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who is ready to just absoluutely rock it out tonight? Boston Calling Music Festival

Marcel Kallikat

3 hours ago

sorry have to borrow dat singer can i nab ur hat bro'v

Morten Øgård

3 hours ago

Love the hat and the guy wearing it.💕Nanny

Kat Deaver

3 hours ago

Love the hat and the guy wearing it.💕Nanny.

practice pup
practice pals

Lititia McKinney

2 days ago

Abby, did you loan out Teddy to Paramore?? :))

Lisa Schultz

2 days ago

Oh Hayley your dog is so freaking adorable

Robert Petty

2 days ago

Oh hai doggy

just a couple more, swear / practice today for Boston Calling Music Festival. happy tuesday everybody #zacsfilm


Iya Wimberly

3 days ago

Paramore! Antes eras chévere.

Vinicius A. Jacon

3 days ago

Good luck Rock to heaven and back love nanny 💕💕💕💕💕💕

Giulia Traversa

3 days ago

Kayla Kathryn Dos Santos you ready ?

Rolling Stone heard about #zacsfilm ((it’s not a movie, it’s a hashtag)) and anyway, they asked him to take some photos of our trip to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert a couple wks ago. head over to to see the ones they’re sharing.

Marilyn Shannon

3 days ago

I'm thinking, that Josh Farro has gave LMAO on Paramore, cuz his beautifuls songs composeds by himself, went contributing to his love with Heyley, then, she cares about this too much, as much as she liked him, she decided protect their love life, turning to secret, and so, she decided to cut him off. Am i right?

Taylor Molina

4 days ago


Is a kick butt band. Their not a band that I would listen to if Paramore wasn't a band. Ever since I was a baby I could hear the tune of The Paramore Songs.

Aglaed Sainz

4 days ago

what the fuck has gone wrong with paramore's get-ups?!

we contributed some items to the Fueled By Ramen Auction for MSD/Parkland. proceeds go to Broward Education Foundation who are collecting funds for MSD Victims Funds and Memorial Scholarships.

Timi Barugu

3 days ago

Creo que esto te va a gustar 😁 Jezabel Palau

Luis Ramiro Romero

4 days ago


You have stay gay make sure all the hot men turn gay just from your beautiful physique an sexy smile. Just that way Hayley Williams gives me a opportunity kiss her.

ChocolateTyi Bhadazz

4 days ago

Cuando es la subasta? :)

happy bday dear phoenix, thanks for making us fashion ✌🏼🌹 .
all pics by Lindsey Byrnes

Martina Jirovcová

6 days ago

Melhor música do álbum ❤️

Joel Comstock

7 days ago

Shannon They talkin' to you~ 😮

Kamilo DI Sanchez Garcia

7 days ago

Paramore, do rock ao pop... 🤢🤢

AL era art 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.
(all by

Dennis Poe

8 days ago

Próxima fashion week no brasil teremos a presença dele

Deb Miller

8 days ago


Jennifer Kees

8 days ago

I don't like Rose-Colored art

please reach out if you need help. do not hesitate. available for a limited time: Crisis Text Line

Béatrice Viez

10 days ago

Anna Kelly Gabriella Ann Lopez it’s a Paramore collab with the Crisis Text Line!!

Joy Hembree

11 days ago

i want!!!!! (caught myself hehe) but rlly i want one!!!

It would be great if y'all could make bigger sizes

the night we listened to our 5th album for the first time /endspamfornow #afterlaughter
our friend Lindsey Byrnes took all the promo shots for AL. we have worked with her for many years and she makes photoshoots not so awkward. thanks lindsey 🙏🏼❤️#afterlaughter #makeartwithyourfriends

Jody C. Storer

12 days ago

happy first anniversary to AL(which is one of their better albums)

Shelby Bynum

12 days ago

One day I hope to make music with you guys, just showing up to shows with my poster board saying "let me play an instrument" until then! Congrats on another full length.

