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Manuel Merkl

2 days ago

Don’t miss Paul he is the greatest living rock star his concerts make u fell like u travel back in time the greatest

Hitosi Warasina

2 days ago

This man is still touring and adding dates?? He cares more about his fans then sitting back and taking it easy! He deserves a rest ❤

Kuba Łuczak

3 days ago

Sir Paul, can you add some tickets in Quebec City! Sold out in 2minutrs and i had no chance to take it 😢😢 Feel sad today 😞 #loveyoupaul

Paul announces first concert in Krakow. Full details HERE: #FreshenUpTour

Kristen Hernandez

4 days ago

Come back to california please!! Or west coast USA in general. I'll find a way to see you again. Preferably Sacramento but San Francisco or Los Angeles would be fine.

Poppy Teagle

4 days ago

By the time we got through there were only £130 tickets left at the very back of the O2 and I needed four tickets. Just too much to pay to experience it all at the very back. I am sadness itself. .

Wîssém Horan

4 days ago

Come to Kentucky! I have wanted all my life to see you play and just couldn’t afford the tickets. You are my favorite, it is my goal to see you in concert.

Paul at Abbey Road Studios during the recording of #EgyptStation, 2017

Zulma Forno

18 days ago

Nobody could look happier. Love this!

Arnaud La Treune

18 days ago

Just looking at this photo it’s obvious you’re still a very happy guy in a studio , making the best music there is and making the world a better place for it. You still have that magic touch dear Paul❤️

Anton Simmy

18 days ago

This man is a legend, it is wonderful to see how much he still loves what he does, his talent and love of life is amazing

Paul during the recording of #EgyptStation at Abbey Road Studios, 2017

Fabiola Mor

19 days ago

paul McCartney he had died in e 1966 car crash

Kaleb Freeman

20 days ago

Sir PAUL...Im honestly jealous of are certainly old enough to be my father and you still have that head full of hair....not making the voodoo doll of you and sticking pins in it..but Im jealous...LOL

Meharaf Iftekhar Chowdhury

20 days ago

We love you Sir Paul. I hope you will consider to get in touch with Ringo, son of John Lennon and George Harrison and you are back in four and singing all together. It will not be call the Beatles, but it will be call McCartney, Starr, Lennon and Harrison in one album.. What do you think? Just my suggestion.

'I Don't Know' taken from Paul's forthcoming album #EgyptStation. In stores 7th September. Listen / Download / Pre-order HERE:

Kasia Kozak-Rogala

20 days ago

I’m big McCartney fan, but I found this song sad and depressing. Is it an inner feeling? I think not because he’s done so many things right. Or, it is his current mood?

Werner Balzert

20 days ago

I have grown up with your music and am now aging along with it, there is a comfort in that! Music can bring us back to our youth, bring us smiles and tears, life wouldn't be the same without it! Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Amadeus Flare

20 days ago

Paul is a legend. Love his music and once again I can't get one of his songs out of my head! The words to this song mean so much to me in my life at the minute. Genius

Clare Speedie

a month ago

Hi, Paul! Hope you're having a nice summer! Would you please come back to Jacksonville, FL on your next tour? We would really like to see you!!!

Kate Nerone

a month ago

Happy Birthday, Sir Paul, for Monday the 18th. Following you for 56 years ...

Stephanie Sherer

a month ago

Would you have know who it ws in the picture if it wasn't stated on top? I would have known at a glance Love that man.

Please win the World Cup, England! That would be a bit good. I’ll be crossing my fingers like the rest of us and hoping for the best! - Paul

Molnár Dániel

a month ago

Lots of mysterious photos recently. All related to your new album!?? Will it come out on your birthday!? Paul, millions of us are waiting so impatiently to listen to your new songs, in addition to the one you revealed in A Liverpool pub!
Love you forever 😘😘😘😘😘

Elisabetta Bertera

a month ago

The theme of the clues seems to be BETWEEN THE LINES. Possible album title.

Piotr Kraiński

a month ago

Shout out to Sir Paul...knob-turning is ok to a certain degree, but what we life-long fans would like to hear most are songs that come from the Heart, not from uber-producers 😏 Listen to George's last album "Brainwashed" for a little guidance 😎👍

Guillermo Hernández

a month ago

O yeah! Two years ago on this night we saw you playing first row on this beautiful guitar ‘Let Me Roll It’ and many more great songs for me and all your fans at Pink Pop The Netherlands. 🎸🎤👐🏼👏🏼❤️

Marya Nanuka

a month ago

Hmmm , a beautiful guitar, but I'm sitting, watching and thinking to myself there wouldn't be anything if wasn't a guitar and passion to the music.

