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This morning my longest friend in this world went home to be with our Father. I will miss her so much but I know she’s at peace.

Erica McBride

4 days ago

Smokey sorry for your loss. She was an awesome singer, a true talent from God. When I saw her at the Kennedy Center on CBS ,she blow me away. Watching the young ones be in awe,"Made me think yes that's how you do it"! She truly was the Queen of Soul. The world lost a precious jewel.

Danielle Gallegos

4 days ago

I'm so sorry for your personal loss. Friends going back to childhood hold a special, dear place. Aretha was our national treasure , an icon in a league of her own. 👑💔

Ankit Ray

4 days ago

I am truly sorry for your loss Smokey but watched tonights CBS special in her honor and it had clips of her which she mentioned you and I smiled. She truly is home. Out in love.

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Monica Navarro

10 days ago

I said the same thing Trez! I might have to look into this!!!

Siham Ayar

10 days ago

I want to go so bad. But who can I get to go with me???

Agung Wahyudi

10 days ago

Let your light shine brother

70's hair icon?#TBT

Andrew Thomas Pacilan

18 days ago

No matter what the hair style smokie could always pull it off

Christian Galindo

19 days ago

rockin hairdos. I love it. I wish I had some curls! Those were the days!

Nathalia Morales

19 days ago

Defo...miss Dr Jay in that group:)

Just love fan covers...

Twangna Wilcher

25 days ago

Love you always

Tanya Goodwin

25 days ago

Thanks for sharing Smokey.

Millow Smash Smaiton

25 days ago

Smokey, Smokey, you are the best of the best! You have such a beautiful voice! Keep writing those beautiful songs.

Where there's smoke... #TBT

Sherry Owens

25 days ago

Where you will always be the best singer ever xx🌞

Andrew Gibson

25 days ago

SMOKEY R! Made mplayed music, Truly Old School!!!

Veronica Amable

25 days ago

Smokey... your is the voice of my youth and how fortunate am I?

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Otsiks Otsile

a month ago

Well, William "Smokey"Robinson
What are you going to do about it sir??🤔🤔

Kenneth Hughes

a month ago

over £4,000 GBP..... jeeeeeeeeeesssss !!!!!!!

Marlo Payne

a month ago

Wish i could go love you Smokey

Sometimes it takes two. You both out did yourselves ⭐⭐⭐

Bappa Paul

a month ago

These two are pretty good.
And I am not a fan of anyone who covers an original these days, becus they have done it at nausim with reality shows..
But these two are Good!!

Brett Hamilton

a month ago

The magic of Motown.

Gracious Gondwe

a month ago

Thank you Smokey. Most appreciated tonight. Have a great weekend

All together now 💙 #TBT

Timothy Mahlangu

a month ago

The Miracles is my number 1 group. No one can duplicate the signature sound. God bless you

Ashebi Clement

a month ago

Smokey and the Miracles are the best!!! ☺☺☺

Wade Redmond

a month ago

" if you want it, you got it forever...."

#REPOST via Leah Remini: "Angelo and I with the legendary Smokey Robinson, one of our faves! #DesignCare20 #AboutLastNight

Sarah Oghene

a month ago

Love your music and what you contributed towards Motown. Timeless. 😁❤

Pedro Veiga

a month ago

Great photo of the three of you. Love that suit!

Chad Chester Queso

a month ago

Love to all of you. Leah I was just watching your work on King of Queens as I worked tonight. Love the laughter you generate. Thank you and gratitude Smokey. Hi Angelo!😃⚘

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Kevin Wu

a month ago

Yeah I saw,this,one.

Atul Padaya

a month ago

Lord Lord Lord I love me some Smokey Robinson!!!!! SUPER SMOKEY FAN

Jose Piña

a month ago

This would be an amazing Anniversary gift for my husband and me!! A dream come true!!

So much funk & so much LOVE!

Johnnie Perkins

a month ago

Soooo Lovely.. Mood Music👌🎼👌

Angela Wroblewski

a month ago

Cruisin + Let's Do It Again = I Wanna Be Were You Are Priceless, what a wonderful video much love always Daddy Robinson...

