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Bret Michaels & his daughter Rainee wanted to thank Shawn Mendes, Zac Brown Band & all at CMT for a great night of music. It really cheered us both up after losing our dog Diesel. Both Shawn, Zac, their entire band/crew were beyond awesome & sounded great! 🤘🏻🎸☠️🇺🇸

Andrés Jordan

4 days ago

Hello Guys, please come to Buenos Aires, Argentina!! We need Glam Spirit!! Best🤘🤘🤘 Rock Ever, Regards!!

Jasmin Estrada

4 days ago

so sorry to hear of the loss of Diesel. sending lots of love, hugs and prayers.

Tena Trimble

4 days ago

Wow. Brett Micheals daughter looks like a younger version of Brett back in 80s. Lol.

So... the end has finally come to the Sturgis series. As I hit the final button in Final Cut Pro I realized that I had learned so much about myself from this trip. What is weak about me and what is strong. How much I do know and how much I don't . It's the "I didn't know that!" part that was really the lesson. I also learned the person that was behind me the whole time was really in front of me. Always pushing me on and keeping me on track, just like when I faced cancer.
I am a drummer first, but these adventures... these adventures that I record and the seemingly insignificant videos that I make are as much a part of me as the drums that I play on. It's just a different art form.
Thank you for letting TC and I take you for a ride for a few days. I will return you to my regular Rockett Vlog series for now... until the next adventure!

Felicia Varnado

6 days ago

Thank you very much for accepting my request. How are you today? How is work and family, I guess you all are doing very well within the Lord. Well, my name is Grace Mark an old widow. I have an urgent message for you from our Lord Jesus Christ, I will be very happy if I can write to my e-mail now (, so you can say about the message I have for you from the Lord. Kindly write to me at this time.
God bless you.

Adam Kult

7 days ago

When’s the new Poison album coming out?

Anwar Hamadouche

7 days ago

Thank the 2 of you for sharing, your really s cool down to earth guy..1 day hopefully I'll get to meet you and the gang

On This September 11th, We #NeverForget 🇺🇸

Latonya Heard

7 days ago

Ride the wind

Andrea Jacobs

7 days ago

I am from France and I will never forget this horrible day. I love your great country and you people you will always have my support. Never forget never forgive. Prayers to all the victims and families.. Gold bless

Amanda Gottschalk

7 days ago

We certainly never will. This is a tragic moment etched in history, but most importantly, we remember everyone who didn’t get to see the sunset on that day.

The best need the best. Best sellers

Tracy Sailem

8 days ago

hang it up you old fuc

Derrell Freeman

9 days ago

Mary Rodz Mary Rodz

Tina Zamarripa

9 days ago


What a flashback! Guess the year 😎

Mike Smith

10 days ago

omg if you don’t like Bret or Poison and all your on here to make fun or talk crap. just go away. so rude and inconsiderate.

Richard Rdz Rmz

10 days ago

Any chance of there being another season of Rock of Love? If not how about releasing all the seasons on Laserdisc?

Eleanor Shaw Morgan

10 days ago

87..... I still have that pic from the magazine, let me

One more Sturgis Episode left, but I decided to take a break and bring you a quick Vlog. In Episode #28, " Dave The Poison Bus Driver" and I take a ride around Castaic Lake, grab a little lunch and some good times!

Show us how you rock it ❎❎❎ shop now:

Olga Telegina

13 days ago

Can I meet my man here

Gina Fillo

14 days ago

My father !!! Cheerz from France 😉 😎 😍

Jane Hanna

15 days ago

I am a poison fan as well

From Vail to Moab to Panguitch, TC and I tackle the roads and National Parks heading onward from Sturgis, SD to Los Angels CA.

Upload at 9:00 am PST.

Viktor Matin

15 days ago

Sioux Falls SD is waiting for you

Daapuk Ale

15 days ago

Can't wait to for this....

Gary Ferri

15 days ago

Can't wait

Hope you’re having a rockin’ Labor Day 🤘
Photo Tammy Vega

Jeffrey Curtsinger

15 days ago

Love this pic I took of CC and Bobby D in Hotlanta back in June ! They're so adorable!!

