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Still in awe – last week, I testified before the U.S. Senate about the #MusicModernizationAct and was honored by The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with this marvelous plaque.Thank you.

Vhon Biglang-awa

an hour ago

Loved your show at the DPAC centre and bravo on what you had to say in front of the Senate. You just keep making the world a better place. Thanks Smokey.

Lohane Kaunan

6 hours ago

😊😊😊 . I watched your live testimony . Way to go sir !!! They were in awe of you . 🎼🎼🎼

Hastin Irungu

6 hours ago

Congratulations, Smokey Robinson, you deserve it all!


Great job, Amanda. Uncle Smokey approves 👍👍

Gillian Mellanby

4 days ago

God bless you. Love Smokey and my favorite song

Riiana Andria Rkt

5 days ago

Very well done

Kelly Bruyr

5 days ago

Wow! Her voice is amazing!!!

Started my day on The Hill.

Pebble Pusher

7 days ago

Smokey Robinson I suggest play a round of golf with Pres Trump,give him all your make out music in the 60s and get your legislation done that way.:) Did you ever meet my cousin, Barry Levinson, Handy nominated Blue guitarist who teaches at UCLA and plays for Canned Heat . He is an avid golfer also.Met Alice Cooper at a Scottsdale car show and convinced him to buy a 1968 blue fastback Mustang . Works with Callaway ,like you and Phil Mickelson.

Cody Bradley

7 days ago

You are and have always been my favorite entertainer. You are not just a “singer/writer”, every time I see a show, I go back to the early days and move in time to “today”. Fantastic 🌹

Judy Yi

7 days ago

What an eloquent talk you gave so inspiring, I hope that gets the job done. I've been a fan since your 1st song.

My friend, you're doing great. Keep it up! 🎸🎶

Cristina Lopes

12 days ago


Elton Mzakhe Mtsweni

12 days ago

Got to pay agony for some ecstasy

Kiki Perrin

12 days ago

Love this song!!!!!

LOVE IT! I second that emotion ✨

Patrícia Tocha

19 days ago

The original for me every time.

JC Delizo

19 days ago

My Song Right Today😁

Avinash Pandey

19 days ago

Just added this to my guitar playlist...thanks. :)

Honored to be in this throwback with three QUEENS 👑 #TBT

Alexandre Epineuze

19 days ago

Wow! All Such A Class Act. Through the years. I'm Smiling.😁

Yordy Ortiz

20 days ago

Thanks for a great show in Raleigh, NC. I was there with my daughter who was celebrating her 40th. It was the fifth time I've seen you, (Lake Tahoe @ the Hilton, Burnaby Blues Festival, Queen E. Theatre and the River Rock Casino). As the saying goes, like a fine wine you're getting better with age.

Viviana Touchidou

20 days ago

Still love you Smokey

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Carlen Pierce Thomas

22 days ago

God bless you Smokeyyyyyy

Mehdi Elkhayari

23 days ago

One of my all time faved

Leonardo Andelieri

23 days ago

My all time favorite song...More Love!!!

An illustration that I absolutely LOVE by Shepard Fairey ❤️💛

Adrian López Madrid

25 days ago

Shepard Fairey is the coolest, and you're not so bad yourself! 👨‍🎨👍👌🎨

Kevin Barnard

25 days ago

Love that red . It's totally beautiful like you. Keep singing and making us happy.

Ózkr Rúiz

a month ago

Iness Joan, where r u?

With the man 👍👍👍 #TBT

Shawn Papineau

a month ago

You know so many great people.what a blessing.

Nurys Vargas Basilio

a month ago

Two fabulous talented legends & gentlemen.

Julie Lawrence

a month ago

Mr Lamont Dozier agrees "Hire Teens to cover all your Time-less Sounds" and create a new sound market for AM FM radios.

Spotify, thank you! Loved speaking on the "Are & Be" Podcast:

Kimberly Wiley

a month ago

I love Smokey!!!

Winnie Jenniffer

a month ago

Oh that voice is heavenly. He can sing to me all day long. <3

Paula Reid

a month ago

looking forward to sunday night at DPAC!!!

Good Company, Great Weekend.

Rob Dundovic

a month ago

And Smokey you always look good wonderful picture God bless you guys

Abel Naranjo

a month ago

Hey Smokey when are you going to be in NY. Love your music 🎶

Michael Navas Agmana

a month ago

Beautiful Group but Uall should come down to SWFL😎🌴🎶

Studio time with the young Legends.

cc: Anderson .Paak
cc: Snoop Dogg
cc: Eminem
cc: Dr Dre

Wendy Domínguez

a month ago

Smokey Loves People😊 And it always shows!

