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Head over to to get your pin.
Good times in the Zombie meetand greets.

Karla Prado

4 days ago

Katie 🤔 people complaining about prices for pins. 😂

Kerry Walker

4 days ago

It's the name of the pin, it's not free 😂😂😂 some people

Me too need help I live in western Australia cashless card so I can get only to look 🔙t no touching

There are still a limited number of VIP packages available to meet Rob Zombie. Upgrade options are available now if you’ve already purchased a ticket. Get yours before they’re all gone.

Tyler Bandola

8 days ago

I would give the left nut, for this opportunity

Cindy Nelson

8 days ago

😢😭😭😭😭why can’t you come back to Australia!!!! We miss you!!

Pamela Vincent

8 days ago

Come to Spokane so I can meet you!!!

Like Rob Zombie comic books?
Like them even better when they’re signed?
Well, head over to Zomboogey to get your hands on these autographed Bigfoot and The Nail comics.
Hurry, these are going to go like hotcakes!

Viktor Galante

8 days ago

Very Fuck these AQs, I really like the DC Comics Swamp Show too!

Ismaïla Kone

9 days ago

Signed Lords Of Salem bumper sticker nice!!!! But... any chance of doing any signed Lords posters?

Adriana Murcia Brenes

9 days ago

Man, I'm missing issue 6 from spookshow international. I'll find it one day

Mixing the new album has begun!! In the studio with producer Zeuss.

Ruth Honan

12 days ago

please write a song about how short and complicated life is and the Horror of it all when really people should be taking more Bong rips...👽

Mariq Dostinova

12 days ago

When's the next rejects or maybe even re do hellraiser. Your an amazing director. I know you won't see this but if so humor me and give me a shot out. I have always enjoyed your work. Shout out to us lil people. Like me. Lol. Keep it up bro.

Veronica Chevrestt

12 days ago

Look Rob, I love you. But we seriously need you to get editing on 3. For the love of God we are waiting!

TODAY ONLY (6/6)!!!
Get 2 pavilion seats for $66.60* to Twins of Evil: The Second Coming. Ticket links at
You still here? Go. Get. Now!!!
*Offer available at select venues. While supplies last.

Füredi Kornél

13 days ago

Robyn Richards happy early anniversary present

Modes Rojas

13 days ago

Oh poor lil babies don't like different numbers lol I guess they'd like it better if it ended up after fees/charges at each different place to be 166 or 266 instead of that poor 80 or 90 something? LOL

Femke Vantomme

13 days ago

yeah but after the fees it ends up being 90 something. Not cool. I knew there would be fees but not that much!

Photographer Rob Fenn, who has worked with Zombie on a number of projects, including The Zombie Horror Picture Show photo book, is using this double-exposed color photo of Rob Zombie to sell to fans and raise funds for the Best Friends Animal Society. Each week Fenn sells off a different star and this time round it’s the head Zombie himself. These prints are available for one week only so don’t miss out. Grab a great print AND help the puppies!

Wílmérímé Gûàchìãc

17 days ago

Here’s another cool picture

Joymay Chipman

17 days ago

I took this picture at a concert 2 years ago. Best concert ever!

Mark Dale

17 days ago

How would I go about getting a autograph from you ? It’s what my wall of autographs is really missing!

Behind the scenes on HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES with Walton Goggins and Bill Moseley. Discussing the long, drawn out execution shot.

Estefani Castillo

21 days ago

Y'all wanna lay on the ground and make snow angels together?😁

Chris T Da Rapper

21 days ago

I was blessed to work on set with one of these two. Hoping to work with Goggins someday! Love that guy.

Mr. Otis B. Driftwood. As of today. Went to the vet as Matilda. Super happy with the name change!

Dig the first photo of Richard Brake from THREE FROM HELL! I wonder how he fits into all the madness?

Yvette Rapp

21 days ago

Rob Zombie, I know you don't have time for what I have but I have a story to tell. Do you know of anyone who will give it a look. I know this is not the conventional way of doing things but I am not a conventional kinda person. Believe me, this story needs to be told. TIA

Ana Lyon

21 days ago

I think it will be a so good

Kristin Engel

21 days ago

Richard Brake ALWAYS fits into the madness ❤️❤️❤️

Back into day I would always collect trading cards from movies or TV show anything from Star Trek to Charlie's Angels. So it is pretty cool that these will be available starting tomorrow from Fright Rags.

