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Rogel Galvez

3 days ago

The Goat is right!! I absofuckinglutely Hate that he is not here right now in the flesh. That double disc tho. MANNNNN!! Happy Birthday Mr. Wallace.

Chris Brown Ziglar

3 days ago

Rip biggie small, much love! Legends don't live long but their legacy lives for ever. Puffy thanks for this much love

Tal Blumenthal

3 days ago

Happy Happy Birthday were one of my favourite all times along with P Diddy your co partner! Wishing you rest happiness and love! Singing high with all to still hear! ❤️


Caroline Martineau

5 days ago

Dirty Money Boss forever

Innocentia Nosipho

6 days ago

The girl in the middle looks like jasmine Kemaré Jasmine

Robin Dorsey

6 days ago

Nothing but love

Bad Boy FOREVER!!!! We won’t stop!

Steve Malick

6 days ago

You are very blessed to have all your children around you. Now you to have to mend YOUR SOUL!

Kelly Allen

6 days ago

You know we never stop until it's the great gets eving greater!!!!

Pravachana Mallapu

5 days ago

make sure all you kids don't growth mutherfuker

Lea Bonnerup

8 days ago

Thank you Lord.May God bless you Diddy!We are waiting your new album.

Jacky BG

8 days ago

Brother love,I see you.

Mark Powell

9 days ago

Gods blessings have brought u a long way?????


ZieuDkrab Oliv

9 days ago

If rap is his passion then he's gonna be great but if he goes in for the fame or because you pushed him then he's gonna be the end of bad boy

View Adolph

9 days ago

I am ready to be in new notorious B.I.G I am from Mexico my talent in good hands could be like one of the great ones.

Mate Seaga Meafou Toelupe

9 days ago

oh Lord Jesus...well, it was fun while it lasted #notlikehisdaddy #onlyonediddy #hopeyousavedandinvestedwell #acrownisnotguaranteedforallgenerations-->bible

L O V E SF A M I L Y ❤️

Martin Šedivý

11 days ago

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Kasia Włodarczyk

11 days ago

Happy Mother's Day...God Bless You and Your Loving Family FOREVER ! Love u Diddy😘

Dexter Tangonan

12 days ago

Yes mr diddy love is a God sent thing you said to spread love thanks!!! congrats on your hip hop concerts dynamic !! is this a great ideal to have a love fest love especially in chicago lets bring back the love and this will be a great start God Bless!!!

Spread love!!! Drop a ❤️

Tonya Green

13 days ago

Support black artists, crochet, jewelry, garments and more! Love you Diddy and others for your support. Find you a black artist and blow em up! Your platform large, we tryna get there!

Paul Milliner

13 days ago

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Alma J Smith

13 days ago

Are you available for a celebrity charity event. Boxing match? Bad Boy vs. Challenger? Please message me for more information.

I was a little down today until I saw this picture. L O V E HAPPINESS 😍

Zora Böhmová

13 days ago

Thanks for sharing because people think that someone with so much doesn't have Down Days.... Still a Man

Heather Russo Haverbusch

13 days ago

I was too the picture is so beautiful Diddy so are your beautiful girls... Your Very Handsome Diddy... God Bless You Diddy...

Brian Lovgren

13 days ago

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Introducing #CirocVS VERY SMOOTH!! #cirocdark #smoothAF... SHITS ABOUT TO GET REAL!!! #ad

Teresa C. Villanueva

16 days ago

Thanks for promoting and believing in something that slowly harms our bodies from the inside out 💯🌎🧠

Omar Ezzahraoui

16 days ago

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Savanna Kopsi

16 days ago

Hi DIddyI would like to go on a trip this summer never get to go anywhere have to work all the time all my money go on bills never have enough to do anything but work and pay bill can you please help me out🙄🙄🙄

L O V E!!! Cassie #metgala

Lesly Rodriguez Mejia

17 days ago

Y'all some haters but I wanna point out diddy legs they look weird... But can't wait to try the new brown Ciroc ... They look really good younger women keep older men young


17 days ago

Diddy needs to just come out the closet already and let Cassie live her best life. They still look cute though.

Jens Decker

17 days ago

King Sh*t!!! Keep Doing what you doing puff... your motivation on new positive things and mindset doesn’t goes unseen.. you and kwhales on the same spiritual movement. Much respect!

Kentucky Derby with my QUEENS ❤️ #LOVE

Roger Hardy

19 days ago

let's go

Wilson Matias

19 days ago

That's what's up
Louisville, ky 🚼
I hope y'all enjoyed y'all self and come back Derby 2019 🐎 Diddy ❤ me some you 😘

Nanda Gopal Ray

19 days ago

Beautiful!! They are dressed like adorable young ladies are suppose to! Such class and elegance! Great job to parents! I’m going to have copy this look 👀 ! 🌹🌹🌹💅🏾👗👒👛


Justine Iglesias

20 days ago

How to be great in a nation that have a bu nch swindlers and people who don't want to pay,if they get a chance to don't pay they will.

