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Héctor Gutierrez Garcia

3 days ago

La de poison en xl cuanto la,de la calabera

Sarah Koepplinger

4 days ago

You need to come up with shirts in different colors.
Black is boring.

William Davila

4 days ago

HAHA, you guys are truly awesome, but saying you might just play all damn night....that "we aint goin anywhere for a long time" then playing ten songs and scramming was kinda funny...just say, We are gonna do ten songs and a one song encore for ya!!! Awesome concert nonetheless

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Debra Carlson

7 days ago

Rustee' Lynn Averette
Vicki Goodale Jamison
Derrick Dutsch
Or my birthday ....

Lene Souza

7 days ago

Cómo hago soy peruano

E Nancy Rhoden

7 days ago

Or you could just buy a Slayer t-shirt

Rockett Vlog Episode #21
Why I Went Back To Wood Drums!

Anthony McCracken

8 days ago

4 days away, ...
Laconia Bike Week
See ya,there!

Maldwyn Pryse

8 days ago

Love you Rikki Rockett so awesome to meet you guys and be on stage last night ❤️ 🤘🏻

Jire Man's

8 days ago

❤️ these vlogs and loved meeting you again in Indy! 🤘🏻

‪C.C. shredding in Cincinnati! ‬
‪📷 - Tammy Vega

Briyith Cruz Surubi

7 days ago

This is a good pic but his eyes kinda scare me lol! Karen

Kawsar Mazeh

8 days ago

Poison rocked. Setlist was great. If anything get rid of the bluesy stuff and solos. Don't mess with success. Cheap trick was good, or least the last 5 or 5 songs. Pop evil definitely brought some energy.

Lucia Wiebersick

8 days ago

It was such an amazing show.....thank you Bret, CC, Bobby, and Rikki for rocking Cincy last nite!!!!! I had an absolute blast!!!!!!!

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Sheila Huseby Geurtz

9 days ago

I have meet and greet at bank of NH pavilion this friday. When do I get all of my passes for it? I called the venue and they said it comes from the performer not them.

Virag Patel

9 days ago

You guys kicked ass last night in Clarkston Michigan! It will be a night I will never forget!!!!!

Friderika Schäffer

8 days ago

I would do the meet and greet if the band signed stuff

ATL! Ready for some POISON?

📷 Tammy Vega

Fredy Melendez

12 days ago

Awesome show been waiting months to see you guys!!!

Gregg James

12 days ago

Great show! Poison never disappoints!!!

Maria MommabearHicks-Rogers

12 days ago

Live in Atlanta GA love yall. Thanks for making my sons night and Mine

Thank you Texas for two awesome nights! ❎🤘
Photo by Tammy Vega

River Stewart

14 days ago

Cant Wait to you in Cleveland 1 more week its gonna rock


14 days ago

Counting the days til the concert at Darien lake. Can't wait!!!!!

GorGious Bhatti

14 days ago

I was at the Irvin show!!!! and it freaking KICKED ASS FROM THE GLAM SLAM KINGS OF NOISE...POISON!!!!!!!!

NEW ROCKETT VLOG (Poison Tour) Up!
Episode #20 "The Phantom Killer

Łukasz Płaczkowski

15 days ago

Cuando visitarán. Chile 🇨🇱

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Daninho Júnior Mtu

17 days ago

Come to México

Gegul Ninggo Takuk

17 days ago

Andrew Hollingsworth I think Dale Abbott and Briamba Hollingsworth should get these for our birthday 😂🌹

Maripaz Montalván-Rama

17 days ago

I want one it would be a great bday gift for me

⚠️ Attention Nashville ⚠️
Unfortunately due to weather, tonight’s show has been postponed until 6/28

“To all of our awesome fans in Nashville, I promise this show will be worth the wait and will be an absolute party in Music City - a no holds barred good time! See you on June 28!”- Bret Michaels

Tickets for the original date will be honored on the new date.