Mateusz Marciniszyn

a month ago

Only one real vocalist that can sing in the bunch! Smoky and his silky voice!

Angura Drick LK Zaba

a month ago

Dr Dre and Snoop on that team it's a Win Win!!!

Still got each other's back. #TBT

Pieta Joel

a month ago

That Is What's Up!👌👏 True Friendships For Life. 🎉🎉🎉

Laura Hatoss

a month ago

,two of my favorite artist.

Joanna N Chad Lykins

a month ago

What a smash!

Taraji, sweetheart, you are such an awesome actor! I saw Tyler Perry's Acrimony last night and you should get an Oscar. If you don’t at least get nominated, something is very wrong.

Much love...Smokey Robinson....

Jonathan Budinski

a month ago

Fabulous actress.. Love her..

Maria Obregón

a month ago

Tell Roland B. hello...102.3..KJLH..#18..Taraji is a cold chick..

Antho Moore

a month ago

Love it, excellent movie.

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Ashley Garrett Cook

a month ago

Thank you Uncle Smokey for the love and joy you bring Stan Claudia Jenn April Adam Jeff. Miss you xoxo

Corentin Brocard

a month ago

My all-time favorite song. Love the lyrics. ❤

Aaron Wildman

a month ago

Love you Smokey

Thank you for this sketch, Jon Molina.

Dedy Dwi ES

a month ago

When you coming back to the u.k.

Su Khaing Min

a month ago

Nice sketch, Smokey. You look good all the time!

I love it when ______________. ❤️🎶 #TBT

Thorsten Witt

a month ago

... When you brought two people on stage at the Greek a few years ago and asked the woman her name. When she said it was Mickey, my son said to me “ask her if she brought her monkey” but I didn’t have the guts to yell it out LOL

Alma Pinson

a month ago

Tracks of my tears one of the greatest songs ever made. Also love the scene in platoon when the song comes on. Smokey is most definitely a legend

Jonathan Stevens

a month ago

Having time backstage with you hugging and loving you all these years means the world to us you are family and you know it xoxo

The Miracles: Then & Now 💛✨

Haris Druzanovic

a month ago

Margie, two of the others original members passed away ( Ronnie White & Bobby Rogers, who was Smokey,s wife Claudettes..cousin or brother, I belive?

Kelli NaCole Simmons

a month ago

well deserved, one of the greatest groups of all times, Smokey wrote most of their hits, plus many of the "Temptations" early hits...

Day-z Zschech Kiellms

a month ago

Still love that music!!!! Good O'l Motown is the BEST!!!!!

In case you missed it – listen now to my debut on Spotify's "Are & Be" Podcast:

Nancy Gabriela Godina Gonzalez

a month ago

Smokey, I love your speaking voice as much as I love your singing voice.♥️ Great PodCast😊

W'alemo Yanthan

a month ago

We Are we Be. I love it.

Manuel Gonzalez

a month ago

...R& you so much Smokie...❤️❤️😘😘😘🙆🏻🙆🏻

Impressive!!! What do you think of this cover?

Panagiotis Pitsinelis

2 months ago

Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cristian da Costa

2 months ago

It's nice to hear that such young people singing your song. Very lovely and I love it. Your songs are timeless 🎶💕

Roberta Marie Reid

2 months ago

Love it. One of my favorite songs of all time.

Music is my passion. Always will be. #TBT

Jane McNulty

2 months ago

Love your music 🎶 Smokey - what talent.

McCartney Tim

2 months ago

Smokey, you and your music are a blessing to us! 👄❤

Victor Dong

2 months ago

Mine too! Been DJ Ing for over 40 years. Play trumpet through middle school and high school. Produced a few here and there, but just could never get the right combination of equipment to fully produce like a truly want to.
Love your music but especially your voice.👍🏼🙏🏼

Happy Birthday, my friend.

Shaun Patrick Allen

2 months ago

Just can imagine what more great music that he would have made!!

But at least we do have the great music that he already made!!

I NEVER get tired of hearing ANY of his music!!

Just wish there was more singers like him today!!


Vanessa Whippy

2 months ago

🎶"Happy Birthday Marvin"🎶🎂🍨🎉🎈🎼...Loss of a great Legend with a great voice...I miss him....

