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Rise Against live at The Complex on September 16, 2018. Photos: Miguel Mendoza

Fredy Teevahi

4 days ago

A great show!

Rza B Mgallou

4 days ago

See you Thursday in Calgary

C.d. Moore

5 days ago

Great shots! Seeing you guys for the 8th time was just as amazing and inspiring as the first! 🤘😁✌️

Rise Against live at Revention Music Center on September 12, 2018. Photos: Firmansyah Arief

Rise Against live at Toyota Music Factory on September 13, 2018. Photos: Robbie Clark

Luca Cincotta

8 days ago

Nick Zarski next week 😀

Absolutely incredible kickoff of leg 2 of the Mourning In Amerika Tour at The Armory last night! Picking back up in Nashville on Sunday after tomorrow’s stop at the friendly confines with Fall Out Boy.

Salina Rosalez

14 days ago

Guys... that was like the saddest show ever... why only a couple songs and no video?? I'm 9 months prego and very disappointed in that 😭😭😭

Keith Buck

14 days ago

2 shows in Alberta no shows in Saskatchewan or Manitoba =( Come on guys! the last time you were here was 2011. The tour with Linkin park was sadly cancelled due to Chester's injury

Clayton Alderman

15 days ago

Cody it’s sold out in Nashville already though

Deanne Whitely

a month ago

Every band seems to be doing symbols instead of photos for album covers.

Ryan Jones

a month ago

Great stuff! Make sure to include The unraveling, My life inside your heart, Disparity by design, Injection and Chamber the cartridge on Vol 2 and we have a winner 😎

Lalo Asevedo

a month ago

I love you guys! Some of your medolic tunes just mean so much to me, please keep making such meaningful music for the 🌎 Rock On Rise Against!!! 👌

Making-Of 'The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1'.

Milena Echavarria

2 months ago

Casey Gatti Lawrence

Scarlett Jones

2 months ago

Volume 2 needs to hurry now this was exceptional

Marian Dan

2 months ago

Love it! Can't wait for Volume 2!❤️

TOMORROW Rise Against and AFI are taking over the Live Nation Concerts Instagram Story live from the Mourning In Amerika Tour.

Don’t forget to grab tickets to see them live at

Mia Koritnik

2 months ago

Thank you for the show last night in Brooklyn 🤘🏼

Cristian Marin

2 months ago

Is all dates rise against and afi?

María Renée Santos

2 months ago

Ill be there Saturday!!!! So excited!!!

We’re on the cover of this week’s Kerrang! Head to now to find out where you can grab a copy.

Sarah Lavoie

2 months ago

No, you’re on the cover

Kayongo Sarah

2 months ago

really miss you here in denmark <3

Luyanda Zondi

2 months ago

Why his his hand so small when he reaches out right into the camera 🧐

Pre-order 'The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1' now at Newbury Comics to receive a signed CD booklet:

Antonella Saenz

2 months ago

You need to do this with paper wings and give it all!!

Teresa Gao

2 months ago

00:01 was worth waiting up to listen to the album!

Lisa Dykhoff Sigman

2 months ago

Midnight in South Africa and the album is downloading to my phone! Happiness

Join us at the following festivals in the US & Canada this week.

Thu 7/12 | Rock Fest | Cadott, WI
Fri 7/13 | Inkcarceration Festival | Mansfield, OH
Sat 7/14 | Rock The Park Music Festival | London, CA
Sun 7/15 | RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest | Ottawa, CA

Niinii Edward

2 months ago

Stoked for Inkcarceration!

Anis Khan

2 months ago

I was excited to see London, but did not see UK. You need to come back to the UK. Why is The stupid idiot Trump (not president) coming on Friday, and not you guys? This is not fair.

Mary Sneed

2 months ago

Any chance you guys might perform in orlando this year?

For those curious, “Megaphone” and “Broadcast[Signal]Frequency" will be avail on all digital service providers June 29.

Riant D Ibra

3 months ago

Rhiannon Hooper lookie here :0

Kruzito Otzoy Duende

3 months ago

Please give us Escape Artists from The Black Market!

Dimitris Ktsl

3 months ago

Did you mean to say 'Available', or were you intending to sound like how I probably sounded trying to sing along to this set?

'Whereabouts Unknown' hits stores on June 19, but you can pre-order it now to receive a limited-edition canvas print. The canvas print will ship out the next day of your pre-order and the book will ship before 6/19, separately from your print.

Matheus Detoni Costa

3 months ago

Sean Smith
ya boi about to lose all he money

Alexandra Tothova

3 months ago

Und wenn mann es na h Deutschland bestellen möchte 64 Dollar Versandkosten 😤

Jerry Dearbonne

3 months ago

Maxim Lion tis deze dak bestelt heb

Pre-order The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1 bundle now, including the Limited Edition Translucent Yellow LP, t-shirt + HeartFist logo patch.

