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Got some work to do tomorrow #hurricanemichael

Peter Kunder

3 days ago

Happy that no one was hurt! Good luck with the tree cutting!!

Chela Libertad

3 days ago

Sooo very sad!! the main thing is your all OK, Got a chain saw?\

Lara Reyes

3 days ago

So happy it wasn't worse. Have fun getting your hands dirty.

I'm sitting down tonight with Capital One at the Capital One Café in Santa Monica to discuss power of listening and for me, how it’s impacted my life and musical career. Check out to learn more. #BankingReimagined #CapitalOnePartner

Pachara Sophonsirisakun

4 days ago

Can’t wait to listen in!

Tammy Stenke

5 days ago

Keep going Phillip. Your music & songs are very inspiring 🎶🎶🎵🎼🎵

Eli Stoilova

5 days ago

Will we get to see/hear it later on that website?

Had a great time tonight with this crew in my hometown.Thank you to everyone that came out and to our awesome city.Thanks @lukebryan @coleswindell @thepeachpickers @the_djrock for a great night of music! Georgia on my mind...

Scorprina Newell

17 days ago

For me, the highlight of the night was your rendition of "Georgia on My Mind".

Milene Pereira

17 days ago

Amazing talent & great performance! Thank you!

Federico Freddi

17 days ago

When is the next West coast visit.

Hangin at a great local spot in my hometown called Q’s Cakes. One of the many reasons I love my home. Come support the disaster relief efforts for the tornadoes that devastated areas all around here. Heart of South Georgia Benefit Concert with Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, The Peach Pickers, and
DJ ROCK is one week from today, October 3rd! Tickets are still available at

Mily Treminio

25 days ago

I'm crossing my fingers. Cross yours too Phillip! If all the stars line up I'll be there.

Devis Mwakijolo

25 days ago

Please please please sing You Got It Bad from your American Idol days!!!

Lisa Rhodes

25 days ago

I'm in Alaska right now, but I made sure I'd be there for your concert! Coming home Oct 2nd and will see you Oct 3rd! It will be my 10th Phillip Phillips concert! Love you and Hannah!

Throwback Thursday! It’s an honor to share my birthday with my middle sister.She’s got the sweetest heart and a caring soul.She’s the best middle sister in the world! Haha thanks for letting me share this day with you every year. Yeah we’re twins....7 years apart. Happy birthday sis! @lacey2030 #tbt

Destiny Parson

a month ago

Happy Birthday Phillip & sis. Enjoy your special day!

Real Nada

a month ago

I hope you two had a wonderful time!

Karen Jean Thornhill

a month ago

Happy birthday from Vermont Phillip! Its me Susan from National Life Guest House. Wish you could see our beautiful fall foliage. Colors are changing already.

Albany is my home. I have traveled near and far, but always come back home. This is where my family is and where I have planted my roots. I was home on January 22, 2017, when the tornado ravaged our area and surrounding areas. I was able to get out that night and in the days following to serve alongside my community, seeing the true heart of our city. I am honored to have the opportunity now to play this special show on October 3rd to benefit victims of that horrible storm. Come out and enjoy a night with me and Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, The Peach Pickers, and DJ ROCK.

Proceeds raised will be donated to The Heart of South Georgia Fund of The Community Foundation of South Georgia to support the ongoing natural disaster relief efforts as well as other needs within the community.

Oscar Jose Encarnacion

a month ago

Everyone I have met in your family possesses a servant’s heart. Our community is blessed by your family! Thank you for your service and compassion! Ken Hodges #AlbanyStrong #SWGAStrong

Tinker Meadows

a month ago

You guys rock!! Thank you so much for doing this!! Can't wait!!

Pablo Lonngi

a month ago

You guys “walk the walk”...SOWEGA loves y’all!

What a great summer tour with these characters. Couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you to the fans who help make this dream possible. I love you all. Can’t wait for many more tours!

