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So proud of my niece, Lucchese!!!!Check out her new salon!!Lucchese Hair Studio,224 S 3rd,McAlester, OK
For appointments

Patricia Jane Goodman

5 hours ago

Congratulations on your salon wishing you all the best God Bless You

May Clauss

5 hours ago

Hey Lucchese! Glad to finally hear where you are and what you are doing! This is "Mom" we were partners in Culinary School and all the kids called me Mom. You were very talented at cooking and I know you will be just as talented in your new career. Wish you the best of luck. I live just North of Checotah not that far from McAlester. Will have to get down to see you. Good Luck Sweetie! I still miss your morning serenades 😄

Kristin Haskins Simms

5 hours ago

Well you know she's going to have an incredible business now that Aunt Reba endorsed her:)....that's awesome & so sweet .

Skeeter and I had a great time at the @Librarygrill in Sherman TX!! So here’s a hint, when you’re through eating all your KFC, the bucket makes a great flower vase!#kfc #librarygrill #skeeterlasuzzo

Laurence Agniel

2 days ago

You need to come to Missoula Montana to our Chicks n Chaps event on August 10th. It’s a women’s rodeo clinic at our local fair and all the money raised is for breast cancer. We give the money to local women and their families that have breast cancer or have had it in the past. You would be a great person to come and enjoy the event with us! #RebaMcEntire

Mam'nirc Ralaivao

2 days ago

We went to KFC over the weekend..pretty mount is now got sores in it because they added onion to the cole slaw and i am allergic..and they discontinued selling corn on the cob..what is kfc wihout corn on the cob and cole slaw,,,can never go back again...

Emilio Salas

2 days ago

wish we still had a KFC they tore ours down a few years ago also with our god fathers pizza to put up another kwik trip gas station sad we have nothing

Kevaughn Bennett

6 days ago

I met this lady in 1981 in Nicholasville, Ky. He sister was singing with her and they were so good! I met her rythym guitar player and he sold me an eight track tape witch still plays fine. We were standing in the entrance to the highschool auditorium when Reba walked out wear a pink dress and pink high heels. She was gorgeous. I starred for a second then from out of my mouth came these said " Miss McEntire, you are going to be a star " smiled and walking away said " honey, I hope you have ESP ". TURNS OUT I DID! I have bought her CDs ever since. A true lady and unequaleld talent.

Veronica Rodriguez

6 days ago

Why does Reba’s picture have to have so many Hateful people commenting!! I too am sick of the President Bashing, just like I am sick of everyone whining - Democrats and Republicans!!
Reba McEntire, you are one classy lady!!

Dachi Margievi

7 days ago

You are such a beautiful lady inside and out. I love watching the reruns of your show Reba and I hope that you do bring it back to a new show with the same crew. This is a family show and that is what I enjoy watching.

Mrs. Barbara Bush was one-of-a-kind. I was so honored the day she called me “Dearie”. ❤️ I learned so much from her. Mainly to enjoy life, and spend more time with your family and friends. Mrs. Bush, I will miss you so much, my friend. Happy trails to you, till we meet again. Love, Reba
Can’t wait for the season premiere of @theoriginals!!! Make sure to look for my buddy @katiecook16 tomorrow night on the @thecw at 8/7c. Can’t wait!!
The hair’s not quite as big and the shoes are a whole lot more comfortable, but #TheRedDress still fits! #TransformationTuesday #Fancy

Morteza Tavakoli

7 days ago

Such a classy lady that leaves an unbelievable legacy. May God provide her family with peace and comfort now and for days ahead 🙏🙏😢.

Mary Lou Ard Foster

7 days ago

RIP Mrs Bush. I had the honor to attend a reception & luncheon in NYC many years ago ( Pres Bush was still Vice Pres) where Mrs Bush was honored for Mother's Day of the Year by it's committee. Very kind lady.

Penny Whelan

7 days ago

Precious time spent with a down to earth wonderful family. You will remember these memories for a long time Reba. God Bless the Bush family.

THE red dress -25 years later! #acmawards
Good to hug your neck @carrieunderwood #acmawards #carrieunderwood
So good to see my friend Eve twice this week! @therealeve @acmawards #acmawards
#acmawards #kanebrown
Love seeing all my buddies here at the ACMAwards! @sugarland @jonpardipics @justinboots_ #fringetwins #acmawards
Up next... @acmawards #acmawards

Carlos Blazquez Hernandez

10 days ago

to bad she didnt have the guts to speak out against our idiot in chief and how he has more women coming out of the woodwork than bill clinton

Sheila Browne

10 days ago

Carrie looking for sympathy, she screamed her way through the song was not impressed. Alan Jackson was the best of them all, now that is country music. Reba did a fantastic job hosting as usual.

Luka Softić

10 days ago

Keep the rap out of our country music. If I wanted to listen to that crap I would be watching American music awards. Pretty sad I have to double check my radio station thinking it was on a different station. Because some Want to be country singer is singing rap on my station. . And I don’t want to hear this crap but times are changing bull crap. Country is country and it should stay country or it will be lost forever.

