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Happy birthday to our very own Scott Hoying! We hope today is as amazing as you are.❤️ Join us in celebrating Scott’s birthday by posting your bday wishes for him in the comments below! #HappyBirthdayScott

Ruben Hay

6 hours ago

Happy birthday Scott love from Denmark. Hope you have wonderful Day, and hoping you All Will Come to Denmark and play for us 🤞🤞💜

Vanessa Dixon

6 hours ago

I went to the Tinley Park (Chicago) show, 9/16/18) the last one! you all were amazing and we sang happy bday to you. God bless you w many more! ❤️❤️🎶🎶

Lanette Shark

6 hours ago

Happy birthday Scott, love from Canberra, the capital city of Australia,hope you had a wonderfull day. Am hoping you will come back to Australia soon.

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Too much fun!! Maybe (?) my fave one so far, but they're always amazing! 😍👏

Taiane Costa

3 days ago

Thanx for sharing! I’m a Pentatonix Superfan!

Trey Hamlet

3 days ago

Ya you guys have fun at Blossom music center ? Seems like ya did ;)

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Sept. 13 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Sept. 15 -Clarkston, MI
Sept. 16 -Tinley Park, IL

Luigi Luongo

5 days ago

Man, would I like to go see them. sigh. Not this year.

Moynul Hossain Shourov

6 days ago

Can't wait too

Cecilia Jaconetti

6 days ago

I have 3 tickets for tonight for sale $30 each

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Irina Markovich Marshall

8 days ago

We were there last week at Hershey....concert was just fantastic. What talent!

Harukah Tenoh

8 days ago

You guys were awesome tonight in Allegan!

Albert Huerta

8 days ago

Looking forward to the Cuyahoga show!!! Taking my little ( I'm part of big brother big sister) for her first concert!!!!!

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Tahy San Jorge Dieguez

8 days ago

Ahhhh! The tour has been amazing. It has brought so much hope! How do I convince y’all to sing a happy birthday video for my friend? 😂😭. I love you guys so much, but the joy you bring her is so indescribable! 😊

Delia Torres

9 days ago

OHMYGOSH!!! I use to live 30 minutes from Hershey Park and went there ALL THE TIME

Travis John

9 days ago

Nice! So glad you guys enjoyed Hershey!

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Maxii Naxii

9 days ago

Need to replace a Pentatonix sweatshirt (just like the one featured above) that was stolen but no medium or large available. Will these be available soon?

Ambroz Gjokaj

10 days ago

kijk die trui Devi Vissers

Patricia Martinez Diaz

10 days ago

We love the sale. We'd love to be able to buy PTX patches! Girl Scouts are all about patches, and Girl Scouts are all about Pentatonix!

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September 5th - Cincinnati, OH
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September 8th - Noblesville, IN
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David Ű Ortiz

12 days ago

Avi.....please please do one last performance with ptx....this new change hurts me more than a pile of legos

Marcelo Araujo

12 days ago

Saw you last night in cincy... awesome show!!!

Marcelo Araujo

12 days ago

My kids are there. Eliza and Emily. They are sooooo excited

We had way too much fun at Hersheypark this past weekend... 😂 | 🔁: Matt Sallee

Virginie Rasoarimanana

12 days ago

Pentatonix portion of concert was GREAT!!! Echosmith was definitely a 2nd rate, weak lead in group & certainly way below the standards one would have expected for such a great group as Pentatonix.

Hamilton Giraldo Garcia

12 days ago

Please tell me who is the name of this Reese's orange character.
My husband bought this doll when he went on a trip to Las Vegas the other day.
from Japan...

Tanya Senese

12 days ago

Kayla ok love you too baby

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Minnie Wordlow

14 days ago

When Will they come to brazil

Joanne Kent

14 days ago

Wanted to watch this but already have a commitment on that date. 😞

Katie Dawson

14 days ago

Can’t wait for Toronto!

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Renee Greene

16 days ago

Meigann Braha i watched this 4 times yesterday.

