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We’re excited to announce the All Within My Hands Foundation Helping Hands Concert and Auction on November 3rd at the Masonic in San Francisco.Come to learn about the organizations we’ve supported over the last year and a half, bid on some cool auction items, and enjoy a rare acoustic set from us. #MetallicaGivesBack #HelpingHands

Tickets on sale on Friday at 10 AM PDT at
Bid on a VIP ticket package:
Enter to win a VIP ticket package:

Appreciate everyone’s prayers as we embark on the world tour. Just had to share this pic with you. Such an amazing reminder of what happened that night at Bridgestone. This shot was taken during Agnus Dei. Grateful!!!!!

Irek Sylla

24 minutes ago

When will it be shown on TBN and out on Dvd???? I have huge regrets about not going. Met you back in 2016 in Jackson Tn. You are the real deal!!!

Eszme Ramirez Sandoval

24 minutes ago

It's beautiful to enjoy this great wonder that God does .....

Mima Marinkovic

24 minutes ago

Amazing Picture. My first thought was “ That is all of us in Heaven”

Robert Irwin is hanging out backstage with some fuzzy friends! Catch him on the show tonight at 11:35/10:35c.
Jimmy turns viral pop culture photos from the week into memes.
It's official: BTS will be stopping by next Tuesday, 9/25! Don't miss it! #BTSonFallon
Tonight Show Music Break: Tony Bennett and Diana Krall perform "'S Wonderful" for Studio 6B.

Neko Lee Chi

30 minutes ago

My 13 yr old daughter loves BTS. Her room is all out BTS decorated. She understands their music. She has a BTS backpack when she has it on people do come up to her and ask her who's your favorite singer...theres been a few older girls maybe late 20s come up to her to talk about BTS. yes I'm with her at all times.

Fosu Benson

30 minutes ago

Sarah Angela Laurel

Jessica Mulford

31 minutes ago

Like father, like son. Well... Hopefully not.

All good, keep going.

Katharine Adair

37 minutes ago

To true man you gotta stick to you like glue

Annick Annick Demaux

37 minutes ago

Let's keep on rolling then muthafuckas.

Darlene Maulick

37 minutes ago

Sad but true.

This girls got more than a little up her sleeve. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s water cooler conversation about tonight’s Suits summer finale! There will be spoilers in the conversation so no whining if you don’t watch tonight and happen to overhear the BIG news!

Josh Hoffman

2 hours ago

Katherine Heigl you look so beautiful! classy and pretty

Joma Blair

2 hours ago

Katherine Heigl should update her profile photo and her cover photo too and put a new photo as her new profile photo and put a new cover photo too.

Tonight's beastly, limited edition poster for the Flagstaff, AZ show is by one of a handful of newcomer artists being welcomed to the Primus poster family throughout this run, Arno Kiss

100 artist signed & numbered prints will be available at the merch booth, with a small number signed by the band.

Check for Tix here:
See more of Arno's work:

Kyle Stock

2 hours ago

First time I seen you guys was at the wool warehouse in Albuquerque

Loretta Shahrabi

2 hours ago

Charlie BrownYou see this? Dope!

Ariel Kaninda

2 hours ago

Eric Doyle this is sweet

At Large Magazine No. 11
Photography by Randall Mesdon
Styled by Fatima B.
Cover Story Written by Erik Rasmussen


Gail Owens

42 minutes ago

Love u guys

Mick Mason

42 minutes ago

rae srenmurd pls come to south africa

Nathan Stamper

2 hours ago

Beautiful Victoria Justice

🚺 / 📸/ James Lee Wall / Kelsey Deenihan / Lacy Redway Hairstylist / Sofia Karvela

Megan Ludolph

2 hours ago

Beautiful....I actually just watched life sentence on Netflix and such a disappointment they cancelled the show. I liked it. Can't wait to see you in your next project

America Aguilas

2 hours ago

Magical, love that reflection of you. Awesome pic 💚 Make a wonder rainy night over you

Romario Wyman

2 hours ago

Very beautiful lucy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a gift to us all, in so many ways. This video just might change the world.

