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i like hot sauce on my chicken

Carmen Bellitto

17 hours ago

I don't know what to recommend

Vanessa Villamor Taghoy

17 hours ago

I like mushroom sauce on my steak..😉

Nadine Pecora-Sansone

17 hours ago

It’s no need to sauce if the chick it’s hot . Don’t you ..? 😂

today’s workout ♡

Christina Brienne

2 days ago

I love you

Rigo Gonzalez

2 days ago

Music?Music?Music? New music!!!

Jessica Niemeier

2 days ago


thank u for ur love. 2019 will be amazing.


5 days ago

You're so beautiful

Luisa Victoria Lopez

6 days ago

It's good to see you with blown back hair ....

Sandra Arenivas

7 days ago

I can see your soul glow. 🌙💫

night at the opera

Kae Piper

7 days ago

When you go to Quebec my beautiful Pia ?

Sandy Dupont

8 days ago

Stairway to heaven ....

Sarah Shively Farkas

8 days ago


Would love that wrapped under my tree; I’d play with it all year long!

thank u ily ♥︎

Melissa Paltriccia

8 days ago

El 2019 será mucho mejor.

Rosa Elizabeth Lopez Aranda

8 days ago

Kimberley got ur own Spotify channel now

Ελενη Αν. Βλαχακη

8 days ago

We love you doll.

this is love

Clint Walker

10 days ago

Awsome pia Mia...

Laura Cuthbert

11 days ago

Ya lanza un álbum.

Bruno Pieters

11 days ago

u look like an angel

it’s way too cold get me to an island stat

Stephanie Chavez

13 days ago

Were are you doll.. In us..

Olivia Spain

13 days ago

Come back to Guam lol

Suzanne Chilton

13 days ago

Eres una lindura

Isaya Kimario

13 days ago

You look so beautiful.

Sarah Looper

13 days ago

Beautiful and Amazing as always 😉😍

Paul Fletcher

14 days ago

To beautiful .you make your clothes look fake ....😉

good outfit = good day

Amber Vandenthoren

16 days ago

You look hot in anything!

Leonardo Gee

16 days ago

Always a good day when seeing you 😊

IMané Riani

16 days ago

Fiouuw quel flow des enfers 😯🥰👩🏼‍⚖️

Genean Christiansen

16 days ago

Would you call your perfume pia perfection....

Princess Enny Adedamola

17 days ago

your fingers is so tall hihihi

Diego Fernando Nuñez Marin

17 days ago

Cheers, is it mojito? 😂😂

u said im the only one

Tynyrea Ty Matthews

17 days ago

Proper hot this web my days dribbling who needs a gym sheild let it out haha X

Taylor Mrisho Jr.

17 days ago

i totally get it

Cie'st Lavient

18 days ago

That's a good stress reliever that u can do. 👏


Αριάδνη Κορίλη

19 days ago

now you got me wondering who this is

Brandon Kidd

19 days ago

Lilo and Stitch shit

Thokozani Shozi

19 days ago

I would love you no matter . You would smile all day long..

@fashionnova heading to musubi cafe

Pat LaFemina

20 days ago

Always a stair to share...

Александр Слонов

20 days ago

Princess Pia can I kiss ur lips?

Peggy Sisson

20 days ago

Lets do it again.

@fashionnova it doesn’t get better than waking up and going straight to the beach 💚

Lacy Smirnov

20 days ago

Makes me melt seeing you in my favorite color. Always so Radiant!

