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Listen to the R.E.M. At The BBC playlist on YouTube now:

Uchiha Tofik

2 days ago

Great release.However,i hope they release the fan club singles collection someday.Also,a career-spanning box set would be the ultimate release!!

Melany Ü Mateo SC

3 days ago

The farmer & the smell. The farmer & the smell. Hiding on the prairie, oh. The farmer & the smell.

Macabro Granujo

4 days ago

I just get four songs. Did I miss something?

The Monkees first ever holiday album, CHRISTMAS PARTY is available now, featuring Peter and Scott McCaughey on the title track, as well as a cover of Big Star’s “Jesus Christ”. It also includes contributions from Rivers Cuomo, Andy Partridge and album producer Adam Schlesinger. Available on CD and digitally:

Lubabalo TY Tywabi

9 days ago

Like Mickey's shirt.

Sparsh Rasaily

10 days ago

The word monkey is racist yall

Monique Maes

10 days ago

I love it!

"It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" Live from the Pyramid Stage Glastonbury Festival, 25 June, 1999.

Taken from R.E.M. at the BBC, coming 19th October. Order Now -

AD Xetri

10 days ago

Peter Garrett Jamie Garrett Jason Langston Craig Furnish. We’re in there somewhere. What a show 👌.

Luke Herone

10 days ago

I remember this, though was a long way from the stage!

Walter Aguilar

10 days ago

The band of my life ♥

Here's the video for a new song, "Aquamarine," written by Ian McNabb and Peter Buck

Tiffanx XI

19 days ago

Ooft, leave the window open. That stinks

Frida Tenorio

19 days ago

Good to see Ian McNabb giving an aspiring songwriter a helping hand.

Martyn Ripley

19 days ago

What’s Stipe been doing? Nothing?

What's on the walls?
Monster memorabilia at REMHQ.

Don Maus

a month ago

I hope you re-release Monster on vinyl next year for the 25th anniversary

Tammy L Davis

a month ago

Can't wait to hear the Milton Keynes set again. I was at the bowl on the night we all wished Louise Wener a happy birthday, was an amazing set, cheers

Steffen Keuthen

a month ago

Stuart Evans Dele stealing the moves from old mate Buck

Hear a 2003 performance of “Orange Crush” in its entirety, recorded for BBC Radio 1’s Mark and Lard show! Available as an instant grat. single with digital pre-orders of R.E.M. at the BBC.

Nicky Htanuk

a month ago

So I just got diagnosed with 5 to 10 months to live. Stage 4 colorectal cancer that went to my brain.

The good news. My mom gave me an Ironman poster several years ago. I always seem to withstand some tragedy. Scared to death right now. 54 years old with 18 year old twins in 12th grade. But im not scared. I can do this.

Is there any chance the boys could re-do Superman? But it would be "I am Ironman".

Maybe Robert Downey will take an interest in this. My spiritual journey is amazing. The power to overcome. Shawshank Redemption is the best movie ever made.

I would like all proceeds from I Am Ironman to go to a childrens cancer foundation. But I would like an REM stocking cap while i lose my hair to radiation. Lol.

Hey i gotta look cool while i do this. Plus winter is coming to Wisconsin.

Ok. Gonna crank up some King of Birds and Me In Honey.

Thanks for listening. Im at


Alfredo Fonseca

a month ago

misiu kocham cie odkiedy cie poznalam moje zycie zmienilo sie na lepsze uwolnilam sie od meza na 5 minut z toba sex medialny jest rozkoszny kocham cie calego nie tylko to co masz w rozporku jestes sexownyn merzczyzna jazyje w polsce twoja marzen pseudonim mimi

Brigitte Estefany Lituma Benites

a month ago

Mark and Lard...Great days. Stop.....Carry on!

Arthur Buck at the #midtownmusicfestival earlier today 📷@slayermcsleaze aka Desiree Garcia

Coralie Beaudouin

a month ago

Oh shoot it's Scott McCaughey on bass

It was a thrill to have the #ArthurBuck gang in Athens, then Atlanta, for a couple of days. Here they are in Atlanta at Music Midtown and Peter & Scott on Friday at home.made in Athens. Photos by Bertis

Aÿûûb Ďïÿéśhe

a month ago

a great pics of 2 day concert

Allison Johnson

a month ago

My wife and I came down to Atlanta from Madison, WI for Music Midtown. It was a real treat to see the band so closely, I mean Peter is hero of mine since 1987, you know. I recognized Scott from The Baseball project stuff and I’m glad that I now know who he really is and that he’s recovering greatly.

