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Covering @TheBeatles “Rain” in Amsterdam in 2014. #PearlJam

Due to severe overnight weather containing heavy storms, lightning and winds that are expected to continue, it has been decided in compliance with governmental authorities instructions to cancel the third day of Lollapalooza Argentina. Fans can visit and Lollapalooza Argentina’s social media to obtain information about refunds for Sunday.

📸: @lollapalooza
RG @dannijr: “#PearlJam ‘Vs’ LP original 1993 Holland pressing”
@LollapaloozaCl tonight! Official artwork by @_mazatli_ . See you there. #PJLIVE2018 #PearlJam #Lollapalooza

LOLLA 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

@LollapaloozaCl tonight! Official artwork by @_mazatli_ . See you there. #PJLIVE2018 #PearlJam #Lollapalooza

#PearlJam is partnering with @ConservationOrg and @CI_Brasil to lessen the environmental impact of our Brazilian concerts. The 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions produced will be offset with 20,600 new trees planted in the Brazilian Amazon. Link in bio.

Official artwork by Mazatl for tonight's show at Lollapalooza Chile.

Ginette Borduas

2 days ago

❤😍❤❤❤ thanks for amazing week!!! I love u guys!!!!?

Alexandra Nunes

2 days ago

Thank you very much for coming to Chile and you have two concerts! we wait for you soon!
🙏🏻🇨🇱 🎸

Soufyan Labib Hâñd Sť

2 days ago

Love it, but I keep seeing this...

Shades 😎 #JeffAment #TBT #PearlJam

Support the victims and families of Stoneman Douglas High School by bidding on an auction to meet Eddie Vedder at Pearl Jam's Wrigley Field show in August. The auction ends March 25th. More details here:

Nathalie Coutanson

2 days ago

Seriously, has this been sanctioned by Eddie Vedder? Because the Eddie Vedder I know through his music, the causes he stands for and the interviews he gives would not want an auction that would give the benefit to the very richest! If it is true that he has sanctioned it then I am very disappointed and disillusioned. I am not rich by any means, and I have been a diehard fan ever since the beginning, and I am more than happy to donate money to support the victims and families of Stoneman, have already so ...but this is not cool at all. Forget the sell to the highest bidder, just ask for a donation at the Tshirt sale or tack on a donation least that would be more legit!

Naomi Hamer

2 days ago

Man I wish I had the money too. My hubby and I have been together 19yrs now. Our love for Eddie and the band was one of many reasons we connected with each other. 9yrs ago we decided to name our pooch "Vedder". He's just a cool...chillaxed little dude! It would be such a dream come true to meet a soul that inspires us both equally. I haven't worked since 2007 due to illness so bidding on such an experience is out for me. Good luck to everyone that has the means to do so! My fingers are crossed they play in Detroit this year and we can get tix to that. Rock on everyone! Spread good vibes throughout your days and love on each other! We ALL have a story! Much love from Canada! 😘

Toshihiro Mito

4 days ago

This is totally screwed up, so we can show our support if we were rich? Money shows support? This is so far from cool I can't even see you anymore. Guess the fans are just dollar $ign$ eh? Dude who are you? Not the same person you claim

Check out Jeff Ament’s @MarchMadness bracket! How does yours compare? 🏀🏀🏀#PearlJam #JeffAment

Check out Jeff Ament's NCAA March Madness bracket! How does yours compare? 🏀 🏀 🏀 #PearlJam

Genn Baldwin

2 days ago

If Jeff had been out there playing for the Griz like it was Kiwanis Park circa 1991 they woulda made a few more shots and pushed through

Joseph Williams

4 days ago

It should be great that you play «hunger strike» in your new tour, it could be an amazing thing to hear it alive and remember chris.

Cös Ukoia

4 days ago

Montana over UM first round? Sorry guys, not happening to the B1G tourney champions who have won 9 straight... #GoBlue

To all the students walking out today: we support you. #ENOUGH

Official artwork by #BradKlausen for tonight’s show at @MovistarArena in Santiago, Chile. #PJTour2018 #PearlJam

Official artwork by Brad Klausen / Artillery Design for tonight's show at Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile!

