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Fans shared about Papa Roach

Ron Phillips

3 hours ago

I’m still waiting on a order I place over 2 months ago! King road keeps telling me their printer is down and now they don’t have the right ink. I know a Christmas gift that won’t be here on time.

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Marquitte Shannon

2 days ago

I'm a bit tapped after the roughly $170 I just spent for my concert ticket and then the vip on top of it. Maybe that 20% off code we were promised for the survey will arrive soon.

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Misty Brown

3 days ago

Will they fit well on a female or are they more design for a guy? Would love to see a picture of a girl wearing one

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Tone-Simonè Husabø

4 days ago

I know it’s not gonna be for a while but I can’t wait to see you guys back in Norway!🤘🏼 Have a kick ass tours guys

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Misty Brown

5 days ago

Hi! I have a question I'm hoping you can help me out with because I'm really confused and don't understand it. I was at the okc show but couldn't do vip with the holidays and everything. Now I'm wanting to for the tulsa show but I don't understand why the born for greatness package for thst show costs more then it did for okc when you get one less thing since you don't get the picture with jerry's guitar??? I want to bring my kids too and don't understand the big price change:/

Brandon Connolly

also shared about Papa Roach

My wife and I would be making the 4 hour drive to see you in St. Augustine for the meet and greet but some assholes bought up all of the pit tickets and are reselling them on StubHub for double and triple the price....

Grab a 2017 PRoach Holiday Bundle for that someone special (or yourself 😜) while they last! 🎄🎅

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Richy Roacher

6 days ago

Why did you not do this in the UK? all you LA guys.. you're lucky man! I may email and use my canoe to cross the Atlantic haha

Sudha Dhanaraj

also shared about Papa Roach

For the tour VIP packages, are the documentary screenings the same day? I'm planning to drive to SC from FL. Thinking about flying out to San Francisco too...

Tiff Bronson

also shared about Papa Roach

FL life..... come to Tampa!!!! Loved you from the start.....And not sure if you remember, but you gave me your slice of pizza back in Tallahassee 2004 behind Floyd’s Music Store. No I didn’t save it, I ate that shit haha.

Name the video game AND the song! #throwbackthursday

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Fans shared about Papa Roach

Jayde Lazarenko

8 days ago

I got meet and greet last time they came. It was so worth it guys. But i may pass this time. (Never could find my photots) not a huge fan of watching a video. But I'll definitly still be their

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Brendon Poole

9 days ago

I’ve been waiting almost three years for another headlining tour and we only get 7 east coast dates all of which are nowhere near me.... guess I’ll have to hope for more dates added

Jeanette Sloan

also shared about Papa Roach

Ok this kinda sucks. Traveling majorly and dropped over $300 to see nomo and papa w adtr. 2 different shows. Bought vips just last night. And now this..? 😯. I would have just skipped the Papa Roach /ADTR show and done this. Dang.

Shelby Woo

also shared about Papa Roach

My only option is to see them with ADTR too. I so wish they would headline in St.Louis. They are always 2nd string here. I want to hear a longer set Damn it! Sorry just venting!

Australia!!! - we're getting warmed up for you tonight in Oklahoma City.Be ready to bounce with us!!

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Darren Shields-Pettitt

12 days ago

Are there any plans for Papa Roach to do a UK tour next year? My son loves PR and would love to see you live.

Andy Burns

also shared about Papa Roach

Papa Roach
Are awesome live seen them many times took my daughter to see them in Glasgow in October she was blowed away as am I every time I see them

Sandra Hall Jurney

also shared about Papa Roach

I ended up buying tickets twice just to get the m&g for my daughter. The upgrade was gone in a flash. Now have to try and sell 3 GA tickets.

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Kelly Erskine

13 days ago

Haha my ridiculous cat apparently likes papa roach. He went from almost asleep to running around like a wild man when I turned this on. Haha my little monster has good taste in music.

April Anselmo

also shared about Papa Roach

This is making it so hard to accept that I'm missing the Denver show next week 😭 I was so looking forward to finally seeing you live. But my son gets his tumor in his head removed that morning

Sheri Patton

also shared about Papa Roach

I LOVE PAPA ROACH. One of the many times I have seen them is at Pala Casino and it was AWESOME. Got to go up close since it was a small venue. I am 55 years old, but they make me feel like I am in my 20's again. Love you guys. Fucking Hollywood Whore.

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Charlotte Mether

15 days ago

Definitely going to the Kansas City, MO SHOW! Will be my fiancee's first rock concert and its only a 3 hour drive from me! 🖤🖤🤘🏻🤘🏻

Mike Harris Sr

also shared about Papa Roach

Steve Keller not sure if you like any of these bands but lmk if you're interested I'm going to the Lowell show March 15.

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Marie Moccia

15 days ago

You guys never cease to amaze me! It's really cool to see y'all be the opener vs the headliner. And it shows how down to earth y'all truely are, there are not many BIG bands that will willingly be an opener.

Josh Duane Wittkamp

also shared about Papa Roach

Thinking Grand Rapids!! 9 year old of mine wants to see you all live. She gets mad at me when I show her pics from rock on the range when you are there. Lol. She said to get tickets if I see you on tour. Soo that's what I'm doing lol!! Well I'm hopping too! Hope to see you all Feb 20th first day of the tour!!!!!

