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We jam everyday before the show. Sometimes the music just takes control of you...

Chavez Juana

5 hours ago

Smooth as a knife thru water! Jamming Steve! You know Steve’s got moves in the bedroom!❤️🔥😂

Philip Graf

5 hours ago

Looking Very Good Steve Harvey

Adam Lieber

21 hours ago

Get it Steve, absolutely loving that old school music.

Own it. Congratulations to Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers #MissUSA

Акмал Азизов

2 days ago


Elise Casto

2 days ago

I was so exciting to watch being from Nebraska!!! Way to represent our Great State!!! Go BIG RED!!!!!!!

Junell Gonzales

2 days ago

Have a good day to day ok


Lâm Tỳ Ni

3 days ago

Yes it is

Andiswa Luhlanga

3 days ago

You all invited me on your show once

Mayra Eunice Marin Arrecis

3 days ago

Yes...This is What I'm trying to do, NOW IF...I have The Real Connection To You Mr. Steve Harvey I want You to Meet My Awesome My Son He is A Wonderful Beautiful Young Man I just know that You would Love Him He has a lot to Offer and He Deserves A Chance To Meet You Too Mr. Steve Harvey So Holla Back at This Mother trying To Jump For Her Son!!!! Blessings To US All (",!!!

You've seen it on TV, now see it live. Get tickets to see Family Feud live for May and June:

Diamante Caravantes

6 days ago

Steve harvey is donald trump evil twin!!!

Davirlyn Macely

6 days ago

Steve Harvey...I Love Your Show Lil Big Shots. It doesn't come on on Sundays anymore and I'd like to Know What The New Channel day and Time is So I can continue to Enjoy These Talented Blessed Lil Ones....Thank You!!!....God Bless You!!! .....Sylvia Smith....

William Earl

7 days ago

Steve I'm looking forward to my Tickets

A great message about being your best self, spirituality and being thankful. Watch my daughter Brandi Harvey interview Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms for Beyond Her.

Kenichi Kanamori

13 days ago

I was listening to your radio show one morning a few years ago n heard you all raving about a young lady on her way to PRINCETON on academic scholarship n how you've never met an ivy league type n so on n so forth....well all those years I've been pondering whether or not to mention my own situation to you n for fear of being ON YOUR JOCK I declined to say anything....but ....i also know in my heart that there are brothers out there n families that NEEDS to hear our story.....I AM A 48 YEAR OLD BPACK FATHER FROM GADSDEN ALABAMA n although I was forced to raise my family living below the poverty line...we have one daughter who attended n graduated from PRINCETON UNIVERSITY n 2016 n another daughter that's graduating from WELLESLEY COLLEGE (HILLARY CLINTON'S ALMA MATER) N two weeks c/o 2018 n I have a son that's plays QUARTERBACK for Tuskegee University n is a junior coming up. Both of my daughters were there on ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS N MY SON IS ON ACADEMIC N ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS (THAT'S RIGHT...DOUBLE)....THEY ARE ALL GREEKS....TWO A.K.AS N ON ALPHA. I just want other brothers to know DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU DO OR DON'T HAVE....JUST KEEP PUSHING

Gil Elizov

14 days ago

What a great interview

Dagmar Michael

14 days ago

Great job Brandi Harvey!

My beautiful wife Marjorie in Dolce & Gabbana last night at the Met Gala. #heavenlybodies #MetGala2018

Gisselle Stone

17 days ago

is it true that it costs $30k to attend the Gala and $275k ! ! ! for the dinner ? i understand it was for a cause, but still, are these amt's real ?

Nawitsara Panyakom

17 days ago

I'm sorry, but that didn't work at all. She's normally spot on in fashion, but this didn't bode well. Gigantic waste of money.

Linda Lewis

17 days ago

This dress swallows this beautiful fit woman, shows you again how a label wins, nobody would give this dress a second look if it wasn't for the designer!

Work hard but find moments to enjoy your hard work.

John Abdul

20 days ago

You deserve it, Steve Harvey. I ignore the naysayers.

Samson Ransfield

20 days ago

Thank You Steve Harvey for making us laugh..We need more people in this world like you...

Chris Ebenger

20 days ago

Watch you every day, every show! I am a cancer survivor & when I feel down, I look for Steve because you always make me laugh with your facial expressions and sarcastic humor. God bless you 🙏🏻

God has blessed me once again, thank you to the Daytime Emmys, my fans and the Steve Harvey TV team. Tonight I am most humbled by my beautiful daughter Lori who always makes me proud. #DaytimeEmmys

Madison Garrett Galyon

25 days ago

Steve Harvey is the WINNER and ONLY STEVE HARVEY!!!!