Mario Manhualaya

a month ago

What an awesome tour this was my 7th time seeing you and just keeps getting better, saw you last night at The Fred's ampitheatre in Peachtree City, GA

Westbrook Atieno

a month ago

Your Pittsburgh show was amazing!

Ferny Bacaneri

a month ago

Hope you get some R&R and have a lot of fun. Hoping you come through Ohio next tour.

‪Peachtree City, GA, tonight!! Home state show! ‬

Alondra Salcedo

a month ago

GREAT show...thank you!

Ann Burroughs

a month ago

Your show at the stone pony was great. But why no encore?

Cameron Richmond

a month ago

Congrats on completing your summer tour! Enjoy Peachtree City and your GA fans! After tonight - rest, write and enjoy family and nature! Look forward to your next tour!!

This summer has flown by! Only two shows left. Tomorrow in Wilmington at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater and Saturday in Peachtree City at The Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater. Looking forward to rounding things out in my home state! 🍑🌳

Tickets are still available at

Ana Ramirez

a month ago

You made fans out of my friends tonight in Wilmington! Great show Phillip!!🎉💃🏻

April Stone

a month ago

Great show in Wilmington NC tonight Phillip!! I’m glad my little girl got to hang out with you some. Thanks for taking time for pics with her. She prob didn’t tell you the story of the night I saw your audition for American Idol. I announced right then and there that you would win. I did the same thing for Scotty McCreery. I’m psychic I guess?!!! Get tomorrow’s show in the books and get some rest!!

Paula Clow

a month ago

Wilmington show was awesome!

Hey y’all! These hats support Children’s Miracle Network in my hometown! #229 If you’d like to purchase one, get it here!

Alexsandra Vicentela

2 months ago

You Are My Idol!

Elijah Wheeler

2 months ago

Great night at Mt. airy with Phillip Phillips, Fantastic show! Love him!

Winnie Gofulco

2 months ago

Love love love! 229 all the way! ♡

‪This is the last week of shows for a bit! Come on out y’all! Last show in my home state of Georgia! Let’s do this! ‬

Gimmy Martínez

2 months ago

I'm supposed to be there. Paid almost 50 dollars for my front row ticket weeks ago but my car is now broken down. Didn't see that accident coming. Can't get it fixed by then since I lost my job for it being down. My first concert was one of yours with Neon Trees and 21 Pilots at University of West GA some years back so I know it will be good. Hope I don't have to try to sale my ticket. Isn't this show in Peachtree City though and not Atlanta? Peachtree City is closer to me coming from Newnan.


2 months ago

Amazing performance at Parx casino in Bensalem,PA. Come back soon!

Camila Oliveira

2 months ago

You and your Guitarist were awesome!! Thank you for coming to Newburyport, MA.

‪My new single ‘Magnetic’ is officially at radio. Call your local stations and tell them you want to hear it.I’d sure appreciate it! -PP #Magnetic ‬

Heike Kara Ali

2 months ago

The whole album should be on radio!! It’s amazing!!!!!

Rudransh Singh Katiyar

2 months ago

Will do! I let them know when the album came out!

Mohammad Ahmadian

2 months ago

It deserves es to be on the air waves, it's great. The amazing. Your voice is off the charts! I love you and your music.❤

Little throwback Thursday action for ya... my hair was on point. @ladonna.phillips.urick

Marit Nikolaisen

2 months ago

You are so cute and your sister is beautiful !!!

Sharon Ackermann

2 months ago

Emma looks just like her!

Jesse Lewandoski

2 months ago

Because mullets make everyone look good! Right?

Making the trek across California this week! Catch a show with Gavin DeGraw and me. We're having a blast out here!!

Fri Aug 17 • Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno • Reno, NV •
Sat Aug 18 • Pechanga Resort & Casino• Temecula, CA •
Sun Aug 19 • The Majestic Ventura Theater • Ventura, CA •
Wed Aug 22 • Humphreys Concerts by the bay • San Diego, CA •
Thurs Aug 23 • Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill Park • Flagstaff, AZ •
Fri Aug 24 • Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms • Las Vegas, NV •
Sat Aug 25 • OC Fair • Costa Mesa, CA •

Elizabeth Andersen

2 months ago

Reno was great! My 1st PLP show but not my last!

