a shirt

Lori Dawn Miller

14 days ago

Only if you are a SoCal loc do you understand the blimp

Megan Thele

14 days ago

Awesome job Doug

Mario Kart! • • • • • • #Sublime #BradleyNowell #SublimeLBC

Yuuya Gen

15 days ago

Jason Mccoy lol

Griff Barber

15 days ago

Very cool but you're missing the banana peels and the red and green turtle shells ;) 😊

Randy Brodie

15 days ago

R.I.P. 😭💕

Live at The Nugget on this day in '91!

Live at The Nugget on this day in '91!

Ryan Miranda

15 days ago

I was probably at this one! 😝 I remember seeing Sublime at CSULB, I used to sit in the cafeteria and on the lawn sometimes outside class when my dad was at school and couldn’t afford a babysitter so I’d go with him. Good times

Jon Manchas

16 days ago

James Grogan, back in your day 💖

Ben Kuiper

16 days ago

Are these tix still available?!?!?!

#Sublime was live on KUCI Ska Parade Radio Show on this day in '94!

Check the goods! Limited edition merch still available (link in bio) • • • • #Sublime #bradleynowell50th #SublimeMerch #SublimeLBC

Check the goods! Limited edition merch still available --->

Carly Alexandra

18 days ago

Daniel Ibarra dude dis hoodie though

João Vitor Sorrentino

19 days ago

The hat Cody M Hicks

Jason Geipel

19 days ago

Making money off a dead man.

Sublime live on this day in '94!

Sublime played at @Snow Summit on this day in '94!
91X - San Diego

Yan Viana

21 days ago

I would have loved to seen Downset

Tyler James White

21 days ago

the good old days before brad died and you sold out with rome.

Gonzalez Ursula

21 days ago

Ghoulspoon is a groovy name

Saw Red Brad & @GwenStefani • • • #Sublime #BradleyNowell #GwenStefani #NoDoubt #SawRed

Saw Red
Brad & Gwen Stefani

Yan Viana

21 days ago

Glad to know show went on to make incredibly bad music. "#HollaBack

Ben Kuiper

21 days ago

Hes dead and she sucks

Ashley Kalmbach

21 days ago

One of the best songs ever!

Shreddin' the pow... • • • #Sublime #SnoCoreTour #BradleyNowell #BudGaugh #EricWilson

Shreddin' the pow...

Lauren Langan

22 days ago

Thats awesome! Back when I designed it, they gave one to the singer of Sublime. It got passed around a bit until a friend acquired it and called me. Its hanging in my garage now. Thanks for thinking of me. We should all get together again. Another small reunion would be awesome.

Chris Tovar

22 days ago

Jonny Knight Eric really? Hahaha

Sheree Cyphers

22 days ago

Jason Cruz! The board!

This ain't no funky reggae party, $5 at the door

This ain't no funky reggae party, $5 at the door

Justin Harter

23 days ago

Saw Long Beach Dub Allstar up at Hum Brews in Arcata when I was in college. 😊

Eduardo Mattioli

24 days ago

I was at this show in Arcata, Ca. Rad show. The Wesley Willis Fiasco, and the Lordz of Brooklyn opened for them. They played a long set. Eric finally got drunk enough and stumbled off the the stage and right out the front door! I don’t remember if they played any more later on or not. Killer show!

Greg Cabras

24 days ago

So many people talked about "Brewin' Beats" (Arcata) Ca, years after living there. My band was lucky enough to play (what was Cafe Tomo) and now I believe it is "Mazzotti's"...Lots of touring bands came through there to play at that very small intimate is a shame there was no recording of it...

Droppin' at Musink in March!
Sullen Clothing

Sticker Artwork by @tybredart

Anna Marie Gerhardstein

25 days ago

Looks cool enough, don't know why everyone's complaining. I will say that I don't think the guy in the car and the girl's artwork really match stylistically, though

Jackie Rose

a month ago

Awesome! Kennystill, is this the same thing David Mann did? Same designer too or no? Awwww shit! I'm getting me some!

Angie Estrada

a month ago

Sublime is DEAD

Wow! Look at that Sun made of icing.
Thanks Daniela's Kitchen
Altar at AleSmith. 50th
Thanks for the love OC Weekly
What was hidden from the wise & prudent has been revealed to the babe & suckling...
Happy 50th...

Tim Thomas

25 days ago

At least wanna grab a bite

Mike Hurley

a month ago

Greg Jones-Isaacson

Gabe Constant

a month ago

That's fantastic, awesome job to whomever made it!

Altar at AleSmith. #bradleynowell50th

"Look at all the love we've found..." on what would've been Brad's 50th! Come celebrate tonight at AleSmith Brewing Company in SD and Alex's Bar

What was hidden from the wise & prudent has been revealed to the babe & suckling.... #bradleynowell50th
Happy 50th Bradley!
We love and miss you brother!
One of a kind...

Jessica Talbert

a month ago

"Lying here in my plastic bed thinking how things seem so cool to me", I wonder " what happened?"
We will always miss you bradley. Happy Birthday.

Brittany Aldrich

a month ago

Your music has been with me through the best of times an the worst of times.thank you for putting it there. 🐟

Nina Baltimore

a month ago

Happy Birthday!!!!! I listen to you everyday! Even if you can't be here, your music will always be part of my life

Happy 50th Bradley! We love and miss you brother! One of a kind... #BradleyNowell50th

Raise a glass for Brad's 50th tomorrow at AleSmith Brewing Company from 6-9pm.

