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Get the DISCO SUCKS shirt from Zomboogey, including a replica of the version worn by Richard Brake in Three From Hell. Hurry, hurry, hurry! These babies will fly out the window. Go. Now. Just do it!

Maurino Fly Kérosène

a day ago

That's funny considering your name is Disco Rob according to what I hear in some of your songs

James Swigart

a day ago

Wayne Static disapproves of this message. Evil Disco!

Jahid Hasan

a day ago

kind of weird because you are now basically a disco metal band

ON THIS DAY: September 16, 2016. Rob Zombie releases his movie '31'.
In part financed by crowd-funding, 31 follows the horrific story of five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large compound. What follows next is 12 hours of the captives fighting for their lives, against a seemingly relentless parade of maniacs.
31, stars many Rob Zombie movie alumni’s including Malcolm McDowell, Judy Geeson, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, Meg Foster and Richard Brake, who played the role of the final protagonist DOOMHEAD – a character that has become a firm favorite with Rob Zombie movie fans.
Find out more about the movie here:
Watch DOOMHEAD getting ready in this opening monologue from the film.

Kacia Dede Joseph

2 days ago

It was a cool movie

Jonathan Siple

2 days ago

Got the signed poster. Always awesome!! Still haven’t seen the uncut version.

Luna Feline

3 days ago

Martin Greenaway you need to see this movie! 😘

A few months ago, Rob Zombie teamed up with Creative Allies to ask fans to "to create a hell-raising poster that showcases the many years of his creative career". Zombie has looked through all the submissions and found a WINNER! Thank you to EVERYONE who took part, but please give a resounding HELL YEAH to Brian LeBlanc, Illustrator who came up with this winning beauty! Well done Brian!
Follow Brian on social media:

Joel-Cayce Morris

6 days ago

Very Frazetta-esque

Anthony Richard Salazar Diaz

6 days ago

Hell yeah \m/ That's awesome

Matthew Losco

6 days ago

Congratulations! Awesome poster!

ON THIS DAY: Sept 12, 2009, Rob Zombie's The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, was released. Taking four years to make, this was Zombie's first full-length animation feature and based on his comic book. Voices include Tom Papa, Ken Foree, Clint Howard, Paul Giamatti, Rosario Dawson and Sheri Moon Zombie.
Find out more:

Casey Conner

6 days ago

here is a fun story. Me and my friends watched that movie and on the next day i hear a wild banging in the next room. Doors ware open so i sneaked in and asked "Should i leave, or join in?"

Bassem Muhammed

7 days ago

Love that movie

Robinson Chidinma

7 days ago

Dan Vanderveen I don’t eat carbs after 8.

Day 1 of editing THREE FROM HELL with Glenn Garland. Glenn has edited every film since The Devil's Rejects. Damn this is gonna be a lot of work.

Pro Sadia

7 days ago

Literally CAN'T WAIT!!! If u could finish it sooner i would highly appretiate it. 😉

Demetrius King

7 days ago

Bring on the gore. I'm hoping you pulled out the stops. In so ready

Clare F Davies

7 days ago

Can’t wait to see the creative work you shove down our eyeballs this time 🤡🤹🏻‍♂️🎭🎼

DON'T FORGET! Rob Zombie will be in Mexico on October 7th for FORCE FEST - don't miss out!!!

Eloise Atter

8 days ago

Welcome!! See you there!!

Carlo Calzetti

8 days ago

No puede ser 😭😭😭😭 Alexis González Haro

Michele Abdu

8 days ago

Y Guadalajara?!
Abran fecha por favor!!!

Larry Swift

10 days ago

About time you got a new photo, even though this one's from 2009.

Madelin Snider

10 days ago

Love ❤️ u ,, and ,,,,,,,

Tanha Asad

10 days ago

Hey I’m currently wearing that shirt!!

Well Big Mike's Labor Box Office record was almost killed off this weekend by some Crazy Rich Asians who racked up 28.3 million for the 4 day holiday. But Mike is safe with his 30. 6 million record. Whew.

Eleven years and holding strong.

Kimberly Diane Harris Cone

15 days ago

It was a good vision of the masterpiece

Connie Tito Moral

15 days ago

Foi a melhor versão!