Part 4 // Making of 'Born For Greatness Live at Rock on the Range' - Music in Schools is Important!

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Jennifer Moeslein Goodknight

19 days ago

So awesome!! My boy was the big bass drum standing behind the drummer, Tony!!! He’s the big bass drum you see walking out first in this video clip!!
Thanks again, Papa Roach, for an awesome experience!!!!
(Love the shout out in the video when they mentioned the big bass drum, too) ☺️

Part 2 of Making Of Papa Roach's live performance of 'Born For Greatness' at Rock On The Range with the Olentangy Orange High School Marching Band. The band and the Olentangy Orange High School Marching Band rehearse for the big day! Watch the video here: Buy the song here 👉

Part 1 of the making of our live performance of 'Born For Greatness' at Rock On The Range with the Olentangy Orange High School Marching Band...

Our song #BornforGreatness was added to the #AListHardRock Playlist on Apple Music. Give it a listen here:

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Brissy Brisbane we can't wait to do it again! Get tickets before they are gone!

Halloween throwback! Papa Roach as KISS 🎃

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All skulls shirts are on sale! Get one for your Halloween party! Sale ends Tuesday!

Stockholm we love you!! Thanks for the SOLD OUT show tonight 😛!!
Helsinki lets finish the tour strong 💪
📷: @brysonroatch

All shirts with skulls are on sale! Get one for your Halloween party! Sale ends Tuesday!

🇩🇰 Copenhagen - thank you for the SOLD OUT show!!!

Oslo tomorrow!
24.10-Stockholm (SOLD OUT)
26.10-Helsinki with Sara as support
Get tickets at

📷: Bryson Roatch

Rested today and fueling up for Lisboa Portugal tomorrow!
Oct 22 - Copenhagen - SOLD OUT
Oct 23 - Oslo
Oct 24 - Stockholm - SOLD OUT
Oct 26 - Helsinki
Get tix and vip

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Magda Kuki

2 months ago

Ya ves, es solo un símbolo y algún esfuerzo de parte de Jacoby....los de fuera no entienden toda esta 💩 q hay de equipos y etc aquí en España....

So glad we finally got back to Barcelona! You guys have been patient all of these years and tonight we rocked the hell out of each other! 💪
#paparoach photo
📷: @brysonroatch


Barcelona we're ready for you Madrid tomorrow and Lisboa Tuesday 🤘😁

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Sabrina van Meurs

2 months ago

2 years??!!! I missed you guys is Tilburg. I was to ill to attend :( have a great time with the remaining shows and hopefully I will see you guys once more in NL.

Stina Ozhakal

also shared about Papa Roach

WAIT WAT?NO!NO!NO! We in Italy can barely see you unlike Germany (no offense to you guys but you get em many times unlike us or other cities) where you go like more often.

Proach you need to come more often here instead! Ain't kidding.

Patryk Michałowski

also shared about Papa Roach

Jacoby i was on your Concert.
You are amazing man.
Your music is awesome.
When i listen your voice and your music then you make goosebumps on my body.
That mean music is very good.

PARIS WE'RE HERE! Get your asses out to the show tomorrow! Let's do this 🙌

Post your team in the comments!

Dead Cell into Thrown Away into Last Resort into...

American Dreams live at O2 Apollo Manchester!

Live at O2 Apollo Manchester!

DAMN #LONDON!! Brixton was ⚡⚡⚡ YOU WERE INCREDIBLE!! 🙏🙌🔥 Thank you!! Manchester you better bring it tomorrow!

📷: Bryson Roatch

LIVE at O2 Academy Brixton

Glasgow was crazy tonight! The chanting! Thanks to Scott Kennedy from Bleeding Within for joining us. Good luck to Scotland with your fitbaw game tomorrow! Get your ass out to a show 👉
📷: @brysonroatch

UK we're in Glasgow tonight and we're ready for you!! London and Manchester you better be ready to bring your "A" game to this party next week!! Nottingham and Birmingham were on it!!

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Horváth Péter

2 months ago

You know.. LP and Papa were the two first foreign bands i listened to and the first two to make me love Rock music.. And anytime i remember how sad it it that My HEro Chester passed, and i could never attend just one LP show, i feel blessed for having You guys and there's no way i'll die before seing and hearing You live!

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Louise Baker

2 months ago

You guys were amazing(as always)but tonight was extra special,the best!!Jacoby your voice is better than ever!!! Thank you for doing Dead Cell!!!Lovely tribute to Chester to. ❤🤘

Beverley Reed

also shared about Papa Roach

You were amazing. Fully expected you to be. 2nd time seeing you live. Absolutely amazing. A memory I'll treasure. Favourite band seen live in concert ticked off my bucket list 💖💖💖💖💖

Angie Sambrook

also shared about Papa Roach

Absolutely amazing night. Thank you!! I was able to forget how much pain I'm in for a couple of hours, I danced all night, you did us proud. Much love x

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Steve Lodato

2 months ago

He shouldn't feel left out. Saw you guy's in 2013 at Jiffy Lube Live in the great state of Virginia. Celebrating 20 years that year, best band ive seen live. Age is just a number, glad your voice is back. Have fun in the UK, lucky lads !

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Cassandra Seymour

2 months ago

Can't wait until Saturday to see you's play in Glasgow 😁 2nd time seeing you's and I'm even more excited than I was the 1st time haha