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Trying to fast forward time to December 25th, 2020. #Sherlock3

S.r. Shakil

4 days ago

I was in the prison on Sherlock 1 Robert I played a prostitute! You remember how cold was it?😂 Hope to work on Sherlock Holmes 3!:) Was a privilege to working with you you were really nice with everyone. / And that time had no clue who you were lol/ My brother got so excited when I told him I’m on SH and the actor who plays Sherlock is something Downey😂😂😂He was like OMG you don’t know him? He is one of my favourite actor!:) Well since that day I follow your career:) And been on SH2 and on Age of Ultron- Thank you to saving me I was a core Sokovian getting on the lifeboat where the explosion happened and you saved us( Cgi Ironman lol) but still lol. Oh and do you know btw your great grandmother from your father side was 100% Hungarian? No wonder you are handsome, charming, intelligent, have good sense of humour!!! ( Like Hungarians:) Yes I’m Hungarian as well:) Hope to see you on set soon😉Xx

Mochi Tello

5 days ago

But you can't, can you, Robert. Because you Sherlocks let Thanos get away with the time stone, didn't you, Robert. And now, no one gets to fast-forward time. This is why we can't have nice things, Robert.

Carol Hart Brooks

5 days ago

Me too. Have now I introduced all my family to your Sherlock and we are all waiting for news of Sherlock 3. Watching you since film Chaplin, every part you play is so realistic and believable. Thanks. xxxx

More Than A Suit...10 years atMarvel Studios
TBT to summers passed and Pepperony staying cool by the beach.

Moses Jacob Amrit

9 days ago

Congratulations Robert Downey Jr. Thank you for giving us an unparalleled iron man, you were born for that role. Iron man, It makes me think that we can all do something to help.

Alexa Bowman

9 days ago

Thank you RDJ! You made so many people happy not only watching but engaging in the Avengers. Your acting talent many actors seem to lack. Ive been a huge fan of your work since you were a kid playing roles with Moly Ringwold in the 80s. Please don't leave us for long. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ always

Maria Mirasol Gavanes Arqueza

10 days ago

Gracias a mi hijito (ahora de 4 años, soy la mami fan de Ironman, mi hijo es mega fan desde los 2 1/2 años ...quiere tener barba como Tony Stark ( se we la dibujo algunas veces 😶😶😶) y ojos oscuros como Tony, se niega a decir que sus ojos son verdes ya que dice que son igual a los de Tony stark ahhh y le encanta AC DC por Tony ... para Navidad quiere un Iron Man Igor Mark 38 🙄😶🙄😶🙄😶 Bravo Tony = Iron Man!

Slightly guilty of laughing.

(Credit to tea-4-you-and-me on Tumblr.)

Tammy McConaghy

12 days ago

As a member of the Comment Reading Association (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you and have a great day!

Cathy Mitchell

13 days ago

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
June 3 ·
If you’re goin’ thru the struggle, hold on to faith and hard work. You never know what’s on that other side.
And in a world of unpredictability, at least those are two qualities we can always control.
And yup that weekly rent ain’t no joke 😂🤟🏾 #gratitude #alohaspirit

Jennifer Nicole Thomas

13 days ago

i love how Dr. strange says there is 1 in 14 million or so chance that we gon win then later on he hands thanos the infinity stone saying "its the only way"

I'm not crying, that's just a little dust in my eye.

(Credit to avengergram on Instagram.)

Hugo Hugo

13 days ago

**Edit: what I'm saying is based on MCU not comics, so don't make an argument based on the comics.** This scene should have never even been made, Thor who can fly, ended up showing up late behind people with no powers that ran. Thor could have prevented Thanos from getting the last stone easy. Even with Dr. Strange not using the stone himself was a huge plot hole, he saw the outcome of every scenario yet didn't plan to have Quill away. Movie had so many plot holes it sickened me. I felt like I was watching the X-Men movies. I was super hyped for 10 years waiting for this movie but was rather disappointed.

Isabel Aguayo

13 days ago

Okay, the movie has been out for a month now. If you haven’t seen it yet, that’s on you. I’m all about not spoiling anything but you just gotta avoid the internet altogether if you’re gonna wait that long. And P.S., this scene made me cry. 💔 But this meme is hilarious. 😂

Dan LaBert

13 days ago

Just saw this a few days ago and when everyone was dying this poor kid who was obviously a fan of all super heroes was sobbing next to us! This kid was straight up sniffling. He must have been 12. I wanted to hug him. I don't think anything could have mentally prepared the audience for that ending..

In case anyone's feeling a little blue today.

Victoria Fmt

13 days ago

Robert, you're excellent at what you do! But do not take these words to enlarge your ego, read them and believe it, because it is true! Great kisses and hugs from Argentina!

Bright Apex Matukuta

13 days ago

You are the most beautiful person I have ever met, both inside and out. The most incredible thing about you is your beauty, which exists on the outside, but on the inside it is so great that it radiates and leaves you even more beautiful, if that's possible. I would spend all day looking at you and admiring your eyes!

Ah Tall Da Stånisley Souza

13 days ago

I have been a fan of yours since my teens, and my 8 year old son is a HUGE fan of Iron Man. He was Iron Man for Halloween 6 years in a row. Can you give a shout out to Xander Weir? It would make his day. #loverobertdownyjr

Accurate depiction of my excitement.

(Credit to chorandoemparis on Twitter.)

