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I think he’s going to be a director and she’s going to take it until one day she just beats the crap out of him

Brett Barringer

3 days ago

Please know how amazing you are! I’ve LOVED you since I was in university when you first started making amazing music (we’re the same age btw) I’m a yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia now and I’m working with teens. Turns it quite a few of them are being bullied and they love you as well. I’ve created our lesson plan this week about how to deal with mean people and I’m using you as an example. You’re amazing and inspirational to all of us! Saw you twice in Sydney. Thank you for you love and guidance ❤️

Kai Oly

3 days ago

Thats pretty accurate. We called our youngest lil miss bossboss. She was the head of the family till about a certian age. Then they all have driven each other crazy since then. My poor son gets the worst of it thoigh having 3 sisters.

Gabriel Martínez

3 days ago

@pink is this your official page. I have a request for your Cardiff date and a autograph request for my 2 year old how do I contact your agent

Ok Europe! FINALLY I get to share with you the plans for my tour next summer! Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces 😍 Check out the dates and details here: and #beautifultraumatour
Also, exclusive VIP packages are available for each show! Click to get yours now

Nianna Broadus

6 days ago

😕 I was (finnaly) happy when I read Europe but...not yet. Waiting for you to come to Portugal since ever...Wishing you a great tour!

Maria Alejandra Orrego

6 days ago

20 shows in all of Europe compared to 42 shows in Oceania is completely unfair. Before people tell me to travel, I'd love to do that but there is simply NO concert anywhere nearby and I cannot afford it financially. 😭 (Seriously, the closest one is Vienna at 1300km from where I live!)

Brittany Hartley

7 days ago

I am absolutely over the moon to finally see these dates announced as the last show we were due to see in the UK was cancelled so definitely going to look at going. We will have to travel a fair distance which is fine because I'm not expecting a show up the road, especially someone who rarely comes to the UK. And if we don't get tickets? I'll be gutted but what can I do? Whinge and moan which will make no difference or accept that I wasn't successful and won't be going. Honestly, I think I've read about 10 comments and all moaning. Just be grateful there's some sort of chance of seeing her and enjoy an evening away. I certainly hope me and hubby will get chance for a child free evening

Throwing it back to last year at the American Music Awards! Can’t wait to see tonight’s performances! #AMAs

Jason Perry

13 days ago

Miss Pink at this years!!!!

Tanya Clark

13 days ago

Ok just imagine waking up. Looking out your window just to see pink rappelling down your window. I would die of star struck lmao 😂

David Schuelke

13 days ago

Hello Alicia. This is Mrs Vito. I think of you often and am so happy for your success and family. I want to let you know that Ann Kunzmann retired last week. She is such a gem in our shared world.

Voting for the American Music Awards closes TOMORROW! Tweet @P!nk + Favorite Artist Adult Contemporary + #AMAs! Watch LIVE 10/9 at 8/7c on ABC.

James M Davis

19 days ago

Unfortunately I can’t vote from Australia - I would absolutely vote for u if I could

Nkemi Dobo

19 days ago

love ya stuff but nothin new just spinning i dont even know ya new tunes and i like ya stuff

Please consider our private estate for your next music video! Obviously foc! Only because you are awesome! With love Sligo Ireland

Found a cool little beer bar and a deck of cards. Passing on my love of solitaire.

Teanna Jacoby

20 days ago

Hey Little Miss Pink yellow cab driver driving down the I-10 just now and saw your tour bus going the other direction while I was listening to one of your songs off of my YouTube account God I wish I could have enough money to see your to concert if you only knew how much I listen to you on a daily basis at work you would be flabbergasted sincerely a wannabe be back up singer for you

Bisi Awosanya

20 days ago

I am the worse mother in the world. My son has had mocktails since 12 at restaurants. Go on, line me up against the wall and shoot me.

Ada Zabłocka

20 days ago

People you need to lighten up. I don’t think that having a relaxing beer while you are spending quality time with your children is such a bad thing. There are a lot worse things than that..

SO freakin honored to be nominated at the 2018 American Music Awards! ❤️ Here’s where you can vote:

Khaled Abdul Kadir

a month ago

You gotta win! Youre the most amazing artist and Performer ever! You Inspire me throughout Everything you Do.. Sooo Love You P!nk xo

Mat Matty

a month ago

Pink would definitely win if Aussies could vote! 😠
Good luck Pink, you’ve got this mofo in the bag, super mama. 🤞💜

Teddy P. Hill

a month ago

Sorry we can't vote on that link in Oz but we had the best time at your concert in Adelaide, South Australia xx

I ❤️ my little hermit crab, who loves his little hermit crab

Monica Carlson

a month ago

Your little man is as amazing as you are. I came to your concert on Monday night at Sydney you are absolutely amazing you are so inspiring and you'll never know that you and yr music help me sooooo much to recover from an accident. You are inspiration you are the real Deal thank you so much for being you 😍🤗🤗😍😍😜

Yuri Hiura

a month ago

He’s so gorgeous!
Thanks for such a great performance last night in Sydney. I took my Daughter to see you for her very first live concert and we had a fab night. We can’t wait til you come back to see you again🙂 next time she would love to meet you in person.

