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PTX Week in Review! #FBF

Kouichi Kato

2 days ago

Love you guys but Mitch is my guy😘😘

Sarah Purifoy

2 days ago

Matt is just sooo... *dont let me say it*

Sean Turner

3 days ago

I'd love for them to feature Avi on a song. All 6 all at once

Rewatch our performance of #PTXNewRules on The Late Late Show with James Corden! Who’s hoping to hear this one live on our tour this summer? ;) #PTXTopPopV1 #tbt

Alma Ramirez

3 days ago

Is it me or was the mic balancenoff during that performance. Nothing to do with Pentatonix they are always fabulous thats is a fault ofnthe twch people at the Late Late Show. It just felt off like was it the mics ir their ear pieces or something? Please tell me i am notnthe only one who picked this up.

Mireyita Guzman

3 days ago

Y'all should come to Wisconsin again!

Jason Nettleton

3 days ago

Would have loved too but you guys aren’t coming to Colorado... 🙄

We'll be performing on A Capitol Fourth LIVE from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC on July 4th and we can't wait! 🇺🇸💥 Join us for America's biggest birthday party by tuning in at 8/7c on ⁦‪PBS. #July4thPBS ⁦‬⁩

Aileen Fairbairn

6 days ago

Now we have to go!!!! I was trying to invite you but now maybe this will help! 😂😂😂😂

Allie Marie

Omkar Sawant

6 days ago

Can’t wait!!!!

Lawrence Crooms

6 days ago

Leslie Putnam-I need you to go to this for me haha

Mark your calendars! 🇺🇸💥 We'll be celebrating America's biggest birthday party by performing on A Capitol Fourth LIVE from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC! It all happens on July 4th at 8/7c on PBS. #July4thPBS

Janna Quintero

11 days ago

pentatonix if only you knew how much your pictures popping up on my news feed means to my little girl who can spot mitch from across the room!!!!

Janina Becker

11 days ago

Ugh! There are some days that I hate not having cable! ☹

Sandro Owexer

11 days ago

That is so GREAT I’ll be watching...I can’t wait

We can’t wait to sing the newest PTX songs from #PTXTopPopV1 on our tour this summer!


Vicki Hatlestad

11 days ago

Can’t wait to see you in July

Song Vang

12 days ago

Since when does an accapela group use instruments that is not what i think of when i think of pentatonix yes it is beautiful but not in anyway a capella

Jeanny Gatlin

12 days ago

wish i can

#ICYMI: We JUST ANNOUNCED that our our friends Calum Scott and Echosmith are joining our 2018 Summer Tour! Come join the fun and get your tickets at For info on our VIP upgrades, make sure to visit

Theresa Reesie Howard Moore

12 days ago

Would you consider a World Tour?😍😍😍

Adam Soulliere

12 days ago

See you in Salt Lake city

Josè Freire

12 days ago

calum x pentatoni will be great combination..

PTX TOUR NEWS! We’re VERY excited to share that we will be joined by our friends Calum Scott and Echosmith on the road this summer! It's going to be AMAZING! Get your tickets today at

Don’t forget, we’re also selling VIP upgrades at! Just remember that our upgrades do not include a ticket to the show.

Emely Rojas

12 days ago

Pentatonix is amazing! Worth seeing for sure!

Adam Soulliere

12 days ago

My daughter Hannah @scomiche613 has the VIP upgrade in Indy and can’t wait to meet you again Pentatonix!! It was so nice to meet Superfruit in Chicago- FANTASTIC SHOW!!

Stephanie Holt

12 days ago

This is a brain-straining schedule!! Can see how it could overwhelm. Don't burn out!!!

JT + KO = 🙌 🔁: Kevin "K.O." Olusola

Edison Antonio de Oliveira

12 days ago

Two very talented people.

Tammy Santoni

12 days ago

Two great musicians on one pic. Not to talk about how good these guys look 😉

Rell Love

12 days ago

My 2 favs😍

Who remembers this Justin Timberlake cover that we posted 5 years ago today?

James Betts

14 days ago

i miss videos like this i watched this video so much when it came out and i still do I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH

Edmilson Ednissy TroubleFamiily

14 days ago

This is the look i loved. interestingly, two still have it🙂

Malia Lewis

14 days ago

its your anniversary right? 😱 happy birthday pentatonix 😂💕🎉

PTX Week in Review!