Thanks for sharing these great pics.

Scott, Peter, and Bill get together before the Arthur Buck show last night.

Katsuyuki Aoyama

a month ago

"We walked through the woods, we walked". Fantastic photo gents.

Ramon Reyes Sosa

a month ago

OMG! Griffin Dunne, Joe Walsh, and David Geffen formed an a cappella trio? AMAZING!

Megan Riggs

a month ago

How much I would love for REM to tour one last time with Bill Berry!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

R.E.M. At The BBC: available for preorder now...

Box Set: Box"> Box
Vinyl: Vinyl"> Vinyl
2 CD Set:

Becky Clarke

a month ago

It's on the list . But I have a big backlog of music to get through . Might be a couple of months

Rosanne Beckwith Jordan

a month ago

Tagged you here by mistake a few weeks before my birthday, Lynda.

Natalia Álvarez

a month ago

My Xmas present Yvette Swales

R.E.M. at the BBC bundles are in the store... This one includes 2CD + an exclusive commemorative tee, celebrating 30 years of R.E.M live in London. See them all at

Jahlia Kirton

a month ago

C'est sympa mais pas suffisant. Le mieux serait quand même une reformation du groupe ! In English : it's fine but not enough. The best would be R.E.M back again !

"Losing My Religion" (Live from Into The Night on BBC Radio 1, 1991) from R.E.M. at the BBC.
Pre-order here: : #REM

Greg Burns

a month ago

awsome song love the lyrics

Lizeth Jazmin

2 months ago

Ivan nuovo album live in arrivo

Pier-Olivier Deblois

2 months ago

Enough with this song!!! You said too much and not enough at the same time. It makes no sense. We get it! I’ll

Dudás Ádám

2 months ago

Would be nice to get this since I’m a big R.E.M. fan!

Katarzyna Pawlik

2 months ago

Price is reasonable on this too!

Alexie Adkins

2 months ago

How about a reunion tour to support it😁

Christie Baldwin

2 months ago

No chance of your BBC session and chat with Nicholas Argyll Campbell? "In a minute you're going to play the bass -"
"Well, I already did that, Nicky".

Juan Abisai Rommel

2 months ago

This is gonna be so goooood!!! 😄

Masanori Hirano

2 months ago

Even R.E.M. " [ Orange ]. "

Arthur Buck played some songs from their new LP on Tuesday at Bloodworks Live Studio for 101.9 KINK. Here's second single, "Are You Electrified." Be sure to catch the band on tour in the US this month...and stay tuned for more live clips right here.

Tamiris Dantas

2 months ago

The tour dates say only Joseph Arthur is appearing - what’s up with this?

After the album came the tour. Düsseldorf tour poster from 1987's WORK TOUR.

Vivian Ravines

2 months ago

If you ever release an album of odds and ends, please give us a nice live recording of "Pop Song 89" from this tour. I know, the lyrics are different every time!

Derek Henson

2 months ago

It was called Documents in Germany apparently

Loami Ferreira

2 months ago

„Documents”... I’ve got a couple of boots of this, great show. Lots of fun.

Today is the anniversary of the North American release of the band’s fifth album, Document, which marked the first time the guys worked with producer Scott Litt, a partnership that flourished for six albums in total through New Adventures In Hi-Fi. In addition to including R.E.M.’s first top ten single, “The One I Love,” Document is the band’s most overtly political record with tracks like the blistering opener, “Finest Worksong,” ”Welcome To The Occupation,” “Exhuming McCarthy,” “Disturbance At The Heron House,” It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine”), and “King Of Birds.” Looking back, history has a way of repeating itself. Document was “a sign of the times” in 1987 and still manages to resonate 31 years later.

Amanda Johnston

2 months ago

I remember there was a dispute between fans who wondered if the albums official title was "No.5 Document" or just "Document" Have we reached a conclusion on this issue ?

