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my people are cool. that is it. growing up alot of kids were ashamed to be mexican or chicano.. everyone pretended to be some other shit.. or “spanish” or “hispanic” im raising my son to know.. HIS MOMS SIDE.. MEXICANS. ARE COOL! foh. 🇲🇽 puro mariachi, puro guerrero, puro indio! 🤟🏻🇲🇽🤟🏻

Katie Yurchak

6 hours ago

Now let's get our Chicano & Mexican children far in life & not as a statistic 🙌 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Rachael Delaney

9 hours ago

Wow i didnt know that is a thing. I wonder why? What made you ashamed to be mexican? Was it because of white people?

Misty Joseph Holcomb

9 hours ago

I am excited to raise my son as what he is.... white and Hispanic. He will know about both sides of his heritage.

Rouxanne Austin

4 days ago

The “Little piggy” you bought for Ju ju is called Alebrije. Congratulations , you just bought an unique piece of art. There’s no other like that one and hope you can visit Oaxaca soon. You’ll fell in love with alebrijes over there.

Jennifer Flowers

4 days ago

Omg omg por fin a mexican female rapper 😘😍 keep it up we need u in our lifes 🙌💪

Monique Beltran

4 days ago

I could not stop laughing snow! Tashas are not like in novelas! 😂😂 its not like amigas y rivales . ☠😂

juju’s face on the last vlog 😭
maybe industry people ignore me.. but fans still here... 2019 🚀🚀

Becki Errington

5 days ago

Marlene Alvarez baabe mee😂❤️

Roxy Storie-Gregoire

5 days ago

Drake lost all his cool right then there. Looking like a carebear for a big bear in the gay community.

Shanxi Ikkin

6 days ago

Absolute Beast.
You're killing the game

i know i dont matter much to this rap industry but as a mexican woman all i wanted was to represent.. and to prove my people matter! 🇲🇽 @spotifymx s/o @mxalemanmx

Nicky Evans

7 days ago

Brother you fell off. Just stop

Marilyn Porter

6 days ago

Eres chingona mujer No Hay Nadie Como Tú: sincera, fuerte, bella y talentosa! Gracias por compartir tu sueño con nosotros Phoenix te apoya!!

Donna Fox

7 days ago

That's a lie you the best rapper in the game and very humble I remember meeting you cool af

when they ask u... “y la dieta?”

Tramontina Chainz Mba

8 days ago

Thank you for an amazing show in Colorado Springs last night!!

Gail Scalzo Audet

8 days ago

Let it Snow 😍😘😘😘

Jamek Stan

8 days ago

Hey, I fucking S'mores you ^_^ <3 go comment the last vlog if u wanna see the mexico trip... n by trip i mean TRIPPPPPP...
with this crew.. n i need a drink already 🤟🏻😩

Karen Cooper

8 days ago

Low key, for some reason, Juju reminds me of Tim DeLaGhetto's wife, Chia - both extremely pretty and quite catty 😂😂😂
I love ya both ~

Jeannine Saeler

8 days ago

She is fucking hot,oye chiquita cuando quieras you can give me a call... :3

Luvnar Stranger

8 days ago

Snow and Juju are relationship goals! 😍

We love thrift stores.. and Aspen was no different..

Christine Vaughn

9 days ago

Omg I bet you got really good stuff. I live in Aurora never been to aspen

Nona Ruddell

9 days ago

U2 remind me of that old movie Cool runnings when the Jamaican Bo sled team goes to Canada. Lol😁😁

Kovács Molli Adél

9 days ago

Looks like that scene off of that movie "cool runnings"

freezing our buns off in Aspen rn 🤣

Diamond Castro

9 days ago

I need that camo jacket 😍😍 wear it in my office as I do paperwork, bopping to your music 😂

G Andres Arroyo

10 days ago

I was just in durango!! Fking 2 degree weather!!! Im a dessert person thought I was freezing to death!! Had to get home stat!!!

Laura Mrv

10 days ago

I love you my beautiful sweetheart angel and your shoes are great where did you get them

Mexico City to Aspen... pitstop in Texas for a number 13 w extra gravy 🤪

Thomas DeSio

11 days ago

There burgers are good but not better then steak and shake pattys
There chi ken nuggets where great but damn them fries gotta gom

Grace DurAl

11 days ago

Welcome Back To Texas.....Enjoy

Rohit Rex

11 days ago

Remeber when you use to rep Texas. Before you went to Cali.


