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‪ATTENTION ATTENTION! The legend himself Mr. Barry Kerch is the featured cover story for this summer’s newest issue of DRUM! Magazine. Pick one of these bad boys up online or at your local newsstand starting today... Congrats brotha!‬


Sherie Barker

3 days ago

Barry is just sexy!! And he can whale on them drums!!! Keep on rocking Barry I love you!!!!

Tuğba Hasgül

3 days ago

Well deserved 😊 Love you Barry. Congratulations!!

Zeeshan Shani

3 days ago

That is so awesome, Barry!! You are my favorite drummer!! So well deserved!!

Our first leg of the ATTENTION ATTENTION World Tour has come to an end... We had such a blast with Five Finger Death Punch, Starset, and Bad Wolves! Thank you to all that came out to rock with us... proving that rock is very much alive 🤘Europe... You're up next!

Tour Dates, Tickets, VIP Packages + More:

📷 Harry Reese

Mohammed Sayud

4 days ago

Please please come back to the UK! You will sell out the O2 no problem. I saw you support Iron Maiden and was hooked.

Angela Hampton

4 days ago

Please do a full UK Tour, been wanting to watch you for years and just missed out last time you came to the UK!!! I'm a big fan!!💜

Elizabeth Strawn

4 days ago

Are you planning on doing more than just the Download date in the UK? In dire need of seeing you (couldn’t afford the Maiden tickets 😞 ) but can’t get to a festival this year... Fingers crossed for a couple of cheeky UK headline dates 😉

We suggest you drop everything and go check out Five Finger Death Punch's brand new album #AndJusticeForNone. It's killer! 👊👉

Kevyn Amador

6 days ago

I mean with lyrics like “I’m living the good life. I cant complain,” it should win a Grammy. 10/10 right?

Гери Петрова

6 days ago

Yes I agree with other, loved the Shinedown show, was one of the best I've seen, and I have been going to concerts since seeing Mountain in the seventies. But I agree that five finger was some little kid bullshit, left the area when they started their second song, thank god didn't have to sit through them to see shine down, which really was Spiritual, vibro acoustic therapy

Elena Cascini

7 days ago

Same old and heavy five finger with some good softer songs. No better music when you do some heavy lifting. All the haters must be deaf, saying they changed and taking other bands new albums like they are so much better. Just listen and shut up you trance loving hippies ;)

With just three shows left on our co-headline tour with Five Finger Death Punch we thought we'd let you in on the behind the scenes of what pre-show huddle bloopers looks like...

Angel Martinez

7 days ago

you guys were AMAZING last night in Evansville , by far the best part of the show and I will forever go see Shinedown any time I can in the future. Rock on !!!!!!!!!!

Jéssica Firmiano

8 days ago

Saw you guys last night in Evansville, IN... you guys were awesome!!! Greatest birthday present ever! 🤘🏻

Maneerat Naulmusik

8 days ago

saw you 2 years ago and loved it!!! was hoping to see you again...tongiht's the night in Moline!!! can't wait!!!

We talked to iHeartRadio about our World Tour featuring Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, and more... #iHeartShinedown

⚠️ For tour dates, tickets & VIP packages head to

Manuella Marie

8 days ago

Fingers crossed for an Australian tour at some point!

Marija Markovska

9 days ago

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE bring this tour to Seattle!!!! 😍

Brian Neidel

9 days ago

The show was amazing but after being to 4 shinedown shows, this pay show just proved that is had to be the ffdp fans that were so rude.. took away from the fun

'ATTENTION ATTENTION' is the #2 ALBUM IN THE COUNTRY!!! We are beside ourselves... So grateful for our fans/family... Thank you all for helping us make this happen... Let's keep it going! ⚠️🤘⚠️

Tatiana Escobar

11 days ago

I respect the effort and adore Shinedown. I wasn't moved by the album and for me that was the most disappointing part. I simply didn't enjoy the experience. I do look forward to future projects however...all the best.