Correa Chely

16 days ago

You guys should definitely do a whole bunch of BSB covers!!

Angie Delos Reyes

17 days ago

Woohoo...10 more days!!!

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نادر محمد

16 days ago

Need to see a bit more of Mitch in these

Anca Iuga

17 days ago

When do we get our meet and greet photos. It's been months

Carmelo Antonio Battiato

18 days ago

I wish u guys have tour in philippines😭

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Susy Anaya Acozta

17 days ago

Expect a wait if you meet them. It's been months and not a word on when we're getting our meet and greet photos

Humberto Silva

18 days ago

Liz Mudie Jordon Dionatos

Ajaad Khan

18 days ago

Wait...........ur summer tour ends Sept. 16th?

All smiles. 😁 Can’t believe we have only 11 shows left!! We’ve been having so much fun on the #PTXSummerTour2018. | 🔁: Kevin "K.O." Olusola

Sharon Ballentine

18 days ago

We had so much fun at last night's Bangor Maine concert! You all are incredible. You are my daughter's favorite band - this was her first concert. Over and over again she exclaimed, "This was the best day of my life!" YOU did that for her, thanks for being so awesome!

Jameel Ahmed

18 days ago

All the loves my lovelies (PTX)

Michael Bailey

18 days ago

Enjoy every single one

Happy birthday to the iconic Michael Jackson! We are so honored to have covered all of his greatest hits in one medley. What’s your all-time favorite MJ song? Let us know in the comments below! #MichaelJacksonDay

Hlobisile Mafisa Shoba

18 days ago

'earth Song', 'heal the World'

Kenny Stys

19 days ago

Fantastic tribute to a music icon🙌🏾

Isai Orlando

19 days ago

Loved your medley. Has to be Thriller.

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August 28th - Mansfield, MA
August 30th - Bangor, ME
September 1st - Burgettstown, PA
September 2nd - Hershey, PA

Pete Zaroll

20 days ago

See you soon in Hershey! 😍 My kids' first concert; they are so excited!

Vianey Laurean

20 days ago

I can't wait til tomorrow when I see you guys in Bangor! I just hope I can stand long enough with my knee injury. Lol

Tomoko Murata

20 days ago

Wish you guys were doing more than one Ontario date .. I'd love to go, but middle of the week, 3 hours away from home and only one chance to go... frustrating

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Maegan Kiger

21 days ago

Kayla Kayla Kayla Kayla

Eray Gebes

21 days ago

Kayla ok love 💘 me Happy birthday pentatoix ok

Ulric Marques

21 days ago

What about the video from scranton pa???????

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Champar ANiz

21 days ago

Thursday in Bangor is my girls first concert. We are all so excited!

James Gerard Rheaume Jr.

21 days ago

Why do you do everything wrong in the US. Days, then month, guys. Who would say that the clock is is 20:1 when it is 1:20? And while I am at it - please use metric. Also pentatonix is a great band 👏

Tanucha Jose

21 days ago

Kayla ok love 💘 me Happy birthday pentatoix

This tour has been incredible so far! We’re back at it! You ready for tonight New Jersey? 💜🎶 #PTXSummerTour2018 #PTXSummerTourHOLM

Yrn Esprit Faithfully

a month ago

Me and my family attended ur daughter is such a big fan. We all loved the concert last night in Holmdel at PNC Arts Center. U all have such an amazing was awesome. Had us up most of show on our feet. Thanks for an awesome show...filled w awesome memmories!

Virginia O'Connor

a month ago

You guys were AMAZING!!!😍 So talented!!!

Henry Alfredo Talavera Sumaria

a month ago

Fabulous show last night! Thanks!!!

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Maria Magdalena Borthelle

a month ago

Keith Sack I hope you're ready!!!

Stephanie Wharton

a month ago

See you in Scranton!!

Jane Holton

a month ago

Yeah Syracuse!!!! We can’t wait!

