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Martina Schröder

2 hours ago

Wish I was there in Namba😂😂

Elayne Vitoria

5 hours ago

And then when u got people thinking this is just about Ramen and not the special meaning behind it....🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Keyra Spencer

11 hours ago

Brenden Sharp barbecue pork, please 💁🏻‍♀️

#tbt our first show ever in Japan in 2006 🌹🌹🌹🌹
Another round of friends to announce! You can come hang with these lovely folks at Art + Friends next month... but first let us introduce you..
Congrats Records is a new label + collective from right here in Nashville, started by Zac Farro and fellow artist + collaborator Mr. Downtown. over the past few years they've been hard at work putting out great music and art from local artists (including a newly available poetry book “Big Downer” written and illustrated by our friend and bandmate Joseph Mullen) - go by their booth and support our local scene!..
Hip Zipper Vintage Clothing, Nashville, TN is a local vintage shop that’s been around since 1999! they’re bringing a selection v cool clothing and accessories for you to look and feel your funkiest..
. is a visual artist quickly gaining notoriety for his psychedelic video content and interactive installations. he has been responsible for all of the technicolor video content at Paramore shows throughout the After Laughter touring cycle. not only will Paramore’s set at Art + Friends feature Mike’s work but you will be able to visit an installation inside the venue where you can experience his artistry, up-close and personal!..
Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee is the first of a few incredible local organizations we will be introducing you to at Art + Friends. Second Harvest helps to feed an overwhelming amount of food-insecure families in middle TN. they will be there collecting food (so bring anything you can!) and they’ll be running a raffle for you to win a limited event poster signed by everyone on the bill!

Dereanna Diaz

a day ago

Please come again I will save up to see you next time 😭😭😭💔💔💔

Let Martini

a day ago

Btw P-more are the only band I've ever seen twice.

Sasanee Sangkamanas

a day ago

How many 17 year old American kids get to say they went to Japan? Granted I'm sure there are some. Doesn't hurt being in a successful rock band either.

we’re in Japan

Karla Cerruffo

a day ago

Thanks for the invite...

Lethicya Ribeiro

2 days ago

Welcome to Japan! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Mary Louise

2 days ago

Eilish I’ve stood in the same spot as Hayley life goals

this weekend: Osaka AND Tokyo 🙏🏼 see you at Summer Sonic 🌞🌞 ..
photo by phoenix johnson

Edwin Mendoza

4 days ago

Look who you is playing this weekend in Tokyo Kate Cuss!!

Kaiyam Williams

4 days ago

wish I could say the same! take me to tok-yooo.

Saimur Rahmann

4 days ago

I love you so much Paramore

missing you. 📸: Lindsey Byrnes #tour5

upcoming dates at

Michael Orlando

9 days ago

Gaby! Look how much paramore loves you babes!

Arianne Montes De Oca Gonzalez

9 days ago


Michel Marie LaBree

9 days ago

I thought the red head in the front had her legs hanging over the railing

its nice to be home. happy Wednesday everybody..

Pedro Juarez

9 days ago

Awesome! Glad that all of yall! Made it home safe! I pray that yall enjoy the much needed and deserved time off! Gb yall! And all of your families! In jesus name I pray, amen!

Pedro Juarez

9 days ago

Natalie Pearce gorgeous, quirky, amazing voice, AND FUNNY??? Please marry me Hayley

Susan Weaver Collins

10 days ago

tnx guys lets go gome

here are the first of many more friends who will be joining us at Paramore Art + Friends. we’re so excited to introduce you to people who are doing v cool things in our city.
Elephant Gallery will be bringing their weird & wonderful vibes by curating and displaying art from local artists all around the venue.
Good Dye Young will be selling product and doing hair demos using their bold, bright temporary hair makeup.
Grimey's New & Preloved Music will be there with a curated selection of vinyl by artists we love.
Kangaroo Press will be creating a limited edition event poster and other surprise items (TBA) that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Doris Mak

10 days ago

As much as I like you guys FTP was too big to be an opener tbh

Shreyas Madhekar

10 days ago

Ashley Atkinson vaaaacaaaationnnnn

Charles Boyd

10 days ago

come back to australia

so many unposted photos from #tour5. here’s one of them, by Lindsey Byrnes
throwback thursday on friday. and a belated happy 13th birthday to our first album, All We Know Is Falling! .
all my 2005 photos are in a box that i can’t find right now... but this was on my phone. in my closet, unpacking, after a short run we did in 2005 with FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND & He Is Legend... apparently all i owned was coats. not much has changed ‘cept for my hair. - hayley

Tina Dean-Kershner

22 days ago

Alanna Pipkin !! Our girl here too !!