Ye Naung

16 days ago

Mine also :) The hype is real I already preordered a dvd copy last month my excitement is past Aaaaaaaaa!

Infanta Irutsugi

16 days ago

I FINALLY got to see the movie! I think I kicked the chair in front of me at least 10 times! And I left the movie...speechless! Wow, just wow!!!

Jasmine Blake

16 days ago

Robert Downey Jr I can't say that I don't blame you!

As a musician, why don't you get "The Five Other Original Avengers (Including yourself)" and make a music video with everyone as their characters in The Avengers.

This is so that for when the the whole Avengers business finishes and either some, lots, or everyone is no longer playing Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury, etc that everyone can have a laugh and a sing-along with you and the other five all showing off The Avengers Tattoo.

I would mention it to everyone if anybody is interested when working with Marvel has come to a close.

With you Robert singing "Every Breath You Take" and clips of Infinity War not only look sad and funny, but fun in a way of the friendships made in making films and working with Marvel.

Also, hope you and your family are keeping well.

Dr. Gary Strange?

(Credit to captaingalxy on Twitter.)


16 days ago

LOVE this one!! Mr. Downey, Dear... Just FYI-- either someone has hacked your page and is PMing folks --or I "Talked" to you for about 1/2 an hour last night on PM?????
I'm assuming it isn't really you-- but if I'm wrong-- let me know...?
Thought you'd like to know if someone is posing as you and somehow linking to this page!!! <3

Charlene Dixon

16 days ago

I believe you borrowed Gary The Snail's Ensemble !! Of course you do wear it much, much, better!! Every Girl's Crazy about a sharp dressed man......not snail!

Rebecca Emily

16 days ago

Hahahahahahaha... Funny... Dr. Gary Strange... 😆... You sure are funny... Robert... Hilarious... Thanks Twitter...


P.S... Looking good Dr. Strange... Reading is wonderful...

Knew I was missing some accessories.

(Credit to hoppyrabbit on Tumblr.)

Stvn Dogol

16 days ago

Your smile YOUR WATCH. I love how they are always in sync and make you so more beautiful than you already are. I want to be able to admire them forever!

Joy Thapelo Dlamini

16 days ago

People are going nuts about the theory that you’re going to be killed off in the next Avengers. If that happens there’s going to be problems...I think you are now required to be in Marvel for the rest of your natural life - or people are gunna go nuts!

Veronica Romero

17 days ago

Still are, I'm afraid this headpiece clashes with your Jacket~ I know you have better style than this~ step it up, or go for the Worst~ Never be in-between, just not you~ LMAO~

Who leaked the end of Avengers 4?

(Credit to tolkienianjedi on Twitter.)

Amy Bogdanova

18 days ago

I see it happening. Tony gets the Gauntlet. He uses the Reality Stone to render Thanos weak and powerless. Police show up and arrest Thanos.

พีรพัฒ สุขอนันต์

18 days ago

Carisse Blancaflor omg i just realised... cap is wearing his old costume... the beard is gone and his hair is 40s/avengers (first movie) style. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IM SCARED

Heleno Amaral

18 days ago

Thanos doesn't have the real gems. But AntMan does. He even married Phoebe for them, years ago. He will save everyone in the end.

Does the internet ever stop?

(Credit to deppradowneyra on Tumblr.)

Darryl Mickens

20 days ago

I'm not sure what to address first, the fact that RDJ is apparently creeping around tumblr, or that he's actively feeding the shippers and then acting innocent

Seelo Swartz

21 days ago

This ship is amazing!! All people make this ship!! #Stony #Downevans And..... No Rob Internet never will stop because you and he always give us material for make our ship😊 and tell the truth ..... You Love this ship .... And Evans too

Karen Wright

21 days ago

Would you really want it to? Things like this are tiding everyone over until the next Avengers movie. We have to do something to fix the hole where our hearts used to be after Infinity War ripped them out. After seeing this, I got a piece back. Thanks for sharing!!

Infinity War in 3 frames.

(Credit to thatplacewiththeposts on Tumblr.)

Krista Harvey

21 days ago

Well I might have chilled out with my pals saying I don't have kids and I'm never gonna work as nanny so no need to hit my head on floor.
(But I really loved infinity war and still loving it)

Lucas Quevedo

22 days ago

Thanos is right, bizarrely. 7bn people on a planet that can only support 2.5bn... if we make more chairs that leaves even less resources for future generations.

Alice Anglin

22 days ago

There is another way. Pit them against each other and the winners have the right to sit in the chairs while the losers serve the winners. The losers will be filled with hate and rage. This will drive them to push harder gaining more strength to win the next time. You teach them passion which gives them the drive to win. You teach them to not tolerate their own weakness so they have a proper respect for strength and power. They become stronger and you eliminate weakness in your ranks. They grow up to become strong and have the tools to make a better future.

Seeing who sits in the chairs is a short term problem...think about the big picture and use it to your advantage in the long run. Don't just see the chairs...mold them so that they may have a better future. Teach them that conflict is not something to run away's only an obstacle we overcome to become stronger and better people.

Stay Strange.

(Credit to hollandftmarvel on Twitter.)

Gilpatrick Peyton

23 days ago

discloses, "The other thing I find "strange" is walking into a city airport late at night and the airline reservation/check in area being like a ghost town AND... receiving text messages, via wireless telephone, from a stranger claiming to be in the National Guard. While I'm standing there thinking, "WTFaaaa~?!!!"

