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Lucas França

2 hours ago

Nadine Kapfer die sockn!!! 😂😛❤

Carol Vogel

11 hours ago


Lion Correa

15 hours ago

Sweet Graphic Design.

Thank you Spain! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Ming Hao Wu

2 days ago

we love S.S.!!!

Antoine Pse

3 days ago

The show in Leipzig was AWESOME! Keep it up, guys!

Becky Mhiz

3 days ago

Great pictures. You guys are looking good! Take care of yourself and i wish you still a amazing Tour!

Portugal, you crazy bastards! Thank you! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Chrischo Go

3 days ago

Thank STONE SOUR for the best night of my life! I don't need drugs, I just need you and Slipknot to forget all problems.
Thank Corey Taylor!

Michael Baillo

4 days ago

I can't believe I missed. Was probably badass AF! Hope to see it one day.

Hujaifie Usal Kumban

4 days ago

Here in Brazil we speak portuguese to, guys... COME TO SÃO PAULO!!!!

Thank you Belgium! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

John Verange

7 days ago

You guys rocked it! Next year GMM?

Ruan Osbourne

7 days ago

It was amazing 😍

Anaïs Gomez

7 days ago

São Paulo, guys... For the love of Christ Himself... Come to Brazil, pleeeeeeaaaseee!!!

Crazy night in Bulgaria! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour
Amazing hand carved gifts from fans in Bulgaria! See you bastards tonight! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Dawn Baxley

18 days ago

The moment with
the mask of Poul Grey was ...amazing

Jake Asquith

18 days ago

Been a long time since I rock and rolled
It's only rock and roll but I like it, like it !

Thank you for the great show !

Kimberly Brune Lang

18 days ago

Come to Brazil!!!!!! São Paulo, please!!!!!!

Stoked to be on the cover of Spotify's New Metal Tracks playlist! If you haven't heard "Burn One Turn One" yet, now's the time:
Thank you Romania! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Avegale Stewart

19 days ago

Yeah Guys! I love it

Bhuvanesh Kanna

19 days ago

That's my boys!

Manas Misal

19 days ago

Hellyeah! Got this station saved as one of my plat list and have a good chunk of stone sour of my personalized play list! You can never get too much!

That was brilliant, Budapest! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Jessica Hendershot

20 days ago

Coming all the way from Greece to Sofia tomorrow just to see you!!! Can't wait!!!! Sending love!!!!

Marilyn Riley

20 days ago

Thanks for the fantastic performance, please come soon

Bonny Siasa

20 days ago

We want You back very soon, we can't wait! 😁

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Marcelo Vasquez

19 days ago

Cory has the look of he's gotten to big for his britches. That smerking smile... Fred durst had the same one. Not talking shit, just concerned.

Eugène Akanza

20 days ago

I cannot wait to get this album!!!!! 🤘🏻😍🤘🏻

Sharon Koch

20 days ago

Na doll Nessa Wieland... Also schon wieder was kaufen müssen

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Edyta Woźniak

a month ago

Come to Poplar Bluff Missouri

Kylie Schumacher

a month ago

Wish i was going manchester the show was spoilt at leeds by 2 pissed up.gits up at bck 2 lads we complained security dint do nowt 😣

Ágnes Varga

a month ago

Love a road trip, especially to see Stone Sour! Gonna do my second in a few months- this time 11 hours away!!

Thank you Nova Rock! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Julie Klop

a month ago

I hobs verpasst 😔

Muhammad Arya

a month ago

I love that in every gig photo I see of Stonesour you all look so happy to be doing what you do 🤘 Hope to see you back in New Zealand before too long x

Said Montana

a month ago

Hahaha, 666 likes

There isn't a word for it in English, but it roughly translates to "Action Fighting"..... Thank you Poland! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Beverley Ball

a month ago

Fucking crazy and amazing show! Dreams comes true 💖

Jonathan Edwards

a month ago

Thank you for an amazing gig \m/ Hope to see you next time! Napie*dalać!

