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PTX Week in Review! #FBF #PTXChristmasIsHereTour 📸: Hausdo

Stefanie Brooks

a day ago

Your Christmas Special this year was 10 times better than last year. Loved it!

Lorena Guillen

a day ago

Nice stuff.


Angelyn Ward-Grady

2 days ago

This is awesome! It would be so cool if you guys could possibly come to Cleveland, Ohio on your next tour! I love all of your music, but am especially a fan of your Christmas music.🙂❤️

DAY 2 of #12DaysofPTXChristmas isn’t over just yet! Check out these NEW REMIXES of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” by Cutmore and
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Cutmore Remix):
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Country Club Martini Crew Remix) -
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Country Club Martini Crew Pop Remix) -

Paulsen Faru Jr.

a day ago

Oh my gosh I love you guys I don’t have the remix CD. but I have you guys as regular Christmas CD and you guys are the best

Not only did we release a NEW MUSIC VIDEO today, but we also have a BRAND NEW #PTXperience for you too! From tour bus pajama parties to an intimate viewing party of our holiday special... you don't wanna miss this week's episode! WATCH NOW: #PTXChristmasIsHereTour

Κωνσταντίνος Χατζόπουλος

2 days ago

High quality and sympathetic persons.

Ferjani MomoFfc

2 days ago

I am wondering if you are coming to Sweden anytime? The first song I was listening and really loved was Hallelujah! Wow! You are a fantastic group! Your songs goes right to my heart! Thank you!

Ruby Servantes

2 days ago

Pls which site can i download pentatonix videos from

NEW PTX MUSIC VIDEO! To celebrate DAY TWO of #12DaysofPTXChristmas, here’s our new music video for “WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME” off of our latest album #PTXChristmasIsHere! We hope this song puts you in the Christmas spirit like it does for us! :) #PTXWCMTM

Watch it on YouTube here:
Download our new album here:

Bastian Diaz

2 days ago

It is awesome, as always!

James Montana Jr.

2 days ago

I LOVE the fact that they featured Kevin and Matt more in this video! It’s so fun so watch them make the sounds they do!

Bastian Diaz

2 days ago

Album is Amazing!!

Our performance of “When You Believe” with Maren Morris from ‘Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night’ is up on our YouTube channel! #PTXChristmasIsHere

Destiny Rebekah Furbush

4 days ago

Linsie de Frankrijker-Verweij <3

Tim Rooks

4 days ago

That was so good. I loved that whole segment of the special!

Ken Andrew

4 days ago

Loved your special and Maren Morris too.

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Marvey Bruce

4 days ago

Haley Nail
Not even ptx could get me to workout.

The time has come! For all of our family and friends living outside of the US and Canada, you can now watch our Christmas Special “Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night” in your country! ❤️💚Watch it right now:

Ra Min Frahani

4 days ago

Thank you, and merry christmas from Finland!

Näy Mãr

4 days ago

Too bad they could not have cut out the Penn & Teller skit-just awful!

Gracie Smiddy

4 days ago

Valérie Goodwin try this link

Don’t forget to tune-in to NBC tonight to see our performance on Darci Lynne's holiday special “My Hometown Christmas” at 9/8c. #DarciLynneXmas

Emma Dudgeon

4 days ago

I just saw this now!!!😯😯😯😯

Becky Ash

4 days ago

Pentatonix, I caught the second half of the show because I was watching your Christmas special on another channel. Even though I was already watching you, I am disappointed that I missed you on Darci Lynne 's show. LOVED BOTH SHOWS! <3 <3 What happened to Kirstin's leg? I'm sure this has been asked before but I don't know where to find the answer. There's no search box on this page like there is on many pages and in groups. VERY impressed with how she is rocking that cast and finding attractive ways to cover it, and balancing so long on one foot, at one point with a stiletto on the other foot! That takes strength and balance! LOVE the knee scooter, that's what I would use too. Can 't handle crutches very well.I recorded "A Not So Silent Night" so I can watch it all year! Sending healing love for Kirstin's leg!