Jérémy Prémel

22 days ago

very good suscess

Roberto Antonio Perez Valero

22 days ago

Come back to London Ontario where we loved you guys before you were famous

2003-always/forever 🙏🏼 #tour5 , photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Sajag Chhetri

23 days ago

Tour 5 was super awesome! I'm glad that I got to see this concert twice.

Maurício Augusto

24 days ago

It is different. I do like the older stuff but some of the newer tunes I just heard at the show were awesome, really. And they still perform the old songs well.

Miichelle Cizzneross

24 days ago

loved this tour, you guys were amazing! thanks for your music <3

‪us & FTP & the whole crew family #tour5 gonna miss seeing all these faces.‬

Keiko Kato

24 days ago

It's over and I'm still waiting you to sing 'Static Space Lover' with FTP 🙃😪

Luiza Luz

25 days ago

My daughter's very first concert and it was amazing!! Thank you guys for making that a truly unforgetable experience!!!

Michel Guerette

25 days ago

Please . Release a new album

havin a gander #redrocks #tour5

Ajay Mandri

25 days ago

Nicole Rocha cool!! Lol too bad our trip didn’t coincide

Carlos Henrique

25 days ago

Saw them here a few years ago. This place has amazing acoustics and Paramore was awesome!!

Jonathan Humphrey

25 days ago

Trang so beautiful!

last show of the tour tonight. yall sold out Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre 🙏🏼 this has been an especially meaningful tour to us and the rest of our touring family..
thank you to everyone who came out to any of these #tour5 shows. Red Rocks, we’ll see you tonight!

photos by Lindsey Byrnes

Wiebke Schäfer

24 days ago

Jumped on the #huji bandwagon finally, eh?

Fracchia Belva

25 days ago

Every tour keeps getting better! Love you guys! SLC

Rick Brandenburg

25 days ago

Such a great show.

Show 26: Morrison, CO at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (SOLD OUT)

Nobuko Matsui

25 days ago

Jack Lauesen bought tickets in time shit is sold out!!

Kevin Harris

25 days ago

AL tour 5 had 26 shows....26... 🤔

Jessica Perrault

a month ago


2 shows left #tour5 , photo by the v lovely Lindsey Byrnes

Lucia Lepasha

a month ago

Thanks for the fantastic show tonight! I had a great time!

Sai Ganesh Sriraman

a month ago

A well spent $200

Peggy Smith

a month ago

Tour 6... Montreal!

congratulations to our #paraoke winner, Alaina G. we'll see you at Red Rocks!

Gary Taylor

a month ago

Congratulations to the winner....
"Some will win...some will loose.....
Someone will sing the blues.......etc etc..."
Steve Perry ...

Sharon Savidge

a month ago

That was great. Congratulations!!

Khari Brown

a month ago

Congrats! I wonder who got runner up! I never got a confirmation email after I submitted mine. Hope it went through.

Show 25: Salt Lake City, UT at USANA Amphitheatre (

ßrīght Łűú Māngānyî

a month ago

Who's there for the final show at Red Rocks?

Pete Chanda Jr.

a month ago

One more month!!!! We are all gonna Paramore here in the Philippines!!!! 💛💛💛💛

‪last day off of #tour5. gonna party with the whole tour family tonight. Foster The People Jay Som ‬
‪📷: Lindsey Byrnes‬

Joshua Labian

a month ago

Thank you so much for the amazing show in salt lake!!!! We had a blast!!!!! ❤❤

Sirlei Lima

a month ago

I loved the P-more concert in Mountain View. I am so glad I went to the show there on 7/21 evening.

Rafii Dco

a month ago

Amazing gig I bet!

Show 24: Mountain View, CA at Shoreline Amphitheatre (

Valerie Link

a month ago

Great performance y'all!!

Jennifer Fiori Ameller

a month ago

I’m still into you!!!😍

Prabhakar Dravidan

a month ago

Not sure how I can get Paramores attention except to ask for a TON OF LIKED on this post!!!!!!! My daughter and I go tomorrow in SLC. During a very hard time “Last Hope” carried her through. He actually has some of the words on her arm as a tattoo. If there is ANY way you can play it ??? It would mean the world to her!💕

back in San Fran tonight. big gig at the Shoreline Amphitheatre At Mountain View , see you there. #tour5 , 📷: Lindsey Byrnes

Kris Hallas

a month ago

It wasn't a bad venue at all. I enjoyed it!!

Constance Krumreich

a month ago

Plz come to Bristol, I've never been able to afford tickets until now 😭😭

Emily Florence

a month ago

Shoreline absolutely sucks. Worst venue ever. I’d be happy to be back on Parahoy again. Thank you!!

paramore forever. we love you. #tour5 , photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Xavier Guertin

a month ago

I Knwe you were..!

