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Demétrio Caluête

8 hours ago

#Made in Indonesia 1000 t -shirt 2000 $ %

Arica Lilburn

8 hours ago

Where is it made-?

Kitty Geoz

8 hours ago

You should make Papa Roach swim shorts 👌🏽

The Crooked Teeth World Tour was lit 🔥 . Would you change our setlist at all? Powered by Monster Energy

Britny Thibodeaux

2 days ago

I've had the opportunity to see y'all a few times & it doesn't matter what songs are in the set you always rock them all like your playing the biggest stadium on the planet! So I really hope I get to see y'all play a bunch more times! Just keep doing what y'all do

Sheila Delzell

2 days ago

I was so sad I wasn’t able to make it to see you in Albuquerque on May 9th, it was the anniversary of my sisters death 🙁

Caroline Vance

2 days ago

I would have added a few tracks off of The Connection, and I would have snuck in "Hollywood Whore" and "Never Enough". Cut the first opening act, and you more than have time to get in more songs

They grow up so fast... Happy 1st Birthday Crooked Teeth 🎂

Donna Miller-Tucker

4 days ago

Papa roach you guy put on one hell o a show at seven flags in Iowa best concert I have ever been too

Yaquelin Laffita Gamez

4 days ago

He was born for greatness !

Albert AJ Paule

4 days ago

So happy this masterpiece exists!

Thank you for the support of Crooked Teeth this past year! Get it while it lasts!

Abdulmuhsin Suleiman Elmohammed

6 days ago

May I was asking for permission to promote Thailand please, waiting on your tour concert to my country bro and travel around Phra Nakorn district Bangkok Thailand

Woody Shariff

6 days ago

It's been a year already??? Wow time flies lol

Patricia Burris

6 days ago

Julie Anne Lewis Rhiannon Razzie Vergoz

Thanks to our fans in Corpus Christi for ending this Crooked Teeth World Tour with a bang! Thanks to all of our fans that came out to a show or promoted the shows even if you couldn't go. Thanks to our dudes Nothing More and Escape the Fate for rolling with us!

Veenus Triinu

11 days ago

🤘🤘🤘🤘 crooked teeth is my favorite papa roach record! Been a fan since the beginning. You guys keep getting more awesome with the shows and music!

America Araujo

11 days ago

Saw you guys in Albuquerque, Papa Roach live is always amazing!! I can’t wait for the next one! 💕 I’ve done your screenings, next time I need to go full board meet & great!!

Oyo Josh

11 days ago

Y'all were friggin amazing last night! Thanks for making my Mother's Day so awesome!

🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽👺👺👺 tickets on sale May 16th!!!!
Rock Allegiance!! See you in Oct. tickets onsale this Fri 5/11 12pm ET😋

Mcg Streetvibe Innovation

17 days ago

You chose the worst festival, too bad to have you guys with such awful bands

Dee Riley

17 days ago

In the date on cdmx with good Charlotte, i'm still waiting one set list very very amazing!!! Viva la cucaracha!!!

Joao Alves

17 days ago

For everyone who's asking for another date in cdmx, Don't be a pussy and come to Puebla! Hahaha We always go to the city if we want to see somebody, it's like 1 hour and a half to make the trip!

Seattle you were great to us! Sold Out and full of energy. We can't ask for more. Thank you👏👏👏 Sold Out Portland tonight!

Sunita Dwivedi

20 days ago

Omg i didn’t know you were coming here!!!! 😭

Regina Hyppolite

20 days ago

Amazing show! Took my boyfriend to see you for his first time! You guys made his night! He’s been going through a tough time recently and seeing the smile on his face last night was priceless. Thank you!!! ❤️

Moses Oghenewegba

20 days ago

Thank you for a awesome show last night!!

The Pacific Northwest isn't messing around! Seattle and Portland have been Sold Out for a while! See you tonight Seattle!

Blanca Estela Garcia

21 days ago

I’m freakin missing it tonight dammit. Rock out for me guys.