Gilberto Flores

2 months ago

For tonight’s show in Ventura, are you on first or Gavin? We can’t stay the whole time and want to make sure we see you!!!

Angelika Dalba

2 months ago

Maybe one time you could add Medford Oregon to your list?

Vienna - Only two weeks left to grab tickets to my show at Wolf Trap on August 31st with Gavin DeGraw. Can’t wait to see y’all. Tickets available here.
Photo by Laura Harvey

Paula Pérez

2 months ago

Do not miss this show! It will be great

What a voice.It poured out every emotion only a singer can dream of.You didn’t just hear Aretha’s voice, you felt it.Praying for friends and family of hers.
Mount Pocono - Only two weeks left to grab tickets to my show at Mount Airy Casino Resort on August 30th with Gavin DeGraw. Can’t wait to see y’all. Tickets available here.
Photo by Laura Harvey

Dulce Maria

2 months ago

Well said, heart felt, True. Thank you.

Hemant C'eng

2 months ago

Phillip so awesome of you being so young showing RESPECT for her and her legacy. 🙏👍👏

Gabriela Campos

2 months ago

Goosebumps every time she sang!

Bensalem - Only two weeks left to grab tickets to my show at Parx Casino on August 28th with Gavin DeGraw. Can’t wait to see y’all. Tickets available here.
Photo by Laura Harvey

Amy Browning

2 months ago

Ducky will be there this time!!

Martha Mills

2 months ago

I can only dream! I missed you in Toronto last year. when will you return??? Ducky will b

Oscar Armando Rivera Leiva

2 months ago

Really enjoyed Sandpoint!!!

My new friend in Seattle.

Floriane Laffon

2 months ago

we are a bit owley in Seattle!!!

Ann Owens

2 months ago

My bestie would be jealous, she loves owls.

Christina Palmer

2 months ago

You going to Bear creek studios again?

Costa Mesa - Only two weeks left to grab tickets to my show at Pacific Amphitheatre on August 25th with Gavin DeGraw. Can’t wait to see y’all. Tickets available here.
Photo by Laura Harvey

Crystal Chue

2 months ago

Bought tickets for my daughter and a friend to see the them in Livermore CA since I couldn’t.

Veronica Pettiford

2 months ago

Jashua Lavietes Take me 🤗

Jimmy Cage

2 months ago

You and Gavin are a great combination to tour together. It felt like a great fit last night. Thanks for coming to Utah. Can’t wait until next time already. 😊

Chatted with the kind people at Haute Living about tour life, Hannah's and my wedding, and chocolate...of course!

Orlando Hernandez

2 months ago

So happy you found your true love. You were such a sweet 6th grade boy (they are a rare find these days). I am retired from teaching and enjoying the coast. Take care and enjoy this next chapter of your life.

Fernändo Hänsen VP

2 months ago

Thanks very much for chatting with us and sharing the article in Haute Living!

Bilal Jahir

2 months ago

Very nice article😍😍😍😍

“A Fools Dance”.. photo: @jeffrandallmusic

Samy Mac Farland

2 months ago

Love his music

Frank Onyebueke

2 months ago

How can I not know this song. I have your CD’s

Luisa Granados

2 months ago

Phillip Phillips when will you, set up a Tour for Hamilton, Ontario, Canada?
You do have a lot of fans here in Hamilton, and surrounding areas.
Firstontario Center 18,000 seats in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Indianapolis tonight at The Vogue!! Come on out for a good time! 21+

Minette Abombia

3 months ago

Me is such a cool laid back guy! Met him while white river rafting in Colorado years ago:)

Leone Williams

3 months ago

Was an awesome show last night!!

Stephanie Cosby

3 months ago

Loved, loved, loved the show in Indy!! Until next time.....

