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It’s #WorldKindnessDay, a day where we should all reflect on how our words and actions can impact others. What acts of kindness have inspired you to GET UP? 💪

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

Allen Clark

3 days ago

Thank you for your music. And for the Concert in Frankfurt yesterday. 🙏

Asia Maraj

4 days ago

Love love love this band. Going to see you in March! Again😁

Peter van Wershoven

4 days ago

Thank you. I pray to meet you guys someday. Youre incredible. Really helpin me thru a tough time.

Paris tonight! Highly recommend taking the scenic route... Love this city... 🤘

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

Renn Huey

7 days ago

So so so good 😍 thank you so much for that Amazing night in Paris ❤️

Infinidy Faulk

7 days ago

Charlène J'avais dis qu'ils avaient pris le 8 pour visiter Paris ! 😂😁
Meilleure soirée eveeeeeeer ! 😍😍😍💫

Matias Ghansah

7 days ago

The show Last Night was amazing ! Can't wait to see you again ! <3

Join us in wishing our brother Zach Myers a very Happy Birthday!!! Who’s celebrating with us in London tonight? 🤘🎂🤘

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

A Catillo Guarinda

9 days ago

I wish I could get 3 meet and greet and tickets to a show... :-(
Did see them in Birmingham though!!! :-)

Heinz Büttner

9 days ago

Aaaagh November 7th? Yes! It was my birthday too!! SO awesome, Zach! Happy Belated!

Larraine P. Johnson

9 days ago

Wish I could be there. Happy Birthday Zach

It's time we show love to Eric and Barry, the rhythm section you deserve!!! Rep with the official tee here:

Maria Lominchar

9 days ago

2 tickets for sale asking 150.00 for the pair December 29th Sold out show in Orlando paid 175.00 on ticketmaster. Just trying to get back what I paid for them. Pm me if interested.

Isabelle Bally

9 days ago

Just ordered mine!

Joana Echeverria

10 days ago

Jeannine Harker it’s online now. It’s a lot cheaper than at Jones beach too! 😖 I could have gotten 2! .. well, 2 3/4 🙃

We can't wait to hit the road in 2019 for our headline ATTENTION ATTENTION World Tour with Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria! In the meantime, check out Spotify's #RockThis playlist featuring all three bands...

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Stacy Kirkendall

11 days ago

Nicole Patton, we need to get out tickets soon!

Mitsuhiro Nakamura

12 days ago

Fellas hurry up & get back to Australia!! Bring Papa Roach with you aswell!!

Renaldo Ziegler

12 days ago

Adelaide Australia would get my attention attention!

Three more dates in the 🇬🇧 before we head to the rest of Europe!!! UK you’ve been brilliant... See you in Birmingham tonight at O2 Academy Birmingham!

Full list of dates + Tickets:

Jason Taylor

11 days ago

What an amazing night in Birmingham. Superb atmosphere amazing light show and a set full of brilliant songs. Utterly brilliant thank you

Mary Hawkins

12 days ago

I can't believe I've missed this chance to see you again,I'm absolutely gutted. Everyone who is going have a real good night x

Fran Broughton

12 days ago

Incredible show last night in Birmingham guys! Easily one of the greatest! Don’t be strangers! ✊🤘😘💕

#FlashbackFriday to meeting so many incredible fans during our Meet & Greets this past summer and fall. If you haven't grabbed your VIP packages yet for Europe and our 2019 ATTENTION ATTENTION World Tour... Jump on it before it's too late at

Celeste Rodriguez

14 days ago

Why charge extra for meet and greets. Why not just say the first 100 to show up gets the meet and greet??,

Mayumi Mineta

14 days ago

My wife’s most memorable experience

Stephanie Rivera

14 days ago

Best day of my life was October 11th!!! Can't wait to do it again!

Happy Halloween... Hope you have a very spooky day... 👻

Daniel D Bushay

16 days ago

Wow! Manchester was amazing,you guys never fail to impress....Boom...lay boom...boom..lay!!

Tristica Rocha

16 days ago

Another amazing night. Thank you 🙏

Ian Robinson

16 days ago

He wore the mask last night. And the devil paid a visit to the stage.

