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Sofy Gustin

4 hours ago

Do you have this complete bundle? 😍

Elizabeth Mayer

4 hours ago

Guys.. i really love you.. but these new songs aren't so good at all :( hope it's getting better soon :(

The Dutch people will love it - orange... I cant wear it here near the border, that gives trouble ;)

(new music)

Kevin Hermansen

2 days ago

Are you guys offering VIP at the Ace of Spades? It didn’t give me to opportunity to purchase. We got the tickets for the priority line but that’s it😩

Barbara Parsons

2 days ago

Different style but I still like it :D

Lorinda Sanders

2 days ago

Uhhhh....that slowed down bit really kills the song.

VIP packages are sold out in several cities already and getting real close on many of the dates. Don't miss out!

Nicole Welch

19 hours ago

What about The Netherlands, we want some too 😰🥺

Adriana Teorgas

a day ago

But when they were in the UK they had two bands no one ever heard of...

Dana Partin

2 days ago

Wish shinedown was joining you guys in Sacramento 😭

‪Sneaking around São Paulo doing press 😛🤘🏼🇧🇷 ‬

Liz Agraz

2 days ago

Very happy to know you guys are here in my city! I heard your 89fm radio interview yesterday and you guys are fantastic! Thanks so much for coming here in such terrible moment Brasil is passing through! 😍

Baba Kieta

3 days ago

Thank you for the amazing night, guys! ❤️

Ashley Hayes

3 days ago

Let's rock,🤘

‪Wish this beast a Happy Birthday! 🎂🎁🎈 ‬

Kasara Phillips

3 days ago

Happy birthday Tobin!
*places imaginary picture with Tobin here*

Sofia Guerra

3 days ago

Happy birthday! It’s my birthday too 😊

Marly Muñoz

3 days ago

Happy birthday Tobin!! You fkn legend 😍❤

Greg Rodriguez

4 days ago

Still a head banger !!!!

Gabby Mashman

4 days ago

Damn I remember when it just came out ;(

Ida Holm-Mikkelsen

4 days ago

Holy shit i remember when that ish dropped like it was yesterday

‪RIP Stan Lee 🤘🏼‬

Angela Becerra

5 days ago

Stan lee is best Rip
He is great

Barbara A. Castro

5 days ago

rip thank you for you're art even though last one was a totally admovie

John Hunter

5 days ago

Press F for respect


Colombia we are here! 🇨🇴 See you tomorrow in Medellin 🤘🏼

Melaya Najarian

5 days ago

It was pretty sweet.
Hope to see u again in 2019 (U said it), maybe next year we're gonna get the chance to have a meet n' greet :/

Regina Mayfield

5 days ago

Que viva la cucaracha hpta 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Ben Lele Rovou

5 days ago

Best memories of your show in Bogotá 12/06/2016 🤘

SAO PAULO - A special, very limited capacity listening session this Wednesday 11/14! RSVP

Mustafa Kılıç

6 days ago

Gabriel Tarozzo Olímpio

Natalia Znajdowska

6 days ago

Buenos Aires again please

Cindy Blanken

6 days ago


Colombia are you ready for Monday!!! Free show and we are going to play some new music for you!! #wdyt #renegademusic 🤘

Timur Celikel

6 days ago

Estamos listos medallo

Chris Sampson

7 days ago

vengan pa guamuchil :(

Cathy Vasquez

7 days ago

So excited to see you guys. Waiting for monday

San Francisco! We've got a very special show coming to the The Regency Ballroom January 19th - We think the first time since 2004!? An extremely limited amount of pre-sale tickets are available NOW (password: GOLF) until 10pm tonight at at

Sofia Petrillo

8 days ago

Come to Finland next year?

Donatas Broo Zacharovas

8 days ago

See u guys in Sacramento! 😈

Tina Bennett

8 days ago

Will there be VIP tickets available for the Los Angeles shows?

Cali! Grab tickets this Friday 😎 🤘

Robin Re

11 days ago

Yayyy!!! Will you guys be playing with asking Alexandria & Shindown at the cali shows?!?!?!

