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173 shows. Thank you. #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Brad Ritchie Jr

2 days ago

So grateful to have gotten the chance to see these guys live this year... in the pit... in the front row. It was magical and one of the best days of my life. Corey and the guys are perfect. Their music means so much to me. <3

Darlene Ocampo

3 days ago

Your all amazing, cant believe it was November 2018 I saw this tour :O 🤘 see you soon Slipknot DL2019 cant wait 😝🥰😘

Andre' Diaz

3 days ago

Glad to havecaught you guys with Ozzy!

Final night of the Good Things Festival did not disappoint! Thank you Brisbane! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Michael Smith

5 days ago

You guys went absolutely off. Brilliant show, now you need to come back

Daphné Lambert

5 days ago

Pat Harvey Cara Bradley

Janice Webster

5 days ago

Thanks for the BEST Sunday :-D

Things got a little weird in Sydney.. #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Dominique Jones

6 days ago

Fuck it off N Keep on Rockin' Guys !

Cindy Holaday

6 days ago

Happy Aussie Birthday! Spewin' I can't be in Brissie for today's show!

Mur Phy

6 days ago

Bloody good show

Thank you for 165 million streams on Spotify in 2018!! You all are amazing.

Solita Williams

6 days ago

Gotta step up my plays of ss.

Rosa Loureiro

6 days ago

You were so close guys! I gotta pump those numbers up for next year!

Marcus Tulius Morais

7 days ago

I was dreaming, i mean streaming to them last night.

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Latrice Hendrix

7 days ago

I’m ready are you Audrey Yvette

Andrea Papp

7 days ago

I can't wait!!

Payton Collins

7 days ago

Josh lets just say fuck it and go

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Dametria Turner

6 days ago

Stone Sour absolutely smashed it out of the park yesterday.

Ryndel Macalalad

7 days ago

Happy birthday Corey Taylor!!!! 🎂🎂

Godiva Ariel

7 days ago

Feliz Aniversário Corey Taylor. Meu herói! O dia de hoje é imensamente especial, com alegria em todos os momentos, porque te amo, porque sou sua fã! Admiro muito você. Suas músicas me causam sentimentos tão verdadeiros e intensos, que não consigo parar de ouvir. Desejo muita paz, alegria, felicidade, saúde, muito sucesso e muitos anos anos de vida. Você é especial e você é dessas pessoas raras que conseguem transformar tudo e todos para melhor só por estar presente. É muito fácil gostar e admirar você. Parabéns pelo seu aniversário. Vida longa ao Corey Taylor

Melbourne! Killer way to kick off the Good Things Festival! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Annie Thibeault Haller

6 days ago

Alicia Dean... omfg is it to early to leave?!?!?! We do it so much better in Brizzy 👊🏼

Manuel Faust

7 days ago

When I saw them in Manchester earlier this year it was so good! They put on such an amazing show! Can't wait to see them live again 🙂 my sisters first rock concert at 11 and she loved it too 🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥

Brenda Turner

7 days ago

Plenty of Grey hairs there. #oldsour

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Rachel Sanchez

9 days ago

Haha, like you guys are not on all my playlists already.. duuh! 🥳

Kristi Laird

9 days ago

Courtney Walker just cause, you know 😜

Isabel Hurtado

9 days ago

I had this on repeat alllll day today... freaky I'm seeing this post!

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Zshazie Encabo

14 days ago

Can you bring back the Christmas ornament this year, please. I missed it last year.

Suzie Mansour

14 days ago

Ugh. I guess the drumhead is gone. 💔

Adam Peña

14 days ago

Gregory Taylor les lyrics de Get It... Acheté pour Caro🤣🤣

Australia - let us know what songs you want to hear next month at Good Things Festival!

Atul Shivaân

15 days ago

1st person and last of the real. Please! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Ambot La

15 days ago

Just play every song on repeat and stay here forever... Have you seen what's in my basement?

Ana Gabriela McCulloch

15 days ago

Taciturn 😍😍
Say you'll haunt me
Song 3
Come whatever may
Hate not gone
Zzyx road

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Carlos Gonzalez

16 days ago

Esto huele a 2019😎

Katharina Bootz

17 days ago

Puro Piedra Agria !!!!!

Seipati Letsika

18 days ago

Yo siempre a cada rato... 🎸🤟🏼

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Jérome Clam

22 days ago

Can we get some merch in 3XL or 4XL and Tall for the huskier fans like myself please? I REALLY want the OG album cover hoodie.

Bridget Doherty

22 days ago

Karlos Alcaraz ese hoodie deberíamos de tenerlo mi chingon

Bumaÿé Moussa Koné

22 days ago

It won't let me order

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Roberto Bodaño Izada

24 days ago

What’s everyone’s favorite song on the self titled album?

