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Check out Josh Rand’s interview with Andy Hall Radio on LAZER 103.3 - Everything That Rocks, as they talk about Record Store Day, play our new Acoustic EP and discuss his personal struggles. #RSD18 #itsoktotalk

Aadil Saifi

4 days ago

Love grey vinyl look great album

Ankit K Gujjar

4 days ago

That worried me, looks like a photo for someone who died

Giuseppe DY Del Castello

4 days ago

Record store day

HYDROGRAD Acoustic Sessions LP drops tomorrow. Find a record store near you here:

Mariam Gogiberidze

4 days ago

The one near me didnt even have it on their list

Stella Yolande Andrade Rosamont

4 days ago

I walked down the aisle to Song 3 last month, I spent this morning queuing to try get a copy - no luck! My husband has been in a queue in a different town for several hours and is still waiting to get in. Hope we manage to get a copy! :)

Jason Nash

4 days ago

Lol! In Dutch we have sort of a saying "to spin a record till it's grey" a.k.a. playing a record so much it wears out, seems this record's already there though

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19/6 - Nottingham, UK w/ Blood Youth
23/6 - Lausanne, CHw/ Florence Black
25/6 - Budapest, HU w/ Nothing More
26/6 - Bucharest, RO w/ Nothing More
2/7 - Utrecht, NL w/ Blood Youth
4/7 - Leipzig, DE w/ Blood Youth
11/7 - Lisbon, PT w/ ONI

Wiz Montana

6 days ago

See you in Hannover

Becca Stewie

6 days ago

Sofia,BG miss🤔

Pily DJackson

6 days ago

Blin kak ja tebe zaviduju!!!!!

Get your morning going with "St Marie" on Spotify's Rock Hard playlist 🤘:

Laisa Lovato

8 days ago

Can't watch or listen to this.

Serena Lazzarotto

7 days ago

I'm actually running through all the albums back to back today

As many of you may already know, in January of this year I made the difficult decision to step away from the Canadian leg of the Stone Sour tour. I hit a personal breaking point and it was imperative that I address it.
My high anxiety and desire to feel comfortable in my own skin over the years led to an alcohol and Xanax dependency. That along with aggression issues made me feel miserable and I just could not continue to live that way. Thankfully, with the support of my band, family, and friends I was able to come home and seek help.
Now (three months later) I’m doing well, but still a work in progress. I want to sincerely thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and positive words. It means a lot to me.
Much love,
Josh Rand

Ana Flávia Simas

9 days ago

Thanks for the honesty and being straight up with your fans and friends Josh. I've struggled with anxiety, depression and addiction before and it's a hard journey but don't give up man!

Artie Falksen

10 days ago

We're all human.
Some on different levels of the spectrum.
Most important here,you love yourself enough to do you.
Going public with it shows strength.
Stone Sour is one of my music heroes.
I know you will be ok.
Thank you for letting us in.

Conway Broome

10 days ago

Thank you for sharing such personal parts of your life. You may have JUST HELPED SOMEONE by being so incredibly REAL about your personal breaking point, the battles fought with the meds, and the absolute need/desire to feel comfortable in your own skin. You will be in my, and I know all your family, friends, fans, hearts and minds as you take great care of yourself with all the help and time that may take.

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Debbie Leung

9 days ago

Come to Southamerica Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭
Stone Sour

It'z Argeny Amenazzy

9 days ago

I swear I voted for them the previous time they posted this. Oh well, 2 votes from me it seems 😜😂

Angela Hopkins

9 days ago

Voted. My fingers are crossed. Good luck guys!

Oh St. Marie
Close my eyes before you leave
So I don't have to look at you in shame

Natália Sousa Sousa

12 days ago

Hope they will play this live in the summer!

Eric Tower

12 days ago

So so happy you've released this song I love it just hoping that you will also release when the fever broke which I also adore let's face it I love the slow stuff

ခ်ိဳ ႀကီး

12 days ago

A7x - Dear god

Photobomb by Josh Rand.

Bethany Baldwin

12 days ago

Just got a new tattoo...

Mayra Garcia

13 days ago

Great, loooove it 😂😂😍 Lucas, this is sooo u, photobomb if u can😂😂

Kyle Bonjour

13 days ago

Hope u r doing OK josh!

Watch "St. Marie" here:

Chris Wolford

14 days ago

Love this song so much

Lilit Agadjanyan

15 days ago

Need an austraila brisbane tour

Sassi Ro

15 days ago

One of the great musicians of our time.

"St. Marie" //

I love Stone Sour. I love Slipknot. @CoreyTaylor you are such an inspiration. My musical hero.

Karine Liu

18 days ago

You guys are the best and Corey I listen to your voice on your audio books every day! You are fucking awesome 😃

Tonia Hamilton Groff

18 days ago

Journey/Bryan Adams 1980

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Arlette Ranoromalalala

18 days ago

Muss mir unbedingt was von stone sore bestellen

Leanne Sauers

19 days ago

I hate to say that but your web merchandised store doesn't work.

Frank Bobby Brown

19 days ago

LOVE mine! I wear it all the time!

