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Right now when you show your support for From One Hand To Another, you'll have the chance to come out to see N*E*R*D at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, super VIP style.

Get all the details at

Valerie Hunter

6 days ago

Congratulations to all your success lost long bro.

Ashley Anderson

6 days ago

Wow, Nice One Buddy-;)

Ashley Tinch

6 days ago

Yes please if you can arrange it. 😁😁

I’m proud to support my friend Yohan Blake as he raises money for this amazing cause.Donate $10 to #OneDrop and YB Afraid Foundation on for the chance to attend the Racers Grand Prix in Jamaica and train with Yohan


Valentina Scarpa

a month ago

On the Eastern Shore of Va. I'm a friend of Black Elvis, who is getting old and wants one more run. He was in "Sleepless in Seattle" and did some touring years.ago.
Can you help me bring him back like Elton did for Leon. He is a American
treasure. His voice is still strong , you would be impressed. His name is Clarence Giddens. Can you help ?
Thanks, Mark Wiliams

Rashid Fauzan

a month ago

OK! I surrender !! Please save my life , please help me one time . I really wanna lend some money from you . Or you can tell me "Who can lend me some money ?" Artists ?? I know you have my email , please email me , right now , right here . Thank you very much .

Doll Chin

a month ago

Good one pharrell he is a beautiful person

TURBO SAUCE! 💃🏻🍷#SangriaWine Camila Cabello #BBMAS

Ivan Peredo

a month ago

Awesome dance moves #Camila

Wlady Neira

a month ago

Esta bloqueado... Mal muy mal... Solo por eso ya no lo escucharé

James Slaughter

a month ago

No disponible in my country >:c

#SangriaWine 💃🏻🍷 with Camila Cabello is here! Listen now on the #PureFuego 🔥 Playlist on Apple Music:
Thank you Spotify! Listen to #SangriaWine on Today’s Top Hits.
#SangriaWine is Amazon Music’s Song of the Day. Thanks for the ❤️🍷❤️! To check it out, just #askalexa to “Play the Song of the Day” #SOTD
Can't wait to perform #SangriaWine with Camila Cabello at theBillboard Music Awards Sunday at 8 ET/5 PT on NBC. #BBMAs

Ana Carmen Díaz Aguilar

a month ago

Someone pay up my school bills please

JoAnn Hughes

a month ago

I always miss you

Amoshka Amo

a month ago

Pharrell. ..the best ...#1

Shah Ongmin

2 months ago

My pose nezt

Renee Hamman Slack

2 months ago

Wait wait pose next

Primo Pellegrino

2 months ago

Hi Pharrell !! This week end , but you still no reply , I'm disappointed , but I still believe you , still keep secret .

📍Las Vegas, Nevada📍
Life is Beautiful Festival

Bailey Řigney

2 months ago

Dear Pharrell ,No your reply ,this story have no ending , I cannot witness God's plan .

Farah Toure

2 months ago

Sophie Cockburn ❤️❤️ this would be amazing 🤩xxx

Itziar Alais Carreon Martinez

2 months ago

I <3 U 🖖🏾

Watch The Duck's album, #DelayedAdulthood, is out today...congratulations guys!

Tony Clayton

2 months ago

Had a guy inbox me today using your name and same profile pic. Know I'm not that lucky lol so deleted without reading. Only one Pharrell forreal

Renata Gorowicz

2 months ago

Mann somewhere in Alabama on straight repeat

Inocêncio Da Silva Isac

2 months ago

@ [ ➡CLICK WATCH AND DOWNLOAD➡ Tyler Perry S ACRIMONY Full Movie HD 100% ORIGINAL ᐈBios Kartika

Medellín es en Los Angeles 📍
KAWS #seeingwatching #ifs

Letasha Marie Leon Guerrero

2 months ago

We'll be coming to see you Pherrill

Thomas Tétrault

2 months ago

Pharrell come on man! What's happening to you! Reggaeton is trash! You don't need that because you do great music! Dont change your style of music! Please!!!

Paulina Sanchez

2 months ago

When Pharrell dresses like Billy Robert Greenham catching a flight they call it high fashion.

