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Daisy Villegas Rivera

3 days ago


Jessica Louis

3 days ago

I don't understand people who come on these sites and run their mouth about people who is in much better positions than you and dont even know you exist and you talking about them.

Didi RichardsonMorris

3 days ago

Ricardo Van Maurik ! You are very disrespectful RiRi is not a Ho from your neighborhood. Watch the way you talk your mother is a female and am sure you got sisters . Why use the word Ho? Is there a reason for that?

José Manuel Juárez Olivares

9 days ago

Moment unforgettable beautiful photo currently it's still chic effect own .R.I.P Biggie

Heiner Uribe

10 days ago

Badboy forever homies east coast fellas

Ryoji Watanabe

10 days ago

I'll never forget you Big Poppa <3 I miss these days so much .Bad boy forever Puffy <3

Let’s go!!! Happiness is a choice.

Beat Zvoníčková

11 days ago

True happiness comes from within

Mary Condurso

11 days ago

Indeed I do find that it all works out with a Happy go lucky kinda spirit.

Anita Soledad Salinas

12 days ago

So true, that's how I live my life each day. That's what I teach my children also. I tell them don't let someone or something change who you are and change your happiness. 💗

Good morning world!!! Let’s get it

Lynn McBride

13 days ago

I am at the right level, what about You?

Leonardo Caetano

14 days ago God is surely a God of one glory to another... Halellujah!

Maggie MacDougall

14 days ago

I'm ready let's here it Sir Diddy..❤
We reaching for the sky

Uncle JAY 🖤

Sabina Andreea Busuioc

21 days ago

This is the crazy stage of going dreadlock i dont know which way this one is going to go but he's very nicely dressed the girls look lovely

Jorge Maciel

21 days ago

And I'm havin' a child, which is more frighting
But y'all about to witness is big business kid
Big bosses, cocky, and big benzsesses
Come through flossin'em shiny rims it is

Katia Silva

21 days ago

Man I just love those twins I like the other one to but those twins are my heart ❤️ looking like mommy 🤗🤗😍👊🏽 I’m still wait to get Adopted P Diddy 🤣🤣

T.j. Bowman

21 days ago

And then have the nerve to get in their feelings once they loose you,once you loose a good person its going to be hell to get them back.If you ever do.

Fabrizio Assandri

21 days ago

Awww man someone told me this some days ago this is a cute quote 😘😍 love you brother p

Corey Socha-Mrozinski

21 days ago

Yo is RMC on this year?

🖤 🖤🖤🖤 Congrats to Beyoncé and Jay Z for one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life!

Joseph Nkanu

23 days ago

Awww look at my twins I just love those babies 😊😍🤗😘 I love the other one but the twins are my fav . That’s cool when dad gets u the best seats in the house 😍😍😍😍P love his babies great pic . Those twins look just like mom 😊 p you are the best father can I be your daughter too 😂😂🤣🤣

Geneva Hunsicker

23 days ago

Beyonce was performing she has on her stage gear and she is smoken hot in her pearl outfit... Diddys Daughters are Angles Young Ladies I Love This Picture.!!!

Sally Massey

24 days ago

The Girls are FABULOUS too #Proud

Todd Watson Sr.

24 days ago

He will always work on.
Blessings my brother

Taylor Annelise Stevens

25 days ago

Dear God please just let me win on the Ellen show & let me finally get to meet Ellen❤️🙏🏼❤️🤣🌈💫👟👟

Joanna Rodriguez

25 days ago

Absolutely u never stop growing!!!

Legacy!! #blackexcellence

Jessica Feight

a month ago

And now Jay Z turns out to laugh just for this photo. Please try to laugh when having a shot with your wife.

Julie Anne Lozano

a month ago

The photocopy of the father lol you is prince c is what is right

Mehmet Ali Biçer

a month ago

YESS STFU about his father! U MAD UR FATHER AINT WORK HARD AND MAKE ISH HAPPEN SO U CAN HAVE A LEGACY? JAY doing and did the same for his! i love it were supposed to be living our best lives experiencing the best of best!!

#BINGE by MGK available everywhere!

Teddy Skev Pousar

a month ago

Lol I’ve liked Em all my life & honestly always thought MGK was trash. But y’all need to go listen to Rap Devil and Killshot back to back. Em got bodied.