Elizabeth Huanuco

15 days ago

My man Rikki!!

Alex Croft Conti

15 days ago

Back of my new t-shirt

That one time we all had blonde hair 😎

Esmeralda Lara

17 days ago

I'm wish back to in Wisconsin's

Phanthip Ruengraphee

17 days ago

Just that one time? I remember a time around 1988ish where you guys were opening for RATT opening for Motley Crue

Michela Bodano

17 days ago

Alright !!! Ready for another Show. 2017 Oakland coliseum/ 2018 Reno Grand Sierra !!!!!! Awesome shows you guys Kicked it !!!!!!!!!

Yo guys! This episode takes us from Cheyenne, WY to The Stanley Hotel (The Shining) to Lookout Mountain, CO and finally to Vail, CO. Enjoy these amazing sights!
Yo guys! This episode takes us from Cheyenne, WY to The Stanley Hotel (The Shining) to Lookout Mountain, CO and finally to Vail, CO. Enjoy these amazing sights!

Sherry Louise

20 days ago

The Hotel was crazy, pretty cool Rikki, keep up the good work enjoying your blogs, hope to see you guys soon. Have a great day!

Cristian Esteban Padilla

23 days ago

On the Indian Roadmaster motorcycle, TC and I leave Lead, SD and head to Fort Laramie, WY and then to Cheyanne, WY for the night. But, not everything is smooth sailing and TC finds an uncomfortable item on the bike that has to be corrected before we continue. This is a multi part series following TC and I flying in and buying an Indian Roadmaster motorcycle in Sturgis, SD, traveling around and ultimately ending up back in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Summer of 87

Green Eyez

24 days ago

man c' much did y'all get laid in the 80's? You must have lost count at some point lol I mean I was only 6 when you took this photo but we all know Poison got laid back in the day lol Brett Michaels did that's for sure lol

Boiz Nyasha

24 days ago

Oh my God I love Bret Michaels if I wasn't married I'd be taking him right now but I'm sure his girlfriend would be angry

Michelle Gipson

24 days ago

Love those 80's days you all Rocked then an Still Rock now ! Absolutely love seeing you all again.wish i could suntan with ya 😛😘😍💋💋❤❤🎵🎤🎼🎸

30 years later & still goin strong 👹

Adrien Manalo

a month ago

Went to see them on there last tour and ironically it was named after one of my favorite songs of theirs my anthem “ nothin but a good time”

Amos Muiruri

a month ago

Love that Poison came to PNC in Holmdel, NJ this summer! The band is tight and delighted the fans! They are not trying to be The Rolling Stones , they know what the fans want to hear! Nothin’ But a Good Time!🤙🏻🤘🏻

Jane Wisløff

a month ago

I can't believe it's been three decades! I have a pic of me at my 11th or 12th bday with that shirt on....with my Mema, rest her soul. LOL. She was probably thinking "what in the heck is on this child's shirt".

June 9 | Chicago
📸 Tammy Vega

Israel Ramirez Rocaha

a month ago

we were there

Kari Begay

a month ago

And what about the UK following?????

John A. Silvắ

a month ago

Ride the Wind...

You know I never, I never seen you look so good 🤘 shop now with two-day free shipping on Prime:

Kees-Jaap van Rij

a month ago

Austin Lee Tyler Dougherty


a month ago

Brett you guy's should up date the photo's of the ofur of you.that was then this is now.

Heidi Helmer

a month ago

I love having all the Poison merchandise available!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😁

Say Ahh 💉

Isabel María

a month ago

Was it expensive?

Philip Reilly

a month ago

Bien ahí con POISON

Cristiane Yamada

a month ago


Stand for what you believe

Jacob Adams

a month ago

The odd thing about this album is the song Stand is the only track I don't like.

Samantha-Joan Dainat

a month ago

The album rocked, but Richie was not a good fit and only the ballads got any push at all on radio. The none radio stuff was awesome.