Melissa Noel

a month ago

Awwww he super adorable thanks again to the amazing tour u did me n my partner got to go to your dunedin show 😊😊 ur so amazing and talented 😁 love u and ur family always xoxoxooxoxxooxox 😘😘❤️

Sorry but this is a really great angle of myself I’ve never actually been privy to before #youreverywelcomeindeed #bootyandthings

Reuben James R Jay

a month ago

Love you trying to get tickets for the April 19th show next year. My dad had been battling stage 4 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma he’s now cancer free 6 months in remission. We missed the show last year it was hard wanting to bring my sis and niece to see ya. We play your music all the time in our home we love you

Raquel Luis Batista

a month ago

I think most pink fans will agree, your hot in all angles and I am one very straight women, the creativity you come up with is what draws the crowd in, not just a singer true artist

Jodi Profiro

a month ago

Your amazing pink, we were at your show last night and it was insane. You are super creative, artistic, real and just an amazing performer we felt so lucky to have seen you. Thank you so much xx Love you

Seems we both like shoes.

Sarah Foran

2 months ago

I loved when my little ones would play in my walk-in closet.
It kept them close and busy when I would get dressed for the day.

Kirsten Ulbricht

2 months ago

Dang, I don't know what I'd do if faced with having that many choices in front of me in the morning. And before coffee? Forgetaboutit!

Lanie Ballesteros

2 months ago

My ( now 12 year old) son is hands down the best at picking shoes!! Natural talent 😂.
Thank you so much for for all the love you spread in Aus. My daughter first ever concert and it was amazing!!
Hope Jameson is feeling better!!

Even when he’s sick, he still finds ways to get stuck in a trash can.

Rashad Buckson

2 months ago

Oh wow! Didn't the little bloke get a dose of HFM, christ! what a trip to Australia its been....sickness, sickness everywhere. Here is hoping this will be the end of it all and have a healthy end of tour for the rest of the year.

Singsangsung Sigenu

2 months ago

Jameson is so adorable. Once my son licked a chrome metal bin at the vets because he wanted to see his tongue in the shiny reflection. Haha. That same son came to see you in Melbourne on Tuesday night. He's 9 now and absolutely loved seeing you perform. He told me he thought he under estimated how awesome your show was going to be. He loved every minute of it and so did I. 💖💖 You are a true super star.

Heather Derouin Baker

2 months ago

Hey Pink,I’ve left you a message hoping you will get time to read it,it’s about mentioning an awesome woman and mum at your Dunedin show tomorrow night,she absolutely adores you and is so excite,her lovely name is Katie castles ,you would put her on cloud nine if you could do this please

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 😍😍😍

Cailene J Grimmie

2 months ago

Glad to see your better..... Australia blessed to have u wish I was coming to see you missed out hopefully next time you come x

Senyonga Mark

2 months ago

Glad you're loving our country... It's a shame your husband is bagging out our farmers on his instagram.. they're having a tough time as it is, with the drought and lack of government support... Hope he seriously reconsiders his comments about their "laziness" suicide is rising due to the fact they can support your families... we don't need foreigners making undeducated comments

Charlene Dixon

2 months ago

I love these pics, that you guys are enjoying Australian Animals, Roo’s & Koala’s. See you on the weekend, looking forward to your concert again, last time I took my daughter on the 11th August, for her bday, holding her all night was very hard, thank you for kneeling down to shake her hand and take hers & my card. Now looking forward to enjoying the show with my Aunty. Just hoping we get in, I haven’t heard much good news with these tickets as there not through Ticketek there through viagogo, if not them animals got me good. Your such a great talent and all round beautiful human with such a huge heart that speaks her truth and it’s always valid. Your such an inspiration to myself and my daughter, she said it was the best bday present she ever had going to your concert and shaking your hand, though we both froze & didn’t say anything. Star struck & still kicking myself. Anyhoo love you & your music always. Hopefully see you on Saturday


Frank Bodeman

2 months ago

Anyone been to pink concert and been able to take their breastfed baby in a baby carrier in with them without a ticket??
Called the Brisbane entertainment centre ages ago and asked and was told as long as I had a seated ticket and took baby in a carrier I didn’t need a ticket. But a few people had said I can’t take baby so I have rang them again and now they are saying I now need a ticket for the baby

Greg Sale

2 months ago

P!nk I do hope you are feeling better. I love your work. I saw you in Sydney 2013 with my "tight 5 crew" for my 50th Birthday - What an epic experience that was, it was "Your Truth About Love" Tour. One of my life regrets in not seeing your Funhouse Tour! My life has been enriched by your music, you speak to my soul. I will be seeing you in Dunedin N.Z. Stay well - thank you for being true to yourself and sharing your gift with the world. Bless you and your loved ones and your band and singers and road crew.