Danella Forsyth

21 days ago

What's up Mommy🙄🤗🤗🤗😎

Robin Starr Willey

21 days ago

when can u make lunch or dinner or have u forgotten ME ?? Mar T 0416458424.SMS ME XX

Jerry Mahner

22 days ago

Sweety yummy shopping xxx

Nathan Witt

22 days ago

What does it mean When you look back at someone to you

Kevin Mashale

22 days ago

See ya afterwards.... Jordan 2's plz 🤑

@fashionnova no stylist 🎙

Heidi Fox

22 days ago

How about a smile you selfish gorgeous young woman 😁

Michelle Sissy Rielly

22 days ago

You like you just wrapped yourself up after getting out the bath 😂

William WillRock Trejo

22 days ago

You look nice Mommy🙄🤗🤗🙃🙄

@fashionnova mornings in Hawaii 🖤
Song - “Off My Feet” link to my Spotify in bio

Fred Jim

22 days ago

Beautiful sweetheart! I love you 😊

Jenny Blank

22 days ago

Snap shot goodies. 😏

Paul Metzger

22 days ago

Just got off of work time to relax I hope you have a good day and enjoy tomorrow take care

My Thanksgiving 🖤

Perry West

23 days ago

I would like the chance to make you smile your never smiling ya and why are you always alone you just don't like to share 🌹🌹😘🇺🇸T

Gabriela Bustamante

23 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Know that you are LOVED and APPRECIATED and that many would enjoy spending their holidays with you!

Melany Gilivary

23 days ago

Hello You...Where are you?

watermelon guava li hing mui powder & mochi shave ice

Cecilia J. Piche

23 days ago

I love fruit to

Kayla Pepper

23 days ago

How we did it on a one night stand
, I wanna be more than a friend, to ya

Michael Bartram

23 days ago

Pia Mia
22 hrs ·
watermelon guava li hing mui powder & mochi shave ice... Like a Jennifer Lopez photo...

@fashionnova wear this dress if u want ppl to know you’re that bitch

Alexey Nikiforov

23 days ago

Waowwwwwwwww you are terrific sexy and xtremly sensual baby love you

Rossy Ortiz

23 days ago

You look beautiful Pía Mia

Angeli Menta

24 days ago

You are so beautiful 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

daily makeup...10 mins max

Nnaoma Chizoba

a month ago

You are a Goddess, Natural Beauty. You need No Makeup. Love Your Stunningly Delicious Beauty.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dawn Duodu

a month ago

Wow.. When ur next album release.

Jorge Henrique

a month ago

What do you look like w/out makeup? 🏃

Celebrating the @marcellvonberlin LA launch 🖤 #marcellvonberlin #mvbxla

Sam Bovill

a month ago

Hi guys please add & follow me

Manny Deluta Bayeta

a month ago

No existe la mujer perfect..... 🤤

Hardy Tyquan Louis

a month ago

انا عارف انك بتدخلي الصفحات دي عشان تدوري ازاي تريحي نفسك وتطفي شهوتك.. بس مش عارفه عشان بتخافي تخشي في علاقه مع حد...
انا اقدر اريحك واخليك تحسي بلذة واطفي نارك من غير ماندخل في خصوصيات بعض ومن غير مانشوف وش بعض. عشان انتي محترمه وبنت ناس وانا كمان.. هيبقى كل حاجه في سريه تاااامه 🙈🙈🙈😚 ....عارف انك بتشوفي تعليقي😉😊 ..
🙊🙊.. صدقيني هتلاقي فيا الي بتدوري عليه .. الي مش يحب يدخل في خصوصياتك ويمتعك اخر حاجه😉😊
..تعالي عالخاص وهخليكي تحسي احاسيس ولذه ماتتخيليهاش.. وطبعا بمنتهى السريه ..
يلا منتظرك عالخاص 😉😉🙈

don’t @ me

Rick Bucnpacker Day

a month ago

Mark Keegan the caption

Adriann Koger

a month ago

These fools really know what you're talking about mia... 😏 😂

Peter J Henry

a month ago

You are a Delicious Chick-Fil-A. Would eat you for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack & anytime you let me. You are an Amazingly Gorgeous Girl.

@fashionnova 🖤 one of my fav shoes rn

Jennifer Hausmann

a month ago

i want ur feet and ur shoes

That look good

Ελλη Γιολδαση

a month ago

So pretty Pia.

11:11 (freestyle) on SoundCloud now. Link in bio. I’ll be responding to your comments!
11:11 (freestyle) is on SoundCloud. I hope you love it, go listen and share. Thank you. Love, your Free and Independent artist Pia Mia.