Exson Canelas

21 days ago

Your movies had great original characters and truly disturbing yet very artistic visuals! Lots of fun!

Leticia Santos

21 days ago

Here are the cards I did for the set. Happy hunting everyone!! I will also have 10 cards available to buy from me personally.

Марина Чардакова

21 days ago

Cool I want a set of cards, and looking forward to the Devils Rejects. Just noticed something it should be Back in the Day.


Shaikh Faisal

25 days ago

Explain Lords of Salem to me this instant!!

Filip Szymkiewicz

a month ago

White Zombie over the solo stuff. Sorry. Can't get into it, I've listened to most of your solo catalogue and it just doesn't resonate the way WZ did. WZ was revolutionary and really fucking heavy. I see flashes of it in your solo stuff and I have to admit your stage show is very entertaining. I dunno. I just listen to WZ and it hits me in a much more powerful way.

Ilona Dubbeldam

a month ago

cant wait to see you at tinley on the 15 july.. i think manson will rock there as well --- battle of the bands almost.. i think you both supremely rock i may wear my cubs jersey.."scott"

As we head into the holiday weekend how about another THREE FROM HELL exclusive! This is SEBASTIAN played by Pancho Moler.

How does this guy figure into the world of THREE FROM HELL. Only time will tell.


Jerry Grayson

25 days ago

Yay finally a reason to wanna watch movies again

Diletta Diverio

25 days ago

This is ridiculous. He sucked in 31. It was an embarrassing performance. There is absolutely nothing intimidating about a midget. It's like a child trying to act tough. It just doesn't work.

Amy Lake

25 days ago

Please Rob, please please please don't fuck this up. Make this movie live up to the first two, don't put the firefly family in a shitty 31 style movie.

WATCH Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson discussing the first time they heard each others music.
The TWINS OF EVIL: THE SECOND COMING tour starts July 11 in Detroit, MI.
Tickets and VIP packages available from

Giulia Eloise Ricci

a month ago

Hopefully one day i can see zombie again seen with ozzy many years ago

Richie Brewer

a month ago

Nicola Stamos Greg Williams..personally I think Marilyn comes across as a dick. And I love him. Bit its interesting nonetheless.

Siobhan McKenna

a month ago

Can’t wait to see you both in Detroit! I’m from Indiana. But, they were sold out of front row! So here we come Detroit! I’ll be in the front row with my handsome husband! This will be my 4th time seeing you Rob Zombie...All front row! Hopefully this time I’ll get to catch and keep the guitar pic thrown at me! I actually caught one from John 5, but ended up giving it to a cute little deaf kid that was in second row. Darn kids get to your heart strings every time! I did however get to rub your hairy chest in Detroit a couple years ago Rob Zombie! Sorry Sherry! But, he did look at me like “Who is this crazy biotch! Lol! This is my first time seeing Manson. Can’t wait! So excited to see you both! BTW...I’ll be on the right side of the stage...your left. If you feel like throwing this old lady a souvenir...that’s where I’ll be! Lol! 😁

THREE FROM HELL exclusives from set! #threefromhell #freethethree

Rouxanne Austin

a month ago

I love rob zombie and his films I just wish they would stop bloody editing them so much we ain't all delicate flowers lol! If Serbia can do a serbian film nothings off limits. Lol

Théo Bigeard

a month ago

I would like to see a big change again. House of 1000 Corpses was campy, stereotypical and awesome. The Devils Rejects was modern horror style, felt very different and still awesome. Let us hope that Zombie keeps up with the unlredictable nature.

Gustavo Formiga Sabino

a month ago

So, what the hell is going here? They all lived and nome of them died in the shooting? Or it could be one of their dream? I mean, the whole fucking thing it happened at the end of the movie could, also, be a dream in Ottis' head. I know, but I do know this: in Zombie we trust. I really look foward to watch this movie, and I can't wait to see it in Brazil💜💜💜

Jeff Daniel Phillips are Warden Virgil Dallas Harper from the film THREE FROM HELL.

