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We're really pleased to share this video of Bill Berry playing drums with Dodd Ferrelle, the mayor of Winterville, Georgia, on the occasion of the Fox Theatre Institute presenting a $55,000 check to the City of Winterville to help renovate their historic auditorium.

Bill was part of Dodd's "Dream Band" which also included legendary Athens, GA producers and musicians John Keane (on guitar) and David Barbe (on bass) along with fiddler Adam Poulin.

The performance took place at the Winterville Auditorium on May 11, 2018 and our special thanks go out to Scott Duvall of Jawavi Films for sharing the footage/link.

Dennis Jackson

3 days ago

put the band back together.

Liz Casner McIntyre

3 days ago

Good to see Bill playing.

Kasanda Ivan Dalton

4 days ago

Bill is looking great. Still kicking ass!

R.E.M.'s 12th studio album was released May 2001. Here's the lead single, "Imitation Of Life" (video directed by Garth Jennings)

Janneke Buitenweg

8 days ago

This is my favorite R.E.M. album. Though I got into the band quite late in the game, so I’m currently re-acquainting myself with their earliest material by following along with the “R U Talkin’ R.E.M. Re: Me?” podcast.

Tina Bolton

8 days ago

I love this album. Austin you are right.Summer Pop!

Sanjukta Mookherjee

8 days ago

Listened to it this morning and still makes me so happy 😀


Hey ya’ll. I just spent the last few days rehearsing with Scott, Joe, Linda and Greg, the members of Arthur Buck. The new record will be out in June, and Joe and I have written some new songs for the tour, which will happen in September and beyond. This is us recording in my living room. Hope to see everybody out in the real world.


band photo: Vivian Johnson

Cheryl Herceg

12 days ago

Great to see Scott. "They're trying to get this brand new song just right. Cuz it's a big house, it's a big house..."

Sue Wiley

13 days ago

Good to see Scott. Best of luck to all.

Lisa Bertrand

13 days ago

I’ll sip
To that!!!

"Nightswimming" from last week's Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra in Naples, Florida, where Mike, Robert McDuffie and band played with the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

photo: William Tonks

Casey Sullivan Joseph

14 days ago

Saw them in St. Pete last fall. It was great!

Alan Pletcher

14 days ago

We had a three piece of stringed instraments play nightswimming at our wedding. It was great.

One small step: This fine chap decked out in green stopped by the HQ office today for a little one on one time with an MTV moon man.
photo: KevinOKevin

Barry Mikulas

19 days ago

a great art form

Simone Silva

20 days ago

Just hanging out on the music video award. No biggie.

Jessica Hunt

20 days ago

that is a green anole I believe, they can turn brown as well!

We don't often share videos from other groups on this page, but in the spirit of Mike and Bertis being on hand in Tulsa for U2's tour opener, let's say we're feeling a little bit nostalgic and maybe just a touch envious not to be there too... Buckle in: the time machine goes back to '81.

Tara Wallace

20 days ago

Amazing to think that U2 used to be good; to me only the earlier work of Simple Minds and The Cure were better

Valentyno Costel Budu

20 days ago

In their prime.

Mario Alberto Ibarra Maldonado

20 days ago

And don’t forget that time back in December 1981 that R.E.M. nearly supported U2 in Nashville, alas it didn’t happen.......

A MUST!We missed the anniversary by a day but the band's classic rarities and B-sides collection Dead Letter Office had its U.K. release on May 1, 1987.Here's "Voice Of Harold" to take you back a few years:

Nanet Jay

21 days ago

their "Crazy" cover led me to Pylon and enjoyed that great Athens band too.

Leslie Gendé

21 days ago

Basically 7 Chinese Bros. with different lyrics haha

Gary Towne

21 days ago

Crazy is the best track on that album imo

Great Night in Naples
Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra: Naples FL April 29, 2018

Last night Mike Mills and Bobby McDuffie brought their merry band and rocking concerto to the SW corner of Florida for a date with the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra who played Mike’s concerto as their final concert of the season. It was one of the best orchestras the guys have played with— really talented and inspired high school students. The substantial crowd of more than 1,000 people enthusiastically received the concerto and all the performers seemed to relish the reception.

