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On the Bakerloo Line, London. Photo by @LindaMcCartney #PaulMcCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #LindaMcCartney #London #NoSmoking #LondonUnderground #Tube #1969 #Bakerloo #bakerlooline

On the Bakerloo Line, London. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Craig Addison

3 hours ago

They are converting holiday lets because they generates more income, but it is changing.... A small long term rental villa in P.B. for a couple, was about €600 a month two years ago. Now there is nothing here under €1,000 (often €1,200) a month and for every property there are 10 fighting to get it. As the long term rents rise, so it again will become viable for owners to choose that option. The €600 or so monthly rates were unrealistically low, when holiday let can easily generate that (and more) in a week! It will even itself out in time..... Catch will be, can most afford the new long term rates which will all well top €1,000 a month everywhere shortly? They will have to find a way, it will be that or nothing....

Sebastián Montoya

3 hours ago

So called because it ran from Baker Street to Waterloo...

Diana Nolasco

15 hours ago

It contributed to so many of us girls of a certain age ; hoping for a similar relationship someday. Thank You for reminding us.

Go green on St Paddy’s Day! #PaulMcCartney #StPatricksDay #StPaddysDay

Go green on St Paddy’s Day!
#FanArtFriday by Instagram user moixonada ! Share your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul! 🎨

Leticia Teles

4 days ago

Fun fact for St. Patrick's day: The Irish invented bagpipes, kilts, and golf, and gave them to the Scottish as a practical joke---but the Scottish took them seriously.

Ayushi Katare

5 days ago

Go Macca. . watching the Rock show DVD from 1976 world tour, lovin'it mate! My mum's born in Bootle, Liverpool.

Santiago Herrera

6 days ago

Love the outfit Paul, Of course you look great in anything ,,,,,,he looks good he knows he’s looking fine,,,,,💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

The McCartney's visit to East Hampton. New York, 1975 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #PaulMcCartney #NewYork #McCartney #EastHampton #1975 @lindamccartney #LindaMcCartney
The McCartney's visit to East Hampton. New York, 1975 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Dzenita Redzic

8 days ago

I’m thinking... Paul M. is swishy, spiffy, friendly, positive, cute, iconic voice, unmeasurable talent, some sad experiences in love, but pulls through it and comes out shining. LIVE LONG, Paul M!

Joonas Asikainen

8 days ago

That's a good black and white. Like the spats .I gess that's what your shoes are

Omega Rzfndrinb

8 days ago

He called on john lennon in that year and got short thrift from him for not calling him first sure i read that somewhere apparently Lennon said to him its not 1957 anymore.

Farewell to my fellow Liverpudlian the tattyfilarious Ken Dodd. Beloved by many people in Britain and a great champion of his home city and comedy. We met him on a few occasions as The Beatles and always ended up in tears of laughter. Today it’s tears of sadness as well. See you Doddy.

Melissa Nickerson

9 days ago

I’ll never forget watching ‘An Audience with Ken Dodd’ on TV. The Battle of Watford Gap had me aching with laughter. Such a treasure. He will be missed bless him. 😢👍❤️

Dumitrescu Maria

10 days ago

Had the opportunity to travel to Liverpool and experience it all ..including sites where the Beatles began ... the passion for soccer and laughter resembles the spirit of Doddy...RIP. +++

Edgar Motta

10 days ago

I'm days late but still heartbroken. I grew up watching Ken. Funny that his catchphrase "How're you tickling Mrs? was going through my head the other night.

Fond memories of my Mum. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers! #PaulMcCartney #HappyMothersDay #MothersDay #McCartney
Fond memories of my Mum. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers!

Fisnik Zairi

12 days ago

I Also lost my mother at a very young age. Yesterday we celebrated 21 years that Queen Elizabeth made you Sir Paul McCartney

Brooks Noling

12 days ago

You haven't changed a bit still the cutie!!!! Thanks for being a part of ALL our lives Paul you've got that incredible gift of love with your music so very privileged to have been born in your time on this earth and thankyou

Kris Dyche Alder

12 days ago

Well Mother's Day should be all year around right ? happy mom Day!

