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This classic just turned 20!

Cory Kralik

9 hours ago

And I remember it like it was yesterday! Was 12 years old at the time. Wore that album out. Picked up issues the following year. Awesome back to back albums. Miss those days!!

Aleksandra Paliga

9 hours ago

Listened to this album through middle school and high school. Still my favorite Korn album. Thoughts go out to JD

Claudia Jimenez

9 hours ago

Bought it from BMG when I was 12 😂. Those were the days.

We're excited to announce that we will be headlining the 10th Anniversary sailing of Shiprocked Cruise, January 26-31, 2019! Cabins aresold out, but you can still join the waiting list on

Jenni Maul

9 hours ago

Kingsmen from RI should play. They fucking shred.

Kershia Stirling

14 hours ago

Im soooo ready! :D Can't wait to see you guys again!!

Mikedria Williams

9 hours ago

Josh Reid I wanna go I prevail is playing lol

Blake Mowdy

3 days ago

Ohhh i hope we see us at the Autograph tent 😍

Iowa State Fair tomorrow!!! 🤘

Takemasa Sakai

5 days ago


Lou Klein

5 days ago

What an amazing show!! Only make it to one concert a year at the fair grounds and glad we made it to yours. Had a blast!

Vyktor Seyer

6 days ago

Bad Ass in Roseburg....thanks Papa Roach

Check out the music in Forza Motorsport on XBOX 👀 😀

Scion Joseph

5 days ago

Denis David MABOII dabest band in dabest game faam

Jorge Estrada

5 days ago

Lily ya ves? El mundo quiere que lo juegue!!!

Antonio Wright

6 days ago

Oddly enough, my introduction to PR was in Gran Turismo 3 A-spec on PS2, with "Never Enough". Best driving song on the soundtrack, although there were some other awesome ones, including some Judas Priest, and also "She Sells Sanctuary".

Roseburg OR you guys came out in out in full glad we kicked off our Summer tour with you!!! IOWA see you on monday night!!! Chevelle is gonna be there too!!! 🤘🖤

Brenda Clair

6 days ago

You absolutely made my daughters night/summer!!!! She has been telling all her 12 yo friends how awesome you guys are! Coby I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to take a photo with her I’m forever in your debt.... You are an amazing person with an incredible talent!

Rheyaliene Canega

6 days ago

Is that Brixton under the painted face? he is such a cutie pie <3

Melissa Burgess

7 days ago

That’s the coolest face paint I’ve ever seen !

Jacoby rocked Lollapalooza in Chicago with Kayzo and turned the crowd up with the Last Resort remix 🔥. We're ready to hit the road this month now!!
📷: chris yoder

Donna McCarthy

14 days ago

Need to make ur way back to Kingstom Ontario I miss u guys & wanna see u again

Biiel Silva

14 days ago

listening to Papa Roach LoveHateTragedy.
2 mins ·

Emmanuel Mena

14 days ago

listening to Papa Roach CROOKED TEETH ALBUM.
Just now ·
LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE THIS ALBUM N IT BRINGS BACK CHERISHED UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh shiiiiit, surprise appearance by Jacoby Shaddix on Kayzo set at Lollapalooza in Chicago today for the Last Resort remix 🙌👀
Jacoby Shaddix at Live 105's (now ALT 105.3) BFD 7,circa 2001. The lineup included Limp Bizkit, Stone Temple Pilots, Moby, The Offspring, Godsmack, and Slipknot. #tbt #paparoach

Lecrae Kudzire N Musariri

15 days ago

Papa roach you are just sexy omg🤣

Dandona Safiya

16 days ago

BAD ASS!! I wish I was there!! My boy Micah Martin performed with Kayzo yesterday!!


16 days ago

I LOVE surprise Jacoby Shaddix visits! #ROTR

DAMN, this is not the year to miss Rock Allegiance 🤘

Bhaskar Mendhe

15 days ago

Actually, this is the perfect year to miss rock allegiance. The only good year was when it had Korn and zombie playing and it was in Philly

Michael Salters

16 days ago

DAMN, this really is the year to miss Rock Allegiance 👎

Geraldine Narvaez

16 days ago

LP headlining because avenged sevenfold cancelled again. Bought tickets in May to see them and they cancelled yesterday !!!!!

do you know what this means?! 👀

Al Meyers

19 days ago

It means you have a lot of work to do.... Look at all those uncrossed boxes! Seems quite soon after crooked teeth. But that's fine as long as its amazing. Which it will be

Tsepoh Malunda

19 days ago

I like the little question mark at gang vox xD not sure to insert that one or not xD
Either these are instruments song by song or a schedule of all instruments used in a song but in a time frame when they play together

Rebecca Tezak

19 days ago

You're only using synthesisers in a couple songs? Meaning most of the album will be straight up rock and roll? 🤞

Drop some birthday love for Jacoby!