Less than 2 hours until the ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards start on CBS!!! Who’s tuning in? #ACMawards #Reba #DoesHeLoveYou

Steve Vu

10 days ago

You are truly a class act Reba! No political drama.....just laughter, love and music! I finally was able to watch a music awards show again! You are awesome!!! 😍💪🏼

Paula Adnum

10 days ago

Great show Reba!! Thanks for making us all laugh and enjoy an evening of great music. All us girls are jealous you can fit in that red dress from 25 years ago!

Loved this Program Reba you was so great Host no politics or trash talk about people.Please do it again next year.Best Hostess ever.

Let the ACM prep begin! Tune in tomorrow night!All a cowgirl needs is a banana mask & her peeps! #acmawards #brettfreedmanbeauty #martyfletcher

Henrique Teixeira

10 days ago

You look great I'm watching it right now and it's awesome and I noticed that up my messenger doesn't work I can't get no messages and I noticed that that you're not on my Facebook no more you blocked me or something I don't know what's going on I'm just going to watch it and God bless you and have a great night tell everybody that they were Fitzgerald said hi

Steve Walker

10 days ago

Now you need to write a song and make a video with this look in it. You are amazing and always tell great stories in your songs. One of my favorites from the past is "Is there life out there". Also love the one about the telephone. 🤗😂

Curtis Sites

10 days ago

We do love and inspire your music Reba McEntire, and watch you appear in your KFC Colonel Sanders commercials. And Tonight at 7 on CBS, we will watch you on the 53rd ACM Awards LIVE from Las Vegas, as you will be wearing seven different outfits as mentioned in the CBS on air promotion for this CBS Special Presentation of the Academy of Country Music Awards. And you are nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year on Tonight's LIVE Broadcast on CBS, and we will be watching, especially all of Oklahoma in your home state where we are in right now. Have a great show Tonight Reba!! and we will be watching!!❤️🎼🎶🎵🎤🙂😍

Happy birthday Remy!!! Lisa, thanks for the picture :-)

Justin Robert

12 days ago

Happy Birthday Remy! You are one handsome little man!

Nancy Magali Martínez Sosa

12 days ago

Happy Birthday, Remy! Hope your day is as special as you!

Rodnita A. Solomon

12 days ago

Happy birthday,Remy he is so cute

I love doing The Talk!!!! Thanks so much for the super hospitality once again! :-) #thetalk @thetalkcbs
Less than 15 minutes until Reba goes live on the CBS Facebook page! Who's tuning in?

Vinessa Suzette Bryant

13 days ago

I would sell my soul to the devil,. If I could meet Reba. My mom swore til the she was gone from me, that Reba sings like Angel an the beauty of all. I grew up listening to the old country, Reba I respect an adore you. Have a blessed day. Okeechobee loves ya.

Ngọc Lợi

13 days ago

Yes, please do not get The Talk and The View confused. The Talk is the classy talk show, The View should be cancelled. It is the NEGATIVE, CLASSLESS talk show!

Shawanda Victoria

14 days ago

Loved you on The Talk !!! Will watch you on the CMA’s on Sunday. I hope they bring your show Reba back — my husband and I love that show and it makes us laugh so much . We hope they bring it back . We hope one day to see you in concert . Hope you stay in Vegas so we can on our next trip there — last time we went you weren’t.☹️☹️ We will make sure next time !!!! 😊😊😊😊

Don't miss Reba TONIGHT on The Late Late Show with James Corden!

Oscar Villanueva

14 days ago

Hi Reba friend of my grandma.. i saw you on the show here in Netherlands.. you didnt said me bye when the show finished.. hahahahhaha grandma says i could say it to you 😁😁

Lamparas Eric DP

14 days ago

I write poetry and posts...and have a few good things that make for good music that you give song writers and your audience so much love.....THE TALK....THANKS.😎✌

Jeff Morris

15 days ago

I love Dr. Pimple Popper!! Dr.Sandra Lee, she’s amazing and so kind to her patients. Check it out on YouTube Rebs!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Reba and Brooks & Dunn are headed back to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace with twelve shows Oct 10 - 20 and Dec 5 - 15! Tickets go on sale to the public Friday at noon PT, but you can get access to a special pre-sale by signing up for Reba's email list. Sign up here by 10 PM CT TONIGHT to receive the link and code to purchase:

Jay Toland

15 days ago

This would be very nice birthday present ot me from me for have seen Reba few times as Brooks and Dunn twice. What an amazing show to see with all three. Kick those heels high and proud Reba.

Oliver Soon

16 days ago

I've seen Reba twice. Saw her with Brooks and Dunn and with George Straight. She is my all time favorite artist. I grew up listening to her. She always does the same older songs. Im hoping to hear a few of her newer ones this time 😊

Rondra Bell

16 days ago

Glad to see they're adding more dates. I live here in Vegas and have seen this show 14 times so far, front row almost everytime. Such a worthwhile experience to sit at the stage! So many great pics, so much fun. Even ran into Reba after the show one night and took selfies with her and her mom and her sister Susie!

