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Always keep friends who question your decisions.

Lucie Kubiskova

20 hours ago

Robert... Just watched Reels....Keep up the good work!!!!! You are so talented! We don t want to lose you too. Keep saving yourself. Keep, God, yourself and your family first. You can do it!

Miguel Angel Villafuerte Fernandez

a day ago

Awww so happy another homes I know u two are having more fun. It’s like school yard. Play time. Awwww. I’m glad to see u two are keeping it going. Cause u got to keep guy Richie. Out of thos. Pubs. Lol

Chad Kimball

a day ago

Watson: You sure about that Holmes?
Sherlock: No I’m not sure....I’m taking a Calculated Risk.
Watson: What are the Chances of us coming out alive?
Sherlock: Oh about 60/40.
Watson: 60 percent we make it....Not Bad.
Sherlock: No Watson a 40 percent chance we make it.
Watson: A Slim Chance.....Better than No Chance! I trust you’re making the right decision!
Sherlock: I trust we shall both find out. 😊 Lol

Nothing is as classy as matching your cravat to your jacket to your pillows...

DarDar Senados

2 days ago

Very classy indeed 😁😁 you could say that this is a forerunner of the hot rod red and gold! Red is definitely your colour my sweet!😍😍😍😍😍😍

Rose Ketnet

2 days ago

Still as cute as ever! So proud of the man you have become over the years. You are an inspiration to many who have had setbacks and challenges and made mistakes in their lives. You are living proof that you can change course and rise from the ashes. RDJ, you are one of my heroes! Keep up the great work both professionally and personally.

Bris Martinez

2 days ago

You know, has anyone told you you look unrecognizable without facial hair? I had to imagine the little goatee and mustache on this.

Never too early to start the holiday wish list.

Micala Jernigan

3 days ago

Tina.... I’m sooo finding this and it’s going on my Secret Santa this year lol!!! Duygu... you need to get this STAT!!

Roderick Mcmillion

3 days ago

I think I speak for everybody when I say if this is real, I'm going to need a link. If it's not, it needs to be!!


Gabriela Calderon

3 days ago

Tried it - the first cup was great, second one alright, but then the third one poured Earl Grey tea when I was expecting an Eastern blend.

Is it the whiskers?

Jada Craig

3 days ago

I bet thats what you will come back as Robert quiet the resemblance don't u think I'd love to have you as a pet cat still cherished so much love you Robert

Kevin Nilsen

4 days ago

Hmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔 I think that it is an even match! After all you are cute in those glasses and the little kittykins is cute in the glasses too! If you were to add some whiskers to your ensemble, that would round your look up nicely!😍😍😍😁😁

Danetta Christmas

4 days ago

If you were a cat, then you have found yourself. Makes me wonder what you would look like if you were a dog. Love the glasses too, I dont think I could ever pull off glasses like those. Love your acting, thrift store find posts on Instagram, and your charity.

The best friends always have your back.

Whelmina Jefferson

5 days ago

Who wouldn't want to have RDJ's back. I say i got ur back, front, top, bottom.....everything!!! Hes the greatest there is & deserves watvhed from every angle

Coun Tries

5 days ago

Lol. These things only looks good in pictures or screen but in real life no one knows that which time ur back become coz of ur everything loss.
In my opinion u should be alert always. Stay happy and live free.

Jason Corbett

5 days ago

Awww real cute Robert watch out you don't have your ass pinched lol sending hugs love this pic ironman does have a soft side after all

Atlanta’s best weekend brunch yo... (📸 Jimmy Rich )

Terry Ennis

5 days ago

Great photo, but only if you want to pose for it. If you didn't want to, that's kinda sad. Privacy IS a precious thing to have. Blessings to you.

Alexander Williams

6 days ago

the gesture of the hand you have on the t-shirt is a very famous Italian gesture, or rather Sicilian ... we always do it.
It takes on different meanings depending on the situation you are in! Did you know?? ;) :)

Júlia Claro

6 days ago

Awe you are in ATL and you didn’t invite me to brunch? I will chalk it up to you didn’t know better and we will all move on. Lol

The most important meal of the day.

Weronika Dróżdż

7 days ago

Well, thought I'd joint the "Great Smiles Of Robert Downey Jr Fan Group" on facebook. Couldn't make it past the profile pic before puddling (weak knees, incoherant speech, drooling.....sad old lady here). Yeh, that would be a dangerous place for me to hang out.

Craig Chapman

8 days ago

Kerrie Le Crom Nick needs to make this for breakfast! Not Giles because we all know what he does with a egg yolk 😂

Suphanut Muenhong

8 days ago

says, "Pancakes w/plenty of syrup, meat on the side, w/orange juice and coffee w/extra cream & extra sugar. Please and thank you. Hey. Would you mind, if I lick your face?"

A serious chicken/egg hairstyle situation.