Sergio Lara

11 days ago

What's goodie beautiful. how's you're day


Sirenita Maldonado

11 days ago

Love your music, tell the haters to kick rocks...!!!

Mexico City tonight. Aspen tomorrow.

Kimberly Thrasher

11 days ago

Yaaaaassssss cant wait to see on Friday

Ibrah Idris

12 days ago

Your shows are great with the right people! Badass too

David Carrera

12 days ago

Never gonna really blow up it's been how many years now damnnnn.

If u wanna chance to snowboard with us in Colorado n eat pizza all u have to do is have tickets to 2 of the shows including Aspen n DM any of the crew 🤟🏻😁
im taking some fans snowboarding n ill buy u pizza. See u in Aspen.. DEC 3RD ❄️tag 3 friends❄️

Elaine Krobath Fitzpatrick

12 days ago

I will do whatever it takes to be one of the chosen few to join u ill even work for u for a week on the road if thats what it takes.... Also my number is 7196217912 holla if u need somebody from colorado to show u around or take u to the best places and see colorado for how u wld show someone ur hood where ur from if they were ur guests and get u the best prices on chronic or anything also!!!#

Jessenia LuJe

13 days ago

Or you could come to Greek Peak In Virgil NY lol.

Brittney Quaschnick

13 days ago

Awesome thing to do for us fans!! Much love and respect for you and the WOKE crew. Always working hard. Wish I lived closer to Colorado. Hope you cone back to San Antonio Tx soon 😁

someone told me to be careful with my heart.. as if i had any choice in this..

Lindsay Jan

19 days ago

I see you doin ya thang ma!!! #LATINOSSTANDUP

Luca Di Fialho

19 days ago

Omg i love your betty boop shirt. I had the same shirt when i was a kid.

🔥🔥 got me wanting to rock this style ... i could never pull it off though

🚦🏎⛽️ pa q se enojen mas con mis pinches camisetas chidas 😂(DALE GAS LINK IN BIO)

Enews Uzer

20 days ago

Omg your not the same girl, I miss the old snow!

Dakota Dewolfe

20 days ago

People out here really hating on Claudio?

Darren Rose

20 days ago

forever killing the game, currently sniping it from the top of a fire hydrant. dale gas es fuego mamacita 🔥❤️🔥

i ruined thanksgiving...

Richard Sherman

21 days ago

You're also ruining those socks...

Michael Moore

21 days ago

Never thought she’d turn into an attention seeker....

Memo Rojas

21 days ago

Hope you're feeling better now!

Yann Kremer

22 days ago

Lol I am guilty of doing that

Danielle Baker-Sneed

22 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving snow 😁

Hey Happy Thanksgiving and I hope to see you in season 3 or at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Clara Suriani

21 days ago

time to celebrate a holiday of genocide of the Native Americans all across the U.S. , the Eastern tribes relocated on the trail of tears the Apache, Navajo , Chippewa , Lakota , Blackfeet , Crows , Hunkpapas , Cherokee .... i'll never celebrate thanksgiving.

Alisha Mzladyj

22 days ago

Why are u so scared to come to florida

Mira Dada

22 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving Snow.

🇲🇽new bilingual song drops wed with music video.. 🇲🇽 comment "🔥" if u here for it 🚦⛽️🏎

Gabe Choat

24 days ago

Queen Snow ! Cardi B is a biter 💯

Lisa Smith

24 days ago

I was so hoping your tour would bring you to Ohio so we could sing waste of time it is my morning wake up at 5 am Monday thru Friday soooo looks like I’m going to Kentucky to see you in June 🤷🏻‍♀️

Fanny Lisbeth Ramirez Portal

25 days ago

🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩🤩♥️♥️♥️♥️ love you mami can't wait to hear it

WTF!!! i can quit n be completely happy with what i've done. fuck!! 😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼

Itisme Tashawn Shecute

a month ago

Missy knows wassup ... she can’t stand the rain but she love her some Snow ❄️ ... but for realz though that’s some Supa Dupa Fly recognition ... que viva la Product !!!!