Jeannét Christian

11 days ago

Saw them in concert for the second time last night, they were awesome!!I was going more to see 5FDP for the first time but they weren't that great.

Francesco Sepe

11 days ago

It's a amazing album
You guys are a inspiration to me and your music always helps me feel better when I'm down
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heart felt songs. Dont ever stop!!

We discussed how DEVIL kicks off the story to our new album 'ATTENTION ATTENTION' and more right here with iHeartRadio! ⚠️

William Bellar

12 days ago

Not sure why some people don’t like this album. I think it Rocks !! Every song offers something lyrically if you’ve ever struggled with something. The song Attention Attention is so good. Keep putting out something different and I’ll always be a huge fan !!!

Dušan D J Jadlovsky

12 days ago

People aren’t getting what the album is about. If this was cinema, it would be a Daniel Day Lewis movie where most of you are hoping to see Dwayne Johnson.

Andrea Muscas

12 days ago

Brent, and all of Shinedown, are such talented showmen! Range and depth-amazing!!

Council Bluffs... You're up next! Who's coming out tonight to rock out with us at Westfair Fairgrounds and Amphitheater with Five Finger Death Punch plus special guests Starset and Bad Wolves?!


Nathalie Anná

13 days ago

You guys were fucking amazing!! But that's normal lol. Btw I wanted to shout out to you Mr Brent Smith, for caring about your fans the way you did, I still can t believe you had to tell everyone twice not to get out of hand, people took 5 steps back like you said, then just started going nuts again I know a few people who got really hurt because of it, but Shinedown you are absolutely amazing and the new album is ridiculously awesome. I love you guys #foreverteamShinedown

Átila Oliveira

13 days ago

You guys were insanely good!!!! Always been one of my favorites, especially after seeing a performance like last night.

Asuman Yeniçeri

14 days ago

Amazing show! You guys killed it! Best band of the night!

Our new album 'ATTENTION ATTENTION' is available at all Walmart locations for $11.88 and includes two exclusive tracks...

Juliana Silva

16 days ago

I hate this. You pre-purchase from the band just to get offered something better from, I’ll say it slowly, WAAAALLLLLLLLLMMMMAAARRRTTTTT!
My album that has 14 of 16 tracks is really good. I ain’t selling out though. Walmart can keep their garbage deal. I will find you, lost tracks of Attention Attention.

Lance Manon

17 days ago

I was not expecting much from this album as I'm more of a fan of the older stuff, and i wasn't a fan of the singles. HOWEVER, i really really enjoyed this album, yes its different, it has some heavier moments, but the thing that i love about this album are the melodies. Love it! Now tour the UK so i can come see you, its been too long :D

Maria Medley

17 days ago

I love the new album, it's awesome, you rock! I saw you guys in Tampa a couple of weeks ago and it was a blast. I hope to hear more of these songs live in the future!

Shinedown Nation... In stores and online, check out ATTENTION ATTENTION on transparent GOLD vinyl exclusively at FYE

Šî Thû

18 days ago

Been a RUSH fan since 78 - Shinedown has some great lyrics and hopefully will continue many years of success! Love the direction of the album, never fear change and push your agenda

Elizabeth Marie Mullins

18 days ago

Wolfgang van Wamel man this album is good, listen to it in order of first to last It kind of matters

Mike Smith

19 days ago

Some good tracks and bad ones but the album is better than the last one 🎸🎸

Shinedown Nation... Tomorrow we kick off our co-headline tour in Nashville with our buds Five Finger Death Punch plus special guests Starset and Bad Wolves... We are stoked to play you some new songs from our new album #ATTENTIONATTENTION!

Dates, Tickets, VIP + More 👉

Sean Michael Jaenicke

20 days ago

Please, please, please, come back to Western Canada!
I got the privilege of seeing Shinedown with In This Moment at the Mile Zero Meltdown.

Shinedown with 5FDP would be absolutely incredible!