Valentina Soneriu

2 months ago

I remember thinking sometime before this record came out (probably around fables or life’s rich pageant) “REM should work with Scott Litt-he did such a great job with The dB’s. I bet that would sound great”. I’m pretty sure I never shared that with you or the guys but sometimes I wonder....

Sean Dean

2 months ago

First CD I ever bought, and still one of my desert island discs. Just about perfect.

A very important DOCUMENT enclosed. Released Aug. 31, 1987 in N. America.

Robert Põldoja

2 months ago

Document is the real document about my youth formation

וסילי וא אתי קוטוב

2 months ago

The triple A of Fables, Life’s and Document was what I spent all my pocket money on in summer 1993 aged 13. Never regret. I don’t like reckoning though it’s odd.

Jucea Paula

2 months ago

Fireplace has become my favorite song 😉

Arthur Buck tickets on sale for the September show at the 40 Watt Club

Anthony Dale Johnson

2 months ago

The chance that I'm there at this show is almost one hundred percent😍😎

Zen Stripling

2 months ago

Come tu Portugal...

Ed DeWitt

2 months ago

When you coming to the Kansas City area???

Footage posted to Twitter today by our friend Ken Sweeney of Nathan Carter's performance of "Everybody Hurts" at Croke Park during Pope Francis' visit to Dublin:

Kyra Echevarria

2 months ago

One post was enough. Boycott The Catholic Church until they learn to stop hurting children.😢

Marino Brain

2 months ago

I find it hard to believe that the official REM FB page is actually promoting this horrible cover and this horrible organisation, but here we are...

Jaime Ricardo Albarran Albarran

2 months ago

Queasy. As the subtitles in the video said: Vamos a perder toda nuestra dignidad.

Happy Birthday Chronic Town, August 24 1982.Lesser known is the side band, Anchor Town, which had a brief appearance at Madison Square Garden soundcheck, in June of 1995, when a very game Dan Rather presentedus with this, and it's had pride of place on the wall of fame ever since.-Bertis
Happy Anniversary Chronic Town (released August 24, 1982).

Joanna Kasperek

2 months ago

It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).......

Theo Lommers

2 months ago

We fell up not to see the sun, gardening at night just didn't grow.

GuaDalupe Zerep

2 months ago

I used to have that poster, minus Mr. Rather.

"MacDougal Blues" by Kevn Kinney with Peter Buck.

The The R.E.M. Timeline tells us that from 7-18 August 1989,Peter joined Kevn in John Keane Studios, Athens, to record MacDougal Blues / Not Afraid To Die / Lost And Found / Heard The Laughter Ending / Last Song Of Maddie Hope / Gotta Get Out Of Here / The House Above Tina's Grocery / Chico & Maria / Hey Landlord (Meatloaf And Fishsticks) / Goodnight Rhyme

Recording Sessions for Kevn Kinney's 'MacDougal Blues', produced by Peter Buck. Peter plays Dulcimer, Guitar & Mandolin on some tracks, & Mike Mills plays Walking Whistle on 'Chico & Maria'.

Ana Maria Hodor

2 months ago

I would like to find out if Michael still has this guitar. It was given to him in 2006. I made it, and am curious...

Shane Lugo

2 months ago

I needed that....

Karlla Daniela

2 months ago

Buster Poindexter at the Fish-Wich

That’s a great bill:

Soul Asylum
David “RATFCKED” Daley

First Avenue, MPLS

Angélina Munsch

2 months ago

Woot woot my homeland!

Sharon Green

2 months ago

Dan Delbridge long lost brother?!

Celia Almaguer

2 months ago

Soul Asylum sucked!!! We booked them at our venue in Deep ellum, (Dallas) and when I was driving home they happened to be on the same route in front of my Karman Ghia and got out of their bus and yelled at me, their booker, accusing me of following them~telling me this wasn't a party! What a bunch of weirdos! I lived in Dallas, booked for the venue they had just played and took the same exit as them..I had no intention of following them anywhere. I considered them rude and assumptive for the rest of their career. As for you guys, I know Peter Buck and you and that girl that was sleeping in his front yard at his house in Athens should have been dealt with in a human way and not just avoided and made fun of. You guys suck too.

Here's Jem Cohen's video for "E-Bow The Letter," the first single from New Adventures In Hi-Fi. The single was released in August 1996 and features Patti Smith.