Gloryia Juuárez JuuHrbe

5 days ago

Mapuche with these colours makes me wanna puke

Jerry Lewis

5 days ago

Estuvieron increibles!!! Gracias muchachos por el mejor show ever!

Shamika Jackson

5 days ago

I'd go see you guys live but I aint paying that kind of money to listen to a diatribe while held captive. I wish people would get back to music and keep personal beliefs to themselves.It sucks not being able to go see live music anymore without bullshit.

The new single “Can’t Deny Me” is out now! Link in bio.
Tomorrow is NIGHT 1. 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱#PJLIVE2018

Med Honesty

7 days ago

At first I was really happy to read there was a new PJ track out, but after listening I'm really disappointed!

This one is unlistenable!! Seriously - I can't believe Brendan O'Brien mixed it to sound like this.

It's so over-saturated it sounds like chewing glass!

What's the point of recording with expensive instruments and high fidelity equipment just to distress it to death in the production?

Lucie Šindy Šindelářová

7 days ago

IMO, I’m sick n tired of hearing constant bitching n whining by both rich celeb sides, it’s about the same things over n over n over on every media outlet, constantly, every damn day. I wanted to hear PJ music free from this but no, more of the same thing from a great band sigh...

Vlček Stanislav

7 days ago

Always been a fan but last few albums seem to have lost that heart and soul of Pearl Jam’s earlier stuff, where is the cranking riffs and passion
This isn’t going to get much air time on comical radio

#CantDenyMe. #PearlJam

Happy Birthday Jeff Ament! #PearlJam

Kofi Acquah

9 days ago

huh. for your birthday, have the guys write and record a new album. with your input as well. then release it.

see everyone wins. including us.

Deborah Lane

9 days ago

Thank you for all the music!

Martyna Janczak

9 days ago

Happy Birthday to you My daughter turned 21 today also

TEN. #FlashbackFriday #PearlJam

Tune into PJ Radio on SiriusXM Radio to hear Pearl Jam's Latin American performances throughout the band's history. Full schedule:

Luis Alberto

9 days ago

Hi guys, Will be awesome to see PJ again in Sao Paulo at Lollapalooza. I tried to go to EV'solo show but tickets were too expensive! See EV's solo show is on my bucket list.

Vicki Viola Andrews

9 days ago

Sideshow in argentina MF!!!!

Marty Pressey

9 days ago

Plese come to Puerto Rico!!!!

Want more #PearlJam? Join the Ten Club for exclusive content like merchandise and priority ticketing. More info at the link in bio.

#PearlJam’s own Mike McCready will be honored with the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award at the 2018 @MusiCares Concert For Recovery on May 10 at the @Showbox Presents in Seattle! Link in bio.

Take action with #PearlJam on #InternationalWomensDay and help ensure women experience the same social, economic, cultural and political achievements as men. Today and EVERY DAY. Link in bio.

Take action on International Women's Day and celebrate with these six suggestions:
In a blur #MikeMcCready #PearlJam

Sandra Palmer

9 days ago

No wonder this band is not getting bigger or greater by the time...cause the shoots dave abruseze have been cut off.

Kabelo Kabza

9 days ago

hopefully at the home and away shows this summer we arent force fed political bs, i guess ill use that time to go get a beer

Génesis Ventura

9 days ago

I have been a fan of Pearl jam since early 90's. Member of the fan club since 96. Will always love them and their music. I really wish they would leave the politics out of it. I saw a great interview with Dolly Parton on Nightline. She said she never gets into Politics because she doesn't want to offend any of her fans. Pretty smart, I think.

Check out Mike McCready's work on the score for, Sadie, which premieres March 10th at SXSW. #PearlJam

Casey Edwards

10 days ago

Can't wait to watch. 🤘🤘

Brittney Mills

11 days ago

Mike McCready once again shows how amazingly talented he is.Respect.

Wayne Eley

11 days ago

We all love Mike, but drop this and work on a new album!

RG @marvinside: “A big night...” #PearlJam

“Severed Hand” from #PearlJam’s 2006 Live at @Letterman exclusive performance.

Warming up at Wrigley Field.