Spencer Lyst

21 days ago

Happy happy birthday Jacoby. When I'm in a dark place, I crank Papa Roach and don't feel so alone. Thank you. A birthday wish for you.... Pls pls come to South Africa

Lakeisha Percy

21 days ago

Happy Birthday bro!!!! Your music def inspires & speaks (especially to me). & def kicks serious ass as well. Hope you have a great one & keep pumping out the hits. \m/

Gabrielle Bricker

21 days ago

Just because i give my childhood idol too much shit happy birthday dude i pray for your return to brutality but none the less happy birthday

1999. Vacaville, CA. Throwback Thursday!
📷: matthew kadi

John-Kim Fioco

22 days ago

Back when metal was NU

Thanos Panagos

23 days ago

Looks like they are teenagers.🤘🤘🤘🤘

Em-em Gustilo Fernandez

23 days ago

Papa roach please back the rap. In the new album

Tobin at work 😎

Vandeville Jean-paul

a month ago

My dog Tobin relaxing 😄

Whitney Shambo

a month ago

Ooh, with a proper five!

Akram Hamad

a month ago

Guys we don't need another album yet! Give them a break.

tony at work 👀

Raven Jessica See

a month ago


Maria Dolores Herrero Garcia

a month ago

Let’s hear a song with double kick

Francisco Molina

a month ago

lol I hate Tony, love only Jacoby <3


Jonathan Teague

a month ago

Was not penalty at 1-1 . The judge is 👎👎 but france has often the judge With them, a few years BACK in qualification to Europa cup, they scores With the hand and the judge giving the goal, against North ireland 👎👎thats poor referee 👎👎 croatia Will soon beat this team 👍

Man Lamar

a month ago

Is this france or nigeria

Ed C Bonman

a month ago

France. The butt of any world war joke, but also world cup champions. France: Sometimes we do something right.

Angela Meyer - McLeroy

a month ago

Kick off the Infest 20th anniversary with Infest part 2?

Debra Fullmer

a month ago

Prog, that's when you add in random extra time measures right? I usually do that in the writing process, but oh well

Tawanda Winns

a month ago

Nele die bois sind wohl schon wieder am recorden 😮

August 2000 #tbt

Patricia A Smith

a month ago

Come to Ukraine, guys!!! (((

Skylar Jensen

a month ago

When we all discovered awesome fucken-ness♡

Zainab W Ali

a month ago

I have nothing against your actual music, i love it, but i really miss Nu-Metal...

#tbt of jerry horton

Payne Tirado

a month ago

I had this ad stuck on my wall for years

Dottie Ray

a month ago

Jerry so cool!!!!

Gianni Vaccaro

a month ago

How old is that pic?

Say hello to our studio roach. he sleeps ALL THE TIME.

Debbie Morris

a month ago

Hey Papa Roach we have his cousin over here at my job!

Рокер Металлюга

a month ago

Wooooow, he it's a great guardian 😅

Ketiana Rhodes

a month ago

Perfect Album cover

João Guilherme Tavares

a month ago

Freedom... U.S.A. XD Good one. :D

Pankaj Pangtey

a month ago

Still can't afford it, these American lies are kicking my ass. Still love Papa Roach

Jose Antonio Sáez Bautista

a month ago

how about i use my freedom to not spend money on your cheap crap.

we are looking forward to do this starting in Aug & Oct 🏊🏿‍♀️💯

Ивелин Иванов

2 months ago

Cant wait for Oct at Puebla 💕

Jeremy Jones

2 months ago

Omg make the uk wait so i can pass my driving test haha ive never missed a tour yet but sturggling for transport i wanna hug you all to smithereens 😁😁😁

Keith Koziel

2 months ago

Looking forward to see you in August suuuuummmmerbreeeeeze

#NationalFlipFlopDay! Don't wear these in the mosh

Megan Colegate

2 months ago

Kasia o stara, coś dla nas

Kingsley Lunda Kamulete II

2 months ago

Papa Roach are there currently any discount codes or free shipping codes please?