The TWINS OF EVIL are back for THE SECOND COMING tour. Watch Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson introducing the tour start, which will be on July 11 in DETROIT!
Ticket/M&G info here:

Noemi Virgen

a month ago

Come to Seattle you can leave manson behind

Ad Vanced Zak

a month ago

Come do your gig in England Mr Zombie and Mr Manson.
Go on....
You know you want too. xx

Martín Baker

a month ago

Megan Dodson Stephanie Keenan damn. If only it was a few days later...

Our friend Margot Kidder has passed away. She will be missed. It was great to be able to work with her on Halloween 2.

She was awesome.

Margyk Laureny

a month ago

We have no guarantees. 60’s are not easy to get through. My momma never told me about all the painful regrets that hit in the late 60’s. It tears at your heart till you can hardly do anything but look back!!!

Stephen Hoover

a month ago

She was awesome in the original Amityville Horror.

Nichol Faith

a month ago

RIP Margot. Thanks for the movie memories :(

Earlier today with Eddie Trunk.

Maria Winters

a month ago

get stoned.......celebrate....🤠

Besi Besi

a month ago

Two metal geniuses, in different ways.

Andy Yeo

a month ago

Miss your show Ed. Damn you VH1 Classic! Damn you!

RARE and SIGNED items from Rob Zombie's PERSONAL collection are now available to purchase from Local Boogeyman - these items are going to sell like HOTCAKES so check them out - NOW!
More items to be added:

Michelle Sommers

a month ago

Missed out on the comics. Bummer

Del Tucuman Hugo Rene

a month ago

I sure hope he's not signing on any original graphic novels.

Roziel Torres

a month ago

I love old comics of horror like tales from the crypt to 70s horror comics

Spent last night with MM going over how to make Twins OF Evil the tour of the summer. Tickets are going quick so don't miss out. It's gonna kill.

Hauke Hameister

2 months ago

I saw Manson 1 time.

It was at 2012 "Desert Uprising". I was excited to see him live for the first time but, turns out all he did was hide in the damn shadows of his stage and the sound was off.

Rob Zombie on the other hand was fan-fuckin-tastic. He made sure his sounds were set up properly and actually engaged the audience while putting on an excellent show.

You can do better than Manson, Rob...

Samantha Zeigler DiFranco

2 months ago

Wanna make it the tour of the summer, get Manson, Gingerfish and John 5 all good terms, so that you have a nearly full Holy Wood era line-up on stage, and they all play Astonishing Panorama of the End Times together. I know, not gonna happen, but this would catch all of us off guard.

Yinfang Cai

2 months ago

I'm so sad you guys only have 1 date in Ohio and it's up in Cuyahoga Falls. Absolutely absurd! Ohio never got their make-up date for last year with MM. Rob, Dayton loves you! Last year at the Rose Center, and every time at Hara Arena! Please come back to southwest Ohio!

On stage in Sweden with Alice Cooper. He really shouldn't have handed me that sword. I can't be trusted with sharp objects. #robzombie #alicecooper #sweden

Evanilson Andressa

2 months ago

we need more horror films Rob. I miss Capn Spaulding.

Laury Gaithe Adair

2 months ago

Gary Cozzy Cosgrove thought you might like this.

Curtis Parnell III

2 months ago

you and me both, Rob ❤ (does it ever get old being in the fantastical presence of Alice Cooper? I'd like to think not)

It’s been 2 years since The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser came out. As well as 12 super-swingin’ funky sounds, six videos were made including Well, Everybody’s Fucking In a UFO and the return of the Living Dead girl in The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore. Tell us YOUR favorite track and YOUR favorite video.

Pat Nickless

2 months ago

Difficult to choose, but in the bonepile has to be one of the best tracks on this album I think. And of course well everybody's fucking in a ufo video. All hail 🤘

Lois Skelton

2 months ago

Been a fan since the very start 30 years and running now...the whole album fucken rocks but In the Bone Pile is my favourite!

David Ward

2 months ago

“Well everybody’s fucking in a UFO” is my jam! Also, “A Hearse that Overturns with the coffin bursting open” is such a beautiful instrumental

Partying with Mickey Dolenz back in 2009.

