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Thank you, Michigan! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Nyi Nyi Lwin

3 hours ago

See yall Saturday!!

Tiago Nascimento

3 hours ago

Corey Taylor is my all time favorite vocalist. I have spent lots of hard earned money watching him perform and he is the only artist where i will actually go buy every album instead of free downloading. I do this purely out of love for his music and both bands and his acustic work. Mad respect....first show 1999 at the Orbit Roam in Grand Rapids Michigan when Kitty opend for Slipknot. 15 years later Active duty Army has taken me to many states watching Slipknot and Stone Sour. My all time Favorite was the First Knotfest in CB Iowa i think it was 2012ish. 5 more years Active Army could take me to many more venues across the country. One day i want to meet everyone and get some autographs. So much love for all of them. Helped me through some rough shit when deployed

Nicola Silcox

3 hours ago

Will be seeing you Saturday 🤟

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Yngwie'm Vuria

18 hours ago

Got my deluxe signed booklet, it's enough for me ! Glad about it ! Thx !

Martijn Kamphuis

a day ago

I could use a signed stick

I think Cory looked at this one when he signed it. Just saying 🤪

Thank you Ohio! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Santosh Parajuli

2 days ago

<3 I loved that you came to Blossom with OZZY …. I came to see STONE SOUR!!! I wish I'd been more familiar with the last couple albums but stores haven't been carrying CDs here in the sticks for a few years and I fell off my game - I was up in the nosebleeds on the lawn but loved the show … wish there'd been video on the big screens of you guys during the show :-) I'd love to catch you headlining and hoping for a longer setlist with more of the older kickass stuff thrown in as well as the great ones like 'Bother' and 'Through Glass' --- I saw you in Columbus in 2006 with Seether/Halestorm/Flyleaf .. you've been my favorite band since then :-)

Wei Wei

2 days ago

So awesome!!! You guys were amazing!

Gerard Gagne'

3 days ago

No thank you stone sour great fucking preformance

Virginia, whatever you do, do not make direct eye contact with Josh... #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Marie Collier

3 days ago

I hope ya'll play, Say You'll Haunt Me tonight!!

Muhammed Bataineh

4 days ago

This show was killer! Definitely one of my favorites.

Gerhard Jantscher

4 days ago

Awesome show last night in bristow you guys rock fists and horns in the air 🤘🤘🤘

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Camden, that was killer! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Jeni Lea Baer-Ervin

5 days ago

Come to Brazil! Please!

Ebony Thomas

6 days ago

Jesús Amador, jajajaja. El Facebook nos espía que sabe que hoy estuvimos oyendo esto 😌

Annette Powell

6 days ago

Come to São Paulo!!!

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Freddie Bates

6 days ago

Great version of a grunge classic

Ulpia Danubia Vasilescu Micle

7 days ago

The beard is swinging in time

Mauricio Ibarra

7 days ago

Wish it sounded more like Corey and less like Chris. He shouldn't try to yell it like he Chris used one but Chris could do it..Corey has one of the best voices of all time he should have done it more his style imo.

Thank you, Holmdel! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Lily Dallerey

8 days ago

See you guys tomorrow night in Camden!


8 days ago

You guys were awesome!

James Donald Jr

9 days ago

Frigen loved u first time saw u had me with every song wanted more had me fighting who to hear u or Ozzy u made a Monday night and Tuesday fucking awesome

Thank you Jones Beach! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Bethany Cannell

9 days ago

I just wanted to thank the awesome guys of Stone Sour for the pre show meet and greet. Corey Taylor has been my son's idol for years and meeting him has been the highlight of his short almost 10 year old life and will continue to be. Getting to talk to him, ask him questions, and being lucky enough to get a pick from Corey will be a memory he'll never forget. :) Plus you guys put on a kick ass show, he was up singing along and dancing to every song!

Awa Faye

11 days ago

Please, when you come to Brazil, include a n ortheastern region of the country. We are very lacking in big concerts around here. Long life!

