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"MacDougal Blues" by Kevn Kinney with Peter Buck.

The The R.E.M. Timeline tells us that from 7-18 August 1989,Peter joined Kevn in John Keane Studios, Athens, to record MacDougal Blues / Not Afraid To Die / Lost And Found / Heard The Laughter Ending / Last Song Of Maddie Hope / Gotta Get Out Of Here / The House Above Tina's Grocery / Chico & Maria / Hey Landlord (Meatloaf And Fishsticks) / Goodnight Rhyme

Recording Sessions for Kevn Kinney's 'MacDougal Blues', produced by Peter Buck. Peter plays Dulcimer, Guitar & Mandolin on some tracks, & Mike Mills plays Walking Whistle on 'Chico & Maria'.

Ana Maria Hodor

2 days ago

I would like to find out if Michael still has this guitar. It was given to him in 2006. I made it, and am curious...

Shane Lugo

3 days ago

I needed that....

Karlla Daniela

3 days ago

Buster Poindexter at the Fish-Wich

That’s a great bill:

Soul Asylum
David “RATFCKED” Daley

First Avenue, MPLS

Angélina Munsch

8 days ago

Woot woot my homeland!

Sharon Green

8 days ago

Dan Delbridge long lost brother?!

Celia Almaguer

8 days ago

Soul Asylum sucked!!! We booked them at our venue in Deep ellum, (Dallas) and when I was driving home they happened to be on the same route in front of my Karman Ghia and got out of their bus and yelled at me, their booker, accusing me of following them~telling me this wasn't a party! What a bunch of weirdos! I lived in Dallas, booked for the venue they had just played and took the same exit as them..I had no intention of following them anywhere. I considered them rude and assumptive for the rest of their career. As for you guys, I know Peter Buck and you and that girl that was sleeping in his front yard at his house in Athens should have been dealt with in a human way and not just avoided and made fun of. You guys suck too.

Here's Jem Cohen's video for "E-Bow The Letter," the first single from New Adventures In Hi-Fi. The single was released in August 1996 and features Patti Smith.

Rossano Guerino Ricciutelli

7 days ago

One of their most thrilling, otherworldy, time-stopping songs, up there with "Nightswimming". It actually sounds to me like a mix between Country Feedback and the spine-tingling cellos & E-bow string arrangement from Sweetness Follows. But with Patti Smith singing backing vocals ! I'm so glad she sang on this, originally they wanted her to sing on Out Of Time. Instead we got the female singer from the B52's on the silliest song of the REM repertoire, Shiny Happy People. I'm glad they had to wait until they had been through the gorgeous desperate emotional darkness of Automatic to get to record a deep, emotional song with Patti instead of a silly novelty.

RosaLia Czeczka

8 days ago

I will see Patti Smith performing today at Flow festival, Finland.

Tyce Diorio

8 days ago

These corrosives do their magic, slowly and sweet..this song still renders me speechless after all these years. An absolute masterpiece.

Can you sing all of the lyrics to this one?

Viola Kovács

9 days ago

Some might say I could have spent my time better than what I did learning every word to that song. They'd be wrong.

Mathias Blaum

9 days ago

"Can you sing all of the lyrics to this one?" Of course I can't. I don't even think Michael Stipe can. :D

Joseph Lord

9 days ago

In the words of Eddie Vedder, "what the hell is he saying?"

Official video for "Fall On Me" from Lifes Rich Pageant. The single was released in the US in August 1986.

Jackson Rambo

10 days ago

Gawd, I miss your guys' music so much!! We could sure use a dose or R.E.M. during these dark days of #45!!

Jan Sombroek

10 days ago

Still one of my all time favorites.

Latoria Jackson

11 days ago

Might be their best song. Love the unplugged version the best!

Get out there and support the team! The Baseball Project is in Evanston, IL, tomorrow night at Space.
The Baseball Project in action last night in Madison, WI.
Left-right: Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Linda Pitmon, Mike Mills, and Peter Buck.
Photo by Roy Cougle

The band is at Anodyne Coffee in Milwaukee tonight and at
Space in Evanston, IL, Saturday Aug 4.

