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Seeing double

IG: @Katecoffey

Dana Wolf

a day ago

Smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints, and then I'll smoke 2 more!

Dan Jakus

a day ago

Steph Halpin brb adopting twins

Anita Kellogg

a day ago

Lindsay, Brooke & Lisa How cute is this!!?? 🌞

Swae Lee smoking a joint and repping Sublime
Throwin' it back to the original lyrics to track 13 off 40oz. to freedom!

We're celebrating Sublime's debut album all month long... What's your favorite track?

Rowena Maluping

a day ago

He looks like he's 12, and there's nothing cool about a preteen smoking pot and trying to rep sublime when he prob doesnt even know a single song by them

Kaede Nakamura

2 days ago

Yea, imo it was just a shirt he thought was in style. Not trying to talk down Sublime cuz I Love Sublime. Just sayin

Kíra Uladisev

2 days ago

im sitting here,reading these comments,cracking up,thinking about how this chick prolly heard sublime repped her on their page,turned up to check it out,and found out we all know shes nothing but a bad joke....entertainment at its finest,hilarious

Who has ink of the Sublime sun? Let's see!

Helen Long

5 days ago

Baby you’re a big blue whale. I want the bad fish but a lot of people already have it. So I came up with this. 😁😁

Hector Heredia

5 days ago

I live in New Zealand. so this is my version of the sublime sun that I got years ago needs re colouring now

Jan Sarah Lucy Hayward

5 days ago

I've had this for twenty years. Still listening to Sublime. Heavy rotation in the summer. Much love Fellas!

On this this day in '95, Sublime rocked out at 91X - San Diego Sunfest

Radiyah Turner

6 days ago

I wish I could play half as good as Bradley.

Judy Curtis Johnson

6 days ago

I was there mannnn!!

Scott Holloway

6 days ago

I was there

SOLD OUT show on this day in '95 in Mountain View, CA

Liz Dibble

7 days ago

I lived there when they played at shoreline

Alphonsa James

7 days ago

April of 1995 Beach Fest or June of 1995 Live 105's BFD both concerts at Shoreline Amphitheater.

Maximilian Müller

7 days ago

You guys did an amazing show last night!!! He would be proud <3

Sublime sun is always shinning!

IG: @1562B

Marzia Mostafa Moon

8 days ago

Probably the worst artist rendering of this sun Ive ever seen. Terrible.

Lisa Delzell

8 days ago

Tomás Dias tinha que fazer uma pintura dessa na nésia

Alicia Silva

8 days ago

North side is home

Let's see your Sublime style

IG: Pleaseleavebynine

Oscar Torres Esparza

9 days ago

You got to be a crazy fool! I bet she can sing in Spanish too! That’s just fucking hot! & yes my name is Bradley!

Matheus Rocha

10 days ago

All of these are way cooler than hers!! I don't see a true sublime fan cutting there shirt in half for the sake of the navel 🤷

Thiago Freitas

10 days ago

My son wearing an old tee.

Waiting for My Ruca


Lee Drof

11 days ago

You’re not the only one ,but you’re the BEST Bradley!

Kamuran Çulhaoğlu

11 days ago

This how it be till I'm with you my love 😘 Celena Gonzalez

Dragen Man

11 days ago

Tony Jim i wanna go sailing on a boat like this with youyyy

40 oz. to freedom turns 26 this month. We'll be celebrating all of June!

Jack Rand

15 days ago

This album is part of my soul. Feels like I'm with an old friend when I play it. Many tears, many laughs. It's helped me up, its calmed me down, its been the soundtrack to countless moments of my life.

Richard Troy Martyn

15 days ago

That album cover sits as a great tattoo. I got it when I hit a rough patch in life, again. So I started listening to 40oz to freedom a lot...again.
Once I thought about how many times that album got me through tough spots in life I figured "yep I'm getting it tattooed on me" like that if I ever hit a rough patch in know to just listen to 40oz To Freedom more than I normally do

Jovet Minott

15 days ago

How ironic, my birthday is the 26th of this month! And I get to see Sublime with Rome for the first time on the 29th! So, I will be celebrating all of June too!

Jim and Jakob singing “Amazing Grace” at Brad’s memorial June 1st, 1996

Oheneba Agyenim Boateng IV

15 days ago

Well, that certainly is strange....

Za LeClair

15 days ago

Drugs kill RIP Brad your voice is alive in all of us

Sheri Paddock

15 days ago

My heart is breaking again..

Start talking trash and I'll come with my Smith and Wesson…

Alvaro Fontes Farias

18 days ago

I've got my Wooden Baseball, and my Shiney Silver Gat.