Ava Williams

8 days ago

Robert Downey jr you have come out on top, and so far. I am proud of you. Your strength shines bright!!

Alicia Brummett

8 days ago

One of my top 5 movies of all time!! Thank you for who you are and being such a nostalgic part of my life!!! I love you RDJ!!

Elisabeta Pap

9 days ago

Well, if its a parakeet (totally a guess because I'm not sure) then You came first because their longest recorded life span is 26 years. Weird Science is 33 years old. And by my amazing powers of deduction I'm betting the bird pic is post 1985 based on it clarity and the lighting. But I could be wrong. It happened once before 😃

Pro tip: dressing the part is half the battle.

Emiko Hasebe

10 days ago

let him go. he did an awesome job over the past 10 years and i'm so grateful for that! but he is human, he is an actor, he has a live besides the mcu, u know. and that's ok. there will come other stories, other heroes and that's ok. in the comics tony problaby handed over the mantle to riri but also existed as an A.I. after civil war II.

Edna Tabisaura Bombay

10 days ago

You have made your mark as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes... no one else is acceptable in these two roles after the way you have played them, Robert!!! Forever your fan!

Mohamed Elmahdy

11 days ago

I am not really a religious person and not a big fate kind of guy...but you finding the role of Tony Stark must have been written in the stars. Very few things in life are so perfect, you being Iron Man is one of life's perfections!

I can only wish I looked this cute in the suit.

Gergana Dabizheva-Naidenova

12 days ago

You make smiles with your posts. You are not just a good actor, also a kind and human being. Wish you all the best and much Love. Going to hospital tomorrow for gastric with a camera. Not so fun, but you make me smile. Feels a bit better then. Bless Mia sweden

Gary Lescota

12 days ago

Dude I would so watch that movie lol...especially if you guest starred. But I might be biased...I do run a small in home cattery. 😉

Michaela Royer

11 days ago

I love you to infinity Robert Downey Jr, you are my impossible love❤️💗...beautiful luck. I want to continue seeing that beautiful talent that you have in more movies

Hint: you can always spot an 80s look by the shoulder pads.

Amanda DeMerchant

24 days ago

Dude, is that my jacket from the filming of 1988's Johnny Be Good? Yep, I was there at Alamo Stadium in San Antonio with an identical jacket. If you found my jacket...keep it! Oy! 🤦‍♀️

Jamie Elizabeth Hancock

23 days ago

A young actor Joseph Zeng reminds me a lot of the young Robert Downey. He is extremely talented too. Watching him on the Netflix drama "Take My Brother Away."

Patrice Perkins

24 days ago

No word in the world can define all this feeling that has been growing inside me. Thank you for transforming my life since I first saw you. You enchanted me with your simple way of seeing life, with your way of exploring the world. Thank you for transforming my life since I first saw you. .

It's good to laugh at yourself.

Aylwin Oon

a month ago

The first pic looks like an older C. Thomas must be the hair cut... the laughter is infectious.

Syldia Lutje

a month ago

Laughter is the heart of yhe Smile we share. Forever the work of excellence in all you do. Smile the song a standard of classics
Your rendition brings my heart to Smile. Thankyou.

MD Adil Hossin

a month ago

The most beautiful couple I've ever encountered in my life, which inspires me to follow the same steps and who knows the privilege of achieving such a love, for all life. My admiration for you is infinite.

I hope that that loving gaze will forever remain with one another, that love will only increase, and cause them to discover something new every day in each other. May every day feel passionate, and can celebrate together many other birthdays.

Happy wedding anniversary!

Life imitates art, in four frames.

Matlhatsi Mapheto

a month ago

When 2 of my favorites actors Vincent and Robert meet my heart become Crazy 😍 a movie project together please. ..said y es 😜😚😘😛

Analili Carro

a month ago

Sorry Bob ( and friend) -- my little tabby Dave looks very much like these two guys! The tabbies win this one.

Lilian M. Nogueira

a month ago

Hi .Robert .we love u so much.u let me love Facebook.improve my English also love u .l always trying to understand what you said .Although English is so difficult .but l won't stop the way ,u are the only actor that still use weibo .so ,please don't forget it .iron man

Upstaged by bunnies, round #2.

James Anthony Bryant

a month ago

I know I shouldn't post in a public forum such as this, but I just saw a short clip of your early years and want to commend you for the strength you found to rise above the addictions you faced in your life for various reasons. I always thought of you as fabulous and remember the film "Chances Are" which I always loved. I have gone through various addictions with my own children trying to pull them above to realize their real worth and value. Very hard sometimes. Thank you for being so public about what you've gone though, as it inspires so any other to keep pushing and striving. I so hope that your life is full of contentment, joy, love, happiness and fulfillment... but most of all the love of a family and friends who always are there to have your back. Positive energy and dream out loud!!

