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Rested today and fueling up for Lisboa Portugal tomorrow!
Oct 22 - Copenhagen - SOLD OUT
Oct 23 - Oslo
Oct 24 - Stockholm - SOLD OUT
Oct 26 - Helsinki
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Fans shared about Papa Roach

Magda Kuki

a day ago

Ya ves, es solo un símbolo y algún esfuerzo de parte de Jacoby....los de fuera no entienden toda esta 💩 q hay de equipos y etc aquí en España....

So glad we finally got back to Barcelona! You guys have been patient all of these years and tonight we rocked the hell out of each other! 💪
#paparoach photo
📷: @brysonroatch


Barcelona we're ready for you Madrid tomorrow and Lisboa Tuesday 🤘😁

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Sabrina van Meurs

3 days ago

2 years??!!! I missed you guys is Tilburg. I was to ill to attend :( have a great time with the remaining shows and hopefully I will see you guys once more in NL.

Stina Ozhakal

also shared about Papa Roach

WAIT WAT?NO!NO!NO! We in Italy can barely see you unlike Germany (no offense to you guys but you get em many times unlike us or other cities) where you go like more often.

Proach you need to come more often here instead! Ain't kidding.

Patryk Michałowski

also shared about Papa Roach

Jacoby i was on your Concert.
You are amazing man.
Your music is awesome.
When i listen your voice and your music then you make goosebumps on my body.
That mean music is very good.

PARIS WE'RE HERE! Get your asses out to the show tomorrow! Let's do this 🙌

Post your team in the comments!

Dead Cell into Thrown Away into Last Resort into...

American Dreams live at O2 Apollo Manchester!

Live at O2 Apollo Manchester!

DAMN #LONDON!! Brixton was ⚡⚡⚡ YOU WERE INCREDIBLE!! 🙏🙌🔥 Thank you!! Manchester you better bring it tomorrow!

📷: Bryson Roatch

LIVE at O2 Academy Brixton

Glasgow was crazy tonight! The chanting! Thanks to Scott Kennedy from Bleeding Within for joining us. Good luck to Scotland with your fitbaw game tomorrow! Get your ass out to a show 👉
📷: @brysonroatch

UK we're in Glasgow tonight and we're ready for you!! London and Manchester you better be ready to bring your "A" game to this party next week!! Nottingham and Birmingham were on it!!

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Horváth Péter

10 days ago

You know.. LP and Papa were the two first foreign bands i listened to and the first two to make me love Rock music.. And anytime i remember how sad it it that My HEro Chester passed, and i could never attend just one LP show, i feel blessed for having You guys and there's no way i'll die before seing and hearing You live!

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Louise Baker

11 days ago

You guys were amazing(as always)but tonight was extra special,the best!!Jacoby your voice is better than ever!!! Thank you for doing Dead Cell!!!Lovely tribute to Chester to. ❤🤘

Beverley Reed

also shared about Papa Roach

You were amazing. Fully expected you to be. 2nd time seeing you live. Absolutely amazing. A memory I'll treasure. Favourite band seen live in concert ticked off my bucket list 💖💖💖💖💖

Angie Sambrook

also shared about Papa Roach

Absolutely amazing night. Thank you!! I was able to forget how much pain I'm in for a couple of hours, I danced all night, you did us proud. Much love x

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Steve Lodato

11 days ago

He shouldn't feel left out. Saw you guy's in 2013 at Jiffy Lube Live in the great state of Virginia. Celebrating 20 years that year, best band ive seen live. Age is just a number, glad your voice is back. Have fun in the UK, lucky lads !

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Cassandra Seymour

11 days ago

Can't wait until Saturday to see you's play in Glasgow 😁 2nd time seeing you's and I'm even more excited than I was the 1st time haha

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Katie Dawson

13 days ago

Jack Webster and I would much love a free ticket because £40 is a fucking lot of money. Could be spending that shit on boats n hoes

Buggs Cockroach Runner

also shared about Papa Roach

Gonna be at brum with the fiancée Emzii Kimberley Love CANT FOCKING WAIT I WISH IT WAS TONIGHT if there's time after the show hope to possibly see you guys face to face again always a great show

Joe Bradshaw

also shared about Papa Roach

Whilst it'll be my 8th time seeing them it would be the perfect time for you Vicky Alexandria Coulthard to see them gor the first time :)

Oberhausen ❤ #chester #paparoach 📷: @brysonroatch
#OBERHAUSEN (SOLD OUT) You guys were on 🔥 #paparoach 📷: @brysonroatch

Raw footage from our kick ass show in Luxembourg where we filmed for an upcoming music video! UK get your tickets and get your ass in our video!Tix & VIP

📷: @brysonroatch

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Kris Darke

15 days ago

I wouldn't say best singer in the world, that has to go to either Ronnie James Dio or Bruce Dickinson for the rock and metal world at least

Christel Langstraat

also shared about Papa Roach

It was an amazing show once again! I realise it will be a lot of work for you guys but I would LOVE to see the entire video ❤

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Adam New Storey

17 days ago

Going to Nottingham. Can't wait to see you guys . Only dissapoitment is no face everything and rise and Hollywood Whore. But the songs on the setlist are still 👌

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Bradley Roach Stock

17 days ago

I'm so freaking hyped for Birmingham next week! This will be my 3rd time seeing you, and I'm travelling a good 3 hours because the best hand in the world is worth it 💓

Bradley Roach Stock

also shared about Papa Roach

Gemma Ben Emma are all coming and because of this show I get to finally meet a good friend of mine Patrick! So thank you guys for that :) this show will be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Cortney Stoner Sprague

also shared about Papa Roach

I seen u open for Godsmack a few years back and you came out in audience and held my hand!!! Greatest time ever! You rock!🤘

Check out Nothing More’s new music video for Don’t Stop featuring Jacoby Shaddix! Watch here

Netherlands we're ready to celebrate the weekend with you!!! #TGIF #crookedteethtour #europe2017
Luxembourg see you Monday and we will bring @theCharmtheFury with us!! #crookedteethtour #europe2018

Offenbach it was HOT tonight! Thanks for sweating it out with us! 💘 ya!

📷: @brysonroatch
#Offenbach it was HOT tonight! Thanks for sweating it out with us! 💘 ya! #paparoach 📷: @brysonroatch

Fürth you were f'n 🔥
Tour dates:
📷: @brysonroatch #paparoach #furth

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Philip Pirrie

19 days ago

Hate to say it but please don’t be next! It’s not worth it. Too much talent, Chester, Chris, life gets you down but ffs it’s letting yourselves down as much as those around you. It’s a difficult thing cos everyone has their demons and some days are worse than others but be strong! This life is better with you in it! Don’t ever ... ever ... ever give up cos in the end ... it doesn’t even matter! Stuff ‘em.

Michael Mitchell

also shared about Papa Roach

Mental illness doesn't make you a coward, a weak minded fool or any other ignorant shit you want to come out with, fuck right off you ignorant cunt.
Everyone deals with a different kind of depression, no 2 mental illnesses are exactly alike, everyone copes differently, if you knew even remotely some of the stuff Chester had happen to him in his life then maybe you'd learn to shut the fuck up

Hjördis Eykens

also shared about Papa Roach

He wanted to be among the living, but he couldn't fight anymore.
Chester was a beautiful person, he IS a beautiful person. He is not a coward for giving up his fight.

Fürth we're ready for you tonight and we bring Callejon and Emil Bulls Official too!! 🤘😁🔥

Get it on tour! #paparoach
Get em on tour! #paparoach

The shows on this tour have been amazing! Get your ass out and rock with us Europe!
📷: @brysonroatch #paparoach