Jorge Pedrazzani

11 days ago

Set list for Rio, please: 1 Long Road
2 Low light
3 Off He goes
4 Sirens
5 Rearviewmirror
6 Given to Fly
7 I am Mine
8 Love Boat Captain
9 Green Desease
10 You are
11 Force of Nature
12 Unthought Known
13 Daughter / it is ok
14 Leash
15 Light Years
16 Wishlist
17 Porch
18 Encore 1
19 Thumbing my way
20 Footsteps
21 Breath
22 Smile
23 Sad
24 Soldier of Love
25 In my Tree
26 State of love and trust
27 Encore 2
28 Clhoe Dancer/Crown of Thorns
29 Present Tense
30 Betterman
31 Black
32 Alive
33 Baba o´riley
34 Yellowledbetter

Eddie Boy Hibionada

11 days ago

We’re coming on a pilgrimage all the way from South Africa to Amsterdam to see you, Eddie and co. Please play yellow Ledbetter for me. Catherine Martin

Leonardo Ribeiro Maciel

13 days ago

Can’t wait to see them at Wrigley in August!!!!!

Nijmegen, Holland, 2007. #PearlJam #Live

RG @heidekens: "My #PearlJam bucket list show at @PinkPopFest is getting closer!"

Get tickets to the sold-out US stadium shows and support the #VitalogyFoundation with the new Vitalogy Foundation Charity Tickets. Go to for more details.

"Off He Goes" from the 2003 film, Live at the @Showbox. #PearlJam

Get tickets to the sold-out US stadium shows and support the #VitalogyFoundation with the new Vitalogy Foundation Charity Tickets.

Lila Sousa Costa

14 days ago

Tickets were sold out as soon as they came out. I can imagine. I love this band SOOO much. I know every song by heart and Frequently watch their biography. My favorite part is when Eddie turns into Eddie

Corinne West

16 days ago

I did think it was crazy had to be a verified fan on ticketmaster, not sure how they verified, but I have been to at least 6 shows, I considered myself a fan, still put on a waiting list, and sold out on public sale day, oh well Fenway sucks for concerts anyway, they sound is terrible and no place to tail gait, not sure why so many musicians rather play there then a true good sounding venue.

Kevin Wright

16 days ago

If your a fan club member you get info early and are able to buy pre-sale tickets. Its not impossible..real fans know.

Stone Gossard and #JeffAment with #AndrewWood. #TBT

Gemma Giust

15 days ago

Okay I have Missoula tickets. Obviously love the band. Not claiming number one or anything but my brother is very passionate about them. I love them too. Anyway. What is the best way to go about autographs? Not selling keeping forever. Don’t want to bother them. But would love a slice in time with em.

Tatiana Pellissari Acras

16 days ago

I was jamming to stardog champion yesterday, my favorite stuff from these guys is Apple, shine, ten, and versus. I have everything up to yield, I’m from Seattle, but the stuff from Vitalogy on just seems uninspired. Sorry if that offends anyone. Let the insulting begin.

Niandra LaDes

17 days ago

I’m gonna be the only one to say this, and it’s cool that the comment will be utterly hated...buuut, with how music was progressing, had Wood lived MLB wouldn’t have been relevant much beyond like ‘92. Wood’s talent, though absolutely present, wasn’t transitional. They would’ve broken up or faded away, not become what the music scene was morphing towards anyhow. It sounds callous, but from a purely musically historical side of things, his absence created a void for different talent and vision to fill. Not hating on Wood, but he was a comet that burned real hot, real fast, and if not for his death would’ve burned out very quickly anyhow.

Rome, 1993. #StoneGossard #PearlJam

#OnThisDay in 1996, #PearlJam wins its first #GrammyAward, in the category of Best Hard Rock performance, for “Spin The Black Circle.”

Mike McCready #JeffAment

📷: Danny Clinch Photography

Juna Racaza

18 days ago

When you guys coming to Australia?

Robert Protacio

18 days ago

Pearl Jam Legends1

Averil Gasper

18 days ago

Hopefully see you guys this summer!