Tickets are on sale now or charge by phone at (800) 745-3000.

Sina Sharif

19 days ago

3 days till my 10th Poison concert...only thing that'd be better is some new Tunes!

Melody Godlay Aballa

19 days ago

Mama, please let me go to this show... in May, June, or whenever!

Adam Hawthorne

20 days ago

Check this out Lori Murray DeRosa!! Turns out we didn't miss it last night... wanna meet in Nashville again in June?!?!

What an incredible Memorial Day Weekend partying with you all at Rocklahoma! See you tomorrow night in Music City USA 🇺🇸
Incredibly thankful and proud of all of our service men & women 🇺🇸🙏
See you TONIGHT Rocklahoma

Yesi Cruz

20 days ago

It was awesome see you at ROCKLAHOMA!!! Worth the trip from Arkansas. Please ad Little Rock to a tour soon !

Zac Abdi

20 days ago

Wow love it

Joe Teel

20 days ago

See you in Texas on Saturday!

I want action tonight 💥
Photo by Tammy Vega

Alberto Zuglian

23 days ago


Inez Delgado

23 days ago

You guy's Rocked the house last Tues in WVC, Ut. even with all the rain & wind, no way was I going to miss the show, you guys were awesome! ❤

Zeltzin SG

23 days ago

KC show last night was AMAZING!!!❤️❤️ Best concert I’ve ever been to. Love you guys!!😍🎸🥁🎤

Pacharaphol Osotcharoenphon

24 days ago

thanks for the vlog learned some interesting things thanks for the insight

Luis Perez

24 days ago

My question didnt get answered 🤔

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Sylvia Marie Harrison

25 days ago

I love the one with the rose

Iibe Myzindependent Dawta

a month ago

Luv the one with the rose ;)

Soder Vazquez

a month ago

I want the second shirt.

Our friends & tour openers Pop Evil just released a new music video 💥 check out "Behind Closed Doors" below ↓

Anosh K Thomas

25 days ago

I see 11 songs on their may 23d show? 11 songs for a headliner wtf

Randall Winkler

25 days ago

Give up asking and pissed. Never any UK tour. You have loyal fans here too

Aurgha Nandi

a month ago

We want Poison in Italy!

See you tonight Salt Lake City! #NothinButAGoodTime
Photo by Tammy Vega

Dor Dürk

a month ago

Cmon boys give the fans who love you some different songs gotta be boring playing same 10 songs
Thought this was a headlining set same as def Leppard last summer

Émilie Grot

a month ago

Thank you for an amazing concert last night in West Valley@ USANA. Please come back soon! Much love!!😘

Rebecca Font

a month ago

Drove from Evanston, Wyoming for the show. Poison always delivers! Great show!

Thank you Nevada for 2 rockin’ nights!

Photo: Tammy Vega

Ronnie Arroyo

a month ago

Awesome Quality Pics, Tammy! 😊🤘🎸🎤🎹🎶

Deloony Dangol

a month ago

Awesome concert! Looking forward to seeing you guys again!

Olarinoye Quadri Ayomide

a month ago

Took my oldest 2 daughters to their 1st concert.. Poison in Vegas.. best time ever.. love this group. A big thx to my older sis Stephy.. she's a HUGE fan of theirs especially Bret Michaels..Awesome show! Heard Ride the Wind live . Awesoemness!!!

The original glam, slam, kings of noise are BACK ❎❎❎
Photo: Tammy Vega

Matteo Bombelli

a month ago

Used to they would run around the stage like wild men!!! Now.... be lucky to move away from the mike pedestal ... I'll keep the memory I had of them .......

نضال نضال

a month ago

A New album or retirement, please!
The fans are tired of the same old setlist.
We deserve more respect...
The Hollyweird album was recorded 16 years ago... it's too much time...