Packing for the next trip. Can’t decide what to take. Mama’s says, “ I walk into that closet and they all say, ‘pick me pick me’!”Mama says all her clothes want to go with her on her trips. :-) She’s so cute!

Kenzie Taylor

16 days ago

I do that on Sunday jokingly say “who wants to go to church today?” In a slightly higher voice “I do! I do!” makes my husband 😆 laugh😂😂😂

Chris Young Fanatics

16 days ago

I recently received an email from Reba McEntire with this photo and it turned out to be a false source. Be careful if you get a request from her for help - it is probably a scam, mine was. The source has now been removed pending verification.

Khan Bertrand

17 days ago you..I commented before on your posts..
I've loved you forever ...wanted to go see you when you were in Summerside ..PEI..but at the time didn't have the money...that's ok ..See you have a new go glad you are happy....AND....just a little extra tidbit..feel like I'm on REBA now...Happy Happy ...from one redhead to another..and on the same you Reba...

What a spectacular weekend in D.C. for the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. A trip we will never forget!!!

Isamar Bravo Castañeda

17 days ago

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans is a nonprofit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, that was founded in 1947 to honor the achievements of outstanding Americans who have succeeded in spite of adversity and to emphasize the importance of higher education. The association is named for Horatio Alger, a 19th-century author of hundreds of dime novels in the "rags-to-riches" genre, extolling the importance of perseverance and hard work.

Miri Arz

18 days ago

Reba, just wondering if you could give a shout out of support to the teachers and students of Oklahoma right now? I teach 5th grade at Sullivan Village Elementary in Lawton, Ok. We will be at the Capitol on Monday to urge legislators to pass bills for funding educations!

Chris DeVol

18 days ago

Had a nephew from Oregon win a Horatio Algers Scholarship and trip to DC back in the late 90s. Truly a great man.

24 years ago today, “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” was released! I had so much fun making the video for this song – all the looks and hair were hysterical! 📞☎️📱💇‍♀️🧖‍♀️#tbt #throwbackthursday

Jonathan Wagner

20 days ago

This was my favorite concert tour I went on I seen u in Gainesville fl & got to meet you back stage! U told ur body guard it was ok when i wanted to give you a dozen red roses 🌹 & a hug!! I never cried so hard,until my mother passed away!! Your an amazing person

James McGonagle

20 days ago

I use to karaoke this song & my Grandma would always tell everyone I sounded just like You Reba. What a compliment. It doesn't get any better than that. I miss my Grandma but cherish those memories❣I still listen to it & watch the video on YouTube❣

John Norris

20 days ago

I don’t know if you read these comments or not but last year when we came to see you at the Opry House my six year old granddaughter said, Mama , Nana Reba’s real. She loves you so much. She saw you on TV one day and she went up to it real close and said I love you Reba....

Teresita Vazquez

23 days ago

Amen....I'm so blessed to have a loving Savior, the pain He endured for every person on this earth, every sin, it's the most amazing and beautiful love that will ever walk this earth, it just is truly a blessing for each of us ❣❣❣

Yassin Stitou Stitou

23 days ago

Reba, I was blessed to find your Faith and Hope Cd at Cracker Barrell a few weeks back. I LOVE it! There is a God is one of my Favorites.

Deanna Wingo

24 days ago


Skeeter and I had a blast in Wyoming this week! Snowshoeing in the Tetons!!Absolutely gorgeous! #toomuchfun ❤️❤️

Quraarn Panich

24 days ago

What a workout!!! Blessed to live in God's country!! Where theres a whole lot of fresh air and quite!! Nice place to get yourself collected lol!!

Emiliano Leandro

24 days ago

You a very special lady. SO Glad You have found a special person. BE a fan since the start of your career. HAve seen you three times. Awesome shows. My wife and l spent today watching REBA. God bless you.

Suzie Anglin

24 days ago

I hope you will show some support for Oklahoma's students and teachers. We need all the help we can get.

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes today. Skeeter and I started early last week in Vegas with his family, Kristi, Casey, Blake and Lily.#toomuchfun. #happybirthdaytous

Julie Reed

a month ago

Happy Birthday Reba from one of your biggest fans!🎂 i Love you!
In honor of your birthday I had KFC for dinner - lol

Ella Hammond Gant

a month ago

Still beautiful as ever Reba!! Glad u enjoyed your birthday!! Happy birthday again!! Thanks for the many years of music tv show and movies!!

Enitan Ronke

a month ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. REBA!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! Just seen you at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City Florida and you were AWESOME!! Many more birthdays to come!!!

Deezy Montana

a month ago

Thanks Reba McEntire. It's funny but I was listening to Reba McEntire sing "FOR MY BROKEN HEART" this evening and realized that losing a boyfriend/husband or someone is kind of like losing a job that you love.

A relationship is broken and there isn't anything you can do to fix it. No matter how good it was, no matter how much you loved what you did, it didn't work. And you have to pack up your professional life and put it into boxes and under guard walk away. And you have to deal with the guilt and shame that maybe you didn't do your best or you did something wrong. Your heart was broken because you are portrayed in ways that aren't really true to who you are and you can't even say goodbye or show what is in your heart to those who mattered.