Happy birthday Roy Mayorga!

Karen Walka

18 days ago

Happy Birthday Roy 🎂🍰🍾

Daniela Suarez

19 days ago

Happy birthday "RAY" from your shiprocked blackjack

Валерия Куцан

19 days ago

Happy birthday Roy,I got one of your sticks from gold and Bone's part2 tour house of blues Atlantic's mounted on the wall.. amazing show...thank you

This video is a journey, trying to find redemption in a place where maybe there is none to find. In the end, we all end up at the same place in our lives, no matter what, so it's best to just let go of resentment and find our way happily, instead of morosely (link in bio). @billboard #StMarie #HYDROGRAD

Check out our brand new music video for "St. Marie" now at Click the link in our profile. #HYDROGRAD

Excited to announce our 'Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions' EP, a Record Store Day exclusive out on solid silver vinyl April 21st:

Keith Mendalski

21 days ago

Leeann Foster here's an acoustic album for you!

Danny Ribeiro

21 days ago

Hopefully also digital or per cd...

Mark Davison

22 days ago

So I’m guessing the third Burbank ep isn’t happening? Love the covers, but why tease then not release it.

Take a road trip through the desert to the sound of #StMarie. Connect to @Spotify + press play at (link in bio)

Take a road trip through the desert to the sound of "St. Marie." Connect to Spotify + press play here:

Margarita Vargas

22 days ago

Hydrograd a brilliant album.!!somebody stole my eyes....👌👌

Htet Lin Htun

23 days ago

bk wif blast !! 😍😍😍😍😈

LaTasha Simone

23 days ago

Vai ter VIDEO OFICIAL de St. Marie?

So stoked to see “St. Marie” was added to Spotify’s Rock Ballads playlist. Listen here:

Bernardo Lirio Abelson

25 days ago

Sorry, SS, love the album. I've listened too many times to count and I like it better each time, but Saint Marie seems like a filler. I tried to like it in the beginning, but skip every time now.

Alexis Ronald

25 days ago

St Marie is OK but probably the only song on the album I don't love.

Jonas Guldberg Rasksen

25 days ago

The one I skip on Hydrograd.

We've been nominated for 'Best International Band' at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods! Vote here:

Aubree Kearsley

a month ago

I voted! Can't wait to see you again in September in NJ💕

Valentina Lautrec

a month ago

Done and good luck!!!!!!

Thomas Leibecke

a month ago

Done! Keep my fingers crossed for you guys

Anyone spinning a little #HYDROGRAD today?

Anyone spinning a little HYDROGRAD today?

Jeanette Guerrero Toledo

a month ago

In a box in the back of my closet with all of the other CT stuff.

Humberto Uzcanga

a month ago

Been a fan for years, seen SS three times live. House of Gold & Bones is 2 of my favorite albums ever!!! Unfortunately this album is way too radio friendly for me...

Cristina Espinoza Velez

a month ago

It’s in my car and I heard it coming from someone else’s car in a parking lot too😊

Enter to win a signed guitar from us!

Reza Banikazemi

a month ago

All you have to do to sign up is let them view your emails... Not worth it.

Annie Dexter

a month ago

Roger, bei dem Bild werden Erinnerungen wach... 😌

Ameya Nagarkar

a month ago

if i get this guitar, i'll start playing

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What songs off #HYDROGRAD do you want to hear live this spring/summer?

U.K./EUROPE - Who’s coming to party with us this summer?!

Exson Canelas

2 months ago

If you would just get to Download donnington on the satirday with GNR that would make my day perfect 🤘🤘🤘

Ricardo Larissa

2 months ago

Twice in June - I cannot wait for it...and as I have already seen you in Vienna in December, this year is just incredible 🤘🤘

Łukasz Urbański

2 months ago

You were in Copenhagen in November, great concert! B) But Denmark isn't on the schedule this summer.. I would if I could.

HEY... listen to our Essentials playlist on @AppleMusic (link in bio)!

Scott Paula Simpson

2 months ago

See you in juuuune! manchester yey

Anthony Boswell

2 months ago

Just cancelled my Apple Music. Prefer my 'old skool' ipod 😉

Breitenbach Toby

2 months ago

I'll listen to that voice all day long ❤

“BOTHER” was released as a single on this day in 2003.

“BOTHER” was released as a single on this day in 2003.

Carina Ekblom

2 months ago

I remember when it first came out, and to this day I still listen to it at least once every two days.. Was my ringtone, but just changed to snuff last week

Tino Skudlarz

2 months ago

Stone sour your music has helped me through some of the not so finest of times and still jam your music times a week now that life is good again.. your music is like my life a rollercoaster ride but never lasts as long as you want it to lol

Rodri Molina

2 months ago

My first Stone Sour experience. I was surprised to hear Corey being able to sing melodically when I first heard it. I used to be one of those close minded Slipknot haters before becoming a Maggot. Ironically, me liking Stone Sour got me into liking the Knot. 😈

Head to our Facebook to watch @christianmartucci’s full interview with @zippoencore from our U.K./European tour.