Vincent C. Mawia

a month ago

Good thing these guys aren’t coming to Portland. They’re awful. psychology>


Mioeca Mason Fuse

a month ago

Get rid of the guitar and drum solo. This isnt 1990 anymore. Id rather have two songs. Like i dont know Life loves a tragedy or something.

Junior De Sousa

a month ago

The best is every time they ask what we wanna hear and it’s always the same songs🤨 so many great songs never played

Chy Wilson

a month ago

All the best with the rest of the tour , so happy we could make it out🙂 Good times in Irvine , hope Bret is feeling better ❤️

Cheers to kicking off the weekend & our tour today! Get the new Nothin' But A Good Time merch here:

Patrick Kadas

a month ago

Want these glasses !!

Timothy Walsh

a month ago

Need more then 1 bedazzled hat.

Clara Almaraz

a month ago

See ya in Vegas tomorrow.

Rikki is rehearsing & getting to rock our tour! The Open Up and Say Ahh fan Q&A is coming SOON - subscribe to his YouTube here and get notified when he posts it!

Krzysztof Zarębski

a month ago

See you all next Friday in Kansas City!!!!🤘🤘🤘

Devin Cruse

a month ago


Candi Jack

a month ago

All this talk about touring!!-so when is there an Australian tour?(Perth included)??

Coming to a city near you 🤘 #NothinButAGoodTime

Tanisha Butler

a month ago

I hope C.C. never cuts his hair, maybe a lil trim to shape it up but it’s pretty .. I always liked Rikki’s hair longer, his hair was really pretty when it was long. Bobby’s is fine,he’s just being him ... least he’s not shy to flash it. Maybe on the road he’ll have his dark locks.

Miguel Flores Delgado

a month ago

Take a look in My Facebook Page you ' ll find My video start with every rose has its Thorn, few days ago.

Matty Gonzales

a month ago

My hubby and i so wanted to take our daughter for her graduation present but I got really sick and was in a coma for 9 days which resulted in me losing my job. Please make sure you come back to Utah another time. This will be the first of your concerts that I will miss and it is KILLING ME!!

2 days! #NothinButAGoodTime

Justina Christiansen

a month ago

I plea for you guys to come to Fargo after all it was 30 years ago that you rocked the Bison fieldhouse the FargoDome would be packed.

Ben Alegría

a month ago

See you all a week from Friday in Kansas City!!!!! V.I.P.!!! Can't wait its gonna ROCK!!!!🤘🤘🤘🎶🎤🎶🎸🎸🎸

Tianna Peepeetch

a month ago

Be cool if Poison did some deeper cuts live like: want some, need some, Rockin' Horse, Life Loves a Tragedy, Life goes on, Valley of Lost Souls, So Tell Me Why, No More lookin' Back..

Pick up that guitar... and wish our man C.C. DeVille a very happy birthday today!

Matrell Nance

a month ago

Happy Birthday to my favorite guitarist and got to meet you in Middletown Ohio was an awesome experience may your day be blessed and loved

Lynda Cooper

a month ago

Happy Birthday CC! You're amazing can't wait to see you guy's May 22nd in SLC, Ut. Keep Rockin n Rollin!

Anderson Bimpe

a month ago

Happy birthday to one of the most under-rated and most misunderstood axemen of all time. This guy is a brilliant guitarist and one of my all time fav's and has been since 86'

Till we're having Nothin' But A Good Time 🤘

Morgan Swartwood

a month ago

Sure wish we were able to see you all on tour this year , would be such an awesome dream of ours ...Please Be safe traveling n have a total blast ...

Omary Juma

a month ago

Come to Australia still waiting for nothing but a good time. Please!!!!!!!! Xxxx❤❤❤💋💋💋💋

Tammie Stamper Abdy

a month ago

Shit band. Nostalgia act. Just die already. Should have been done 28 yrs ago, along with L.A. Glam metal.

You gotta be bad to be good, if you know what I’m talkin about!
📸 Mark Weiss

Nick Wylie

a month ago

omg. I had this poster. I sure miss teen magazine. Poison has had my heart for 20 years.