Savvas Lazaridis

a month ago

Let me roll it to ya 😊💕

PAUL!! hook us up with the new stuff—can’t wait!💗

Akram Bachi Kali

a month ago

It provide Paul smoke pot for over 50 years and still be able to perform in concert and not forget the words like Frank Sinatra from alcohol abuse! Smoke once a night you ok but ppl abuse'it by smoking for breakfast lunch n tea. You drinks before breakfast or lunch but a couple of bottles okey. So as pot

Adam Faust

a month ago

I don't know what is going on here. But let me just share with u my secret recipe for fried seitan :
In a large resealable plastic bag, combine 2-2/3 cups flour, garlic salt, paprika, 2-1/2 teaspoons pepper and veggie seasoning. In a shallow bowl, beat vegan egg substitute and water; add salt and the remaining flour and pepper. Dip seitan in batter mixture, then place in the bag, a few pieces at a time. Seal bag and shake to coat.

Samuel Ballard

a month ago

Looks like the cover of the new album ! I buy every one , looking forward to this one .... I live in Salem Oregon and I saw you in Portland , you had not been there sense 1965 .... Also saw Denny Laine in Wallace Marine Park and it cool being able to thank him for all the great music you guys and gals made in WINGS .... I don't know if he told you when he last saw you that I need a strain of cannabis , which I named Lovely Lady Linda McCartney ....

I think it would be really nice to see this pregnant cow given a reprieve. She’s done nothing wrong. Join us if you agree.

Hardeep Kandela

a month ago

To those who say that this is just a cow I want to say-This is the livelihood of the owner(like milk cheese....).In Bulgaria some people take only 50 Euro a month on a pension that does not even reach for food.

Horațiu Miclea

a month ago

We need to save this cow.....just because she crossed into another country doesn’t give them the right to put her down for doing what animals do....wander and walkabout and the fact she’s pregnant they should be ashamed for even thinking of doing so horrible

Sophie Hankins

a month ago

Placid creature, standing in a June field (from Linda McCartney's song "Cow").

Paul in Jamaica. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Juan Antonio Perez Ferris

a month ago

Besides being a Beautiful Human Being, Linda McCartney was a gifted Photographer....and in reality, one of the best around....

Emma Chell

a month ago

That's a face you'd love to wake up to every morning 🐈

Bill Minemier

a month ago

I love this man!!! I have since I was 12!!!❤️😍

Ever wondered what happens backstage at Paul’s shows? Go behind-the-scenes with publicist Stuart Bell in his tour blog ’For Whom The Bell Tells’:

Wojtek Rogowski

2 months ago

Omg, I grew up with Paul, only he didn't know it. ;)

Jerl Griffin

2 months ago

I know EXACTLY what it is from working backstage in Philly. Veggie nazi police EVERYWHERE, checking bags and asking questions. ANY fast food if not veggie will be removed as will the worker if repeated. Their crew are VERY particular and specific. But hey....what a bloomin' mach shau!

Jose Carlos Crespo Alaiz

2 months ago

*"...Only the brightest of stars you are..wishing home a solitude of joy and, JOHN...."*JOHN LENNON

#ICYMI Learn more about 'Eat At Home', taken from 'Thrillington' HERE:

Get your reissue copies of 'NEW', 'Chaos and Creation in the Backyard', 'Wings Greatest' and 'Thrillington' in stores now:

Nonthawat Makmaitree

2 months ago

I see the online store has Flowers in the Dirt clothing, when will there be Off the Ground clothing available? 🤩😍

Sierra Kline

2 months ago

It would be great to hear more Percy ... has he retired?

Carl McClane

2 months ago

FREE Tommy Robinson.

🤔 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT Photo by Linda McCartney #Thrillington

Saba Chitashvili

2 months ago

The comments on this are really nasty why? It's Sir Paul's site and he's not a nasty person ! People are either confused or joking you know who I'm talking of please stop!

Sergio Manuel Jimenez Galindo

2 months ago

Hey Sir Paul!!!!!Were you invited to the Royal wedding in 2 days, or WHAT?????If so, please post personal and confidential photos.