Manish Dhungana

a month ago

Snow isn't just the best female rapper.

She's one of the BEST in the game today.


Chris Combs

a month ago

Congrats snow you deserve all the recognition in the world 🔥❤️🔥❤️

since the t shirt bothered yall so much.. 😂 no mamen.

Eduarda Zem

a month ago

I thought that was mater from cars on the t shirt.

Larry Hufford

a month ago

I know you can afford a whole shirt... 😐😐😐

April Godfrey

a month ago

When are u coming back to dallas

happy meal
"all the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today"

Leonie Februarie

a month ago

Why don’t you go to McDonald’s and get yourself a wamburger and French crys...def leppard sux!

Adrian P. Brunaga

a month ago

Imagining Snow getting her girl like LaLa from End Of Watch...

Yohann Godec

a month ago

Since when did she get a new gf 🤔 lol

i have an old phone n do my own makeup.. my lil brother is my photographer n my lil cousin does my merch.. but together we have a warehouse where we get to do whatever we want creatively n its the best feeling in the world.. 🙏🏼

Tomasz Rypien

a month ago

As long as you got real people in your corner backing you up that's all you need keep up the awesome work!

Kari Vázquez

a month ago

You dont have to pay family as much lol. I'm not ragging on her, that's what a lot of independent artists and small business owners do. It's the smart move and they feel happy to help their family member succeed

Lexi Nix

a month ago

N ur like the prettiest woman to grace this earth

Lord give me faith...i been workin... 🎶
i hate yall.... tag one of each.. tryinna see somethin

Katlynn Rose Hens

a month ago

How do I get a feature with ya ❤️🔥🙏‼️

Jacob Carrillo

a month ago

Yes You Need The Lord Snow

Brenda Ervin-Fletcher

a month ago

Been saying it for the last 3 years.... Snow is the best out, man or woman.... she can rap circles around anyone claiming to be "hot". She can sing her ass off and has never relied on "sex appeal" to show her talent..... Cant wait for her first independent LP!!!!!!

April Godfrey

a month ago

Can’t wait to see you here in Colorado

Jason Carpenter

a month ago

You are an amazing person

Michael Flickinger

a month ago

I would shake my titties for you!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Kathy Ibarra

a month ago

Adam is trash, you're dope as hell tho lol

Hiren Parmar

a month ago

Adam 22 look like a rejected gta character

Barbara Boudman

a month ago

Who’s the guy next to her?

We gotta draw the line 🔪😇

David F Chavez

a month ago

Well i just wanna know where that kind of phone still exist

Sarah Harty

a month ago

What tis this! Theirs magic everwhere....

Lavezzi Kone

a month ago

Dont wear wigs there gonna say ur coping Cardi & Nicky

Snow Tha Product - Goin' Off (Official Music Video)

Karla Marquez

a month ago

I just love this woman she’s a bad ass

Jenna Nicole

a month ago

I absolutely loved your energy in that song. You're the illest rapper out there, so slept on it makes me sick. I hope this is your year, Snow, you deserve it.

Richard Rafiu

a month ago

I fuckin luv u 👏👏👏

ATX for 12 hrs.. then back to finishing Vibe Higher mixtape... yall want more music on Itunes n Spotify? (Snapchat: senoritasnow)

Diana Henke

a month ago

Please please please release more of your music to Spotify. I listen to you almost exclusively and I don’t support Apple. So please consider more with Spotify

Lily Khaysavang Gardner

a month ago

So question I pay for Itunes every month to be able to download music it doesn't give me the opinion to buy do you still get paid for that!?! Or do I need to go buy it off google too?? I like supporting artists that matter!!!