Naheem Daad

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Marvin. Had the privilege to see you in the early 80’s. You were Great of Course. Thank you for the smooth tunes that we all groove to for ever more. RIP. You are Loved and Missed

A great gift from one of my fans...📸 Joe Guinto

Corentin Brocard

2 months ago

Nice I love it Smokey 😍

Phil Fillinger

2 months ago

WOW!!!!! He totally nailed it! Very talented artist. Bev loves it darling!♡

Nathan King

2 months ago

True To Smokey's Persona.👍

#TBT circa 1970 🎤

Maphum Shingwane Sobhashi

2 months ago

My main man after my first man .. GOD COMES FIRST then SMOKEY . Lovin me some Smokey ROBINSON

Victor Marcus Montfort

2 months ago

Great group, Great time listening to the Miracles then and to Smokey in 2018.

Karim Bonesthugs

2 months ago

You were unbelievable last night!


Isabel Wunderlich

2 months ago

It was a great show...still 5 more mins...

Mauricio Javier Cruz Sanchez

2 months ago

I will be watching and taping this show. Love you, Smokey.

Sara Overbey

2 months ago

Yes. Looking forward to it.

Happy Birthday to my baby, Ms. Ross the BOSS!

Konstantinos Chatziantoniou

2 months ago

Happy Birthday to you Diana Ross... one of the world's best entertainers. Been to several of your concerts.

Ted Gombos

2 months ago

Happy Birthday 🎂Ms. Ross the Boss 🍰🎊🎈🎉🎁Our Beautiful Queen 💜💛❤

Kat Vallo

2 months ago

Happy birthday Diana, love you always, never forget her voice

Always a joy to run into Fantasia! Here we are at the Jazz In The Gardens Festival.

Welcome Louyindoula

2 months ago


Lyndon Dodge

2 months ago

What an honor to meet you!! Thanks for the picture!! If you ever need anything in Miami, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I work at the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and we are one of the sponsors of Jazz In The Gardens. Peace, Blessings and Love! -Connie W. Kinnard

Crystal Fleeger Wray

2 months ago

I think I’m to old I grew up with Smokey and I guess the young girl has her fans and l’m glad but she can’t sing just a lot of screaming and Smokey needs to button up his shirt😎😎😎

Throwback to "retirement" 😂😂😂 #TBT

IhLa Analam Azzabam

2 months ago

Smokey Robinson still writes and sings best make out music ever. Keep doing it. If you need a good blues guitarist,get my cousin,Barry Levenson,a Handy nominated guitarist and a good golfer like you.He presently plays for Canned Heat and at UCLA college of music teacher.Tell him his cousin,Dr. Jeff Eger,referred him to you. You'll like him.

Mike Miranda

2 months ago

I listen to Four in Blue every day at the gym. You can't retire yet.

Lara Millen

2 months ago

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You bring to much joy to too many people, I believe you will work indefinitely, at least I hope so!

Fan art is the best art. Love, Smokey.

Chang Jin Wei

2 months ago

Met him 1976 Awsome

Деян Андреев Димитров

2 months ago

Yes it is. It shows the love and respect, the artist have for the star. The great works they have accomplished. Where there is smoke there is fire. Smokey, your music has been on fire since you started writing and singing. You have kept the passion of music at the forefront, that burning thirst for your fans. More love please :) Fans on fire🔥🔥🔥

Atsushi Kinoshita

2 months ago

Very nice picture


Khan Yousaf Zai

2 months ago

The Point it Out recording session with the whole gang minus the mighty Marv yo Smoke hope all Charles who use to hang backstage Apollo 1A as a teenager 1967++++

José Carlos Curiel

2 months ago

If I had a magical crystal ball, I would wish for those times to come back!!

Marlene Varshavsky

2 months ago

Smokey Pete Bobby,Claudette and Ronnie flying hight togeter

See Smokey Robinson with singer Cam at a LIVE CMT Crossroads taping! Enter to win a pair of tickets by March 6th at 10am:

Show Date: Tuesday, March 6th
Where: Grand Ole Opry; Nashville, TN
Doors Open: 7pm
Taping Begins: 8pm
Travel & expenses not included

Gen Takeyama

3 months ago

You and I have the same taste in music Sokey. Love this man.