‪Can’t wait to have this view again! Our UK/Europe tour kicks off tonight in Newcastle, UK at O2 Academy Newcastle with special guestsStarset and Press to MECO!!! What do you want to hear us play?

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

ToTo Angelito De Jaro

19 days ago

For Glasgow tonight would absolutely love to hear monsters, my name(wearing me out) and the crow and the butterfly please 😊😊

Bakari Madugio

19 days ago

Missed this post.
would have love to have heard 'Fake'
last night,great gig.
But sound was far to loud from all the band's last night at the O2 Newcastle my ears are still aching.

Kevin Plessinger

19 days ago

PLEASE do always play „Brilliant“ as the last song! Best choice you can make and one hell of a song!

The setlist from Newcastle was excellent. Just play the same in Munich. 😀

#ThrowbackThursday to when we had the amazing opportunity to team up with DC101 last weekend to help raise over $16k for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out Of The Darkness Walk. Much love to those that walked for the cause and donated!


We’re excited to announce that the fitness app Aaptiv just launched two new workouts set to our music and the music of some of our favorite artists! Find out how you can #GETUP and sweat to our music here: 💪
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Eric Bass
Happy Birthday to You!!! 🎈🤘

Aliyah Grey

25 days ago

This is paying forward. I love you guys too!

Manny Adam Rivera

25 days ago

I'm an instructor and I use "Kill your conscience" and "Get Up" for cool down. Because the songs that push me to the limit on personal work outs are "Sound of Madness" and "Diamond Eyes" 🤘

Tijin Joseph

25 days ago

Actually, I use Stranger Inside during warmup. Shinedown is great music for a workout :)

‪What an incredible weekend in DC!!! So honored to have been chosen to help lead American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
#OutOfTheDarkness Walk in the heart of DC in partnership with DC101...‬ Thank you for having us! Until next time DC... #StopSuicide ‬

Garry Cook

a month ago

So incredibly proud of you guys!!!

Samantha Steckle

a month ago

You are amazing people! ❤️

Dwi Oscar

a month ago

Fantastic, see you soon in Glasgow👍🏻

Listen to "GET UP" on AmazonMusic #HardRockHits Playlist... Much love for the support! Now turn it 🆙 folks:

ChaMar Stefion

a month ago

I bought the album a week ago. Keeps me going strong ❤️

Sfiso Masombuka

a month ago

Eh it sounds familiar. I heard it for the first time the other day and it’s ok but it’s not quite there.

Gina Rosie Bo

a month ago

another great song off an EPIC album

Aftershock Festival was LIT!! 💥 What an epic way to close out our U.S. fall tour with Godsmack... Much love Sacramento... Until next time.

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

Tessy Maddy Roeck

a month ago

Thank you so much. I was there and you were the best band of the day!! You put on the most amazing show I've ever seen.. thank you!!

Candy Gutierrez Villar

a month ago

Wish you would have walked around the other side of the sound booth!!!

Allan Cortez

a month ago

Come back and play at the new The Golden One in Sacramento.

THANK YOU 🙏 The four of us would like to thank everybody that came out to our co-headline tour with Godsmack!!! Much respect to Like A Storm, RED SUN RISING and the Asking Alexandria. We had an absolute blast!!! To the FANS/FAMILY you mean everything to us. Thank you all so much for allowing us to be ourselves.

UK & Europe... See you in just two weeks!

Rosine Nnomo

a month ago

Wasn’t there but these cats are “all alright!” You got a great show, I am sure! Humble, in rock/metal-ish is rare... these guys are amazing and are a rare breed!

Lela Coley

a month ago

AMAZING!! Saw you in Mt. Pleasant, MI which makes my total time of seeing you guys live to 5! I will keep coming as long as you guys keep bringing it!!

Dammika Kumara

a month ago

THANK YOU for an amazing tour. You're such wonderful performers and I'll never forget 8/25/18. OH WAIT....see you MARCH 2ND 2019!!!!

Start your weekend off on a positive note (pun intended!) by streaming "GET UP" on Spotify's The New Alt Playlist...