Tobie Brummund

11 days ago

Come to south Florida!!!

Thanks for getting weird with us, Mohegan Sun! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Shilu Ao

11 days ago

Come to Brazil please

Silvio Verly

11 days ago


Kerry Darling

11 days ago

Cant wait to see yall in Raleigh next Saturday

Thanks for throwing down with us, Mansfield! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour
Thanks for putting us on the cover of the New Metal Tracks playlist, Spotify! Listen to "Subversive" now:

Petr Smerek

11 days ago

This show was so great I still have no voice.

Vincenzo Scialpi

12 days ago

Come to Perú

Marimo Matsumoto

12 days ago

I missed it because there was so much damn traffic 😡

Thank you Toronto! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Cole Walliser

14 days ago

Met Corey and Christian in providence today and got a photo with them. Top quality guys :)

Meschelle Martin

14 days ago

Great show in toronto 😈😈😈

Ann Nicdao

14 days ago

You guys rocked the house great show boys.

You were beautiful, Pittsburgh! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

John Hunter

15 days ago

See you in San Diego in Rocktober!! Can't wait!

Carlos Valle

15 days ago

please guys tour in australia one day

Heather Randazzo

15 days ago

You guys were awesome! I enjoyed your entire show!

Thank You Syracuse! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Amanda Wixo

17 days ago

See you tomorrow in Pittsburgh!!!

Manuel Barro

17 days ago

Great show got Coreys glasses and some picks .

Kenneth Lee

17 days ago

See u Friday 😍

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Pierina Aguilar

18 days ago

Love the b-sides especially the Soundgarden cover brilliant

Lorenzorenkharen Enoya Briones

18 days ago

Burn One Turn One!🤘🤘

Eileen Barney

18 days ago

Great music! Love all the songs in this album specially the acoustic versions of "The Witness Trees" and "Rose Red Violent Blue" and of course the "Burn One Turn One". Thank you so much for the music.

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Allentown! What a great start to the tour with our Ozzy family! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Mpele Mathopa

19 days ago

So sad I’m not going to see you in Pittsburgh after waiting years but hopefully next time love you Corey

Annette Saul

19 days ago

Oh ok. I was just wondering. Don't get me wrong I love Stone Sour and Corey is my 3rd fav. vocalist after Patton and Witherspoon but. I have never met the man, but he just came off as cocky and assholish in interviews so I was just wondering if he is was a jerk foreal or he was just being a goofball. BTW, I'm going to see them on Sep. 22nd. at the Pageant in St. Louis, looking forward to it. Doubt I'll get to meet him cause I don't have the VIP package but I will damn well try!

Phil Benard

19 days ago

Still waiting for mine. Pre-ordered through Pledge and it has been delayed. Will admit I’m a bit annoyed but I’m sure it will be worth the wait

No More Tours 2 kicks off tonight with Ozzy Osbourne in Allentown, PA! Let us know which show you're coming out to.

Stanka Packova

18 days ago

Flying to Kyiv from Dublin for the last show!!!!!. So excited. With @scott McArtney all the way from New Zealand, it won’t let me tag you :( .

Oyinz Pante Imperial

19 days ago

Isleta Amphitheater in Albuquerque, NM on 9/30!!! Can’t wait to see you guys!!!! 🖤🖤🤘🏻🤘🏻

George Copitsas

19 days ago

Got my tickets for September 12 in Camden NJ told my boys were leaving after you're set and they got all upset best disappointed faces ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Trianna Sabo

21 days ago

Get inside. Sounded like slipknot but deviated enough giving me faith that this band could be something very promising on its own... I wasn't wrong SS ROCKS!

Anson Stanley

22 days ago

I used to listen to this in geography after I dropped out of the class I got to sit at the back do my own work and I had a CD Walkman and put that album on full blast every time, good times..

Mwanaisha Danny

22 days ago

Best Stone Sour album ever. Get Inside, Inhale, Idle Hands, Orchids, the whole thing is awesome even the special edition bonus tracks.