For me, having been lucky enough to experience it almost 2 years ago at its first performances in Toronto and Aspen, and then several shows on the tour that fall, last night I was so moved by the music and the performance—as much as anything I have heard in a long time.

The next time the magic materializes will be in the mountains below Asheville at the fabled Brevard Music Festival on Friday, July 7. If you have any chance at all of being there, there!

From my next trip to Tulsa,


Norshafarina Faharuddin

23 days ago

Where can I purchase that LP? Should I try iTunes?

Juana Patricia Campos Antiñir

23 days ago

I will be there.😎

Brooklyn-based Spectacle Theater is doing a series of films from North Korea, and they're calling it "Il-Matic For The People." Nice logo! Starts May 7. More info:

Wiktor Grzech

23 days ago

Declan Joeseph David Hanley

Hirokazu Sekine

24 days ago

Err... Copyright laws don't apply there apparently!

Happy Earth Day 2018 all you Inhabitants of the Earth! Here's some great footage from 1990's Earth Day Rally at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, featuring Natalie Merchant and the 10,000 Maniacs, Billy Bragg, The Indigo Girls, Woody Harrelson, and our very own Michael Stipe performing "A Campfire Song" (10,000 Maniacs w/Michael Stipe), "Get Together" (Indigo Girls w/Michael Stipe, Natalie Merchant & Woody Harrelson), and "Disturbance At The Heron House" (Michael Stipe & Billy Bragg). Special thanks to REMHQ compadre Dave Thake of The REM Video Archive for providing the footage.

Scott Gabbert Jr.

a month ago

I remember that, I was there! Awesome...

Diordan Bryan Santos

a month ago

I was there!

Jeka Ivanov

a month ago

I Love R. E. M.

Happy Earth Day 2018 Everyone...

Byron James

a month ago

That’s great! 👍🏻

Janet Williams

a month ago

Taff Frewin What an album. Good days bro.

Matsunaga Takashi

a month ago

Love that band to bits met Michael at Stirling and shook his hand he’s the man

Powerful and poignant rendition of "Everybody Hurts" by Fr. Ray Kelly. Bravo!

Lupita Auriazul Reyes

a month ago

This had me in tears. The Irish have a way with song and this proved it! A beautiful song, sung beautifully!

Kim Langhard

a month ago

Yes beautiful...and another testament to R.E.M. inspired art. Thanks again to you guys.

Ishaan Cyrus

a month ago

Father Ray sang that soooo beautiful I had tears

New kids' merch in the US & International stores!

Click on the links for more information:

Aaron Ittner

a month ago

Deirdre Ní Chonghaile

Jerry Lee

a month ago

Don't even have a kid but want that Monster onesie

Myleide Silva

a month ago

Ryan for the boys 😇❤️❤️

"Everybody Hurts" was released as single on April 15, 1993, reaching #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The single cracked the top 10 in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and France.

Joey Littrell

a month ago

This song has saved lives. Talk about the power of music, talk about the passion.

Ancelmo Keka Sousa

a month ago

All I can think of is DiNozzo and one of his girlfriends at the end of an episode of NCIS whenever I hear that song.

Roger Gentry

a month ago

Was just listening to this last night.

New single by Peter Buck and Joseph Arthur's new duo, Arthur Buck

Mariano Ruffo

a month ago

Nun se po' senti'...

Mike, where are you?

CaliAji Restrepo

a month ago

Great song! I like it a lot.

Murmur Now, Murmur Then...
*thanks to HQ friend Mark Blackwell for the current photos
Happy Murmur-versary.... 35 years!

Anderson Junior

a month ago

Danny, Joann crazy!

ไซโซ ไอซ์

a month ago

I went to Athens for the first time a few years ago. My wife graciously let us take a detour on our way to Disney World. We happened to be there on April 5th, and it was such a cool experience to see these places in person.

Nicolo Devito

a month ago

Shoul we talk about the weather?!😊

It all started on this day back in 1980

Dominique Douglas

2 months ago

It happened today... Hip hip hooray

Lucas Chartier

2 months ago

I named my college radio show (1998-2001) “Twisted Kites.”