Paul playing guitar at home in London. Photo by @LindaMcCartney #FlashbackFriday #PaulMcCartney #LindaMcCartney #McCartney #London #bassguitar

Paul playing guitar at home in London. Photo by Linda McCartney #FlashbackFriday

Ricky Rea

13 days ago

Yes he is a fantastic bass player as well as one of the greatest song writers of all time and a brilliant singer. I could pick many examples but the bass playing on Something is one of my favourites.

Markos Oikon

13 days ago

I noticed the precarious choice of seating , sit on a good guitar chair with no arms, and a decent cushion . Noticed He is flipping the bad finger. ;-)

Oleg Moskva

13 days ago

The Rickenbacker 4001S bass, sanded down after the original fireglow had been psychedelically painted by Paul during a night of debauchery! This is the instrument he was most prolific with, although he was extraordinarily prolific with all instruments he touched.

To all the women in my life. Happy International Women’s Day! You go, girls! #IWD2018 #PaulMcCartney #MaryMcCartney #StellaMcCartney #internationalwomensday #internationalwomensday2018 #IWD2018

Kate Bavin

15 days ago

So happy to see you embrace and support the women in your life. Behind every great man is a great woman. You rock Paul.

Julie Hatter

15 days ago

Paul no have known some amazing and talented women in your life...Linda being up there! Lucky man!

Apanop Alking

15 days ago

🎶All you need is LOVE! 🎼🎶 We love you back Paul! 💛❤️💚💜 What a very nice way to honor the very lovely ladies in your life. Your sensitivity, being a true gent 🇧🇻 with a romantic heart is so apparent in your music, no wonder your female fans around the world 🌎 love YOU!!! 💙 😊

Natasha Widyasari

16 days ago

Did you know that the real paul dies in the 60's and was replaced with a look a like..?

Wahyu Sundoro

17 days ago

I have only met my second cousin "John Paul" once - he is around 30ish now and lives in England - along with the rest of most of my family. I currently live in Canada God Bless xxx

Pamela Jarboe Frantz

17 days ago

I am not saying that "Live and let die" attitude is right either but life can so hard sometimes it's understandable why some people get that way! Depending on whose life it is right?

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Margie Adams

20 days ago

this is amazing .. I would totally buy this

Eduardo Del Río Fermor

20 days ago

PAUL McCARTNEY estaria negociando algunas fechas para Montevideo🇺🇾, Buenos Aires🇦🇷, Lima🇵🇪, San Pablo🇧🇷 y Santiago🇨🇱 en septiembre.

Yannis Apostolidis

20 days ago

It's strange, where is Paul's brown hair now?

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Paul in #Nashville #Tennessee #1974 Photo by @lindamccartney #PaulMcCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #LindaMcCartney

Paul in Nashville 😎 Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Laurent Wong

19 days ago

Find the "Wings over Lebanon" Facebook page for more about the visit to Nashville. They stayed in Lebanon, TN at Curly Putnam's house. Mr. Putnam wrote some of the best country songs ever.

Dorka Veronika Mészáros

20 days ago

Juniors Farm, Sally G, Hey Diddle... Lots of good stuff recorded there with Chet Atkins and local musicians

Boy Cely de Jesus

20 days ago

Hoping for a "Smashville"Tour this summer? Heading to Nashville in a few Weeks to see Joe Walsh, Vince Gill and the Eagles !

Paul answered, 'The Long and Winding Road.' What question do you think he was asked? Find out HERE:

Arnel Maravilla

21 days ago

That road is the road to Foresthill, CA. This photo of Paul is at the Fleabag Hotel, Joice and Fisher Streets, SF, CA :D

Inga Beketova

21 days ago

The Long and Winding Road on "album Flowers in the Dirt"
as very fresh .
physiology of jet lag were including to "album Flowers in the Dirt"
Flower Therapy Healing were lavender flowers fragrance as good sleep
and Hyacinthus flower as fine cycle. thanks

Jackie Donatuccio

22 days ago

What am I doing - Reprogramming the human operating system, and working on the O2 stortage comming in the future....

Happy Birthday Georgie. Wonderful memories.