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Tammy L Jones

23 days ago

Not what I pictured for the film clip, I had visions of Evil Kenieval crashing his bike over and over again in slo-mo 😂😂 Still my favourite track from Hydrograd though 🤘

Afrika Sharif

23 days ago

Oct. Is coming quick Paul Morrill. Gonna be bad arse.

Ruslan Yavny

23 days ago

Love it!! Oh and by the way please come back to Atlanta!! Got to see y'all for the first time ever this year at Buckhead Theater... best concert ever!!!

Thank you Minnesota! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Pau Derilo

22 days ago

Enjoying my morning coffee trying to get my voice back after the St. Paul show!! Epic! Thanks for the awesome time Stone Sour!!

Fa Iqbal

23 days ago

Epic!! Thank you Stone Sour for the awesome show!!

Diego Figueroa Díaz

23 days ago

See ya Monday

Home. We love you Iowa! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Ulrica Morin

23 days ago

Awesome show...had a Kick-Ass time. Until next time keep Rockin 🤘🤘

Barış Durmaz

23 days ago

Best birthday ever! Front row action! 🖤🤘🏼🖤🤘🏼

Janet Garcia

24 days ago

Damn good show ! Had alot of fun !

Alaska! Thank you for an amazing show! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Victor Catalunia

a month ago

Thank you for coming to Alaska. We are concert starved up here. So thank you so very much!


25 days ago

Glad to see the beard is back

Crystal Chue

a month ago

Thanks for coming to AK! That was so much fun and you guys are great live!

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Miguel Angel Carrillo

a month ago

Hugh Warren-Bender 😉😉 so you keen because I sure am

Fili Andres Hernandez

a month ago

Chris get ready to loose ur voice ... offspring smash!

Adal JR Bertito

a month ago

Millie JaneThe Used! Shall we go to Aussie then? 😂 Actually to be fair I do love a bit of Stone Sour and Offspring would be epic.... They're so old 🙄

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Caitlyn Brault

a month ago

It's not really near my house ... Damn

Luzdelcarmen Colohua Lazcano

a month ago

Love you guys ! But Vip nation can suck it ! They were dicks at the last ss vip! So nah! Cant wait for the show tho!

Prince Henshaw

a month ago

Better question... how do you come home to Iowa and not come thru DMI?

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Hana Jerhotová

a month ago

I wish I could afford that

Jake Zebroff

a month ago

Dan want. Need. Now 😍😭

Gregorio Fernandez Bascuñana

a month ago

Is it a new thing to just cheaply print album covers on guitars now? I just saw Megadeth was doing this too. Looks tacky imo.

Help us wish this fella a happy birthday, Mr. Josh Rand!

Victor Janus

a month ago

Happy birthday Josh! I hope your day was amazing! 🎊🎈🎁🎂🎉

Sandie Robertshaw

a month ago

Happy Belated birthday Josh! 💕💕

Erika Ranolo

a month ago

Happy birthday many more to come

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Michael McCaul

a month ago

Should be Fineland?

Bam Devries Kevin

a month ago

Find Land... seems legit.

MD Rajaul Hosen

a month ago

No ei jumalauta.

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Bethan Jones

a month ago

And ima a feckin day late for this 😞

Cuquis Vasquez

a month ago

First question would be where in the hell is Jim

Jewel Richardson Moore

a month ago

Fuck ya looking at like th@?!

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Valerie Hildebert

a month ago

Are you doing meet and greet at Mohegan sun September 7th?

Bob Fallon

a month ago

I wanna do that here in SÃO PAULO!!!!

Juniper Shull

2 months ago

Did. Last November it was surreal!

We’re not only celebrating the 12 year anniversary of Come What(ever) May today...but the fact that the record went PLATINUM! Thank you to everyone who’s picked up a copy and is still rockin it.

Holly Murr

2 months ago

One of the greatest albums ever made. Ever. Fact. No question.

Paige Moore

2 months ago

It's the album that got me hooked on Stone Sour.