Audrey Legette

a month ago

Snow i love you and I feel like you go through these plz heart this and I wanna meet you so had come down too mew Mexico again we love you so much

love that woman.. be that woman 😂 good morning

Tina Harper

2 months ago

Emma Harrang I feel like this is you after you go out compared to the next morning when you wake up with your sleep mask on and your hair hella crazy 😂

Paulvel Vel

2 months ago

Kia Terrazas Justin Moody 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️😂 i was outside smoking looking homeless, and just heard someone lock their car as i was walking by from their room 🤣

Chiara Rodriguez

2 months ago

This is me lol I wonder if people see my profile with makeup on and be like i don’t know her, then look at my tagged photos where I’m all looking homeless and like oh yeah I know that girl lmao 😂

s/o the guy that threw me a sharks jersey all the way in Minnesnowta yuhh 🤘🏼🤑🤘🏼

Why does it look like attack on Titan

Eugen Shakur

2 months ago

Snow Tha Product who is that on your left shoulder 😍😍

Nitzan Zoro

2 months ago

When are you playing in Las Vegas

on my way to MINNEAPOLIS for the ZOMBIE PUBCRAWL 👻👻👻

Serafina Trapasso

2 months ago

Bundle up girl it's freezing balls there this time of year.

Bianca Silva

2 months ago

This woman s one talented amf

Anurag Ramteke

2 months ago

How about sit on my face smoke kush and waste time

Tag ur ratchet friend i wanna follow her

Jose Brenes Romero

2 months ago

Typical alien, come to a place then complain about it while sitting around drunk.

Chris Rice

2 months ago

Krystal you and me after work! Lmao.

Savannah Campbell

2 months ago

Christy Cowen Sandi Jones lmao it's some ghetto ass mfrs out here tho fr they'll steal ya curtains and give em away, hell, they'll steal ya damn pet bird !

so this is DEFINITELY HAPPENING.. TICKETS GO UP TODAY COLORADO... 🤗🤗🤗😩i cant snowboard or ski 😂

Carol Nesbit

2 months ago

Girl was born and raised and colorado and ive never been neither! Haha... 😅😅

Oyewole Debora

2 months ago

Never been but would love to go some day hint hint Carlos Rodas lets make it happen this winter bruh

Tanner Haselhorst

2 months ago

When r u coming to Vegas??

this should be on my story... but im such a lil bitch when it comes to this shit that i want it to live forever that i came here... 😩
it is the fall... and all my chola glory is BACK!!

Onah Ng Onah Ng

2 months ago

Keep rocking that mic. Bump that music loud. Stay up snow tha product. 🙏🌹

Mohammed Jon

2 months ago

What you're in l.a 😭😭 and I moooveeeddd

Luis Rodriguez-Enriquez

2 months ago

That place is cool...go to universal studios too!!

never as strong as i seem, but never as weak as they think..

Robert Torres

2 months ago

Let them think and surprise them when the time comes. You never really know how strong you can be until your baccs against the wall.

Nicola James

2 months ago

Snowwww i cant believe i missed u at knotts last night. God damn woman!!! Fire 😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋 im gunna marry you someday

Bwalya Nsama Humayne

2 months ago

Just be strong when you need it. Nobody is strong all the time Snowy. Much love

planning on taking a ski trip this december.... what cities u think?... mini tour to go with it?...

Jessie Caston

2 months ago

thought this was the cover art for an upcoming album or mixtape at first, got a bit excited for a second 😂

Carlysse Pagulayan

2 months ago

Whistler british columbia!!
Anybody wanna argue im look at the ads...tell me you dont wanna visit there...every major mtn biker has visited there at least once...checkout redbulls ads...they dont even give justice to the trails..

Dusan Mijatovic

2 months ago

Steamboat springs, colorado girl. It's a whole ski resort but since i went there over the summer I couldnt ski there. I wish I can go in the winter!

talkin my shit... per usual

Dohoon Kim

2 months ago

whats the story behind Melissa Martina Forbs?? all her pics look like Aaliyah but she claims its her when she was young? whats that all about? im curious...

Anmai Brook

2 months ago

It isn't 💩 if the best female rapper as urself can back it up n come harder on every track u put out. UR THE BEST SNOW

Kimberly Rivers

2 months ago

Child Snow out here looking like all kinds of beauty!!! Come through sis🙌🙌🙌 yassss.