Richard Gonzalez Segovia

a month ago

Yifang Li now you’ve been to one more Paramore concert than I

Marcela Mizarova

a month ago

Kind of unrelated, but I recently bought the new album on cd........because I'm old fashioned like that and I thought it was awesome!! I hope to see a live performance one of these days. Maybe come to Memphis??

it’s v nice here 🙏🏼 #tour5 #sandiego

She Long Gone

a month ago

Paramore dead.
This is pop no rock.
Josh i neee u

Abraham F. Veluya

a month ago

Paramore became so hipster...I can't even

George Sacramento

a month ago

We drove 4 hours to see you and it was totally worth it !!! 😍

see you soon, San Diego 👀 #tour5 ...

📷: Lindsey Byrnes
and another from The Forum by Lindsey Byrnes #tour5
✨ thank you LA , 📷: Lindsey Byrnes #tour5
last night was a really cool moment for us as a band..
the only thing that got us to The Forum was music, friendship, & you. thank you..
📷: Rich Fury (

Winona Kinyewakan

a month ago


Ana Barajas

a month ago

I love paramore

Khan Jahidul

a month ago


Show 23: San Diego, CA at Mattress Firm Amphitheatre (

Lynda Bossell Lang

a month ago

Anitah Grace if only we lived in San Diego 😭

Yass Irah

a month ago

Maybe get a good deal on a new mattress.

Refik Suta

a month ago

See you there!

‪we here #tour5 The Forum Foster The People Jay Som ‬
see you tonight Los Angeles #tour5


ปอวินเทจ บรมครูคุรุ ปู่ฤาษี

a month ago

Annie Heijna I couldn't be more jealous if I tried

James Abbott

a month ago

So sad:( I had to miss my New Orleans show because my partner had a heart attack and had to call an ambulance. We were ten miles from the venue and had to turn around and head home:(

Marie Cecil

a month ago

wow pretty much my perfect gig:)

big gig tomorrow night at The Forum #tour5

Arturo Alejo

a month ago

I'll be at Red rocks!!!

Eric Nelson

a month ago

Só mais esse Gleyciele pq achei engraçado kkkkkkkkkk

Safyra Nunes

a month ago

#Stylish... then 3rd thought: Hairy Styles (lol)

soon, Dallas. #tour5 📷:

Sidney Emanjordan

a month ago

Yaaaas! I made it last night!!

Allan Mccarty

a month ago

Amazing photo,guys!😍😍😍😃😃😃😄✊✊✊✌️❤️

Tre Frederick

a month ago

keep on rocking out Hailey

In celebration of our little UO capule collection. Went to Urban Outfitters in Dallas to give some styling tips to some already v stylish ladies. (We mainly just went to hang... what do we really know about fashion?)

Philippe Galesloot

a month ago

Mesmo sendo remota

Diana Carolina

a month ago

???Me parece que os cabelos coloridos estão voltando aos???
?? poucos??

Carol A. Dubovick

a month ago

Rose-colored Hayley Williams 💗💖💝 #pink

it deserved a spot in the feed. we’re soundchecked and ready to boogie with our dallas, tx bbs tonight. 🙏🏼 #tour5

Saw Bobo Saw Bobo

a month ago

Kahlan Moses for some reason this seemed like it was ridiculous enough to maybe be at least a little funny to you? Idk why 😂 if not,sorry well blame it on my 3 am brain 😝

Sandra Martinez Macias

a month ago

Damn, girl. Wearing tights in this Dallas?

Yannick Sussmuth

a month ago

Kaitlyn Bowen
Dang I think I need a cooler outfit. 🤔😄 Some pink fishnets or some shit.

Show 20: Houston, TX at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (

Felise Hutton

a month ago

Best concert I’ve been to hands down

James Allan Hay

a month ago

U guys were so amazing last nite!!
Such a fun night for my friends & me
Can’t wait to c y’all again!!

Montana Lynn

a month ago

Come To Brasil!!!!

a tour simply did not happen unless there was a middle of the night walmart run. #tour5

Diana Logwood

a month ago

The nxt time my scandals break... Walmart it is 😂 Maria Lopez Jerry Lee DeLuna tht was too funny

Cristiane Nascimento

a month ago

I work at Walmart as an overnight stocker so if I saw you guys at my Walmart one night I'd be employee of the month for best customer service lol.