Yvonne Douglas

18 days ago

All time favorite trio!

Adriana Castro

18 days ago

All of the djs surely taken a lesson

Tenisha Denielle Hilsman

18 days ago

Could that be the fireplace from that 70's show???

Marie-Ange Missamou

18 days ago

Start making more of this shit, still Haven't seen in Wisconsin Yet!

Shelton Simbi

18 days ago

Make sure u send this guy a nice message

Stay thirsty, my dogs

Priscila Nemesio

19 days ago

Lou dog! Kim Bautista

Vanessa Juarez Morales

19 days ago

I use to love the Sublime hard lemonade....And it was Lou Dog approved!

CSyndi Pittman

19 days ago

is that Lou Dog..?

Rad fan art by Jackson Taylor

Martha Waldrop

20 days ago

Holy shit that's alot of welding. I love it

James Wright

20 days ago

John Lillie sick right???

Dougie redoing the mural he did in Bradley's memory at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma. Where Sublime played their last show...

Here's DJ Product ©1969 with the owner Tom

Marie Brestel

22 days ago

That’s bad ass. Is DJ product still with HED pe

Angga Graphy

22 days ago

Drive by yesterday🌞

Pascual Mabale Bacale Nsuga

22 days ago

Touching it up and taking care of it... Beautiful! I'll go there one day but it will probably make me angry.

February 22, 1968 - May 25, 1996

Bharat Ahari

23 days ago

What is the Sublime genre? Ska? Rock? Reggae? All of the above. The great ones create something we didn’t even know we needed. Damn. We were all cheated with his passing. Thanks for your genius

Nora Pérez

23 days ago

The dance can't go on without the DJ, the dance can't go on without the operator!

Ginny Doubleday

23 days ago

The music this group made shaped my life, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without. Bradley Cash, my son, was named after the most influential musicians in our lives.

“Good music is good music and that should be enough for anybody”

Bradley Nowell

22 years ago at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA...

Δημητρης Τρους

23 days ago

Ty McCall your brother was at this show right?

Darrien Davis

23 days ago

We took this trip to Garden Grove smelled like Lou dog inside the van...ohhh yeah!!

Martha Velazquez

23 days ago

...light blue eyes...a double chin and a plastic smile

22 years ago today, Sublime played their second to last show in Chico, CA
The boys at the SRH house! Sublime played a special event for them on this day in '95

Dave Smith

24 days ago

My friends and I were there. Downtown Park. Here is my ticket. Whata night.

Carolyn Terese

25 days ago

My birthday and the last show of my all-time favorite band :'(

Leu Antunes

25 days ago

Dang i was living in Chico 22 years ago......Looks like maybe the beer garden in the East side..not madison bear garden....

This week will always be remembered... Sublime played a sold out show at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz on this day in '96

Jean-luc Desnomie

25 days ago

Would’ve been great to be there.

Thunder Struck

25 days ago

I was at the show but the pictures don’t look like the catalyst

Evelyn Cadaval Osvaldo Naranjo

25 days ago

Moved from Santa Cruz to Brooklyn 3 months before this show, dammit. Should been there.

More new Opie art!

Matthew Len

a month ago

Jasmin Thompson dope small tat idea

Juliiann Espiinal

a month ago

Its how i feel with rome as the frontman.

Rae Ann Sullivan-Cubbage

a month ago



Representing the class of 2018

Phyllis Gibson

a month ago

Some kids will turn out just fine.

Arnold Roman Yecocari

a month ago

i am not allergic to eggs.
mail me some. lol
Reed Dillender
504 West Street
Deweese, Ne

Nazeer Bhai

a month ago

Dose this kid know who sublime is. Or does it just look kool...

Cheers to the weekend!

Andreas Finki

a month ago

Did Brad know he was famous, what he accomplished? I heard he died of heroin overdose and never heard his songs on the radio? I wonder.

Joachim Ruckdeschel

a month ago

The man knows his vodka.

Rach Drummer AV

a month ago

I can almost see the brain cells gasping for their last breath in this picture.

Troy and Brad got married on this day in '96!


a month ago

But he still loved heroin more.

Simone Jaeger

a month ago

I saw his son open for the aggrolites without knowing. That was quite the surprise! Law was a great!

Doll Liloucha

a month ago

R.I.P Bradly! Love your music, big fan here! Rome's keeping your music alive, but fuking it up! LOL

On this day in '93!

Gerry Memmo

a month ago


Music festival at UCSB on this day in '95!

Michelle Marie

a month ago

together with Coolio? 😮😮

Jamison Polidan

a month ago

Sean Seal vintage UCSB extravaganza lineup!

