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#BadfishTurns2h Bob Ross

Celebrating 25 years of Badfish!

Check out this killer fan art by Lauren Elizabeth

Fans shared about Sublime

Anthony Joseph

5 days ago

This song always hits me hard. Takes me back to both great and sad times. Absolutely love this track. So special. Rip Bradley. Ur music lives on and will forever

Carlette Martin

also shared about Sublime

This was my mom’s favorite song by them one of my faves. When she passed my Dad got a tattoo of the title of it on his arm. The first tattoo he’d ever gotten. 😀 song always makes me think of Mom.

Lowell Miller

also shared about Sublime

This band is unbelievable and the fact that I still listen to this music every day for 20 years and every song still remains relevant, is unheard of.....

Throwin' it back to Bud, Eric, Ras MG, Miguel, Gwen Stefani at the Billboard music awards in '97
Skunk Records

Fans shared about Sublime

Sydney Chisholm

7 days ago

I used to call into KROQ all the time and request Sublime so I could record it on a mixtape and listen back on my Walkman ☺️

Nydia Arismendiz Salazar

also shared about Sublime

Brad looks pretty lit in this video. Wish he was still around! It would have been amazing to see him live in concert. RIP Brad.

Rad Sublime mask!
IG @Zackpoulin

Fans shared about Sublime

Caralee Boulais

10 days ago

One of my favorite songs!! Still listen to this album now!! So glad that I grew up listening to awesome bands like Sublime, and not the ridiculous crap that’s around today!

Fans shared about Sublime

Brandon Yates

12 days ago

Easy big killer... There is a MAJOR difference between a cover band a band that you can't even categorize into one genre because they were SO diverse. Sublime did do cover songs but i can only honest think of a few that were 100% COVER songs. Minor Threat, Legalize it, Big salty tears, Myage, House of suffering... there's more i know. But you are letting your hate blind you to this bands Brilliance. MOST of their songs were influenced by many many different artists. Bradley was diverse in his guitar and lyrics. So many factors bro.... Let go of that hate. Let that lovin' take hold.

Jonathan Edgar Raigoza

also shared about Sublime

Hmm. Sublime great band. Sad that it’s lost it’s way, but the classics remain. And if you understand music and the evolution of it you know this band and it’s original members is no hack.

Roots of Sublime
Beastie Boys - Slow and Low

Fans shared about Sublime

Jeff Escobedo

14 days ago

You don't get it. Simple enough. This is a garage band who recorded their own albums literally in a garage and who were promoted by fans, not the industry. That's why every 16 year old knows the words to wrong way 20 years later.

Shelby Johnson

also shared about Sublime

Selling out seems to mean making money ? I don't get it. If a band wants to get any amount of fame they need to have fans. In order to get those you have to promote your music, products, etc. You can't really make any head way if you're only playing in your parents garage. You can have fun, but it won't pay the bills. Sucks, but it's reality.

Shelby Johnson

also shared about Sublime

Recording and promoting is part of the industry... 🤔 Even if you do it yourself, youre still getting your shit out there. Still marketing it to an audience. I get how it seems unfair that some folks can just pay their way into it but that's life. Some people have money; some don't. I like sublime but this "we never sell out" "we don't even sell ourselves" ideology that a lot of bands seem to be pushing just isn't true. If they had the cash they would have done the same, seeing as how they are doing it now... ? 😂 No need to get anyone's panties in a bunch over opinions on the music industry though. We can all still enjoy sublime either way. ✌️

Fans shared about Sublime

David Schweitzer

15 days ago

I try to be the man like I got the master plan. A night out on the town. Of drinking dancing we could turn it out woah oh woah

Cheers to 2018! #HNY

Me and Louie run to the party...

Fans shared about Sublime

Dom A Caron

17 days ago

Brad looks fucked how do ppl perform that fucked up? Scott weiland, Kurt Cobain fuck i cant even play on weed i forget things and play something else lol

Fans shared about Sublime

Tim White

18 days ago

I went to the release party with my son, Bradley, and got him a poster. My brother in law tried to take it down from his room because he thought it was inappropriate for a 5 yo to have a beer a poster in his room. Fuck outta here, that's his namesake and he loves that poster! It's also a fantastic beer and a great memory we have together!

David McGuire

also shared about Sublime

Sounds like you need to get a new brother-in-law trying to tell you what's appropriate for your own son at least the kid will grow up with good taste in music

"My brand new car is parked right outside
How'd ya like to go for a ride?"