Summer Sessions

Jide Ogunle

2 months ago

Adam Winkworth it's a bday present for me from Kendrick

Frederick Gilmore

2 months ago

HI Pharrell !! If I say :" I can forgive CHEENO" could you reply ??🙂🙂

Shubham Dua

2 months ago

Lucas Kalu ça peut être pas mal nerd

📍San Francisco📍
Outside Lands Music Festival

Russell Williams

2 months ago

Many happy returns on your special day hun xxx

Chris Pinkerton

2 months ago

Happy birthday to the good young Uncle Pharrell

Rossella D'Amato

2 months ago

Happy Birthday! many years of life, health and happiness! God bless you🙏💐

Royalty! #RoxanneRoxanne #LifeIsABattle Mimi Valdes

Aaron Ramirez

2 months ago

Hi Pharrell , Could you or your agent can reply this week ?? If You still no reply this week,Don't worry !! I still pretend to be deaf and dumb . I keep waiting , I believe that you will not desert me. If I die ~~~~ all mistake or fault that can be taken advantage of by CHEENO(P.Badran) . Please thinking twice ~~ She is a threat for you ; Drake and other artists ,NOT ME !! WHO KNOW ME?? 😶😶

Get toknow Mette Towley in the new G-Star RAW campaign. Fashion isn't about fitting in, it's all about accentuating who you are.

Eder Fernandes

3 months ago

hardworking and talented😘

Kayley Monaccio

3 months ago

Pharrell Williams you look like commandant Cousteau with your red cap hahaha 😂😉

Di-anna Moonbeam Pinnuck

3 months ago

She is the perfekt.

Legends. @atcq’s #TheSpaceProgram music video is here. Watch it only on @applemusic.

The 🌎 is your stage @theashleygraham @mettenarrative!! 😘 #LemonDanceChallenge @nerd #Revlon #LiveBoldly

Today everyone can watch the inspiring story of Roxanne Shante. Roxanne Roxanne is out now on Netflix! @roxannenetflix #LifeIsABattle

Tomorrow, let's join students across the country in demanding that leaders take action to end gun violence in our schools and communities. March and RSVP at #MarchForOurLives

N*E*R*D Colours of Ostrava


Shantae Hemphill

3 months ago

Hi Pharrell Williams I have ever sent your FB reply printscreen file to CHEENO(P.Badran) twice for asking her reply , if journalists have this file , it must CHEENO did !! On youtube have many people accuse me that I'm liar and ask I provide the evidence that between you and me , I still not betray you !! CHEENO plays us ,BOTH !!

James Melton

3 months ago

Girls wordh five nigth show

Tommy Mahoney

3 months ago

Hey My Dude Pharrel 💝Much love always 💝

Excited to be playing Pukkelpop with N*E*R*D this summer. See you soon Belgium! #NOONEEVERREALLYDIES

Kyra Johnson

3 months ago

Waiting for 2 weeks , your agent still no reply to me , I think you think me about too much . I'm a frugal man , you just need to pay me some money that your remainder .it's enough to me . Please don't worry , I'm easy to satisfy .Reply to me this weekend ,OK!?

Tomi Gallardo

3 months ago

thanks for tht catching feelings song..n them other songs.."eVirntually real"

Sully Awan

3 months ago

Méli Castel ben voila 🙌🏼

Thank you to Ted Sarandos and @netflix for believing in our film Roxanne Roxanne. Ted, you’ve been a true friend and we (@nybongiovi @mimivaldes #ForestWhitaker) are incredibly grateful for all of your support.

Proud to announce @c.syresmith as the newest member of the @gstarraw family. His commitment to the environment is such an inspiration. His collection is gonna be 🔥.

Proud to announce Jaden Smith as the newest member of the G-Star RAW family. His commitment to the environment is such an inspiration. His collection is gonna be 🔥

Andrea Castellani

3 months ago

Thank you Pharrell for visiting Wildife SOS Elepant Conservation Centre in Delhi, India. I've been a supporter for years, they do great work rescuing and rehabilitating abused elephants and bears. You have shone a light on their work with your global power. I hope you continue to spread awareness and continue your support. From New Zealand.

Linda Hagan Sweeney

3 months ago

Are you kidding? Another self promoting Hollywood brat. This is almost as bad as his JUST water at almost $50 for 24 bottles. Do something truly worthwhile and then go public.

