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Off Street Chill

7 days ago

Thank you for the reminder

Matt Cosgrove

7 days ago

Amen..Thank you for living your life in the ways of the lord. You have been a great example. I have followed you from the beginning. Keep pressing on my brother. Lots of love for you and your family

Morgan James

7 days ago

Amen so true and most of all encouragement


Michael Krukowski

12 days ago

Who led who up to the highest mountain? I believe it was Satan.

Nayara Lima

12 days ago

this brings me back to my dear beloved brother in Christ and singing partner Jimmy Haas - he LOVED SCC music - he saw himself in so much of it. I miss you still.

Willie Rivera

13 days ago

A͙m͙e͙n͙ y͙e͙s͙ i͙n͙d͙e͙e͙d͙

In case you missed it yesterday, tickets to SCC SOLO Fall 2018 are on sale now!!! Grab yours at and comment below to let me know if you’ll be coming!

Porfirio Rodríguez Cortés

15 days ago

Is this the only way to get tickets, with the almost $20 service fee?

Ingrid Melle Åkernes

15 days ago

November 16th! Can't wait to see you in concert!

Adélie Seydoux

16 days ago


Tickets to my SCC SOLO Fall 2018 tour are on sale now!!! This has been one of my all time favorite tours, and I am so excited to be bringing it back to some incredible cities this Fall! Grab your tickets over at and be sure to comment below if you’ll be there!

Ernesto Barbero Gomez

16 days ago

S.C.C. St Charles is NOT Chicago and St Charles is NOT close to Chicago!

João Pedro Cruz

16 days ago

No shows in Washington State. 😢

Valentina Di Giorno

16 days ago

We will see you in Charleston, SC! Can’t wait!!!

Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my new song and video “Remember To Remember”! The video turned out to be a more emotional & powerful experience than I expected! If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the link: Please pass it on if ya like it!

Teo Song Meng

21 days ago

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I've got tears and chill bumps. Thank you God for this amazing talent you've blessed him with!

Zach Lancaster

20 days ago

Very touching and inspiring song!! Beautiful!!!

Aditya Putra

21 days ago

I heard you sing this song in Kernersville, NC, and loved it! Thank you for music that fits and encourages through every season of life!

#RememberToRemember is now available everywhere you listen to music! I hope you’ll give it a listen and I really hope it will encourage you. You can stream and download at

Wiki Stańco

23 days ago

Absolutely love it!! It’s getting downloaded to my iPhone today

Gustini Manurung

24 days ago

Hope this is part of a new album

Jake Scott Knisley

24 days ago

Great tune! Gettin' airplay at The Voice Radio! :)

Today this incredible daughter of ours graduated from high school! Can’t put into words how thankful I am that God has allowed me to be a part of the unfolding story God is telling through Shaoey’s amazing life. Congrats Sho you so much!

Mona Speer

25 days ago

Congratulations! God's blessings to you always.

Antonia Santillan

25 days ago

I love this family! CONGRATULATIONS! Shaoey! I see the ropes! That means you excel!

Mariana Campos

25 days ago

Congratulations and God Bless
Your Everyday✝️Beautiful Family

Had an amazing night sharing songs and stories with these dear friends of mine last night at the K-LOVE Fan Awards Songwriters Showcase!

Jori Guerin

a month ago

Best event EVER!!!

Gladys Asare

a month ago

So happy to see you joined by Unspoken! God is doing amazing work through their stories.

Mj Kitenge

a month ago

Love all of you!!! Just think, we’ll all be praising Jesus together someday! ❤️❤️❤️

My brand new song “Remember to Remember” is available now! I hope it will encourage and inspire you to look back on all of the ways God has shown His goodness, faithfulness, and kindness to you. Click here to listen and download:

David Urfer

a month ago

Absolutely beautiful! I really needed to hear this! What a blessing you have been and continue to be Steven Curtis Chapman❤️🙏🎶

Aaron Overholt

a month ago

I love it!!! Another song of God's love, hope and goodness. Thank you Lord and thank you Steven Curtis Chapman!