But you know what? The next morning the sun still came up, and LIFE still needs attention. The clock was still running and the radio was still playing music.

The world didn't stop because you did.

And then you breathe, you check yourself. You figure out what you need to do next, and you get on with LIFE. And each day it gets easier.

Natasha West

a month ago

Reba you're such a beautiful lady inside and out. I absolutely love your music, your show and movies! I wish so much that I could see you in person at one of your concerts. You're one of my favorite country singers. Love ya! Hugs.

Alexandra Cristea

a month ago

Notice it says "They" updated their profile pic? I love Reba but Im sure she never even looks at this page. Probably has someone putting content on here. But I guess she would probably be overwhelmed by all of us fans if she did and wouldn't get anything done. lol.

From denim to lace, Reba at Dillard's has so many great options for Easter dresses! Shop them all here:

Ferdinand Samson

a month ago

Ms. McEntire could care less about fashioning her clothes for the common people as long as rich people who have money they can't afford to spend but spend it anyway frivolously on clothes that look like they came off the rack at Walmart continue to support her lavish lifestyle she laughs all the way to the bank. So sad.

Teresa Beaver

a month ago

I wish clothing designers would do more to provide nursing moms clothes. Trying to find an Easter dress that makes nursing easy is difficult to do.

Kimberly Masis

a month ago

$140 for what I'd call a sundress? No thanks. They're pretty but reasonable prices.

Showtime!!!! #BDRcaesars

Lea Devreese

a month ago

Last week the prettiest doctor I can remember told me that I have a very serious disease that can only be cured by removing the lowest areas of my lungs. I've been telling people that I better do what everything she tells me to do otherwise she just might get the idea that I'm more interested in her than in improving my health. Since my wife was also in the room she just might get the same idea!
BTW, you look stunning!

Greg Hurdle

a month ago

Hi, Reba I heard you are going to the Casino Rama and I tried to get tickets for you show for my birthday, because her my favourite singer, but they were sold out, so I Just wanted to say have a great show and God Bless you for the beauty of music that the Lord has blessed you with, which you make it for us to enjoy. I will be praying for safe travelling😇 along the way, and again have a great show, I would say Good Luck, but we all know you don't need it.

Aaliyah Payton

a month ago

I think she is the most beautiful woman of all times, as did my brother who has been gone now 10 years. REBA and my brother was born on the exact same day and year. That always made him smile.

We're celebrating the first day of Spring with a Beauty Blowout where you can take 50% off all #RebaBeauty items like the Glow & Go Blush! SHOP HERE:

Cheryl Amari's MiMi

a month ago

Can't believed, Someone can pretend as reba send me private message, asked for my hangout text me there. And asking me to be his lover. ...... Can anyone response to this. I can send you the screen shot of our conversation if anyone interested...... I'm just curious

Fabi de Paula

a month ago

Can someone tell me what messages from Reba would look Like? As I have been getting some, but appears to be a hacker.

Rakim Jamal

a month ago

love it Reba.

Happy first day of Spring! We're celebrating with 50% Off All Reba Beauty today only!

Maria Eugenia M

a month ago

Reba come to Loudoun county 😁 saw your concert in Hampton VA decades ago.

Pj Palso

a month ago

too bad i have no money, i would love to try ur products. Davis Clemons gofundme page. please help

Aom Korrawee

a month ago

Are you ever going to be not so busy so we can visit

Happy anniversary Alice and Robert! Love you guys!
@robertforan @aliceforan
Mama and Daddy would have been married 68 years today.Love you both. #clark&jacmcentire. #agreatteam
Happy Anniversary to Mama and Daddy also Alice and Robert who were married, of course different years, :-) on March 17th! Love you all!@aliceforan @robertforan #clarkmcentire #jacquelinemcentire

Gilma Leonor

a month ago

I think you and Travis tritt an do a amazing job doing g duet with Austin Roberts Rocky

Rana Adnan

a month ago

Love this dear family McEntire's and what their family means

Sandy Larose Marsolais

a month ago


Friends forever. I know Suzy and Joe join me in saying we miss you guys and still love you with all our hearts! 27 year...seems like yesterday.#musicinheaven #lovealways❤️

Blenz Blenz

a month ago

That still upsets me. They were so good ! I know u miss them. I will never forget it because someone on the news said reba died in the crash! It was still bad! I prayed for those people friend s and family. Still makes me cry! Does not seem that long ago! I read Dolly offered her band to reba and thought how nice a lady she was! Amazing and tragic!

Eliseo Gtz Cid

a month ago

Reba...just wanted to tell you that (I think you've heard this before but I just wanted to make sure) I saw y'all at Bayfront Coliseum in Corpus Christi, Texas a couple weeks before this happened. I flirted with your band all night and you came off your bus and met me. I just wanted to express my deepest, most sincere condolences to you and the families of all who perished. I can't imagine how each has been affected. The charter company should have definitely been held liable. They had someone at the controls who did not put his passengers' safety first and they should be completely ashamed.