Tsitsi Tsopotsa

13 days ago

Is that Mike Marshall slamming his bat?

Michael Wimberly

13 days ago


Steven Thierry

13 days ago

Spain, Madrid, Sala El Sol, Come On, what are you waiting for???

Mike in Minnesota, June 2008, during the Accelerate tour. #tbt

Snacks Boss

14 days ago

That was a great show, my ears were ringing and my heart was singing for days. Cool to see the National opening

Eluku Preye

14 days ago

We were there at the excel center!

Сергей Драка

14 days ago

Saw them in Copenhagen that September. Loved it. They need to get back together for one more album, I know they want to. Stipey ... you know you want to!

Video for "Turn You Inside Out" directed by James Herbert from the album GREEN.

Andres Taborda

14 days ago

GTA IV soundtrack (Radio Rock) 😍

Snacks Boss

14 days ago

Such a good album!

Nathanael Holguin Castillo

14 days ago

Michael Stipe dancing - just another reason to love him *sigh*
Awesome song live

Birthday boy Scott McCaughey reports:

The Baseball Project is hitting the road for the first time in a couple of years — and with this time it’s a rare occasion featuring the FIVE STAR LINE-UP.Yes, Peter and Mike join forces again, along (as always) with Steve Wynn, Linda Pitmon and Scott McCaughey, playing some favorite towns in the baseball hotbed of the middle west of the USA.Come out and cheer them on!The weather is fine!

Central Park Series, Madison WI - Thur Aug 2
Anodyne Coffee, Milwaukee WIFri Aug 3
Space, Evanston IL (Chicago)Sat Aug 4

Ticket info here:

Tim Aubin

16 days ago

Y Madrid cuándo????

Cecilia Moreno

16 days ago

Please add nyc!! We have two baseball teams 😜😎

Mohammad Saeed

16 days ago

Happy Birthday to Scott! And many, many more.

Happy Birthday to the man, the legend, Scott McCaughey!
Happy Birthday to the legendary Bill Berry!

Shari Burries

16 days ago

Happy Birthday to Scott! I'm pretty sure you were my friend from Saratoga High School. You and Gary (Norris) were buds and HUGE Beatles fans. You used to talk about opening a Beatles Museum in Liverpool. ..

Ale Mendoza

16 days ago

Ive been reading his Beach Boys liner notes. What a guy!

Maboi Sanchez

16 days ago

Happy bday, Scott! From São Paulo!

"Fall On Me" single cover artwork (b-side Rotary Ten). All part of Lifes Rich Pageant Anniversary weekend...

Sandra Soltermann-Gasser

20 days ago

I loved those random b side instrumentals they did

Isabella Nicole Castillo

20 days ago

One thing I’ve always wondered about Lifes Rich Pageant is Why Does it have the wrong track Listing on the back cover?

Lucia Mora

20 days ago

One of their most beautiful songs...🤗

Lifes Rich Pageant Weekend

"Fall On Me"

Doug Saviano

19 days ago

Amazing version of a great song with bonus shirtless Michael Stipe

Pratito Khanua Al Faridz

20 days ago

Three vocal parts in the chorus...genius. Which one one to sing along with this time... 🤗

Vincenza Lobasso

20 days ago

Such a beautiful version!!

Lifes Rich Pageant anniversary weekend starts today with "Begin The Begin." The album was released July 28, 1986.

Alvin Jaime Garcia

21 days ago

Pageant was one of the last R.E.M. albums I listened to but it became a fave in an instant ❤

Chris Heil

21 days ago

Love the whole album. It was so important in my musical education, and Cuyahoga is one of my all time favourites. It's a great example of how you can knit different ideas together into a cohesive masterpiece.

Alvin Jaime Garcia

21 days ago

My favourite R.E.M. album and one of my favourite albums of all time, period. It's my 'go to' album when I'm feeling low and need a boost. Great, great album.

Team by team, reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, cropped...twittered

Christine Stange

23 days ago

Type a comment below this comment if you're voting for Trump in 2020!

Jose Perez Baez

23 days ago

"That was Just a Dream"= so intense!!!!

Charles Billie Jo Buterbaugh

23 days ago

Fascist party, pee tape, angry tweets, BOOM!