Chris U'ta Jeffery Ike

a month ago

What a great reminder to be able to look back to cherish the past, embrace the present, and look forward to what is to come. Thank you for another great thinking and feeling song! 😊

Marrion Meshack Bouanga

a month ago

God bless you and your family love the guitar also Steven Curtis Chapman such a blessing love all your music

Nilknarf Manatad

a month ago

Seen Steven in Brampton great night

Jimmie Willis

a month ago

Simply said ....a great man of God a wonderful artist

Tickets On-Sale Friday, June 1st
Share and comment below if I’m coming to your city! Can’t wait to see you this Fall!!

8/11 - Old Orchard Beach, ME
9/7 - Birmingham, AL
9/13 - Modesto, CA
9/14 - San Francisco, CA
9/15 - Phoenix, AZ
9/16 - Austin, TX
10/4 - Durham, NC
10/5 - Charleston, SC
10/6 - Virginia Beach, VA
10/7 - Charlotte, NC
10/27 - Colorado Springs, CO
10/28 - Boulder, CO
11/1 - Holland, MI
11/2 - Cincinnati, OH
11/3 - Indianapolis, IN
11/4 - St. Charles, IL (Chicago)
11/9 - Nashville, TN
11/15 - Kansas City, MO
11/16 - Lawton, OK
11/17 - Omaha, NE
11/18 - Tulsa, OK

Lisa Ross

a month ago

When was the last time you did a concert in the Seattle area? How about any of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon, Washington and Idaho?

Justin Litherland

a month ago

Not coming to my city, but Tulsa is 2 hours away. Tulsa is just over an hour to Edmond where our son will be at school.

Min Yae Kyawswar

a month ago

YEAH!! Back in Austin . Cannot wait!! Followed for many years!

‪“You’re my hiding place, safe in your embrace, I’m protected from the storm that rages” ‬

Armando Ossandon

a month ago

Amen da Summit Shipman I love this!

Destiny Martin-Frieson

a month ago

Your music ministers to me like David did with king Saul, you are a man after God's own heart!

Dea Litt

a month ago

Thank you Steven Curtis Chapman

10 years ago today Maria (aka Missy Moo) finally got her dots glued on her ladybug for good! (one of our creative ways to try to encourage our wonderfully spirited girl to make good choices 🙄) We miss you more than words can say & can’t wait to SEE your face again! #ijusthavetowait

Ricardo Flama

a month ago

I'll never forget hearing the news. My heart still breaks for you all. But what an honor and privilege for the body of Christ to lift each other in prayer. God's richest blessing to you all. Romans 8:18.

Márlón Vásquez

a month ago

Praying for you all today! It’s never easy but the fact that you will SEE her again is such a blessing! Our God is an awesome God! Be still and know that he is God!

Shelby Renee Lance

a month ago

I listened to your interview on Friday with Larry King. I had not heard your story until then. You and your family have been in my prayers all weekend. I am in that awful club of parents who have lost a child to an accident.

“We believe You are God, we believe You are good, and with each breath you give us we will proclaim, WE BELIEVE!”

Stuart Downing

a month ago

We only need to walk outside and look around.The design of our Holy Lord can clearly be seen.

Alê Almeida

a month ago

G͆l͆o͆r͆y͆ t͆o͆ G͆o͆d͆ a͆m͆e͆n͆ y͆e͆s͆ I͆ d͆o͆ b͆e͆l͆i͆e͆v͆e͆ a͆m͆e͆n͆ G͆o͆d͆ i͆s͆ a͆w͆e͆s͆o͆m͆e͆ a͆m͆e͆n͆ a͆n͆d͆ a͆m͆e͆n͆

Christina Turner

a month ago

Thanks for posting, brother!

Happy Birthday Maria! #icantwaittoSEEyourfaceagain
So full of gratitude that God brought this amazing woman into my life! An incredible wife, mom & Grammy! Happy Mother’s Day to my bride & the love of my life!
Happy Mother’s Day to this wonderful mom of mine! So thankful for you and all the ways you’ve loved me, encouraged me & cheered me & my family on through the years!! Love you Mom!