Alex Christian

2 months ago

This pic is amazing! Love both you and Mickey (and of course The Monkees). So cool! 😍

Karen Pereira Camaram

2 months ago

I wrote a play - it’s like Circus do Soleil type of show - of murder mayhem and what other humans have done to other humans though out history- in the name of religion- Government-this stage performance will leave you - with your eyes open or scared for life!! Need a producer !! From the electric chair seen to a suicide... so real it will blow your mind!! Thanks for looking !!

Clouie San Buenaventura

2 months ago

Hung out with him in French quarter - like 15 years ago !!

Having a good old time at Sybil Brand Prison with Dee Wallaceon the set of 3 From Hell.

Angelica Ivone Campos

2 months ago

I spent some time with Dee last year, she was fantastic. I miss her. She is so charismatic.

Sandra Jendrillek Harbe

2 months ago

Dee Wallace is great! Love her in E.T. and Cujo. She's the absolute best in Cujo. ❤

Vic Temmerman

2 months ago

I would fts out of Dee Wallace

It's FIVE years since The Lords of Salem hit screens. To celebrate, here are just a small sample of TLOS tattoos, cosplay and fan art we still get at the site!
All together now! "Satan come to us. We are ready!"

Aqua Shields

2 months ago

Una película excelente no puedo decir q mi favorita pero es muy buena a pesar de q no hay monstruos sangre ni fantasmas como tal la trama es muy interesante esta peli es de tipo el resplandor terror bueno psicológico con mensaje, buena historia. como siempre cosas buenas con Don Rob Zombie <3

Andreea Papadopoulou

2 months ago

This movie sucked bad I couldn't even believe someone put money into it Halloween was great but this is a kind a terrible I was pissed I had to even pay a dollar to rent it

Carla Marisa Moniz Carrasco

2 months ago

sat in front of you at the premiere in Toronto still one of the coolest nights of my life can't believe my mom let me go to a midnight screening when i was like in grade 9

Backstage before every show. A swift hit to the gut to get Ginger going.

Chamar Little

2 months ago

The best of the best the rock n roll God's that rock the party the hardest

Khal Alramsi

2 months ago

Ginger's a big boy and a drummer. Those guys are crazy with wicked muscles, like rugby players. I don't think a punch to the gut preshow from Rob Zombie would be happening often if he wasn't ok with it.

Nisa Dawson

2 months ago

All I want to hear is a Australian tour it dooo itt

ONE DAY, FRIDAY 13TH OFFER! Get your tickets for only $13 to see Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson on the Twins of Evil: The Second Coming tour. The password is THIRTEEN. Go here:
*Offer valid at select venues, while supplies last. Ends midnight 13 April 2018.

Armando Ruivo

2 months ago

yup total BS. Put the code in and says no tickets available after doing a nice slider about it being 13$ tickets...

Siam Kenway

2 months ago

Apparently no one read the little words on the bottom there... Offer valid at select venues...which means it's NOT available everywhere. When I looked it up earlier, it was only available in 3 different states. The closest one was about a 5 hour drive which I would've been okay with. Unfortunately I was at work so i didn't have time to sit there and buy tickets. But I also didn't get upset that it wasn't available here in my location because I read that little asterisk that told me it wasn't available everywhere. Obviously he can't make it available in a lot of places because he still has to make a living. Suck it up and buy regular tickets. I just did. It would've been cool to get 13 dollar tickets, I could've bought a lot more merch, but I'm still gonna spend the money.

Roger Matthess

2 months ago

Code not working Atlanta show either. Phoned liberation ended up on a rebate call. Rebate for what I haven't bought the. Ticket.... Well for a dollar.... I'll pay full price. First concert 1999 korn zombie 19 years later still godz

I believe this will be my last casting news, but it a big one. RICHARD BRAKE has joined the gang from 3 FROM HELL. There's a new reject on the horizon and he's ready to party.

If you loved him as Doom-Head you're gonna love what he does in this.
A late night on the set of 3 FROM HELL with Wayne Toth. Wayne has done the special makeup effects on all my films.