Remaining 40oz bottles available.
music, food trucks, and a tribute alter set up!
So much love this week with it being Eric's birthday today and Brad's tomorrow

Mikey Overman

a month ago

I didnt know why but Ive been compelled to listen to 40oz to Freedom all day yesterday and today. Now I know its because I could feel that today was a special day.

Thank you Brad and all of Sublime for getting me through HS and life in general. RIP

Elise Lloyd

a month ago

Too bad that guy died, I’d love some more of his tracks on my phone. Talk about just making the most fun out of life and spreading it to others.

Wayne Yabsley

a month ago

Was at a brewery today having a drink, not too often you hear sublime hear in Oz. Was listening to Santeria. Raise a glass for Bradley 🍻🤙

Happy Birthday to the bass maestro Eric Wilson!

"Sublime endures because of the way Brad would make you feel. When you're a musician like that it's timeless, it lasts forever." - Miles Doughty @slightlystoopid #BradleyNowell50th - Feb. 22nd

Jakob Nowell’s band LAW and Miguel’s band Perro Bravo and others will be celebrating Bradley’s 50th!

Chris Shananagins

a month ago

It's Sold Out.

Bianca Halak

a month ago

Juice bros need to reunite

John Chisholm

a month ago

Frederico Miranda vc acha que vai rolar fumacê na festa?

“The world knows Bradley Nowell as the often-shirtless frontman whose dalmatian Lou Dog was never far from his side, a musical genius who could blend Jamaican rhythms with American hardcore as effortlessly as he could smile, and a golden-throated lead singer with the ability to belt out black music and not sound like a corny white boy.” - OC Weekly

#BradleyNowell50th - Feb. 22nd

Rob Catlow

a month ago

When I started listening to Sublime I was amazed and still am amazed on how Brad blended all these genres together. And boy his Spanish was good as well. This is coming from a Mexican girl 😂😂 There isn't another band as badass as Sublime

Johnjohn Davis

a month ago

Sublime literally saved my life more than once thank you

Doug Smalley

a month ago

Need ideas for a small sublime tattoo!!! Help me out!

"No one could’ve told us that by the time we were 50 we would still be played on the radio every day and America’s number one band!Cheers and Happy Birthday my friend!Miss you brother" - Bud Gaugh

#BradleyNowell50th - Feb. 22nd

JoRel Canizales

a month ago

Is it different singing "Date Rape" in todays climate? Do you skip over that song on your set? Do your fans still pine for those lyrics? Just curious how you handle pop culture and a shift in what is acceptable.

Ricardo Leon

a month ago

I will forever listen to your music, my first son "Bradly Paul" R.i.P 3/5/07-3/5/07 was named Bradly cause of "caress me down".

Paulie Vaivao

a month ago

Well you are only played due to great managers and money makers. You were never played on the radio when we were kids. But, good on you too bad Bradley himself can't cash the checks

“I can’t believe we’re remembering Bradley on his 50th Birthday instead of celebrating it with him. The gift that Bradley has left us all with is his music.So play it loud all day on his birthday and it will be celebrated, with him.” - Troy Holmes

#BradleyNowell50th - Feb. 22nd

Bella Freire

a month ago

Must of been a sign from the man up above, all the way over here in New Zealand and been blasting some Sublime for the last 2 hours!! Life is good!! 🎶🎼

Jon Manchas

a month ago

I’ve been rocking my customized sublime pandora station for the last six months. Made it years ago, thru it on in the car one day after a couple years and haven’t been able to turn it off....

Chemi Gali

a month ago

Always think about what he could have done with his music. He is definitely missed. So many try to make the sound that he had but none compare.

Celebrate Bradley Nowell's 50th by posting your memories of Sublime and Bradley using #BradleyNowell50th on Instagram and Twitter! (Link in bio)

Look at all the love we've found...
Look at all the love we've found...

Juan Ignacio Saponare

a month ago

The secret tweaker pad

Jason Leach

a month ago

Flava flav and ICE once said something that made me want to burn my liquor store down to the ground.

Alyssa Oppelt

a month ago

Sublime for life!.

Another run of 40oz bottles in celebration of #BradleyNowell50th (link in bio)

Get ready at 11am PST for another run of 40oz bottles in celebration of #BradleyNowell50th -->

Alberto Martinez

a month ago

IB Orange click on the link. You can only buy 1 40 so I have Brandon picking me, Mom and his up while I'm at work lol

Joe Rodz

a month ago

Yeah!!!! Thank you! I can't wait to try the 40 oz lager to freedom!!! God bless you!!!!!

DJwaleivos Walter Allex

a month ago

For those really wanting to enjoy this event how about ordering yours and coming to Alesmith on Thursday 2/22 what would be Bradley's 50th birthday?

Brewing another run of 40oz bottles! Details coming Monday at 10am PST #BradleyNowell50th

This Father-Daughter duo know what’s up!
Matching tatts
Keith LaBreche

Arthur Rivard

a month ago

My latest edition to my sublime sleeve

Jafet Salazar Simes

a month ago

I've got the same one, I'm the same place!! Nice!!!

Angela Michele

a month ago

Alexis Ogden Mark Ogden Jr. Need to get one soon together

Alexis you better not get one. Need first tats together as a family damn it.