David Ayah

12 days ago

Philip Jenkins I really thought this was you!!!

this was one year ago. happy 1st birthday to our favorite child #AfterLaughter

Jennifer Dodds

12 days ago

I like your old sound, as well as you guys going back to your Indie roots for #afterlaughter. I don't care what anyone else thinks or says, you will ALWAYS be my favorite new-school rock band. I've been a fan of yours for several years now, and I love the fact that regardless of the sound, your lyrics continue to speak truth, send a message, and captivate. You guys truly have a way with words, and I hope that you continue to make music together for years to come. #dedicatedparamorefan

Kåre Jakobsen

12 days ago

This time last year i was sitting in the line for the first greenday concert in 9 years and we were singing the album over and over to get in the mood haha!

Lizbell Ramos

13 days ago

Best album ever! Sad so many fans couldn't grow up, like you clearly did. I'm glad you're proud of AL, because it's brilliant!

1 year ago, life with AL 💛💙❤️

ﻋﻠﻲ ابكر

14 days ago

super bella y genial paramre

Diana H Pesquera

14 days ago

Hello styll Brick by boring .......decode :)

Jessica Weaver

14 days ago

and south america is still waiting

you can bid on some Paramore gear as part of's charity auctions for the Girls Rock Camp Alliance. 🎤:

Pete Boyer

14 days ago

Annie Gibson of course they have the most amount bidded.

Maria Flores

15 days ago

Jamie Robson you got to have look at how much the o𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 🎤 is going for!

Cristina Piña

15 days ago

I wish, but I don't have $2,000 unfortunately

it’s been a year since we spoke with Zane. we’re talking with him again today at 1pm EST. listen on Beats 1

Robin Blevins Rynes

15 days ago

Last year's interview was so good!! Zane is such a good interviewer. Can't wait to hear this new one.

Albert Murseli

16 days ago

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Emily Wiz

16 days ago

Taylor York iscute


Αγγελική Ζάνα

16 days ago

Ugh I was just getting used to being off this ship and getting back into reality haha but I def saw me rocking out a few times in this vid so this made my day!

Kenny Stys

17 days ago

Eve Oakden Keith Oakden

Shigehiko Ioku

17 days ago

It looks so sick !! ❤❤❤❤

ask us about our celebrity friends.
we dont tape Wake Up Roseville in front of a live studio audience, we cant work under these conditions.
Residents of roseville kept up long past their bedtime.
Fuk it , we did it live:

Kelsey Horne

22 days ago

this is too awesome. proud fan from japan :)

Chris Nelson

23 days ago

Jess Lovely Forman I love this

Sherhonda Whittley

23 days ago

Thank you Talking Heads for your influence on Paramore... Stop Making Sense!!

come to the big apple, they said. get away from roseville for a second, they said.

Anthony Cato

22 days ago

Taylor York is cute

Samuel Collins

23 days ago

i LOVED this so much. I wish I had the funds to see you in June in Fl damnit but I’ll get two and half jobs to try to make it. That was magical, Paramore, you’re tragically majestic and speak to my soul

Simone Javier-Sultana

23 days ago

Wear normal clothes they said

this is your brain on television

Shalitha Ross

23 days ago

also works for social media

Waver Greenhouse

23 days ago

No this is your brain on Bandit!

Ihana Anahi C Arandia

23 days ago

TV in 2018 LUL

joey, its backwards
long way from roseville

Lavanya Huria

24 days ago

I always waiting your songs .

Théogène Mulinda

24 days ago

Breeanna May the caption

Hannah Jock

24 days ago

WTF..happened to this band

‪seasonal affective disorder ERADICATED . photo by‬

Nubarig Tagirian

a month ago

Hayley mi amor! 😍

Thomas Morisot

a month ago

Yailah asal"aaaaan

Aarju Shakya

a month ago

Love you guys ❤️

‪when you call me you can call me AL. photo by‬

Mēd Ēł

a month ago

I just bought Riot on vinyl last week!

Crystal Cissell

a month ago

My marching band played Call me Al for years!!!! It was like our anthem lol!! I can play it on at least 4 instruments I loved it so much! Cover it! Complete with kick ass piccolo solo please!