Marie Jennifer

21 days ago

You in Louisville, ky yet I would ❤ to meet you Lord have mercy I'm gone off you I had my ex in every jacket, shirt every thing 😂 I can pinpoint someone walking down the street wearing your clothes and I can say he's wearing Diddy clothes 😂😂😂 😂 ❤ you be safe💋

Engr Mason Godswill

21 days ago

Yeah you can say that brother because you have a lot of money. Some of us are still working very hard for a living.

I was getting tired, so I laid down on the stairs. #tbt #metgala

Brian Thomas

21 days ago

You got to lay your burdens down somewhere 😎🍷💋💄

Magoro Delvy

21 days ago

Hey diddy by the way your icon is crone they are begging for money to itune cards you should step on it it makes your title look bad babe

Heli Pent

21 days ago

That's ok He still fine and tired

Jazmin Ruvalcaba

21 days ago

Bro Boeing back Sean John ,thèse kids,should ne rocking that bro

Enache Ionut

21 days ago

Awww they were sweet babies all big now so cute

Yayiz White Melissa

21 days ago

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Angel Franco Lozada

a month ago

Talking about no bad vibes ... Diddy you probably somewhere howling at someone at this moment wanting your way and then when it comes to you .... you want good Vibes

Toni Sogan Sprandel

a month ago

Send to ALL Positive Mental Energy...
Pass it on!

Geovanni Tlacomule Kalihua

a month ago

What if your family was in the trenches and in the right? Blood.

Brian Orellana

a month ago

Salute to excellence and drive.. God Is

Fatima Sumudlayon

a month ago

Okay Mr. D it's time for glasses for criroc and deleon! Even if you make them for the holiday! I really would like some for deleon!! Similar to Hennessy. Think about it!!

Gautam Vatsa

a month ago

P daddy i wish you long life
U r my motivation

Avni Bega

a month ago

my boss Dio must challeng him soon,,

I wish I could just be in that company. The knowledge and wisdom they could bestow on our youth boys and girls!

Love peace and blessings to you guys God is love BLESS UP

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Claudine Chevallier

a month ago

Should i watch my phone with an hydrogen?

Menelik Amar Nabors

a month ago

I can help you spread this product in the whole Nigeria no doubt boss

Claudio Santillan

a month ago

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It feels like every time Chadwick Boseman appears onscreen, he’s finding a new way to inspire. His portrayals of African-American heroes have shown how black America has always been able to transform pain into something powerful. From turning James Brown’s tortured soul into music, Jackie Robinson’s pride into barriers broken and records set, and Thurgood Marshall’s sense of racial injustice into equality, Chadwick depicts these figures with a coolness, power and grace that remind us that we too can be great ourselves.And now as the Black Panther, he’s inspiring everyone, but especially black youth, who deserve to see superheroes like them, to show them that truly anyone can be a superhero; this matters, because it has been a long time coming to see our own superheroes and the power that they can have on all of us in society. Black Panther’s billion-dollar global success has made it a phenomenon, and Chadwick’s role signals a black renaissance. #Time100 @chadwickboseman #blackexcellence

William Thomas

a month ago

THATS WHY ITS so important, we take roles that teach our generation positively messages instead of portraying roles, that's showing them how it looks like to be. In the Drug game etc EX: EMPIRE. Sorry fans, but its real out here.

Ruhma Cheema

a month ago

I used to picture myself in the mirror 8years ago as a 'Black Panther'. Never had a clue nor a thought crossing my mind that there would be a movie about it one day ... The Universe is Full of Secrets to be revealed and shown ...

Marie-Ann Seele

a month ago

Well said and he's the Commencement speaker @HOWARD UNIVERSITY Graduation 2018 . #HBCU #blackexcellence #Actor

#ad BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Ciroc Summer Colada. Have you tried it yet? #cirocthesummer

Raymond Chapo

a month ago

Gots to try my black people drank off day of work . Ciroc . 🍸 Boys . Already . He Diddy . Ciroc boys . Bad to the 💀.

Jason Jeans

a month ago

I don't indulge in alcohol, but my homegirls love it, 👑🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎤😙

Jess Jay

a month ago

Looking fly as always cousin! And the Ciroc is a great compliment!!!

Missy Bewley

a month ago

I am being given a hard time because I am so excited you are coming to Louisville, Ky in a couple of weeks for the Kentucky Derby. I have been a follower of yours from the start. First I like the music and then I admire the business. At 62 I could be your Mom but who knows better. I have been an event planner for 29 years and no one here in Louisville is better than I. Prince and you have been my favorite artist for years for the same reason talented and business smart. Everyone says you would not want to know that a hip granny like me is such a fan. I don't listen. So even though I can't go to your after party at the Palace just know if you need or want anything while you are here I'm at your service. I know the city. the food, anything and I have done rides for others. Welcome and be safe.