Fábio Bozzolan

a month ago

I just finished reading Mary Beth’s book. May God continue to shower y’all with love and grace and extra love for Will

Looxy Loo

a month ago

Happy birthday to you and always God bless you

David Hall

a month ago

Happy Birthday sweet Maria! Know Jesus is holding you in your heavenly home.❤️🌹

Originally built in 1929, The Factory at Franklin has transitioned from a functioning factory to an interactive cultural destination known for it’s art, dining, and retail experience. It’s home to Show Hope, and it’s where we’ll be spending much of our time during A Weekend With The Chapmans! Come join us!

Abagail Reynolds

a month ago

C͆a͆n͆'t͆ w͆a͆i͆t͆

Divna Zafirovic

a month ago

where is it?

Crystal Alexander

a month ago

I have a similar picture in my memory books somewhere....I visited Franklin with one of my besties before either of us were married. I so wish I could come in July. I'm sure it will be tons of fun!

Last year I recorded a very special song with my friend Gary LeVox titled “‘Til The Blue”.. and on Tuesday night we played the song together live for the first time at the Grand Ole Opry! Always an honor playing on that stage!

📸 by @connortd and @rachelflong

Erin Smith

a month ago

Wow that is nice

Lynne Phipps

a month ago

I wish there was I could message you only. You have been the biggest influence on my Spiritual life musical. I knew at the age of 12 that God wanted me in ministry and I’m almost 39 and am still working towards that goal. God has been faithful! I’ve served in my choir for years and He has been so faithful. I may not serve full time but at least I know I’m doing what He has called me fo do. Thank you Steven for all you do! You. Are are a blessing!!!

Bruce Bach

a month ago

Beautiful song, thank you for sharing on Utube!

‪#MulletMonday ‬

Alison Smith

a month ago

I LOVED your hair back then! I thought you looked so COOL! 😊😎😘

Anthonette Rivera

a month ago

Love it lol thanks for sharing!

Dana Weddle-Black

a month ago

LOL! Totally awesome and a little frightening ;)

‪Nashville friends! I’ll be playing the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night and I’d love to see you there! Tickets available here >>‬

Miguel Muñoz Acosta

2 months ago

Don't forget the words this time. #sccsolo

Tushar Kothari

2 months ago

Can’t wait. Love your music

Lucy Wakarima Gatamu

2 months ago

One of these days I will get to Nashville!

Saddlin’ up our horses (actually just watching other people saddle up their horses) at The Kentucky Derby today with my bride & SJ!

Katerina Fedorova

2 months ago

You guys look completely adorable. Your tie and MB's dress--- ahh I cant get over the adorableness of how y'all match. And the grey with Stevens dress goes too.

Adorable guys. Adorable.

Mona Da Made

2 months ago

y'all look so cute and pretty, missed watching it, hope y'all had a wonderful and fun time.

Pubudu Weerarathna

2 months ago

I live 20 minutes from there! Love your concerts! Love your tie. Matches well with both dresses.

‪That’s a wrap! What a tour! Thank you to all of you who came out to the shows this Spring and to all who helped make this amazing tour possible! #SCCSOLO‬

Korianne Stievenart

2 months ago

Please come back to Atlantic Canada soon...and put out some new tunes soon to eh

Dimitris Rafailidis

2 months ago

It was Amazing ! Thank you SCC for being “Real” and share God’s love and His word through song and 🎶 Music....please don’t wait so long to come back to The Eastern Part of NC .... I saw you in Rocky Mount ....May God Bless you and you continue in ministry through song 💜

Kath Orteza

2 months ago

Thank you for this tour! My husband and I saw you in Manheim, PA at the Junction Center. We loved that you asked for requests - what a great way to hear many more of your songs.

20 spots were just added to Love Song Couples Getaway in Maui later this year! Join me & my wife Mary Beth, MercyMe, and more in Hawaii! Go to → Last Chance ENDS SOON! On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you in need of a vacation?

Edvin Tello

2 months ago husband broke his tibia and fibula on a freak fall on our dairy farm. I have been busy working on the farm and caring for our 4 children. Though our 17 year old son and 15 year old daughter have been extremely helpful in the daily responsibilities on the farm. I'd love to go,but the dairy industry is at a low right now... Have a wonderful time!