Donna Crisel-Robertson

15 days ago

im from Philippines Pentatonix is My Favorite Band Ever ❤❤

Adiene Beltran

15 days ago

R u guys coming 2 Lake Andes, South Dakota last?

Antonia Medeiros Cruz

16 days ago

Gonna see Superfruit in Dallas on Monday and then PTX on Mitch's birthday in OKC. So excited!

We’re celebrating #FBF by remembering meeting all of you on our last tour! Can’t wait to do it again this summer… this time without Santa :) Find out how you can purchase your VIP upgrades at

What pose would you wanna do if you took a 📸 with us!? Let us know in the comments below!

Karen Durall

16 days ago

Soooooo coming next tour!! <3

Diana Scriminti

17 days ago

The close ones where all PTX are together

Martha Jimenez

17 days ago

No tengo :v
Como no vienen a Latinoamérica tons no :"v

Happy #NationalSmileDay!! 😃 What makes you smile?

Krisztina Koczák

17 days ago

Well duh national smile day falls on national donut day!

Gabriella Smith

17 days ago

The thought of seeing you in August..😊😊😊😊

Micky Rakotonaivo

17 days ago

you guys makes me smile all day, 'cause i listen to your songs everyday, much love pentatonix.....Muah

We ❤ all of these PTX fan art pieces you've created!

Margarita Cruz

19 days ago

Love these lovely humans so much😘So awesome, keep doin’ what you do. You still have no idea how many of us outside the concert area find some way . We will try to break backstage early are done 😜

Making music… 🎶 🔁: Kevin "K.O." Olusola

Ben Renkenberger

19 days ago

É vc Henrique?? 🤔

Clara Dominguez

20 days ago

Ugyan ilyen lámpánk van :D ;)

Lauren Mulford

20 days ago

can't wait to see you all in August!!

Come 👀 us on tour this summer! We’ll be hitting 39 cities across North America and we want to see you there! Take a look at all of the dates at We’ll also have a select number of VIP upgrades at - just remember our VIP upgrades do NOT include a ticket to the show!

Becky Haas

19 days ago

Can you Please PLEASE come to Calgary Alberta in Canada

Chandra Elisa Jean Jervey

19 days ago

Travelling 12,000 miles for a gig is devotion!

JLeonardo RNeto

19 days ago

Kylie Macie Don’t know if you are a fan but I feel like you might like them. I’ve seen them before and you should go if you can!

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Kesha Graham

24 days ago

Amy perfect for our season now!😍

Wayne Michael

24 days ago

Léa Chebret la veste en jeans

🌷🌸🌼 Flower Power! 🌹🌺🌻

🔁: kirstin
#TBT to the time we had a billboard in TIMES SQUARE! 💙 Stream #PTXTopPopV1 on Spotify here:💚

Brandon Scott Miller

24 days ago

Looks like Fun! Very nice Pic from u Kirsten! 😍😘

Anderson Rocha

24 days ago

Kirstin looks beautiful in her outfit for the electric daisy carnival

Lovie Stillstandinstrong Brown

24 days ago

beautiful picture Kirsten😀☺️

Our very own Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi begin their Superfruit tour tonight and we couldn't be more proud of them! If they're heading to a city near you, be sure to go see them! Tickets & Info here: #FUTUREFRIENDSTOUR

Qwishana Curtis

25 days ago

Australia!!! Please come and tour here!!

Nancy Graves

a month ago

R u ever going to come to Knoxville Tennessee

Tran Tien Trung

a month ago

I would love to go, but I'm already busy this weekend. :(

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Murti Hamzah

a month ago

ur the best

Darwin Camballa

a month ago

Apparently the best fans in the world are only in the US :(

Francisco Rodríguez

a month ago

I just wish that mustache on Mitch would go away.

Reflecting. 🔁: Kevin "K.O." Olusola

Tobias Grahe

a month ago

Proudly Nigerian! Keep making us proud...... please bring Pentatonix to Nigeria some day!

Robin Solarski

a month ago

My favourite PTX member😙

Faye Mosot Labotoy

a month ago

Love your music.