Lester Rowe

a month ago

Pia is back😍

Rajjneesh Desai

a month ago

I like the song pia. Really good feel to my soul

Christina Alaniz

a month ago

What happened to the pussycat dolls

@fashionnova ♡ I just booked my flight to the tropics💧

Laura Lane

a month ago

Nice pic. Pia👑🌻

Marie Gordon

a month ago

Can I meet you there lol

Marcos Ortega

a month ago

Sweetness wish I could be so lucky enough to have a friend like you

🛸 no bad vibes

Catia Loios Susano

a month ago

A fan and I wanted to tell you myself they should know that your Beautiful.

Brie Rainone

a month ago

Pia Mia your very Beautiful n Awesomely sexy ! 😉😉😉😉😉😉

Karina A Miranda-Mays

a month ago

Only good vibs 🎙🎙🎶🎵♩🎧

Mang Inasar

a month ago

Would Love To. You are Very Deliciously Lickalicious.

Rdzz Lucero

a month ago

Oh, trust me.

XSpace Tiger

a month ago

Take it like it’s gona leave

pshychos in love

Devano Denandra

a month ago

You can always where it tight pia......

Brie Rainone

a month ago

Literally thought she was kylie for a second

Looks like a poster or magazine cover or so. Pia in her perfection. Menacing beauty.

Coca-Cola classic

Michael R Murphy

a month ago

Good to see you looking happy....

Jaime Santiago

2 months ago

I wish you would shake my bottle up and twist the red cap off 😛

Chonpen Ezung

2 months ago

A beautiful woman, beautiful!

I ex-love you

Min Sung Kim

2 months ago

Love you forever

Kristine Pritchard

2 months ago

Waowwwwwwwwwe you are terrific sexy and xtremly sensual baby love you

Martha Kennelly

2 months ago

Hi. Pia. I have missed you. You look so beautiful.. And I will always love you. Peace babydoll.

my baby 🐩

Orlando Gonzalez

2 months ago

What a toy!!! Just a wooly wonder, a tiny charcoal! My dream of a dog breed when I was around seven y.o. So-o lovely, so sweet!..

Shigeo Sonoda

2 months ago

Boy or a girl $_$

Luis Hidrovo

2 months ago

hu guaiya hao

Skin Glowing after my PRP gold treatment with @pawnta ♡ It helps with skin rejuvenation, tightening and scars . It’s all natural using my own blood plasma to make new collagen!
🔪 ( •⌄• ू )✧

Alicia Guarneri Umbel

2 months ago

To be honest am happƴ to see you #DATWAY 😼

Nazira San

2 months ago

Always Deliciously Gorgeous.❤️❤️❤️👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

Louise Sharp

2 months ago

You look good all the time.. Doll

@fashionnova ♡ right before I ate a mountain of eton mess 👅

Alex Cuyuch

2 months ago

I don't know how the pizza took my eye off of you

Diiego Andres Cañón Rodríguez

2 months ago

I had pizza too!....we got something in common...😜😂🍕

Lynn Needham

2 months ago

Awesome beauty, my Pia Mia, super cute girl💋💔👄😃😄

@fashionnova 💸 I love a sparkle and a crimp

Rachelle Hendry

2 months ago

I love eating at the Y!

Keren Mharme Efya

2 months ago

Ben Jones she looks yuck on this pic 😟🤢 size of her head and hands 😅

Berly Bernnabas

2 months ago


My dreams came true @mcdonalds in the club with @champagnepapi #ad

Amy D'Orsi

2 months ago

my is youuuu xox

Camille Paler

2 months ago

Emina I wish I was on Pia’s level

Josh Rutkowski

2 months ago


@fashionnova 🖤 love you mean it

Alessandro Romagnoli

2 months ago

عارف إنك محترمة ومتربية وبنت ناس
وانا مقدر احترامك وتربيتكـ🙏👍
لكن الجنس شهوة وغريزة فينا كلنا
ومحدش يقدر يسيطر علي الشهوة
واي انثي نفسها في انسان محترم زيـها يقدر شهوتها ويمتعها بجد
ويقـدر احتياجها للجنس والمتعه
وياريت السريه التامه
بس لعلاقه جاده او جاوز متعه وصداقيني انا ذيك تمام واد الثقه ال انتي عوزها

Julius Kirchhof

2 months ago

Love you love you.