Daniela Guerrero Cubillos

a month ago

I played it for the grandkids yesterday and we were dancin around and singing as loud as we could! #rd generation Shinedown fans thank you very much!!!


a month ago

To be honest I love the whole album all the songs are amazing

Felipe Ferraz

a month ago

The next big hit

ATTENTION St. Louis! Tickets & VIP packages are now on sale for our headline date with Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria on 3/17 at Chaifetz Arena. Secure your tickets before it sells out!!!


Robben Rawat

a month ago

Camille Morlus ils ont intérêt à repasser avec une line up pareille! (btw je sais pas si javais dja commenté une publi comme ça?)

Dennis Carlos

a month ago

it still sucks that this is in the USA and not the UK but i suppose i cant have it all at least we finally get a headline tour after 6 years of waiting

Kathy Chandler

a month ago

You did western Canada. Eastern Canada (Ontario to the Maritimes) has people too! Hope we get to see you soon! Have a good tour!

It's goin' down tonight Portland, OR! Can't believe it's the last day of our co-headline tour with Godsmack... So much love to you all for supporting us every night of this tour! 🤘

🎟️ Limited tickets:

Hitomi Otani

a month ago

It was AWESOME! Thank you again ❤️ but sound was different then last year when we saw you all. But LOVE you anyways!! Can’t wait for next time!! 🤟🏻❤️

Lance Durand Childs

a month ago

It was an awesome ALWAYS!

Lokitha Santiago

a month ago

Saw them in Portland last night. The sound was awful !! Have seen them in other venues and they were phenomenal !! It is really a shame. They work their asses off and have a great relationship with their fans. Their sound people did them a huge disservice. We had excellent seats, only five rows from stage, and Godsmack was amazing - so it wasn’t the venue it was something in Shinedown’s set up. Left there so disappointed ☹️

We are having an insane time on our fall run with you all... Can't believe there are only FOUR more dates left until we recharge and then hit the road again in UK and Europe!!!

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

Speach Key Kat Noir

a month ago

Please go to my YouTube channel and check out my videos

Milagros Anabel Rodriguez

a month ago

Be seeing you in the netherlands! Super pumped

Youngl DA Rapper

a month ago

I am two days away from seeing you! Can't wait to finally see you live!

We are honored to be partnering with DC101 to help fight suicide and support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025. Brent Smith and Zach Myers, of Shinedown, pledge their support by walking for the cause at this year's #OutOfTheDarkness DC Walk on 10/20 and you can too!

For more info, to join the team, and/or donate please visit:

Melanie Pachia Vang

a month ago

I'm a disabled Veteran with PTSD, depression and suicidal thoughts. I just wanna say thanks for this album and all you do for giving a voice to the stigma of mental health. It means a lot.

Susan M Loeber

a month ago

We will be walking on 10/20 in Memphis for the "out of the darkness " walk. My son liked shinedown and I have his cds which I listen to. Thank you for your music and what you do to bring awareness.

Gusanita Gussy

a month ago

Lost my children's father to suicide in 2009. A few months later i saw my first shinedown concert. Your music touched my soul and ive been a devoted fan ever since. I go to every show im able and this just makes me love this band that much more. Thank you❤❤

Barry Kerch talks about his background, joining Shinedown, and his Music City Custom Series tour kit via Pearl Drums #PearlOnLocation 🥁

Anabela Estremina

a month ago

You stopped me from killing myself tonight. Thank you.

Liliane David Burgnies

a month ago

My bestie's aunt went to high school with him in Panama City, Florida 😎

I'm stoked for you to finally hear this very special project... The artists that recorded in Muscle Shoals left a lasting impression on the music world... It was an honor to commemorate their legacies onMuscle Shoals - Small Town, Big Sound. - Brent Smith

Get your copy now to hear my version of "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett:

Chandra Sanyasi

2 months ago


Jason Cagnolatti

2 months ago

Love you are apart of this! I live in the Muscle Shoals Area and there is so much music history here!!

Claire Elizabeth

2 months ago

Had Mustang Sally on repeat while driving to work. Such a powerful voice!