Tim Conway

a month ago

😂 So cute! We have a bunny called Thumper. He's a mini Rex but I'm sure he thinks he's more like T-Rex 🦖 😂. How can one Bunny have so many different emotional faces... One sec all cute and fluffy, the next I'm pretty sure hes plotting his escape 🤔 😂

There should be a bunny version of the avengers... The avenge Buns.. 😂

Douglas Canto

a month ago

Ha ha ha I was just looking at this when it came up you had tagged me in a post. I had a proper chuckle at it 🤣🤣🤣 xxxx

One word: accurate.

Douglas Albuquerque

a month ago

I've come to appreciate Tony more as time has gone on. Interesting anecdote: when my brother first put on Iron Man, he didn't tell me about it. I walked in during the part when Tony was already in the cave. I thought it was some kind of hostage drama. Seriously, I was sitting watching Tony go through all the business of escaping, coming home, building his suit, everything, thinking the whole time it was a kind of hostage revenge drama thing. Only at the end when he said, "I am Iron Man," did it click. "Wait a sec... Iron Man is a comic book hero! AAAAAH!!!"

Erika Narvaez

a month ago

Was this on the same day? Because his beard is thicker as Evans. I would have thought it would be the opposite. Unless Chris evans actually has super powers and thats the reason he got to be Captain America.

Amber Davis

a month ago

My one issue with him as Cap is that he's such a serious character. I love it when Evans plays a character he can have fun in. Really liked him in The Losers.

Note to self: Find these pants.

Lorena Castro

a month ago


Don't know whether u read this or not..
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So pls help us as possible as u can...


Robi Gudissa Bikila

a month ago

I am a huge huge fan of yours RDJ. I am catching up with the old movies which I missed. I recently watched Chaplin. I'll watch Tropic Thunder today. Love all the way from Bhutan 🇧🇹

Rey Sanchez

a month ago


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When's the last time you were upstaged by a rabbit?

Oliver Varet Raymundo

a month ago

Let's take a look...Beard seems similar, glasses not spectacular on the rabbit, rabbit's nose and ears are definitely more "eye-catching", hairstyle...hmmm...looks like the same hairstylist. You are definitely better dressed, all that fur is not quite in style, at least with PETA no matter who wears it. Final check for who upstages whom?...RDJ, can you wiggle your nose? 🤔

Luciano Cruz

a month ago

My daughter goes to Mississippi State University...she is in the Famous Maroom band. The first game and half time show will be September 15th.. It has the marvel studios theme song, the avengers theme song, Spider-Man's theme song, the Incredibles' theme song, and the Guardians of the Galaxy theme. And it is happening in STARKville Mississippi. We are all excited. Wish you could be there...but know you are busy...:) thought you would like to know...we love ya!!!

Sylvia Peshel

a month ago

You are the most beautiful person I have ever met, both inside and out. I truly love you and it seems that this feeling has no end. It may be that this infinitude is not infinite. It is loving the fact of loving you. Because you make everything incredible and make me believe that loving you is the best choice, without even having the choice, that I've had.

Awesome facial hair bros update: totally worth it.

Deborah Bodiford

a month ago

I liked the back and forth between you two in the beginning of the movie. It was like Sherlock battling Sherlock to see which Sherlock was the best Sherlock and who should continue to be Sherlock in the upcoming Sherlock movies and TV series.


Simone Molina

a month ago

Every post is so damn funny even this! or is it just the fact that i have a Robert Downey Jr. addiction at the moment every night i watch your movies or listen to you sing i feel like a stalker but cant help but love you as a actor and person too lol 🙂

Elke von Rauchhaupt

a month ago

I love it how you stay true to the character that revived your acting career.
Most actors would let it get to their head but you have always remained humble since iron man.

Knew there was a reason we all get along...

Ingrid Macaud

2 months ago

Actually cats can deal without human interactions, as actors they are away often and cats make good pets for people like that. A dog needs it's human.

Theyhcall Meyh Saranyaa

a month ago

I love the way my cats just float in and check in with me, touch me, read the vibe and administer affection as needed. Very grounding to be read and connected with that way.

Dotah Ak Williams

2 months ago

Robert Dixon Chris Hemsworth is literally model posing with his cat. Must be real nice being so goddamn good looking. Yes, I'm jealous. Why can't I be handsome? Lol.

Something old, something new, something a little black and blue?

Shelby Marie

2 months ago

How you do that Sherlock accent so well is beyond me. Unfortunately I probably won't see Sherlock 3 as I entered the 'MCU only' stage of my life quite a while ago. On the upside I will have memorized all of your dialouge from ' Infinity War' like two days after the dvd release!

Nor H. Aziz

2 months ago

OH boy, this stag night 😂 and a wedding with hangover 😂 I am really curious if Mary will be still alive in the third movie. Or does she dies like in the books? And what about Watson? Will he faint like Watson did in the novels after Sherlock came back?