Shreyash Moule

2 months ago

Happy Birthday REM🎉🎁🎈🎂

Ken Sweeney's excellent documentary "REM Out Of Athens" is getting a repeat airing tonight on @RTERadio1 at 10pm (UK time) tonight, April 4. Ken says there's also a live stream from RTE's website.

Ashley Halligan

2 months ago

R.E.M. Cade the laugh..... 😘❤️👏🇧🇷️

Beatrice Njekwa Smith

2 months ago

O Stipe e Mike, depois de ERADOS deixaram de sorrir.😘❤️👏

Jelizaveta Petrakova

2 months ago

Just been listening to R.E.M. . I’ll take the rain and country feedback are fantastic . There’s so many songs /tunes I love .live of course /falls to climb of the album UP .have a listen .i love it .

#620 Joseph Arthur feat Mike Mills - Walk on the Wild Side (Acoustic Session)

The band performed three songs on the Today Show ten years ago including an HQ favorite, "Hollow Man," coinciding with the release of ACCELERATE.

Carmen Montenegro Montenegro

2 months ago

Forgotten how brilliant this song is. Chorus brings to mind some of their earlier work,

Evans Masombuka

2 months ago

Best. Team. Ever.

Heather Queenbee

2 months ago

R.E.M. 😘👏🇧🇷️❤️

Here's a blistering version of "Living Well" in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Accelerate plus a couple of in-studio laughs.

Jonathan Ziegler

2 months ago

That album was great. I thought it represented a new beginning...I was wrong. It was the beginning of the end.
Collapse was quite flat...

Julie Martinez

2 months ago


Cosmin Deac

2 months ago

The opening number for the last show I saw. Front row center. Thanks R.E.M.!

12" single cover for "Finest Worksong" which was released March of '88 (the third & final single from Document).

John Ferguson

2 months ago

Awesome song to open their shows!! 👍

Rebecca Williams

2 months ago

Fave song ever

Raymond Diaz Jr.

2 months ago

Love this song! Peter Buck’s guitar sounds great on it.

Watch the official lyric video for "Man On The Moon"

Md Rakib Mir

2 months ago

Bacana, uma das minhas musicas preferidas de se ouvir

Gabrielle Radford

2 months ago

Because Man on the Moon really needed a lyric video. Next up, lyric videos for Murmur. 9-9 will be exquisite.

Scarab Rienafr

2 months ago

Carlo Carolus definitely the first man on the moon

Michael pictured with Alison Friedman who is running for the seat in Virginia's 10th Congressional District. Alison is calling on 10K supporters to donate $12.43 to her campaign for Congress to match the $124,300 the NRA has spent to support Congresswoman Comstock. Let's help her make that match! Watch her video here:

Maria Flores

2 months ago

Some of these trolls are a hoot. Some of them can't stand REM, but well, here they are, on this page. Others are self-professed fans of the band - which has been around since the early 80s - but are apparently somehow unaware of the band's politics. Thank you, trolls, for being such a reliable source of endless mirth.

Ellechra Eticabla

2 months ago

This thread is hilarious. I loved the band for years, still have all my vinyl, but stopped buying albums after Automatic. I remember Michael railing one night at the crowd (probably '85) because he realized his fanbase looked like a College Republican convention (most of the Southern campuses where they played were politically conservative). Oh well, they gave you your start, paid for your albums, made you stupid rich, and allowed you to live your dream and have a platform. I've always known my politics didn't square with REM, Natalie, and any number of musicians. Didn't keep me from enjoying their music.

Rhod-Wulf Angülo

2 months ago

I'd send her $1000 but since that's crumbs to them I'll just buy food for my family and a few rounds of ammunition for my defence rifle.

Bertis spotted this book by Søren Solkær in Copenhagen earlier in the week, saying “Love it when that happens, and I was at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark…. An amazing place!”

Aletta Emke

2 months ago

How did you know

Mandy Baird

2 months ago

Kristi: Is this a snapshot of your coffee table?

Sladjan Lukic

2 months ago

Bronze Michael. Great cover.

Demo version of "Cuyahoga"which was among the tracks recorded in Athens, GA, at John Keane Studios March 10-14, 1986, for Lifes Rich Pageant

Pratik Joshi

2 months ago

Burn the river down

Ron Hess

2 months ago

me encanta es muy rara pero me mola!