Our performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS is reairing tonight! Make sure to tune-in at 12:35AM / 11:35PM Central. #PTXonCorden #LateLateShow #PTXTopPopV

William Pabst

a month ago

You rock guys kip it up, you made ma day😙😙😙

Christina McNamara

a month ago

Just happened upon it tonight and I was so happy you guys did so great

Lúl Wîl

a month ago

Just watched it!

Last but not least, here's our final behind-the-scenes clip from our music video shoot for #PTXPerfect! You can watch it right now on YouTube here: #PTXTopPopV1

We have one more behind-the-scenes clip to share with you all tomorrow! #PTXTopPopV1

Jamie Hall

a month ago

Love you guys especially Mitch 😍😍😘😘

Mark Bozarth

a month ago

I wonder which one it’s for. Can’t wait!!

Happy Birthday, kirstin! We hope your day is incredible! Share your birthday messages for her by posting in the comments below. #HappyBirthdayKirstin

David Yellowbird

a month ago

Happy birthday to the one and only woman in the pentatonic. I wish you more grace, long life and God's blessing upon u......once again hbd to u.... U..... U.

Kenita Reed

a month ago

Happy happy birthday! Loved seeing you in Kinky Boots last month! You were awesome!! Hope this birthday is full of blessings!!!

Bj Jasmin

a month ago

#HappyBirthdayKirstin! You are the best for the pentatonix, i hope you have a nice day for you such a beautiful and talented person i wish for you may succesful in your career..😍😘😁🎂🎂


Amber Alquezada

a month ago

Happy Birthday Kristine, love ur music!

Carolyn LaGesse

a month ago

Only Mitch can make a Beetlejuice outfit look amazing! I want those shoes

Souvanh Pierini

a month ago

Jack skellington clothes. Excellent

Get a behind-the-scenes look of our music video for #PTXAttention on YouTube! #PTXTopPopV1

Tammie Cooper Marshall

a month ago

Amazing like always! But I know it’ll be even better live ☺️❤️

KRicka Ford

a month ago

Oohhhh my favourite favourite 😍😍❤

Summer is just around the corner - and so is our tour! Get your tickets today at We also have a limited number of VIP upgrades available! For all the details, visit

Yoselyn Arriaza

a month ago

Please come to Dubai for Christmas 🌸

Janine Giroux

a month ago

when will Asian tour happen again? :(

Come back to Vegas!!

We’ll be sharing another behind-the-scenes video tomorrow…. #PTXTopPopV1

Gabyz Dsr

a month ago

This is the one I've been waiting for :)

Shyam Mehta

a month ago

Attention or Perfect?

Devon Barnaby

a month ago

Ooo! We get to see bts of Attention! How cool. 😊

‪We are so thankful for these incredible women. Happy Mother’s Day!! ❤️ ‬

Samuel Mututwa

a month ago

Love the pictures. I know they all had a special Mother's Day!

Irvng Vega

a month ago

Adorable. These moms deserve props for taking their talented kids to music lessons. Thanks!!!

Moncada Nohemi

a month ago

Mitch looks so much like Nel! Adorable!

Time for another behind-the-scenes look from our #PTXTopPopV1 music videos, and this time it's for "New Rules x Are You That Somebody?"! Watch it right now on our YouTube channel here: #PTXNewRules

John Nguyễn

a month ago

I was watching Hercules, the Disney animated film, and couldn't help but feel half the songs would benefit impressively from you guys giving them your spin! Keep up the fabulous work!

Yenny Higuera

a month ago

Pls make a video for
Desipacito x Shape of you
....#love ...#you

Nicole Vertar

a month ago

I love
Love Mitch 😘😘😘😘

Get ready for another behind-the-scenes clip from #PTXTopPopV1 - coming tomorrow!

Brunilda Shkalla

a month ago

I wanna know whos apartment that is cus Kirstin was busy in NY at the time so did the all travel to her or did she travel to them?

Xiomy H. Durán

a month ago

I admire you.

We're halfway through the week! 🙌 Which song off of our album #PTXTopPopV1 are you listening to the most to get you to the weekend?

Leilanie Vargas

a month ago

Despacito x Shape of You for sure, idk why but Kirstie singing in Spanish is incredible.
Let's be real, though, Kirstie having a solo is incredible, so I guess Issues too 😂😂

Jay Lorr

a month ago

All of them! But I especially love Feel It Still and Despacito x Shape of You!