Rossano Guerino Ricciutelli

2 months ago

One of their most thrilling, otherworldy, time-stopping songs, up there with "Nightswimming". It actually sounds to me like a mix between Country Feedback and the spine-tingling cellos & E-bow string arrangement from Sweetness Follows. But with Patti Smith singing backing vocals ! I'm so glad she sang on this, originally they wanted her to sing on Out Of Time. Instead we got the female singer from the B52's on the silliest song of the REM repertoire, Shiny Happy People. I'm glad they had to wait until they had been through the gorgeous desperate emotional darkness of Automatic to get to record a deep, emotional song with Patti instead of a silly novelty.

RosaLia Czeczka

2 months ago

I will see Patti Smith performing today at Flow festival, Finland.

Tyce Diorio

2 months ago

These corrosives do their magic, slowly and sweet..this song still renders me speechless after all these years. An absolute masterpiece.

Can you sing all of the lyrics to this one?

Viola Kovács

2 months ago

Some might say I could have spent my time better than what I did learning every word to that song. They'd be wrong.

Mathias Blaum

2 months ago

"Can you sing all of the lyrics to this one?" Of course I can't. I don't even think Michael Stipe can. :D

Joseph Lord

2 months ago

In the words of Eddie Vedder, "what the hell is he saying?"

Official video for "Fall On Me" from Lifes Rich Pageant. The single was released in the US in August 1986.

Jackson Rambo

3 months ago

Gawd, I miss your guys' music so much!! We could sure use a dose or R.E.M. during these dark days of #45!!

Jan Sombroek

3 months ago

Still one of my all time favorites.

Latoria Jackson

3 months ago

Might be their best song. Love the unplugged version the best!

Get out there and support the team! The Baseball Project is in Evanston, IL, tomorrow night at Space.
The Baseball Project in action last night in Madison, WI.
Left-right: Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Linda Pitmon, Mike Mills, and Peter Buck.
Photo by Roy Cougle

The band is at Anodyne Coffee in Milwaukee tonight and at
Space in Evanston, IL, Saturday Aug 4.

Tsitsi Tsopotsa

3 months ago

Is that Mike Marshall slamming his bat?

Michael Wimberly

3 months ago


Steven Thierry

3 months ago

Spain, Madrid, Sala El Sol, Come On, what are you waiting for???

Mike in Minnesota, June 2008, during the Accelerate tour. #tbt

Snacks Boss

3 months ago

That was a great show, my ears were ringing and my heart was singing for days. Cool to see the National opening

Eluku Preye

3 months ago

We were there at the excel center!

Сергей Драка

3 months ago

Saw them in Copenhagen that September. Loved it. They need to get back together for one more album, I know they want to. Stipey ... you know you want to!

Video for "Turn You Inside Out" directed by James Herbert from the album GREEN.

Andres Taborda

3 months ago

GTA IV soundtrack (Radio Rock) 😍

Snacks Boss

3 months ago

Such a good album!

Nathanael Holguin Castillo

3 months ago

Michael Stipe dancing - just another reason to love him *sigh*
Awesome song live

Birthday boy Scott McCaughey reports:

The Baseball Project is hitting the road for the first time in a couple of years — and with this time it’s a rare occasion featuring the FIVE STAR LINE-UP.Yes, Peter and Mike join forces again, along (as always) with Steve Wynn, Linda Pitmon and Scott McCaughey, playing some favorite towns in the baseball hotbed of the middle west of the USA.Come out and cheer them on!The weather is fine!

Central Park Series, Madison WI - Thur Aug 2
Anodyne Coffee, Milwaukee WIFri Aug 3
Space, Evanston IL (Chicago)Sat Aug 4

Ticket info here:

Tim Aubin

3 months ago

Y Madrid cuándo????

Cecilia Moreno

3 months ago

Please add nyc!! We have two baseball teams 😜😎

Mohammad Saeed

3 months ago

Happy Birthday to Scott! And many, many more.

Happy Birthday to the man, the legend, Scott McCaughey!
Happy Birthday to the legendary Bill Berry!

Shari Burries

3 months ago

Happy Birthday to Scott! I'm pretty sure you were my friend from Saratoga High School. You and Gary (Norris) were buds and HUGE Beatles fans. You used to talk about opening a Beatles Museum in Liverpool. ..