Kaleigh Myers

3 hours ago

That’s why I love my Ellen 💐💐💐💐Been watching your show since season one and trying to get tickets but with no 😍😍😍😍

Zoraida Medina

3 hours ago

Alicia Calhoun Kayla Calhoun

Sharingan Tails

3 hours ago

at this time at this time I don't go on Twitter YouTube and Instagram I'm having troubles someone is in it giving me a lot of trouble

Not a bad place to get some work done. -BK
BK —— 🎻🔥

Lîn͎̥͕̮͕̰ͣͯ̋̿͋͂̽͡â A̳͉̞̭̹̰͛̈ͨͥgüîr̞̳r̞̳e̪͙̜͚̞͔ͨ͗̊ DîîA̳͉̞̭̹̰͛̈ͨͥz

2 hours ago

Waiting extremely patiently for new music!

Petra Bobić

2 hours ago

ich höre eure musik sehr gerne,macht weiter so.

Otsiks Otsile

2 hours ago

Amazing view to work with Brent ❤️

Oh hey 😎How’s everyone doing this fine Wednesday?

Rocio Ximena

6 minutes ago

Hello Charlie Wilson I’m doing fine after seeing this handsome picture. Love your outfit have a blessed day.

Ivan Antonić

6 minutes ago

Hello I am just fine and how are you doing

Jenn Arthur-Tomor

6 minutes ago

How you doing bro im bless thank you... you be blessed as well 🎸🎼🎵🎶🔊💨😎

All the best for the CL season start against Benifica! Let’s go team FC Bayern Munich James Rodriguez David Alaba ⚽️🙏👁🇨🇴🇩🇪🇲🇽

The tour merchandise has finally arrived at the warehouse and products are fully stocked!

Treat yo' self to 15% off this week only! 🎉

Linda Clark

an hour ago

Soooooo glad you added the Sugarl& shirt!!! Its everyone's favorite and it wasn't available at the show I went to.

Saraban Tahura

an hour ago

Magan A. Rasmussenn

Teesha Champagne McCoy

an hour ago

I don’t see the hat on the website! Will it be available?

Out Friday // Only on Amazon Prime Video

Sulair Brown Carter

2 hours ago

Fabulous film and time at the premiere lastnight! Thank you Jack White, Third Man Records , Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music.

Naye Segura

2 hours ago

Adam Fine look this is the night we were there!!!

Randall Pirtle Jr.

2 hours ago

Angelica Rose so cool! The night you were there!

New Jersey was released on this day in 1988! The album was #1 on the charts for four consecutive weeks and certified 7x platinum 💿

Roland J. Enninga

2 hours ago

God bless the guys! The amount of touring they did to promote this album had to be physically grueling. I think this was the turning point that made them into the icons they are today.

An Tonia

2 hours ago

I remember the day this album was released, I was so excited. My favorite song of yours is from this album, Born to be my Baby.💞💞

Nagib Rached

2 hours ago

This is the album I most recently added to my vinyl collection. Trying to collect all the Bon Jovi albums!!❤️ #NewJersey

Last night with Questlove at the GRAMMY Museum at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) talking about life, music and #raisevibration

Photo: Mathieu Bitton

Abigail Nelson

4 hours ago

🔝👏 ... your Smile is so magical 🙃😎

Terje Gulbrandsen

4 hours ago

That was awesome, dude! I love it!

Elïdä Böčël

4 hours ago

' way too many gifts and creativity on stage.... sharing the LOVE 💜..

No shirt, no shoes, would you give this guy service?

Maryan Mathews Kelly

18 minutes ago

Lawd help me and all of these inappropriate thoughts. He's a married man.. BUT I'm older than her so I loved him longer 😂

Christina Plummer

18 minutes ago

I would but I think 🤔 our “significant others” that we are married to might grab us by the hair first lol 😂❤️🙃😘

Ella Wydrzynska

18 minutes ago

Please don’t go Joe... you would ruin my whole world.... tell me you will stay and never ever go away. I need you

Qualified to prescribe California Snow. New song from SPELL out tonight

Tamarra Greene

an hour ago

Rivers has been my therapist since 1994

Jaron Hughes

an hour ago

Can't wait hope it's got that old school weezer sound

David Abou-Daher

an hour ago

What does it mean when you say, "ive got my ass wide?"