What's your favorite MONSTER track?

Sandra Cannon

25 days ago

Easy... kenneth. This brings me back to 95 and my first chance to see them live, which was almost the last time too as it was in lausanne. The show was epic as we had no idea how bad his health was... the band in an acoustic format for a couple of songs after berry’s stage exit and the last part with grant lee bufallo’s drummer doing an impressive job. Kenneth was thesong I was waiting for and instead of playing it as an opener it was almost the set closer. Brilliant night and awesome first REM show for me.

Mayra Quiroz

25 days ago

Great album, not a mediocre song on it but when I hear the tremolo intro to CRUSH WITH EYELINER it just jumps out of the speakers at me and makes me groove.
Plus, with a line like "She's a sad tomato
She's three miles of bad road" ... gotta love it

Hernandez Rosa

25 days ago

An underrated album, for sure! I almost voted for "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" (R.E.M. really know how to get an album started, don't they?), but in the end, my choice is "Crush with Eyeliner". R.E.M. making grunge, and making it so well... and that classic video. ;)

Bad Day, 1986…2003…and now

Have you ever seen the televised St. Vitus Subcommittee Prize Investigation dance? Those-ants-in-pants glances

Well, look behind the eyes
It's a hallowed, hollow anesthetized
"Save my own ass, screw these guys"
Smoke and mirror lock down

Abigail León

a month ago

The new American anthem shoud be "It's the end of the world ..."

Noely Tejada

a month ago

can we just get all the vinyl please? prices are absurd. skip the dumb anniversary dates years apart and give us vinyl!! pretty please? a box set done boom bam

Nathalie Colin-Cousseau

a month ago

Lauren Bleakley yesterday?

We've been hearing a lot about Helsinki in the news lately.*Speaking of... It was just a few years ago, almost ten, that R.E.M. made some happy memories there playing Finnair Stadium, September 9. Here's a partial clip of the band's performance of "Cuyahoga," dedicated to Editors who opened for the guys that night:

Let's put our heads together and start a new country up

*George Will's column on the Helsinki Republicans:

Morgane Galia

a month ago

Come back for a last tour in Europe please

Sue Baker

a month ago

we could do with your music being played live again

We are not your friends We can’t be your allies

Eyelids just made a new trailer for their new Peter Buck-produced record "MAYBE MORE." Chris from Eyelids reports that Peter is also producing the band's next record.Stay tuned for more news on the group and enjoy the trailer!

"We All Go Back To Where We Belong" was one of the tracks recorded in July 2011 at Type Foundry in Portland, Oregon. It appears on Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011. Here's the video featuring Kirsten Dunst...

Ommy Digitaly Wasaf

a month ago

wish Berry came back for this one last song...

Ditshabe Nathaniel Ramabu

a month ago

This is one of my all-time favorite R.E.M. songs. Not to be confused with “Belong”, which I only recently realized also belonged on that list.

László Erki

a month ago

You must reunite again and make such a good songs like this.

"Ignoreland," July 2008, Verona, Italy

Kimberly Ford

a month ago

That's you in the spot.....

Lucia Perez

a month ago

Kristian Tagliavento i was there bloody one year later!

Vahe Nahapetyan

a month ago

Prescient; still applicable today.

A little over 20 years ago, the band performed "Country Feedback" on Later with Jools Holland with guest guitarist B.J. Cole.

Tommy Motes

a month ago

Haunting, wistful, mournful, raw and profoundly beautiful.

Don Larson

a month ago

Stipe is mesmerizing. Easy to see why he has said this is his favorite REM song.

Alberto Gazzola

a month ago

It hard to believe Up is almost 20 years old.

Oxegen Festival July 2008, Ireland

Kelly Corey Hennings

a month ago

REM rules. Do it again guys

Kambra Johnston

a month ago

Ready for a new tour 😉 ?

Victor Chavez

a month ago

Caolán O'Hara

Arthur Buck: "Are You Electrified?" from the new album. Pick it up here:

"Me In Honey" with Kate Pierson of the The B-52's

Camila Cabello

2 months ago

It’s all about Country Feedback!