Melba Stephano

21 days ago

Need ONE ticket for tonight’s show at FACE VALUE! hit me up....

Theresa Coogle

21 days ago

You guys were fucking awesome tonight!!! Thank you and much love!!!!

Shaun Bertrand

22 days ago

Like back on mtv's the road home, you called it "lack of thrill" LOL!!!!!!!!

Daniele Zanfino

22 days ago

How cool what a nice honor.

Gail Powell

22 days ago

Happy day of independence to Latvia. Oh, right. You’ve never played here, so nvm. 😂

who did this?? 😂😂

Carla Harrison

22 days ago

best song ever,always listen to it,over n over,huge love for Papa

Simon Fournier

22 days ago

I figured Jacoby would ring 911 like, "I tore my heart open, but don't worry, I'll sew myself shut."

Terezinha De Jesus Alves Moreira Penina

22 days ago

Drew McGonnell I think you’ll appreciate this lol

DES MOINES tonight!! There are still some tickets left. This is not the show to miss.

Stephanie Soard

a month ago

You guys definitely made this a night for my daughter to remember. It was her very first concert and she loves y'all.

Chris Stone

a month ago

You guys were amazing last night. Now come back to Omaha.

Roland Bayle

a month ago

I'm counting down the days until you see Guys in Poland-Czad Festiwal😍😎It will be amazing👍

Louisville Kentucky ... thank you for a SOLD OUT show that will go down as one to remember! 🤘 Des Moines Iowa we're going to melt your faces tomorrow! If you don't have tickets grab them at now!

📷: Wombat Fire

Vania Vizcardo Villanueva

a month ago

FYI the Louisville show was the shit- if you come back will be there EVERY time!!😎

George Slovacek

a month ago

Traveling 5 hours to see y’all in Des Moines. Been to a show before and absolutely loved it! Keep it up fellers!

Lundberg Benjamin

a month ago

Can't freaking wait!

18 years ago we released INFEST!
Go listen to it all day 👉

Sara Lackey

a month ago

Great amazing awesome . Still love this shit. We will infest , die like the rest . The best of Papa Roach album 🔥

Camii Melian

a month ago

It was an epic night in Louisville. Tall roasted Escape The Fate and Nothing More! I loved the whole show. Best one I've ever been to.

Chad Wiesner

a month ago

Awesome album and great songs! Loved it and still have majority of the songs in my Playlist! Rock on!

Louisville we are in your town and ready to rock this SOLD OUT show tonight! Des Moines, there are still some tickets left.

Danielle Wright

a month ago

See you tomorrow in Des Moines. Can't fucking wait!!! Papa Roach has been my favorite band since I was in middle school in the mid to late 90's.

China Dixon

a month ago

My 6 year old loved the show! His first concert! Thanks for making it an awesome experience!

Lauren Spuz

a month ago

Please come to New Zealand!!!

If you can help it, don't miss this tour. This is a special one.

📷: william felch - indianapolis, in

Justine Elisa Meyer

a month ago

Don't suppose you'd play Angels tonight?

Oli Mendoza

a month ago

seriously.... I can't stress this enough... the energy is amazing... all the bands contribute to this but P Roach is on FIRE... there's something in the air the minute you walk into the room... I have seen them six times over the past 20 years and each of the 5 times before I left feeling happy and pumped.. but this time..the 6th time.. I was left in tears.. 100% shook... two days later I still haven't recovered.. not making light of PTSD but.. I'm changed... maybe it's PPRD. Post Papa Roach Disorder.... ha! seriously tho.. experiencing something that was so intense... then having it end.. I can't explain it... you're left wondering if you'll ever have that feeling again... This band.. is life changing... this SHOW was life changing...if you have the chance to go ... GO

This show was not just one of the best it WAS the absolute best show I have ever been to... you know it's good when you leave crying, feeling depressed it's over.. two days later.. and I'm still shook... <3 #madlove #lvrsrlntcs

Remaining dates on the Crooked Teeth World Tour:
Louisville (sold out)
Des Moines
Sioux Falls (sold out)
Corpus Christi

Jorge Jaramillo

a month ago

Denis When u know the whole list cuz we seen them live boi 🤘

Lee Ann Rose

a month ago

I would trade my soul to the devil himself to see you guys live again.

