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Production day for the #Rev3 tour with Bush and The Cult is in full swing! The tour kicks off in Nashville, TN at the Municipal Auditorium this Wednesday.

Damon Ardizzi

8 hours ago

Great line up

Marco Antonio Gasca Rodriguez

8 hours ago

See you on the 25th!

Denise Christy Reich

8 hours ago

Come back again to Bogotá - Colombia...🤘👍

Working on our set list for the #REV3 tour. Any requests? #Rev3 BushThe Cult

Nicolas Tormod

8 hours ago

anyone know what the set list at RockUSA was? I was able to listen to some of it as I was working the main gate. The party tent at 9:45 started their band drowning out the rest of the set.


8 hours ago

Digging the new disc, hope to hear you're emphasizing that on your setlist but, for decades Crackerman has been on the top of the list for me. See you in a week or so..

Asad Wahab

a day ago

Do it true to your style.... we loved it then, shouldn't be any different now.... close your eyes, and share the prize brother.

Thank you Japan and Hawaii!

Steffen Schäfer

8 days ago

Thank you for coming to Japan!! That night was so great at Tokyo😆Please come again!!!

Alena Frost

8 days ago

I saw them at the Sherman Theater in PA on 5/8. The entire show is on U-Tube. They were awesome.

Mhmd Barada

8 days ago

Awesome setlists, silvergun superman and glide! Please come to Australia👍🏻

Follow Stone Temple Pilots and the "Completely Stone Temple Pilots" playlist on Spotify for your chance to win 2 tickets to see them live with Bush and The Cult + a VIP Meet & Greet with STP in San Bernardino, CA at the Glen Helen Amphitheater on Saturday September 1, 2018!

Bailey Chris

19 days ago

Bring back Cory

Miguel Angel Igp

20 days ago

Turn the page, fellas. Without Scott it’s not STP.

Eliangely Rodriguez

20 days ago

Dean was one of the most personal axe players I ever worked with. I wish him well . from "PUTTER " . all will be good for him , his bro , n of course Prez, Rock on Dean . let's tour again .

Follow Stone Temple Pilots and our playlist on Spotify for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see them live with Bush and The Cult + a VIP Meet & Greet with STP in San Bernardino, CA at the Glen Helen Amphitheater on Saturday September 1, 2018!

Jaya Lacroix

a month ago

Waiting for you in France ; )

Alexis Lopez

a month ago

Everybody wants an invitation, Ring twice...Evidently no one’s home

Dave Amico

a month ago

Stockholm, Sweden is waiting for the return of STP 2.0

Stone Temple Pilots + Bush + The Cult are playing at State Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park in Atlanta, Georgia on August 7th on the #REV3 tour.

Mirsada Mehmetaj

a month ago

Who is opening up that night

Brenda Barker

a month ago

Yep, definitely planning on it Jill Von Wedel Drachenberg.

Matthew Raymond

a month ago

I'm definitely getting tickets since I missed the first show, Paul! Think you might go?

Our song #RollMeUnder was added to the #TheAListHardRock Playlist on Apple Music. Listen
Watch the live video of "Roll Me Under" now!

Lawrence Bonilla

2 months ago

Wow! You are a Scott Weiland impersonator! Thank God I was fortunate enough to see it when it was original!

Lisa Hanson Schmitz

2 months ago

I like the new guy Jeff but Scott Weiland he'll never be, but I still like him a lot

William Westlake

2 months ago

Excited to see you guys Friday night in Lincoln!

Watch the live video of "Roll Me Under" now!

Karla Katie Li

2 months ago

I was impressed by the new guy when I saw them play last month. No one can really replace Scott, but this guy does a damn good job.

Jaime Torres

2 months ago

Carsten Pedersen David Terzo

Annette Lopez

2 months ago

It's pretty good, just which he choose not to try to look like SW

New date added! The #Rev3 Tour will be heading to Dallas, TX on August 14th. Tickets on sale Friday 6/1:

Lyera Williams

2 months ago

Nicky! You lucky bastard.

Abdouramane Chaïbou Soumana

2 months ago

Bush? Didn't even realise they were still going. How the hell are they co-headliners? Opening act sure, headliners, fuck no.