Chase DeJarnett

15 days ago

Rob your the man keep bringing us killer music and great movies can't wait to see 3 from hell 🤘🤘

To celebrate 11 years of my version of Halloween let's see those Halloween tattoos. I know they are out there. I've seen a ton of them.

Krissy Bronow

19 days ago

Haha. These are fucking awful. Thank you .

Patrick Dean

19 days ago

Matt, look at these pieces...

Taylor Guerin

19 days ago

Had mine done last February.

ON THIS DAY: On August 31, 2007, RZ unleashed his vision of Michael Myers over the Labor Day Weekend. His origin story, a reimagining of the John Carpenter classic, looked more in-depth at the childhood of Myers as well as following him wrecking bloody revenge on his hometown of Haddonfield that fateful Halloween night.
Halloween broke box office records at the time and continues to do so. Can Michael make it eleven years at the top this year? Find out more:

Erin Russell

19 days ago

This one you did was good. What the he’ll happened to the 2nd one?

Duckens Mont-Louis

19 days ago

Wes Whitt isn’t this your favorite Halloween movie 😂

Nick Schwindt

19 days ago

It was scary, mission accomplished...

That’s all folks! Twins of Evil out! Thanks to everyone involved for a killer tour. It was a blast. Marilyn Manson

Chad Crum

19 days ago

Come back to Toronto but make sure Manson sings this was an amazing show regardless

Elissa Gonzales

19 days ago

I went to the Concord show, sick as hell had a fever off an on earlier in the day... (I had been waiting months for this so I wasn't gonna miss it) And I still had more energy than Manson. He sat on the stage like most of his set. Freaking Zombie tho... Was all over the place. I loved it. Lol.

Aismeri Carolina Romero Testa

19 days ago

good job guys!..didn't see y'all around Omaha but that's cool..hopefully see ya's soon...

LAST BUT ONE show of the TWINS OF EVIL tour - Concord, CA, come party with us like its Friday nite!!!
Still a few tickets left - don't kick yourself for not coming!!

Roye Alsup

21 days ago

You guys were fucking phenomenal tonight!!!!! ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍💯💯💯💯💯💯 fuck yes!!! Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson: Twins Of Evil

Yoshikazu Kawanabe

21 days ago

Come to Australia 💜

Felicity Rogers

21 days ago

Been waiting for this show since I purchased my tickets ..... let’s all rock out in Irvine tomorrow !!!!!

ON THIS DAY: Aug 28, 2009, Rob Zombie released Halloween 2.
Find out more here:

Christina Steiner

22 days ago

Liked the second one much more than the first.

Florian Bank

22 days ago

I didn’t even know about the second movie 🤣

Winston Rico

22 days ago

And on this day in 2009 it was a terrible movie.

There are just TWO SHOWS LEFT for the TWINS OF EVIL tour. Don't miss out! There's still time to get tickets!
Seriously, stop thinking about it and GO DO IT!

Emma McPhail

22 days ago

Awesome show. Thank you!!!!!

Louise Cangro Harris

23 days ago

I enjoyed the performance at Darien Lake.

Gaute Brådli

23 days ago

Last night was my fist concert even and i hope you keep coming to Phoenix i really enjoy it it was bomb <3

Rob Zombie will be a guest on Whiplash w/ Full Metal Jackietonight at 9pm PST on 955KLOS- Also streaming online at
Are you ready to get HOT tonite in PHOENIX BABY! Get your boots on and get high.
TWO DATES LEFT of the TWINS OF EVIL tour - you've been warned - so don't miss out if you haven't booked your tickets yet!

Kemal Aygun

23 days ago

Take that snake off!!!!

Liz Isaura Sanchez

23 days ago

Love that makeup zombie

Isaura Isa

23 days ago

Jordan Fields look you match Full Metal Jackie! :0

Zombie isheading to Mexico for FORCE FEST in October! We're ready to PARTY! Are you?
Get ya tickets!

Carl-erik Olsen

25 days ago

Kelly win the lottery and let's go

Maria Cristina Risoli

25 days ago

Omg ❤ Scott Duffy and tequila!!!

Entertainment news

25 days ago

Ross Pedersen Daniel Kelly check out the lineup 😍

What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas baby! Come get it on with the TWINS OF EVIL in the ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD tonite!
Just a handful of shows left - you know what ya got to do!