Diane Eythell

a month ago

Attention and praying I listen to those the most.....but I still love the whole album

We’re going to be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at every music video we’ve released from #PTXTopPopV1! First one up is #PTXHavana. We all love this song, and we're so glad we were able to cover it! Watch the #BTS clip on YouTube here:

Juanita Avila

a month ago

Well this was a nice surprise 😁😁😁

Claudio Aldo Fajardo Pailanir

a month ago

Charlotte Baart, dit klopt helemaal!! 😍😍

Faisal Hadi

a month ago

I think I've died and gone to Pentaholic nerd heaven! 🤓

Catch us this summer on our tour across North America! We’ll be performing songs from our new album #PTXTopPopV1 as well as a few PTX classics! We also just released VIP upgrades that are available for purchase now! Keep in mind that our upgrades are sold separately and do not include a ticket to the show.


Colin Miller

a month ago

I wish pentatonix come here in the PHILIPPINES and i watch you consert!!!

I love u all PENTATONIX!!!

Paula Miles

a month ago

Woo-hoo! I just bought my tickets for September 16!

Erica Carpenter

a month ago

My daughter will see you in Hershey Pa. Her first concert. I got her tickets for her 10th birthday.

We had SO MUCH FUN singing the National Anthem at The Kentucky Derby today!! #KyDerby

Yvonne Kota

a month ago

If you say you liked this whether you like the group or not you are lying to yourself and everyone else who reads your comment! As well as lying to the group itself! It was not likable! Some things do not need the dramatic change that was done to our Anthem!

Lee Bethany

a month ago

You guys did a great job. Don't listen to all the Haters. They have nothing better to do with their time but hate on people.

Ma Rosario Ruiz Fuentes

a month ago

Wow. The sound mics were hot for Kirsten but she held her own. I thought it was great. Especially loved Kevin’s percussion.
Good job.

#ICYMI: VIP upgrades are ON SALE NOW at Keep in mind that our VIP upgrades do NOT include a ticket to the show. We’re excited to meet you guys this summer!

Everett López

a month ago

Someone left this group?

Denisa Barbos

a month ago

Just got my tickets! Can't wait!

Brandon Kurtzweil

a month ago

I want the VIP pass so bad! I love PTX.

We’ll be heading to Kentucky this weekend to sing the National Anthem at the 144th Kentucky Derby! 🐎 Come join the fun and get your tickets at . #KyDerby

Susana Garcìa Parra

a month ago

Welcome to Louisville and the Derby. Go Baby Go!! 🐎🌹

Alexis Lopez

a month ago

Shut up 🤐 I will listen

Nancy Harris Mozisek

a month ago

My home state!!!

Who's ready to purchase their VIP upgrades for our summer tour!? ⭐ They go on sale THIS Friday, May 4th at 10am local time… and don't forget... our VIP upgrades do not include a ticket to the show! For more details, visit .

Brenda Jean

2 months ago

As a Photographer I have to warn you posing anyone into crotch shots

Mathew Steven Wallace

2 months ago

Man I wish I got vip tickets.

Alex Alejandro Bautista

2 months ago

When will u be coming to Stockholm?

Priscilla Villanueva

2 months ago

Is there a snake in your boot, Mitch?

Brooke Tyree

2 months ago

The coat looks awesome but it doesn't match with that shirt

Rachael Storey

2 months ago

Can anyone tell me where this picture was taken? Just curious

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Paul Milliner

2 months ago

Michelle Giovanni!?!?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE!!!!!!!😱😭😱

MrsBeautiful Oubre-Webb

2 months ago

Jeannie Noell Margeson in case you didn't see this. I can't go :(

Nicholas Saunders

2 months ago

Cindy Richardson... Shania Twain and Lionel Richie

*VIP upgrades do not include a ticket to the show. Must purchase your own ticket at ❤

Carol Schnor

2 months ago

how can people afford this lmao

Edgard Hernandez

2 months ago

If we already purchased VIP tickets the first day you announced tickets were for sale, is all of this (the details listed) included in that?? We bought them but didn’t actually know what we were getting with that purchase. I just wanted front row! Haha! ... Basically I’m assuming these packages are for ppl who just bought regular tickets, correct?