Guitrod Igor Guitarra Acoustic

24 days ago

Come to São Paulo!!

Jodine Benavidez

25 days ago

Also ich würde ja den Bandnamen 3 mal vorn drauf drucken :P

This may have been our first time in Ukraine, but it won't be our last! Thank you Kyiv! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Joua Cindy Moua

a month ago

Thank you somuch 4your amazing show. You are realy great !

Brenda Ganzan

a month ago

Now come back to Chattanooga please :( i need a true break from life that only your show and mosh pit provides

Juan Jose Quintanar Lucio

a month ago

Thank you for the show. That was incredible!!! Waiting for you to come again 🤘🇺🇦❤️

Moscow knows how to bring it! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Pat Bradley

a month ago

Thank you, for real Rock Show!!!

Nishanth VS

a month ago

BRAVO! Thanks for the energy of the evening🤗

Sandeep Poojary

a month ago

It was amazing! Thank you!💙💙💙🇷🇺

Thank you Saint Petersburg! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Rebecca Bartlett

a month ago

Vous venez quand en France ❤️

Ivy Sagitarius

a month ago

Earl J. wann? 💁🏼

Careenz Dkhar Nongrum

a month ago

Guys when are you coming to Tel Aviv Israel?
I saw you in UK last Dec, you are great.

Corey trying to start a missile crisis in Rostov-On-Don! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour
Thanks for getting crazy with us, Krasnodar! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Lena Clark

a month ago

Когда завидуешь и плачешь 😭

Victor Dong

a month ago

Tour the U.K again!!! Best gig ever!!!!


a month ago

Come to São Paulo!!!

Privet! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

María Fernanda Millán Molero

a month ago

Enjoy your time in Kyiv. Been there many times. You guys will love that city 🤘❤️🇺🇸️🇺🇦️

Tom Elng

a month ago

Cultural appropriation!!! lol

Adriana Pereira

a month ago

Joe Mohamed no need to worry about me being star struck again on Friday 🤣🤣

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Malena Antonia Minix

2 months ago

Oooh like that

Jimmy Campbell

2 months ago

I have this hoodie,I'm from the 🇬🇧 but I got it when I went to there gig to meet and greet them xxx

Deb Jacobsen

2 months ago

Why is not available in the 🇬🇧 really really want one!!!!!!!!

‘Hydrograd’ Deluxe Edition for your viewing pleasure.

Grover Urquizu Arancibia

2 months ago

Love this song!

Sylwia Walczyk

2 months ago

Plz your the UK soon again. I saw you twice for the hydrograd tour, but need to see you again with these new tunes.

Mokgaetjie Matlatse

2 months ago

OMG..the riff at 1:52 🎸 AWESOME 🤩
Hope you'll be playing this at the Good Times Festival Down Under 🇦🇺 Brisbane in December 🤗 its gotta go on the play list! 💗 it guys 😍

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Priince Sory

2 months ago

Will see Stone Sour again

Zaaliyah Daley

2 months ago

Song is fucking good

Tara Worlds

2 months ago

Two killer tracks!

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Saheb Singh

2 months ago

Josh Rand This is the best news I've had all day!!

Maria Fg

2 months ago

What about the other Burbank ep?

Shariq Baig

2 months ago

Stone Sour is this available in Australia?? I NEED THAT BOOTLEG....and also bring on Good Things Festival // Melbourne // Lic All Ages, this will be my third time watching you 🤙🤟

Thank you Reno! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Ifeoma Gloria

2 months ago

Loved being in the pit last night, such a great show!😀🤘

Anthony Bryant

2 months ago

Great fucking show.....!

Lisa Birr Werning

2 months ago

So cud use this right now....

Thank you Utah! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Isaias Israel Henriquez Valdes

2 months ago

je soutiens ce groupe a mort

Sharon Johnson-Paige

2 months ago

Tonight in Reno my friends. 🤘🏽😆🤘🏽

Dru Kauffman

2 months ago

U.K. tour please

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Patricia Wallace

2 months ago

Got mine.thank u guys

Karen Ward

2 months ago

Is it Stone sour acoustic ?

Denver! Thanks for an incredible night! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Dave Duncan

2 months ago

See you guys one week from today Hollywood Bowl! 😎🤘

Favour Favour

2 months ago

Thank you for sharing the pics of your shows... I love to see them!!

Janet Totty Rawes

2 months ago

This is a great freaking tour!! Playing with Ozzy and and Zakk is amazing! Love the deluxe edition of Hydrograd and cannot wait to see what is next!