Kathleen Manning

a month ago

Stephanie Lamb I want and need this

celebrated Hard Times gold on a big boat with some dear members of our family. thx to our team for the sweet surprise. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🤙🏼.

photo by Will Byington Photography

Cindi Sjogren

a month ago

Congratulations! You guys deserve it! ❤️

Emilia Hannerfors

a month ago

Love your glasses Hayley, they are hilarious

Rose Chephard

a month ago

já esperava por essa conquista fico feliz por eles

wow wow thank you to our friends & family at Sixthman, Fly South Music Group, and United Talent Agency for this sweet treat in the latest issue of Billboard 🙂🙂🙂 #deepestsearch #bigboat #soldoutship .
photo by Will Byington Photography
photo gallery from Parahoy Cruise is up now over at (along with a nice interview), all taken by

Cathia Nemours

a month ago

Kim Jansen zouden ze ook langs nederland kome😏

Dorothy Moore

a month ago

Documentary “Human Harvest” on Tour in Japan
April 01, 2017 | By a Falun Gong practitioner in Japan
A screening tour of the documentary Human Harvest in Japan kicked off with its premiere in Shizuoka on March 24 and a screening in Abiko the next day. Winner of the prestigious Peabody Award, the film exposes the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) forced organ harvesting from imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners.

Canadian human rights lawyer Mr. David Matas, co-author of several investigative reports on China's organ harvesting crimes, visited Japan to urge Japanese legislation on this issue.

Mr. Seishu Makino, former Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, attended the premiere. He said that Mr. Matas presented compelling facts in the documentary and that this is an issue that concerns everyone. He said he sincerely hopes the persecution will end soon.

Mr. Seishu Makino, former Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, attends the premiere of Human Harvest.

After the screening, actor Mr. Norizuki said, “I had heard about organ trade on the black market in China, but I was shocked by what I learned from this film. I'm thinking about what I can do to help stop it. It needs persistent efforts and hard work.”

“It's hard to believe!” said Mr. Kitamoto Chiharu, a media professional. “Even though I have heard about organ harvesting before, I'm still very saddened after watching the film. Such a crime can't be ignored. More people need to learn what's going on.”

Mr. Kitamoto Chiharu, a media professional, hopes more people will learn about the organ harvesting atrocities.

The second screening in Abiko on March 25 was packed, and several city council members attended.

Screening of Human Harvest in Abiko

City council member Mr. Shinsaku Kuno said organ harvesting from living people was unforgivable, and if Japanese go to China for organ transplants it would equate to participating in a crime. He said his heart was very heavy after watching the film. He said he thinks the Japanese government should pass laws barring organ transplant tourism to China.

Mr. Shinsaku Kuno, Abiko city council member, expressed deep concern over the situation in China after watching Human Harvest.

More screenings of the documentary and panel discussions will be held in Hiroshima, Kobe, Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

Claske Bouman

a month ago

Where can I find this?!

us on a tuesday. art by

Ely EAmore

a month ago

Who's kid drew that? It's pretty good.

Maria Isaakidou

a month ago

It looks like a frog eating a leaf and riding the back of a lady bug with a human head.

Abdullah Tahir

a month ago

Paramore me and my partner wan to watch you show here in Philippines his august =( tickets are sold out=( hoping that we can still look for VIP tickets

our friends at Billboard covered our third voyage on Parahoy. (it’s a cruise we do with pals from all over the world.) you can read about it in the latest issue. .
thank you chris payne for the words and for the photographs.

Nancy Bruch

a month ago

I lived it too.
Wanna do it again...

Rosa Talamantes

a month ago

I don't have to read it... I lived it!

Ann-Frään Bääm

a month ago

Where can I buy this from?? I live in England btw??

hello, we’re playing The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. we’ll be performing a cut off our latest record, After Laughter, entitled Rose-Colored Boy. tune in May 1st and we’ll tune out together. .
photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Kathy Szymanski OBrien

a month ago

Molly Molly Molly

Labiba Khan

a month ago

What in the lady Gaga, Gwen Stephanie bullshit is this

Yoshio Maeda

a month ago

Sure haley might have been less happy in the st erra, bit there is still so mutch wrong and awefull in this world, same with colpert, many people are still rightfully frustrated and angry with this world and seek out comedy and music that reflects that and is not all silver linings.

taste the taste of victory

Kittikul Sanoke

a month ago

Not quite the same as the Penguins felt last season though, is it?