Kevin Doolittle

2 months ago

Thanks you pink for the best night ever had a ball I have been a huge fan and supporter since I was 14 way back in 2000 love each and every one of your songs you rock. and thanks willow and Jameson for sharing you amazing mum with as all. I have 3 kids myself now and 20 weeks along with my 4th he was dance the night away last night in my tubby his a pink fan already!

Yes you certainly do, little buddy

Farshad Tayyebzadeh

3 months ago

He is a cutie. He could be the Gerber’s baby. You such a lucky lady one of each. And I think having a girl first is better. Big sister keeps baby brother. Ginger then big brother. Macho
Protector but big sister teacher of skate boarding surfing. Cool bro. All the girls will love him.. But big sister will be the big crush of all baby bros friend the cool big sister. Pitty the girl that breaks his heart. Big sister will be ruthless. Not my bro. Oh no you didn’t. They got it made with such cool parents. Lol. Such a beautiful family. God bless you and your ohana.

Horn Gabi

2 months ago

Get better soon please take time to recover, we all understand your health must come first . You will get to catch up with us later . Thanks so much for bringing your concert down under to Australia and New Zealand we appreciate you coming . We wish you the well , health and happiness. Take time for yourself and family .

Anna Walters

2 months ago

He is adorable, such a cutie. Was at your concert on saturday night, totally mesmerized by how awesome you are. Going again at the end of the month, can't wait. Hope you're feeling better soon

Two blondes getting ready

Kim Roumans

3 months ago

Come bring kids to coastal N.C. To catch a crab ! Beaufort N.C. To be exact! Would love to have you! You and your family will enjoy! Simple things!,,🦀🦀🦀💕💕💕🛶🛶🦐🦐⛵️😎

Sousou ML

3 months ago

Hi P!nk! You girls are awesome and super cute! :D I have a question which I wanted to make from long, long time ago...actualy since I was a kid, but never had courage to put it. Well, 10 years I am :D. Somehow I thought that I will never be able to see you, dunno why, maybe something from my past is haunting my mind. Anyhow, I know it will sound as a cliche, but you are my favourite artist. I grew up with your songs, and for this I am proud of you and I am very grateful for your existence and making a difference in this world. My question is: is there any concert you will be having in Europe, maybe in Romania? I know that for the moment I cannot come in US, but maybe at some point I can catch you in a near location. Thanks for everything & making time to read this, even though I think PR will be reading this initially :D Hugs & Love!

Breli Chuni

3 months ago

An amazing women! Did you know about the campaign to have you play handball at the Brisbane Ekka? #pinkplayshandball

Walking into the venue today. 💕💕💕

Denise Niecy Williams

3 months ago

A friend of mine saw Pink in Fresno. Someone sent her several of the Black bags with the Tour name on them...i love my bag, I still hope to see her perform some day!!

Gary Payne

3 months ago

I have a photo from your concert last night of you performing absoloutley amazing and this one special pic. You can see willow at the back side of the stage practising just like her mumma. I really want to get this photo to you. It's precious 😍👌 thanks for being so amazing and a true hero. You are all so very loved. Xxx

Andrea Storti

3 months ago

Had tickets for Friday night but ended up in hospital instead for 3 days.. now have to find some 2nd hand tickets for aug 28 or 29.. hope I can find some for a reasonable price & don't get scammed 🤞

I trust this man very, very much. Thanks Melbourne @khasanb84 😍

Sarah Anne Lavoie

3 months ago

I went to the concert last Tuesday... and 10 minutes before p!nk went on... I felt so sick so went to first aid to see if they could help... nothing they could do.... had to call my partner to come pick me up of the awesome first aiders saw me crying in the foyer (I was DEVASTATED!) and he took me to stand at the stairs with him to watch her first song! (He said so I could at least say I had seen her!) I cried on my way home... and again when I got home!! 😭 (big sook!) but what I saw.... AMAZING!!!!

Belkhir Salim

3 months ago

My 8 year old daughter and I loved your gig! Your attitude and personality have always created such a positive vibe. We loved your empowering message, amazing dancing and beautiful voice. Thanks for a great show!

Joey KT LP

3 months ago

My daughter and I went last night in Melbourne, thank you P!nk for the amazing emotional roller coaster that you took me on, everything was fantastic (as usual) Loved every second of it.