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#FBF Soundcheck in Melbourne 8/25/17

Can't wait to hit the road again this spring. Tickets + VIP packages are available now: �

5/1 - Buckhead Theatre - Atlanta, GA
5/5 - Lunatic Luau - Virginia Beach , VA
5/6 - Sherman Theater - Stroudsburg, PA
5/9 - Soul Kitchen - Mobile, AL
5/11 - The Metroplex - Little Rock, AR
5/12 - Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City, OK
5/16 - Clyde Theater - Fort Wayne, IN

Richard Miller

2 months ago

See you in germany! Hannover und Leipzig! Cant wait

Leo Karrenberg

2 months ago

See you all in Atlanta on 5/1

Elba Marisol

2 months ago

Ok now you're just dancing around Tennessee. PLEASE COME HERE.

Milwaukee, WI - @theraveusa - 2/17/18

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Grete Sarv

2 months ago

Holly Gadsby now you can get your own 😁😁😁

Ashley Brian Roehrs

2 months ago

Robert Smith want.

Graham Covert

2 months ago

Live my Hydrograd hoodie I got with the pre-order bundle. Rarely seen without it 😃😃😃

Pumped to announce our spring headlining tour with @bronxovision, @palayeroyale and @theyare68 on select dates 4/28-5/19! Tickets on sale this Friday; Chattanooga, Nashville and Madison on sale 3/9:

Pumped to announce our spring headlining tour with The Bronx, Palaye Royale and 68 on select dates 4/28-5/19! Tickets on sale this Friday; Chattanooga, Nashville and Madison on sale 3/9:

Tyler Maloy

2 months ago

Where's the West Coast leg of the tour??????

Jaqueline Reberschak

2 months ago

Still not hitting Bmore or DC! It would be nice to see you headlining sometime. I keep going to shows that you're opening.

Cody Valencia

2 months ago

Brittany Clements hmmm lol save ur money n PTO... Dammit!

Congrats to our #RoseRed ad-libs winner, Albert Z. And thanks to everyone who submitted their entries.

Congrats to our "Rose Red" ad-libs winner, Albert Z. and thanks to everyone who submitted their entries.

Silvia Cazorzi

2 months ago

I tried to enter instagram was being a hater LOL congrats to the winner!!

জেহাদি সায়ন

2 months ago

You spelt my name wrong... hey hey hey

Elaine Murdoch

2 months ago


What an amazing way to end this leg of the #HydrogradTour! Thank you Indianapolis! #StoneSour 📷:@stubs_dsm

What an amazing way to end this leg of the #HydrogradTour! Thank you Indianapolis! #StoneSour

Jennifer Barr

2 months ago

Amazing show by all the bands! Will be seeing Stone Sour in a few months with Ozzy!

Richard Miller

2 months ago

Thank you for allowing a few fans to purchase VIP with side stage access!!
One word...EPIC!!! #lovemesomestonesour

Loïc Mazué

2 months ago

Brighton last December seems ‘so far away ‘( opps wrong band )
Can’t wait for June in London

Killer night in Milwaukee! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Chloe Alizabeth Mumford

2 months ago

Amazing first concert for my daughter. can't wait till you guys come back.

RAlph Sotis Geldore

2 months ago

Come back soon! Every time is a good time with Stone Sour in the house! I haven't smiled and felt that happy in some time. I took some confetti home from Corey's confetti shots! #stonesour #cmft

Saulo Araujo

2 months ago

It was my son's first Stone Sour show and we had an amazing time!

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Thanks for keeping rock 'n roll alive Grand Rapids! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Diego Cardozo

2 months ago

I made a gif from some pics I took Friday! Great show, you made my daughter's whole life. 🖤🤘

Stefan Peev

2 months ago

Great show, fellas! Come back to see us again soon!

Jason Simonet

2 months ago

There was no chill. My chiropractor is gonna chew me out. Not a fan of all the pushing around, but I guess I'll try to find a more calm spot next time. It was one Hell of a night.

Thanks for keeping rock 'n roll alive Grand Rapids! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour 📷:@stubs_dsm

Which city are you coming to this spring? Enter to win an autographed guitar and prep yourself for the show (link in bio).

What city are you coming out to this year? Enter to win an autographed guitar + prep yourself for the show here:

Erin Robyn Turner

2 months ago

Saw you last night at 20 Monroe and bought my ticket this morning to see you in Sept at DTE 😍 Again 😉

Michelle Munoz

2 months ago

Saw you last night in Grand Rapids, that wasn't just a concert, it was an experience!! Fucking badass!!!

Fernando Abad

2 months ago

Just started playing guitar again after about 35 years😂 coming to see you guys in Manchester in June....I'd so love that signed guitar😚

Use code "rosered" to get 20% all merch through midnight PT tonight. Click the link in our profile.

Thank you Toronto! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour

Jan Knittel

2 months ago

Had a amazing night ❤🖤

Lukas George

2 months ago

It was a great show. It got even better when the girl texting beside us all night got called out.

Leo Karrenberg

2 months ago

Tomorrow Night can't wait 😎😉🤘

Thank you Toronto! #StoneSour #HydrogradTour 📷:@stubs_dsm