Diego P. Quiñones Meneses

a month ago

Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon did a country album together, it was really good

Brad back in 1969... Thanks to all the moms out there for doing what you do!

Alisson Cse

a month ago

His mom taught him how to sing🤘🤘

Kirk Carrera

a month ago

The last 4 digits of my phn number is 1969 he'll ya r.i.p brad

ماء السماء الروى

a month ago

Hits the bottle and goes back to the rock

Sublime fan rock! Thanks for spreading the love and good vibes

Marcy Bieszke Korpalski

a month ago

Theory Nienow for my birthday please

Qasim Arif

a month ago

Crystal York u can make this for my birthday:)

Daniel Castro

a month ago

Alicia Fradsham your cake was better lol😉

Mary-Jean Amon

a month ago

CJ Conway I didn't know you were in sublime.

Lee Pierce

a month ago

LOL, Stephen, it does look like you.

Gracie Smiddy

a month ago

Kyle Wendroth this pic looks slightly like pics I've seen on Facebook. Middle guy.


Chris AssassinPrince Persaud

a month ago

Anthony Cot do you remember word for word during infield practice? Good times! Congrats on the engagement!

Adriana Poncet Cabrera

a month ago

This has been my profile picture since i found it about 2 months ago. This is a masterpeice lol

María Isabel

a month ago

Hamish we should draw one of these!

My next tatt...

Elïdä Böčël

a month ago

Mariana La'Furka

Logan Clements

a month ago

Tyler Slick Garcia

Stand By Your Van!
Cheers to Cinco De Mayo!
AleSmith Brewing Company are doing some rad things today with the Sublime Mexican Lager

Opah Kirsten J Burks

a month ago

Smelled like scooby dog inside the van...oh yeah

Tonya Woods

a month ago

Full Explination of the word "nevermind"
1. My fingernails taste like vaseline. I'm positive my toenails do but i never checked.
2. My dreams are a grapefield filled with a frog for every species.
3. My heart is directly below my left eye under mt left breast and is a strawberry campfire no one want to watch with me. I can see it. You can smell it.
1. There are lots of things you can say about the sun like: I can smoke actual light. Please, Earth, Stop talking about shadows! Im not that intuitive.
2. My eye can see my other eye. LOOK!
3. I can't see my ears and eyes.
Distained eye color personality(copyrighted 2018)
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11. my butthole feels like a tree.
12. I bet you cant take a drink and blow the water out your nose.

Anastasia Balashova

a month ago

check this out lol

On this day in '91...
Flashin' back to Warped tour in '95

Photos: Jennifer Finch

Trice Jackson

a month ago


Francesco Bruzzese

a month ago

See you at SunFest 2018!

Laura Gadille

a month ago

Please don't go, suburban rhythm...(RBF)

Lisa Allday Ainsworth

a month ago

Codie Novotny the girls need this one aunty would be way more excited to read it

Fatima Anton

a month ago

Alyssa Coplai my fav book for the boys 🙂

Vladimir Amiral Le Duc

a month ago

I remember having all these books when I was a kid

Pool Shark
Art by OG Opie Ortiz

Avraham Naga

a month ago

That's one badfish

Orlando Gonzalez

a month ago

Ryan Giannini, Topher always said pool shark ......

Cherae Stanfield

a month ago

That’s Opie

Bud hooking up Lou Dog

Martha Meza

2 months ago

As crazy as it may sound-I named my first born son after that dog and what he represented in all the sublime songs.

Bruno Effgen Benachio

2 months ago

Uccelli ya tienes a tu lou dog, ahora deja la economia y vamos a california a meter skapunk

Maria Camila Cuervo Mora

2 months ago

Tyler James Gudat

You may be seeing it in your neighborhood store, but our friends at AleSmith Brewing Company will also be pouring Sublime Mexican Lager at festivals throughout the southwest this month!Look for them Sabroso Festival in Denver, Tucson and Portland, as well as the San Diego Brewers Guild event, Rhythm & Brews on May 5th, the San Diego Padres Beer Fest on May 11th, and the San Diego Reader Tacotopia on May 12th.
#alesmith #40oztofreedom #sabrosotacofest #sdbeer #rhythmandbrews #Beerfest #Tacotopia

Michael Norek

2 months ago

PBR is better..... LOL>>>>

Theo Burgers

2 months ago

Did they stop making music?

Nadia Noor Nusrat II

2 months ago

Send some to the state of Wisconsin! We love beer!!

Sublime shrine!
Check out @Sublimechildren's sweet collection

Bianca Otten

2 months ago

Where can i get the board

Janis Bernsons

2 months ago

Sublime's first O.G. beer bottle. Who still has one. R U an O.G. post it...