Bong'nkosi Dee

a month ago

Eminem destroyed him. Also, this might be the worst album released this year. All mumble rap and auto tune.

Lana Bare

a month ago

At Least Badboy Is Stil Producing Artist That Can Compete With The Level Of Eminem Most Rappers Cant Touch Em But Mgk Did Thats Competition In Real Hip Hop, Mgk Keep Doing Ur Thing Cause U Are Rocking With The Best Badboy 4 Ever

Mark Rychel

a month ago

So true! observation is the key. when it comes to learning.

Kala Gonzales Campos

a month ago

I’m feeling this right now with this media BS Diddy ❤️😂

Werik Pereira

a month ago

i feel MGK has potential.the Rap God sees it.just that dude is a hot head.he needs guidance.listen to his binge album.out of ten will give it a five but truth be told all them instrumentals on the album are favorite tracks are bounce,the one track he raps poetic and see my fans on the wall.he's been through alot growing up thus i can see the bitterness he has towards EM for "trying to shelf him".i pray Slim squashes the beef and finds room and mentors MGK well

I want you to take the craziest dream you ever had. That dream you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone about and I want you to go after it. I want you to do it!

Alexis Logan

a month ago

Beautiful statement!!! However, how many people will help you with that dream. We may have a humongous dream, but not one person who is able to open the door will open the tape and politics!!!

Sylvia Marie Harrison

a month ago

Awe thanks 🙏🏼 Diddy I’ve been doing that for years dreaming these BIG CRAZY DREAMS of meeting Ellen & Oprah been emailing them over & over & over dreaming & wishing I could win on the Ellen show & meet them & have coffee together I love them ladies so much I’ve even wrote a song collection for them that I started in 2013 like almost 6 yrs ago and I’ve written song after song but I don’t know if they’re any good or if they like them but I will keep dreaming of my someday dreams ❤️🙏🏼❤️

Sonu Rohail

a month ago

Diddy I need your help, Justin's and Christian's help in real life on improving my social life skills and etc

Young King Combs

Romane Vinot

a month ago

Sun starting to look like big poppa now now I will call you guys the twins

A.J. Groff

a month ago

Young King Combs , you doing big things, big ups to you . Keep pushing son

Dimitrije Zivkovic

a month ago

Excellent brother. God bless you and your family in Jesus Christ name Amen.

I’m up to something special. Elevating the culture. ⁣⁣

Basanta Karki

a month ago

Still gat my hands crossed patiently waiting to see what underlies the belly. Do remember to throw down some of those largees at me when you hit the zenith of your acmeneous height. Success all the way sha ooohhh!!!

Tyler Hickernell

a month ago

Elon Musk? You believe that guy? Scam artist of the year right there

Jill Kiester

a month ago

Fela Kuti the afro beat legend

Culture creators, I have something special for you. ⁣

Dave Cunningham

a month ago


Kobie Lantis

a month ago

"I'm just playin' Diddy, you know i love you" Relax Diddz :-)

Juanis McDermott

a month ago

#SistahSoldier #QueenLatifah #MoniLove!!! To complete the line up... 💜🙏 Make it happen #CultureCreators 👆✊🌟

What are you waiting for? Get it done now!! #LetsGetIt

Robertoo Gary

a month ago

Diddy please say a little prayer for us in carolinas stormy weather thank u hope u and all doing ok !!!

Sheila Reynolds Fannin

a month ago

How can I waste my time when I have everyone else doing that for me 😅💀

Deepika Rana Manger

a month ago

I never waste my time, Diddy. I exactly know, what i do. 😉❤️

I’m very proud of this group and what they are creating. State of the Culture is unfiltered and they won’t be holding anything back. Nobody’s safe. ⁣

On this weeks episode, Joe Budden, Remy Ma, Scottie Beam and Jersey Jinx give their perspectives on everything from Colin Kaepernick to mental health. ⁣

#SOTC airs tonight at 10PM EST only on REVOLT. ⁣

Find out if you have REVOLT:⁣

Catch it online anytime at REVOLT.TV or YouTube.

Chazara'e Johnson

a month ago

It is a great show. Bold, intelligent and woman inclusive.

Stephane Picard

a month ago

Great show! Keep it going!