Chad Kimball

2 months ago

Sara Barrientos mira mis chanclas

🇲🇽 CDMX!! PAPA ROACH &Good Charlotte are going to rock you! Tickets on sale Friday. Let your friends know!

Katherine Dela Torre

2 months ago

Wish this was in the U.K so that I could attend... this will be an epic gig!!

Nilton Vanegas

2 months ago

You need to come to Tijuana, México🤞🇲🇽 please!

Carlos Eduardo Pesantes Huancayo

2 months ago

Dude I can’t wait for you guys to come back to Norway !🤘🏼🔥

Jonathan Jarvis

2 months ago

I need 1 more show in mexico city please

Ernest Afoakwah

2 months ago

Tammy Heidelbach Kirkpatrick let's road trip to Florida 🙈

Trena Lee McWhirter Roach

2 months ago

Are Of Mice & Men going to be with you guys in Lake Tahoe??

PRoach button up!
🌞 it's that time! Grab yours at

Remy Jox

3 months ago

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Ranit Sarkar

3 months ago

Ellie Thomas I kinda dig this shirt tbh

Christian Rennie

3 months ago

They need more clothes for girls, most of it is for guys :/

☀️🌊Grab yours at

MsMelanie Jacobs

3 months ago

Andréanne Goyette pourquoi pas 😏

Ulrica Morin

3 months ago

Erik Palzewicz I want!!!

Ladies! We have something new for you

Alvic Remi

3 months ago

Emily Ann summer wardrobe sorted

Virginia Portillo

3 months ago

Hübsch is dann doch anders 🤔

Ashley Stratmeyer

3 months ago

Plus sizes too?????

#reptheroach check out the official store!!

Claire Sletten

3 months ago

I'd give you guys a dollar if you could bring back some old gear from Circa 2008. I had a hoodie I wore religiously and somehow lost it and have looked for a Dupe ever since 😭. 💸

Ramazan Nerez

3 months ago

need 4xl for your bigger fans...please

Suraj Thapa

3 months ago

If only I was thin enough to Rep the Roach 😭

The Crooked Teeth World Tour was lit 🔥 . Would you change our setlist at all? Powered by Monster Energy

Britny Thibodeaux

3 months ago

I've had the opportunity to see y'all a few times & it doesn't matter what songs are in the set you always rock them all like your playing the biggest stadium on the planet! So I really hope I get to see y'all play a bunch more times! Just keep doing what y'all do

Sheila Delzell

3 months ago

I was so sad I wasn’t able to make it to see you in Albuquerque on May 9th, it was the anniversary of my sisters death 🙁

Caroline Vance

3 months ago

I would have added a few tracks off of The Connection, and I would have snuck in "Hollywood Whore" and "Never Enough". Cut the first opening act, and you more than have time to get in more songs

They grow up so fast... Happy 1st Birthday Crooked Teeth 🎂

Donna Miller-Tucker

3 months ago

Papa roach you guy put on one hell o a show at seven flags in Iowa best concert I have ever been too

Yaquelin Laffita Gamez

3 months ago

He was born for greatness !

Albert AJ Paule

3 months ago

So happy this masterpiece exists!

Thank you for the support of Crooked Teeth this past year! Get it while it lasts!

Abdulmuhsin Suleiman Elmohammed

3 months ago

May I was asking for permission to promote Thailand please, waiting on your tour concert to my country bro and travel around Phra Nakorn district Bangkok Thailand

Woody Shariff

3 months ago

It's been a year already??? Wow time flies lol

Patricia Burris

3 months ago

Julie Anne Lewis Rhiannon Razzie Vergoz

Thanks to our fans in Corpus Christi for ending this Crooked Teeth World Tour with a bang! Thanks to all of our fans that came out to a show or promoted the shows even if you couldn't go. Thanks to our dudes Nothing More and Escape the Fate for rolling with us!

Veenus Triinu

3 months ago

🤘🤘🤘🤘 crooked teeth is my favorite papa roach record! Been a fan since the beginning. You guys keep getting more awesome with the shows and music!

America Araujo

3 months ago

Saw you guys in Albuquerque, Papa Roach live is always amazing!! I can’t wait for the next one! 💕 I’ve done your screenings, next time I need to go full board meet & great!!

Oyo Josh

3 months ago

Y'all were friggin amazing last night! Thanks for making my Mother's Day so awesome!

🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽👺👺👺 tickets on sale May 16th!!!!
Rock Allegiance!! See you in Oct. tickets onsale this Fri 5/11 12pm ET😋

Mcg Streetvibe Innovation

3 months ago

You chose the worst festival, too bad to have you guys with such awful bands

Dee Riley

3 months ago

In the date on cdmx with good Charlotte, i'm still waiting one set list very very amazing!!! Viva la cucaracha!!!