Throwback to a few of our favorite shots from the kick off of our co-headline tour (2nd leg) with Godsmack... #SDWorldTour 🤘

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

Leticia Muñiz Barreiro

2 months ago

Im very 1st Rock concert ever was yalls & godsmacks show in tupelo ms and yall rocked it !!!!! Thanks u so for giving me and my husband the time of our lives we enjoyed godsmack to !!!!!! #shinedown #thebest #1band

Biggie Philly Smallz

2 months ago

Rocked out with Shinedown in Tupelo, MS. Awesome show guys! Rock on!!

Jim Moland

2 months ago

Thank you shinedown and gods Mack for an amazing show in Toledo,Ohio tonight!! You guys totally rock!!

⚠️ #ICYMI: Louder Than Life Festival has unfortunately been cancelled due to unsafe conditions resulting from ongoing rain and flooding at the festival site. See below for more details and visit their page for the full statement + ticket refunds. We hope to see you soon,Louisville 💛

Marcus Ethridge

2 months ago

Why the hell is godsmack stealing your glory

Justin Colvin

2 months ago

Wish y’all would of headlined Tupelo

Pamelia Robinette O'Kelley

2 months ago

Was going to LTL for you bummed out but it’s for the saftey of everyone hope to see you soon!

We are BACK AT IT kicking things off tonight in South Carolina at Bon Secours Wellness Arena ... Whose faces will we see?? 🔥🔥

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

Andrea Steiber

2 months ago

You guys were outstanding. Best performance that I have had the pleasure of seeing. Thank you so much!

Brandy Goodwin

2 months ago

I was there amazing show!!! I love you guys

Abel Donato

2 months ago

We were there!! 3rd time seeing yall. Always an amazing concert!

All of our bags/buses are packed, and we're ready to GO!!! South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Cali... 👊

Who's coming out to rock with us, Godsmack & Asking Alexandria?

Dominique Sévérac

2 months ago

We rocked out, with the greatest, Shinedown. Greenville Sc. Hell of a show. You guys never disappoint!! Thank you all, for inspiring so many with your music.

Michael Ak

2 months ago

I hope everyone enjoys the second leg! I saw back to back shows on the first leg and you guys were, as usual, f*cking incredible!

Kenneth Mason

2 months ago

See you next weekend for Louder than Life!!!!! 3rd time this year, you all never seem to disappoint!❤❤❤❤

GET UP is Music Choice's #1 Rock Video Of The Week! Much respect to Music Choice and our amazing fans "Family" around the world... #GetAMoveOn 💪

Kelly Kardisco

2 months ago

can't wait for my 2 days off Shinedown in December in Orlando !!

William Janes

2 months ago

Plis album new😪

Jayne Arthur Dillman

2 months ago

I played 45 for a friends funeral amd got to see yall live in Edgefest 2009 in Dallas texas. Keep rockin I love u guys. Cant wait till i get a chance to see yall live again. Great sound. Also consistant. I loved Edgefest that year cayse yall

We are stoked to have DEVIL featured on the in-game soundtrack for #WWE2K19, personally curated by WWE Superstars as a special gift to the WWE Universe… The soundtrack features 12 tracks that represent top picks when prepping for a match, on the road, in the gym or relaxing at home... Shout out to Baron Corbin for choosing us 🤘

Stream the in-game soundtrack here:

Cube Art

2 months ago

Austin Dooley its got skin from bullet and now devil. I couldnr give two shits about this gamw but sounds like a killer soundtrack atleast 😂

Alesia Butler

2 months ago

I wonder who picked slipknot and Metallica to be on here too

Achirawit Sittiracha

2 months ago

Christmas came earlier this year.

It’s Sunday folks... Time to motivate! 💪Stream GET UP on Spotify’s #RockHard Playlist...

Listen here:

Battiste Joseph Broadus III

2 months ago

I have this song as my alarm on my phone so I wake up to it every morning.

Gloria Vazquez

2 months ago

1 of my favorite songs!!! Rock On!!!!

Joylynn Carter

2 months ago

Still under mandated lockdown at work during Hurricane....been counting down to concert next Saturday for MONTHS

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Carmela Brancato Dell'Utri

2 months ago

Not liking this song doesnt sound that great as they usually do but that's my thought

Nahuel Guzmán

2 months ago

Please album new😁😁

M'i King Wbig

2 months ago

I know who said Shazaam. Is that real Y N.