Maria Cristina Risoli

25 days ago

Bet Zombie won’t make the mistake of thinking 3rd times a charm

Melissa Pulliam

25 days ago

The Only Child Of Evil Tour is wrapping up soon?

Stephanie Thompson

25 days ago

See ya tonight!!

TONITE we're kicking off the weekend mayhem at the Mattress Firm Amphitheatre in CA. The TWINS OF EVIL guarantee to deliver you the chaos you need!!!!!
Four shows left after tonite! Don't kick yourself for not coming along! COME ON DOWN:

Bryaun Johnson

25 days ago

Cheyenne this is where you need to be tonight

Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng

25 days ago

It was an awesome show on the 18th no matter what. Have fun guys!!!

Харвей Номвер

25 days ago

Good luck w Manson. More like the Only Child Tour

The TWINS OF EVIL are in UTAH tonite, and we're ready to kick up a storm at the USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley City ..... music not weather ..... come join us! It's always party nite with us!
Five dates of EVIL left after tonite:

Wendy Morrin

a month ago

Amazing show in Denver!

Crys Patiño

a month ago

Can't wait, my brother, his friend and I are down from Edmonton, Alberta to see the show 🤘🤘

Tshegofatso Motsemme

a month ago

U do not know what is Evil. sometimes Devil jealous me.

Limited batch made, so don't delay, get yours today!
Well, the place filled up and rocked. Denver killed it. Yes there a band somewhere down on that stage.

Itzel Medellin

a month ago

LOVE the Dr. Wolfenstein shirt!

Gabrielle Dennis

a month ago

Love the shirt , but lady in it wow !

Madelyn Harris

a month ago

Omg I want!!! :)

The TWINS OF EVIL are playing in the MILE HIGH CITY tonite! Come get FREAKY with us!
Six shows left after tonite. Don't miss out!

Heather Ney Brier

a month ago

The Rob Zombie show. No Twins of evil about it.

Kay McAdams

a month ago

6 shows... that 3 or 4 counting in 'manson did perform'?

Josh Hayden

a month ago

🤟 Yvonne Rodrick Shane 🤟

Baby's back motherfuckers! Dig the final character teaser poster from THREE FROM HELL!

Holly Berwanger

a month ago


Kerri Layne Pearson

a month ago

Michelle Hackler Adams

Petra Scharm

a month ago

Paula Rodriguez. Alizae Rodriguez

Houston was wicked last night. Thanks to the 15,000 sweaty Texans partying hardcore.

Sarah Foran

a month ago

Awwwwww wish I was there!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🖤

Christoph Meichsner

a month ago

Who is photographer? Damn they get the coolest shots!

Ro-Lyn Tabucol de Leon

a month ago

Felicia Ami Courvier memories!!! It was funny af when he mentioned the heat during the show 😂

It's gonna be HOTTER THAN HELL tonite at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. The TWINS OF EVIL are ready to make the devil sweat! Join us as we round off our shows in the great state of Texas.
Only a few more shows to go. Don't miss out!
And don't forget to spare some of the love for Deadly Apples, who have been supporting us on this smoking hot tour.

Nando Cardona

a month ago

Cant wait to see you!!! 🧟‍♂️

カレン ケイ

a month ago

Deadly apples is the opening act

Anyone know if there is an opening band before the big two?

Tonight it's going to be MORE HUMID THAN HUMID for the TWINS OF EVIL as we hit the second of our shows in the great state of Texas. Austin360 Amphitheater, DEL VALLE, are you ready for us?! Let's kick off the weekend the way we mean to go on: hot, sweaty and dancing and singing to some great ROCK N' ROLL music!!!
Just a few shows left. Don't miss out!

Shianne Cook

a month ago

The night was humid

Franck Russo

a month ago

Where can I get that shirt???

Carolin von Rönn

a month ago

Does anyone know where I can buy the merch shirts from the concert? I wanted one of Zombies shirts & didn’t get one! 🤦🏼‍♀️

COME ON DOWN! The TWINS OF EVIL are in the great state of TEXAS for our next three shows, starting TONITE in Dallas. Join us! It's going to be a real wild ride!
Just a few more dates left:

Chris Jones

a month ago

Omg!!! I cant wait!! This is my first time seeing you and my second seeing manson!!

