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Tonight is the night 🤘watch our live performance on the America's Got Talent #AGTFinale at 8/7c and stay tuned for a huge announcement!

Brian Green

an hour ago


Imre Bondar

an hour ago

Mathieu Normand jvais ecouter jsuis curieux cest quoi leur annonce

Chris Kiddy

an hour ago

The END OF THE ROAD Tour will bring them to 50 years and then that’s it.

The End Of Tour Sale begins today and runs through 9/23. Get 25% off sitewide at checkout. Click here to purchase your merch now >>

Ramadan Barry

an hour ago

Susie Carroll Ahh Lederarmband 😍 und Top 😍

Listen I respect vegetarians, but if I'm hungry... that chicken got to go. 🤣Give me the top answer on the board. Tune in today to find out what happened. #FamilyFeud #SteveHarvey

Ryan Slusher

18 minutes ago

A date (wing man)

Stacy St Pierre

18 minutes ago

See that ostrich... And it can't fly! Bahahaha 😂🤗


18 minutes ago

me too if it has to go then yea i chow it

‪If you are a “Bible Believin', Good Morning Havin’, Out Of The Dark, Into The Light Livin', Unfinished Overcomer, Made Stronger By My Savior, Jesus Lovin' Girl", check out this shirt that the lovely @SchoolingSarah is modeling!‬

‪Click the link in the comment section below to get yours!

Celine Mok

an hour ago

YES... Love that tee, you look beautiful in it...

MICHIGAN! Get ready for it!

Grace Tumang

3 hours ago

See you in Vegas .. meet and greet VIP package ✌️

Sardar Gursewak Singh

3 hours ago

Wonder if Sharon remembers when you cats were all there in 2005? Your boy Bruce D was acting up, if I recall

Chiselencu Iulian

3 hours ago

Carinne Elizabeth check it out.

« ‪💜💜💜💜 #SiennaAmos‬ » -Madonna

Alejandro Dalí

3 hours ago

O well...guess im the pretty 1 :)~☆

Berna Det Fur

3 hours ago

"Io sono simile a Dio e Dio è simile a Me.
Io sono grande quanto Dio, Egli è piccolo quanto Me.
Egli non può essere al di sopra di Me, né Io al di sotto di Lui."
Angelo Silesio

Malena Antonia Minix

3 hours ago

What u think is what u are 😜

Who is ready for some raw rock n roll?

N Costa Silva

3 hours ago

Corabi was great. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge Sammy Hager fan I loveSammy from Montrose day . But corabi in Motley is like Sammy in Van Halen. Just don't fit

Dennis Chibebe

3 hours ago

I am...always! Most excellent news, thanks Nikki and Crue 😎🤘🏻🤘🏻❤️


Amber Austin

3 hours ago

Cant wait to see the movie n hear new music

Catch Jordan on his west coast solo piano tour-opening for Al Dimeola

Satvik Dubey

3 hours ago

wow. that's an impressive bill/show. Now "if" Rick Wakeman showed, would that still be an OPUS? Just a thought.

April White

3 hours ago

How bout bring that out east a bit!!!!

Wasilewski Maciej

3 hours ago

Awesome Jordan !! Super !! 👍

Blessed 🙏. #GoldenTour 👑. 📷 Ernie Rodriguez

Priscilla Obiyaa Ansong

5 hours ago

HER MO SOOOO!!! Lo mas lindo y perfecto eres tu mi Romeo! TE AMO MI UNICO REY ❤😍

Jake Asava

5 hours ago

Awesome show thank you 😊 till next time 😘

Casey Cronin

5 hours ago

Had so much fun love you my king 👑

Can’t wait to get back at it in the states this week! Which of our east coast friends are coming out?!

September 20 - The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ
w/ Cody Bryan Band
September 21 - Eichelberger Performing Arts Center Hanover, PA
w/ Cody Bryan Band
September 22 - Wild Things Park Washington, PA
w/ Shane Smith & the Saints, Jackson Gardner
September 23 - Country 102.5 presents Street Party 2 Boston, MA
w/ Midland, Eric Paslay, Jessie James Decker, Dylan Scott

Ivory-Mae Emily Hawkett

5 hours ago

We are 9/22 and can’t wait! Do you guys do meet and Greets? 😁

'¡Y esto-es lo que pasa - cuando AKWID suena!'