Kayley Ritchie

2 months ago

I am "turning folks on" to Paul McCartney. They don't know about "Mull of Kintyre" and " Live and Let Die". They do NOW!

The story of ‘Eat At Home’ has had a fun telling, starting off life as a co-written song on Paul and Linda McCartney’s RAM album... Learn more about the 'Thrillington' track HERE:

Get your reissue copies of 'NEW', 'Chaos and Creation in the Backyard', 'Wings Greatest' and 'Thrillington' this Friday 18th May:

Diego Zaniboni

2 months ago

....with a recipe for a lovely day sticking out of my back pocket....

Emanuela Campanella

2 months ago

Sounds better every time I hear it
Great arrangement
Fantastic instrumental

Kazuki Shimamoto

2 months ago

I like it, cool song 👍🏼

“I'm the man on the flaming pie” What are your favourite songs from Paul’s 1997 album?

Juan Manuel Pais

2 months ago

Love the whole album , but if I have to choose just one I would choose "Willow".
A perfect song for my daughter it fits her to a tee. Thanks Paul for all your music I always know I can find something good to listen to with you.♡U

Yudainys Alejos

2 months ago

I love every song on Flaming Pie but it's Calico skies that means the most to me. I was on my way to the hospital to be there for when my daughter was born and I had Flaming Pie playing. When Calico Skies started playing, it just felt like it was written for my daughter and to this day, it stirs my emotions.

Mario Sánchez Romero

2 months ago

" Heaven on a Sunday" is my most favorite. I like them all. This is still my all-time favorite album by Paul (and Linda being on it with him makes it even more special). Has Paul completed the remastering of this CD?

This week in 1973, Wings released 'Red Rose Speedway'🌹What are your favourite songs from the album?
Paul at Buckingham Palace earlier today where he was made a Companion of Honour by the Queen for services to music.
“I see this as a huge honour for me and my family and I think of how proud my Liverpool mum and dad would have been to see this.”
Photos by Press Association #CompanionOfHonour

Luflano Ramirez

2 months ago

Paul has been my all time favorite. (George Harrison is up there with him for me now). It is so hard not to compare Red Rose Speedway out of context and in hindsight with his later work (Tug of War, etc.), and I am excluding the Beatles years. He was still in the shadow of the Beatles as all the ex- members were. This may have been the moment he finally broke free with this album. it is too easy to look back and analyze it all out of context - who knew Band on the Run was coming around the bend? lose the freshness of the moment in time when it was all new.

Feliipe Alves

2 months ago

Big Barn Bed,Get on the right thing, Hold me tight medley....All pretty good. Should be remastered and released as it was meant to be...A double album

John Miguel

2 months ago

Get On The Right Thing is my jam! But I can't help singing my lungs out to Little Lamb Dragonfly. My Love is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. PLEASE RELEASE A BOX SET OF THIS ALBUM!!!!

Wrecked Car. Portugal, 1969 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT
One of 63 prints by Linda McCartney, donated by Paul and family to the Victoria and Albert Museum:

Adoulaye Diallo

2 months ago

I know times are hard, Paul, but I think it's about time you bought a new car !

Alessandra Erme

2 months ago

Very proud you liked Portuguese

Oscar Verbeek

2 months ago

Lin did you renew the car insurance ? lol xx

The Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) Lineup has been revealed and guess what?! Paul is on it! Get your tickets to see Paul in Austin this October HERE:
May your #MayDay be the best!

JupItora Mahanta

2 months ago

For a second there, I thought this said "Join Meat" (and why would THAT be on the Facebook page of a vegetarian?!).

Elizabeth ZP

2 months ago

So, with Gibson Guitar in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Buy the company and start making Les Paul McCartney units. Left handed of course. Come back to Dallas please.

Augusto Cueto

2 months ago

Love Austin, but I live near Augusta, GA...sure wish you could come over here, so I could go see you again. Loved & enjoyed seeing you in Atlanta even though it rained, & I got soaking wet the last time I saw you.

"With a little luck we can help it out / We can make this whole damn thing work out / With a little love we can lay it down / Can't you feel the town exploding?" Dive into 'With A Little Luck' taken from 'Wings Greatest':

Available in limited edition colour vinyl. In stores 18th May:

Rachel Eynon

3 months ago

"Wings Greatest" was the LP that got me hooked on hits albums. My iTunes now has over 55 gb of Best Of collections.