Tuamz Wukz George

a month ago

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Andy Kuo

a month ago

Why change your name? Puff Daddy was cool but Diddy is straight up gay. Wanna play with my Diddy big boy?

WOW!! #DiddyView

It’s amazing how music connects with people who speak all different languages. This song has traveled the globe, connecting people with love and unity. I’m so happy to be able to share this moment with my brothers and sisters in Dubai. LOVE!

Humbled by the L O V E of the people! Thank you Dubai❤️

Paulina Vazquez

2 months ago

Thanks for the update.

Tanishq Pratap Singh

2 months ago

big up to you mr made me dream you made all the world dream.with mo money mo problem .notourious forever.

Luks Palma

2 months ago

Love is the Answer to Life you And you And you Look Like Love.Fly.

We heard you loud and clear!!! Back by popular demand, the limited edition @Ciroc Summer Colada! #CirocTheSummer


Crystal Michael Shamp

2 months ago

Puffy i am jealous of u bro , all this flashy things around u. That's black empowerment, bro continue with the husling we need more hustlers like u in our black society. But ironically I am staving bro help me I am hungry. Contact me change my story with ur riches! ! +237673716263 . Puffy black renaissance! !

Marcelo Menezes

2 months ago

Maihn, why you didn't tell? Dubai is my spot!

Nikki Crosmer Goldfinch

2 months ago

I dislike the print on Cassie jumpsuit. Can you get in trouble if your dressed like that? I thought it was illegal. I do like your pants . You always dress gourgues. Tell the truth you used to dress J Lo when you where together. She never had better style them when you dated.


Are you ready to have your taste level elevated? The Limited Edition Ciroc Summer Colada is back!!!!!!!!! Get ready to #CirocTheSummer

Angela Price

2 months ago

Brother Diddy ! Send One for Me on BRAZIL !

Paula Klaucova

2 months ago

I know someone who would buy it E. Maria who loves Shawn John Combs a.k.a. Diddy products .Diddy it won't stop, it can't stop ! Diddy this message is for you : Ciroc never let the thirst or The Taste stop you. Drink responsibly. I write slogans some people may call it marketing skills or freelance writing. You dig Diddy.🍾🍷

Brooke Honeycutt

2 months ago

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We must promise ourselves to NEVER be quiet when we see that something is not right or fair! MLK’s struggle for justice continues, the fight has only gotten harder. But, we will show him a dream that is not only fair but BENEFICIAL TO OUR PEOPLE FIRST AND FOREMOST! Love you MLK ✊🏿

Super motivational!!!! No excuses!

Meet me at the Derby!! Friday May 4th grab tickets at!

Chan Kwem

2 months ago

So I'm just wondering are you going to give any tickets to your fans for the Derby Party? #diddy

Hansen Thomas

2 months ago

Which God? There are officially 2,500 recognised religions. I’m so confused.

Hansen Thomas

2 months ago

Im glad to say I was the 1st to like this post out of 3.1k



I want the world to see!!
Family Over Everything. #blackexcellence

In his grandmas backyard!

Michael Pietrantonio

2 months ago

Peace is what the world needs !!!One day we will relize we r all one in Gods eye !!! I wish someone will remake that song what the world needs now is love sweet love !!!

Davett Gordon

2 months ago

Has the Canadian singer been much more than the favorite rocker of the late princess?
He wrote a song for her, Diana, knows her children very well, especially Harry, and was present the day of her funeral in September 1997. Bryan Adams has been busy, ...etc..\\\

Vanessa Zillich

2 months ago

He ended up in his grandparents backyard. Video clearly shows he was going thru a bunch of backyards before he ended up there.

Easter weekend MOOD!

L O V E!! @dcyoungfly

Going Diddy going Diddy @revolttv this is my exact mood right now!! Shout Out to my girl @wolftyla keep rising to the top!

Star is back on Fox!! TUNE IN RIGHT NOW!!! Proud of you son @quincy

Star is back on TV!! Proud of you son @quincy Tune in tonight at 9PM EST only on FOX!!

#letsDance I pray that everyone is having a beautiful and productive day. If you’re dealing with some stress put on your favorite record and dance with me!!! 😎

It doesn't come easy, you have to go out there and get it. Nobody is going to give you anything!

This is L O V E ! Congrats!

Happy Monday people ! LET’S DANCE! Spread love! SMILE! BE HAPPY! Be NICE! BE GREAT! And at some point today... DANCE @princejdc @kingcombs LETS GO!