Jenn Bishop

2 months ago

Wyatt Sloan Adelyne Rodriguez

Stone Temple Pilots new self-titled album is available now on vinyl!

FlyBwoy Hamza

2 months ago

Nope... not S.T.P.

Candi Morris

2 months ago

Mira Eduardo Lemmen Meyer B

Ashley Tinch

2 months ago

Kick-ass album!

ABBOTSFORD! The Cult + Stone Temple Pilots + Bush are playing at the Abbotsford Centre on August 28th. Tickets on-sale this Friday at 10 AM local time!

Dominic Blea

2 months ago

Lorraine Fandrick Tucker

James Smith

2 months ago

Please come to Australia. 🙏

Paola Reyes

2 months ago

Add Regina sk

Tickets and VIP packages are on-sale now for Stone Temple Pilots + The Cult + Bush at Ironstone Amphitheater on August 31st. Get yours now!

Deedee Christopher

2 months ago

No.... What's the tour called " past the prime"

Chenoa LaCaille

2 months ago

David Terzo lets go

Julie Boyd

2 months ago

Scott Wodetzki David Lumley

TUNE IN REMINDER! Stone Temple Pilots will be performing on Audience Music at 9pm ET/PT DIRECTV Ch. 239 + DIRECTVNowTOMORROW NIGHT! #AUDIENCEMusic

Tsholofelo She Real TheGemini

2 months ago


Kate J Porubski Patrick

2 months ago

Change the band name. 2 Deleos and a Kretz(and some monster douche)

Tyler Kimmel

2 months ago

I'm ready to rock!

Stone Temple Pilots + The Cult + Bush are playing at Ironstone Amphitheater in Murphys, California on August 31st. Tickets go on-sale this Friday at 10AM PST!

Serafina Piazza

2 months ago

JT Murphy we need to be there!!!

Esther Toppin

2 months ago

Not calling it the North American Tour anymore? Oh right.... not coming to Canada.

Lyle Nesvold

2 months ago

Nice if they headed to N.Z

This Friday Stone Temple Pilots will be performing on Audience Music at 9pm ET/PT DIRECTV Ch. 239+ DIRECTVNow #AUDIENCEMusic

Tracy Orchard

2 months ago

Just saw you guys in Stroudsburg, PA; Awesome show!

Franc Kustec

2 months ago

Jacqueline Guerra Kupich

Yariangeliz Rivera

2 months ago

I was as skeptical as anyone heading into their show in PA last week. I left completely blown away. I've seen Scott several times and think he was the best frontman of his era. The bottom line is, he's gone now. The rest of the band lives on and Jeff is doing the material justice in his own way. Just enjoy the music for what it is!

Celebrate Summer Concert Season with a special $20 All-in ticket offer to our Revolution 3 Tour with Bush and The Cult now - May 8 #NationalConcertWeek

Charles Maynard

2 months ago

Lawn seats suck

Vero Rivera

2 months ago

Yah. There are $20 fix for San Bernardino show but they are lawn seats

Shanley Anthony Henry

2 months ago

Monira Monir they got 20 dollar 30 second to mars tickets but nosebleeds

The Revolution 3 Tour has added a New Orleans stop on August 11th at Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square.Tickets are on sale now!

Shannita Garcia

2 months ago

Happy Birthday, Jeff! 🎂🎉

Rivaldo Neves

2 months ago

Happy b-day Jeff! ❤️

Jacob Carpenter

2 months ago

Sorry, The Cult should be headlining

The Revolution 3 Tour continues with the bands' August 8th show at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre in Tampa, FL!Get your tickets now!

Garry Booth

2 months ago

Wonder if these bands ever get together and just hang out

Dmitry Chernov

2 months ago

These bands are playing with Alice in Chains in August..I will be there!

Garrett Ryan

2 months ago

your new album is so freakin cool i love it..

Stone Temple Pilots are playing River City Rockfest in San Antonio, Texas on September 22nd! Early Bird tickets are on-sale now at
It’s Live Nation Concerts#NationalConcertWeek! Celebrate by getting $20 All-in tickets to our Revolution 3 Tour with Bush and The Cult now - May 8!

Kozel Nomzamo

2 months ago

Funny how anyone not in Texas wishes they could go and all the people in Texas bitch about the lineup. I'm super stoked to be going.