Switching it up. #JeffAment #PearlJam

🎶Can’t find a better man 🎶 #PearlJam

We were but stones,... your light made us
stars #LightYears

Binaural was my first PJ album. I picked it up at random in the $5 cd display at the super market in 2007. It's one of my favorite albums and turned me on to Pearl Jam

D Craig Fox

20 days ago

Thankyou PJ for the memories and music u brought to us all. You guys made my life better and helped in tough times. Do what u do guys, your true fans love ya'll

Craig Breetzke

20 days ago

Lots of people in Seattle couldn't even get tix to the Seattle shows..Should have saw them years ago!..:/ I'll keep jammin PJ & Mother Love Bone tho, thanks for the music guys ♡♡

RG @dannijr: #PearlJam #StoneGossard #MikeMcCready

Putting in work. #StoneGossard #FlashbackFriday #PearlJam

“Half Full” from the video sessions at @ChopSueySeattle in September 2002. #PearlJam

Mike McCready and Eddie Vedder with Hugh Jackman.
“I think we went into it with the idea that we wanted to be brothers in a band.” #StoneGossard #PearlJam

Alessandra Sivori

25 days ago

That's interesting. Years ago, while watching an interview with Hugh Jackman, I remember thinking to myself for no particular reason, "He looks like he's a member of Pearl Jam."

Gabriela Abud

a month ago

Good!...They can't say no to Wolverine!...'Tour Australia again soon or I'll get my claws out',... His hands are bigger than their heads!

Justyna Roman

a month ago

20 years ago at the tender age of 27, a heart attack forced me to miss Pearl Jam play live at Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand.

“I think we went into it with the idea that we wanted to be brothers in a band.” #StoneGossard #PearlJam

@marchforourlives #presidentsday2018

All the promises at sundown I've meant them like the rest #FutureDays #PearlJam

"Rearviewmirror" from the 2003 film Live at @TheGarden. #PearlJam

We're done with "leaders" who refuse to lead on commonsense gun safety laws. It's time to #ThrowThemOut. Join us:

Betina Boggiano

a month ago

I have a question for the multiple people commenting that as entertainers, Pearl Jam in this instance, should shut up, sing songs, and leave politics at the door. Will you please be so kind as to enlighten me as to why entertainers should be forced to abstain from using their voice, social media in this case, to speak out against things they view as detrimental to society? At what point does an artist, an actor, an athlete forsake the very same rights that you are employing? I am in no means saying you cannot disagree with their position, nor am I asking those that disagree to not engage in a respectful dialogue, I would hope that those who agree would remain respectful too. I find the notion that someone who chooses to use their talents to make a living, somehow is now not afforded the opportunity to also use their voice to be extremely troubling. Should an accountant or a doctor not be allowed to speak out against things they view to be a problem in society?

Lucas Joanis

a month ago

These are my favourite posts. Keeps me entertained for hours watching people argue shit about a band who has been very clear on their political stance since their early days. *cough* Jeremy, Glorified G *cough*

Edward Warn

a month ago

I'm an NRA member and I like PJ's music. Doubt they would ever come to Birmingham, but if they do, I will go see them. I disagree with their politics but I can get past it. Not all their songs are political and even the ones that are don't bother me. I play guitar and I really dig mike's playing style. Musicians are creative and usually left wing and that's just how it is. And I'm conservative, which wont change either.

The 12-string. #FlashbackFriday

Florian Fangel

a month ago

Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe, you can hire... the A-Team

Tommy HaHa

a month ago

I'll never understand the "Shut up and sing" argument for as long as I live. Most of the people spouting it off aren't even politicians themselves; they're auto mechanics, accountants; no different than you, me, or the guys in the band.

What makes musicians beholden to political neutrality when every other Tom, Dick, and Joe can have an opinion, regardless of their job? You don't hear people saying "Shut up and [fix my car], [file my taxes], [etc.]..."

People are allowed, and encouraged, to have political opinions. I'm guessing that the individuals lambasting PJ post about politics on their timelines; what gives them the right? They aren't, after all, politicians. Shouldn't they just shut up, keep quiet, and leave the ruling to the ruling class? Does that sound like a healthy democracy?

The real sentiment expressed by these people isn't "Leave politics to the politicians." It never has been. It's always been "Leave politics to the people who agree with me." And that's pretty damn pathetic.

Manuel Lopez

a month ago

Would have LOVED to see you in Chicago but the preticket thing was a joke that I won’t waste my time with next time. Regular tickets will probably cost my right arm SMH 😡🤬🤯

NETS. #JeffAment #TBT #PearlJam