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Mario Alberto Duran Lopez

a month ago

Thank you guys, for being empathetic and caring! Love y’all!

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Waqas Ahmad Khan

a month ago

Y’all can’t just drop on me PTX working out while listening to I did something bad, ALL MY FAVES TOGETHER! 😱❤️😱❤️😱❤️ can we have a Rep medley? Pretty please????

Jany Garcia

a month ago

I have to wait 2 weeks for another one

Hina Faryad

a month ago

Love, love, love. Scott kisses Kirstie, Mitchy being adorable with Kevin, Matt after the work. I may never see you again but these snippets keep me happy

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James Edward

a month ago

I don't understand, first who is the VIP Host and why can't PTX or whom ever the talent is, put their foot down and sign autographs/photos for no charge? I absolutely Love PTX and just wondering.

Mandy Albers

a month ago

You have so many fans in Denmark, who whould love to see you in concert i Denmark :-)

Josh Gilbert

a month ago

Ooooh! The pink hair! Love it! (The boys looks nice, too. ;) )

Coming up... #PTXSummerTour2018

Hrubi Georgina

a month ago

Is there an opening act?

Michael Plummer

a month ago

Ed Sheeran już dwa razy miał koncert w Polsce. A wy? zapraszam Was do Polski . Nieważne w jakim mieście , przyjadę.

Debra Hoefling

a month ago

Congratulations, PTX and fam. 🙏💖🙏

Fun trip to the aquarium... ✓
Seeing Janet Jackson live in concert... ✓
Catching up on fan letters... ✓

It's safe to say we had a great week on the #PTXSummerTour2018. Watch an all-new #PTXperience on YouTube right now!

Denise Smith-Jones

a month ago

how can I send them a letter, have no idea how to do that

Hans van der Ley

a month ago

Please do a Janet Jackson tribute!

Val Hicks

a month ago

Already watched it and I loved it!

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Greg Friedewald

a month ago

We went to tbe concert Thursday night 8/9 in Tampa Fl amazing got the hat and t shirt my daughter loved it

Emanuele Amati

a month ago

I love that bottle!😍😍

Vicki Delvalle

a month ago

Can’t wait to buy mercy at the show omg I’m so excited 4 weeks away

Up next on the #PTXSummerTour2018!

August 9th - Tampa, FL
August 11th - Raleigh, NC
August 12th - Bristow, VA

Mikel Corleone

a month ago

Cant wait to see you in Raleigh

Val Hicks

a month ago

You have fans in the UK

Linda Hawkins Seamon

a month ago

We so enjoyed your Tampa show last night! Thanks!

Today’s PTX #tbt is dedicated to one of the best vocalists of our time. Happy Birthday Whitney Houston.

Ioan Petrean

a month ago

If you like Whitney, you should see the video of the dutch singer Glennis Grace when she perfoms Run to you.

Bhanu Swaroop

a month ago

Would love to see some of these older videos redone now to see how different they would be .. I feel like mitch or Kirsten should have taken the lead on this one!

Asif Mahmud Ovi

a month ago

Look at you cute young'uns! I love seeing the simplicity of this - filmed in a room, with just your voices! (Not that I don't love amazing videos full of fantastic production, too, cause I do!)

What better way to celebrate our day off than spending it at Walt Disney World!?! ✨ #WaltDisneyDay

LaShaun Lucas

a month ago

Giorgia, a quanto pare si sono fatti un giretto a Magic Kingdom prima del concerto a Tampa 😁

Candace Jacqueline Gumbs

a month ago


Avice Randolph Pasley

a month ago

Have fun. My daughter and I saw you perform at the White River Ampitheater in Washington State. We were going to try to catch the show at the Riverbend in Ohio while we were visiting family but can't make it to do either.

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Sckarl X Rd

a month ago

I miss Pentatonix so much. I am not talking about the loss of Avi, sometimes changes happen. I am talking about now with PTX they just don't feel the same, sound the same, or make me feel the same. ATTITUDES! it seems like their attitudes have changed becoming famous. Sometimes changes happen ... for the bad.