So pumped to be nominated for another moon person! Vote “What About Us” for best pop video at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards and don’t forget to tune in on 8/20 to watch it live 😘

Sabrina Stein

3 months ago

You'd definitely have my vote but it won't let me vote from Australia 😒 sorry Pink 😔
Thank you so much for bringing your Beautiful Trauma tour here to Australia. I saw you in Adelaide on the 11th, my first Pink concert. Have been a fan of yours since your Missundaztood album and it was a dream come true to be able to finally see you live... you do not disappoint!! You are incredible. Thanks for an awesome show, hope you come back again soon! ❤

Marya Nanuka

3 months ago

I'll do that tomoro Darling cos my phone is consistently falling off my hands, call that: lack of sleep

Jammie Michelle

3 months ago

Pink is an incredible artist, and she is always faithful to herself.
Continues to remain as you are and sing as you did!
(Sorry for the spelling errors I'm French)

Pre show warm up upside down kisses

Eddie Hutin-Bétrancourt

3 months ago

So cute.
Saw your show in Adelaide. What a fantastic performance. The theatrical dimension to the show was absolutely brilliant. Your voice is as good as it's ever been. Thank you for the your gift of music and some very inspiring songs. The best concert ever.

Abby Baker

3 months ago

Pink i am coming tonight to your Melbourne show i cannot wait.. Some punk stole my car with your CD's in it so i have had no music for cell phone is fukd, it's so glitchy and has no music it's stuffed. So going without tunes and then tonight seeing you is going to be gold <3

Eduarda Zem

3 months ago

Looking forward to Sydney on 4 August. I took my daughter for her 1st concert when she was 12, she is now nearly 21. Dance floor this time 💃 🍻

Jameson back in the makeup chair for tonight! Melbourne!!!!!!!! We made it!!!!!!!! 💫⭐️🌟✨🔥💥

Mc Porter

3 months ago

Thankyou for being you pink.
Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I have beencto all concerts but as a mum of 2 myself i look up to you and get inspired so much. I just booked a ticket for your last show on the 29th aug. Unreal.

Andriyan Vyso

3 months ago

Cute!!!! Saw your melb show last nite with my girls- OMG it was sensational. Saw your last concert and honestly didn’t think you could top that- Well YOU DID!!! It was a sensory overload of lights,acrobats,aerobatics,amazing dancers who did really beautiful contemporary,your floating bed,it was just too amazing for words. Loved seeing little willow on stage too. So enjoyable and my teenage daughters screamed their little lungs out with excitement!!!! There was a lady in the audience with a 6week old bub who had headphones on. You rocked Rod Laver pink. Thankyou!!!!! 😘 😘 😘

Karine Fillion Marc-André Quirion

3 months ago

Can’t wait
We are flying in from Tassie Thursday morning for the show
This will be our 4th time seeing you over the years — can I ask is there a Pop up shop this time and if so where is it

My healer friend doing some healing,
And these kiddos standing by patiently and curiously... #sage #cleansemysoul #lovemyvillage I ❤️ you @reinahidalgo521 #dressingroomslookalotdifferentthesedays

Dejayonsum Savageshit Hendrix

3 months ago

Love it! Love that the kiddos have so much to help distract them while you are busy and can't be with them!

Alberto Villafranco

3 months ago

My special needs niece & I are coming to see you in Melb tonight. A last minute random happenings of tickets manifested so I could surprise her for her 18th birthday..its all a bit surreal & so incredibly special. Didnt know this was going to be feeling very blessed to be bringing my special kin to witness you, as you are one of her very favs & a power house for her on her journey. Its hard to convey just how special this is to me..but will share that when she was a babe..we had no idea she would come this far & long in life..& is thriving dispite her odds. Im bought to tears with gratitude for how all this has fallen in place & to be able to share this event with her/you. She is going to get one hellofasurprise when she gets home from school!
The babes of the future are so precious to us all in all of their thank you for being all that you are & what you bring to the world for the empowerment of girls & women alike. Healing the path ahead 🙏🙏🙏💓💜💛💚💙

Pëtä-Gãyë Anna Wïllîãms

3 months ago

I ❤ this woman!! Yaaasss!!!
Alecia, i swear.... Its just like when my kids see me doing energy work! They're like 'Me! Me! Im next!!!!'

Brooke Kelford

3 months ago


Daniel Beletsov

3 months ago

You were blessed with beautiful kiddos. Thank you for sharing them with us. ♥♥

Ekaterina Solobay

3 months ago

oh my goodness. This is too cute! But I can't believe how big your little man Jameson is. Oh I can see why you, Carey and Willow are in love with this handsome little man. Enjoy your time down under with your wonderful family! thanks for sharing

Pre show Lyra lessons

Quinton Burns

3 months ago

Words can’t express how much I enjoyed the show, the vip party, meeting some awesome new people. The whole experience was just amazing😃😝 thank you for a great night I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did? Much love to you and you’re beautiful family, it’s plain to see Willow is going to be just like her mamma

Jana Machado

3 months ago

Does anyone remember the song Pink sung as one of the first songs. It’s not one of her songs I don’t believe. Something about being on your own or doing it on your own. Can’t remember the name. Thanks everyone

Terry Jackson

3 months ago

Totally blew getting Pink tickets. We are travelling the country on our motorbikes and didn’t know where we were going to be when. Hope everyone enjoys. All I can hope for is a hope that one of the tv stations broadcast the show at some point. Enjoy everyone.