Ryan S. Szymanski

2 months ago

Never, ever get tired of this song. “What about me?”

Kenneth Morgan

2 months ago

Love this track and the whole Out Of Time album, this was my first LP by REM.

"Catapult" Live in Seattle, June 27, 1984

Debbie Day

2 months ago

“Can of poo” 💩💩

Amber van den Dries

2 months ago

Holy shit is this song fantastic.
As often happens with me and REM, it's like being run over by pure molten joy.

Jordi Boada Martínez

2 months ago

The Steven Hague version is terrible

Arthur Buck fans: Check out the indie exclusive vinyl! Visit your local record store Friday to secure a copy of this limited edition indie-only vinyl or follow the indie option to pre-order with your local store.

Cornell Knott

2 months ago

Anyone else think Joseph Arthur looks kind of like Bill Berry?

Marcos Miranda

2 months ago

whats the frequency kenneth?🎸🇺🇸🎶

"Can't Get There From Here," the first single from Fables Of The Reconstruction (released on June 11, 1985).

Amethyst Rubio

2 months ago

My favorite R.E.M. album!

Wilberth Castillo

2 months ago

Awesome song, still one of my favourites (along with 100 others).
Great video too. Still have it on vhs when i taped it off the tv....

Taufik Hidayat

2 months ago

I remember my great epiphany when years later, someone told me about how people in Maine say, "You can't get theyah from heeyah, so turn around and go back the way yeh came." <3 REM

Document Limited Edition, 180g gold translucent LP is OUT NOW at! Hurry to get your copy—only 2500 copies available worldwide!

Veronica Winfrey

2 months ago

Still need to get the 25th anniversary releases of Life’s Rich Pageant and Document on CD. They’re so damn expensive!

Angela Dean'e Scott

3 months ago

Sold out on the UK link. It lets you put it in the basket, put in address and payment details then says none are available!

Frances Cowen

3 months ago

My first R.E.M. album, got it on cassette back in the day. Now ordered it on this cool vinyl. :D

Tip of the U2 hat to R.E.M. on May 28th at Infinite Energy Arena (3:48 mark)

Linda Wasserman

3 months ago

R.E.M. and U2 were my two favorite bands for a large portion of my life.

Belén Peralta

3 months ago

R U2 Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME??

Jericho Monterola

3 months ago

I think this album is for you lol Jeff

We're really pleased to share this video of Bill Berry playing drums with Dodd Ferrelle, the mayor of Winterville, Georgia, on the occasion of the Fox Theatre Institute presenting a $55,000 check to the City of Winterville to help renovate their historic auditorium.

Bill was part of Dodd's "Dream Band" which also included legendary Athens, GA producers and musicians John Keane (on guitar) and David Barbe (on bass) along with fiddler Adam Poulin.

The performance took place at the Winterville Auditorium on May 11, 2018 and our special thanks go out to Scott Duvall of Jawavi Films for sharing the footage/link.

Dennis Jackson

3 months ago

put the band back together.

Liz Casner McIntyre

3 months ago

Good to see Bill playing.

Kasanda Ivan Dalton

3 months ago

Bill is looking great. Still kicking ass!

R.E.M.'s 12th studio album was released May 2001. Here's the lead single, "Imitation Of Life" (video directed by Garth Jennings)

Janneke Buitenweg

3 months ago

This is my favorite R.E.M. album. Though I got into the band quite late in the game, so I’m currently re-acquainting myself with their earliest material by following along with the “R U Talkin’ R.E.M. Re: Me?” podcast.

Tina Bolton

3 months ago

I love this album. Austin you are right.Summer Pop!

Sanjukta Mookherjee

3 months ago

Listened to it this morning and still makes me so happy 😀


Hey ya’ll. I just spent the last few days rehearsing with Scott, Joe, Linda and Greg, the members of Arthur Buck. The new record will be out in June, and Joe and I have written some new songs for the tour, which will happen in September and beyond. This is us recording in my living room. Hope to see everybody out in the real world.


band photo: Vivian Johnson

Cheryl Herceg

3 months ago

Great to see Scott. "They're trying to get this brand new song just right. Cuz it's a big house, it's a big house..."