Tsung Cheng Wei

a month ago

I'm from TN and drove to the Myrtle Beach show..amazing set as always. I wasn't about to miss out on this tour!

Cleveland was one of the best crowds on this tour 🙏 thank you for a SOLD OUT show and so much ❤⚡.

📷: mike tata
CANADA 🇨🇦 we just released tix to our remaining 3 shows in #winnipeg #regina #calgary #crookedteethworldtour

John Paul Capua

a month ago

Ummmm.....OR has 2 stops this year and we will do better!

Dana Marie Rabe

a month ago

Loved the show, you guys killed!!!

Katalin Hidegh

a month ago

Papa Roach u never disappoint. Since I first saw u at the rock and roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland I have seen u probably 6 others times and u guys always bring it. Keep it coming for another 20 yrs.

Detroit was SOLD OUT and crazy as always! Crowd surfing champions! Sold Out Cleveland show tonight and Sold Out Indy tomorrow 🙏

Rishav Goyal

a month ago

We've hit the road! See you tonight! Can you guess what song were listening to?

Paul John Ormita

a month ago

It could be sold out in salt lake too. Just saying

Gabriela Döös

a month ago

My friends in NOTHING MORE and Chris Bower On Monitors !! Are opening up for P-Roach

DETROIT!! you were awesome last night!! thank u!! 👏#crookedteethworldtour

Angie Nacion

a month ago

This picture makes me laugh that I took at the show in Detroit.
Looks like he’s thinking, “Damn I broke a nail” 😂

Aldair Alexander Arias

a month ago

Man if this tour continues in Europe (and you'll be playing in a club not on any festival) I'm gonna come to the venue dressed up as this bunny from help music video...

Alin Stavarache

a month ago

I was missing papa with crooked teeth.

DAMN Roachester! Rockchester! Rochester you were great!

📷: amber james, mark mcgauley

Sylvia Marlene

a month ago

LOVED YOU GUYS!!! I had one of the best times! The pain from jumping and cheering is totally worth it!

Mihaela Cristea

a month ago

I wish I was able to see you guys in Sioux Falls! You just sold out to dang fast!!!

My kids and I are somewhere down in the left corner by the stage.

Detroit is ALWAYS one of the best crowds to rock! Literally just a hand full of tickets left! See you tonight in the D!

Jyre Smíth Sr.

a month ago

Best show ever💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️

Sally Tooley

a month ago

why dont you come to morocco

Ehsan Enayatullah

a month ago

When is the Dallas show

Quebec was so lit! Can't help but imagine the energy if there weren't seats in your way! Thank you ❤🇨🇦. Rochester & Detroit are next!

📷: stephane bourgeois
Roachester tonight and Detroit tomorrow!

Hannah Dryfhout

a month ago

Great show!! It was amazing!!

Noel Pagaragan

a month ago

♡♡♡ loved that show!

KaRima Sahar Abdulmalik

a month ago

The excitment before the show and then it's over so quickly, too quickly. It was fantastic meeting you. Such a great feeling, that I still have. And I don't want to take my bracelet off! 🎆😍😘🤘

QUEBEC CITY & ROCHESTER, NY you are up next! Limited tickets still available!

Iuliana Paval

a month ago

See you guys tonight!! Can’t wait!