Brian Garrett

a month ago

Personally, I am a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, but I much rather see you guys in Predators jerseys than a Flyers T-shirt! 😝

Heather Sadogierski

a month ago


‪when it’s been raining in nashville for 85 years #smilemore #wakeupnashville‬

Thomas Böcke

a month ago

For real. Mother Nature is bipolar!

Mike Woods

a month ago

Come to Ireland we've had rain since the dawn of time

Luis Diaz

a month ago

Its Always Sunny in Paramore

happy RSD everybody 🙂 hope you found what you were lookin for.


Roberto Montano

a month ago

Y uno esperando un album como los de los viejos tiempos...

Jonathan Beltran Gaspar

a month ago

Mary - I had no idea there was a record store day.

Julie Hart

a month ago

RSD = Rusev Day!!!

hard times 🚶🏻‍♂️🌧⚡️

Jolene Elza

a month ago

Hang in there.

Adama Dicko

a month ago

We love you!!!

Marcel Mtz

a month ago

Todo el tiempo:(

soft circle of prayer on parahoy (& more) by bud phoenix johnson .
please keep tagging us in your big boat photos. we like em a whole lot.

Tolga Dindar

a month ago

The best! Paramore forever!

Aleksey Sobolevsky

a month ago

Sydney Mocilan-Kavanagh HER OUTFIT

Jonas Orozco

a month ago

I think that she's very sexy in this photo and so fanny as all your band

everyone’s welcome for this skilled collage. 2 more videos and then we’re done with TYS nostalgia, thanks.

Mzansi Mzamo

a month ago

I said it before and I’ll say it again since the fourth album they’re done

Ali Mohammad Bakhdar

a month ago

Aja Čelhar 2 more videos?😀😀

Ocia Benio

a month ago

"Ever Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?"

attn: we found some more TYS BTS stuff thanks to friends on set. looks like we’ll be here all day just getting nostalgic - just humor us.
Z & AJ. big boss directors of TYS. 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝
1 year ago we shot the video Told You So, written and directed by Zac & our brilliant friend Aaron Joseph. .
there’s not a ton of iPhone bts stuff from that day but we’ll post a few others later bc we know you like.

📸: Phoenix Johnson

Yolanda Martinez

a month ago

You mean y’all weren’t actually driving!?

Manny Doniz

a month ago

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Racquel Petergaye Budham

a month ago

Do you guys remember Hayley topless picture on Twitter lol 😂😂😂 that was epic

friends, there’s a radio mix of RCB on Spotify. it sounds very spicy. hot ‘n’ fresh for the airwaves. thanks to the stations aroud the country who’ve already started playing it. we love you all. #rosecoloredboy

Catherine Janus

a month ago

What's the difference?

Scott Schultz

a month ago

I know you guys just dropped a album. Which I mean I loved. But I'm gonna need another one asap!!! I need my paramore fix baby!!! Hoping the next albums a lil bit darker, a big more hmm punk,rock fences , crush crush, idk wishful thinking. No matter your sound I support the group you make great music. I'm just not a huge upbeat guy . Your current sounds very upbeat and dance friendly.

Leonardo Lee

a month ago

Wow Hayley.. what kind of hair style is this?
Ehmmmmm.. truth to be told, I'm not really like it 😖
Give me back the red one 😍

no worries 🛳🛳🛳 (paraoke, silent disco, belly flop competition) #noworries , photos by Will Byington Photography
incoming: some more photos from Parahoy Cruise by official p’hoy photographer Will Byington Photography

Mashooq Farebi

a month ago

Can we please one day? Seth Karbal

Naif Hassan

a month ago

Ryan Jackson if this happens again I want to go!

Joni Mitchell Lopez Parman

a month ago

yoo First glance I thought it was an anime convention XD

big boat show film 📸’s by #deepsearch

Jeremy Clark

a month ago

One day we will go Parahoy Christopher Parker Michael Parker

Nathaniel Malimba

a month ago

Hayley Williams

Why do you always look so beautiful? Do you I'm a 20 year old forever aging machine. Awe

Anne Kep

a month ago

Can't wait!!! Teresa Caro

delighted & excited to announce that we're bringing 2 more v cool bands out with us this summer.