Steve Sweeney

3 months ago

Just read your newsletter and can't tell you how excited I am about the re-release of Thrillington! One of my alltime favourites!

Marie Thune Ikkala

3 months ago

This song is so poignant to me. It was #1 as my parents, brother and I were emigrating to the States. I was so scared about what the future would bring and so sad to leave all my friends behind. Within a week or two it was hitting high in the US charts too. Whenever I hear this song I’m right back there at the airport full of melancholy.

Paul, Linda and Denny, 1977. Photo by Clive Arrowsmith #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Wings

Ayoub Bouchach

3 months ago

Best band ever. Wish you could figure away to write and perform with Denny. It would bring back the best of the 70s music and beyond.

Chris Itr

3 months ago

Saw Wings in Concertbuilding in Amsterdam, my very 1st time to a performance! Beatlemania: "Long Tall Sally"! They played "Maybe I'm amazed" too. And the first time I smelt something like "weed" 😝 as well 😄

Chris Grigoryan

3 months ago

Reminiscing of Denny, Linda & Paul of the famous rock band, “ Wings, “ formed after the Beatles break-up in a nice photo here.🎸🎤🎹🎧🎻🎼☺️👩😊

"Looking through the backyard of my life / Time to sweep the fallen leaves away..." Dive into 'Promise To You Girl' taken from 'Chaos and Creation in the Backyard':

Available in limited edition colour vinyl. In stores 18th May:

Michael Thomas

3 months ago

Victor and Cliff - play a left handed bass upside down and see if it changes your "technique" - thankfully Paul has you two "pros" to set him straight...

Scott Nicholson

3 months ago

Ah~ Livin the DREAM!
I yearn for such a Golden Instrument
I too am lefty & 6'5"" ~ same as a full size URB

Sarah Dubé

3 months ago

And Danny Rodriguez - after visiting your page your brand of arrogance is on display for all to see...anything else?

Happy George’s Day! #StGeorgesDay

Jason Quiroz Mora

3 months ago

Paul.. U r so beautiful. Beautiful soul beautiful Spirit Beautiful singer songwriter muscian... Heartfelt poet. The world needs you.

Muhammad Arvy

3 months ago

Not so happy here in the UK paul, the children's hospital from your home town want to murder a baby !!!!

Jorge GarSa

3 months ago

That's a good name! A feral Kitty came to me a few months ago. He was starving and scared. I fed him and brought him back to health and then I called him George. He later became George Harry-son.

Happy #EarthDay! Help save it. 🌏

Paul Ten Cate

3 months ago

Great story about the living fossil trees in pakistan from bbc, my mind was totally restored, 1000's of years old and fruit still, greatly isolated high up in evergreen ranges, hold it there though I must dash an eden hope b4 the warm blood of love settles on your cheeks because the 'locals' (really, not us we hate living in fossilwood chalets 4 months of the year) who have finally discovered zippo flint and flint stick are choppin them down for fire. Still it is one of the 5 elements that created the whole universe, and a 6th one is being investigated there and should if theory be true, exist in the space where the trees once stood. Warm fingers crossed, that this elusive element will be discovered after all the the trees vanish in 2 thin air.

Nikola Ochal

3 months ago

Your big friend said: -" Love is the answer". With love the Word will be good for we all. Happy Earth Day for everybody! 😘

Franzi Häußner

3 months ago

Thanks for all you have done. Wish more folks would listen to you about going veggie. I did; one of the best choices I have ever made.....Thanks to you and your family.

'Creating Chaos at Abbey Road Studios.' Photo by Richard Haughton #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Alan Miles

3 months ago

A wonderful poetic photo that captures the hard work, the art of being a legend. Romantic, soulful, prolific, and a true gent, great Sir Paul's music 🎼🎹 🎶 resonates to different generations. l will forever admire and 💙💛❤️ LOVE PAUL, a down to earth musical genius!!

Aira M. Emily

3 months ago

The ancient Greeks thought that creation came from Chaos. They also thought that Chaos was the first thing that ever existed. similar to The Egyptians Abyss

Annete Oliveira

3 months ago

Since I was 15, I've been doing your songs above others and now am 64. I play piano and am known to sing like you naturally. Get a chance and check out Facebook of Bart Andrew Krauss and maybe you'll be amazed like others. "Penny Lane" is a good one on there.