Jess Stouffer

2 months ago

Yay! I just re bought it over the weekend cause mine was skipping and now it's platinum. I'm a good helper.

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Liliana Huaman

2 months ago

Wow his signature is almost like mine

Emmanuel Bijou

2 months ago

Wow.. I want one of those Ibanez guitars..

Renata Martinez

2 months ago

Come to São Paulo!!!

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Kyle Sullivan

2 months ago

Come to São Paulo!!!

Danny Bep

2 months ago

Texas Hold 'Em!

Alex Lundqvist

2 months ago

Song is wicked good! But it's Stone Sour......there you go.

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Lisa Grès

2 months ago

The singer looks like Slipknot's singer...

Tatjana Hirschmeier

2 months ago

Stone Sour - I'd love to see an acoustic show here in the Madison/Milwaukee, Wisconsin area!!!

Wendy Ntombi

2 months ago

Heather weird, so this poster says “tix on sale friday” but status says free 🤔🤔 hmmmm

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Boyko Manoilov

2 months ago

F the establishment people the guitar was destroyed.😄

Valenshea Ivanescence

2 months ago

Classic move is classic !

Mnr Wanadri

2 months ago

Now he's real hitman

Only a few HYDROGRAD deluxe PledgeMusic options left.

Tamires Silva Pjl

2 months ago

When can I buy some of these at a show here in SÃO PAULO ???

Malina Downes

2 months ago

The pictures you posted have NOTHING to do with any bundles you're selling. OR the deluxe version of Hyrograd.

Ste Dean

2 months ago

Wish I wasnt so God damn broke.

Looks like I'm here to stay, another bloody mess who's ready to be saved.

Daguioan B Jayson

2 months ago


Stephanie J England

2 months ago

Come to Lima!

Robert Torres

2 months ago

Currently rocking out to Made of scars with my 3 year old 💗💗💗

Go snag some merch this weekend at

Lucas França

2 months ago

Nadine Kapfer die sockn!!! 😂😛❤

Carol Vogel

2 months ago


Lion Correa

2 months ago

Sweet Graphic Design.

Thank you Spain! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Ming Hao Wu

2 months ago

we love S.S.!!!

Antoine Pse

2 months ago

The show in Leipzig was AWESOME! Keep it up, guys!

Becky Mhiz

2 months ago

Great pictures. You guys are looking good! Take care of yourself and i wish you still a amazing Tour!

Portugal, you crazy bastards! Thank you! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Chrischo Go

2 months ago

Thank STONE SOUR for the best night of my life! I don't need drugs, I just need you and Slipknot to forget all problems.
Thank Corey Taylor!

Michael Baillo

2 months ago

I can't believe I missed. Was probably badass AF! Hope to see it one day.

Hujaifie Usal Kumban

2 months ago

Here in Brazil we speak portuguese to, guys... COME TO SÃO PAULO!!!!

Thank you Belgium! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

John Verange

2 months ago

You guys rocked it! Next year GMM?

Ruan Osbourne

2 months ago

It was amazing 😍

Anaïs Gomez

2 months ago

São Paulo, guys... For the love of Christ Himself... Come to Brazil, pleeeeeeaaaseee!!!

Crazy night in Bulgaria! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour
Amazing hand carved gifts from fans in Bulgaria! See you bastards tonight! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Dawn Baxley

3 months ago

The moment with
the mask of Poul Grey was ...amazing

Jake Asquith

3 months ago

Been a long time since I rock and rolled
It's only rock and roll but I like it, like it !

Thank you for the great show !

Kimberly Brune Lang

3 months ago

Come to Brazil!!!!!! São Paulo, please!!!!!!

Stoked to be on the cover of Spotify's New Metal Tracks playlist! If you haven't heard "Burn One Turn One" yet, now's the time:
Thank you Romania! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Avegale Stewart

3 months ago

Yeah Guys! I love it

Bhuvanesh Kanna

3 months ago

That's my boys!

Manas Misal

3 months ago

Hellyeah! Got this station saved as one of my plat list and have a good chunk of stone sour of my personalized play list! You can never get too much!