Tiffany Rose

a month ago

You guys where fucking amazing! Nothing more and escape the fate was sick as well. Rock on! 🤘🤘

Jenrry Fuga

a month ago

Rochester baby can't wait

Montréal 🇨🇦 one of the best so far!!! #crookedteethworldtour

Paulo Sousa

a month ago

Thank you for an amazing show!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Jorge Bautista

a month ago


Jamie Duran

a month ago

I wish i could be there to see you & Escape The Fate 😍

MONTREAL see you tonight! Show is SOLD OUT! 🇨🇦 run kicks off tonight! Quebec get your tickets before it sells out!
Portland Maine thank you for a SOLD OUT show and the ENERGY! Montreal tonight, and SOLD OUT!📷: evil rob photos #paparoach

Karl Alexis Huarcaya Remon

a month ago

Cancel Quebec and do a second concert in Montreal!

Sandra Dominguez

a month ago

OMG what a show thank you guys 😍😍😍😍

Melinda Quintanilla

a month ago

That was so damn GOOD !! 😍😍😍

PORTLAND ME!! we had so much fun last night!! see ya next time!! 😋

Anthony DeMarco Jr.

a month ago

Ameaa.... Esta fue la primera canción que mostraste de esta banda !! Cárdenas Peralta Lisset

Patricia Tan

a month ago

🤘🤘🤘🤘you rocked the house bro kick ass performance 🤘🤘💯bad ass

Brook Howells

a month ago

Ha ha ha ha Very good song

the next 2 days will be lit 🔥

Laurie Hewitt

a month ago

Just seen all of yall last weekend at the HOB, awseome show! Play in Raleigh next so I dont have to drive 3 hours lol

Leanne Bolton

a month ago

Cant waite for Wednesday! The angel and devil on my shoulders have been fighting each other for weeks. The devil won, Im cutting class (in school to become an LPN) Wednesday to see you guys! Nothing like a concert to work out my frustrations with school <3

Phyllis Combs Alderson

a month ago

Getting ready for tomorrow ... will be insane😎

Jersey and rock🤘are synonymous! Thanks for the love at The Wellmont last night! Sold Out show in Portland Maine tomorrow.

📷: Tara Lakatos

Maria Krenkel

a month ago

Portland Maine fuck yeah tonight baby

Allen Stabley

a month ago

Awesome,, can you came to my Town paparoach 💞💞💞💞

Rochelle Hugo

a month ago

I brought my 15-year-old son and you put a huge smile on both our faces. An amazing show and a great memory for us - thank you for leaving it all on stage, much respect!

Montclair New Jersey tonight at The Wellmont Theater with Nothing More and Escape The Fate! There are still some tickets available.

Rose Followay

a month ago

Great concert at the paramount

António Stanna

a month ago

Rafa Godoy take me💞💞

Nancy Hilseberg Glomp

a month ago

We're here!! 🤘🤘

CANADA! Montreal is sold out! Quebec, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary... Lets sell these shows out!! 🇨🇦

📷: Harry Reese

Edgarius Panfilo Pancracio

a month ago

You rocked the huntington show last night! It was especially awesome when you asked the pussy pit to step it up a notch! It was finally worth jumping in! Today sitting in a coffee shop we overheard a paramount employee say how after the show you thanked their employees and shook some hands. You guys are awesome!!

Hyrbimg Sierra Galan

a month ago

Awesome pic Jacobby 😍

Sridevi Geya

a month ago

Can’t wait for the show on Saturday!!!

SOLD OUT in Long Island/Huntington NY! 💪 You guys showed up!! Montclair New Jersey tomorrow! Show us your photos from the show!
Jersey we're gonna bring it hard tomorrow night...Are u ready? 🤘

Irfan Bin Dihan

a month ago

Come back to Argentina!!!please😞

Theresa Mechek Elling

a month ago

I want to go to the Detroit show so bad! 😫

Matheus Souza

a month ago

I was awkward as hell during our meet and greet, but the show was amazing! The best one I've been to so far (and I've been to over 10)! Love you guys! :)

HUNTINGTON NY will sell out this morning. Last chance to get tickets!

Lisa Holt LaMon

2 months ago

can't wait tell you guys get to WINNIPEG <3

Haz Jaz Maz

2 months ago

I'll be there

Michele Marie Randolph

2 months ago

Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow in Montclair NJ.