Constance Gary

a month ago

From their second best album (flesh & blood being the best).

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Finn Westergaard Pedersen

a month ago

nice i love it

Gabby Flick

a month ago

Skulls with bones, means its poison

Nataliya BT

a month ago

When’s the new album coming out???

Wishing a very happy birthday to Rikki Rockett today! 🎉
Photo Tammy Vega

Joe Smith

a month ago

Happy birthday brother. Always one of my favorites! One of the coolest days of my life running into you in Vegas.

Walleska Ffraga Santaanna

a month ago

Happy Birthday Rikki!it was great hanging out with you and band in Hawaii 31 years glad you have a family and are happy.Have a great birthday.

Scott Davis

a month ago

Happy Birthday Rikki! It was epic meeting you, CC, Bobbie and that other guy in Oakland. You'll never remember, I'll never forget. Thank you, Yngwie. I did go way too much fanboy on you that night. Hahahahaha

The third in a series of TC and I heading off to the 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. “I got a Roadmaster!”
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Kimon Argiriadis

a month ago

That's not a bike........that's a house on wheels

Sayaka Aguilar

a month ago

thats a nice bike you both have fun an please be safe 😇❤❤.. 😘

Parker Ducharme

a month ago

Awesome ride🏍! Have NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME☠🤘

🤘32 YEARS 🤘

Vites Bhandari

2 months ago

Makes me feel old and at the same time young. Oh how I loved this band and the hair bands of the eighties! The music now sucks. Nothing is original and a lot of them scream. That's all they do! Anyway, 32 years ago I was still in high school and these guys were awesome. "I won't forget you...."

Basudev Panja

2 months ago

1st concert poison opening up for Ratt. 1987 RoAnoke civic center...
Last concert cheap trick open for poison Manassas va
Haven't missed a beat

Rachel Ann Koch

2 months ago

That is the best album backed up with some of the best hairstyles ever. I hope you get the opportunity to do these on people regularly.

Saddle iron horses of chrome

Kim Carey

2 months ago

My favorite Poison song ever!!

Patrick Ngendandumwe

2 months ago

My ring tone is ride the wind would love to find a back to the rocking horse rimgtone


2 months ago

When’s the new music coming??????

Nothin’ but a good summertime collection. Shop now:

Tamie Ford

2 months ago

Got my shirt I won from the site contest today !!!

Charlie Clements-Cordeniz

2 months ago

sorry I don't like how the words are colored like that it looks confusing to my eye just a critic ok I don't need fu jokes all month

Luca Sandrini

2 months ago

I want the tank top

ROCKETT VLOG - #27 "Moto Jiu Jitsu"
I take the BMW GS to Jiu Jitsu class in 100 degree heat. Then I'm off on the Indian Scout around Castaic lake with an announcement about Sturgis!

Xavi Ventura

2 months ago

A smile is a light shining in the window of the soul, letting the heart know that it's finally come home.

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Ankit Kumar

2 months ago

Now this is something worth having

Christian Villon

2 months ago

We can use those to raise a toast to all of us who are breaking our backs everyday. 🤗

Rosemari Oliveira

2 months ago

Cool! But no shipping to the UK? 😪


Yadira Gadsden

2 months ago

Junior Dempster we only had Fast Food Fridays, or Creepy Pizza, no Taco Tuesday.

Make Saxman

2 months ago

Royce Farrar this needs to be your next taco Tuesday post 😂

Jeff Griswold

2 months ago

This is f’ing awesome!🤘🏼🌮


Letitia Coates

2 months ago

Hell yeah you are rock

Bret Michaels’ daughter has made the top 16 in #siswimsearch and walked in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fashion show today in Miami. We would love it if you would pop over to @si_swimsuit on Instagram and leave a comment for her under their Sweet16 post! Be sure to tag her IG account (@rainee_m) and @mj_day with your comments.