Revolution Place - Grand Prairie, AB - September 18 2018

Abhishek Ramath

an hour ago

See ya all soon!

Christy Euagelou

an hour ago

awesome show :) I got to set it up even

Michelle Kincaid

an hour ago

Great show! Thank you for coming to Grande Prairie

“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” the first single from Bad, hit #1 in the US on September 19, 1987, the first of Michael’s outstanding run of #1 hits from that album.
In an interview with Ebony/Jet from that time, Michael revealed some extra information about the recording of the sensuous intro of the song. “I was in bed when I was doing that. Lying under the covers and everything,” he shared.

Curling em português

8 minutes ago

I love the spanish version too💜

Como la brisa tu voz me acaricia, y pregunto por ti,
cuando amanece
Tu amor aparece, y me hace feliz, me conoces bien
y sabes también
Que nadie te querrá como yo tu me haces sentir deseos de vivir,
Junto a ti por siempre tu amor es mi suerte 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Tea Dilworth

8 minutes ago

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You <3

Chiem Bressers

8 minutes ago

Beautiful song. Love all your songs. Wish he was still alive. I love you micheal!

On a picture-perfect September day 25 years ago today, I married the love of my life. A life that I couldn’t imagine living without her. I walk beside you Rena, now and forever. Happy 25th anniversary!

Estefany Pinzon

an hour ago

They played „I walk beside you“ today on a web radio rock station in Germany.... 🔥❤️🎸 Congratulations to 25 Years

Estefany Pinzon

an hour ago

Congrats! Today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary as well.

Яким Якимов

an hour ago


“The beat goes on, the beat goes on. Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain” 😁

Corinna Lacy

2 hours ago

new album sucks

Leticia Muñiz Barreiro

2 hours ago

Damn i wish i had tickets for the show in south africa

Sue Prevort

2 hours ago

Nancy Sinatra song!! 😍

Khan Ujjal

4 hours ago

Be who you are, the world will adjust

I agree. Most people think I’m too nice. It’s who I am. I tried to be less nice, didn’t work for me.

Julia Liddle

4 hours ago

Yes dear Lionel you are so right xx

It was my honor to be part of Dustin Lynch's induction as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry! Welcome to the family!

Chad Loving

33 minutes ago

Congratulations to him! And how awesome the Queen herself presented it to him ❤

Nagarjuna Bheema

33 minutes ago

So glad they live streamed that unforgettable moment!!! Glad I got to hear it on the WSM app and see it on Facebook!!

Rebecca Carter

33 minutes ago

Reba u r the best love love youre songs

Life throws you curveballs, but nothing should get in the way of completing your education past high school. Check out this video from Better Make Room and Michelle Obama, and you’ll see what I mean! #BetterMakeRoom

Diana Collins

an hour ago

Life has thrown me every kind of pitch imaginable it pitched me a fast ball 125mlperhr fast truck into a tree 125 head on to stop pretty much instantly,,I'm grateful to be alive 17yrs after

Dave Holt

4 hours ago

Peace be de journey!!

Is going down!!! South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho & Oregon ... are YOU ready to ROCK with us and Shinedown !? for Tickets & VIP Packages 💥💥💥 📷 Paris Visone Photography

Ginger A Reif

36 minutes ago

Less than a month until Portland! 🤘 Can't wait!

Platnumz Bae Mark

2 hours ago

Damn I wish Knoxville would get this show

Lorenzo Paganini

2 hours ago

Sooooo excited also nervous to meet you I'm gonna be shy as hell (just as I am when I first meet anyone) 🤣 it's gonna be an awesome night. Also hope you guys had a good break well deserved.

Giulia Del Prete

6 hours ago

Aunt viv and will... loool

Andy Behr

6 hours ago

Nice pic bro

Linda Christine Christian

6 hours ago

East coast homie

Missed it? You can still stream Jimmy on BBC Radio 2's Top Brass online here! Jimmy's segment starts 19:00 in.

