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“I ain’t even gonna get out of bed today…”

Mario Torres

10 hours ago

I don’t wanna do a bong load

Jeimy Sánchez Quintero

10 hours ago

itu hate heroin

Mario Torres

10 hours ago

I'm gonna shoot heroine and not feed my dog

Perla ET

a day ago

When HE* doesn't know Sublime.

Cristina Fernandes

a day ago

Lol why are sublime fans all hardcore all of a sudden? i thought they were all laid back and stoned n shit Jesus Christ

Аня Колесниченко

2 days ago

I love when that happens, so I can show her

On this day in 1990!

Ronel Potgieter

2 days ago

Liam Sean raggae?

Szentendrey Tibor

2 days ago

amazing 1990 Photoshop ever haha

Alexa Morales Bvb

3 days ago

This was the year I first realized sublime was an absolutely fucking horrible band with little to no talent.

“On the Freeway in the county the sun don’t shine”

Donna Lee

3 days ago

i use to sing this song when i was locked up in LA county jail

Rupert Walker

3 days ago

Robbin the hood

Roxanne Haro

4 days ago

Lol at everyone arguing about the lyrics and who wrote what songs on here. Bradley would laugh at all of you.

Great song, listening to it now, thanks for posting!

Sublime With Rome is hitting the road!
Tickets --->

David Moorehouse

3 days ago

Badfish- Sublime Tribute Band is better 👍🏻👍🏻

Ortiz Arcelia

4 days ago

Sublime died when Bradley died. Just like Alice in Chains died when Layne Staley died.

Maria Ilieva

4 days ago

Sublime died with brad unfortunately. Don’t believe me, listen to Robbin the hood. That album was all Brad. He produced and recorded the album by himself in a house with a 4 track mixer. That slob they have up on stage now is pitiful. Bud isnt even a part of the band anymore and in my opinion Eric and Bud should’ve stayed with Ras-1 and Opie with the Long Beach Dub Allstars. Now That was a good band.

5446 was my number

Patrick Ex Colonel

3 days ago

More like toots maytals number

Del Belisle

4 days ago

Right now somebody else has my number

Jesus Martinez

4 days ago

Extra points if you know the original

“Where I really got a feel for the Sublime scene was at this place called the Kommotion. It was a little, punk rock, art collective… It was chaos, and it was classic Sublime. The party's on stage, off the stage, around the stage, everywhere." – Sublime co-manager Blaine Kaplan, On this day in ’94

Phamela Moto

6 days ago

David Matthews man every time I see a gig like this i am sad we will never get the chance 😞

Nathalie Peuble

6 days ago

Who had the foresight to take pictures of these flyers?

Херардо Хуарес

6 days ago

Strung Out and Sublime! Damn I was born too late!!!

Today's to-do list

Bachtalo Čoro

5 days ago

Sublime was not the original composers of this song. I smoke two joints when I play video games and every 10000points I smoke two joints

Missjune Crabtree

5 days ago

I smoke 2 joints in time of peace, and 2 in time of war.....

Ashley Carver

6 days ago

My 21st birthday me and my friends smoked 6 joints then got into an epic debate on if he meant perpetual joints because he always smoked two joints before he smoked two joints and then he smoked two more.

Where's the pocket knife at?

LisaMarie Brooks

6 days ago

leprosy took it

Bongani Khoza

7 days ago

Met Eric in Cancun last night

Stuart Lerette

7 days ago

Take care of that piece of art my guy, the fuqq

Sublime's SnoCore tour kicked off on this day in '95!

Lucely Murillo

7 days ago

Over 20 years ago😥

Roberto Rodríguez

8 days ago

Is this pic taken in big bear, ca?

Cheryl Martin

8 days ago

Awesome pic! Miss Brad!! 🤘🎸

Hm Sicka

7 days ago

Im a parasite, creep and crawl.....I step into the night!!

Sebastian Kosecki

8 days ago

Sublime is the best.

Mildred Stahle

8 days ago

No pictures with Rome ???

"See, I chose this profession, so therefore, I earn beer"
Throwing it back to the ’97 MTV Awards

Christine Garreck

8 days ago

Ship builders not shit builders

Thomas Blakeway

9 days ago

Still got it!!

Gonathan Bracy

9 days ago

i like spanish music...dont understand what they're saying but..