Kaye Blount Davila

5 hours ago

Pinche atrako lo vengo esperando de hace años y ni sus luces😂😂

Sophia Gabbei

5 hours ago

Apliquense pinches pelones y el atraco ogts😂😂😂 c pasan de vergaa

Alex Kakoma

5 hours ago

Suban videos no nomas imajenes ya el ATRACO ake superarlo

👯‍♀️🕺🏽👯‍♂️💃🏽 ⬅️ Me when I heard about our 3 Latin American Music Awards nominations!! Estoy muy agradecida! I am so grateful 🙏🏽 We did this together. Mujeres/ladies, let's keep these nominations coming!! ❤️ I'm so excited!!!! 🤗 VOTA YA BEASTERS!! #LatinAMAs
España Beasters!! El domingo 7 de octubre estaré en Barcelona en un concierto exclusivo de Vodafone yu 🔥 Descarga tu entrada doble gratuita en antes de que se acaben 🎟🎟🎟 #yuBeckyG

Madison Elizabeth Montanus

10 hours ago

Muchas muchas Congratulations!!!!!!

Martina Dunn

10 hours ago

<3 BELLA <3

Honorato Vert Scott

10 hours ago

Happy way inshlh CAnim benim kızım 😘😘😘😘😘

SLAYER will be performing at Download Festival on March 9th in Sydney and March 11th in Melbourne.


Liliana Reyes

an hour ago

Jennie Charlton Ryan Stewart theres a good gig for y'all

Yeah Ryan it's in Oz, but still.. hell of a lot closer than Donington!!

Akira Zira

an hour ago

Russ Nash fancy a trip to the land down under?!

Bipin Barot

an hour ago

Sticking Behemoth in a show with a bunch of bands that aren't death or black metal will always be weird, even IF Slayer is headlining.

Congrats to our brother and Trumpet/Trombone player Andy Gieb for rocking the National Anthem at Petco Park last night before the Padres game! Lookin and soundin sharp AG! @andy.geib @padres ⚾️ 🇺🇸

Dean Plaia

9 hours ago

Hey did AG used to play trombone down at the U of Arizona back in 88-90?

What is your favorite party spot to travel to??

When it's a girls birthday, she wants to live it up!
As you can see,I spent my birthday in #ibiza
So that is my answer! Xo
#favorite #party #destination #travel #happy #fashion #braids #nikkileigh #questions #talktome

Justin Justin

8 hours ago

Absolutely beautiful, and love the dress, and the hair your one of a kind Nikki!! God bless!@!😘

Brad Murdock

8 hours ago

Alone? No boyfriend. No boom boom in the hotel room?

Zlatko Aneshtev

8 hours ago

My favorite place is your heart.

Ya llegamos a la presentación especial de la película The House With a Clock In Its Walls! Estén atentos a mi Instagram story para ver la experiencia completa! #HouseWithAClock #Ad #ReguloCaro

Saad Khan

6 hours ago

Wooow vamoo a ver al insta porcierto sigame sr. Don Reguliin (quise decir don Emilio)

Oliwia Węglarz

6 hours ago

Muchoo Exito, Te amo Idolo, que Niña Tan Preciosa. ❤

David Benzie

6 hours ago

Te amooooo reguló ❤

Ankit Rana

5 hours ago

Yes. Is this a new era??? New album??? Spill it, Kesha! :D <3

Sangeetha Gurappa

5 hours ago

Sarah Cooper Donna Johnston another album? A book? Or a movie?
Which one?

Ian Movius

5 hours ago

I love you Kesha, you are so beautiful adorable and perfect .I really like you

“We will be defined by our compassion or lack thereof. We will be defined by the lives we live. By how we treat the ones around us.”- Jon

Rafael Roots

7 hours ago

Thank you for always inspiring me ^_^

Lydia Bonacorda

7 hours ago

Man, you could write a whole Huffington Post article about this idea :)

Nadja Kressibuch

7 hours ago

says, "Brother Jon, I'm glad you say that."