Cheryl Montgomery

a month ago

Yu are havin too much fun doing this arent ya Phil?

We can hide in the shadows, or we can stand in the light. #TBT

Sue Alonzo

a month ago

You are a proud black man to be represented by.

Anthony Smile

a month ago

The camera simply loves you. Your fans are delighted.
Tears of joy 😂

Kelli Irving

a month ago

Not only so you have a great voice you also have wisdom and you spread it when ever you open your mouth love you Smokey

Thanks for supporting me all these years! Love, Smokey

Julio Alejandro G. Leyva

a month ago

The pleasure is mine. I will continue supporting you as I know you have done so much for so many. Luv u Smoke

Робертас Пупкус

a month ago

Smokey, Thanks for sharing your love and talent all these years. God blessed you with the talent and you blessed your fans with it. Awesome Job!

Juan Francisco Ortega Acevedo

a month ago

Thanks for all the great memories new friends and making some my dreams come true especially. New. York

#REPOST @mstinalawson: Went to The Greek Theatre to see our friend Mr. Smokey Robinson and he killed it tonight 🔥Thanks to his beautiful wife, Francis, for having us all and being the best host ever ❤️ We had so much fun! That man has so many hits. He definitely provided one of the best soundtracks of my life ❤️

Molly Boyd

2 months ago

Best entertainer ever love you Smokey

Valentin Lopez

2 months ago

Great Show, thanks for remembering the B Side music

Sarah Jones

2 months ago

Eva Marquez Alvarado, where are you and Joe😜

Performing for you never gets old. #TBT

Adeline Boudet

2 months ago

Listening to you sing never gets old either! Love you Smokey! See you in August at Westbury!😘❤️

Charity Brons

2 months ago

You are the best every💿💿💿💿💿I am always listen to your music today at work in my car. And I have several pictures on my desk at work. You are always with me.❤❤❤❤

Scott Reigle

2 months ago

Smokey I love you!!!!!! He gets Better with time

Thank you for this 💙💚💛🧡💜

Fortifie Bigup

2 months ago

Smokey you have a lot of fans that feel the same way as Miguel!!! Thank you for such great Music!!!

Martha Escobedo

2 months ago

I did not know if fans knew that joe jackson. Passed ..micheal jackson father
Mr robinson i loved when micheal jackson sang your songs...age 10 ,12 .....

Penny Wheeler

2 months ago

Forever a fan....You make so many of life's moments 'precious' memories. Thank you so much.

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Rachel Scholten

2 months ago

Wow, Smokey! You are amazing. You do so much to help and give back to others! God Bless You. I admire you!

Nice to see you too, South Carolina. Love, Smokey 💛

Christine Bongalon

2 months ago

I want to see you in Amsterdam !!!! We are waitingggg!!!!

Cynthia Etwaroo

2 months ago

Great to see u still going Smokey. I wish other elderly singer's would do the same.

Mariana Padilla

2 months ago

Smokey you need to come to Hawaii, please. 💚

I SO appreciate when artists cover my music. Thank you!

Carol Enette Mayfield Jones

2 months ago

I love this song very much and the original version is the best 😊 Maybe I'm too old to accept other versions😅I like the GO WEST version though😊

Coco Hennissen

2 months ago

I have to go with the crowd, no one can sing your songs like you and I mean no one! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you Smokey!

Ubania Nieblas

2 months ago

You sing your songs better than anyone else, BUT it must be rewarding knowing that your music goes on for generations and generations!

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Brad Kuchmek

2 months ago

Wow!!!!!would love to go!!!!!!!!Motown, bring it on!!!!!!!

Kim McCormick

2 months ago

Give me some good music

Rico Smith

2 months ago


Happy Birthday to the late, Prince Rogers Nelson ☔✨💜

Nicole D. Jackson

2 months ago

Happy Birthday to Prince in heaven.