Made the baby a baby blanket and he likes it 😍❤️💕😍❤️💕 #domesticatedmama
Love is Love! #PrideMonth🌈

Christopher B. Davis

4 months ago

you are so cool pink ..thanks for letting us see some of the behind the scenes in your family life.. bless you.. not many musicians do this . wife likes you too..enjoys your music..

Jolkan Andres DelaRosa

4 months ago

Crocheting is comforting of the time. After almost dying three times last year and being in the hospital for five months (he came home 2/27/18)my husband surprised me for Mother’s Day and took me to your concert in Denver at the Pepsi Center. Best concert I’ve ever seen!! It took him four days to recover but it meant so much. You are wonderful, Pink!!

Salu Macho

4 months ago

domesticated AWESOME mumma ! Just went thru my kids ‘baby boxes’ as I’m moving.... and came across all the little jumpers & booties I knitted, the best feeling in the world, making things for your little ones. Mine are 18 & 15 now, but I still make the occasional things 💖🤗😘

Nature. Nurture.
Kiddos. Gratitude

Mary Nikki Pereira

4 months ago

Just goes to show everyone !ya shes a star yes shes got lost of $ but you can still tell that her familly his worth more then anything else in the wolrd it shows in her songs and in her familly pictures awesome !pink ppls should learn from that and try to injoy there kids life more just like that!😆😆😆

Bobbie Rose J

4 months ago

Beautiful pictures, my daughter Marley (4years old) loves your name. If she sees a picture of you, she says (in dutch ofcourse) that's is the awesome lady P!NK. 💖

Sebastian Calinescu

4 months ago

Life is good. Even better when you have, love and appreciate children. Live, love each precious day. Keep posting/celebrating.

Andrew Macpherson came to the show last week and took the best picture ever (per usual) check out his newest work- it’s beyond incredible.... I love you Andrew Macpherson

Nigel Morton

4 months ago

Your show was incredible I was so blessed to watch You and those amazing dancers I’m still beaming Bouncing when I listen to you in my home car... I loved the movie The Greatest Showman and wondered why you didn’t do a role in that the music Chorographer seemed so you the message as well, I got a few stunning pictures it was surreal the show see you 2019
Enjoy that Family life oh Next tour can be named tolerate lol
Truth Trauma Tolerate LoL

Noppadon Somlok

4 months ago

I wish with all my heart I could afford to see her just once before I die...At 62 I am so impressed that the world has produced this marvelous woman!!!!

Angela Ortega

4 months ago

This is a awesome pic ✌🏻something your beautiful kids can look at and be so proud of & say that’s my mom 💖 !

Straight from the garden- for my baby girl. #byebyefirstgrade✌🏽 #proudmama

Mike Miller

4 months ago

I make permanent floral arrangements & have a beautiful permanent floral arrangement for Willow please pm me where I would be best to send 🌸

Jenna Lin

4 months ago

BEAUTIFUL SHOT!!! Album cover for kid songs or's a keeper!

Maman Myriame Kala

4 months ago

Beautiful, best flowers ever, are from your own garden, right P!NK 😍😘💐

📷: Willow Sage

Magdalena Pietrak

5 months ago

Love me my P!nk! Alicia and I have so much to talk about when we meet. I’m doing aerobatics while singing Wild Hearts can’t Be Broken and punching myself in abdomen too! I also give away my emotions by blushing.
I have a gauze navy skirt with stars worn with faux hawk. P!nk! Call me?

David Pashaev

5 months ago

See! Even J loves Portland (see his book)!? Lady, git yourselves here STAT! Would love to add you to my “transplant” posse😍

Stephen Steiner

5 months ago

@pink Seeing her on running around back stage at Staples Center, she is just growing up so fast. Happy 7th birthday Willow 🎂🎉🎈🎂🎉

Y’all don’t even understand how much love I have for this chick, this rocker, this mama, this entrepreneur, this total OG badass that is Gwen Stefani there really aren’t any comparisons as far as I’m concerned. Tonight was fun. Thanks friend Gwen Stefani

Kathy Dewert

5 months ago

Pink is my all-time favorite I saw her live in concert she is amazing. Gwen Stefani is also amazing she is my nieces favorite and these two ladies together are awesome

Normari Lopez

5 months ago

Seriously, the two of you should tour together... Elton John and Billy Joel did and that was amazing! I recently went to the concert in Boston, and honestly, the best concert I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen many... I left thinking no one could top this show! But if P!nk and Gwen toured?.... holy smokes! That would be....,. Well, we would just have to make up a new word... cause as of now, no word could match it!

Elisabeth Antonia Grabher

5 months ago

Great show tonight Pink!
Thank you!
I took my mom for her Mother’s Day gift! You were absolutely amazing! We try to see you whenever your in Cali!
I loved Willow’s guest appearance too! You’re such a good mama! She’s adorable and a very lucky girl!
She ended the show with a big hug for her mama! So very sweet.
Thanks PINK!