Mariangela Zappone

2 months ago

The perfect shirt to eat fruit loops.....

Too soon?
forever yours

Soumahoro Bakari

2 months ago

Whats your instagram i wanna follow

Andrea Gonzalez

2 months ago

I love you!

Gitonga Kinyanjui

2 months ago

never soon enough

Jeff Campbell

2 months ago

Showing of your legs ?Nice dress

Jorge de la Cruz

2 months ago

My goodness baby girl your so gorgeous and those boots are talking to me. Wow oh ya your having a great hair day lots and lots of love ❤️ for you my limo should be there any minute 🌹🌹😘T

John Wong

2 months ago

"Le Rouge et le Noire". My favourite combination! You look like a delicate flower, like half-naked Nature, like Truth without a shame. Silk petals, silk lips. A simple wonder in a Poppy field.

@fashionnova 🌫 oh i just did it on em

Pia Elisabeth Spiegelhauer

2 months ago

Girl u are on fire😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ridwan Nuban

2 months ago

😅 she did a dump on her boyfriend

Joaquin Rodrigo Bustamante Rodriguez

2 months ago

مرحبا انا عامر

just had the best sushi for lunch

Bill Lisa Exton

2 months ago

Yes.pia mia you fine..i hope you.

Ronnie Reynolds

2 months ago

I couldn't read my fortune today I'll try to read it tomorrow? Us

Joel Britt

2 months ago

Lukas Urbonas actually need her trainers

Michel Mateus

2 months ago

Loving you
.i hope you.
I am rich man.

Shanequa Minter

2 months ago

When do you come to the US.

Douglas Tooley

2 months ago

Your so HOT Island girl !!

Yazha-b Yazha Marmol

2 months ago

You beautyfull
You fine girl.

Ronald Lecoña

2 months ago

You look fab

Sanil Mathews

2 months ago


shit happens pass the whiskey
do you believe in life after love?

Lionel Mirai Trunks

2 months ago

Beth Mountford we need see her live i aint missin her next time she comes

Laetitia-anais Tchissambou

2 months ago

Nice words to live by

Jossica Stcyr

2 months ago

Amazingly Delicious Beauty.❤️❤️❤️


Mike McKinnis

2 months ago

Pia and the girrafe 🐒
Did you buy it

Ginger A Reif

2 months ago

That s real a lucky dog😯 I know how much you love pets 🐒

Guillaume Rochigneux

2 months ago

Lookin pretty mia

Emily Wilson

3 months ago

Като пиеш , не разливай , за да не миеш после !

Sandra F Vargas

3 months ago

Geet gaundai ho ki kya ho

Alik Manoyan

3 months ago

Sing us a song..


Larry Bowling

3 months ago

#piamia neva stop missing you babygirl....wish i was there xoxo

Luis Rodriguez

3 months ago

Sing me a song..

Susan Marcu Carano

3 months ago

Your so beautiful!

psycho and you love it @lliacollection
u love it

Agnieszka Nowak

3 months ago

No idea what ya talkimg about

Zehra Kılıç

3 months ago

this hyna is crazy but like her anyways

Julia Ki

3 months ago

Khoi molai ta mon parena face nai dekhiyena

Teresa Seisdedos

3 months ago

God talents you.

Greg Apost

3 months ago

My dream is to one time meet you which i know it will never happen ....But thats the world were in....Wishing to get to sometging u can never reach....Thanks for looking owesome....

Gervaris Clemons

3 months ago

Agadi pochadi dubai tira hot hot ani chwak dekhiyeko cha

everyday 🔈👽 @fashionnova
celebrating 22

Heather Wilde

3 months ago

I love you forever.

Sarah Brillhart

3 months ago

المشتهيه تعالي شات

Nilson Parikesit

3 months ago

Happy birthday, Gorgeous!