Thanks for rocking the desert with us Albuquerque! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Devon D'Souza

2 months ago

Y'all rock wherever you go!! #Atlanta

Anai Duarte

2 months ago

fuck yeah man - we drove all the way from Phoenix AZ to see the show last night.. All you guys kicked ass, I liked Josh Rand's stage presence the most though--it was cool as fuck !! Good luck on the remainder dates of the tour-

Clariz Mae Jumawan Galorio

2 months ago

Awesome concert as always!

Thank you Houston! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Ólafur Óskar Pálsson

2 months ago

See you Thursday night!

Carlos Henrique

3 months ago

You guys kicked ass!!!!

Darcy Williamson

3 months ago

Y’all put on a phenomenal show!!! Thank you!

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Sue Travis

3 months ago

I want them

Vee Powell

3 months ago

I was trying to get the signed version of the Deluxe CD and the link doesn't work. Boo.

Lisa Causey- Capps

3 months ago

Morgan Anderson new chow stuff

We just put our exclusive Zippo lighters up in our store. Go pick them up at:
Thanks for the party, Dallas! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Ceres Pereira

3 months ago

I want them all

Jan-Philipp Zipf

3 months ago

Holy shit Jenna Maree the black n red 1 in the top left hand corner plz.

Elizabeth Alvarez Huerta

3 months ago

Please, we need Slipknot Zippo's too!! 🤘 Maggot for life 🤘

Thank you Indiana! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Kyle Kingzs

3 months ago

fuck you guys! remember any old shit? apparently not

Sarah Clark

3 months ago

looks bad ass

Steven Wenzel

3 months ago

Badass concert guys...

St. Louis! Thanks for selling out the place in support of the #USO! We love you! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Mayron Nogueira

3 months ago

Corey man. There were like 30 of us out back that wanted to see you. I was disappointed you chose not to come out. But awesome show either way.

Diane DiMaio

3 months ago

Thanks for coming out to sign and take pics! I was having such a good time during the show that I broke my glasses going crazy haha. Next time I meet you guys I’ll have to have you sign them.

Wolliw Janel

3 months ago

Anyone know why Josh is always sitting now?

Chicago! You never disappoint! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Daniel Wolf

3 months ago

Stone sour u guys rocked Chicago I hope I’ll get to see u guys again sometime


3 months ago

You guys never disappoint either!! Well worth the drive from WI \m/

Melissa Ngiralmau Ngirchechol

3 months ago

First time I heard of you guys. I wanted to see Ozzy as I been listening to him since 1975 and never saw him. Y'all killed it! Great show and I loved the tribute to the prince of darkness!

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Diane Kulow

3 months ago

Dont give it to Red Cross... They will keep most of the $ for themselves. Follow JJ Watt's example. Buy the trucks/supplies yourself to make sure people actually get what they need

Kars Hols

3 months ago

Classy move Josh!

Benny Plots

3 months ago

I love what y'all do for the fans both onstage and off!! 💖

Thank you, Michigan! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Trinity Condran

3 months ago

Had an awesome time last night. The best part? I got engaged during Song #3! Thanks so much for an awesome show that I will never forget. <3 Stone Sour <3 Brandon Woodson

The Aware Negro -

3 months ago

You guys rocked last night and I’m to say that I had the privilege of meeting and getting a picture with you guys hopefully I’ll see you again soon

Ryan Green

3 months ago

You guys rocked the house at DTE last night! \m/

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Yngwie'm Vuria

3 months ago

Got my deluxe signed booklet, it's enough for me ! Glad about it ! Thx !

Martijn Kamphuis

3 months ago

I could use a signed stick

I think Cory looked at this one when he signed it. Just saying 🤪

Thank you Ohio! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Santosh Parajuli

3 months ago

<3 I loved that you came to Blossom with OZZY …. I came to see STONE SOUR!!! I wish I'd been more familiar with the last couple albums but stores haven't been carrying CDs here in the sticks for a few years and I fell off my game - I was up in the nosebleeds on the lawn but loved the show … wish there'd been video on the big screens of you guys during the show :-) I'd love to catch you headlining and hoping for a longer setlist with more of the older kickass stuff thrown in as well as the great ones like 'Bother' and 'Through Glass' --- I saw you in Columbus in 2006 with Seether/Halestorm/Flyleaf .. you've been my favorite band since then :-)

So awesome!!! You guys were amazing!

Gerard Gagne'

3 months ago

No thank you stone sour great fucking preformance

Virginia, whatever you do, do not make direct eye contact with Josh... #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Marie Collier

3 months ago

I hope ya'll play, Say You'll Haunt Me tonight!!

Muhammed Bataineh

3 months ago

This show was killer! Definitely one of my favorites.