‪Watched the new “Venom” trailer and I must say...I swear I saw Beetle Juice in there... had to make this...‬

Michele DeRungs

3 months ago

I loved the move 'Beetlejuice". So hilarious!

Kevo Martinez

3 months ago

Beetle Juice totally gave me the biggest nightmares as a kid. 😜😂 Pretty funny to watch now as an adult. 😜

Joey Villaescusa-Brillon

3 months ago

You are correct looks just like him

Rehearsals going well!! Ready for this tour to start! If you haven’t gotten your tickets, go get em!! Dates on my website! photo: @jeffrandallmusic

JoAnn Kring

3 months ago

Wish you back in Montréal Canada again ;)

Masahiko Onishi

3 months ago

are you comming to canada!?😄

Abdoulahe Keita

3 months ago

Cannot wait, sir! See you in Livermore and Flagstaff!

Summer is flying by! I can't wait to get out on the road. Got some stuff up my sleeve to show y'all - it's gonna be a fun one with Gavin DeGraw! Get your tickets at

Chris Santos

3 months ago

Three letters...YUL and better known as MTL

Mizuki Furuya

3 months ago

Come to the Township Auditorium, Columbia SC please!

Bert Davis

3 months ago

Jade Coggins disappointed Hayli noises

Got some fun shows comin' up this weekend! Most are even free! Come on out and let's have some fun🎉

Matt Nelson

3 months ago

A 10 year old boy, Will Pilarski, passed away December 30, 2017 from brain cancer (glioblastoma).
His FAVORITE song was Gone, Gone, Gone!
His family is coming to your Hartwood Acres Pittsburgh show!
It would be so AMAZING if you could dedicate Gone, Gone, Gone to Will!!!

Diallo Woury

3 months ago

Come to U.K.!! ❤️

David Jacobson

3 months ago

Excited to watch the Fox News one on TV until I get to see you live in a couple weeks. Woohoo!

I’m just gonna let this sit right here for you all to look at. #tbt

Kari Kurira Hamilton

4 months ago

You cute little thing! What is the story with the hat?

Robin Palmer

4 months ago

Do you remember how excited you were to do that!

Andrew Thomas Mello

4 months ago

Cute as a button, now handsome as ever! love your music!!

Tickets to all my summer shows are on sale today! Can't wait to see you all super soon!
Photo by Laura Harvey

LaPanics Panics

4 months ago

Would love to see one of your concerts !!! Love Phillip Phillips !!! Enjoy !!!

Ronda Hinson

4 months ago


Melody Wilson

4 months ago

Bismarck! Can’t wait!

‪New York! Playing at the Beacon Theater this Thursday! Tix still available! Get yours now! It’s gonna be a fun one! ‬

Helen Louise Purcell

5 months ago

We had a blast at the Indiana State Fair in 2014!

Ana Vlad

5 months ago

Damn, he's handsome.

Mercedes Carmona

5 months ago

Would love to be there. Love your music. From the first time I heard you play on American idol your talent and love for music and doing things your way stood out hands down above all others. Keep on playing.

New York!! I’m playing a special show with Bud Light one night only at the Beacon Theater! Next week, June 7th! Still some tickets available so get yours and come on out! It’s gonna be a good time!

Omkar Bhaidkar

5 months ago

Will be in a seat every time you perform in Florida. Close to Jacksonville. You are the best. Keep doing what you love.

Asad Hameed

5 months ago

Carrie Carpenter we passed this theater on our bus tour, and I saw his name on the marquee!!!

Kondji Fifi

5 months ago

Just had a meet and greet with him on his last tour in Massachusetts. Going to New York to see you again

Hey y'all, good news! More shows have been added onto my tour this summer:

August 5th - Bismarck, ND at Belle Mehus Auditorium
August 7th - Cheyenne, WY at Cheyenne Civic Center
August 19th - Ventura, CA at The Majestic Ventura Theater with Gavin DeGraw
September 7th - Wilmington, NC at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater

Check out for the rest of my summer dates.
Tickets are on sale tomorrow at 10AM local time with code MAGNETIC.