Wiz Prince Brown

5 days ago

👎 I was very Disappointed 😞, in their performance

NEW YORK!! We can’t believe that ALL FOUR of our NYC SHOWS ARE OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT!!! There are still a select number of VIP upgrades still available at We can’t wait to celebrate the holidays in the Big Apple! You ready Citizen Queen? #PTXChristmasIsHereTour
The #PTXChristmasIsHereTour will be spending the next two nights in Rosemont, IL! Who’s coming to see us at Rosemont Theatre!? #PTXChristmasIsHereTourCHI #PTXChristmasIsHereTour

📸: Hausdo
WEST COAST! It’s your turn. Tune-in to NBC right now to catch our NEW HOLIDAY SPECIAL #PTXANotSoSilentNight!! We’ll be live tweeting with you all for the next hour.
We hope all of you enjoyed our holiday special on NBC! You can listen to all of the songs we performed during #PTXANotSoSilentNight on our NEW CHRISTMAS ALBUM #PTXChristmasIsHere at We’re also in the middle of our CHRISTMAS IS HERE! TOUR right now! Get all the dates and ticket info at Hope to see you there! <3 #PTXChristmasIsHereTour
AHHHH!! Our HOLIDAY SPECIAL ‘Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night’ starts RIGHT NOW on NBC for the EAST COAST! Who’s tuned in?!? We’ll be live tweeting with all of you. Tweet along with us using #PTXANotSoSilentNight! ❤️

German Gaitan

4 days ago

Incredibly disappointed in the VIP Meet and Greet. We upgraded my two daughters ( over $600, not including show tickets) and have yet to receive or been given any directions as to how to get their group picture. I've sent emails, messages and dms and have yet to be contacted. (The event was 2 weeks ago at Turning Stone)

Raul Alejandro Franco Aragon

5 days ago

The stripey sock adds flair to her cast.

Dorian Antoine Spencer

5 days ago

Sending my parents on Wednesday night for Christmas. They are super excited. Coming from Manitowoc WI to see the show.

We ❤’d having Kelly Clarkson stop by again to be part of our NBC Christmas special! Tune-in TONIGHT at 10/9c to catch the performance. #PTXANotSoSilentNight
GUESS WHAT? Our SiriusXM performance is airing exclusively on Sirus’ Holly channel all week long! The show will premiere TONIGHT at 6PM ET! Just turn on channel 4 on SiriusXM to hear it.

The show will also re-air on the Holly channel throughout the week at the following times: 12/11 at 12PM ET, 12/12 at 8AM ET, 12/14 at 8PM ET, and 12/16 at 3PM ET. #PTXChristmasIsHere
Today’s the day! Grab a few loved ones, turn on the TV, and tune into ‘Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night’. It all starts TONIGHT at 10/9c on NBC! #PTXANotSoSilentNight

Melina Auvray

5 days ago

You should come over Wed and watch with us

Sunday Bryant

5 days ago

Great performance of Grown Up Christmas List.

Roman Montejano

5 days ago

Kelly is a vocal beast! Christmas Queen 😍

‪#ICYMI: We released our performance of “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” from our holiday special before it airs on NBC! Tune-in to see the full special #PTXANotSoSilentNight starting TONIGHT at 10/9c. ‬

Kelii Araujo

7 days ago

Can’t Wait To See This👍👍

Stef Helbock Pummell

7 days ago

Only a few more hours!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Kaye Supremador

7 days ago

Carolyn Bourque can you pvr it? 😁

Just waiting for tomorrow to get here so we can watch ‘Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night”… Who else is excited for #PTXANotSoSilentNight!? It all starts TOMORROW at 10/9c on NBC.

Michaela J. Garcia

7 days ago

Awesome job at Mohegan last night!!! Thanks for performing even with a broken ankle!!!!

Berenda Pride

7 days ago

Love you guys

Guelmi Austin

7 days ago

Can't wait🤩

Coming up on the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour! Tickets and VIP upgrades at

Erin Rinehardt

6 days ago

I can't come bc it's 2 far 😢😖😥😭😭😭

Kenneth Grage

7 days ago

Yassss see you guys in Philly!!!!

Amber Dandekar

7 days ago

Come back to Sioux Falls South Dakota

Our Christmas special 'Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night' airs in TWO DAYS and we couldn't be more happy to have had the Backstreet Boys stop by for a little something special! Tune-in to find out what it is THIS Monday, December 10th at 10/9c on NBC. #PTXANotSoSilentNight

Alisha Davis

8 days ago

I can’t wait to hear this collab!! 😲

Mohammad Ajajeh

8 days ago

Two of my favorite groups of all-time in any act in the history are ready for their big time. 💖

Vìshäl Sìñgh

8 days ago


PTX Week in Review! #FBF 📸: Hausdo #PTXChristmasIsHereTour

Jirka Látal

9 days ago

Love u guys so much bc ur my favorite group as always 😁😘

NEW YORK! We're SO thrilled to announce that a new pop vocal group Citizen Queen will be joining us on the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour for our FOUR CHRISTMAS SHOWS in NYC! 👑 You can get tickets for these shows at

ALSO! The ladies JUST RELEASED their DEBUT SINGLE and it is 🔥🔥🔥!! We are totally blown away by their talent and can't wait to celebrate the holidays with them for our FINAL FOUR shows!