Thuto Plaatjie

2 hours ago

Love you Jimmy you can blow

Mamen Morales Muñoz

2 hours ago

What a great interview!

Never too early to start the holiday wish list.

Melissa Montenegro Barboza

2 hours ago

Brought to you by the makers of "Infinity" brand coffee. Remember, Infinity Coffee is the one that half the universe still swears on using.

Hana Dručak

5 hours ago

Iron Man, Iron Man, does whatever a Keurig can
Brews a cup any size, makes some joe before your eyes
Look out, here comes the Iron Man
Is it strong? Listen bud, it's a mug of hyperactive mud
Will it keep you out of bed? There is no need to dread
Hey, there! There goes the Iron Man

Nadine Peterson

5 hours ago

You definitely have to give it to Chris Evans this Christmas. Looking him straight in the eyes, challenging him to dare to gift you his waffle machine... "Avengers Breakfast War"

My goodness, the water!!!!🤭🤭😊

Billy Ibarra

2 hours ago

Good Lord Look @ all these GORGEOUS Men Whoooooo Sweet Baby Jesus lol but Good Lord yessss thank you God 4 given us Handsome Men 🙏✌😁😊😄.

Monalisa Kabi

2 hours ago

What water?!? C'mon and the huz (co.included) have sweeeeet friends!!

Othman Guivara

2 hours ago

Wow 😯 thaaaaaat water is jusssss to die for!!! lol

‪Ole Red Gatlinburg coming at y’all Spring 2019!!! Pretty damn excited for this new location... cheers Gatlinburg! Thanks for having us!!
Another Surprise! Blake is also performing this Friday (9/21) at Cowboys Dancehall - San Antonio!! You can line up for wristbands starting at 10:00am CT on 9/21! Doors are at 6:30pm! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! 21+! - Team BS

Joe Canepa

5 hours ago

I just googled it and wow I want to go there.

Jadranka Brands

5 hours ago

Awesome for you to do this! Hope you have an awesome time with your the Texas fans.

Steve Turner

5 hours ago

Can I stand in line for myself and my husband while he is at work?

Happy Birthday to another queen of the Summer of Love, Cass Elliot of The Mamas & the Papas! 🎂

You can spot Cass in the crowd during Janis’ performance of “Ball and Chain” at Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967:

Hayden Fiske

an hour ago

The Pearl in all her Glory🎼🎼🎼

Kaila Marie Pedraza

an hour ago

Personally I would rather have been at Monterey than Woodstock.Oh and I am 59.

Sabrina Franco

an hour ago

Love her as much now as back in the day

John debuted the trailer for his new season of Instagram Stories last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Caryn Walters

5 hours ago

Oh my gosh. This is my favorite. What’ll it take to guest star on this John? 😂🙋🏼‍♀️

Arnold Fc Flores

5 hours ago

"if you gave me just one night, i think we might get in a fist fight" lol

Pam Drummond

5 hours ago

I love everything John Mayer!

Hell yeah! ¡Mayday! STRANGE MUSIC!

I can’t stand to fly. I’m not that naive.

Tickets + VIP Meet & Greets:

Ian Currie

3 hours ago

I from Brazil. ..I Love The music of Boyce Avenue...are Good!!!

J Dave Mullar

3 hours ago

Please make a cover of these:

Can't help falling in love
Grow old with you
When you say nothing at all
The man who can't be moved


Levi Markhardt

3 hours ago

SuperBoyce!! 👌💖 SO good!! 😍

Nominated for 3 American Music Awards and we owe it to y'all. 🙌🙌 Head on over to to vote! 🔥#AMAs

Yohana Galvan

an hour ago

Love this country duo ❤️❤️❤️

Regina Smith

an hour ago

Boooo, White Hip Hop not Country.

Meaghan Hampel

an hour ago

You's rock Country...