Md Abrar Hoque

a month ago

AVI <3 Miss him so much

Valerie Lassen

a month ago

Payphone!!!! I remember hearing Scott's beautiful falsetto and watching it over and over and over on Youtube.

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Francklin J. Cerrato Velásquez

a month ago

can u tell my why Calum Scott started singing 20 minutes before the concert was supposed to start? That was insane and not fair to those who came to hear him sing. Would like a reply.

Miriam Lazzari

a month ago

Camber Carter Childresss

Carlton Cannon

a month ago

Noah Coleman please!!!!

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Rocio Florencia

a month ago

Your Charlotte, NC concert was the best concert I have ever been to! You guys are absolutely amazing!

Gloria Ortiz

a month ago

I already got it in May

Lorenzo Dgt

a month ago

I wish I could just have the money to get at least one of their cds.your music puts a chill through my whole body

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Scott Curry

a month ago

I’m taking my daughters to Tampa for their first concert and was wondering if kid-sized shirts are being sold at the show. I see several pictures here with kids - were the shirts bought online before the event or while there?

Michaela Klegseth

a month ago

Cant wait till the European tour - dont forget Denmark❤️🙈👍🏻😉😄

Goro Majima

a month ago

I've wanted to see y'all in concert for years and tomorrow is the big event. I'll be there cheering you on just a few rows back.

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Jesus Alirio Sanchez Castillo

a month ago

Love how you share your genuine selves with the world

Andrea Helmer

a month ago

And cue the tears!! Thank you PTX for doing this for Fiona and family in Austin. That was just awesome to watch. They had the best time and I think Fiona is still floating!! 😍

Jemes Manhiça

a month ago

Cried so much watching this one 😭♥️♥️

Who's ready for the next few shows!? #PTXSummerTour2018

August 2nd - Pelham, AL
August 4th - Charlotte, NC
August 5th - Virginia Beach, VA


Israa R. Salem

a month ago

Can't wait to see you in Toronto for my first PTX concert!

Josue Caleb Zavaleta Acosta

a month ago

Y'all were so amazing last night in Alabama! Thanks for a great show! <3

Dario Lopez

a month ago

Can't wait to go tomorrow night!!!

Puppies, piercings, and parties... oh my! Watch this week's #PTXperience as the #PTXSummerTour2018 travels from California to Arkansas. The full video is on YouTube now!

Ashley Garrett Cook

2 months ago

Omg Queen from downtown 🏀😂

Daubry Michael

2 months ago

I think I'll watch EPISODE 3 bc I missed it

I think I missed it or something

UP NEXT! Kicking off the new week in Texas tonight. If you're coming to the show, make sure to use #PTXSummerTourWDL #PTXSummerTour2018 in all your posts.


Steven Lavery

2 months ago

I'll see you in Charlotte 😍😍

Jeannine Bierebeeck

2 months ago

When are you coming to europe or belgium?

Julius Rex Krakue

2 months ago

I hope u come to Australia again, missed the last one 😌


We’ve had so much fun singing this one on the #PTXSummerTour2018 that we decided to film it for you! Watch on YouTube as we take on all of Rihanna's biggest hits and put it into one big medley! #PTXRIHANNA

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Sapphire Smith

2 months ago

Watched it n loved it!!
If u guys listened to all of Aurora's songs.........could u please do an Evolution of Aurora?

Well...... Listen 2 all of Aurora's songs 1st and then do the Evolution...

Elaine Jones

2 months ago

Am I the only one to feel that Mitch will grow his hair into a mullet?

Katy Romero

2 months ago

Like this if you want Pentatonix do a cover Of Kiki Do You Love Me.

Wishing ⁦‪Mitch‬⁩ a Happy Birthday! Thanks for brightening up our lives. Share your birthday wishes for him in the comments below! #HappyBirthdayMitch

Viktória Valánszki

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Mitch and many many more to come... Hope your day is full of good memories you will cherish as well...