Alissa Sahib

11 days ago

Awesome! So excited

Mikayla Alleman

12 days ago

I hope I can finally see my fav band in the world live the day before my birthday in SF. That would just be magical something that I would take to my grave. 💯

SiriusXM Presents ... 3 nights, just for you L.A. 😍.
Tix on sale Friday!

Thanks for playing Who Do You Trust? SiriusXM Octane

Roan Rivera

11 days ago

What time on Friday do they go on sale?

Bernice Ree Jenkins

12 days ago

I’m traveling to Hawaii from Sweden in January and can actually make a short stop in LA on the way home 😎 🤘🏻

Sara Tamang

12 days ago

Papa roach you guys are awesome so please don't go to Cali out of all places; they have good weed but it's not worth it man

We dropped this video on this day, 4 years ago 🤘

Fernanda Cuenca

12 days ago

Geeze I can't believe it's been 4 years 🥴

Luca La Vecchia

12 days ago

really? have past 4 years already? god damn i remember it like yesterday dude...

Greta De Marco

12 days ago

Love this song 😍🤘

T O R O N T😎

CJ Proffitt

14 days ago


Ana Clara Paternoster

14 days ago


Bobby Boudrot

14 days ago

Im sending two this time just to be on the safe side😊😉✌️

T O R O N T😎 - very limited space.

Brian Jarrell

14 days ago

I sent an email within the first 15 min..and today i got that there was a fail to deliver??this is not right😰😩😩😩

Danielle Schol

14 days ago

RSVP request sent! Please, please, please!

Michelle Medford

14 days ago


Limited space available! Sign up here 👉 🤘

Madrigal Delacruz

15 days ago

Joe Marciano John CassagneJohn who's coming with me? Lol

Eliaz Johansson

15 days ago

Just got my confirmation email 😍😍

Kato George

16 days ago

Brian Cobel interested ?

It's dark outside, a world on fire that no one's safe from
It's life or death, so hold your breath or suffocate them
Provoking fears, with smoke and mirrors, the tension's rising
We waste our time, and wait in line while nothing changes
But nothing changes

Pathy Martins

17 days ago

So cool! I took this pic this morning.

Joshua Alzamora

18 days ago

Bleed the Dream is back and should be on tour with you guys. That would be amazing.

Kizito Antoine

18 days ago

Aleksandar muesch mal drilose, richtig geile neue track 💥

Thanks Apple Music🤘🏼
Listen on The A List: Rock and Rock Workout playlists. Are you listening on Apple Music??

Alan Trylč

19 days ago

Come to Nz

Gen Montoya

19 days ago

What happened to the post about ya'll coming to The Roxy Theater in Hollywood, CA January 23 and 24?

Sara Phillips

19 days ago

NO ONE completely Welcome to PTSD

This classic is legal. 18 years old today. RIP Chester 🤘🏼

Jkhari Vaughn

23 days ago

Chester's music always spoke to me. I still listen and cry. I wish someone could have hugged him and told him there was hope and gotten him the help he needed. Someone who could have told him that we need him. That he's helped so many of us. I will never stop mourning him.

Patrik Hellberg

23 days ago

Saw them on Ozzfest 2001. They were kind of out of place considering some of the other bands on the bill that year- Manson, Slipknot, and Sabbath. They weren't really my cup of tea, but I respect the success they had as a band.

Tyrice Mccall Sr.

23 days ago

I remember the day I got this album I was 10 we were at walmart or kmart, my parents were strict so I couldnt have anything with "parental advisory" on it and I was looking something to get and my cousin picked this up and said it was good, bought it and man that was the best decision everrr. In the end and crawling are still and will be amazing forever

Rowland Jackson

25 days ago

One of my favs to bump while cruising our beaches!
Now get your talented asses back down here 😀
Cali wants to show you how much she loves you guys!