Precious Mokoena

20 days ago

I once saw starset at a seether concert. Starset would have been a good show if we didn't have to wait an hour and so on to set up and if the bass wasn't so loud so you could actually hear the actual artist. I was pretty disappointed with starset. Probably will avoid any concerts with them.

Killy Savaqe Sanate

20 days ago

Saw y’all in Baton Rouge when you played with star set. Very few people enjoyed the star set show. The lights where absolutely blinding. I’m bringing sunglasses when I come back to see y’all in Biloxi. And maybe earplugs. (Sorry if you’re a fan- I’m just not. I tried)

We are going LIVE today on Alternative Press's Facebook page at 2:45 PM EST to celebrate the release of our new album 'ATTENTION ATTENTION!' Now that you've heard the record... come prepared with questions! 🤘

⚠️ See you there at 2:45 PM

Amy Jo Pupa

21 days ago

Love the new CD guys piece of art keep on rockin

Lillie Chaney-Peters

21 days ago

I actually stay disappointed by your new album. The key of my sight is in the excessive caustic of some parts of the lyrics of some songs. I'm always gonna think that people deserve to be helped to heal from depression, not to be forced to. It's incoherent with the meaning of many masterpiece tracks of your previous albums.

Matt Milano

21 days ago

You guys are great as always! The album is diverse and energetic. Looking forward to your concert in Moscow one day..

Shinedown Nation... Kick back in just one hour from now and watch our Album Release Party with iHeartRadio tonight at 9PM ET... #iHeartShinedown 📽️

📷 Credit: Rachel Kaplan

Irene Flores

21 days ago

Finally got the cd today... 😞😞😞
Not great but hopefully will find a favourite 😀 sounds like they are trying to rap on a few 😵

Aline Guzman

22 days ago

where is song like , second chance and fallowyou :(

Garry Reinhart

22 days ago

Forgot about this until I heard the letterbox. Now half way through my first listen - play it loud or louder - IT'S ABOUT TO GET HEAVY 🙂

In anticipation of record release day & our performance at #CarolinaRebllion we are going LIVE tonight on Carolina Rebellion's Facebook page at 7:30 PM ET!

Come prepared with questions... ⚠️ 05.04.18

Hassan Rafid

21 days ago

Where is it at I don’t see it on there page

Takara Ash

22 days ago

Please tour a few more dates in the uk. We wanna see you too

Katia Sánchez

22 days ago

Looking forward for today

ATTENTION ATTENTION! In case you missed it, we’re celebrating our Album Release Party with YOU and iHeartRadio!

⚠️ NYC Area Fans: Can't wait to see you tonight at the iHeartRadio Theater for our exclusive Q&A + Performance! (We have reached the maximum number of RSVP's -- All RSVP's were confirmed via email).

⚠️ For those that can’t make it tonight... You can still join us by tuning in and watching the show on May 3rd at 9PM EST right here:


Faith Mutizira

24 days ago

Found the album at Walmart today! Guess they put it out on the shelves too early, or maybe they struck a deal to be able to be the first ones to have the album for sale 🤔

Maruška Müllerová

24 days ago

cant wait for friday !! infinty war last week now this !

Jhosua Jair

24 days ago

Can't wait to party with ya in Aug in the Atl.

Shinedown Family… We are stoked to announce that "DEVIL" is officially #1 at active rock!!! Thank you all for your support and much respect to our radio partners all over the world. We couldn’t have done this without you! 🤘


Jadyn Ligoo

25 days ago

It was only a matter of time as good as that song (and Human Radio) is! Can't wait until May 10th to see you guys in concert. So excited to be seeing my 4th Shinedown show (5th if you count the Smith & Myers show in Kansas City!). Keep on rocking guys!

Lorenzo Pereda

25 days ago

Can‘t wait for the new album‼️ Unfortunately you are playing only 1 show in Germany... and that‘s on the opposite part of the country 😔 Please come more South one day... or if you play only 1 show the centre of the country would be better 😎🤘🏻
Cheers from Munich, Germany and ROCK ON‼️🙌🏻

Wilfrido Angel

25 days ago

Impatiently patiently waiting! Heart you guys so damned much. I can’t say how much your music has helped me though. Can’t wait for the record!!!!