Barbara Mitchell

a month ago

Joe looks very angry 😄


Chazara'e Johnson

a month ago

BLESS UP... Big Poppa. ..
This is an extremely Historical Picture...YOU...
like the Twin Towers in the back drop
REPRESENT...NYC.... {& HipHop } to the Highest Level
NO one can EVA take your place...LOVE YOU FOREVER !

Karol Stone

a month ago

Do you have time out of your busy schedule to contact or call me?
I’ve hot some awesomeness to discuss with you if you care!
Peace, love and blessings bro.

J Nicole Ramirez-Hermann

a month ago


If I could give some advice to my younger self, I would tell myself to work smarter. I have always worked harder than anyone else. And as I have gained more experience, I have done a better job learning from my mistakes. ⁣

I haven’t always been good at that.Now I work a lot smarter. I focus more on doing things where I can have the greatest impact. I think longer-term and more strategically. That’s all part of working smarter.

Sumath Ahamed

a month ago

if some one work harder and he do not read well, he or she may not be a king.

Stephan Fi

a month ago

Experience is the best teacher! It's called maturity! We've got this!!! #GraceAndPeace #Mindset

Gertrud Gosnik

a month ago

Some people have the fear of failure once you get over the fear of failure faith kicks in

Happy Sunday 🖤

Jon E. Dunning

a month ago

Look at big bro proudly watching his little sisters

Kibo Axum

a month ago

I m wishing you a good week, and a great time over there. I extremely celebrate your Music. And all the collaborations with other Stars you had. The Songs you made with them. And Please, never Stop making Music🙂❤️

Lisa Cairns

a month ago

i can say that he enjoys as his father did before him , and bring more joys to others but don't forget to spark your won life

Be fearless. Stay hungry. Don’t make excuses. Invest in the people around you. ⁣

Also, don’t be scared to make mistakes. It is important that you learn new things along the way, stay sharp and get smarter. ⁣

Stay focused and be ready for whatever happens. ⁣


Charlie Dean

a month ago

Thank you for the Inspirational thoughts, Well said. Thank you for inspiring me to continue my journey to make a difference in the business of Music. 🙏 Have a great day, everyday, Life is good no matter what.

Michelle Anne

a month ago

Thanks your so much mr.Diddy, the inspiration is overwhelming, life is hard bro, but gonna stick to the roles . I wan to be reach morethan you do.Just need God help. much love big bro

Jorman JR Iluminate

a month ago

Hey Puff, it's me rapper Am P Life from South Africa. Actually i need your help. I'm facing dire straight, I'm trying my best to make it to the music business but I'm getting stuck now and then because of financial issues. 200bucks is enough here when you change it here. I'm writing to you coz you biggest influence in my music. "Wish you well"

My babies starting middle school ❤️❤️

Gustavo Daniel Sueiro

2 months ago

The twins are growing up so fast. It's so amazing how time flies. They are so beautiful. What a blessing it is to be their father. 💌

Natalia Chacon

2 months ago

I got 1 goin to 10th and 1 goin to 7th bro, it is crazy how they grow.

Nicola James

2 months ago

Congratulations there’s no greater feeling than family success????

You know how it goes when we are in town!⁣⁣
We are shutting down Rehab Las Vegas today! Ain’t no party like a Diddy party. ⁣⁣
Don’t meet me there, beat me there. Let’s go!! #ad #lasvegas #labordayweekend #rehablasvegas @ Rehab Las Vegas

Michelle Kirk Harris

2 months ago

I love your music Daddy thank you for coming to LV God Bless You !

Peru Campos

2 months ago

Them children... lol But the;... CT talent;... were you seeking an aspiration to a certain tragic events?/?

Tracy Jim Wells

2 months ago

Phenomenal! Enjoy! #GraceAndPeace #PartyWithApurpose

What you might not realize, what I think a lot of people don’t know, is that from the get-go, when I started my first job, I was only 12 years old. I was a paper boy. And the way I got the job was really through my entrepreneurial spirit, which is something I got from my mother.⁣

At the time, I wasn’t old enough to work legally, so I made a deal with the paper boys who were leaving for college. I told them to let me deliver their papers and I’d send them half of the money. By the time I was 13, I had six routes.⁣

I say this all to say that before I entered into the business of music, I went to college at Howard University. I didn’t graduate, because I decided to pursue my career in the music industry. But I was given an honorary doctorate from Howard. I went there for business.⁣

I’ve always been businessman first. Even when I pursue my passion in the music industry, I do it from the perspective of an entrepreneur.⁣

If you don’t hustle, you don’t eat. #HustleHarder

Zendie Mashitisho

2 months ago

Yes, Diddy I started my career the same way! It's important to instill that in our children as well. Thanks for the history...