Edgar García

23 days ago

Dear Paul, We loved your tribute to George at your second concert in Melbourne in December. You played “Something” just you and your ukulele given to you by George. Kindred spirits indeed. Keep on rockin’. Love you, love your work. 💕💕

Naniko Jmukhadze

25 days ago

I heard a great story about George today. When Ringo wrote Octopus’s Garden, he was trying to play it on the piano (Ringo is not a piano player according to him). Anyway he is trying to band it out and George, who was laying about on the couch pipes up “D....B flat...D” or whatever note it was that Ringo was trying to hit. I could just picture that!

Raúl Aguilera Casanovas

a month ago

Since I was a younger Beatle fan I have always thought of you, Paul, as being ‘The Voice’, the LEADER, the heart of the Beatles.
But now, after all the years of watching everything, studying so much musical brilliance and creativity that is Beatle music...
I realize it was truly a Fab Four.

I am studying George’s phrasing and really enjoy learning to play his stuff. Even George’s solo and Wilburys, etc.
George’s musical gifts will not be forgotten. Ever.
See you soon, dear Quarryman.

#FanArtFriday by Instagram user fengyins and Twitter user DarkSweetSadie! Share your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul! 🎨

Wahyu Sundoro

25 days ago

These are great-love Martha licking Paul!

Fumiko Uchiyama

a month ago

Suvh a sweet face.

Hiroshi Togawa

a month ago

Great pic of Paul!!

#repost #FanArtFriday by @fengyins! Share your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul! 🎨 ・・・ 把農曆新年狗年和過期的情人節一起畫進來😄 Happy Chinese New Year , the year of dog! --- #fanart #drawing #doodle #illustration #ink #happyvalentinesday #chinesenewyeardog #beatlesart #whatsnewpaul #paulmccartney #sketch #art #artistsoninstagram #插畫 #繪 #手繪 #marthamydear

Paul in Scotland. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Mali Chávez Aguilar

a month ago

By the way - today in 1972 the song "Give Ireland back to the Irish" was released by Paul and Wings the 1st reaction to Bloody Sunday. The BBC didn't play it but it reached No, 16 on UK Charts.

Mohammed Ahmed Tijani

a month ago

I’m 48 and The older I get the more I appreciate all you have contributed as a musician, human being , bass player and all around cool dude! One of my earliest memories is “Silly love songs” it soothes me as a little toddler and I used to sing it to my girls when I would rock them to sleep. Bass line is imbedded in my subconscious Thanks for it all Paul.

Valeria Capurro

a month ago

Taken from his sabbatical in Scotland while recording the debut. Great seeing him in these leisurely scenes.

“Someone's knocking at the door, somebody's ringing the bell. Do me a favour, open the door and let 'em in” Sign up to the Paul McCartney newsletter HERE!

Kiyomi Suzuki

a month ago

Weep for the poor,
Weep for the weak,
Everyday is a constant war
it’s hard to turn the other cheek
Weep for the unknown dead
Not at home sleeping in their bed
Wondering how or why
A call to all who cry
A call to all who mourn
A piece of our heart has been torn
We think of you
In everything we do
As Memories slowly fade

Diego César

a month ago

You can knock on my door ... even ring the bell Paul 😻lololo

Dana Russ

a month ago

I hear you knocking but you can't come in

Paul in London, 1969. Photo by @LindaMcCartney #PaulMcCartney #LindaMcCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #London #1969 #Winter #Snow

Paul in London, 1969. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Daniela Herdy

a month ago

Gross, even for an imposter. But it's probably him since his former wife was his official photographer.

Nancy Ethel Schmidt

a month ago

I think he's as high as a kite in this photo and also trying to show people that he's not as perfect as we all think he is! 😃

David Wood

a month ago

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in,And stops my mind from wandering.Where it will go?I'm filling the cracks that ran through the door,And kept my mind from wondering.Where it will go?REFRAIN:And it really doesn't matter,If I'm wrong,I'm right.Where I belong I'm right,Where I belong?See the people standing there,Who disagree and never win,And wonder why they don't get in my door.I'm painting my room in a colourful way,And when my mind is wandering.There I will go.(This famous song is an excerpts from the Beatles tune called I'm Fixing A Hole considering and knowing that Sir Paul McCartney is picking his nose in this rare,gross and funny snapshot.Cheers,Sir Paul!!!)