Yisell Alcantara

9 days ago

omg Andrea Villa Eia Tagaban listennn

Benjamin Scott

9 days ago

Is this the A Capella female group that Scott and Ben have formed? If so, I’m really pleased to see the finished article! I wish I could attend the show…!

Ariane Mirele

9 days ago

Nina Nelson well I guess I gotta get to New York

NEW #PTXperience! In this week's episode, we show you some behind-the-scenes fun on the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour! From moments before hitting the stage to after show hangouts, we've got a jam-packed episode full of holiday cheer! Watch it on YouTube right now!

Dayo Adetona

8 days ago

Listening to the first Christmas album, in my opinion, people keep saying they miss Avi because he had a pure, smooth, deep bass. 🥰🎼

Angel Adrian Cargo Ship

9 days ago

Awww you guys almost did your ‘Goodbye’ thing from Superfruit to her cast!🥰🥰💜🥰💜

Maruška Müllerová

9 days ago

These videos are so much fun to watch- thank you for making them!

HAPPY EARLY CHRISTMAS! Our NEW MUSIC VIDEO for “Where Are You, Christmas?” from our NEW ALBUM #PTXChristmasIsHere is out now! We ❤️ this song so much that we just had to create a music video for it! Watch it on YouTube here: #PTXWhereAreYouChristmas

You can get this song plus many more of our Christmas covers on Amazon Music here:

Bonnie Mosley Edwards

9 days ago

They’re so amazing! But what did I miss? Where’s the other guy? lol

Barbara Edith Abonizio

10 days ago

You guys are amazing totally like the new sound

Junaid Kenzo Sivan

10 days ago

Wow, gives me all Christmas hypes

We’re starting with “When You Believe” from "Christmas Is Here!" and taking it all the way back to our first Christmas album on Amazon Music’s “Best of Pentatonix Holiday” Playlist. #AlexaPlay the Best of Pentatonix Holiday Playlist. #PTXChristmasIsHere

Terence Kuan

10 days ago

Hey, so like maybe you shouldn't take a beloved Passover song, rip the only identifiably-Jewish part out, and then throw it on a Christmas album? This is not a great look.

Also, the Hebrew chorus is the best part of that song.

Pias Khan

10 days ago


Mary Henderson Thurman

11 days ago

hbd jay mbtc !!

Next up on the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour! Get your tickets and VIP upgrades at

Mandi Nicole Henderson

14 days ago

Please come to Maui Arts & Cultural Center!!!!

Max Michael

14 days ago

Are the pictures from last night's meet and greet uploaded???

Lynne Murphy

14 days ago

So excited for CT with Natasha!!!

#PTXperience IS BACK! Check out all the fun we have had this past week as we kicked off the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour in Grand Prairie, TX! Watch the NEW EPISODE on YouTube right now.


15 days ago

Great Video / What is going on with Mitch He seems sad, upset... not sure what's the story?

Alberto Reyes

15 days ago

Ben does a great job capturing all your playfuness! Thanks for doing these! Your fans love you! ❤

Myra Davis Griffith

16 days ago

I love these! Fun episode!

Which song off of our NEW ALBUM gets YOU into the Christmas spirit most!?

Download and stream it today: #PTXChristmasIsHere

Karynl Schemmer

16 days ago

Where Are You Christmas? is my favorite. I never thought much about this song, but you made me love it!

Dan Adkins

16 days ago

LOVE Grown Up Christmas List w/Kelly! And When You Believe! And Where Are You Christmas!

