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Look at young Brad! Back cover of the Sublime Acoustic...

Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends was released on this day back in '98!

Skunk Records released Sublime's "Tour Video Long" 21 years ago today!

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Bob Tatro

3 days ago

Greatest Saturday Morning Cartoon cover EVER. When are we going to start the process from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Way over due.

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Justin William Eastling

3 days ago

Jesus! Films from the early 90s look more and more like the 80s everyday. I thought this was a cover band until I turned on the sound.

Everything Under The Sun Box Set turns 11!

#LouDog went to the moon Fan art by Manu Manos con Tinta
Lou Dog went to the moon

Fan art by Manu Manos con Tinta

17 years ago today!

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Carl Djwk Bruesch

7 days ago

I miss working at Pro Sound & Sam Ash - Eric, Marshall and Mike would come in all the time. Good folks right there. Not to mention all the shows we did in the late 80's at Toe Jam in LB!

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Amanda S.

7 days ago

🎵 My place is not home, don’t make no difference but I️ have found that I️ need a place to stay, I️ never listen what the landlord man say! 🎵

Tyler Thompson

also shared about Sublime

There's always lots of fun stuff to do. Like relax and design a brand new tattoo. Playing with my cross word puzzle book. I'm even learning how to cook...

You'll feel it when the dance gets hot

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Ernie Clinton

8 days ago

I miss my youth..🤔
R.I.P. Bradley 🙏.
Your music got me through the tough times.. Glad to see Eric and Bud are keeping your memory alive.

James DiBello

also shared about Sublime

Their music still inspires me to this day. I still listen to them, even though it's under a different name, but they're still good. They're one of my heroes in music!!!!!!!!

Jenny Detmering

also shared about Sublime

Before I got sober I was always was trying to get a better hit. To always feel better. It was so short lived and never real. Been 7 years now plus 40 days. And I miss it sometimes but I keep going towards real and memorable happiness and peace.

Sublime's Greatest Hits album was released today back in '99!

Are you a badfish, too?

Cross stitch by IG:
Art by Lauren Elizabeth

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Grateful Happy Dave Ziggen

11 days ago

Alrighty then,, we'll set up the details for the big night.... Todd Zalkins, we'll keep you posted! Seems har poolside patio is big enough to host a hard rockin' trio till she gets a citation!!

Gustin Jorsuch

also shared about Sublime

Checked it out from the Microsoft store on Xbox one. Movie is awesome, lots of good stories and sublime footage I've never seen. Movies fuckin $$ watch it!

40oz. to freedom... Fan sketch by Daniel Mercer

40oz. to freedom...

Fan sketch by Daniel Mercer

Roots of Sublime
The Specials (Official) - It's Up To You

Día de los Muertos

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Cervantes Rosa

16 days ago

Santa muertes day a day to celebrare And remember those are not here any more,í do have People í CARE for that no longer here ,but live in my heart ,like my father SR SALVADOR CERVANTES ,JOELITO NATAS ARAUJO ,SOCORRO MOBTEVERDE,, MY LOVELY MARGIE SR ,CARLOS BÓXER MEDINA,,SR EULALIO LALO MARTINEZ ,JESUSITA CHAVEZ ,I MISS YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS

All you need

Have a #Sublime Halloween

OG's handling business

Coming #RSDBF

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Sean Davis

20 days ago

George Dougherty lol i remember when you first showed me sublime bro fell in love with the unique sound right away we used to laugh our asses off at this song! 😂 miss you homie rip.

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Brendon Bohling

21 days ago

I was never fortunate enough to see them perform back in the 90s with Brad but I saw them with Rome in 2011 and I'm not a big Rome fan truthfully. However I am glad I got to see Eric and Bud perform live, that's an experience I won't forget.

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Che Weller

21 days ago

That was the day that my lil dog Lou dog went to the moon!... yah, yah, yah ,yah..... not from the album but worth the listen!

Katherine Adams

also shared about Sublime

No matter when I hear this song I automatically think of us partying when I came to visit you like 6yrs ago :) all the guys playing this song and us just chillin hahaha :) Marlana Betts we have some damn good memories!