Wendy Workman

2 months ago

Why aren't shows like this ever at venues near me :'(

Լիլիթ Պողոսյան

2 months ago

I've never wanted to go to San Antonio more in my life. Rachel Bailey

Thank you Tucson! #KFMADay

Adam Bałutowski

3 months ago

São Paulo, Brazil

Kay Thomason

3 months ago

What a crowd!

Tony Alfonso

3 months ago

Saw you guys back in the day, 1994 in Vegas (RIP Weiland). And I gotta say that now, over two decades later, I was just as stoked and enthused. My hat to you all, especially Jeff. Best performance of KFMA Day hands down; and a mosh pit that was wild. Much love, come back again soon!

Tickets for the REVOLUTION 3 tour with Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, and The Cult are on-sale today at 10 am local time. Get your tickets now!

Willy Digue

3 months ago

Canada, Montreal,,,,,, PLEASE....

Tiara Nicole Coleman

3 months ago

Bill Mccarron no UK yet

Gomes Bia

3 months ago

Amy Cook Boling

Tickets for the REVOLUTION 3 tour with Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, and The Cult are on-sale today at 10 am local time. Get your tickets now!

Zosia Chlebus

3 months ago

triple the fun

Siti Nidia Cahya M

3 months ago

No Canada.... no go...

Kristin Myslinski

3 months ago

Ghis Richer did we travel back to 95’

Pre-sale tickets and VIP packages are on-sale now for The Revolution 3 Tour with Stone Temple Pilots + Bush + The Cult. Use password REV3 to get tickets now!

Marco Bellucci

3 months ago

The Cult those guys.

Tammy Jolly

3 months ago

You guys better be coming to Adelaide, Australia

Alberto Maizan

3 months ago

Yeah I got a ticket. For those trying,I was able to pick a seat with the live nation ap but not Ticketmaster

Hi everyone. We are thrilled to announce that we will be spending our summer vacation with our friends, The Cult and Bush. The Revolution 3 Tour comin’ to a town near you. Come share with us in an incredible evening of music. Lookin’ forward to seein’ all your beautiful faces. Here are the dates. Use password REV3 to get your tickets during our artist pre-sale tomorrow at 10 am local time.

Alyssa Marie

3 months ago

John A Wade STP and Bush are coming to the Municipal Auditorium in July!!!

Zelda Benjamin

3 months ago

The Cult is the only true legit band on that bill......They are phenomenal......Billy Duffy is an amazing guitarist.....

Medusa Combo

3 months ago

It pisses me off when bands lose a key member and keep their name....stone temple pilots are not stone Temple Pilots without Weiland.

Jeff Gutt will be singing the National Anthem tonight at Staples Center for the LA Kings game!

Donika Hajrizi

4 months ago

Jeff did an outstanding awesome rendition!!!

Christelle Jehae

4 months ago

Jeff is awesome glad he was avail to do the STP project :)

MJ Callahan

4 months ago

I'll wait to hear their new sound first.

Stone Temple Pilots are excited to play Rock On The Range 2018! Weekend passes for ROTR are SOLD OUT, but a limited number of Single Day Field GA and Single Day Stadium GA are available now, while supplies last at: #RockOnTheRange

August Jackson

4 months ago

Emma Strange my dream line up of bands why aren't we rich haha

Foxx Vumu

4 months ago

About a month and a half to go. Can’t wait!

Kristoffer Rognerud

4 months ago

Viki Zuanic Check out this festival lineup 😎

Ya know it's gonna be a good day when this is in your dressing room. Thank you The World Famous KROQ

Paul Libeau

4 months ago

I'm waiting for someone to say that you need to change the name of the doughnuts .......

Valentina Peña

4 months ago

Do they taste of Cinnamon or Kitchenware and candy bars? :) I'll just get me coat!

Christine Watson

4 months ago

Love cake doughnuts...

You still have time to catch our album release show yesterday at The World Famous KROQ. Watch the full replay until 5pm PT today!

Hays Haifisch

4 months ago

Someone comment when they post the video of the performance

Sheri Weis

4 months ago

dragon baby cd music is too much,

Suzannah Bijl

4 months ago

Great show, but a massive pity you only played one song off the new album. Looking forward to the day when all the old stuff will be only one or two songs in a set. don't get me wrong, I love it, but the new album is awesome and I for one would love to see it played live in its entirety.