All the love in the world on Valentine’s Day. Have a great one!🌹#PaulMcCartney #HappyValentinesDay #Love #MyValentine

All the love in the world on Valentine's Day. Have a great one!🌹

Ceci Falanti

a month ago

Happy Valentine's day to you too Paul!!!!!! Can't get enough of those puppy dog eyes!!! Your Out There tour was the best night of my life in Washington DC 2013!!!

Frank McCartney

a month ago

Same too you son. Mmmm.... Red Rose Speeway, STILL one of my favorite Wings album too this day AND I bought in and around Valentines day back in the day. My Love is still perhaps the greatest love song ever written ( along with God Only Knows).

Jorge Henrique

a month ago

I love you, Paul...since l first laid eyes on you on February 9th, 1964...l was the ripe old age of 6! You are the best...can l be your 4th wife? Lol...happy you have love & are happy again. You are an inspiration to me...All My Loving...Annette 💖🌹💖

Enjoy your pancakes! Happy Mardi Gras! 😊 #PaulMcCartney #MardiGras #PancakeDay #ShroveTuesday

Enjoy your pancakes! Happy Mardi Gras! ☺️

Santiago Emilio

a month ago

Love you your the music..its the whole package.weve always loved about you..i have probably 100 songs of yours.i play what i want for any mood.n YOU.always..filled the bill..

Meegan Smith

a month ago

Hey Paul, when will be released your new record? We can't wait!

Dean Clark

a month ago

Why you so rude Gerald Morales. What’s to you!!

If you had the chance to ask Paul one question - what would it be? 🤔

Yamaguchi Satomi

a month ago

Dearest Paul,

Please... let's have the truth about the "Paul is Dead" legend...

How your head size and hair crown changed from November 1966 onwards, how you appeared taller and "beefier", your eye colour changed and your earlobes detached.

Then you have Bettina Hubers and the dodgy paternity test, and Heather Mills going on record saying she has "information" about "the truth"... hmmm...

Either way, Paul/Faul wrote some amazing tracks and was in the Beatles... but I really would love to know the truth!

Esther Schürch

a month ago

My wife and I saw you in Nebraska last summer. She is a professional musician and just cannot understand how you can do a straight 2 1/2 hour show and never take a drink of water, once. You didn't even take a break. Unbelievable. SUPER PAUL.

Monika Sievers

a month ago

I would ask him if he could or would like to meet up with me. Always dreamed of meeting Paul. Must have literally dreamed of Paul more than 20 times as I can remember. I know it sounds selfish to ask something like this but yes to meet Paul McCartney is on the top of my bucket list. 😊

Explore a selection of Paul's lesser-known tracks in the online series 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket' 🧐 ...

Leslie Wilson

a month ago

Most flys they got three legs! But mine got one!

Fabrizio Guatteri

a month ago

Ram is the best album ever! That’s it!

Marian Bątkiewicz

a month ago

And what's wrong with "Ballroom Dancing'??

In the bath #London #1969 Photo by @LindaMcCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #PaulMcCartney #LindaMcCartney #35mm

In the bath. London, 1969. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Elena Torshyna

a month ago

...what about ' the 'Pool ? Liverpool ! There should be a combined Macca and Ringo concert or two at the Echo Arena, and called ''Two Knights In Liverpool''. Ringo could do his set with his All Starr Band , then Paul and his lads do a two hour show afterwards...with a guest spot or two , from the newly Knighted Ringo !?

Ernie Gunn

a month ago

Nathalia Machado enquanto o Carnaval aqui não começa (só segunda-feira), vou marcar pra tu vê esse bebê lindo aqui quando chegar da folia!

Katrina Davis

a month ago

Not only was she the Cook of the House, but also an excellent family portaitist! We miss you Linda Louise Eastman McCartney! ☮️💟

"Congratulations to all of us on the 100th anniversary of the Suffragette movement. Amazing to think that 100 years ago women were not allowed to vote and wonderful to realise the progress that has been made in many countries. Let’s celebrate this great anniversary together. Love Paul"

Paul at The 100 Club in 2010 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #IVW18 #PaulMcCartney

#ICYMI Read Stuart Bell's touring diary 'For Whom The Bell Tells - Australia and New Zealand':

Sarah Rhodes

2 months ago

Daniel will be reading this uncle Stuart 👍

Ginny Velazquez

2 months ago

Por favor Paul regresa a la Ciudad de México!!
Tal vez la pese igual o mejor que en Nueva Zelanda ❤👌

Carlos Fernando Siles Perea

2 months ago

Paul is live !