Kathy Stritt

2 months ago

Awwwwww bless! They've been through the ringer, they've been hurt, they've fought through it all to get to this one moment! And what a moment! Even though they have bickered and look like they both have been dragged through a hedge backwards, when you get right back to the nuts and bolts of it, you are in no doubt that theirs is a friendship that'll last the test of time!

Calves: underrated sexy.

Natalia Lasso

2 months ago

I couldn't agree more, Robert. I've always been an ass and leg woman. Been checking out boy's/men's legs in shorts since I was 14 😂 butts since I was 12. My mom taught me that one lmao. Noticed the legs on my own.

Tunku Amelia

2 months ago

In the 1700's, men used to put padding in their stockings to make their calves look bigger. It meant that you were a good dancer. 😆

Asia Sięka

2 months ago

Hi, I'm a big fan of yours. I live in Bangladesh... The students of our country are protesting for road safety ... But they are attacked everyday by Police and Pro-government supporters... But our media is silent . We all know you are a busy man. But we want your help...

Pro tip: Marry a marvel fan.

Drew Rule

2 months ago

I went to HS with her. She’s the nicest, sweetest, fun loving person! We may not have been close but she always said hi to me in the halls and talked to me in class.

Amber Austin

2 months ago

I married a Stark who had never seen a marvel movie or read any marvel comics before I entered the picture. Now we have a son named Tony and see every marvel movie as it comes out.

Hüseyin Çiçek

2 months ago

My husband made the mistake of seeing Spider-man Homecoming for the first time without me...he has since learned better. No Marvel movies without me.

My Bachelorette party was Marvel themed. lol

Photos like these exist to keep me humble.

Gift E. Udom

2 months ago

Iron Man 3 i just watched it still cant believe u ended up with a sprained ankle from this movie, This movie is def a fav of mine always will be but hurts to watch tho due to iron man having anxiety attacks because i have anxiety myself but at the same time i see it as motivation i end up thinking to myself if Iron Man has anxiety but can still be a hero i can overcome my issues too Thanks Robert Downey Jr 👍

Dean Bento

2 months ago

I dont know if you actually got this message, but we need you, we need some superheros like you in our country right now, where there is no one can defeat the villian but you can. With A heavy heart...from a small country Bangladesh. 😦

Suresh Shetty

2 months ago

Hey, somewhere in one of the family photo albums is a picture of me with a pink tutu on my head. I've got a big 'strutting my stuff' smile on my face while my friend is looking at me like "If you show anyone this, I'll kill you."

How I think I look in selfies vs. reality.

Jonathan Carlton

2 months ago

Hi Robert Downey jr and hi to the others your picture is fine in both I think the picture above you are acting and the one below you are happy that you got to save the day being the hero as Iron Man you work hard being the hero you are it means a lot to me what actors and actresses do for their fans may luck always be with all of you your fan and friend always Vanessa your postings are always appreciated thank you.

Priscilla Brito

2 months ago difference.rebort u look so good.thanks for sharing pic with us .miss u are all big hero .so brave man.always wonderful to hear from you .hope u have a good day

MsDee Lee

2 months ago

I can’t wait for my film coming so I can watch it loads ! You always miss bits even though I went to see it twice at Cineworld 👍 was heartbreaking some scenes. I’ve ordered a steelbook 4K version looks awesome x

Get the hint, Bettany.

Kathi Luise

2 months ago

I can explain this. Wanda got into Steve’s head again. This time he looks at another man’s head and sees a slice of stuffed-crust pizza.

Open wide, Steve.

Hridhya Kunnath

2 months ago

This evening's Church service went well saw a 🌈 rainbow over top of the Church building as we were pulling in. I also felt The Holy Spirit can't get enough of His presence. terrestrial officer Denver on Church! What if I were to say to you one day that I no longer believe in the metaphysical reality of God. How would I answer a later question asking if I had ever felt the presence of God? Consciousness is Spiritual! This is a military grade question to help introduce the Phenomenon.

Jéssica Cristina

2 months ago

Just want to say thank you... This post makes me happier than everything else... I'm a die hard #Stony shipper and you and Chris happen to be really passionate captains of this ship ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God of thunder... with an umbrella?

Jeremy Mathis

2 months ago

I know this will probably get lost in the comments but sometimes when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot.

Dan Bacican

2 months ago

The god of thunder was worried about his perfect hair. Lighting goes with rain but hairspray doesn’t go with water lmao love the behind the scenes pics! Keep them coming. Wish you could post a blooper or two from Infinity wars.

Christina Rinker

2 months ago

After he lost his hammer, he learned about someone called Hagrid who used an umbrella when his magic weapon was broken... he is... 😂😂 (Don't tell him! He is still convinced that this umbrella can help him fly... 😉😉)

Starting our own pride.