Cindi Mouakarere

2 months ago

I've read a couple of the replys on your post,i don't agree that where you are today is due to luck.I belive that your hard work and determination to succeed had everything to do with it.Stay blessed Puff💋

Samantha Petrungaro

2 months ago

Diddy, am proposing "P Diddy" estate and other venture investments in Africa... a move to rebrand Africa and "black boy company"

Mary Kuhar Shaw

2 months ago

It’s beautiful to c this💕 since it’s very hard to c fathers taking care and love their kids despite their personal conflict or differences with baby’s mama 🙏🏻💪🏽👍🏽

Rodriguez Jjg Al

2 months ago

I did not know top middle actor is his son???

Allison Hutchison Cluphf

2 months ago

Diddy, you have beautiful children. You are proud father!

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson. THE KING!

Drew Anton

2 months ago

Happy birthday! Micheal jackson( the king of pop)🎈🎈🎂🎂🎈🎈

Aaron Doyle

2 months ago

What a coincidence I'm just watching your farewell , Hbd king of pop , may your memory live forever

James Heavey

2 months ago

Happy Birthday! His Legacy goes on and on! Rest In Paradise!

Hediyah A. Bullen

2 months ago

Both gone too soon miss them much love them always

Monique Greene

2 months ago

Love luv luv both!
My Dudes, growin up 4sure.
So artistically creative and awesome!
All Ladies, tell the truth on this.
Both so sweet & sexy;
Prince, u know was ready 2swing from a chandelier & break it.
Michael, we making it sturdy & then, we breakin it.
Rip, angels!.

Bella Ford

2 months ago

I want them back. The world is lacking.

Dren Krasniqi

2 months ago

Hi -- trying to remember you .. Way back you look out for me -- very supportive to... In ottawa ---- keeping me healthy by drinking ---- I must of been 12 at the time -- now 36 ---your cool guy --- hope some day I could hang out with you

Monica Munoz

2 months ago

I been holding this piss for the longest

Christopher Fowle

2 months ago

I am gonna check all the landing gear before we take off....

Laura Good

2 months ago

love to the children eazy e s suegra pasta for azul nati teru shuger hill

Nicole Deetz

2 months ago

lates homy im in nogi 259 n rodriguez behind sgrado corazon

whats up p diddy the son of jacks gag in la fotos for the milk box

Yulieth Mosquera

2 months ago


Francesco Trovato

2 months ago

Black excellence !
Love the way that sounds..

Lee Ann Wong

2 months ago

I bet... till its something diff their looking for... im cool with it but not what their really trying to See

Combs Family Vacation. Just a vibe... #DiddyView

Christy Omoso

2 months ago

One of thé paradise un this earthe.Stan B.

Anna Brook Gasperecz

2 months ago

Right on . Yall Stay safe positive vibes to my peoples

Brandon Winters

2 months ago

Diddy Happy Monday to u and family !!! That vacation looks like the epitome of Fun !!!


Vükåñîê Mbåthā Kîñg Trëvør

2 months ago

Beautiful pic honor and always cherish your daughter's You R the First Man of their lives many blessings.

Chris Berthou

2 months ago

I was just telling someone on social media you were the best freestyle rapper I had ever heard..the first time I heard u was when u were underground with Drake and he kept trying to take the did so good in that session..and I didn't even know u freestyled like that.. please do not allow the beat issue beef conflict to slow u down as a performer..that was just a small distraction from the devil..u are truly great and your family is beautiful

Angelica Pach

2 months ago

There is no other feeling like FAMILY LOVE, it's priority one and Forever. Happy Sunday to you and Family Diddy have a great day everyday 🙏

Bill Black

2 months ago

When I heard about and finally laid my eyes on a good looking man named LL Cool J❤️
Alison Newby Taylor
Sterling Simmons


Alex Cometa

2 months ago

Rappers delight by the Sugar Hill Gang
I was 7 years old , 2nd grade
Only white girl to know ALL the words😜🤣😂 right after it came out