Frederico Frédãosds M Gomes

a month ago

@Reba I will never forget that day! I’m here in San Diego close to Otay Mesa I remember hearing the call come over the police scanner then the news! I was devastated because I thought you were on the plane to! I was raised growing up on your music you were and still are my hero! I did not sleep at all that night or day until I new the details. I love what Laura Ehrler said “There is Music in Heaven today and always”❤️ Thank you for listening to God and The Band and having the courage and strength to Carry on! You are a true survivor😉😇❤️🙏🏼✌🏼

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The ONLY official Reba profiles - on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - have a verified blue check mark. You will never receive a message from me asking for any personal information or money. Please be safe and do not respond if you receive a message asking for anything like this!

Kai-Hung Yuan

a month ago

I had received an email from some one say they were Reba. Even sent a couple pictures. But I knew it wasn't Reba. Did some checking and traced phone to German Town Penn..

Tina Dockter

a month ago

I was getting private messages from Reba. I was as nice as I could be, you know, just in case. I mean, there is that little excitement, then the logic part that kicks you. So I was being nice, but I must have made them mad when I told them that their typing didn’t sound very southern, that they sounded more like an asian dude. They were trying to get me to contact their agent for tickets and back stage meet and greet. Woo lord, I figure if Reba went to the trouble of contacting me, and not caring that I as married, she would have offered me tickets. I mean, this asian dude Reba couldn’t even tell me who she is playing with in Las Vegas. 😂😂😂 my wife and I had fun with that anyway.

Jeff Davich

a month ago

Had that happen from someone posing as Sharon Stone! They sent me IMs'. I knew it wasn't her from the way they wrote...improper English, grammar, and spelling.
Reba, I had someone pose as you on Twitter a little while back, too. Again, I knew it wasn't you.

Happy #GoldandPlatinum60 to The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)! Check out the new site – such a great history lesson!!!

Naiara Cerezer Varini

a month ago

can anyone help me. I represent two very well respected songrighters. Can you give me some advice on how I can get them to Reba. I already sent them to Starstruck and to Reba, inc.

Derek Palmer

a month ago

Just saw your show in las vegas on March 14th and you were terrific, also appreciated your support of our armed forces..thanks again

Ronny Wellman

a month ago

Disappointed in the KFC commercial. Creepy.

Is it possible to have too many friends??? Never!!! Love you all!!!!#celebrityfightnight2018
Now all we need is the rest of the REBA cast!!@melissapeterman @actor_christopher_rich #reboot
So much fun working with a great team! Getting ready for the ACM‘s April 15th live from Las Vegas on CBS! @mjmirongirl @brettglam @taggdesigns Terry Gordon @c_spalding_@petefisher #toomuchfunatwork #acmawards

Allya Khan

a month ago

You Can never have Too Many Friends
Looks like you've got the Best ☆☆☆☆

Lesa-Lee Anderson

a month ago

Some of these people I can't believe the remarks they make they are just jealous you can never have to many friends

Tamelia Dowell

a month ago

bring back your tv show!!!

I have finally gotten to watch Harry Connick Jr's TV show! He is so funny, witty and so entertaining! I have always loved his music and singing but now I find out he is perfect for television! #greattvshow #toomuchfunatwork

Ruben Moses

a month ago

I thought I wouldn't care for his show, but have learned to really appreciate him on so many levels. I love how he loves people ...and respects strong women ... AND he adopted the precious puppy!!! :D

Recep Koken

a month ago

I so agree with you Reba!! He is so down to earth and charming. I am sad to hear they will not renew his show!!! Maybe you know someone in the Biz you can talk to about that!! LOL Just a thought!

Cindy Wildman Haugland

a month ago

Love him! My daughter did make-up on his Hallmark Christmas movie “ Angels Sing” also with Willy Nelson. Missy said Harry was the nicest person you could meet and he’s play the piano for cast and crew!!!!!

congratulations Shelby! So proud for you.
Repost @shelbyblackstock with @get_repost
So many things going against us this weekend, no testing, haven’t driven since September, but @teampelfrey_il and I were able to get on the podium and come out 3rd in the championship! Huge thanks to #Pelfrey @buygapguard and all my supporters for this weekend! 🏎3️⃣💨 📸IMSP
#mrti #teamcoopertire #gpstpete #racing #racecar #podium #p2 #motorsportphotography #teamwork #arai #sparco #ampedlife #amped #stpetersburg #florida #🏆

Tobias Raum

a month ago

Congratulations happy for you.

Gricel Véliz

a month ago

Always loved race 🚗 congratulations who ever you are

Giovanni KoRn Nando

a month ago

Reba, think I’m dumping you for the Cooper Tire girl. Lol

What is better than a corndog at the Strawberry Festival in Florida? Everybody having one!@martiefletcher @mjmirongirl @jessiemcnamara #welovecorndogs

Marcelo Silva

2 months ago

I wish I had the chance to go and see you daughter and I are fans from the first time we heard you sing---I live in North Dakota now, but my family is still in Florida Hope you had a great time at the Festival

Lune Belle

2 months ago

one of my favorite things to go to---the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Fl. Last time I went was just before I moved out of Florida after 31 years. The best strawberries ever!