Check out these behind the scene's photos of the music video shoot for None of the Above. Beaufort Castles in Luxembourg was such an amazing location for this video. The video features the DanceXperience ballet troupe, was directed by Bryson Roatch and choreographed by esteemed urban dance choreographer Alex Lopes. If you haven't seen the video yet, watch it in full here:

Ahbang Boonsaeng

2 months ago

My most favorite right now. The video gave me goosebumps <3

Sarah Loveu

2 months ago

Fabulous song I love it 😍 papa roach

Nick Norris

2 months ago

#paparoachfansluxembourg we are very proud right here !

treat yourself!

Missy Smith

2 months ago

Eric Hargis we are too late. It’s sold out 😢

Tom Leonhardt

2 months ago

People why isn't rochester sold.out yet I put on an earlier post we would be lol

Susan Abreu Magallón

2 months ago

I wish I could get VIPs this time 😞 Having four kids , funding hockey , and lifes unexpected hurdles seemed to get in-the way this time around 😞 . Maybe i can pull off miracle in four weeks .. just maybe. ...Money can be a bitch sometimes

SOLD OUT Charlotte came to rock at The Fillmore last night! 🤘😯🤘 Huntington NY tomorrow and only a handful of tickets left!

Tremayne Thomas

2 months ago

Good luck and have fun🙌🤘

Encarna Amezcua Casado

2 months ago

Absolutely amazing show!!! All three bands rocked the house. If they are coming anywhere close to you, GET TICKETS!!!!!

Suleiman Said Suleiman

2 months ago

Come to Philadelphia

Thank you for a SOLD OUT show last night at House of Blues Myrtle Beach! Charlotte tonight and also sold out! Huntington up next and only a handful of tix left!

Jackie Pender

2 months ago

Would you like to play in Hammersonic 2018 at jakarta, indonesia.

Sofia Casillas

2 months ago

Awesome show last night! I bought my husband his first Papa Roach CD in 2000.. when we were just dating.. He's loved y'all since! The energy in that place was off the charts! 🤘😜❤️

Amazing show guys!! Thanks!

Charlotte is going to be crazy tonight! Huntington there are only a handful of tickets left! Don't miss it!

Mildred M Thomas

2 months ago

Can't wait till the 24 !

Ariadnne Jasso

2 months ago

Allez direction les states Benoît 😂

Ejuoneatse Egbuche Oritseweyimi Michael

2 months ago

Will you present a show in Peru?

Raleigh was an amazing kick off to this tour!
Tonight we're in Myrtle Beach and Sunday we're in Charlotte.
Both shows are SOLD OUT! The Carolina's love to rock 🤘


2 months ago

Sold out MB too Paul Mc

Tammy Peyton Stanley

2 months ago

Can’t wait for tonight in Charlotte!!! Still crossing my fingers to get picked for VIP! Can’t wait to bounce!!!

Seth Siple

2 months ago

Cuando vienen a chile?

Rowdy Raleigh came to rock last night!! Thanks for kicking our tour off right! See you tomorrow Myrtle Beach.
who got a vip package?? grab one at

Jasmine Hernandez

2 months ago

Two shows in 3 days!! Let’s get it papa roach!!

Marcin Cieliński

2 months ago

I was there it was amazing night in Raleigh! Been going to the Ritz for 6 years never seen it so wild!

Cee Echkols

2 months ago

So stocked to see you guys in may

We're kicking off our headlining tour tonight with Nothing More and Escape the Fate!