Muhd Harith Taqqiyudin

a month ago

Are you going to play an Aretha Franklin song tonight?

Diana Henke

a month ago

I think Batman will be there

A walk among the masses on a very hot night in Atlanta. 11,000 maniacs! Photo by
#robzombie #twinsofeviltour #marilynmanson #atlanta

Julian Rolle

a month ago

You like it hot. Yeah twisted

Marquis Moore

a month ago

Picture I took from in there

Francisco Javier

a month ago

I was in there somewhere

It's all going down tonight in ATLANTA, GA. Do not miss out! Come spend the night with the TWINS OF EVIL.
Tickets, yada yada yada:

Ziggy Peter Jensch

a month ago

I'm driving 7 hours to be in Atlanta GA. I can't wait for this bad ass show. I was going to get the meet and greet but the wife didn't want to be in the pit😩😢

Pat Gallen

a month ago

Not coming to my city :(

Felix Müller

a month ago

Can't fucking wait!!

17 shows down and 11 to go! Next stop Atlanta!
#robzombie #twinsofeviltour #marilynmanson #atlanta

Henry Flores

a month ago

We’re ready 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Faby Valadez

a month ago

Yesterday’s show kicked ass. Thanks for a great show.

Eirikr Wilson

a month ago

great show great showman!!

It's SUNDAY! But there's no rest for the wicked because we, the TWINS OF EVIL will be spreading our gospel at the Darien Lake Amphitheater!!!

Stirling Foley

a month ago

Just seen em at Hartford . And would have to say Manson killed it !!

Glan Mathias

a month ago

From Wisconsin. Oshkosh RUSA was cancelled. We are in New York for vacation anyways...since we didn't see the Twins of Evil in Oshkosh, and I already bought a tour shirt we got tickets for this show! \m/

Ýğ Ëvě Måł

a month ago

Loved you guys at the BB&T in Philly on Friday! BEST Flipping SHOW of the season!!

We're ready to GET DOWN to PARTY TOWN tonite in Hartford CT. Get funky with us!!!
Twins of Evil tour dates and ticket links and VIP package links here as always:

Chy Wilson

a month ago

Wed in Mansfield

Claudia Valo

a month ago

Oooooo I love party town! Let’s take a detour

* meets captain spaulding*

Stefania Jurado

a month ago

its on. the venue is open, employees everywhere, we even saw some people arriving VERY early

Another HAIR-RAISING Twins of Evil show tonight! Come join the mayhem in Camden, NJ. Let's all get a little WEIRD together!
If ya want tickets/VIP for the other shows, you just have to click here:
See ya!

Edna Tabor Scott

a month ago

I thought this was a picture of a tree

Itz Driz Daniel

a month ago

Weather looks perfect!

Kenneth Bryan Garcia Franco

a month ago

Im going to laugh if it will rain and the show gets cancelled yet again

Say your prayers, make your sacrifices, and keep your fingers and toes crossed for TONIGHT's TWINS OF EVIL show in Mansfield, MA.
Let's fucking DO THIS!
Tickets etc as always here:
We’re really sorry folks that the show at Jones Beach, Wantagh NY, was cancelled tonight due to the extremely bad weather. I’m guessing we’re gonna have to make some extra sacrifices to the rain gods to plead with them to stop screwing with our shows. Please see below a note from tonight’s venue and follow them and your ticket point of purchase to be updated on refunds. Sorry again.

Iris Suria

a month ago

We will be seeing you all in Houston but please try to stop in our shop on your way to dallas from Atlanta...we are right off the interstate.

Marilyn Bannister

a month ago

Welcome home, Zombie! Massachusetts has been waiting for you !

Loinequa Clemons

a month ago

NA....if it rains a little ,can't be getting wet now can we .

Rob Zombie's Halloween reimagining from 2007 is being re-released this October 2, in a special edition Steelbook version for DVD and Blu-Ray formats.
The film is currently available to pre-order from Amazon and you can go straight to pre-order here:
(please note, not all countries Amazon's have it available for pre-order yet, but we will be adding more retailers and countries as their pre-order links become available).
More details on the content will be posted as we get it.
Revisit the film here:

Neekka Thomas

a month ago

This was so much better than the original. I'll definitely be buying this.