Alma Pinson

2 months ago

Congratulations deer 💙
So lucky sweetie

Ariana Nunez

2 months ago

I love you too much my husband and jorja blue and Raine Elizabeth

Joan Fair

2 months ago

Can’t believe he bought her a boob job. Way to exploit your daughter. She will be the next generation of kartrashians. And dating black guys.

Flashback ⚡
Photo by Mark Weiss Photography

Brian Doerr

2 months ago

I bet that isn't the only 8ball C.C. is holding. LoL.. Good old poison!

Shena Cooper

2 months ago

Now that's the poison I wish I could have seen in concert

Tracy Bonaduce

2 months ago

One of many I had on my walls of poison growing up.

Oh my god look what the 🐱 dragged in...
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Love on the rocks

OLuwa GboLahan

2 months ago

Hell; maybe play an entire set; 90 minutes like other touring bands; now that’s an idea!

Златина Златева

2 months ago

You need to add that song to your setlist on next tour 👍


2 months ago

Love this song! 😝

Nashville 🤘🤘 we are here and finally rockin’ with our music city friends tonight! See you soon.
Photo Tammy Vega

Irma Benitez

3 months ago

Phenomal as always!🤘💚

Maurice Lermoyer

3 months ago

Bill Huff you should have stayed another nite🤗

Benjamin Puga Grebe

3 months ago

So sad I couldn’t be there!!!

axs is talking about... sex?! The Top Ten songs about sex to be exact. Watch Rikki on The Top Ten Revealed this Sunday on AXS TV, set your DVR now:

Jessica Davis

3 months ago

Well, yes of course all of those.......but also, isn't every Poison song about sex? Please tell me I have not been wrong for the past 32 years......😈😈😈 LOL ..........I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THE SHOW THIS FRIDAY IN ST PETE!!!!! See you all soon!!!!!!! Section 2, row 2!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE THERE SINGING, DANCING, AND ROCKING EVERY SINGLE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my husband's first time seeing Poison !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisbeth Moncada

3 months ago

I bet You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC is #1 on the list.

Maggie Lopez

3 months ago

Sex aye?.....It has been so long I forgotten what it is. It isn't one of them new age fandangled energy soda pops you kids are consuming is it?


TONIGHT Poison brings the ROCK back to Pennsylvania at PPL Center 🤘

Bonny Burner

3 months ago

Awesome show! You guys are still amazing!

Angelique Colaert

3 months ago

Was there Ain’t nothing but a great time at a Poison show

Luis Medina

3 months ago

Bring it back to Hershey, PA..!!

Father's Day gifts that ROCK →

Héctor Gutierrez Garcia

3 months ago

La de poison en xl cuanto la,de la calabera

Sarah Koepplinger

3 months ago

You need to come up with shirts in different colors.
Black is boring.

William Davila

3 months ago

HAHA, you guys are truly awesome, but saying you might just play all damn night....that "we aint goin anywhere for a long time" then playing ten songs and scramming was kinda funny...just say, We are gonna do ten songs and a one song encore for ya!!! Awesome concert nonetheless

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Debra Carlson

3 months ago

Rustee' Lynn Averette
Vicki Goodale Jamison
Derrick Dutsch
Or my birthday ....

Lene Souza

3 months ago

Cómo hago soy peruano

E Nancy Rhoden

3 months ago

Or you could just buy a Slayer t-shirt

Rockett Vlog Episode #21
Why I Went Back To Wood Drums!

Anthony McCracken

3 months ago

4 days away, ...
Laconia Bike Week
See ya,there!

Maldwyn Pryse

3 months ago

Love you Rikki Rockett so awesome to meet you guys and be on stage last night ❤️ 🤘🏻

Jire Man's

3 months ago

❤️ these vlogs and loved meeting you again in Indy! 🤘🏻

‪C.C. shredding in Cincinnati! ‬
‪📷 - Tammy Vega

Briyith Cruz Surubi

3 months ago

This is a good pic but his eyes kinda scare me lol! Karen

Kawsar Mazeh

3 months ago

Poison rocked. Setlist was great. If anything get rid of the bluesy stuff and solos. Don't mess with success. Cheap trick was good, or least the last 5 or 5 songs. Pop evil definitely brought some energy.