Kristina Pressley

2 months ago

I finally got to see you (sort of) for the first time, at the Strawberry Festival, with my best friend. Our friendship was formed in the 6th grade, over you. That was 24 years ago. We had our first road trip together, 5 hours of nothing but Reba cds. Lol! Best. Trip. Everrr!
Even though I wasn't able see your face from our seats, so it doesn't really feel real. We're planning our next trip, possibly to Vegas. Will DEFINITELY be seeing you the RIGHT way. lol. You and your music have been with me, helping throughout all of the ups and downs. Thank you so much for all that you do and who you are. Love you so much!

Just a little windy here in Liberal, KS!!!! Thanks for the super hospitality!#justflyingthrough

Linda Mclaughlin Foreman

2 months ago

Lol looks like you have a few fans on FB. Makes for good reading on the plane. Better get a cup of hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket it may take a while to get through all the Comments.

Sharon Grealy

2 months ago

Reba you were within 45 miles of me and didn’t let me know you were flying in. Shoot I would have said Hi Girl if I had of known. Lol. I bet you would have had a lot of other fans say howdy to. Congrats Reba you probably seen all the arrogation circles - felt the high wind as you came into town and possible the fire that Guymon Okla had today. Have a good trip and safe flight. May God be on your side in all your travels.

Ray Thyler

2 months ago

OMG I love you !!! I wish I would have know you were going to be here I would have been there to greet you ... and yes the place where the wind never dies hahaha

Here's my “shelfie”! Post YOUR picture with the hashtag #MagicofStorytelling to help First Book provide 1M books to kids! The View ABC Television Network Disney

Michelle Peters

2 months ago

Reba l miss you so much l can’t wait see you again l hope l get backstage at Vegas we can get pictures taken together l liked meet your boyfriend someday l have group picture together

Ann Foster

2 months ago

I would love a CD of your song, Angel's Lullaby from the Reba TV show. I have the lyrics, but I would love to give a copy of the song to our Grandchildren.

Star Zappa

2 months ago

Billy Grahams Preaching Salvation was as simple as falling off a log,so that Anyone could understand!!

What a fun and great to hang out with!

Mark Christensen

2 months ago

I’m just super jealous that you have Brett in your life, Reba! I would love to have him as my “bestie”. He’s so talented and his personality/sense of humor is perfect! You’re a very blessed woman! ❤️
You guys should certainly do another “live” soon!

Sharon Cummings

2 months ago

Love the pic! Hey there Reba? Just a thought… How come you and other country legends like yourself don’t have your own emoji yet? I think that would be a great idea🤔😆

Jean Allard Eggleton

2 months ago

pure class and one beautiful redhead that can sing what else do you need💓💓💓😍😍😘

Love Gayle King and her #RebaByJustin boots!!! ACM - Academy of Country Music CBS This Morning
Who’s ready for some @cbsthismorning?! Big announcement today! Tune in at 8 AM ET. @acmawards

Jadyn Vetos

2 months ago

Sorry Reba, but I won't be watching! I have been a die hard country fan for many years, but what the CMA just did to Mike Huckabee is a total disgrace!!!! What is happening to Nashville? Is it turning into another LA or New York? What happened to the values? Please don't let the liberal hate and closed mindedness hate our beloved Nashville!!!!! I am so sad!

Larry Heidel

2 months ago

I love to watch your shows and think you are awesome but I won't be watching the awards because they all have become political and disrespectful. Best wishes to you.

Christine Brown

2 months ago

Looking good lady's keep it up.reba keep it up with your work doing good. Love u Rhoda always.come back starts with us now u here, keep smile alway

Happy birthday @shelbyblackstock I hope you and Watson have a wonderful day today. Love you very much! Grandma said she loves you too.

Diana Pulliam Rice

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Shelby...just got the notification that I missed it. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. God bless you always!

Madilynn Burton

2 months ago

Awe, Watson is adorable! Happy BDay Shelby! My grand puppy, Olie, is a Corgi too 🐾. Just love that breed

Teresa Martin Burtner

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Shelby! Is Watson a corgi? We have one named Buddy. He was crowned the King of the Corgi parade in St. Elmo, TN last year.

I am a happy camper now! I’m with my mama!
#goodtimes #mamasfavorite

Deborah Lambert-Trout

2 months ago

How nice for you, my Mom died Nov/22/17I'm the one that has to finalize all her life & my Dad passed 21 years ago so if I didn't have my Husband & my adult kids I feel like I'd have no one.My lest sister & brother have no clue how long this is going to take in my sister's case it's whats taking so long & I told her it will be a long time from stories I've heard & that the Probate wouldn't have even started until Jan/15/18 or later!🤔 Man I got all the work & my family, my sister she truly has no idea. I kept care of all my Mom needs & everything I could ever since my Dad died!

Susan Pendergrass Minckler

2 months ago

Awww Reba she’s adorable. Ur lucky. My mom past at 66 on my sons bday. She past in 09. My son was 12 and heart broken. And by the way he loves country music. He was suppose to go to the festival in Vegas but canceled to go visit his best friend in Vegas instead. I been watching your show forever rerun after rerun. You are one of the funniest women I’ve watched. Stay perfect. Take care of your mama.