Joao Alves

3 months ago

For everyone who's asking for another date in cdmx, Don't be a pussy and come to Puebla! Hahaha We always go to the city if we want to see somebody, it's like 1 hour and a half to make the trip!

Seattle you were great to us! Sold Out and full of energy. We can't ask for more. Thank you👏👏👏 Sold Out Portland tonight!

Sunita Dwivedi

3 months ago

Omg i didn’t know you were coming here!!!! 😭

Regina Hyppolite

3 months ago

Amazing show! Took my boyfriend to see you for his first time! You guys made his night! He’s been going through a tough time recently and seeing the smile on his face last night was priceless. Thank you!!! ❤️

Moses Oghenewegba

3 months ago

Thank you for a awesome show last night!!

The Pacific Northwest isn't messing around! Seattle and Portland have been Sold Out for a while! See you tonight Seattle!

Blanca Estela Garcia

3 months ago

I’m freakin missing it tonight dammit. Rock out for me guys.

Melba Stephano

3 months ago

Need ONE ticket for tonight’s show at FACE VALUE! hit me up....

Theresa Coogle

3 months ago

You guys were fucking awesome tonight!!! Thank you and much love!!!!

Shaun Bertrand

3 months ago

Like back on mtv's the road home, you called it "lack of thrill" LOL!!!!!!!!

Daniele Zanfino

3 months ago

How cool what a nice honor.

Gail Powell

3 months ago

Happy day of independence to Latvia. Oh, right. You’ve never played here, so nvm. 😂

who did this?? 😂😂

Carla Harrison

3 months ago

best song ever,always listen to it,over n over,huge love for Papa

Simon Fournier

3 months ago

I figured Jacoby would ring 911 like, "I tore my heart open, but don't worry, I'll sew myself shut."

Terezinha De Jesus Alves Moreira Penina

3 months ago

Drew McGonnell I think you’ll appreciate this lol

DES MOINES tonight!! There are still some tickets left. This is not the show to miss.

Stephanie Soard

4 months ago

You guys definitely made this a night for my daughter to remember. It was her very first concert and she loves y'all.

Chris Stone

4 months ago

You guys were amazing last night. Now come back to Omaha.

Roland Bayle

4 months ago

I'm counting down the days until you see Guys in Poland-Czad Festiwal😍😎It will be amazing👍

Louisville Kentucky ... thank you for a SOLD OUT show that will go down as one to remember! 🤘 Des Moines Iowa we're going to melt your faces tomorrow! If you don't have tickets grab them at now!

📷: Wombat Fire

Vania Vizcardo Villanueva

4 months ago

FYI the Louisville show was the shit- if you come back will be there EVERY time!!😎

George Slovacek

4 months ago

Traveling 5 hours to see y’all in Des Moines. Been to a show before and absolutely loved it! Keep it up fellers!

Lundberg Benjamin

4 months ago

Can't freaking wait!

18 years ago we released INFEST!
Go listen to it all day 👉

Sara Lackey

4 months ago

Great amazing awesome . Still love this shit. We will infest , die like the rest . The best of Papa Roach album 🔥

Camii Melian

4 months ago

It was an epic night in Louisville. Tall roasted Escape The Fate and Nothing More! I loved the whole show. Best one I've ever been to.

Chad Wiesner

4 months ago

Awesome album and great songs! Loved it and still have majority of the songs in my Playlist! Rock on!

Louisville we are in your town and ready to rock this SOLD OUT show tonight! Des Moines, there are still some tickets left.

Danielle Wright

4 months ago

See you tomorrow in Des Moines. Can't fucking wait!!! Papa Roach has been my favorite band since I was in middle school in the mid to late 90's.

China Dixon

4 months ago

My 6 year old loved the show! His first concert! Thanks for making it an awesome experience!

Lauren Spuz

4 months ago

Please come to New Zealand!!!

If you can help it, don't miss this tour. This is a special one.

📷: william felch - indianapolis, in

Justine Elisa Meyer

4 months ago

Don't suppose you'd play Angels tonight?