Owen Howe

25 days ago

Beautiful Lori,Congratulation Steve Harvey N Show.God Bless, Love Ya

Ryuichi Tomita

25 days ago

Remember she's grown...and a model..nothing wrong with her outfit...folks forget they were once young...beautiful...and wanted to be sexy...OH SHE HAS A MOM

TONIGHT! Little Big Shots at at 8/7c.

Emily Wisniewski

a month ago

Is it true you turn away and won't talk to an atheist?

Khatrianim Ishwor

a month ago


Dora Trevino

a month ago

Amazing singing talent boys listen....By Benyonce......

I want to wish happy birthday to one of my best friends and one of the Original Kings of Comedy Cedric The Entertainer.

Ruth Obinna Anozie

a month ago

I love how hard he's making you laugh Steve. Only another King of Comedy could achieve this with you. I hope Cedric enjoys his special day!

Jenny Rodriguez

a month ago

Happy Birthday to you Cedric Yhe Entertainer Sir🎉🎊🎈

Rizki Alex Pramana

a month ago

Happy birthday Cedric embrace your DAY#KINGS OF COMEDY FOREVER!

We're so excited, and we just can't hide it. Little Big Shots starts now.

Stacia Foresta

a month ago

Saddened that Little Big Shots would highlight a young 7 year old (Phoenix) pulling a truck. Not only is that horrible for their development but it doesn’t show a good standard of health practices for that generation.

Linda Waldrop

a month ago

So smart, and to be writing her third book, totally awesome

Chantal Bolduc

a month ago

Haha just like Ellen said, she wants you to keep this job!

Are y'all ready to see a whole new side of Snoop Dogg? Check out this soulful performance of his 'Bible of Love' hit 'One More Day' with Charlie Wilson!

Olivia Rosales

a month ago

Very good I love it may god continue to bless y'all always take care of your self .

Tracy Brown

a month ago

Two Great guys but No not gospel. Come on Steve. 🙏🏾. All Off. The Mark.

Furaha DeRosiers

a month ago

Religious pop. Snoop wasn't himself on Steve, but I've never met him.

Don't be scared now! The Academy of Villains came to kill it. Catch them TONIGHT on Showtime At The Apollo on FOX at 9/8c. #ShowtimeApollo

Pujan Dahal

a month ago

Jeff Ramon I know where tobias forge is...

Dandy Tyga

a month ago

What is the link to send in a video for little big shots?

More amazing Little Big Shots are coming your way TONIGHT 8/7c on NBC. Don't miss it.

KitKat Gulung

a month ago

This young man can "Sang"!!!!

Sweetseal Josh Gocotano

a month ago

This is a great mentorship Steve that you are giving to our young champions.

Shaundrika Martinez

a month ago


Who's going to meet the Sandman tonight? Find out on Showtime At The Apollo 9/8c on FOX.

Susanna Quinsey

a month ago

Def, NOT ME.

Hey, folks... just ONE more day until an all-new episode of Showtime At The Apollo 9/8c on FOX.

Sarah Cardoso

a month ago

Hello Steve i had the opportunity to perform my song on Voting at MLK50 " Be The Vote " i would love to come and do it on the Steve Harvey Show the song is on ITunes.

Jean Stevens

a month ago

Uknow so much talent wit Gods good love another great show 4 u 2 call me wit yo greatest radio show n the world

Senaida Moreno

a month ago


God has blessed me with wonderful kids, and watching them grow into their own power has been one of my greatest joys.

Becky Minchew Selman

2 months ago

Beautiful family Mr Harvey ur blessed my the lord give u many more yrs to live n groom their kids to be like u in life

Jenny Hill

2 months ago

God bless u and your family and your family still to come god bless u all

Endy Salome

2 months ago

God bless you and your wonderful family. You are a great man.

Salute to your courage and your commitment in the fight against apartheid. May you Rest In Power. #WinnieMandela

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

I can’t even lie @quavohuncho looks just like I did back in the day. I was dressing just like that back in the 70’s at all the Earth, wind and fire concerts. Go head boy.