Fans shared about Sublime

Doug Bowers

20 days ago

Oh God how I miss those days. Brad why?! Why did you have to leave so early?! You had so much more to give us. You are gone my friend, but not forgotten. Your legacy still lives on to this day in 2017.🤙👽

Chris Homsley

also shared about Sublime

To this day, I still don't know what that woman was singing about. Like literally, no idea. I don't know what a Hollaback Girl is, but I have to imagine its a foul, disease-ridden thing that wears too much makeup to cover up the fact that its really a 55 year old fishdog.

Jennifer Lynn Gronskei

also shared about Sublime

Brad and Gwen we're and in her case still are amazing! People comment on how he looked fucked up and she is a sell out, Fuck off! Times change and people change. Don't you people think that because of him she may have made better choices, the fact that she is still relevant and doing well is amazing!!! I love my sublime music and I love this page... Ty

Right Back to '96

Young Brad waiting for his Ruca

Sublime speaking truth

Start em' young!

Tis the season

Merry Christmas Sublime Family!!

Eric Wilson tried to jack Santa's sleigh...

Happy Holidazeeee

Fans shared about Sublime

Samantha Hartley Hunt

25 days ago

This was one of my brother's favorite songs. He passed away in 2008. Any time it comes on the radio, I crank it up, and just sing to the top of my lungs and have myself a good cry. But even as I cry, I smile thinking of him singing along with me. RIP CMH ♡

Sublime doin' it the Wrong Way since '88

Rolling stoned in '95
A sweet fitting Sublime tee is What I Got

Fans shared about Sublime

Michael Bleedsbleu Weinberg

a month ago

ALL OF THEM. I still to this day cant skip a song on this album. It has a power over me, and I have to play the whole thing first to last when ever I play it. Much Love Brad! Merry Christmas!

Matt Gum

also shared about Sublime

All of them. This is one of those albums you don’t skip around, you fucking press play and let it ride out until thanks is over ! Your mom called and said to take a nap !

Andreas Svensson

also shared about Sublime

There's so many good ones! I think I have a favorite one for every mood I can be in! But would guess that Garden Grove is the one that's been tru my speakers the most <3

For the cold, cold, cold hard ground...

Bright sun sinking low... #WinterSolstice

Leaving Babylon

Fans shared about Sublime

Brandon Yates

a month ago

i just lost mine after 10 years. raised her from 5 weeks old. best dog i ever had. Spent 4 days in the house listening to sublime and blazing chronic. Brads songs about Louie really helped me through my grief. Thank you Nowell, Wilson, and Gaugh. Blime is art.

Brandon Yates

also shared about Sublime

Lost my best friend. I feel like the only other person to ever walk this earth that loved their dog more than i loved mine was Bradley. But i just know him and Louie are united again in peace.

Paredes Robert

also shared about Sublime

We took this trip to Garden Grove it smelled like Lou dog inside the van oh yea this aint no funky reggae party $5 at the door it gets so real sometimes who wrote my rhyme...

Note from Scummy... You're missed, man! RIP

xmas decorating skillz on point

IG: @lindseyhmu

Throwin' it back to the Sublime Mexico shit hole in '92

Note from Scummy... you're missed, man! RIP

Check the background on classic Sublime Pharcyde remix

On this day in '94!

Fans shared about Sublime

Bryan Peterson

a month ago

My place, is not a home
Don't make no difference
But I've found,
That I need a place to stay
Though disease was just the price I paid

Big Salty Tears
Is what I taste
As I drive
Past your house
And all those break lights
That are in front of me
They make me
Want to get on tonight

"This is a Ziggens song by the way"

I'm at the age where I realize
The liquor store won't bring you back
I must be gettin' old
I'm at the drive-thru
And I'm making my face
All fat fat fat fat fat
Big Salty Tears
One of my favorite songs ever!

Sublime's SNOCORE tour kicked off on this day in '95

Check out this snippet from The Long Way Back Film featuring Jakob’s cover of “Pool Shark”

"I wanna go to a party "

Fans shared about Sublime

Zane Paradise

a month ago

Awesome parents make awesome kids. Too bad Brad wasnt around for his.. also, I fail to see the racism everyone is so up in arms about, what a cool story of blending culture.

Roots of Sublime
Bob Marley - Hammer

#FlyDay Black Flys

Love is what I got

Brad with Troy at the Lost house singing "Prophet"
Slightly Stoopid