Bn Brunoo

23 days ago

I've seen it twice now in theaters, and still haven't spoiled anything for anyone. But I sure have talked about it with friends that have seen screen by screen detail. Great Job Marvel!!!

Anika Suthanthan

24 days ago

says, "You know what I find "strange"? Walking into a city court house that has no security screening machines and no court officers present to ensure the safety and keep the peace of everyone entering/exiting the building before/after a hearing/trial."

Thank you Internet.

(Credit to butterflyinthewell on Tumblr.)

Albertoo Gonzalez

24 days ago

Hi I sincerely hope this is your profile as we’ve recently heard you are filming in our area Anglesey next weekend and it happens to be our eldest sons birthday! He is obsessed with avengers and marvel and we’ve just finished their superhero themed bedroom! He would love to have a photo taken with you if it’s at all possible you would definitely make a little boys birthday wish come true! My name is Mark, hope this gets to you!!

Miguel Villaverde

24 days ago

So you're multishipping now, eh? (Ps, will u please cover the song Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At the Disco for the internet, please? Also, if u wanted to be my dad figure and adopt me that would be nice too 😏)

Belinda TE

24 days ago

I finally had a day off from work and was able to go see the Avengers Infinity War today. What a roller coaster ride of emotions I felt through that movie. I left feeling like I just left a funeral. It makes my heart kind of sad that I won’t be seeing you guys in anymore avengers movies. You all did an amazing job as always 😊

Homework always comes first.

(Credit to mattdahddario on Twitter.)

Reina Felipe

25 days ago

I'm sorry but I don't believe in Homework .
When I was in school from 8am until 3pm ,
not counting lunch time and recess the teachers had all that time to get the students to do their
school work .

If the teacher gave out homework , obviously the teacher had you do too much work for the day .
As far as I'm concerned , from 3pm onwards is your own personal time .
Children shouldn't be forced into using up their valuable playtime doing homework .

As for me , like the late Lux Interior of
The Cramps said in the song New Kind Of Kick ,
I learned all I know by the age of 9 .

I had a Horrible Childhood and I didn't know my
Father because he said that I wasn't his child .
As for high school goes , I was hardly ever in my high school in my senior year because there was no need for me to be there .

Oh sure I had to pass my senior exam .
I made a deal with my Catering Teacher .
I asked him what was the exam and I told him
that if I didn't pass it , then he could fail me and
I would have to live with Failing High School .

My senior exam was a piece of cake .
I had to list 100 Wines and I had to list
100 Spices .

I was the Only student in the history of the
Catering Class of 1982 who actually accomplished
the senior exam . I aced it .
I was the only student to graduate from high school with 2 Diplomas .

What I'm trying to say here is , if my Catering teacher can teach me what I need to know in
3 hours a day , 5 days a week , then there's
No need for homework whatsoever .

Plus , my Grandparents were great cooks .
Especially my Grandmother who was Irish .
As for my Grandfather , he was a Machinist and he created the formula for Silverstone and he sold it
to DuPont for a nice fortune .
The man was such a genius that he made a
False tooth for himself and he made it out
of Nylon , and yes , it was a perfect fit .

Alicia Lee B. Gonzales

25 days ago

Hahahahahahaha... Tony Stark/IRONMAN... Of course HOMEWORK comes first... Always... You have plenty of Super Heroes to help you out... ♥️😁♥️... Peter Parker/Spiderman... Needs to be as smart as you... or at least as smart as you... Hahahahahahaha... 😆...


P.S... So... He can help you... 😁...

April De

25 days ago

I love every interaction you have with Tom, it really kinda feels like Tony is taking the uncle Ben spot and, even though he's a sarcastic buttmunch sometimes (all of the times) they still feel like all of it is building up to making Tony a better man.
Plus it's good for spidey too.

Science bros forever. #facts

(Credit to crediblehulk_ on Twitter.)

Jasmine Monique

a month ago

Yes...all People have small in Heart and angry yessssss,all People would like to be Ruk.... i'm would

Jane Frires

a month ago

Sebastian O'Ferrall I swear either Boersy or Wallace had a "credible hulk" meme thing in one of the documents we referred to

Molly Collins

a month ago

Supervillain Internetman is immune to facts and documented sources. They just bounce right off!
Looks like The Credible Hulk will need some backup from his friend Professor Schoolman who can travel back in time to educate people in the classroom. Beat the villain by changing their timeline so they never turn to darkness.

Just a little love for your humpday.

(Photo edit credit to irondaddy2 on Twitter.)

Sue Howard

a month ago

i wan robert downey jr in mcu.
you are so excellent character because you are the ATM machine of the MCU movies and i don't wan any character in your place.If any character come in your place tony stark place that character don't have your talent.I love sir you are so excellent

Kerry McGrath

a month ago

There are some rolls that should never be touched. Humphrey Bogart will always be Rick and RDJ should always be Tony. If it's too hard for you at 53, we get that. But I just can't buy anyone being able to do it better. Just the thought of them killing Tony off is heart breaking though. Couldn't you retire the suit and scientifically consult?

Jessica Renee Foster

a month ago

sent rampal ji maharaj ji is the incarnation of Kabir Saheb, rampal ji, God blesses dangerous diseases due to the blessings of God; Rampal is God, the giver of devotion and salvation. It is 100% true.

DIY TOTU (Do It Yourself, Take Over The Universe).