Jenny Beausang

a month ago

My favorite song off that album! Should start your encore with it live.

Moises Garcia

a month ago

The greatest band ever.keep on playing and doing what you do best.

We’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Open Up and Say... Aah! this week and Rikki is going to vlog about the album!

Got a question about the album, tour, favorite song or memory? Submit them in the comments below and Rikki might answer it!

Edward J. Romero

2 months ago

Hi - Beth from Florida here, with a 12-part question.

No, just kidding.

But my one question is this: so what can we as fans do to make each show more enjoyable for YOU? Two-way street and all. I’ll see you in Hollywood FL, so please advise. 😉

Leo Barcellos

2 months ago

Rikki, we know that Bret is from a military family, and really looks up to our military. Do all of you guys think so highly of our military and veterans? If not then why not? And if so, what can we as fans do to help a charity or two?

Edmilson Veiga

2 months ago

Melbournes screaming for a tour!! Gotta be a way we can make this happen 🤞maybe a lil "lets go Australia and do a melbourne tour" chit chat amongst you all might help 😉

ROCKETT VLOG - #18 is up now!!!
Indian Scout Bobber Rebadge
2-Stroke Show and Solo Bag Review!

Tamey Gavel

2 months ago

Rikki, can you please email: regarding your killer Roknutz!

New Vlog!
Episode #17
Poison Drum Kit Unboxing!
Plus... Gravity Hill!

Juanita Avila

2 months ago

Yes wayyyy awesome ...

Bappalal Biswas

2 months ago

I thought you had your own drum set company?

Tonell Newell

2 months ago

Where’s all your other kits from past tours? That would be a nice vlog. Would also be cool to vlog rehearsals for the upcoming tour!

What an amazing day for Bret Michaels! Check it out June 10th on Sammy Hagar's Rock & Roll Roadtrip on axs TV #NothinButAGoodTime 🤘🏻🎸☠️

Souzaana Paris

2 months ago

what is in that tequila?! Sammy hardly looks 55 let alone 70. "i can't age, past fifty fiiiiiiiiiiiiive..."

Lourdes Veronica Saavedra

2 months ago


Earnest Wilson

2 months ago

Do a collaboration of I can't drive 55, but life goes on

Time goes on as night steals the day... celebrating 27 years of "Life Goes On" today! Watch:

Denize Monteiro Monteiro

2 months ago

I got my st pete tickets. Canon not wait to see poison cheap trick and pop evil.

Dora Quiroz

2 months ago

Life goes on while you’re Miles away and I need you... if you only knew how much I miss you 🎶💕

Harry Arnhols

2 months ago

Poison is my favorite band and this is my favorite Poison song! I have never heard it live and would love it if it was added to the set list for this years tour! Can't wait for the Darien Lake concert!

Look what the cat dragged in for Record Store Day... save 20% at sale ends tonight at midnight!

Brenda Gouveia

2 months ago

The denim jacket is always sold out 👎🏻

Maria Camila

2 months ago

Unfortunately, the denim jacket is (And has been) sold out... 😒

Yoaris Rodriguez Aviles

2 months ago

I will keep on saying it,you boys are fuckin’ loved down here in oz,get your poison arses down here & give us nothin but a good time.please please please please. Seen you motherfuckers like 25 years ago,I now wanna see happy mature no fighting no bullshit no egos grown up fuckin poison who put on a rock and roll show for their fans to enjoy. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘for fuck sake I named & spelled my sons name after one of you bastards. Rikki. Get to oz poison,NOW. 👍🤘💪

Our summer tour kicks off in one month! Who's ready?

Shawn Hernandez

2 months ago

What's it going to take for you guys to come to or close to Charlotte, NC?! I have seen you guys in a very looong time! Come on now!!