Robelle Morante Armando

2 months ago

I love Prince, but I hate the Diet D r.Pepper commercials with the Prince look alike.

Fenton A James Jr.

2 months ago

Miss you Prince.

I love it when we're cruisin' together…

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Baruwa Taiwoh

3 months ago

Love Smokey. One of his best songs

Sam Samtropolis Gibson

3 months ago

But far to go but would love it 😁

Michelle Buchetto-Kalogrides

3 months ago

Leaving from where???

S A T U R D A Y 😉

Robert Sinclair

3 months ago

How can a man of his many years be so relevant? It's got to be God's hand blessing him, a smoke streaming comet that blazes through earth's atmosphere every hundred years. Keep on Smokin, baby!

Mary Walker

3 months ago

I've been eating kale salads for two weeks. Got a black dress I'm gone slay for this event. My reward is to see the legend

Sasha Chaudhary

3 months ago

Looking very, very handsome Smokey. Sitting at the theater here in Toronto waiting for the Motown the Musical to start. Brought my son, my grandson and granddaughter to educate them on what REAL music is like. Still waiting for you to make your way back up north. We need some Smokey love!!.

Reese Branch

3 months ago

my favorite song is more love and being with you.

Nicolas Brito

3 months ago

Smokey Robinson is the most poetic songwriter who ever lived and whenever you see him saying it seems like he's singing From the Inside Out singing from his heart with his beautiful words and music

Henrik Götzke

3 months ago

I love me some smoky Robinson

Still in awe – last week, I testified before the U.S. Senate about the #MusicModernizationAct and was honored by The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with this marvelous plaque.Thank you.

Brenhighlyfavoredstewart Stewart

3 months ago

I need that on my wall Smokey, I've benn a fan since 1959.

Geneva Janay

3 months ago

That is wonderful!! He is such a genius and deserves the honor.

Sarah Cardoso

3 months ago

Congratulations, You deserve all you get. You are no doubt an American treasure and icon. Youre part of the fabric that is all of us. Thank you for all youve given.


Great job, Amanda. Uncle Smokey approves 👍👍

Gillian Mellanby

3 months ago

God bless you. Love Smokey and my favorite song

Riiana Andria Rkt

3 months ago

Very well done

Kelly Bruyr

3 months ago

Wow! Her voice is amazing!!!

Started my day on The Hill.

Pebble Pusher

3 months ago

Smokey Robinson I suggest play a round of golf with Pres Trump,give him all your make out music in the 60s and get your legislation done that way.:) Did you ever meet my cousin, Barry Levinson, Handy nominated Blue guitarist who teaches at UCLA and plays for Canned Heat . He is an avid golfer also.Met Alice Cooper at a Scottsdale car show and convinced him to buy a 1968 blue fastback Mustang . Works with Callaway ,like you and Phil Mickelson.

Cody Bradley

3 months ago

You are and have always been my favorite entertainer. You are not just a “singer/writer”, every time I see a show, I go back to the early days and move in time to “today”. Fantastic 🌹

What an eloquent talk you gave so inspiring, I hope that gets the job done. I've been a fan since your 1st song.

My friend, you're doing great. Keep it up! 🎸🎶

Cristina Lopes

3 months ago


Elton Mzakhe Mtsweni

3 months ago

Got to pay agony for some ecstasy

Kiki Perrin

3 months ago

Love this song!!!!!

LOVE IT! I second that emotion ✨

Patrícia Tocha

4 months ago

The original for me every time.

JC Delizo

4 months ago

My Song Right Today😁

Avinash Pandey

4 months ago

Just added this to my guitar playlist...thanks. :)

Honored to be in this throwback with three QUEENS 👑 #TBT

Alexandre Epineuze

4 months ago

Wow! All Such A Class Act. Through the years. I'm Smiling.😁

Yordy Ortiz

4 months ago

Thanks for a great show in Raleigh, NC. I was there with my daughter who was celebrating her 40th. It was the fifth time I've seen you, (Lake Tahoe @ the Hilton, Burnaby Blues Festival, Queen E. Theatre and the River Rock Casino). As the saying goes, like a fine wine you're getting better with age.