Clementine Sparks

2 months ago

My boyfriend just gave me an early birthday present because it's Friday the 13th! I didn't even know this existed but we're on our second round listening to it and it's awesome 🖤🖤🖤

Natasha Umang

2 months ago

That’s cool that Richard is gonna be Captain Spaulding, however I really wish it was Sid, and I’m very sorry it didn’t work out for whatever reason.

Lena Eriksen

2 months ago

Very awesome news. Doom is one of my favourite guilty pleasure movies, mostly because of Brake's performance.

Another day another cast member. SEAN WHALEN has joined our bunch.
After a long night filming from sundown to sun up with Steven Michael Quezada.

Yep, the dude from Breaking Bad.

Hebert Bacelar

2 months ago

Any crowdfunding on this one? I enjoyed my 31 signed memorabilia! No seriously! I got it on time and have it hanging in my office. Can’t wait for this one Rob!

Breonna Mia

2 months ago

Eyyy if you got Alan Rick you'd have a Twister reunion!

Nicole Farrer

2 months ago

He is freaking awesome I met him and Bill at a horror festival and the we're very nice and talked for awhile

Our pal KEVIN JACKSON is back in 3 FROM HELL. Kevin met a bloody end in 31... does he fair better this time? Let's hope.

Pamela Brown

2 months ago

Wild Bill sideshow Big Sur California

Chad Hogue

2 months ago

not gonna lie, he looks like a young Keith David

Yaneli Reyes

2 months ago

Sid Haig is going to be in it right ? that guy is fucking awesome !!!!

It's Monday so let's get to more casting news. RICHARD RIEHLE has joined the cast of 3 FROM HELL.

Richard has been in everything from GLORY to CASINO to OFFICE SPACE and HALLOWEEN 2.

Elizabeth Tout

2 months ago

Anybody think with the amount of people being cast in this some won't make the movie and their scenes will end up being deleted. I remember when Rob made Lords of Salem and Billy Drago was cast, can't even recall seeing him in that movie, Sid Haig and Michael Berrymen had blink and you'll miss it scenes. Also I might be wrong on this but I'm sure Johnny Knoxville had a part in The Devil's Rejects but it wound up being cut from the film. Just seems with the amount he's casting are they all going to get screen time?

Hailee Egglestone

2 months ago

I thought personally house of 1000 was great. Devils rejects wasn’t bad either. I loved Salem too. I visit there every year. Halloween wasn’t bad as well. But the last one he made was kinda done already. Predictable I guess you could say. Idk. Idk if I’ll check this one out or not. Seems like the same formula anymore

Caston Cael Kastunichz

2 months ago

Theodore Hitt now i'm only doing this because I heard that buffalo bob guy shoved a roadflare up your bunghole

Hanging with my buddy Tom Papa on the set of 3 From Hell.

Karen Villanueva

2 months ago

Is that the dude from stargate?

Udo Walker

2 months ago

Have you ever stood next to Tom Papa while he had an over-the-top mustache? I have.

Constanza Cuadra

2 months ago

Kyle Finn, it’s our favorite filmmaker and our favorite comedian. To hang out with them for a day!

I am thrilled to announce a new addition to our growing cast. RICHARD EDSON has joined the gang of 3 FROM HELL.

Richard has appeared in everything from Stranger Than Paradise to Platoon to Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Costel Mijan

2 months ago

oh man!! I bet he will be awesome in it. I thought he had a creepy character in Ferris Bueller's day off, so I KNOW he is going to nail this role! Looking forward to seeing it.

Arandy Hernandez

2 months ago

he was the valet guy in Ferris bueller's day off!

Casandra Helen

2 months ago

Vito , get a broom and sweep out front.

You loved him as SICK-HEAD in 31. Well, PANCHO MOLER is back in 3 FROM HELL.

Sommer Asanpi

2 months ago

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn I loved 31 he was great.

Charlotte Hall

2 months ago

What about Sid Haig?!?! We've got to have Captain Spaulding!!

Andrea Ale

2 months ago

i’m getting a little worried that i haven’t seen Sid Haig

Rondo returns. DANNY TREJO is back in 3 FROM HELL.