Mark Ray

3 months ago

:) That's sweet :) But you know how many people on earth can afford to pay 70 bucks for a G-Star Raw pair of jeans? Or 80 bucks for a sweater? How much difference do you think those 106 people going to make to the environment? (106 is a metaphor for very few, for those of you who didn't get it.)
You come up with a campaign for retail like Primark, H&M, you know, those affordable outlets EVERYONE can afford, and then you'll be making a difference.
Until then, please, get out of that bubble and get with the program.

LEMON @champagnepapi REMIX 🍋 OUT NOW! @nerd (Link in bio)

Check out N*E*R*D's #KCA performance 🎶 next Saturday at 8p/7c on Nickelodeon 💚

László Pitner

3 months ago

Pharrell Williams how are you doing today?

Lukáš Landa

3 months ago

Love My Sexy Dude"- cant do wrong My Dude"- 💝

Isaac Cordero

3 months ago

i looove you 😍

N*E*R*D is heading to my hometown, Virginia Beach for Z104's Shaggfest! Tix are live at 👉🏾

Elicia Lynn Wald

3 months ago

* 🍀 ☀
*🍀🍀 * *
🍀🍀🍀 **
🎁 "Have a
* Nice weekend"

Tonyclenio Dicaprio

3 months ago

Cant write on ya page

Cathy Allen

3 months ago

Hey sweetheart"- 💝God bless ya hun

Excited to perform live at the first ever GRAMMY Festival in Beijing April 30th!

James Abbott

3 months ago

Yeah Pharrell. 💘 U!

Naeem A Ahmad

3 months ago

When will u come to hkg?! Hkg fans r waiting 4u😍😘😍😘😍

Omar Frank

3 months ago

Can't wait!See you in Beijing❤️

Excited to perform live at the first ever GRAMMY Festival in Beijing April 30th!

Geko Halder

3 months ago

Wow nice Men so Beautiful.Thanks for all your Song your a Great Songwriter.I Love you.♥️🍀🙋🏻‍♂️

Laure Berg

3 months ago

you make a difference, always is grandiose!

Maria Labastida

3 months ago

Hong Kong fans r waiting 4u xx

Zachary Hart

3 months ago

I'm getting a lawyer for I'm up all night, to get some I wrote the song, and you know that Pharrell I wrote the song, I'm glad I kept it on my computer tower, now I'm up all night to get lucky, see you in court.

Maria Vittoria Pollarolo

3 months ago


James Sullivan

3 months ago

Come back to the Voice 😉

Rotterdam! See you with N*E*R*D July 15th at North Sea Jazz Festival! 🍋

Jason Nathaniel Davis

3 months ago

My bess my nard word you prees the on.monalisa

Maria Hernandez

3 months ago

Omg I wanna go......come to Vancouver"ll be my dream come true

Kayla Correa

3 months ago

Check El rojo...

In honor of Women’s History Month, we salute Roxanne Shante. She’s not only a hip hop pioneer, but an example of female empowerment. We hope your story inspires women all over the world.

Mario Michael Orellana

3 months ago

Crikey!! I remember listening her choons on the Breakdance Albums in the 80’s whilst TRYING to backspin on cardboard!! Haha. Legend!!

Cindy Jacqueline

3 months ago

Besitos de AMOR y LUZ!!

Buket Altun

3 months ago

Back in the day when lyrics were real, relative , robust, radical and ridiculously creative! Thanks for posting. loves this ! #Roxanne Shante

You guys, my experience at yesterday’s Holi fest, was NEXT LEVEL. The music was beyond anything I have ever heard. My family, my team and I had an incredible time... I love India and am so inspired. Thank you so much @adidasoriginals for hosting us yesterday. 🙏🏽


Join me at Holi Festival tomorrow. 6pm IST, 12:30pm GMT, 7:30am EST #adidasPharrellWilliams adidas Originals

Charles D. Davies

4 months ago

Nice celebration! Welcome spring √√√

Marcin Jkn

4 months ago

Hey Pharrell...just watched your interview on an Indian tv channel..that was soooooh dope man! Alas..we can't get in touch with you like the celebrities. Peace Out! Happy Holi

Sean Risley

4 months ago

Rari Zadeh #dreams

Join me at Holi Festival tomorrow. Link in bio. 6pm IST, 12:30pm GMT, 7:30am EST #adidasPharrellWilliams @adidasoriginals

Agnes, what do you think?