Erika Stewart Cantwell

5 months ago

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With #UNICEFKidPower, kids are empowered to get active to save lives. Here's how you can help bring this UNICEF USA program to more classrooms across the country:

David Welliver

5 months ago

If it’s a part of the UN I’d never give money.

Nielsou Muhlhause

5 months ago

you are amazing! 💝

Jim Aldwin Camacho

5 months ago

I want to do it at my school but we don’t qualify and I have no funding to do it

Petit Crenn ...... bucket list ✔️ if any of you want to learn about an incredible woman, and find some inspiration, please learn all there is to know about this chef. She is a master of her craft and an inspiration in living life. @dominiquecrenn what a meal and thanks to @mik_cohen for the amazing flight

Kuba Glebocki

5 months ago

i have been to San Francisco only once, 4 days with some excellent friends, about 20 years ago..... This restaurant looks really familiar, not sure if it the same place.... But it was delicious!!!

Anthony Howard

5 months ago

❤️❤️ can’t wait to see you in Australia in July, hopefully I will get to shake your hand again like last concert here..😘☺️

Norman Terry

5 months ago

I don't have a bucket list I live every day as it comes. Some days are tough some days are absolute torture and some days there is a tiny bit of light. I live everyday for my beautiful children. Some nights listening to your amazing beautiful voice helps me drift of to sleep without the worries i carry deep in my mind everyday. You are am incredible artist that peolke have become to love. But most of all You are an inspiration, a giver, caring, supportive of other , a provider, a loyal strong minded person. I thank you for pulling me through the darkest of nights.

Throwback to my performance at the Billboard Music Awards in 2016! Can’t wait to see all of this year’s amazing performances TONIGHT at 8e|5p on NBC #BBMAs

Eric Salas

5 months ago

Helleur......have you ever heard of Jess Glynne? I think you do do ANY cover song of hers!!!! Like: take me home, I'll be there, right here, my love, or it ain't right.......just a thought!!!! Oooooops or ain't got far to go!!!!!????? You can sing ANYTHING!!!!!

Patrick Atugonza

5 months ago

I love this. If you can make it to daytona forida , come show my kids a real mentor...local angels in facebook, maybe facetime them ! Love you...your my inspiration

Laura Ciuffreda

5 months ago

Pink Last Was On Billboards Music Awards 2018

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Hans Winter

5 months ago

I would love to see you at MSG. You are a role model for young girls, young women, androgynous people, strong women. I just can't afford your tickets. To hear that presale is less than now is disheartening.
You know the best seats in the house are not the front 50 or so.....

Anessa Gonzaga Duran

5 months ago

@Pink My good friend, Elizabeth Zipper has such a rare form of cancer she’s called our unicorn. Didn’t think she’d be alive for ur show, a miracle happened w a trial med & she’s here & your show is on her bucket list. She tried to buy tickets but was scammed out of her money and no tickets! Can u help her out? Plz!! #getliztopinkinseattle #teamunicorn

Sharmila N Mohamed

5 months ago

I think Everyone needs to realize that when you go buy tickets online, they are so overpriced because people buy tickets in bulk and turnaround and make money by making you pay an arm for them. Maybe look into getting the tickets from the venue's website. Don't get all bent out of shape because of it. Me and my siblings saved up just to get tickets so we can take our Mom as a Mother's Day gift. We made it happened and it was sooo worth it, I would do it again in a heartbeat. So it's worth it for the price. Her music, her lyrics, her performance and her energy is just worth it. So if you can make it happen you will make it happen. (I'm not writing this to get negative feedback either just had to say it.)

Morning cuddles 💕

Tatiana Athayde

5 months ago

Your show was fantastic! In fact it was so great that my friend and I bought tickets for your show in April and got floor seats rather than nose bleeds! Your energy and charisma is amazing. I just love everything about you! Thank you for your wonderful message.

Sheila Faylor

5 months ago

Dogs are the best. My little dog is the best little companion, I have multiple sclerosis and he keeps me company all the time. He cheers me up when I'm down & gives me heaps of cuddles.

Tyza Bonezy Fonoti

5 months ago

Cuddle Time is The Best time.
When I get home from work the first thing I do is jump on the bed with my kids and pet Poodle and we talk about our day and cuddle.

I find it's a good way to find out whats really happening with your kids, they feel secure and loved and more readily talk.

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Wanda Hubbard

5 months ago

Could never afford to see you...even though you're my hero. And I'm an old lady, so that's saying something. I live near Gila bend,'ll be here. My heart is breaking that I will be so close to you. I love your work, even though I'll never get to see you.

Dávid Komlósi

5 months ago

Was just in Salt Lake City for your concert for my daughters bday and guess who was in front of us at the airport? Uncle spanky and your dancers!!! I was too shy to say hi!!!