🥀 my @insatiable ladies all around me got me feeling like The Bachelor 🥀

Missing my final roses @sarahcolonna1 + @ardenmyrin

Valerio Snichelotto

8 hours ago

You are sweet caring nice smart kind and pretty with great personality and great smile and laugh and you are beautiful singer actress and model

Dan Beard

8 hours ago

You girls are the stars of the show because I like all the drama that y'all do because it was so awesome to watch.😍😍😍😍😍💗

Nicole Lyman

13 hours ago

Beautiful baby just amazing love

True or false ?? 😂

Gloria Yazmin Morales your son😂😂😂

Huge honor to get the Patriot Award for my work with our military! Thanks The Charlie Daniels Band

Ribka Silitonga

8 hours ago

Great Job, Chris!!! What an honor to be proud of. Much better than getting it for rapping. LOL Joking aside, the award is awesome.

Elaine Lainie Lyle Zambs

8 hours ago

Congratulations! and thank you for helping with our men and women in the military and for your acts of kindness you have done.

Damilare Agbejimi

8 hours ago

Congratulations on a well deserved award! You are so talented, soooo handsome and an all around awesome person! Love you ❤️

Happy birthday to my sis Jada Pinkett Smith ! Your light is magnificent. I love your raw honesty and truth... AND the way you share it with us! Here’s to many more years of growth and power!
Love always your sis, Alicia

Lucas Stein Mariano

5 hours ago

Happy Belated Birthday to an of course Beautiful Sister Jada Pinkett Smith.

Markus Fjørtoft

5 hours ago

Happy birthday to the beautiful sister and many happy returns of the occasion.

Becca Wade

5 hours ago

Happy birthday to her and all the time forever in all her stage life!💕🙏💁🏽

Check out the pre-order deal in the official online store ... $10 for CD only, $34.99 for CD + exclusive tee.

#TheElements #October12
Just like it says in Romans 8:38-39, Ryan Stevenson's song reminds you that "no matter what you've done, you can't erase His love." #goteetuesday

Hannah Thomas

9 hours ago

Love this song ♪

Jenice M Terrell

9 hours ago

Loving Jesus
asking Him into your heart
Keep a humble spirit
Repent repent

Vqra Durcheva

9 hours ago

Don't forget verses 2-13 in the same chapter. Just saying

1 week until #LiberationTour. Ready? 👑🖤

Cindy Devone-Pacheco

6 hours ago

Oh yes!!! I've waited 12 years for this and I'm coming all the way from Spain to Washington DC.! See you there!

Jomar B Gilbuena

10 hours ago

Can you imagine if "Like I Do" got the proper push that it should've?! 🤔

Stacey Sherrill

10 hours ago

I’ve been waiting since I do not remember. I am ready Kweeeeen! I love ya so much.

New music! Our new single, The Old Me, debuts on SiriusXM Octane TOMORROW (Wednesday) morning at 9am ET! #siriusxmoctane #octane #memphismayfire #newmusic #newmusicalert

Sergio B. Nunes

5 hours ago

Yes!!! Please come and tour the new material in England!! 😁😁😁

Nayara Souto

5 hours ago

Mark Stonham YESSS

Maame Ekua Ocran

12 hours ago

...and if we don’t have Sirius, how do we hear it?

Stars music video coming tomorrow at 7:00am PST ⚽️⚽️

Rodrigo Aranalde

an hour ago

Marshmello is the best bro

Siphumeze Khaya Ndamase

an hour ago

You are the best dj in the🌏 how to be like you i have got a little studio but i don't how to be a pro dj 😢😢😢

Prabhath T Thankachen

an hour ago

definitely not marshmello where the tats at

Sold out Birmingham, no big deal London sold out, l would have added dates but l have to get back to the U.S to direct POWER. #lecheminduroi #GUnit 📸 by Jeremy Bettis

Travas Hunter

5 hours ago

And they say 50 washed up SMFH

Alva Appenay

5 hours ago

I ain't mad at ya xxxxx Still the apple of my eyes xxx

Bruno Aravena

6 hours ago

Yesssss, come back home. I need #power to start ASAP

Paul Wolfgram

10 hours ago

Amen, LOYALTY always beats numbers...