Tasha Rose

a month ago

"Napierdalać" !!! :) :) You guys ROCKED. I used to love Manson back in the good old days, yesterday I came to finally see YOU. You should've been the main dish but still, thx for.the great gig. And do me a favor...please play Do me a favor next time :)

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Joe Borst

a month ago

Saw you last year, you rocked! See you again at the Roundhouse in London next Monday!! 🖤🤘 (Ps recognize the tatt in my pro pic?! :-D)

Alexander Donatello

a month ago


Jonathan Recio

a month ago

PITTSBURGH. Oh my god thank you guys so much. I am in tears. I missed you last year when you were in Bethlehem PA and I was crushed.
If VIP tickets are available I would absolutely cry if I got to meet yinz. I love you so much

Hannover, you were beautiful tonight! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Hiroka Hayano

a month ago

25 hours after the show I still have the songs spinning around in my ears, head, mind, heart!
OmG it was so
f***ing G R E A T !!

Bokang Selebano

a month ago

Very nice concert! Congrats to the complete band for the awesome performance! Please come back soon To Germany!

Carlos A Nazario

a month ago

Absolute incredible Show 🤘 thx and hope to See you back soon

You were awesome, Sweden! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour
Thank you to everyone who voted for us! Thanks for the amazing award Bandit Rock Radio!

Gillian Fitch

a month ago

Damn! I wish I was at home to see you guys.😱
Be back soon!

Kehinde Okanlawon

a month ago

You were awesome!

Janet Elias Gonzalez

a month ago

Hey Scott McWaters you have seen them and I haven’t, so you suck

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Chaya Veasna

a month ago

😂 - there are 146 songs from Slipknot and Stone Sour (incl. A different world & I'm not Jesus) playing permanently in my car and at work via headphones. ;)

Jessica Rozhko

a month ago

I like a chilled car so mostly Pink Floyd, obviously crank on some sour megamix. My girl likes a bit of it too 😎...she. Is converted 👍

Kimberly A. Williams

a month ago

On a bigger level (not just SS) most of Killswitch Engage, most of Linkin Park, some Entwine, some Metallica, some Alter Bridge...

Thank you Finland! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Andrea Valeska Saavedra Palizza

a month ago

Welcome to sweden rock festival!!

Edgar Chavez

a month ago

1mes... Joana Flórido Barbosa

Gayle Mayes McClintock

a month ago

Can't wait to see you in Hanover 🤘🏼

We woke the dead tonight, Estonia! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Madison McClary

a month ago

My whole body still hurts because I was slamming so hard! Thank you Stone Sour for unforgettable memories!

Yang Chen

a month ago

You absolutely did!!! Zombie apocalypse in Estonia now thanks! By the way, Corey left a ton of empty water bottles - would be nice to come and clean those up. Thanks!

Lau Alba Hernandez

a month ago

There's no fans without band, and there's no band without fans. As Corey said yesterday, "We are family!" Thank you Stone Sour for amazing gig!!! 🤘🤘🤘

Danke Schön Rock Im Park! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Ramūnas Kavaliauskas

a month ago

Joana Flórido Barbosa daqui a nada

Rocky Caves

a month ago

Steffi Fischer hmm? 😂😂

Adrian Zacharewicz

a month ago

Can someone tell me the setlist they have played?

Thank you Rock Am Ring! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Magi Grace Reger

a month ago

Please come to Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Sheri Daniel

a month ago

15 to see you in Manchester 🤟

Aronne Montanari

a month ago

Wrong Stage guy‘s.

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Martina Aureli

2 months ago

I so need one of these 🤗 all the Stone Sour, Slipknot and CMFT shows I've been to and never yet have I got a pleck :( its my mission 😉

Darren Pryor

2 months ago

Not fair josh !!! Lol
Not coming back to Wales and a few days after download traveling is impossible and I'm old n shit ..#gutted
See you on the next one though and thanks for a great Meet and Greet a few months ago ..
Damn so gutted your not at Download guys x

Marie Charlotte Gburek

2 months ago

I havent Instagram :(

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Saku Saku

2 months ago

Wie geil ist das denn... 😅

Stephen Douglas Grant Jr.

2 months ago

What size are the socks? Men's or Women's?

Honhaga Liza

2 months ago

Stone Sour, now doing sock & roll at an arena near you.

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Scott A Walters

2 months ago

I love you!