Tomás Blaudinho

5 months ago

Tix may be pricey, but I saw her show last night and it was worth every penny. She puts on an absolutely amazing show. The work that goes into it is indescribable. Acrobatics, pyrotechnics all the extra props..No regrets.

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Richard Loehr

5 months ago

Shame on you, Alicia...charging so much that only the richest people can see you. My husband's parents live next door to your parents in Philly. You have forgotten where you came from. So sad.

Paul Ireni

5 months ago

Thanks Pink for adding More Shows!
I saw you March 21, 2018!
You were Awesome! Amazing! Frantastic!
I just got tickets to your May 14, 2018!
I am stoked!
Now I have a Year to Wait!
Trying to stay calm!

Dominic Robles

5 months ago

WTF i want to take my daughter but tickets in Toronto for decent seats are way too expensives... is it about the money or ur fans...u decide... ur ticket price says it all

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Beverly Govan

5 months ago

You are my idol and your coming to New Zealand 🇳🇿 I honestly would love to just see you in concert, your an amazing person and mother, your songs got me through my rough up bringing and have kept me going, unfortunately due to having bad anxiety I can come to watch you live, that and the fact that I don’t have the finances, I would do anything to meet you please

MsDee Lee

5 months ago

I had a chance to see you when you came to Atlanta, Ga on the 21st of April, but my friend went with someone else. Wish I could afford the seats cause I sure want to see you perform. but this single mom just can't spend that type of monies to treat myself.

Maro Hany

5 months ago

I am still waiting for her to go back to Detroit this year because she was sick and had to cancel her tour date then .we still have our original tickets when she was suppose to play in Detroit this year .How can they announce for 2019 when they told us to hold on to our tickets still haven't heard anything about her coming back to Detroit this year does anyone know if she will be coming back and playing for us or not this year ?would really appreciate anything

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Muhammet Odabaş

6 months ago

I’m going to wear that “what about us” hoodie and stage a protest outside every major arena in Britain until I get a ticket in my hand! Desperate times peeps! Lol

Anna Eshun

6 months ago

P!NK —— I’m really hoping someone from this P!nk merchandise page will
PLEASE respond to my email regarding a defective camo wind breaker jacket I bought at the concert!!!! PLEASE RESPOND!!!! Very disappointed that the screen print is peeling off 😩😢 especially since it cost $150!!!!!

Rahmi Khuzainiyah

6 months ago

Saw you in Houston this past Saturday, you are such a strong and awesome performer! Wish you would come to the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA. It was worth the trip to see you but I didn’t care for the Toyota Center in Houston, very uncomfortable seating! Not to mention everything in downtown Houston closes between 2:30 to 6:30 pm.

If you love doggies and supporting rescues- follow Road Dogs & Rescue they are doing such amazing work for these beautiful little souls

Haylee Holloway

6 months ago

So many wonderful rescues in this country. We do our part here in Arizona. Please rescue there are so many wonderful dogs in need of homes.

Bradley Lynch

6 months ago

Pink there is another one that you must check out to. Flying Fur Animal Rescue.
All of these people who rescue dogs are truly amazing!!!💗

Janet Vollmann

6 months ago

I have a pit/pointer mix we adopted in 2011. She’s been the absolute best dog I’ve ever had. I have severe anxiety, and she’s been my therapy dog. She knows when I’m having a bad day and she’ll gently lay her head on me.

“So how does it feel Willow to be the most beautiful person in the world? “… “UMM, does it mean I get an extra dessert this week? “– Willow

Julia Richarme

6 months ago

She's precious. Your children are so blessed to have you for their mom.💕 My daughter and I had the time of our lives last night at your concert. You are a remarkable young woman! Your talent is just amazing!! ❤

Gitta Czekalla

6 months ago

Well done Willow, well i guess all credit should be given to the good looking parents of course for her looks but the charisma she holds on her face is all her. You go girl.

Sean Adkins

6 months ago

Pink, I just finished reading my People magazine and it’s a wonderful article. My husband and I just returned from your concert in Atlanta. We were thrilled to attend. So many words come to mind after that amazing experience to describe you: strong, beautiful, beast, ballerina, trapeze artist, warrior, crusader, teacher, leader. Thank you for attempting to change the world

SO honored to be on the cover of #TheBeautifulIssue with my kiddos 😍 😍😍. Thanks People!

Erotic Cafe'

6 months ago

Well I know you don't like people who voted for trump, so I'm gonna say doesn't matter if you don't like me or not, I like you and I think your kids are adorable, so with that said I hope you teach your kids better than that. There is enough hate in this world already. I will always like you but I'm sorry you have an attitude against certain people. It just makes you no different than the rest of the world

Ujwal Yadav

6 months ago

Love P!NK & her music! It's sad that she has said those comments. Might want to be a little careful...look what happened to the Dixie Chicks. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when it comes to your job/career, you have to be careful. Fans make them money.