Lucia Wiebersick

3 months ago

It was such an amazing show.....thank you Bret, CC, Bobby, and Rikki for rocking Cincy last nite!!!!! I had an absolute blast!!!!!!!

This could be YOU!! Head over to for VIP packages and tickets.

Sheila Huseby Geurtz

3 months ago

I have meet and greet at bank of NH pavilion this friday. When do I get all of my passes for it? I called the venue and they said it comes from the performer not them.

Virag Patel

3 months ago

You guys kicked ass last night in Clarkston Michigan! It will be a night I will never forget!!!!!

Friderika Schäffer

3 months ago

I would do the meet and greet if the band signed stuff

ATL! Ready for some POISON?

📷 Tammy Vega

Fredy Melendez

3 months ago

Awesome show been waiting months to see you guys!!!

Gregg James

3 months ago

Great show! Poison never disappoints!!!

Maria MommabearHicks-Rogers

3 months ago

Live in Atlanta GA love yall. Thanks for making my sons night and Mine

Thank you Texas for two awesome nights! ❎🤘
Photo by Tammy Vega

River Stewart

3 months ago

Cant Wait to you in Cleveland 1 more week its gonna rock


3 months ago

Counting the days til the concert at Darien lake. Can't wait!!!!!

GorGious Bhatti

3 months ago

I was at the Irvin show!!!! and it freaking KICKED ASS FROM THE GLAM SLAM KINGS OF NOISE...POISON!!!!!!!!

NEW ROCKETT VLOG (Poison Tour) Up!
Episode #20 "The Phantom Killer

Łukasz Płaczkowski

4 months ago

Cuando visitarán. Chile 🇨🇱

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Daninho Júnior Mtu

4 months ago

Come to México

Gegul Ninggo Takuk

4 months ago

Andrew Hollingsworth I think Dale Abbott and Briamba Hollingsworth should get these for our birthday 😂🌹

Maripaz Montalván-Rama

4 months ago

I want one it would be a great bday gift for me

⚠️ Attention Nashville ⚠️
Unfortunately due to weather, tonight’s show has been postponed until 6/28

“To all of our awesome fans in Nashville, I promise this show will be worth the wait and will be an absolute party in Music City - a no holds barred good time! See you on June 28!”- Bret Michaels

Tickets for the original date will be honored on the new date.

Tickets are on sale now or charge by phone at (800) 745-3000.

Sina Sharif

4 months ago

3 days till my 10th Poison concert...only thing that'd be better is some new Tunes!

Melody Godlay Aballa

4 months ago

Mama, please let me go to this show... in May, June, or whenever!

Adam Hawthorne

4 months ago

Check this out Lori Murray DeRosa!! Turns out we didn't miss it last night... wanna meet in Nashville again in June?!?!

What an incredible Memorial Day Weekend partying with you all at Rocklahoma! See you tomorrow night in Music City USA 🇺🇸
Incredibly thankful and proud of all of our service men & women 🇺🇸🙏
See you TONIGHT Rocklahoma

Yesi Cruz

4 months ago

It was awesome see you at ROCKLAHOMA!!! Worth the trip from Arkansas. Please ad Little Rock to a tour soon !

Zac Abdi

4 months ago

Wow love it

Joe Teel

4 months ago

See you in Texas on Saturday!

I want action tonight 💥
Photo by Tammy Vega

Alberto Zuglian

4 months ago


Inez Delgado

4 months ago

You guy's Rocked the house last Tues in WVC, Ut. even with all the rain & wind, no way was I going to miss the show, you guys were awesome! ❤

Zeltzin SG

4 months ago

KC show last night was AMAZING!!!❤️❤️ Best concert I’ve ever been to. Love you guys!!😍🎸🥁🎤

Pacharaphol Osotcharoenphon

4 months ago

thanks for the vlog learned some interesting things thanks for the insight

Luis Perez

4 months ago

My question didnt get answered 🤔