Yuji Dobashi

3 months ago

Now that's a Pretty Black###
My Man!!!!I Second That Emotion

Lori Evans

3 months ago

Hì love u look so good love u Smokey Robinson hihihihi god bless u n your family tooooooo love alway do

Ooh Baby... well done, Aspen. Lovely cover.

Josephine Hall

3 months ago

L👁👁k at the impact you leave on a younger sista. 😘🤗💚 #wortheveryminute #yourmusicisagenerationalBlessing

Chelsea Young

3 months ago

Love you Smokey💖

Leo Munoz Sr.

3 months ago

One of your best 😀

Performing Cruisin' in 1979 #TBT

Joanne Chappa

3 months ago

To the greatest uncle on earth! You know I love you dearly, Robin (Cash) Barker

Jocelyn Stanley

3 months ago

Motown's greatest song writer....and entertainer. Smokey's a must see!

Alta Rodriguez

3 months ago

Smokkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeey... Love ya Smokeeeeeeeeeey

Celebrating 55 Years of "The FABULOUS Miracles" ✨

Kathy Villella

3 months ago

Thank you Smoke for always letting me hang in the back of the Apollo with you and the guys. During 1967+++ era being around u guys during my teen years was indeed a blessing i am involved in the music world unfortunately at a bad era but hey its still fum and that what matters always grateful for your kindness to a eager your teen during the years. Backstage in dressing room 1a with The Miracles for years was really special Thanks

Diana Colette St Gerard

3 months ago

I have loved Smoke and the Miracle for 60 years every since " Got a Job"😀😀😀😁😍😍😍

Tanya Brown-King

3 months ago

Good to see Claudette and Marv, but where is Pete Moore?

31 Years Later...

❤️ #1 on the Billboard charts
❤️ Billboard top 10 singles "Just to See Her"
❤️ Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal performance

Judy Kay Rhodes Hopkins

3 months ago

I love Smokey !!!! I still listen to the great Smokey Robinson !!

Iryna Lavreka

3 months ago

The whole album rocked. Can't wait for your new album to drop.

Ruthann Orr

3 months ago

It truly is a blessing to witness a timeless professional do his thing. His music will continue on even when he’s no longer with us. That’s what I call a true Legend of our time. It’s all about Love, Baby. Keep on “Smokin”!

Hey Melissa... what do you think ?? 😎

Gabriel Romero

3 months ago

You can...Depend on me" <3

Danae Beckles

3 months ago

My favorite Sesame Street moment.

Richard Radebe

3 months ago

Will you sing a song to me at Jazz in the Gardens in Miami when you play there in 3 weeks ? Please ?

Got my star in '87... very proud moment.

Angelina Mish

3 months ago

Smokey, They could not give you enough stars. You had the fame the moment you were born. Your easy going and generous spirit shines like the star you are. But your fans already knew this :)

Paul Diggins

3 months ago

great man.and deserved it way before 87.we love smokey and the miracles

Jeff Spann

3 months ago

He's had a fair bit of work done since then.

LOVE IT. Ijah Thompson's rendition of "Track of my Tears."

Krzysztof Siwiak

3 months ago

One of my favorite Smokey songs

Gabriel Romero

3 months ago

Good morning Smokey love you

Mal Harry

3 months ago

As the old saying goes "Close but no cigar". Nothing beats perfection when it comes to a Smokey Robinson song or any original recording!

Still my best friend. #TBT

Warren Henderson

3 months ago

Grew up listening to smokey, a musical genius

Kyle Rivera

3 months ago

Love him so much wish he was mine lol

Betty Williams

3 months ago

Such a kind thing to say. Hope you two have new stuff for us old guys stuck in the days before rap became too much for our limited understanding of The Who, what, where and when to even try grasping it’s best editorial values. Come on Mr G! What’s next?

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Pam Rowe

3 months ago

My husband and I love Smokey's music, Valentines day or not! He is our favorite!

Lexus Love

3 months ago

Happy Valentine's Day Smokey💖

Grace Nelson

3 months ago

This Man's voice is awesome , beautiful !!! Happy Valentine's Day Smokey 💗😇💜

So great to spend time with my brother Brian Ray! Good luck with your current project, it sounds fantastic!

Maiana Toatoa

3 months ago

Happy Valentines Day Smokey

Carrie Majors

3 months ago

OMG I wish I could fly from Germany to see you in April at your performance!!!!:((((

Debra J Wilder

3 months ago

Smokey is a great person love his session at Daryl halls house

Celebrate more love this #ValentinesDay – my playlist is now streaming on TIDAL:

Thami-nator Mlangeni

3 months ago

Thank you Smokey Robinson for gifting us with your God-given gift of writing lyrics and music! YOU ARE TRULY A GENUIS, and your songwriting will always be timeless!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your lovely wife, Francis!!