(Credit to marvelousjokes on Instagram.)


a month ago

RDJ and any one of u ..Do u know about sterlite company??? If u know about this... Pls be stand with us and support for #bansterlite #save_tuticorin ... It's a very serious issue in Tamilnadu, India We need support..Our government they don't really care about us. please support

Michelle Palma

a month ago

The legend of the rubber gloves.....uh oh, one of the 'jewels' just fell down the garbage disposal. Is that going to make a difference? LOVE U AND YOUR WIERDNESS.....your movies are pretty good too...🌹❤️😘🙄😎

Hugo Silva Sá

a month ago

Oh man! If the gauntlet is a dish glove than I can only imagine the infinity stones: laundry stone, toilet stone, mopping stone, dusting stone, and windows stones! Know what I say! They can keep that gauntlet! I’m going to hold out for the gauntlet that comes with the vacation stone lol

Just doing my best.

(Credit to hisduckling on Tumblr.)

Corey Waller

a month ago

RDJ, love you man but if l had to choose l wouldn’t mind being the bad guy behind you for just a day. The rest of the time l’d like to be Barking Tony Starking.

Eliot Dlp

a month ago

I guess sometimes the best way to win against bad guys is to talk to them and say "HEY! How about we stop fighting and throwing moons at people. It's not nice!" ← This is what we all tried😂

Georgia Childs

a month ago

Quick question Mr. Stark. Why didn't Strange just go back in time with the time infinity stone and stop Thanos before he even started. Kinda would have made no so many dead people.

*spoiler alert*

(Credit to brilliantbrand1 on Twitter.)

Amanda Pope Steenken

a month ago

Great movie! So depressing at the end! Robert, will there be a sequel? I’m crushed that Black Panther died 😩but glad you survived! Give us a hint when the next sequel please!? Thx!! You’re an awesome actor! I enjoyed Avengers Infinite War!! So much action from beginning to end!!! 👏👏👏👏👏😁😁😁😁

Marta Myśliwiec

a month ago

So..u mean... Hawkeye disguised himself as Thanos...but it is...not. Hawkeye's fault it is..a fault of whole marvel family especially #stanlee .. because as a Avenger he should be in this film as..a hero...but your avoidance made him...evil....
But thank god this is... #hawkeye not #deadpool😋😋😋😋

Duds Rocha

a month ago

SPOILLLLLERRRSSi reckon in the next one, Hawkeye will be so pissed with Thanos - I have a feeling his wife and children vanished.

Yer an Avenger, Harry.

(credit to rdjarmysmeyye on Tumblr.)

Maureen Pay

a month ago

Deapool be like "what? How come that kid become an avenger when all he has done is to save an old skul doing some witchy stuff while i ughmm DEADPOOL!!!.. YEAH! rejected? Dude i saved canada 2 times! 2 times! I deserve to be an avenger!"..

Alycia Mc

a month ago

I'm a big fan of the MCU and RDJ, but I never do that tattoo, part of me wanted to because it's pretty cool, but it's something that the original six wanted for themselves not that so everyone copy them. I'm not being a hater or anything but I think that is part of them and no one else.

Kelly Maughan

a month ago

Robert Downey Mir,

For years you thought you were an individual with public attention span. But after having seen Frieza of Dragonball Z. You knew things were going to change. I get it things got twisted you had to twist of fate and think twice. But it just so seems you were mistaken. And things weren't actually as they seem or were they?!

Avengers 4 leaked scene?

(credit to DexertoLive on Twitter.)

Christian Sunday

a month ago

I have just finished watching Movie “Avengers: Infinity War”, this scene make me laugh.(from Taiwan)

Raymond Guzman Jr

a month ago

Definitely yes, it’s in Taiwan.
Lots of people love to cosplay someone that they admired while attending the marathon race. They’re just trying to make everyone happy.🤣


Benjamin Breeg

a month ago

AOS got ANOTHER SEASON!!! PERFECT Timing to tie Coulson into Pt 2!!! Graviton fights Thanos in the comics. He is on the last few episodes of AOS this season. Plus, they made MANY Thanos, War, etc references!!!


(Credit to peterquillsl on Twitter.)

Douglas Gainer

a month ago

I saw infinity war yesterday I didn't get the ending ... The only thing I understood he snapped his fingers and half the people died ... Soo what was the ending scene about ? Plz explain

Sawardekar Mahesh

a month ago

Jordan amazing how rdj posted this, but the most phenominal thing is how the top comment is top comment

Brenda Heinritz

a month ago

Mark Perussich I looked at this and literally have not been able to stop laughing for the last 35 hours. OMG I'm dying, OMG so funny roflmao

Is this my good side yet?

Shiva Subramanian

a month ago

I have been innundated with RDJ posers in my messages. They all want me to donate to the RDJ tshirt thingy. Whats up with that? Socially conscious trolls?

Jowita Beźnic

a month ago

Hay Rob do remember John that ues to play in a band kind a like kiss . In the late 80,s an his dad was the background director

Christophe Oxfort

a month ago

hi iron man. i am from Indonesia. give me a hand please... this week a lot of bombing teror. Give support us not be afraid to fight the terrorists. i hope my country can be safe again...

Is there any use protesting?

(Credit to avengers_super_fan on Instagram.)