🗣 Porque me vale, vale vale, ME VALE TODO🎶

Kary Retiz

2 months ago

Snow Tha Product Cheech & Chong: Mexican-Americans song

Damara Green

2 months ago

My first video of Snow was on "So Dope" with tech N9ne .. Checked out the undergrounds a bit on Snow.... Impressed to how far snow has gone so far and most impressive on being your originality from the undergrounds of CA coming up to the global my words Snow Tha Product is one to watch.
Good nights bad mornings Ms Claudia
-Julio Berríos, NY Undergrounds

Dizi Luschund

2 months ago

You should calaborat w Becky G


Chickitha King

2 months ago

About to annoy everyone to watch share whatever it takes to get 1 million 💜

Fatoumata Diallo

2 months ago

Snow Tha Product us fans r gonna get you to a millie

Ozzy Gilday

2 months ago

I bumped this all the way home...from Garland to Dallas plus a couple other

ON MY WAY TO DENVER!! im on today @ 3PM

Lucka Hanzalikova

3 months ago

Come to up state ny!!!!!🖤💖

Enda Davis

3 months ago

You put on a damn good show, as always. Wish it could have been a longer set!

Carla Loraini

3 months ago

WHY AM I NOT IN DENVER RIGHT NOW!? 😩😫😭 Mollie Stafford

Pammy Pooh-Carter

3 months ago

I wish I didn't have to work a 7 to 5 so I could have watched live!!

Sarah Suite

3 months ago

That’s why you rock, cuz ya just do, your lives are great, bummed a bit cuz I missed it,

Shelly Szczesniak Reisig

3 months ago

You are so pretty....

Kathy Szymanski OBrien

3 months ago


Slade Nguyen

3 months ago


Cyndi Castagnola

3 months ago

Chris Gibbons listen to this verse my dude


Agnes Carlzohn

3 months ago

come to canada alb

Nihar Fatima

3 months ago

I wish I was there😭R.I.P BooBoo💕

Epie Imbo Casey

3 months ago

Keep ya head up


Gian Marco Matute

4 months ago

They were so dope!

Jess Channing

4 months ago

Yes woke TV is back the new songs

Reka Hambrick

4 months ago

Love the enthusiasms..

last night In san jo the venue i kicked us out cuz i was "starting a riot" and "the cops were outside" the cops were like what? were jus chillin.. 😭😂 SAN DIEGO TONIGHT!!!

Debra Hendrickson

4 months ago

Ricardo Ramos In SD even the cops are chill 😂 (Ya se que hay puercos everywhere no me avientes un sermon🤣)

Maldonado Ivan

5 months ago

She's definitely one of my favorite people of all time. I look forward to seeing her and talking with her after shows.

Farrel Hubbard

5 months ago

This needs to be a WokeTV episode.

Dennis Rei

5 months ago

Thanks koo ur in my Hometown shown sum love.. Hope u had a gr8 time there.. Wish I could hve went to ur concert in Fresno.. Well u keep doin wat ur doin nd keep ur head up wen times get rough u'll get thru it.. Always Stay Real to the Fullest!!!!

Danny West

5 months ago

Im in ❤ with you music. im a big fan. your my favorite women rapper.

Rhonda Aldridge

5 months ago

Good afternoon...Happy Saturday... Have a wonderful weekend.. wishing you much success.... #DETRIOT-- westside.... Detroit loves #SNOW.....

sneakin in a pic wit freddy... SANTA CRUZ TONIGHT!

German Felix Vasallo Scott

5 months ago

Hear me malone and snow tha product collab

Marian Mandil

5 months ago

Five Freaky Nights with Freddy. Completely different game 😆

Rohit Guha

5 months ago

five nights at Freddy's 🙀. . This picture is Hella wild ! 🦋. d'aw bellissima eyes Snow 🦋


Philippe Dufour

5 months ago

It sucks not being able to afford to see y'all 😭 but I'ma stay supporting all of you and your dreams. We will meet one day! 💪👏😍 Love yall

Jeannie Gilliam Stavinoha Brown

5 months ago

Aww my God diego so wanted to go:(

Alex Futter

5 months ago

Come to Winslow AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me on instagram today

Patel Ramashi

5 months ago

Can’t wait to see you soon

Christian Brown

5 months ago

“Gimmi Time” needs to be on Apple Music!!

Attila Sandor

5 months ago

Patricia Graham Fregoso


Jill Rock

5 months ago

Finally snow. You deserve to have been on the radio a long time ago. 🙂

Brandon Swatscheno

5 months ago

Sure will I'm so proud of you snow

Christian Rehberg

5 months ago

Damn she hot!!!