Melo Boo

2 months ago

Unfortunatly, still True and Important.

Emily Martínez

2 months ago

Please help our youth by playing in Ottawa, IL, at our annual River Fest! I am a reporter for the local paper here and would love to see you guys out to help our crusade against teen and youth overdoses and suicide - or those of any age for that matter. "Everybody Hurts" is one of my favorite songs. I used to play it repeatedly when I was depressed but needed hope. I'm older now with kids of my own and still feel the same impact of that song, and I believe other generations would benefit from the music you all have so graciously offered us. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Loca Gavillan

2 months ago

Yes of course!😘

Totte Wimnell

2 months ago

Still waiting for you all to update the app.

Shiny Happy People cover— best ever!? Check out this cover by the Sinfonico Hololulu. File under Something Wholly Other


Jason Herkenhoff

3 months ago

Guess I’m just a sucker for the World’s greatest band’s most hated song! 👍👍

Mariusz Adamczuk

3 months ago

I miei tesorini!!! ❤❤❤

Daniel Lucas

3 months ago

Adam Burston this rocks... Um literally.

Monday Memory: R.E.M. at CANAL+ March 2008 (photo: Susanne Sasic)

Jose Javier Cambreleng Mederos

3 months ago

Was there. Incredible memory.

Gustavo Sosa

3 months ago

Have you got any pictures from Milton Keynes bowl with the cranberries and radiohead for support? Would love to see them, I was there. What an amazing concert that was. 😊 it was in the 90's.

Manuel Keener

3 months ago

I miss you R. E. M. 😕

"Oh My Heart" from Collapse Into Now

Carrie Cleary

3 months ago

Dam good album. Loving singing to "It Happened Today" when my house is empty and nobody can hear my God awful voice!

Mary Diaz-Camarena

3 months ago

The greatest version of this song !!!

Ada Cinieri

3 months ago

Ohhhhh. My heart is breaking again... HOW!!! I loved this song... No tour for it - what a shame and waste of perfection ❤️❤️❤️

Ignoreland... Wrecking all things virtuous and true

Tito Iván Lacruz Rangel

3 months ago

An unfortunate and ignorant political statement. Curiously didn't hear any songs about Obama during his disastrous reign

Christopher Phillips

3 months ago

Not my favorite track, but this song pinpointed the moment our nation went off the rails.

Oswaldo Álvarez

3 months ago

Perhaps the most underrated song in their catalog.

Seems like an apropos song to start the week...

Julio Más

3 months ago

Arguably the best song on that record IMO anyway

Gina Tenorio

3 months ago

Leave is THE best REM song, but MONSTER is the best overall album

Corinne Hill

3 months ago

The best song ever created by REM

Two thumbs up!

Courtney Jenkins

3 months ago

Nice concept but the arrangement was uninspired. Harmonics were extremely primitive.

Josh Merrow

3 months ago

Kenne ich auch noch von früher 😊

Nick Phillips

3 months ago

Wonderful. Rivals the original. 🙂

Microwave Remembered
Further to our post this past Thursday on the tenth anniversary of the passing of Mark "Microwave" Mytrowitz, R.E.M.'s beloved guitar tech for many years, here's an interview Katherine Downs did with Micro for a 1996 fan club newsletter (tip of the hat toOle Skjefte for a similar post last week).

Kody Hamm

3 months ago

A sad loss.

Gregory Molla

3 months ago

The Dixie Dregs! Been a long time since I heard that name.

Paweł Zawiślak

3 months ago

Best wishes to R.EM. From Scotland, You Rock

Mark "Microwave" Mytrowitz— beloved, remembered, missed RIP 1956-2008. Brothers to the road...

Abílio Araújo

3 months ago

Mark was our neighbor and friend.

Ranjit Yonjan

3 months ago

Missed greatly. RIP Microwave

Happy Valentine's Day

Maria Caprio

3 months ago

Danced to this during my wedding to Sarah. Had to copy it onto audio tape from the video.

Richard David

3 months ago

For some unknown reason this has been running around my head the last couple of days...Great to see this video!