NASHVILLE... Brent Smith here... Super excited to perform tonight at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville celebrating Muscle Shoals - Small Town, Big Sound and the amazing Rick Hall! If you’re in town, tonight you don’t want to miss this...


Enoque Romão

2 months ago

Do you guys ever take any time out for yourselves?

Ñüñëż Päülëttë

2 months ago

Erica dammit why are we in Wisconsin

Reygie Niedo

2 months ago

Lora Brown!!!! Why didn't we have tickets to this!?!?! We were just there!!

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Bryan Avila

2 months ago

I hope to see you for real in person one day here in Jacksonville.

Tama Palomo

2 months ago

I'm in the USA. I am English. Lovely.

Liliana Sotillo

2 months ago

I'm loving the new album, enjoyed seeing you at download festival in June at Donning park UK

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Vance Ramz

2 months ago

Can almost sing along to the complete album!! Love it, along with Sound of Madness, Amaryllis & Threat to Survival. Couldn't believe our luck when they were supporting Iron Maiden last year! Looking forward to seeing them headlining in Manchester next month. Hope they play a good mix, with plenty from this new album 😀👍

Kameela Muhammad

2 months ago

Just checked my i pod attention attention played in full 144 times since may 4th !!!

James Hurley

2 months ago

Great song! But don't know *how/why on a hard rock playlist because this song is far from "hard" rock.

Tune in to Sunday 9/9 at 7AM for a special on mental health and suicide prevention featuring Eric Bass... Together we can GET UP and break the stigma! #ImListening

More info:

Valeria Monzon

2 months ago

Thanks to Shinedown for bringing awareness.

Bogdan Ddas

2 months ago

In the UK we have a similar mental health awareness campaign - #itsoknottobeok

Blandine Jeanson

2 months ago

Definitely be listening! Great subject and so helpful for so many!!!❤❤❤

Curious to know what goes on backstage at a Shinedown concert? #FlashbackFriday to an exclusive look behind the scenes of our summer tour... 👊

Ibra Hemo

2 months ago

Best band and nicest guys on the planet 👍👍

Sean Ross

2 months ago


Parnell Sparks

2 months ago

Saw you with my son for the first time supporting Iron Maiden in Birmingham a couple of years ago. Managed to get tickets for the O2 academy for November and can't wait to see you again. Love your music. X

Check it out... GET UP was just added to Spotify’s The New Alt Playlist. ... 🎶 Listen here:

Georgellen Barrow

2 months ago

First time I saw y’all was n Lubbock Texas years ago!! Took my son to his first rock concert n had an awesome mom/son moment!! Can’t wait to take my daughter now. One of my favorite songs by far!! Keep rocking guys!!!

Ophir Lotan

2 months ago

Un rolonon.... Un buen álbum de shinedown y la rola de Special buenisima

Francisco Flores

2 months ago

I saw them in August what a treat they were amazing

And just like that the first leg of our co-headline tour with Godsmack has come to a very eventful end... Wantagh, NY you really brought it Sunday night!! Thank you all for coming out and thank you Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater for having us. Taking a quick break, but will be back on the road in a few weeks to rock some more cities...

Dates, Tickets, VIP + More info:

📷 Sanjay Parikh Media

Austin Hagan

2 months ago

Guys thank you for the show. It was amazing!!

Gilberto Carrillo

2 months ago

My husband and I went with our 21 and 14 year old daughters to the concert in Syracuse, NY. First concert for both of my daughters. We are huge fans and can not wait to see you again.

Lucina Islas

2 months ago

Saw you guys for the 10th time in Scranton, PA. Way to rock the house. Until next time...

It's hard to believe that tonight's our last show of our summer tour... Let's make it seriously COUNT, folks!!! Make some noise if you're rockin' out with us, Godsmack, and RED SUN RISING tonight at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater... Did we mention it's on the water? The vibes will be very 💪

Limited Tickets:

Lucia Navarro

2 months ago

Wait, aren’t you playing sept 30 with them??

Chloe Dirksen

2 months ago


Adam Marles

2 months ago

It was an AWESOME show!!!! Rocked Jones Beach!