Ale Mendoza

3 months ago

Ive been reading his Beach Boys liner notes. What a guy!

Maboi Sanchez

3 months ago

Happy bday, Scott! From São Paulo!

"Fall On Me" single cover artwork (b-side Rotary Ten). All part of Lifes Rich Pageant Anniversary weekend...

Sandra Soltermann-Gasser

3 months ago

I loved those random b side instrumentals they did

Isabella Nicole Castillo

3 months ago

One thing I’ve always wondered about Lifes Rich Pageant is Why Does it have the wrong track Listing on the back cover?

Lucia Mora

3 months ago

One of their most beautiful songs...🤗

Lifes Rich Pageant Weekend

"Fall On Me"

Doug Saviano

3 months ago

Amazing version of a great song with bonus shirtless Michael Stipe

Pratito Khanua Al Faridz

3 months ago

Three vocal parts in the chorus...genius. Which one one to sing along with this time... 🤗

Vincenza Lobasso

3 months ago

Such a beautiful version!!

Lifes Rich Pageant anniversary weekend starts today with "Begin The Begin." The album was released July 28, 1986.

Alvin Jaime Garcia

3 months ago

Pageant was one of the last R.E.M. albums I listened to but it became a fave in an instant ❤

Chris Heil

3 months ago

Love the whole album. It was so important in my musical education, and Cuyahoga is one of my all time favourites. It's a great example of how you can knit different ideas together into a cohesive masterpiece.

Alvin Jaime Garcia

3 months ago

My favourite R.E.M. album and one of my favourite albums of all time, period. It's my 'go to' album when I'm feeling low and need a boost. Great, great album.

Team by team, reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, cropped...twittered

Christine Stange

3 months ago

Type a comment below this comment if you're voting for Trump in 2020!

Jose Perez Baez

3 months ago

"That was Just a Dream"= so intense!!!!

Charles Billie Jo Buterbaugh

3 months ago

Fascist party, pee tape, angry tweets, BOOM!

What's your favorite MONSTER track?

Sandra Cannon

3 months ago

Easy... kenneth. This brings me back to 95 and my first chance to see them live, which was almost the last time too as it was in lausanne. The show was epic as we had no idea how bad his health was... the band in an acoustic format for a couple of songs after berry’s stage exit and the last part with grant lee bufallo’s drummer doing an impressive job. Kenneth was thesong I was waiting for and instead of playing it as an opener it was almost the set closer. Brilliant night and awesome first REM show for me.

Mayra Quiroz

3 months ago

Great album, not a mediocre song on it but when I hear the tremolo intro to CRUSH WITH EYELINER it just jumps out of the speakers at me and makes me groove.
Plus, with a line like "She's a sad tomato
She's three miles of bad road" ... gotta love it

Hernandez Rosa

3 months ago

An underrated album, for sure! I almost voted for "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" (R.E.M. really know how to get an album started, don't they?), but in the end, my choice is "Crush with Eyeliner". R.E.M. making grunge, and making it so well... and that classic video. ;)

Bad Day, 1986…2003…and now

Have you ever seen the televised St. Vitus Subcommittee Prize Investigation dance? Those-ants-in-pants glances

Well, look behind the eyes
It's a hallowed, hollow anesthetized
"Save my own ass, screw these guys"
Smoke and mirror lock down

Abigail León

3 months ago

The new American anthem shoud be "It's the end of the world ..."

Noely Tejada

3 months ago

can we just get all the vinyl please? prices are absurd. skip the dumb anniversary dates years apart and give us vinyl!! pretty please? a box set done boom bam

Nathalie Colin-Cousseau

3 months ago

Lauren Bleakley yesterday?

We've been hearing a lot about Helsinki in the news lately.*Speaking of... It was just a few years ago, almost ten, that R.E.M. made some happy memories there playing Finnair Stadium, September 9. Here's a partial clip of the band's performance of "Cuyahoga," dedicated to Editors who opened for the guys that night:

Let's put our heads together and start a new country up

*George Will's column on the Helsinki Republicans:

Morgane Galia

3 months ago

Come back for a last tour in Europe please

Sue Baker

3 months ago

we could do with your music being played live again

We are not your friends We can’t be your allies

Eyelids just made a new trailer for their new Peter Buck-produced record "MAYBE MORE." Chris from Eyelids reports that Peter is also producing the band's next record.Stay tuned for more news on the group and enjoy the trailer!