Fsf Santos Fidelis

25 days ago

crazy cool shit!! 😂😍 like you guys 😂🔥

Dwight Baker

25 days ago

Omg yaas California Love 😂😍and it got posted by my favorite band

This is such a cool lineup to be a part of 🙌
Grab your tickets at

Rebecca Newell

25 days ago

PRoach and The Cure are definitely in my dream lineup 😘 🎼 📻 🎶

Janeen Bravo

25 days ago

When Papa Roach is in the line up its always cool

Jordan Webb

25 days ago

Alex NeuWhere so lächerlich Foo Fighters über Papa Roach zu stellen

WOW!!! El Paso!!! Free show tonight!!! If you live in the area or know anyone who does let 'em know we are gonna end this tour on a ROAR!!! #WhoDoYouTrust?

Michael Reinhart

a month ago

You guys were freaking great tonight!!!!!🤟🏼❤️

Katheryn Yvonne Woods

a month ago

Queee??? Gratis guaooo

Kyle Kostiuk

a month ago

I SOOOOOOO WISH I lived there that would be amazing right now!

Gabriela Monica Butnar Szekely

a month ago

I got scammed on a pair of tickets so I won't be there. Sucks

Μανωλης Κουνδουρακης

a month ago

Come to Brazil

Larkin Jean Klaus

a month ago

Omg ahhh why can’t I be in Texas 😭

We're excited to announce that we're playing Hurricane Festival 2019 and Southside Festival 2019 in Germany 🇩🇪!!!

Ruth McHenry

a month ago

Please make tour events in germany not only festivals

Amel Blues

a month ago

Marcel Sieve was hältst du von denen, die alle aufs Hurricane kommen?🤔 hört sich nicht schlecht an...

Alma García

a month ago

Please guys come in France!! Lyon waiting for you !!

Abdou Trd

a month ago

Faint by Linkin Park. My all-time favourite song!!! Chester's (R.I.P.) scream would be even more epic through these speakers than it already is (was) 🤘.

Claire Leroy

a month ago

Papa Roach: Last Resort
AC/DC: thunderstruck/whole lotta rosie
Steppenwolf: Born to be wild
George thorogood: Bad to the bone
Nirvana: smells like teen spirit
The Offspring: Self esteem
Michael Jackson: Black or White

LaTrese Bagby

a month ago

Ministry - Burn inside
The exploited - Chaos is my life
System of a Down - jet pilot
AC/DC - Hells bells
Korn - Good God
Papa Roach - reckless/No matter what
Cannibal Corpse/Suicide silence
Bmth - Hospital for souls...etc etc

‪Giving Spotify México first listen of our brand new upcoming album 💪🇲🇽 ‬

Jose Chvrria

a month ago

See ya' tonight 😎

Océane Renévot

a month ago

A unas cuantas horas !

Habib Mustafa

a month ago

See you Tomorrow in Puebla 😈

‪Talking to media in Mexico City about our new upcoming album and our show in Mexico City tomorrow then Puebla!! 🇲🇽 ♥️ Grab tickets‬

Sonia Crisafulli

a month ago

Enjoy your show!

Sidharth Singh

a month ago

More than ready for Puebla 🤟🏻😍

Rachel Henricks Jones

a month ago

nos vemos el sabado!!! 🤘🎶🎶🎵🎵💜💜

To Be Loved released on this day in 2006! 🤘 Stream it at

Peyton Johnson

a month ago

I Love this Album! After Infest The best shit from you!!!

Michelle Ellis

a month ago

I own that album the paramour sessions I love it still have my physical CD copy

Sten Thor

a month ago

this album is so's an incredible work of art

You have until 10/15 to order this 2018 Jacoby Skellington / Papa Roach Halloween exclusive 🎃 👻 Head to our store on If you already got yours, drop a picture in the comments!

Jason Mays

a month ago

I 2nd the kids sizes in merch my 3yrs is obsessed with you guys!

Ordered mine last night at the concert!! It was AMAZING!! #OrlandoRocks

Jeremy Harris

a month ago

See you in Galveston for Shiprocked some OLD rockin PR!!!

Viviane Tanizaki

a month ago

You guys are amazing, always up for something new that makes my day better!! THANK YOU for all those years and all the great music <3

Gurung Su-Res

a month ago

Don’t like it

David Chipei

a month ago

How is David Buckner doing?