In case you missed it last week... check out our BUILD Series special. ⚠️ATTENTION ATTENTION | 4 DAYS⚠️

TiTa De Sánchez

24 days ago

So excited for this album! Pre ordered. Roll on Friday!!!

Infinidy Faulk

25 days ago

Damn thanks for posting !!!! Love that you actually give a shit about us!!! Shinedown fans 4evr. 🤘🏼🤘🏼😘

Orosz Péter

25 days ago

Love this interview and love you guys hope you come back to Calgary Alberta Canada

To show our appreciation to our fans and those that travelled from all over the country to be apart of this music video, we bring you the 'Behind The Scenes' of "THE HUMAN RADIO" video! 🤘

Keithion Watson

a month ago

july 24 .. darien lake! there❤️

Navarro De Viloria Cecilia

a month ago

Can’t wait till May 8th ... huge fan 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Chris Chapman

a month ago

Anybody else not quite feeling it with this album so far?

NYC... we've arrived in you big, beautiful city!

Tune in today / tonight for two separate live streams as we celebrate and discuss the forthcoming record 'ATTENTION ATTENTION' plus perform acoustically, tonight at Sony Hall.

BUILD Series Live Stream (3PM ET) 👉

BackStory x Guitar World Live Stream (7PM ET) 👉

Dawn Ambrose Book

a month ago

It was AWESOME! ❤️

Gerald Batts

a month ago

Watch out for the haters!

Ikka Indhy

a month ago

I love you people!

ATTENTION ATTENTION! We’re celebrating our Album Release Party with YOU and iHeartRadio!

NYC Area Fans: be a part of our very special album release event. Join us at the iHeartRadio Theater in NYC on May 1st for an exclusive Q&A + Performance. #iHeartShinedown

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⚠️Include full name when you RSVP & bring your ID.
⚠️Doors open at 7PM.

Tiffany Castañeda

a month ago

Shinedown Will there be a confirmation email sent to confirm you're on the list? Is it for you plus one or do each of us need to rsvp? Is it possible to rsvp and still not get in? Would be driving 4 hours so just want to clarify

Joaquin Antonio Rodriguez Medina

a month ago

Just RSVP. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Zainab Waqar

a month ago

If you win, do you get a pair of tickets, or just one per entry?

Shinedown Nation... Don’t miss our BUILD Series interview! You can watch it live or if in NYC join us in-person at the studio. *Tickets limited to studio capacity*

FREE tix + stream here 👉

Kenneth van Cauter

a month ago

Combat Female VOID Report: Yes lets rebuild dream land of dream land within dream land! I'm getting antsy!

Nazmul Rahman Bipul

a month ago

It will be 5am where I am 😟

Kevin Shaw😱 we need to go...

VIP MnG photos taken during the Shinedown Headline Tour in Canada.

Photos - Harry Reese

Prosenjit Maity

a month ago

Was an awsome show in Calgary. Maybe you should come back soon for another.

Steffi Kotte

a month ago

Brandi Miller this could be us

Allan Leonardo Gonzalez Nieto

a month ago

When will the pics from yakima wa be posted? Anyone know?

We are playing at Monster Energy Music Aftershock Festival and we are stoked... See you in October Sacramento!

Tickets go ON SALE this Friday at 12PM PST:

Anil Jackson

2 months ago

What an awesome line up. You guys will be the best,of course. 🙂

Chloe Lucero

2 months ago

I think there should be an Alice In Chains/Shinedown tour..

Jonny Gallagher

2 months ago

Jasmine Clemenson there's one particular female name on this list that stands out to me. Which one could it be ?