Edith Scheidel

2 months ago

Absolutely a 10. We have worked 17 of our 21 years of marriage in 24/7 residential care of 10 to 12 elementary to teenage boys and a sophomore daughter and 8th grade son. While it has been a blessing in sooooo many ways, we have not had the time to take a real vacation for just the two of us in years. This would be incredible. Especially with the man who inspired many musical duets in the car throughout all those years 😁.

Christal Bathsheba

2 months ago

Yes would love to go. ,my probably need it after graduation and her oldest son comes through l
Acute promyeiocytic leukemia walking this journey of life are real and Jesus keep my focus through it all may you be glorified AMEN

Hey friends! Every year, Show Hope does something called the 20/20 Campaign. The goal is to raise funds for Adoption Aid grants that will help 20 children come home to 20 families. This is the last week of the campaign, and a generous donor has decided to match all gifts up to $100,000 for the rest of the month! This work has meant so much to Mary Beth and I, and our own journey with adoption has changed our lives forever. Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone is called to do something. So, what do you think? Will you do something and join us in the 20/20 Campaign? Head over to

Esråå Al Kååbi

2 months ago

I am crocheting baby blankets for all the babies and children! They will be sent soon!

Valee Maldonado

2 months ago

*sighs sadly* does this organization work with ONLY orphans, or children the government has first MADE INTO orphans?

I’m headed West for the last three shows of SCC SOLO! Oregon, Nevada, and California.. let’s wrap this leg of the tour up the right way! Tickets available at


2 months ago

Hope to see you in denham springs again soon

Aldo Aníbal Santillán Armenta

2 months ago

You got this!

James Russell

2 months ago

Come to Colorado when you're done!
Bring your family... We would LOVE to host you at Guided Hope. 💚🐴🐐🐥

“Be still oh restless soul of mine, bow before the Prince of Peace, let the noise and clamor cease... be still and know that He is God” - listen on Spotify:

Connie Johnson Ingle

2 months ago

II Chronicles 20.. HE has been saying this to me all week.

Mike Bowe

2 months ago

L⃜o⃜v⃜e⃜ t⃜h⃜i⃜s⃜ v⃜e⃜r⃜s⃜e⃜ a⃜n⃜d⃜ y⃜o⃜u⃜r⃜ s⃜o⃜n⃜g⃜ p⃜r⃜a⃜i⃜s⃜e⃜ t⃜h⃜e⃜ L⃜o⃜r⃜d⃜ M⃜y⃜ f⃜a⃜v⃜o⃜r⃜i⃜t⃜e⃜ S⃜C⃜C⃜ a⃜m⃜e⃜n⃜ a⃜w⃜s⃜o⃜m⃜e⃜ a⃜m⃜e⃜n⃜ I⃜ l⃜o⃜v⃜e⃜ t⃜h⃜a⃜t⃜ s⃜o⃜n⃜g⃜

Kelly Lukasko

2 months ago

When life becomes more and more uncertain,the Holy Spirit brings this song to my mind. Just be still and know that He is God.

‪Summer is quickly approaching and as you make vacation plans, we hope Franklin, Tennessee will be on your list where you can spend a weekend (July 6-8) with @MaryBethChapman and me! Details and to RSVP, visit‬

Angela Hampton

2 months ago

I wish I can be there...

William Omar Jeffries

2 months ago


William Wesley Cutex

2 months ago

Just paid my balance due on this weekend! See you in Gresham April 26th!

‪What a night!! Thank you, Providence! #SCCSOLO ‬
Doing a little exploring around Providence, Rhode Island before tonight’s show!@ Providence, Rhode Island

Tonja Wallace

2 months ago

I wish I could have been there.

Elvio Mate

2 months ago

It was an honor to meet you this morning at breakfast and a moment I’ll never forget! Have a great night in Montgomery NY! My hometown 🙂

Lorie Buff

2 months ago

His Strength is Perfect! That would have been the song I would have requested if it had come to my mind while I was at the concert and not when I arrived home, lol. Love that song and our family has used that song to minister to many who have been in need.

Curious what exactly we'll be doing during A Weekend With The Chapmans? Check out this video to take a look around Franklin and hear about many of the events and activities that will be taking place!

Carol Higginbotham

2 months ago

Paula K. Dolin & Susan Ashton!