Myra Davis Griffith

10 hours ago

Love you Uncle Ted.. Let the Big Red Wave decimate the Blue.!

Anne Thorpe

10 hours ago

I would much rather have a few really strong allies, and a bunch of weak ones.

LIVE FROM WHERE EVERYTHING STARTED 👌 IT'S ABOUT THAT TIME 🔥 HAANNNNN !!! My official single #NOSTYLIST coming out this Thursday, Sept 20 ft. my brother Drake Shout out to one of the originators, Slick Rick for being on this epic cover with me. COKE BOYS !!! #NOSTYLIST

Garima Verma

11 hours ago

Khokom karim dair salib

Amber Saras

11 hours ago

French 💯🇲🇦🔥🔝🎶 French Montana

Ryan Kent

11 hours ago

What's Up Montana, Wish you the Best including Myself , Viva Coke Boys Yeah 😎 That's how I roll🤑

Yesterday was Runaway June and today is Maddie and Tae! To hear my #CryPrettyTour360 tourmates on Amazon Music just say #AlexaPlay the Song of the Day.

Richard E Williams

2 hours ago

I went to your concert in Casper, Wy and it was the most amazing concert I have ever been to. You are one amazing singer!!

Destiney C. Harris

11 hours ago

I love Maddie and Tae. When the storm blows through is my favorite song.

Cynthia Salis

11 hours ago

Carrie you know what would really be cool if you made pink satin jackets or pink windbreaker jackets and had your Cry Pretty picture with your Cry Pretty Logo on it, just a suggestion cuz I sure would buy it.

What do you guys think about this? 🤔

Vadim Sumarokov

8 hours ago

People are sheep 🐑

Johnny Sacco

8 hours ago

This is fake.

رائف روفينا ابو روفينا

8 hours ago

Its all fake...

Congrats to the ‘Free Solo’ team on their People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival!

📸: #repost Alex Honnold
Great trip, lots of spearfishing, good fellowship and laughter!

Camila Ribeiro

an hour ago

Oh my lord is he crazy ?

Chantell Howard

an hour ago

I heard this story on the radio. Lawd, I had vertigo driving down the road...

Victoria Dematteis

11 hours ago

Oh, what a group of guys!

Huge shout out to Spotify for all the playlist adds this week! Where do you stream our music?

Michael Levero

10 hours ago

I listen on a amazon music everyday

Veronica Chavez

10 hours ago

You tube and Spotify!l. You guys are awesome!!! I love your new song "Deep End" It is Awesome!!!

Maria Aguirre

10 hours ago

You Tube, downloaded on iTunes for car ride.

Princess Giselle

8 hours ago

Kenny, you look great in every color you wear! : )

Ali Mohammad Bakhdar

10 hours ago

Agree, thanks Mr. Kenny Rogers💞

Anne Tourville

10 hours ago

Yes that is so true!

Cris Oliveira

6 hours ago

Been a really, really long time. 🙁😥

Marko Nevistic

14 hours ago

Can’t wait 😊

Slippin’ & Slidin thru your TL 💦

Cutt Rough

10 hours ago

Still , ur so great my dear Jo . Kisses en hugs ,tsupppp ahmm .14344 .

Robert King

10 hours ago

Damnnn look at those hips and those cuts im sorry but that just gave me a hard-on!!;).....

Andrási Viktória

10 hours ago

Oh dam baby you are beautiful and sexy

Have you opened your PACIFIC NORTHWEST ’73-’74: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS boxed set? Share your treasures with the hashtag #PNW7374 for a chance to be featured. (Picture: @manhattman)

Designed by First Nation's artist Roy Henry Vickers

Redman Riley

9 hours ago

Nice packaging, love the stash box👍

Moises Vialet

9 hours ago

Vic Gaskins Jr.

Evangelist Sistar Lowery

9 hours ago

I am currently listening to Seattle 73 show as i work my way through for the first time. Love what I have heard so far and can't wait to get to the 74 shows!

High in Toronto
Photo by @scottfahrig
Photo by @scottfahrig

Vuk Cvetkovic

2 hours ago

cant wait to see you friday!