Had a lot of fun today @kroq @hdradio Thank you to everyone who came!

Ya know it's gonna be a good day when this is in your dressing room. Thank you @kroq.

Ya know it's gonna be a good day when this is in your dressing room. Thank you The World Famous KROQ.

Grant Bolinger

4 months ago

Bonus tracks are awesome!

Ashley Wallace

4 months ago

Is it a rider item ?☺

Danielle Anthony-Parrish

4 months ago

I still need to get the new record

Stone Temple Pilots will be performing at KAABOO Del Mar in San Diego this September! Get your tickets now!

Manuel Wilches

4 months ago

Aside from my own bias, STP listed on the 5th line of this line up? That's just flat out wrong.

Olalekan Ibitoye

4 months ago

Alright, if anyone is interested in taking me. My favorite band!

Anna Awuah

4 months ago

Ruth Maxwell how brilliant this would be!

VIP packages are on-sale now for select Stone Temple Pilots dates!

Daniel Soto

4 months ago

Please come to Australia!

Amal George Kachappilly

4 months ago

Seattle? You know, grunge capitol of the universe?

Rockhez Aucfield

4 months ago

Please come to Va Beach ...hold it are :) See you at the Amphitheater in Virginia Beach on May 5th

Thank you to @officialwaynekramer Always a pleasure Wayne! Photo by @rosshalfin
A huge thank you to Brothers @joeperryofficial and Johnny D.! Photo by @rosshalfin
Thank you to @je9ine @mccall.bobby @antratto of @thedirtyhooks for being great people both personally and musically. ❤️🎸

Thank you to @je9ine @mccall.bobby @antratto of @thedirtyhooks for being great people both personally and musically. ❤️🎸
We would like to thank you all for making this such a memorable time being back on the road! Photo by @noisyfotosbywendybird

Stone Temple Pilots are excited be playing in Tokyo, Japan on July 2nd at Liquid Room! Pre-sale tickets will be available March 21st at 12PM JST here:

Jamie Bowen

4 months ago

Can't wait seeing you guys🤘🤘🤘

Filip Kolník

4 months ago

Why Tokyo only?Please come to Osaka as well!

Willis Turner

4 months ago

How do you get presale tickets! I just went to Lawson’s and they don’t have them! Help me! 😁

Happy Birthday Chester. We think of you all the time. All of our love. Photo by @harryreesephoto

Listen to our new album on YouTube and subscribe to our channel!

Andjela Ramljak

4 months ago

It’s absolutely awesome and get the bonus disc from Best Buy, the two songs are worth it.

Redstarz Tune Libor

4 months ago

Haters of this album are in denial. The album is great. Already playing and singing a few. Thanks STP!

Melissa Cole Rogers

4 months ago

Yeah, so far so good - Will probably need a few more listens.

Our new album is available now on Apple Music!

Basira Muhd Yahaya

4 months ago

You know it's an amazing album when EVERY song is awesome..even the bonus tracks! It's definitely one of those albums on repeat in my car! I bought my copy at a local Best Buy, but did see a few at a local record store so check around if you can't find it or don't have a Best Buy around!

Hank Cole

4 months ago

Heard a few tracks of your new album & went to best buy to look for it but the guy i talked to said sorry! its only available online lol i dont shop online.

Katrien Vercauteren

4 months ago

2018's bestest..greatest eh..say no dente!

Thank you Billings for such a great last night of the tour!

Boise...who knew. They went wild.

Joseph Gerstenbluth

4 months ago

Love some of that STP

Candace Parke

4 months ago

I took my 16 year old and you have a new fan. You guys killed it for 2 hours! Best show I've ever seen.

Anita Schulze

4 months ago

Sioux City is gonna go wild too. Can't wait.

Thank you for an amazing time last night Boise!

ICYMI we are going to be live on Facebook tonight at 5PM PST / 8PM EST to answer your questions!

Brittany Martin

4 months ago

Great show last night in Boise. Have seen you a dozen times and last night was the best show ever. Jeff you are the man.

Martha Hartling Riley

4 months ago

they're geting old! the pilots look about as old as the stones. they could pass for grandpas

Alexis Black

4 months ago

Nice job in Portland last night!!!