Alannah Carton

2 months ago

When I'm alone in my room
Sometimes I stae at the wall
And in the back of my mind
I hear my conscience call
Telling me I need a girl who's as sweet as a dobw
For the first time on my life, I see I need love. LL Cool J

Sandra Vargas Perez

2 months ago

Mr carter beyonce

Ashley Wilson

2 months ago

Great picture looking good both you though this lovely and amazing 💘 you bless you both with wonderful talents keep going and being yourselves now love you too looking good Queen B

Fabio Trujillo

2 months ago

Why this pic look like diddy trynna out sing B? 😭

Change your mindset. #PositiveVibesONLY

Latonya Heard

2 months ago

Negative people will never give you a positive life

Ranjit Yonjan

2 months ago

I like this one Diddy. Motivation and Inspiration!!

Dahlia Armellino

2 months ago

Positivity opens all kinds of doors. Loving Diddy!

Congratulations Marcus Rashford on receiving the iconic Number 10. #BlackExcellence

Manchester United

Cody Whitfield

3 months ago

I just love how Duffy celebrates anything Black . That's what we really need

Clare Stonehall

3 months ago


Silvia Alcantarilla

3 months ago

GET A CLUE ..VOTE BLUE 2018 2020

Debby Gamarra

3 months ago

You truly are such INSPIRATION . ..God is GREAT and God is GOOD...GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER LOVE ♡X♡X♡X

Carol Vasquez

3 months ago

37 year's an believe in God. But clearly that statement is wrong

Katherine Fernandez Cardenas

3 months ago

2K18 Still Adults Have Imaginary Friends


LaToya S Lewis

3 months ago

I don't believe that when American national anthem comes on the whole of the country stands even people watching at home or people or those not watching so why should athletes. people don't give their lives for an anthem they give their lives for freedom and to stop atrocities I'm a veteran and I don't stand for UK national anthem

Felice Scozzafava

3 months ago

Give some of your salary to teach kids to not carry guns and act like gangsters and then maybe I will back you until then stand up my father and most of my family and friends defend your freedom to play on Sunday I understand what it's about but it's not our flag or the national anthem it's about injustices in the community I grew up as white kid in central Texas and I was pretty much a trouble teen i changed my own life and future. I did wrong and did my time. I did point guns at cops and act like a victim in the end so many things to say but this is pointless unless your action is genuine.

Naomi Machado

3 months ago

It's so interesting how people can miss the real message when they really want to miss it!!! #Intentional

Steve Santillan

3 months ago

They look like actual princesses...Nice to see some people know how to dress their daughters like royalty.


3 months ago


Micheal Rouson

3 months ago

Setting the standard for what a "Lady" should look like! Fantastic Diddy!

Carla Rosa

3 months ago

Christopher Wallace Alias (Biggy Small,Notorious B .I. G)has proven to be the best and most innovative solo artist ever existed on this planet.Rip

Ancuta Cristina

3 months ago

Yall be harping on BIGGIE. I think Puf (Marc) is hynotizing...He looks more like PUFFY & Diddy. I am ...they fine...what kind of job when your boss is that fine..eveyones like " does he even know how fine he is." took me a long time to eat chicken wings in front of Marc & a pepsi & belch.

Barbara Barszczowska

3 months ago

Thanks for your amazing mark on music and lifestyle you and Badboy made us proud to be black in the 90's All the magic .In that short period of time .I can only imagine if you lived .The treasure we would have.<3

Are you ready for the comeback episode?? The MOST ANTICIPATED episode of #TheFour airs Thursday at 8PM on FOX!

Evvie and Zhavia are hitting the stage!!!

Debby Larkings

3 months ago


Andi Haines Frazier

3 months ago

one trilion poercent man.. at the shoir man.. not saying a word man..but I that was foot steps horns and cirlce man.. on cajulion percent. man.

Malena Navarrete

3 months ago

.. cicle something.. bam.. it need atention where did it start where does it end.. .. ? right?. seee..

Congrats #France🇫🇷 ✊🏿🖤 #blackexcellence

Miguel Angel

3 months ago

I'm sure this is meant good, but it's as racist as a lot of white people that you judge yourself. If you want excellence, be better then them. I don't judge people on how they look, only on how they act. The future is a multicultural, and anyone thinking different will be on the losing side eventually.

Ahkeia Roberts

3 months ago

They are French, most of them have not lived in the country you tagged them with.
There are millions of football players in African countries, why haven't any African country win the world Cup?
Don't take credit for what you did not make or know how it started.