Latest collab with Merge4

Arsonya Earle

10 days ago

Comprame Dayanna Cevallos Herrera porrrr favoooooor

Fredrik Ekeberg

10 days ago

*groan* @ this shit.....

April Spencer

10 days ago

Arg! I love them both!! ✌️

Lou Dog in the mix

Nyah St Louis

10 days ago

Love lou dog

Eliot Dlp

11 days ago

He's gotta be one of the most famous and loved dogs.... Ever!!

Scarlet Begonias

Art: @Kevburl1313

Jensen Farrington

10 days ago

...cause once in a while you get shone in the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right...

Just let er pass by.

Giselle Valencia

11 days ago

implication of foreshadowing a collaboration with the offspring? It's all a conspiracy man.

Kathleen Lauesen

11 days ago

Steal your begonias

Troy with some 40oz. to freedom!

Sofía Miranda

11 days ago

She’s awesome in real life, she rocks!

Paula Acosta

11 days ago

30 ounces to freedom, 10!for Brad 🍺

Härshäl Pärmär

11 days ago

Only 1000 bottles brewed worldwide!!

Sublime live in Victorville, CA on this day in '95

Tom Patterson

12 days ago

Hans Landis Edney was this what you were talkin about back in the day?

Hideshi Kimura

12 days ago

That was the first show I every went to. Face to face got a great pit going that night!

Dohoon Kim

12 days ago

Dylan Eli Bailey the featured band was my Uncle’s band and my mom was at this show with me in her belly!

Brad and Gwen playing a house party back in the day

Daniel Lara

15 days ago

“I’ll go, but I’m not gonna have a good time.🙄”

Julissa Peña Boulangger

15 days ago

Think of where Gwen Stefani is at now. A mega star. Think of where Brad would be at now. He would be regarded in higher praise than RHCP in my honest opinion. He’s a better musician than most artists even to this day. RIP Brad!

Luyanda Small

15 days ago

Im here for the "back when gwen...." people. Like you haven't changed since 1992

Risin' to the street

Fan art by Pete Spaeth

Mathias Larsen Lussand

14 days ago

Got to find a reason, the reason things went wrong, ive got to find a reason why my money is all gone!!

Bex Cuaresma

14 days ago

Light me up that cigarette and i strap shoes on my feet....!

Jeanne DaSilva

14 days ago

This looks like it’s from deviant art. Please never ever put something like this on my timeline again.

Vignette Fleury-Dixon

16 days ago

I’d tell him to fuck off cause I have all the bootlegs and studio albums. Along with all the concerts,dvds,shirts and whatever else from back in the 90s

Jokes on him, she's a ninja turtle

Jacqueline Pugh-brown

16 days ago

Im there! Hope Pennywise likes Tequila !! 😂😂

Light me up that cigarette!

Photo: Maggie St. Thomas

Darren Rosado

17 days ago

Those socks tho

رائف روفينا ابو روفينا

18 days ago

And I strap shoes on my feet

Bill Robertson

18 days ago

That ain’t no cig. If anyone has ever seen the actual interview from 1995 they’d see it’s a joint. I’ve LOVED sublime since I was 9 years old in 199$. About a year after Brad died. I love seeing the music still alive and Sublime bigger then ever. But 95% of sublime fans these days don’t even know the story. They listen to what I got,Summertime and Santeria and think theyre huge fans. They don’t even know who Brad was. I HATE when some idiot talks about Rome and SWR like he was the songwriter and they’re sublime. It’s a sin that Eric call that band with the sublime name..

people writing the lyrics “ I can play the guitar like a mother fuckin riot.” It’s like go listen to Robbin the Hood then come talk to me

Stand By Your Van

Rachel Fréchette

18 days ago

Best album. Hands down.

Diane Porter Homans

18 days ago

If that van could talk!

Terrea Cosby

18 days ago

That is some 🗝history


Lauree Hatcher

20 days ago

I love this dog

Fredd S. Reyes

20 days ago

My lou dog but he's an English setter

Ryousuke Kominato Eliu Hernández

20 days ago

I've got lots of baby Lou Dogs. Born two weeks ago. Proud parents

On this day in '89, Lou dog was born!

Josh Walcott

20 days ago

Happy LouDog Day, from Cheech & Molly....!!

Marcus Fredriksson

20 days ago

Happy Birthday buddy!!!

عبدالرحمن اسحيبة

20 days ago

My birthday is today

Everything under the sun. Let's see your ink!