Mega Puspita

2 months ago

fuckin' love that Cramps shirt of Corey Taylor <3

Dan Patascher

2 months ago

You just make my heart happy. Love to you all

Thanks for riding the storm out with us, Rock on the Range! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Thato Modipane

2 months ago

Your show should have lasted at least an hour, left me wishing for more! 🤘🏼

Gaia Battistoni

2 months ago

So pissed I couldn't make it!!!

Meredith Brown Hawthorne

2 months ago

You guys killed it!

Thank you Peoria! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Aaron Sairi Soto Villegas

2 months ago

Great guys killed it as usual...

Debbi Groves

2 months ago

Thanks for rocking us! You know the saying “if it plays in Peoria, it’ll play anywhere” we’ve always been a test market. Broadway shows came here first back many years ago to test the waters. Well after rocking our faces off last night I’d say you guys have a chance. Keep it up and you’ll make it someday!

Gloria Robbson

2 months ago

Gained some mad respect for Corey Taylor last night.
When a young woman passed out in the V.I.P. section she was 'body surfed' to the front of the stage to get her out of the herd. This took place just as the band had finished a song and was walking off stage for a 5 sec respite to grab a water and wipe off persperation. When Corey returned to start the song 'Bother', he noticed the medical problem taking place and walked to the front of the stage and hovered for a few minutes. Some of the fans became restless with this. Corey asked the crowd for 'patience' as he was concerned for the young woman's condition.
This is the mark of a TRUE ARTIST! He could have gone on with the show and passed it off, but he DID NO SUCH THING. His face and posture on stage above what was going on was truly that of a man concerned.
Good on you Corey Taylor!!

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Amy Beamon

2 months ago

I second Henkie Panky his request, please take some with you to the Utrecht show in Holland!

Jarvis Tunech Don

2 months ago

Are you taking that shit wit you to Holland?

Jared Draper

2 months ago

Terry Voros I really want all of the above

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Ririk Ericka Real

2 months ago

I'll be in the crowd probably getting soaked from all the rain we're supposed to get. Can't wait to see you guys

Johnny Scheper

2 months ago

10am Sunday morning in Australia (est) damn, will be working.

Terri Bottiglio

2 months ago

Finally a band that uses twitch TV to stream their gig! Def watching!

Fun night in Fort Wayne! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Mako Kino

2 months ago

Was a great show in a super nice venue.

Islam Elba

2 months ago

You guys were amazing! Hope to see you later this year with Ozzy. 🤘🏼🤘🏼

David Fries

2 months ago

You guys killed it tonight! Can’t wait for your next visit to The Fort!

Thank you Madison! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Sema Yasinbilal Ibraimoski

2 months ago

Thank you for coming to Madison!!! It was an amazing night!! 68 was a really fun band!!!

Charlotte Bath

2 months ago

Fucking awesome! I almost bit off a guys finger in the mosh pit.

Megan Hummel

2 months ago

God I miss you guys best show I’ve seen in Chattanooga TN

We may all be a little delirious from the heat, but thank you Oklahoma! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Bobbie Drumm

2 months ago

Bit cooler in the UK. Kim n Phil will see you at Manchester and Nottingham 🤘😎🤘

Lisco Nicodemus Lokosang II

2 months ago

Had a great night seeing you guys!! Justin Turner

Gift Samuel

2 months ago

We had a great night! You guys rocked the place last night. Thanks for the awesome show!!

Hot night in Little Rock! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Johanna Sanchez

2 months ago

Jonathan Findley none of the bands I like ever play when I’m around

Iffah Ps

2 months ago

It was an awesome show!! Thank you for coming to Arkansas!!

Setoya Harris

2 months ago

I had the best seat in the house for the first three songs, on stage with them. It was amazing. Thank you Stone Sour for making it special, you guys rock!

Alabama, thank you! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Emily Ray

2 months ago

Awesome show last night!! 🤘❤️ Happy too see Josh also!!😍

David Reyes Cruz

2 months ago

Badass show last night. First time seeing stone sour and can’t wait to see you guys again.

Sibs Shongwe-La Mer

2 months ago

bring the show to billings, mt please

Thank you Chattanooga! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Shannon Waska

2 months ago

It was a great show! I hope you guys come back again it was a great birthday treat.