Antje von Behren

2 months ago

Starting our own pride... Hallmark channel movies. Man in a "ladies world". They usually are very good. Like 80's ballads.

Elsy Isabel Santiz Gomez

2 months ago

Sir, I Am Big Big Big Big Big............. Crazy.... Mad..... Fan Of You. My Only Goal Is To Meet You Sir & I Hope One Day I Will Make My Dream Come True Sir.

Gautham Siva (Die-Hard Fan Of You)

Elantra Smith

2 months ago

L love u .look at u are so funny 😂 Hope u have a good day .also u always make me smile and happy.u are our sun ☀️.thank for u sending love to us .u are good father,good actor,good friend.u are so awesome 👏.u love u fans give their encourage .u have much ,god .we just love u .happy Monday

Some days are just indoor days 🤷‍♂️

Ari Ferrari

2 months ago

Jill Elston
"What should we do?"
Order food from a sit down restaurant, bring it home, and sit on the couch watching Dr Who.
Because... people... ew.

Alexayed Omegapower

2 months ago

Probably the fictional character I relate to most for those reasons. Finds most of humanity dull, uninteresting & not worth the time... But when something DOES interest, can't avoid fixating on it 100%, 24/7 😑

Rhonda Fultz

2 months ago

Sweden agrees. We've got an extra warm summer, getting 30+ Celsius for months rather than our normal 25. First people were happy but now the entire country is on fire (literally) and people cant wait for winter.

The best outfits start with glasses.

Hitesh Varshnay

2 months ago

Hey rdj, so my brother thinks you’re not really iron man. So he’s going to have me kidnaped and placed in a cave, so can you do me a solid and show up to rescue me in your iron man? Cheers. Ps bring Big Macs I’ll be hungry . Thanks x

Arminda Weaver

2 months ago

Snazzy as always! Are those raybans? A little birdie, who shall not be named, at this past sd comicon said a certain someone in the cast must hve raybans! I think their stock jumped up a 100 points after tht was mentioned 😆

Dorsia GK

2 months ago

I know you get a lot of posts, but I just want you to know you are my hero, not because of your acting ( which is awesome) but because of how you turned your life around before it was too late, really proud of you, just because you are rich doesn't mean your life is easy, coming from a poor person probably doesn't mean much but I just wanted to tell you this!

Starring: Side Part.

Kassandra Zazueta

2 months ago

While sitting in a chair labeled, "George Michael" If I recall, that is about what his hair looked like at the time as well.

Lucky Singh

2 months ago

"There is a coherent plan in the Universe and that plan includes terrestrial officers Tyler and Denver and the distribution and collection of advanced alien technologies this is part of our mission terrestrial officer Denver

Mariusz Łukasz Giętka

2 months ago

I'm your age ( Go 1965!) and I had big 80's hair as well, so don't feel TOO bad! We ALL looked like we dove into vats of hairspray back then ... It was a weird, somewhat embarrassing but cool decade! So glad to have experienced it!😎

And I can barely keep up.

Anabel Garcia

2 months ago

Can we just all appreciate the fact that Robert Downey Jr reposts memes of himself! Literally me if I was ever a celeb 😂😂🙌🏽 makes my day. Every. Time.

Vanda Varatojo

2 months ago

I will be so disappointed if there is not some kind of sarcastic Sherlock reference in the next Infinity War movie. The fun with the one liners alone could be so creative.

Nunu Tapilawatin

2 months ago

You're anyone you want to be. You make me believe whatever and whoever you are pretending to be. Your acting is our of this world and I have watched you since you were very young and have never lost faith in you because I knew you were your singing also.

Is honesty always the best policy?

Neville Johnson

2 months ago

Is honesty always the best policy? Alicia: Si...lverstoNe 1st (B LIKE) A peer... shhh. (1992) JAJAJA I wonder if your supposed to be honest always.

Savanna Staiger

2 months ago

Depends. Answering honestly and share your honest opinion when needed.

Not throwing honesty around everywhere when it can hurt and dissapoint, just becuse of a "am just being honest" attitude.

Marisol De los Santos

2 months ago

Always be honest, you can freak out more people that way😆.However, there is a fine line between being honest and being an ass.....but, I've never crossed it. Lol. I just know it exists😆😂

Both? Both is good.

Rosemary Grullon Rodriguez

2 months ago

Miguel and Tulio reference for the WIN! ...Seriously, if you played Tulio in a live action El Dorado, I think the collective fandoms would explode.

Juan Antonio Ancos Vidal

2 months ago

To all those saying that one or the other is better than the can not compare these two roles. There is no comparison, they are totally different. It is like comparing the very best, most perfect apple in all the world to the best, most perfect orange in all the world.

But, can we all just agree that they are both better than the Elementary Sherlock?