Luis Vargas

10 hours ago

I thought ur in turkey??? Mark Collins Mariveles Yu

Justin Lowe

10 hours ago

Élise Lamarre on manque ca 😞

‪#BaliSquad 💗💖💗💖‬

Ebony Boyd

14 hours ago

beutiful good i from brasil very good

Kristina Oganian

14 hours ago

That looks like Victoria Justice there with you

Dha't West Chunkykid Motau

14 hours ago

Stunning sexy xx

My God's not dead...
#Newsboys #NewsboysUnited #GodsNotDead

Photo by Caleb Cook

Michael Robinson

6 hours ago

#I Love this song#📀my god's not dead!!!##👏
#Roars like a lion#🎶

Louise George

6 hours ago

He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion🦁😍

Dawn Paskel

6 hours ago

He is alive!! 💜

Back to work... Loud + Loud + Loud + Loud = Fun. 😎👍

Mohamed A Sankoh

7 hours ago

I just wanted to add, Joe''s vocals are so emotive and full of soul. We all know he is a guitar god but not enough has been said of his vocal style. Just throwin' that out there.

Tina Doyle Poper

7 hours ago

....weird looking LP (looks like someone attacked it with a spray can)......tone+tone+tone+tone = bliss?

Jennifer Sullivan Smith

7 hours ago

I've been listening to Redemption today, and I'm listening to it LOUD! I love it!!


We’re returning to Australia for Download Festival Australia.Tickets on sale Wednesday September 26 at 9am AEST, check out the details at

Annette Neubauer

6 hours ago

Chris Daly get yourself to this

Sirenita Maldonado

6 hours ago

All ages sideshow in Melbourne please so my young ones can see you as I did what back when (one is a HUGE fan) :)

BJ Monzulla

6 hours ago

It's been 4 years since soundwave. Who's up for a reunion at next year's download festival? Dave Hooke and Mary Hooke, check out the lineup, AIC, Judas priest, Slayer, anthrax and Ozzy!

ICYMI: Keith performed his new single "Never Comin Down" at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards!

John Scoby

13 hours ago

Gosh I love you KU! I saw you in August but if I could I would try and see you once a month at least lol

Rob Melville

13 hours ago

Awesome, don’t stop , you are on fire, love u Keith

Martin Kveder

13 hours ago

I still think about July in Lake Tahoe, even though it was concert #4, it was by far the best!!!! And now I am dreaming of the next concert and hoping it will be next year !!! You by far are the best of the best Keith!!! Can’t wait for you to announce next years venues! 😘


On October 1, join Joan Jett for a #TimesTalks with Jodi Rudoren of The New York Times. Jett will talk about rising to the top of the music industry, her new biopic 'Bad Reputation,' and more. Buy tickets now:
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts' top Spotify listeners have received an exclusive email invitation to a #SpotifyFansFirst event! If you are a lucky recipient of this invitation, make sure to RSVP quickly as space is limited!

Julian Matthew

2 hours ago

I love rock and roll!!

Allen Green

8 hours ago

Harmittaa kun en pääse ja
näe tilaisuutta! Olisi ollut ilo nähdä elävänä ja livenä.😍🌷

Denise L Lewis

17 hours ago

Always a true fan Joan....💗

Australia!I’m coming for you at Download Festival in March! Tix on sale 26 September at 9am, head to for all details!

Archetype Phareal Deep Mkhaliphi

3 hours ago

Alice in chains?! How? They bringing band members back from the dead? 😂

Zaratt Anitt

3 hours ago

I am going to see you at Feb., the 13th in München, GER

I am realy looking forward.

Greetings to down under. 🤘

Izzy Leong

3 hours ago

its close to my birthday I am going to cry here I come to this ozzy osbourne and other bands thats cool

Jacksons X Kellogg's.🥣

Rosalinda Gonzalez

9 hours ago

Hey man y'all got me hooked on Sugar Bear Super Sugar Crisp!!!!

Kushall Tajpuriya

11 hours ago

I still have the Jacksons (Pepsi can) from 1984. What a treasure!

AAlex Botas M

11 hours ago

Reminds me of when Alpha Bits had their records on the back of the box. They actually played pretty well 😉