Luis Davila

16 days ago

My grown up Christmas wish and what Christmas means to me

#ICYMI: We’re back again with a NEW PTX CHRISTMAS SPECIAL this year, and we’re SO EXCITED for you all to see it! The one-hour TV special, “Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night”, will air DECEMBER 10TH at 10/9c on NBC! #PTXANotSoSilentNight #PTXChristmasIsHere
West Coast! It’s almost your turn. Tune-in to NBC to catch a few performances from us on the Today Show. #PTXChristmasIsHere #PTXonTODAY
We’re about to perform LIVE on the Today Show! Who’s watching!? #PTXChristmasIsHere #PTXonTODAY
Be sure to tune-in to the Today Show this morning to catch us singing a few of your favorite PTX Christmas songs! It all happens on NBC. Check your local listings for air times. #PTXChristmasIsHere #PTXonTODAY

Nilknarf Arobat

17 days ago

Steve McGee Can you record this for me? Dec 10 on NBC

Josh Neal

17 days ago

Can't wait, too

Hannah Gardner

17 days ago

They are great! Rita

EAST COAST! It’s time for #RockCenterXMAS. Tune-in RIGHT NOW on NBC to catch our performance! Rockefeller Center #PTXChristmasIsHere
Who’s ready to light up Rockefeller Center with us in NYC!? Tune-in to see 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center' TONIGHT at 8/7c on NBC. #RockCenterXMAS
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Jesus Sanchez

17 days ago

Love the hat Kirstie

Edward T Allen

18 days ago

You were all amazing ! So lovely to see the lost art of a cappella singing. Your outfits could have been more coordinated with a casual match wardrobe of 5, I listen to your music often, I hope you stay together for a long time ! The world needs more harmony ! Thank you and Merry Christmas !

Margaréta Molnár

18 days ago

You were Wonserful! Looking forward to your upcoming special

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! 📺🎄 We are SO THRILLED to share the news that we’ll be back again with a BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS SPECIAL this year with special guests Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, Maren Morris, and Penn & Teller!!! “Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night” will air NEXT MONTH on DECEMBER 10TH! It all happens on NBC at 10/9c. #PTXANotSoSilentNight #PTXChristmasIsHere

David Garcia

18 days ago

Jessyca Rachel craft night while watching some pentatonix and BSB?

Fabian Runn

18 days ago

Pentatonix and the Backstreet boys my to favs
#pentaholic #BSBarmy

Владислав Грецов

18 days ago

The Backstreet Boys???!! 😱😱😱 🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Mark you calendars! We’ll be stopping by the Today Show for a special PTX performance this Thursday, November 29th on NBC! 🎤☃ Check your local listings for air times. #PTXChristmasIsHere #PTXonTODAY

Goro Majima

19 days ago

I’ll be watching!

Collin Sudik

19 days ago

That's my bday!😊😊😊😊

Palo Thetsane

19 days ago

Ashley Van Scoit set your dvr!

‪Grand Prairie was the perfect city to kick off the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour! Tonight, it’s your turn Sugar Land! Photo by Chase Gronenthal. #PTXChristmasIsHereTourGP #PTXChristmasIsHereTourSL‬

Suleymane Guebre

19 days ago

Ya'll were AWESOME last night!!!! Thank you for a great night!

Mckenna Lamp

19 days ago

Loved the concert!!!

Ben Lucas

20 days ago

So awesome! What beautiful work!

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Sandy WillSinge

20 days ago

Is there an opening act?

Lê Khánh

21 days ago

Great concert. Took my grandson with me; it was his first concert.

Christopher Bailey

21 days ago

Amazing show! Still haven’t been tagged in that video yet to see if we can spot ourselves! 😉🤣😂

Can you believe our version of #LittleDrummerBoy was released on YouTube FIVE YEARS AGO!?!?

Tammie Britton

19 days ago

Y’all are amazing. I just listened to song after song after song on YouTube. You always sound fantastic but there are some of those songs with the harmonies that just leave me speechless I watched you from your very first appearance on The Sing Off and I still think you’re talent is insurmountable!

Duds Española

20 days ago

I showed this video 5 years ago to my mom, first she was amazed with the clear picture on my new smart phone, then said no way when I explained how the music was made. Little Drummer Boy was her favorite song as it was written a year after her birth, 1941, and the original title was Carol of the Drum.

Jamie Stoneburner

21 days ago

I miss Avi being with the group and Mitch you lost some weight. Your face is a lot thinner now. Lookin good.

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Matt Fraresso

21 days ago

I already bought mine yesterday! Yippee!