Nicole Farrer

a month ago

I see. No use of protesting. At least, it really WAS a good idea... Sorry, guys. A lot of hope, attention and a glimpse of the feeling how it could be, was ment to be... Hollywood at it's best. Miss the happy end.

Edima Tombere

a month ago

Que- is Shuri smarter than Tony Stark Ans- No,Shuri is a intelligent person because she has the evolutionary advantage of Vibranium. That's the cause she can make her thought out into reality. with out vibranium she is like one handed winter soldier (white wolf). Tony Stark is a person who invented technology like Jarvis,Friday.He is superior by his own created technology. He is successful as a human superhero IRON MAN. He always update himself. That's make him smartest person in marvel universe with out a doubt

Pierre Patrick Nzambiyumva

a month ago

Cody Okay, ignoring the glory that is the rest of the team, check out the pink haired beauty at the top ;)

Very funny, Internet...

(Credit to hisduckling on Twitter.)

Bernhard Swatek

a month ago

Hi Just watched Off Camera Episode....loved it...I made notes to share with my sales team about how you approached your roles. Thx. Your words of wisdom on how to approach roles is very valuable to those of us in sales pros are just performers after all playing a role...

Agnie Szka

a month ago

Arnt tramp stamps usually above the crack of ones ass?

Funny story my grandmother was dying from cancer. I went to see her before she passed and she told me that i should get "Made in Japan written on the small of my back. (I was in fact born there). I had to explain to my dying grandmother what a tramp stamp is, and why i wasn't going to get one.

Debbie Septiani Ierawan

a month ago

It’s ok. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We accept your love of Captain America. You just need to embrace it. XD sometimes I wonder what you really think of all these memes and photos of yourself online.

The stones were the friends we made along the way.

(Credit to ben_rosen on Twitter.)

Carmen Castro

a month ago

Interestingly who would have which stone.. I would say..

Phoebe - has the 'Power Stone

Pete - has the 'Space stone

Ross - has the 'Mind Stone

Chandler - has the 'Soul Stone

Rachel - has the 'Time Stone

Joey - has the 'Reality Stone

and Monica has the 'Infinity Gauntlet
So she seduces 'Pete Becker (John Favreau) to get his 'Space stone.
And by the end of friends she gets all the stones and makes the all the Unclean Unhygienic people in the universe 'Vanish'

Then Pete Becker gets a new job as Tony's assistant and calls himself 'Happy' and eventually he gives Tony the knowledge of the infinity stones and being a genius himself (created Moss 865) and knowing martial arts.. he trains Tony after Tony escapes from the 10 Rings in the First Movie..

And Gamora is born to Monica and her second husband i.e (gamoras dad)
After that Monica leaves their Planet and spreads the infinity stones through a time portal in to different ages this creating a timeline and place difference for each of the stones..

How about that 😂😂😂😂

How about that .. 😂

Jo Bertuzzi

a month ago

Ya I wish this was real. It's red blue yellow red blue yellow in the real thing. So they had two reality stones, two space stones, and two mind stones. Just imagine if thanos two copies of just the mind, space and reality instead of one of each. Would he be like "meh I guess it works"

Leonora Scott

a month ago

Nobody thought to kick Peter Quills behind for hitting Thanos when Mantis had him tranced? All
This is his fault IMO

Iron Man 4: Hello Kitty?

(Credit to mrscccrawford on Twitter.)

Stephanie Kocmirski

a month ago

Missing your posts today, Bobby. Just gonna comment that this better be a hint at IM4! You teased us about Sherlock, sooo... 😁

Marcia Soares

a month ago

Iron Kitty, Captain Kitty, The incredible Cat, The Catterine, Wonderkitty, Spidercat.. and my all-time favourite: Kitty the god of Hello. 😂😂😂😂

Lynette Fonner

a month ago

If anyone would like to know where it is, this is located at Jed's Island Resort at Philippines. I've been there and it's hilarious 😂

You can say cat again.

(Credit to robertduckneyjr on Tumblr.)

Cheryl Elrod

a month ago

I think u should add sth related to cats in ur name. Ur every pic finds something similar to cat's pictures.

Shirley Dressel

a month ago

Facebook needs more cats....and light sabers. Or maybe cats with light sabers. Meh. Kittens with light sabers?
Sorry...tangent there. Thanks for sharing! Great pic! Cheers!

Emily Lucrezia Buffa

a month ago

Dude there’s zero correlation between the cat picture and you. You seriously need a walk outside in nature, you’re the biggest narcissist in Hollywood.

Does this come in a wallet size print? Asking for a friend.

IamSyre DaLxst

a month ago

Next time I beg you to see in korea😢😢😢😢😢 in korea we call you rodaju(로다주) beacuse your name is really really long and your so cute I wish that I can get Thumbs... 👍🤞love you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💘💕❣️💗💓💞💝

M Fazni Bin Ismail

a month ago

Every pic RDJ posts makes me smile a little more. MCU for life! (Is it wrong to want to be part of the team...... even if its just to be the gardener who has to trim Groots dead leaves?)

Bartłomiej Siedlecki

a month ago

How to freak out people waiting to get on an elevator. “When the door opens everyone POSE! Ready? 5....4....3...2...DING!” POSE!”
Doors open and this is what you see! #elevatorpose

*Tim Gunn voice* "Avengers... make it work..."

(Credit to megdchristopher on Tumblr.)