Sue Wiley

3 months ago

Good to see Scott. Best of luck to all.

Lisa Bertrand

3 months ago

I’ll sip
To that!!!

"Nightswimming" from last week's Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra in Naples, Florida, where Mike, Robert McDuffie and band played with the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

photo: William Tonks

Casey Sullivan Joseph

3 months ago

Saw them in St. Pete last fall. It was great!

Alan Pletcher

3 months ago

We had a three piece of stringed instraments play nightswimming at our wedding. It was great.

One small step: This fine chap decked out in green stopped by the HQ office today for a little one on one time with an MTV moon man.
photo: KevinOKevin

Barry Mikulas

3 months ago

a great art form

Simone Silva

3 months ago

Just hanging out on the music video award. No biggie.

Jessica Hunt

3 months ago

that is a green anole I believe, they can turn brown as well!

We don't often share videos from other groups on this page, but in the spirit of Mike and Bertis being on hand in Tulsa for U2's tour opener, let's say we're feeling a little bit nostalgic and maybe just a touch envious not to be there too... Buckle in: the time machine goes back to '81.

Tara Wallace

3 months ago

Amazing to think that U2 used to be good; to me only the earlier work of Simple Minds and The Cure were better

Valentyno Costel Budu

3 months ago

In their prime.

Mario Alberto Ibarra Maldonado

3 months ago

And don’t forget that time back in December 1981 that R.E.M. nearly supported U2 in Nashville, alas it didn’t happen.......

A MUST!We missed the anniversary by a day but the band's classic rarities and B-sides collection Dead Letter Office had its U.K. release on May 1, 1987.Here's "Voice Of Harold" to take you back a few years:

Nanet Jay

3 months ago

their "Crazy" cover led me to Pylon and enjoyed that great Athens band too.

Leslie Gendé

3 months ago

Basically 7 Chinese Bros. with different lyrics haha

Gary Towne

3 months ago

Crazy is the best track on that album imo

Great Night in Naples
Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra: Naples FL April 29, 2018

Last night Mike Mills and Bobby McDuffie brought their merry band and rocking concerto to the SW corner of Florida for a date with the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra who played Mike’s concerto as their final concert of the season. It was one of the best orchestras the guys have played with— really talented and inspired high school students. The substantial crowd of more than 1,000 people enthusiastically received the concerto and all the performers seemed to relish the reception.

For me, having been lucky enough to experience it almost 2 years ago at its first performances in Toronto and Aspen, and then several shows on the tour that fall, last night I was so moved by the music and the performance—as much as anything I have heard in a long time.

The next time the magic materializes will be in the mountains below Asheville at the fabled Brevard Music Festival on Friday, July 7. If you have any chance at all of being there, there!

From my next trip to Tulsa,


Norshafarina Faharuddin

4 months ago

Where can I purchase that LP? Should I try iTunes?

Juana Patricia Campos Antiñir

4 months ago

I will be there.😎

Brooklyn-based Spectacle Theater is doing a series of films from North Korea, and they're calling it "Il-Matic For The People." Nice logo! Starts May 7. More info:

Wiktor Grzech

4 months ago

Declan Joeseph David Hanley

Hirokazu Sekine

4 months ago

Err... Copyright laws don't apply there apparently!

Happy Earth Day 2018 all you Inhabitants of the Earth! Here's some great footage from 1990's Earth Day Rally at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, featuring Natalie Merchant and the 10,000 Maniacs, Billy Bragg, The Indigo Girls, Woody Harrelson, and our very own Michael Stipe performing "A Campfire Song" (10,000 Maniacs w/Michael Stipe), "Get Together" (Indigo Girls w/Michael Stipe, Natalie Merchant & Woody Harrelson), and "Disturbance At The Heron House" (Michael Stipe & Billy Bragg). Special thanks to REMHQ compadre Dave Thake of The REM Video Archive for providing the footage.

Scott Gabbert Jr.

4 months ago

I remember that, I was there! Awesome...

Diordan Bryan Santos

4 months ago

I was there!

Jeka Ivanov

4 months ago

I Love R. E. M.