Eleonora Orlandini

2 months ago

I'm soooooo ready!!!! Cant wait to meet all of you!!! Got my V.I.P. Ticket for Kansas City next month!!!! Its gonna be a PARTY!!!!🎶🎤🎶🎸🎸🎸🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘

Bea Niave

2 months ago

Im ready but Poison ain't coming to Tuscaloosa,Alabama, Bret Michaels lied to the whole State, i still had a awesome time last May.

Rikki on set with Katie of AXS TV today for the Top Ten Revealed! Airdates TBA.

Mike Espinoza

2 months ago

Hey Rikki!!! Love the hair!! Your ROCKIN it!!!🤘🤘🤘

Annabel Leal Karim

2 months ago

It Rikki Rocket one of my Favorite Drummers Poison Rules!

Simon Gest

2 months ago

Love the photo u look great,u both do!! Looked like fun

Wishing a huge Happy Birthday to Bret's very good friend & country music legend Loretta Lynn Official. Enjoy the #ALottaLoretta weekend! 🤘🏻

Denise Johnson

2 months ago

Happy Happy. Birthday. Please. Hit. Me. Up. One. Day. So. We. Can. Talk. Love. Your. Music

Quin Pynie Doligas Busocan

2 months ago

Happy birthday hun. Always wounderd if we were related. My grandpa was. Leonard Webb. He was from the same place you were from. ????

Rolando García Meave

2 months ago

Happy birthday to you Ma'am!

Ain’t lookin for NOTHIN but a GOOD TIME 🤘 all tickets on sale now on

Sabrina Matney Nulick

2 months ago

Can't wait to see u this summer

Ieva Eglīte

2 months ago

Please come back too Arizona! It's been awhile! 🤘😊

Megan Airx

2 months ago

Yes I always am!! See you Fabulous Four really soon! 😘😘😘😘

Morning ☕️

Quks Vedas

2 months ago

"I'm your poison, now you drink a cup."

Sherry Jackson

2 months ago

I drink wine like that too...No one ever knows what is really in a coffee mug

Eduardo Perusquia

2 months ago

Good morning replay to the singles only I'm one of them lol

Celebrating 30 years of Nothin’ But A Good Time! Who’s ready for the tour next month? 🤘

Mary C. Fisher

2 months ago

30 years of Nothin' But A Good Time? Guess what? It will be 30 years this summer when I discovered Poison, via the "Fallen Angel" video in MTV rotation. Open Up and Say Ahh may have been Poison's second album, but it was my first Poison album. :)

Mohamed Khlifi

2 months ago

Have been ready , never seen you all in concert only by DVD .. so but a problem there is no shows closer in our town Sacramento, California ...

Anita Williams

2 months ago

I'm bringing a car load with me. Seen you guys with Motley Crue loved the counting down the days........😎

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Monse Qevedo

2 months ago

How much in riyal

Donna Gant

2 months ago

Got my V.I.P Ticket for Kansas City in May & got my tank top!!!!! Cant wait!!!!

Louise Aliahna Tupaz

2 months ago

Can’t wait! Saw you guys twice last year with Def Leppard... super awesome!! 🎤🎸🎶

Who said rock was dead?! 🤘on newsstands now.

Photo by our longtime friend Mark Weiss

Snuffie McQueen

3 months ago

yes on the cover of a british you remember the uk?

Félix Brais-Brunet

3 months ago

Rock n Roll will never die, I have a 13 year old that loves music well we don't agree on music im a rocker through and through. So I have a collection of music from the 80's and 90's and so on my daughter can also sing the lyrics to my music especially Poison, Brets BMB, and Heart so rock on it will never die.☠🎸🎶🥁🤘✌

Shanna Day

3 months ago

Needing something to fill the time-lol--ok-put lame stuff on here--

Talk dirty 🤘

Alberto Gazzola

3 months ago

I love all of your songs but the more I meet Bret in person the more he's my Poison!! Can't wait to meet all of you in May in Kansas City!!! V.I.P.