Viviana Touchidou

4 months ago

Still love you Smokey

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Carlen Pierce Thomas

4 months ago

God bless you Smokeyyyyyy

Mehdi Elkhayari

4 months ago

One of my all time faved

Leonardo Andelieri

4 months ago

My all time favorite song...More Love!!!

An illustration that I absolutely LOVE by Shepard Fairey ❤️💛

Adrian López Madrid

4 months ago

Shepard Fairey is the coolest, and you're not so bad yourself! 👨‍🎨👍👌🎨

Kevin Barnard

4 months ago

Love that red . It's totally beautiful like you. Keep singing and making us happy.

Ózkr Rúiz

4 months ago

Iness Joan, where r u?

With the man 👍👍👍 #TBT

Shawn Papineau

4 months ago

You know so many great people.what a blessing.

Nurys Vargas Basilio

4 months ago

Two fabulous talented legends & gentlemen.

Julie Lawrence

4 months ago

Mr Lamont Dozier agrees "Hire Teens to cover all your Time-less Sounds" and create a new sound market for AM FM radios.

Spotify, thank you! Loved speaking on the "Are & Be" Podcast:

Kimberly Wiley

4 months ago

I love Smokey!!!

Winnie Jenniffer

4 months ago

Oh that voice is heavenly. He can sing to me all day long. <3

Paula Reid

4 months ago

looking forward to sunday night at DPAC!!!

Good Company, Great Weekend.

Rob Dundovic

4 months ago

And Smokey you always look good wonderful picture God bless you guys

Abel Naranjo

4 months ago

Hey Smokey when are you going to be in NY. Love your music 🎶

Michael Navas Agmana

4 months ago

Beautiful Group but Uall should come down to SWFL😎🌴🎶

Studio time with the young Legends.

cc: Anderson .Paak
cc: Snoop Dogg
cc: Eminem
cc: Dr Dre

Wendy Domínguez

4 months ago

Smokey Loves People😊 And it always shows!

Mateusz Marciniszyn

4 months ago

Only one real vocalist that can sing in the bunch! Smoky and his silky voice!

Angura Drick LK Zaba

4 months ago

Dr Dre and Snoop on that team it's a Win Win!!!

Still got each other's back. #TBT

Pieta Joel

4 months ago

That Is What's Up!👌👏 True Friendships For Life. 🎉🎉🎉

Laura Hatoss

4 months ago

,two of my favorite artist.

Joanna N Chad Lykins

4 months ago

What a smash!

Taraji, sweetheart, you are such an awesome actor! I saw Tyler Perry's Acrimony last night and you should get an Oscar. If you don’t at least get nominated, something is very wrong.

Much love...Smokey Robinson....

Jonathan Budinski

4 months ago

Fabulous actress.. Love her..

Maria Obregón

4 months ago

Tell Roland B. hello...102.3..KJLH..#18..Taraji is a cold chick..

Antho Moore

4 months ago

Love it, excellent movie.

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Ashley Garrett Cook

4 months ago

Thank you Uncle Smokey for the love and joy you bring Stan Claudia Jenn April Adam Jeff. Miss you xoxo

Corentin Brocard

4 months ago

My all-time favorite song. Love the lyrics. ❤

Aaron Wildman

4 months ago

Love you Smokey

Thank you for this sketch, Jon Molina.

Dedy Dwi ES

4 months ago

When you coming back to the u.k.

Su Khaing Min

4 months ago

Nice sketch, Smokey. You look good all the time!

I love it when ______________. ❤️🎶 #TBT

Thorsten Witt

4 months ago

... When you brought two people on stage at the Greek a few years ago and asked the woman her name. When she said it was Mickey, my son said to me “ask her if she brought her monkey” but I didn’t have the guts to yell it out LOL

Alma Pinson

4 months ago

Tracks of my tears one of the greatest songs ever made. Also love the scene in platoon when the song comes on. Smokey is most definitely a legend

Jonathan Stevens

4 months ago

Having time backstage with you hugging and loving you all these years means the world to us you are family and you know it xoxo

The Miracles: Then & Now 💛✨

Haris Druzanovic

4 months ago

Margie, two of the others original members passed away ( Ronnie White & Bobby Rogers, who was Smokey,s wife Claudettes..cousin or brother, I belive?