Oli Mendoza

4 months ago

seriously.... I can't stress this enough... the energy is amazing... all the bands contribute to this but P Roach is on FIRE... there's something in the air the minute you walk into the room... I have seen them six times over the past 20 years and each of the 5 times before I left feeling happy and pumped.. but this time..the 6th time.. I was left in tears.. 100% shook... two days later I still haven't recovered.. not making light of PTSD but.. I'm changed... maybe it's PPRD. Post Papa Roach Disorder.... ha! seriously tho.. experiencing something that was so intense... then having it end.. I can't explain it... you're left wondering if you'll ever have that feeling again... This band.. is life changing... this SHOW was life changing...if you have the chance to go ... GO

This show was not just one of the best it WAS the absolute best show I have ever been to... you know it's good when you leave crying, feeling depressed it's over.. two days later.. and I'm still shook... <3 #madlove #lvrsrlntcs

Remaining dates on the Crooked Teeth World Tour:
Louisville (sold out)
Des Moines
Sioux Falls (sold out)
Corpus Christi

Jorge Jaramillo

4 months ago

Denis When u know the whole list cuz we seen them live boi 🤘

Lee Ann Rose

4 months ago

I would trade my soul to the devil himself to see you guys live again.

Tsung Cheng Wei

4 months ago

I'm from TN and drove to the Myrtle Beach show..amazing set as always. I wasn't about to miss out on this tour!

Cleveland was one of the best crowds on this tour 🙏 thank you for a SOLD OUT show and so much ❤⚡.

📷: mike tata
CANADA 🇨🇦 we just released tix to our remaining 3 shows in #winnipeg #regina #calgary #crookedteethworldtour

John Paul Capua

4 months ago

Ummmm.....OR has 2 stops this year and we will do better!

Dana Marie Rabe

4 months ago

Loved the show, you guys killed!!!

Katalin Hidegh

4 months ago

Papa Roach u never disappoint. Since I first saw u at the rock and roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland I have seen u probably 6 others times and u guys always bring it. Keep it coming for another 20 yrs.

Detroit was SOLD OUT and crazy as always! Crowd surfing champions! Sold Out Cleveland show tonight and Sold Out Indy tomorrow 🙏

Rishav Goyal

4 months ago

We've hit the road! See you tonight! Can you guess what song were listening to?

Paul John Ormita

4 months ago

It could be sold out in salt lake too. Just saying

Gabriela Döös

4 months ago

My friends in NOTHING MORE and Chris Bower On Monitors !! Are opening up for P-Roach

DETROIT!! you were awesome last night!! thank u!! 👏#crookedteethworldtour

Angie Nacion

4 months ago

This picture makes me laugh that I took at the show in Detroit.
Looks like he’s thinking, “Damn I broke a nail” 😂

Aldair Alexander Arias

4 months ago

Man if this tour continues in Europe (and you'll be playing in a club not on any festival) I'm gonna come to the venue dressed up as this bunny from help music video...

Alin Stavarache

4 months ago

I was missing papa with crooked teeth.

DAMN Roachester! Rockchester! Rochester you were great!

📷: amber james, mark mcgauley

Sylvia Marlene

4 months ago

LOVED YOU GUYS!!! I had one of the best times! The pain from jumping and cheering is totally worth it!

Mihaela Cristea

4 months ago

I wish I was able to see you guys in Sioux Falls! You just sold out to dang fast!!!

My kids and I are somewhere down in the left corner by the stage.

Detroit is ALWAYS one of the best crowds to rock! Literally just a hand full of tickets left! See you tonight in the D!

Jyre Smíth Sr.

4 months ago

Best show ever💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️

Sally Tooley

4 months ago

why dont you come to morocco

Ehsan Enayatullah

4 months ago

When is the Dallas show

Quebec was so lit! Can't help but imagine the energy if there weren't seats in your way! Thank you ❤🇨🇦. Rochester & Detroit are next!

📷: stephane bourgeois
Roachester tonight and Detroit tomorrow!

Hannah Dryfhout

4 months ago

Great show!! It was amazing!!

Noel Pagaragan

4 months ago

♡♡♡ loved that show!

KaRima Sahar Abdulmalik

4 months ago

The excitment before the show and then it's over so quickly, too quickly. It was fantastic meeting you. Such a great feeling, that I still have. And I don't want to take my bracelet off! 🎆😍😘🤘

QUEBEC CITY & ROCHESTER, NY you are up next! Limited tickets still available!

Iuliana Paval

4 months ago

See you guys tonight!! Can’t wait!

Tiffany Rose

4 months ago

You guys where fucking amazing! Nothing more and escape the fate was sick as well. Rock on! 🤘🤘

Jenrry Fuga

4 months ago

Rochester baby can't wait