Rui Bronze

5 months ago

Jordan Benson he’s coming to Bismarck

Kim Sharp Correll

5 months ago

Taylor Reinhardt Tammy Reinhardt, either of you fans? I think my sister and I are going to look at tickets in the morning when they go on sale!

Aidah Nyanzi

5 months ago

Can't wait for the Bismarck show!!

My performance of my song "Into the Wild" is airing on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday! Check your local listings and tune in!!

Michelle A Stickler

5 months ago

I'll do that.

Stephenie Kinniebrew

5 months ago

Why no Nashville, TN on this tour??

Precilla Soeriana Sanadi

5 months ago

Can't wait to see you at Parx Casino in August!

It's gonna be a fun shows and some of them are with my buddy Gavin DeGraw! Can't wait to get back on the road. Presale starts tomorrow at 10 AM local time with code MAGNETIC. Tickets are on sale this Friday. 🎸

Roger Scott

5 months ago

I got my tickets but I saw no VIP meet and greet passes available; where can I buy a meet and greet pass?

Aaron Goodman

5 months ago

Amarillo Texas would love to see y'all!

Melissa Colucci

5 months ago

How do I find ticket prices for Pittsburgh pa. I've looked everywhere

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful amazing Mom. She taught me to be kind and showed me love. She spoiled me and snuck me into the theater to see movies that were sold out. That’s how much we love movies. I love you Mom.

Carly Alexandra

5 months ago

Happy Mother's Day to you

Johnny Stewart

5 months ago

Fantástico esse Garoto, Tem Carisma, Talento e uma estrutura Familiar Maravilhosa. Um encanto de pessoa, Um Vencedor. Parabéns!

Celina Baran

5 months ago

Simple and sweet....just what I've always loved about you....+ your music is AMAZING!!

Happy birthday to my best friend, wife, lover, soul mate, and sweet thang!You deserve the world and then some. I hope today is wonderful for you. Hate I can’t be there but I promise to make it up! @hgblackwell

Xanthe Rangel

5 months ago

Happy Birthday Mrs Phillips !!! I know your husband sang you the song !!! Enjoy your day !!!

Javier Uran

5 months ago

Happy Birthday Mrs. Phillips! I hope you're day has been wonderful 🎂

Denise Rodriguez

5 months ago

Happy Birthday Pretty Lady! We love you! <3

What an amazing tour this turned out to be. Amazing band, great crew, awesome opening bands and the best fans in the world. I can’t thank everyone enough for making this happen and loving the new music. Means more to me than you know. Such a memorable tour.

Uriel Alfonso Villota Rivera

6 months ago

Amazing show at Headliners. Super cool venue. 4th time I've seen you. You are the only musician I would stand 3 hours for!!

Graham Temby

6 months ago

Your a good man, including your fur baby shows your a good person, compassionate. You have a great voice too 😁

Daniela Weberová

6 months ago

happy happy! one is just like you... the other is just like you!! LOL

Last show of the #MagneticTour tonight in Chattanooga!

Faith Milian

6 months ago

You were awesome! We had so much fun!

Vicky Robles

6 months ago

Love your music and passion in your songs

Ceci Sanchez

6 months ago

We LOVED it!!!

Come on out Robinsonville, MS!

Raider Dee

6 months ago

Dang! I had no idea. Dang.

Cora Patrick

6 months ago

Another great show! Came out from Philly and it was worth every minute!

Audrey Bailey

6 months ago

As your tour comes to a close tomorrow, any announcements of a summer tour. 😊🤞🏼

Louisville, KY, tonight!! Come on out!

Réka Szijjártó

6 months ago

Luv from Brazil

Rita Fifina

6 months ago

Thank you! Loved singing with you!

Hãząl Øxx Bųžõvā

6 months ago

We loved the show Phillip !! Awesome !! Thanks so much !!

Last week of tour and last four shows! Y’all come on out!

Flavien Bourseul

6 months ago

The Cleveland show was awesome and I loved the Ballroom Thieves too!