Gerhard Jantscher

3 months ago

Awesome show last night in bristow you guys rock fists and horns in the air 🤘🤘🤘

Excited to be on the cover of Spotify's New Metal Tracks playlist. Go stream "Subversive":
Camden, that was killer! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Jeni Lea Baer-Ervin

3 months ago

Come to Brazil! Please!

Ebony Thomas

3 months ago

Jesús Amador, jajajaja. El Facebook nos espía que sabe que hoy estuvimos oyendo esto 😌

Annette Powell

3 months ago

Come to São Paulo!!!

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Freddie Bates

3 months ago

Great version of a grunge classic

Ulpia Danubia Vasilescu Micle

3 months ago

The beard is swinging in time

Mauricio Ibarra

3 months ago

Wish it sounded more like Corey and less like Chris. He shouldn't try to yell it like he Chris used one but Chris could do it..Corey has one of the best voices of all time he should have done it more his style imo.

Thank you, Holmdel! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Lily Dallerey

3 months ago

See you guys tomorrow night in Camden!


3 months ago

You guys were awesome!

James Donald Jr

3 months ago

Frigen loved u first time saw u had me with every song wanted more had me fighting who to hear u or Ozzy u made a Monday night and Tuesday fucking awesome

Thank you Jones Beach! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Bethany Cannell

3 months ago

I just wanted to thank the awesome guys of Stone Sour for the pre show meet and greet. Corey Taylor has been my son's idol for years and meeting him has been the highlight of his short almost 10 year old life and will continue to be. Getting to talk to him, ask him questions, and being lucky enough to get a pick from Corey will be a memory he'll never forget. :) Plus you guys put on a kick ass show, he was up singing along and dancing to every song!

Awa Faye

3 months ago

Please, when you come to Brazil, include a n ortheastern region of the country. We are very lacking in big concerts around here. Long life!

Tobie Brummund

3 months ago

Come to south Florida!!!

Thanks for getting weird with us, Mohegan Sun! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Shilu Ao

3 months ago

Come to Brazil please

Silvio Verly

3 months ago


Kerry Darling

3 months ago

Cant wait to see yall in Raleigh next Saturday

Thanks for throwing down with us, Mansfield! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour
Thanks for putting us on the cover of the New Metal Tracks playlist, Spotify! Listen to "Subversive" now:

Petr Smerek

3 months ago

This show was so great I still have no voice.

Vincenzo Scialpi

3 months ago

Come to Perú

Marimo Matsumoto

3 months ago

I missed it because there was so much damn traffic 😡

Thank you Toronto! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Cole Walliser

3 months ago

Met Corey and Christian in providence today and got a photo with them. Top quality guys :)

Meschelle Martin

3 months ago

Great show in toronto 😈😈😈

Ann Nicdao

3 months ago

You guys rocked the house great show boys.

You were beautiful, Pittsburgh! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

John Hunter

3 months ago

See you in San Diego in Rocktober!! Can't wait!

Carlos Valle

3 months ago

please guys tour in australia one day

Heather Randazzo

3 months ago

You guys were awesome! I enjoyed your entire show!

Thank You Syracuse! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Amanda Wixo

3 months ago

See you tomorrow in Pittsburgh!!!

Manuel Barro

3 months ago

Great show got Coreys glasses and some picks .

Kenneth Lee

3 months ago

See u Friday 😍

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Pierina Aguilar

3 months ago

Love the b-sides especially the Soundgarden cover brilliant

Lorenzorenkharen Enoya Briones

3 months ago

Burn One Turn One!🤘🤘

Eileen Barney

3 months ago

Great music! Love all the songs in this album specially the acoustic versions of "The Witness Trees" and "Rose Red Violent Blue" and of course the "Burn One Turn One". Thank you so much for the music.

The deluxe edition of HYDROGRAD is out now:
Allentown! What a great start to the tour with our Ozzy family! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Mpele Mathopa

3 months ago

So sad I’m not going to see you in Pittsburgh after waiting years but hopefully next time love you Corey

Annette Saul

3 months ago

Oh ok. I was just wondering. Don't get me wrong I love Stone Sour and Corey is my 3rd fav. vocalist after Patton and Witherspoon but. I have never met the man, but he just came off as cocky and assholish in interviews so I was just wondering if he is was a jerk foreal or he was just being a goofball. BTW, I'm going to see them on Sep. 22nd. at the Pageant in St. Louis, looking forward to it. Doubt I'll get to meet him cause I don't have the VIP package but I will damn well try!

Phil Benard

3 months ago

Still waiting for mine. Pre-ordered through Pledge and it has been delayed. Will admit I’m a bit annoyed but I’m sure it will be worth the wait