Valia Rv Famillia Kraken

2 months ago

Had a blast with my dad. Please come back soon. You know we'd love to have you back. #RockOn

Boom Phaya

2 months ago

Had an awesome time thanks for coming

Kick off the week with our "This Is Stone Sour" playlist on Spotify. Which tracks would you add?

Josh Ryan

2 months ago

Audio secrecy is my favorite record.

Dougie Thorn

2 months ago

Without jim it isnt anymore too me

Brigid OBrien Priebe

2 months ago

Sarah we went even tho you couldn't breath 🤣

Thanks for getting weird with us, Pennsylvania! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Eya Ben Jeddou

2 months ago

Still reeling. First show, but not the last. 🤘

Beiŋg Rahul

2 months ago

You guys killed it! Might have taken 15yrs to finally see the show of my life...but it was by far, the best show ever! Can't wait til you're back! Just Amazing!

Ekow A Annan

2 months ago

Can’t wait til NEXT Tuesday in Madison

Lunatic Luau! That was killer! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Raegan Burford

2 months ago

Who dressed them old farts dressed as old farts I'll keep it death thanks

Zulema Gonzales

2 months ago

Y'all were amazing yesterday! Definitely needed a reminder as to why I try to live my best life and not get caught up in bullshit 24/7.

Belle Yorke

2 months ago

Was never a huge fan of stone sour and had initially went for Alice In Chains. However Corey Taylor made me a fan. Their stage show was the best out of all the bands and he gave it his all despite his injury. Out of all the bands that night they were the ones that looked like they were having the most fun. You could tell stone sour really cared about putting on a memorable show for the crowd🤘🏼

Hell of a party, Carolina Rebellion! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Farai Rasta Matsika

2 months ago

You guys were awesome in Nashville and it was an honor meeting you guys!

Itziar Alais Carreon Martinez

2 months ago

I hope you are ok and even if you have to sit. I really want to see you!!!

Артур Ладутько

2 months ago

Thanks for an epic show!!

Rocking in Nashville! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Nate Mitchell

2 months ago

Badass show! Thank you guys for such a great night! Can't wait to see you guys again!!!

Susanne Back

2 months ago

Austin Mullen damn son

Sandra Moreno

2 months ago

This was my 16 year old sons first concert and he had a blast!

See you tonight Nashville!

Ethan Meyer

2 months ago

spit water on them... i'm sure they'll love it

Dorrie Thea

2 months ago

Come back soon to argentina please!!

Yuzarsif AL-Suhaymi

2 months ago

Looking for tickets...

Thank you Atlanta! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Carol Lodge

2 months ago

Please come back when I'm well!! Missed you guys😈😡

Cindy Atilano

2 months ago

Bring that shit to Baltimore it's been too long!

Phillip Salinas

2 months ago

I just saw yall in fort Lauderdale. had an amazing time . love you guys see ya later

Fort Rock, you were awesome! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour
Thank you Rockville! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Mandy Eerbeek

3 months ago

Who’s the singer?

Mandy Eerbeek

3 months ago

Great show guys!

Nathaniel Bilirian

3 months ago

Omg you guys were the main reason I wanted to go to fort rock on Sunday. You did amazing can’t wait to see you again!

Starting today, Josh Rand will be hiding one envelope at every Stone Sour show containing 4 of his limited guitar picks and an autographed card, hand numbered with his thumbprint. Follow Josh for clues to the locations of each envelope on the morning of each show. Only 40 sets made - Good luck!


3 months ago

Gotta love those Mandalorian and The First Order picks!

Suzy Matsuda

3 months ago

Too bad he likes the Falcons...

Kirsten Purdue

3 months ago

Very cool, but being in the hot bed of Davenport Iowa, no chance here

Getting weird at rehearsal.. #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Hippocratis Lagoudakis

3 months ago

Lzzy mentioned Corey singing "Lady Marmalade".. I'd kill to find that somewhere.. Haha

Cherie Warrenfeltz Parsons

3 months ago

Looks Perfectly Normal My Son....