Ryan Arvay

3 months ago

I adore you guys. this is one of my all time faves.

Beautiful rendition of "Losing My Religion" by Amber Rubarth

Maria Isaakidou

3 months ago

Darcy Mae here's one for your repetitoire?

Marcos Lavaggi

3 months ago

it's beautiful, but I prefer Michael's. he sang it with his guts, his heart, he is the only one to interpret it as well. we touch the sky with him.

Rebekah Williams

3 months ago

Most who try to cover this song never come close to capturing its spirit and the versions are horrid. Kudos to Rubarth

Life, How To Live. Yes indeed, the Main Reading Room of the The Library of Congress has a copy. #lordmillsey and I enjoyed traipsing through it, although reading it, not so much! According to the Librarian the LOC, this is one of only three libraries in the country that has it. It was an afternoon well spent--all part of Lifes Rich Pageant or maybe that should be Fables of the Reconstruction.And little did I realize the book was only copyright 1977 (I had thought it was much older— that was only 7-8 years before the song).

Suggested musical accompaniment:

PHOTO by Buck Williams

Marlo Asis Singao

3 months ago

Life and How to Live It - from Fables of the Reconstruction...

Daniel Carlos Nicolini

3 months ago

Great video! I’ve seen the Rockpalast show many times, but i never knew there was video of another show in Germany around that time.

Camelia Batculescu

3 months ago

Nicholas Alexander, have you seen this bit of R.E.M. history? Hope alls well with you!

On this day in 1984, the band played a benefit show for L.E.A.F. (Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation) at the Moonshadow Saloon in Atlanta. Since we don't have footage from that show, here is the band playing "Shaking Through" at the L.E.A.F. benefit at the Fox in Atlanta, Nov. 13, 1989.

Silvia Furlan

4 months ago


Peter Lathrop

4 months ago

God I miss R.E.M. 😔

Scott MacDonald

4 months ago

Where can I find that murmur / green boot ?

Here's the band performing "The Great Beyond" on the Late Show With David Letterman in Dec. 1999 at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC; the song was released as a single the following month, January 2000.

Robert Braecklein

4 months ago

I was present at the 2nd ever live performance (per Michael Stole on stage) in Frankfurt, Germany in July 1999.

Victor PM

4 months ago

Top 5 Rem song 00’s

Oscar Unzueta

4 months ago

A song that was not given the proper amount of airtime.

Monster Flashback: Jan. 28, 1995. Auckland Concert Promo

(Thanks Chris)

Carolyn Cullison

4 months ago

Saw them twice this year. NYC with Luscious Jackson and Hershey park with Radiohead

Gregory Murphy

4 months ago

Flew up from Christchurch for the concert. Well worth it, a great night.

Matthew Bonnett

4 months ago

what a line up! <3

Official video for "Bang And Blame," the second single from R.E.M.'s 1994 release MONSTER.

Bente Mæland

4 months ago

One of my favourites ❤️

Stephen Anderson

4 months ago

Monster was ahead of it's time. A guitar record that is stoned and droney. When it was released it had pretty heavy rotation on MTV but the best cuts are the album one like King of Comedy, I Took Your Name and Let Me In.

As for the singles Crush with Eyeliner and Bang and Blame were my faves.

Elaine Douglas

4 months ago

Seriously underrated song. Monster was one of their best albums

"Old Man Kensey," (Old Grey) Whistle Test, '84

Dorissa Bolinski

4 months ago

Best band of our generation, those of us of a certain year.

Scott MacDonald

4 months ago

Talk about completely bucking (excuse the pun!) the trend of early 80’s music. Nobody sounded like REM back then - NOBODY! Play an uptempo pop song to close the show ? - nope ! How about an previously unrecorded new song- filled with dark mysterious images and brooding slow tempoed beat! A gorgeous vocal by Stipe and one of my favorite songs from “Fables” (which did not get released on record until one year after this TV appearance took place . REM answered to no one , wrote songs they wanted to write and didn’t care if they were completely out of step with the rest of the music scene in 1984!

Greg Allen Morgoglione

4 months ago

What's Peter playing? A Tele?