Kelli NaCole Simmons

4 months ago

well deserved, one of the greatest groups of all times, Smokey wrote most of their hits, plus many of the "Temptations" early hits...

Day-z Zschech Kiellms

4 months ago

Still love that music!!!! Good O'l Motown is the BEST!!!!!

In case you missed it – listen now to my debut on Spotify's "Are & Be" Podcast:

Nancy Gabriela Godina Gonzalez

4 months ago

Smokey, I love your speaking voice as much as I love your singing voice.♥️ Great PodCast😊

W'alemo Yanthan

4 months ago

We Are we Be. I love it.

Manuel Gonzalez

4 months ago

...R& you so much Smokie...❤️❤️😘😘😘🙆🏻🙆🏻

Impressive!!! What do you think of this cover?

Panagiotis Pitsinelis

4 months ago

Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cristian da Costa

4 months ago

It's nice to hear that such young people singing your song. Very lovely and I love it. Your songs are timeless 🎶💕

Roberta Marie Reid

4 months ago

Love it. One of my favorite songs of all time.

Music is my passion. Always will be. #TBT

Jane McNulty

4 months ago

Love your music 🎶 Smokey - what talent.

McCartney Tim

4 months ago

Smokey, you and your music are a blessing to us! 👄❤

Victor Dong

5 months ago

Mine too! Been DJ Ing for over 40 years. Play trumpet through middle school and high school. Produced a few here and there, but just could never get the right combination of equipment to fully produce like a truly want to.
Love your music but especially your voice.👍🏼🙏🏼

Happy Birthday, my friend.

Shaun Patrick Allen

5 months ago

Just can imagine what more great music that he would have made!!

But at least we do have the great music that he already made!!

I NEVER get tired of hearing ANY of his music!!

Just wish there was more singers like him today!!


Vanessa Whippy

5 months ago

🎶"Happy Birthday Marvin"🎶🎂🍨🎉🎈🎼...Loss of a great Legend with a great voice...I miss him....

Naheem Daad

5 months ago

Happy Birthday Marvin. Had the privilege to see you in the early 80’s. You were Great of Course. Thank you for the smooth tunes that we all groove to for ever more. RIP. You are Loved and Missed

A great gift from one of my fans...📸 Joe Guinto

Corentin Brocard

5 months ago

Nice I love it Smokey 😍

Phil Fillinger

5 months ago

WOW!!!!! He totally nailed it! Very talented artist. Bev loves it darling!♡

Nathan King

5 months ago

True To Smokey's Persona.👍

#TBT circa 1970 🎤

Maphum Shingwane Sobhashi

5 months ago

My main man after my first man .. GOD COMES FIRST then SMOKEY . Lovin me some Smokey ROBINSON

Victor Marcus Montfort

5 months ago

Great group, Great time listening to the Miracles then and to Smokey in 2018.

Karim Bonesthugs

5 months ago

You were unbelievable last night!


Isabel Wunderlich

5 months ago

It was a great show...still 5 more mins...

Mauricio Javier Cruz Sanchez

5 months ago

I will be watching and taping this show. Love you, Smokey.

Sara Overbey

5 months ago

Yes. Looking forward to it.

Happy Birthday to my baby, Ms. Ross the BOSS!

Konstantinos Chatziantoniou

5 months ago

Happy Birthday to you Diana Ross... one of the world's best entertainers. Been to several of your concerts.

Ted Gombos

5 months ago

Happy Birthday 🎂Ms. Ross the Boss 🍰🎊🎈🎉🎁Our Beautiful Queen 💜💛❤

Kat Vallo

5 months ago

Happy birthday Diana, love you always, never forget her voice