It's my pleasure to announce the one and only, world famous, the human beatbox himself @therealdougefresh will be joining us on the beautiful beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. If you've never witnessed this brother live in action do yourself a favor and make your reservation now while you can before it’s all SOLD OUT❗❗Call (800) 684-2825 or visit the website now at www.SteveHarveySandAndSoul. com @SteveHarveySandAndSoul #DougEFesh #PuntaCana #HardRockResort #SteveHarvey #SandAndSoulFestival

Don't miss an all-new episode of Little Big Shots TONIGHT at 8/7c on NBC.

Brenda McCain

2 months ago

You know what I like best about Steve Harvey? He won't let the audience go overboard with welcoming him or giving him credit.
That might sound silly, but to me it says a lot about the man.
On so many shows the introduction has become more of a praise and worship service of the show's host. But Steve steps up and puts a stop to it. So BY FAR Steve Harvey is my favorite host on TV, no matter which show he's working.

Esther Wilson

2 months ago

Such amazing talent, Steve Harvey is great with these young people, fantastic show tonight

Russell Vladimir Gudino

2 months ago

Your laugh cracks me up!!

Driving a golf cart, smoking a cigar and taking a picture is a lot harder than I make it look. You never know what you will see on an Universal Studios Hollywood Tour

I’ve been truly blessed… with both a dedicated, hard-working team and the best fans in the entire world. This 2018 #DaytimeEmmy nomination for @SteveTVShow is thanks to ALL OF YOU, and I couldn’t be more humbled. Thank you and God Bless.

We've got another all-new episode of Showtime At The Apollo coming at you TOMORROW at 9/8c on FOX.

Ann Lee Smith

2 months ago

Good performance,man.....

Jeff Biggers

2 months ago

This is my Thursday show

My grandson @iambjraymond gettin it in ..... this one means too much to him

Missing my favorite world traveler and forever #wcw @marjorie_harvey

Alison Spittler

2 months ago

Hey Steve .. We miss you both sending some Love from Chicago ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Larry Jordan

2 months ago

I know you don't know what it like to wake up every
morning not knowing what you going to eat you all alone
in the house thinking what you going to do inorder for
you to make money and go to college no parents are
around here for me I don't even know what a parent's
love is like,everyday I'm wondering whether I will ever
make it inlife but only GOD can answer if I is
really you steve please help me reach to my
contact number is :0611998534 and my email: you can help me I promise
you,you won't regret it

Allison Johnson

2 months ago

who the fk cares.

We must keep a close eye on our time and health. If you run out of either you are in trouble. Supersets before my tv show and after my radio show. This is a strong 61!

TONIGHT is the night, folks! Catch an all-new season of Little Big Shots at 7/6c on NBC.

Korletey Wisdom

2 months ago

The show was amazing and love that this is about kids

Bill Skirpstunas

2 months ago

It was awesome

Melanie Ryan

2 months ago

Love this show!

Every day that I go to work, I’m surrounded by a team who has my back. Support is necessary on the climb to success.

Only one more day until these talented youngsters take over your screen... don't miss it.

Little Big Shots returns TOMORROW 7/6c on NBC.

Heloise Gritz TJ

2 months ago

the more i see you Mr. Harvey ,The more I'm concerned about you sincerity , an a few other things , such as Racism on you part . I realize you have to be phony to survive in Hollywood , but you take it to New levels . I won't judge your Fail that you proclaim , but remember Eccl: 10-2 ,,,, " THE HEART OF A WIZE MAN , INCLINES TO THE RIGHT , THE HEART OF A FOOL , INCLINES TO THE LEFT...

John Willbrant

2 months ago

Its to bad that steve harvey is in the background yelling things why the kids are preforming. Its rude. Let the kids do their acts.

Carolyn Phelps-harper

2 months ago

and I truly hope that others do like me and change channels because I don't like what you represent to America

Things are getting a little weird this week on Showtime At The Apollo ... don't miss an all-new episode TONIGHT at 9/8c on FOX.

Jessica Rosasrosario

2 months ago

I gotta give it to him you'll he did his thang.It was truly amazing.

Kana Fujiwara

2 months ago

Wow! This guy was absolutely amazing! His body can do things beyond our imagination. I wish I had his flexibility and agility. He would be great in some scary movie!😱

Malak Zouairi

2 months ago

Yike!!! Is that formation even possible.

The long wait for Little Big Shots is almost over, folks.

Stephen Lane

2 months ago

so looking forward to this show and the amazing talent

Soofia Samaroo

2 months ago

Love the show 💗

John Theobold

2 months ago

Adore you Steve you're the Man.