Marthinus J. Olivier

2 months ago

Happy birthday, Mitch Grassi! When you need a break from singing, I think the fashion world is calling!

Pablo Barron

2 months ago

Happiest Birthday ever, Mitch!!! Such talent!!! Do you have any idea how positively you affect everyone's lives??? It is amazing.....totally....amazing..

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Deolinda Macedo

2 months ago

Australia please. My kiddlets and I would love to see you all down under xx

Emőke Szeteiné Majercsin

2 months ago

Please come to Madison, Wi💕💕💕

Luciano Varela

2 months ago

Can't wait for them to be in Bangor ME

Phoenix, we are so ready for the show tonight! Who's coming!? #PTXSummerTourPHX #PTXSummerTour2018

Karen Samples

2 months ago

2 of my kids did the VIP experience which they absolutely LOVED!!! Here's a pic of my youngest when Pentatonix took the stage. It was an amazing show and we look forward to going next time!

Jackie Stillman

2 months ago

I can't believe how many people can't hear the talent they are so fortunate in witnessing. Instead they carp on about the clothes. Hello, these people are individuals. What they wear is personal, nothing to do with you. You pay to hear those magnificent harmonies, you pay to listen. Quit carrying on about who wears shorts. Expand your minds, don't you get you're witnessing magic? Five individuals, come together and can make a sound that makes you cry from the beauty of it.....

Katelyn Cramer

2 months ago

Great performance guys! Was amazing! Thank you for giving me such a great experience at my first concert ever, and thank you for making it so special to be yet another first for my husband and I for our two month anniversary! My only wish now is to hopefully meet you guys in person one day. You have been such a major inspiration for me, and one of the major reasons I enjoy singing so much.

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Janine Burnett

2 months ago

So proud of you 💗💗

Vilma Directo

2 months ago

Loved everything except the dancing, it does not feel natural..i felt pitch perfect 2 where they had to over compensate. But i came for the vocals and you NEVER disappoint! Love still!

Pao Pao Mata

2 months ago

Thank you for the amazing pure, healing work you do. Will see you in NM Sunday to commemorate the 2 year anniversary of the passing of my 26 year old nephew Eric. We were huge fans and groveled unsuccessfully to see you at your sold out performance at the Bluebird in Denver. I will be there in Section 2 Row 23 on Sunday night overjoyed and grateful. xoxo

‪IRVINE! ✨ Thanks for coming out tonight and singing along with us!!#PTXSummerTourIRV #PTXSummerTour2018‬

Ashley Braden

2 months ago

I absolutely loved the concert! And about the clothes thing, I think it was fine, but it kinda was weirding me out that one of the camera guys kept in taking camera shots of just Kristine's legs and then slowly panning up to her hips. And they only did that thing with Kristie, the rest had regular camera shots. (even though Mitch was moving his hips and strutting like the amazing Queen he is 👑)
I loved that they were able to be comfy and show leg, I just didn't like how the one camera was. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Debbie Cagle

2 months ago

I just wanna say: people are complaining about how they’re wearing such little amounts of clothes. How about YOU try doing full 2 hour concerts outside in the summer heat, dancing and singing your heart out, and then tell me you want to wear a bunch of clothes. Kirstie got heatstroke a few years ago doing a concert. They can’t wear extremely modest clothing. They’d pass out from the heat.

José Antonio Vargas Monsibais

2 months ago

You all look amazing on stage and your outfits were awesome, don’t listen to the haters, Mitch your outfits are so you and you have amazing legs 😉😍 Kirstie you look amazing to, don’t listen to the mean comments your outfits are no different to what a figure skater or ballroom dancer or gymnasts wear when they are out performing, don’t listen to the haters, you all look amazing on stage and you all sound amazing too

We can’t believe it’s been over a week since we’ve started the #PTXSummerTour2018! We’ll be coming to Irvine, Phoenix, and Albuquerque next. For dates and tickets, visit

Nancy Evans Fein

2 months ago

Um... why is a grown man wearing shorts at his concert???!!!