Happy Earth Day 2018 Everyone...

Byron James

4 months ago

That’s great! 👍🏻

Janet Williams

4 months ago

Taff Frewin What an album. Good days bro.

Matsunaga Takashi

4 months ago

Love that band to bits met Michael at Stirling and shook his hand he’s the man

Powerful and poignant rendition of "Everybody Hurts" by Fr. Ray Kelly. Bravo!

Lupita Auriazul Reyes

4 months ago

This had me in tears. The Irish have a way with song and this proved it! A beautiful song, sung beautifully!

Kim Langhard

4 months ago

Yes beautiful...and another testament to R.E.M. inspired art. Thanks again to you guys.

Ishaan Cyrus

4 months ago

Father Ray sang that soooo beautiful I had tears

New kids' merch in the US & International stores!

Click on the links for more information:

Aaron Ittner

4 months ago

Deirdre Ní Chonghaile

Jerry Lee

4 months ago

Don't even have a kid but want that Monster onesie

Myleide Silva

4 months ago

Ryan for the boys 😇❤️❤️

"Everybody Hurts" was released as single on April 15, 1993, reaching #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The single cracked the top 10 in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and France.

Joey Littrell

4 months ago

This song has saved lives. Talk about the power of music, talk about the passion.

Ancelmo Keka Sousa

4 months ago

All I can think of is DiNozzo and one of his girlfriends at the end of an episode of NCIS whenever I hear that song.

Roger Gentry

4 months ago

Was just listening to this last night.

New single by Peter Buck and Joseph Arthur's new duo, Arthur Buck

Mariano Ruffo

4 months ago

Nun se po' senti'...

Mike, where are you?

CaliAji Restrepo

4 months ago

Great song! I like it a lot.

Murmur Now, Murmur Then...
*thanks to HQ friend Mark Blackwell for the current photos
Happy Murmur-versary.... 35 years!

Anderson Junior

4 months ago

Danny, Joann crazy!

ไซโซ ไอซ์

4 months ago

I went to Athens for the first time a few years ago. My wife graciously let us take a detour on our way to Disney World. We happened to be there on April 5th, and it was such a cool experience to see these places in person.

Nicolo Devito

4 months ago

Shoul we talk about the weather?!😊

It all started on this day back in 1980

Dominique Douglas

4 months ago

It happened today... Hip hip hooray

Lucas Chartier

4 months ago

I named my college radio show (1998-2001) “Twisted Kites.”

Shreyash Moule

4 months ago

Happy Birthday REM🎉🎁🎈🎂

Ken Sweeney's excellent documentary "REM Out Of Athens" is getting a repeat airing tonight on @RTERadio1 at 10pm (UK time) tonight, April 4. Ken says there's also a live stream from RTE's website.

Ashley Halligan

4 months ago

R.E.M. Cade the laugh..... 😘❤️👏🇧🇷️

Beatrice Njekwa Smith

4 months ago

O Stipe e Mike, depois de ERADOS deixaram de sorrir.😘❤️👏

Jelizaveta Petrakova

4 months ago

Just been listening to R.E.M. . I’ll take the rain and country feedback are fantastic . There’s so many songs /tunes I love .live of course /falls to climb of the album UP .have a listen .i love it .

#620 Joseph Arthur feat Mike Mills - Walk on the Wild Side (Acoustic Session)

The band performed three songs on the Today Show ten years ago including an HQ favorite, "Hollow Man," coinciding with the release of ACCELERATE.

Carmen Montenegro Montenegro

5 months ago

Forgotten how brilliant this song is. Chorus brings to mind some of their earlier work,

Evans Masombuka

5 months ago

Best. Team. Ever.

Heather Queenbee

5 months ago

R.E.M. 😘👏🇧🇷️❤️

Here's a blistering version of "Living Well" in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Accelerate plus a couple of in-studio laughs.

Jonathan Ziegler

5 months ago

That album was great. I thought it represented a new beginning...I was wrong. It was the beginning of the end.
Collapse was quite flat...

Julie Martinez

5 months ago


Cosmin Deac

5 months ago

The opening number for the last show I saw. Front row center. Thanks R.E.M.!