Ntori Angel Michael

2 months ago

How fun that would be awesome

Angel Castillo Corail

2 months ago


Maine! Thanks for an amazing night of #SCCSOLO last night!

See you tonight, Massachusetts! >>

Jay Mckibbens

2 months ago

After 30 years finally get to see you in Springfield,Mass.It was a awesome time.

Eric Pointer

2 months ago

Thank you so much for coming to Maine! You are a blessing Mr. Chapman! The night was very special!

Michelle Hawks

2 months ago

It was an amazing concert! Your sincere love for God and His people shines through in your life and in your songs. Thank you...

‪SALE! You can download my album “The Glorious Unfolding” for only $5 right now over on Amazon! Link:‬
SCC SOLO is headed to the Northeast this week!! Are you coming out to any of the shows?? There are still tickets available over at #SCCSOLO

Youssouf Traore

2 months ago

This is a fabulous album - well worth that and more!! :)

Angel BM

2 months ago

One of my all-time favorite albums ever!!

Talajha Marie

2 months ago

I love this album!

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to start making your summer plans!

This summer we’re packing over 20 different concerts and activities into 3 days in our hometown of Franklin, TN! Come join us for what’s sure to be an unforgettable weekend! >>

Stacey Bowleg

2 months ago

That reminds me of a song I needed desperately remembering of in this moment in my life.

"Spring is coming"

And with what Gods doing now in my life? YES, FINALLY (after a 3.5 year winter with few mountains.)
So. Thanks. Even for saying "spring is here" and writing that song bc idk I needed that hope today.

Are you working on any new music? Please say you

Dave Tumath

2 months ago


Thanks for an amazing weekend of #SCCSOLO, North Carolina!!! @ North Carolina

Olivia Ubinger

2 months ago

Saw this concert in PA! Fantastic!

Brandon Baker

2 months ago

Great night! I had such a blast!

Andreas Granli Lundell

2 months ago

It was an amazing!!!!! So happy I finally got to go to a concert....only took 30 years 😀 Thank you for all the wonderful music.

This summer we’re packing more than 20 different concerts and activities into 3 days in our hometown of Franklin, TN! Come join us for what’s sure to be an unforgettable weekend! >>

Crystal Davis

3 months ago

Kathy Layman - your hometown!

Gerald Marikopo

3 months ago

Ö̤ḧ̤ ḧ̤ö̤ẅ̤ Ï̤ ẅ̤ö̤ṳ̈l̤̈d̤̈ l̤̈ö̤v̤̈ë̤ ẗ̤ö̤ c̤̈ö̤m̤̈ë̤ ï̤f̤̈ Ï̤ l̤̈ï̤v̤̈ë̤d̤̈ c̤̈l̤̈ö̤s̤̈ë̤r̤̈

Erwin Tambun

3 months ago

I am coming! Deposit in and flight booked from Medford, Oregon. Never been to that part of TN and looking forward to it!

‪North Carolina!! Who’s coming out to this weekend’s shows?? There are still tickets available over at #SCCSOLO‬

Maricela Flores

2 months ago

The show last night was a great adventure!

Gehan Samaragunarathna

3 months ago

Thank u for coming

Francis Luchon

3 months ago


Bob Reidy

3 months ago

Any chance you’ll be singing the National Anthem at one of the upcoming Preds playoff games? Maybe you can stick around and sing “I’m Cheering for the Predators” with the house band, too!!! We’d love to hear/see you!!!

ChefJimmy P. Martinez

3 months ago

I love Saddle Up Your Horses... Is there anyway you can post that video?

Cecilia Cornia

3 months ago

A̺͆ w̺͆o̺͆n̺͆d̺͆e̺͆r̺͆f̺͆u̺͆l̺͆ w̺͆i̺͆t̺͆n̺͆e̺͆s̺͆s̺͆ a̺͆n̺͆d̺͆ s̺͆e̺͆r̺͆v̺͆a̺͆n̺͆t̺͆ o̺͆f̺͆ t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆ L̺͆o̺͆r̺͆d̺͆ a̺͆w̺͆e̺͆s̺͆o̺͆m̺͆e̺͆ m̺͆u̺͆s̺͆i̺͆c̺͆ S̺͆t̺͆e̺͆v̺͆e̺͆n̺͆ C̺͆u̺͆r̺͆t̺͆i̺͆s̺͆ C̺͆h̺͆a̺͆p̺͆m̺͆a̺͆n̺͆ a̺͆m̺͆a̺͆z̺͆i̺͆n̺͆g̺͆ l̺͆o̺͆v̺͆e̺͆ t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆ p̺͆i̺͆c̺͆t̺͆u̺͆r̺͆e̺͆ e̺͆n̺͆j̺͆o̺͆y̺͆ t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆ m̺͆u̺͆s̺͆i̺͆c̺͆