Theressa Reeves

3 months ago

Dan Sturrock roll on June Manchester! :D

Check out Josh Rand’s interview with Andy Hall Radio on LAZER 103.3 - Everything That Rocks, as they talk about Record Store Day, play our new Acoustic EP and discuss his personal struggles. #RSD18 #itsoktotalk

Aadil Saifi

3 months ago

Love grey vinyl look great album

Ankit K Gujjar

3 months ago

That worried me, looks like a photo for someone who died

Giuseppe DY Del Castello

3 months ago

Record store day

HYDROGRAD Acoustic Sessions LP drops tomorrow. Find a record store near you here:

Mariam Gogiberidze

3 months ago

The one near me didnt even have it on their list

Stella Yolande Andrade Rosamont

3 months ago

I walked down the aisle to Song 3 last month, I spent this morning queuing to try get a copy - no luck! My husband has been in a queue in a different town for several hours and is still waiting to get in. Hope we manage to get a copy! :)

Jason Nash

3 months ago

Lol! In Dutch we have sort of a saying "to spin a record till it's grey" a.k.a. playing a record so much it wears out, seems this record's already there though

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25/6 - Budapest, HU w/ Nothing More
26/6 - Bucharest, RO w/ Nothing More
2/7 - Utrecht, NL w/ Blood Youth
4/7 - Leipzig, DE w/ Blood Youth
11/7 - Lisbon, PT w/ ONI

Wiz Montana

3 months ago

See you in Hannover

Becca Stewie

3 months ago

Sofia,BG miss🤔

Pily DJackson

3 months ago

Blin kak ja tebe zaviduju!!!!!

Get your morning going with "St Marie" on Spotify's Rock Hard playlist 🤘:

Laisa Lovato

3 months ago

Can't watch or listen to this.

Serena Lazzarotto

3 months ago

I'm actually running through all the albums back to back today

As many of you may already know, in January of this year I made the difficult decision to step away from the Canadian leg of the Stone Sour tour. I hit a personal breaking point and it was imperative that I address it.
My high anxiety and desire to feel comfortable in my own skin over the years led to an alcohol and Xanax dependency. That along with aggression issues made me feel miserable and I just could not continue to live that way. Thankfully, with the support of my band, family, and friends I was able to come home and seek help.
Now (three months later) I’m doing well, but still a work in progress. I want to sincerely thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and positive words. It means a lot to me.
Much love,
Josh Rand

Ana Flávia Simas

3 months ago

Thanks for the honesty and being straight up with your fans and friends Josh. I've struggled with anxiety, depression and addiction before and it's a hard journey but don't give up man!

Artie Falksen

3 months ago

We're all human.
Some on different levels of the spectrum.
Most important here,you love yourself enough to do you.
Going public with it shows strength.
Stone Sour is one of my music heroes.
I know you will be ok.
Thank you for letting us in.

Conway Broome

3 months ago

Thank you for sharing such personal parts of your life. You may have JUST HELPED SOMEONE by being so incredibly REAL about your personal breaking point, the battles fought with the meds, and the absolute need/desire to feel comfortable in your own skin. You will be in my, and I know all your family, friends, fans, hearts and minds as you take great care of yourself with all the help and time that may take.

Vote for us as Best International Band in the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards:

Debbie Leung

3 months ago

Come to Southamerica Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭
Stone Sour

It'z Argeny Amenazzy

3 months ago

I swear I voted for them the previous time they posted this. Oh well, 2 votes from me it seems 😜😂

Angela Hopkins

3 months ago

Voted. My fingers are crossed. Good luck guys!

Oh St. Marie
Close my eyes before you leave
So I don't have to look at you in shame

Natália Sousa Sousa

3 months ago

Hope they will play this live in the summer!

Eric Tower

3 months ago

So so happy you've released this song I love it just hoping that you will also release when the fever broke which I also adore let's face it I love the slow stuff

ခ်ိဳ ႀကီး

3 months ago

A7x - Dear god

Photobomb by Josh Rand.

Bethany Baldwin

3 months ago

Just got a new tattoo...

Mayra Garcia

3 months ago

Great, loooove it 😂😂😍 Lucas, this is sooo u, photobomb if u can😂😂

Kyle Bonjour

3 months ago

Hope u r doing OK josh!