Lisa Irving

a month ago

Kieran M Cox

Lameck Nyirongo

a month ago

Will there be an H2 steelbook release?

The TWINS OF EVIL TOUR resumes August 7th in Wantagh, NY.
Tickets, VIP, etc etc:

Jamie Smith

a month ago

How's about a motherfucking U.K tour!!

Rita Smith

a month ago

Well I hope Manson is feeling better considering I was at the Toronto show that he didn’t perform at. So bummed as I had never seen either him or zombie in concert before!!! Zombie still had me blown away but it would have been nice to have seen both!

Emily Metzger

a month ago


I wonder what happens next?

#thelordsofsalem #sherimoonzombie #heidihawthorne #robzombie #judygeeson #jeffdanielphillips #kenforee #megfoster #patquinn

Keisha Turner

2 months ago

She becomes aware of her power

Grisel Lago

2 months ago

Sequel lets go rob

Naveed Maliks

2 months ago

I loved Lords of Salem! I’d definitely be down to see what happens next!

TONITE we are back in BRISTOW, VA for our rescheduled TWINS OF EVIL show. Please pray to the rain gods to BACK THE HELL OFF MAN!
But hey, you guys now get to tell my favorite axe-man John 5 HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
See you in a little while weirdos!!!
After tonite there's a few days break and then the TWINS will be BACK Aug 7 in Wantagh, NY. Tickets etc yada yada yada, here:

Keith Oatis

2 months ago

Happy fifth John....Great Show Rob.....we love you

Harpreet Singh

2 months ago

My darling Emma is just a tad excited for her first concert 🤣😂

Jill Jackson

2 months ago

I am there! The reschedule made it possible for me to get better seats

TONITE my unconventional conventionists, we are in Bangor, ME, for the Impact Music Festival.
Let’s close out the weekend the only way we know how: LOOOOOOOUUUUUUUD!!!!!!!!!

Jackie Webber

2 months ago

I see you shiver... with anticiiiiiiiii... pation!!

Kenneth Hellevik

2 months ago

Tim Parnell

Napalm Death supporting Rob Zombie 🤘

Mona Burkhead Burch

2 months ago

we came as mormons......

The TWINS OF EVIL are reunited today at HEAVY MONTRÉAL.
Flu is NOT fucking nice man, so we're pleased to see Marilyn Manson is on the mend.
SHOUT OUT if you're joining the mayhem in Montreal.
Check out the schedule for today here:

Sandy Winchester

2 months ago

Uh, why is Tech Nine on a bill for all metal acts? But yet everyone is worried about Limp Bizkit? WTF

Cindy Montoya-Ledesma

2 months ago

Can’t wait!!

Betin DeLeon

2 months ago

Clément Gohar, belle affiche pour nous...

An explosion of hair from our show in Toronto! Awesome Fucking gig! Photo by Rockstar Photography

Luis Medina

2 months ago

pretty trippy :D

Sullivan Bayu The'rev

2 months ago

Now that's badass

Chris Champagne

2 months ago

What showmanship is all about!

Tonite we're bringing the MAYHEM to our Northern neighbors.
CANADA, are you ready to GET HIGH with the TWINS OF EVIL?!
OF COURSE YOU ARE!!! See you later!
Dates/Tickets/VIP here:

Abdul-jabbar Zaïre

2 months ago

Please come out West. Edmonton, Vancouver or Calgary! I can't get to Toronto 😢

Sismena Suescun

2 months ago

West coast please

Pat Meyer

2 months ago

This will be the 4th Zombie concert I've been to. Can't wait. Nothing will beat seeing you in a small venue in Kitchener, ON

Due to OVERWHELMING demand, we're selling a SECOND batch of the #freebaby shirts at Zomboogey. This is a limited run so DON'T MISS OUT!

Daniel Awojobi

2 months ago

Cris Bogdol I really want!

Peter Montoya

2 months ago

when are you coming to Australia

Lisandro Esquivel

2 months ago

I went with the enamel pin!

The TWINS OF EVIL carry on their tour of mayhem, carnage and rock 'n' roll madness. This time we are in Burgettstown, PA.
Join us! Let's get a little CRAZY!