Remembering Linda with love today. Beautiful memories.

Farhan Faisal

3 months ago

I truly loved this lady. I have a tree named Lovely Linda. I have stage 4 breast cancer and I too have a wonderful husband and family. My nick name has been Paulfan for many years. I was able to give Paul a pink bouquet of flowers at his show in Tampa to show my support of breast cancer awareness. And I have a pink standard poodle named Sunshine. ( Good day Sunshine). So yeah today and everyday we think of Lovely Linda and thank her xoxo

Santa Nanhoe

3 months ago

Dear Paul,
My dear Mom passed away the day before your Linda did, so I always tie those two events together. I remember my dear Dad was very moved by reading the newspapers that weekend, and he felt very connected to you in your mutual grief. He even wrote you a letter offering you his sympathy.
So this is in honor of two wonderful women. May their spirits live on in those who loved them.

Don McKee Jr.

3 months ago

Paul, you won't remember me but I met you and Linda when you both got caught in a traffic jam on Walworth Road near Elephant and Castle. John had been shot in same year. Got your autograph and Linda's too and got to say as shocked as I was to meet an 'super star' Linda kept the conversation flowing. Will never forget that day or both of you. You made a lovely choice in her and she complimented your life. Time moves 'on' and you got a life to live but memories never die. Be Happy with your wife and family now, I am sure Linda would approve.

#FanArtFriday by Instagram user eszterbudavari_art! Share your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul! 🎨😎

Manolis Marketakis

3 months ago

Oh please Paul,stick to you you,but dont agree.Besides pick something that isnt dictated by your wives-vegan for Linda,landmines for Heather,gun violence for American Nancy...

Ivan Calvimonte

3 months ago

This really irritates me how none of you see he is doing a good thing here, he lost his best mate in your country & he has the right to air his views on how he feels about this subject, I'm sure if John was killed in Germany for instance, Paul would be there, too ! Stop being so defensive about your country , it's not proactive, instead do something about your gun laws

Manuela Zingone

3 months ago

Never seen any art work of Paul in his recently looks. This is a very good art work. Showing Mr Paul adorable looks.

Dive into Paul's track 'On My Way To Work' taken from his album 'New': #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Available for the first time in limited edition colour vinyl. In stores 18th May. Pre-order 'NEW' HERE:

Audrey Carels Remedios

3 months ago

Just don't like his lyrics, the last thrity years mAn sad, the other three put music out when they had something , John said Paul was a good price man. Husler!

Deanna Bills

3 months ago

Id love for paul to redo venus n mars and dedicate it to george n john n make it alot longer. Same way they did candle in the wind for princess diane. I saw him at uva, even bad voiced folks sang hey jude.

Murat Arman

3 months ago

You should be showcasing "Alligator" from this album. It is musically and lyrically one of the best things you've ever done!

#ICYMI Read the latest newsletter HERE:

Gindo Ihut

3 months ago

Moderators and administrators should work better.
Paul lost control ;)

Mandy Beeton

3 months ago

You are the best!!!!!! Kisses from Brasil!!!!

Leila Fortuné

3 months ago

Paul, stay out of politics

50 years ago on April 4th Dr. King’s life was cut short but his dream still lives. My dream is for everyone to live together in harmony. I’d love to hear yours. Share your dream in the comments below or post your own #DreamStillLives video...

The 'Chaos and Creation in the Backyard' album cover featured this photo taken by Paul's brother Mike at their home in Liverpool #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Ramirex Arthwr EL Erre Dos

3 months ago

one of my favorites. when are you going to value your solo work? your work deserves an exclusive concert. You're brave enough for that and more

Mè'mèñģ Còòpèŕŕ

3 months ago

It is a good album, though rather depressing. It was the unhappy product of his failed marriage to Heather... 😥

Derek Scott Thomas

3 months ago

Penny for his thoughts. I also would've loved to have been his neighbour getting to listen to him strum that guitar & hear his sweet voice. 🎸🎶🎤💞

Have a glorious Easter!