Douie Fullante

2 months ago

If the term "no shit, Sherlock" is not uttered at some point in some Marvel Avengers movie when either Tony Stark or Dr. Strange (preferable both, bonus if one says it to the other) are in the room, then I have lost all hope for humanity, and we might as well all give up now.

Forget flame decals. This is the only choice.

Goupil FoxItal

2 months ago

Very cool .. I'm a big Jeep fan wish I could afford one..Mr Downey thank you for all the entertainment that you have provided over the years it's much appreciated...

Momo Toui

2 months ago

I've had Stark Industries on my Black Jeep wrangler since 2015. Also have the Agents of Shield emblem near both front wheel covers..

Bryan Miranda M

2 months ago

I remember interviewing you decades ago in a bar in LA and you were telling me you were having your red Porsche painted black—the red was too conspicuous, a magnet for cops. But this is now and you’re grown up and that’s a Jeep. Hope you’re really well, Robert!

It's all in the eyes.

Joel Posigian

2 months ago

Hello ....I would like to ask you a big favor ... you can send a greeting to the children of a small school in a city called puerto varas, chile. the school is called rosita novaro, yellow alliance, it is a school for children with problems and emotional deficiencies. They would be crazy to receive a greeting from you! , I would greatly appreciate it and I would adore you even more than I adore you 😘😘😘
A simple video pleeeeeaaaseee!!!

Debra Ann Barry Eccles

2 months ago

This is going to sound cruel it's not really but they are what i used to call on my daughter buggy eyes. When she was a baby ( which is 12 yrs ago) we inadvertently realised that turning the light on and off made her well look like that. Hence buggy eyes lol.

Arnold De Samy

2 months ago

They do say that you can say a lot more with the look in your eyes than you can say with words alone! I mean these beautiful eyes can express shock and horror,but they can also be sayingi just love it,it makes you look cute!😍😍😍😍😍

The last time I let you raid my closet, Sebastian Stan.

Alessandra Lemke

2 months ago

First he kills your Mom, then he makes you fight your friend cap and now he steals your shirt! How much more are you gonna take from this guy? 😂😂😂

Amir Hossein Kaffashian

2 months ago

There is no choice we have only one option that’s RDJ because u r the beautiful man of the world I’m so much waiting for ur films and so much love for tony ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Adam Reed Meyer

2 months ago

He can steal your clothes, shoes, and hairstyle but he'll never look as good as you! Why aren't you wearing pants?

*excited giggle*

(via andisteppedaside)

Patrick Lare

3 months ago

Legit my favourite movie duo 😍 no-one does Sherlock and Watson like Downey and Law ❤ bring on Sherlock 3 and all the mysteries it brings.....yaaaay!!

Sharon Johnson-Paige

3 months ago

Oh my goodness, I did that! Robert Downey Jr thank you so much for sharing this, it’s 7am here in London, I’ve just seen it and I can hardly believe it! Can’t wait for December 2020 ❤️

Brett Heintz

3 months ago

I love you and I will love you
All my life;
I love you in your gestures,
I love you in your smile
I love you in your voice
I love you not what you are!
You are all the colors of my canvas, and all the light that illuminates it.

Does this make Fury or Black Widow the coach?

Azzddine Tabja

3 months ago

Pulkit Khanna Tanishq Khandelwal quill would score own goals... and spidey would always tell everyone the team's strategy before the game.... banner would get the most red cards

Tinani Mafusire

3 months ago

so, this means that if they won the tournament, they would receive the infinity gauntlet or something? :))
this must be one of 14000 visions that Dr. Strange had in Infinity War back then.

Rick Pereira

3 months ago

Starfox (Eros) would make a great coach. It's a shame he didn't make the Marvel films yet. Would love to see him knock the crap out of his brother for murdering their people.

A day in the life in three frames.

Robin McWilliams-Saylor

3 months ago

Last pic will be the iron man 4 last action seen🤕🤕 when tony eat the food monster head🙄🙄 we will see a new villain🔥🔥😍😍

Tyra Hampton

3 months ago

This is Robert Downey Jr page he love his fans and if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything. Give him respect

Jessica Knight

3 months ago

I think the frames are off by one the first should be second and the second should be first? Love this guy and all the every day human things he has gone through makes him relatable

Petition for an eternal standing ovation for Pepper Potts.

Jonilo Delfino Cabadsan

3 months ago

I really hope we will get one more Iron Man movie, please pretty please. I love Tony and Pepper and would really like to see just one more Iron Man movie before you hand over your suite. Which I think should go to Pepper Pitts even for just a little while.

Peters Destiny

3 months ago

FINALLY SOMEONE WHO RECOGNIZES HER TALENT👌 Pepperony forever, man, they're made for each other ❤ thank you Robert for pushing again and again for Gwyneth to come back to these movies, love you guys 💚

Laurel Grace Huffman

3 months ago

I think it is about time that pepper got her own avengers suit.shes put up with all the shenanigans, she's had her house blown up,she's had experiments done to her which has changed her DNA and throughout all of this,she has stuck by Tony stark! 😍😍😍😍

On repeat.