Eva Gallardo

6 months ago

Congratulations Pink (Alecia Beth Moore) you are beautiful on outside n inside you have beautiful kiddos . We just saw you at Prudential center 4-14-18 to say you were awesome doesn’t even come close . I was there for my bday best one ever. Thank you love you 😘

So pumped about my 2018 Billboard Music Awards nomination 💃 💖 😘! Watch the show, LIVE May 20th on NBC. #BBMAs

Calvin Armstrong

6 months ago

ATTENTION PINK!! My amazing 36 year old sister Stacy has terminal brain cancer and the very top thing on her bucket list is to see YOU in concert!! We live in Utah and it would truly make her dream come true to see you in concert at Vivint in SLC on May 9th!! We unfortunately cannot afford the tickets to see you. My sister does not have an income and is trying to take care of her three little boys. If anyone has the ability to forward this on to PINK, can you please do so?? I'm praying she will be able to see this and we can get my incredible sister to see her!!

Sonya Olesky-Shar

6 months ago

Your new CD is the best, don’t let anyone tell you different, love the new sound and love the lyrics.. “they say that things were simple then, although I don’t remember when” beautiful song and so spot on a lot of women today xo

Mike McNulty

6 months ago

Oh yes you've done it again. So proud of you. The messages you relay through your songs, they are inspiring and give hope to so many people. 😊😊😊💜💛💜💛💜

Thankyou Boston #iloveloveloveyou

Lili Rodriguez

6 months ago

Best show that I’ve seen in a long time. You even out did Bon Jovi. They were lame compared to you. So glad I was able to see you and hope you come back again soon!

Melendez CJ

6 months ago

I wish I could have gone. It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid but unfortunately paying for our wedding in August takes all of our extra cash. Hopefully I get to see you some day! ♡

Echo Coy

6 months ago

My husband and I were at the Monday night show!!! What an amazing talented woman you Are! Thank you for the experience known as a PINK concert!!!

Story time

حبیب الله احمدی

6 months ago

Well I know you're doing really well with your concerts cuz I wanted to see you at the San Jose venue in California but the seats available you cannot see you and us little old ladies would love to see you seeing not get a view of the stage bummer cuz I know you do the best concerts you're the best singer I've seen you with my granddaughter with your Justin Timberlake show way back when but bless her heart she has passed away and ever since then I haven't gone to a concert

Carlos Vieira

6 months ago

My four year old is obsessed with you! You've been her inspiration for dancing, drums, and she amazes us because she knows every word to your Melbourne concert from watching it so much. Thank you for being such a strong. Inspiration for a generation that is finding their truth.

Bruno Nicolau

6 months ago

How he looks at her. Such a lovely moment captured that you can pull out and look at on the days they are at each other's throats (lol). Thank you for sharing.

2 nights at Madison Square Garden! Let’s do this 😍😍😍📷 @drdavept @khasanb84

Looking east/looking west #hellonyc

Jay Ponda

7 months ago

We have come all the way from Australia and it’s my sisters birthday today. We went last night and are going tonight also could you please say a shout out to Karen thanks. We love the photo of you boys out and about.

Andrew Weston

7 months ago

Hi Alecia,
I know you have two days off on the 11th & 12th before hitting Philly. I was wondering if you were still going to be in the Boston area (Hingham, MA) on the 12th, it’s National, Drop Everything And Read Day...our school has special guest readers come and read a quick story. Of course, if you could come (bring the family!!), I would get major brownie points with the admin😜 (I’m a fourth grade special education teacher). Mostly though, you always share such beautiful and strong messages that I know it would leave a lasting impact on all of us. You (or Willow) could pick the book! I know it may not fit in your schedule, but I will be seeing you on Tuesday night! I’m surprising my daughter with GA, floor tickets for your show😀😀😀! Best wishes for the rest of your tour. Lori Grillo

Caesar Tat

7 months ago

i know this is a random question but do famous people shop at wally world for their kids ever lol shoot if i was famous best believe I'm not going to wally world ever again

Evelin Badillo

7 months ago

Yes it can Pink I lost my only daughter and your music heals me. She reminds me of you because she was fearless. I saw you again at the yum center. I will always try and see you😘

Antonio Kraljv

7 months ago

You’re so real and we love seeing your children grow. My wife and I cannot wait to see you in concert on Saturday!!! It’ll be her 42nd birthday! And you’re concert is her present!! We love ya!


7 months ago

I’m a 64 yr old gal. My birthday present from my daughter was tickets to your concert in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’ve been a fan for years. Was not disappointed. Awesome show. Take care of yourself. ❤️

Throwback to last year !!!

Happy Easter! 🐣

Happy birthday to a magnificent human with the heart of a lioness and the voice of an angel. I am constantly inspired by you and I wish you a year full of deep breaths and moments that take your breath away. Bon anniversaire 💕👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💕