Marika Kellas-Sandell

3 months ago

Happy Easter Paul, Nancy and family!!! Thank you Paul for being the most amazing song writer, singer and entertainer!!!🎉

Love it!!!! btw, my (7th grade) daughter did a project for FACS class and she named her egg Paul McCEGGney! (in my profile picture you can see left handed McCEGGney giving a concert to friends that came over, including Eggy Azalea!!!!) :-D

Anima Mundi

3 months ago

I pray that you will acknowledge Jesus Christ as the way the truth and the life, the only way to the father. God Bless You.

Have a glorious Easter! #HappyEaster #PaulMcCartney #Easter #BackToTheEgg

Easter tweeting greeting!

Have a happy Passover! #HappyPassover #PaulMcCartney
Have a happy Passover!

Octavio Hernández

4 months ago

Dear Paul, I really think you are the most wonderful musician/composer in the world. Just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to you for all of the wonderful songs over the years. They have all blessed me in many ways.---Your friend from afar--Clay

MaCcartney Jagger Angel

4 months ago

Hello Paul! that God gives you great health to continue this legacy I am extremely your fan and also the legendary Beatles. A happy Easter to you and your family too.

Dawn Karam

4 months ago

So jesus is walking in the desert
Hes getting tired so he starts looking for an inn
Upon finding one.. jesus asks the inn keeper the cost of a room.
Jesus is told ten scheckles.
Jesus reaches into his pocket..
Pulls out four scheckles and 3 nails... throws them onto the counter and asks the innkeeper " is this enough to put me up for the night"??
Happy Easter

'NEW' Abbey Road Recording Sessions. Photo by @maryamccartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #PaulMcCartney #MaryMcCartney #NEW #AbbeyRoad #London #Recordingsessions

'NEW' Abbey Road Recording Sessions. Photo by Mary McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Raj Verma

4 months ago

The only thing i want is paul to redo venus and mars, and make it 3 mins longer and a tribute song to john n george.

Deanna K Taylor Patrick

4 months ago

So where is the next album you promised?

Jonathan Chester

4 months ago

What was going on? Great picture though!!! Greetings Paul, best wishes always, keep rockin'!!!

Paul will reissue four catalogue titles on 18th May via MPL/Capitol: 'NEW,' 'Chaos and Creation in the Backyard,' 'Wings Greatest' and 'Thrillington.'

All four titles will be available in single CD digipak and 180gram black vinyl and will also be made available for the first time in limited edition 180gram colour vinyl pressings:

Chiyuki Noshiro

4 months ago

I have never heard Thrillington or Flaming Pie or Wildlife. Sorry Sir Paul. Memory is a good album. I must play it. London Town is good especially side 2. Take Girlfriend out though. Sorry

Majo Tomalá Suárez

4 months ago

I'm always waiting (very very) for Red Rose Speedway (double edition), Back to the Egg, Wings Wild Life, London Town.....I'm 69 and I hope I won't die before.......these reissues😪

Charlie Canavan

4 months ago

Sick of all this remastered stuff been issued. First it's remastered on 180 gram vinyl, then it's individual coloured vinyl. It's just repackaged to get us to spend our money. It's insulting. Loved all Paul's stuff in the 70s and have most of his albums, but does this mean I should throw them in the bin cause the recordings were inferior then. They sounded ok to me then and now.

Happy to be marching against gun violence. #marchforourlives #wecanendgunviolence #neveragain #everytown

#FanArtFriday by @babicheva_lerP! Share your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul! 🎨

#FanArtFriday by Instagram user babicheva_lerP! Share your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul! 🎨

Louise Tappenden Beadle

4 months ago

& what is the best portrait of U, Paul?

Sven Tölke

4 months ago


Nixon wanted John Lennon out of this country. somebody brainwash Chapman he did not act alone!

Agustin Reyes

4 months ago

Here's a fact, Paul--John Lennon was killed by an ILLEGALLY owned gun. What, exactly, would gun control laws have done to prevent it? I'm curious.

On the Bakerloo Line, London. Photo by @LindaMcCartney #PaulMcCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #LindaMcCartney #London #NoSmoking #LondonUnderground #Tube #1969 #Bakerloo #bakerlooline

On the Bakerloo Line, London. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Pauline Ant

4 months ago

This photo is a reminder of why you are so special. My guess is that you have boarded at the St. John’s Wood tube stop. Walked from your home. No limo. No entourage. Amazing. Traveling like me but you are no way like me...