New Strain Alert ‼️

Patricia Flores

37 minutes ago

Hi everyone from the boss 🕶

Susan Morin

37 minutes ago

wiz i can postulate for president in argentina and can vote at 16 yers old

Jerry Linn

37 minutes ago

Wiz, weed iz legal now in South Africa

‪Nashville friends! I’m playing the Grand Ole Opry tonight and I’d love to see you there! Tickets are available here:

Tamara Cramer Bornemann

4 hours ago

We are going to the Opry on October 6th, wish you were playing then!!

Angela Kendall

4 hours ago

They should make you an official member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Sherry Lunsford Pierce

4 hours ago


Jake Miller

3 hours ago

Laura Cardenas mira awww .. me enamoré !!

Arpine Simonyan

3 hours ago

Every style suits you Jared Leto

Coco Marz

3 hours ago

You are so beatiful and sweet

Making our promo rounds in New York today....the grind is real people. #NightSchool #HittingTheatersSept28th

Robert Iulian

2 hours ago

Amen thank you Lord Jesus. Amen

Lenix Timbak Shaolin

2 hours ago

Can’t wait to watch you co-hosting The Tonight Show tonight!

Victoria Wallen

2 hours ago

Kevin getting big.. he’s staying in the gym

Knock knockers 💥
#happy #instagood #love #photooftheday #happy #fashion #beautiful #photo #flare #colors

James Trentham

43 minutes ago

I do not like gambling. But here you do not know why: remember me a slot machine. And I with a slot like you, I would play all night. But also a life. 🤔😍😘😉

Michael Varnado

43 minutes ago

knock knock on my door as much as you want i'll always open for you Nikki.

Myra Mallon

43 minutes ago

Most beautiful woman ever! 😘❤

Educate yourself and learn about these important #15WORDS with @lennonbus presented by @owcdigital

Thank you for having me Slovenia! Interview for POP TVin Ljubljana. 💥💥 EXPLOSIVE Live on 12th October!

Donyelle Weary Dawson

4 hours ago

I see you in Mexico very soon

Ryu Yuasa

4 hours ago

With love for David 😘

The video for “Master of Puppets“ from “Metallica Through the Never” premiered #OnThisDay in 2013!

Daniel Camacho

25 minutes ago

Controversial perhaps but did anyone actually care about the storyline? I just loved the music and staging!

Laurie Kaplan Barron

25 minutes ago

Barba Rroja te acuerdas de cuando fuimos a verla? Estaba casi tan nervioso como en concierto🤣

The best Master ever IMHO

Chad Wick Crookston

4 hours ago

Always be true to yourself and be humble to your heart at the end of the day.

Angelina Carrillo

4 hours ago

i keep praying kenny rt ow life just doesnt seem very fair for the last 6 years i keep waiting it will turn around some day i pray yet im starting to loose the faith

Reva Phifer

4 hours ago

Absolutely, go hard

Tonight is the night 🤘watch our live performance on the America's Got Talent #AGTFinale at 8/7c and stay tuned for a huge announcement!

Brian Green

8 hours ago


Imre Bondar

8 hours ago

Mathieu Normand jvais ecouter jsuis curieux cest quoi leur annonce

Chris Kiddy

8 hours ago

The END OF THE ROAD Tour will bring them to 50 years and then that’s it.

Hey kids! Don't forget to get your Rob Zombie mask to go trick or treating this year. "Give me some candy, yeah! " On a side note: not exactly sure when my beard turned green.

Antonio Deluca

2 hours ago

Oliver Lee Loar

Jose Robertson

2 hours ago

like for the post ,laughter for the beard comment :)

Gloria Morales Alonso

2 hours ago

Leah Collins need for a science

The End Of Tour Sale begins today and runs through 9/23. Get 25% off sitewide at checkout. Click here to purchase your merch now >>

Ramadan Barry

8 hours ago

Susie Carroll Ahh Lederarmband 😍 und Top 😍

Listen I respect vegetarians, but if I'm hungry... that chicken got to go. 🤣Give me the top answer on the board. Tune in today to find out what happened. #FamilyFeud #SteveHarvey

Ryan Slusher

7 hours ago

A date (wing man)

Stacy St Pierre

7 hours ago

See that ostrich... And it can't fly! Bahahaha 😂🤗


7 hours ago

me too if it has to go then yea i chow it