Carolynn Espinoza

a month ago

"The Infinity Belt worked in theory, but occasionally upon thrusting, the power stone would randomly go off and disintegrate the person on the receiving end. So we decided to go with the Gauntlet, plus snapping just seems more like a natural gesture for mass murder. Pelvic thrusting sends the wrong message." -Thanos from a 2019 Interview

Christopher Charles Romero

a month ago

Why didn't he tried the socks one he could hide it under his shoes avengers would not able to find it that is an another thing they even couldn't done anything even they know the stones are in the glove

Debbie Morris

a month ago

Hmmmmmm! I am thinking that if he was to try wielding an infinity sock,he may fall arse over head trying to whip it off. Also infinity shorts! I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans could occur if he tried wielding those! Not to mention that it may be a bit drafty round the nether regions having no strides on!

Does this mean we can make Stark Week a thing?

(Credit to apparently-an-artist on Tumblr.)

Sumana Bhattacharya

a month ago

As the two-actress Oscar nominee is the superhero of a spectacular comeback in Hollywood, managing to succumb to such talented, vicious villagers to smile more nicely than we know he can do

Justyna Wiencek

a month ago

If you leap out of the water and bite Seels maybe or are known for mistaking humans for food and being like naaah sorry about the life threatening lacerations my bad

Kailee Roessner-Lawson

a month ago

Haha... imagine how Thanos would pronounce 😂,
On a serious note , On RDJ's Birthday, WORLD SUPERHERO DAY should be observed coz he is the one who made superheros household names.

Definitely better.

(Credit to nunyabizni on Tumblr.)

Brittany Renae Robinson

a month ago

the thing i didn't like about the new homecoming, it 2 things. 1. flash Thompson was a cocky arrogant football player, and was NEVER peter's friend. he was a bully. and 2. peter designed everything for his Spider-Man career. he didn't rely upon tony stark for an amazing suit. i thought homecoming was ghastly.

Kailey Shaffer

a month ago

Love ya both, RDJ - gotta admit though, the boy /owned/ that performance. He’s still got a long way to go to measure up to your lifetime achievements, one of the best of which is you coming back and sharing your wit, talent, and charm with us all this go ‘round. Love seeing you perform and succeed. ❤ All the best, man.

Beree De Leon

a month ago

You look like old women, who doesn't know when is time to stop with makeup. By the way tomorrow I'm coming to cinema to Infinity war. I hope you haven't got makeup in it.

Totally slothsome.

(Credit to kittt-man on Tumblr.)

Bisi Awosanya

2 months ago

Congratulations on your once again screen success story. How does it feel to now have absolute legacy status? So proud of your incredible achievements. God Bless and anxiously awaiting Sherlock Holmes 3.

Татьяна Пантюх

2 months ago

Rhiannen Hollyoake Philippa Jane Head ....can we get a Robert Downey Jr in our Slothice please? I would feed and take care of him.

Roberta Isbell

2 months ago

Hey, just a thought- you should come to Caper Con this year!! Its a small town version of comic con and it would be incredible to have the heart of the Marvel Universe liven our tiny but feisty town!!

Legend says they're gonna help defeat Thanos.

(Credit to deppradowneyra on Tumblr.)

Ænlï RaMila

2 months ago

Tom Holland is everything in this picture😂😂😂 he's gonna come at thanos with an umbrella... Ella...Ella..

Stephen Jobs

2 months ago

The ending was awful. Spoiler but heres how it should have ended.
Thanos snaps his fingers and the screen goes white. Fades in & thanos is speaking with child gamora.

Gamora: did you get what you wanted?
Thanos: yes.
Gamora: what did it cost?
Thanos: everything.
*fade to black*
End credit scene happens & we're left wondering who, if any, of the avengers were effected.

Instead of listening to parker panic & watching everyone "die" when we know theres more movies with them in it & we know the gauntlet can be used to bring literally everyone back. Furthermore this movie cheapened everything Thor sacrificed in Ragnarok. He gets a new eye, he gets a new MORE POWERFUL weapon & hes more powerful than ever from what daddy told him. Sooooo ya. Thats why i have to dislike this movie. Im not even gonna get into the broken logic of removing the gauntlet(cut off the arm) or the finite resources (he could make unlimited resources instead) my issues are solely with the bad writing of the hollow ending & "deaths"

Daniel Gerhardt

2 months ago

only you can save the world from thanos

btw how will you comeback to earth you're on a different planet ..right??

True love never dies.

(Credit to srona58 on Tumblr.)

Rashil Joshi

2 months ago

Can I tell you a secret? My daughter has just gone through a horrible and unexpected detox from caffeine addiction, did we even know that was a thing? Those 5 hour energy type things, compounded with daily routine, iced teas, or an occasional soda, layered with immune boosting airborne to keep her from catching the flu, but having undisclosed ingredients... well, it feels like she lost a year, or more. As the withdrawal slid away, with the drastic mood swings, the pain, the anxiety, and the insomnia, what we locked into was catching up on the Avengers releases... they made her laugh, and eased her mind, which helped her find her back to 'normal'.
Thanks Robert, and Marvel Universe, I know all of the joy and love that you give comes back to you, greater.

Briana Nichole Aleman

2 months ago

I love you so much for taking time and changing that to my @ when you really didn't have to. Just knowing you liked the photo is enough but you just keep surprising me. 😭❤ are actually the best.

October Robb

2 months ago

It’s really great that your friendship that started as strangers can get along this way. And I know that you have always been that person for whom anyone would say “God, I love that guy”. It’s really great to see the fruits of being that person. I love you and I always will 😘😘

My sole sisters.