(Via @hisduckling)

Jason Nuckolls

3 months ago

One time after a break up, I played your rendition of Chaplain’s “Smile” for three months on repeat! I’ll bet I heard it over 500 times. Thank you, by the way. 😉

Francesca Beddows

3 months ago

Robert... You are awwwesome... 😁... You are a great father... The DOSE will go far... Take care of those ears... though... Don't have the the music to loud... Hahahahahahaha... I wouldn't want you to go deaf... Take care...


P.S... Always on repeat when it's great music... ♥️😁♥️...

Isabel Lopez

3 months ago

You are so beautiful and so incredible that even the universe stops working just to be able to contemplate you. Your actions please the world and your beauty causes envy in nature that when it is with you around is overshadowed losing all the attention it received for you. The universe knows its light, knows its brightness, you are incredible and there is no one who does not admire this in you.

Trying to fast forward time to December 25th, 2020. #Sherlock3

S.r. Shakil

3 months ago

I was in the prison on Sherlock 1 Robert I played a prostitute! You remember how cold was it?😂 Hope to work on Sherlock Holmes 3!:) Was a privilege to working with you you were really nice with everyone. / And that time had no clue who you were lol/ My brother got so excited when I told him I’m on SH and the actor who plays Sherlock is something Downey😂😂😂He was like OMG you don’t know him? He is one of my favourite actor!:) Well since that day I follow your career:) And been on SH2 and on Age of Ultron- Thank you to saving me I was a core Sokovian getting on the lifeboat where the explosion happened and you saved us( Cgi Ironman lol) but still lol. Oh and do you know btw your great grandmother from your father side was 100% Hungarian? No wonder you are handsome, charming, intelligent, have good sense of humour!!! ( Like Hungarians:) Yes I’m Hungarian as well:) Hope to see you on set soon😉Xx

Mochi Tello

3 months ago

But you can't, can you, Robert. Because you Sherlocks let Thanos get away with the time stone, didn't you, Robert. And now, no one gets to fast-forward time. This is why we can't have nice things, Robert.

Carol Hart Brooks

3 months ago

Me too. Have now I introduced all my family to your Sherlock and we are all waiting for news of Sherlock 3. Watching you since film Chaplin, every part you play is so realistic and believable. Thanks. xxxx

More Than A Suit...10 years atMarvel Studios
TBT to summers passed and Pepperony staying cool by the beach.

Moses Jacob Amrit

3 months ago

Congratulations Robert Downey Jr. Thank you for giving us an unparalleled iron man, you were born for that role. Iron man, It makes me think that we can all do something to help.

Alexa Bowman

3 months ago

Thank you RDJ! You made so many people happy not only watching but engaging in the Avengers. Your acting talent many actors seem to lack. Ive been a huge fan of your work since you were a kid playing roles with Moly Ringwold in the 80s. Please don't leave us for long. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ always

Maria Mirasol Gavanes Arqueza

3 months ago

Gracias a mi hijito (ahora de 4 años, soy la mami fan de Ironman, mi hijo es mega fan desde los 2 1/2 años ...quiere tener barba como Tony Stark ( se we la dibujo algunas veces 😶😶😶) y ojos oscuros como Tony, se niega a decir que sus ojos son verdes ya que dice que son igual a los de Tony stark ahhh y le encanta AC DC por Tony ... para Navidad quiere un Iron Man Igor Mark 38 🙄😶🙄😶🙄😶 Bravo Tony = Iron Man!

Slightly guilty of laughing.

(Credit to tea-4-you-and-me on Tumblr.)

Tammy McConaghy

3 months ago

As a member of the Comment Reading Association (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you and have a great day!

Cathy Mitchell

4 months ago

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
June 3 ·
If you’re goin’ thru the struggle, hold on to faith and hard work. You never know what’s on that other side.
And in a world of unpredictability, at least those are two qualities we can always control.
And yup that weekly rent ain’t no joke 😂🤟🏾 #gratitude #alohaspirit

Jennifer Nicole Thomas

4 months ago

i love how Dr. strange says there is 1 in 14 million or so chance that we gon win then later on he hands thanos the infinity stone saying "its the only way"

I'm not crying, that's just a little dust in my eye.

(Credit to avengergram on Instagram.)

Hugo Hugo

4 months ago

**Edit: what I'm saying is based on MCU not comics, so don't make an argument based on the comics.** This scene should have never even been made, Thor who can fly, ended up showing up late behind people with no powers that ran. Thor could have prevented Thanos from getting the last stone easy. Even with Dr. Strange not using the stone himself was a huge plot hole, he saw the outcome of every scenario yet didn't plan to have Quill away. Movie had so many plot holes it sickened me. I felt like I was watching the X-Men movies. I was super hyped for 10 years waiting for this movie but was rather disappointed.