Regiane Andrea

3 months ago

Si dani esta devuelta en él cine va ser excelente y muy
Espectacular pues su participación en la película
3 from hell de Rob Zombie
Deseo verla ya pronto.

Elisa Gustave

3 months ago

Yasmin ok this gonna be a dope ass movie for sure !!!

Miguel Hernandez

3 months ago

Philip, let’s go check this out once it’s released!

Spring Sale in the official Rob Zombie US store starts now! Up to 50% off select items now through April 9th >>

Claudia Om

3 months ago

lol "Need a better designer" These are discount/sale items, not all their items *rollingeyes*

Kayla Marie

3 months ago

You need a better merch designer 👩‍🎨

Naveed Baloch

3 months ago

Nano Sevilla....compra

Dot-Marie Jones joins the gang of 3 From Hell. #robzombie #3fromhell #dotmariejones

DOT-MARIE JONES has now joined the ever growing cast of 3 FROM HELL.

I wonder how she fits into the chaos?

Joseph Contino

3 months ago

Political means, authoritarian impersonations, and imp. of (++) con. trace, have print-outs of said lines for further research.

Amie Batistic

3 months ago

I want in on this so badly.


But some can only dream...


3 months ago

Can’t wait for 3 from hell sitting here watching devils rejects never gets old

El Superbeasto is in the house! TOM PAPA has joined the cast of 3 FROM HELL.

Neil Navidad

3 months ago

I would be just happy with a Beasto part 2. I loved that weird, wild movie.

Cyril Henry

3 months ago

The comedy special Rob directed was awesome

Stacy Kay Stellmach

3 months ago

I'd love to be in a Rob zombie movie, even if I was killed in it. But I'm a nobody so that won't happen

Order Rob Zombie’s ASTRO-CREEP: 2000 LIVE recorded at Riot Fest Chicago, September 2016 on vinyl, CD and digital:

Recorded live at Riot Fest Chicago, September 2016
1.Electric Head, Pt. 1 (The Agony)
2.Super-Charger Heaven
3.Real Solution #9
4.Creature of the Wheel
5.Electric Head, Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)
6.Grease Paint and Monkey Brains
7.I, Zombie
8.More Human Than Human
9.El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama
10. Blur the Technicolor
11. Blood, Milk and Sky

Sharon Daniels

3 months ago

This would be awesome for my new record player

Roleshia Parker

3 months ago

Gonna buy this. I listened to this album so much in middle school. I can still recite the whole thing from start to end when I listen to it. Would love to see it performed in it’s entirety live.

Angeles Buff

3 months ago

Just was a post on I tunes definitely buying it

Available Now at -

11 albums on 15 180-gram audiophile black vinyl LPs (all titles except HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 also available for individual preorder on standard weight black LPs)

ASTRO-CREEP: 2000 LIVE - 1LP (new album: recorded at Riot Fest Chicago, September 2016)
HELLBILLY DELUXE - 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl since 1998)
AMERICAN MADE MUSIC TO STRIP BY - 2LP (first release on vinyl since 1999)
THE SINISTER URGE - 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl since 2001)
EDUCATED HORSES - 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)
ZOMBIE LIVE - 2LP (first release on vinyl)
HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 - 1LP (first release on vinyl since 2010)
MONDO SEX HEAD - 2LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)
VENOMOUS RAT REGENERATION VENDOR - 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)
SPOOKSHOW INTERNATIONAL LIVE - 2LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)

• Foil stamp-numbered custom box designed by Rob Zombie
• Individually hand-painted, vacuum-formed Creeper Robot mask
• 8GB Creeper Robot USB stick with all 11 albums in uncompressed 44.1kHz/16-bit digital audio files for personal use
• Five collectable lithographs designed by Rob Zombie and Hartman, including one autographed by Zombie
• Turntable mat designed by Rob Zombie
• Microfiber LP cleaning cloth designed by Rob Zombie and Hartman

Délcio Maconguista Dgz

3 months ago

$420 is damn expensive. I’d drop the money on it if it were about $200 cheaper. I already got 3 of the albums in it so it’s hard to justify buying it for that price. Hopefully I can find it on sale eventually. Really want it.