(Credit to personalwithelena on Tumblr.)

Doug Mattaino

2 months ago

Loved Infinity War. My 6 year old got very stressed when Tony got stabbed. But was fine with what came after. His logic is that if Ironman and Cappy are alive they can fix things.

Emma Elliott

2 months ago

In the midst of this huge crowd of empty hearts, I found you. From afar I saw a light shining and I decided to follow it. I soon came across you. It was clear what good you conveyed without at least saying a word or doing anything, because your soul acted all the time in your favor and for the world. An explosion of good feelings happen in my chest, and they are all by tell you

Adelaide Osei Frimpong

2 months ago

Speaking of soles, Terry Hitchcock ran through a few when he ran the distance of 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days, for which there is a book I wish to send you to read and enjoy.

Ahhh, internet.

(Credit to doctorsadiepond on Tumblr.)

Britney Robinson

2 months ago

I can totally picture you sitting at a computer coming up with these and just blame them on the internet. Lol

Jesse Sherer

2 months ago

Well now ,
Being that I like you as an Actor and that you have
Liked a couple of my Comments , I'm just not going to say anything that would make you block me .

I think that I draw the line at the Tonytubbies .

Efrén Empo

2 months ago

Avengers Infinity war is available on my profile, check now <3

A true friend.
(Credit to avengers-posts on Tumblr.)

Shida Yoshinori

2 months ago

Robert thank you very much for such a performance in Avengers Infinity Wars, you opened a page in my life that will be to remember with hate, nostalgia, empathy, love, you and all your production partners, I never thought that 10 years of work will culminate in an epic way , I hope you can read this message and once the infinite thanks for all this story that culminated with a film full of unexpected emotions, you are great and for me I love you Robert you will always be Iron Man a thousand thanks!

Michael Randlöv

2 months ago

Hey Robert I just watched the Infínity war movie ... I adore you, my respects Iron Man, that deserves all the oscars ... my mind is in Shock, WOW LITERALLY WOW

Jacob Paulino

2 months ago

I wanted to write you Robert Downey Jr, I went with my boyfriend and my son to see the Avengers, Infinity War today. It was AMAZING! The cliff hanger on the end, brilliant. I can't wait to see what happens next. Sitting in the movie theater today, people cheering and clapping. You don't get that reaction from most movies.

Iron Man and Iron Man's Best Friend.

(Credit to Srona_58 on Twitter.)

Ivan Nkole

2 months ago

Went yesterday night and tonight to infinity wars. Must see movie. Best movie:) can’t get enough of it. I was wearing all my iron man clothing etc:) I think by the time I’m done watching infinity war he will be able to go get a new sports car lmao 😂😂

Kathy Schild

2 months ago

I would love it if you would reboot the #SherlockHolmes franchise. Iron Man and Avengers are awesome. But Sherlock... #Saphiophiles of the world unite in agreement that you owned that character! We need to see something intelligent come out of the entertainment industry again

Martha Salazar

2 months ago

Extremely emotional movie, Actions overloaded, comedy overloaded, tour of planets overloaded, power of thor overloaded, THanos overloaded, but why ironman underloaded... #Marvel_AvengersInfinityWar

Added to the list "shocked, but not surprised".
(Credit to RDJlock on Twitter.)

Ozzy Right

2 months ago

Oh my god infinity war was next fucking level. Completely blown away. Massive massive movie. This might be one of the best movies ever created. Thank you!

Marco Berls

2 months ago

Infinity War is perfect culmination to a decade of story building. Patience pays off in the long run so thanks Team Marvel and long live the Iron Man.....mmmmm Pepper Potts.

Nait Marko

2 months ago

I do not care if you're away and if we've never met, because I just feel that I love you absurdly for everything you make me feel. I just wanted to be able to one day meet you, congratulate you on the incredible person you are and say the how much your work is important to me.

Some days you just want to hang out alone.

Shayla Shay

2 months ago

I’d hang out with RDJ all day long. Don’t think l could fit my fat butt into the Iron Man suit though? 😊

Maribel Flores

2 months ago

Going to watch infinity wars with my boys tomorrow. Will be the first marvel movie we've watched without their dad who passed suddenly in January. Will be bittersweet, but somehow I think he will be watching it with us from Heaven.

Marthinus J. Olivier

2 months ago

Mr.downey I been watching you since you began your career all your old movies I grew up on them I always loved you and still do and now I get to share these movies with my 19 son who doesn't mind hanging with Mom sometimes cause I'm COOL lol but thank you keep up the great work entertaining the world you should be proud !-myya Robinson

Is April too early to start a holiday wishlist?
(Credit to AmigurumiBarmy on Etsy.)

Julie Smith

2 months ago

You can start drawing up a `wishlist' any time, and your friends can start looking around for the things that are on it. That's the sort of thing one of my teachers in grad school did!

Jun Gray Eggsy Horter

2 months ago

Hi Robert Downey jr that's really cool it's too never too early too wish for something never stop wishing and always dream big I saw a bill board some where that said dream big it would be something to see that in your Iron Man movies you are amazing thank you for your postings, fan page and everything you do for your fans and others what you do matters and means a lot to me good luck with everything you do your fan and friend always Vanessa.