** I CANT WAIT!!! ** ☺️☺️☺️

Amelia Toutsaint

2 months ago

Please, come to the Netherlands, please?
You’re so great! 👏👏👏

SURPRISE! We uploaded a SPECIAL PTX VIDEO of us reacting to FBE’s Pentaholics React to Pentatonix video! We LOVED filming this! Watch it right now on YouTube here:

Make sure to watch the original react video here:

Trinity C. Beronilla

2 months ago

Love it! You guys have to be some of the nicest and most genuine people ever.❤️

Alyeska Hyde

2 months ago

I’m glad you guys react to pentaholics but wish you would react to other reactors beside the ones on FBE. Maybe something to keep in mind for future videos.

Lennyys Hernandez

2 months ago

Dapat pala inupload ko na yung vidddddd

Our new album #PTXTopPopV1 landed at #5 on the Top Album Sales chart and at #10 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart!! This marks our eighth top 10 album on the Billboard charts! ❤️ THANK YOU!!

Dionnafe Olmoguez Basoy

2 months ago

What!!!so it's a new song?I already have it's music and the video,how great is that?

Claudia Magaña

2 months ago

You guys deserve it🙌💙✨,,,ptx✨

Adam Capps

2 months ago

in indonesia there is no album of you

What did y’all think of our performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night!? If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube here: #PTXNewRules #PTXonCorden #PTXTopPopV1

Nelson Gurng

2 months ago

So maybe we should practice this for a while, friends! It’s amazing how great the environment is when we think about the positive in all situations! No drama and no arguing!! You’re welcome😘😂

Đevil Bããdshah

2 months ago

Kevin Olusola is incredible and he has soooo many talents. Throwing down those sICk bEaTS 😂👏🏽😍😍💛💛💛

Toshiro Myles

2 months ago


EAST COAST! #PTXonCorden starts now! Who’s watching!?! The Late Late Show with James Corden CBS #LateLateShow #PTXTopPopV1

Siaka Diallo

2 months ago

Sounded great!!! As usual of course. My God Kirstie, you are totally rockin' that hair! I love the curls!!!

Maria Elena Zuñiga León

2 months ago

Her little smirk smile always cracks me up.

Rakijah Jalloh - Swaray

2 months ago

Yeah I watched it!! They did great! Love that song!!

We picked up our physical copies of #PTXTopPopV1 at Barnes & Noble the day our album came out - and you can, too! Get your copy in stores today or online at
We can’t wait to perform on the The Late Late Show with James Corden! Tune-in TONIGHT at 12:35AM / 11:35PM Central on CBS! #PTXonCorden #LateLateShow #PTXTopPopV1

Pamela Camposeo

2 months ago

cute. pax. by. Emma. Odonnell 🌸🌺

Debbie Coleman Crow

2 months ago

Jomelyn Avell Astaño

Jessica Strong

2 months ago

Who is thatttt

‪Who’s excited for #PTXonCorden!? Make sure to tune-in Monday, April 23rd at 12:35AM / 11:35PM Central only on CBS! #LateLateShow‬

Mei Geing

2 months ago

That would be 4/24 12:35 am

Edwin Ruijssenaars

2 months ago

Already got this set on my DVR

Airton Gledson Mendes

2 months ago

Vonnie Pinnell Richards

Next month Superfruit is going on tour and tickets are ON SALE NOW! If you want to see Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, visit for tickets!

Theresa Girdwain

2 months ago

Still no Vegas. 😞


2 months ago

Come to Europe ♡. France ;) (Lyon is a beautiful place)

Josué Arteaga

2 months ago

Bitte auch nach Wien 😊

It’s been ONE WEEK since our brand new album dropped! Head into the weekend and get your copy of #PTXTopPopV1 here:

Noemi Cruz Rodriguez

2 months ago

it’s 🔥. Definitely been listening on repeat for the entire week.

Alison Hussar

2 months ago

Got mine with the Tickets for the July 21st concert! In Phoenix AZ!

Rahul Akuthota

2 months ago

I thought you were going to launch into a Barenaked Ladies song there for a second...

We ❤ all of these PTX fan art pieces you've created!
Thank you, Amazon Music! <3 #PTXTopPopV1

Gabriel Gomez

2 months ago

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I am so honored to have my art alongside other amazing fandom artists. <3 <3 <3 I love you guys! Congratulations on your new album.


2 months ago

m is so cute!

Yoshikazu Shimada

2 months ago

Amazon is the best music provider