ICYMI: We've teamed up with our good friends at DC Strong, an incredible non-profit charity that helps kids who are battling cancer. For a limited time, for every DC Strong hoodie & t-shirt sold in our web store, we will donate 100% of our proceeds! #GETUP folks... let's make a difference together.

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أرني دارينا داني

3 months ago

Wish I was there

Marvin Dargel

3 months ago

Anthony Litteral Trevor Sly grab one for the cause

Ibnk Caniago

3 months ago

I LOVE this! The percentage of money pulled in for cancer research sends hardly any of it to childhood cancers!!! They still don't know how to effectively treat childhood this cause is near and dear to my heart!!! My grandson has one more scan and if it's clean he'll be cancer free! It's been a long 5 years since his diagnosis with Wilm's's a childhood cancer that attacks organs. He lost one of his kidneys and he was lucky the tumor didn't puncture his intestines or he wouldn't have made it. That robust 5 year old dropped down to 48 pounds during radiation and chemo...and he was at Primary Children's Hospital in SLC, Utah for his surgery and recovery...they do amazing things there! We're very lucky he's survived and is thriving now. I'll be buying a bunch of these shirts! THANKS SO MUCH Shinedown!! Not only does your music reach my soul, but you are amazing guys who have battled your own problems to become the people you are now. I am in awe. Thank you again!

Our summer tour wraps up soon, but no worries... because we will pick up where we left off with Godsmack in the fall! Don't miss out on your chance to see Mr. Zach Myers jam out with our boys...🤘

Dates, Tickets + More Info:

Nina Fleichaus

3 months ago

Saw you guys in Gilford NH on Wednesday & had a meet & greet, was so amazing!! Now on our way to the show in Mansfield, MA tonite!! ❤️

Wande Shadap

3 months ago

Do they play 45 this tour?

Vjollca Gjikolli

3 months ago

You guys rocked Albuquerque, NM!! loved, loved, loved your set you guys are awesome!! State of my Head with everyone's phones out was epic!!

You're halfway through the week... Get after it folks!!!

Tina Alcantara Berthold

3 months ago

The show at Meadowbrook in Gilford NH was the best. You were much better than Godsmack love you guys

Allegri Monte Pounds

3 months ago

Absolutely LOVE this song!!!!

Stef Fie

3 months ago

See you guys Saturday. Counting down the hours.

#TBT to when we performed live at Download Festival in front of a historic crowd of 120,000 people... #DL2018.
Catch us on tour later this year in the UK & Europe...

Tickets and more info:

Adra Helen's

3 months ago

I was there last night and I have to say you guys had me going all out I blew my voice out on diamond eyes thanks you guys and godsmack and red sun rising for my very first concert ever

Tunzale Eliyeva

3 months ago

Got tickets by pure dedication of my daughter persevering on ticketmaster who threw her out three times before succeeded . Needs to be a blanket ban on resale beyond original sale price. Sorted your latest playlist for journey to and from work just hope if you change it I know them too!

Chris Spencer

3 months ago

Goosebumps💕Gonna see them at «louder than life» festival in september,at “Aftershock”festival in october and Oslo i november..can’t wait!!

Jumping into a new week like... LET'S GET AFTER IT FOLKS! #MondayMotivation 👊

Greg Washington

3 months ago

Saw you all in San Antonio, amazing concert. Love you even more now. :)

Ezra Samuel

3 months ago

Thursday!!!!!! I cannot wait!!

Amethyst Rubio

3 months ago

I'll be jumping into Shinedown next week...yeah baby!

Don't sell yourself short, you might be bulletproof #GETUP | 🎥

Robin Kerr

3 months ago

Just shot my foot to see if I was bulletproof. I am not. Anyone know where the hospital is?


3 months ago

I try not to play this song too loud in traffic for fear of inciting road rage!

Arne Waldemar Lentföhr

3 months ago

Love it, can't wait to see you for the first time ever in November! My sister is awesome for getting us tickets!

