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Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Nathan Salyer

11 hours ago

Go as Captain Spaulding every year :) Love his Character. I had to change the outfit up a little LOL im a Big motherfucker and clown outfits dont fit all that well LOL

E.J. York

also shared about Rob Zombie

Here's me as my character Zomb--E with Father Imperium of the Skeletal Priesthood. We do a small haunted house every year just to piss off the neighbors. For every "Somebody's Watching Me" or "Ghostbusters" they play, they get entreated to "Superbeast" or "American Witch."

Rachel Dumas

also shared about Rob Zombie

Do you think wearing a Rob Zombie's mask can makes me have free entrances at shows? "Hi I'm Rob Zombie" "oh hello mr zombie, please be my guest!" 🤔

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Richie Rhoads

a day ago

The Dreads show at Usana was epic. Plus my daughter and I got to meet the fellas and get a pic. She and I were down front with Fieldy and then Piggy D smack in front of us. What a great show.

Emily Alyse Wilkins

also shared about Rob Zombie

That would be a hell of a show! I saw Zombie my first time there and it was great! They would definitely sell it out!

Matt Huston

also shared about Rob Zombie

Can't remember what year it was. LONG time ago. I got to see KORN and Rob Zombie, at Ozzfest, Camden Waterfront. I used to never miss an Ozzfest.

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Ed Kindelberger

2 days ago

Me and my kids were watching it one night when there was a knock on the door. It was a family who got a flat tire. We just looked at each other all sinister like.

Time to put the Nosferatu brothers back in their coffin.

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Heers Johnny

3 days ago

Like I mentioned in your post a few minutes ago with Gene Simmons. You are just as much a class-act as you are a rock god. THAT is a rare combo. Good on you, Rob Zombie. Wish you were coming to Aftershock Festival! But I'll definitely catch your next show when you're near me. Nothing like a Zombie experience!!!

Lee Rodman

also shared about Rob Zombie

This is what happens when you stick to your guns and believe in yourself and your vision for thirty plus years. You ROCK Rob Zombie. It is an inspiration to still see you going strong. Like your song says "never gonna stop"...

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Hanging With Brent from @mastodonrocks watching @eodmofficial . #robzombie #mastadon #eaglesofdeathmetal
Tiny knows the score! #robzombie #houseof1000corpses

There is about 30 years between these two pics. Top with Tom Five in front of 20 people. Bottom wit hJohn Five in front of 20,000 people.

Time marches on.

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Mark Trinkwalder

7 days ago

Cripe. Back in the day. Saw you and the band at harpos in detroit one night when make them die slowly came out. Then the state theatre. I belive Prong opened. And again i got to meet you when you first went solo. Harmony house in warren, michigan. You and Mrs Zombie were running a little behind. harmony house decided tonstart putting crazy rules in olace. You came out and addressed everyone in line and said you would be there all night if thats what it took to get everyone their fair chance. So awesome.

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Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Tracy Lynn

9 days ago

Great show in Richmond Friday. The whole vibe changed for those 3.5 minutes. Validated my feelings on energy from phones. Shungite rocks for everyone.

David Lawrence

also shared about Rob Zombie

Come to Alabama! We love you here! Check out our haunted house at Greenville Haunted Firehouse on Facebook. I'm in charge of the clown house.

A rocking good time last night in Richmond Virginia. #robzombie #richmondva

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Angela Woodward

10 days ago

Loved the show last night. It was my daughters first rock concert and we enjoyed the hell out of it! I really appreciate “ that old school moment of being in the moment” 😉 Thank you guys!

Kimberly Melton

also shared about Rob Zombie

Halestorm is coming with our Az fair, in this moment and mastadon are with big red night of the dead but no ZOMBIE I need my ZOMBIE fix!!!!!!

Virginia, are you ready to celebrate the start of the weekend with one huge Zombie party? Tonight, we’re hitting up The Classic Amphitheater in Richmond for some super swingin’ sounds:

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Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Lucy Machin Lopez

13 days ago

You passed right by me last night when you got off stage section 118 in bon secours. I was so fuckin star stricken. I wish i could have met you after wards :( please gimme a shout out!! We're your loyal fans since we were kids.