Join my Beautiful Wife Marjorie Harvey at the #BeautyBar during my 2nd annual Sand & Soul Festival. This will be a Makeup and Styling event you simply do not want to miss out on. The time is NOW to secure your space. Don’t wait any longer reserve your room now before it’s all SOLD OUT❗️❗️Call (800) 684-2825 or visit the website now at


Luis Abreu

2 months ago

where is it gonna be?

Ala Eddine

2 months ago

But you're not in Chicago anymore.

Joseph Nastasi

2 months ago

I'm going can't wait. Ready to see the morning crew.

This lady turned 94 today and only wanted two things for her birthday. A picture with me and for me to find her a man. I think I can only help with one.

Me and my grandson @iambjraymond are suppose to be WALKING to work together. He don’t walk no where.

My beautiful wife @marjorie_harvey’s collection is having a sale on handbags this weekend… and you know her style is fly, so these bags will go fast. Check out the full selection at

My beautiful wife Marjorie’s collection is having a sale on handbags this weekend… and you know her style is fly, so these bags will go fast. Check out the full selection at

Guil Layo Bercadez

3 months ago

I just want that red dress. Fabulous!!

Cherilyn Carroll

3 months ago

I would the opportunity for one of her 💼, ....

Magda Lachowicz

3 months ago

Majorie b styling

Man, this is where it all started! Feels real good to be back at my old stomping grounds. Catch the second episode of #ShowtimeApollo TONIGHT at 9/8c on FOX.

Christine Bongalon

3 months ago

I enjoy watching your dances in love dont cost a thing kkkkkk

Vico Liquitay

3 months ago

Much love I enjoy you on family feud.i always get a good laugh. You are looking great.God bless you and keep you strong.

Josie Murphy

3 months ago

I love you so Much Steve

These are my guys right here! This was one of the most fun times I've had on TV! Great laughs and great dialogue! Put the kids to bed, this is for mature audiences only. Catch me tonight on #MANCAVEBET at 10:30p @BET

Sometimes, you just have to be still and thank God for everything He’s taken you through. 📸: @bcr.141

This weekend we begin taping season 20 of @familyfeud . What has been your favorite memory since I’ve been the host ? #familyfeud #steveharvey

My wife @marjorie_harvey and I invited 300+ kids from a number of schools in the LA area to see the amazing and important movie #BlackPanther. We must continue to show our youth that they too are Kings and Queens.

We had the pleasure of treating kids to #BlackPanther yesterday… just listening to this young lady talk about how inspired she was after the movie is enough for me. #WakandaForever @Harvey.Foundation

My wife @marjorie_harvey and I invited 300+ kids from a number of schools in the LA area to see the amazing and important movie #BlackPanther. We must continue to show our youth that they too are Kings and Queens.

Adrienne Hall

3 months ago

Thank you steve for the love you are giving back to world i hope many wil follow your step you are my inspiration in life 4rm pertunia in south africa

Yvonne Gelissen

3 months ago

why not spend the money on education workshops??? the movie is a fantasy. we need to teach our "black" children the truth about our history

Zeny Liranzo

3 months ago

...kings & queens all day

Folks, the wait is over... @ShowtimeApolloFOX airs TONIGHT 9/8c on @FOXTV. See you at the theatre!

I’m very excited to welcome the hilarious 😂😂my man the one and only @therealearthquake back & performing live during my Sand & Soul Festival Weekend 👏🏾👏🏾✅✅ It all takes place Labor Day Weekend in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Rooms are almost SOLD OUT❗❗ Call (800) 684-2825 now for more information. #SandAndSoulFestival #PuntaCana

Only TWO DAYS until the legendary Showtime At The Apollo premieres Thursday, March 1 at 9/8c on FOX... see you there.

Cheri Ramsey

3 months ago

Wow, that's wonderful, on me & my son's birthday!!!! Ready to enjoy the show!!!!!

Tressa Samples

3 months ago

I am here to voice my opinion!
I have been being scammed by 'Steve Harvey'. I have been contacted by multiple 'Steve Harvey' Instagram accounts claiming that I have won $500, 000! Please contact me immediately!
Repeat!! I have been scammed out of money by someone who claims to be 'Steve Harvey'.

Rebeca Osborne

3 months ago

Bring back the good luck rub on the oak tree

Had an amazing time last night talking about @showtimeapollofox with my friends @j_corden and @sanctionedjohnnygalecki... thanks for having me on. Don’t miss #ShowtimeApollo THIS THURSDAY March 1 at 9/8c on @FOXTV.