#FanArtFriday by Instagram user henrique_marinelli! Submit your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul on Instagram and Twitter. 🎨

Giacomo Rocco

2 months ago

Wings Over America ❤️

Debi Hagan

2 months ago

Is that Gene Simmons?

Gustavo Henrique

2 months ago

Paul McCartney, greetings from Brazil !!! 🇧🇷️😊

"One of my friends has pointed out to me the great work done by the Australian Marine Conservation Society, particularly in regard to the Great Barrier Reef. Having just been to Australia and New Zealand I agree with him that we should save these areas of great natural beauty. Please go to them for more information and help AMCS in their great efforts." - Paul

To find out more information and how you could help AMCS click HERE!

Suzi Stone

2 months ago

Thank you Paul..! 💕

Sead Ramovic

2 months ago

The best singer in Great Britainc Mc Cartney!

Dominique Drescher

2 months ago

<3 shared as well

Paul's publicist Stuart Bell shares his wonderful experiences from Australia and New Zealand in the latest instalment of 'For Whom The Bell Tells': #OneOnOne

Simon Schutzmann

2 months ago

Paul, we love you, yes yes yes yes......

Stephen Eric Billinghurst

2 months ago

I'm happy. Birds singing. I had an experience on Twitter. I need you. That's a Beatles song, but I don't want to say Britanny Spears. Pop it in. My thing I am arguing about to be (time, surely) it is "hell, no!", about different soley. You're my friend, surmise this. My head is what talked during Crackerjack -- Keroac, Jack -- the opposite Beat. hey, that was good. I wrote it for twenty dollars, it hurt. It's beside me, dirt. Acknowledge. How are ya? What's the point? Oh, there's an outside lane. I average several commets per day, that day, I hear in my head, by bass terds. Nerds, I'll be getting, like, "You brought me here", once, and ten minutes later, "It's warm", and phone back. If the phone rings, answer it. Better, guy. New York format, Oracle until all that's getting a GUITAR, GHTARM. I know I've seen it. From that place, I know it's placeful, and I can replace everyone by claim PEAPLE (papal, you just learn it. It's all off of my), includin.

Graziella Pinna

2 months ago

Wonderful idea and implementation! Great! 👍✌️&❣️

Paul. Venice, 1976. Photo by @lindamccartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #PaulMcCartney #LindaMcCartney #Venice #1976
Paul. Venice, 1976. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Adele McGee

2 months ago

Margaret, are you aware Linda died years ago???

Jeff Menke

2 months ago

Really miss Linda's influence

Graziella Pinna

2 months ago

A very intimate insight into private life! WoW!

Tigra Maria

2 months ago

:) Heh, but psychodelic August Tuesday is over - never trust Ur inner voices 🌷

Theresa Ann

2 months ago

love this, shows so much passion, perfection! thank you for posting!

Cris Car

2 months ago

I gradually dont wash them before i go to sleep, barefooted walking may whatever is muddy from deep downstair's while sleep walking and flooded with rats---

Don't miss the last few days of the winter sale...

Leticia López Yáñez

2 months ago

Paul, she´s Linda McCartney?

Luis Colmán

2 months ago

Eres Faul el impostor

Alexandre D'arpa

2 months ago

i... hello? ...
Well... Darling give me some paper please Paul isn't there so i leave a message here for him.

Hi Paul,
I was there but you didn't.
I am not so far away next Paris, unless you are far.
Well would you invite me please?
As a composer i want to meet you and share some musical minutes.

Wow i did it i did it yeahhh
Maybe he'll see.
Just waiting dear Paul.
Alexandreuh from France.

Is your favourite song on the 'Best Of' Paul McCartney Spotify playlist? Listen HERE:

Brandon Kittle

2 months ago

He did Junior’s Farm live in 2011 on tour

Serge Priser

2 months ago

Paul McCartney is a abolute Genius !!! Just as his friend Jeff lynne. 99 % of the songs which they wrote are fabulous.!!!! I have however a small preference for So bad.