Stefano Tomei

a month ago

I remember when my shoes broke down and I was with only 1 dollar. The first place I went to was Walmart and got myself a pair of orange flip flops for a dollar. One of the best deals I ever made in my life, seriously. I still have them too, God bless and praise $1 flip flops, saved my feet fron a lot of pain. ♥

blessed be the passionfruit 🙏🏼 #tour5

photo by
thanks for art-ing with us. #makeartwithyourfriends #caughtinthemiddle 🎨:
Show 19: Corpus Christi, TX at Concrete Street Amphitheatre (

Jesus Luna

a month ago

vem pra porto alegre please

Reyna Hernandez

a month ago

When you just say bullshit and stay relevent.

Bijan Saba

a month ago

Tanya Gabriela 1 semana, chavas 🙌

#tour5 is in NoLa tonight. time to groove with some voodoo bbs 🎷⚜️, photo by Nina Tadic Photography

Karina Provost

a month ago

Best concert I have ever been too I loved it so much

Opa Tucker

a month ago

Keren sekali hayley.. I'm from indonesian

Jowie Aytona

a month ago

That was an AMAZING concert tonight! Come back to NOLA soon cause we loved you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Show 18: New Orleans, LA at Bold Sphere Music (

Eric Raschke

a month ago

Footballs coming home!

Dianne Romano

a month ago

My daughter called it’s amaze balls covered with awesome sauce.

Keni Sage Paekau

a month ago

It was awesome!!

*schyler chant* we played Schyler’s family came to see him last night. we really wanted them to know how much we appreciate their beautiful boi.

Lisa Slawson

a month ago

This was amazing!!! Thank you. We love him, too!!!

Dejan Zwitter

a month ago

That was an awesome show!❤!

Tiffany Debrichy

a month ago

Aimee Mayes us

v cool summer #tour5

photo by

Filip Szymon Lubarski

a month ago

I want ro be in that group

Nana Yaw Junior

a month ago

Alanna Pipkin soon

Gabriela Leguiza

a month ago

Ashley Scadura come a long way from the VFW 12 years ago 😭😭😭

before the big gig in Brooklyn, Hayley and Soccer Mommy had a big convo for Stereogum. go to to check it out 🙏🏼❤️ #tour5


David Burgos Lucio

2 months ago

This show was Amazing AF!!! ❤❤❤ Next time they come to NYC I gotta do A M&G.

Salman Ahmad

2 months ago

I just wish you guys would come to Vegas 😥😥😥

Adlan Rieder

2 months ago

Haylen Eccles it’s soccer mommy 😂

some pretty miserable business in Brooklyn 😏🤘🏼 Gaten Matarazzo

Wonder Kaw's Tøut Cøurt

2 months ago

Whem thy come to Costa Rica.

Ryoko Taka

2 months ago

Lisa did you see the video?

Sloan Kite Adams

2 months ago

looks like saddness is the new cool

well, forgot to post this earlier. hope yall freaks got the memo. #tour5 #brooklynbaby

Sander Schilder

2 months ago

You guys roll right through north east pa every time without stopping. You have fans up here too.

Cynthia Seaman Houser

2 months ago

Mariana HE mira, para ti

Alejandro Mejia Santillan

2 months ago

Natalia Senejoa Quevedo 😞 que lástima no vivir en usa

Hi, this is Hayley from Paramore. Let me tell you about a thing we’re doing called Art + Friends.

We are pretty close to wrapping up our touring cycle for After Laughter and heading home. So we thought, “Instead of a throwing a homecoming party for ourselves, why don’t we throw a party for the whole city?”.

We want to celebrate our hometown and the fast growing, wacky and wonderful alternative music and arts community of Nashville. We want to show you what our fine city has to offer, outside of bachelorette parties and karaoke bars.
So here’s your official invite to Art + Friends.
We (Paramore) are gonna play a big rock gig, along with some of our friends - it’s a solid lineup of all Nashville based artists.
Plus, there will be tons of local art to see and experience, local independent business owners showing off their wares, and some local food & bevs.

Take it from a group of kids who grew up right here in this city - the new Nashville is definitely alright with us. We’re excited to give everyone a chance to experience Nashville the way we do.

P.S. how many times can YOU say Nashville in a DIY press release? Probably not this many. pre-sale begins today at 12p (central)
general on sale begins Friday, June 29th at 10a (central)

William Clark

2 months ago

Julie Dlnn bien sûr ils font ça le week-end où on n’est pas à Nashville... 😔

AnanMichael Cortez

2 months ago

The AL era ends??? DON’T THINK COME TO LATIN AMERICA? 😱😒😤 here there are many who want to see the band live🤩 and cry hard, dance harder 😭😭😭

Arpie Olaivar Indemne

2 months ago

"We are pretty close to wrapping up our touring cycle for After Laughter and heading home." Vinicius Aguiar João Cohen olha as fudidas


Sayra Vidal

2 months ago

Amazing show tonight! Thank you Paramore!!