Dolores O'Riordan

"We are all saddened to hear the news. Dolores was a brilliant and generous spirit with a quick humor and a stunning voice. Our love to the band and to her family and fans."
-Michael Stipe & the whole of R.E.M. and REMHQ

Adrian Isaac Antia Prieto

4 months ago

Que mal.. que sucedan estas.acciones. pasar.😦. pierde. un icono más de las buenas voces. 😨. . .. ERM.. les quiere..en general..ok.

Jeff Haab

4 months ago

She had an Uniquely Great voice and was a Fine songwriter! She will be missed!!

Alvaro Orlando

4 months ago

I still remenber ver ave maria .now she is heaven singing with her great voice

Today, we honor and celebrate the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr's legacy in battling for civil rights. In this video clip, included in the 2002 R.E.M. Fan Club Holiday package, Michael reads from King's book Strength to Love. His words are still powerful and hold true now more than ever.

Terry Ruano Adcock

4 months ago

Sure do wish it could have been longer. Inspiring.

Seems like a good day to pull out this gem...

D Scott Fitzjaggers

4 months ago

One of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard.

Joe Daniels

4 months ago

LOVE world leader pretend one of my favorites from R.E.M.
still have my ticket stub from the green tour in 1989 great show great memories.

Marty Huntoon

4 months ago

Had this song on my mind lately.

This is tremendous news! New York City is standing up to the fossil fuel industry in the financial markets and in court. Its mayor just announced that they will divest the city’s pension funds from fossil fuel companies, as well as file a lawsuit against the biggest of those corporations for the damages caused by climate change. The global tide is turning.#DivestyNy #FossilFree

John Thompson

4 months ago

Good luck with that!

Thomas Edward Stafford IV

4 months ago

Except, in both cases both industries for years lie about health impacts...

Jason Higginbotham

4 months ago

It’s insane. NYC should ban cars and power stations before daring to blame others. It’s like smokers suing cigarette companies; harm yourself and then pass on the blame.

Mike Christie has made a compelling SKY Arts documentary about the history of the legendary Hansa Studio in Berlin, in the years it was still "by the wall." The doc premieres on Wednesday Jan. 10th at 9pm on Sky Arts.

In a post on Facebook Bertis Downs had this to say about the documentary: "It's been fun to help from afar and Michael enjoyed his conversation with the filmmaker. I think the final cut includes some of the Collapse Into Now footage, the last time R.E.M. ever played "together," those songs that are sweet, and sad and true."

"I remember the first time I ever walked into Hansa, when the band were on tour in the summer of 2008 and Jacknife was producing Snow Patrol. We first saw the ballroom downstairs and then went up where producer and band were in the midst of a take. Within minutes it was clear the next record would be made right there--and in summer of 2010, it was: Collapse Into Now, recorded in New Orleans, Berlin and Nashville. Over and out."

Scott Ilg

5 months ago

I have a question and since I was just thinking about West Germany because that is what my question is about it is convenient that you just posted something that is Cold War related.
My question is this...the song...It's the end of the world as you know have I line that goes...Government employee on a Combat Site right ?
So my question is this. Are you talking about a Pershing CASS ( Combat Alert Site )
I served on a Pershing CASS as an Infantryman and have wondered since the 80s is that's what you are talking about.

Absolutely great to see the one and only Scott McCaughey back in action in Portland last night at the benefit concert at Wonder Ballroom which included performances by Mike Mills, Peter Buck, Bill Berry, James Mercer, Corin Tucker, Kurt Bloch, The Decemberists, Casey Neill, Janet Weiss, and Dharma Bums. Here's an awesome version of "Texarkana" from Friday night's show at the Star Theater Portland posted by our friend Ole Skjefte. Stay tuned for more...

Our mate Lance Bangs shot this footage of Bill Berry, Mike Mills, Peter Buck, and James Mercer performing a beautiful version of “You Are The Everything” at Portland’s Wonder Ballroom last night during the benefit show for the one and only Scott McCaughey. Stay tuned for more clips and be sure to follow Lance Bangs on Instagram (@lancebangs) and Twitter.

Steve Hurst

5 months ago

The song is a favorite and this is a nice version, good to see Bill again

Danielle Smith

5 months ago

My favourite x

Dan Rice

5 months ago

Thank you for this...❤️