James Trice

3 months ago

Happy Valentine's Pretty Baby❣❣

Elissa Myers Weeks

3 months ago

I just downloaded Tidal on my phone and on FB. Now I can listen to all of your beautiful songs and that beautiful voice. Smokey, you get thru each day and make everyday special.

Just in time for #ValentinesDay😍 😍 😍

Send an eCard to "your girl" from me and American Greetings:

Nicholai Aisam

3 months ago

Happy Valentines Day Smokey love you ❤

Dale Flounoy

3 months ago


Anna Olmos

3 months ago

My Guy, talking bout my Guy! (Happy Valentine!) 2018 . MSJ/MUSIC/ARTS

Thank you, BRUNI – such a flattering piece.

Hattie F Brown

3 months ago

Beautiful Art Work Of Smokey😄

Russell Berry

3 months ago

You have so many great memorable pieces of art. Smokey you will never be forgotten! Love you!❤️

Josephine Pina

3 months ago

Daddy Robinson I love this colorful art work Priceless....

#TBT with the late, great Harvey Fuqua.

Ramona Collins

3 months ago

Nice nice people!

Masa Lozano

3 months ago

I remember Marvin mentioning him.

Jill Newman

3 months ago

Oh Harvey! Harvey & The Moonglows. The Ten Commandments Of Love. That Voice :) Worked with Marvin, Tammi and more. Harvery did it all. So Talented! smh.

Fellas, Valentine's Day is around the corner! I'll help you make the day even more special for "your girl" 😍

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Felise Hutton

3 months ago

Love love love! ❤️💖🎶🎸☮️

Marsha Mosley

3 months ago

My girl best song ever....

Toni Miller

3 months ago

I love you smokey i love all your music i sing also

Ain't no party like a MOTOWN party! #TBT

Olga Chasco

3 months ago

i want to do this... back in the the 1990's we used to have phunkshun parties @ our bldg ... me and Marty (Mark Debarge) could throw something together so quik... and we'd call it the phunkshun... musicians always came thru for some project they be'd be working on... wow, miss those days, Mr. Smokey... your son would be there, too! :)

Hortencia Rios

3 months ago

I Love All of them But what I wouldn't Give to See Smokey Robinson With My Dad💞That would be a Happy Moment in Life💖Smokey Gave So Many Happy Memories in My Life With So Many people I Loved & Lost in Life💞😊's All Night Long In Memory of& Keep it Going Maybe I will Never See Him in Concert But I have My old school Cd's😜💞

Russell Berry

3 months ago

What a fantastic pic of the Motown gang, with Berry holding court at the piano, having fun!

Fan Art by the talented David Duerson ❤️💚

Julie Forbes

3 months ago

Not as awesome as this portrait but here's something I made to promote your upcoming show in Atlanta on my page Music in Atlanta! :)

Lucia Helena Silva

3 months ago

love smokey + his beautiful eyes wonder where they came from love u always smoke

Sonny Hunter

3 months ago

Great drawing looks like the legend Smokey!❤️

CRUISIN... literally.

Ahmad Ifti

3 months ago

I love that song and I love Smokey !!!!!

Jerry Jackson

3 months ago

Reminds me of that commercial with the teenager washing his car with the radio blasting Smokey - when his dad hollers for him to turn it down, he says, "But dad...IT'S SMOKEY."

Jackie King

3 months ago

Love it. You are one of my all time favorite singers. And sing writers.

I’m so happy for you! You are so extremely talented and I’m so pleased you got your just due musically and overjoyed that you got recognized for your outstanding role in this great film! Love you, Smokey! #Oscars2018
Just announced: I’m playing May 6th at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival! Jazz Fest takes place April 27-May 6 and features 500+ bands on 12 stages. Tickets on sale now at #jazzfest
Denzel, my brother, you da man! You deserve an Oscar EVERY time you hit the big screen. Congratulations on the nomination, love you, Smokey... #Oscars2018

Raynae Fields

3 months ago

Congratulations to Mary

Morgan Evans

3 months ago

You go get that award Mary you deserve it!

Thomas J Darling

3 months ago

Have always loved this man