Check out "The Human Radio" on Spotify's #NewMusicFriday playlist... play it LOUD... 👉

Kyle Hinken

2 months ago

Was awesome to hear this live in yakima last night

Habby Ilerika

2 months ago

LOVE your new stuff!!! Can’t wait to see you TUESDAY night in Chico CA!!! 🤘🤘🤘

Maryelle Schoch

2 months ago

You guys just keep getting better❤️

Lethbridge... what a night last night. You were awesome!🤘Next stop: Abbotsford tomorrow... for the finale... 🇨🇦 #SDWorldTour18 📷 @harryreesephoto

Saskatoon... we may have blew the roof off @sasktelctr last night! Lethbridge... get ready for an epic night... | 📷 @harryreesephoto

What an incredible tour this has been so far... Canada! You really know how to bring it 👊🏽 It’s not over yet though... Saskatoon it’s your turn 2night at @sasktelctr... show us what you got... 🎥 @harryreesephoto

Couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the week then rockin out with you Winnipeg... thanks for having us @bellmtsplace | 📷 @danharperphoto . . 100 tickets JUST released for a SOLD OUT show tonight in Saskatoon!

Dawson Creek... Calgary... what a weekend. Winnipeg here we come! See you tonight at @bellmtsplace | 📷 @harryreesephoto ... #SDWORLDTOUR18 #ATTENTIONATTENTION #DEVIL #CANADA #SHINEDOWN

Calgary... last night was epic... see you tomorrow Winnipeg! 📷 @harryreesephoto ... #SDWORLDTOUR18 #ATTENTIONATTENTION #DEVIL #CANADA #SHINEDOWN

Calgary... you’re up next... 🤘 See you all tonight at @greyeagleresort with our friends @inthismomentofficial @onebadson and @10yearsmusic... #SDWORLDTOUR 📷 @harryreesephoto

Edmonton... thank you for an incredible night... Dawson Creek... are you ready to get heavy tonight? ⚠️ 📷 @harryreesephoto

Edmonton... you’re up next! See you tonight at @shawconferencecentre... Canada you are treating us well... 🇨🇦 📷 @harryreesephoto ... #ATTENTIONATTENTION #SDWORLDTOUR18 #SHINEDOWNTOUR #CANADA

Penticton... you blew the roof off the @SOEC! Thank you for rocking out with us... See you tomorrow, Edmonton... 🎥: @harryreesephoto

We hope you’re READY... Shinedown Nation! Our #SDWorldTour18 kicks off tonight in Penticton, Canada... Shout out which show(s) you have tickets for! ⚠️Dates, Tickets, VIP 👉🏼 ... #DEVIL #SHINEDOWN #SHINEDOWNTOUR #ATTENTIONATTENTION

6 years ago today #Amaryllis was released... what was your favorite track on the album?

Jennifer Thomas

2 months ago

This album man... This album. Absolute perfection. One of my favorites of all time. Each song is just so well constructed, and contain such precious memories. Picking a favorite song is hard, but probably Amaryllis is my favorite at the moment.

T Kenyetta Williams

2 months ago

Well, I started dating my boyfriend just over 6 years ago. He was a die hard fan and I only knew some of your music. Fast forward 6 years and we are getting married this August with our first dance song being I’ll follow you. That being said we also both have our heart set on naming our first daughter Amaryllis. We also have been to one concert at least every year since we first started dating 💕 see you in July

Keiji Kosukegawa

2 months ago

Amaryllis....when i listen to the amazing anointed voice of Brent it brings goose bumps and chills
Down my spine. This album got me through so much wirh addiction recovery and leaving the past behind. I fell in love abd we went to Amsterdam to see you guys and ill never forget. I was right up front got the song list after the show.