Michael Casessa

also shared about Rob Zombie

You look great Rob,I'm horny for you haha kidding,can't wait to buy my astro creep 2000 in jacks,started my CD collection again,jacks in red bank nj,love it

Johnny Navadel

also shared about Rob Zombie

I always wanted to see Rob zombie in concert but I propley won't but at leas I so ozzy twice in concert is last fair well concert what a great show

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Fire it up Atlanta! We’re bringing the Zombie Party to the Coca Cola Roxy Theatre TONIGHT! See you gals and ghouls there!

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Jeff Pascoe

15 days ago

Hope your voice is better. Prob all the fat chicks in Kentucky sucked all the oxygen out of the air when you got up on stage. Still awesome!

Tomorrow night in South Carolina! Be there! #robzombie #southcarolina #greenville
Getting high in Kentucky last night. Photo by @alisontoonphotographer #kentucky #robzombie

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Bianca Zigitaigonista

16 days ago

Seems a shame that he started it off with the Devil’s Rejects and not House of 1000 Corpses...

Love both films, but House of 1000 Corpses was first of those two movies involving the same characters. Rob Zombie jumped genres I think when he made The Devil’s Rejects and it was fantastic to see the characters in a different type of tale.
House of 1000 Corpses is way more Halloween and horror. The Devil’s Rejects is more like a western/action film granted it is twisted.

Tim Plesha

also shared about Rob Zombie

Wish you would have stretched a few more to the set before killing them off. Otis was boss out of all the characters. Real straight shooter when letting you know how it is

Richard Johnson

also shared about Rob Zombie

Mason Johnson this is what I was talking about two scary movies every night starting the 19th and a full 24hrs of movies on Halloween.

Backstage in Kentucky with my buddy Jesse from Eagles of Death Metal. Rock on! #robzombie #eaglesofdeathmetal #louderthanlife

Louisville, are you ready for the ZOMBIE INVASION! Today we will be storming the stage at Louder Than Life - see you ghouls soon!

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Fred Krobar

17 days ago

Remember the 3 shows you did here in Detroit in the early 90's that started it all?? And its Still going strong today🤘😎🤘Harpos Rules!

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Clarence William Butler

20 days ago

A true Shield Maiden of old, to be sure... Happy Birthday lass... keep showing the ladies of the world how ta be a kick ass woman... (Y)

Howie Myers

also shared about Rob Zombie

Happy birthday. You two are incredible I remember going to your concerts when I was 9 both of you were there. Best and one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life

Scott Hayes

also shared about Rob Zombie

Happy Birthday! Would love to see the Queen of Scream, Jamie Lee Curtis and yourself in a movie doing what you do best (Psychotic badass!) and her as your victime. I'd be in Horror Heaven!

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Flashback 2004. @sherimoonzombieofficial with her stunt double @lastuntgal on the set of The Devil's Rejects. #thedevilsrejects #sherimoonzombie #robzombie #lesleyaletter

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Jennifer Holzapfel

a month ago

I will be there!! It's been 20 years since I've last seen one of your shows.
I can not wait!! :)
See you in Portsmouth VA!!

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Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Alexandria Draven

a month ago

The design is amazing! The models did a very good job as well; the lady is gorgeous, and that gentleman is finer than a frog's hair! 🖤

Fans shared about Rob Zombie

Chris Polubinski

a month ago

Basil was a master of his craft. One of the few autographed items I have that's actually on display in my house is my Hellbilly poster signed by the two of you.

Mistie Savage McGuire

also shared about Rob Zombie

I'm sorry for your loss;( it's so hard with the loss of a friend:( here is this to maybe make you smile in the midst of a hard time!! My daughter drew you in honor of you, she's a huge fan and has seen you several times in concert and has a tribute tattoo .

Nico van den Bosch

also shared about Rob Zombie

Wtf ? It was the image of that cd that got my attention in the store when i was 14 and made me discover your awesome music ... :o never now the guy behind it tho ... my regrets for your loss ...

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