Andri Ikinz

3 months ago

I’d really like some The Killing Tree and Baxter remakes. I’m sure others would as well

Vicky Fasano

3 months ago

Elyse ommgggg, miss eurotour😍

Martha Santos

3 months ago

Hannah, I can't wait for this!!! Super excited!!!

Pick up this Megaphone 7” now on limited-edition coke bottle green vinyl and featuring "Megaphone" (Side A) + "Broadcast [Signal] Frequency" (Side B).

Tom Corey

3 months ago

Ronja Beez für unsere sammlung! :D

Ana Carolina Flores

3 months ago

Release them on Spotify.

Quaid Walker

3 months ago

Gonna look great with my pink copy of Wolves

Pre-order a copy of the Megaphone 7” now at! Featuring “Megaphone” and “Broadcast[Signal]Frequency”, this limited-edition release is pressed on coke bottle green. We’re also offering free shipping on $30+ for a limited time only.

Eva Iori

4 months ago

Can these tracks get released on iTunes as well? We need an EP with

Escape Artists
About Damn Time

On it.

Darby Cedrick

4 months ago

Joe Bieda 2 new Rise songs (: (bonus tracks from wolves)

Carmen Y Babelin

4 months ago

this is cute. I used to be into coke

Scheming with Third Man Pressing.Coming soon…

Chevy Captain Smith

4 months ago

Vinyl. CD's have low sound quality.

Ogre Brown

4 months ago

Scheming, Miracles. Which is also the song I can't stop listening to and loving

Randy N Lisa Fowler

4 months ago

Desiree Farmer Cris Farmer

“House On Fire” is the debut track from The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol 1 - a collection of reimagined songs from our discography. You’ll find the songs stripped down, with alternate instrumentation, unique orchestration, and a surprise or two.

Nōur El Hòüda

4 months ago

I'm sorry but this just makes me think of some teenager messing around with sound editing.

Alexandre Chicola

4 months ago

If you guys did an acoustic version of Paper Wings my life would be made.

Sonilu Mtz

4 months ago

This picture is just amazing!

A beating heart and a microphone.

Heath Rauschenberger Jr.

4 months ago

Like the Angel, Give it All, Generation Lost, Paper Wings...really miss the raw emotion and intensity felt there.

Maria Peña

4 months ago

Man i want to learn how to cover sing this song.

Nicole McDaniel

4 months ago

Thinking about living palmdale and going to big Bear sick oh this shit

The Unraveling | April 24, 2001

David Versace

5 months ago

This album is interesting for a few reasons. For those who dont know it, the Sega Dreamcast had an unreleased flying game called Propellor Arena. Think Quake in the skies. Well this game had a few tracks from this album for music. The game was supposed to be released in late 2001. A few years later I obtained a copy of the unreleased game and it introduced me to the music, and via connection this album.

Misty C Johnson

5 months ago

Liking all these nods to the older material, hope to hear a grip of it on that Mourning in Amerika tour!

Clara Pearson

5 months ago

"When will you stop and realize,
The worth and value of your life?
As you suffocate yourself within this mindless,
Nine to five wake up! there's more!
And your life is nobody's but yours
And now its said and done and done and said,
And now what's another day?" .... i love this album! especially the songs 401-kill and the unraveling!

We wish we could bring all our fans on the road with us, to take them with from city to city and see what an amazing global community they are all a part of. To help show you what we mean, we bring you WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN, a photo book created in collaboration with Rob Fenn.

Pre-order now and you'll also receive a limited-edition canvas print:

Kenji Miyazaki

5 months ago

Autographed edition =brilliant idea ;)) have a fun & safe tour XoxO🤟🏼

Tandin Pelden

5 months ago

Lori Green, Crystal Rusch... This would be an awesome bday (or any other occasion gift)

Jade Jadeish Harris Goddard

5 months ago

Brandon Lauderback I need

Revolutions per Minute | April 8, 2003

Mari Baez

5 months ago

This CD is stuck in my truck CD player I’ll never get it back but I can listen to it as long as I have the truck.