Chase Osborne

2 months ago

4 comments 20 shares

My burning sun will someday rise...

Marc Mpoloken

2 months ago

La puedo poner de portada moms?

Robin Singh

2 months ago

Everyting under the sun

Wayne Fetterman Sr.

2 months ago

Clarissa Murphy I really miss the picture you drew me

Nelani Nani Balos

2 months ago

Tonya Olmstead when we hit it up

Ashy Mariya

2 months ago

Lupita Orellana Torres caught you lol

Stefanie Stewart Homitz

2 months ago

Sublime made their dog go deaf by bringing it on stage. Never forget

Guillermo Campos C

2 months ago

"And then my little dog, Lou dog sailed off to the moon."

Jonathan Fernandes

2 months ago

Bo dog , best damn dog ever , miss him so much

Bridgette Corpuz

2 months ago

I don't practice Santeria I ain't got no crystal ball had a million dollars but I I'd spend it all

Sublime played at the 14th Annual Beachfest on this day in '95!

Dennis Hyatt

2 months ago

I was there as well.

Emmanuel Arthur

2 months ago

I was at this one.water bottles tossed at them lol good times for sure

Rickyboyy Maverick

2 months ago

I was there . Puke 🤢 on the drums ha ha .

Are you a badfish too?
New Opie art!

Sher Hotrass Webley

2 months ago

All I can think of when I see this is
Bad Koi Bad Koi. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when then come for you. Anyone else...No? Just me then.

Mary Salgado

2 months ago

i think this will be my next tattoo guys

Patricia Montes Reyes

2 months ago

Bad fish as in they are supposed to facing up?

Let's see your Sublime swag
Yoda approved

Moch Fahrudin

2 months ago

Lou dog inside the van!

Avisheck Madhay

2 months ago

Damn yo... i have no more sublime gear. Got my Long Beach ball cap tho. The last shirt i had... i woke up and there was what looked like cig burns all in it but i wasn't burnt... couldn't explain that one. Hey, Z-MAN recently sent me this rad stuff tho!

Claudine Loftin

2 months ago

A sublime mouse pad I bought probably 10 years ago

25 years ago today!
This ain't no funky reggae party, $5 at the door...

Hong Kong Cafe was so cool, small upstairs club owned by a Chinese family, they sold $1.00 Budweiser in cans, I don’t remember ever being carded....Saw so many great shows there

Erick Almazán

2 months ago

I've got the microwave, got the VCR.. I've got the deauce deauce in the trunk of my car! Oh yeah..

Peter Cuevas

2 months ago

Now, that would be at least 80 at the door. Still would pay

Who snagged the 89 Vision 10" vinyl Record Store Day exclusive

Pastelarium Fernando

2 months ago

Just finished the new episode of 'your favorite band sucks' sublime. Check it out, it's one of the best

Rachael Conover Magnanti

2 months ago

Me!!! Dont push demo is the best “come in Bud!” 🔥🔥

Patrick Easton

2 months ago

The 40 oz bottle is harder to find than the vinyl.

Rolling in stoned tomorrow

Loredana Bacu

2 months ago

"She said I love up the way you move I love the way you rap bo bo"

Sian Payne

2 months ago

Let's go get stoned

Catalina Guadian Delgado

2 months ago

Leonardo Guzmán Navarro

It smelled like Lou Dog in the Van, oh yeah...

NiKayla Grunefelder

2 months ago

Lou dog INSIDE the van

Percy Plüs Ramirez

2 months ago

Garden grove .my jam

Patricia Ping

2 months ago

Inside the van*

89 Vision coming Saturday to your participating Record Stores...

Hiroshi Demizu

2 months ago

Drummer looks like Pauly Shore

Diona Beaver

2 months ago

Fucking hate record store day things, I don't have a record store near me. I want this. Damn you!

Maureen Rosacina

2 months ago

Big Bass Brian love it

Graffiti artist GRASP doin' his thing

Haley Custer

2 months ago

Leah I think this would be a cool tattoo

Cressida Tarver-Browning

2 months ago

Tell me if you're a bad fish of my favorites

Ed Dmedroso

2 months ago

yeaaaaaaaa, and I'm not coming back

On this day ion 1996, Sublime played at Peabody's Down Under in Cleveland, Ohio!

Zoi Ebertz

2 months ago

People flock here to get down to the rock music

Edward John Connors

2 months ago

I saw this tour at the TLA in Philadelphia

Dennis Atkins

2 months ago

Patrick Martin Matt Leapline