Kieran Reeve

3 months ago

Africa will rule again nothing like the original Black Excellence you all make me feel like the daughter of a king which I am the Lions of the tribes of Juda that our name.💋💋💋💖

Stay focused.

Fauzto Ballesteros

3 months ago

But God may have other plans than man, who he made and rules your time here!! You can't believe in God and don't believe in him too. Its one or the other. Make up your mind

Mary Grace

3 months ago

Yea, you already said that today

Andy Ford

3 months ago

Ameen bad boy legend 🤗😍😄😎😘

Margaret Ardis

3 months ago

It's kinda scary we on the same Accord. I needed this sign for whatever reason you accommodated it. Thanks Love 💗😘

James Feldman

3 months ago

Looking Good and Happy My Brother stay Cool Love You.

Abigail Amaguayo

3 months ago

Love your music. You are definitely master musician artist at its best. I love your show the four. They said music makes the world go around especially Hip Hop music. It will be honor to be your number one fan. Thank-you very much.

Nick Chatziyakoumis

4 months ago

And dont mess with peoples modes of transportation like all automotives, bikes, scooters, skate boards, skates, roller blades, wagons, carts. The vehicles are not involved in the disagreement, yall will lose in court. Someone bashed my windows & tires on all fours. Its 18 years later , I am back I was in ICU & the neighbor & her friend didnt even really even like Marc she forgot she did all that to me until it came back. Now ...I have to blame Marc. Cause I cant be friends with her & she married someone else. Leave property out of the debate. I told him, I ma say everything I need to say & you can love or hate me...its too much....when its too much for me & I know I am first. Puffy was like " Mom is winning she really hasnt fallen & she hasnt gotten knocked out which means she might be right"

Goyita Ruiz

4 months ago

I am back. I am younger but I am still Ma and she has to learn to farm & give it away at a farmers market on weekends like MJ had to do & Jay: tomatoes, corn, potatoes, cabbage, carrots , onion, bell peppers & greens. Greens which are very difficult cause their leaves are sweet & tasty you have to grow them in a greenhouse in bin cause greens get eaten by little rabbits.

Monze Andrade

4 months ago

I woke him. I woke my hugest handsomest sleeping giant #1. I wasnt hiding I couldnt remember who I started with & its important. Ive grown & I am growing. Ive gotta ground Jen just a teeny bit community service & food for farmers markets loll she knew ...somethings not necessary shes brilliant thats a role she plays. Her husband Jimmy loves me. Loll

أبو علي لورانس

4 months ago

"We Let Go And We Let God" ...Love... #4Eva. ..AMEN!

Aayush Chitrakar

4 months ago

☺️♥️💪 I looooooooooove dady my loooooooooove kisse you

Shiiny Ruiiz

4 months ago

I thought i told yu that..... We Wont stop

Dan Rackham

4 months ago

I'm looking in Longevity's eyes
I play with Infinity's mind, Forever's my guy


Nour EL Deen

4 months ago

Ex color true color Excommunication Desires designed by P rain Diddy sky blue

Mae Paiva

4 months ago

Diddy you GQ down !!! Such good taste and class !!!!!

Sarah Clark

4 months ago

We expect too much sometimes from the rich and famous. They deserve privacy and peace as well. 💐

Zanele Njoloza

4 months ago


Danyel Amorim

4 months ago

It's always good to see You lots of Blessings

Jesus Movement Entertainment

4 months ago

Mr Love have you tried to get a Royal Warrant for your Fabulous Vodka?

Angie Quiñones Astudillo

4 months ago

I won't! Diddy and where I'm going to and where I'm from.

Cal Bingman

4 months ago

Amen and never forget where you come from and where you going to go that's a blessing from God and strong-willed people


Natalie Jiang

5 months ago

I have done my part of the deal and you can create albums that will sell millions of copies from the bars to the bank series and there are shows,tours and concert that I can organise that thousands of fans will buy tickets to attend,I will arrange a checking account where you will send the $3 million dollars and I will let you know when I receive the money and you can call me at anytime

Dominika Tomanikova

5 months ago


Larry Cothern

5 months ago

My daughters & my son what your keep to me there 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽l wish your happiness ever inside mom & Daddy okay 👌🏽 how was your weekend