Highroad Cabs Murphy

2 months ago

Can't wait to meet you in Tinley!😍❤

Gary Gregory-Howard Miceli

2 months ago

Please I really want to be with you people

Selfie Goals! 🔁: kirstin

Darwin Delarosa

2 months ago

OMG I love you guys!!!!! You look soooo cute!!!!!!! But... where is my Mitchieee???? :((( ❤💙💚💛

Isaac Shindang

2 months ago

I heard Attention today!
I AM Brazilian

Billy Le Petit Lion

2 months ago

Not a good look for her at all. But at least she is looking how she wants, I guess. Dark hair, less eye make up much better, pure look.

‪That was SO. MUCH. FUN. Thank you Mountain View for having us! #PTXSummerTourMTV #PTXSummerTour2018

Julie Doro

2 months ago

This was amazing

Alissia Zamorano

2 months ago

fun ptx. by. Emma. O’Donnell 🌸

Dil Benhumea Guadarrama

2 months ago

Incredible!!! Come back soon!!!

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Lori D Riddell

2 months ago

Love to hear you guys get back to original songs rather than covers of the most in-vogue pop stuff. That album still remains one of my favorites to this day.

Rhodora Weesner

2 months ago

Thank you Pentatonix for making my second concert in life enjoyable and unforgettable! I loved the each and every song that the group sang it was amazing! I was so glad to finally see PTX in concert! From the start to end it was perfection. I really enjoy listening to your music as well! Have fun with the rest of your summer tour!

J Fdo Garcia

2 months ago

What I want to know is why you aren’t singing all of Top Pop Vol 1 on tour?! Don’t get me wrong, Loved your set, loved all the songs sung, cause y’all are amazing —I wish you could have your whole repertoire as your concert set (I know that isn’t possible nor rational) But really missed Praying, Feel It Still, & Issues when I went to your concert 😞! Regardless, you guys always put on an amazing show! Never cease to blow me away! 😍

RIDGEFIELD! ❤️ #PTXSummerTourWAS #PTXSummerTour2018

Stephanie Correa

2 months ago

My husband and I had a great time, thank you !!

Ivan Cardenas

2 months ago

Awesome show! Daughter and I enjoyed it so much as did everybody in the audience.

Geneva Thomas

2 months ago

See you guys in August!!!!!!

Coming up this week... #PTXSummerTour2018


Ting Lee

2 months ago

Lana Langford Voyer You have to go see them for me! They are awesome and it looks like they will be in your backyard this week!

Martin Gagarov

2 months ago

So glad you got to go. Feeling so sad that you are stuck at home when Tim works so hard on the weekend🤗

Da Schirley Pep

2 months ago

7/22 Albuquerque, NM!

AUBURN!! Tonight was beautiful... THANK YOU! ✨ #PTXSummerTour2018 #PTXSummerTourAUB

Kyle Justin

2 months ago

I wish I went. I wouldnt be able to wake up the next morning for work. Next time though I'm going

Simi Millwood

2 months ago

We had a wonderful time!

Earline Gardner

2 months ago

Looks like yall had fun! Little sad I couldn't make it. :(

‪West Valley City! Last night was perfect! THANK YOU! #PTXSummerTour2018 #PTXSummerTourWVC ‬

Kevin Hendrick

2 months ago

Really? Its already blazing hot and then you have the heat from all those lights they are using. Then we wonder why they are dressing like that? Get over yourselves.

Gabriele Hamburg

2 months ago

It was amazing! Thanks for a fantastic evening!

Negra Casanova

2 months ago

Love you guys, I actually got to see you in concert last year in KCK, and got paid for it too (as I was part of the cleaning crew). I would love to see tall snatch Avi up again and get together with Home Free and do a concert. Perhaps for the veterans