Steven H. Altman

2 months ago

Omg I love this reference n this movie way too much

Miguel Lammens

2 months ago

I love the fact you used Spock Collin’s from Newsies. My family absolutely loves that movie. Have a great night in Brooklyn!

last nite, before the rock n roll show. by the v talented Sophia Ragomo Photo 📸📸📸 🙏🏼 (((thank you)))). #tour5

Claudia Doree

2 months ago

Point out the drug addict haha

Lauren Price

2 months ago

Come to México

Arlinda Earleen

2 months ago

Están bien boneeeeetos uwu

‪#tour5 bros & BilT Guitars , photo by phoenix johnson ‬

Jackie Schmidt-Trippe

2 months ago


TanHomy GW

2 months ago

Y’all planning on playing for us soldiers here in gtmo😉

Amit Mishra

2 months ago

Como não notar

had a v saxy 🎷🎷🎷 guest feature on “Ain’t It Fun” last night in Maryland. thanks Tony Hancock Music (SAXL ROSE) for blessing our show with your smooth vibes.

Eric Barbee

2 months ago

Great pic y all look hot

Nesha Foreman

2 months ago

My man Antonio! Doin it BIG right now!!!🎷 🎶

Sunshine Sunrise

2 months ago

Fantastic show and how great it was to see our own Havre de Grace Tony Antonio Hancock up there doing his thing. Thank you!

‪PHILLY TONIGHT WOW. #tour5 , photo by #nopantsdance‬

Doser Rivera

2 months ago

I was SOOO happy to see you guys that day since it was my very first time seeing you live!!

Tarin Pac

2 months ago

That kick is pretty impressive tho

Angelle Angel

2 months ago

I love you but thsts a wierd pic to post

‪baby gap. #tour5 #fakehappy #butrealhappy , 📷:‬

Mulemba Ě Simps

2 months ago

OMG! This is gonna be my view! Well- might be slightly better.
Got 4th row...

Liz Butler Jenkins

2 months ago

esse e o meu grupo favorito ta

tomorrow in Syracuse. #tour5 ,
photo by phoenix johnson

Sbz Shojib

2 months ago

See you tomorrow!!! I’ve waited years for this to happen!! Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️

Joely Hernandez

2 months ago

Sets are pretty solid so far, but how about some love for the first album? Excited to see you guys in Minneapolis!

Sifiso Sibiya

2 months ago

See you Wednesday in NH!!!!

week 1 of #tour5. Simpsonville was a big night full of features. on Miz Biz... and a little surprise guest vocalist/backup dancer, Brynen, on Aint It Fun.

photos by phoenix johnson
funky funk man joey #dayoff #tour5 , photo by phoenix johnson

Shu Giga

2 months ago

David Eichenberger I need to get on stage

Nazrul Islam

2 months ago

Jessica rek bisa ku pa din munta kasu dana bat kasi thursday ya huhu

Kelly VanDyke Oliver

2 months ago

Rock rock Good luck love to all.nanny.

more photos by from night 2 of #tour5.
Show 3: Raleigh, NC at Red Hat Amphitheater (
love that she always takes good photos. show #2 of #tour5 - Simpsonville, SC. was a wild time.
boots of summer 👢🌞 St. Augustine. photos by phoenix johnson
bubs of summer, photos by phoenix johnson

Emily Faley

2 months ago

these are from the simpsonville show, Blair Baudelaire! 😬

Azrulrizal Ariffin

2 months ago

Come to Rome, in Italy ❤️❤️

Brian Rose

2 months ago

Had so much fun last night!!! I love your energy Hayley!!!!😣💞🙌🏽🙌🏽

nashville cats, let loose in the jungle.

we're taking over Live Nation's Instagram today from St. Augustine:


Armando Salazar

2 months ago

The 70s called, they are wondering where you are.

Tamie Jo Shepherd

2 months ago


Zoé Paré

2 months ago

Wished I could’ve made it to that show 😞 I’ll be listening to AL instead- still ace

#tour5 starts today in St. Augustine.

Dorian Corb

2 months ago

Somewhere in here there is a joke about a banana, a drum, and being happy to see someone 😄

Montserrat Nieto Medina

2 months ago

I’ve been to 4 shows and this was my favorite one to date! My ears are still ringing! Pretty positive I won’t have a voice in the morning! 💜 you guys!

Janine Hahn

2 months ago

I want a megaphone, a tambourine and a banana. Oh and to see you live at least once 👌😄