Martin Nava Martinez

5 months ago

Katie Smith one of my favourite albums from them, I agree with quite a few of the other comments as well 👀👀

Candy Brown Kizer

5 months ago

I will never forget your first live show in Vienna where you played the songs from this brand new album, was just like a little club concert! I guess not more than 200 visitors, good old times! Tim, you sang way better in the past than today! Best Rise against song all time is on this Album! HEAVEN KNOWS! I'm very sad about the fact that you are not playing that wonderful song at liveshows anymore, haven't heard it for years😧

Zach Harms

6 months ago

See ya @ RaR 2018 🤘🤘

Tremama Makanga

6 months ago

Can't wait for the album! Tim probably got asked about it every gig 😄

Σπυρος Βρανας

6 months ago

My tattoo ^-^ Yesterday finished ^-^

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07.28 | Toronto, ON | RBC Echo Beach
07.29 | Portland, ME | State Theatre, Portland, Maine
07.31 | Worcester, MA | Worcester Palladium
08.01 | Brooklyn, NY | Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk
08.03 | Uncasville, CT | Avalon Mohegan Sun
08.04 | Philadelphia, PA | The Festival Pier at Penn's Landing
08.05 | Asbury Park, NJ | Stone Pony Summer Stage
08.07 | Raleigh, NC | Red Hat Amphitheater
08.09 | Niagara Falls, NY | The Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls, U.S.A.
09.06 | Minneapolis, MN | The Armory
09.09 | Nashville, TN | Marathon Music Works
09.11 | Austin, TX | Stubb's Austin
09.12 | Houston, TX | Revention Music Center
09.13 | Irving, TX | The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
09.15 | Morrison, CO | Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
09.16 | Salt Lake City, UT | The Complex
09.17 | Garden City, ID | Revolution Concert House & Event Center
09.19 | Bozeman, MT | Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
09.20 | Calgary, AB | Grey Eagle Resort & Casino
09.21 | Edmonton, AB | Edmonton EXPO Centre
09.23 | Vancouver, BC | PNE/Playland
09.24 | Seattle, WA | WaMu Theater
09.25 | Portland, OR | Crystal Ballroom
09.28 | Concord, CA | Concord Pavilion
09.29 | Santa Barbara, CA | Santa Barbara Bowl
09.30 | Irvine, CA | FivePoint Amphitheatre

Gustavo Valladares

6 months ago

Man I hate Rise against.. cause I love them so much, but they always tour with people don’t care about... atleast afi is tolerable though

Jen Houck

6 months ago

Meanwhile on the AFI page people are complaining about how AFI isn't the headliner and that they can't wait to leave before Rise Against. That stuff annoys me -.- this is going to be a great tour. I personally prefer AFI since they are my all time favorite band but Rise Against really isn't far behind them. This makes too much sense and I hope both of their sets are as punk as this tour implies

Melody Goin

6 months ago

Y'all realize they've always been a political band right? Like. Literally the whole time.

I'm stoked! If any of these shows were closer to me I would be there in a heartbeat!

Chicago strong. #marchforourlives #letcommonsenseprevail #makehistory

We've partnered with @vans on a limited-edition t-shirt collab, designed by our friend @vnm_horsebites. Get ‘em while you can at
We've partnered with Vans on a limited-edition t-shirt collab, designed by our friend Richard Minino. Get ‘em while you can at

Melaya Najarian

6 months ago

Jesse Cantu Dude, I’m buying this next paycheck.

Ariel Kaninda

6 months ago

Greg C Carl

Alexander Måx Queen

6 months ago

Bowen Van der Voort MY TWO FAVOURITE THINGS!!!!

LA, we’ll be playing a few songs at the @congaroom on Friday, April 20 as part of @alt987fm’s @thewoodyshow Fiesta 2018. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 8am pt at 📷: @kirstenotto #TheWoodyShowFiesta

Endgame | March 15, 2011

Becki Errington

6 months ago

We'll sneak out while they sleep
And sail off in the night.
We'll come clean and start over the rest of our lives.
When we're gone we'll stay gone.
Out of sight, out of mind.
It's not too late,
We have the rest of our lives.

Mazsi Emira Emiko

6 months ago

I remember listening to this for the first time. I was driving and the music hit me right in the feels. I pulled over in the middle of nowhere and listened to the entire album on the side of the road.

Michell Lynn Brooks

6 months ago

Architects is an absolute banger straight out of the gates - up there with the best of their catalogue. Seriously good tune. 👌🏼

The rest of the album...not so much.

Germany, our dates at Rock im Park + Rock am Ring have just been announced!

Fri 6/1 | Nuremberg, Germany | Rock im Park
Sun 6/3 | Nürburg, Germany | Rock am Ring

Ankeet Kadulkar

6 months ago

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Rock im Park again :)

Omer Rock

6 months ago

Jasmin ich kann’s kaum erwarten 😊😊

Greg McIntosh

6 months ago

See you soon in ROCK IM PARK! one more time on first line with the flag of Bolivia 💪🏻🇧🇴

The smoke you've ignored is a flame you can't contain.