Brielle Stubbs

2 months ago

How was the show with Escape The Fate? 😍🤘

Verginia-Magdalena Czukari

2 months ago

Yall kicked ass tonight in Raleigh

JD Backberg

2 months ago

Can you come back to Australia I miss you already

somebunny's coming for you 🐰
tour starts tomorrow in raleigh, nc!
#paparoach #ithinkineedhelp

Mitzi Kennedy

2 months ago

He looks like he was attacked by a bunch of chocolate covered kids. 🤣

Jordan Johnson

2 months ago

Damn. Mabbitt's got some serious competition on this tour. I feel sorry for him. 😂😂😂

Debbie Cherry-Stewart

2 months ago

This song I swear has kept me from going crazy lately lol
But I'll be damned if I don't think of Frank every time I see the video 😂

we're heading back out on tour this week! don't miss us in your city! #happyeaster #dumbassbunny #help

Erika Segovia

2 months ago

Happy Easter 🐰 see y’all in Raleigh in 4 days !

Jack Pallatto

2 months ago

Happy Easter Guys! 😊🐇🐰💖🤘

Carol Tricarico

2 months ago

Do you think y’all will add more dates?

The eighth music video released from their latest album Crooked Teeth. The video, which was shot on location at Beaufort Castle in #Luxembourg while the band was on tour in Europe, features the DanceXperience Ballet Troupe. It was directed by @BrysonRoatch and choreographed by esteemed urban dance choreographer Alex Lopes. “We actually wrote ‘None of The Above’ near the end of recording Crooked Teeth,” says bassist Tobin Esperance, “We were going for a classic rock-sounding anthem, juxtaposed with current, contemporary, sounds and taking a rock anthem to a younger generation. Bryson had this great idea of going to a castle while we were on our European tour and then he made us even more excited by telling us that he could get this song choreographed and he delivered on all counts.” “We wanted to create something you would not normally see from a rock band,” says director Bryson Roatch, “It was amazing and such an honor to work with other artists from a different culture and see their passion.” #paparoach #musicvideo #dancers #dance #choreography #ballet #balletdancer #castle #rock #rockmusic #rockstar #rockband #rocknroll #jacobyshaddix #jerryhorton #tobinesperance #tonypalermo #alexlopes #newmusic

NONE OF THE ABOVE! 🔥 #paparoach #musicvideo #rock #rockmusic #rockband #rocknroll #newmusic #adtr #nothingmore

can't wait to circle N. America w @nothingmoremusic @escapethefate #crookedteethtour 🇺🇸🇨🇦

Been waiting for this day. #NationalPuppyDay
Show us yours!

Adriano Gonçalves

2 months ago

My 3 1/2 year old little mutt Chloe!

Jako de Jamwash

2 months ago

This is my shadow. She's 10 years old and a kelpie x lab. She old, she's tired, she has health issues and sleeps in till 1pm if she doesn't get disturbed earlier. She will always be a puppy to me. Best dog I've ever had.

Florent Waelkens

2 months ago

This is Perri enjoying the snow last week 🐾

EPIC tour with @adtr! Such great guys. #paparoach #adtr #fallinginreverse #tdwp

our gadgets.

Monster Energy

Gene GR Silvers

2 months ago

There is no such thing as enough Monster.

Leon Duran

2 months ago

I FUCKING LOVE MONSTER ENERGY. and papa roach as well haha

Luna Honorio Samuel

2 months ago

Yes I’m gonna need back pay for all these year I still haven’t received one Check.

😂 who did this? all parents need to see this.

Andy Owen

2 months ago

Way back in the day, my daughter was in that music video. I got free concert tickets in Sacramento when I called the into the radio station and got through when Papa Roach was in studio. The concert was just before Getting Away With Murder was released. It was in a small theater and there was a small group of attendees. My fave part of that show was when Jacoby looked out and said (and I quote) - Ahhhh . . . blood in the pit . . . it is a successful concert.

Trần Ngọc Hồng Phát

2 months ago

My kids always sing "cut my life into pizza, this is my plastic fork" lol. My oldest went to school all emo today because it's MCR day. The eyeliner game was strong

Janet Smith

2 months ago

Cut my placenta into pieces
It is my air support
Get feeding
If you wanted a decent sleep then you shouldn't have been breeding

😂 who did this? tag a parent.