That was brilliant, Budapest! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Jessica Hendershot

3 months ago

Coming all the way from Greece to Sofia tomorrow just to see you!!! Can't wait!!!! Sending love!!!!

Marilyn Riley

3 months ago

Thanks for the fantastic performance, please come soon

Bonny Siasa

3 months ago

We want You back very soon, we can't wait! 😁

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Marcelo Vasquez

3 months ago

Cory has the look of he's gotten to big for his britches. That smerking smile... Fred durst had the same one. Not talking shit, just concerned.

Eugène Akanza

3 months ago

I cannot wait to get this album!!!!! 🤘🏻😍🤘🏻

Sharon Koch

3 months ago

Na doll Nessa Wieland... Also schon wieder was kaufen müssen

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Edyta Woźniak

3 months ago

Come to Poplar Bluff Missouri

Kylie Schumacher

3 months ago

Wish i was going manchester the show was spoilt at leeds by 2 pissed up.gits up at bck 2 lads we complained security dint do nowt 😣

Ágnes Varga

3 months ago

Love a road trip, especially to see Stone Sour! Gonna do my second in a few months- this time 11 hours away!!

Thank you Nova Rock! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Julie Klop

3 months ago

I hobs verpasst 😔

Muhammad Arya

3 months ago

I love that in every gig photo I see of Stonesour you all look so happy to be doing what you do 🤘 Hope to see you back in New Zealand before too long x

Said Montana

3 months ago

Hahaha, 666 likes

There isn't a word for it in English, but it roughly translates to "Action Fighting"..... Thank you Poland! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Beverley Ball

3 months ago

Fucking crazy and amazing show! Dreams comes true 💖

Jonathan Edwards

3 months ago

Thank you for an amazing gig \m/ Hope to see you next time! Napie*dalać!

Tasha Rose

3 months ago

"Napierdalać" !!! :) :) You guys ROCKED. I used to love Manson back in the good old days, yesterday I came to finally see YOU. You should've been the main dish but still, thx for.the great gig. And do me a favor...please play Do me a favor next time :)

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Joe Borst

3 months ago

Saw you last year, you rocked! See you again at the Roundhouse in London next Monday!! 🖤🤘 (Ps recognize the tatt in my pro pic?! :-D)

Alexander Donatello

3 months ago


Jonathan Recio

3 months ago

PITTSBURGH. Oh my god thank you guys so much. I am in tears. I missed you last year when you were in Bethlehem PA and I was crushed.
If VIP tickets are available I would absolutely cry if I got to meet yinz. I love you so much

Hannover, you were beautiful tonight! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Hiroka Hayano

3 months ago

25 hours after the show I still have the songs spinning around in my ears, head, mind, heart!
OmG it was so
f***ing G R E A T !!

Bokang Selebano

3 months ago

Very nice concert! Congrats to the complete band for the awesome performance! Please come back soon To Germany!

Carlos A Nazario

3 months ago

Absolute incredible Show 🤘 thx and hope to See you back soon

You were awesome, Sweden! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour
Thank you to everyone who voted for us! Thanks for the amazing award Bandit Rock Radio!

Gillian Fitch

3 months ago

Damn! I wish I was at home to see you guys.😱
Be back soon!

Kehinde Okanlawon

3 months ago

You were awesome!

Janet Elias Gonzalez

3 months ago

Hey Scott McWaters you have seen them and I haven’t, so you suck

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Chaya Veasna

3 months ago

😂 - there are 146 songs from Slipknot and Stone Sour (incl. A different world & I'm not Jesus) playing permanently in my car and at work via headphones. ;)

Jessica Rozhko

3 months ago

I like a chilled car so mostly Pink Floyd, obviously crank on some sour megamix. My girl likes a bit of it too 😎...she. Is converted 👍

Kimberly A. Williams

3 months ago

On a bigger level (not just SS) most of Killswitch Engage, most of Linkin Park, some Entwine, some Metallica, some Alter Bridge...