Esco Triz

3 months ago

Brett Michaels and rikki rocket is my sexy sweet poison

Mysue Xiong

3 months ago

I won't forget you, cause I was there in the crowd at Texas jam 1987

Rock and roll rodeo #FBF

Valentina Peña

3 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous Brett Michaels

Alex Gale

3 months ago

I took my son to see them in 1989. Now he is going to take me to see them on 6/13/18. I cant wait!! So excited!!

Shannon Perry

3 months ago

You guys are amazing and I cannot wait to get tickets to see you!

Tattoo Tuesday in true Poison fashion rockin’ the bandana 🤘

Joe Cooper

3 months ago

Now he just needs a wig under the bandana

Suelen Cris

3 months ago

Hello am new here seeking for honest and trusted man too marry me

Maura Tyno

3 months ago

Leon Bratt has your mate turned into a poison fan, Karl Lizaitis 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Happy b-day Steven Tyler 🤘

Helen Tep

3 months ago

Hey Steven Tyler happy birthday I have been in love with u ever since i was teenager didn't miss any of your concerts of course all of u were crazy good

Nissa Scorrea

3 months ago

Happy Birthday Steven Tyler! Is your day to shine.

Vicki Krause

3 months ago

Happy belated birthday Steven Tyler I've had a crush on you since I was nine.i share a birthday with Brett lie.i saw Aerosmith a long time ago and they sure know how to rock.luv yal🤗😍🤑😇❤️😘😈

The MLB Pirates season is within reach & Bret has his batting stance ready!🤘🏻⚾️

Melissa Sue Montgomery

3 months ago

Love you Bret!!!

Rebecca Freytag

3 months ago

He bats like he sings. All script

Diana Yamileth Flores

3 months ago

More talent in the stands than on the field

Happy #NationalPuppyDay
Save on shipping costs in the official Poison Amazon store!

Bekah Hassi

3 months ago

Cant wait to see you in Detroit in june.... 6th time for me and 2nd time for my 14 year old daughter!!!!! YES i have passed on the POISON tourch to my offspring. Love you Brett.....

Maury Riddick

3 months ago

Happy Puppy Day. I have one mutt. I rescued her from a the age of 5. So haven't had a puppy in over 15 years. Never owned a purebred. But nice dogs you have.

Lucas Ze

3 months ago

I LOVE this band. I play their CD in my car everyday. There coming to HOUSTON and I so wish I could go. But bills supercede... :-(

Backstage with Beasto Blanco at Alice Cooper’s show in Florida!

Kathy Weems Guerra

3 months ago

Bobby looking gorgeous as ever!!!! 😍💕

Carlos Mateo Ramirez

3 months ago

Bobby, you look great! Love you!

Deyver Mendoza

3 months ago

Love you Bobby!

LauLa Du

3 months ago

Enjoying the Vlog, but can’t wait to see one of these posts show a new original music / video from POISON!

Final hours of our St. Paddy’s sale! Ends tonight:

Chris Stephen Cryer

3 months ago

Wait till you see my tank for this year’s tour! 😂#NothinButAGoodTimeTour ✌🏻

Getting hot.... good love

Yessenia Martinez

3 months ago

years ago i was at my bio fathers house, we were in his 'record room', (older guys version of a man cave), and he was showing me some 'new' vinyl he had picked up at a flea market. he had pictures of women on some of the walls and right next to the light switch i caught sight of the jacket picture from Look What The Cat Dragged In...with the 4 head shots of the guys, taped to the wall. i said to him, 'Why do you have this Poison cassette insert on your wall?' He says to me, completely serious, 'They're hot chicks.' My husband almost spewed his coffee across the room! I was like, 'um, those arent chicks, but I agree, they're hot!' Ive never seen someone rip something off a wall so fast!!!! i still laugh about it to this day!!!!

Janelle Dempsey

3 months ago

That's for sure ;) great pic ;)

Grace Jones

3 months ago

You are still a amazing rock singer