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Fans shared about Pia Mia

Issa Alhallak

2 hours ago

Not a great advice though, when a girl is going to a date , she better keep the girls safe lol cuz otherwise the guy won't take a look at her personality , he'd probably be worried about the girls health lol

Fans shared about Pia Mia

Kissback McLaughlin

a day ago

what a Pic!

:) Whats Up ? <3 Pia Mia

:|] Bot By 8-) Kissback McLaughlin

O:) Tuesday -> 16/1/2018 -> 05:46 AM (BD)

-=[[ BotBoss_Top ]]=-

Pool then Ted Talks & The Crown.

favorite movie?

need your love

one of my favorite fits from my #ITSPiaMia collab 💓 shop my collection

In LA, so jet lagged, wondering why I’m not on the beach eating a freshly husked coconut rn 🥥🌴

24 hours and I’m missing Guam 💙

The Gift 2 is out now!! What’s your favorite song? #ITSPiaMia 🎀

I love you Guam

Fans shared about Pia Mia

Patrick Mwanje

13 days ago

Wat if I say I want u mia ,and being interest end in u would u abuse me I can be ur everything . even if I HAV no enough dime BT i like u


u have my 💓

Fans shared about Pia Mia

Dazza Rall

17 days ago

Hiya Pia😍hows u?me would love to wake up anywhere in the world cuddling up with u😘can dream big hugs n kisses Dazza ❤

Countdown New Years with me at @1oaktokyo 🎉 #NYE18

Fans shared about Pia Mia

Patrick Emmanuel

20 days ago

I was stunned, wanted shouting ''I love you'' but then I realized maybe it was just the effects of your pure beauty perfected with those gorgeous curves. I then decided to swallow my words.

Yuliana Meza

also shared about Pia Mia

I know Princess Pia Mia;you are the gift.You have the gift!I'm a King with the "King of Kings!"God bless👆💪💌.......Jamel👑💎💎💎

Fans shared about Pia Mia

Raju Kambli

21 days ago

Hello Professor Miller not my Raju man I got in this dude can I Nevada and I'm here are you not you not gallon can I nearest date mirror Nagaland stayed knock on the status

Fans shared about Pia Mia

Apatcha Kantatha

23 days ago

Here's wishing you all the joys of the season.
Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!🎉🎉😙😙

merry xmas eve from guam #PiaMiaxMG @materialgirl
merry xmas eve from guam 💙

last night 🌴 from my collection #ITSPiaMia

Fans shared about Pia Mia

Tenzin Dawa

a month ago

You know you're a Goddess and youre future husband better thank God everyday for you, because you are a talented woman who deserves nothing but the best, I swear to God.

Had such a great show in Greece 💓 next stop 🇬🇺 (@inthestyle sequin tube top)

@nvertis bless 💓@mavlashextensions

@nvertis bless 💓 @mavlashextensions

Fans shared about Pia Mia

Noel Acuisa

a month ago

you are my life I know that I'm gonna miss him and he will always love him so I love her and she is so beautiful I hope everything goes well and she is still the happiest person on the world of heaven to me my beautiful ladies and my loving sister love me my beautiful family love it beautiful beautiful love love and miss our love of my love and beautiful love and miss love and support for us and our love and love for us and we reunite and our love for us to be our family love love it our babies are beautiful ladies love love it beautiful love and love lots of beautiful ladies love love it and beautiful ladies love love it

Noel Acuisa

also shared about Pia Mia

I cant say i love u pia mia perez because ur a known star im unknown star you work with the spotlight on u.... i work behind the scenes .. truly making moves and plans.. and just genuinely enjoying life wit out all the hassle .. your a geonome in allf your a part of the team known star ⭐️ im in denial i won 50 million in 2011 for the first time.. and won it sooo many other times... foul play was at hand... not in 2018 im changing my ways

Noel Acuisa

also shared about Pia Mia

I need to buy something that colour yellow the sacral chakara remember selena gomez when we were young and i used to watch u on barney i developed a long standing crush on u selena im gonna heal ur lupus your infection with a solution ... in 2019 summer like july august you get a new body brand new every body part

Track 6 // Off My Feet

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The Gift 2 🎁
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The Gift 2 🎁

Track: 5 // No Good

Track: 4 // Ocean Drive

Track: 3 // Day Dreaming

Track: 2 // Red Room

Track: 1 // One Song Away

NEW MUSIC TONIGHT 12/15 #TheGift2 🎁

lose my breath when u look my way 💀 @ohpolly

love you london
have you ever had a surprise freshly made rhubarb pie ever delivered to your hotel room internationally?

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