Grab another beer cuz it's time to go...
Halloween ready

IG: @roots_rock_reagae209

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Shelby Hosey

22 days ago

So are you telling me I have do a year in rehab and pay fines for Shit I didn't do to look at Lue?

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Allen Rodriguez

23 days ago

One of my favorite songs Soo awesome!!! Also that DVD will for ever be embedded in my head sooooo dope..... Hey 311 is not key hahahaha

James Stewart

also shared about Sublime

Funny you post this. I was going thru a box of old stuff last night,and found this VHS in it. I thought too bad I don't have a vcr .

All you need...

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Brian Waltrup

24 days ago

Listening to a Descendents CD back in the day and my GF (now wife) says, “oh, they’re singing a Sublime song”. I laughed, and still married her.

Nathan Falcone

also shared about Sublime

Actually the rest of the band wasn't there on time. But that didn't stop bradley. Goes to show what an amazingly underrated musician he truly was

The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become.

also shared about Sublime

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself."— Edmund Lee

Mucho gusto, me llamo Bradley

21 years ago today!

Sublime's Three Ring Circus tour kicked off on this day in '95 at The Palace in Hollywood!

Where do you drink the Sublime X AleSmith Mexican Lager?

The Hangover Pub #SML
Where do you drink the Sublime X AleSmith Mexican Lager? @thehangoverpub #SML

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David Schweitzer

a month ago

En el otro lado, es donde vivi,
(On the other side is where I lived )
Con mi'hjita, que se llama Mexi,
(with my girl, who's name is Mexi)
Su hermana, si me quier,
(and her sister; she wants me)
Y ahorita, tenemos un bebe,
(and we have a baby)

Sus padres, sus tios, me trataron matar
(her parents, her uncles, they tried to kill me)
But they did not get too far
Un poco despues tuv que regresar
(a little while later I had to come back)
Con un chingo de dinero
(with a shit-load of money)
Cause you know I'm a star

Me fui a Costa Rica
(I went to Costa Rica)
Para tomar y sufear
(to drink and surf)
Platicaba con la raza
([I'd] talk to the race [Costa Rican people])
Cause they know who we are

Si no me dio cuenta
(If you didn't pay attention to me)
Then I bet you never will
You must be a muteca
(you must be a doll)
If your still standing still

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Tony Bailey

a month ago

So sad to see Opioids become a tool of survival for those who are addicted to opioid. Hopefully this film will help some people who need help the most. Congrats on your years of sobriety Todd!!

Mark Celentano

also shared about Sublime

Brads death was a terrible tragety. No one that loved Brad is to blame there selves. I know that there's been a lot of pain over that. It's time for healing and strength.

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of 40oz. To Freedom with this Double-LP Limited Edition Picture Disc, exclusively for Black Friday Record Store Day! Pick it up at your local Record Store Day indie shops on November 24, 2017! #RSDBF

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Matt Paul

a month ago

With a face like Bob Marley, and a mouth like a motorbike. Oh well the bars are always open, and the time is always right, and if God’s good word goes unspoken, the music goes all night.

Brad had such a great voice, Sublime made such great music. RIP man, RIP..

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Joseph Carroll

a month ago

She told me to come over and I took that trip and then she pulled out my mushroom tip and when it came out it drip drip drip I didn't know she the G. I Joe kung-fu grip

Allen St. Onge

also shared about Sublime

I love how lyrics flow and the corrections. You can visualize him kind of working it out. Thanks for the share Sublime page I love this memorabilia!

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Stewart Brodie

a month ago

Listening to Garden Grove. Sublime lives forever! ❤️ I found them after taking a chance on a song called “riot” on a Napster style file sharing site early 2000’s never having heard of Sublime figuring it might be worth a listen.

Florecita Daisy

also shared about Sublime

If you only knew all the love that I found, its hard to keep my soul on the ground. You're a fool! Don't fuck around with ny dog. All that I can see I steal. I fill up my garage...

Alex R. Salvato

also shared about Sublime

Joseph McDermott Cameron Gulledge although we were either fetuses, not alive, or small children at the time of this picture I can't shake the feeling that somehow we were there...