Roger Hitts

4 months ago

*"....because of the time...times away...I'll never forget you...strawberry pie my my...something in the way she moves...something in the way you moved me today makes me feel special.....thank you.......forever more is all I ask...forever more sunsets in the sky never ask why just become you in the sun forever, JOHN......."*JOHN LENNON

Meike Besseling

4 months ago

We thought we were going to change a Generation didn't we, Paul. Did you have any idea it would be their kids and grandkids that would do it?

Go green on St Paddy’s Day! #PaulMcCartney #StPatricksDay #StPaddysDay

Go green on St Paddy’s Day!
#FanArtFriday by Instagram user moixonada ! Share your #fanart with the hashtag #whatsnewPaul! 🎨

Leticia Teles

4 months ago

Fun fact for St. Patrick's day: The Irish invented bagpipes, kilts, and golf, and gave them to the Scottish as a practical joke---but the Scottish took them seriously.

Ayushi Katare

4 months ago

Go Macca. . watching the Rock show DVD from 1976 world tour, lovin'it mate! My mum's born in Bootle, Liverpool.

Santiago Herrera

4 months ago

Love the outfit Paul, Of course you look great in anything ,,,,,,he looks good he knows he’s looking fine,,,,,💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

The McCartney's visit to East Hampton. New York, 1975 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #PaulMcCartney #NewYork #McCartney #EastHampton #1975 @lindamccartney #LindaMcCartney
The McCartney's visit to East Hampton. New York, 1975 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Dzenita Redzic

4 months ago

I’m thinking... Paul M. is swishy, spiffy, friendly, positive, cute, iconic voice, unmeasurable talent, some sad experiences in love, but pulls through it and comes out shining. LIVE LONG, Paul M!

Joonas Asikainen

4 months ago

That's a good black and white. Like the spats .I gess that's what your shoes are

Omega Rzfndrinb

4 months ago

He called on john lennon in that year and got short thrift from him for not calling him first sure i read that somewhere apparently Lennon said to him its not 1957 anymore.

Farewell to my fellow Liverpudlian the tattyfilarious Ken Dodd. Beloved by many people in Britain and a great champion of his home city and comedy. We met him on a few occasions as The Beatles and always ended up in tears of laughter. Today it’s tears of sadness as well. See you Doddy.

Melissa Nickerson

4 months ago

I’ll never forget watching ‘An Audience with Ken Dodd’ on TV. The Battle of Watford Gap had me aching with laughter. Such a treasure. He will be missed bless him. 😢👍❤️

Dumitrescu Maria

4 months ago

Had the opportunity to travel to Liverpool and experience it all ..including sites where the Beatles began ... the passion for soccer and laughter resembles the spirit of Doddy...RIP. +++

Edgar Motta

4 months ago

I'm days late but still heartbroken. I grew up watching Ken. Funny that his catchphrase "How're you tickling Mrs? was going through my head the other night.

Fond memories of my Mum. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers! #PaulMcCartney #HappyMothersDay #MothersDay #McCartney
Fond memories of my Mum. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers!

Fisnik Zairi

4 months ago

I Also lost my mother at a very young age. Yesterday we celebrated 21 years that Queen Elizabeth made you Sir Paul McCartney

Brooks Noling

4 months ago

You haven't changed a bit still the cutie!!!! Thanks for being a part of ALL our lives Paul you've got that incredible gift of love with your music so very privileged to have been born in your time on this earth and thankyou

Kris Dyche Alder

4 months ago

Well Mother's Day should be all year around right ? happy mom Day!

Paul playing guitar at home in London. Photo by @LindaMcCartney #FlashbackFriday #PaulMcCartney #LindaMcCartney #McCartney #London #bassguitar

Paul playing guitar at home in London. Photo by Linda McCartney #FlashbackFriday

Ricky Rea

4 months ago

Yes he is a fantastic bass player as well as one of the greatest song writers of all time and a brilliant singer. I could pick many examples but the bass playing on Something is one of my favourites.

Markos Oikon

4 months ago

I noticed the precarious choice of seating , sit on a good guitar chair with no arms, and a decent cushion . Noticed He is flipping the bad finger. ;-)

Oleg Moskva

4 months ago

The Rickenbacker 4001S bass, sanded down after the original fireglow had been psychedelically painted by Paul during a night of debauchery! This is the instrument he was most prolific with, although he was extraordinarily prolific with all instruments he touched.