Nashville's own Soccer Mommy is opening the first half of the tour and Jay Som will be on the second half.

if you're coming to one of the shows, try to get there early to support these bands. they deserve it 🙏🏼

#theafterlaughtersummertour #thelongesthashtag #tour5

Ramiro Torres Feliz

a month ago

Both band are awesome! Kudos to you guys for bringing them out 👍

Pochy Luman

a month ago

I never comment on FB posts, but Soccer Mommy will be one of the best bands Paramore fans discover this year.

Enrico Gasparini

a month ago

I'll bring the orange wedges for soccer mommy

🌺🛳 Mija, Now, Now, Halfnoise, mewithoutYou, Judah & the Lion, & Local Natives on Parahoy Cruise #cruisinbuds photos by Will Byington Photography

Richard Karr

a month ago

Kimberly Renee another year of parahoy gone without us again

Cheyenne Ogle

a month ago

Joe Cosmo fucking mija was at parahoy and we didn't go D:

Cristiano Felipe

a month ago

Can u tell us all how you came up with your MUZAK hit song ARDVARK???????

‪still seasick #zacsfilmlol‬

Rod Britt

a month ago

Drink More, Sway Less...

Candi Sena

a month ago

Hahaha I still feel like I'm on the ship and still can not stop listening to the music... Definitely needed more Paramore lol

Wahyudi Afends

a month ago

So ready to hear toy guys live in Syracuse! Impatiently waiting!

we forgot to post a lighter post… then we lost service. bless up Phoy. we did it.

photo by

Miguel Gonzalez Ochoa

a month ago

Dylan Frederic I spy with my little eye...

Américo Robles

a month ago

what a lucky people whose onboard😍😍

Anton Kuznetsov

2 months ago

Lynn de Veer Mendy Smook Melanie Verhoef Christian Zillmer Astrid Braaksma Silvia Hosper nog even doorsparen 😛

🌹 RCB MERCH in the store 🌹 as seen on some buds @haychbee_ & @okayfinepaloma

wow. just incredible. wow.

Teresa Beaver

2 months ago

What is the best hero to defeat ulfsaar...?

Joy Oviri

2 months ago

I am soooo jealous of everyone who’s going on the Parahoy cruise 🤣 I wish I could go. I hope you all have the most amazing time, I’m sure you will. Please share lots of photos & vids xx

Karlie Ball

2 months ago

Will they return to Mexico in 9 years?

wow. just incredible. wow.

we’re bringing many friends from home on board Parahoy Cruise. here’s 1 of 2 flash sheets by our friends & nashville artists Russ Hickman from Gold Club Electric Tattoo & Zane Pendergast from Adventure Tattoo ⚡️⚡️⚡️ they’ll be on the ship, if ya wanna get stuck

William Swann

2 months ago

Shawna Murphy you should get one of these!

Argintariu Dan

2 months ago

Madison Fortune kinda want one of these

Terry Bell

2 months ago

Helene Schmidt Maree Larsen need to get me a ticket on this cruise

we’re bringing many friends from home on board @parahoyofficial. here’s 1 of 2 flash sheets by our friends & nashville artists @russtattoos from @goldclubelectrictattoo & @zanependergast from @adventure_tattoo_nashville ⚡️⚡️⚡️ they’ll be on the ship, if ya wanna get stuck

soft sailing

Luciana Vinhas

2 months ago

Where I would like to be sitted right now

Rio De Rayhan

2 months ago

LinusTech, for a sec I thought this was Linus with a mustache!

Lizz FerrSho

2 months ago

Wow he got hot

soft sailing

🌹 rose-colored good boy, photo by @justhowiimagined

See "Dog" by the Bottle Rockets.

Dianita Godoy

2 months ago

* Owwwww. X 2 < 3 ...! *

Laz Garland

2 months ago

All the dog photos in the comments too 😂 Sarah Louise Jenkins

u ok mr. g?
happy bday Joey !! .

Misa Miyoshi

2 months ago

At least you can smile through your pain...which means it isn't so bad. Remind yourself "things can be much worse" because they can.

Christoph Gilberg

2 months ago

Buddy im depressed and im planning on deleting my self

Bruce Siffring

2 months ago

im ready for the mtv awards compilation mash up with kenny g meat loaf and new kids on the block that would flip some lids.

u ok mr. g?

happy bday @jellyquinn !! . . #zacsfilm