Myo Tint

21 days ago

I bought mine yesterday 👌

IT ALL STARTS TONIGHT! Our NEW Christmas Tour is kicking off in Grand Prairie, Texas. Who’s coming to the show!? #PTXChristmasIsHereTour #PTXChristmasIsHereTourGP

Lê Khánh

21 days ago

I was at your show last night!
I came all the way from Pretoria, South Africa to see you guys live for the first time!
Wow, what a great experience.

Alison Sandoval Monsalve

21 days ago

No date for canada 😱😱

Gloria Venegas

21 days ago

come back to New Zealand????

‪The #BlackFriday sales aren’t over yet! Get a special discount on your copy of our holiday album #PTXChristmasIsHere at Barnes & Noble. Hurry! Offer ends #soon. 😉‬

LaTressa N. Davis

22 days ago

I love you music, and your songs. You are the best in this boys.

Make sure to stop by your local Walmart to pick up our new Christmas album on sale for #BlackFriday! #PTXChristmasIsHere is also available online here:

Ayanna Suzikia Walker

22 days ago

I love you PTX! <3

Amanda Fleming

22 days ago

last year's album was incredible, so def. getting this one!

Mnaeem Mnaeem

23 days ago

Wait what? The employee told me it was 11.88 & that they don't take prices of other stores anymore like it being $7 at Target?

Get the VIP experience at one of our shows on the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour! You can check out all of our exclusive VIP upgrades at

Veronica Sanchez

22 days ago

Please in México

Mari De Macias Barajas

23 days ago

I wish you were having your own Pentatonix Christmas special on tv. Your 2016 show is our favorite. We still have it on our DVR and my 3 year old is still obsessed!

Michaela Mixan Andersson

23 days ago

Hey, just a quick question, uh, I was wondering, so, in two days I release my FIRST EVER music album (titled "Infection"), so, do you have any pointers, words of encouragement, ideas, etc?

‪The #BlackFriday sales have already begun at Target! Stop by a store today or order online to get our NEW Christmas album #PTXChristmasIsHere for just $7.00.‬

Kenneth Howard

23 days ago

He'll Ya!!

Priscila Seemann

23 days ago

I don't have it but I already know PTX hooked us Pentaholics up with another awesome Christmas album

Reshmy Jacob's

23 days ago

I say this; I seems little doubt about this Christmas collection is this what PTX can do? Expected better thing than this. I know you got power. But I love previous one rather than this. Wish you best of the luck. Love ya all

Make sure to tune-in to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this morning to catch a special PTX performance! It all starts at 9AM on NBC.

Ridgely Handy

23 days ago

Was it just me or did one of them look like he was dressed in an old nun's habit? I didn't hear them at all because i was locked in staring at a singing nun!

Karla Marie

23 days ago

Pentatonix you guys sounded amazing! Like always!! Favorite band especially this time a year. Thanks for sharing your talent!!!!

Armstrong Fombi

24 days ago

Why was Mitch the only one not wearing a hat in the parade? 🥶

We’re talking all things The Greatest Showman: Reimagined on Beats 1! Listen to it right now at #AListPop #TGSReimagined

Linda Cantagallo Mann

25 days ago

we like it very much

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Sarah Riley

24 days ago

Pentatonix you guys ever planning on a European tour?

Michelle Kincaid

25 days ago

We have been fans since your Sing Off days and have been to numerous concerts. While we’d love to meet you guys, the VIP packages are just too expensive for a family of 3! Hopefully the VIP passes will be more affordable in the future.

We can’t believe our NEW CHRISTMAS TOUR starts THIS SUNDAY!! Who’s ready to celebrate the holiday season with us!? We only have a limited number of tickets and VIP upgrades available so get yours now at #PTXChristmasIsHereTour
Flashing back to exactly one week ago when we performed “Sweater Weather” on The Late Late Show with James Corden! Rewatch the performance here: #PTXSweaterWeather #PTXChristmasIsHere 📸: Terence Patrick/CBS

Megan Huisman

a month ago

See you Dec 12th! Can't wait!!

Abbey Stockett

a month ago

I Can't STOP Loving Pentatonix, I Luv U All

Pam Evans

a month ago

More southern states would have been great! We don't have snow but we got Pentatonix love! Maybe next year! 😉

Be a part of an exclusive VIP experience at one of our shows on the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour! 🌟🎶 You can purchase your exclusive VIP upgrade right now at *Our VIP Upgrades do NOT include a ticket to the show
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Tasha Rose

a month ago

BLUE WAVE MEANING TO GOD Beelzebub Leader of democrat liberal party said 0bama-nation the blue wave god Beelzebub Leader of democrat liberal party

Juan Lopez

a month ago

Come to MN!!!!!