Photo: Chris Hunter
The burning sun...

IG: @froniuswelding

Laurie D'Andria

20 days ago

Done in the spring of 2008 at Lucky 13 in Richmond, Virginia.

Liliana Sotillo

20 days ago

Love this thread! Here is my sublime sleeve! Looking to add to the rest of it and need ideas

Ace Anthony Lim

20 days ago

Had this for bout 15 years now

When someone doesn't know Sublime
Today is the day! Snag Sublime's Greatest Hits on vinyl for the first time at your local indie record store.

Take a pic and let's see that matchbox!

Kiki Allen

22 days ago

Even my mexican grandma knows sublime

Yoshiaki Nakadai

22 days ago

When someone loves Doin' Time but they can't name the song

Diane Fields

23 days ago

Saw Sublime at the capital ball room In DC months before Bradley passed. Amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is getting their Sloppy Seconds

Liliana Del Valle

23 days ago

My plan is to get drunk off this wine first


23 days ago

That’s what she said

Brenda Gingerich

23 days ago

Love ya Brad

The view from the patio at Gaslamp Music + Bar + Kitchen in LBC or driving on Pacific Coast Highway!

Left to right:
- Bill Guttentag (the Sublime Documentary Director)
- Sel Dog (the muralist)
- Jim Nowell
- Nayeema Raza (the Sublime Documentary Producer)
- Mike Neufeld (owner of the Gaslamp)

Pablo Contreras

23 days ago

All these thing I do!

Ami Takizawa

23 days ago

This ain’t no funky reggae party

Jason Coe

24 days ago

What's Sublime?

The Nowell Family Foundation is putting on a show for the benefit of Bradley's House this Saturday, Nov. 24th at the Gaslamp Music + Bar + Kitchen in LBC. Come support!

Angie Bennett Hickman

24 days ago

LBDA with half pint. Woah that is key

Jason Coe

24 days ago

Dana René Groover

Susa SaEs

24 days ago

I love Australia but some times i wonder why i live here!

Very, very BADFISH

Nelly Ragaie

24 days ago

Annie’s drunk-ass dad is at it again!

David Shipman

25 days ago

lord knows i’m weak , won’t somebody get me off of this reef 🤘

Ricardo De la Fuente

25 days ago

Lol...are you a badfish too?

Drunk-ass dad

Mariichuy D Piicazo

25 days ago

Bradley gave her all he had to give but she still still digs for gold and no one respects her ever..

Paul Nestor

25 days ago

Everything was going fine, until the day she met me.

Chris Pqr

a month ago

Curious why theres a painting of chicago in the backround

Mucho gusto me llamo Bradley

Murray White

a month ago

Sublime fans are just beach juggalos

Marcel Melo

a month ago

I’m hornier than Ron Jeremy...!!!

Kevin Bishop

a month ago

I need to work on my memorial tattoos for Bradley and Mac

20 years ago today, Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends was released!

Kendall Hendricks

a month ago

For all you youngsters. These crazy contraptions are called compact discs. Many moons ago, they had music on them, and you’d insert them into compact disc players and music would magically play. We carried them around in binder looking contraptions called CD wallets. Mad tings!

Lisa Friedley

a month ago

Steppin Razor is the best song ever

Diane Wright Lydic

a month ago

Bethany Shufran Dudley can you believe it’s been 20 years? That was the year we went to San Diego for Thanksgiving and listened to this album on repeat!

Everything Under The Sun box set was released 12 years ago today!

Stephanie Ren'ee

a month ago

Been in my CD player since. Never took it out.

Amber Hall

a month ago

Got Cysco Kid jamming now😎

Bill Haley

a month ago

I have the poster that came with it

Vanessa Hudgens knows what's up!

Claudia Tays Quisbert

a month ago

So you have to know the entire discography of a band to be allowed to wear a t shirt with them on, get a grip!!

Rehan Murfi Subagja

a month ago

Sublime? Yeah he's one of my favorite singers!

Jana Spell

a month ago

And just like that, Rome was out, and Sublime with Vanessa was the new cover band in town.

The boys backstage at Canes in '95!

Rickandmichelle Fox

a month ago

heroin kill them (Bradley nowell) fuck the heroin

Dorota Skrzekotowska

a month ago

A motherfuker did the dope and died

Diane Conn

a month ago

Canes in mission beach?