Isabel Aguayo

4 months ago

Okay, the movie has been out for a month now. If you haven’t seen it yet, that’s on you. I’m all about not spoiling anything but you just gotta avoid the internet altogether if you’re gonna wait that long. And P.S., this scene made me cry. 💔 But this meme is hilarious. 😂

Dan LaBert

4 months ago

Just saw this a few days ago and when everyone was dying this poor kid who was obviously a fan of all super heroes was sobbing next to us! This kid was straight up sniffling. He must have been 12. I wanted to hug him. I don't think anything could have mentally prepared the audience for that ending..

In case anyone's feeling a little blue today.

Victoria Fmt

4 months ago

Robert, you're excellent at what you do! But do not take these words to enlarge your ego, read them and believe it, because it is true! Great kisses and hugs from Argentina!

Bright Apex Matukuta

4 months ago

You are the most beautiful person I have ever met, both inside and out. The most incredible thing about you is your beauty, which exists on the outside, but on the inside it is so great that it radiates and leaves you even more beautiful, if that's possible. I would spend all day looking at you and admiring your eyes!

Ah Tall Da Stånisley Souza

4 months ago

I have been a fan of yours since my teens, and my 8 year old son is a HUGE fan of Iron Man. He was Iron Man for Halloween 6 years in a row. Can you give a shout out to Xander Weir? It would make his day. #loverobertdownyjr

Accurate depiction of my excitement.

(Credit to chorandoemparis on Twitter.)

Ye Naung

4 months ago

Mine also :) The hype is real I already preordered a dvd copy last month my excitement is past Aaaaaaaaa!

Infanta Irutsugi

4 months ago

I FINALLY got to see the movie! I think I kicked the chair in front of me at least 10 times! And I left the movie...speechless! Wow, just wow!!!

Jasmine Blake

4 months ago

Robert Downey Jr I can't say that I don't blame you!

As a musician, why don't you get "The Five Other Original Avengers (Including yourself)" and make a music video with everyone as their characters in The Avengers.

This is so that for when the the whole Avengers business finishes and either some, lots, or everyone is no longer playing Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury, etc that everyone can have a laugh and a sing-along with you and the other five all showing off The Avengers Tattoo.

I would mention it to everyone if anybody is interested when working with Marvel has come to a close.

With you Robert singing "Every Breath You Take" and clips of Infinity War not only look sad and funny, but fun in a way of the friendships made in making films and working with Marvel.

Also, hope you and your family are keeping well.

Dr. Gary Strange?

(Credit to captaingalxy on Twitter.)


4 months ago

LOVE this one!! Mr. Downey, Dear... Just FYI-- either someone has hacked your page and is PMing folks --or I "Talked" to you for about 1/2 an hour last night on PM?????
I'm assuming it isn't really you-- but if I'm wrong-- let me know...?
Thought you'd like to know if someone is posing as you and somehow linking to this page!!! <3

Charlene Dixon

4 months ago

I believe you borrowed Gary The Snail's Ensemble !! Of course you do wear it much, much, better!! Every Girl's Crazy about a sharp dressed man......not snail!

Rebecca Emily

4 months ago

Hahahahahahaha... Funny... Dr. Gary Strange... 😆... You sure are funny... Robert... Hilarious... Thanks Twitter...


P.S... Looking good Dr. Strange... Reading is wonderful...

Knew I was missing some accessories.

(Credit to hoppyrabbit on Tumblr.)

Stvn Dogol

4 months ago

Your smile YOUR WATCH. I love how they are always in sync and make you so more beautiful than you already are. I want to be able to admire them forever!

Joy Thapelo Dlamini

4 months ago

People are going nuts about the theory that you’re going to be killed off in the next Avengers. If that happens there’s going to be problems...I think you are now required to be in Marvel for the rest of your natural life - or people are gunna go nuts!

Veronica Romero

4 months ago

Still are, I'm afraid this headpiece clashes with your Jacket~ I know you have better style than this~ step it up, or go for the Worst~ Never be in-between, just not you~ LMAO~

Who leaked the end of Avengers 4?

(Credit to tolkienianjedi on Twitter.)

Amy Bogdanova

4 months ago

I see it happening. Tony gets the Gauntlet. He uses the Reality Stone to render Thanos weak and powerless. Police show up and arrest Thanos.

พีรพัฒ สุขอนันต์

4 months ago

Carisse Blancaflor omg i just realised... cap is wearing his old costume... the beard is gone and his hair is 40s/avengers (first movie) style. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IM SCARED

Heleno Amaral

4 months ago

Thanos doesn't have the real gems. But AntMan does. He even married Phoebe for them, years ago. He will save everyone in the end.