Share our inspiration at the ancient spiritual Holi Festival and layer your own colors on the adidas Originals Hu Holi Blank Canvas collection.Or keep them pristine to highlight the message of peace, unity and equality.

Ana Rita Ferrão

4 months ago


Alexander Hunger

4 months ago

Spent 15 hours in front of my computer to have your pair sold out in 5 seconds because of bots and it s the same thing every release . It was better back in the days when people from small town like me could cop a pair

Eves Lobo

4 months ago

HI!! Pharrell ,So ! How could I send the image story to you ? The image story is power-point file .It's recording the music story of us and CHEENO. How could I send it to you ?6

Share our inspiration at the ancient spiritual Holi Festival and layer your own colors on the @adidasoriginals Hu Holi Blank Canvas collection. Or keep them pristine to highlight the message of peace, unity and equality.

Finland, you can catch me at Ruisrock Festival with N*E*R*D.🍋 #NOONEEVERREALLYDIES

Stephen Gillespie

4 months ago

Is it's so good to cameroon africa central whit light you pharrell

William Steeves

4 months ago

boring, make a fun one

Tomasz Rypien

4 months ago

Anna Undso wie wärs mit Finnland 😂😂

Finland, you can catch me at @ruisrock with @NERD.🍋 #NOONEEVERREALLYDIES

Roxanne Shante is more than a hip hop icon, she’s a survivor. Our movie Roxanne Roxanne debuts on Netflix and theaters in NY and LA on March 23. #LifeIsABattle @imroxanneshante

Thank you for sharing your artistry with the world ♥️ Mette Towley and JaQuel Knight #LEMONDANCECHALLENGE

Guzel Nurgalieva

4 months ago

Ana Chubinishvili 4:00 dan ukure

Giulianna Milian

4 months ago

They have stunning body expression! I adoro!

Mamel Rules

4 months ago

Ensayando el baile por si tthe concert,Lemon lemon

I'll be performing with N*E*R*D at Festival Cruïlla this July! 🖖🏾 #NOONEEVERREALLYDIES

Randy Jackson

4 months ago

Cyril Perbet NERD à Barcelone le feu gros

June Montgomery

4 months ago

Aundia Chanel I’ll meet you there 😉

Sean Millroy

4 months ago

tampa bay florida plzzzzz

Watch @nerd’s #NBAAllStar performance at the link in my bio 💥💥💥 @chadhugo @sha3 @mettenarrative #NoOneEverReallyDies

Watch N*E*R*D's #NBAAllStar performance 👉🏾 💥💥💥 #NoOneEverReallyDies

Никита Сметаненко

4 months ago

Micka Lindner c'est pas le show du superbowl mais j adore

Tatjana Applegate der Anfang von den Cheerleadern !!

Milton Arlindo

4 months ago

Where can I buy the clean version of the Lemon song? iTunes, Amazon don’t seem to offer it.

In the kitchen, wrist twistin’ like a stir fry @Migos #nbaallstarweekend

Tonight was EPIC. Thank you @nerd @migos @nbaallstar 🏀🔥

He just said he is gonna make Rocket and the babies some gear and kicks. #babyWANG

A court built for the Human Race… #747WarehouseSt

Victoria Jane Davis

4 months ago

Pharrell check out this New Artist the (Best) Terrence Cross in ATL Ga go to his Facebook page Instagram be the first to sign Raw Talent at its Best

Roberta Ribeiro

4 months ago

After NBA Allstar Performance ending , could you email me ?

Joe Luiz

4 months ago

The on open marxs erts on monalisa

London! I'll see you in July with N*E*R*D at Lovebox Festival! Tixat #NOONEEVERREALLYDIES 💕

Marlon McGee

4 months ago

I try to connected with CHEENO during 2018 0212~0214 , but her attitude let me think ~~~~~ you still wanna murder me ?? For preventing from mistake , could your agent can email me or connect me today ?

Carina Brownn this one!

سعيد السمري

4 months ago

Sinéad Pope Pharrell man 😍😍

Wave from the moon @watchtheduck because you guys are outta here. 👋🏾 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Watch the video for 'There You Are' at the link in my bio.