Mel Hogue

a month ago

Leslee Anne Wodrich Jamie Berry

Waiting for the holidays to get here like… 🔁: kirstin

Agnaldo Rodrigues

a month ago

Kirstin, you're so talented. Absolutely LOVE Pentatonix! You are gorgeous! 😊😊😊

Christopher Alstork

a month ago


Kimberly DeLaria Nixon

a month ago

Also the dark features are more natural anyway

'The Greatest Showman: Reimagined' is coming out THIS FRIDAY and one of the songs on the album is our cover of #TheGreatestShow! Pre-order it right now:
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Szymon Mizerek

a month ago

Yes, this is the best thing EVER!!!!!!

Drew Desai

a month ago

Please tell me it’s gonna be on vinyl. Just got a player and this would be the perfect addition.

Lawana Bogle

a month ago

I preordered it

We released the music video for “Carol of the Bells” six years ago today! Anyone remember which Christmas album or EP it’s from?

Cathy Dillon-rubin

a month ago

I nominate Mitch to play Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys.

Maria G Salas

a month ago

It’s from PTXmas!!! This is one of my favorite holiday songs from y’all ❤️❤️

William Miller

a month ago

You were so beautiful together and simply.... expecialy with Avi !!! Miss you Avi !!! Come back !!

EAST COAST! Catch our performance of “Sweater Weather” RIGHT NOW on The Late Late Show with James Corden! It all happens on CBS. #PTXChristmasIsHere #LateLateShow

Piyush Gautam

a month ago

My mom & i don't like 2 watch THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN.
But i really love u guys. GO PTX GO

Monica Zeigler

a month ago

Someone's been messing around with a smurf….

Patricia Marisol Luque Benavides

a month ago

Love you guys 😘😘

Our first live televised performance of the holiday season is happening TONIGHT on The Late Late Show with James Corden! Tune-in to see us sing "Sweater Weather" from our NEW album #PTXChristmasIsHere! The episode airs on ⁦‪CBS‬⁩ at 12:35/11:35c. #latelateshow #PTXSweaterWeather

Geepee Ansaloni

a month ago

Wow, did not like this song at all! Couldn't understand over half of what they were saying. Sure hope the rest of the album is better than this.

Alfie Riden

a month ago

Jennifer Hale Henderson

Rtx Seven

a month ago

Couldn't stay up to watch this. Where can I find it? Would love to be able to watch it! Thanks...

In exactly one week the new album, The Greatest Showman: Reimagined, will be available everywhere! It will feature our cover of #TheGreatestShow. Pre-order it today:

Wanda Thomas

a month ago

My two favorite things had a baby!
#Pentatonix #TheGreatestShowman

Tiaka Morton Luke

a month ago

I'm so excited for this!!!

Allison LeAnn

a month ago


VIP upgrades for the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour are now ON SALE EVERYWHERE! From private backstage performances to intimate Q&A sessions, you can purchase your exclusive VIP upgrade at

REMEMBER: VIP upgrades do NOT include a ticket to the show. We’ll see you #soon!

Botio Bara Botio

a month ago

I’ll be there to hug y’all in Connecticut 😍😍

Gëo Pnt

a month ago

i want to but i’m not rich

Meeting you all on the #APentatonixChristmasTour last year brought us so much joy! ❤️❤️ We can't wait to meet you all again on the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour! Our exclusive VIP upgrades go on sale to the public starting tomorrow at 10AM local time. #tbt

Erika Castillo Esquer

a month ago

come to the uk

Assel Ayazbaeva

a month ago

Cari Pentatonix quando venite in Italia ?

Nihal Welimada

a month ago

When are you coming to the Netherlands again. Please?

‪Our brand new holiday album is in the top ten best selling albums this week and it’s all because of YOU!! Thanks for all the love and support! ❤️💚❤️💚 #PTXChristmasIsHere #ThankYouPentaholics‬

Loris Trimboli

a month ago

Luan great stocking stuffer

Ani Sandra

a month ago

I bought this, but will not listen to it until after Thanksgiving because it's not Christmastime yet.

James Syrek

a month ago

Downloaded it as soon as I could. Love you guys. Please come to Northern l/central California soon