Virginia Whitehead

2 months ago

Reba You are a beautiful lady With a beautiful Soul. You look like your moma spend all the time you can with her. I miss my moma she is in Heaven. Love your music and I've watch all your shows. God Bless You and your family. I sent you a friend request.. I guess you get tired fans bothering you, and It's okay if you don't... Best wishes

Billy Graham.What an incredible life you had. Thanks for all your guidance and love.#angelssinginginheaven

Mark Dixie Notestine

2 months ago

As an 8 yr old holding an Angel hand the hand of Reverend Billy Graham in tent in Chattanooga TN with my mom I gave my life to GOD and in his service of raising Children now at 68 with the adoption of 11 children thank you for being there for me and showing me the way....

Carol Vaughn

2 months ago

My Aunt Queenie was gathering folks together in heaven at the news Rev Billy Graham is coming home!! She's call me everytime he was going to be on TV - no matter where I was!

Merry Christensen

2 months ago

I really believe Billy Graham was sincere. Other pastors are doing it to bilk money from the innocent. IE sharpton,Jessie Jackson, and others. And that vuy who swears he has seen the light. A fraud.

Mommy has a cat!!!Tooooo cute!!!! @klgandhoda

Jennifer Jesty

2 months ago

Too bad the video wasn't posted, it was so adorable I could have watched it all day! And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one thinking Kathy Lee needs to go. And after seeing her on Megyn Kelly today, I will now change the channel anytime she comes on! Sorry Hoda

Richard A. Hirsch

2 months ago

Jenna is so much fun on that show!! I laughed so hard when her little girl kept talking about the cat! Kathie Lee is a stick in the mud . She needs to retire.

Evelyn Brown

2 months ago

Watched this segment, Jenna's girls are so cute. I can't wait to retire so I can watch this show every day.

Skeeter and I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!
We hope you did too.❤️❤️

Tony Franklin

2 months ago

Hey Reba! We have been wanting to meet you for years! My husband is cousins to orval. Jim alexander from Boyd. Texas is my husbands dad. We thought we would see you at a family reunion but you didnt go. Now that you are divorced I probley will never get a chance to ser you. We live in vegas and i have copd now so i dont get out much.

Mary Smith

2 months ago

Reba u are so beautiful. My husband who received a life gift March 31 2017. Heart Transplant . I don’t know we both enjoy ur show Reba we watch all reruns and u make us smile and ur songs. You brought smile to our faces while he was in Cleveland Clinic. U make people happy weather thru ur songs or ur shows. You are such a blessing. Thank you for amazing women u are ❤️

Nancy Harris Mozisek

2 months ago

Glad you had a good Valentine's day. Hate to say this, but could you stop doing the KFC commercials ? The first one was funny, second one eh. But now I'm starting to loose respect for you over them. You are much better than this.. Love your music and talent.

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Alexis Kinnan

2 months ago

Love your music and passion for life.

Audrey Pitre

2 months ago

Don't you have enough money that you have to push slip from kfc

Brenda Patton Leonard

2 months ago

Reba McEntire No more drag Colonel Sanders please 😂 You’re better than this ❤️ You!!

Go great to have great friends!!! @harrisonhoule @skeeterlasuzzo @johnschuck

Abby Jones Jones

2 months ago

I have always looked up to you as such a lady. I enjoy your singing, interviews and comedy. However, I absolutely HATE those stupid KFC commercials. Why you would want to spoil your lovely reputation with such a ridiculous commercial is beyond me. I can’t stand to watch them. Sorry, it’s very disappointing.😢

Lloyd Rigdon

2 months ago

Wow if a commercial about fried chicken makes y’all stray as a fan then you weren’t a true fan!! I think it’s cute. Even if I didn’t I think she had a lot of fun making it.

Albert Page

2 months ago

I used to like Reba but after the KFC commercials I have lost all respect for her and will never listen to her music again.

Road trip to TX & OK

Cindy Cheykaychi

2 months ago

Hi Miss Reba McEntire, wow that is some Bridge that you have traveled across it looks pretty big I hope you had a great time traveling back and forth on this road trip that you have been taken it is pretty cool to do this because you could to look at different things different sites to be in different areas every once in awhile very cool I like this I hope you had fun in Texas

Brian Fisher

2 months ago

Ok I’m assuming your not alone. You seem like a fun game girl so this would be a great time to play car games and really get to know your friends! So I will give you 2 games to play.
1. Would you rather? Look this one up on your phone. It poses many questions.
2. Never have I ever.....
I do believe there is a car game app as well. Have fun!

Barry Robinson

3 months ago

Reba, I have never done this before but a really great Christian Band called Sidewalk Prophets just lost all their equipment when their trailer that they were pulling behind an old antiquated bus caught on fire and they lost most of their equipment and they are on tour. I was wondering if you or any of your country friends might have some retired equipment that you may be willing to donate to their worthy cause of touring and spreading God's word to others. You can go to their GoFundMe Account under Sidewalk Prophets Fire Recovery and read their story for yourself. If not I understand as I'm sure several people try to get you to do these type of things and I'm not asking anything for myself but thought maybe someone out there in the music industry might be able to help them. Blessings to you and your family.