Canada, we are coming for you with @inthismomentofficial plus special guests @onebadson & @10yearsmusic tomorrow! What show are you coming to see us at?! 📷 @mariakirkie ___ For Dates, Tickets + VIP Packages 👉🏼 | #SDWorldTour18

... @thebrentsmith Nothing but home runs people... Get after it this week!!! | 📷 by @jimmyfontaine1 ... #SHINEDOWN #SHINEDOWNSUNDAYS #ATTENTIONATTENTION #DEVIL

Deadwood... you blew us away... two nights in a row 🤟🏽... Canada you’re up next. We are coming for you with @inthismomentofficial in just two days... 🎥 @hoogieontheroad

Last night was a blast... get ready for round dos... @deadwoodmtngrand 📷 @mike_bowser4215

It’s about to get heavy... folks! Kicking off our #SDWorldTour18 tonight... first of two SOLD OUT shows at @deadwoodmtngrand... Who will we see in the crowd tonight?? ... #DEVIL #ATTENTIONATTENTION #SDTOUR18

Shinedown Nation... Tickets are on sale now for our 2018 summer tour with @Godsmack and special guests @LikeAStorm & @RedSunRising (on select dates). Let’s rock and roll… folks 🤟🏽⚠️ For dates, tickets, VIPs + more info: ... #ATTENTIONATTENTION #SDWorldTour18 #SDTour18

Shinedown Nation... Tickets are on sale now for our 2018 summer tour with Godsmack and special guests Like A Storm & RED SUN RISING (on select dates). It’s going to get heavy… folks!

For dates, tickets, VIP's + more info head to >>

Lèonce Vachon

2 months ago

Why can't Shinedown just do there own headline tour. We've had the same in the UK. Shinedown playing second on the bill to Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry.

Bovier R. Sims

2 months ago

All I've got to say is "Ahhhh....I ain't seeing Minneapolis on the 1st half of the US tour...and that just isnt gonna do. Let's get someone on that shall we?"

IhLa Analam Azzabam

2 months ago

Shinedown please come to spokane Washington again love your music

Back by popular demand... what a throwback...

Luigi Pazzi

2 months ago

Come on guys come in montreal for a full show of Shinedown. I love your stuff but you don't come at Montreal. Please a full show of Shinedown in Montreal

Loren Staton

2 months ago

Don’t Like this look. Like the original look better

Nancy O Stuart

2 months ago

You guys make amazing music I am so hooked on. Never give it up. Wish I could afford to see you in concert when you are here in July at the place in Indiana.

... ‘cause I was sent to warn you... The devil’s in the next room... 🔗 in bio for full #DEVIL video!

We continue to come across amazing artwork created by YOU and inspired by our new single DEVIL and forthcoming album ⚠️ ... Keep creating + sharing with #SDDevilArt... for a chance to be featured... ___ Featured Art: @pencil_and_pick_arts @callmekim_sd @boredentertainm @stina.westberg

‘Cause I was sent to warn you
The devil’s in the next room…

What are your favorite lyrics from DEVIL?

📷 Stephansdotter Photography (writer)

Gallardo Leo Smiley

2 months ago

I knew the first time I heard this song the day it came out, I would play it over and over again. Love the new song and can't wait for the album in May.

Heritiana Manampy Randrianarinjaka

2 months ago

Gotta say ... I 💕 the whole song. If weather permits, car windows down everybody else gets to hear it too.

Giorgia Brisotto

2 months ago

“Cause it’s about to get heavy, it’s about to be on”. I’m using this song during the crossfit open. Elite athletes talk about going to a dark place during workouts this song seems to capture this feeling (devil is in the next room)

Our rehearsal regimen also includes push up contests... 📷 @harryreesephoto ... #TOURLIFE #WORKOUTOFTHEDAY #SDTOUR18 #REHEARSAL #SHINEDOWN #DEVIL

Our tour with In This Moment and special guests kicks off in just one week... whose faces will we see this spring, Shinedown Nation?

Head over to for tour dates, VIP options + more info.

📷 Harry Reese | Rehearsals March 2018

Florin Guilbault

2 months ago

I'll be in Evansville, IN seeing you for the 8th time with my wife whose seen you two times and eldest son whose seen you twice.

Arithung Ezung

2 months ago

We will see you Friday night in Deadwood, South Dakota 😍

Juan Carlos Galvan Rodriguez

2 months ago

I can't wait for August!