Vicki Armstrong

2 months ago

anyone got 2 free tickets to tonights show

Mthunzi KingShadow Nyambosé

2 months ago

It would be good to see you without that wanker Manson.

Morihiro Ueda

2 months ago

I am here !! Hell ya I am here to get a little CRAZY !!!

In the Zombie dressing room after last nite's gig in NJ, with Peter Criss

Edward Ramirez

2 months ago


Shirley Sanchez

2 months ago

The show was great, Rob! Stage looked amazing. First time seeing you guys live. Can't wait until you guys roll through again. 🤘🏾

Clint Bolduc

2 months ago

Looks like Alvaro Vitali

LET'S DO THIS! Holmdel, NJ the TWINS OF EVIL are in town and we're ready to bring the house down! Are you?!
Be there or be square motherfucker!

Danny Hollywood

2 months ago

Come back to Syracuse 💥

Valeria Angelini

2 months ago

Hope you and Manson bring that shit hard in Atlanta. Love you Motherfuckers!!!!

Fernando Javier Galaviz González

2 months ago

See you tomorrow in Burgettstown

It's Sunday but that doesn't mean you can't ROCK!
Parking from 4, gates from 5 and the show will be from 7.
As always, tickets/VIP for all shows:
13 years ago today The Rejects hit the silver screen. Time Fireflys when your having fun.

Wade Pier

2 months ago

He did such a great job Bravo!!!!

Erik Gregory Quarry

2 months ago

As always, AWESOME SHOW!

Edelia Bueno

2 months ago

I support your dream my family

The TWINS OF EVIL weekend mayhem continues. This time we are in Bristow, VA and we're kicking ass and taking names! Come join us! It's sure going to be WILD!
Tickets/VIP for the tour here:

Guilherme Reis Cavalheiro

2 months ago

On the way now from southern Wv!! 5 1/2 hour drive but damn well worth it!! Can't wait!!

Lea Apel

2 months ago

See you in a lil while were in sec 101

Danny Bales Phd

2 months ago

Saw them in Chicago last week.
They both killed it!

It's all going DOWN in Virginia Beach, VA this Friday nite.
Join the TWINS OF EVIL and let's start the weekend with a great big PARTY!!!

Debora Mcdonald

2 months ago

I doubt this will even get any notice or especially a reply, but I am putting it on here anyway. My daughter and i were there as part of the meet and greet tonight as well as in the pit area handicapped sectioned off area for us wheelchaired folk. From the word go every one of the guys were just as nice as could be,made time for each and every person. Not to mention the fact they went out of their way to make sure that my 10 yr old daughter (in my opinion) got the best of the experience of the photo op. Ginger also made her night and made a solid fan for the rest of her life. She already loved the music, but tonight's concert just blew her away. Thank you so much for an amazing father daughter night to remember. Her first big rock concert and she got to meet one of the greats.

Linda M Rodrigues

2 months ago

What time do gates open 7/21

Dino Biggs

2 months ago

Have a great show.

Well the joint sure filled up. What a fucking crazy night. 15,000 people and 14,000 phones.
Day off today but we'll be tearing up the weekend with shows, including KROCK's KROCKATHON.
Tickets/VIP here:

Jay LeGros

2 months ago

Concerts suck when idiots have their phones blocking other peoples view. Rude fux

Theresa Quesnelle-Bodner

2 months ago

guess phones are way more metal tan fists and horns 😒 *rolling eyes*

Angie Beu

2 months ago

Had to take a few pics and a couple short videos but my phone stayed in my pocket most of the time. I did feel bad cuz i know how Rob feels about phones but it was honestly one of the best shows ive ever been to and i had to capture some of it...not to mention i fuckin love Zombie and Manson, so of course i wanted a few pics. Sorry Rob, I'm a dick i know

NOBLESVILLE, IN - Get ready to GET HIGH with us tonite because the TWINS OF EVIL are in TOWN! It's gonna be SICK!!!
Tickets/VIP via:

Coco Kassek

2 months ago

Last night in Indy !

Mauro AndradeWenk

2 months ago


Amazing concert! Whent last night, Nobelsvill IN... LOVED ever second of Zombies set! Wow! Hope you come back to the Indana area agin and Soon! 🤘🏻🖤