On this day in '97, Second-hand Smoke was released!

Yuli Ramos Millan

a month ago

Romeo, had a dat, and slow ride= 3 most underrated sublime songs imo

Agyemang Ofori Elvis

a month ago

Sean reminds me of your brown car in high school.....many of night cruising lol

Sandra Panzram

a month ago

"Walk a mile just to rock for a while"

Cornez Audric

a month ago

Michael White I'm going to be singing this all day X

Laura Levine

a month ago

Alexander Nichols what I’ll be making as a grandma

Miguel Gomez

a month ago

once i did battle in a land far far away...i pray never need to again...amar vincit omnia.


Sofia Pavlou

a month ago

I painted this on a small canvas

Steven Yovicich

a month ago

Love it. One of the most iconic drawings of my lifetime.

Dan Pham

a month ago

I want this as a tattoo Kelsee Kelsee Dawn Rodewald

Rad art for the nursery!

IG: @Thearroyowife

Joseph Joseph Jameson

a month ago

Matt Clausen we should totally do this.

Sydni Toombs

a month ago

I thought that was the crying Jordan at first lol

Edna Ubiri

a month ago

Jeremy Howland your nephew needs this

psychedelic mess
IG: @art_de_ugonzo

Lynn Johnson

a month ago

Need a plug like Scarlett..

Matt Durward

a month ago

Chris J Gatton should do one in this color!

Vishal Gurung

a month ago

40 Oz rock art painting I did with acrylic

Opie and Jakob smelling Lou Dog inside the van
Coming November 23rd for Record Store Day

Luis Ernesto Gonzàlez

a month ago

oh man Jakob looks just like Troy. miss you Brad!

Aries Sevalla

a month ago

Cos in my mind music from Jamaica is the love that i've found.

Edward Rizk

a month ago

I like how everyone continued to try and keep the song goin lol

Down there at the pawn shop, it's the only way to shop...

Gary Pyle

a month ago

Hell yeah. Good stuff

Joel Hunter Sr.

a month ago

Haha haha these ppl obviously don't know their artist

Devin Donoghue

a month ago

That's not sublime

Dia de los muertos

Taylor Millard

a month ago

Audrey Nichole this is tight

Tammy Britt Hulsey

a month ago

Do you have this to purchase ?

Joud Alqurashi

a month ago

bad to the bone

dia de los muertos

Zoltán Baranyi

a month ago

Next tat!! Yes

Eric Olsen

a month ago

Where's the screenprubt at?

Janine Harder

a month ago

Just bought that shirt!

Rasta Lou ready to go

Joana Pato da Cunha

a month ago

Frank Boomhauer Struble, zeek needs a Rasta hat

Khuthala Roro Xintolo

a month ago

Reminds me of my beautiful dog .

Matthew McCrory

a month ago

My boy Fatty

Hello to all of the fans of Sublime. My name is Jakob Nowell and I'm part of a band called LAW. If you enjoy my fathers music then I know it's because you are a lover of good music. My bandmates and I believe we are creating good music and we want to spread the word in any way possible. We don't sound like Sublime but we think we sound exactly like something you will enjoy as a lover of music. Come check it out and decide for yourself, thank you!

Go check out LAW's new music video for their debut single "Cold" off of their upcoming LP "There and Back Again"

Anchor Blessing

a month ago

Fans of Sublime and LAW are gonna be at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach for Romy Rome’s benefit this month on the 11th. Hope to see you all there.

Weru Donseph

a month ago

Its really good Jakob. Your band is something I would tell others about. Keep it up dude, I'm sure your dad is up there looking down on you proud as shiy of you. Talented like your dad. Keep your band going you guys sound dope as shit.

Lauren Doir

a month ago

Not bad of a song, id take this over Sublime with Rome anyday.... Why didnt you just take over for your dad in the band

Have a Sublime Halloween!

Flor Cardoza

2 months ago

Best I've seen yet

Adeniris Pereira Dos Santos

2 months ago

I saw this on my memories today

Roddy Ruddy

2 months ago

That's dope!!!

All You Need
AleSmith Brewing Company

Kee Kishia Jones

2 months ago

i saw this at the store the other day. So rad! I wanna try it

Thunderbolt R Roberts

2 months ago

That stuff is good🤙🏽

Yuruani Carrillo

2 months ago

I bought some at Barons market here in SoCal. It was pretty good!