Teresa Larson

2 months ago

Long and Winding Road
Uncle Albert
Hey Jude
Let Em' In
Band on The Run
there's many other songs of Paul's l love.

#FanArtFriday by Instagram users rachxnaomi, u.ndreamlike, maryamtdraws and! Submit your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul! 🎨

Thomas Moore

2 months ago

Thanks. I always enjoy the Friday Art

Paul during the orchestral sessions for the ‘Thrillington’ album in New York #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #whoisPercyThrillington

Michael Mason

2 months ago

I've still never heard Thrillington. Can you believe that?

La Nelle Denise Kennedy

2 months ago

Lets live in new york paul

Teresa Hawkins Leet

2 months ago

Genius at work!

What song would you most like to see Paul perform live? Listen to the Paul McCartney Live @Spotify playlist HERE:

BenJamín Norton

2 months ago

Sí tocó Back seat of my car (sólo unos segundos) y en el soundcheck tocó 'Coming up' 😣 faltaron muchas canciones, algunas nunca las había tocado aquí y fue genial (a hard day's night, you won't see me, love me do, new, etc) y otras ya sobraron (eleanor rigby, give peace a chance...)

Tina Campbell

2 months ago

Sounds like someone is complainung about to many Paul McCartney shows?

Jody Lean

2 months ago

He performs Mull of Kintyre as an encore in Commonwealth countries because of the availability of bagpipe bands.

Watch Charlotte Gainsbourg and SebastiAn discuss the story behind 'Songbird In A Cage', which was written by Paul.

Thanks to BBC Radio 6 Music for adding the song straight to their A list.

Paul outside Trident Studios, London, 1968. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Nick J Skip Morfitt

3 months ago

Linda was the best rock photographer imo..closely followed by Mick Rock.

Camilla E. Marcum

3 months ago

The Lovely Linda

Richard Buxton

3 months ago

I listen to the Beatles all the time..true musicians.

#ICYMI Read the December newsletter HERE:

Cheryl Lowerison

3 months ago

I think that Fingers Crossed would make an excellent title for an album and for a song.

Tiffany Porchiazzo

3 months ago

Please come to Jersey city nj again Paul McCartney
We love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Cary Davis

3 months ago

I wonder how many people in the world today have seen PMc? Probably more than people eat Big Macs these days.

"Happy New Year! Should auld acquaintance be forgot...
I hope that everyone has a really brilliant New Year. And that all the things they wish for, happen, and that they have love and peace in all their relationships. Love Paul x"

Junji Funabiki

3 months ago

Happy new year, Paul! You made my 2017 unforgettable. Joining your show is always once-in-a lifetime experience. But the one you gave me at the Budokan in Japan was beyond description!!
All the best wishes in 2018!

Jeffna Saw

3 months ago

Happy New Year Sir Paul. May 2018 be a great year for you and Nancy and family. Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful music and oh so many memories. Your concert in Melbourne was amazing and we who attended are still telling others how fabulous it was, the highlight of 2017. Love and peace to you in the New Year

Maria Hill

3 months ago

Happy New Year to you Nancy and your family. Thanks for your concerts in Australia I saw you in Sydney and I had the best time. A big 2017 turning 50 in March with the Sgt Peppers album.Going to Malta to see my family and seeing you in concert was the icing on the cake!Thank you for all your music over the years and meeting you in 93. I wish you a happy Healthy and peaceful 2018 and sending lots of love. ❤️❤️

Huge congrats Sir Ringo! Sir Richard Starkey has a nice ring to it. Best drummer, best pal! X Paul

Honey Nastri

3 months ago

The best! I still love Sir Paul. And congratulations Sir Ringo. Ur the best!

Brian Houghton

3 months ago

Still the best and will always be the best band ever, congratulations to you both Sir Paul and now Sir Ringo.

Cristian Carricajo

3 months ago

Congratulations, Sir Richard Starkey!

Anita Baker Whelan

3 months ago

I'm sure I still have the original x

Andy Mace

3 months ago

As the ''Rainbow'' so much collors...

Ruth Grill

3 months ago

Id love to have this poster! Re-release?