"We All Go Back To Where We Belong" was one of the tracks recorded in July 2011 at Type Foundry in Portland, Oregon. It appears on Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011. Here's the video featuring Kirsten Dunst...

Ommy Digitaly Wasaf

3 months ago

wish Berry came back for this one last song...

Ditshabe Nathaniel Ramabu

3 months ago

This is one of my all-time favorite R.E.M. songs. Not to be confused with “Belong”, which I only recently realized also belonged on that list.

László Erki

3 months ago

You must reunite again and make such a good songs like this.

"Ignoreland," July 2008, Verona, Italy

Kimberly Ford

3 months ago

That's you in the spot.....

Lucia Perez

3 months ago

Kristian Tagliavento i was there bloody one year later!

Vahe Nahapetyan

3 months ago

Prescient; still applicable today.

A little over 20 years ago, the band performed "Country Feedback" on Later with Jools Holland with guest guitarist B.J. Cole.

Tommy Motes

3 months ago

Haunting, wistful, mournful, raw and profoundly beautiful.

Don Larson

3 months ago

Stipe is mesmerizing. Easy to see why he has said this is his favorite REM song.

Alberto Gazzola

3 months ago

It hard to believe Up is almost 20 years old.

Oxegen Festival July 2008, Ireland

Kelly Corey Hennings

3 months ago

REM rules. Do it again guys

Kambra Johnston

3 months ago

Ready for a new tour 😉 ?

Victor Chavez

3 months ago

Caolán O'Hara

Arthur Buck: "Are You Electrified?" from the new album. Pick it up here:

"Me In Honey" with Kate Pierson of the The B-52's

Camila Cabello

4 months ago

It’s all about Country Feedback!

Ryan S. Szymanski

4 months ago

Never, ever get tired of this song. “What about me?”

Kenneth Morgan

4 months ago

Love this track and the whole Out Of Time album, this was my first LP by REM.

"Catapult" Live in Seattle, June 27, 1984

Debbie Day

4 months ago

“Can of poo” 💩💩

Amber van den Dries

4 months ago

Holy shit is this song fantastic.
As often happens with me and REM, it's like being run over by pure molten joy.

Jordi Boada Martínez

4 months ago

The Steven Hague version is terrible

Arthur Buck fans: Check out the indie exclusive vinyl! Visit your local record store Friday to secure a copy of this limited edition indie-only vinyl or follow the indie option to pre-order with your local store.

Cornell Knott

4 months ago

Anyone else think Joseph Arthur looks kind of like Bill Berry?

Marcos Miranda

4 months ago

whats the frequency kenneth?🎸🇺🇸🎶

"Can't Get There From Here," the first single from Fables Of The Reconstruction (released on June 11, 1985).

Amethyst Rubio

4 months ago

My favorite R.E.M. album!

Wilberth Castillo

4 months ago

Awesome song, still one of my favourites (along with 100 others).
Great video too. Still have it on vhs when i taped it off the tv....

Taufik Hidayat

4 months ago

I remember my great epiphany when years later, someone told me about how people in Maine say, "You can't get theyah from heeyah, so turn around and go back the way yeh came." <3 REM

Document Limited Edition, 180g gold translucent LP is OUT NOW at! Hurry to get your copy—only 2500 copies available worldwide!

Veronica Winfrey

5 months ago

Still need to get the 25th anniversary releases of Life’s Rich Pageant and Document on CD. They’re so damn expensive!

Angela Dean'e Scott

5 months ago

Sold out on the UK link. It lets you put it in the basket, put in address and payment details then says none are available!

Frances Cowen

5 months ago

My first R.E.M. album, got it on cassette back in the day. Now ordered it on this cool vinyl. :D

Tip of the U2 hat to R.E.M. on May 28th at Infinite Energy Arena (3:48 mark)

Linda Wasserman

5 months ago

R.E.M. and U2 were my two favorite bands for a large portion of my life.

Belén Peralta

5 months ago

R U2 Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME??

Jericho Monterola

5 months ago

I think this album is for you lol Jeff