Adam Willer

3 months ago

This box set is avaible in Cd to¿?

Luis Lozano

3 months ago

I wish I could afford this 😞 at least I own them all on cd

You must have three names to qualify for your own chair. #3fromhell #robzombie #sherimoonzombie #jeffdanielphillips

Well, if Otis is in there Baby can't be far behind. SHERI MOON ZOMBIE returns as BABY.
You must have three names to qualify for your own chair. #3fromhell #robzombie #sherimoonzombie #jeffdanielphillips

Luis D Álvarez

3 months ago

Was the wifey at bass pro shops with a little one last week .
If so , there's a really cool brand of opulent quick airbrish make up that works better than the one she was wearing .
You can find the products in most fx catalogs ..

-quest of the moon breed-
Stark ,mat dog , Nate ,Adrian

Isaura Porrata

3 months ago

Excellent! She hasn't aged a bit. Mix up them good genetics and make beautiful little monsters! Lol! Looking forward to all your new endeavors!

Josue Alexander Barrios

3 months ago

I just hope Doctor Satan isn't in it. The Devil Rejects is a original classic without special effects. Please Rob Zombie keep special effects out of it. Because this is really a movie that could be a true story. Let them be the vicious people they are more people can relate to that. Doctor Satan would be the down fall for this movie or anything in special effects. This is a great story don't mess it up.

Good old Schizo-Head from 31 David Ury has joined the cast of 3 From Hell. #robzombie #3fromhell #davidury
Another fine job well done by @jeffdanielphillips on 3 From Hell! #robzombie #jeffdanielphillips #3fromhell
You loved him as Schizo-Head in 31 ! Now DAVID URY has joined the cast of 3 FROM HELL.

Caitlin Sharkey

3 months ago


Afzal Sadani

3 months ago

I want to be in your film. Mfer

Shantal Shantal

3 months ago

Okay, so it's pretty much everyone you've ever worked with. Thanks!
That's all you gotta say, pretty much everyone you've ever worked with.

Look out Syracuse, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson - the TWINS OF EVIL - will be heading your way on July 22 for KROCK. Tickets on sale from Friday, April 6th at 10 AM EST here:

Crystal Godfrey

3 months ago

Shane Ballard rob zombie 😍😍

Barbara Grońska

3 months ago

I'm a Manson fan and I'm 32 but I been warned several times not to go see Manson cause it's a waste of money and time also seen vids of him just blowing his shows love his music but performance wise not so much love Rob Zombie would love to see him perform-Jackie/Wife

Hayriye Toy

3 months ago

Elisha we just moving to America yeah? 😂

Another day another early breakfast on set. #robzombie #3fromhell #breakfast
Some of you already guessed it. Clint Howard has joined the cast of 3 From Hell. #robzombie #3fromhell #clinthoward

CLINT HOWARD has now joined the cast of 3 FROM HELL.

Deana Norgaard

3 months ago

Clint Howard is like that flavor of ice cream you never knew about but once you did, you knew it was necessary to have.

Alejandro Roena

3 months ago



3 months ago

“I am not a handsome man”. 😂 Clint is awesome!

Morris Green on the scene. #3fromhell #robzombie #danroebuck #morrisgreen

Another day of shooting 3 From Hell. Who the fuck is this dude? #robzombie #3fromhell

Another of shooting 3 From Hell is done. Yes, Emilio Rivera has joined our cast. I wonder how he fits in? #robzombie #3fromhell #emiliorivera #sonsofanarchy

CASTING NEWS: Attention Sons Of Anarchy fans! EMILIO RIVERA has joined the cast of 3 FROM HELL.
Another of shooting 3 From Hell is done. Yes, Emilio Rivera has joined our cast. I wonder how he fits in? #robzombie #3fromhell #emiliorivera #sonsofanarchy

Cheyenne Campbell

3 months ago

Love this guy on sons of Anarchy

Adrianna Green

3 months ago

Rob Zombie what's the estimated release date? I find it hard to express verbally just how utterly and Truely excited me and my wife are to see this?!

Michaela McCall

3 months ago

Christy Sprinkle yaaaaaay my favorites. (Still haven't finished the last season Dx)