Stone Temple Pilots will be playing Montebello Rockfest in Montebello, QC on June 15! Tix available here:

Katrin Aerials

4 months ago

Canada has all the best concerts this year.

Maddy Seth Sharma

4 months ago

Does Five Finger Wife Punch have to be on every damn festival??
Band is atrocious.

Ruth Pen

4 months ago

Okay, serious question guys. Is Jimmy Eat World popular again? I remember The Middle was a big hit, and Sweetness was their follow up, then they kinda faded out. J.E.W. is billed a lot higher than some pretty big rock bands.

Our new album is out now and exclusively at Best Buy you can get the album plus 2 bonus tracks! Get it now!

Kipri Oh Boss

4 months ago

Are the two bonus tracks worth the money? I have the digital regular download already but if the bonus tracks are awesome then I may have to pick this up.

Bernice Fox

4 months ago

I just saw you guys at the Knitting Factory in Boise. The security guards there were the worst kind of people. I was waiting after the show by your bus for hopes to get an autograph and the guards treated me like dog shit on the sidewalk. Just an fyi for who is watching out for you guys. I loved the show and I loved your new single. 💩 and ❤

Wen Rodríguez

4 months ago

Sure, and just fuck everyone who preordered elsewhere. Thought I would support the band by paying for an album that wasn't even out yet, and find out I got screwed out of 2 tracks because I didn't get the best buy version? This is some straight up bullshit. Guess I'll just have to go back to pirating music since showing your support with your wallet means dick these days..

Stone Temple Pilots new album is available now!

Jodi Jewell

4 months ago

Congrats on the new album! It’s really good. You guys sound rejuvenated! Jeff sounds great! Thank you for the music the last 25 years. I bought core on CD when I was in 6th grade in ‘93 and I’ve been a fan ever since. You’ve always had a knack for writing really good and catchy songs! We’ll see you in WI this summer!

Janet Mcallister

4 months ago

New album is awesome and gets better with every listen! I love how it has some throwbacks to past albums musically, plus moves forward and brings something new to the table. Thanks for coming back guys and thank you to Jeff for continuing the legacy with such class and dignity. Oh and please release Thought She'd Be Mine as the next single!

Jasmine Wesley

4 months ago

As a Canadian, what options do I hve to get the album with the extra track?
I'm one of those old fashioned types who likes to buy physical media - and I prefer to buy cd's most of the time...

Stone Temple Pilots are excited to play #KFMADay2018 on April 14 in Tucson! More info here:
Tix available here:”

Andreea Raia

4 months ago

Dustin its a Saturday. We should drive out there and sleep in the back of the jeep, together.

Mountain Mitch

4 months ago

Gutt should never be on a concert bill with A.P.C or JOHN DAVIS.weiland yeah buts no trihard mimicas like gutt.go guest star back on x factor where ya from u fag👎👎👎😴😴😭

Anthony Albanese

4 months ago

Vamos Pepe Gomez

Hello everyone, join us at 5PM PST this Friday here on Facebook, where we will be discussing the new album and answering questions live!

Richard Payne

4 months ago

Never mind friday. 1 question now. When you coming to glasgow/scotland

Jorge Luis

4 months ago

Great show in Sacto last night!! Thanks so much for hitting my city... You all were on point!! (Y)

Olivia Olivia

4 months ago

Thank you Scott for your immeasurable contribution to rock music. I hope you found what you were missing... Thank you STP for having the Balls to keep going!!! Wishing you all the best! See you on Tour!!!!!!🤟🤟🤟

Tonight’s set list
Thank you for a great night @thefillmore San Francisco..

Growing up here I wanted to take the band out sightseeing to one of my favorite spots. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Eric

Thiago H. Ruotolo

4 months ago

Incredible show at the Fillmore tonight. Fourth time watching you in concert. First time with Jeff. Amazing energy! Thanks for the new music. The entire band was on it - great job Jeff!

Tee Scott

4 months ago

Oh man I was JUST right there yesterday! Thanks for putting out great album after great album. Got your album at Amoeba signing today and love it so far!

Mâts Humels

4 months ago

Just saw you guys absolutely blow everyone away at the Filmore. Fucking amazing, each one of you! Love the new material! Hope to see you again soon.