Emily Gebhart

6 months ago

Cleveland was such a great show! We had a blast, and it looked like Phillip and his band did, too!

Keven Belo

6 months ago


‪Detroit tonight!! Majestic Theatre! Gonna be a good time! Come on out!‬

Mayra Beltran

6 months ago

Awesome show in Detroit!

Trent Smith

6 months ago

Amazing show last night Phillip! Come back to Detroit again soon.

Cristiana Venturi

6 months ago

saw ur show in Eldorado Arkansas drove all the way from Pocahontas Arkansas just to see the show which was AWESOME

Get your tickets and come on out for a good time!

Jola Barrie

7 months ago

Have....well, HAD vip tickets to see you tomorrow night in Chicago and was just called by stubhub (the night before the concert) to tell us that our tickets are invalid and we can get a full refund. I’m heartbroken 💔😞

Martin Saunders

7 months ago

Hope you are taking your vitamins. I know you live to play, but if you get sick you are no good to any of your fans. JS. Take care of yourself!

See you in Toronto,excited

‪Minneapolis tonight at First Ave!! Come on out!‬

Cristian Chipilo

7 months ago

Great show at First Ave last night!! You warmed our ❤️s on a very cold snowy April night.

Li Rêve

7 months ago

I just saw him over the weekend at Hard Rock in Biloxi, Miss and he was amazing!

Thüťöw Jjunè Kkàžéĺé

7 months ago

Wish I was near Minneapolis because I’d be there tonight in a heartbeat!! No doubt!

Tomorrow night! Minneapolis! First ave.

Riccardo Merlani

7 months ago

Thanks for coming to Mpls. on a snowy night, great show!!!

Steven Hogge

7 months ago

Let’s hope they give #PhillipPhillips his own star and his place on the wall!! @First Avenue & 7th St Entry

Colin Miller

7 months ago

and on your way to Chicago soon!

‪Shows this week! Come on out good peeps!‬

Noam Biton

7 months ago

Enjoyed the El Dorado show this past weekend.

Subhash Sagar

7 months ago

CHICAGO see you Friday !!

Ivan Rodriguez

7 months ago

Will be in Milwaukee on Thursday!!

‪El Dorado, AR, tonight at Griffin Music Hall!!‬


7 months ago

Will see you Thursday in Milwaukee!!

Jonathan Carreño

7 months ago

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Dhiraj Shahi

7 months ago

Young Dave Mathews!!! Wish El Dorado had shown a little more love! You were great!!! Your future is bright, keep you shades on!!

Biloxi, MS!Playing at the Hard Rock Hotel tonight! Get your tickets and come on out!

Chrystal Gill

7 months ago

If I could I would attend every performance because he is that good. Love you Phillip.

Arianed Andrade Arce

7 months ago

Great show last night!! Enjoying the new music.

Zach Renko

7 months ago

Great night! Great music! A suprise photo op. What a night to celebrate 18 years with my hubby!

Houston, TX, tonight!!

Claudia Núñez

7 months ago

Way to go mr. Phillips have a really great performance and all the best on your tour hopefully you might even get a chance to come to Edmonton I think that would be a super spectacular have a good one

Debra Lynn Johnson

7 months ago

Just bought my tickets to biloxi

Egor Lobodinskii

7 months ago

See you next Friday (the 6th) in Chicago!! 😁😁

Shows this week!!

Jennifer Moore

7 months ago

Thanks for a great time in Dallas

Lenny Dayme

7 months ago

I’m sorry that did not come out correctly I was saying that that would be nice if you came to California I’m sure he’ll have a concert somewhere out there soon

Andre A. Jessie

7 months ago

I know Susie that we know if he comes go to a concert LOL Whistle whistle hee hee

Next four shows!! Get your tickets and come on out!

Dottie Ditzel Righter

7 months ago

Gothenburg is waiting for you!!!!😊

Nontokozo Mbokazi

7 months ago

Are you coming to Virginia

Kelly Healy-Hellberg

7 months ago

Why not Austin????