Richmond VA and Silver Spring MD we kick off with you on tour Fri & Sun w Of Mice & Men and we might play you some NEW music!!! 🤗

Kenya Lovelace

a month ago

When in england again?

Guilherme Oliveira Bitencourt

a month ago

RVA Friday. 🖤🤘🖤🤘🖤 can not f-n wait !!!!

Taraque Ahmed

a month ago


Hitting the road to play some new music at the top of 2019! We're coming with our friends in Shinedown, and Asking Alexandria. Tickets on sale this Friday! Which show are you coming to?

Maria Mihaiu

2 months ago

Fort Wayne here I come...already seen Shinedown this summer...super excited for Papa Roach, one band I've always wanted to see and just haven't had the chance.

Prudence Pule

2 months ago

This is torturous! Playing with two of my son Blake Burdick’s and my favorite bands, Good Charlotte and Shinedown, but not coming anywhere near Southern California!

Making a 3.5 hour drive to Knoxville from Charlotte, NC to bring my sister to her 2nd concert ever! (Her first was your show in Charlotte last April!) 🤞🤞 we can get some good seats so it'll be an amazing time for her!

Ladies! Grab this limited release while it lasts. Once it's gone its gone. 🎃

Sierra Middleton

2 months ago

Dang it, I want one..

Sandy Lorse

2 months ago

I'd get a tank version. I look like a potato in t-shirts like that. 😐😄

Franklin CM

2 months ago

Ordered mine a week ago

See you at Rock Allegiance this Saturday!

Tyler Akers

a month ago

Danijel Možgon Bock auf nen Spontantrip in die USA?

Michaela Kwomenova

a month ago

Fergus Stratford thoughts? Actual tf is knocked loose on this

Thomas Kilian

a month ago

3 Rock Allegiance Tickets. 80$ per ticket. They come with Fast Pass. Paid 200$ per ticket. It's in Camden NJ. Cross posted on StubHub. Section 101. Row H.

this was so much fun!! 🙏

Siddharth Malhotra

2 months ago

Cant wait to see you guys next year!

Vishal Kumar

2 months ago

Loved rocking out watching this, this morning, thanks! You started my day out great!

Rossy Pardo

2 months ago

This was no less than the best show I ever was part of on that festival in the 8 years I have been going there. When Jacoby said, that they always go on stage with the mindset, that this could be their last time, he basically summed up what sets them apart from other bands. I have never heard of anyone who was disappointed by this band. The summer breeze show however was on a different level even for papa roach standards. The two shows I saw on tour were great, but couldn't compare to this one. So thanks! Thank you for the best memory next to my first Iron Maiden show!

getting ready to fly out to rehearsals. shoot a music video then kick off this mini tour!!! be ready for some new shit 🤘

Slhim Shady

2 months ago

Can't wait for new P Roach music

Akem N. Semaj

2 months ago

See you in Puebla 🤘

Bette Crooke

2 months ago

Need to come to Ottawa!

do u want some new music 😍

Christina Stammen-Phillips

2 months ago

Are you going to play any new music at rock allegiance next week? Looking forward to you guys kicking ass like always.. See ya next Saturday 🤘🤘🤘

Yoshinori Yamamoto

2 months ago

Australia tour 2019?

Martin Vrsek

2 months ago

Lucie Rikkie later this year, early next year for the new album!!!!

The "Make it to Friday" tool kit.
Some Monster Energy and Crooked Teeth.

Jeanne Restmeyer

2 months ago

Just swap out the Monster for a Red Bull and it'll be perfect

Richard Bonura

2 months ago

Love you guys and understand you need a sponsor but this stuff is evil

Talat Nawab

2 months ago

I used to love monster energy but now that I'm older it's like my body neglects it and it's soooo sad. I love that single though.

limited release. grab one for halloween 🎃

McKenzie Meyer

2 months ago

Dies vet he zus! Kelz Lentjes

Rita Schounard

2 months ago

Mara Steffens that's cool

Jimmy Mathis

2 months ago

Mira Alondra Franco

OMG new music is about to drop!!! New tour dates coming up!!! Say what!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Muang Leekpa