Have we mentioned that we LOVE meeting our fans? We thank each and every one of you for joining our VIP Meet & Greets on this tour! You can be apart of these special pre-show moments by securing your VIP Packages at #FridayFeeling

Patricia Smith

3 months ago

You guys are coming to Manchester UK in October.... but the venue was sold out in 10 minutes..... so I won't be going... something has to be done to stop ticket touts buying so many tickets. I don't understand how they do that? I'm gutted I'm not going to be there. Unless I pay ridiculous prices.. was offered a Iron Maiden ticket for £180.. normal price 40. Us ordinary fans can't afford this. Absolutely gutted....

Bobbie Hooper

3 months ago

My wife and I had the pleasure to meet you guys in Houston in 2012 and have been to every show since. Amazing musicians and a great group of guys.

Loris Rossetti

3 months ago

Haven’t had the pleasure.. but my husband met zack a few years ago. Personal project in Houston. He was most amazing, signed a guitar asa surprise to our young son. So much appreciated. Sucks to have to pay to meet these incredible young people.. but... if you understand... it is still a business. They are amazing, put the most into the performance.. and why not.. should be compensated. A lot of money goes into this shows. Personally... I’d love to meet them, cant afford it.. but enjoyed the crap of the show tonight. Thank you guys!

⚠️ EU/UK ON SALE NOW: Grab your tickets to our headline tour this fall and winter with special guests Starset and Press to MECO. We promise you that you don't want to miss this... #sdworldtour


Patricia Smith

3 months ago

Wow. I'm sorry it seems as if the tickets are a real issue. In the US, some concerts do sell out really quick. I've not had a problem getting shinedown tickets. I think most of them I've gotten on presale. The codes can be found on the net. I go to a lot of concerts so use it a lot. Its paid for itself. Hopefully you guys will be able to find something at a reasonable price.

Wiktoria Gulczynska

3 months ago

I'm glad im not the only well and truly disgruntled fan out here!! These vulture ticket corps are pissing me.right off!! True die hard fans are being extorted for their simple pleasures of watching the bands and musicians they love!! Ive waited a long bloody time for Shinedown to come back to Britain and now I'm able to take my son to watch his favourite band and can't unless I pay 4 time's the face value of the original ticket!! What an absolute let down!! Bring back waiting in.ques and 4 ticket per person sales!!!

Zahra Ahmed

3 months ago

None available yesterday on the pre sale for Bristol. Tried today just after 10am, none available. Plenty on the resale site, I like Shinedown but we’re not coughing up £60+ to see them.

Have you watched the new video for #GETUP? Check it out now on YouTube and tell us what your favorite part of the video is... 📽️:

Jose Luis Soza Gomez

3 months ago

Love it all. My husband was killed in June. I am now calling this song my anthem and listen to it every morning.

Nathalie Anthony Roland

3 months ago

Fave part - woman jumping into the pool in a black dress and comes out in a white dress. Beautiful video! Brent - keep up the dancing :) and let's see more of Barry, I felt he was hidden :(

TopDawg Lalas Honyile

3 months ago

Wow. Thank you Shinedown for your creative talent as artist, to touch so many in a positive way, bringing a personal connection in most if not all of your lyrics that we can relate to. Enjoyed your concert last night in Kansas City (Bonner Springs, KS) just as much as those in the past.

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to THE MAN Sir Barry Kerch... We love you brotha!

Sami Skef

3 months ago

Happy Birthday! You guys kicked ass in Denver last week!

An von Teschen

3 months ago

Happy birthday to the best drummer on this planet.and many more to come

Rolando Gonzalez Garcia

3 months ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man with the best and most honest smile in the world! Hope your birthday was SPECTACULAR!

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Kirsten Alferink Cramer

3 months ago

Pictures are awesome but MI is abbreviation for Michigan not Mississippi and the DTE Energy Music Theater is in Clarkston, Michigan not Clarkston, Mississippi. Just saying....and staying true to my home State.

Paulina Gostyńska

3 months ago

You guys look great.

Rosalinda Martinez

3 months ago

Can't wait to see you in NJ!

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Nurseda Çolak

3 months ago

i want them all!!!!!

Rita Gonzales-Moreno

3 months ago

Kaleb Collins socks and flip flops!!!!

Jaz Vincent

3 months ago

Manon Keuterink shinedown teenslippers :p en zelfs dan hoef ik die niet xD