Had an incredible night playing the sold out Grand Ole Opry last night!! It’s always an honor playing on that stage.. plus.. you never know who you might run into! It might be Dailey & Vincent, Craig Morgan, even your own mother, or who knows... maybe even Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones!

Brittney Tweedy

3 months ago

Hopefully you remembered the words this time. Lol

Daniel Duran Berrio

3 months ago

Lossiemouth baptist church...Scotland

Troy Hernandez

3 months ago

Was there...GREAT show, beginning to end....especially Stephen Curtis Chapman and Trace Adkins.

‪Nashville friends! I’ll be playing two shows at the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night and I’d love to see you there! Tickets available here >>‬

Troy Singley

3 months ago

I̺͆ w̺͆i̺͆s̺͆h̺͆ I̺͆ c̺͆o̺͆u̺͆l̺͆d̺͆ b̺͆e̺͆ t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆r̺͆e̺͆ I̺͆ k̺͆n̺͆o̺͆w̺͆ i̺͆t̺͆ w̺͆i̺͆l̺͆l̺͆ b̺͆e̺͆ g̺͆r̺͆e̺͆a̺͆t̺͆

Yara Al Qaisi

3 months ago

I wish I could be there! I know it will be great!!!!

Zeuu Robert

3 months ago

I think it’s time that you’re a member of the Opry!

Christ is risen! Death lost... Love won! We believe!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter He is risen indeed

Yoshiaki Imai

3 months ago

He is Risen indeed

John Vincent Lazarra

3 months ago

God bless you Steven Curtis Chapman he is risen indeed happy easter Steven Curtis Chapman amen praise god he has have a wonderful easter

There are ten more chances to see an SCC SOLO show this Spring! Will you be coming to any shows?? Tickets are available at

Melissa Peruski Periso

3 months ago

I would if you came to Ottawa, Canada again 🙂

Robert De La Torre

3 months ago

we will see, went to austin from san antonio to see him once, depends on money

Daniel Carlan

3 months ago

Hey Mr Curtis Chapman, when you coming to cape town, south africa again?

Let them thank the Lord for his steadfast love, for his wondrous works to the children of man! For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things. - Psalm 107:8-9

Noémie Cohadon

3 months ago

M͙y͙ f͙a͙v͙o͙r͙i͙t͙e͙ p͙s͙a͙l͙m͙ s͙a͙y͙s͙ a͙m͙e͙n͙

Georges Ghorayeb

3 months ago

My favorite Psalm.

DO EVERYTHING you do to the glory of the One who made you.
Tell the story of grace
with every move that you make
and every little thing you do

Listen on Spotify:

Thabo Martin Kabelo

3 months ago

Thanks for sharing your passion for the Lord, Steven. It's incredible that you've been part of Bart Millard's journey. My wife and I went to see "I Can Only Imagine" last night. I've been looking forward to the movie since I saw the first trailer, and it was everything I'd anticipated. Inspiring, funny in places, heartbreaking, redemptive. Wow.

Chris Wedding

3 months ago

Your concert in Manheim, PA was fabulous! Thank you!

Iris Kirchhoff

3 months ago

I Cor. 10:31

Soundcheck in Williamsport, PA #SCCSOLO

Sam Berisha

3 months ago

It was a thrill to meet you and see you perform! Thank you for making my son, Eric’s , night, week, month! Eric was the young man with Downs that gave you the huge hug at the meet and greet! Thank you for your influence through the years! God continue to Bless!

Deb Lovellette Thompson

3 months ago


Beny Y Vero Matinez

3 months ago

Is this a fan site or the musicians’ site?