Great time at the Grammys!!! #skeeterlasuzzo @recordingacademy

Margaret Gladden

3 months ago

Way to go Reba!!? Love is ....u r #1in my daughter Ruby's eyes!!! Thank you Reba for being such a strong, & beautiful role model for her an all the rest of your younger generation fans!!! Truly blessed

Maryjane Lloyd Moats

3 months ago

Reba always looks so pretty!

Pamela Lynn

3 months ago

I didn't watch the Grammy Awards can't stand Disgruntled Liberal Democrats Reba is not one of them. She is a true Celebrity and above everyone else that was rewarded. A true Lady.

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Vigo Lindstrand

3 months ago

STUNNING dress you wore to the Grammys

Susan Hogan

3 months ago

...that's one role I never thought I would see you

Shelia Renee

3 months ago

Have this CD, love it. Congratulations
Would have watch but tired of the haters

At last night's 60th #GRAMMYs, Reba took home the award for Best Roots Gospel Album for SING IT NOW: SONGS OF FAITH & HOPE! Watch her acceptance speech here:

Crawford Joshua

3 months ago

you are right..

Crawford Joshua

3 months ago

Debbie Sherrill Grammy is politics, would have loved to watch Reba but i turned off

Shay Blakemore

3 months ago

Gwen Turchak the hate is beyond anything seen before...not even giving him a chance to do the job....and he is doing it well.

Thanks to everyone for all the love and support of #SingItNow! #Grammys #BestRootsGospelAlbum

Scott Wagner

3 months ago

Reba see if you think this is interesting it's my past situation www DOT gofundme DOT com/celebrity-john-michael-fraud-on-me/ oh please don't make a donation that's just for looks hahaha

Sherri J Shipley James

3 months ago

Not watching the awards due to all the political BS, however Reba congrats on winning, well deserved, p.s. your dress is stunning indeed.

Wendy Newell

3 months ago

Didn't watch the show. But super happy for you Reba! You are the best and so deserving! Congratulations! #MyFavorite

#GRAMMYs here we come! #SingItNow

Jason Patten

3 months ago

Beautiful dress Reba! Why is everyone on her post talking about politics? Reba is here showing off her beautiful dress for the Grammys tonight! I will hopefully be watching regardless if someone or someone doesn’t bash that President we have now. But let’s focus on Reba and how lovely she looks and the music and awards tonight for the Grammys!

Barbara Long

3 months ago

My niece is your Biggest fan!!! She has cerebral palsy but that never stopped her from dancing her legs off to your music and she never missed an episode of your show even when she was really bad sick and needed to rest she would say Reba needs me to support her show lol Her mom is a single mom and never could afford tickets to your concerts but Jennifer would tell her a girl can dream just to keep her mom for feeling bad She would tell you are so beautiful in that dress! And you are.

Mechelle D'Agata Fuchs

3 months ago

Absolutely stunning. I truly believe you get more beautiful and talented as the days go by. Thank you for being you. Your music and shows have been a very big part of my life.

My pal Colonel Sanders and I are crashing a certain awards show's commercials tonight. Watch it here first!

Peeples Ann

3 months ago

Who knew? I would rather see Reba as Mrs. Colonel Sanders. Why not? Who would be the greatest Colonel Sanders? Alan Jackson, for one...

Bob Jacobsen

3 months ago

Peyton Manning has more money than he will ever need and you don’t see anybody complaining about his commercials. So why complain about Reba. These people are allowed to let their hair down and have a little fun. Plus they are fun to watch!

Lester Wilkins

3 months ago

The Grammys? I love your sense of humor, Reba. However, there's nothing funny about being anti-American. The Grammys are anti-American.

Thinking back today about my very first #GRAMMYs nomination and win for "Whoever's In New England" back in 1986! Thrilled and honored to be nominated again tonight for #SingItNow.

Denise Hartt

3 months ago

Good luck Reba ! You are a big winner to me regardless of the award show. God bless, have a wonderful time.

Lisa Davis

3 months ago

I was listening to this song earlier this morning happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time, in 1997 in May I was to be singing this song on stage at Holmes High School, one of these days I'll get back on the stage again and sing whoever's in New England.

Matt Bruneau

3 months ago

Whoever's in New England playing on my radio this morning made me turn up the volume to listen to your beautiful and flawless voice. I am forever a fan

Getting #GRAMMYs ready! #SingItNow
Loved Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz in Waitress the Musical last night!!! #toomuchfun #sugar #butter #flour
Just hit the #GRAMMYs red carpet! #SingItNow

Susan Sykes Jones

3 months ago

I couldn’t watch. It’s just to much of an opportunity to take away from true talent and bring politics into it.

Gordon Bates

3 months ago

just did a quick look and that dress makes her look like she has an 18 inch waist,until i saw the black around the grey.

James Harris

3 months ago

Makes her look like she has an hourglass figure. I still wish she wouldn't wear that black nail polish.