2 months ago

Will you guys ever come back to Halifax, NS do you think?? ❤️😭

Sshuwnneata Rai

2 months ago

Again México city 😅

Pamela González

2 months ago

Define "about to" please!! 😁

grab one before they are gone 🎃👻

San Thuzar Oo

2 months ago

Come back to the St. Augustine Amphitheatre, guys!! <3 :)

Cesar Landeros

2 months ago

Seeing you guys at Rock Allegiance

Ivy Barnes

2 months ago

Natalie Todt we need to get there early. Good thing we made dinner reservations

🇨🇴 PAPA ROACH IS COMING BACK TO COLOMBIA! We're headlining Altavoz sitio oficiall!

Asako Tsuruno

2 months ago


Bernadette McGee

2 months ago

guys it will be great to have u here once again¡¡¡ Welcome to Medallo.

Haley Booton

2 months ago

Bolivia is very close to Colombia
🇧🇴 please

f̶i̶n̶i̶s̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶ n̶e̶w̶ ̶ m̶u̶s̶i̶c̶

Kelvin Dan

2 months ago

Can't wait you guys never disappoint you blow me away with every album they just keep getting better and better. Jacoby sounds so healthy and happy and I love it <3

Sello Hazat Omar Jalo

2 months ago

Daisy, hopen dat de volgende tour weer langs Tivoli gaat! ;)

Andrew Luis

2 months ago

Wow! Didn't Crooked Teeth just come out like last year?? And already a new album is on the horizon Lol.

Go get yours!

Allistair Com'on

2 months ago

Not working in the netherlands 😕

Gabriely Martins

2 months ago

Will not bring me to a page where I can check out! Frustrating!

Deborah Lindsay

2 months ago

Not working in Germany

Listening to some of this new music that we cooked up. Sheesh! Are you ready for new PRoach music yet?

Robby Davidson

3 months ago

We are always ready for you!

Mawu Clifford

3 months ago

Don't matter you're asking the same question here or on Instagram. The answer is the same : YEEEES WE ARE ! We are so fu..... ready !

Denise Zendel

3 months ago

Not as ready as I am for a P Roach tour! Spokane, WA!?!

Europe thank you for showing us so much love! We'll be back! Now it's back to the studio to finish up this new album and then out for some U.S. and Mexico shows!
📷: chris king

Holly Spark Gh

3 months ago

Thanks for Reading Festival! I managed to catch a guitar pick! Been waiting to see you for years! Wish you did a signing! Absolutely awesome show!

Robert Holmes

3 months ago

Waaaaait there's gonna be more to the Crooked Teeth album??? I'm excited to hear whatever else comes out with this album I thought I had all the songs already from every album, but I guess there's more to get. I cannot wait!!!!!

Michael Bodan

3 months ago

When we'll hear the first song? Thanks for the energy you always show us on stage. See you soon in Berlin hopefully.

Leeds!! be ready to rock at 22.00 tonight. Reading was insane so get there early if u want to see us tonight! #thepitstage

Hope Kay

3 months ago

You guys put on an amazing show. Was so funny when they tried to tell you to cut it short. "You can cut the fucking PA we are not stopping!" Hahaha! 🤣😍🤘

Resty Khasan

3 months ago

You were amazing x

Sharlene Viljoen Swanepoel

3 months ago

Eva Anita check out one if ny favorite bands....they are in leeds 😮

Reading!!! are u ready!!!
Reload das war episch!!!
we're in Reading at Reading Festival and ready to melt your faces tonight. better get there early 'cause it's gonna be jammed packed in #thepit

Rafa Márquez

3 months ago

Yeah but Reading, Pa.

Eleni Maria

3 months ago

Papa Roach you were AMAZINGGGGG 🤘😜

Ruben Fonseca

3 months ago

Best night ever can’t wait to see you guys again

Wïz Mønster

3 months ago

Lmao. That's right Papa Roach!

Bryan Guerreero

3 months ago

Previously used ass? Sure.

Julia Bär

3 months ago

This kicks ass!!