Beautiful theatre here in Williamsport, PAtonight! Come join us for #SCCSOLO - there are still tickets available at the door or online at

Glodi Mabeka

3 months ago

That’s a fancy joint you’re at!

Yaneth Chavarria

3 months ago

Had a great time last night in Williamsport, my wife and I got a true understanding of your parents as we were married at 16 and 17.
We are going on 42 years this year, just wanted to let you know thank you for sharing your music and life. Hope to see you someday in the future.

Lolita Coleman

3 months ago

Great show! Loved spending the evening with you hearing your songs and stories!

What a night! Thank you, Ohio!! #SCCSOLO

Fabian Ltta

3 months ago

Such a great time of remembering! 😊

Kyle Roderick

3 months ago

So fun to be at your concert, I’ve been to many over the years but the best thing was sharing it with my 12 year old daughter who sang along all night!

Nicolas Catterou

3 months ago

Was a great concert...I enjoyed the remembrance. I laughed, I cried, I felt the spirit of the Lord in the theater. Feel so blessed. It felt like a friend was visiting us

Here in Newark, OH for another great night of #SCCSOLO! There are still tickets available at the door or online at

Jennifer Smith

3 months ago

It was a great concert! Brought back a lot of memories. Plus Newark, Ohio is where I live.

Andrey Vakhromeev

3 months ago

So awesome! Concert is incredible!!!

Kayla Christina

3 months ago


‪“REMEMBER YOUR CHAINS, remember the prison that once held you before the love of God broke through” - Listen on Spotify:‬

‪Ohio and Pennsylvania! Who’s coming out to this weekend’s shows?? Tickets for Newark and Williamsport are still available at #SCCSOLO‬

Ana Martinez

3 months ago

Looking forward to the concert with my family in Manheim. My all time favorite song: My Redeemer is Faithful and True. Sang it this morning to my twin baby girls.

Sharon King

3 months ago

Hey, Chris Smith might be your biggest fan! He even did a website for you when he was in college 🙂. We’ll be coming as a family to Manheim. Your music has been the backdrop to much of our life. My dad’s funeral: “home for Christmas”. My redeemer is faithful and true” at daughter’s wedding, our son has sung about 20 songs of yours at church! Thank you and most importantly for living out Christ in front of all of us!

Gabriel Silva de Souza

3 months ago

See you in Manheim! BTW, taking any song requests? :)

‪#MulletMonday ‬
Check out my wife’s new blog post about some of her favorite things to do in our hometown.. and then come see them for yourselves during A Weekend With The Chapmans this summer! Details:

Edy Nickola

3 months ago

Charlotte Rissler - I remember the first time I saw and heard you live at Creation in the 1990's. You were wearing red shorts and a yellow print shirt! How times have changed!

Norman Pearce

3 months ago

#FirstHand, Baby!! 😆👍🏽 But look how FAR God has brought you, your family and your Ministry. God has allowed you to bless sooo many lives - mine included #NeverDespiseHumbleBeginnings

Hong Suong

3 months ago

Oh but SCC is just so cute! 😃 Thank you being so transparent! Love you & your family! God bless you on your tour!

Baltimore! Thanks for an amazing sold out night of #SCCSOLO last night! See you tonight, Pennsylvania!

Eva Leber

3 months ago

Just got tickets to see you in Reno NV April 27 last saw you there 4 Years ago... oh and just finished your book thank you for opening your heart and sharing your story.. May Jesus continue being glorified in all you do❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Bashir Dari

3 months ago

Coming to Newark Ohio Friday night. Count down begins.

Hany Billy

3 months ago


Thanks for another sold out night of #SCCSOLO, Washington DC!!

Alan Rafael Benitez

3 months ago

Thank you for praying for healing with my friend's daughter and family. It meant the world to them

Linda Caldwell

3 months ago

Love his music.

Yariel de la Cruz

3 months ago

You will never know - until we meet in Heaven - how much your songs and words meant to me and my family as we sat and listened and sang. We are going through a tremendously difficult time right now, and God used you mightily last night to bring comfort and give us hope. Thank you so very much for opening your heart to let God use you in the hearts of His people. Your music and your testimony has been and continues to be an incredible blessing in my life.