It's always darkest just before the dawn.
Thx to @berritxarrak for joining us down under last month! 📷: @rob_fenn
🙌 #lifers

It's always darkest just before the dawn.

Gabriela Palacios

7 months ago

This song.... it was and still is the only song to ever move me to tears... it is the only reason I am alive, and the only reason my 3 children exist, because when I heard this song so many years ago it was what told me to always look to tomorrow for comfort, that even if it is darkest just before dawn, the light will still come and that is all that matters... making it to that next day, and the day after that, and making sure no one else ever has to go through the kind of hell I have to get to see that light every morning

Matt White

7 months ago

When enough is enough, that's how you know, that you're halfway there

Izwan Zain

7 months ago

Live cd / dvd please!

Thx to @berritxarrak for joining us down under last month! 📷: @rob_fenn

Catch "House On Fire" in the Spotify #RockThis Playlist!

Marco Calvo

7 months ago

Been a fan of you guys since '04, and I've gotta say I was pretty underwhelmed with the new album. It lacks the same energy and passion of previous albums, it's a shame. I mean, you do you, but I really hope this doesn't become a trend.

Purnawan Sastronegoro

7 months ago

This song and film clip touched me deeply, I will never give up on my son and thank you so much for keeping me alive with your music 🙏🙏🙏

Janine Fray

7 months ago

my song i heard by Rise Against was The Goof left Undone off Big shiny tunes 12 back in 2007 been a fan ever since

Las Vegas, we take the @punkrockbowling stage at 9:30pm on Sat May 26. Single day tickets are available now at #punkrockbowling #prb20 📷: @joshmccphoto

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HONOLULU, HI | 2.22.18

#Ohio, we'll see you at @inkcarcerationfestival 2018 in #Mansfield on Friday, July 13. Tickets are on sale now at #INKcarceration 📷: @brandonlung

Thx for the love and sweat, Australia + New Zealand! 🇦🇺 🇳🇿 🙌

Making our return to @rocktheparkldn in London, ON on Sat 7/14. Tickets on sale this Sat 3/3 at 10am. #RTP2018 #RockThePark 📷: @matthenryphotography

When in Hawaii... 📷: @rob_fenn

Crazy night at The Republik in Hawaii!

(Photo by Rob Fenn)

Hannah Utt

7 months ago

You guys killed it last night!! Had an awesome time drinkin with Brandon and the gang at tsunamis!

Armando Fernández

7 months ago

Amazing concert! Please come back soon!!

Benjamin Löffler

7 months ago

Awesome pic. Hope you guys had fun rocking on that show in Hawaii. You guys totally rock and make epic rock music. I wish you guys good luck on the next shows and tours though. 🤘

Sound check before the SOLD OUT show at The Republik tonight!

(Photo by Rob Fenn)

Janne Toivola

7 months ago

Jared Kamisato are you kidding NYS records showed they've never once been to our biggest concert stage

Thomas Ribereau

7 months ago

Aloha have a blast in hawaii and Hana Hou ( one more time come back to Hawaii please)

TONIGHT | @jointherepublik | #Honolulu, HI | 📷: @mattbartolophotography

THANK YOU AUCKLAND! Next stop Hawaii...

(Photo by Rob Fenn)

Mitsuko Kaeru

7 months ago

Zachary you can just see us!!

André Horiuchi

7 months ago

Epic show🤘🤘🤘 Thanks for such an awesome night!!

Katarina Sjöberg

7 months ago

(Lol. Where are you Cameron?

Never a dull moment at sound check. See you tonight Auckland! Doors at 7 PM, special guests Berri Txarrak and Dead Favours

(Photo by Rob Fenn)

Katharina Arnold

7 months ago

I once was in auckland. Gotten really drunk.. then I asked how to get back to the opera house.. long story short they kicked me out of the bar 😉

James Smith

7 months ago

ayy! It's Fry!

Jared Woodend

7 months ago

Lol... isn't sound check almost nothing but boring moments?

THANK YOU CHRISTCHURCH! Next stop Auckland...

(Photo by Rob Fenn)

Ryan Murray

7 months ago

Awesome gig thanks so much you guys rock 😀😀😀🤘🤘🤘

Fabian Schlosser

7 months ago

First time experiencing you guys and I was not disappointed. I'll be looking forward to the next Christchurch concert...

Rainer Grabow

7 months ago

Hands....Hands everywhere ^^

Sound check at Horncastle Arena. Doors at 6:30 PM tonight, special guests Berri Txarrak and Dead Favours

(photo by Rob Fenn)

Lisa Guillermard

7 months ago

Was an epic show! The kids first concert and they are still buzzing

Lava Labrador

7 months ago

Rise against are you the Profesional rise against page?

Robert Allen

7 months ago

I used to be a rise against fan to