Donna Jarman

2 months ago

Come on Tony... after what you did in Avengers 2, do you really think you deserve to be within 100 miles of the Infinity Gauntlet? 😂😂😂 (I would love to have RDJ reply to this but I know he won't 😭😭😭)

Starting a list called "shocked, but not surprised".
(Credit to RDJlock on Twitter.)

KI Jr Benavides

2 months ago

Iron Maning by Moonlight, Tony Starking by Daylight he will never turn his back on his Avengers, he is the one named iron man. Lol

Cindy Mcmillan

2 months ago

OMG It's Mianlang's drawing!!!! She loves for so many years and I am a huge fan of her!!! Feels so happy for her omg!!!

Ademir Rodrigues

2 months ago

I don't know who thought you should be a pretty guardian but... it kinda works.. kinda.
If you squint and turn your head sideways

If you didn’t know about this place,,, now you know ... Bird Song to the core... 📸 credit Jimmy Rich

Julio Elicea Garibo

2 months ago

I'm a Chinese fan and I AM SO SORRY.please don't be angry and disappointed for someone really awful.Just forget them please.I hope you can know there are many fans love you and mind you.Mark and two Tom. Have a good time in Shanghai please.Love you forever

Marissa Mckinnon

2 months ago

When you get older and retire, you should take over as the Most Interesting Man in the World. You already have the smoking jacket, now you just need a case of Dos Equis

Charlie Rich

2 months ago

Robert Downey Jr now that is a rather sherlockian getup you sure have going on there. If you don't spill the beans I'll be forced to ask Jude Law and we both know that man is an absolute slut for ice cream.

Cut to 30 minutes of Samuel L. Jackson cursing.
(Credit to bosslogic on Tumblr)

Chrystal Docker

2 months ago

In the end of the movie Nick Fury would be like "I'm out of here, you guys don't know a shit about saving the world." 🤣🤣🤣

Angel Lawyer Morgan

2 months ago

Should be ‘How I killed your mother’ and have Bucky sitting on the lips with Tony in the back looking grumpy.

Tena Lopez

2 months ago

Just wanted to see balloon jump when you write congrats. Takes very little to get me excited these days.

It's all about the brows.
(Credit jumpinghiddles on Tumblr)

Denise Bones

2 months ago

That's really good Robert Downey jr never doubt yourself being photogenic you do amazing photogenic pictures and compassion pictures good luck with everything you do your fan and friend always Vanessa.

Tim Ctor

2 months ago

I would say that they definitely made you look like the cartoon for sure when iron man was a cartoon before they made it in to a movie. Have a good safe night Robert

Jk Horridge

2 months ago

The people who write that you were born to be IronMan are absolutely right. You are such a beautiful man !!! I had your portrait of IronMan 3 tattooed on my thigh. (But not like in the movie !!) 😉

I would like to send you a pic of it.
Love from Germany...

Note to self: don't forget pink bow at next photo opp.
(credit inactive-since-forever on Tumblr)

Olajey Love

2 months ago

I have to say, I love this picture series you have come up with! Cute, imaginative, fun, very much worth stopping to get a chuckle each time. Thank you!!!

Mrtony Onochie Mokwenye

2 months ago

What would we do without Robert Downey Jr. and his outstanding, unique personality?! 🤔 Thanks for making even darkest day look brighter. 🤣😃😍🤗

Eric Gaus

2 months ago

Check him out in Lobby Hero. He's pretty amazing. by the way, Mr, Robert Downey Jr we'd love to see you rock a stage. Your abilities should be shared on the stage. :)

We were all thinking it.
(credit to Spidey11fan11 on tumblr)

Danny Benge

2 months ago

Ok handsome man, I have to tell you this: if you die in infinity wars, me and many others are going to throw a fit. And stop watching Marvel movies

Not a threat, just fair warning

Jim DeNicola

2 months ago

If there is not a scene when Chris Pratt says “No shit Sherlock” and you and Benedict don’t look at each other. You have definitely missed a trick.

Gabi Leyerer

2 months ago

Since he has a time stone and does some wibbely-wobbely-timey-wimey-stuff with it, doesn't that make him a timelord? He's a Doctor, you know? And now imagine Strange wearing a Fez matching the cape! Oh, and his house seems to be bigger on the inside...

Gwendoline Gabillat

2 months ago

I was COOL about it at first and then YOU KEPT ON and stole from me!!! Chrissy and John Legend may not be pure evil but they DID harass me, it did go on for YEARS!

Anja Neumann

2 months ago

What this is really about is the amount of LIARS that tried to 'over throw' me because they work for BIG BUSINESS and want to keep their super hero contract!!!

Monica Mena

2 months ago

You're not flexible your a monster/mobsters! You lied. Plain and simple, as did Mandy Moore, Ellen Degeneres, Beck, Bob Dylan. You're playing for Mordor and pretend your good. People want to believe you are. I never would have thought you weren't until I saw and heard it wit my own eyes! Never need to control another person! It's your spin so you retain your population of people that want to believe in you.

April Mae Williams

2 months ago

You are one of the very few people I follow. No matter how shitty my day is I know if there is a new post from you I'll either laughing or smiling after I see it. Thank you for just being you.

Edward Anderson

2 months ago

OMG I cant tell them apart. Except the one on the left has a longer tongue. And you know what they say about tongue. hahaha both cute

Daijirou Ono

2 months ago

I saw "The Judge" one more time today, and I cried, again... It's so real and intense... Thank you Robert Downey Jr.